Super Son-in-law 221-230


Chapter 221

A voice sounded next to her now, "This is the Pacific Ocean, where you are is a ship bound for Germany, don't doubt it, you're not dead, your parents are on this ship, they're're the young master's sister, and the instructor won't sand you down.But you have to realize your own mistakes, and the fact that you have to mature, you...understand?"

When Chen Shanshan turned back she saw a combat crew member who had appeared before her tonight following Night One.Chen Shanshan was stunned for a long, long time as tears silently flowed down, "I'm not mature enough?"

The combatant nodded, "Yes, have you ever thought that with what you did to the young lord last night, even though he forgave you in his heart, he's really not torn in his heart?You are in the country again at this time and show up to him.It's a torture for him and for you, so leaving is your best option.And you also know Miss Shen, what do you think Miss Shen would think if you told her about what happened to Young Master last night?So, you need to leave..."

When Chen Shanshan was told so by the combatant, she understood c7529a0a in her heart.

She didn't have much of a heart, but she wasn't stupid either.After hearing the combat team member's words, she suddenly shivered violently.

Yes, before, she was really thinking of going to Lin Hao to apologize to Shen Xiyan again.But if she really did that, then what would people think of her?Deliberately pretending to be a silly, sweethearted woman?I guess it will....

"But I... I'm really filled with guilt, and I really want to go say an apology to my brother..." continued Chen Shanshan.

The combatant said in a cold voice, "Miss Chen, remember, you've already died once tonight.Maybe it's God's will that the instructor's shot at you was mute, and if you really feel guilty about the young master, then you should work hard in Germany, the young master's enemies are far more powerful than you think, and there are too many people in this world who want him dead.If you really want to give him an apology, then do it by doing, not by talking, is a verbal apology worth anything?Heh..."

"You..." said Chen Shanshan frowning at this combat team member.

The combat team member stood up and continued to sneer, "Oh, Miss Chen I don't care if you're not what you seem to be in your heart.You really only think of the young master as your brother, not as someone who wants to marry him!But please remember clearly, you'll never have a chance in your life.The young master and Miss Shen are in love to the death, if you dare to persecute us, even if the young master shoots us, someone will kill you, and then your whole family!I hope you remember my words and don't... don't have any illusions about the young master other than brotherly love!Otherwise, you can't afford the consequences!"The Combatant's tone was full of sarcasm.

Chen Shanshan was silent, and at this moment she didn't utter any words of rebuttal, because in her heart for Lin Hao, was she really just treating him like a brother?She didn't even believe it herself, she liked Lin Hao in her heart. The first website

But after she did this tonight, it also made her understand that she would never be qualified to be Lin Hao's woman again in her life.

Just like what this combatant said, if she really dared to persecute Lin Hao's relationship with Shen Xiyan, then someone would make her disappear from this world.

A hint of pain etched into her soul flooded Chen Shanshan's heart as she said, "Please don't worry, I... don't have the qualifications to love him anymore, I used to still have them, and I could still fight for them, even if it's better to be his lover.But after last night, I don't have that qualification anymore..."

The combatant nodded and said, "Well, I hope Miss Shen remembers what you said today, don't let us brothers help you remember in the future..." the combatant turned around and walked outside.

Only when he reached the door, he was probably unsure and said, "Right, I forgot to tell you, the young master can let you go, but in our hearts, there are millions of brothers who would love to kill you, in order to prevent you from forgetting today's words in the future, we will set up a special combat squad for you, if you dare to disobey, then theirs will make your whole family disappear from this world... You can try..."

The combatant's body was filled with an icy killing machine at this moment.

Yes, Lin Hao could forgive Chen Shanshan.But these brothers, these brothers who had been saved by Lin Hao since he was a child, would never agree!And if it wasn't for Lin Hao's face, last night, Chen Shanshan probably would have been hard for her to leave a whole body....

After the operatives left, Chen Shanshan got up and went out of the cabin, walked up to the deck, held onto the railing and looked out over the red sunrise rising over the sea in the distance, the cold sea breeze blowing her long hair, Chen Shanshan murmured, "Brother, don't worry, I know how deeply you love Sister Xiyan, I will never fight with Sister Xiyan in my life, you guys... must be happy, must be happy... I will only be your sister in my life, just be a sister..."


Yes, Lin Hao could forgive Chen Shanshan.But these brothers, these brothers who had been saved by Lin Hao since he was a child, would never agree!

And if it wasn't for Lin Hao's face, last night, Chen Shanshan probably would have been hard for her to leave a whole body....

After the operatives left, Chen Shanshan got up and went out of the cabin, walked up to the deck, held onto the railing and looked out over the red sunrise rising over the sea in the distance, the cold sea breeze blowing her long hair, Chen Shanshan murmured, "Brother, don't worry, I know how deeply you love Sister Xiyan, I will never fight with Sister Xiyan in my life, you guys... must be happy, must be happy... I will only be your sister in my life, just be a sister..."

The first rays of light were scattered on the earth in the morning, the entire Tianhai City ushered in a great sunny day after the rain, the weather was very good and the air was so fresh.

A five-star hotel suite, last night a tired Shen Yutong is lying on the bed in a deep sleep, with a hint of a smile on the corner of the mouth, obviously she is having a beautiful dream, in the dream she followed the man last night to live a happy and beautiful life together.

But the next moment the sleeping Shen Yutong felt as if a shadow had been cast on her face, blocking the sunlight that beckoned in from outside the window.Shen Yutong subconsciously waved her hand, but couldn't disperse the shadow.

After a while, Shen Yutong felt that something was wrong and opened her eyes, then she saw a black strong suit with a cold face in front of his bed.

Shen Yutong's face changed drastically, "You you you... how did you get in here?"

Shen Yutong subconsciously hurried to cover her body with the blanket, but apparently she did that unnecessarily, because she was still wearing a white nightgown that wouldn't go bare at all, well except for the fair and slender thighs that were exposed.

Night One slowly said, "Miss Shen, last night I forgot to say one thing to you, or I came to advise you on purpose, and that is, please don't have any illusions about my big brother...."

Shen Yutong frowned and said in a cold voice, "That's my business!And please leave!Don't you think it's inappropriate for a man like you to barge into a woman's room right now?Sorry, I don't know you very well!" Remember the URL

Night one simply ignored her: 30118dcc "Miss Shen my brother is married, and he loves his wife, and his sister-in-law is also beautiful.The first thing you need to do is to get rid of your thoughts, and then you can do it.Many things are just a waste of time if you know the outcome and still try to work on them..."

Shen Yutong's body trembled fiercely, "He... he's already married?"

A tear slipped from the corner of Shen Yutong's eye.

Night One's brow furrowed even deeper, for a woman as excellent as Shen Yutong, even he had a good impression.

But Shen Yutong's mistake was that she shouldn't have fallen for Lin Hao!

Even if it was any man other than Lin Hao, it was fine.But Lin Hao was her brother-in-law!

Night One's heart was very complicated, he couldn't tell Shen Yutong the truth directly, he could only do so much if he gave Shen Yutong a precautionary shot in advance to prepare his heart.The rest would have to depend on Lin Hao.

Night One nodded heavily, "Well married, and he's living happily with his sister-in-law..."

"I know, please get out..." said Shen Yutong in an icy tone as she nodded her head.

The fair, slender hand pointed in the direction of the room door for Night One to leave.

Night One lowered his head and without saying another word, he directly turned around and left.

Shen Yutong remained in the room alone, sitting on the bed dazed, her heart rising with endless bitterness.

Very heartbroken, also like that man is such an excellent existence, how could he lack a confidante by his side?It's just that I really like him, even if it's just to be one of his lovers.

At this moment, Shen Yutong, who felt hatred and dared to love, made a decision in her heart that she made Lin Hao struggle with in the future....


At the same time, inside the Lin Clan Ancestral Hall in Yanjing.

The valiant Lin Qingcheng rushed in front of her father Lin Yan with an angry face.

Lin Qingcheng shouted directly at Lin Yan, "Don't tell me that you don't know about what happened last night in Tianhai!"

Lin Qingcheng's heart was bursting with anger, after she got the news early in the morning.The first thing was the disappointment that rose in her heart towards Lin Yan.

Lin Yan was the family of the Lin Clan, controlling the vast majority of Lin Clan's authority.Even though the Lin Clan branch had been preparing for a long time in the Heavenly Sea, she absolutely didn't believe that Lin Yan, whose breath was like an abyss, didn't know about it at all!

She concluded that Lin Yan knew about it, but he didn't choose to go to the rescue.

And then when Lin Qingcheng learned that Lin Hao was fine, she came to Lin Yan at the first opportunity.

She wanted an answer!Otherwise she didn't think she needed to be in this icy family anymore!

"I know..." said Lin Yan nodding his head very calmly.

"You... if you know, why didn't you send someone to save him?"

Lin Qingcheng was stunned, she didn't expect Lin Yan to admit down without even pretending. One second to remember to read the book

Lin Yan frowned and looked at Lin Qingcheng, "Isn't he fine?Get out! Get out!I have important things to do!"Lin Yan drank icy coldly at Lin Qingcheng.

Lin Qingcheng's body trembled and her eyes filled with despair as she looked at Lin Yan, grief-stricken, "I never thought your heart would be so cold!Even if it's wrong for your brother to be rebellious, are you really not going to give him a chance at all?Oh, big family, big family, for the sake of the family's position of power, do you not even care about family ties?"

Lin Yan stared at Lin Qingcheng with a deadly stare and snapped again, "Get out..."

"Oh, well, you don't have to drive me away, but if you can do that to your brother now, will you do that to me later?Or do you see me as a tool for your marriage of convenience?Sorry, from now on, I, Lin Qingcheng, have nothing to do with the Lin family!This house is too cold, too cold, and since you're so greedy for power, you can play with yourself..."

At this moment in time, Lin Qingcheng's heart was completely desperate for Lin Yan.

Slap... As soon as Lin Qingcheng finished speaking, Lin Yan fiercely waved his hand, and invisible waves of Qi slapped Lin Qingcheng's face so hard that a trace of red blood spilled out of the corner of Lin Qingcheng's mouth.

"Heh..." the extremely disappointed Lin Qingcheng just gave Lin Yan an icy glance.Without making another sound, she turned around and left.

Her mother had already died, and now her father had become such a stranger that he didn't even care about his family in order to control the Lin family and be the first person in the Lin family.

Such a family was powerful, but it wasn't what she wanted, Lin Qingcheng.

She planned to leave Yanjing, but Nanjiang City to find Lin Hao.

When Lin Qingcheng reached the door, she suddenly paused, lowered her head and slowly said, "If... if you want to start a war with your brother one day, then remember to kill me with you..."

Boom... As soon as Lin Qingcheng finished speaking, she was fiercely lifted out by a wave of air.Lin Qingcheng, who had fallen in the courtyard, spurted out a large mouthful of blood from her mouth.

Lin Qingcheng, who was wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth, heard Lin Yan's icy cold voice in her ears, "If this is your request, then I promise you..."

After Lin Yan finished speaking, the doors of the ancestral shrine slammed shut, not giving Lin Qingcheng another chance to enter or say a word.

In the courtyard, Lin Qingcheng, whose white clothes were stained with dots of bright red blood, looked up at the sky above Lin's and let out a silent, sad laugh.

Only at this moment did she fully understand that the powerful and loving and responsible father she had known as a child, who had taken charge of the entire Lin Clan, had long since died, or rather, he had died from the year her mother died....

He only had control of the Lin Clan in his eyes, as far as the head of the Lin Clan was concerned.

That's why he didn't care if Lin Hao ran away at a young age, so he left Lin Qingcheng in Europe....


By the time Lin Hao opened his eyes again and woke up, it was already four o'clock in the afternoon, and he had been asleep for a full 15 hours.

When Lin Hao woke up, he moved his body a little, pulling on the wounds stitched on his body that were aching faintly.His face was still a little pale and his body was very weak.

"Brother, your injuries are under control, but you used the Nine Veins Acupoint Sealing Method, so you'd better not fight for ten days!Otherwise, it will cause a lot of damage to your body and even leave residual effects, you must recuperate quietly for these ten days."Night Station stood beside Lin Hao and said softly.

Lin Hao didn't say anything, just nodded slightly.

The next moment Night One handed Lin Hao a long blade that was very worn, "This is the weapon of the Ghost Face, they are the rebellious Endurance Alliance, the forces that came to Huaxia this time have all been exterminated by us last night, after this even the rebellious Endurance Alliance won't dare to come to Huaxia again in a short period of time.And the Alliance of Endurance must also give us an explanation."

Lin Hao continued to nod his head, still not saying a word.

Night paused and continued, "The people who tied up 621d5c5e frame Chen Shanshan's parents were not rebellious ninjas, they were afraid of attracting the attention of all parties in Huaxia, so they only got a few ordinary punks, and they have already been dealt with.Chen Shanshan as well as her parents have been sent to Europe by me in the early hours of this morning, and will not return for a short time, I also warned her not to tell her sister-in-law about everything that happened last night".

Lin Hao continued to nod, still not saying a word, as he had already put on his shoes and was putting on his suit jacket.

Night One followed behind Lin Hao and continued, "After what happened last night, Shen Yu Tong should have fallen in love with you.I went to admonish her but didn't tell her who you are, all I can do is let her prepare her heart in advance".

Night One didn't wait for Lin Hao to nod and continued, "Finally, there's the pension for the five brothers who died in battle last night.I'm going to give their families, ten million per family as compensation..."

"Ten times over!"Lin Hao opened his mouth for the first time and his voice was very hoarse. The first website

"Yes..." nodded Night One respectfully.

Half an hour later, Lin Hao, who had sorted everything out, took a car driven by Night One and headed to Nanjiang City, where he looked at a series of missed calls on his phone, the phone having been recovered by Night One last night.He thought about how he should explain to Shen Xiyan.

Lin Hao frowned deeply, he is still having some difficulty moving, not daring to use a lot of strength, I'm afraid that even after returning to Nanjiang, he will have to recuperate for a few days.Nothing could be done.

And now that he was married to Shen Xiyan, Shen Xiyan was his wife and slept in the same bed as him every night, it was impossible to hide the injuries on his body from her.

Lin Hao had a bit of a headache and opened a WeChat to send a message to Shen Xiyan, saying that he would be home later.

At eight o'clock in the evening, Lin Hao's car arrived in Nanjiang City, and Night One disappeared, while Jiang Shaoming sat in the car.

Seeing that Lin Hao was fine, Jiang Shao Ming was greatly relieved.

He hadn't slept all night last night either, and had been waiting for last night's battle.Now, although Lin Hao looked very bad, he was still fine.And there wasn't much damage.

At 8:30 p.m. Jiang Shao Ming drove the car to the entrance of Lin Hao's villa.

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the car, and then you need to get out of the car.

When Shen Xiyan saw that getting off the car all needed Jiang Shaoming to assist the very white Lin Hao, she suddenly covered her mouth.


The thing she feared still happened.Shen Xi Yan bit her lip and didn't go to jump into Lin Hao's arms and hug him hard because she was afraid that Lin Hao was injured.

Yes, she had never seen Lin Hao as weak as he was today.

Shen Siyan watched Lin Hao smile at her, tears of distress coming down her eyes....

"I'm fine really fine, isn't this back..." said Lin Hao comforting the worried Shen Xiyan.

Shen Siyan nodded, "Well, mom gave you a chicken soup, go and drink some first, and then tell me properly what happened last night, I used to call you and you answered directly, but you didn't return me once last night until now.I knew something might have happened to you, but it's good that you're back now.Lin Hao I'm your wife, I understand a lot of things, but don't treat me like a fool..." said Shen Xiyan with incomparably complicated eyes.

"Well, good, then I'll tell you carefully later."Lin Hao took a deep look at Shen Xiyan and pulled her hand tightly.

Yes, this was her wife, some things couldn't be hidden from her anymore.

Lin Hao and Shen Siyan walked in front while whispering happily, Yue Gu and Jiang Shao Ming looked at each other and followed silently without speaking, there was a driver behind with a few infusion bottles from the car to follow behind, and they entered the villa together.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the pallor of Lin Hao's face, and then look at the worried look of Shen Xiyan.

She also knew that something had happened.As for what had happened, she wasn't sure.

And most importantly, now that Lin Hao was in trouble, she wasn't able to do anything to help, so she could only give Lin Hao a chicken soup. Remember the website

After dinner, Lin Hao carefully went upstairs with the help of Shen Xiyan, and Jiang Shaoming Gu Yue took the infusion bottle with him.

Lin Hao changed into his pajamas and lay on the bed, Jiang Shaoming tied up the infusion tube and instructed Shen Suyan, "Manager Shen, this fluid needs to be infused for three days, and Lin Hao is relying on you to take care of him for these three days..."

"Well, don't worry, I'm his wife, I'll take good care of him.By the way how are things going on your side of the table Jiang?Trouble?"Shen Siyan nodded and then asked with concern to Jiang Shao Ming.

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.It's good that you trust Lin Hao on this, he didn't lie to you, his position is also a normal transfer, please don't worry too much, everything is fine!"

Jiang Shao Ming said so and Shen Shi Yan nodded, actually now she no longer cared if Lin Hao still had a job after a few days.

Now that she was watching Lin Hao weakened to this state, she didn't want anything.All she wanted was for Lin Hao to be well.To be healthy and happy and accompany her, that was the best.

Yue Gu took Shen Xiyan's hand and patted it, "Don't worry Xiyan, Jiang has said so, so don't worry.You can take care of Lin Hao at home for the next few days, and you two can rest early after Lin Hao's infusion.We won't bother you anymore..."

Yue Gu gave Jiang Shao Ming a wink after he finished speaking.

Jiang Shao Ming nodded his head and followed 5b6ae1e5 Yue Gu retreated....

When Jiang Shao Ming and Yue Gu left, Shen Siyan smiled at Lin Hao and said, "Honey, don't be afraid, I'm here with you..." after Shen Siyan finished, she lowered her head and kissed Lin Hao deeply on the face.


Shen Siyan tucked Lin Hao in after kissing him and then sat quietly beside him, taking care of him carefully, just now when she was changing Lin Hao's pajamas, she couldn't stop her tears from flowing down.

Lin Hao's chest and stomach were wrapped in thick, bloody bandages.

She didn't even dare to think about what Lin Hao had gone through last night.

She couldn't even dare to look at Lin Hao's wounds until later, so she could only turn her back and quickly wipe the tears off her face so Lin Hao wouldn't notice.

Lin Hao lifted his hand and touched Shen Xiyan's cheek, "Wife thank you..."

Shen Xi Yan grabbed Lin Hao's hand and gently placed it on his face, using the greatest tenderness as a woman as possible to make Lin Hao feel happy and at ease: "Well, husband you sleep, you rest well, I won't ask you what exactly happened last night, but you must promise me that you won't do anything so dangerous in the future, okay?"

"Mm... "Lin Hao smiled and nodded to her.

Shen Xiyan looked at Lin Hao's smile like that, and she had a feeling that it was like Lin Hao was trying to perfume her.

She bit her lips and said, "Lin Hao, listen to me, if you have something you have to do, then I support you to do it.But remember, I, Shen Shi Yan, am your wife for the rest of my life, so if you go out into the world, I'll be at home cooking dinner and waiting for you!But if you have the misfortune to die out there, then I won't live alone, I'll go down to be with you, no matter what.After all we've been through, I'll be with you in life and in death!"

Shen Siyan's words were so decisive that Lin Hao didn't doubt her words in the slightest.With Lin Hao's understanding of her, if he really died out there, then Shen Siyan would definitely follow him to his death!

Lin Hao touched Shen Shi Yan's pretty face and whispered, "No, I haven't given you a perfect wedding yet, you wait for me, when I make money, I will definitely give you a grand wedding, I will make you the happiest woman in the world!" One second to remember to read the book

Shen Siyan smiled and shook her head, her eyes lovingly looking at Lin Hao: "It's okay, I don't care, as long as I have you by my side, it's my greatest happiness.".

Shen Siyan lowered her head and lay down in Lin Hao's arms, her head in Lin Hao's arms, this action filled Lin Hao with protective desire....

Shen Siyan and Lin Hao were chatting inside the room, and outside Yue Gu and Jiang Shao Ming were also out of the villa and walking in the Purple Bamboo Villa.

Yue Gu looked at Jiang Shao Ming with a burning look in her eyes and a smile in her face.

When he looked at the amorous Yue Gu, he couldn't help but see a blush on his face.

When he was alone with Yue Gu this time, his mind couldn't help but remember what Lin Hao had said to him.

"How about I introduce Yue Gu to you?Tian Hai Gu Family's eldest miss, you want status, you want figure, you want face value.Definitely worthy of you ah..."

"Gu... Miss Gu, what... what are you looking at me like that for?"

Jiang Shao Ming felt that he couldn't be looked at that way by Gu Yue, or else his momentum would be lost.

Yue Gu said leisurely, "You're good, Jiang Shao Ming, in front of Lin Hao, you even dared to call Manager Shen to Xi Yan?You're still pretending to be a fake president?You don't even call her sister-in-law?You've got some guts, boy, huh?"

"Er... "Jiang Shao Ming directly opened his mouth wide.

But he quickly reacted and quickly said to Yue Gu with a heavy and serious face, "Miss Gu, I don't understand what you're saying!And Miss Gu a lot of things please don't talk nonsense!"


Yue Gu's words made Jiang Shao Ming's heart pound, his senses telling him that Yue Gu probably knew something.

It was just that he never would have thought that when he came to buy a house in the Purple Bamboo Bifurcation, Yue Gu was actually Shen Shi Yan's best friend!

Jiang Shao Ming was aware that Lin Hao was going to give Shen Shi Yan a surprise.

It wouldn't be perfect if Yue Gu messed it up, so right now Jiang Shao Ming was frowning deeply.Thinking about how to make Yue Gu shut up.He had even come up with tricks to make Yue Gu unconscious for a few days.

So in the next moment, Jiang Shao Ming's eyes were ghostly cold as he looked at Yue Gu.

Yue Gu's eyes were narrowed, she was also a top person, so she didn't need Jiang Shao Ming to say anything, from his eyes, Yue Gu understood what Jiang Shao Ming was thinking.Then Yue Gu said leisurely, "This is the Purple Bamboo Villa oh, the security guards are all retired special soldiers oh, so ah, I advise Mr. Jiang to avoid any bad thoughts oh?"

Jiang Shao Ming couldn't help but get a headache, honestly, there was nothing he could do against the security of the Purple Bamboo Other Courtyard.

But these security forces were far inferior compared to the combat sequences in the Night One area.After all, Shen Xiyan is now in the Purple Bamboo Villa every day, meeting with Yue Gu every day.

Neither this nor that, the key was that Yue Gu wasn't an ordinary woman, the family behind her was no worse than the Kyushu Group, it was even stronger.This was very difficult to do.That's why Jiang Shao Ming felt an incomparable headache.

Hehe... Yue Gu looked at Jiang Shao Ming's incomparable headache and smiled that happy smile, she said to Jiang Shao Ming, "I can keep it a secret ah, just give me a piece of candy ah?I'm easy to coax, so why don't Mr. Jiang give me a piece of candy?"

Jiang Shao Ming was completely defeated, a beauty like Yue Gu was actually pampering him? First web site

My God, Jiang Shao Ming felt that he couldn't deal with Yue Gu.So, he simply put on an attitude that he was not afraid of the hot water, "Miss Gu, I believe that you are a smart person, so let's not talk in secret.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.What do you need to 33c77b89 be able to stop messing around?"

Yue Gu chuckled with a heated smile, "What's wrong?No more?Is Lin Hao not going to play that wimp son-in-law?Is it a showdown?I could already tell that guy wasn't an ordinary person.Just that big idiot Xi Yan couldn't see it, but this sister of mine is also really powerful, actually taking the CEO of the Kyushu Group and using him as a servant..."

"Che, what do you know, that's called true love, a woman like you doesn't understand... "Jiang Shao Ming despised Yue Gu fiercely.

Just as he was about to continue, he suddenly had heart palpitations, and in the next moment, his sweat hairs stood up.

When he slowly turned his head, he saw Yue Gu looking at him with a very dangerous look, "Mr. Jiang, what kind of woman do you think... I am?"Yue Gu began to grind her teeth as she spoke... but her face was smiling, very politely.

When Jiang Shao Ming saw Yue Gu in this state, his soul almost scared out of him, and he quickly corrected himself, "Well, I think... I think Miss Gu is the kind of perfect beauty who is alluring, gentle and virtuous, well-behaved and sensible, who can be both a queen and a jade sister, who is both pure and windy/slutty!"Jiang Shao Ming said with incomparable seriousness.

After hearing Jiang Shao Ming's praise, Yue Gu laughed incomparably happily, although it was only under her pressure that Jiang Shao Ming said so, but she only wanted the result, so why would she care about the process?

Yue Gu suddenly stretched out a slender hand to hold Jiang Shao Ming's chin and said, "Shao Ming brother, did you just say I was windy/slutty?"


Jiang Shao Ming felt bitter, big sister, we haven't met many times, have we?Is that so bad for you?

It was just that Jiang Shao Ming, who had never been in love before, wouldn't know what to do at all.Luckily, Yue Gu was only joking with him, and he was relieved.

Jiang Shao Ming said to Yue Gu, "Miss Gu, there's something else I need to ask you for."

Yue Gu nodded with a smile, "Mmhmm, what is it, brother Shao Ming?"

Jiang Shao Ming was speechless: "Miss Gu, don't be like this, okay, I'm at least the CEO of the Kyushu Group!"

Yue Gu smiled, "Deputy..."

Jiang Shao Ming was going crazy: "It doesn't matter, don't care about those details.It's like this, I'm buying four houses in the Purple Bamboo Buffer, can you help me arrange for them, preferably all four villas around my big brother's house."

Yue Gu nodded, "It's nothing, but how much money should be paid ah.This Purple Bamboo Villa is my dowry, it has nothing to do with the Gu family."

Jiang Shao Ming nodded, this amount of money was nothing to him.The main thing was that this incident had made Jiang Shao Ming's heart tense up.

Those people from the Lin Clan branch had to strike earlier than he thought.

In the future, Lin Hao would definitely go out and directly confront them, so what about the big rear that had to be secured. Remember the URL

After all, Shen Siyan was still here, Shen Siyan was now Lin Hao's wife, if anything really happened to her.If anything happened to her, he wouldn't even dare to think about the consequences, and at that time, Lin Hao would probably have thoughts of destroying the world.

The next morning, when Lin Hao opened his eyes, he found that Shen Xiyan had actually slept on the bedside.His heart couldn't help but be filled with emotion, and when he moved a little, Shen Xiyan opened her eyes.

"You wait, I'll help you to wash up..." said Shen Siyan and then helped Lin Hao up, squatting down to put on his slippers before accompanying him to the bathroom, and when the washing up was finished, Shen Siyan changed Lin Hao's clothes again and helped him downstairs to eat.

After dinner, Shen Siyan assisted Lin Hao to take a walk in the neighborhood, there were not many people here, but the environment was very good.

The warm sunshine sprinkled on Lin Hao and Shen Jiyan, the two of them slowly walked on the paths of the community, Shen Jiyan took care of Lin Hao in every possible way.For three days in a row, Lin Hao did not go out of the community, Shen Caiyan did not go out, that is, to accompany Lin Hao inside.

On the last night after the infusion, Lin Hao went to Jiang Shaoming's villa, where Jiang Shaoming had bought four villas two days before.

Under Yue Gu's arrangement, they were very, very close to the perimeter of Lin Hao's villa.

One set of these four villas was for Jiang Shao Ming himself, one set was for Li Jianghai, one set was for Xiao Yuanshan, and the last set was for Scar Six.These people were all Lin Hao's right-hand men.

If they weren't limited by their family environment, they would definitely be able to go higher and further with their abilities.Even Jiang Shao Ming had to admit that he was quite a bit inferior to those three.

After Scar Six moved over, Jiang Shao Ming and Lin Hao were somewhat relieved about Shen Shi Yan's future safety.

Jiang Shaoming's villa living room, outside there are eight combat team members on guard, when Lin Hao went in.Jiang Shao Ming, scar six, Li Jianghai, Xiao Yuanshan, night one five people all face serious face stood up.

Tomorrow was the day Lin Hao would be announced as the new president of the Kyushu Group, and in their hearts, Lin Hao had called them over tonight, so it was definitely for tomorrow.

Lin Hao had recuperated for three days before, and now he was almost done.At least walking normally was no problem.

Lin Hao swept a glance at the five of them and said with a serious and earnest face, "Everyone sit down, I have something to tell you all, the press conference about my appointment as the new president of the Kyushu Group originally scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed to seven days later!"


"Big brother!"As soon as Lin Hao finished speaking, Night One just stood up.

When Lin Hao announced the order, he knew what Lin Hao wanted to do, after all, he had grown up with Lin Hao.

Jiang Shao Ming and the others frowned deeply when they saw how excited Night One was, they sensed a monstrous hostility from Lin Hao!

"Sit down!"Lin Hao gave a low drink to Night One.Night One had no choice but to sit down.

Lin Hao looked at the five people present and continued, "Scar Six you will later mobilize all the elites under your command and arrange them around the Purple Bamboo Buffer Yard to protect the Purple Bamboo Buffer Yard.Yoruichi, you will leave nine members of your squad behind to work with Scar Six in the Purple Bamboo Courtyard, and then you will mobilize one hundred members of your squad.Li Jianghai Xiao Yuanshan Scar Six you three cooperate with Shao Ming to completely merge the family business into the Kyushu Group, this news will be released later along with the postponement of the president's conference."

Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai didn't know what exactly happened that night in Tianhai with Lin Hao, they were later after all.But Jiang Shao Ming did know.

When he heard Lin Hao's arrangement, he was suddenly just as anxious as Night One and stood up to quickly say to Lin Hao, "Big brother, now really isn't the right time..."

Lin Hao nodded, silent for a moment, "Well I know, but something can't wait, three days, according to the custom of those five brothers' families, their bodies can only stay for three days and then have to be buried, because they got the news late, so it's tomorrow morning five brothers buried, from then on forever sunk in the dark, how can I let them buried with regrets!If revenge is not avenged, how can one sleep forever!"

Bang!After Lin Hao said that, he hit the tabletop with a fierce punch, the clacking of the solid wood tabletop all listed a crack, Lin Hao's abdomen was torn a little in the middle of the wound pull, he couldn't help but muffle a grunt, his face instantly went white.

"Big brother!"Night One and Jiang Shao Ming stood up with a bang and simultaneously said 820d157a anxiously to Lin Hao.

"Do as you're told!"Lin Hao's hands were on the table, and fine cold sweat was seeping out on his forehead, but his tone was unquestionable. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Admittedly tomorrow was the day he would announce his true identity in front of Shen Siyan, and admit that tomorrow was the day Lin Hou would be at the top of Nanjiang!But my brother's body is still cold!Revenge is yet to be avenged!How can he feel safe?

And because of the three days of his convalescence, he hadn't dealt with many things cleanly, such as the Shen family that was still bouncing around unknowingly?

He hasn't bothered for a few days, so let's simply postpone it for another seven days, until the five brothers have been buried in peace, and after their first seven days have passed, then we'll announce the return of his king!

Now, then, it's revenge for revenge!

His Lin Hao's brothers, five of them had given him fifteen minutes to escape with their lives, and he was still alive, so couldn't seven days wait?

Yes, by doing so now he was likely to directly start a war between Lin's main vein and the branch vein that he was not ready for.

It would ideally take another year or so in his plan.

But if he wasn't ready, then those people from the Lin Clan branch vein weren't ready either.

And they had already made the first move to assassinate Lin Hao.Rather than continue to wait, it would be better to take the initiative!

A meeting that affected the entire Nanjiang City, even stirred up Tianhai City, and more than likely set off waves in Yanjing, was declared over in a mere three minutes!Because it was Lin Hao's will!It was exactly ten o'clock at night after this meeting ended.

At eleven o'clock at night, the entire Nanjiang City was moving, when half of Nanjiang City were sleeping into sleep.

Nanjiang TV, a thousand media, but urgently recalled all the staff, working overtime overnight....

Just because, this place, Nanjiang, is going to be a big deal!!!!


The first piece of heavy news that stirred the South River was announced by Jiang Shao Ming in the meeting room of the Kyushu Group.

"The inauguration ceremony for the Kyushu Group President scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed to seven days from now!I myself still retain the position of First Vice President of the Kyushu Group."

The second news was announced by Li Jianghai within his original own group.

"The Nanjiang Li Group will be completely merged into the Kyushu Group tomorrow, with the Li Group no longer retaining any authority and fully merged into the Kyushu Group!I myself assume the position of Second Vice President of the Kyushu Group!"

The third piece of news was announced at the same time within the Xiao Clan by Yuan Shan Xiao.

"As of early this morning, the Xiao Group is completely merged into the Kyushu Group, no longer a simple acquisition still retaining authority.This time the Xiao Group has completely disappeared, and there is no more Xiao in Nanjiang!From now on, there will only be the Xiao family in Kyushu.I myself assume the position of Third Vice President of the Kyushu Group!"

The fourth piece of news was announced at the entrance of the largest entertainment venue in Nanjiang City, Jiujiang Entertainment by Scar Six.

"As of early this morning, Jiujiang Entertainment is completely merged into the Kyushu Group, Jiujiang Entertainment no longer retains any permissions, it is fully incorporated!Shut down all Jiujiang Entertainment's venues for self-inspection.Cut off all side projects once and for all!I myself am to be the fourth vice president of the Kyushu Group with immediate effect!"

Boom boom boom boom... One after another, heavy news resounded in the sky over Nanjiang City this night, so fast that no one reacted.

The three big crocodiles in Nanjiang City were completely subsumed into the Kyushu Group, especially Scar Six, people who had a little status in Nanjiang City knew exactly what kind of existence Scar Six was, and at this time they finally understood, understood why Scar Six had developed so fast in the past two years, and the original golden master behind Scar Six was the Kyushu Group!

At once with the release of these four news, the stock price of the Kyushu Group skyrocketed wildly, because these three people joined the Kyushu Group completely and unconditionally, which means that from now on one company of the Kyushu Group can cover one city! First web site

There is no longer any one 3,748,190 companies in Nanjiang's local area, any one family that dares to compete with them, and overnight the Kyushu Group has formed a rolling momentum!

And at this moment countless people in Nanjiang City are also wondering what kind of person the new president of the Kyushu Group is.

Surprisingly, within just a few days, they had completely subdued the four giants of Nanjiang City.This made the elite class of Nanjiang City look forward to the new president of the Kyushu Group taking office seven days later even more!

In addition to those reporters as well as the family, the Sun Bureau of the Nanjing City Police Department was even more pale.

Li Jianghai and Xiao Yuanshan were fine, these two were originally the top local entrepreneurs of Nanjiang City.

But what kind of person are you Scar Six, don't you have any compulsion in your own heart?You're joining the Kyushu Group?Fourth Vice President of the Kyushu Group?I'm fucking....

Under the shock of his heart, Sun Bureau was afraid that Scar Six would do something wrong again tonight, and directly brought the police force of a hundred people to kill, the situation in Nanjiang City tonight is completely turbulent, must not happen, must not!

Sun Bureau was barking in his heart....

Soon the Sun Bureau and more than a hundred policemen arrived at the main gate of Jiujiang Entertainment, and as soon as they arrived at the gate they saw that the largest entertainment venue in Nanjiang City had closed, and a lady who was originally dressed in revealing clothes was changing into a lady's suit.

And dozens of security guards, transported under one vehicle, around the Purple Bamboo Buffer!


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