Super Son-in-law 211-220


Chapter 211

"Run... "Lin Hao fiercely pushed Chen Shanshan, his heart boosted, grabbed the short sword of the killer on the ground just now, and brazenly faced the two killers who had just rushed up....

After two soft sounds were heard, two killers were killed by Lin Hao, but the remaining killers were all rushing towards Lin Hao.

For a while, Chen Shanshan's side was empty, and no killer came to target her.

Chen Shanshan was worried to the extreme as she looked at the killers that were still emerging in the distant rain curtain.

Pfft... the next moment Lin Hao heaved another slash at his waist.

Lin Hao kicked and broke the slayer's neck.Turning to the still stunned Chen Shanshan, he yelled, "Run..."

Bang... Lin Hao was violently kicked in the back by a killer after he shouted.His entire body flew forward.

In front of them, there were already two killers current from the rain curtain, raising their short swords high in their hands, waiting for Lin Hao to deliver....

"Ah..." shouted Chen Shanshan, turning around and running.

This was the chance to escape that Lin Hao had given her in exchange for her life.She couldn't not cherish it....

Lin Hao's afterglow glimpsed Chen Shanshan running away, and his heart heaved with relief as he looked straight at the killer waiting for him with his sword raised in front of him. One Second Remember to Read the Book

The eyes were cold.In midair Lin Hao's body fell violently, causing the two killers to pounce.After landing, Lin Hao stormed back up and instantly dashed through the two killers.

Only when Lin Hao appeared behind the two killers did the bodies of the two killers slowly fall to the ground.

Poof... Lin Hao couldn't help but spurt out another mouthful of blood after the Jedi had killed those two killers.

And at this moment he felt his head was heavy, and the wound on the right side of his chest was blackened and decaying when he looked down.

There was poison!Lin Hao's heart surfaced with this thought.His brow furrowed slightly because as the Lin Clan's first succession heir.At a very young age, his body was injected with antibodies to toxins.It was the world's top antibody, and most of the world's toxins were ineffective against Lin Hao.This was a guarantee that the Lin Clan had spent a huge amount of money on for the Lin Clan bloodline, to make!

But this moment Lin Hao was still heavily poisoned, and in the next moment Lin Hao pulled off a pendant around his neck without hesitation and threw it into his mouth and swallowed it.It was a life-saving pill.It was left to him by his mother before she died.Each member of the Lin Clan only had one in their lifetime, it wasn't that Lin didn't want to give more, it was that Lin couldn't get too many.

After Lin Hao swallowed the medicine, the toxins on his body began to dissipate as far as the eye could see.He had just finished off the surrounding killers.But he knew that the person who had set up such a big game to kill him tonight was definitely more than just the immediate point, so Lin Hao turned around without hesitation and rushed into the rain curtain, fleeing wildly....

Ten seconds after Lin Hao left the entrance of Tian Hai Group, a killer with a black endured mask appeared at Lin Hao's last stop, and behind the mask killer, there were a dozen more killers standing.

The masked killer squatted down and reached out to dip his hand in the rainwater on the ground, then put his finger in his mouth and tasted it, "Lin's name is indeed worthy of its name, the organization's third ranked black poison has been solved just like that?But you can't run away tonight with a serious injury..."

The masked man spoke a somewhat broken Chinese, and after he finished speaking, an excited smile appeared on his face underneath the mask.Bringing the killer behind him, he chased after Lin Hao's escape....


In the distant curtain of rain, Lin Hao crushed a button made of glass on his clothes.

There was a faint red mane flashing inside after it was crushed.This was the distress thumbturn that Lin's seventh combat sequence, Night One, had formulated for him personally.After it was crushed, Night One would organize a rescue for him....

At the first moment when Lin Hao crushed the distress button, under a big tree in the Purple Bamboo Villa in Nanjiang City, the face of Night One, who was dressed in a black strong suit, changed dramatically.He lifted his watch and discovered to his horror that Lin Hao's location was actually in Tianhai City!

Between the blasts of Night One's figure, he quickly disappeared into the Purple Bamboo Farewell 630e2660 courtyard.

A short three minutes later, an armed helicopter equipped with the highest rules brazenly took off from the depths of the woods behind the Purple Bamboo Farewell Courtyard, and the helicopter sped off towards the sky and the sea at its fastest speed....

On the helicopter sat the eight combat members that Night One had personally trained.Each one of them exuded a cold and stern air.Night One, on the other hand, was frantically tapping on a keyboard on a military computer.He had been with Lin Hao for so many years, and he had a layout in Tianhai City.It was the layout he had with Lin Hao.Not the Lin family's layout.

Because he remembered what Lin Hao had once told him.

If someone comes to assassinate me, definitely don't use Lin's battle sequence!

Right now as Night One kept tapping on the keyboard, an order was issued to the combat members of Tianhai City.

It was just that in the past two years, Lin Hao had transferred the vast majority of his domestic combat members to Nanjiang City in order to protect Shen Shi Yan.Now there were only five that remained in Tianhai just in case of emergency!

At this moment Night One directly gave the most ruthless order to these five people: "Use your lives to protect the young master!" First web site

After Night One sent this, he closed the computer and closed his eyes.

The location of Lin Hao's movement he had already sent to those five brothers.The rest was out of his control, he was in Nanjiang City after all, even if he took a helicopter over there and turned the speed up to the maximum, it would take over an hour.He also didn't know if Lin Hao would be able to survive this last hour.

Because Night One knew that Lin Hao's true battle strength was completely no less than his, if it wasn't really a life or death situation, a situation that Lin Hao didn't think he could handle on his own.He would never have activated the distress thumbturn that Night One had given him.

Since Lin Hao had now enabled it, it meant that Lin Hao was in a very, very bad state right now.

Night One closed his eyes, and the killing machine in his heart was already monstrous.

Because Lin Hao had also told him, "If I die, it's definitely the Lin Clan's branch that did it!"

A big family like the Lin Clan would never reasonably allow a branch to grow bigger.

But over the course of a thousand centuries, many things would change.Compared to Lin Hao, in Lin Hao's grandfather's generation, the power of the branch vein had already surpassed that of the main vein.

When Lin Hao was young, which was the period when Lin Hao's father was in power, the Lin Clan branch line even started a war with the main lineage.

Although the Lin Clan branch's rebellion ten years ago was eventually suppressed.But the Lin Clan's main branch was also severely wounded, and Lin Hao's mother even perished in that war.

Today, ten years later, both sides were saving their strength and waiting to get the other dead.It had to be said that this was the sadness of the Lin Clan.

"Lin Clan branch, if the young master dies tonight, none of you will survive!I, Night One, will kill all of you one by one even if I have to go to the ends of the earth, and if I fail to do so, I will take my subordinates and become the nightmare of your lives!"Night One's heart was fierce.

He was the same age as Lin Hao, but he had been an orphan since he was a child, he had been trained by the Lin Clan from the time he could understand, and his mission in life was to protect Lin Hao with his life, and he... was the strongest chosen by the Lin Clan's main line from a thousand orphans.The strongest of the young lord's protectors!

In five hidden places in Tianhai City, five combatants on off-road motorcycles rushed out.Tianhai City couldn't drive in today's weather, the roads were too congested.They could only ride their motorcycles to rescue Lin Hao.


Lin Hao fled frantically, he didn't know where he was now, but he only had one thought, to recognize that Tian Hai was running in the direction of Nanjiang, which would shorten the time for Night One to find him.

He was just too badly injured, even with his toughness, as time passed he already felt difficulty in breathing, as he had lost too much blood and his strength was severely exhausted....

Poof... a soft sound came out, and a shining short sword pierced through the curtain of rain on Lin Hao's side, stabbing at Lin Hao's head.

Lin Hao's body stopped sharply and cut off the killer's neck with his backhand.But he overexerted himself and once again spurted out a large mouthful of blood.The entire man couldn't support himself and half-kneeled on the ground.

In the next moment, Lin Hao's eyes gazed at the curtain of rain in front of him, where the figures of ten or so killers appeared.

Lin Hao fiercely turned his head to look back, and then he saw a masked killer with a group of men, blocking the back.Lin Hao's current position was in the middle of the two buildings...there were only two ways to go, front and back, and it was obvious that he couldn't get through either now.

Lin Hao's heart sank, he knew it was too late, from the time he sent a distress signal to Night One, it was only five minutes at most.It was impossible for Night One to come to his rescue in a hurry.

This was a sure death game tonight, the other party's layout was so subtle that even his heart's reaction, even his emotions, and the extreme weather in Tianhai City were all calculated, Lin Hao couldn't help but sigh in his heart, this game was really well done.

In the next moment Lin Hao slowly stood up and no longer cared about the killers in front of him, he turned around and stared at the group of killers headed by Ghost Face and said, "I want to know, is it my second uncle or my third uncle, or is it still them together?"

The ghost-faced man laughed and said in broken Chinese, "Heh, Young Master Lin is truly worthy of being the number one contemporary submissive heir of the Lin Clan.You are even more terrifying than I imagined, after being seriously injured and poisoned, you were actually able to kill back our thirteen Black Iron class assassins, you are very strong.Hehe, if the Lin Clan branch had known that you had such skills, they would never have put up with you until now."

Speaking of which the ghost-faced man paused, now that the big picture was set, with him personally bearing down, plus thirty or so assassins, not to mention that Lin Hao was now seriously injured, even when Lin Hao was good, he was confident of taking him down. Remember the website

So he could give Lin Hao a chance to say a few more words when he was facing this first heir of the Lin Clan .

Because this was respect for the strong....

Ghostface continued, "As for whether it's your second or third uncle, does it make a difference to you?Oh..."

Lin Hao was silent, his eyelids drooping, "Well, I see..."

The atmosphere froze for a moment, and the ghost-faced man opposite Lin Hao, whose mask on his face looked strange and hideous under the light from the road, stretched out his tongue and licked the mask by his mouth, and slowly raised a black tang knife, the blade pointing straight at Lin Hao.

The next moment, the ghost-faced man craned his neck and said to Lin Hao, "Heh, now that I understand, is it okay for you to die, young master Lin?".

Lin Hao stood there with his head down, and as the ghost-faced man said this, he slowly raised his head little by little .

This was the last attempt, but it wasn't easy to kill him Lin Hao, and the next moment as Lin Hao raised his head bit by bit.

There was a circle of Qi around him that roared up, and the moment Lin Hao raised his head completely, his Qi had returned to a peak.

Lin Hao's body stood straight, and his right hand tapped wildly on the acupuncture points all over his body dozens of times.

He pulled out the dagger stuck in his body, and his movement regained his freedom.The Nine Veins Acupoint Sealing Method was capable of returning one's essence and body quality to a peak within a short period of time, but after the effect expired, one's body would be weak, and if the subsequent conditioning was improper, it was likely that one's entire body would be paralyzed....

The ghost-faced man saw Lin Hao's fingering and his body trembled.He didn't rush up first, and with a wave of his long knife, the killers on both sides of the road burst into flames, speeding towards Lin Hao....


Lin Hao didn't move, just stood in place defending with his knife raised, these killers on the periphery were not lethal.

The one who was most scrupulous was the ghost-faced man who had been standing in place to press the battlefield.

Lin Hao kept fighting against the killers that came up, and a body fell around him.

But with each person he killed his face paled one point, each of these black iron grade killers were very powerful, and it was impossible not to pay if you wanted to kill them.

Poof... Finally, after Lin Hao had killed ten more killers, his entire body's pores spewed out blood mist, and his mouth exploded with a large fog of blood, and his entire demeanor slipped to the bottom.

Lin Hao laughed sadly, he still underestimated these killers, he thought that there was still a chance of breaking out after using the acupoint sealing method, but the reality was no good.

It wasn't that Lin Hao didn't want to fight back, it was because he was already at his limit now.The drawbacks of the Seal Cave Method were exposed, and now it was very difficult for him to even move.

"Xi Yan, I'm sorry, I'm... I'm afraid I can't accompany you to the end, Ben 96796c3b come I was thinking that three days later, let the whole Nanjiang City give you a witness, what a happy woman you are, but I'm afraid I can't do it..." murmured Lin Hao in his heart.

The ghost-faced man standing in front of Lin Hao saw Lin Hao standing on the pile of corpses and suddenly didn't move, he waved his hand to stop the killer who wanted to continue rushing to kill Lin Hao.The next moment he put away his long knife and bowed down to Lin Hao, whose strength was recognized by him.

At this moment he realized that if it was the Lin Hao in his prime, he was no match at all.

After the ghost-faced man finished paying his respects, he slowly raised his long blade and walked towards Lin Hao step by step. One second to remember to read the book

A strong man like Lin Hao, even if he was an enemy, should be treated with due respect before he died.

That's why he, Ghost Face, decided to personally cut off Lin Hao's head....

Ghostface walked step by step towards Lin Hao with his long knife, getting closer and closer.

Lin Hao was standing on top of a few corpses quietly watching him, the cold rain falling down onto Lin Hao's face bit by bit.

Lin Hao was calm, but his heart was filled with reluctance, he still had too many things to do, Shen Siyan was still waiting for him to guard, if the Leng family knew of Shen Siyan's existence, then the Leng family would never give up.

There was also his mother's revenge that he hadn't avenged yet either!

And that father of his, Lin Yan, he would have to personally force him to say that he had done wrong!

None of this had a chance, but Lin Hao would keep his eyes open even if he died.

The other side had taken advantage of his guilt and love for Chen Shanshan to lay out a plot against him.Don't tell me that he didn't think of this, but even if he did, Lin Hao felt that with his character, he might still continue to get caught.

But just as Ghost Mask walked up to Lin Hao with a long knife and was about to swing it to kill him, suddenly a red sports car rushed madly in the distance, the sports car was very fast, and the high beam of the multi-million sports car shone directly on Ghost Mask's face.

The ghost-faced man subconsciously raised his head to cover the light, his body to the side, after all, this car is coming straight at him.

But the moment he flashed to the side, the moment the red sports car was about to hit Lin Hao, the body violently grazed Lin Hao's body: "Get in!!!"

As the car passed by Lin Hao's side in zero and zero seconds, the door opened and an anxious-to-the-point-of-anxiety voice came from inside.

Lin Hao's subconscious body side smashed himself hard into the car.With his head resting on the woman's thigh, Lin Hao's legs didn't even have time to receive the car, and the sports car had already driven several hundred meters away.

The next moment to enter the car, Lin Hao, endured the severe pain all over his body, received his legs inside the car and closed the door.And then the sports car turned a bay, and it had left the pursuers behind it completely behind.

"Where to?"After Lin Hao made it, the woman in the car yelled at him.

"Go to the outskirts, approaching Nanjiang City!"Lin Hao returned subconsciously.But then he looked sharply at the woman driving the car.He finally remembered that something was wrong, because he didn't know anyone in Nanjiang City, and the woman's voice was so familiar.At this glance, the pupils of his eyes contracted violently.



Lin Hao's heart was shocked to the core and his mouth was bleeding as he asked, "Why are you here?"

Shen Yutong paled to the extreme and said, "I was just over there upstairs attending a party, and when I went to the balcony for some air, I just happened to see you..."

"Thank you..." said Lin Hao seriously, but as soon as he finished his sentence, a large mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth again.

"Are you... are you alright?Ooooh...don't you die, I haven't confessed to you yet...please don't die...I'm taking you to the the hospital..."

Shen Yutong was terrified when she saw Lin Hao's face as pale as paper, his mouth spurting blood one after another. She never expected that just a day later, she would meet her heart's Prince Charming again in Tianhai City.

Only this time it was she who came to save him!

"Don't go to the hospital, the killer in the back won't give up, head for the suburbs!!!"Lin Hao said to Shen Yutong with a strong consciousness that was about to pass out.

"Ummm..." cried Shen Yutong as she slammed the accelerator to the floor, the only thing on her mind right now was to rescue Lin Hao and save the man she loved most in her heart!!!!

Ahhhhh... Right after Shen Yutong rescued Lin Hao, the ghost-faced man frantically wielded his long knife, viciously cutting the corpses on the ground, his heart furious to the extreme!It was just that close to a complete success of the mission.That's hundreds of millions of dollars in remuneration!

"Chase, give me a chase!There's only one chance, if we don't succeed tonight, we'll all be buried in Warsaw!!!Killing... "Ghostface was completely furious, just two minutes later, seven or eight luxury cars drove in front of Ghostface and the remaining twenty or so killers, they got into the cars and hurriedly chased after Lin Hao. The first website

Those killers who had just fought Lin Hao had implanted a tracking device on Lin Hao's body, so as long as the Lin family didn't intervene tonight, no one would come to disturb their hunting feast.And the Lin family would come to intervene?Apparently not, because Ghostface's employer is the Foresters!!!!

Shen Yutong stepped on the gas pedal to the bottom and went straight through the traffic light all the way, almost hitting another car several times.But she was completely oblivious now.As she drove, she watched Lin Hao's state from the corner of her eyes.It was just that the more she looked, the more her heart ached.

The tears on Shen Yutong's face hadn't dried up and kept flowing down.Because Lin Hao's current state was very, very bad, the corners of his mouth were constantly bleeding out, and there were two large wounds on his body that were also bleeding out....

"Please, hold on, you must hold on... Listen, you mustn't die, I still have to marry you... Don't you want such a beautiful woman like me?It doesn't matter if you get married, I'll be your lover, as long as you don't die... "Shen Yutong incoherently advised Lin Hao.

Only Lin Hao's breath was getting weaker and weaker, if Lin Hao hadn't been strong enough to keep his eyes open, he would have fallen asleep....


At the same time, a helicopter roared into the sky above the city, approaching Lin Hao's position, and a member of the combat team said to Night One, "There's still half an hour to make peace with the young lord.".

"Well..." hmmm'd Night One, he still had his eyes tightly closed, but his fists were already clenched in a death grip.The helicopter went straight into a thick layer of dark clouds, a bright flash of lightning that flashed on either side of the helicopter.The pilot had to slow down his speed a little.

"Faster!Don't b2deb5aa slow the fuck down!Quick, quick, quick!"As soon as the plane descended, a combat crew member, yelled wildly at the pilot.The next moment the helicopter pilot bit down hard.

Ahhhhhhh... The pilot yelled and brought the helicopter's speed up to the peak of its limit again, facing the thunder and lightning in the sky, and rushed over in the direction Lin Hao was moving.

At 9:30 p.m., the black cloud layer over Tianhai City finally drifted to Nanjiang City.Shen Shi Yan, who was preparing to go to bed at this moment, suddenly felt the cold wind blowing in from outside.

Wearing a clean white nightgown with long dark hair and bare white feet, she walked to the balcony and prepared to go close the window.But just as she was standing on the balcony.The sudden icy rain landed, and the night sky was covered by dark clouds, depressing to the extreme.Shen Shi Yan looked at the scene outside the window and suddenly her heart trembled.


Somehow, at this moment Shen Xi Yan she suddenly felt very, very painful in her heart, the dark and unpredictable night sky outside gave her a very bad, bad feeling, as if something bad was about to happen.

Lin Hao?Shen Siyan thought that Lin Hao hadn't come back tonight, so she quickly took out her phone and called Lin Hao.

But Lin Hao's cell phone had already been lost in the battle somewhere.So no matter how many calls Shen Siyan made, all that came out was a blind beeping tone.

The bad feeling in Shen Siyan's heart grew heavier and heavier.

Suddenly she stretched out her hand and touched her face, and she actually had tears on her face.Shen Xiyan looked at the tears stained on her hands and couldn't help but be dazed....

There are examples of this in reality.People who are very, very close to each other, when the other person is in a bad situation.The other person's heart will be like a sense.This was the state of Shen Xi Yan at this moment.

"Lin Hao, don't be alright, I... I'll be at home waiting for you to come back..." murmured Shen Xiyan.


Whoosh... On the road in the suburbs of Tianhai City, the ghost-faced convoy finally saw Shen Yutong's car.

It was such a rainy night and late at night in the suburbs.There were basically not many cars coming and going here.

Because the rain is really too heavy and the wind is too strong, the visibility is very low.This is why not many people have noticed this scene of life and death chase on the road in the suburbs of Tianhai City. Remember the website

Seeing the headlights mapped in the rearview mirror from behind, Shen Yutong became even more anxious: "What to do, what to do?How can I save you...ooooh...ooooh..."

Shen Yutong was completely panicked, she had pressed the accelerator to the bottom.

This was still a driving skill she had practiced in Europe where there was no speed limit on the highway.But any of the people chasing Lin Hao's car obviously had to be even better than her ah.

Lin Hao stared dead ahead, this assassination tonight was the worst he had ever been pushed into since he was born!

Even ten years ago when the Lin Clan's branch had rebelled, he hadn't been in such a mess as he was today.

Just when Lin Hao himself was about to shake his head and give up preparing to get off the car and let Shen Yutong run by himself.

Suddenly the road in front of him rushed over a motorcycle that sped up to over 100 mph, and on the motorcycle sat a heavily armed combatant under the command of Night One.

As the combatant passed by Lin Hao, he bowed deeply to Lin Hao, and then he rushed towards the killer behind Lin Hao without turning back.Lin Hao saw the resolute look in the combatant's eyes through the window....

In the next moment, there was a violent explosion behind him, and the combatant detonated everything on his body that could explode directly, brazenly dying with Lin Hao, the killer's first car!

She didn't know who the person who had just helped Lin Hao block the killer behind him was.But she saw the situation behind her clearly through the rearview mirror, and that person hesitated without even hesitating to go straight with the pursuers behind him!

"Drive... "Lin Hao's voice choked...tears streaming down his eyes as these brothers were all trained by Night One himself, many of whom he didn't even know what the other one looked like!

Shen Yutong's teary-eyed gritted teeth continued to drive crazily forward, but it was just three minutes later that the convoy of killers behind caught up with them, only that they only had six cars left at the moment.The professional killers behind them would never give up, because once they did, they were dead!

But it was at this time that the second combatant on a motorcycle, determined to choose the simplest and most effective way, the same way as the first, pulling one of the other vehicle to die together again....

Then, there was another...and another...and another...five combatants in a row, all of them chose the same way, because everyone was clear that the assassins who were hunting their young lord, taking out any one of them alone was similar to their strength.

At this time, their choice was also their only choice, which was to buy time for Night One's arrival, and then use their lives and blood to win time for Lin Hao to escape....

One life for three minutes!!!!!


Yes, a fresh life, in exchange for three minutes of escape time for their young master!

It was the most expensive time ever!

But they were all righteous, just because in their hearts Lin Hao was a benefactor.

Not only their benefactor, but also the benefactor of their entire family, the entire village.Lin Hao was at their family's most critical time in their village.Lin Hao had stepped forward, and then these children volunteered to repay Lin Hao.They wanted to serve Lin Hao.None of them have read much, but they have a gift to repay!It's what they believe in their hearts!

And tonight, they could die for Lin Hao, even if it only bought Lin Hao a little time to escape.They weren't even sure if Lin Hao would end up surviving, but they went for it anyway!Simply because in their hearts, it's glory!

Ahhhhh... Lin Hao could no longer restrain himself from shrieking, his mouth shrieking like a beast.

All that was in his head and heart and eyes right now was the scene of that one young brother, bowing to him to say goodbye, and then dying with the enemy without turning back!!!!

"Lin Jaejoong!Lin Jiuyin!I want you dead!I'll make your lives hell!Ahhhh..."

Boom... Lin Hao's eyes exploded with blood, his entire body bursting into a diffuse mist of blood at this moment, his mouth spurting blood in a mouthful of blood, this was heart blood!

Shen Yutong was also completely shaken to the core.

She had never encountered a scene like this tonight when she grew up and ran around the globe.Even in movies, they couldn't capture such a shocking effect. One second to remember to read the book

" are are you?"Shen Yutong cautiously asked Lin Hao.

"Drive... the car..." tears of blood directly gushed out of Lin Hao's eyes at this moment!Red tears of blood!

Brother by brother, he died for him.He knew that there were only five combat sequences left in Tianhai City by Night One.And now all of them had died for him.Now there were only two cars left behind to chase Lin Hao!

But don't say two, even if there was only one, if they were caught up, he and Shen Yutong would definitely die.

Because now, it was very difficult for him to even move, and his brothers in Tianhai City were all... dead!!!

At this time, Lin Hao forced himself to endure the excruciating pain in his heart to calm down!

Simply because, at this moment, he no longer had his own life on him, and the lives of the five brothers who had just died for him!He couldn't let his brothers waste the time they had paid for with their lives!

Lin Hao clenched his fists tightly, his eyes oozing bright red blood and his lips black.He had already reached his limit, but this time he could only hang on for dear life, and then hang on again!He was trembling because of the monstrous rage that made his entire body tremble with control.Trembling madly!

The killing intent on Lin Hao's body was already able to shock the heavens at this moment!

In the dim clouds, Night One listened to the report of one brother falling, but there was no sadness in his heart, there was only relief and celebration.Yes, those five brothers had died in battle, but precisely because they had died in battle, it was proof that they had seen Lin Hao.Blocking for Lin Hao for a while, even if that price was with their lives!

Night One had voluntarily and voluntarily glassed away all emotion since he was a child, turning into nothing but a machine that defended Lin Hao's path!

He had no emotions, there was only one belief in his heart for so many years, and that was to become stronger and stronger again, so that he could go and protect Lin Hao!

Night One calculated the time in his heart, in another two or three minutes he and Lin Hao would encounter each other .It was fast, the helicopter he could now see the vehicle where Lin Hao's signal was, speeding towards him....


The last car ghost-faced man didn't move a muscle, he took off the mask on his face.

It was a middle-aged man with a cold face and deep sunken eyes, his cheekbones protruding high, he took out a white ribbon and tied it to his head.The rest of the two killers in the car saw the situation, and also tied the white ribbon to their heads.

They too were going to their deaths, as they too saw the helicopter speeding off in the distance!But they can't give up!

"What if the road breaks ahead?"Shen Yutong, who is driving, suddenly saw a hundred meters in front of the road break, which is a bridge, probably because just behind the successive explosions, shocked the bridge here, so part of the collapse, a distance of seven or eight meters.

Lin Hao took a deep breath, a deadly press on Shen Yutong stepped on the accelerator on the right leg: "Close your eyes!Charge through!"

"Ah..." shouted Shen Yutong, using all her strength to vent her fears, then slammed the accelerator to the bottom and closed her eyes, just like Lin Hao had done yesterday to save her in Nanjiang City.She had unconditionally chosen Lin Hao.

In fact, there was still a thought in her heart that with this night's experience, even if she died, she would have no regrets.

At the very least, she had died with the person she loved the most!

After two loud booms, Shen Yutong and Lin Hao's car soared into the air, their bodies crossing the middle of the two roads.The next moment was zero point one second, the body directly over the bridge and appeared on the other side of the bridge.

And the moment Lin Hao's car drove behind the Duan Bridge, a helicopter gunship stopped in the sky directly above their heads.

Lin Hao abruptly pulled the handbrake, turned off the engine, held the steering wheel in a death grip, and under the huge inertia of the car, did a 180-degree drift dump in place. The first website

And just as Lin Hao pointed the front of his car at the broken bridge, the helicopter gunship overhead fired two missiles at the two killer cars on the other side of the bridge....

Ghostface and the other killers hurriedly jumped out of the car when they saw the speeding missiles, but the violent shockwave still lifted them off the ground, and by the time the dust cleared, over the broken bridge, only Ghostface, the leader of the killers, was left standing.

The rest of the killers were all dead, but Ghost Face, even if he was still alive, was wounded all over his body... standing on his long knife and trembling.

Yoruichi ignored Ghostface, but with eight combat sequences, he speed-dropped down to the side of Lin Hao's car along with only the upper thrown down ropes.And from the helicopter above, two torrents of steel spewed out directly, tearing Ghostface's body to shreds....

The shocked Shen Yutong, as she opened her eyes, saw this shocking scene, nine soldiers in top-notch black combat uniforms, speeding down to them from the helicopter.

And the killer across the bridge had already completely disappeared from the world.

"Big brother... "Night One called out to Lin Hao, but it was just Lin Hao's current state that caused him to frown deeply.

His entire body was covered in blood, his lips were black, and there were two huge wounds on his body, his entire body was dying....

"Well... "The moment Lin Hao saw Night One, he finally couldn't hold on any longer and passed out completely....

Under the dim night sky, Night One followed the eight combat sequences and guarded Lin Hao's side closely....

"How's's he doing?Is he going to be okay?Sooooo..." asked Shen Yutong quickly after watching Night One inject more than a dozen different colors of medicine into Lin Hao's body.

Night One didn't answer Shen Yutong's words, but looked at her coldly.

The medicine he had just injected into Lin Hao was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and the injuries on Lin Hao's body looked terrifying but not fatal.And with Lin Hao's body's recovery speed it wouldn't leave any dark wounds, but a few days of weakness was inevitable, and during those days Lin Hao couldn't use force or engage in too violent a battle.

"Speak up, how is he?Who...who are you guys?"

When Shen Yutong saw that Night One was not paying attention to her, she quickly shook Night One's arm and said.

Swish... Suddenly the next moment nine guns were aimed at her head heart and other deadly parts of her body.All nine warriors emitted a cold killing intent.


At this moment Shen Yutong just felt the souls of the dead, her entire body was drenched in cold sweat at this moment.

Her body began to tremble uncontrollably, this scene she had seen tonight, not since the overbearing and cold man appeared in her life yesterday, she felt that the experience of the past two days was too shocking.

When she was at her most distressed, that man had not hesitated to step forward, protecting her tightly in his arms even when he was vomiting blood himself.She originally thought that she would have to return to Nanjiang again before she could see him again.

But tonight when she attended the party, she saw him being chased by dozens of killers.But even though he was badly injured, he killed back more than a dozen killers.

Then there was the time she drove him along in her car, only to face the rapid pursuit of the killers behind her as she fled.

And then one after another on the road who didn't hesitate to go to his death for this man!

" he...anyway?What kind of man is he?"

Shen Yutong's heart was deeply shocked, and I'm afraid that tonight's scene would be remembered in her heart for the rest of her life.She knew that from tonight onwards, she could not fit any man in her heart other than this peerless man in front of her.

Night One waved his hand and the warrior beside him put his gun down.

Night One stared coldly at Shen Yutong: "Shen Yutong, the eldest daughter of the Shen family in Nanjiang City, with a strong and confident personality, after graduating from university, she resolutely left her family and went to Tianhai, and in just three years, she became the general manager of the Tianhai branch of Van Cleef & Arpels Asia, her father, Shen Jiancheng, and her brother, Shen Yiming..."

Shen Yutong stared at Night One incredulously, she was horrified to discover that all of her all, the other party actually knew all of it: "You..." said Shen Yutong in surprise as she pointed at Night One. Remember the URL

Night One spoke coldly, "Today you saved my big brother's life!We'll take this as a thank you, there's 100 million on this card!But everything about my big brother tonight, you are not allowed to reveal the slightest thing.Otherwise I'll... kill your whole family, including everyone you care about around you, I won't spare a single one of them, don't ever think I'm joking with you!"

Night One finished coldly tossing Shen Yutong a black gold card.

Shen Yutong couldn't help but tremble all over as she listened to Night One's words that were full of coldness.

She so much doubted that if she leaked today's matter ccf7a350 out, the other party would really come after her!

Because she had already gotten the answer from Night One's ice-cold eyes, that it would, when the time came, not only her, but also everyone related to her, the other party might not let go.

Thinking of this Shen Yutong hurriedly said, "Don't worry I'm not a fool, I know what to say and what not to say, I won't reveal the slightest thing about him to the outside world!But take this money back, I don't want it!"

Shen Yutong said and returned the gold card back to Night One, she was on that man because he had saved her life.More so because she loved that man in her heart!So give her money?Isn't this just an insult to her Shen Yutong?Who do you think she is, Shen Yutong?

Night One received the golden card that Shen Yutong threw over and frowned, but he didn't say another word to Shen Yutong.

In fact, it was already considered unprecedented for him to open his mouth and say so much today.In his world, talking was all a waste of energy.So if Shen Yutong didn't want it, he naturally took it in.Five brothers died in battle tonight, their families all needed to make arrangements.

Lin Hao, who had passed out, was taken to the helicopter by Night One, and the helicopter left.

Standing on the Duan Bridge and looking up at the distant helicopter, Shen Yutong's eyes revealed a thick concern with endless thoughts: "He... has such a strong person to save, should be fine?They must have better medical care than a hospital, right?"

"Please, you must be alright, you must get better... "Shen Yutong looked at the helicopter that disappeared into the sky, a small smile on her lips.This smile was very dumpy....

At midnight, inside a private villa in Tianhai, Lin Hao, whose body had all the blood and wounds dealt with, his entire body was soaking in a nutrient warehouse.

Lin Hao's face had more normal redness and blood, and his breathing was steady, but he was too tired and exhausted, and his entire body was in a deep sleep.The nutrient liquid inside the nutrient bin was constantly consuming, and Lin Hao's breath was growing little by little....


At one o'clock in the morning, inside the original office of Lin Hao of Tianhai Group.

Chen Shanshan was shivering in a dark corner with the lights off, she had been in this state since she had separated from Lin Hao, she was extremely scared and tears of remorse were falling.

"Brother, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... "Chen Shanshan mumbled these two words continuously.

She knew that from tonight onwards, she would lose Lin Hao forever, the brother who was the best to her, the brother who wasn't her real brother but was even better than her real brother.

How could she have imagined that even though she almost killed Lin Hao, Lin Hao still chose to save her the moment she was assassinated by a killer.

The remorse in her heart was already overwhelming, and she was incomparably regretful.But there was no way that time could start over, it was impossible, and doing wrong was doing wrong.Even if Lin Hao could forgive her, she was afraid that she would never forgive herself in her life.

Creaking, the next moment the office door was opened and Night One, who was dressed in a black power suit, walked in with two combat sequences.The light from the flashlight shone on Chen Shanshan's face.

Night One frowned deeply at this appearance of Chen Shanshan.

Chen Shan Shan raised her head in fear, she thought it was those killers who had found the place.But it was not, but the cold man she had seen once in a while before in Lin Hao Tianhai's suburban villa!Chen Shanshan knew that this man was one of Lin Hao's men, and seeing that it was him, Chen Shanshan's heart soared with endless excitement.

"Big brother, since you're here, is it true that my brother has been saved?Is my brother all right?"Chen Shan Shan excitedly asked Night One.

"Well..." nodded Night One. One second to remember to read the book

"Thank you big brother, then hurry up and take me to see him, I'm sorry, I still have to go say sorry to him... "Chen Shanshan touched the tears on her face and broke into a smile, standing up and thinking of walking out.But as soon as she took a step, her entire body froze.

Night One was holding a dark and cold pistol, the muzzle of which was pressed straight above Chen Shanshan's forehead....

"Big brother, you..." the smile on Chen Shanshan's face stiffened on her face, she didn't even have time to change her expression, but her question didn't get an answer from Night One, what was waiting was still the endlessly icy cold gun that was pointed directly at her head.

Night One didn't say a word, that is, his body stood straight, holding the gun coldly pointed at Chen Shanshan's head, for a second, two seconds... ten seconds, all motionless.

"Well, I understand, big brother you come, please tell my brother that I'm sorry, I'm afraid that in the future I will live, I will also live in endless guilt..." the attitude of the night one, made Chen Shanshan understand that some things are wrong is wrong.She also understood in her heart, and after experiencing this thing tonight, she had no desire to live anymore, full of guilt.

In the next moment Chen Shanshan closed her eyes, her face calmed down, and the corners of her mouth slowly raised a smile, "Brother, I will still be your sister in the next life, the most adorable sister, in the next life, in the next life, I will always be your sister..."


With a roar, Chen Shanshan's body slowly fell backwards, with endless guilt for Lin Hao, with a hint of relief in her heart, but also with a hint of yearning for her next life, and the beauty of her first encounter with Lin Hao, her consciousness plunged into endless darkness....

And in front of her, inside the darkened house, Night One was still standing straight, arm flattened out, keeping his shooting stance still and unmoving, not even the slightest movement in his eyes....


I don't know how long has passed, to Chen Shanshan, it seems like a cycle has passed, when she woke up again, to find that she is on a large ship, she incredibly opened her eyes, through the window to see the endless and vast sea.

At this moment Chen Shanshan was completely confused.

"I...I'm dead, aren't I?"

"I...I was shot by that cold older brother, wasn't I? could I?What...what's going on here?Where is this?Me?"


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