Super Son-in-law 201-210


Chapter 201

Shen Xiyan is a person who has come over, she has never been in love before.

But in these small half a year, she had deeply experienced what it meant to love, what it meant to miss, what it meant to feel pain.So the moment Shen Yu Tong was stunned, she read the meaning in Shen Yu Tong's eyes the first time.

At this time, Shen Yutong, who had come back to her senses, quickly waved her hand at Shen Xiyan: "What are you talking about blindly, I don't have a boyfriend yet...", Shen Yutong said and blushed...

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the old man.Did you have that man in mind?Come on, tell me, is he from Tian Hai?Are you a colleague or something?He must be very handsome, isn't he a handsome and rich CEO?You're so pretty and sexy, you definitely don't look good to the average guy..."

Shen Yutong listened to Shen Xiyan's words, the face is more embarrassed, this will be in the house after she took off the down jacket, a pair of long, straight legs on the bed, as Shen Xiyan said, she looked down at her own legs, she really is very beautiful and sexy, this point is not her boast, but Shen Xiyan said is simply right ah.

"The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models of the newest models.

Wang Shufen was cooking down below, and they went upstairs to chat.It's actually not that I don't want to tell you, but I don't know how to tell you ah, because I just met him today..."

"Huh?Sister Yu Tong, are you being cheated by a scum?I'm telling you, there are too many scumbags in this society.Do you know what he does for a living?Do you know where he's from?"Shen Xiyan hurriedly said very seriously to Shen Yutong.

After all, she heart but treats Shen Yutong as her own sister, Shen Yutong this if she is cheated, she also does not feel good.

As a result, when confronted with Shen Xiyan's question, Shen Yutong could only helplessly shake her head: "I don't know, I don't know what he does, I don't know where he is from..."

"I... "Shen Xi Yan opened her mouth to say a word and then quickly stopped, she was afraid that she couldn't help but burst out a foul sentence. Remember the URL

She looked at Shen Yutong like she was a fool.Sister, aren't you making fun of this?Do you even know who he is?What's that?Which person you don't know this basic and fundamental information about and you like people?

The next moment Shen Xiyan said to Shen Yutong in a careful tone, "That, that sister ah, I think you've been working under too much pressure recently, you'd better not leave tonight, tomorrow I just happen to go to the hospital for a medical checkup, you accompany me along..."

Shen Caiyan incomparably complex look at Shen Yutong, she was afraid of Shen Yutong embarrassment, so she deliberately stressed that it was her to go for a medical examination, and then let Shen Yutong accompany her to go, I must say that Shen Caiyan's speech has been very care for Shen Yutong.

The only thing is that Shen Xiyan's small mind, as her big sister Shen Yutong a glance completely see through, Shen Yutong stretched out his finger on Shen Xiyan's head poked a little: "Oh, you ah, what do you think ... ... and so tactful, you still let me accompany you to the hospital to do a medical examination?You might as well just say that I'm sick in the head and want to take me to see it....".

"Uh, hehe, hehe... I'm just afraid that you're being cheated, aren't I, Yutong-san?You've been so strong since you were a kid, you've never been in a relationship, but don't let a guy who can't help himself get cheated by a, don't you?"Shen Xieyan was very cute and threw out her tongue and smiled.

Shen Yutong shook her head, "Of course not, I'm not stupid.I'm three years older than you, and I know better than you how good or bad men are.What are you thinking about... "Shen Yutong took a glance at Shen Xiyan.

"What's going on then ah, don't tell 4289f12f me that it was love at first sight ah?It's rarer than a ghost..."

Shen Xi Yan was confused, because she saw that Shen Yutong's expression was very serious, it didn't look like she was joking, and for a moment she really believed it a bit.


Shen Yutong's eyes showed a trace of memories and a happy smile on her lips.

Thinking in her mind about the figure of the person who saved her today, Shen Yutong slowly said, "I met him for the first time today though, I don't know who he is and what he does.But I'm full of him right now, and I don't know if that's considered liking or not."

"I'd love to go find him right now and have my dad send someone to the traffic bureau to check the surveillance."

"But I have to go back to Tianhai tonight, and after I take care of things over there, I'll go back to Nanjiang to look for him..."

Shen Xiyan saw happiness in Shen Yutong's eyes, because this kind of eyes she also had.

In these two years, especially these six months, she and Lin Hao had experienced so much, even life and death, that it could be completely described as a bone-deep love affair.

So she understood, although Shen Yu Tong said that she herself wasn't sure if she liked the man she was talking about.But Shen Xiyan could tell her with certainty that it was!

So after her heart was sure, Shen Xiyan was even more curious about the man in Shen Yutong's mouth.

She couldn't understand how in just one day's work, how on earth did that man manage to make Shen Yutong, a goddess-level intellectual beauty, fall?That's too strong, isn't it?

"Sister Yu Tong, tell me quickly, how exactly did you meet that man today?What did he do to you?You're so obsessed with it?Ah!You two aren't doing that kind of thing, are you?"

Shen Siyan suddenly remembered the bridge in the TV series, a handsome looking man and a woman he didn't know, what the heck... A second to remember to read the book

Shen Yutong stared at Shen Xiyan and scolded her with a smile, "I noticed that I haven't seen you for more than a year, why is your little girl piece of brain full of those messy things ah?It's not what you think!!!"

Hey... Shen Yutong that heart tired ah, she is helpless to spread out such a sister with a powerful brain.

In order to prevent Shen Xiyan from continuing to brainstorm, she quickly opened her mouth, or else Shen Xiyan will be able to lead her to the hospital for a pregnancy test later, don't tell me, this kind of thing Shen Xiyan is really likely to do....

The next moment Shen Yutong told Shen Xiyan that she had a car accident today, just when she was most desperate, the man appeared in front of her to sacrifice his life to save her that scene, including later she took the man to the hospital for a checkup, only when she went out to call the nurse, the man has left the matter.......

"Xi Yan, 5fc4f56d I really want to see him so badly right now..."

After Shen Yutong said what happened, his eyes were dazed with emotion....

Shen Xiyan stayed still after hearing that, she sat on the bed hugging her knees, her head resting on her knees in a quiet daze.

She also now had the scene that Shen Yutong had just described in her head.

That scene was so romantic, especially since Shen Yutong also said that the man was both cold and handsome, but also rich, and the clothes on his body cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Plus the obligatory backstabbing to save Shen Yutong.This is a completely proper cold and domineering president of the person ah.

They were both women, and Shen Yutong's personality was very similar to hers in many ways.So when Shen Yutong finished speaking, Shen Xiyan now believed what Shen Yutong said.

"Sister Yutong, I heard you just said that that guy didn't even tell you his name in the end, so you'll be really... bitter in your heart if you like him like that..."

Shen Xiyan's heart recalled her own sorrows of the past half year.


That kind of after she divorced Lin Hao, she went to Yanjing by herself to look for him and searched almost all the areas of Yanjing without finding him.It was hard to find Lin Hao in Tianhai, but she found that Lin Hao already had a girl with him.

"Do you know how it feels to do heart death?"

Shen Xi Yan mumbled in her heart, yes, during the months in Tian Hai, that was the feeling in her heart, the pain, the pain of not getting, the pain of not getting but desperately wanting to be with Lin Hao and not being able to get it.

She didn't want Shen Yu Tong to be like this, because it would be really, really hard to love someone this way....

Shen Yutong shook her head and lost her smile, looking more than a little sentimental as well, "It doesn't matter, I don't care about the cherished face.I've never met a man like that in my life.You know what?This afternoon in a moment of life and death, he was invincible.And you know what?Even if I forget everything in my life, I'll never forget this image this afternoon..."

Shen Siyan and Shen Yutong two beautiful women sitting on the bed barefoot, Shen Siyan appeared more beautiful than Shen Yutong.

As for Shen Yutong, she is more feminine than Shen Suyan, more intellectual and more mature.For example, if you compare Shen Suyan to a small woman, then Shen Yutong is a big woman, Shen Suyan's skin is more tender, but Shen Yutong's body exudes more mature taste....

If there is a camera that can record this beautiful scene of the two women, this photo can definitely c9061beb enough to win awards, too beautiful.

After Shen Yutong finished speaking, the two girls both fell into deep thought.

Shen Xi Yan thought for half a day still wanted to go to persuade Shen Yutong, but in the end did not say anything.

Because she was that kind of character, she could give everything right now for Lin Hao.No matter what hardships and obstacles lay ahead, as long as it was for the sake of Lin Hao, then she was willing to do it all. First URL

"Oh, don't talk about me, Xi Yan talk about you, when I left Nanjiang last year, I heard that Third Uncle found you a door-to-door son-in-law, that turned out to be a fake marriage by agreement, wasn't it?But what's going on now?Why did I hear from my dad that you're really going out with that guy?And really married together?"Shen Yutong smiled and frowned at Shen Xiyan's confused question.

"Do you mean him?Well, we're really together, and where we are now is where we sleep at night..." said Shen, and a blush came over her face, it was happy shyness, but the corners of her wee curled lips, along with her dewy-eyed smile, were proof that she loved her husband very much, very muchLove, very much....

Shen Yutong smiled and nodded, "Well yes, looking at this happy look at you now, it seems like you are really in love with him, hehe, it's also fate.The fake marriage turned into real happiness.I'm quite curious, can you tell me about it?I remember you used to hate that guy, didn't you?"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public, including: a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services........"

Shen Yutong looked at Shen Xiyan, who was caught up in happy memories, and couldn't bear to interrupt her, but waited for her to continue.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website, and you'll be able to see what they have to offer.

Boom...Shen Yutong looked at this Shen Xiyan, her mind roared, her mouth opened wide, took a deep breath, and handed Shen Xiyan a piece of paper.

Because if Shen Xiyan wasn't really pained and really regretted divorcing that man, this would never shed tears when she said that thing again.

"Soooo... Sister Yu Tong... I really regret, I really regret, I shouldn't have hurt him so much in the first place, I shouldn't have hurt him so much..."

Shen Xiyan suddenly couldn't help but jump into Shen Yutong's arms.


Yes, this matter has been pressed into her heart for a long 5314427a long time, and she didn't say anything to anyone, even her best girlfriends.

Because she always felt it was inappropriate to say this to Yue Gu, and Shen Xiyan was a person with a particularly strong defense in her heart.

But now after she saw Shen Yutong, she couldn't hold back the words in her heart.

Because the sister from childhood, the one who was not her own sister but was more than her own sister, she could confide in Shen Yutong without any fear.

"Sis is here, Sis is here, it's all over, it's all over, aren't you and him together again now?Alright, alright, don't cry ah, if you cry again it won't be pretty ah, you love him so much and he loves you so much, when he comes back later and sees that you've cried, he'll be heartbroken... so ah, since you love him so much, you won't let him feel sorry for you right?"Shen Yutong gently patted Shen Xiyan's back, telling her not to be so sad.

But Shen Yutong's heart trembled fiercely, and she suddenly realized that her sister, who had always been strong, must have gone through too much in these half a year.

She secretly made up her mind that when she returned to Nanjiang next time, she would definitely come more often to accompany Shen Shiyan.

It took Shen Siyan a while to stop her tears, and her voice was hoarse as she continued, "Sister Yu Tong, you don't know, after I got divorce papers from him that day, I saw the feeling of death of the heart in his eyes, and his eyes were filled with despair at that time."

"I felt my heart tremble at that time, and when I got home at night, I used to ask him to come and bring me water, but he didn't appear even after I called out for a long, long time.That night I was suddenly stunned and dazed for a long, long time, but it turned out that having him around had long since become a habit that I couldn't shake..."

"Later when something happened to my company, I went to my former partner company, but they politely blew me off.Did you know that, Yutong-san?At that time, I couldn't understand why my partner, who used to treat me well and give me all kinds of benefits, suddenly treated me like that.Why are you suddenly treating me like that?Then I realized that it wasn't me that people were right about, it was he wasn't short of money or a job, if he wanted one!He'll have easy access to the big group..."

"Later, ah, I had a severe cold, a particularly severe cold, that's when I realized that when I was the weakest, only he would be there for me unconditionally, only he..." Remember the website

"And then, I heard that he was leaving, in fact, at that time, I was already feeling regret, I went to look for him, in the park by the river in South River City, and when I was leaving, he saw that I had a cold, and he kept telling me where to put my cold medicine, where to put my thick clothes at home, and at that time, I turned my back on him and cried loudly..."

"The night I separated from him, my friend suddenly told me that the company had come back from the dead.I was particularly excited that night, and the next day, my friend came to me and said we should celebrate together... Sister Yu Tong, do you know the Crystal Palace in Nanjiang City?That particularly beautiful Crystal Palace?"When Shen Xiyan said this, she suddenly asked Shen Yutong.

Shen Yutong thought and nodded, "Mmhmm, I know, it's especially beautiful there, especially beautiful".Shen Yutong's eyes also had more than a hint of fantasy in their depths.

Shen Xiyan also nodded and continued, "Well it's there, my friend took me there.When I arrived there, I realized that the entire Crystal Palace was just me and my friend eating.We ate in the middle, with exquisite dishes but dozens of dishes, next to a group of beautiful girls playing the cello and the piano, and halfway through the meal, the sky outside the window suddenly sprinkled down with countless white rose petals..."

Shen Yutong's body trembled lightly, and in her mind, she couldn't help but think of the scene that Shen Xiyan said.How good would it be if the guy she met today proposed to her like that?Then she would definitely say yes without hesitation....

Shen Xiyan's tears flowed again after she said this, and her eyes contained endless pain as she said, "Sister Yu Tong, do you know what that friend of mine said to me when I was attracted to the rose petals that were floating all over the sky?"

Although Shen Xiyan was asking Shen Yutong, she didn't even wait for Shen Yutong to reply to her, and she didn't need to respond, "That friend of mine told me, Xiyan, I'm sorry I couldn't help it.Do you really think that I have that much power to bring the company back to life overnight?Do you really think that this Crystal Palace today was prepared by me for you?It's all him, it's all him..."


After Shen Xiyan finished speaking, she completely burst into tears, her body trembling at a distance, Shen Yutong could only sigh deeply as she hugged Shen Xiyan into her arms.

"Sister Yutong, after my friend finished talking to me, I ran to the airport as hard as I could.But when I got to the airport, the plane he was on had already taken off, and at that moment I only had one thought in my mind.That I had lost my husband..."

"He's been giving me everything and anything in silence.Until he was leaving, he was telling my friend not to tell me the real truth.Oh, I've hurt him so much, but he's still treating me well in his heart..."

"From that moment on, I was certain in my heart that he would be the man I would love the most in my life!And the husband of my Shen Xiyan for life..."

Shen Xi Yan leaned on Shen Yutong's shoulder and said with sadness and happiness.

When Shen Xi Yan finished all her stories, Shen Yutong's heart was also fluctuating.

Because all of Shen Siyan's romance could be made into a drama.Although the process was sadistic, the ending was very, very beautiful.

When Shen Caiyan state slowed down, Shen Yutong just smiled at her and said: "Oh now it's okay, you see your husband more capable ah, have bought you such a good villa, this is the purple bamboo courtyard ah, this set of down to 20 or 30 million it.You see ha, he not only treats you well, but he's also very rich..."

Shen Xiyan smiled and shook her head, "You're overthinking sis, how can he afford a villa here?"

"I asked my friend, his friend bought it for him, and by the way, his friend is the president of the Kyushu Group, Jiang Shao Ming.He had saved Jiang Shaoming's life before.It's probably Jiang Shao Ming's way of repaying him."

"What about himself?It's just a very middle-aged person, where's the money..." One second to remember to read the book

Shen Yutong was surprised and asked, "You can't, right?How can you be so stupid at your age?How come it's time to mature?"

"Hey... "Shen Xiyan sighed deeply, the tone 18acc294 in the tone is both helpless and happy.

Shen Xiyan this appearance, Shen Yutong is even more curious.Hurriedly asked: "What is wrong?Why do you look like that?"

Shen Siyan waved her hand, "Today, his good brother Jiang Shao Ming had an accident and was dismissed as president, he was also implicated, and is now idling at home, waiting for a new arrangement for the company.You tell me, he didn't think about it, just because of his relationship with Jiang Shao Ming.With his relationship with Jiang Shao Ming, how could he get away when he'd been screwed?That's why I said he was naive..."

"Err... "Shen Yutong was stunned at the news, then nodded her head, agreeing with Shen Xiyan's analysis very much.

She had experienced more Either way, more workplace struggles than Shen Xiyan.Naturally, she understands that a dynasty is a dynasty.

Shen Yutong frowned and asked, "What should we do then?Why don't I get him some contacts?You tell me more about him, like what he's good at?"

Shen Xiyan smiled and refused, "Sister Yu Tong thank you La, but no, I've already found one of my girlfriends in the afternoon.Her family is rich and powerful, she's already promised to take care of me, so don't worry..."

"Well, as long as it gets done, eh by the way, didn't you just say he wasn't working?Then hurry up and get him back, let's have dinner together, let me see him too?"Shen Yutong smiled and said to Shen Xiyan.

"Mm, okay, then I'll call her here and tell him to come back.Then also let him see what a national beauty my cousin is..." agreed Shen Siyan with a smile, and then she took her phone to call Lin Hao.

Shen Yutong smiled and said, "OK, then you quickly make the call, I'm going to the bathroom, I'm too busy today, I don't even have time to go to the toilet..." said Shen Yutong and went out to go to the toilet.

Shen Siyan called Lin Hao: "Lin Hao, what time are you coming back ah, mom is almost ready to cook, I'll introduce you to a big beauty oh?"


Lin Hao, who was still in a meeting at Half Moon Bay over there, received a call from Shen Xiyan, looked at the few people present, frowned and said, "I'm sorry ah Xiyan, I'm with Shao Ming, you know that... so I might have to go back later..."

Shen Siyan nodded her head and gave a hmmm, "Well, okay, Mr. Jiang must be in a bad mood after such a big event today, you, as his brother, must persuade him more.By the way, if he is free tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, you should invite him over for dinner..." said Shen Suyan with great understanding.

Although it was hard for Shen Yutong to come once, it was still Lin Hao's business that was more important in her heart.

How could it not be towards her own husband?

So after Shen Xiyan told Lin Hao a few more things, she hung up the phone.

As soon as she hung up the phone, Shen Yutong just happened to come back from the toilet: "How was it?When is that mouth of yours coming back?"

Shen Siyan apologized and said, "Sorry, Sister Yutong, didn't I just say that something happened to his friend?He's staying with him now, and he's probably going to be late tonight..."

Shen Yutong laughed and said, "It's fine, I'll be back in a few days anyway, let's have another date then, I'll have to leave later..."

As soon as Shen Yutong finished speaking, there was a shout from Wang Shufen from downstairs, asking the two sisters to go downstairs to eat.

Wang Shufen cooked several dishes, Shen Yutong hadn't eaten much throughout the day, but this time she ate quite a lot.

After dinner, the anxious Shen Yutong saw that it was almost eight o'clock, and the ticket she had booked earlier was for eight forty.She couldn't care less about Shen Xiyan's retention, she could only quickly head to the airport.... The first website

The security department of the Purple Bamboo Villa is equipped with a car, and with a direct phone call, Shen Xiyan got a security guard to drive Shen Yutong to the airport.

As the car drove to the airport, Shen Yutong turned her head to look out the window at the scenery of the Purple Bamboo Buffer House.

Just the next moment, her pupils contracted violently.

Because she saw a car passing across the street, the man who saved her in the afternoon was sitting in the driver's seat, driving towards the Purple Bamboo Villa....

Bang, bang, bang, bang... The moment Shen Yu Tong saw the man, she desperately knocked on the car window.When he reacted, he quickly rolled down the window, but how short was the time that the two cars intersected?It is estimated that not even a blink of an eye, the two cars have crossed over.

But it was that moment c646baa2 between, Shen Yutong incomparably convinced, opposite the man driving the Mercedes Benz, is definitely the man who saved himself this afternoon!The moment when the two cars had just crossed over was deeply imprinted in Shen Yutong's mind.

"Miss Shen, what's wrong?What can I do for you?You have something to tell me" the driver in the front row saw Shen Yutong's reaction in the back row was not right, so he opened his mouth and asked with concern.

"Forget it... nothing, go on to the airport... "Shen Yutong shook her head, she now has to rush back to Tianhai City, and there is only one end of the road that is the Purple Bamboo Buffer District.

If you look at it at this time of the day, the man who saved her is most likely returning home at night, which means he is staying here.

Shen Yutong's brain is rapidly running to analyze, that man's clothing is hundreds of thousands.Then it shouldn't be that unusual for him to live here.

Even if he didn't live here, she Shen Yutong was confident that she could find him, the family matter was more important now.When she was done with it, she would come back to find him.

"I'll definitely find you!"Shen Yutong clenched her fist to herself.


And Lin Hao, who was driving back to the Purple Bamboo Villa, naturally didn't know that he had crossed paths with Shen Yutong on the road.

But even if he did know, so what?He had no interest in Shen Yutong at all.Not even an interest in taking care of her.Just as he thought in his heart, rescuing her this afternoon was completely just in passing.

As soon as Lin Hao returned home and entered the door, Shen Xiyan was stunned and stomped her foot and said, "Eh yah, why didn't you come back earlier, my cousin just left, you'll be able to run into her even five or six minutes earlier..."


Lin Hao was stunned, Shen Yutong was actually here at night?

He then smiled, it was a good thing he didn't run into her, otherwise it would have been another pile of trouble after she recognized his identity.

Lin Hao waved his hand and said, "Then let's talk about it next time, there's a chance."

Shen Siyan nodded, "Well, let's talk about it later, she said she'll be back in Nanjiang City in a few days, she's going to Tianhai now.Forget about her for now, how did you talk to Jiang?How's he doing?"

Lin Hao smiled, "It's fine, I've told you everything, the Kyushu Group was never his in the first place, it was his big brother's.He's just been helping to manage it all these years.That big brother of his is very good to him, it's already a normal thing, don't worry so much okay?"

Shen Siyan nodded superficially and stopped asking questions.

But she was still convinced of her own idea that the reason Lin Hao said that was just to comfort her.

But she thought she was a smart woman, so she didn't ask about things her husband didn't like to talk about, and just said to Lin Hao, "Have you eaten yet?I'll warm you up..."

Lin Hao pulled Shen Shiyan's hand and headed upstairs, "Eat up, let's go wife let's go rest, it's been a weird day..."

When Shen Siyan heard Lin Hao tell her that she was going to rest, a slight blush rose on her pretty face.

Naturally, she understood what Lin Hao wanted to do, after all, the two of them were just now really together.Seven times a week didn't even get boring.Lin Hao was even more impressed when he looked at this appearance of Shen Shiyan. Remember the URL


At ten o'clock in the evening, Lin Hao was sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette, Shen Siyan was quietly lying in his arms, and suddenly Shen Siyan hugged Lin Hao tightly, tightly and very hard.

Lin Hao looked at her with confusion and asked, "What's wrong?Regret the face..."

Shen Xiyan's little head shook in Lin Hao's arms and said, "It's fine... Lin Hao, it's so good that we can be together now, will you never leave me?"

Lin Hao smiled and rubbed Shen Shiyan's long hair and said, "What are you talking about, I will definitely not leave you in this life, silly girl... What's wrong with you today?Why are you saying this all of a sudden?"

Shen Siyan smiled and said, "It's fine, it's just that I suddenly thought of what my cousin told me about her, the two of us are a little bitter though.But at least now that we're still together, it's harder for her..."

Lin Hao didn't think much of it even after taking a drag on his cigarette, so he just asked casually and subconsciously, "Oh, what's wrong with that cousin of yours?"

Shen Xiyan said, "She likes a guy, but she doesn't even know what that guy's name is, let alone where he is, nor does she have any contact information for that guy, don't you think it's bitter?"

Lin Hao nodded and casually echoed, "Well, it's quite bitter..."

Lin Hao said it with his mouth, but he didn't take it to heart at all.He didn't care to get involved in the Shen family's affairs, it was none of his business to do what he liked.

"Well no, but that man is really dominating ah, according to my cousin told me, this afternoon she was almost killed by a car, but when she was all desperate and waiting to die, that man rushed to her and hugged her out, regardless of life or death.She was conquered in that instant..." said Shen Xiyan's head lying on Lin Hao's chest.

Cough... Lin Hao coughed violently when he heard this.

The expression on his face was wonderful.

Shen Yutong had fallen in love with him?Oh, shit. What kind of international joke is this?

Sister, I haven't even told you who I am, have I?Can't you see I don't want to talk to you at all?

Is that so bad for you?Can you not be serious?You're a Shen!We're enemies and you're my wife's first cousin!

Lin Hao ton's head was full of black lines.

"Eh?What's going on?"Shen Xiyan looked up at Lin Hao with a frown on her face.


Lin Hao quickly said: "nothing no e79e18fb thing, I just think it's incredible ah, just saw a side, this is not a joke it, she said so you also so a letter, forget it, reckon she tease you play, quickly go to sleep, you have to go to work tomorrow ......." Lin Hao said said he wanted to sleep with the blanket on.

He wanted to sleep, but Shen Xiyan pulled his hand and looked into his eyes and said very seriously, "I'm not joking with you, you don't know her, my cousin's personality is the same as mine, never lies, and love is love.And when she told me today, the thoughts in her eyes and the happiness on her face were definitely not fake.I'm sure she's really in love with the man who saved her!"

Lin Hao, who originally didn't take it seriously, saw Shen Xi Yan say this.Suddenly, he frowned, it seemed like this was a bit serious.

Lin Hao seriously asked Shen Xiyan, "Let's not talk about that first, let me ask you first, are you on good terms with that Shen Yutong?What's she like?Is it the same as Shen Yiming Shen Ruoxue or something like that?"

Shen Xiyan shook her head very seriously and said to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, my elder cousin is different from them.She's extremely nice, she's taken special care of me since I was a child, she's also different from the Shen family, she's very strong, she left the Shen family after graduating from university and went to Tianhai, and now she's become the general manager of a big group in Tianhai..."

Lin Hao felt a headache and rubbed his head and said, "You're really close to her?"

Shen Shi Yan nodded heavily, "Well, I have a really good relationship with her, very good... Lin Hao I'm sorry, I know that the Shen family treats you badly and you have an opinion in your heart.But I'm begging you, I'm begging you not to put your hatred for the Shen family on my older sister.She's really nice, and I treat her like my own sister..."

Lin Hao's heart just thudded when he heard Shen Xiyan say that, "Trouble..."

In Lin Hao's consciousness, even if he met with Shen Yutong in the future, it wouldn't matter.

But now that Shen Suyan had said that, that she liked him.Then he would have to make some preparations earlier, and he couldn't let Shen Suyan know about this yet.After all, Shen Siyan had just said that she was especially close to Shen Yutong.

So he would have to go to Shen Yutong in private to clarify this matter.Lin Hao was incomparably depressed, if he had known earlier, it would have been better to just state his identity this afternoon.Thinking of this Lin Hao said to Shen Xiyan, "Well, next time if your cousin goes back to Nanjiang, you call me and I'll pick her up at the airport..." One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Mmhmm thank you husband..." said Shen Siyan very happily.

When Shen Xiyan went to sleep, for this matter, Lin Hao didn't waste too much energy thinking about it, since things were already like that now, it would be good to find a chance to make it clear.

Saying it clearly in advance saves a bunch of trouble later.In this life, he, Lin Hao, would never have any more interactions with another woman, ever again.


The next day, Shen Shi Yan went to work, and Lin Hao also went to the Kyushu Group headquarters and started to look at all the project documents of the Kyushu Group over the years.

These all needed to be mastered by him, or else there would be problems if he took over a few days later.

"Big brother, a total of 100 partners have been invited, the local elite of Nanjiang..." while Lin Hao was looking at the documents, Jiang Shaoming handed Lin Hao a statement.

"Well good, you watch the arrangements, everything is arranged anyway..."

Lin Hao didn't even look at the information Jiang Shao Ming handed over, he was always very relieved about Jiang Shao Ming.

Lin Hao kept looking at the information until the afternoon, and at three o'clock in the afternoon he was about to go out to eat when he suddenly received a call from Chen Shanshan.Lin Hao looked at the three words Chen Shanshan on his cell phone, and he was overcome with emotion.

Ever since that day when he had said sorry to Chen Shanshan, he had never contacted her and Chen Shanshan had never looked for him, this was the first time Chen Shanshan had called him since they had separated.

Lin Hao picked up the phone and calmly asked, "Shan Shan what's wrong?"

As a result, as soon as Lin Hao finished speaking, Chen Shanshan's cries came from the phone, "Brother, my parents are in trouble, they've been kidnapped, come to Tianhai quickly, I'll wait for you downstairs at the office... Brother I'm so scared..."


After Chen Shanshan hung up the phone, after Chen Shanshan hung up the phone, Lin Hao stood up without thinking, and gave a simple explanation to Jiang Shaoming, and took the car keys and went downstairs.

In fact, Lin Hao has always felt guilty about Chen Shanshan.

At that time, he might have chosen to be with Chen Shanshan because he was angry at Shen Xiyan.Even though this was something Chen Shanshan knew about from start to finish.But he still had guilt in his heart.

In fact, he had been waiting for Chen Shanshan to speak, even if Chen Shanshan wanted a lot of money he would not hesitate to give it.But Chen Shanshan didn't want it.

And now someone dared to kidnap Chen Shanshan's parents?

Lin Hao's heart instantly rose with monstrous anger.Although he hadn't been in love with Chen Shanshan all along, he had treated her like his own sister.Now that Chen Shanshan had something to ask him, how could he not agree?

Nanjiang City is not far from Tianhai City, and it's too late to book a flight now and then catch a plane.It would be better to just drive fast all the way there.After Lin Hao arrived at the garage, he directly drove a Bentley supercar and sped off towards Tianhai City.

On the way, Lin Hao called Chen Shanshan as he drove, but no one answered the phone, so Lin Hao got anxious.

He called Shen Xiyan again and said that he had to go to Tianhai to deal with some urgent matters, so he probably wouldn't go back tonight, and after talking to Shen Xiyan, he concentrated on driving.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models.And women, I guess there will be a knot in their hearts.

It's just that today the heavens are against Lin Hao, 5:00 p.m. when Lin Hao just drove to Tianhai City, the sky was gloomy. The first website

It's already December, but it's actually raining in Tianhai, and it's raining extraordinarily hard, with cold wind plus icy rain.The visibility outside the car window was very low, and the sky was all black and frightening.

With such extreme weather, plus the fact that Lin Hao was already anxious in his heart right now, he was even more bored.

He kept calling Chen Shanshan, but Chen Shanshan just didn't pick up.This also made Lin Hao's heart add a bit more fire to his heart.

After entering Tian Hai lost, and ran into a traffic jam during rush hour, finally after another hour, almost nine o'clock in the evening, Lin Hao finally drove to the gate of Tian Hai Group.

It used to be that the Tianhai Group was brilliantly lit even at night, but today I don't know what happened, not many lights were on upstairs, and it was raining heavily outside, not to mention the people, even the cars were not many.

Lin Hao drove his high beam, about to enter the Tianhai Group.Suddenly by the headlights, he saw Chen Shanshan standing outside the guard room.

Chen Shanshan's clothes were soaked through, and her entire body was shaking, standing there dumbly like a zombie....

Lin Hao quickly parked the car, braving the rain to run to Chen Shanshan, wiping the cold rain on his face, Lin Hao's hands grasped Chen Shanshan's arm, but felt incomparably cold.

The first thing you need to do is to take off your jacket and put it on to Chen Shanshan.But Chen Shanshan was still shivering.

And Chen Shanshan didn't react until Lin Hao walked up to her, she just looked at Lin Hao and wept, her eyes filled with endless pain....

"Shan Shan don't be afraid, don't be afraid, brother is here, with brother in it, go I'll take you to the hotel first, you don't worry about your parents.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I can.Don't scare me, take a closer look, I'm your brother!"Lin Hao shook Chen Shan Shan's body vigorously, because Chen Shan Shan's current appearance really made him very, very afraid.

Chen Shan Shan was shaken by Lin Hao, and her eyes that were filled with death finally regained a trace of radiance, she opened her mouth in a vivid way, "Brother..."

Lin Hao was relieved when he saw Chen Shanshan speak.

"Brother, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... "Chen Shanshan looked at Lin Hao, shedding tears, her mouth kept saying sorry a8e4aa9b....

Lin Hao was going crazy, it was now, and he was still saying Mao's sorry!

But he knew that it was psychologically difficult for Chen Shanshan to go through such a cruel thing at this age.

So although this would make him angry, he still said to Chen Shanshan, "It's okay Shanshan, let's go, it's too cold outside, brother will take you to a hotel, hurry up..."

Lin Hao said and anxiously pulled Chen Shanshan into the rain curtain and headed for the car....

It was just that Lin Hao had just turned around and hadn't taken a few steps when suddenly his entire body just froze upright, his entire eyes dulled and his heart filled with intense incredulity....

Lin Hao stood in the curtain of rain, Chen Shanshan stood on the steps, a shining sharp knife, through Lin Hao's back, five centimeters of the tip of the knife through the right side of his chest, a drop of bright red blood, falling down....


"Tick tock... tick tock... tick tock..." blood fell low on the ground on a small bay of water, sending out a deadly echo.

In the curtain of rain, Chen Shanshan's right hand, which held the hilt of the sharp knife, was pressed tightly against Lin Hao's back.

Chen Shanshan's face was incessantly filled with tears, her eyes were in extreme pain, and she was shaking her head as she cried Vivian, her hand holding the dagger was trembling gently.

Lin Hao lowered his head, feeling the sharp pain from his right chest, and at this moment he finally understood what the sorry sentence from Chen Shanshan's mouth just now meant.

The dagger didn't go through Lin Hao's heart, but it was that close.

Lin Hao slowly turned his head and looked at Chen Shanshan very calmly.

He never had any defense against Chen Shanshan, and today he was very confused and irritated, so he wasn't able to think as calmly as usual, and without defense that's why Chen Shanshan got his way.

"Brother, I'm sorry... I'm sorry... They kidnapped my parents, they said they would kill my whole family if I didn't do what they said... Brother I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..." Chen Shanshan was shaking her head at Lin Hao with tears streaming down her face.

Lin Hao didn't say anything just coldly looked at the rain curtain behind Chen Shanshan.Lin Hao's eyes were filled with gravity, and even Chen Shanshan's words behind him, he no longer bothered to pay attention.

At this moment, a monstrous crisis had suddenly risen in his heart.

At this moment, in the dim curtain of rain behind Chen Shanshan, in a relatively low-lying place on the ground in the distance, there was a small puddle half a meter square, and at this moment Lin Hao saw that in that small puddle, a human-shaped object slowly squatted and then stood up... Remember the URL .kanshu8...The net.

The next moment the humanoid object held a thirty to forty centimeter short sword and stabbed sharply at Chen Shanshan's back....

"Brother, I'm not asking you to forgive me, I almost killed you, I'm not going to live, I'm going to die..."

When Chen Shanshan saw that Lin Hao was just staring at her silently, she felt incomparably remorseful, and she pulled out another ten-centimeter knife and raised it to her heart....

"Brother, I'm sorry, I'll see you in the next life..." said Chen Shanshan to Lin Hao in tears.

Her only wish now was for Lin Hao to say something to her, even if it was to scold her.But Lin Hao hadn't said a word to her the entire time!

"Brother, I'm sorry..." after Chen Shanshan said the last sentence, the hand holding the knife accelerated and stabbed at her heart.

And then the humanoid had already rushed behind Chen Shanshan, stabbing at Chen Shanshan from behind with a forty-centimeter short sword in his hand....

Just when the one in Chen Shanshan's hand was about to stab her heart, Lin Hao's killing intent roared into the sky.

At the last moment, fiercely grabbed Chen Shanshan's hand, squatted down on Chen Shanshan's body, and then held her wrist and fiercely slid through the rain curtain behind her....

Poof...a soft sound came out, the next moment in Chen Shanshan's shock.

At some point in the rain curtain behind her, a person appeared, a person who was holding a knife to slash downwards.But right now this black-clothed person's neck was cut open by the knife in her hand, and blood was continuously flowing down....

Ah... Chen Shanshan shouted, but soon she felt even more remorse in her heart.It was because Lin Hao had just saved her life again.

Poof... Lin Hao spurted out a large mouthful of blood after instantly killing the killer behind Chen Shanshan.

After all, he was also heavily injured at the moment, and half of his clothes were all soaked in blood.Lin Hao half-kneeled on the ground, his icy eyes fiercely sweeping the four directions.The crisis in his heart grew heavier and heavier.

"Brother, how are you, you... ah..." when Chen Shanshan was about to speak, she suddenly screamed in fear, fear in her eyes to the extreme.

Because right now in all directions as long as there was a small amount of standing water on the ground as far as they were, all of them had a killer surfacing....


These killers were exactly the same as the previous one, appearing in a half crouch just now, but then they stood up and held their short swords towards Lin Hao, stabbing at him with great speed and coldness....


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