Super Son-in-law 191-200


Chapter 191

After being stunned for a moment, Shen Yutong rushed out to chase after Lin Hao, but when she ran to the hospital gate, she saw Lin Hao get into a taxi and leave from afar.She couldn't catch up even if she wanted to.

And just now Shen Yutong helped Lin Hao directly use the VIP channel, so even inside the hospital, it was impossible to find out Lin Hao's information.

Shen Yutong stood dazed at the hospital's entrance, she bit her lips, chopped her foot, and quietly clenched her fist, "I'll definitely find you, you wait until I'm done with the family matter!"

Shen Yutong said to herself in her heart, since Lin Hao had already left, there was no use for her to stay in the hospital any longer.She just took a taxi back home.


At Shen Jiancheng's house, Shen Yiming is reporting to Shen Jiancheng about how he met Shen Xiyan at noon, from when Shen Xiyan came out of the company, to when Shen Ruo Xue went to humiliate Shen Xiyan, and finally to when Lin Hao picked Shen Xiyan up.

All the process was recounted word for word to Shen Jiancheng by Shen Yiming.

"Dad, you're right, I asked Li Jingze about it last night, and although Li Jingze didn't tell me any useful information from start to finish, I'm sure it was Lin Hao."

"And today, I felt a sense of strength from Lin Hao, Lin Hao is definitely not an ordinary person!"

Shen Yiming frowned deeply and said to Shen Jiancheng.

Shen Jiancheng sighed heavily, "Hey, it's all our fault, our Shen family's fault is that it has developed too quickly over the years.In the past two years, your sister went to the Tianhai Group, Shen Ruoxue also married the Xiao family, and the various projects of the Shen family also progressed rapidly, so it led to our arrogance and neglect of others.Hey, it should have been a monstrous opportunity for the Shen family, but now, hey..." first website

Shen Yiming nodded, "Dad, it's useless to talk about those now.And today I was going to apologize properly to Shen Siyan, but I was disturbed by that silly woman Shen Ruo Xue not to mention, and even more so, it made Lin Hao angry, Lin Hao said that if I go and dare to disturb Shen Siyan again, he will never let me go, what should I do?"

Shen Yiming was very anxious, and now he wanted to kill Shen Ruoxue.

Shen Jiancheng smiled incomparably bitterly, patted Shen Yiming's shoulder and said: "Okay, Yiming you've grown up.I'm very happy to have you like this now.The rest will be left to me, after all, I am the boss of the Shen family, and there are some things that I still need to fight against.The bitter fruit sown by the Shen family will be eaten by me.

"I'll get someone to go make an appointment with Lin Hao, and your sister is coming back, counting the time she should be home soon, she's also developed quite well over the years in Tianhai City, I'll see if she has any good ideas..."

"Dad, I'm back... "As soon as Shen Jiancheng's voice fell, Shen Ruoxue pushed the door open and walked in.Only she was a bit distracted and her eyes were a bit dull, because until now, she still had Lin Hao's image in her head.

"Sister..." called out Shen Yiming respectfully.

Shen Ruoxue took a deep look at Shen Yiming and was confused that Shen Yiming didn't feel the same way to her now.

In the past, she didn't want to stay in Nanjiang City, but she also felt that her family was rather resentful of her eye-to-eye, so she went to fight in Tianhai by herself.

But now after the family encountered the incident, she looked at her father and brother's performance, she was still very happy, Shen company is not afraid, the house was auctioned as well, the money is gone can earn again, she has the confidence.

I'm afraid that people can't, and now see her father and brother's transformation, she is very pleased.

She, Shen Yutong, was strong in every way and also very beautiful, and there were many people chasing her in Tianhai City over the years, but she couldn't see them all.Now that something has happened at home, I have to call you back to help.I really feel guilty about you ah..."

Shen Yutong smiled and shook her head, "Dad, what are you talking about.You know what?Just now I was thinking to myself that it doesn't matter if the company is gone, or the house is gone.As long as the people are still alive, we can make more money if we lose it.My brother has finally grown up now too."

Shen Jiancheng nodded to Shen Yutong and asked, "Well, do you have any ideas then, Yutong?Do you have any way to get the Shen family through this crisis?


Shen Yutong frowned and thought, "Dad, I actually don't want to be in charge, especially since Second Uncle and his family are particularly calculating.I feel annoyed, but since you asked, I'll understand the situation and then go to Tianhai to look for my boss, with the Shen family's current situation, it's basically not possible to find a project in Nanjiang City.I can only go outside to look... It's urgent, I'll leave tonight..."

Shen Jiancheng was incomparably bitter in his heart, he didn't expect his daughter to come back and not even be able to sleep in his own home for one night and have to leave overnight.......

"Well, that's hard for you..." was all Shen Jiancheng could say.

"Okay, Dad then I'll go to the company now and look at the company's statements, then I'll call you..."

Shen Yutong nodded her head and said, then headed out.Just when she reached the door, she suddenly paused and said, "Dad, you have someone you know in the traffic bureau of Nanjiang City, right?Can you check someone out for me?"

Shen Yutong knew that she had to leave Nanjiang tonight to go to Tianhai to find external help for the Shen family, and she just wanted to know who the man who saved her was on her way out, after she came back again to solve the Shen family's problems....

Shen Jiancheng nodded, "Yes, your uncle Sun is the deputy director of the Traffic Bureau, who do you want to find?"

"Sis, who did you run into e7d3c18e?Didn't you just return to Nanjiang today?Or does someone dare to bully you?You tell me and I'll give you a head start."Shen Yiming was also curious.

Shen Ruoxue hesitated and said, "Let's forget about it, let's settle the matter at home first.Since Uncle Sun is still in the Traffic Bureau, it can be investigated sooner or later, there's no rush for this."Shen Ruoxue said and left.She was also very pressed for time now.

After Shen Ruo Xue left, Shen Yiming and Shen Jiancheng looked at each other and both saw the confusion in each other's eyes.

But if Shen Yutong didn't say anything, the two of them didn't know who Shen Yutong really wanted to find. Remember the website


Over here, Shen Yutong's family was busy trying to find ways to remedy the impending demise of the Shen family.

Over there, Lin Hao had found a cafe to think about things after coming out of the hospital.

Compared to the madness and busyness of the Shen family, Lin Hao was very laid back.Lin Hao was very laid back, so to speak, and now the entire Nanjiang City was in turmoil because of his words.He was the only one who was staying like nobody's business.

Lin Hao was drinking coffee and thinking alone when Xiao Yuanshan suddenly called him.

Lin Hao looked at the number on his phone and his brows furrowed lightly, in his impression Xiao Yuanshan was a smart character, this kind of person just suffered from not having a big family background.

If it was based on ability alone, Xiao Yuanshan was definitely not bad, a giant crocodile in Nanjiang City!

Lin Hao picked up the phone and listened to Xiao Yuanshan's report over there, and only after a while did Lin Hao smilingly say, "Are you saying that Shen Jiancheng has found you and wants to see me?Oh, this Shen Jiancheng actually still has such a mind?"

Over there Xiao Yuanshan respectfully said, "Yes Mr. Lin, Shen Jiancheng knows that I have belonged to the Kyushu Group, and he entrusted me with the relationship to want me to make an appointment to meet you, I feel as if he guessed some of your identity and status between the lines, so I came to consult you, is there still a need to meet him?".

Lin Hao laughed and asked, "Isn't it silly, then according to you, Shen Jiancheng he represents himself, or his entire Shen family?"

Xiao Yuanshan said respectfully, "It's on behalf of himself, and he told me very clearly that his brother Shen Zhiyuan is now in charge of the Shen family.He is only representing him personally and wants to see you."

"Mr. Lin, what the Shen family did to you and your wife, the entire upper circle of the Southern River knows about it, there is no need to meet with you in your capacity, just go ahead and completely annihilate the Shen family in five days.What do you mean?"


Lin Hao put away the smile on his face and tapped his fingers lightly on the table.

One by one, after thinking for a while, Lin Hao said, "Let's meet, this Shen Jiancheng is very interesting.I'll be waiting for you at the Half Moon Bay Hotel's Nine Days Star River private room, so you can inform Shen Jiancheng..."

"Okay, Mr. Lin, I'll be right over" Xiao Yuanshan said and respectfully hung up the phone.

After Lin Hao hung up the phone, he found a car and went to the Half Moon Bay Hotel, he also had a hint of curiosity in his heart.

After all, his impression was that the Shen family boss was not doing much, and it was always the Shen family's second son who was running all sorts of things.

After Xiao Yuanshan received Lin Hao's order, he headed to the Half Moon Bay Hotel almost without any hesitation.After meeting Lin Hao at the entrance, he and Lin Hao went to the private room together, while Shen Jiancheng was quite far away and it would take a while to get here.

When Lin Hao was standing at the entrance of the hotel before he entered, Wang Lulu, who was dressed in a black lace dress, was waiting respectfully at the entrance of the hotel.The guests in the hotel, along with the service staff, were shocked to see the person in charge of Half Moon Bay personally greeting the guests.

It was good that those people didn't know Lin Hao.Only their hearts were shocked that Lin Hao's identity was such that he was able to have Xiao Yuanshan and Wang Lulu accompany him on both sides.

After Lin Hao followed Wang Lulu to the Nine Days Star River private room, Lin Hao sat down, and Xiao Yuanshan sat respectfully opposite Lin Hao.

Wang Lulu, who was the general manager of Half Moon Bay, stood behind Lin Hao respectfully, "Mr. Lin, what would you like to eat today?Now the hotel has the freshest abalone with lobster that was just shipped in this morning..."

Lin Hao shook his head and said, "Forget it, let's serve some tea after lunch and we'll talk about something.Well, the meal will be paid according to your highest specifications." One second to remember to read the book

Wang Lulu quickly smiled and waved her hand: "Mr. Lin, it's an honor for you to come to my place, how would I dare to ask you for money?I'll pay for the tea, then you talk to Mr. Xiao, I'll make the tea myself..."

Wang Lu Lu bowed her head respectfully to Lin Hao Wei Wei, then smiled and walked away without waiting for Lin Hao to speak.

With this kind of status, she couldn't wait for Lin Hao to come every day.As long as she maintained her relationship with Lin Hao, her life would be smooth sailing.

After Wang Lulu left, Lin Hao asked to Xiao Yuanshan, "Where has Shen Jiancheng arrived?"

Xiao Yuanshan hurriedly stood up and said, "Back to Mr. Lin, he'll be here soon, look at Shen Jiancheng that way, he's very anxious".

Lin Hao pressed his hand against Xiao Yuanshan, "Sit sit sit, don't stand, and don't expose my identity later, I want to see what Shen Jiancheng wants to say..."

"Okay, Mr. Lin" Xiao Yuanshan sat down respectfully, but his body was still bouncing straight, these days since he joined the Kyushu Group, he realized how terrifying Lin Hao's identity and background really was!

It was safe to say that if it wasn't for his keen sense of smell in the first place, I'm afraid that his Xiao family would have been wiped out more than ten days ago.

It wasn't that Xiao Yuanshan himself was suffering from persecution paranoia, but after he joined Lin Hao's camp, Li Jianghai had unintentionally revealed it to him.At that time, Lin Hao already wanted to make a move against his Xiao family, the reason being that his Xiao family was Shen Ruoxue's patron.

And Shen Ruoxue had counted on Lin Hao's wife.Although the matter had passed.But these days whenever Xiao Yuanshan thought about what Li Jianghai had said to him, he could break out in a cold sweat.

Lin Hao didn't speak, and Xiao Yuanshan didn't dare to open his mouth.

A few minutes later, hurried footsteps sounded at the door of the private room, and Shen Jiancheng, who was dressed in a black suit, entered the private room under the guidance of the waiter.

In fact, when he arrived downstairs, Shen Jiancheng had some bottom in his heart, and it turned out that Shen Yiming was right, Lin Hao was able to enter Half Moon Bay's Nine Days Star River private room.So before coming up, Shen Jiancheng had already adjusted his mind.It felt like even though Lin Hao wasn't as good as Xiao Yuanshan, his true identity wasn't much worse than Xiao Yuanshan's, and in Shen Jiancheng's guess, Lin Hao's true identity was probably a hidden shareholder of the Kyushu Group!

Although Shen Jiancheng had already thought highly of Lin Hao in his heart, he had even thought of Lin Hao as one of the partners of the Kyushu Group.But the moment he entered the private room, shocked to see Xiao Yuanshan's incomparably respectful and nervous sitting posture, Shen Jiancheng knew that he had still underestimated Lin Hao, and at this moment Xiao Yuanshan's attitude towards Lin Hao made his scalp feel numb!


"Lin... Lin Hao..."

Shen Jiancheng had cold sweat coming down his back, and somewhat stammered and called out to Lin Hao.

Shen Jiancheng was old and smart, looking at Lin Hao, who was sitting in the main seat with a loose posture, and then at Xiao Yuanshan, who was sitting in the second seat with a tense demeanor, he understood everything in his heart.

Not to mention, in this private room right now, Lin Hao's status was definitely higher than Xiao Yuanshan.

And don't say that even if he, Shen Jiancheng, were to add the entire Shen family together, he wouldn't be able to catch up with Xiao Yuanshan's status!

Originally, he was thinking that Xiao Yuanshan was now the vice president of the Kyushu Group, and with his relationship with Xiao Yuanshan, there should be no problem in asking Xiao Yuanshan to ask Lin Hao out.

After all, Lin Hao was apparently only a senior executive in the Kyushu Group, and as a result, Xiao Yuanshan had actually asked Lin Hao out for him.But this result now filled his heart with shock!

Lin Hao looked at Shen Jiancheng with interest and seemingly a smile, "Uncle?Here you are. Sit down. You said you wanted to see me, so just give me a call.Why do you still have to bother Mr. Xiao?Okay I'm not going to say anything else, what do you want to talk about after you wasted so much time asking me out?"

Shen Jiancheng saw that Lin Hao told him to sit down, but he didn't dare to sit down at all, and for Lin Hao to call him uncle.He was even more bitter to the extreme.

This was a figure that even Xiao family head Xiao Yuanshan had to face respectfully, and his own family of idiots had actually scolded him for nearly two years as a wimp and trash.

The first thing that I want to do is to get rid of the old man. The first website

Lin Hao looked at Shen Jiancheng without saying a word and came up to slap himself, and couldn't help but become more interested: "Uncle, what are you making a fuss about?If you let Xiyan know about this, will Xiyan blame me for disrespecting you?You stop it, stop fighting..."

After Shen Jiancheng stopped his hand, he looked deeply at Lin Hao and said, "Lin Hao, a clear person doesn't speak in secret, I apologize to you, these two years were the fault of our Shen family... you..."

Shen Jiancheng was about to say something further when Lin Hao interrupted him with a self-deprecating smile and said, "Oh, what are you talking about, uncle?What status do I have? I'm just a useless son-in-law in your Shen family, right?What status do I have? I'm just a loser.And what about you?Who the hell are you to apologize to me?Oh..."

Before Lin Hao could finish his sentence, Shen Jiancheng kneeled heavily directly in front of Lin Hao and then kowtowed to Lin Hao continuously with a bang, bang, bang, bang, bang: "Lin Hao, I don't ask you to let the Shen family live, it's our Shen family that's sorry for you, it's our Shen family that's sorry for Xi Yan!The destruction of the Shen family is our own doing, but I only beg you to spare our lineage, spare my son and daughter..."

The heart of regret that Shen Jiancheng would 3c36a268 soon come out.

When he saw how Xiao Yuanshan treated Lin Hao, he was already desperate and hopeless about whether there was any hope for the Shen family, even if his daughter Shen Yutong had pulled a big project from Tianhai, she couldn't do Lin Hao.

Before entering this private room, he, Shen Jiancheng, had dared to make a guess about Lin Hao's identity.

But now after seeing Xiao Yuanshan's gesture, he didn't even dare to think about it....

Lin Hao frowned and said, "Letting go of your lineage, huh?Oh why?I don't know if you know ah, just today at noon, your son Shen Yiming still went to find trouble with Xi you know this?"When Lin Hao said this, there was an extra hint of killing intent in his eyes.

When Shen Jiancheng felt the killing intent in Lin Hao's eyes, he fell like an ice cave and quickly explained to Lin Hao, "No, no, Lin... Lin Hao, you can ask Xi Yan, Yiming was there to apologize to Xi Yan today... ah..."


"Oh?You mean that second son of yours with bigger eyes than the sky, who went to apologize to my wife?"

Lin Hao frowned and asked, he was just wondering if Shen Jiancheng's family had a hole in their brains.

His own son had just gone to mess with Shen Xiyan and then he came to kowtow to him and apologize?

Now that Shen Jiancheng was saying this, it seemed like it was only a little more logical.

"Yes, yes... Yiming really went to apologize to Xi Yan ah."

Shen Jiancheng was on the verge of tears, if this was misunderstood by Lin Hao, their family would really be completely finished.

He didn't have to think about it to know that Shen Zhiyuan's lineage was definitely not going to be saved, the Shen family's company was definitely not going to be saved either, someone in the Shen family had to bear the wrath of Lin Hao's king!

For example, the headstrong Mrs. Shen who relies on the old to betray the old, Lin Hao will never let go.

He wanted nothing more than to be able to keep his lineage, he had it all figured out, the worst-case scenario was to leave Nanjiang!

Relocating the family away....

Lin Hao nodded and picked up his phone then sent a WeChat to Shen Xiyan and narrowed his eyes at Shen Jiancheng coldly, "You better expect what you just said when you really..." Remember the URL

Shen Jiancheng shivered fiercely, although he was now terrified in his heart.

But he was also secretly glad that Shen Yiming had gone to find Shen Xiyan to apologize today at noon.That, coupled with the fact that he had kneeled down to Lin Hao today, then his lineage would still have such a slim chance of survival!

This would be evident from the fact that Lin Hao had sent a WeChat inquiry to Shen Xiyan.

Lin Hao was waiting for a reply from Shen Xiyan, who was still kneeling respectfully on the ground, not daring to get up at all.

At this time, the general manager of Half Moon Bay Hotel, Lucy Wang, personally walked in with a brewed tea, not even using the waiter.

She respectfully walked behind Lin Hao, bowed and poured tea for Lin Hao, while on the side of Xiao Yuanshan, Wang Lulu didn't even take care of, really think she Wang Lulu don't want to lose face?At any rate, she was the General Manager of Half Moon Bay Hotel and was a prominent figure in the top circle of Nanjiang City!

Lin Hao was drinking his tea very naturally, and even Lin Hao just nodded to Wang Lulu, not even saying a word.But this scene almost scared Shen Jiancheng to death.

What kind of status was Wang Lulu? Lin Hao was actually treating Wang Lulu like a big girl.And Wang Lulu even had a very honored expression on her face as a matter of course!

Then who is Lin Hao's real identity?Shen Jiancheng was trembling madly inside, his heartbeat quickening, this would be even if Lin Hao told him to get up, he probably wouldn't be able to stand up, because this time, his legs were already weak....

After Wang Lulu bowed and poured another cup of tea for Lin Hao, she cautiously retreated.

After Shen Jiancheng's heart was afraid to the extreme, it was endlessly bitter.

Right now, this was someone who made the top bigwigs of Nanjiang City treat with care.

Hehe... The trash who had actually been scolded by them for two whole years in the Shen family was actually looked down upon by them.If this was better for Lin Hao, what kind of height would the current Shen family reach?

That's how people are, they only know regret when they lose it.Shen Jiancheng was like that now, he regretted very much, if the Shen family had treated Lin Hao better?Oh, he shook his head no longer to think about that possibility.

Because up until now, the Shen family was about to be finished, and his mother and brother still treated Lin Hao as a loser.

It was a dead end, which only made him feel deeply helpless....

After Lin Hao finished drinking a cup of tea, he received Shen Xiyan's reply.

Shen Siyan said that Shen Yiming was apologizing to her today at noon, Lin Hao finished reading Shen Siyan's reply before taking a deep look at Shen Jiancheng and asked with great interest, "In my impression, the one who can detect that something is wrong with my identity should be Shen Zhiyuan ah, now it's actually you who is apologizing to me, huh, you're very interesting.......Shen built."


Lin Hao will now not even call his uncle, of course now even if he gave Shen Jiancheng a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to say a word about Lin Hao.

Shen Jiancheng was incomparably bitter, "Lin Hao I'm sorry, please let my lineage go, last night I've been driven out of the family by Shen Zhiyuan.I no longer have anything to do with them, and regarding your identity, I will never reveal a single bit of information to Shen Zhiyuan or her grandmother Xi Yan..."

Shen Jiancheng's heart was bitter to the extreme, but now he could only choose to cut ties with the Shen family.

His thoughts on this were exactly the same as his son, Shen Yiming: someone in the Shen family had to bear the wrath of Lin Hao.Otherwise, the Shen family would all be finished.

Some things are done are done, and after some things are done, it's not a simple apology that can set it off.

This was something that the dude Shen Yiming understood, not to mention Shen Jiancheng, who had fought for so many years in the Nanjiang Mall.

After Shen Jiancheng finished speaking, Lin Hao banged on the table, and he was a bit speechless after all that had happened today.

Actually meeting with Shen Jiancheng's family one after the other.

First it was Shen Yiming, then he went out for a casual walk in the afternoon and was able to save Shen Yutong in passing, and now these two people's father, Shen Jiancheng, was still here on his knees.

After being silent for a while, Lin Hao faintly said, "Shen Jiancheng, it's not impossible for me to let you go of this lineage.Although you guys have also looked down on the cherished face over the years, what you guys have done is ultimately not as excessive as Shen Zhiyuan's lineage.Letting you go is fine, but I have two conditions...".

"You tell me, Lin Hao, as long as you promise to let my lineage go, I'll do anything you want!Even if it means letting me die!"Shen Jiancheng saw that Lin Hao was relieved and he quickly agreed with excitement. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Lin Hao waved his hand and sneered, "Maybe you guys aren't able to do it that easily yet.The first point is, I can forget about how you guys treated me in the past, but you must apologize to Xi Yan, and as for how you do it, that's your business.Anyways, if the pity face doesn't want to forgive you, then you guys are done..."

Shen Jiancheng's body trembled, he felt that this was a bit difficult, but he had grown up watching Shen Xiyan.

The worst thing he could do was to pull his wife to kneel in front of Shen Siyan and beg her, with Shen Siyan's soft-hearted personality, she might not really agree.So Shen Jiancheng bit his lips and promised, "Mmhmm, Lin Hao, don't worry, we will definitely do our best to apologize to Xi Yan and ask for her forgiveness... Then, what about the second point....".

Lin Hao sucked in his breath and said, "The second point ah, is about my identity, since you and your son have guessed some of it, then you know.But other than you and your son, including your daughter Shen Yutong, you must not reveal the slightest bit more..."

Shen Jiancheng thought how difficult Lin Hao's second request would have to be, after all, he would have to prepare for the first one, because once an adult had been hurt, it was far from simple to get forgiveness from the other party.

But now after hearing Lin Hao's second request, he suddenly felt that it was simple and not difficult to do, but what he couldn't understand was why Lin Hao would mention his eldest daughter, Shen Yutong....

But wanting to not understand it was still incomprehensible, and Shen Jiancheng quickly agreed, "Mmhmm, Lin Hao, don't worry, I will never tell anyone about anything about you, including my daughter Shen Yutong!".

After Shen Jiancheng finished speaking, Lin Hao nodded and waved his acceptance in boredom, "Okay, you can go..."

Shen Jiancheng hurriedly stood up, but because his heart was too nervous and scared, he stood up and his body was still shaking, feeling his legs go weak, "Lin Hao, thank you, thank you, thank you... I'm sorry, I'm really sorry about the past..."

Lin Hao sneered, "Shen Jiancheng, I don't know how you felt that it was me who was screwing the Shen family, but you should really be lucky that you had the brains to think of that.Get out..."

"Yes, yes, yes... I'll roll away, I'll roll away... "Shen Jiancheng quickly turned around and quickly walked out of the private room.

The momentum that Lin Hao had just had was too powerful, and it was overwhelming him.


After leaving the Half Moon Bay Hotel, Shen Jiancheng called his daughter Shen Yutong the first time.

But after the call was connected, when she heard Shen Yutong say that she was checking out the Shen family's project, Shen Jiancheng suddenly didn't know how to speak.In his heart, he could only sigh deeply, although Lin Hao didn't know what he was calling Shen Yutong about.But he was still afraid.

So in the end, under Shen Yutong's doubtful prodding, he could only say a few vague words, saying that he would let Shen Yutong help if he could, but if he really couldn't, forget it.

As a result, Shen Yutong told him that her boss called her and had an urgent trip abroad, and that she would be returning to Tianhai City immediately, before Shen Jiancheng's heart settled down.

Shen family this he can't do anything about it, Shen Yutong these days can't come back better....

Shen Jiancheng was just getting into the car to drive away when he suddenly saw Jiang Shao Ming get off from a Mercedes Benz, and after getting off Jiang Shao Ming walked into the Half Moon Bay Hotel alone, and he also vaguely heard the words that Jiang Shao Ming was going to come out to meet his waiter to take him to the Nine Days Star River private room....

Jiang Shao Ming is also going to the Nine Heavens River?

That's where Xiao Yuanshan, who is now one of the vice presidents of the Kyushu Group, is now inside, and Jiang Shaoming, who just announced his resignation from his position as president of the Kyushu Group in the morning and demoted himself to vice president, is now actually here at the Nine Sky Star River private room in Half Moon Bay....

And combined with the previous, everyone in the Shen family knows that Shen Xiyan and Lin Hao is Jiang Shaoming pulled within the Kyushu Group.

At this moment on the car Shen Jiancheng's brain was working rapidly.

Xiao Yuanshan was incomparably respectful to Lin Hao, and Xiao Yuanshan was the vice president of the Kyushu Group, which meant that Lin Hao's actual status within the Kyushu Group was very high! First web site

And now that he saw Jiang Shao Ming stepping down from his position as president of the Kyushu Group, there was no frustration on his face!As if that wasn't his position in the first place!

And when you think about when Jiang Shao Ming sat next to Shen Xiyan at the Shen family's birthday banquet and invited Shen Xiyan to join the Kyushu Group?

Boom... When all the mixed information was put together, then there was only the truest answer, and that was that it wasn't Lin Hao who had followed Jiang Shao Ming from start to finish, it was Jiang Shao Ming who had followed Lin Hao!

Then in five days, the person who will become the new president of the Kyushu Group will be Lin Hao!!!!

Thinking of this Shen Jiancheng's scared body all began to tremble uncontrollably because because he suddenly thought of one thing.That was what his son Shen Yiming had told him in the afternoon, about what Shen Ruoxue had said to Shen Xiyan.

"Jiang Shao Ming is finished, the Kyushu Group is about to get a new president, grandmother and my father have already started trusting people to contact the new president of the Kyushu Group, the crisis in the Shen family is about to be lifted, you guys are dead!"These were the words that Shen Ruo Xue had said to Shen Shi Yan.

Only now when Shen Jiancheng recalled it, his heart only felt that there was great terror and despair in it, and that Shen Ruo Xue's words already represented that the Shen family would completely fall into the abyss of doom!

Shen Jianjian doesn't even dare to imagine that when Mrs. Shen and her brother Shen Zhiyuan exhausted all the remaining charm of the Shen family and found the new president of the Kyushu Group, they were filled with joy when they suddenly discovered that the new president of the Kyushu Group is actually Lin Hao.And what would be the end of the Shen family?

But Shen Jiancheng knew, but now he simply didn't dare to reveal everything he had guessed he knew to anyone.

He could only follow Lin Hao's script with utmost respect!He didn't dare to overstep his bounds at all!

Or else he'll end up like Shen Zhiyuan!

Shen Jiancheng picked up a cigarette with a trembling hand, lit it up and smoked it, only crazy smoking seemed to ease the fear and dread in his heart.But after four or five smokes, Shen Jiancheng's eyes suddenly brightened.

Yes, if in these last four days, he was forgiven by Shen Jianyan, then... then!


Shen Jiancheng soared to his feet, but the next moment a sharp pain came from his head, he had forgotten that he was still in the car.Although his head was hit with an incomparable amount of pain, Shen Jiancheng was still incomparably excited.

The next moment he immediately started the fire and drove the car to his home at a very fast speed, he was so excited the whole way.

Because he arrived at one thing, that was, how glorious would the Shen Jianyan be in five days?

And these days, their family only needed to win Shen Siyan's forgiveness and get on good terms with Shen before Shen Siyan ascended to glory.Then in the future, their lineage would be completely rest easy, and he could even rebuild a Shen family!

A whole new and higher Shen family!

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them to make the best use of their resources.Jiang Shao Ming is also going to the Nine Heavens River?I'm now taking your brother to apologize to Xi Yan and your third aunt, Xi Yan has been close to you since she was a child, and you're counting on you to help Dad out..."

There just about to go to the airport Shen Yutong was stunned, confused to Shen Jiancheng said: "Dad I am with Xiyan for a long time, last year's New Year I was also abroad and did not come back.But I'm also anxious now ah, when I come back in a few days, I'll go to apologize to Xi Yan, okay?"

The first time I heard this, I was anxious, and hurriedly said, "Don't, don't, hurry up, you leave later tonight, meet with Xi Yan first, listen to me, it's definitely good for your future development, your cousin Xi Yan is now living in the Zizhu aliens!You call her and tell her to hurry back, and don't mention me or your brother on the phone..."

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the old man's face, but you can't do it again.I apologized to Xi Yan for you guys on the front foot, and you guys continue to look down on people in various ways on the back foot, this definitely won't work...".

Shen Jiancheng, who was about to drive a U-turn in the direction of Zizhu Bieyin, suddenly pulled over to the side of the road after listening to his own daughter's analysis.

After thinking about it, he also thought that it would be best for Shen Yutong to go over to Shen Xiyan by himself today.He was just too anxious.This time, when Shen Yutong said it, he also reacted. Remember the website

Hurry up and say, "Mmhmm, okay, Yu Tong you have a point, then that's it, go ahead, you can go back to Tian Hai after talking to Xi Yan..."

"Mm, okay, then I'll go over now..." said Shen Yutong and hung up the phone.

Half Moon Bay Hotel, inside the Nine Days Star River private room, Lin Hao was drinking tea with Xiao Yuanshan and Jiang Shaoming, and after a while, Li Jianghai also rushed over.At the same time, Wang Lulu also sat inside.

The company's CEO, Lin Hao, said: "Five days later, I'll be the president of Kyushu Group, and the conference will be held here.It's grand, it has to be big!Because on that day of the launch, I'm going to surprise her with a marriage proposal that I owe her..."

"Yes big brother..." nodded Jiang Shao Ming.

"Don't worry Mr. Lin, I'll personally set up the venue that day, and I promise you that I'll close my doors and prepare for it one day in advance on Tuesday, so I'll make sure to give you the best!"Wang Lu Lu also smiled.

She was the most excited about this, she didn't need to think about how many top people would be coming that day, and these would be the fdcc7dc3 connections that Lin Hao brought to her.

Hmm... Lin Hao nodded.Then he discussed some details with Jiang Shaoming Li Jianghai Xiao Yuanshan.

He was discussing on this side, but on the other side, Shen Xiyan, who had just returned to the company, left the company again and headed home.

Because she had just received a call from her cousin Shen Yutong.


When Shen Xiyan was young, the one she liked the most was big sister Shen Yutong.

As the eldest sister of the third generation of the Shen family, Shen Yutong was completely different from the other children of the Shen family, that was really treating their younger siblings with their hearts.

She was the same to Shen Xiyan, and after Shen Xiyan's own mother passed away, Shen Yutong took care of Shen Xiyan in various ways when she was young, helping her to stand out.

After that, Shen Yutong was a few years older than Shen Suyan, so when Shen Suyan was in the third grade of elementary school, Shen Yutong went to boarding school for middle school....

And later on, because the study was very tiring and time was very tight, the number of times Shen Xiyan saw Shen Yutong became less and less.

And after graduating from the university, Shen Xiyan only saw Shen Yutong once, this count is almost two years.......

Shen Xiyan could have broken off relations with everyone else in the Shen family, and she was fine with that.

But Shen Yutong, who was fighting far away in Tianhai, she truly considered Shen Yutong as her sister....

So just now she received a phone call from Shen Yutong, knowing that Shen Yutong wanted to visit her new home, and most importantly, Shen Yutong would have to hurry back to Tianhai later, so Shen Xiyan rushed back without stopping....

It was already dark outside at six o'clock in the evening, and Shen Xiyan met Shen Yutong at the gate of the Purple Bamboo Villa.

When the two sisters stood together, they suddenly attracted people who came in and out of the villa, they were both quite tall and at the level of a true goddess, these two women walking side by side, naturally formed a beautiful scenery. One second to remember to read the book

Shen Xiyan very affectionately hugged Shen Yutong's arm: "Sister Yutong, we haven't seen each other for a long time ah, I miss you very much ah."

Shen Yutong pretended to deliberately rolled her eyes: "Cut, you miss me it's strange, my father told me that you stayed in Tianhai City for two months some time ago, I was in Tianhai, and I didn't see you looking for me ah?And they say they miss me, tongue in cheek, hmmm..."

"Err... "Shen Xiyan was stunned, very cute and threw out her tongue, very embarrassed and laughed.

Three d0485a7d months ago she was in Tianhai, only at that time, her heart was dead, at that time, her heart was all thinking about Lin Hao, as for Shen Yutong she had really forgotten.

It's a good thing that Shen Yutong saw Shen Xiyan like this and continued: "Alright tease you, it's also fortunate that you didn't look for me, because even if you wanted to look, you wouldn't be able to find me at that time, I was still abroad at that time.Hehehe... Let's go, my dad said you bought a big villa, quickly let me take a look at it, let's go, I can't wait, it's the Purple Bamboo Villa ah..."

Shen Yutong excitedly asked Shen Xiyan to hurry up and take her in, this place she had wanted to come to a few years ago when the Purple Bamboo Villa had just been built, but she had never had the chance.

But she knew that the Purple Bamboo Buffer is the best villa area in Nanjiang City.

Women, all of them want to wear good clothes, drive good cars, and live in beautiful houses.Shen Yutong was no exception.

"Mmhmm, let's go, let's go, I'll take you to have a look, I've just moved in here a few days ago, but the environment here is really good..." said Shen Xiyan smiling from the bottom of her heart to Shen Yutong.

Soon the two women arrived at the villa, and after entering, Wang Shufen was cooking.

When she saw Shen Yutong, her brows furrowed slightly.But when she saw that Shen Xiyan was so intimate with Shen Yutong, her face smiled.

Wang Shufen smiled and said to Shen Yutong, "Yutong is here, Yutong you're getting prettier and prettier, your aunt I haven't seen you for a long time.Xi Yan called me and said that you have to leave in a hurry, so I'll hurry up and cook, no matter how anxious you are, you have to finish your meal before leaving ha...."

When Shen Yutong saw that Wang Shufen was so warm to her, a slight apology rose in her heart, she knew that the Shen family had treated Wang Shufen and Shen Shiyan very badly.

This time she was very serious and apologized to Wang Shufen: "Third aunt these years sorry ah, I apologize for my father to you, I heard that after my third uncle left last year, my father and my second uncle did not leave you any shares.I'm really sorry ah..."


As Shen Yutong said that, she bowed deeply to Wang Shufen.

Wang Shufen saw that Shen Yutong had personally come to apologize to her, and it wasn't even a superficial apology, it was very sincere.

Compared to those high and mighty people in the Shen family, Wang Shufen's heart was suddenly soothed badly.There were even more smiles on her face, but this time she truly laughed out.

"It's fine, what are you saying, Yutong, we're all family, and you're so close to Xiyan.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the food you're cooking, or else you'll think it's not good enough for me..." Wang Shufen said in the end and deliberately gave a face to Shen Yutong.

Shen Yutong was originally thinking of staying for an hour in this Shen Xiyan and then hurrying away.

But now that she saw what Wang Shufen said, she could only finish her meal here before leaving.

So she smiled elegantly and nodded her head: "Mm-hmm, I also miss my aunt's cooking all the time, the last time I ate my aunt's cooking was two years ago.I'll have to eat more tonight then..."

Wang Shufen said a few more words to Shen Yutong and then left.Then Shen Xiyan dragged Shen Yutong to her room upstairs.Wang Shufen was cooking down below, and they went upstairs to chat.

In the bedroom, Shen Yutong very complicated to look at Shen Xiyan: "Xiyan, I'm sorry ah, I apologize for my father and my brother to you, they did these two years is really excessive, third uncle just left them... hey eating is too ugly, these two years I'm also not here, I still only know this today, I'm really sorry ah..."

Shen Xiyan heard Shen Yutong say that and became silent.Shen Xiyan was silent for a while: "It's okay sister Yutong, it's all in the past, I didn't put it on my heart, and you see I'm not bitter and happy now?"

Shen Yutong nodded, then bit her lip and said to Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, I won't hide anything from you, I came here today mainly to apologize for my father and my brother.The Shen family is now finished. Grandmother has handed over the management of the family and the company to Second Uncle's family.My father has been kicked out, and my brother's life has completely hit rock bottom.It's a good thing too, the two of them have been thinking a lot about the past two days, and they suddenly feel that what they did to you in the past two years was too much, so I'll just let them come and apologize to you first.I promise you that my dad and my brother really want to apologize to you..." first website

Shen Yutong said in the end she herself felt very bad.

Because if she were to think about it differently, if she were to be Shen Xiyan, it was more likely that she wouldn't even go to accept Shen Jiancheng's apology from Shen Yiming and his son!

But now she wasn't Shen Xiyan, and Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming were her closest relatives.

So she had to come and apologize to Shen Suyan on their behalf.

A trace of pain flashed in Shen Siyan's eyes because the words Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming had cursed at her earlier were particularly nasty.

She was free not to accept Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming's apology, but she was the only one who didn't want her older sister Shen Yutong to worry.This woman who had treated her like her own sister since childhood.It was really very, very good to her.

Shen Xiyan looked up at Shen Yutong, and she saw tangles and complications in Shen Yutong's eyes, along with a deep apology.She knew it was because Shen Yutong was apologetic to her because of Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming.

Hey, Shen Xiyan sighed deeply in her heart, Shen Yutong is now caught between the Shen family father and son and herself, she is also very difficult to feel.

After a long while, Shen Xiyan smiled at Shen Yutong and said, "Sister Yutong, I accept uncle and cousin's apology, don't be embarrassed..."

Shen Yutong saw that Shen Xiyan had agreed so quickly, for a moment she opened her mouth but couldn't say anything.She was also a woman, and knew exactly how bitter and miserable a woman's struggle was out there.Don't look at how easy it was for Shen Xiyan to promise, but how hard it was for her, only she knew.

Shen Yutong looked at Shen Siyan who was smiling at her, just like the little follower who followed her buttocks and called her sister every day after hours, she was still so kind.

Shen Yutong tightly held Shen Xiyan's hand, "Thank you, Xiyan, you will be my real sister from now on..."

Shen Xiyan also laughed, "Mmhmm, then Sister Yu Tong, where is my brother-in-law?When are you going to bring it back for me to see...?"

"Uh... "Shen Yutong's face stiffened, brother-in-law?She didn't have a boyfriend, but right now the first thing that came to her mind was the image of the man who had sacrificed his life to save her today... for a moment she had a hint of nostalgia in her eyes....


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