Super Son-in-law 181-190


Chapter 181

Shen Siyan is the wife he's decided on for the rest of his life, and whoever dares to stand in his way will be annihilated, not to mention the revenge from ten years ago!

"Hmm..." nodded Jiang Shao Ming, "Then brother, how should I return the group to you?How are you going to explain your sister-in-law's side?"

Lin Hao said: "This is simple, you will hold a press conference later, to inform the whole South River, that you are stepping down as the president of the Kyushu Group and becoming the first vice president, and the new president of Kyushu Group will be the actual investor himself.The handover ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Half Moon Bay Hotel in five days, and at that time, notify all the influential and respectable figures in Nanjiang City to come over, right remember to notify the Upper Shen family..."

Lin Hao's eyes became incomparably deeper when he spoke of the people of the Shen Clan.

The reason he was holding a very grand handover ceremony this time was to hit the Shen family's group of snobs hard in the face!

And then, at the handover ceremony, give Shen Shyan a make-up marriage proposal as the president of Kyushu Group!

He owes her that!

That day, Lin Hao was going to make Shen Xiyan the most envied woman in Nanjiang!

He wanted everyone around Shen Siyan to know that her Shen Siyan's husband was not a wimp or a loser!He, Lin Hao, was going to make all the countless rumors that Shen Shi Yan had endured over the past two years vanish on that day!

After receiving Lin Hao's instructions, Jiang Shao Ming went to do it at the first opportunity.

A short ten minutes later, the entire South River City was ruthlessly shaken by the news from the Kyushu Group.Numerous powers moved at the news, while some of the local predators of Nanjiang City all looked heavy. One second to remember to read the book

Jiang Shao Ming stepped down as president of the Kyushu Group and announced that five days later, the new president of the Kyushu Group took office!

Is the real controller behind the Kyushu Group finally going to surface?

No wonder these local alligators in Nanjiang City were nervous and scared, it was entirely because the Kyushu Group was too huge for them.So huge that one direction of the Kyushu Group could decide the life or death of these local alligators of theirs!

An hour later was, with the end of the Kyushu Group's press conference, the entire Nanjiang City all learned of this news.

Just for this news, some people were shocked, some were curious, but some others had a crazy and smooth light in their eyes!

Like the Shen family!

At this moment in the hall of the Shen villa, Shen Zhiyuan excitedly said to Mrs. Shen, "Mom, the news is true, the news has been broadcasted, Jiang Shao Ming was killed by the person who actually controls the Kyushu Group.Mom, here's our chance for the Shen family!"

Shen Zhiyuan's eyes were filled with ruthlessness!

"Well!Jiang Shao Ming deserves it for targeting the Shen family like this!He's asking for death!Zhiyuan you quickly entrust your connections to find out who is going to be the new president of the Kyushu Group, our Shen family must get in good with him!"Old Mrs. Shen let out a deep breath...her eyes revealed what she considered to be a wise light....

The people outside of the Kyushu Group knew the news that Jiang Shao Ming was stepping down as president of the Kyushu Group, then the people inside the Kyushu Group would know even faster.At this moment, almost all the employees within the group were whispering and discussing.

"Hey, do you guys think that something has happened to Jiang Fan?Why else would a good thing be demoted?"At this moment in Shen Xiyan's company, a female employee whispered.

"Don't ask me, how would I know, but isn't Jiang himself the CEO?How could anyone possibly be able to drive him down?"Another female employee said, puzzled.

"Shh, keep your voice down, don't let General Manager Shen hear you.General Manager Shen has a good relationship with Jiang, but this time I heard that it was the group's actual investor controlling the man who made Jiang Shao Ming step down.I'm just worried about Shen, as the saying goes, the son of God is a minister, don't get her into trouble..." another employee whispered to stop the discussion between the two women.

Inside the manager's office, the body of Shen Xiyan who was about to go out stayed behind the door violently.

She heard the discussion of the three employees outside.She had just learned the news as well.And now she was very worried, it would be noon, and she was thinking of meeting Lin Hao, having lunch together, and asking Lin Hao what was going on.

After all, in the morning, Lin Hao told her that his position might be changed, so he won't come to the company for a few days.


She didn't think much of it at the time, but now that Jiang Shaoming had actually stepped down, then her husband Lin Hao this didn't need to think about it was together.

Shen Siyan was now incomparably worried about Lin Hao, but also about Jiang Shaoming.

After all, in her heart now, Lin Hao was Jiang Shao Ming's direct descendant.

Then now that Jiang Shao Ming was being messed with, something would happen to Lin Hao as well.The more Shen Siyan thought about it, the more chaotic her heart became.She took a deep breath and pushed the door and walked out, she had just called Lin Hao and knew that Lin Hao was by the South River, she wanted to see Lin Hao quickly now.

As soon as Shen Xiyan went out, the few employees outside the door all quieted down, and none of them dared to speak anymore.But when they looked at Shen Suyan, they all had worries in their eyes.

As soon as she arrived downstairs, Shen Suyan's body stopped and the next moment she frowned.

Because there were two people standing in front of her, one was Shen Ruoxue and the other was Shen Yiming.

Shen Siyan now really didn't want to see the people of the Shen family again, and most importantly, she wasn't in the mood to take care of these people right now.So she didn't even greet them, turning around and walking in the other direction.

Just as she changed direction, Shen Ruoxue also hurried to catch up and trotted to block the way right in front of Shen Xiyan: "Shen Xiyan!Stop right there!You're not leaving until you're done talking to me today!"

Shen Caiyan's brows furrowed even deeper, and with a cold glance at Shen Ruoxue, she asked icily, "What do you want to talk about?I don't have time to talk to you right now, Shen Ruoxue, and I don't want to talk to you either, I told you yesterday, I don't have the slightest relationship with your Shen family anymore!Get out of the way..."

Shen Siyan angrily encouraged Shen Ruoxue and hurriedly walked out.But before she took a few steps, an incomparably sarcastic voice came from behind Shen Ruoxue: "Oh, yo, are you looking for that wimp husband of yours, or are you worried about your old lover?" First web site

Shen Xiyan's body punched and turned sharply to stare at Shen Ruoxue, "What did you say?"

Shen Ruoxue sneered, "Cut and pretend?Shen Xiyan has already reached this point, why are you still pretending?Yesterday, my dad and I thought about it all night before we figured out one thing.As soon as you returned from Tian Hai, Jiang Shao Ming recruited you to the Kyushu Group, and directly put you in charge of a branch, and also recruited that wimp in.Do you still dare to say that you have nothing to do with Jiang Shao Ming?Don't pretend, you've slept with Jiang Shao Ming behind his back for who knows how many times, and you're still pretending to be so innocent on the surface... Heh, disgusting..."

Shen Xi Yan bit her lips and her body trembled, she was enraged by Shen Ruoxue's words.She would never have thought that Shen Ruoxue could actually say such vicious words.

Shen Siyan clenched her fists and said to Shen Ruoxue, "Shen Ruoxue, can you say something more dirty?"

Shen Ruoxue hehe snickered and squinted, "Can, like when you were on a date with Jiang Shaoming and that loser was guarding the door for you guys?Oh, the villa bought by the Purple Bamboo Villa, what a great idea, where did that loser get so much money?You slept with Jiang Shao Ming in exchange for that villa, right?Don't tell me, Jiang Shao Ming is really generous, in order to support you, he even bought you a villa directly..."

Shen Shi Yan was so angry at Shen Ruoxue that her body trembled violently, and her fingers trembled as she pointed at Shen Ruoxue, "Shen Ruoxue, I don't have time to take care of you right now, so get the hell out of here!"

Although Shen Shi Yan was incomparably angry right now, she still had her senses, she had to meet Lin Hao quickly so she could figure out what was going on in the middle of this.She would also see if she could be of any help.Shen Xiyan continued to walk forward after she finished speaking.

But then Shen Ruoxue said viciously, "If you don't talk to me today, Shen Siyan, then don't blame me for letting the entire Kyushu Group know about you being Jiang Shao Ming's underground lover!Let the entire South River City know!If the real boss of the Kyushu Group finds out about this, what will happen to Jiang Shao Ming?Using his power to mess around with women in the company, huh?..."


"You!"In terms of viciousness, in terms of scheming, that one hundred Shen Xiyan couldn't compare to one Shen Ruoxue.For a moment Shen Shyan was defeated and could only stay where she was for the time being, "What exactly do you want to talk about?"

Shen Ruoxue nodded her head in satisfaction, "That's right, have a good talk, you're still my cousin after all ah.The thing I want to talk about is very simple, let that wimp husband of yours with a head full of cuckold go to Nanjiang University, give clarification to Yu Nuo, and keep Yu Nuo's university student status...."

"You're dreaming!Shen Yunuo is looking for someone to beat up Lin Hao, and you want me to let her go?No way!Your own sister will be waiting to regret it for the rest of her life!"Shen Xiyan loudly refused.

Shen Ruoxue's eyes narrowed and her face darkened, "Good, very good, Shen Xiyan, wait for me!I'll ruin your reputation, and I'll let all of Nanjiang City know that you're a shameless woman!I..."

Pa...Shen Ruoxue was cursing Shen Xiyan viciously when suddenly Shen Yiming walked up to her and smacked her in the face with a big slap....

This time, not only was Shen Ruoxue confused, even Shen Xiyan, who was standing on the side, was also confused.

Shen Yiming had actually hit Shen Ruoxue?What's going on here?

"You hit me?Shen Yiming, how dare you hit me?Are you out of your mind?Huh?"Shen Ruoxue growled madly at Shen Yiming.This was the second time this year that she had been slapped for a big slap.She was such a beautiful woman, such a high-minded and proud woman, but she was actually slapped by two men in a short period of time, she was going to explode.

But Shen Yiming didn't even pay any attention to her, but looked towards Shen Xiyan and said: "Xiyan, I'm sorry, I didn't come here with Shen Ruoxue this time, I also just met her here, I came here specifically to apologize to you.I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..."

The color of confusion on Shen Xi Yan's face intensified... Why did Shen Yiming suddenly come to apologize to himself for a good reason?

"You?What do you mean?Why don't I understand?"Shen Xiyan asked to Shen Yiming in confusion. Remember the URL

Shen Yiming's face was incomparably serious, and his eyes were filled with intense regret, as well as a deep apology.

Jiang Shao Ming's resignation as president of the Kyushu Group was something he knew about, but after last night, his thoughts were different from others.He was now incomparably certain in his heart that the person who would be the new president of the Kyushu Group in five days' time, and the person who was actually controlling behind the Kyushu Group, was definitely Lin Hao!

Oh, I have to say it's really ironic ah, all the people who thought they were smart were gloating, the Shen family crowd was even more cheerful, but he, Shen Yiming, was now feeling immense fear!

Now the more the Shen family crowd gloats and falls to pieces, the more desperate they will be in five days time, and the more they will never be able to turn over a new leaf in this life!

Oh, it's really ironic ah, now looking incomparably clear, actually a dude waste.

Until this moment, Shen Yiming only really understood why the fear in the eyes of his longtime good brother Li Jingze late last night.And why even though Li Jingze had been a brotherly friend to him for many years, Li Jingze would not say a word more to him.

Last night, he understood a little, but not much.And only now did he truly understand.

After Shen Yiming understood, he instantly knew that he would never be able to talk to anyone from the Shen family other than his father about this matter either.

Because of what the Shen family had done to Lin Hao in the past two years, what they had done to Shen Xi Yan.

When Lin Hao the King returned, someone would have to bear the wrath of the King!So he couldn't possibly preserve the entire Shen family, and if he did that, it would only cause the Shen family to die a quicker and more complete death!!!!

Shen Yiming took a deep breath, he couldn't do anything to save the entire Shen family, but he could save himself and his father.

Then the Shen family would still be saved!There was just that little bit of hope.

Thinking of this Shen Yiming gritted his teeth, and was about to open his mouth to Shen Xi Yan when suddenly a roar of an engine came from afar, and the next moment Lin Hao drove over in a shiny black Mercedes-Benz.

Shen Yiming stopped the words that had reached his mouth.

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the car and walk over to the side of Shen Xiyan. When he saw Shen Xiyan's appearance, which was about to cry out, his eyes fiercely looked at Shen Ruoxue and Shen Yiming, who were standing beside Shen Xiyan, and his heart was instantly furious, and his eyes were cold and bone-chilling.

"You guys... want to die?"


Boom... Lin Hao's body suddenly rose with monstrous hostility, and Shen Ruoxue's body trembled wildly, so frightened that she kept backing away, and Shen Yiming was the same, his face incomparably pale.Not a single word could be said.

Lin Hao was about to teach the two of them a lesson when Shen Xiyan pulled his arm and shook her head at him, "Don't mind them for now, let's go somewhere else, you tell me what happened..."

Lin Hao's eyebrows furrowed, and he could tell by the look in Shen Xiyan's eyes that she had misunderstood.

He frowned and slowly nodded his head, letting Shen Xiyan go to the car to wait for him first.

After waiting for Shen Xiyan to get into the car, Lin Hao said to Shen Ruoxue and Shen Yiming, "From now on, I don't care what you guys want to do, but if anyone from your Shen family dares to disturb Xiyan again, I'll make it hard for you to even think about dying!You guys are more than welcome to try again..."

After saying Lin Hao grunted, he turned around and got into the car, and with the engine roaring, Lin Hao took Shen Xieyan far away.

It was only after Lin Hao had gone far away that Shen Ruoxue chopped her foot in extreme anger and cursed, "Who the hell are you to rub it?You're a loser!Your wife's lover is finished. You're almost done. Lin Hao, Shim Sik Yen!You two sons of bitches, wait up!Wait for me!"Shen Ruoxue's eyes were filled with endless resentment.

Compared to Shen Ruoxue's extremely resentful curses, Shen Yiming, who was standing beside her, was silent.

His heart was still trembling madly, and his back was already covered in cold sweat.

Shen Ruoxue cursed Lin Hao for half a day before turning to Shen Yiming and shouting, "And you, Shen Yiming!You dare to hit me?You don't know it yet, Grandma has already handed over the Shen family to my father, your father doesn't have the authority anymore, and you're even less likely to get a penny from the Shen family from now on!"

Shen Yiming sneered to himself and looked at Shen Ruoxue like a fool, "Heh, I don't want to get a single penny from the Shen family?Oh, the Shen family?Does it still exist?"Shen Yiming looked up at the distant sky, his thoughts distant. One Second Remember to Read the Book

Shen Ruoxue sneered, "Shen Yiming you're stupid, right?The person who has been targeting the Shen family is Shen Xiyan's old flame Jiang Shaoming, and now that Jiang Shaoming has stepped down, Grandma has already mobilized all her connections to contact the new CEO of the Kyushu Group.Will the Shen family be annihilated?Oh, I'll tell you Shen Yiming, the Shen family will only get better and better.Instead you you actually apologized to Shen Xiyan today, this really impresses me ah, you really live more and more back..."

Shen Yiming took a deep look at Shen Ruoxue: "Shen Ruoxue, I'm the eldest in the three generations of the Shen family, but I've been pressured by you since I was a child, you've been considered the smartest child in the Shen family since you were a child, before, I was the same, I even thought at one time that it would be fine for the Shen family to be handed over to you in the future, as long as you can ensure that I live a flowery life, but now ah, I really don't like behave yourself......."

Shen Yiming stopped paying attention to Shen Ruoxue after saying that and just turned around and walked away, all without the slightest hesitation.He wasn't even in the mood to go arguing with Shen Ruoxue now.

"Shen Yiming you stop right there!What do you mean?You stop right there... "Shen Ruoxue fiercely turned around and yelled at the departing Shen Yiming.But Shen Yiming didn't even pause to pay attention to her....

A cold wind blew like a knife and slapped Shen Ruo Xue's face that had been built up with countless cosmetics.Cutting the long hair behind Shen Ruo Xue's head, this moment Shen Ruo Xue stood dazed in the cold wind, her heart was now about to explode.Shen Xiyan looked down on her, Lin Hao looked down on her, and now even Shen Yiming, who had always been obedient to her, was looking down on her.

The way Shen Yiming looked at her just now was like looking at trash, which she simply couldn't bear.The resentment in her eyes became thicker and thicker....

"Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan, Wang Shufen, Shen Yiming, Xiao Yi!Wait here, you guys, wait here, in five days I'm going to ruin all of you!I'm going to put you all out of your misery forever!I'm going to make you live in fear for the rest of your lives!"Shen Ruoxue's heart was roaring madly, and the endless resentment was all turned into thick water, filling her heart.

She was the Shen family's Heaven's most beautiful daughter, and she was always the center of attention from childhood to everywhere.It was the same in the Shen family, it was the same in the company, and even in the top circles of Nanjiang City!But how could she stand it now that everyone despised her....


Ten minutes later, in a cafe near Shen Xiyan's company, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan were sitting opposite each other, Lin Hao wore a faint smile on his face.It wasn't enough to look at Shen Suyan.It wasn't enough to see the woman he loved most in his heart in this life.

Lin Hao was laughing, but Shen Xiyan couldn't laugh, and gave Lin Hao a fierce white look, "What time is it, how can you still laugh?"

Lin Hao smiled and asked very calmly, "What's wrong?What? What time is it?Is something wrong?Look at how worried and anxious you are."

Shen Xiyan stomped her foot in anger, she was so anxious, but Lin Hao still looked like he was fine with it.She was going crazy in her heart, "Ahhhh, don't you know that Jiang Shao Ming was forced to resign from his position as the president of the Kyushu Group?"

Lin Hao nodded very calmly, "Well, I know, we were just here together.What happened?"

Shen slapped her head speechlessly and said, "You know, you're still laughing!This affects you greatly ah, you were so good with Jiang Shao Ming, and now he's in trouble.What exactly is it because of?You hurry up and say it.I'm dying of anxiety..."

Lin Hao still had a faint smile on his lips, his face was as calm as ever, "Who told you that the Kyushu Group is Jiang Shao Ming's?He's been a CEO all along. What about the accident you mentioned?How refreshing, the actual controller of the Kyushu Group is now going to personally manage the Kyushu Group, what's wrong with that?"

"Err... "Shen Xiyan's big, flickering eyes suddenly stared round as her ears echoed Lin Hao's words.She instinctively thought that what Lin Hao said wasn't right, but then again, there was nothing wrong with what Lin Hao said.

"No, no, what I mean is... Geez, even if what you said is true, it's not as simple as you think when things are actually done.You'd definitely be affected, and you told me this morning that you'd been reassigned, didn't you?Isn't that the impact?How can this be okay?"Shen Xi Yan waved her hands in an effort to smooth out the thoughts in her heart.

Lin Hao nodded, his face took away the smile and added a hint of seriousness, but still said calmly, "Well, I see, what you mean by Xi Yan is that you're afraid that I'll be fired from the Kyushu Group, right?Or even if I don't get fired, I'm afraid the new president will transfer me to a lower-end position, right?"

Shen nodded, "Well yeah, that's what I meant, isn't it?" First web site

Lin Hao bowed his head and thought about it, then looked up very calmly and faintly said to Shen Xi Yan, "Then, have you ever thought that I might be transferred to a higher position?"

"Uh... "Shen Xiyan was stunned, and for a moment she didn't know what to say to Lin Hao.For a moment there was some complexity in her face.

She really wanted to tell Lin Hao that you were so close to Jiang Shao Ming, and Jiang Shao Ming had been killed off, what kind of position would you still have?

This is the unspoken rule of the workplace, one dynasty's son and one dynasty's minister, Lin Hao has been labeled as Jiang Shao Ming since the day he entered the Kyushu Group!Jiang Shao Ming was in trouble, it was impossible for him not to be in trouble.

But she was his wife, Shen Xiyan thought about Lin Hao's goodness to her, her unconditional dedication to her, no matter what, she could not tell Lin Hao the cruel truth.

In her heart, Lin Hao knows little about the workplace, after all, Lin Hao to take care of her, but once more than a full year did not enter the workplace.That's why, in her heart, Lin Hao would think so well in such a situation.

When she thought of this, Shen Xi Yan sighed deeply in her heart, it was Lin Hao who used to pay for her.Then now that Lin Hao was in trouble, it would be her turn to pay for him, even if she raised him for the rest of her life, there wouldn't be the slightest complaint in her heart!

Just because she didn't want to lose Lin Hao again, no matter what she stood firmly behind him and supported him, doing all the things a wife should do!Because Lin Hao is her man!It's the man she really loves!That's enough!That's enough!


Shen Si Yan took a deep breath, and when she looked at Lin Hao again, her mood had completely calmed down.

It didn't matter, so what if Lin Hao lost his executive position at the Kyushu Group?It's a good thing she's still here, this family and her!

Shen Xi Yan smiled and said to Lin Hao, "Mmhmm, I believe your husband, hubby I was wrong, I was thinking too much, come let's substitute coffee for wine, have a drink..."

Shen Xiyan raised her coffee and clinked it with Lin Hao with a satisfied smile on her face....

Lin Hao raised his glass and clinked it with Shen Xiyan, who had just been silent, and then now said such words.This made him instantly understand what was in Shen Xiyan's heart.

Lin Hao's heart was very warm, and he was sure that Shen Caiyan must have said that so as not to hurt his pride.

And there was no chance that Shen Siyan would go out and run around looking for connections for him later after they separated.

But understanding is understanding, moving is moving.He had explained everything to Shen Siyan, so now he was just waiting for five days to go and give her a big surprise in front of everyone in Nanjiang City....

As expected, Lin Hao wasn't wrong, within half an hour after Shen Siyan had finished eating apart from him, Night One called him.

It said that Shen Siyan hadn't returned to the company, but had gone to see her best friend, Yue Gu.Lin Hao stood by the window of the CEO's office on the top floor of the Kyushu Group, and a smile grew on his face as he looked at the place where Shen Suyan and Gu Yue were talking about things.

"Oh, big brother, Yue Gu gave a call just now, asking about me, and then she mentioned you in a subtle way.It seems that she has more or less guessed some of your identity, being 6a72ea64 a smart woman..." said Jiang Shaoming standing behind Lin Hao with a cup of coffee and smiling. Remember the URL

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, Yue Gu is not simple, if I remember correctly, three years ago Nanjiang City was still her Gu family's world, but then the vast majority of the Gu family moved out of Nanjiang to Tianhai, and now only Yue Gu is left to take care of it."

"Well, good, then big brother, do you think that Gu Yue will tell her sister-in-law what she's guessing in her heart?Do you want me to call Yue Gu right now and instruct her to keep her mouth shut?"

Jiang Shao Ming said with some concern, because he knew that Lin Hao was going to give Shen Shi Yan a big surprise to give her a name five days later!

Lin Hao waved his hand, "No need, you just said it yourself, Yue Gu is a smart woman.She won't talk to Xi Yan..."

Jiang Shao Ming laughed, a playful smile, "Oh, then I'm now looking forward to Yue Gu's expression when his sister-in-law begs him later..."

Lin Hao looked back at Jiang Shao Ming with a smirk, "Looks like you're really interested in that Gu Yue, do you want me to introduce you?The Gu family is also considered a second-rate family in Tianhai, and Yue Gu's status as the eldest daughter of the Gu family is still worthy of you..."

Jiang Shao Ming's old face was flushed and very embarrassed, he waved his hand, "Let's talk about that again, we still have a lot of things to do now... My business doesn't matter, big brother you've been holding back for so many years, I'll think about it after you've settled the Lin family's matter..."

Lin Hao nodded: "Well okay, then you work well now, next year brother will find you a sister-in-law".

The first thing I noticed was that there was something wrong with Lin Hao's words, "What do you mean I'll do well and you'll find me a sister-in-law?I'm fucking...emmm.

Lin Hao looked at Jiang Shao Ming who was trapped by him and laughed happily, "Forget it, I won't tease you, how can I possibly give you a new sister-in-law in this life."After Lin Hao said that, he continued to turn around and look in the direction where Shen Xiyan was now, muttering in his heart, "In my life, there's only one of you, ah silly girl..."


At the same time, in a cafe room around the Purple Bamboo Villa.Shen Xiyan was sitting with Yue Gu.

Even though it was such a cold day, Yue Gu was still wearing a bright red skirt.After taking off her jacket, she revealed her white fragrant shoulders, her white little feet were also wearing red high heels, plus her fair face, long wavy hair, holding her chin and looking at Yue Gu with smiling eyes at Shen Xi Yan, really how feminine and charming....

"What brings you to me now, big girl?Aren't you going to work?Does that mean you want to go on a date with me, hey... come give me a kiss, Muah..."


Yue Gu ridiculed Shen Xiyan and said that he was going to lean in front of Shen Xiyan, just to take advantage of Shen Xiyan.

Shen Xi Yan was made to have goose bumps by Yue Gu, she really couldn't stand Yue Gu like this.

In her heart, Shen Xiyan couldn't help but lament, nowadays, who would dare to want a woman like Gu Yue, and even if they did, they probably wouldn't be able to stand this kind of ungratefulness.

Yue Gu is really too beautiful and sexy, and she dares to love and hate to the extreme.It's just that after her predecessor died, she had locked her heart away.So even if the Gu family was developing well in Tianhai again, she resolutely stayed in Nanjiang City because there were too many, memories of her and his predecessor here....

Shen Xiyan looked at Gu Yue with a deep sigh in her heart, this is a cheerful looking walking corpse ah.The heart has long since died.

Shen Siyan shook her head and stopped thinking about Yue Gu, she was looking for Yue Gu today because she wanted Yue Gu to help her.

She knew Gu Yue's identity and background.She and Gu Yue had been best friends for many years.But she had never asked Yue Gu for help, just because she didn't want to hurt her relationship with him.

But not anymore, now that her husband was in trouble, she would have to ask Yue Gu for help.

In her heart, Lin Hao had just risen, and now was the time to be confident and work hard on his career.She didn't want Lin Hao to get discouraged because of this blow, so she secretly came to find Yue Gu, she wanted to silently escort Lin Hao's career behind the scenes, just like what Lin Hao had done for her back then!Only now it was her turn to do it for him!

In the next moment, Shen Siyan withdrew her thoughts and said to Yue Gu with an incomparably serious face, "Yue Gu, I want to ask you a favor".Shen Caiyan took a deep breath and put away her smile.

Yue Gu, who was still smiling, was stunned when she saw this expression on Shen Suyan's face again. One second to remember to read the book

She then also put away the smile on her face and sat back down in her seat, taking a sip of tea and adjusting her emotional state of mind to its most serious state as well.

Shen Xiyan was her good friend, good BFF, good sister.She, Yue Gu, understood Shen Xiyan better than even Wang Shufen.

When Shen Xiyan encountered difficulties in her business before, Yue Gu had wanted to help her several times, but she had been rejected by Shen Xiyan, Yue Gu remembered this very clearly.

She knew Shen Suyan's personality, she would never open her mouth to her unless she had to.

And this was also the fundamental reason why Yue Gu appreciated Shen Suyan and became best friends with her.

But now she saw supplication in Shen Suyan's eyes, this woman who was going to be strong to the extreme, there was actually supplication in her eyes, which made Yue Gu become incomparably serious.

Yue Gu took another sip of tea, adjusted her mood, and said to Shen Xiyan, "Needless to say, I agree, I'll personally do for you what I can solve for you, what I can't solve for myself, I'll find the Gu family to do for you.What even the Gu family can't handle, I'll find you a killer to kill!"

Shen Shiyan was moved on the spot, her mouth wide open, she knew that Yue Gu was definitely not joking for her.Rather, Yue Gu really did it, Shen Siyan was more than a little touched.

She bit her lips and took a deep look at Yue Gu and said, "Thank you Yue Gu".

Yue Gu waved his hand and said, "Don't be polite to me, just say, what is it?"Yue Gu frowned at Shen Xi Yan and asked.

Shen Suyan spoke up, "No need for you to look for home, it's not as serious as you think."

"It's just that wasn't it this morning that something happened to Jiang?And this morning Lin Hao told me that he was idle at home, waiting to be transferred by the company.And he's friends with Jiang Shao Ming, so now that Jiang Shao Ming is in trouble, how can he be reused by the Kyushu Group?"

"And with one dynasty and one minister at a time, the new president of the Kyushu Group, who will take office in five days, will definitely not be heavy-handed with Lin Hao, so I want to ask you to help me, to help Lin Hao move around and try to keep an executive position even after the new president of the Kyushu Group takes office..."


Yue Gu, who was drinking tea while listening to Shen Xiyan's words, became incomparably odd looking as she listened, and choked on the tea without paying attention, coughing violently.


When Shen Siyan saw that Yue Gu was choking, she hurried to Yue Gu's side and gave her a pat on the back: "Be careful, you're really, you can choke on a cup of tea, quickly slow down and take a sip of water..."

Shen Xi Yan was busy again to give Yue Gu a fresh cup of tea.

Yue Gu took a sip of it before looking at Shen Suyan with an incomparably complicated expression and asked, "Suyan, did I just hear it right?You... You want me to work for Lin Hao?Run a position for him working for the Kyushu Group?"

Shen Jiyan nodded, "Yeah, what's wrong?Yue Gu, I have a feeling this isn't hard for you.I don't care, I've never begged you before anyway, this time it's my husband who's in trouble, you have to help me, or we're done with each other!"

"I'm fucking... emmmm... "Yue Gu's heart directly exploded with a foul mouth, her heart directly freaking out at this moment.

Who the hell was Lin Hao?Do you need her to help run the operation?Shen Sik Yen, are you nuts!

Lin Hao told you that he's with Jiang Shao Ming and he really is?Why don't you think about the fact that if he was hanging out with Jiang Shao Ming, then he would still be able to boss him around like a little brother?

Silly girl, it wasn't Lin Hao who followed Jiang Shao Ming, it was Jiang Shao Ming who followed Lin Hao ah .

Yue Gu was incomparably complicated as she looked at Shen Xiyan, her mind reverberating with the words that Shen Xiyan had said before, "In the morning, Lin Hao told me that he was going to stay at home for a few days and transfer to a different position after a few days..."

Then Yue Gu also associated it with the fact that Lin Hao had just told Shen Siyan in the morning, and two or three hours later, Jiang Shao Ming directly held a press conference at the Kyushu Group to announce his resignation as president of the Kyushu Group, and the new president would officially take office in a few days!

Isn't this fucking Lin Hao!!!!! First web site

Ahhhhh... Lin Hao you fucking pretend, and still let Shen Siyan ask me for help, I'll kill you ahhhhhhh....

Yue Gu's heart was going crazy, because on the one hand she couldn't afford to offend Lin Hao, on the other hand she instantly understood what Lin Hao was thinking, it was all about wanting to give Shen Xi Yan a big surprise in front of the whole Nanjiang City a few days later, with a name for her...!

And she, Yue Gu, as Shen Xiyan's best friend, is naturally understanding and supportive, so she can never say Lin Hao's true identity to Shen Xiyan now.

But understanding is understanding, support is support, now say and can't say, not far beside, there is a certain big brother's little woman put up an attitude, I want to find help for my man, how the hell is this whole, I'm also desperate ah.......

Yue Gu couldn't even bother to drink her tea, she could only look up at the ceiling... with a face that was so raw....

"What's wrong with you Yue Yue?Why don't I take you to the hospital?"Shen Caiyan looked at Yue Gu worriedly.

Yue Gu shook her head at Shen Suyan, "It's fine, I just choked a bit, I'm much better now, don't worry about Lin Hao, even if the new president of the Kyushu Group takes over, he'll be fine."

Shen Siyan was also a little suspicious of Gu Yue's face, but she saw that Gu Yue promised to do so.She also stopped thinking about anything else and quickly gave Yue Gu a thank you, "Thank you Yue Yue, I owe you a favor this time, you've really helped me out this time."

Yue Gu laughed dryly twice, his face was still very wrong and said, "Mmhmm, it's fine, don't worry about it, Xi Yan... I'll give you a result in five days, I'll definitely do what I promised you."

Shen Xiyan nodded, "Mm."

In the president's office of the Kyushu Group here, Lin Hao left the company after talking with Jiang Shao Ming.

Five days later he was going to fully take over the Kyushu Group which was among the top 500 in the world, he had been hidden for many years, now he was going to show his fangs to the world, after five days, he was no longer the hidden Lin Hao, he was going to bring Shen Shiyan to the peak step by step.

So in these last five days, he still had a lot of things to do, because once he surfaced, he wouldn't have time to deal with a lot of things.

After Lin Hao left the company c3c6ab7c, he was walking on the road, thinking about what was still unresolved nowadays.

Just as Lin Hao was contemplating, he suddenly heard a screeching sound of brakes, Lin Hao looked up, and then saw a loaded truck that had apparently gone out of control rushing towards a woman of a certain age on the crosswalk not far from him.

The driver saw that the car had gone out of control, so he just jumped out of the way, and the wonderful woman not far from Lin Hao, at this moment, was as if she had been frightened out of her wits, and stood there in dumb despair, forgetting to run....


"Run, run..." the driver of the truck after jumping out of the truck yelled desperately at the woman, but it was to no avail, the truck was only four or five meters away from the woman....

Lin Hao's eyes glazed over, and his figure stormed up, rushing to the wonderful woman in an instant, holding her in his arms, and then holding the woman out of the truck at the zero second it was about to come.

Boom... a monstrous bang, the out-of-control truck slammed into the wall next to the crosswalk, glass shattered into pieces, the head of the truck had been completely twisted out of shape under the full load plus the rapid impact....

Bang... Another soft sound was the sound of Lin Hao falling to the ground with the woman in his arms.And even as the two of them fell to the ground, Lin Hao let his body touch the ground face down, holding the woman tightly in his arms, not letting the woman get hurt.

It wasn't until the smoke and dust cleared that the woman who was held in Lin Hao's arms suddenly slowed down.

The woman was very pretty, with long black wavy hair, very fair skin, a slender neck, a height of 170, a pair of long legs that were even more round and slender, a pair of black tube boots on her feet, a shiny black down jacket on her body, and a very pretty face.

When the woman came back to her senses, she realized that her back was drenched in cold sweat, she was breathing heavily, and the moment the truck had just crashed towards her, she really felt like death.

It wouldn't be that she didn't want to run, but that her legs simply seemed as if they weren't her own, under great fear.

In fact, she had just been ready to wait for death, but what she never expected was that right at the moment of her greatest despair, the moment she herself had given up on waiting for death, there was that one person who rushed up to save her without any regard for her own safety!

The woman's heart shook to the core at this moment!

Because she didn't know the guy who rushed up on her. Remember the website

And only in person, if the man who had just come to save her night was so blinkered, he would have to die too!

How do you describe that situation?That was the moment the head of the truck, which had just been attached to her, was actually attached to her, but at that very moment she was rescued....

The woman's heart was deeply shocked, she hurriedly broke away from Lin Hao's embrace and gave Lin Hao thanks incessantly, "Thank you, thank you, thank you really, are you alright?"

Lin Hao frowned coldly and said to the woman, "Don't you have legs?Why didn't you just run?Do you know that if you'd been a little further away from me, I wouldn't have been able to save you!Are you an idiot?Huh?"

Lin Hao icily cursed at the woman, yes, just now he was all shocked out of a cold sweat, he knew the limit of his instantaneous speed burst, just now he hurriedly calculated that he did not lie to lie to this woman, just now it really was this woman even a few centimeters away from him, it was impossible for him to save!

And the woman just now had a clear chance to save herself, but she just stood there dumbly!

That was what made Lin Hao's heart fester.

The woman listened to Lin Hao's icy drink and scolding, and in an unprecedented way, not only did she not feel the slightest bit of anger, but she felt very warm.

She had been the eldest daughter of her family since she was a child, no one dared to scold her or blame her, and she had been excellent in every aspect since she was a child, and after graduating from university, she had even stayed in Tianhai City to make her way, and now, at just 27 years old, she was already the CEO of a large company.

The woman felt Lin Hao's domineering air, and at this moment her heart trembled, she knew with her own personality.She was afraid that she would never forget the scene in her life where Lin Hao had just saved her.

The Lin Hao of that moment was so handsome, so domineering, and so heart-stopping.

"I I... right... I'm sorry ah I..." the woman stammered an apology to Lin Hao as she was stared at by Lin Hao's eyes.

Lin Hao stood up and took a deep breath and waved his hand, "It's fine, I don't know you either, I don't need you to thank me.Consider me doing a good deed, and you should pay attention to yourself 94d93fc6 from now on..."

Lin Hao turned around and walked away after saying that, but after just two steps, he suddenly covered his chest with a heavy grunt, and then a trace of bright red blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth....


Lin Hao wiped his mouth and frowned deeply as he looked at the bright red blood on his hands.

A bit troublesome, just now, although he ended up saving the woman, his body was still scuffed by a ten-ton high speed moving truck....

And this would cause Lin Hao to feel the qi in his body very disordered, and for a while he didn't dare to move, but just stood there, silently regulating his breathing....

"You...ahhh!!!!I'll take you to the hospital, I'll take you to the hospital..."

The woman had just heard Lin Hao's cold snort, and now when she looked at the blood on Lin Hao's hands again, she screamed and hurriedly stopped the car at the side of the road to take Lin Hao to the hospital.

Actually, Lin Hao knew the condition of his body, this injury should not be a big deal, but he was also afraid of leaving any hidden danger, after all, in the near future, he was going to start a war with the branch of the Lin Clan.So the woman wanted to take her to the hospital, so he didn't refuse....

In the taxi, the woman worriedly said to Lin Hao: "Don't worry, you were injured because you saved me, I will bear all your losses, what do you call it?My name is Shen Yutong, this is my business card..." the woman said and took a business card from her bag and handed it to Lin Hao.

When Lin Hao looked at the woman's business card, the three words Shen Yutong, his eyebrows furrowed deeper, if I remember correctly, this Shen Yutong was the first cousin of Shen Xiyan who worked in Tianhai City!The third-generation eldest of the Shen family, and Shen Yiming's own sister!

Lin Hao frowned deeply, saving a random person on the road, but he was still a member of the Shen family....

"It's just a duckling, you don't need to ask my name... I'm going to take a break, please don't disturb me."After Lin Hao knew the woman's identity, he closed his eyes and stayed there, acting like he didn't want to talk to Shen Yutong.

In fact, even if he had known Shen Yutong's identity before, he would have saved it. One second to remember to read the book

It was nothing more than that now that he knew the woman's 46737ffa identity, he was just a bit disgusted in his heart.

It was just that after Lin Hao closed his eyes and didn't chat, Shen Yutong's heart was not only not angry, but she thought that Lin Hao was very, very handsome with this cold look.She was all mixed up in top circles in Tianhai City, and she immediately recognized that the clothes Lin Hao was wearing were top international brands.And Lin Hao's aura was definitely that of a top man as well.

Shen Yutong's heart couldn't help but be shocked, there was actually such a person in this small place in Nanjiang!

You know that even her boss, the CEO of Van Cleef & Arpels Asia, Gong Jun, didn't have this kind of strength in the man in front of her.In Shen Yutong's feeling, Lin Hao was the proper domineering president.

Along the way she just stared at Lin Hao, and she became more and more curious about Lin Hao.Maybe even she didn't realize that in just a few minutes, Lin Hao had already gone deep inside her heart.

"I wonder if he's married ah, if he's not, can I chase him?"surname Shen

Such a thought suddenly popped up in Yu Tong's heart.Since ancient times, beautiful women loved heroes.

She, Shen Yutong, was strong in every way and also very beautiful, and there were many people chasing her in Tianhai City over the years, but she couldn't see them all.And she never expected that on her first day back in Nanjiang, she would meet the man who made her heart throb with excitement!

Ten minutes later, in the First People's Hospital of Nanjiang City, Lin Hao looked at the film he had just taken and felt relieved, fortunately, nothing much had happened.

Lin Hao sat in the single VIP room watching the film while Shen Yutong went out to call a nurse to come and give Lin Hao a drip.

Just after Shen Yutong left, Lin Hao also got up and left the ward.

He didn't want to get too involved with Shen Yutong, either because of anything else or because she was a member of the Shen family.

And although Lin Hao hadn't even met Shen Yutong before, he didn't have a good impression of the entire Shen family.So it was better not to have too much contact with them.And the Shen family?It was an existence that Lin Hao had to get rid of!

So for the Shen family, Lin Hao was their enemy, then if Lin Hao chose to get to know and make friends with Shen Yutong.

Then in the future when Shen Yutong knew that the Shen family had been overthrown by Lin Hao, everyone would be embarrassed.So it would be better not to know each other at all.

Two or three minutes later, Shen Yutong, who returned to the ward with the nurse, looked at the empty room and froze in place for a moment.Lin Hao had left, and Shen Yutong was incomparably lost....


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