Super Son-in-law 171-180


Chapter 171

Shen Zhiyuan snorted disdainfully, "Che, brother, aren't you too much of a cupcake?Our Shen family is in trouble right now, big trouble, but if you're saying that that trash is responsible for what's happening to our Shen family right now, I don't believe it..."

Shen Zhiyuan finished despising Shen Jiancheng and then said to Old Mrs. Shen, "What do you think, Mom?Do you think the same way as my brother?Think it's all that punk's doing now?"

Old Mrs. Shen frowned deeply and shook her head, "I don't believe it, Old Two you're right, our Shen family is really at a life and death point right now, it won't take too long, if things don't turn around, at most a month, our Shen family will have to go completely bankrupt, all of our property will have to be auctioned off, and the Shen family will cease to exist.I for one don't believe that trash is responsible for all of this, I'm now wondering if it's Jiang Shao Ming who did this?"

"Mom, you..." when Shen Jiancheng saw Old Madam Shen say this, he became anxious.He, Shen Jiancheng, was not as smart as his brother Shen Zhiyuan in his life, the Shen family that he was supposed to inherit in his generation had already been given most of the authority by his brother Shen Zhiyuan, and his son Shen Yiming was even unable to fight Shen Zhiyuan's daughter Shen Ruoxue!

Shen Jiancheng had lived here for fifty years, although he was far less intelligent than his brother Shen Zhiyuan, and not as deep as his mother, Old Madam Shen.But this time he was trusting his own heart feeling!!!!

He was convinced that all this was Lin Hao's revenge on the Shen family!

His mind responded to all the images of his previous meetings with Lin Hao.

He suddenly felt that Lin Hao had a deep hidden confidence and contempt for the Shen family.

And in the past, the Shen family had looked down on Lin Hao with all sorts of insults, and now as Shen Jiancheng thought about it all over again, especially recalling Lin Hao's eyes, Shen Jiancheng suddenly realized that it wasn't the Shen family's contempt for Lin Hao, but rather, it was the contempt that Lin Hao had for the Shen family!

At this moment, a metaphor suddenly surfaced in Shen Jiancheng's mind.

It's like the mole on the ground laughing at the dragon soaring in the nine heavens, because the distance from the ground to the sky is very, very far, so when the ants on the ground look up from the ground, they feel that the dragon is a small black dot, not as strong as themselves.But little did I know that the dragon, soaring above the nine heavens, didn't even care about the ants on the ground.It was completely ignored. Remember the website

Shen Jiancheng was in a daze thinking about it, because there was still so much here that didn't make sense!

Like if Lin Hao really had that much power and status with him.Then when the Shen family insulted him in the past, why didn't he fight back?And you had to wait until now?

If Lin Hao really hid a deep, deep background, then why did he come to the Shen family as a son-in-law?

Better to be a wimp, a loser in everyone's eyes, and endure monstrous grievances?

Shen Jiancheng couldn't think about it, really couldn't think about it.

He shifted and thought about it, if he were to hide the identity of the Shen family and go to the countryside to be a son-in-law to a landlord, he wouldn't be able to do it.

But Shen Jiancheng was incomparably trusting his own instincts.

That's why Shen Jiancheng, who was in the conference room at the moment, was confused, and that's why when he had just opened his mouth to refute Old Madam Shen, he suddenly stopped.It was only because he was contradicting himself....

When Shen Zhiyuan saw that his big brother Shen Jiancheng wanted to say something but couldn't, he continued to mock Shen Jiancheng, "Oh, what?Brother, are you speechless?Oh, I'll tell you what, that hypothesis of yours just doesn't work!"

"Now that the Shen family is at a life-or-death point, instead of wasting time on that loser, we should think about how to ask someone to find connections and meet with Jiang Shao Ming..."

Shen Jiancheng's head was now filled with all sorts of random thoughts, and he didn't even hear what Shen Zhiyuan said.Instead, he was immersed in his own thoughts....

Old Mrs. Shen glanced at the dazed Shen Jiancheng and gave a very iron heavy snort, "Humph!Build it. When was this?Are you still staring?The Shen family is almost finished!Okay stop right there, your brother is right, don't waste any more time on that loser!"

"I do have an idea now, is that girl Xi Yan having an affair with Jiang Shao Ming behind her back?Don't forget that on my birthday, Jiang Shao Ming personally talked to Xi Yan in the back for a long time..." said Old Mrs. Shen, her eyes deep in analysis.


Shen Zhiyuan's eyes shone brightly, "Yes, mom you're right, I also feel like that's the case.If this is the case, then it all makes sense, Jiang Shao Ming likes Xi Yan, but Xi Yan is already married cee4849b, so Jiang Shao Ming had no choice but to transfer that waste Lin Hao to his company?Heh, or to think even darker, Lin Hao knows he's a loser, but Jiang Shaoming gave him a nice position and bought him a house in the Purple Bamboo Villa?"

The more Shen Zhiyuan said, the more he felt that he had a point, and continued, "Then go on to analyze, with Jiang Shao Ming's status, he definitely won't marry Xi Yan, but he likes Xi Yan very much, so what should we do?Well, then let Xi Yan and Lin Hao continue to be together, so that no one will suspect him of anything, and he can secretly be with Xi Yan."

"Oh, even when Jiang Shao Ming was in bed with Xi Yan in the house, that punk Lin Hao had to watch out for the two of them at the door..." said Shen Zhiyuan incomparably vicious.

He was unable to see Lin Hao in a good light, much less listen to the Shen family say good things about Lin Hao.

He hated Lin Hao with a passion right now!I can't wait to kill Lin Hao!

Lin Hao had managed to offend their family to death.

First, when his own eldest daughter, Shen Ruoxue, went to the Kyushu Group, she was smacked by Lin Hao.Then it was when he went to the Zizhu Other House, he was also smacked by Lin Hao, and finally, his youngest daughter, Shen Ruoxue, was even put in a detention center because of Lin Hao, and is still not out yet.And the school registration was also expelled!!!!

It could be said that the current Shen Zhiyuan, who had been overwhelmed by hatred, wanted nothing more than to get Lin Hao killed!

At this moment the hatred in Shen Zhiyuan's eyes was about to turn into drops of water, he clenched his fist in a death grip and stared at Shen Jiancheng viciously, so you could imagine that if Shen Jiancheng dared to say one more good word about Lin Hao, he would immediately turn the other cheek!

Old Mrs. Shen's eyes narrowed, then she nodded heavily, "Mm, that makes sense."

Shen Zhiyuan had a monstrous resentment in his eyes: "Shen Xiyan actually even changed her last name and still wants to cut ties with us?Oh, what a bitch, just like her own mother!I didn't expect to be so demure and decent on the surface, but behind the scenes to seduce Jiang Shao Ming, huh..." One second remember to read the book

Shen Zhiyuan was still mocking to his heart's content, saying all the vicious words he could think of in his head....

Boom... Shen Zhiyuan was still speaking, but a thunderclap resounded in Shen Jiancheng's mind at this moment!

He suddenly came to a realization.

Yes, he suddenly thought of today when he followed Old Mrs. Shen to the detention center to see Shen Yuno.Shen Yuno had said a rambling remark.That's when Shen Jiancheng was asking her why Lin Hao followed her there.Shen Yuno said that she threatened Lin Hao that if he didn't go, she would find someone to beat up Shen Xiyan!

Shen Ruoxue was beaten up, Shen Zhiyuan was beaten up, Shen Yuno was beaten up... and then thinking about this just now Shen Zhiyuan's vicious abuse, Shen Jiancheng suddenly understood that everything had been figured out....

If Lin Hao had been deeply in love with Shen Xiyan from start to finish, then Lin Hao could have hidden his identity and endured everything in silence for Shen Xiyan!!!!

Last year, when Lin Hao came to join the Shen family, it was at the time when the third child died.At that time, Xi Yan was devastated with grief, and Lin Hao was willing to endure the insults of everyone around him because he loved her and was silently accompanying Shen Xi Yan!

And then that would explain why Lin Hao hadn't fought back until now!That was solely because of how their Shen family treated Lin Hao.Lin Hao himself wouldn't care, but if they made a move on Shen Xi Yan and threatened him.Then it would be weird if Lin Hao didn't fight back!

Shen Jiancheng's eyes grew brighter and brighter, he felt he had found the truth!

Although he didn't know what Lin Hao's identity was, he trusted his own instincts!

It was true that he hadn't made much in the Shen family over the years, but he hadn't made any major mistakes either!

And this time when it came to the family's survival, he would have to trust his instincts, and although his brother Shen Zhiyuan's words seemed logical, on second thought they had a fatal flaw!


That is, Jiang Shaoming and Shen Xiyan had a collaboration last year, so if Jiang Shaoming and Shen Xiyan had a hidden affair, why didn't he buy Shen Xiyan a villa last year?

Of course this could also be denied by Shen Zhiyuan, who could also say that Jiang Shaoming had only fallen for Shen Xiyan this year!

But don't forget that there was another major event that could completely negate Shen Zhiyuan's claim.

That is, Kyushu Group had moved out of Nanjiang City half a year ago, but moved back the other day, and not only moved back, but also increased its investment in Nanjiang City!

The Jiuzhou Group was such a large enterprise, and it was a loss of billions of assets this time around.

If Jiang Shao Ming was simply doing it for Shen Xiyan, hehe, that just doesn't make sense!

Let's not talk about 5c875185, how many beautiful women are there within the Kyushu Group?And with Jiang Shao Ming's status, what kind of woman did he want?If he was only interested in Shen Xiyan, would he need to toss a large group?

And there was also the point that Shen Yuno said that she had originally called many people to fight Lin Hao.But then Lin Hao called the other side's oldest directly over with a phone call!If Lin Hao was just a piece of trash, where did he get that much energy?

So things were far from being as simple as they appeared to be.Although there were still a lot of mysteries Shen Jiancheng couldn't figure out, but that didn't prevent him from firmly believing in his thoughts.

So at this moment Shen Jiancheng directly interrupted Shen Zhiyuan's invective and instead said, "Second brother, mother, I'm sure that all of this in the Shen family right now is because of Lin Hao!It's our Shen family that has wronged Xi Yan, and that's why Lin Hao is taking revenge on us!"

Shen Zhiyuan stared at Shen Jiancheng with deadly anger, "Where's the evidence?" First web site

Shen Jiancheng shook his head with a pale face, "I have no proof, but I trust my judgment!I'm going to ask Lin Hao to apologize to Xi Yan!Tell them to let us go, Mom, Ernie, I want you to come with me!Please believe really is..."

Before Shen Jiancheng had finished speaking, Old Mrs. Shen stood up with a soar and slapped the table, shouting furiously, "Enough!Don't say it, even if I die, you won't make me bow to that trash!As of today, you're relieved of all your duties and the company is in Zhiyuan's hands!Now you get out of here!"

Old Mrs. Shen was completely furious, her face black and frightening.

Shen Jiancheng was also anxious, he really meant nothing else ah for the good of the Shen family.

"Mom... I'm really doing it for the good of the Shen family ah!!!!All I think about is the Shen family!"Shen Jiancheng said in a tearful and anxious voice, but he was already not good at words, so other words of consolation simply could not be said.

"Get out!If you ever mention a word to me again, you're not my son, get out, I don't want to see you now!"Old Mrs. Shen leaned heavily on her crutches and yelled at Shen Zhiyuan.

He also understood that for a while it might be difficult to get Old Mrs. Shen to change her attitude towards Lin Hao.

But did the Shen family really still have time?The Shen family...there's no time time ah....

Shen Jiancheng's heart was incomparably bitter, and tears were flowing down.

He was the boss of the Shen family, he loved this family more than anyone else, and he had given his whole life for the Shen family.

But at the time when the Shen family was at its most critical, his words were of no use.Shen Jiancheng could only sigh heavily and leave....


After Shen Jiancheng went out, Shen Zhiyuan quickly consoled Old Mrs. Shen and said a lot of nice things.

Only then did Old Mrs. Shen's face slowly calm down, and then Shen Zhiyuan talked with Old Mrs. Shen in the office for a long, long time before leaving.

When Old Mrs. Shen reached the door, she saw that Shen Jiancheng was still standing there waiting and wanted to open his mouth when he saw her.

Old Mrs. Shen was afraid that he would say something that would make her furious again, so she simply said in advance, "From today onwards, all decisions of the company, including the Shen family, will be made by your brother Zhiyuan!There's no need for you to plead with that trash, my Shen family has been floating and sinking in Nanjiang for forty years, I can't afford to lose that face, think of your father who died years ago!"

Old Mrs. Shen left on her own after saying that, while Shen Zhiyuan was standing side by side with Shen Jiancheng.

After seeing Old Mrs. Shen leave, Shen Zhiyuan saw that Shen Jiancheng wanted to speak to him again and quickly stopped him.

"Big brother, I advise you to stop talking.Have you ever thought about how old Mom is now?How many years does she have left?Do you have to make her mad at you to be happy?"


Shen Jiancheng deeply sighed: "Second brother, the company and the family are handed over to you, I really have no thoughts in my heart.Now the company and the Shen family are on the verge of annihilation, you and I have fought for a lifetime, and now there's nothing to fight for.Do you really think that I want to bow to Lin Hao that badly?You've been looking down on Lin Hao for the past two years, and I'm the same.You call him sarcastic and insult him, have I not done it?Oh..."

Shen Jiancheng said and sighed heavily, lowered his head to light a cigarette and took a deep puff, his eyes were calm and complex with a hint of deep despair mixed in.

The first thing that you should do is to take a look at the picture of the person you are talking to.Let's just say that Mom's there, even if I'm on your side today, I think the same as you.Even if we both go together to persuade Mom, it's useless, Mom won't agree even if she dies, so don't think that she's really just talking..."

Shen Jiancheng's brows furrowed deeply, "Impossible!If you join me in advising Mom, Mom will bow down for the Shen family, and she's not that stubborn!"

Shen Zhiyuan waved his hand and smiled, "Heh, do you know how much Mom suffered on Lin Hao, on Shen Shiyan, even on Wang Shufen?Oh yeah, you probably didn't know that, that's why you're saying that tonight, go back and ask your son a tweet..."

Shen Zhiyuan walked away after saying that, leaving Shen Jiancheng standing alone, Shen Yiming?Your own son?Is there something going on here that you don't know about?

In a four-star luxury hotel in Nanjiang City, Shen Yiming was doing that kind of thing with two beautiful women like crazy, and Shen Yiming was venting madly when he suddenly received a call from Shen Jiancheng.

After asking him where he was, Shen Jiancheng furiously said that he would come over right away and hung up the phone.

"Shen Shao, keep coming, our sisters haven't had enough, didn't you say you were going to make us both unable to get out of bed tonight?"

Seeing Shen Yiming hang up the phone, a tall beauty dressed as a black stocking rabbit girl took Shen Yiming's arm.Wanted to pull Shen Yiming to the bed to continue.

Shen Yiming was stunned, and suddenly his expression twisted and he shouted hysterically, "Get out!Get out!Get out of here!" Remember the URL

"Ah, what's wrong with you Shen, don't be like this..." said the beautiful rabbit girl in great shock.

The next moment Shen Yiming took out a wad of money from the bed and threw it directly onto the bed, wearing a golden nightgown, he yelled hysterically, "Take the money and get the hell out of here!Isn't it all about the money?Here you go, get out of here!"

"Cut, really boring..." another long-haired beauty in white stockings on the bed, despised Shen Yiming fiercely, put on a dress, took the money and left with the other beauty.

When the two women left, Shen Yiming took the bedside of the foreign wine ruthlessly filled most of the bottle, and then violently slammed the just with the fall on the floor.......

Shen Yiming is now going crazy, he is the heir to the third generation of the Shen family ah, although Shen Ruoxue has been fighting with him in the company.But so what?Even if the company is in charge of Shen Ruoxue in the future.Then he also has money to get ah, right?You can also live this extravagant life with impunity, fragrant cars and beautiful women, and have whatever you want....

But now everything is gone, the company was seized in the afternoon, and he heard his father say that if the Shen family can't pass this hurdle.Even the family's house, car, will be auctioned off by the court, and he has lost everything.

Since the old lady's birthday half a month ago, the Shen family has been deteriorating day by day.

The company's situation was deteriorating, and from that time onwards he was anxious in his heart.So he had to work with Shen Ruoxue, he had to do his best to save the company.

Yes, he, Shen Yiming, was a rich dude and he was the dregs of society, but he wasn't stupid.

He understood that now he was able to live this kind of life.It is entirely because he has the Shen family support behind him, with the company to support him ah.So he couldn't let the Shen family finish, let the company go bankrupt.

So these days he used all his connections, to help the Shen family, all this even his father Shen Jiancheng also saw in his eyes.So many years unprecedented praise for him: "Yiming, you've grown up ah... Dad is very happy".

But the truth was that everything he did had no effect whatsoever.


It didn't work at all, and then he realized after all his efforts went down the drain, that he couldn't afford to mess with the Shen family behind the scenes.

So he was desperate, and these two days he was even more crazily indulging and venting the despair in his heart.

Shen Yiming had long foreseen that the Shen family was going to be finished, but originally he thought that this time would come later, but he never expected that this day would come so quickly.

In the past two days, the Shen family had a series of incidents, the second uncle's family Shen Yuno was in the detention center and expelled from school.

Third uncle's family Shen Xiyan even cut off all ties with the Shen family, and then this afternoon, the Shen company was closed down....

"Oh... it's over, it's all over, the day is still here, it doesn't matter, relief, relief..."

Shen Yiming was saying to himself that he had actually given up on himself, desperate, this was the last of his madness.

From now on, he would never have this kind of day again.Those women who had all kinds of backstabbing in the past, probably wouldn't even look at him squarely anymore.

When Shen Yiming was thinking in despair, Shen Jiancheng pushed the door and walked in.

As soon as Shen Jiancheng came in, he saw wolves all over the floor, all kinds of emotional products, colorful ladies underwear and stockings and so on.Shen Jiancheng was trying to yell at him when he suddenly saw his son Shen Yiming's face covered with tears, and when he saw his son's state that didn't look like a performance, Shen Jiancheng swallowed his words of scolding Shen Yiming and sighed deeply: "Yiming..."

Shen Yiming was in tears, his face without any expression looking ahead, his eyes hollow, "Dad, you said the Shen family is gone, what are we going to do in the future ah?I can't even support myself. How am I supposed to support you and my mom in the future?" One second to remember to read the book

Shen Jiancheng was incomparably bitter as he listened to Shen Yiming's words.

But in the next moment, he stepped on the glass on the ground, walked to Shen Yiming's side, and heavily patted Shen Yiming's shoulder: "Shen family... there is still salvation!I know who's behind this against us!"

Shen Yiming's empty eyes suddenly had a glow as he turned to his father and asked, "Dad, did you find out?Who is it?You tell me quickly, I'll kowtow to him even if I have to kneel down..."

Shen Jiancheng looked deeply at Shen Yiming and asked, "Are you really willing to kneel down and kowtow to that person and apologize?"

Shen Yiming nodded heavily and said, "Definitely ah, this is nothing.As long as the Shen family can be preserved!Dad, why don't you tell me?Say it back?"Shen Yiming was completely anxious.

Shen Jiancheng took a deep breath and stared at Shen Yiming with a deadly stare and asked, "We'll talk about it later, I'll ask you one thing first, you must tell me truthfully, it's very important, do you understand?"

Shen Yiming saw his father speak so solemnly and seriously, he also became serious, "Okay, Dad is up to this point, if you have anything you want to ask, just ask, I swear I will never tell a lie!"

Shen Jiancheng nodded heavily, "Yiming I'm asking you, when have Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan both offended your grandmother recently?And still in your presence?"

Shen Yiming was stunned, "Dad, isn't this about business?Why do you ask?"

Shen Jiancheng's eyes fiercely glared, "Don't you worry about it, you have to talk to me now!Don't blame me for being rude to you if you dare say a false word!"

Shen Yiming's body trembled and frowned in thought, "Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan have offended Grandma?Well there were those two times that I was there.Ten days ago, I went to Half Moon Bay Hotel with my grandmother. The manager of the hotel knew Lin Hao and gave Lin Hao the best room in the hotel, Nine Heavenly Stars.I, Li Jingze and my grandmother were thrown out by that manager because we cursed Lin Hao and that manager said that we were no longer welcome at Half Moon Bay..."

Shen Jiancheng soared to his feet, "Nine Heavens Star River?The best private rooms in the best hotels in Nam Giang?How can ordinary people get in there?Even I'm not qualified for that!It's not about the money anymore!Are you sure it was the Nine Heavens Star River that Lucy Wang invited Lin Hao to?"


Shen Jiancheng is acquainted with Wang Lulu, who is the general manager of Half Moon Bay Hotel.

This identity is also a proper upper class figure in Nanjiang City, and he and Wang Lulu met at a cocktail party once.

In Shen Jiancheng's impression, Wang Lulu was not only pretty, but also well-spoken and had an outstanding temperament.

At that party, Wang Lulu was completely the center of attention, and he, Shen Jiancheng, didn't even have the chance to chat with Wang Lulu alone.......

So, if Wang Lu c9cc12a3lu really took the initiative to invite Lin Hao into the Nine Heavens Star River private room, then this would be a big deal....

Shen Yiming quickly nodded when he saw Shen Jiancheng's face: "Dad, I swear I'm telling the truth, you, you know that manager?Oh yes, the manageress seems to be named Wang!What's wrong with that, Dad?"

"What's the problem?That's a big fucking problem!You piece of shit!Why the fuck didn't you tell me earlier?"Shen Jiancheng hated the iron and yelled at Shen Yiming.

Shen Yiming was stunned, but Shen Jiancheng had a huge wave in his heart, he didn't even have the qualifications to be friends with Wang Lulu, but Wang Lulu respected Lin Hao, what did this... what did this mean?

"Dad?You...why do you have that expression?Lin...that trash Lin Hao, you...the person you said was messing with the Shen family behind the scenes, it can't be him, right?"Shen Yiming stammered, feeling very apprehensive.

Shen Jiancheng's face was very heavy as he said, "You continue!Are there any more?It's not just Lin Hao, did Shen Xiyan offend your grandmother?"

Shen Yiming was frightened by Shen Jiancheng's attitude, and quickly said: "Is there is another thing, also more than ten days ago, grandmother forced Shen Siyan to marry Li Jingze, but the next day Li Jingze went to grandmother's office to personally cancel the marriage contract, when Shen Siyan and Wang Shufen were present, Wang Shufen put grandmother angry.......Does this count, Dad?" First web site

The frown on Shen Jiancheng's brow deepened: "What is the matter of Li Jingze's marriage contract with Shen Xiyan?I remember that you were friends with Lee Realize, does this have anything to do with you or not?"

Shen Jiancheng felt something was wrong the first time he heard it, his mother, Old Mrs. Shen, had just forced Shen Xiyan to marry her, and the next day Li Jingze went to the Shen family to cancel it in person!

There's something going on here and it's what happened in that one short night!

Shen Jiancheng's thinking was incomparably clear at the moment, and his IQ was skyrocketing madly.

According to the reasoning in his mind, if Lin Hao's background was really powerful and strong, then if Lin Hao went to Li Jingze that night and forced Li Jingze to hurry up the next day to cancel the engagement, after all, Shen Xiyan was Lin Hao's wife, and forcing the Li family's second son Li Jingze to bow down and apologize was going to offend the Li family!

So if this person wasn't close to Shen Xiyan, he definitely wouldn't have risked offending the Li family by doing this.But if this was Lin Hao, then it would all make sense....

Shen Yiming looked at Shen Jiancheng, who was in deep thought, and only after a while did he swallow his saliva and ask, "Dad, what's going on?It can't be true that Lin Hao is behind the Shen family, right?"

Shen Jiancheng looked at Shen Yiming with unprecedented seriousness, "I don't have any proof, but I'm now convinced that Lin Hao's identity isn't as simple as it seems, and the person behind the scenes who is messing with our Shen family is also him..."

Shen Yiming was stunned, "Dad, what should we do?If your suspicions are true, then Lin Hao will definitely not let our Shen family go?After all, we've treated him too badly these past two years ah."

Shen Yiming didn't doubt Shen Jiancheng's words at this point, as he believed them somewhat in his heart.

Because this time after returning from Lin Hao, every time he ran into Lin Hao, he couldn't please him.He, Shen Yiming, wasn't stupid either.

Shen Jiancheng shook his head with an incomparably complex face and said, "No, you're wrong.If Lin Hao's background was really powerful and he wanted to take revenge on the Shen family, he would never have waited until now.According to my speculation, his revenge on the Shen family this time was completely our family humiliating Shen Shi Yan!Lin Hao has endured so much before, and we haven't seen him take revenge on us ah.Hey... if... if my guess is true and Lin Hao's background is really strong, then what a great opportunity our Shen family has missed out on...."


Shen Jiancheng sighed deeply, his eyes filled with complexity.

Yes, if his suspicions were true, then the Shen family would most likely soar to the sky, the Shen family would not say that they would become a top family in Nanjiang City, but they would at least be able to take several steps up .

But now it was too late, Shen Xiyan announced that she had cut ties with the Shen family, they no longer even had the only condition that bound Lin Hao....


I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I can.Whether it's Lin Hao who is targeting us behind the scenes or not, but now we're about to die anyway, then you should hurry up and take your grandmother, second uncle, and we'll go together to apologize to Lin Hao and Shen Siyan, Shen Siyan is softhearted, at the worst I'll kneel down to her, what do you think, Dad?"

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.You don't know that temper of your grandmother, just now I mentioned this matter to him and your second uncle, as a result I am now driven out of the Shen family, the Shen family is now ruled by your second uncle, but he and your grandmother will never go to apologize to Lin Hao......."

Shen Yiming was anxious, completely anxious, and so anxious that tears were about to fall out, "Dad, why so much, is it still more important in their hearts to apologize to Lin Hao and Shen Shiyan and bow their heads than the survival of the Shen family?Huh?Why?Why?"

Shen Yiming's tears fell as he spoke, Shen Jiancheng looked deeply at this waste son in front of him.

At this moment he couldn't help but be moved deep inside, how could he have never thought that when the Shen family was about to be annihilated, it was his own waste son who was most attentive!

Thinking of this, Shen Jiancheng took a deep breath and patted Shen Yiming's shoulder heavily, "Yiming, you've really grown up, I'm so glad!You're a loser, but I'm proud of your dad for what you said today!Since you have this heart, then Dad will completely abandon this old face and go beg Lin Hao's forgiveness!"

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But now his back was straight as he walked away.

Shen Yiming looked at Shen Jiancheng's distant back and secretly made up his mind that he was going to apologize to Shen Xiyan!

He had just seen deep exhaustion in Shen Jiancheng's eyes, he Shen Yiming though he was a dude and a loser.But at this moment, he wanted to do something for his father.

The next moment Shen Yiming took out his cell phone and called Li Jingze over, "Jingze, I want to see you, please, for the sake of our many years of brothers..."


Half an hour later, inside a teahouse private room.

Li Jingze, dressed in a black suit, looked at the wretched Shen Yiming with a complicated face.

"Shen Yiming, you and I are no longer brothers, why are you still looking for me?"

Li Jingze complexly told Shen Yiming that he really couldn't have dealings with Shen Yiming anymore because he knew Lin Hao's identity.

But after all, he and Li Jingze had been brothers for many years, and it was the middle of the night and no one would see him, so he thought about it and finally came.

Shen Yiming's heart trembled at Li Jingze's incomparably distant words, and he was even more certain of what his father Shen Jiancheng had said.

So he said to Li Jingze: "Jingze, I just want to ask you one thing, more than ten days ago, obviously we talked about you being with Shen Siyan, and all along, you liked Shen Siyan so much, but why did you give up on your own accord after just one night?And when you went to Shen's office that day, I saw that you had injuries on you!So please, tell me what happened that night."

Li Jingze's head was slightly lowered, his eyelids drooping, not looking at Shen Yiming, but said without a trace of emotion, "Nothing happened that night..."

Li Jingze would never tell Shen Yiming what happened that night, he would never forget what happened that night, he would never forget the look on his father Li Jianghai's face as he knelt in front of Lin Hao, begging to die for him....


Shen Yiming has been Li Jingze's brother for many years. When he saw Li Jingze's expression, he understood everything in his heart.

Shen Yiming paused and said: "Jingze, my Shen family is going to be finished, the company was seized yesterday afternoon, many suppliers and partners even went to sue us, our Shen family may disappear, and I'm afraid I can only go to find a place to work to earn money in the future....".

Li Jingze's body moved, but he still didn't look up at Shen Yiming, he was afraid that if he did, he wouldn't be able to resist telling him that all of this was done by Mr. Lin against the Shen family, and it didn't even require Mr. Lin himself to do anything, he would just casually say that the people below would crush the Shen family to pieces!

Yes, he had so little doubt that Mr. Lin was capable of that.

And the Shen family had brought all this on themselves, if it wasn't for the arrogance of the Shen family and their lack of vision, if it wasn't for the fact that the Shen family was so arrogant and power-hungry that they looked down on Mr. Lin and looked down on Shen Xiyan.Then the Shen family would simply be fine now.And it would still soar to become the new noble of Nanjiang City!It wouldn't even be a problem to become the number one giants in Nanjiang City!

But now the Shen family had ruined this heavenly opportunity with their own hands.

He, Li Jingze, couldn't go and say something, he didn't dare to disobey Mr. Lin's order, and the Shen family had brought this on themselves, he didn't want to get involved, the most fundamental reason was that, let alone him, even his father, Li Jianghai, wasn't qualified to get involved.

Therefore, Li Jingze could only continue in the position where Vivian bowed her head and did not say a word.

Shen Yiming's eyes were godless as he continued: "Sovereign, I know something must have happened that night.You turned out to like Shen Shi Yan so much, and your Li family is so powerful.But what kind of person do you think had to risk offending your Li family to force you to give up? I sort of figured out that the only person who can do that is someone who cares especially about Shen Xiyan in their heart!So, this person... is Lin Hao, right?"

Buzz... After Shen Yiming named Lin Hao's name, Li Jingze's body shuddered violently out of control.

Shen Yiming, who had been staring at Li Jingze, had his eyeholes shrink, "Jingze, really?..." one second to remember to read the book

"No!You have to go!Go!"Li Jingze violently interrupted Shen Yiming's words, stopping him from continuing.If Shen Yiming went on, he would be paradoxically taboo!He can't afford that kind of consequence!

Shen Yiming's heart gathered and trembled, and at this moment he was eye to eye with Li Jingze who had raised his head.He saw an intense fear and awe in Li Jingze's eyes!With the rapid voice of his brother of many years echoing in his mind, he understood completely.

Shen Yiming nodded his head at Li Jingze and said, "Jingze, you haven't told me anything tonight, and I haven't asked you anything!"After saying that Shen Yiming quickly turned around and left.The answer he wanted had already been given.

It really was Lin Hao!It's really Lin Ho!

Shen Yiming, who left the teahouse, was shouting madly in his heart and trembling violently.

To be able to make Li Jingze fear like that, he didn't even dare to imagine just how much power Lin Hao had.

No wonder the Shen family had begged almost all of their connections in Nanjiang these days to no avail, none of them dared to come out and help them.

It wasn't that they didn't want to 0f5e9bc8, the Shen family had been floating in Nanjiang City for more than twenty years, and some of their tough connections still existed, so the fundamental reason was that those connections of the Shen family didn't dare to help them at all!Not even daring to say more about who exactly was dealing with them.

"Go to find Shen Xiyan, right just go to find Xiyan, I as a brother will kneel down even to her, Xiyan has a good heart, I hope it's not too late, then the Shen family will still have a slight chance.... "Shen Yiming constantly admonished himself in his heart.


It was another day in the morning, Shen Xiyan, who had slept deeply all night, opened her eyes, stretched out against the sun, sat up against the bed, and habitually picked up her cell phone and looked at it.

Lin Hao, who had just washed up and walked in from the door, sat on the edge of the bed and quietly looked at Shen Xi Yan, who was wearing a white nightgown with her white thighs exposed, very beautiful under the sunlight's mapping, Lin Hao's heart couldn't help but rise with a trace of happiness.

"Sisan?"Lin Hao smiled and called out to Shen Xianyan.

"Hm?What's going on?"Shen Xiyan, who was checking her company emails on her phone, hadn't even noticed Lin Hao coming in just now.Now, when Lin Hao called out to her, she looked up at him.

Lin Hao smiled, "Come here..." and waved at Shen Xiyan.

"What for?"Shen Xiyan said subconsciously.

"Come over here and give me a kiss... "Lin Hao smiled even happier.

"Ohhh... "Shen Siyan nodded her head silly, and then without thinking, she moved to Lin Hao and put her face to Lin Hao's mouth....

Barf... Lin Hao was incomparably happy and kissed Shen Xiyan on the face, "Wife, you're so good, then hubby will reward you with another one?"Lin Hao said and kissed Shen Xiyan again, then hugged her and didn't let go.

The next thing you want to do is to get out of Lin Hao's arms.To Lin Hao, she said, "Ah, it's 8:30, I still have to go to work today, why didn't you tell me, ah ah ah, it's going to be late ah..."

Shen Siyan hurriedly dressed in a hurry.Lin Hao just stood to the side and looked at her speechlessly and said, "Weren't you just looking at your phone the whole time?Don't you ever pay attention to the time?" First web site

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.Don't wait for me, we can't both be late, Jiang is so good to us, we have to work hard..."

Lin Hao looked at the eager-looking Shen Xi Yan, who was now looking at his wife who went to work hard for this family.Does his wife, Lin Hao, still need to go to work to make money?

Yesterday afternoon after the Shen family crowd came to the house, in the evening Lin Hao thought a lot about it, he decided not to pretend, it was time to have a showdown with Shen Siyan, of course this also had to be done step by step, but the first step was for example he wanted to let Shen Siyan know that, not to mention Shen Siyan's current small division, even the entire Kyushu Group was his.

Lin Hao's decision was based on the consideration of two reasons.The first was that Shen Suyan was now married to him and they were sleeping together, but outside, he had heard some insulting rumors about Shen Suyan, such as the fact that he, Lin Hao, was able to enter the Kyushu Group as an executive because Shen Suyan had traded that with Jiang Shaoming.This kind of malicious words will cause great harm to Shen Xiyan's heart.

And the second reason was that his powerful father, Lin Yan, the head of the Lin Clan, might not give him much more time....

"Lin Hao, what's wrong with you?What are you thinking?Get to work, huh?Don't wait for me..." asked Shen Xiyan when she saw Lin Hao standing behind her, looking at her dazed.

Lin Hao smiled at Shen Xiyan and said, "Xiyan, I'm not going to work these days, Jiang Shaoming has transferred me to a new position..."

While Lin Hao finished speaking, in his heart he said, "This new position is the true president of the Kyushu Group!!!"

Shen Shi Yan, who had just finished dressing and was about to go wash up, was stunned and looked at Lin Hao in puzzlement and asked, "New post?What post?Doing what?"

Lin Hao smiled and said, "You'll know in a few days, keep it a secret for now, I'll give you a surprise then!"


"A surprise for me?Well well that's okay, I won't ask now, then I'll be waiting for you to give me a surprise then, oh hey, but what position I won't ask, then you can tell me if the salary has gone up ah, can it be big tens of thousands a month no?"Shen Xiyan asked Lin Hao with a little anticipation.

Lin Hao nodded and smiled and said, "Don't worry, there must be tens of thousands of them..."

Hearing Lin Hao say this, Shen Shi Yan really believed, nodding her head vigorously, "Mmhmm, I knew my husband was the best, my husband is the best, then you'll be at home these days, you also have a good rest, don't worry, there's your wife outside I do, these days sister feed you!"Shen Siyan patted her chest, looking like I'll cover you in the future.

Lin Hao smiled and nodded vigorously, "Mmhmm, then I'll rely on my wife to support me in the future oh..."

After Shen Xi Yan said a few more words to Lin Hao, she went downstairs.After a while Lin Hao went downstairs, but he found that there was no Shen Xiyan on the table, just Wang Shufen.So Lin Hao asked to Wang Shufen, "Mom, where's Shyan?"

Wang Shufen sighed and said, "Gone ah, just hurriedly left, said that she was almost late for work.Hey she is also really, late for a while late chanting, she is still the manager of their branch it, need to fight so hard, at least have breakfast before leaving ah......."

Wang Shufen said and then looked at Lin Hao and said, "Right Hao'er you don't have to be in such a hurry, right?Come you eat breakfast first, mom has cooked a pot of porridge, don't worry, eat first..."

Lin Hao smiled and nodded, "Well, I'm not in a hurry, right mom, I'm not going to the company for a few days.The company's personnel has been transferred, so I'll just rest and rest for a few days, and then I'll go to work in a new position in a few days".

Wang Shufen was stunned, then nodded, "Well, okay, then you should take a good rest..."

Wang Shufen did not ask Lin Hao in the end to change into what position, in her heart, now Lin Hao, has a house and a car work hard, it is quite good, the villa is the best house in Nanjiang City.So better things, Wang Shufen don't even dare to think about.

It was only at ten o'clock in the morning that Lin Hao went to the company. Remember the URL

This time he didn't go to the Ministry of Commerce, but went directly to Jiang Shao Ming's CEO's office.

"Big brother, you have to keep your word this time, you come to be the president of the Kyushu Group.I can't be burdened anymore, these two years give me the fear of ruining this business of yours, the Kyushu Group is your own hard work ah..."

Jiang Shao Ming was relieved when he saw Lin Hao come in.Last night, Lin Hao had sent him a message saying that he would be in charge of the Kyushu Group from now on.

Compared to Tianhai City's Tianhai Group, the Kyushu Group was a bit small and inadequate.

The Tianhai Group was big, but it was 0c5da160 owned by the entire Lin Clan.And the Kyushu Group was relatively much smaller, but it belonged to Lin Hao himself.It was something that Lin Hao had built up with his own abilities over the years.

So that's why Lin Hao could move the Kyushu Group with a straightforward sentence, without having to consult the Lin family.

Lin Hao had one hundred percent control over the Kyushu Group!

Lin Hao looked at Jiang Shao Ming's expression and couldn't help but be a bit speechless, "You, you don't even know to grasp the opportunity given to you.You can't even compare to Li Jianghai and Xiao Yuanshan now, so hurry up and work hard, there's not much time left for us ah..."

Jiang Shao Ming's eyes narrowed, the smile on his face disappeared, and his eyes became incomparably heavy as he said in a deep voice, "Big brother, you are the first in line heir of the Lin Clan, even if your sister-in-law doesn't have a background, do those uncles and uncles of yours really dare to object?"

Lin Hao sneered, "They?Well, what do they dare not do?Ten years ago, they all dared to do something to my mother, and although they're silent now, these vipers have been silent for ten years ah, they're all pressing and waiting to explode.They are now eager for me to bring back Xi Yan and take advantage of the situation..."

Lin Hao's eyes slowly narrowed, a hint of cold killing intent appearing in his eyes.


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