Super Son-in-law 161-170


Chapter 161

If she had known that Lin Hao had the ability to buy this house, she wouldn't have said anything to force Shen Shiyan to divorce Lin Hao in the first place.Now the feud is over.

At this moment, Lin Hao and Shen Siyan, who were upstairs, heard voices from downstairs and went downstairs.Lin Hao's face darkened when he saw the Shen family's crowd.

When Shen Ruoxue saw Lin Hao coming down, she couldn't care less about the house and said directly to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, my sister was looking for someone to beat you up, but you let her get fired, did you go too far with this?"

Lin Hao smiled faintly, "Heh, does her expulsion have anything to do with me?Am I the principal of their school?Who gave you the face to question me when she colluded with the community herself, got a bunch of people to block me, and got herself expelled in the end?"

Shen Ruoxue's face stiffened, and she was unable to speak by Lin Hao's dislike of her.

Lin Hao didn't want to take care of her either, and when he saw that she stopped talking, Lin Hao didn't bother to speak.

Shen Siyan tugged on Lin Hao's arm with a frown on her brow and asked, "Lin Hao, what's going on?"

Lin Hao laughed and shook his head, "Just like what Shen Ruoxue just said, yesterday noon Shen Yuno found a group of people to beat me up and ran into the police, then Shen Yuno was detained for seven days, when her school found out about this, they expelled her..."

Shen Siyan quickly asked Lin Hao worriedly after hearing this, "Huh?She sent someone to beat you up, so are you okay, are you hurt?Do you want to go to the hospital for a check-up?Don't you scare me..."

As Shen Siyan said that, she was touching Lin Hao's arm and leg, checking to see if Lin Hao was injured.

When the Shen family members saw this scene of Shen Xiyan's incomparable concern for Lin Hao, their mouths opened wide. The first website

Since when did Shen Xiyan care so much about Lin Hao, an outsider?

In their hearts, shouldn't Shen Xiyan care about Shen Yuno?

But to the disappointment of the Shen family's crowd, the entire time, Shen Xiyan hadn't asked a single word about Shen Yuno.All of them were concerned about Lin Hao, whether he was injured or not, whether he needed to go to the hospital or not.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.I still believe in the law, the police took me back to the police station to ask questions, and after knowing that I was a victim, they released me.So I didn't tell you about this, don't worry about it ah..."

After comforting Shen Xiyan, Lin Hao said to Wang Shufen with a frown, "Mom, next time don't bring people over to the house indiscriminately.I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.

Wang Shufen was stunned, then quickly smiled, "Well okay, I know, next time I won't bring people to the house".

"Well," Lin Hao nodded, then looked at the Shen family crowd, "This is my home, please get out!I've called security..." said Lin Hao, directly taking out his cell phone and calling the security guard of the Purple Bamboo Villa.

The Shen family members were stunned as they watched Lin Hao's operation like flowing clouds.

After all, this house was Lin Hao's, and if Lin Hao kicked them out, they would really have to roll.Otherwise, when things get too big, they won't be able to hang on to their faces.

As Lin Hao and Shen Shiyan were about to turn around and go back upstairs, Old Mrs. Shen's eyes narrowed, since she couldn't find a breakthrough from Lin Hao, she should make a breakthrough from Shen Shiyan, who was, after all, a member of the Shen family.

Thinking of this Old Mrs. Shen poked her cane heavily and snapped at Shen Siyan, "Siyan!You stop!"

Shen Shi Yan's body trembled fiercely at the words, and a trace of suppressed anger slowly surfaced on her face!

The people of the Shen family had always looked down on Lin Hao, ever since the first day Lin Hao had joined the Shen family last year, he had suffered all kinds of ridicule from the Shen family, from Old Madam Shen to Shen Yuno, none of them looked up to Lin Hao!

But Lin Hao endured it all!Having been silently guarding her side, beating and scolding her, enduring the never-ending humiliation of the people of the Shen family!But still smiled and stayed by her side!

Shen Shi Yan who was immersed in the pain of losing her father last year didn't understand, but the time she divorced Lin Hao half a year ago, she completely understood, she completely understood how much the man who was standing silently by her side at the moment had suffered in the Shen family for her sake!


Only when she lost it did she know what regret was, she Shen Siyan had lost Lin Hao once, and that bone-deep despair she never wanted to experience a second time in her life!

Right now no one knew how much love Shen Xiyan had in her heart for Lin Hao!

Slowly Shen Xi Yan's hands that were draped beneath her began to clench her fists, and slowly her body began to tremble due to the monstrous anger in her heart.

Lin Hao felt that Shen Xi Yan's state was very wrong, he pulled down Shen Xi Yan's arm and frowned and asked, "Xi Yan?"

Shen Xi Yan ignored Lin Hao and instead endured the monstrous anger in her heart as she slowly turned to look at Old Madam Shen and asked in a low voice, "Grandmother..."

Old Mrs. Shen's black face, shouting angrily, "Do you still recognize me as your grandmother?Do you still recognize Yuno's sister?Do you still recognize your Uncle and Mrs. Yee?Do you still recognize our Shen family!"

Shen Caiyan's face showed the calmness of anger to the depths, and without a trace of emotion, she replied, "Admit, what's wrong?"

Old Mrs. Shen snorted heavily, "Yuno is your sister!She's still young and ignorant, even if she did something wrong this time and the Public Security Bureau locked her up for a few days, she'd be punished, but if she got expelled from school, her life would be over!Do you ever think about her?"

Shen Siyan took a deep breath, her heart surged with disappointment, she looked at Old Madam Shen in despair, "Heh, Shen Yuno is still young?She's 20 years old!She's an adult after 18. What doesn't she know?Gathering the community and beating up his brother-in-law, if the police weren't there today, grandmother, have you thought about what would happen to Lin Hao?"

Old Mrs. Shen said with a deep frown of disdain, "Lin Hao?He's just a son-in-law of my Shen family, just a piece of trash, is he better than Yuno?Hugo is your sister!After all, Lin Hao is an outsider!"

"Is my husband a stranger to you?Oh... hahahaha... "Shen Xiyan said to herself, then just let out a loud laugh, laughing and tears flowed down. Remember the URL

The people of the Shen family, including Old Madam Shen, all felt weak in their hearts when they saw Shen Xiyan laughing like that, and they couldn't help but take a step back.

In the next moment Shen Xi Yan took a step down the steps and stared at the Shen family crowd and said, "After my father died, I haven't received a single word of concern from the Shen family, the only one who cares about me is the trash you all talk about!"

Old Mrs. Shen's face changed, not only her like this, even the eyes of the Shen family's crowd, looking at Shen Siyan, were also somewhat dodging, not daring to look at the angry and rising Shen Siyan at this moment.

Shen Siyan took a deep breath and once again descended a step, "In my most desperate moment, the ones who reached out to pull me out were not these uncles and uncles of my Shen family, or the trash in your eyes!"

The Shen family's crowd took a step back once again, one by one, not daring to open their mouths at all at Shen Siyan's words.

Lin Hao slowly raised his head to look at Shen Siyan, and at this moment, Lin Hao felt that there was an unexplainable momentum boiling violently in Shen Siyan, listening to Shen Siyan's words, Lin Hao's heart was ruthlessly touched!

Shen Xiyan slowly descended a step again and stared at the Shen family members, "When I didn't have a job to beg for help from the Shen family, I wasn't even given an ordinary position in the company, and the one who helped me was still this loser in your eyes!"

Old Mrs. Shen wanted to open her mouth to speak at this point, but after opening it for half a day she still didn't say anything, because what Shen Xiyan said was the truth!Not a word of falsehood!

In the next moment, Shen Xiyan, who was speaking, laughed and laughed as tears flowed down.As if to the Shen family crowd, or as if she was talking to herself, "Once I also thought he was a loser, once I lost him, half a year ago, I had forced him to divorce me..."

Boom... after Shen Xiyan said that she had divorced Lin Hao, the faces of the Shen family instantly changed, none of them knew about it, none of them knew that Shen Xiyan had divorced Lin Hao half a year ago!

Hearing Shen Siyan say that at this moment, a huge wave was stirred up in each of them!


Lin Hao's eyes also shrank, his eyes staring incomparably deep at Shen Shi Yan....

"Sis, divorced him?We got divorced six months ago, but now you what?"

Shen Ruoxue couldn't help but ask after hearing this sentence.This was the doubt in Shen Ruoxue's heart, but also the doubt of the Shen family's crowd.

After all, it was obvious that they had already divorced, so what was going on between Shen Xiyan and Lin Hao now?

At this moment, everyone in the Shen family looked up at Shen Xiyan, waiting for what Shen Xiyan would say next.

Shen Xiyan's voice choked and lowered her head and said, "Yes, since we divorced half a year ago, why are we together again now?Oh, because I love him ah, and after I divorced him, I realized how much he really suffered for me, and after I lost my own husband, I realized how much I missed him, and after I completely separated from him, I realized how much he meant to me ah...."

Shen Siyan paused and continued, "So ah, I went to Yanjing alone, after not finding him in Yanjing, I went to Tianhai alone again, ah, maybe the heavens pitied me, I found him again, found the only man in the world who is good to me now.But ah, when I got to Tianhai, I realized that there was a beautiful girl beside him who was willing to do everything for him.I was desperate at that time, and I suddenly realized that he was so good that a girl with that much style and beauty went to fall for him..."

"At that time, ah, I thought I'd missed out on my life with him, but after everything that happened, he finally came back to me..."

Hehe... When she said that, Shen Xiyan's face showed a smile from the bottom of her heart, happy and sweet.

She wiped her tears, turning tears into laughter: "Later ah, we both went back to Nanjiang, looking for a job together, every day he picked me up from work, send me home, I feel so so happy ah, that feeling as if my father is alive again.

"So I was thinking in my heart, my dad still loves me very, very much, and before he died, he probably knew that he would never be able to take care of me again in his life, so he found me such a wonderful man and appeared by my side..." One second remember to read the book

"Found this one wonderful man by my side, crying with me, laughing with me, crazy with me, silly with me.He silently accompanied me when I was happy, he still silently accompanied me when I was sad, and when I was in trouble, he helped me with all of it behind my back without saying a word.So ah, I was thinking ah, in this life I can meet him, really is a blessing from my past life... A few days ago we remarried, in this life to marry him, really is the greatest happiness in my life ah..."

Shen Caiyan smiled with an intense sweetness on her face....

"Xi Yan... "Lin Hao fiercely looked up at Shen Xi Yan, his eyes filled with 9a8f6675 hot tears, Lin Hao took a deep breath and tried to stop the tears, but he found that he couldn't!

Boom... In the next moment, Lin Hao's body's momentum soared up, an extremely strong and profound qi field permeated the entire villa, and in the center of this powerful field, guarding it was his wife, Shen!Pity!Face!

The Shen family's crowd was trembling with the gathering of their minds by Lin Hao's momentum, and at this moment every one of them felt as if a thousand-pound boulder had been crushed on their bodies!

It was just that Shen Siyan, who was in the center of Lin Hao's momentum, did not have the slightest pressure.

In the next moment, Shen Siyan, who was immersed in happiness and lowered her head to tell about her experience with Lin Hao, raised her head fiercely, and her eyes became incomparably cold, saying almost word for word, "So!You guys!On what grounds!To hurt my husband!!!"


Boom... the momentum on Shen Siyan's body at this moment also rose to the sky, unlike Lin Hao's naturally nurtured kingly momentum, this moment was more like a powerful field of anger that had been suppressed in her heart for more than twenty years and exploded in a flash!

At this moment, the Shen family crowd faced the questioning from the depths of their souls, and one by one, their faces changed dramatically, all of them couldn't stop retreating one by one!

Shen Shi Yan took another step down and stared at Old Madam Shen, "I recognize that sister of hers?Find a gangster to beat up my husband?And now you're asking my husband to help her?Oh dream on!It's just that Lin Hao's heart is good, if I was there yesterday, she wouldn't be as cheap as being locked up for seven days!"

"You..." old madam Shen stiffened at the words, and her body could not help but take a step back.

Shen Xiyan took a step down and continued to stare at Old Madam Shen, asking, "Do I recognize my second uncle and second mother?Oh, who divided up my dad's shares last year when his corpse was still cold, b1dd9835?"

Old Mrs. Shen's body took a further step backwards.

Shen Shi Yan continued to take a step forward: "Do you recognize you as a grandmother?Did you ever think of me as your granddaughter?I've always been the one who's been treated the least since I was a kid. Your favorite is Shen Yiming, isn't it?In the third generation of the Shen family, everyone else has been placed in the company, but I'm not allowed to go back?Oh, there's a problem with Shen's company, so you force me to divorce Lin Hao so I can marry Li Jingze?So you have recognized me?"

Boom... Old Mrs. Shen's heart set off a wave of shock in an instant, and her body could not help but retreat back again.

"Shen Shi Yan!Don't go too far!If you make your grandmother angry, we won't spare you!"Shen Yunuo's mother Zhang Man shivered and shouted coldly at Shen Xiyan, at this moment Zhang Man, like a hysterical death row convict in despair.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the newest version of the newest product.Oh, it was just today that I found out about this!If I'd known yesterday, your precious daughter would never have been fired!Get the hell out of here!"

"You... "Zhang Man was shivering with anger at Shen Shi Yan, and her fingers trembled as she pointed at him.At this moment Zhang Man, just like Old Mrs. Shen, was shocked by the momentum emanating from Shen Shi Yan's body and kept retreating, her face pale white. The first website

Shen Shi Yan finished the steps and walked up to Shen Yiming and slowly said, "Cousin?Do you deserve to be my cousin?You wouldn't let my husband in the door at Grandma's birthday party, and now where do you get the face to enter his house?"

Shen Yiming's face turned wildly pale, being speechless by Shen Siyan, his body kept backing up, and he was about to exit the living room.

Shen Xi Yan came back in front of Shen Ruo Xue and stared at her deadly.

"Xi Yan, I... "Shen Ruo Xue faced Shen Xi Yan's eyes, incomparably guilty.

Shen Xi Yan fiercely shouted coldly, "Don't get close to me!You Shen Ruoxue how smart you are, a few days ago, let Li Jingze come to the Shen family to propose marriage, don't tell me that Shen Yiming that punk came up with the idea, the person behind the idea should be you, right?My beloved cousin?"

Shen Ruoxue's face turned white, her mouth opened but she still didn't say a word....

After Shen Xi Yan finished speaking, she never wanted to look at the Shen family again, but instead went back up the stairs.Halfway up, without looking back, she said, "Since you guys despise my husband so much, then from today onwards, I am no longer a member of your Shen family!Let's...break it up once and for all!From today onwards my surname is no longer Shen, from today onwards I change to my birth mother's surname, my surname is Leng!My name...Leng!Pity!Face!"


Shen Si Yan finished her footsteps without stopping any longer, directly went up to the second floor and went back to her room.

The faces of the Shen family changed greatly, and Old Madam Shen, who was standing at the front of the crowd, raised her hand towards Shen Siyan's back, as if she wanted to call out to her, but in the end, she didn't say a word.

Suddenly, she felt as if she had lost something in her heart, as if it was still something that was very, very important to her to the Shen family... Old Madam Shen couldn't help but stagger.

"Mom, this... "Shen Jiancheng walked to Old Madam Shen's side and hurriedly assisted Old Madam Shen who almost fell down.

Old Mrs. Shen sighed deeply, it was as if she had aged a dozen years, as if an essence had been drained from her body.She could not help but murmur in her heart, "Old man, did I do something wrong?Lao-san, did Mom do something wrong?Was I wrong?"

Shen Jiancheng was the only one who just Shen Xiyan didn't have an angry grudge against.This time Shen Jiancheng looked up at Lin Hao who was standing on the stairs with unparalleled momentum and spoke up, "Lin Hao, it was our Shen family that did wrong in the past, go and persuade Xiyan, we are still a family..."

"Get lost... "Lin Hao's eyes narrowed, and a cold killing intent flashed in the depths of his eyes...

"Er... "Shen Jiancheng's throat moved slightly, but he couldn't say another word, he felt the killing intent in Lin Hao's eyes and was so frightened that cold sweat ran down his back.

Stepping, stepping, stepping... A series of neat rhythmic sounds reached the house, and in the next moment a dozen retired special forces security guards from the Purple Bamboo Other House appeared in the hall.Upon their arrival, this group of people stood in front of the Shen Family 1f0f8ee4 crowd, each with a bad face.

It was only when the Shen family crowd was confronted with a dozen actually monstrous security guards that they suddenly remembered that this was the Purple Bamboo Buffer House, which had the best security system in Nanjiang City, and no one dared to cause trouble in the Purple Bamboo Buffer House!

The snobs of the Shen family, who only know how to nest in a weakness, were forced out of the Purple Bamboo Villa under the gaze of more than a dozen security guards.

After the Shen family had rolled over, Lin Hao stood on the stairs looking towards the second floor bedroom, his heart reverberating with what Shen Siyan had just said.

At this moment, Lin Hao only had four words for the temperament of Shen Xiyan just now: "Peerless!"

"Hao'er, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought them in, I..." waited until the Shen family members had left, and Wang Shufen called out to Lin Hao dumbly with a deep apology on her face.

Lin Hao smiled at Wang Shufen, shook his head and said, "It's okay mom, even if they don't come today, they will come sooner or later.The Shen family is completely snobbish, they have been morally kidnapping Xi Yan all these years, and now this result is quite good.Xi Yan has completely severed ties with them, although there is less affection, but the Shen family crowd's affection don't want it, they're not affection at all, they're just a bunch of worms lying on Xi Yan's body and sucking blood!"

Wang Shufen incomparably agreed with Lin Hao's words, think she Wang Shufen married to the Shen family for more than twenty years, she this Shen daughter-in-law, was oppressed by the Shen old lady for more than twenty years, she used to sprinkle on Shen Shiyan's anger, half of the anger is in the Shen family suffered, and then transferred to Shen Shiyan.

Now that she has found a good son-in-law like Lin Hao, Wang Shufen's heart is eager to break off relations with the Shen family quickly.

Anyway, her husband, Xiyan's father has been dead for almost two years.She doesn't want to look at the faces of the people of the Shen family, and her heart has long since stopped wanting to suffer from that wretchedness, but Xi Yan is just too kind-hearted.

The first time I saw her, I thought that she was going to go upstairs, so I turned around and walked down the stairs to Wang Shufen, frowning and asking, "Mom, did Xi Yan just say that she wants to change her surname to Leng?Leng's surname is her birth mother's surname, I really didn't know about this, can you tell me about it, Mom?"

Wang Shufen's face went white when she heard Lin Hao's question....


Wang Shufen's eyes instantly became incomparably complex, and she opened her mouth, but eventually sighed deeply, the complexity between her eyebrows becoming even stronger.

When Lin Hao saw this expression on Wang Shufen's face, he became even more curious.He couldn't help but ask, "Mom, tell me, what's going on?That look on your face makes me feel a little uneasy... Is the pity's own mother still alive?"

"Not alive, dead!"Wang Shufen's face changed dramatically, and she instantly took off, and her appearance became incredibly tense.

Lin Hao's heart moved, and looked deeply at Wang Shufen, he instinctively felt that there was something going on here, something hidden.

Wang Shufen saw that Lin Hao was staring at her with a deadly stare, unaware that cold sweat was seeping out on his forehead, and quickly said, "Hey, it's all bitter fate ah, more than twenty years ago, I was best friends with Xi Yan's own mother, Qiu Ya."

"At that time, I cherish 0f1829f4 Yan's own mother both fell in love with Yan's father, only later Yan's father didn't choose me."

"Not long after they were together Akiya got pregnant with Xi Yan, at that time Akiya hadn't married Xi Yan's father yet.The two of them were planning to get married when Qiu Ya gave birth prematurely, the medical care was poor at that time, but Xi Yan kept it and Qiu Ya didn't, hey..."

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Lin Hao looked at Wang Shufen's distant back and frowned deeply, Lin Hao instinctively felt that something was not right here.But he didn't want to delve into it now, whether Shen Xiyan's own mother was dead or not, he was still her husband.And Lin Hao was confident that even if that Leng family dared to come out and pick a fight in the future, he wouldn't be afraid!

Lin Hao no longer thought about that, but went upstairs back to the bedroom, Shen Xiyan's mood swings just now were very severe, he had to go check it out quickly.

Just Lin Hao just pushed open the bedroom door, Shen Xiyan, who had reapplied her makeup, smiled down at him and then said with a very cute pout, "Honey, I'm hungry, I just spoke too loudly, I don't have the energy..." One second remember to read the book

Lin Hao was stunned, in his thoughts, shouldn't Shen Xiyan be shedding tears with the blanket over her eyes?But how would this be in such a state?He was originally thinking of comforting Shen Shiyan properly.Now it seems like he can't even use the words of comfort after thinking about it?

"Shyam, are you okay?Is it really okay?"Lin Hao was a little worried about Shen Xiyan.He was really afraid that Shen Siyan was a bit thoughtless.After all, just now, Shen Siyan had cut off ties with the Shen family and even changed her surname.Not to mention, Leng Siyan's name is quite good, quite elegant also.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.I lost my father, and I almost lost you half a year ago.Lin Hao, from the moment we got married again a few days ago, I thought of making a clean break with the Shen family.I've already lost the man who loves me the most, I can't lose you again, husband, I love you, I miss you so much, I want a hug..."

Shen Siyan said and smiled as she opened her arms to Lin Hao.Lin Hao's heart was overflowing with emotion, and his face was filled with a happy smile, hugging with Shen Xi Yan.

"Honey, my own mother died, my father is gone, and I'm now cut off from the Shen family again.I really don't have any family in this world ah, you can't bully me in the future ah, you really can't bully me ah, you're the only family I have..." said Shen Siyan with her small mouth purposely acting pitiful, jokingly to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao stretched out his hand and scraped Shen Xiyan's small nose, at the moment his heart was only full of emotions, this atmosphere need not say anything, hold Shen Xiyan tightly enough.

Lin Hao hugged Shen Siyan tightly for a while, then whispered in the good man's ear, "Okay, I promise you, the world's cutest, most beautiful, most sexy, most gentle beauty..."


Lin Hao blew into Shen Xiyan's ear, causing Shen Xiyan's neck to turn red, and Shen Xiyan said to Lin Hao again, "Okay, that's what you said, so you're not allowed to be ambiguous with other beauties in the future!"

Lin Hao became embarrassed and quickly shook his head, "Heaven and earth, I would never engage in an ambiguous relationship with another woman..."

"Cut..." said Shen Xiyan with her mouth open, "Who believes this, there is a girl named Yin Xuan, half a year ago when you divorced me, in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau, she even kissed you in front of me, don't say there is no such thing ah?"

The corner of Lin Hao's mouth twitched, women really do hold grudges, the more beautiful a woman is, the more she holds a grudge?Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan who was staring at him with a very unkind look.

He quickly said, "Uh, that, that wasn't to anger you at the time, I already explained it to you ah.Yin Xuan was hired by me at my own expense ah, and she's long gone from Nanjiang now..."

Shen Siyan continued to stare at Lin Hao and asked, "Do you mean to say that if she's still in Nanjiang, you two still have a story to tell?"

I'm fucking... Right now Lin Hao wanted to find a wall and crash into it.How can I explain this....

Shen Xiyan nodded, "Well, then Yin Xuan is fine, come on, let's talk about Chen Shanshan's matter, shall we?"

"I think of her as a sister!"Lin Hao immediately raised his hand and swore to Shen Shi Yan, his eyes firm, not flitting and dodging in the slightest.The desire to live is so strong.

After staring at Lin Hao for a while, Shen Siyan suddenly pretended to cry, "Oooooh, you've had several women around you, I'm the only one who fell in love with you and married you ah... I'm so lost..."

Lin Hao was furious, "What are you talking about!I've loved you for so long and you're just now with me. Do you know how hurt I am?Finding one that isn't you, and then finding one that isn't you know how hard it is for me?" First web site

"Err... "Shen Xi Yan was dumbfounded on the spot, completely dumbfounded, she looked at Lin Hao's serious look and thought back to her experience with Lin Hao, and realized that there really wasn't anything wrong with Lin Hao's words.

But why did she just feel so out of place?

Lin Hao was inwardly proud of himself, brother's emotional intelligence, it was definitely a perfect score.Hehehehe... hehehe... Lin Hao was laughing when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his arm, and when he looked down, he found that Shen Xiyan was biting on his arm with her small mouth open....

"Why did you bite me?"Lin Hao was confused.

"I don't know, just wanted to bite you, what do you have a problem with?"Shen Siyan bit her teeth and thrust her waist at Lin Hao's black face and said.

"Yes, yes, no opinion, no opinion..." said Lin Hao, who sucked in cold air, just now Shen Siyan had really pushed hard, her arms were swollen, in fact it wasn't that painful, Lin Hao was deliberately pretending to be in pain so that Shen Siyan could vent her emotions.It's just that he pretended for a while, but he didn't wait for the rest of Shen Xiyan's story.

He couldn't help but look at Shen Xiyan, but found that Shen Xiyan had tears running down her face again.Lin Hao couldn't help but ask, "Xi Yan, you?"

Shen Xiyan had tears streaming down her face, but was smiling as she looked at Lin Hao, "Hubby... I love you... It's so good to have you in this life..."

The setting sun, shining in through the window, shone on the side of Shen Xi Yan's face, at this moment, Shen Xi Yan's smile was so beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful....


Lin Hao looked at Shen Siyan, mapped by the setting sun, and at his stunningly beautiful wife, and he smiled, smiling at Shen Siyan, his smile filled with love for Shen Siyan, protection for Shen Siyan, and the promise of giving Shen Siyan a lifetime of glory....

"One day, I will take you, Sovereign, to the world..."


Late at night, in the heart of Yanjing, within a classical building complex that covered hundreds of acres, sat the most core members of the Lin Clan, currently in a large palace hall, a middle-aged man with half-white hair and dressed in a suit sat on the throne.

The man sat upright, his face was not angry, and he had an air of supreme superiority.The man was Lin Yan, the contemporary head of the Lin Clan, and also the biological father of Lin Hao and Lin Qingcheng.

At this moment Lin Yan was sitting on a chair, wearing a black trench coat and standing respectfully in front of him, Lin Yan didn't speak, Lin Qingcheng didn't dare to say a word.

Lin Yan didn't have any expression on his face, but said very calmly, "So, Lin Hao is really fond of the woman from that small family in Nanjiang?"

Lin Qingcheng listened to Lin Yan's very calm words, but a bit of cold sweat seeped out of her pretty face.

She hadn't said anything to Lin Yan about Lin Hao at all this time when she returned from Europe.

But who was Lin Yan?With monstrous wealth and power in his hands, if he wanted to know something, no one would be able to hide it from him!So even though Lin Qingcheng had stayed in Nanjiang for just an hour, Lin Yan knew about it.

Then with a simple investigation, Lin Yan found out that Lin Hao had already left Tianhai and returned to that small city in Nanjiang, and had also received a marriage certificate with a woman from that small family.

Tonight Lin Yan called Lin Qingcheng to ask about Lin Hao's matter, Lin Qingcheng didn't dare to hide anything at all.

Lin Qingcheng bit her lips and bowed her head, "Yes father, my younger brother really likes that woman called Shen Xiyan."

Lin Yan still didn't have any expression to follow the action, but continued to ask, "Have you ever seen that woman?" Remember the URL

"Not yet, I came back in a hurry, my stay in Nanjiang was very short" said Lin Qingcheng, shaking her head.

Lin Yan continued, "Shen Siyan, daughter of a small, uninitiated family in Nanjiang City, birth mother Leng Qiu Ya, first born eldest daughter of the Leng family in Tianhai City, eloped with Shen Siyan's father twenty-six years ago, the Leng family brought back Leng Qiu Ya in anger."

Lin Qingcheng's eyes flashed with a hint of surprise, "Shen Suyan is an exiled bloodline of the Leng family?"

Lin Yan Weiwei nodded: "Not bad, but even if she is the daughter of the Leng family, her status is far from being worthy of our Lin family, and the Tianhai Leng family is still far from being worthy."

Lin Qingcheng instantly understood her father's meaning, at this moment when she thought of Lin Hao's resolute gaze, she couldn't help but feel bitter, she could only say to Lin Yan with a hard scalp, "But father, I'm afraid that younger brother he will only marry one woman in his life, Shen Xiyan, younger brother is too affectionate towards her!"

Lin Yan said faintly, "I disagree."

"Father!"Lin Qingcheng felt the indisputability in Lin Yan's words.

For a top hidden gentry like the Lin Clan, something like a marriage certificate was useless.

If the other half of the Lin bloodline couldn't get the family's approval, then it definitely wouldn't be able to enter the Lin family's gates.

So at this moment Lin Qingcheng was anxious.

"Eh?You have a problem with that?"Lin Yan frowned lightly for the first time, as far as he could remember, this was the first time Lin Qingcheng had disobeyed him in his entire growth!Since childhood, whatever he said, Lin Qingcheng would never object.

Lin Qingcheng's heart became even more anxious, she would have cold sweat running down her back.

She was too aware of her father Lin Yan's power and tactics.If he opposed Lin Hao being with Shen Xiyan, then it would be useless for anyone to come.

But that was where the problem arose, Lin Hao and Lin Yan had a bad relationship.

When Lin Hao was very young, there was internal strife in the Lin Clan, back then more than half of the branches of the Lin Clan united and launched a rebellion against the main lineage, back then Lin Hao's mother died because of Lin Yan's negligence, after that Lin Hao even went out of the clan alone and studied on his own, not relying on family support.

Since then, Lin Hao and Lin Yan are not like father and son, but more like enemies.

After graduating from college, Lin Hao even gave up taking over the Lin family and went straight to Nanjiang City to become the Shen family's son-in-law, on the one hand for the sake of Shen Xiyan, and on the other hand to disgust Lin Yan.

That's why Lin Qingcheng was thinking that Lin Hao's relationship with Lin Yan was already bad.

Back then, because of Lin Yan's negligence, the best mother to Lin Hao had died!If Lin Yan now took away the most important woman by Lin Hao's side again, then Lin Qingcheng wouldn't even dare to imagine the consequences.

Lin Qingcheng took a deep breath and said with a hard scalp, "Father!Please think twice!Do you really want to see your brother fight you with a knife?I brought four combat sequences with me when I was in Nam River and tried to forcefully bring back my brother, but he only told me that if I intervened, there would be four more bodies!"


Lin Yan's pupils shrank, and Lin Qingcheng's words eventually created a slight ripple in his heart.

But he still said indisputably, "You know that this family is not my decision alone, the Lin Clan Elders Council will never agree to a wild woman from a small family becoming the wife of the Lin Clan's heir!"

Lin Qingcheng incomparably nodded bitterly, "I know, but father, if I really let my younger brother leave Shen Xiyan, with my understanding of my younger brother, he will definitely condemn the Lin family!"

Lin Yan shook his head, "He must inherit Lin's!It's his destiny!It was his destiny to be separated from that woman!He's too soft-hearted after all, he's not fit to be a Lin Clan Master right now, he should be indifferent, and Lin Clan Masters shouldn't get caught up in their children's selfishness..."

When Lin Qingcheng heard this, her face changed dramatically, and she kneeled in front of Lin Yan with a thud, tears streaming out of her eyes.

Lin Yan didn't finish his words, but she had understood the meaning of Lin Yan's words.That was to simply make Shen Shi Yan disappear from this world.And with her father's energy, Lin Yan had so little doubt that doing it would be possible.

But then, if Shen Siyan died, then Lin Haochen would be dead too!

"Father, why is that so, why is that so?"Lin Qingcheng cried and prayed.

Lin Yan's eyes darkened, "He's my son, he's the last heir of the Lin Clan's first line, Lin Clan must not fall into the hands of the rebellious branch back then!It's my destiny, and it's his destiny too!"

After Lin Yan finished speaking, he no longer cared about Lin Qingcheng who was kneeling on the ground and instead just got up and left the main hall.

It wasn't until long after Lin Yan left that Lin Qingcheng stood up numbly. One second to remember to read the book

Her father Lin Yan was right, according to the family rules, Lin Hao would become the head of the Lin Clan at the age of thirty, this was a destiny that Lin Hao could not escape in his life, and the Lin Clan, as the world's top family giants, would never allow the heir of the Lin Clan to marry a wild woman from a small family.

Shen Siyan's birth was nothing in an ordinary family, but in the Lin Clan, it was a stain that she could never erase from her life!

At one o'clock in the morning, Lin Hao stood alone on the balcony of his villa, looking out at Yanjing Lin's direction.An hour ago, Lin Qingcheng sent him daa36f4d a text message with only one sentence on it, his father disagreed.

Lin Hao has been standing here for a full hour, the bedroom tired of a day Shen Xiyan has fallen asleep, after all, this day Shen Xiyan's heart fluctuates too much, first Lin Hao gave her the surprise of buying a villa, and then heard that Shen Yunuo found someone to beat Lin Hao, and then the group of people from the Shen family came over to make trouble, Shen Xiyan is too tired.

The sleeping Shen Xiyan had no idea of the haze in Lin Hao's heart....

What had to be said was that Lin Hao was Lin Yan's biological son in the end, and right now Lin Hao's eyes were just as calm as Lin Yan's, and his heart was just as resolute.

Lin Hao knew throughout that it was fine for him to play with women outside, but if he said that he would marry a woman from outside back to the Lin Clan, then Lin Clan's group of old fools would never agree to it.

Lin Hao's grandfather had died long ago, but the second and third grandparents of the branch were still alive, and those two lines of them would never agree to Lin Hao marrying Shen Shi Yan, not only them, but even Lin Yan wouldn't agree to it.

Lin Hao had thought about sentencing out of the Lin family for Shen Siyan and making a clean break with the Lin family.

But this was fine in a small family, it was simply impossible in a top-tier gentry like the Lin Clan.

If he gave up on inheriting the Lin Clan, he would lose everything.If nothing else, if he gave up on inheriting the Lin Clan today, then tomorrow he and Shen Xiyan could disappear from the face of the earth.

For thousands of years, the Lin Clan's head's wife had to be approved by half of the family members.

The wife of the heir of a top-tier gentry like the Lin Clan wasn't something that could be married to whoever one wanted, it was more of a bundle of interests, and it was clear that Shen Shyan's family was far from qualified.

So all these years Lin Hao had been secretly preparing and cultivating his power, and if he wanted to protect Shen Suyan from harm for the rest of his life, he had to inherit the Lin family and take absolute control of it in his own hands.

For so many years, he had been holding back, and he would always remember the tragedy of his mother.

He would never let the same thing happen to Shen Shi Yan again!

Lin Hao looked in the direction of the Northern Yanjing Lin Clan and muttered in his heart, "If you don't follow the rules, then don't blame me for not following them either!"

No matter who it was, no one could stop him from being with Shen Xiyan!

Not even his own father, Lin Yan, the head of the Lin Clan!

One day, he'll bring Shen Xiyan to rule the world!Give Shen Shi Yan the glory of a lifetime!


Nanjiang's business is still not finished, at the very least he has not even a decent wedding to Shen Shiyan, Lin Hao plans to go north to deal with the Lin family after the wedding in Nanjiang next month.

A perfect wedding ah, he wants to make Pa Shandi service Xi closed Yi'er Shen family those who look down on Shen Suyan, are deeply regret!

He wanted to make Shen Xiyan the happiest woman in Nanjiang City.


Lin Hao wasn't the only one who couldn't sleep this night, but the Shen family who had lost face in the Purple Bamboo Villa also couldn't sleep.Not only did they lose face, but also because the Shen family's company was about to go bankrupt and close down.

Of course, what they didn't know was that this was simply an order from Lin Hao to Jiang Shao Ming.When he first returned to Nanjiang City, Lin Hao let Jiang Shao Ming make a move against the Shen family's company, but at the time, Lin Hao didn't let Jiang Shao Ming go too far due to Shen Xiyan's emotions.Instead, he left the Shen family with a chance to survive.

But now there would be no need for that, and the Shen family's crowd had never taken Shen Siyan seriously from start to finish.Now Lin Hao also understood that a big reason why the Shen family was treating Shen Siyan like this should be because of Shen Siyan's birth mother, Leng Qiu Ya.Leng Qiu Ya didn't even marry Shen Xi Yan's father and had a child, so it's easy to imagine that the Shen family was absolutely unhappy.

The reason for this is because of the fact that it's a good idea for you to be able to have a good time with your family.Slowly what kind of wild words circulated among the Shen family's people.And everything in the Shen family also excluded Shen Xiyan.

After Shen Suyan completely despaired of the Shen family crowd today, Lin Hao stopped holding back and let Jiang Shao Ming take action against the Shen family at the first opportunity, he wanted to make the Shen family taste the pain of hurting Shen Suyan in a short amount of time!

At this moment in the conference room of the Shen Company, even though it was already midnight, Old Mrs. Shen, Shen Jiancheng, and Shen Zhiyuan were still sitting in the conference room.The atmosphere in the conference room was depressing to the extreme.

"Mom, this is definitely someone messing with us behind the scenes, all the industries under our Shen family were seized overnight, the funds were even frozen by the bank, and even the court sent us a summons..." said Shen Zhiyuan to Old Madam Shen through gritted teeth. First URL

Shen Jiancheng frowned deeply, "Not only that, my phone has been broken by the suppliers, partners below the company, and they said that if they don't settle the payment tomorrow, then they will sue us in court!"

Shen Jiancheng said and looked to Old Mrs. Shen, "Mom, is there really no other way?If we don't pass this hurdle, the company will really go out of business ah, and it's not just as simple as going out of business, some of our fixed assets will also be auctioned off..."

Shen Jiancheng was incomparably worried.

In the afternoon when their group was expelled from the Purple Bamboo Villa, they were still discussing how to take revenge on Lin Hao, and they were still cursing all sorts of nasty things at Shen Xiyan with their mouths.But they never would have imagined that just an hour later, the Shen family company would suffer an unprecedented bankruptcy crisis!

"Grass, who the hell have we offended!Is this how you're going to screw us?We don't have any problems with the Kyushu Group, do we?Why is he, Jiang Shao Ming, clinging to us with a death grip!"Shen Zhiyuan slapped the table viciously and stood up and said.

Old Mrs. Shen also frowned deeply and mumbled, "Who has been offended?Our Shen family doesn't have a problem with Jiang Shao Ming... Why would he have a problem with us?Hey, I'm getting old... Not only was I bullied by that punk Lin Hao, but the company was also shady..."

While Old Mrs. Shen was talking to herself, Shen Jiancheng, who was sitting next to her, was staring at her, but he waved his hand and interrupted her, "Wait, Lin Hao?Lin Hao... Lin Hao..."

The next moment Shen Jiancheng also stood up and said to Old Mrs. Shen, "Mom, do you think that that trash Lin Hao is the one who caused all of this to happen to our Shen family now?After all, our Shen family has never looked up to him, do you think he's screwing us?"

Shen Zhiyuan was stunned, "No way, he's just a door-to-door son-in-law, he's just a wimp, where did he get this much energy?If he's so capable, how could he come to our house as a son-in-law?"

"No, something's wrong, something's very wrong, Mom, Second Brother, maybe we're all underestimating Lin Hao too much..."

Shen Jiancheng's eyes added a deep weight, and he suddenly remembered a lot of things....

And all these things, one by one, pointed the finger at Lin Hao!


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