Super Son-in-law 141-160


Chapter 141

The four retired security guards frowned, the leader of the captain walked up to Lin Hao and said indisputably, "Sir, this is the Purple Bamboo Villa, no matter who you are, you can't make trouble here anymore!Please get out!"

Lin Hao's eyes narrowed, feeling the not weakness of this captain and playfully said, "Then what if I don't go out?"

The security captain's eyes narrowed and his appearance instantly went cold as he slowly said, "I'm offended then!"

He then said to the three men around him, "Throw him out!"

Shen Zhiyuan was watching that happy, Lin Hao this idiot actually dared to contradict the security guards of the Purple Bamboo Villa.

He's really impatient to live!

Not to mention Lin Hao, even the billion-dollar CEO Zhang who was beside him didn't dare to take the law into his own hands here.

Who the hell was Lin Hao?What a death wish!

"Lin Hao, you're finished!Wait for death!"Shen Zhiyuan, who was covering his face, stared at Lin Hao with incomparable resentment.

Lin Hao shook his neck and said to the security guard, "Heh, is the watchdog going to attack the master?Since you guys want to play, I'll play with you..."

The head security chief, seeing Lin Hao say that he was the owner of the place, his face changed, but then he continued, "Even if you are the owner of the Purple Bamboo Villa, you can't behave in Missy's territory!Do it!" Remember the URL

Just at the moment the four security guards were about to strike.Suddenly a soft yelp came over, "Stop!Who dares to touch Mr. Lin!"

The security guards around Lin Hao were stunned at the sound of the voice, their faces changed dramatically, and their demeanor was respectful to the extreme.Bowing their heads in the direction of the voice, they said, "Chief Gu!"

Lin Hao looked at Yue Gu who came over with interest, "The few of them are okay, I was hoping to play with them."

Yue Gu trailed off, "I'd rather not, I can't afford to provoke you, Mr. Lin...", Yue Gu smiled, but the look in Lin Hao's eyes became incomparably deeper.

Something was very wrong with Lin Hao's eyes, others might not be aware of it, but Yue Gu knew the four security guards in front of her, and Lin Hao's eyes told her that if she just did it, this security guard would definitely not be a match for him.

"What's going on, Mr. Lin, why are you suddenly making a move on me?If there's anything, just tell me what to do..." said Yue Gu leisurely.

This scene of Yue Gu directly scared that General Manager Zhang who was beside Shen Zhiyuan silly.

He was also an old man in Nanjiang City, no one knew Yue Gu's terror better than him, and it wasn't an exaggeration to say that Yue Gu was the strongest woman in Nanjiang City.This time, when Yue Gu swept over at him, he quickly lowered his head.

Lin Hao, on the other hand, was indifferent and said to Yue Gu, "It's not a big deal, it's just a relative of my wife's who's embarrassed to be here, making you laugh ah, even though this person is a relative of my wife, it's my fault that he's causing trouble in your territory.In this way, I'll treat you to dinner to make amends for making you laugh ah, hey..."

Pfft... Shen Zhiyuan exploded with anger when he saw that Lin Hao had returned, intact, what he had just insulted Lin Hao.

But right now, he didn't even dare to fart a bit.

Can't you see that General Manager Zhang, who is much more awesome than him, is bowing his head at this point?

Shen Zhiyuan didn't know Yue Gu, but he didn't even dare to glance at Yue Gu when he looked at Mr. Zhang.He knew that Yue Gu was far from being someone he could provoke, and such a big person was actually polite to Lin Hao.As for him, he was completely a clown.

The people around here would all be pointing fingers at Shen Zhiyuan.

Yue Gu glanced at Shen Zhiyuan on the ground and smiled at Lin Hao and said, "How dare I let Mr. Lin break the bank, let's go Mr. Lin, let's go see the house, I've got the keys to your villa, let's go now..."

Shen Zhiyuan was so shocked that his mouth bbb4a4d9 opened wide, pointing at Lin Hao and asking incredulously, "You you you, you really bought a house here?"


Lin Hao sneered disdainfully, "How fresh, just a set of houses.Hurry up and get out of here, disgraceful thing, I've lost my face!"

After saying that Lin Hao left accompanied by Yue Gu, Shen Zhiyuan's face was black with anger and his body began to tremble violently.

It was actually Lin Hao who scolded him, but he didn't even dare to talk back, so he could only endure it.Whether it was Lin Hao scolding him back with his words or Lin Hao buying a house in the Purple Bamboo Villa, it made him furious.

General Manager Zhang beside Shen Zhiyuan looked deeply at Shen Zhiyuan, "Shen Zhiyuan, your Shen family is really awesome, even General Manager Gu needs to be treated with care, yet you are scolding him as a trash, huh, I've really seen it, Zhang Mou really can't reach your Shen family, goodbye!Don't talk about what I promised you to help with before..."

Mr. Zhang just turned his head and walked away, he was now dripping with cold sweat.

Fortunately, he hadn't just followed Shen Zhiyuan and insulted Lin Hao.He was scared to death when he thought about it.It was so close, in fact, he was about to open his mouth just now.It was just as well that Yue Gu came.Thinking of this total long breath, he hurriedly left the Purple Bamboo Buffer....

At the entrance of a villa in the most eastern part of the Purple Bamboo Villa, Lin Hao smiled and said to Yue Gu, "Thank you, Mr. Gu, for giving me enough face just now, that Shen Zhiyuan was so scared that he didn't dare to say a word, haha, what a relief..."

Yue Gu's amorous and graceful white glance at Lin Hao said, "I'm afraid that General Manager Lin is not joking, I don't know your true identity, but I'm sure you're above Jiang Shao Ming in status!Do you think I was just trying to make you look good?For you, I can't really afford to mess with you ah, please take more care of little woman me in the future, it's not easy for me to fight for a woman's life..."

Yue Gu was so pitiful when she said the rest of the story that tears were about to fall from her gorgeous face.Lin Hao's body trembled all over.Secretly, a woman like Yue Gu was really to die for.Not only was she exceptionally beautiful, but she was also naturally fawning.

Lin Hao smiled somewhat awkwardly and said, "Gu is joking joking joking, Xi Yan just told also told me that she wants you to take care of me more..."

Yue Gu's heart was so helpless ah, in fact, after separating from Lin Hao at noon, she asked someone to check Lin Hao's details.And then the feedback she gave him was actually that she couldn't find out! One second to remember to read the book

But not being able to find out was the biggest problem, with the Gu family's power, it wasn't difficult to find out about someone at all.But she couldn't find out any useful information about Lin Hao, which only meant one thing.That was that the forces behind Lin Hao were far more powerful than the Gu family.

So this would then listen to Lin Hao acting like a loser again, and Gu Yue, a great beauty, just looked helpless.Patting her head, she said in her heart, "Xi Yan ah Xi Yan, do you know how powerful the person you asked me to take care of is?I take care of him?He's taking care of me is more or less the same... "Yue Gu muttered to herself in her heart.

After Yue Gu took Lin Hao to look around the house, Lin Hao was still very satisfied with the two-storey villa, European style decoration, yellow and white dominated inside, and the furniture inside, such as TV, kitchenware, central air conditioning, toilet, etc., were all top of the line.The decorating style was also very simple, and Lin Hao liked it after seeing it.The most important thing was that the courtyard was also quite large.

After returning home for dinner in the evening, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan were chatting in the bedroom.Lin Hao asked to Shen Xi Yan, "Xi Yan, if we were to buy a house, where would you like it?"

Lin Hao nodded and said, "I haven't heard of these two places you mentioned ah, but I heard that the best neighborhoods in Nanjiang City are Purple Bamboo Villa and Tianhe Villa ah..."


Shen Xiyan was shocked on the spot, very cute reached out and touched Lin Hao's head and said: "Honey you're not crazy, right?Do you know how expensive houses are there?It's a villa area, a set is tens of millions!"

Lin Hao nodded and smiled and said, "Well I know, but let me just ask you if you want a house there?"

Shen Siyan nodded, "Definitely want to, what a nice environment there, especially the Purple Bamboo Bifurcation, the most beautiful environment, grandmother's lifelong wish is to buy a house there, but it can't be realized, let alone us, hey, okay don't think about it, we have a place to live now, I'm quite happy, sleep..."

Shen Xi Yan is working overtime tonight, she's been working very hard these days, in order to earn more money to work with Lin Hao and get a bigger house.So this time after she finished chatting with Lin Hao, she went straight into the blanket and slept....

Lin Hao's heart ached as he looked at Shen Xi Yan who was so tired that she was fast asleep.Looking at Shen Xiyan's face, he whispered, "Xiyan, I've bought the house for you, I'll give you a surprise tomorrow..."

The next morning Lin Hao let Shen Xiyan go to work first, while Lin Hao stayed at home and didn't leave after breakfast, so he sat in the living room.Wang Shufen saw that Lin Hao hadn't left after cleaning up the dishes, so she looked at him with confusion, "Hao'er, aren't you going to work?"

Lin Hao smiled and said to Wang Shufen, "Mom, I'm waiting for someone."

"Waiting for someone?Who is it?"Wang Shufen continued to ask.

Just then, there was a sudden knock at the door, Lin Hao gave Wang Shufen a wink, and Wang Shufen subconsciously walked to the door and opened it.She then saw seven or eight people wearing moving company clothes walk in.

"Hao'er, this is?"Wang Shufen was even more confused.

Lin Hao smiled at Wang Shufen and said, "Mom, they were called by me, we're moving today, I bought a house in the city center yesterday, well decorated, you can move in straight away, the house I bought is much bigger than my home.You should pack your things now, don't pack the furniture or anything else, there are all of them over there, just pack the clothes and everything else" First URL

"Buy?Bought a house?This..." asked Wang Shufen with an incredulous face.Because this was too sudden, buying a house was a big deal in her heart, how come in Lin Hao's mouth, well it was just like buying cabbage?Just say buy it.

Lin Hao nodded, "Well mom, there's nothing strange about it, it's just buying a house, isn't it?Didn't they laugh at us all our lives for not being able to afford a house in the city?How refreshing, it's just a house!And it's true that we live here now, it's a little small, so let's move to the city center too!"

"But, but... "Wang Shufen was still too shocked to say anything.She always felt that something was wrong, but there was just no evidence.Just when she wanted to ask again, Lin Hao had already gone back to his bedroom to pack his things.

It was impossible to move 19a16a40 in one trip, and in the morning Wang Shufen followed the car to the Purple Bamboo Villa first.When Wang Shufen stood in front of the villa that Lin Hao bought in the Purple Bamboo alibi, she was completely silly.

Pointing at the door of the villa, her speech began to stutter: "Lin Lin Hao, this this... this is the house you bought?"

Lin Hao took out the key hmmm, the smart door opened, Lin Hao gave Wang Shufen a handful of keys and nodded, "Well, you see the door opened, only yesterday I bought this, Jiang Shaoming told me that the villa here is good.I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.Hehe... tonight, I'll give Xi Yan a surprise."

Wang Shufen was completely silly, incomparably complicated, looking at Lin Hao, can this neighborhood be good?This is the best villa area in Nanjiang!It's not just about money, it's also about your status!Whoever can live here isn't a famous figure in Nanjiang City!Like the Shen family, not to mention that they can't afford a villa here, and even if they could, they might not be able to afford one!

So Wang Shufen said to Lin Hao, "Hao'er, this is the Purple Bamboo Separate Courtyard!This is the Purple Bamboo Villa!Is this really our new home?You really didn't lie to Mom?"


Lin Hao wondered, "Mom, I've given you the keys, of course this is our new home, what's wrong?It's just a house, isn't it?"

The corner of Wang Shufen's mouth twitched viciously, "This is not a place where money can be bought, ah, if you want to buy a house here, you can't do it without a certain social status!"

Err... Lin Hao hadn't really thought about it, but it turned out that there was still that kind of requirement to buy a house here.It was just that Jiang Shao Ming had bought it directly yesterday, so Jiang Shao Ming naturally wouldn't tell him such trivial matters.After all, not to mention Lin Hao, even if it was Jiang Shao Ming himself, he would definitely have enough status to buy a house here.

Lin Hao waved his hand at Wang Shufen and said, "Mom, don't worry about so many things, go in quickly, the workers are waiting.If you still don't believe me, I'll show you the house book later, won't that do..."

Wang Shufen didn't know what she should say, so she nodded and walked in, but she was still relieved, so the first thing she did was to have Lin Hao show her the real estate certificate.She carefully looked at it several times before she was sure that Lin Hao had really bought the house yesterday!

After confirming this matter, Wang Shufen was shocked beyond words.Hands shivering, she returned the house book to Lin Hao, and with difficulty swallowed her spit and said to Lin Hao, "Hao'er ah, you, how much money do you still have?"

Lin Hao smiled at Wang Shufen Weiwei and said, "Mom, there are some things that I can't talk to you and Xi Yan right now.But there is one thing, I only have one wife in my life, Xi Yan, and you will always be my mother!Don't ask about me. I'll tell you all about it later, okay?......."

Wang Shufen nodded vigorously in thought, she probably knew more about Lin Hao than Shen Shi Yan.For example, that big brother of Nanjiang City, Master Scar, was also respectful in front of Lin Hao.This was something that Shen Siyan just didn't know about.Right now, looking at Lin Hao standing in front of her, Wang Shufen felt that Lin Hao was covered in mist.It made it difficult for her to see clearly.

But Wang Shufen isn't the kind of person to get to the bottom of things, she doesn't care how much money Lin Hao has, as long as Lin Hao is filial to her, it's enough.Like the other day when Lin Hao had directly given her a necklace of over a hundred thousand dollars, and now that he had bought a house he had also brought her in to live with him!

When she thought of this Wang Shufen smiled and nodded, "mmmm, okay, Hao'er your matter, mom won't ask, I also give you advice to Xi Yan, let her not get to the bottom of it, just wait until you tell us later.But Hao'er ah, you don't want to work too hard ah, if you wear out your body, me and Xi Yan, our mother and father will have no one to take care of ah......."

Just in the school all kinds of bullying, and the year Lin Hao entered the Shen family, but even more by this sister-in-law all kinds of despised." Remember the website

When Wang Shufen looked at the 100,000 pieces that arrived on her phone, the smile on her face became even more intense.The more she looked at Lin Hao's eyes, the more satisfied and eager she became, saying in her heart that she had really found a good son-in-law.Such a son-in-law really can't be found even with a lantern, fortunately, Xi Yan has remarried with Lin Hao, otherwise Wang Shufen would have to regret to death.She made up her mind that she would treat Lin Hao better in the future!

After talking with Lin Hao, Wang Shufen excitedly went to look at the various rooms of the villa, and eventually Wang Shufen automatically chose a downstairs bedroom, while the second floor was all reserved for Lin Hao and Shen Shi Yan.

After arranging things, Lin Hao did not go back, he and Shen Shiyan's things, he has just moved over, the rest of the Wang Shufen and then go back to collect e5673966 to pack up on the good.

This time there is no Lin Hao followed, back to the original district Wang Shufen, that is called a derring-do ah.In the downstairs corridor speaking voice are particularly loud, afraid that others do not know she wants to move out of the matter.It is true that under the deliberate yelling of Wang Shufen, the surrounding neighbors came out, and when they saw Wang Shufen moving, they were also curious.

"Shufen ah, are you moving away?"A middle-aged woman with short hair and a gold necklace asked to Wang Shufen.


Wang Shufen nodded and thumped, "Mmhmm, Sister Wang, I'm leaving, and I won't come back to live here anymore, go to the house and see if there's anything you can use, just take it away..."

As soon as Sister Wang heard this, she piled a smile on her face and said, "OK, Shufen ah, where have you moved to?"

Wang Shufen smiled and said, "Purple Bamboo Villa, my son-in-law bought a house there yesterday, there's furniture and everything inside, I won't take these things over there..."

Another neighbor beside Wang Shufen was shocked and asked, "Purple Bamboo Buffer House?That's the best villa area in our Nanjiang City, it's tens of millions of dollars to buy a villa there, right?"

Hehe... Wang Shufen smiled without saying anything, looking at the kind of envious and jealous eyes that her neighbors cast at her, she was particularly amused.Seeing the neighbor say so, she quickly waved her hand: "How much I don't know, Hao'er bought it yesterday, and didn't tell me how much, in fact, it doesn't matter how much or how little, the important thing is that the environment of that neighborhood is really quite good..."

That Sister Wang, seeing Wang Shufen's derring-do face, was tempted to harm her, but on second thought, she couldn't afford to provoke Wang Shufen nowadays, and Wang Shufen's son-in-law was able to buy a house in Zizhu Bifeng, which was no ordinary person.In the future, they would have to find Wang Shufen to help them!

So they smiled and complimented Wang Shufen: "Shufen ah, you can really find a good son-in-law ah, golden turtle son-in-law, this after you can enjoy the blessing of the ah, but do not forget us ah, after long back to see ah......."

"Yeah, Sister Shufen, I really envy you for finding a good son-in-law, I just gave you a hundred thousand dollar necklace a few days ago, and today I bought a big villa!Hey, my son-in-law is not good enough, only a month to earn a few thousand dollars, monthly expenses are not enough, the mortgage can not finish ah ... ... "Another female neighbor to Wang Shufen said.

In the past, these neighbors of Wang Shufen, it was all kinds of ridicule, and they all despised Wang Shufen in their bones.But now, no matter what they thought in their hearts, at least their faces had to accompany Wang Shufen with a smile....

Wang Shufen was complimented by her neighbors for being refreshed, that was so happy.The new villa that Lin Hao has bought, naturally, caused a cold sound, and Wang Shufen was incomparably satisfied.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new villa you've bought, and then you'll see that it's a new one. A second to remember to read the book.

It was a waste of time for him to stay, it just so happened that Wang Shufen liked to do that, and he left the money for Wang Shufen.

Just when Lin Hao had just arrived at the entrance of the Kyushu Group, he was stopped by a delinquent girl wearing a cowboy outfit with a high ponytail and big round earrings on her ears.

It took Lin Hao a while to recognize the girl as Shen Yu Nuo, Shen Zhiyuan's youngest daughter and Shen Ruoxue's real sister.

Lin Hao was also surprised, was this family lining up to be hit in the face?

Because he saw the hatred on the face of Shen Yuno, the delinquent girl.Shen Yuno was surrounded by a few delinquent teenagers.

Lin Hao still had some impressions of Shen Yuno, this Shen Yuno had been very rebellious since childhood, and was the big sister in the school when she was in high school, fighting for her family's money and power, fighting for her beauty.Just in the school all kinds of bullying, and the year Lin Hao entered the Shen family, but even more by this sister-in-law all kinds of despised.

Lin Hao originally didn't want to take care of her, if it were her sister Shen Ruoxue or her father Shen Zhiyuan coming over, Lin Hao would still be interested in striking a few blows, but this Shen Yuno?The university hadn't graduated yet, and in Lin Hao's eyes it was a complete child, Lin Hao really couldn't hold any interest in it.

The more she looked at Lin Hao's eyes, the more satisfied and eager she became, saying in her heart that she had really found a good son-in-law.Lin Hao had no choice but to park the car on the side.Got out of the car and walked up to Shen Yuno and asked, "What do you want?"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.I thought Yiming was lying to me, but you've really turned over a new leaf?Oh..."


Looking at Shen Yuno's disdainful expression, Lin Hao sneered, "Shen Yuno, hasn't your school even taught you the minimum respect for people?Don't you know how to call your brother-in-law when you see him?"

Shen Yuno sneered and looked at Lin Hao, "Brother-in-law?Heh, with a piece of shit like you?You wish. And who says I call that bitch Shen Sik Yen my sister?My sister only has..."

Slap... Lin Hao threw a slap directly on Shen Yuno's face, she could insult herself, but if she dared to curse Shen Xiyan, Lin Hao wouldn't let her off the hook.Since Shen Zhiyuan wouldn't be able to teach her daughter, Lin Hao didn't mind teaching her for him.

Before Shen Yunuo could finish her sentence, she was slapped hard by Lin Hao and became angry, looking incredulous, pointing at Lin Hao and questioning, "You you, you dare to hit me?How dare you hit me, you punk?"

Lin Hao is fucking speechless, these people in the Shen family are all idiots, can't they change their story every time?It's fine for them to be bossy and spew shit, but they can't stand it if someone else fights back?It was true that the Shen family was all the way down the line, none of them were any better.

Lin Hao didn't say anything, he looked at Shen Yuno's incredulous expression and felt that Shen Yuno shouldn't have felt it clearly.So he backhanded her on the other side of her face again and smacked her again.Well, she should have felt it clearly this time.Lin Hao is not a saintly mother, what woman can not hit what, that also has to be divided into people, the most beautiful woman, he will not be used to!

There are some women in society who insult people by virtue of their beauty, deluding themselves that all the men in the world have to be around her, then Lin Hao doesn't mind teaching them how to behave!Thinking that because he was pretty, Lin Hao wouldn't dare to do anything, huh, what a thought.

Ah... Shen Yuno screamed, pointing at Lin Hao and yelling at the few student thugs around him, "Get him!Kill this loser!"

With Shen Yuno's yell, the few student thugs standing beside her suddenly rushed to Lin Hao's front with a shout.It was just that their fighting strength was something that Lin Hao really didn't care about.Those three student thugs didn't even touch Lin Hao's horns before Lin Hao put them down with two or three blows, and one by one, they couldn't get up for half a day.

Lin Hao clapped his hands to Shen Yuno and said, "Still playing?If you're not playing, get out..."

Shen Yuno clenched her fist in a death grip and gritted her teeth, her eyes incomparably hateful as she looked at Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, don't leave if you have the guts!I'm calling someone!" First web site

Lin Hao nodded, "Okay, don't say I didn't give you time, I'll go have dinner first.I'll give you a chance, you name a place, I'll come over after dinner."

Shen Yuno's eyes narrowed, she was really afraid that Lin Hao would run away, she had been hanging out with people outside the school since high school, she knew quite a few people.Since this punk Lin Hao was so propitious, then today she would just break one of his legs!

Thinking of this Shen Yuno said, "Okay, see you at 2 pm in the first billiard hall behind our school!If you've got the guts, come on!If you don't dare come, I'll go and smack your wife twice!"

Lin Hao's eyes narrowed, and a cold killing intent suddenly rose up on his body, no matter how skinny Shen Yuno was, she was still a student after all, and hadn't experienced any big scenes at all.But what Lin Hao didn't expect was that students nowadays could be so vicious, and at this moment Lin Hao had killing intent for Shen Yuno.

Shen Yuno felt the killing intent in Lin Hao's body, and an infinite fear rose in her heart.Even this time she didn't dare to look at Lin Hao again.

Lin Hao pointed at a student gangster who had just climbed up behind Shen Yuno and said, "You, get in the car and take me to that first billiard hall behind your school right now!"

That student punk was so scared that he nodded his head and got into Lin Hao's car, and he was still in pain from the kick Lin Hao had just given him.He didn't even dare to resist Lin Hao now.

When the student got into the car, Lin Hao looked at Shen Yuno with narrowed eyes and said, "You're good, you managed to anger me, aren't you a gangster?Well, you better call more people, because I can call people too!I'll be waiting for you right now where you said I would be!If you don't come, I'll go to your house to find your sister and your father!"


Lin Hao got into the car and drove towards the place that Shen Yuno had told him about, under the directions of that student punk.Shen Yuno's body trembled after Lin Hao left.It was true that she had just felt a fear in Lin Hao.But then Shen Yuno, who had been mixed up for so many years, her eyes became vicious again.

"Surnamed Lin, you're the one who's looking for death!Who the hell do you think you are? You're a fucking loser, a wimp!Just you wait!Just you wait!"Shen Yuno growled in her heart.Then he took out his phone and started calling people.

An hour later, Lin Hao arrived at the billiard hall that Shen Yunuo said.After going in, Lin Hao found that this billiard hall was very big, about five or six hundred square meters, where most of the young people, a bunch of boys and girls were playing billiards, or smoking and chatting.After estimating the number of people, it probably had hundreds of people.

"Big... big brother, this is it, can I... can I go now?"The student gangster who was captured by Lin Hao was scared and said to Lin Hao.

After he got Lin Hao's promise, the student dared to enter and ran out.

After that student punk left, Lin Hao took out his cell phone and called Scarlet Six, "I'm in the first billiard hall behind Nanjiang University, someone is going to call someone to beat me up, call as many people as you can right now, and surround this billiard hall!Just don't come over and let Swallow take full responsibility."

At this moment, in a villa in Nanjiang City's Southern District.

The cigar in Scar Six's mouth had fallen to the ground after he had finished his phone call with Lin Hao.

Scar Six, the big man of Nanjiang society, was confused.Someone was going to beat up Lin Hao?Who's the idiot that's not looking for death?

But Scarlet Six was quite thankful for that idiot because this was a good opportunity to show off in front of Lin Hao.Thinking about it Scarlet Six got excited in his heart.

In the next moment, he yelled at the few youngsters in the hall, "Call out to the people!Put all the brothers under our command up in a hurry, no matter what they are doing now, and let them go to the first pool hall behind Nanjiang University at once!Immediately, immediately!" Remember the URL

Boom... With Scarlet Six's order, half of Nanjiang City shook.

Everywhere in Nanjiang City, at this moment, there were people looking down at the message coming from their phones.There was only one sentence on it, immediately go to the first billiard hall behind Nanjiang University!

In a clubhouse in the East End, dozens of brothers who were watching the scene, didn't even care about the scene, took their weapons and drove off that way....

Inside a bathing center in the west city, hundreds of people also poured out at the same time, heading towards the location on their phones in a huge rush....

In the southern city, Swallow also immediately gathered all the men under his command and ran straight over....

Lin Hao, who was currently in the first billiard hall, had no idea that his one phone call had caused the entire Nanjiang City to shake.Because he had only received Scar Six, but he had no idea how many people were under Scar Six's command.

At the same time that Scar Six's subordinates were on the move, in the conference hall of the Nanjiang City Public Security Bureau, more than a dozen uniformed policemen all looked at the scene on the large screen in front of them with heavy faces.The head of the group, an old policeman with a national face, frowned deeply.

"Scar Six is this crazy?Surprisingly assembled hundreds of people in an instant, what the hell was he doing!Investigate it quickly, it's such a massive move, something could happen!Have you heard back from our source?Where's the location of Scar Six?What is the purpose!I need to know now!"The old policeman leading the group drank to the bottom.

The next moment a cop sitting below stood up, "Bureau Sun, I 8126d402 just received a report from my informant, he doesn't know what Scar Six is up to, he asked a lot of people, and none of them are sure what Scar Six is up to.But they all received an address, and Scar Six told everyone under his command to head that way!"

The old cop named Sun Bureau furrowed his brow even more and drank, "What's the address?"

The young policeman quickly said, "The first pool hall behind South River University!"


"What?Scar Six's destination is actually near Nanjiang University?No, that billiard hall is too close to the university, and there are too many students nearby, one slip-up and we'll be in trouble!Assemble all police officers and go to the first pool hall immediately!No, I'll lead the team myself this time!"Bureau Sun's face instantly changed when he heard the location reported by his men.If something happened to a college student, it was going to attract the attention of the community.

After ordering the news to be blocked, the Sun Bureau immediately brought dozens of policemen and quickly headed to the first billiard hall....

At this moment inside the first billiard hall, Lin Hao very calmly sat on a chair, while around him were surrounded by 50 or 60 people.Shen Yuno, who had an arrogant face and a lady's cigarette in her mouth, stood in front of Lin Hao.

"Heh, Lin Hao, you really do have the guts to come!"Shen Yuno sneered at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao looked at Shen Yuno with an expression on his face, "Have you called all the people?Should we wait any longer!"

Shen Yuno looked at Lin Hao as if she was looking at a dead man, "There are still a few that didn't come, but it doesn't matter, can't you think of beating up so many of us by yourself?".

"Surnamed Lin, you're very cool, you dare to bully Yuno?I'm afraid you're going to have to lie out today..." said a young man with an earring and a snake tattooed on his arm beside Shen Yuno.

"Who are you?What's your relationship with her?"Lin Hao asked to the youth.

Without waiting for the youth to speak, Shen Yuno said, "His name is Knife, the number one war general under Brother Swallow of South City, he is also my brother, why are you afraid?Didn't you just call someone?Oh, don't say I didn't give you a chance ah Lin Hao, I'm waiting for the person you called to come over!"

Lin Hao nodded, "Okay, then you wait a little longer, maybe I'll call more people and won't be able to come for a while..."

Hahahaha... After Lin Hao finished speaking, including Shen Yuno, the dozens of people in the house laughed out loud.Because they felt that with the knife here, who else could Lin Hao call over in Nanjiang City?Even if they could call someone over, the knife was here, they wouldn't dare to do anything.They were just waiting to see how Lin Hao would kneel down and beg for mercy later. One second to remember to read the book.

Just when those people sneered, the knife standing at the front next to Shen Yuno, but his eyebrows Vivian wrinkled, he just phone has been ringing, this time to take out the phone, found that it actually has five missed calls, while his WeChat has dozens of unread messages.Knife flipped it open and found that the dozens of WeChat groups he had added were frantically heading their way.

Knife's face brushed against the wall.He couldn't be bothered to reply to the messages in WeChat, but quickly opened the few missed records and found that they were all from his boss, Brother Swallow.

The knife to the younger brother that is not even shake a face, but he is afraid of his boss Brother Swallow to the extreme.He quickly went to one corner and called Swallow back over, "Hello?What's wrong with Brother Swallow?What's going on?"

The phone call was quickly followed by Swallow's broken voice, "Where the fuck are you?Forget it, you take all your brothers to the first billiard hall behind Nanjiang University, right now, right now!"

After hearing Swallow's words, Knife became confused and looked at the dozens of people in front of him, he quickly said to Swallow, "Brother Swallow, I'm in the first billiard hall right now ah?All my brothers are here, what's going on?"After Knife finished speaking, his eyes fiercely looked at Lin Hao, who was surrounded by a group of people, and a feeling of foreboding rose in his heart....

Sure enough, after a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, the fearful voice of Swallow came out of nowhere, "Knife, tell me what the fuck you're doing in the first billiard hall!Say!Say it!"

The bad feeling in his heart grew heavier and heavier as he looked at the dozens of brothers in the house who were laughing at Lin Hao, and gulped down his saliva and said to Swallow, "Brother, someone has bullied one of my god-sisters, and that person is here right now, and I'm about to teach him a lesson.Brother Swallow, what's wrong?That guy wouldn't have any background, would he?I heard my sister say that that man is a door-to-door son-in-law of her family, ah, a wimp..."


Before the knife even finished speaking, the voice of Swallow's infinite fear and fury came from the other end of the phone, "I'll fuck your ancestors!That's fucking Mr. Lam!Who the hell are you, Mr. Lin, that even Master Scar has to be treated with care?You better not have touched Mr. Lin, or I'll chop you up with my own hands today!"

No, I'll lead the team myself this time!"Please save me, please save me, Brother Swallow!"

The first thing I noticed was that I was so scared that I didn't want to be scared.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The incomparably frightened voice of Swallow came from the other end of the phone, "You you you... you must now quickly kneel in front of Mr. Lin and beg his forgiveness, I'll be right there, I'm almost at the door, if I wait for my brothers to go in, I won't be able to save you, damn it!"Swallow hung up the phone afterwards.

When Knife put down the phone, his clothes were already soaked with cold sweat, and the hand holding the phone was now shaking like crazy.

"Brother Knife, after making the call, just hurry over ah, I don't think this grandson can call someone to come, he's just pretending to be here.Let's get started right now..." a punk said to Knife.

"Yeah, Brother Knives, hurry up and finish, let's continue to play, Faye called over and said that she still has a new little girl there for you..." said another gangster to Knives.

"All shut the fuck up!"Knife was almost scared to death by these men's words, daring to touch Lin Hao?I'm afraid he's not too long for life.And when Knife roared like that, the whole place quieted down.When they saw Knife, who was covered in cold sweat, they were also shocked beyond words.Knife ignored them but trembled and walked up to Lin Hao.

"Brother, what's wrong?If you have something to do, you can leave first, I'll just teach this loser a lesson."Shen Yuno also sensed that something was wrong with the knife, so she hugged the knife's arm and said in a thin voice.

But Shen Yuno didn't expect that she would open her mouth, scaring Knife so much that he almost fell to the ground.The next moment Knife fiercely smacked Shen Yuno's face with a big mouth: "Roll your mother!Who do you call brother?I don't know you!"

Lin Hao looked at the knife's reaction and understood with a little thought.So he looked at Knife and said, "Oh?You're the man below Scar Six?" First web site

Knife's words were completely confirmed by his boss Swallow's words, even Six had to be careful in front of Lin Hao.Can't you see that Lin Hao even directly said Scar Six's name?And it was like saying underlings.

The next moment Knife knelt in front of Lin Hao with a thud and kowtowed a few times, "Lin, Mr. Lin it's all a misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding, I really didn't know it was you ah, I really didn't know ah!"

This time, everyone in the room was shocked, and one by one, they didn't dare to speak again.Shen Yuno, who had been smacked with a knife, was even more shocked to the extreme.They were all scared silly seeing the scene in front of them.

Just as Knife wanted to continue speaking, the entire floor of the billiard hall shook.Outside even rang 68bde9a6 a bunch of hurried footsteps, and just listening to the sound, one could tell that there were dozens of people.

The next moment, a loud bang, the billiard hall door was kicked open, clamoring in a few dozen people.And that was just the beginning, as the wave of people came in, it was quickly followed by another wave of dozens.Then came a third wave, and a fourth wave, until the entire billiard hall couldn't get any more people in.

But that wasn't all, through the glass of the billiard hall, you could see that the outside of the billiard hall was also filled with people.

Lin Hao lit a cigarette, took a deep drag, stood up and looked at the dozens of people with knives in front of them, and slowly said, "Well, the people I called are here, now we can start..."

"You you you you... "Shen Yuno was so scared that her face was white, and as she watched Lin Hao stand up and walk towards her, she kept backing up.It was just that there were people behind her, and there was nowhere for her to go if she wanted to step back.

Lin Hao walked up to Shen Yuno and said indifferently, "Aren't you going to hit me?Isn't your man still missing?Don't say I'm bullying you, go ahead and call now, and we'll start again when your man gets here!"


Shen Yuno hadn't spoken yet, and when the kneeling knife heard Lin Hao's words, he quickly shouted at the people behind him, "All of you fucking kneel down!Don't they want to fucking live?Huh?"

The crowd behind Shen Yuno hurriedly kneeled down one by one after hearing the knife's words, and no one else dared to stand.There were only a few of her classmates left by Shen Yuno's side at this point, still standing.Two females and three males.But at this moment, these five people were also pale and trembling.

"Mr. Lin, it's all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding..." just as Lin Hao wanted to continue speaking to Shen Yuno, an urgent voice came from the door, and the next moment the swallow in a silver suit hurriedly ran in.

Lin Hao looked at the swallow with cold sweat on his face and smiled, this swallow was also a ruthless person, he was quite appreciative of it when we last met.So he looked at the swallow with interest, "Oh, Brother Swallow has met again..."

Swallow was greatly relieved to see Lin Hao smiling, and quickly said to Lin Hao, "Meet Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin, this knife is my brother, he really doesn't know you ah, fortunately he didn't do anything to you, otherwise I really can't explain to Sixth Master, I would have to die to thank you..."

Lin Hao laughed and shook his head, sat down on a chair, smoking a cigarette and said to Swallow, "Let the brothers in the back go out, there are too many people, the air is not flowing..."

Swallow quickly shouted to the back at the news, "Do you hear me?Get out of here, all you idlers!"

With a loud roar from Swallow, suddenly a hundred or two hundred people inside the billiard hall headed outside.Soon there were only a dozen people left inside the large billiard ball.Shen Yuno and her classmates were six.Knife Swallow and a few of her steward brothers remained.

Lin Hao looked at the knife kneeling in front of him and said, "Get up, since you don't know, this time is over, now stand aside.

Knife Swallow, like a great amnesty, gave Lin Hao a big thank you and kowtowed a few times, "Thank you Mr. Lin, thank you Mr. Lin..."

Lin Hao didn't pay any attention to the knife, but pointed at Shen Yuno and the five people next to her and said to Swallow, "With your ability, will there be trouble if you make these people disappear from this world?" Remember the URL

Swallow smiled confidently, "There won't be any trouble, make sure you can't find out."

Lin Hao stood up, without looking at Shen Yuno and the others, he nodded to Scar Six and said, "Okay, then I'm leaving, I'll leave this place to you."

After getting up, Lin Hao pointed at Shen Yuno and said to Scar Six, "This woman makes me sick, don't let her die too easily..."

"Okay, Mr. Lin," Scarlet Six nodded respectfully.Lin Hao hmmmed and walked out.

The few student thugs around Shen Yunuo, who had heard Lin Hao's conversation with Yanzi, were scared out of their wits, and when they saw Lin Hao leaving, they quickly knelt down and cried out, "Mr. Lin, it's none of our business, it's all Shen Yunuo's orders, we don't know anything, we have nothing to do with her... Please let us go..."

These students were scared silly, they didn't know Scar Six, but they, seeing the hundreds of people under Scar Six's command, knew that it would definitely not be difficult for Swallow to kill them.They were thugs in the school, so naturally they knew more than the other students.But precisely because they knew more, this would be the more fearful they would be.

"Shut up!Why are you screaming?Mr. Lin is also what you can call him?"Swallow cursed and directly kicked down the person who had just spoken .Seeing that Swallow had done it, the knives also began to take hard shots at a few people other than Shen Yuno....

It wasn't until those people were beaten and unable to speak that Lin Hao nodded his head in satisfaction, finally clearing the air.Then he walked out without even looking at Shen Yuno.

That's when Shen Yuno finally reacted, crawled and ran to Lin Hao and thumped his knees on the ground, "Lin Hao, I was wrong, let me go, I won't dare to do it again..."

Chapter 151

This time Shen Yuno was really about to be scared to death, she never expected that the big brother she knew in society, Brother Knife, wouldn't even dare to let out a fart in front of Lin Hao.

Lin Hao stopped, took a deep look at Shen Yuno and slowly said, "You found someone to beat me up and threatened to beat up Xi Yan, so why do you think I should let you go?"

Shen Yuno's body stiffened, his mouth slightly open but he couldn't say anything, only the fear in the depths of his eyes became even thicker.Lin Hao wasn't a saintly mother, he hadn't been back to Nanjiang for a few days, and he hadn't planned to provoke the Shen family, but the fire in his heart had been successfully roused when the Shen family came to provoke him again and again.

Just as Lin Hao was leaving, a team of policemen came in at the entrance of the billiard hall, headed by the rigid-faced Bureau Sun.As soon as Sun Bureau came in, he walked straight up to Swallow and drank, "Swallow, tell me what you want again?"

Swallow smiled indifferently and said: "Sun Bureau ah, we just play a game of billiards breaking the law?Or do you think we have fights here?"

Bureau Sun swept a glance at the billiard hall, looked at the wretched Shen Yuno, and when he finally saw Lin Hao, Bureau Sun's eye holes shrank.He recognized at first glance that Lin Hao was no ordinary person.

"Take everyone in the house away!"Bureau Sun shouted at the dozen or so policemen behind him.

Lin Hao's eyes narrowed, he knew that the other party had the authority.Lin Hao looked deeply at the Sun Bureau, "You want to take me away?"

Sun Bureau was shaken but nodded, "Yes, I suspect that you have a plot of mobbing, etc., and I have the authority to bring you back to the Bureau, and what is this little girl all about?She was on her knees in front of you when I first came in!"

When she heard the words of the Sun Bureau, Shen Yunuo suddenly seemed to have a heart and soul, and quickly said to the Sun Bureau: "Police uncle save me, save me, they want to beat me, and also use force on me, is this Lin Hao!Yes, that's him!"

Shen Yuno's hand trembled and pointed at Lin Hao. A second to remember to read the book

"Get him out of here!"Sun Bureau was furious at the news, and he had looked at Lin Hao again with more than a hint of anger!

Lin Hao watched the two policemen walk behind him and smiled indifferently.

When Swallow saw this scene, she broke out in cold sweat and quickly yelled at Bureau Sun, "Bureau Sun!He's Mr. Lin!He... "Swallow was about to continue when Lin Hao waved his hand at him, stopping him.

Because Lin Hao knew that it was unlikely that he would be alright, the most he could do was to go to the police station for a while.He also wanted to see the look of despair on the face of Shen Yuno, who was now dancing with his teeth and claws.Colluding with off-campus people to gather a crowd to fight, this kind of thing she can't go to college, and will be detained for a few days, so to speak Shen Yuno's future has been ruined.

Lin Hao smiled and looked at Sun Bureau, "I'll go back to the bureau with you..."

Sun Bureau looked at Swallow's frightened expression and his heart was also tight, with his experience he didn't need Swallow to say anything, he understood that Lin Hao was definitely not an ordinary person.And the person who would be able to make Swallow afraid like that was definitely not below Scarlet Six in status.Thinking about it, he was already riding a tiger, after all, there weren't any signs of a fight at the scene.If he invited a big man inside because of a misunderstanding, he'd be in trouble.

But this time, looking at Lin Hao who was being taken out by two policemen, he had no choice.He could only scalp his way up.

As Lin Hao passed by Shen Yuno, Lin Hao smiled at Shen Yuno, "Congratulations, you've managed to anger me..."

Shen Yuno suddenly felt a fierce tremor in her heart, she suddenly felt like she had done something wrong, that smile of Lin Hao just now made her feel fear in her heart.

Half an hour later, in the Nanjiang City Public Security Bureau, Lin Hao was sitting alone in a small hut, he was very calmly waiting.No waves were stirred up in his heart.

Lin Hao was calm in the police station, but outside the police 3d50e61b bureau, waves of panic were stirring!


After Lin Hao went in, in just a few minutes, there were more than a dozen big names from all walks of life in Nanjiang City who placed phone calls to Mayor Wang of Nanjiang City.

Mayor Wang's heart was completely shocked, the first call he received was from Jiang Shao Ming, President of the Kyushu Group, then it was a call from a dozen top entrepreneurs of Nanjiang City, the owners of big families, and the Chairman of the CPPCC.

After a moment's reflection, Mayor Wang knew that something big had happened, and drove over to the police station while calling the Sun Bureau.It was just that Sun Bureau was busy interrogating Yanzi and didn't have his cell phone with him.Mayor Wang, who had made more than a dozen phone calls in a row, was even more anxious when he saw that Sun Bureau did not pick up his phone.

When Mayor Wang arrived at the entrance of the police station, he ran into Jiang Shao Ming and Scarlet who had rushed over.Mayor Wang wanted to have a chat with them, but both Jiang Shaoming and Scarlet Six looked very pale.

"Mayor Wang, my big brother was caught in here for no reason, and I hope that you guys can give me an explanation for this, or else the Kyushu Group will move out of Nanjiang forever..." said Jiang Shao Ming in a low voice.

"Mayor Wang, Mr. Lin was beaten up today, I'm just looking for a few brothers to go over and help out the scene, if you want to arrest me, just arrest me?"Scar Six said with a cold smile.

Mayor Wang's eyes constricted fiercely, Jiang Shao Ming actually called that arrested person his big brother, and Scar Six's tone was even more respectful when he talked about that Lin Hao, they said that behind Jiang Shao Ming stood a hidden great family.Mayor Wang concluded in his heart that the person behind Jiang Shao Ming was the one who had been arrested today.Thinking of this, Mayor Wang's heart became even more anxious.

The Jiuzhou Group was one of the top 500 companies in the world, so it was extremely large.It could be said that a single Kyushu Group has contributed half of the GDP to Nanjiang City, strongly boosting the economic development of Nanjiang City, creating economic profits for Nanjiang City and solving the employment problem of tens of thousands of people at the same time.

And there was also Scar Six, who was inseparable from the growing law and order of Nanjiang City over the years.How much of the turmoil in Nanjiang City had been reduced by the step-by-step transformation of Scar Six with his brothers under his command?

Mayor Wang knew in his heart that if this matter today was not handled properly, then there would definitely be big problems in Nanjiang City.

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At this moment inside the police station, after interrogating Swallow, the Sun Bureau personally went to the room where Lin Hao was being held.Sun Bureau sat across from Lin Hao, his eyes gazing at Lin Hao, after a while Sun Bureau said to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, when you were in the first billiard hall, Shen Yuno accused you of using force on her, is there any such thing?"

Lin Hao said indifferently, "No."

Sun Bureau's eyes narrowed as he asked, "If you say no, who can prove it?"

Lin Hao looked deeply at Sun Bureau, "Then who can prove that I used strength on her?Do you have proof?Are you going to lock me up for twenty-four hours just because she insulted me with one word?"

Sun Bureau's face darkened, "Lin Hao, please cooperate with the investigation, or else you'll have to stay here until we get to the bottom of this."

Lin Hao's eyes narrowed, "Fine, I'll stay here, don't beg me to leave later..."

Sun Bureau all laughed at this, "Lin Hao, I have a feeling you're not an ordinary person, but you're a suspect now, and I'm begging you to leave?Oh, you're thinking too much, Shen Yuno is a college student, if what she says is true, you won't be able to go out for a few years..."

Lin Hao nodded faintly, "Okay, I'll wait..."

After talking to Lin Hao, Bureau Sun walked out and went out the door to instruct the policeman at the door to keep an eye on Lin Hao.In his heart, no matter who it was, if he broke the law in Nanjiang City, then he would die to the end.

But as soon as Sun Bureau reached the lobby, he saw Mayor Wang rushing over with Jiang Shaoming and Scar Six.Sun Bureau had no reason to feel a bit bad.

"What are you doing here, Mayor Wang?"Sun Bureau looked at Mayor Wang in confusion.

Mayor Wang quickly said, "Where is Mr. Lin?Hurry up and invite me out!"

Sun Bureau's eyebrows were furrowed, he naturally saw Jiang Shao Ming and Scar Six who came in with Mayor Wang.He was shocked, and hurriedly pulled Mayor Wang aside and whispered, "Mayor Wang, it's not that I'm not releasing him, it's true that the situation is still unclear, a female college student, said that Lin Hao used force on her, and that female college student obviously had signs of crying...."


Mayor Wang said with ten thousand words, "Have you been kicked in the head by a donkey?"

"To put it bluntly, what kind of woman does a man like Mr. Lin want without?"

"Do you know how many respectable people in Nanjiang City called me just in the short half hour that you brought him in?Where's your phone?Huh?Doesn't anyone ever call you?I'm getting calls from you!Even my provincial teacher called me to ask about it.What did you do!If you don't handle this matter well today, Nanjiang City is going to turn upside down!"

Sun Bureau's face changed drastically at the news!

He had actually sensed that Lin Hao's identity was not simple, but never would have thought that Lin Hao's identity was so terrifying.He was actually the actual controller behind the Kyushu Group and the master of Scar Six.Just as Mayor Wang had said, how could a figure like Lin Hao use strength on a female college student?

If this matter is not handled properly, then the impact on the entire Nanjiang City will be absolutely earth-shattering.When Kyushu Group wanted to move out some time ago, the city's leaders at all levels persuaded them to do so.In the end, for some unknown reason, Kyushu Group stayed and increased its investment.This made all walks of life in Nanjiang City very grateful, and over the past six months, it had even opened up many preferential policies to the Kyushu Group.

Thinking of this, Sun Bureau felt his head was big.As Sun Bureau was thinking about it, Mayor Wang said to him, "Follow the formal process, I'll guarantee Mr. Lin!If that schoolgirl insults Mr. Lin, you'll have to give him an explanation!Anyway, can't let Mr. Lin stay here any longer!"

Sun Bureau nodded quickly at the news, then hurriedly took Mayor Wang to the room where Lin Hao was being held.Jiang Shao Ming and Scar Six followed without saying a word, Jiang Shao Ming had transferred the best lawyer in China from Tian Hai.

After the room where Lin Hao was being held opened, the four of them walked in.Jiang Shao Ming and Scar Six stood respectfully behind Lin Hao.Lin Hao sat expressionlessly and looked at the Sun Bureau standing across from him.

The Sun Bureau accosted him and smiled, "Mr. Lin is sorry, now you can leave..."

Lin Hao looked up and left Sun Bureau with a glance, "Didn't you say you were going to lock me up for 24 hours?Didn't you say you'd be locking me up for a few more years?" Remember the URL

Sun Bureau was extremely embarrassed and said, "Sorry Mr. Lin, I believe that with your status you won't do that kind of thing, I will definitely investigate this matter in the shortest possible time and give you a satisfactory explanation."

This time the mayor also smiled on the side to help and said: "Mr. Lin ah, this is something we do not authentic, the contribution you do for the city of Nanjiang, we all look at it in the eyes.I thank you on behalf of all the people of Nanjiang City, please rest assured that I will personally keep an eye on this matter and will definitely give you a satisfactory account!"

"Brother, the lawyer from Tianhai is on his way, he'll be here soon..." said Jiang Shaoming respectfully behind Lin Hao.

When Mayor Wang heard this, he became even more anxious and said to Lin Hao, "Mr. Lin, this matter..."

Before Mayor Wang finished speaking, Lin Hao waved his hand and interrupted him, "I believe in the efficiency of the Nanjiang Municipal Government, I have to pick up my wife from work at six o'clock in the evening, it's four hours before six o'clock, by five o'clock, I want a result!"

Mayor Wang nodded quickly, "Okay, okay, Mr. Lin, don't worry, we will give you a result before five o'clock."

Mayor Wang paused and said, "Then Mr. Lin, go wait in the office, this place is just too..."

Lin Hao shook his head, "No need, I abide by the law and at the same time I believe in the law, you just follow the rules."

Lin Hao's attitude put a lot of pressure on Mayor Wang and Sun Bureau.The two had no choice but to go out to discuss, and anxious manpower to speed up the interrogation.

In just one hour, the results came out, and the fact that Shen Yunuo threatened and gathered people in society to take revenge on Lin Hao was presented to Sun Bureau.

The Sun Bureau took the interrogation results again came before Lin Hao, some apologies said: "Sorry Mr. Lin is our negligence, after interrogation, you are the victim.Shen Yuno will bear the corresponding legal responsibility."

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, what kind of punishment should Shen Yuno's actions be subjected to?"


Bureau Sun said, "Given that there were no bad consequences and the situation is under control, she will bear 3-7 days of administrative detention and will leave a record in the police station".

Lin Hao looked at Mayor Wang: "Mayor Wang, won't Nanjiang University have a punishment for students who gather and fight and cause bad consequences in the society?"

Mayor Wang thought about it and said, "This kind of student will be punished by the school with expulsion."

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, let's follow the rules then..."

An hour later, Shen Yuno, inside the detention room, was so shocked by the punishment decision that she burst into tears.Seven days of administrative detention, and expulsion from school.

Shen Yuno sat on the floor with a pale face, although she was hanging around in school, but she also understood the importance of the university diploma, expelled in college, the future of her workplace will be very difficult to walk.And actually left a case at the police station, instantly a deep despair came to her heart.

After leaving the police station, Lin Hao returned to the Kyushu Group with Jiang Shaoming.To him, Shen Yuno's matter was a minor episode, and since the police happened to intervene this time, he didn't pursue it too much.

"Big brother, if you reveal your identity now, the Shen family will never dare to say another lie in front of you."Jiang Shao Ming said to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao shook his head, "Soon, I'm afraid that Xi Yan won't be able to accept it at once."

At the end of the evening Lin Hao went to pick her up downstairs from Shen Xiyan, and after Shen Xiyan got into the car, she smiled and said to Lin Hao, "Aren't you busy today?Why are you here so early?"

Lin Hao smiled and said, "No matter how busy you are, you have to pick up my wife." A second to remember to read the book

"Wife?"Lin Hao suddenly smiled at Shen Shi Yan, his eyes hiding a hint of deep love.

"Eh?What's going on?"Shen Xiyan was stunned and confused.

"Let me kiss you..." said Lin Hao with a smile.

"Shame on you..." said Shen Siyan, blushing shyly, this was the downstairs of the company after all, people were coming and going.Although the two of them were in the car now, it was still quite bad to be seen.

"Oh, then I'll kiss..." said Lin Hao, and then he put his head in front of Shen Xiyan's face and kissed her on the mouth.

Shen Xiyan was stupid, and was trapped by Lin Hao, she always felt that something was wrong, but she had no evidence.Shen Xiyan could only bounce her body straight, her eyes staring wide, her two small hands clenching their fists nervously.After being kissed by Lin Hao, she lowered her head so low that she didn't dare to look up at all.

"Hooligan..." whispered Shen Siyan, scolding Lin Hao, reaching out and twisting her hand around Lin Hao's waist.But her face was full of happiness.Lin Hao smiled and just kept driving.

"Hey, no, aren't we going home?"After driving for ten minutes, Shen Xi Yan finally realized that something was wrong.

Lin Hao nodded and said, "Going home?Of course I'm going home?"

"But...but this isn't the way home?"Shen Siyan looked at Lin Hao in confusion.

Lin Hao smiled and said, "Well, I bought the house, Mom has moved over there, and all the things in the house have been moved over, we're going back now, Mom has been packing for a day, so I guess it's almost done..."

"A new home?You bought a house?This this this...why didn't you tell me?"Shen Xiyan's pretty eyes were wide.

"I'll give you a surprise, you can comment on it when you get there, and then you can see if you like it or not."Lin Hao had a mysterious smile on his lips, the more he didn't say anything, the more Shen Xiyan's heart was itching with panic.

Five minutes later, Shen Siyan watched Lin Hao drive into the Purple Bamboo Buffer Courtyard, her eyes wide with shock, "Lin Hao, don't tell me, you bought a house here ah?"

Lin Hao smiled and didn't say anything back to Shen Shi Yan, but drove straight into the gate, and after driving inside the villa area for another minute, he stopped at the entrance of an elegant villa.And Wang Shufen, who was already waiting at the door, saw Lin Hao's car return and quickly welcomed him with a smile.

"Mom?What...what are you doing here?"Shen Xiyan felt that her head really wasn't enough.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the house you bought from Lin Hao, the environment is good, and I'll tell you, the decoration inside is especially good, two floors, and a courtyard.Go go go go, mom will take you inside...."


Shen Siyan was pulled inside by Wang Shufen, but she still looked back at Lin Hao in confusion, and Lin Hao smiled at her and nodded, also following the two women inside.

Ten minutes later, in the hall of the first floor of the villa, Shen Xiyan, who was holding the real estate certificate, the shock in her heart still didn't go down.Shocked, she looked at Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, this is our house?"

Lin 016210cd ho smiled and nodded, "Yes, this is our house..."

"But, but this is the villa of the Purple Bamboo Villa, this set down is tens of millions of dollars."Shen Xi Yan gulped, still couldn't believe the question.

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, yes, this is the Purple Bamboo Buffer House, what's wrong with it?"

Shen Jiyan shook her head and said incoherently, "No, no, I mean this house is very expensive, how can you afford to buy a house here?"

Lin Hao suddenly said squarely, "Xi Yan, I'll tell you something, you prepare your heart ah, in fact, I'm the richest man in Asia... just to buy a house, how big a matter ah."

Shen Sik Yan was stunned then laughed out, "Okay, I won't ask if you don't say, the richest man."Of course Shen Siyan's heart did not take Lin Hao's words seriously at all, she only took it as a joke.She remembered Wang Shufen saying that Lin Hao had saved Jiang Shao Ming's life before, so it made sense for Jiang Shao Ming to give Lin Hao a house.She was thinking that the couple would invite Jiang Shao Ming for a meal later.To properly thank someone, but no matter what, at this moment, her heart was full of emotion.

As Shen Xi Yan said that, she stood up and walked over to Lin Hao, took a deep look at him, and with tears in her eyes, she smiled at Lin Hao and said, "Hubby, thank you..."

Shen Siyan was very serious and affectionate, and Lin Hao could not help but sigh in his heart.Shen Xi Yan was a very smart and sensible woman, there were many things that Lin Hao didn't say and she wouldn't ask, she only knew one thing would do, that was that Lin Hao had her in his heart.

Lin Hao stretched out his hand to stroke the long hair on the side of Shen Xi Yan's face and said with deep affection, "Xi Yan, I said that I will never let you suffer in this life, I will give you happiness in this life..." First website

"Well!"Shen Siyan nodded heavily.

During the meal, Shen Suyan had been looking at Lin Hao with incomparable affection, with autumn waves in her eyes, and their legs under the table were also close together.Wang Shufen, as someone who had come over, instantly understood, and after the young couple finished their meal, she took the initiative to find an excuse to go for a walk outside the villa.

When Wang Shufen left, Lin Hao and Shen Shi Yan looked at each other, neither of them spoke, but their breathing quickened.The two of them had just gotten their license and hadn't really slept together yet.Shen Siyan had already prepared her heart, she was Lin Hao's wife, she was willing to marry Lin Hao this time, it was different from last year, so she was willing to give her body to Lin Hao.Wang Shufen gave her constant eye-candy as she was leaving, and Shen Shyan could naturally see it, but it was just too clear, so this would be shy.

"Wife, let's go to the bedroom and take a look, shall we?"Lin Hao's heart was also not very nervous, swallowed his saliva and said to Shen Xi Yan.

After arriving at the bedroom on the second floor, Lin Hao nervously closed the door behind him, the curtains were automatic, Lin Hao thumbed a switch behind the door and the curtains closed, then the bedroom lit up with a soft night light.

Shen Xi Yan saw Lin Hao's action, her heart was incomparably nervous, her heartbeat was particularly fast, she knew what Lin Hao wanted to do, she was now both nervous, but also had a small hint of anticipation.

"Lin Hao, what... what are you pulling the curtains for?"Shen Xiyan was incomparably shy.

Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan's long, straight black silk legs, her long, flowing hair, and her slim figure, and couldn't help but hug Shen Xiyan in a moment, "Xiyan, we're already married, I love you..."

Shen Xiyan mmmed and nodded, and after thinking for a while, she made up her mind, standing on tiptoe and hugging Lin Hao's neck with a shy face, "Hubby... I love you too..."

Lin Hao lowered his head and kissed Shen Shi Yan deeply, after kissing for a while, Shen Shi Yan's breathing became more and more urgent, and her body began to get hot....


As Lin Hao looked at the emotional Shen Xi Yan, he bent his body and hugged Shen Xi Yan's back with one hand, and with the other, he hugged Shen Xi Yan's two long legs.As Shen Siyan hugged Lin Hao's neck, Lin Hao bowed his head and said affectionately to Shen Siyan, "Wife, it's night, we should go to bed..."

Shen Caiyan's pretty face, brushed with a complete blush.Shy to the extreme, but the atmosphere between the two of them had reached such a level that she did not refuse any longer, Shen Caiyan nodded her head and said in a very soft voice, "Mm..."

Lin Hao carried Shen Xiyan to the bedroom, put Shen Xiyan on the bed, pressed down on her and said with deep affection, "Xiyan, I'll be good to you for the rest of my life..."

Shen Xiyan also nodded seriously, "Well, I want to believe you..."

Lin Hao slowly pressed up, Shen Xiyan blushed and bit her lips, "Light... a little..."


More than half an hour later, Lin Hao was leaning against the bed to smoke, Shen Shen's head was resting on Lin Hao's chest, her face was red and very charming....

Lin Hao looked at the adorable Shen Xiyan and couldn't help but lower his head and kiss her gently on the forehead, "Xiyan, you're so beautiful..."

Shen Xi Yan suddenly opened her little mouth and bit Lin Hao directly on his arm, saying with some aggravation and happiness, "It hurts..."

Lin Hao quickly extinguished the cigarette in his hand and side-stepped Shen Shi Yan and hugged her close to his bosom without speaking.Only after a long while did Lin Hao gently ask, "Does it still hurt?"

Shen Shi Yan turned over, her white little hand touching Lin Hao's face, smiling and shaking her head, "It's much better, it doesn't hurt so much..." Remember the URL

Lin Hao's heart was excited, so his body reacted again, and his eyes burned as he looked at Shen Xiyan, "So, one more time?"

Shen Caiyan was infinitely shy for a moment, biting her lips and softly hmming....


The next day Lin Hao woke up to find it was ten in the morning, it was just too crazy last night.The sun was shining in through the glass, the wind was blocking the outside, and only warm sunlight was shining in.

Shen Xi Yan was still asleep on the bed, but even if she was asleep, she was still happy and had a smile on her face.The white shoulder is exposed outside the quilt, waterfall-like long hair, some messy scattered on the quilt, coupled with the sunlight shining on Shen Xiyan, this moment Shen Xiyan beautiful.......

Shen Siyan was originally a great beauty, although not as outstanding as some top beauties.But it was also first-class beautiful.And the Shen Siyan after the emotion, was even more beautiful to the bone.As Lin Hao looked at the quietly sleeping Shen Siyan, he couldn't help but lower his head and gently kissed Shen Siyan on the forehead....

"Wife, don't worry, I will treat you well for the rest of your life, I swear, if I don't treat you well in the future, I will die a horrible death.Wife, I love you..." vowed Lin Hao in his heart.He would be good to Shen Shiyan for the rest of his life, and couldn't let this silly girl suffer the slightest bit of grievance again.He would protect her to the death.

Lin Hao lightly walked out of the bedroom and closed the door for Shen Shi Yan.When he came to the kitchen in his bare feet, he cooked a special pot of chicken soup for Shen Suyan.

When Wang Shufen saw Lin Hao go to the kitchen to stew the chicken soup, he smiled and looked at Lin Hao, "Hao'er ah, is Sisan still not up?"

Lin Hao looked at the kind of smile on Wang Shufen's face that anyone who had come over would understand, and was embarrassed, Lin Hao smiled awkwardly and said, "Well, we slept a bit late last night, I'll make some soup for Xi Yan, and we both won't go to the office today..."

Wang Shufen smiled and said, "Mmhmm, okay, then you take care of Xi Yan, I have an appointment to go out shopping, I won't be back until five or six in the afternoon, well how come it's five or six!"

Lin Hao listened to Wang Shufen emphasize on the time, naturally he understood what Wang Shufen meant, but just because he understood, he was even more embarrassed.Luckily, Wang Shufen also saw Lin Hao's embarrassment and walked out of the villa with a smile on her face.

After leaving the villa, Wang Shufen was relieved, feeling that the big stone that was on her heart had finally landed.

It was obvious that the marriage was done, the matter was done, and that Lin Hao and Shen Shiyan would never be separated in this life.

She was also incredibly happy. Lin Hao's golden son-in-law would be hers from now on.


It was almost twelve o'clock noon when Shen Siyan smelled a fragrance and woke up.Shen Siyan wore a white nightgown and went to the living room, then she saw that Lin Hao was seriously bringing a meal to the living room table.

"It smells so good... "Shen Siyan very adorably sniffled her little nose.

Lin Hao smiled and said to Shen Siyan, "Honey, come over and eat..."

"En En... "Shen Xiyan sniffed and walked towards the living room.Just after taking two steps, she felt her legs go weak and quickly held onto the wall.Frightened, Lin Hao immediately ran to Shen Xiyan and asked with a worried face, "Xiyan, what's wrong with you?"

Shen Shi Yan was embarrassed for a moment, then gave him a fierce white look with an incomparably grudging look.

Err... Lin Hao was confused and asked, "What's wrong ah wife?"

Shen Xi Yan bit her lips and snorted softly, "It's not you yet, you tossed me all night, my legs are weak, oooh, how else can I go out..."

Shen Caiyan's face was blushing and infinitely shy....

Lin Hao laughed very awkwardly, "It's okay I took the day off for you, I won't go to work today."Then Lin Hao whispered, "And then you were pretty crazy too..."

After hearing this, Shen Xiyan directly pinched Lin Hao's waist and said incomparably shyly, "You also said..."

"Hehe... "Lin Hao directly picked Shen Xiyan up and carried Xiyan Beauty to the couch.Then he gave her a bowl of chicken soup: "Honey, then I won't go out today, I've also taken the day off, so I'll just stay home and take care of you..." One second to remember to read the book

Shen Xiyan served chicken soup and gave Lin Hao a blank look, "How can you not go to work?Don't take the day off, don't worry, I'm fine..."

After saying that Shen Siyan took a small sip of chicken soup and looked up and kissed Lin Hao sweetly on the face, "Honey, this chicken soup is delicious, you have some too... right where's mom?"

Shen Siyan said and handed a small spoonful of it to Lin Hao's mouth.Lin Hao took a sip.Shen Siyan's smile was particularly happy, and Lin Hao looked at Shen Siyan, feeling only endless happiness.This feeling was the home he wanted.

Lin Hao smiled and said, "Mom went out shopping, and before she left, she specifically told me that she wouldn't be back until very late, so it'll be five or six..."

The first thing you need to know is that you can't be sure that you're not going to be able to do anything about it.

After the two of them finished their meal, Shen Suyan had wanted to help clean up, but was refused by Lin Hao, and then was very domineering and directly carried to the bed again: "You rest, I'll clean up just fine, love you..."

Just after being put on the bed by Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan, who had just been put on the bed, ran barefoot behind him after he went out and hugged him from behind Lin Hao: "You brush your, I'll hug mine, I just want to hug..."

The last layer of window d54092d3 paper that poked through with Lin Hao is Shen Xiyan, perhaps she is still a quiet lady in front of outsiders.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book.Using all her strength to love him....

Lin Hao, who had finished brushing the dishes, was watching a Korean drama on the living room couch with Shen Xiyan in his arms at her request.The hottest one, You from the Stars.

"Do Min Joon is so handsome..." said Shen Xi Yan as she watched the little Korean brother on TV with little stars in her eyes.

Lin Hao's face darkened when he heard that.Sinking his face and not saying a word, he just stared at the TV with a deadly stare.The company has been in the business for over a decade, and has been in the business for over a decade.

Shen Siyan hurriedly kissed Lin Hao's face: "No my husband handsome la, my husband is the most handsome ah... good boy, not angry, okay?"Shen Xiyan kissed a certain jealousy jar again.

Lin Hao stalked his neck with a black face and said, "I'm not angry..."

"Hahaha... and you said you're not angry, look at your black face, it's just like Bao Zheng.Husband be good, come and kiss... don't be angry, okay... "Shen Xi Yan sat in Lin Hao's arms, straightened up, faced Lin Hao's face, and put her sexy red lips together......


Shen Siyan coaxed Lin Hao for a while before Lin Hao's face softened, but he still said to her, "Change another channel..." after Lin Hao picked up the remote control, he switched to Bright Sword.Then, in a serious manner, he said to Shen Xiyan, "This drama is good, let's watch this..."

Shen Xiyan was shocked then, although she also liked Bright Sword, but she preferred to watch romantic romantic Korean dramas ah.She was tempted to change back, but just as she secretly picked up the remote control, she felt the face of a certain Demon King darken again.

Shen Xi Yan didn't know if it was her illusion or not, but she couldn't make out the momentum that Lin Hao had just emitted, the feeling was like when she used to open a company and meet the CEOs of some large enterprises.Her momentum was instantly defeated in front of Lin Hao....

"You really want to see?Then I'll play it back for you... "When Lin Hao picked up the remote, he was about to change back to the Korean drama that Shen Siyan had just watched.But it was stopped by Shen Siyan.

"Just watch this one, it's good too, it's not worse than that film..." said Shen Siyan with a smile, and then hugged Lin Hao's arm again.Shen Siyan buried her head into Lin Hao's bosom, and when Lin Hao couldn't see her, her face secretly smiled, her heart rose with a hint of sweetness, Lin Hao was actually jealous of a drama.Lin Hao's jealous look was so fun, so cute and overbearing....

Shen Xi Yan followed Lin Hao as he watched the Bright Sword and ran his hand up and down Lin Hao's chest....

After lunch, at two o'clock in the afternoon, the two of them were a little sleepy again.

"Honey, have you slowed down yet?"Lin Hao hugged Shen Siyan's white fragrant shoulder and said.After all, what do you think the two of them can do if they are in one piece and don't play with their phones or watch TV... Lin Hao hugged Shen Xiyan in his arms....

Shen Shi Yan's skin is very white, and right now that pair of legs that are over a meter long are on the quilt, looking at a certain big pig's hoof, itchy heart.......

Shen Xi Yan's entire body was bad after hearing Lin Hao's words, "You... you still want to come?"

"En En... "Lin Hao nodded and rolled over and pressed Shen Shi Yan underneath him. First URL

Ah... Shen Siyan gave a delicate cry and quickly pushed Lin Hao away.Lin Hao saw that Shen Xiyan was a bit reluctant and quickly asked her, "What's wrong?Xi Yan."

Shen Xi Yan's face was flushed and fidgeting, not knowing what to say to Lin Hao.Becoming increasingly shy, the two small white hands grabbed the corners of her clothes.

"Xi Yan, what's going on?"Lin Hao saw that something was wrong with Shen Xi Yan and continued to ask questions.

"It's swollen..." said Shen Xiyan with tears in her eyes... shy and anxious...

"Er... hahahaha... "Lin Hao was made to laugh by Shen Xiyan's words and her cute little woman-like posture at the moment...

"Ahhhh, you're still laughing..." shen shyness became even more shy.Flipping over and climbing on top of Lin Hao, she started waving her little fists and greeting Lin Hao's chest...

"Well, then I'll sleep with you in my arms and do nothing else... "Lin Hao was incomparably gentle as he gently carried Shen Xi Yan into his arms.He gently kissed Shen Xiyan on her forehead.After this bite, Shen Siyan calmed down.

Just like a kitten, she curled up happily in Lin Hao's arms.And Lin Hao really did what he said he would do.It was to hold Shen Shiyan quietly and not do the rest of the action.

Just after two hours, but Shen Siyan arched in Lin Hao's arms and said in a voice as small as it could be, "If you want it, husband, come..."

Lin Hao laughed and shook his head and said, "What are you thinking about, you're like that and I'm still bullying you, I can't bear to leave... Hurry up and go to sleep, I'll hold you..."

Shen Siyan's heart was filled with emotion after hearing this, her body was close to Lin Hao's, so naturally she understood how hard it was for Lin Hao at the moment.But Lin Hao actually endured for her, and Shen Siyan was filled with happiness....

They slept until four o'clock in the afternoon, and Shen Shi Yan felt that Wang Shufen would be back soon, so she quickly went to take a shower and changed into clean clothes.

In the living room wearing a long black sweater, black stockings, long hair fluttering Shen Xi Yan walk or a little unnatural, biting her teeth to stare at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao saw Shen Xiyan's amorous stare at him, he all thought that Shen Xiyan was incomparably cute.This woman, he had to protect her for the rest of his life and not let her suffer the slightest bit of grievance!


Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan are living a happy duo, but the Shen family's side is having a hard time.

Last night, after Shen Yuno's accident, the Shen family was in chaos.

At the home of Shen Zhiyuan, the second oldest member of the Shen family, Shen Zhiyuan, Shen Zhiyuan's wife Zhang Man, and Shen Zhiyuan's daughter Shen Ruo Xue, were all sitting in the house with bad faces.

Shen Ruoxue looked at Shen Zhiyuan and asked, "Dad, was Yuno really arrested?Seven days in detention?What's going on here ah, she even called me this morning."

Zhang Man said with a gloomy face, "It's still not that wimp Lin Hao!Yesterday your father was slapped by Lin Hao, Raino couldn't get angry, and today he got a few students to beat Lin Hao.The result was brought back to the distance by the police, detained for seven days, this is not serious, serious Raino was expelled, Ruoxue you have to think of a way ah.Raino hasn't graduated from college yet, if this is really a complete expulsion, her life will be over in the future ah?"

Shen Ruoxue's heart was shaken as she looked deeply at Shen Zhiyuan and asked, "Dad, is this true?"

Shen Zhiyuan nodded heavily and sighed deeply, there was a trace of resentment in his eyes, "Yes, it was Lin Hao who did it, I just came out of the police station, for Yuno to come out, it has to be seven days later, I had someone look for a connection this afternoon.But this is a death order from Sun Bureau, no one can say anything!This Lin Hao is really tough enough!"

Shen Ruoxue frowned deeply and thought, "This is not easy, our Shen family has always looked down on Lin Hao, Lin Hao came to the Shen family for almost two years, we didn't give him a bad look, not only Lin Hao, our Shen family is the same to Shen Xiyan.It doesn't matter if he's detained for seven days, the most important thing is that if Lin Hao can go to Nanjiang University and explain, then there's still a chance that Yuno's student status will be saved, except that Lin Hao won't go ah..."

Shen Zhiyuan nodded, "Well, that wimp is now working at Kyushu Group and is still a small manager, he doesn't even care about our Shen family anymore."

Zhang Man stood up with a sharp tone, "I don't care, this surnamed Lin must go apologize to Yu Nuo, he must go to Nanjiang University and explain to the school, otherwise I will never let him go!He's a soft-skinned person, what's he up to?I'm going to talk to Wang Shufen, their family is really good, pushing Yuno to his death ah!"

Shen Zhiyuan sighed, "It's useless for you to find them, after Lao San died, our Shen family hasn't bothered with their mother and daughter, and Wang Shufen isn't even a member of the Shen family!" Remember the URL

"What about it?We can't watch Hugo get fired, can we?She was expelled from the university and left a criminal record at the police station, which will be a stain on her life, and who will dare to marry her after those sons of the family?The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products.

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the right person," she said.With Grandmother's presence, both Wang Shufen and Shen Xiyan have to listen to Grandmother!"

Zhang Man's eyes lit up and he nodded, "Yes, yes, yes, call your grandmother, what else can they say if your grandmother shows up!"

The next morning, Shen Zhiyuan's family went to Old Mrs. Shen's place and told her everything.Old Mrs. Shen got angry on the spot and called Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming.The Shen family went to look for Wang Shufen in a big way.

Just when they arrived at Wang Shufen's original place of residence, they were all dumbfounded, because Wang Shufen had moved out yesterday.

Old Mrs. Shen frowned at one of Wang Shufen's neighbors and asked, "Moved out?"

That neighbor nodded with a smile, "Well, he just moved out yesterday, word is that Wang Shufen really found a good son-in-law ah, her son-in-law Lin Hao bought a villa in the Purple Bamboo Villa, Wang Shufen is now over there to enjoy the blessings.That's the Purple Bamboo Villa..."

"How is that possible?Did you hear wrong?How could Lin Hao afford a house in Purple Bamboo Villa?"

The old lady Shen was in disbelief at the news, not to mention Lin Hao, even the entire Shen family couldn't afford to buy a house in the Purple Bamboo Villa.

How could that wimp Lin Hao buy 1232e09d afford it?

You know that in addition to the tens of millions of purchase price not to mention, that is the annual expense, that is also large hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The neighbor was speechless and said, "Old lady can I still lie to you?This building you casually ask around, yesterday when Wang Shufen moved, we were all present, that is, to go to the purple bamboo other courtyard ah".


Old Mrs. Shen was still thinking about what to say when Shen Zhiyuan suddenly stopped her.

Shen Zhiyuan looked very wrong and said, "Mom it might be true, the day before yesterday when I went to the Purple Bamboo Villa with General Manager Zhang, I ran into Lin Hao, and the sales manager of the Purple Bamboo Villa said that Lin Hao did indeed buy a house there!"

Old Mrs. Shen was silent at the news, although her own son had said so, she still didn't believe in her heart.

She took out her cell phone and called Wang Shufen, but Wang Shufen's side showed it was off.Calling Shen Xiyan, there was no answer either.

"Let's go, go to Xie Yan's company."Old Mrs. Shen waved her hand, and the people of the Shen family flocked to the company where Shen Xi Yan was.But when they arrived they discovered that Shen Xi Yan hadn't come to work at all today.

After tossing and turning a few times, the time arrived at noon.After everyone in the Shen family ate, Wang Shufen's cell phone was turned off, and no one answered Shen Suyan's call.They could only go to the Purple Bamboo Villa in the afternoon.

But what level of security was the Purple Bamboo Buffer House?

Outsiders couldn't get in at all, and the Shen family crowd couldn't get in even if they were driving BMWs.They were directly stopped outside the gate.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, Wang Shufen, who had finished her shopping outside, returned.When she reached the entrance of the Purple Bamboo Villa, Wang Shufen saw a large group of people from the Shen family.

"Mom, what are you guys doing here?"Although Wang Shufen heart very much do not want to take care of these people Shen family, but now her son-in-law Lin Hao is in which bought a villa, this will be just in front of the Shen family to show off show, as well as out of the heart of the bad gas.

The old lady Shen saw Wang Shufen's smile so fake, her face became even darker, and she questioned Wang Shufen: "You bought a house here?" One second to remember to read the book

Wang Shufen nodded, "Well, I just bought it, I was thinking of packing it up in a couple of days and calling Mom and you guys over to take a look.I didn't expect you guys to b9a9a5e1 here now, Mom, do you want to go in and take a look?"Wang Shufen said with a smug face.

The faces of the Shen family became more and more unpleasant, but they had come today to find Lin Hao.

This time though, Wang Shufen was pretending in front of them and they could only endure until they saw Lin Hao later.

Wang Shufen communicated with the security guards of the Purple Bamboo Villa and brought the Shen family inside.

Once inside, the Shen family couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of the Purple Bamboo Villa, Old Madam Shen liked it right away.

If she had to buy it, she would have to sell the company.And obviously it was impossible for her to do so.

When Old Lady Shen walked into Lin Hao's villa, she looked at the bright and spacious living room and the luxurious decoration, and her eyes suddenly showed a lot of envy.

"Mom, do you think this house is okay?The furniture is all imported, even the toilet in the toilet is tens of thousands of dollars, and the sofa is even more hundreds of thousands of dollars."Wang Shufen was showing off in front of the Shen family to her heart's content.

Old Mrs. Shen's face was also cheerful, licking her lips and saying, "Shufen ah, this house this house is quite big and has quite a lot of rooms, do you think I can come over and stay for a few days ah?"

After Old Mrs. Shen finished speaking, without waiting for Wang Shufen to speak, Shen Jiancheng said: "Yes, Shufen, you see, Mom is also old, her old man's greatest wish is to be able to live in the Zizhu Villa for old age.

After Shen Jiancheng opened his mouth, the Shen family's crowd discussed it with seven mouths.

Shen Yiming also said, "Third aunt, this living room of yours is also big, it will be convenient for our family to gather in the future, it's better than going to a hotel."

Wang Shufen was surprised, she felt that she herself was considered shameless, she didn't expect these people of the Shen family to be even more shameless than her.

This house, not to mention that it wasn't hers, was even hers.Why would she let these people from the Shen family live in it?Who the hell are they?

Wang Shufen laughed sarcastically, "Mom can live in it or not I don't have the final say, I didn't buy this house, Lin Hao bought it, Mom you said a few days ago you forced Xi Yan to divorce Lin Hao, will he still let you live in it?"


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