Super Son-in-law 241-250


Chapter 241

After the business outside was done, it was time to return to Nanjiang.Lin Hao knew that there was still a lot of work ahead of him.

The Lin Clan will definitely not let him go, and also his wife Shen Shiyan, the other party will not let go either.

There was also another crisis with Shen Siyan, the Leng family of Tianhai City, who would sooner or later be able to find out Shen Siyan's true identity.There were many, many more enemies he had to face.

So he could only bury his sorrow deep in his heart and continue to move forward, continue to move forward with a heavy load, until after he had exterminated all the Lin Clan branches and completely inherited the Lin Clan, he would truly be qualified to protect, to guard anyone in the world he cared about, anyone who was good to him.

At three o'clock in the afternoon Lin Hao returned to Nanjiang City.

When Lin Hao got off the bus at the entrance of the Purple Bamboo Villa, he saw Shen Xiyan who was sitting quietly in the courtyard waiting, Shen Xiyan was wearing a snow-white plush down jacket and white high-heeled boots.

This time Shen Xiyan was reading a book in the sunshine in the courtyard.Lin Hao looked at Shen Xi'an in the courtyard, and felt endless happiness in his heart.

When Lin Hao was looking at Shen Xiyan outside the gate, Shen Xiyan also looked at Lin Hao through the gate and crossed eyes with Lin Hao.Shen Siyan stood up and smiled at Lin Hao Vivianly, walked up to Lin Hao, and incomparably tenderly took Lin Hao's arm, "Hubby..."

Shen Xiyan's call of a husband made Lin Hao feel that all that he had experienced in his life, all the pain, was worth it.

The next thing he did was just to protect her, to give her a lifetime of glory and happiness.

"How about going to the Heavenly Sea this time?Is it going well?"Shen Xiyan in the house opened her mouth and asked Li Linhao. A second to remember to read the book

Lin Hao was silent for a moment, "Well everything's fine..."

Shen Xiyan just started to unbutton Lin Hao's clothes, "Let me see your injuries..."

" might be a little chipped, but no big deal, and I'll give you my word that I'm not going anywhere until it's healed, so I'll just stay home and heal in peace.So don't worry about it, okay?"Lin Hao grasped Shen Xiyan's slender hand to unbutton the button and said.

Shen Siyan's body trembled lightly at the news, and tears almost fell.

When Lin Hao said that, she understood, understood that Lin Hao's trip to the Heavenly Sea wasn't as simple as his words, or something had happened.

But when she looked at Lin Hao's smile, at Lin Hao's loving eyes.She just held back her tears.Nodding vigorously at Lin Hao, "Well, I'm not worried, but you also have to promise me that I won't go out to work for a few days, so I'll stay at home with you, I've already said hello to Jiang..."

"Mmhmm, good, then we'll all have a good rest in the next few days, and I'll keep my wife company..." agreed Lin Hao with a smile and a nod of his head.

"Mm..." nodded Shen Xi Yan happily, then she didn't look at Lin Hao's injuries, she just quietly, incomparably tenderly rested her head on Lin Hao's chest....


At the same time, in an office building in Tianhai City, Shen Yutong was sitting alone in her office staring, with that man's image in her head.

She was constantly not thinking about returning to Nanjiang City to find that man, except that her CEO had given her many assignments, and she had to stay in Tianhai City these days.

As for her family's matter, Shen Jiancheng had already called her, so she didn't have to worry....

"When this side is done, I will definitely go back to look for you... I don't believe you're married... Even if you are, I want to be with you..." said Shen Yutong to herself as she lay on the table.


The next few days Lin Hao really did what Shen Ciyan said, stayed at home and didn't go anywhere, rest assured that he would recover from his injuries.

The next few days, Lin Hao really did what he said to Shen Ciyan, he stayed at home and nursed his injuries.

The Lin Clan side of Yanjing was really just as Lin Hao had predicted.

The Lin Clan was too big, even if something big like that happened in Tianhai City.But it involved a fight between the first heir of the main lineage and the heir of the branch lineage.So for a while, their side couldn't make a conclusion about this event.

Lin Hao predicted that it would be seven or eight days after the Lin family's decision came down anyway.

After all, his status as the first heir was there.

Want to abolish him?Oh, it's not that simple, there are still half of the Lin Clan Elders who are loyal to the main vein.Not only would they not scrap such a murderous Lin Hao, but they would give even more to cultivate him even more.

Since nothing could be decided on Lin's side in a short period of time, Lin Hao would have time to get the South River City side of things done.

The last time he had asked Jiang Shaoming to announce a delay in his inauguration, there were now only four days left before the final inauguration.And in those four days, many things should be concluded as well.

Like the Shen family, for example?This jumping clown has been bouncing around for so long, it's time to crush him.

Ever since the news of the Kyushu Group appointing four vice presidents one after the other a few nights ago spread.The company's newest product is the "The New York Times". The debut website

After all, the Li's, Xiao's and Scar Six have been operating in Nanjiang for many years, and now they are merged into the Kyushu Group.After the merger of the two sides, the new Kyushu Group's power expands dramatically, and some projects are expanding wildly.Everywhere they went, all the opposing forces had to give way.

In just three days, the Kyushu Group has completely established its dominant position in Nanjiang, and no one can compete with it.And with the rolling momentum of the Kyushu Group came the identity of the true president of the Kyushu Group!

Now almost everyone in Nanjiang City understood that Jiang Shao Ming was just a pawn launched by someone's master.In four days, the true master of the Kyushu Group would be born.

The most excited about this was none other than the Shen family, and the Shen family was very active.

Jiang Shao Ming has stepped down, and in their hearts, Jiang Shao Ming is just a dog.

Now the Shen family was waiting for the new president of the Kyushu Group to step up and get on good terms with others, so the Shen family used all their resources to find the new president of the Kyushu Group.

They wanted to establish good relations with him before he came to power, and the Shen family was willing to use all their reserves and savings to do so.

Inside Jiang Shao Ming's villa, Lin Hao listened to the report that Jiang Shao Ming gave him.

Lin Hao quietly tapped the armrest of the sofa in a funny way and said, "This Shen family is really interesting, just like a dog, seeing you step down, it is eager to go and wag the tail of the new president..."

Jiang Shao Ming smiled, "Oh who says it isn't, I met Shen Ruoxue at a party a few days ago, and as a result, she didn't even look at me squarely, instead she was smiling with the other executives of our company.At that time I was thinking ah, when four days later, these snobs of the Shen family will see that the new president of the Kyushu Group is you, what kind of expression will they have?"

Lin Hao smiled, not even interested in taking care of the Shen family, not even needing to do it himself.As long as his identity was announced four days later, there would be no more Shen Family in the Southern River.

Jiang Shao Ming suddenly smiled wryly and said to Lin Hao, "Big brother, you don't have to say that this old dog of the Shen family is really a bit capable.Now several of the company's executives have already started asking me about the identity of the new president.Then, big brother, do you think you should give them a reply?I have heard that the Shen family has spent millions of dollars in order to meet with you, so if you really don't see your face, isn't that a shame?And then waiting four days later to make them even more desperate?Hehehe..."


"Err..." a hint of oddness spread across Lin Hao's face as he listened to Jiang Shao Ming's words.

He took a deep look at Jiang Shao Ming, "Ah Shao Ming, why didn't I know you were so bad at heart?There's a native saying in Nanjiang City that is willy-nilly bad willy-nilly.I see you've learned the essence though..."

Jiang Shao Ming accosted and smiled, his face more than a trace of embarrassment: "Brother what are you talking about, I'm not thinking of you.The Shen family's snobbishness has disgusted you for nearly two years.It's too cheap to let them off so easily, isn't it?And we will soon be on the right side of the Lin Clan, this time your state of mind is very important, can not afford the slightest mistake, the Buddha said, before doing great things, must be free of distractions, the mind must also be clear, right?Those snobs in the Shen family, that bad breath in your heart will have an effect on our future journey to the north if you don't get it out..."

Lin Hao had thought that Jiang Shao Ming was done laughing with him, but then he heard words like that.Lin Hao also got serious.

Jiang Shao Ming was right, but he had a bad taste in his heart for those people of the Shen family.Although he had been holding back all these years, he was already sharp in the Tianhai Sea a few days ago, so there was no need to hold back any longer.The anger that should come out of his heart would have to come out as well.

Lin Hao nodded to Jiang Shao Ming and said, "Okay, then you can arrange for this, you can arrange for a masked ball where I can meet with Shen Ruoxue and give her a great hope..."

Jiang Shao Ming smiled even more wryly, he all mourned for the people of the Shen family four days later.

I guess those snobs will be pissed off at big brother, right?Haha, despised the door-to-door son-in-law who bullied the wimp for two whole years, but is actually the top big boss and top rich man they can't even lick on their knees, huh....

Jiang Shao Ming did things quickly, and half an hour later, the news that the new president of the Kyushu Group was going to hold a masked ball tonight, and was going to meet with Shen Ruoxue at the ball, reached the ears of the Shen family.

In the living room of the Shen family, Old Mrs. Shen looked excited: "Zhiyuan, is what you said true?Your friend really said that?Is it true that the new president of the Ninjou Group wants to meet with Ruo Xue?"

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm going to be able to do something about it.It's a good thing we've finally done something reliable, only it was at the masked ball, we still don't know his real identity..." Remember the website

Old Mrs. Shen laughed and said, "You're silly, people have said that it will be four days before we will officially show up.It's already good to let us meet in advance."

Old Mrs. Shen said and looked at Shen Ruoxue, walked up to Shen Ruoxue and kindly held her hand and said, "Ruoxue ah, the family still depends on you in the end, Yiming that waste is not to be counted on.Don't worry if you can get things done tonight, after that Shen's grandmother will be all yours!"

Shen Ruo Xue smiled and said, "Mm-hmm, don't worry grandmother, I will try to talk about it."

The old Mrs. Shen suddenly paused, looked at Shen Ruo Xue with great meaning, and whispered: "Right I heard that the new president of the Kyushu Group is also single age is not very old, Ruo Xue you dress up pretty tonight ah, this is a chance, what era are now?There are a lot of things you don't want to be too restrained about, I won't be waiting for news from you at night with your father ah, you can come back tomorrow to talk about it..."

When Shen Ruoxue heard Old Madam Shen say this, her pretty face turned incomparably red, incomparably shy and twisted and said, "Grandmother... what are you saying, if you say that again, I won't go ah..."

"Hahaha... Look at our princess shy, Ruo Xue you can go at ease, I am still confident in my Shen Zhiyuan's daughter, not to mention heavenly beauty, but also a first-class beauty, and also ice and snow smart.Daughter, you grasp the opportunity ah..." said Shen Zhiyuan with a big smile to Shen Ruo Xue.

"Dad you say that about me too, oooooh, you and grandmother united to bully me, I won't live, shame on you..." said Shen Ruoxue, covering her face and pampering herself.

But her attitude and expectant tone, no matter how you look at it, she also has this idea in her heart....


Lin Hao and Jiang Shao Ming finished chatting and went home, Shen Xi Yan is in the kitchen making soup, see Lin Hao came back and said with a smile to Lin Hao: "Honey you wait a moment, the rice will be ready soon, I made you your favorite lotus seed soup oh..." Shen Xi Yan took the spatula and waved it at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao Weiwei walked behind Shen Xiyan, gently hugged Shen Xiyan's waist, and kissed Shen Xiyan gently on the side of her face.

Shen Siyan's neck brushed red: "Don't make a scene, mom... mom is still here..." said Shen Siyan with her red face and head down, whispering to Lin Hao.

When Lin Hao turned his head, he really saw Wang Shufen who was standing on the other side getting something from the refrigerator.

Er... Lin Hao's old face brushed red and quickly let go of Shen Xi Yan.

Wang Shufen looked in front of her at the pair of um pairs of young couples, she was also full of joy, and hurriedly said as if she had come over, "That what, I didn't see anything, I didn't see anything ha, you guys continue, you guys continue, I went out for a spin, recently I made a sister in this community, I'm looking for her to go later, I'll be back in an hour ha....".

The more Wang Shufen said so, the more embarrassed Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan became.

When Wang Shufen left, Shen Xiyan turned around and pinched Lin Hao's arm, blushing and shyly saying, "Look at it, it's all you!Shame on you for laying your hands on me when mom is still at home...look, mom just saw it all..."

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Shen Siyan was shocked and gave Lin Hao a fierce glance, "You're going to die, mom will be back later..."

Lin Hao pretended to be charming and said to Shen Xiyan: "But wife I miss you very much, you see we just got married ah..." A second to remember to read the book

Shen Siyan looked at Lin Hao's pitiful appearance, and the pure one really believed it, she bit her lips and said to Lin Hao, "But... but mom will be back later ah..."

When Lin Hao saw that Shen Xi Yan actually had the intention to agree, he quickly said, "Very, very soon..." and started to make a move on Shen Xi Yan.

"Mmm... go upstairs, not here..." said Shen Xiyan to Lin Hao with a gasp...

Wang Shufen, who had left the house, still had a smile on her face, and even her whole spirits were feeling much better.

It was also these days since Lin Hao had remarried with Shen Shi Yan, her spirits were getting better every day, and every day she felt how wonderful life was, after all, Lin Hao had even bought the villa of the Purple Bamboo Villa now.

As for how Lin Hao had bought it, she, Wang Shufen, didn't care.She could live here now anyway.

Just ask how many women her age in the entire Nanjiang City could have the life she had now?

I wonder if the neighbors in Wang Shufen's formerly shabby neighborhood are going crazy with envy now?

Wang Shufen was now completely living the life of a human being.

Those who looked down on her before didn't know how much they wanted to get close to her now... Thinking of this Wang Shufen's face smiled even more and took a deep breath of air, well, the air in this Purple Bamboo Belying is so fresh....

"Yo, Suk-fun, so happy, huh?See what makes you happy haha..."

A woman was smiling and greeting Wang Shufen in the front square, and the woman was dressed in international brands, the expensive kind at a glance.


This woman's husband owned a company in Nanjiang City, and her family fortune was the kind of hundreds of millions of dollars, and she showed off in front of Wang Shufen every day.

In addition, the company's products and services have been sold to a wide range of customers, and the company's products and services are sold to a wide range of customers.

Wang Shufen looked up and quickly said with a smile: "Sister Tao, I'm not any happy thing, just think life, or happy point..." Wang Shufen tone with a hint of respect.

After all, this woman called Yang Tao is a noble figure in Nanjiang City, usually in and out of the party are also the top of Nanjiang City, her husband is also a real estate developer is very rich.

Wang Shufen thought that later on, when she got acquainted with her, she would also let her take herself to see the world.

So since moving to this neighborhood, Wang Shufen was cautious about who she met.After all, everyone who could live here wasn't badly valued.

Yang Tao smiled and nodded to Wang Shufen, then turned her head and stopped paying attention to Wang Shufen, but laughed and chatted with the other noblewoman beside her.

Wang Shufen was very embarrassed and smiled, she was so old alive, so she naturally understood what people meant.But still, there was some amount of anger in her heart, and since people didn't want to take care of her, Wang Shufen didn't need to stick her hot face to someone's cold butt.She turned around and walked to the other side.

But just when Wang Shufen had not taken two steps, a voice suddenly called out to her, "Eh yo, big sister Wang?You out for a walk, too?Hahaha what a coincidence..."

When Wang Shufen looked back, she saw a man with a national face that wasn't angry with her walking towards her.

Wang Shufen was also stunned, because she didn't even know this man ah?Who's this? First web site

"Uh, called me?You know me?"

Wang Shufen spoke very politely, after all, this middle-aged man was a big boss at a glance, and he naturally exuded an air of wealth and superiority.

"Hahaha, ah Sister Wang, you really are a nobleman who forgets things, I am Xiao Yuanshan ah?When your husband was alive, we met before.I just moved in yesterday and heard that Mr. Jiang said you were also here, I was thinking of paying you a visit, but I didn't expect to meet you now haha, when do you think you'll be free?I'll be the host to treat you once... Oh yes I'll live in the villa next to you, we'll be neighbors from now on, we'll have to deal with each other for a long time..." Xiao Yuanshan laughed and said very politely to Wang Shufen.This is the boss's mother-in-law ah, it's better to leave a good impression in advance.

Just that he said that, Wang Shufen was directly shocked, this is Xiao Yuanshan, the former head of the Xiao Clan, and now the third vice president of the Kyushu Group ah!

Is her dead husband so proud?And you're so close to Xiao Yuanshan?Wang Shufen was confused for a moment....

And this just do not want to pay attention to Wang Shufen Yang Tao and her side of the woman, the mouth is even more open big.

This is Xiao Yuanshan ah, even their husbands want to see can not see the top people ah, actually to Wang Shufen so polite?

They know that Xiao Yuanshan has moved in, and their husbands have been thinking of setting up a game to invite Xiao Yuanshan to dinner in the name of their neighbors.But Xiao Yuanshan didn't even pay any attention to them, but now Xiao Yuanshan is actually inviting Wang Shufen to dinner?

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including: a wide range of products, services, services, services, services, services, services, services, and services.I also just moved in yesterday, that what tonight first come to my home for dinner, I'll prepare the most sumptuous, big sister you have to give me face ah, I'll live on your right side, after we can be neighbors ah....".

At this moment, Wang Shufen was shocked, and Yang Tao and the noblewoman beside her were even more wide-eyed....


"Li...Li you?"Wang Shufen stammered and greeted Li Jianghai.

How could she have never imagined that Li Jianghai had moved in here, and it was yesterday.Li Jianghai she has memories, after all, Li Jianghai's two sons, both with Shen Shiyan blind date.

In the face of Wang Shufen's greeting, Li Jianghai's old face an embarrassment.Because his two sons have been on a blind date with Shen Sik Yan.

No matter what the end result was, but Shen Suyan was Lin Hao's wife.Even if he were to give him a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to let his sons meet with Shen Suyan again.Now every time he saw Lin Hao, he was apprehensive.

This time when he saw Wang Shufen talking to him so politely, Li Jianghai quickly accosted him with a smile, "Big sister, you still call me Mr. Li, aren't you discounting me?We're all neighbors from now on, we should get closer and closer, it's settled, come to my place tonight, I'll give you a full banquet!"

"Is this appropriate?"Wang Shufen was completely flattered at this point, first it was Xiao Yuanshan then now it was Li Jianghai.She didn't get used to it for a while.

"Hehehe, suitable suitable, how not suitable it, and my insider is also very eager to get to know you ah, my insider is very easy to get along with, after that she is your sister, she is people-oriented not he will, but also to bother big sister you will take good care of her later ah....... "Li Jianghai saidIt's a true and sincere feeling.It's almost like going up and holding Wang Shufen's hand.

When Wang Shufen saw that Li Jianghai was so polite and carried his wife out, he nodded: "Well, that's fine, as long as you can afford to see me, Mr. Li..."

Li Jianghai hurriedly waved his hand: "Big sister you say so I'm not happy ah, we this fate ah, hey you also know, I will not say more, anyway, after you are my own sister, you can not Li always Li always called, I feel bad ah.If you don't treat me as a younger brother in the future, you're looking down on me..." Li Jianghai said, almost crying.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, including: a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.In order for Sister Wang to visit your home, you even moved out your daughter-in-law, not to mention that you recognized your own sister?I'll have a go..." Remember the URL

Li Jianghai smiled and looked at Xiao Yuanshan with a beaten up expression: "Hehe, why is Xiao Tuji not convinced?But you can't be convinced, I recognized my sister first, you don't have a chance haha..."

The corner of Xiao Yuanshan's mouth twitched twice, "You're good, you're really good!It's really a pity that you don't go to acting Li Jianghai, if you go to acting, what's the matter with those stars..."

The attitude of Li Jianghai and Xiao Yuanshan who were both about to dry up in order to invite Wang Shufen to their home for dinner.It made Yang Tao who was next to him and another noble woman from the community completely shocked and shaken.

"Who the hell is Wang Shufen?How come Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai are both so enthusiastic about her, treating her completely like a sister?"Yang Tao and that noblewoman looked at each other and whispered.


The noblewoman also put her mouth to Yang Tao's ear whispered: "I don't know, but we have to be polite to Wang Shufen in the future, your husband and my family's mouth to invite Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai were unable to invite, but now they are rushing to invite Wang Shufen.We're really blind to each other ah, I'll treat her Wang Shufen as my own sister in the future ah......."

Yang Tao nodded deeply, that's right, she will definitely have to change her attitude towards Wang Shufen.

At this time Li Jianghai said to Xiao Yuanshan again: "So, how about tonight, are you coming?Think it over, the one who is visiting my house tonight is Big Sister Wang, that mouth of yours isn't any easy target, if she dares to disrespect Big Sister Wang, don't blame me for turning my face on the spot!"

Xiao Yuanshan was stunned and his face was very serious, "She dares!Do you really think I'm afraid of divorce?If she dares to say a word of disrespect to Sister Wang, I won't spare her without you!"

Wang Shufen listened to the conversation between the two, the heart straight blind ah, she is completely stupid, when she Wang Shufen so awesome?How come I don't know ah.

But now looking at the attitude of the two of them, she hurried forward and said, "That Jiang Hai, Yuan Shan ah, all of you are neighbors and neighbors, your wives will be my sisters in the future, all of you have been alive for so many years, so there is no need to be so respectful."

"What respect or disrespect, it's my good fortune that you guys see me.Then this way at night I'll bring my family, Xi Yan, over with Lin Hao ah..."

Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai's eyes lit up, weren't they waiting for this sentence after talking for half a day.

This was something to give Lin Hao a long face ah, thinking of this the two of them quickly nodded and said, "Mmhmm okay, then see big sister Wang tonight..."

When they were about to leave after saying that, Yang Tao suddenly bit her lips and walked up to Li Jianghai with a smile and said: "Mr Li, I'm Yang Tao, I'm also good sisters with Shufen, can I take my family to have a meal tonight?My family's son is the general manager of Songjiang Construction Company," Yang Tao's face was filled with anticipation.

Li Jianghai's eyebrows furrowed: "I'm afraid that tonight is not suitable ah, Xiao Yuanshan and I are inviting Big Sister Wang's family dinner.So, let's do it another day, I'll invite you guys some other day, do you think it's okay?" One second to remember to read the book

Yang Tao's face stiffened, knowing that Li Jianghai was refusing, but still hurriedly accompanied with a smile: "Well well since you are a family banquet, then I won't join in the fun, we also live here so that when you have time later, you can't break the bank, I'll swing it for you once with my family...."

"Well okay... "Li Jianghai nodded perfunctorily.Then he followed Xiao Yuanshan and left.

When the two of them walked away, Yang Tao hurried to Wang Shufen's side and asked with a smile, "Shuaeb1fc1fen ah, are you that close to Mr. Li and Mr. Xiao?Why didn't you say so before?"

Wang Shufen looked at this pleasing expression between Yang Tao and that noblewoman and was suddenly happy.

Wasn't it awesome before?Isn't it high and mighty?Aren't you looking down on a bumpkin like me?

So don't talk to a bumpkin like me now, huh?Go on with your nobility, huh?

What's her personality?Her nature is a true master of the street, really think that she Wang Shufen has changed for the better ah?

No, she was just shocked by Lin Hao, and her attitude towards Lin Hao alone had changed.

But towards others?Hehehe....

Thinking of this Wang Shufen said with her nose to the sky, "You said Li Jianghai and Xiao Yuanshan ah?I don't know them very well, I've only met them once or twice before, I forgot myself, didn't you all hear me when I spoke just now?"

Yang Tao quickly embraced Wang Shufen to please: "Eh yo hey my big sister ah, still angry, after you are Wang sister, after you are my sister ah, after in this community in the South River, you are my sister... I do not ask for anything else, just ask you to help me more in the future to say more good words in front of Mr. Xiao and Mr. Li ah....".

"Hahaha, well said... hahaha..." laughed Wang Shufen, her heart was so happy...


Yang Tao and that noblewoman were both top figures in Nanjiang City's aristocratic circle and were especially good at talking.

And their own identities were also there, and they quickly coaxed Wang Shufen to find out what was going on.

Wang Shufen this chat, soon more than an hour passed.Wang Shufen then said goodbye to the two of them and went home.

When she returned home, Wang Shufen was very happy and her heart was incomparably smooth.This time when she saw the table set up with food, she was in a good mood.

"Mom is back ah, hurry up and eat, it's all made by Xi Yan herself" Lin Hao said to Wang Shufen with a smile.

At this time Shen Xi Yan also came out from the bathroom to wash her hands and sat on the table, only Shen Xi Yan's face had a strange red.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the woman's face and say, "I'm sorry, but I'm not sure if she's going to be able to do that.

Shen Caiyan's face reddened at the news, quickly lowered her head, her two small white hands tightly gripping the legs of her pants, biting her lips, "Mom, you don't have to say anything, you're so ashamed.I know..."

Shen Xiyan wore a white turtleneck sweater, the neckline of the sweater was as high as her chin, the white sweater and Shen Xiyan's white face, with long black hair, made Shen Xiyan look very beautiful.

Wang Shufen took a closer look at Shen Xiyan, she suddenly understood, this is not her daughter want to be like this, if a man himself also can't hold it.Who let Shen Suyan is really too beautiful?

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that you can find.I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

Lin Hao was stunned at the news, these two old yinbi actually learned to save the country from the curve.

I'm not sure how much I can do for my mother-in-law.Nima.

Lin Hao smiled at Wang Shufen and said, "Mom, I can't make it tonight, I d28d70e1 have to go to a party with Jiang Shao Ming at night.It's estimated that I won't be back until very late, or I may not be able to come back."

"Ah?So ah, but Li Jianghai and Xiao Yuanshan are also vice presidents of your group, if you don't go, this..."

Wang Shufen was anxious, but she was glad that Lin Hao and Shen Shiyan were both employees of the Kyushu Group.

And both of them are also in the management, so if they can get along well with Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai now, then it will be much easier for them to work in the future.So if we can get along well with Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai now, it will be much easier for them to work in the future.

Shen Siyan did think a bit more and asked to Lin Hao, "Is the new president of the Kyushu Group coming?"

Lin Hao was surprised, what if his wife was too smart?Do you want a beating?But also can not let go ah how do ah online and so quite anxious.

So Lin Hao nodded, "Well, yes, but you guys keep it secret ah.It might be late tonight..."

Shen Siyan nodded, "Well okay, if it's too late, you shouldn't come back, after all, big things are important.You and Mr. Jiang have a good chat with the new president... You also speak more for Mr. Jiang."

Lin Hao nodded, "Mmhmm, I know, don't worry, you can just go with mom to the dinner party over there at CEO Li's side.I'm not too comfortable with that kind of occasion either..."

"Well okay, don't worry, I'm here at home... "Shen Siyan smiled sweetly at Lin Hao.

This smile Lin Hao almost couldn't help but to hold Shen Xiyan in his arms again, this wife is really good, beautiful and sensible.

Just looking at Shen Siyan's anxious and concerned appearance, Lin Hao said in his heart, "Daughter-in-law, the new president of the Kyushu Group is right in front of you ah...."


In the afternoon, 3a7b615d Shen Xiyan and Wang Shufen cleaned up and went to Li Jianghai's house early.

Lin Hao, on the other hand, went to the Half Moon Bay Hotel after meeting and reconciling with Jiang Shao Ming.

Tonight's party was organized in Jiang Shao Ming's name, but under Jiang Shao Ming's deliberate disclosure, there were still some people who knew that the new president of the Kyushu Group would appear tonight, just a mask party, and no one knew the true face of the others....

8:00 p.m. evening party officially began, the people who participated in the party are wearing masks, the number of people about sixty people, are the South River City, all walks of life celebrities, men a suit, women are also high-grade sexy evening dresses, these participants do not know each other who is, but the person in charge of Half Moon Bay Wang Lulu is known, she knows that tonight Lin Hao is here.

Shen Ruoxue is even more dressed very sexy, a black deep V backless lace dress, revealing snow white skin, the bridge of the nose with a sexy black fox mask, feet wearing black hate high, a pair of slender straight long legs half hidden half exposed, very sexy.

The party had already started, and I must say that Shen Ruoxue was really beautiful, even in this upscale party, even though she was wearing a mask, she was a focal point and a center point of the entire event.

Several men with masks came over to invite her, but they were all declined by her.Because she was waiting for someone.

The party went to nine o'clock in the evening, Shen Ruoxue's heart has been a little anxious, she sat quietly alone on the sofa drinking red wine, hiding the eagerness of her heart, she could only admonish herself people Kyushu Group so big president, may be something delayed.Or maybe he has appeared, in a different place to observe himself?

So tonight both her sitting posture and words and actions were careful to the extreme.I'm afraid that a mistake has upset someone.

After waiting for a while longer, Shen Ruoxue got up and wanted to go get red wine when suddenly a man in a black suit with a black Shura mask on his face appeared in front of her, grabbed her waist and whispered in her ear, "Beautiful lady, may I ask you to dance?"

Shen Ruoxue quickly broke away and apologized, "Sorry, I'm waiting for someone..." Remember the URL

Lin Hao smiled and deliberately lowered his voice, playfully looking at Shen Ruoxue who turned to walk out, "Aren't you just waiting for me?How come I show up and you're leaving?"

Shen Ruoxue turned around sharply, her eyes wide open.

As she turned too much, causing her long hair to flutter, it had to be said that Shen Ruoxue was also really a beautiful woman, and also very intelligent and resourceful.But the mistake was that she was a snake and scorpion beauty with a particularly scheming mind.

For this kind of woman, no matter how beautiful she was, Lin Hao couldn't afford to have the slightest interest in her.

His current attitude towards Shen Ruoxue was completely a cat and mouse game mentality.There was also a hint of revenge mixed in.At the same time, he also wanted to see just how bad the human nature of the Shen family could be!

"'re the one I was waiting for?"Shen Ruoxue asked in confusion.

Lin Hao nodded, "Otherwise who else would know that you are waiting for someone tonight?I'm just curious, why does a family that spends millions of dollars on my men have to meet me?What gives?"

After Lin Hao finished speaking, he sat down on the sofa where Shen Ruoxue had just been sitting.He stared at Shen Ruo Xue with interest.

Shen Ruoxue stood in front of Lin Hao, biting her sexy red lips, there was so much she wanted to say to Lin Hao, but there were so many people here that she didn't know how to speak for a while.

Lin Hao leaned forward and looked at Shen Ruo Xue, "Oh?It seems that Miss Shen has nothing more she wants to say to me, so I'll take my leave, and I'll see you again in the future..."

"Don't... don't go..." said Shen Ruoxue hurriedly as she saw Lin Hao get up and leave.

"Eh?"Lin Hao looked at Shen Ruoxue in confusion.

"Can we not talk about it here?I've booked a room here, can we go to the room and talk?"Shen Ruoxue whispered incomparably softly and seductively to Lin Hao....


"Oh?May I understand that Miss Shen is inviting me to spend the night with her?"Lin Hao looked at Shen Ruo Xue with interest.

"Uh... Well if sir has that in mind, it's Ruo Xue's honor..."

Shen Ruoxue was stunned at first, but then she said it straightforwardly.Her heart was already prepared for tonight, and she even thought that even if she couldn't marry him, even if she became a lover, it would be good.

In today's society, especially for top socialites like Shen Ruoxue, they were already dead to things like love.In their eyes there was only profit.

"Hahaha, you... are very interesting, then lead the way..." laughed Lin Hao as he took a deep look at Shen Ruoxue.

This was the woman in front of him, the woman he had suffered from her mockery and insults, as well as looking down on for the past two years!

Even last year when Lin Hao had just arrived at the Shen family as a door-to-door son-in-law.There was a time when Shen Ruo Xue went to look for Shen Shi Yan, it was a rainy day and Shen Ruo Xue's shoes were dirty, then she got high and let Lin Hao squat in front of her to shine her shoes!!!!

It was something Lin Hao could never forget, and this was just one of those incidents, the two years that the Shen family had been door-to-door sons-in-law.Lin Hao had only really discovered one thing.The more beautiful some women are, the more malicious they are, the more they will use their smart minds to crazily stab at the most insulting places and then sprinkle salt, as a way to vent and transfer the insults that other men in society have inflicted on them.So often they'll do it even harder!

That was how Shen Ruoxue was, and it was because these people in the Shen family had done so many insults to Lin Hao that year.

That's why when Shen Xi Yan first went to Lin Hao to ask for a remarriage a few months ago, Lin Hao said that he couldn't forget what the Shen family had done to him.And today, since the Shen family had sent it to him themselves, Lin Hao would have to return it a thousand times over!

Jiang Shao Ming was right, soon he would be going up against the Lin Clan, not just the Lin Clan branch, but also that incomparably powerful biological father of the Lin Clan's head, Lin Yan! One second to remember to read the book

This was a time when his heart couldn't afford to stir any more ripples, he was going to deal with it with all his might!

Shen Ruoxue's pretty face was blushing, even the base of her neck was red, she didn't even know that she had just been able to say something so revealing.

But at this moment she had been deeply stung as she felt that kind of gestalt 12407719 on the other party.Even her heart this time had a thought of being abused rising in her heart.

The stronger the woman was, the more she yearned to be conquered by a stronger man, and this was the state of mind of Shen Ruoxue at the moment.

From the moment she saw the legendary new president of the Kyushu Group, she was conquered by the overbearing and boundless momentum of the other party.

"He looks very young and not too old, but he already has such a huge power of the Kyushu Group, it's really good to be with this kind of figure..."

Shen Ruoxue said to herself in her heart, and the more she thought about it now, the more her body began to redden and burn.While walking in front of her, she even felt her legs getting a little soft.

"Hello sir..." as Shen Ruoxue was walking out with Lin Hao, she just happened to run into Wang Lulu who was wearing a half mask.

Wang Lulu was very respectful and cautious as she curtsied to Lin Hao and greeted him.Lin Hao didn't pay any attention to Wang Lulu when he gave a slight hmmm.

This scene, in Shen Ruoxue's eyes, made her even more certain of the power of the man behind her.

Soon to the inside of the room, Half Moon Bay was originally the top hotel in China, and the branch here in Nanjiang City was also kind of, whether it was the decorating style or the various materials used were the best.

Shen Ruoxue opened this room a night price get five digits.The floor was covered with red rose petals, and the entire room was filled with a faint fragrance of flowers.


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