Secret Identity 971-980


Chapter 971

The Zheng Xiang that Jiang Ming was talking about was one of the dogs that had been following him around.

      Ye Chen curiously asked, "What, Zheng Xiang is in the same company as you?"

      "Right."Jiang Ming said with a smile, "Zheng Xiang is one of my assistants."

      Saying that, he also said to Ye Chen, "Come help me, I don't need you to have any work experience, just give me odd jobs, serve tea and pour water, anyway, wait on people this kind of thing, you are the best at it, how about a monthly salary of three thousand?"

      Serve tea and water?

      Three thousand a month?

      Ye Chen laughed, "The salary is so high, how can I deserve it, I'd better not go."

      Jiang Ming nodded his head and said proudly, "Not to blow with you, if you hang out with me, sooner or later you will be able to earn big money, take Zheng Xiang for example, if it wasn't for me, he would have starved to death."

      Saying that, he said with a derring-do face, "How about it, are you moved, if you're moved, just tell your buddy, if I say so, you can come over to work tomorrow!"

      Zheng Xiang heard this, full of embarrassment, but did not dare to refute.

      When he heard Jiang Ming's "invitation", Ye Chen shook his head and said: "Thank you for your kindness, but I'm used to eating soft food, so I'd rather not."

      Jiang Ming's face surged with indignation, and said with suppressed fire, "Ye Chen, you really take the kindness of others as a donkey's liver and lungs ah, I kindly give you a job, and this is your attitude?"

      At this time, Auntie Li saw, hurriedly said: "Okay, okay, you two stop bickering, it was supposed to be an amicable party, you two are so quarrelsome, I see this meal also don't eat, lest you two turn against each other!"

      Jiang Ming said with an aggrieved face, "Auntie Li, to be honest I really did it for Ye Chen's sake, I'm a person who usually doesn't take others to get rich, if he can really put his head down and come over to work with me, I'll definitely bring him to make more money."78 Chinese update fastest computer end:https:///

      Saying that, Jiang Ming looked at everyone and said seriously, "All of you, having grown up together since childhood, there's no need for me to lie with you, to tell you the truth, I'm currently working as a director in a fund company, this fund company of ours, is owned by the Wang Group."

      "The fund everyone should have heard of it, making money very quickly, sometimes 100,000 yuan into it, the next day it becomes more than 100,000, a month becomes more than 200,000, we who do the fund, we have a lot of inside information ourselves, but usually never I will disclose to the public, let alone bring others to make money, I am really looking at Ye Chen as a door-to-door son-in-law is too poor, so I gave himPoint out a clear path."

      As soon as everyone heard this, someone immediately asked, "Brother Ming, are you really in the fund?So are you able to give us any inside information?"

      Jiang Ming saw that the crowd had fallen for it, he immediately nodded and said, "Truth be told, I do have a lot of insider information in my hands, I myself have made some money from insider information, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to afford a Mercedes."

      Said Jiang Ming, "Oh right, actually I don't just have one car, I have another car, it's a bit more low-key, people may not have heard of it."

      Someone hurriedly asked, "What kind of car?Tell me about it."

      Jiang Ming smiled, "Volkswagen's, Volkswagen Phaeton."

      After saying that, he took out the key of that Phaeton from Ma Zhongliang's pocket, slapped it on the table, and said with a smile, "Look there is a Volkswagen logo on it, and the English of Phaeton, but people who don't know anything about Volkswagen will think that this car is cheap when they see the logo, and will even treat it as a Passat, I bought this car because of this, after all, it's low profile!"

      In fact, Jiang Ming's heart was bleeding as he said this.


What he said was entirely his own personal encounter just now.

      I just didn't see the Phaeton in English and only saw the VW logo, so I took someone for a Passat and ran headlong into it.78 Chinese updated fastest computer end:https:///

      Now it's miserable, there are millions of holes, and I have absolutely no idea how to plug them.

      If he couldn't plug this scheme he was thinking of today, he himself would basically be finished.

      "Fuck!!!It's really Phaeton, huh?!"

      Some boys recognized the keys of the Phaeton, saw the word W12 on it, and took off in alarm: "This is the most expensive model of Volkswagen, the top model costs more than 2 million, it's known as the most low-key super luxury car, gosh Ming, you even bought a Phaeton, it's too low-key, right?"

      The few people who came with Jiang Ming in the same car and saw the circumstances surrounding the accident all had somewhat unnatural expressions.

      They didn't expect that Jiang Ming could directly apply this matter to himself and then use it to brag.

      However, they were all Jiang Ming's lackeys, so naturally they didn't dare to expose Jiang Ming's lies.

      Jiang Ming smiled calmly at this time and said, "Actually, we who are funders are very low-key, because this business is really profitable, and many people want to make money with you, once he knows that you have insider information and you have a way to make money, they all want to come for a ride and follow you to make a fortune."

      The man asked again, "By the way, Ming, what model of phaeton did you buy?"

      Jiang Ming smiled arrogantly and said, "I bought the Phaeton, it's a w12, which means a 12 cylinder engine."

      "My God!"The man was stunned and said, "Ming this is the top of the phaeton, the whole thing costs two hundred thousand, right?"

      Jiang Ming smiled and waved his hand, "It's actually nothing."

      Said Jiang Ming, "In fact, just now I didn't tell you about my actual income because of a low profile, we do funds, usually stare at 12 funds a month, these 12 funds do well, each one can bring us hundreds of thousands of dollars or even higher."

      At this time, one of them hurriedly followed up by asking, "Brother Ming, we've all been in a relationship for so many years, you actually have such a profitable doorway, can you give your brother a hand?My younger brother is getting married soon, and my mother-in-law asked me for 300,000 in bride price, how can I afford it?I've had to save frugally until now, and I've saved a total of over a hundred thousand, and at this rate, I'm sure this marriage won't work ......"

      Ye Chen recognized this kid, his name was Zhao Zhuo, he was also an orphan.

      As soon as Jiang Ming heard him say that he had over a hundred thousand dollars in savings, his heart immediately moved.

      He took off, "To make a fund is mainly to make a leverage, the more money you make, the more you earn, your hundred thousand or so as a start-up capital is really too little."

      Zhao Excellence pleaded: "Ming brother, this is all my wife Bener more, one more point I can not take out ah ......"

      He said, choking with sobs, "Brother Ming, to be honest, an orphan and hangman like me, I grew up fatherless and motherless, I have no money and no skills, and I didn't go to school for a few years, so I'm half illiterate, I can only work hard outside to earn some money, it's not easy, and I can't even get married if I want to, so please, for the sake of my brother I'm so pitiful, help me, pull me out!"

      Jiang Ming said as a dilemma: "Brother, I'll tell you a heartfelt word, to play the fund, you need to have the capital to play, your hundred thousand is too little, I can't even take you into the entrance ah."

      Saying that, he apologized and arched his hands, "I'm sorry brother, don't blame me."


The reason for rejecting Zhao Zhuo is actually a deliberate game of desire played by Jiang Ming.

      He himself is a fraudulent fund sales director, just like those exploding p2p, his job, is to do everything possible to fool those who don't know how to invest in their so-called funds.

      But in reality, none of these funds made any money, and as long as they were invested, they were doomed to lose their blood money and never get a penny back.

      When Ye Chen's mother-in-law, Ma Lan, engaged in investment and was cheated by this kind of fund company, it was impossible to get the money back as long as it went into their company's account.

      However, what he wanted to do today was not to get them to invest in his own fund, but to trick them into handing over their money to himself, who would pretend to invest in the fund on their behalf, so that he could take their money to save their lives first!78 Chinese First https://https://

      Zhao Zhuo was so anxious that he was about to cry when he heard this, he was already poor and crazy for wanting to make money, he had thought that Jiang Ming could bring himself to make money, but he was too little for his own capital.

      So he could only beg, "Brother Ming, please, help your brother, or else your brother really doesn't know what to do, my life has been such a failure.You can't let my girlfriend leave me if you say anything."

      Jiang Ming saw that the fish had already taken the bait, so he continued to act, "Brother, it's not that I don't want to help you, the point is that you have too little capital, it's not easy to operate ah!"

      Saying that, he seemed to have remembered something and brightened up, "Right, I do have a way to help you out a bit."

      Zhao Premier hurriedly asked after him, "What kind of way?Speak up, Ming!"

      The company has been in the process of developing a new product for the past few years, and has been working on a number of new products for the past two years.Each one is not much, but if you borrow more platforms, you can still make up enough to get a batch out, estimating how you can borrow 400,000 to 500,000, plus you that 100,000, you have to raise at least 600,000 out, this 600,000 if you take it into the fund, a week to double is not a problem."

      When Zhao Zhuo heard this, he choked up in excitement, "Brother Ming, then do as you say, trouble you introduce me to the ways of online lending!"

      Jiang Ming smiled, "I'll push a few loan platform apps to you later."

      Zhao Zhuo said excitedly, "Brother Ming, I really don't know how to thank you, you're my reinvented benefactor, my regenerating parent!"

      He himself was an orphan, and had never been to school, so he was illiterate. It was hard to find a second-hand girlfriend, but when it came time to talk about marriage, his future mother-in-law wouldn't let go, and his life was already desperate.

      So, he has no choice but to put all his hopes on Jiang Ming.

      Jiang Ming saw his mentality, ready to pit him a wave of big, first let him everywhere to loan, loan a few hundred thousand out, and then his own more than 100,000 old bottom also put together, so that he alone can solve the 600,000 capital gap for himself.

      If you can pit two such people, then you can basically solve this problem.

      As for this Zhao Zhuo, whether or not he will be rushed to his death by the major online lending platforms in the future, this has nothing to do with himself, who let this stupid bird not to grow brains?They deserved to be screwed.

      At this time, there were a few youngsters from the orphanage who had heard that 600,000 would double in a week, and they were all moved.

      Someone spoke up and said, "Brother Lin, can you bring me one of these things too?"

      Jiang Ming said seriously, "As long as you can get the chips, this matter can bring you together to make money, if you can't get the chips, then learn from Zhao Zhuo, when the time comes, first lend a batch of money out from some online lending platform, after making a big profit, then return the money, this is called borrowing chickens to lay eggs!"


When the man heard that, he said off the cuff, "Count me in, Brother Ming!"

      Auntie Li hadn't said anything, but when she heard this, she couldn't help but say with some concern, "Jiang Ming ah, now the TV station has exposed a lot of high interest online lending platforms, those interest rates they have, can be really scary ah, I think it's better not to come across them until it's absolutely necessary."

      Jiang Ming didn't think that Auntie Li would come out to badmouth her, and immediately said, "Auntie Li, those platforms you're talking about, the interest rate is really high, but these platforms that my friend operates, that's all very formal, the interest rate isn't that high, and compared to the income of my side of the fund, that interest rate is almost insignificant."

      After a pause, Jiang Ming added, "Actually, I normally don't want to engage in this kind of thing, it's hard work and not much fun, but seeing as everyone is a little friend who used to grow up in an orphanage, I really can't bear to see them continue to suffer in poverty, so if I can help out, it's a handful."

      Zhao Zhuo hastily took off, "Brother Ming, you don't need to worry about anything else, just push all those loan apps to me, I'll immediately take out a loan, and then unify and aggregate them for you!"

      Ye Chen, who hadn't said anything, looked at Jiang Ming at this time and asked with interest, "Jiang Ming, you just said that you work for a company under the Wang family, but as far as I know, the Wang family doesn't seem to have done any fund business, right?"

      Jiang Ming's face turned slightly pale, and he said offhandedly, "Ye Chen, it's not that I look down on you, the Wang family is big, people's businesses are involved in a wide range of things, there's no money that people don't turn, what does a slinger like you know?"

      Ye Chen wasn't angry and asked with a smile, "Then tell me the name of your company?"

      Jiang Ming took off, "My company is called Huaxin Insurance Fund Investment and Financial Management Company."

      Saying that, Jiang Ming immediately pulled out his business card, which not only had their company's name printed on it, but also Jiang Ming's position: "Investment Director."

      Ye Chen felt that this Huaxin Insurance Fund Investment and Financial Management Company sounded somewhat familiar to him.

      Upon careful thought, he remembered, wasn't this the same company that had lied to his mother-in-law?The company's owner called Zhou Huaxin, behind the backing of the Hong Fifth Master.

      The company's owner, Zhou Huaxin, has been a cheat and swindler, and all of the money invested in his company has been lost, and the investors who have suffered huge losses have no use for trouble, because with the backing of Master Hong, no one can do anything about it.

      Unexpectedly, this Jiang Ming, is actually Zhou Huaxin's company!

      That last time when he went to help his mother-in-law collect a debt, he didn't meet him, if he had met him at that time, then I'm sure he would be groveling when he saw him today.

      Thinking of this, he looked at Jiang Ming with great interest and asked curiously, "The owner of your company is called Zhou Huaxin, right?He doesn't seem to be a member of the Wang family!Are you making this up as you go along?"

      Jiang Ming didn't expect Ye Chen to know about his company and the name of his boss, and he immediately became nervous.

      If Ye Chen knew about his company, then it proved that he knew what his company was doing?It was also known that what he was saying to Zhao Premier now was all a lie to him.

      Just when Jiang Ming was nervous inside and didn't know how to explain, Zhao Excellence on the side looked at Ye Chen angrily and scolded him, "Ye Chen, what do you mean?Ming is trying to make us some money. Why are you questioning us?Is it because you feel bad that Ming doesn't take you to earn money?"

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the other side of the road, and then you'll see the other side of the road, and then you'll see the other side of the road.

      If that's the case, then you're at your own mercy.

      So he immediately said to Jiang Ming, "I might have misremembered it, sorry."


Ye Chen had never been a rotten good guy.

      There were times when he would look at someone else's pity and want to give them a hand.

      But the premise was that the other party must know how to be kind.

      If the other party didn't know how to be kind, he would never use his hot face to stick someone's cold ass.

      Some people are stubborn, so they might as well let them taste the price themselves.

      Anyway, it was all his own doing, and he couldn't blame anyone else if he fell into the fire and burned to death in the future.

      So he intentionally wanted to diverge from this topic and immediately opened his mouth, "If you guys want to manage your money, just go back and pull a private group to talk alone, we're here today to invite Auntie Li for dinner, it's been half a day and we haven't ordered any food yet."

      Jiang Ming immediately came in the mood, smilingly said, "Come, come, give the menu to Auntie Li and let her order!"

      Auntie Li hurriedly waved her hand and said, "No, no, I've never been to such a nice place before, we won't order any food, so it's better for you young people to order."

      Jiang Ming then took the menu with a smile and said, "I'll order it then."

      He then immediately recruited the waiter and spoke, "Come, order the food."

      The waiter also came over, so Jiang Ming immediately began to order, but he was especially resourceful this time and only ordered the expensive dishes.

      As soon as he came up, he first ordered an excellent abalone for everyone, which was 1,888 yuan for one person.

      Zhao Zhuo glanced at the menu and exclaimed in alarm, "Oh my gosh Brother Ming, this dish is too expensive, it's over 20,000 yuan just to order this one dish!We ......We can't afford it!"

      Because Jiang Ming's proposal for this meal was for him to pay half of the money, and the other half to aa the rest, meaning that everyone would have to pay, but his was just a little less than what he had said before.

      But once the meal was too expensive, even if Jiang Ming himself paid half, the remaining half would be a very big burden for everyone else.

      Jiang Ming looked at Zhao Zhuo with some disgust and said, "No wonder your future mother-in-law won't let go of the bride price, just your stingy appearance, out to eat a meal and you're so scared, mother-in-law must ask for more bride price, so that her daughter won't be wronged in the future!What if it's your future mother-in-law who's invited to this meal today and you're too scared to even order food?What do people think of you?"78 Chinese First https://https://

      Zhao Zhuoyue's expression was a little embarrassed, depressed, "Brother Ming, I'm not as rich as you are ah, to be honest, I'm trying to save money now, a week's living expenses is 100 yuan, every day in the company's dormitory to drink cold water to nibble steamed bread, I can't even afford to buy an electric kettle ......"

      Jiang Ming coldly said, "No wonder you are poor, with this kind of mentality and your spending philosophy, you can't make money, if you're not poor who is?"

      After a pause, Jiang Ming said again, "What is money?Money's only money when it's spent, but what is it if it's not?Putting it in the wallet is paper, putting it in the bank is just numbers, besides, I've already promised to bring you money, if you can't even afford to pay for this little meal, then I won't make you a friend anymore, sorry."

      As soon as Zhao Premier heard this, he immediately shut his mouth in good humor.

      He had taken Jiang Ming as his straw, so no matter what, he couldn't disobey Jiang Ming.

      Otherwise, how could there be any hope for his own life.

      The others also felt that Jiang Ming's order was too extravagant at this time, but after hearing him count Zhao Zhuo's words, everyone was too embarrassed to say anything one by one.

      They all felt that after all, he himself paid half of the bill, and so many people were left to pay the other half, if they still called themselves poor, it would be too embarrassing.

      At this time, Jiang Ming said to the waiter again, "A 5-pound lobster for us!"

      The waiter nodded and said, "Sir, our excellent lobster here is $688 a pound, is that okay?"


Jiang Ming waved his hand without a care in the world and said, "Yes, of course you can, what's not to like, just give it to me!"

      Afterwards, he said, "Oh yeah, that Spade A champagne, give me two bottles!"

      The waiter spoke up and said, "Sir, a bottle of Spades A champagne is $18,888, open and non-refundable, is that okay?"

      Jiang Ming immediately said, "Yes!Hurry up and go first!"

      Hearing that he had ordered two bottles of wine worth $18,888 all at once, the crowd immediately sat a little too still.

      Calculating like this, the meal had gone down over 60,000 yuan, even if everyone paid the other half, it would be at least 30,000 yuan a year, right?

      If aaa, that would be at least $2,000+ per person!

      Zhao Hao said at once with some difficulty, "Jiang Ming, we don't have to eat so extravagantly, today is to invite Auntie Li to eat, to pick up the dust for Auntie Li, Auntie Li has just recovered from her illness, she definitely can't drink, what do you mean by ordering these two bottles of wine?"

      Jiang Ming said despicably, "Zhao Hao, I fucking despise you as a poor bastard huh, it's just a meal, you're afraid of a chicken?"

      Afterwards, he didn't wait for Zhao Hao to speak, and immediately said to the waiter, "Give us another big grouper, and one shark's fin in abalone sauce per person!"

      Jiang Ming just wanted more, so that he could earn more as well.

      One by one, the others were a little worried, thinking that this meal was too much for everyone to pay evenly.

      But everyone was too embarrassed to tear their faces off, and no one was too embarrassed to say at this time that I'm not going to eat this meal, after all, Auntie Li was still here.

      Auntie Li was also a little unable to sit down at this time, she said nervously: "Jiang Ming, we really don't need to eat so extravagantly, and your little bit of food is too expensive, auntie really, the price of the heart is trembling ......Can't we order inexpensive food?Home-cooked?"

      Jiang Ming now unwilling to let go of any opportunity to earn money, so he naturally could not willingly this meal only a few thousand yuan, then he could not earn any difference.

      So he hurriedly said: "Auntie Li, today you just cook and eat, we have the rest, we are raised by you, your kindness to us is more important than Mount Tai, how about spending some money to buy you a meal?Even if I, Jiang Ming, spend 30,000, 40,000, or 50,000 today, I'll admit that I'm willing to spend it!"

      After saying that he deliberately looked around the room, watching everyone's faces.

      What he just said was actually moral kidnapping, the subtext was already clear, what?Auntie Li has been so kind to us, raised us, and you can't even afford to invite her for a meal, can you?

      As expected, as soon as he said this, everyone one by one didn't dare to show any dissatisfaction or opposition.78 Chinese First https://https://

      Everyone had already made up their minds, since they were inviting Aunt Li to dinner, let's get some blood out.

      Ye Chen suddenly felt that something wasn't quite right, from the fact that Jiang Ming had deliberately crashed his car in order to not honor the bet, he knew that this person was by no means a generous person, and was definitely a villain.

      So why was a not so generous villain so generous when it came to ordering food?

      Did it do him any good to order a lot of this meal?

      However, since Jiang Ming had said that he would cover half of this meal himself, he shouldn't be this restaurant's meal tray.

      Then there was only one other possibility left, Jiang Ming could reimburse this meal!

      So this Jiang Ming, is planning everyone into this, in that case, why don't you give him a go at it!

      Thinking of this, Ye Chenli spoke up, "Gentlemen, let's do it this way.Today's meal, Jiang Ming and I will have half of it, and the others don't have to contribute a single penny, even if we have 200,000 for this meal, it's still us!"


As soon as Jiang Ming heard this, he immediately scoffed and laughed, "Oh Ye Chen, you can ah, bragging, not even a draft!"

      Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "What's there to brag about?If you don't believe me, what do you say we each swipe a hundred thousand in advance and eat the same two hundred thousand tonight?"

      After hearing this, Jiang Ming said excitedly, "Is this true?"

      Ye Chen directly pulled out his phone, opened Alipay and said to that waiter, "Here, scan the code and pay."

      Jiang Ming was so excited to see this that he was about to jump!

      All he wanted was to have more of this meal and then he could get more of the difference when he reimbursed himself, but these little friends from the welfare institution were really too hung over, chattering all the time, not knowing how annoying it was.

      Ye Chen is now willing to aaa with himself and pay 100,000 yuan at a time, isn't it obvious that he is giving himself money?

      He also paid 100,000 for himself, but he could issue an invoice for 200,000, and when he got back, he would tell the boss that the dinner was for a super client, and there was a possibility of negotiating down a 10 million dollar sale, and the boss would definitely report it to him then with a wave of his hand.

      He'd figured out by now that saving his life was most important!

      First, we'll cheat the two young fellows who want to follow their money, then we'll return to the company, report the 200,000 and solve Ma Zhongliang's problem.

      As for whether or not the boss will settle accounts after the fall, it is the time to consider this.

      After all, for the current self, Ma Zhongliang was the biggest threat.

      So he hurriedly also pulled out his phone and said to Ye Chen, "Okay, since you're so cool, then I'll also swipe 100,000!"

      Aunt Li wanted to dissuade the two, but Ye Chen waved his hand at him, indicating that she didn't need to worry.

      To Ye Chen, whether a meal cost 100,000 or 200,000, it was just a mere drizzle, and all he wanted to do was to not let Jiang Ming have his way.

      The waiter took the POS machine at this time and used the function of scanning the code to pay, and swiped 100,000 yuan from each of the two people's payment treasure.

      Confirming that 200,000 had arrived, Jiang Ming said with a big smile on his face, "In that case, let's order more of the good stuff!Waiter, serve us all the good wine, good food, and good seafood you have here, just as 200,000, and I want the entire 200,000 spent today, not a penny left!"

      The waiter didn't expect to meet such a wealthy and generous table today, and immediately said with a smile, "Don't worry, I'll make the arrangements and bring the wine up to you first!"

      As soon as they heard that they were about to enjoy a two hundred thousand dollar meal, many of the little friends at the same table, one by one, were excited.

      Especially that Zhao Zhuo, who just had a bitter look on his face, is now so happy that his mouth is almost open to his ears!

      Just now he was worried because he didn't want to spend more money, but now that he saw that this meal of 200,000 was already paid for by someone and he hadn't paid a penny, he was so excited that he simply wanted to hurry to the bathroom and pick out all the things he had eaten before.

      So as to free up his stomach and wait for the next good thing.

      If you're looking for a way to get the most out of your money, you'll find that you'll have to pay for it, but if you don't need to pay for it, or if someone else does, you'll be able to run faster and laugh more than anyone else.

      To put it bluntly, he was the king of white whoring.

      Soon, the waiter brought up mountain and sea delicacies such as lobster and abalone, and even a whole roasted suckling pig, which was charred on the outside and tender on the inside, emitting an incomparable aroma.

      Zhao Premier was crazily eating all sorts of goodies while holding a glass of wine and desperately pouring it into his mouth.


Nearly 20,000 yuan for a bottle of champagne, he had never even smelled it in his life, let alone drank it, so with such a good opportunity, he decided he must drink it to his heart's content.

      At this time, Jiang Ming's dog, Zheng Xiang, ate a roast suckling pig as he said obsequiously, "Why do I feel as if I've become the good brother of that Wang Duo fish inside the richest man in Xihong City, ah, this scene we're in now is almost the same as the one in the movie where they were eating and drinking indiscriminately in the hotel!"

      This immediately resonated with everyone else, who nodded and laughed, "Yes, yes, it's really a bit like that!"

      Zheng Xiang smiled again and said, "It's all thanks to Ming's blessing, thank you Ming!"

      Li Xiaofen said indignantly, "Why should we only thank Jiang Ming ah, brother Ye Chen also paid half of the money for this meal, okay?"

      Zheng Xiang said disdainfully, "I'm eating this half of Brother Ming, and you're eating that half of Ye Chen, so to thank you thank you, it has nothing to do with me."

      At this time, eating a mouth full of oil Zhao Zhuo just took the time, reacted to the topic that everyone just chatted about, full of mouth also chewed all kinds of meat, vaguely asked: "By the way, what were you guys talking about just now?What? The richest man in Sai Hong City?Why don't I understand?"

      Zhao Hao frowned and asked, "Movie, ah!The richest man in West Rainbow, the one Shen Teng played, was released in cinemas a while ago and was such a hit at the box office, didn't you see it?"

      "A movie theater?"Zhao Zhuo immediately despised and said, "I don't go to the cinema to watch movies, why should I pay to watch their movies?These guys are crazy about money, aren't they?It's almost like showing them to me for free!I'm all over the internet begging people on my knees for a resource to see this movie when I get back on my knees tonight."

      "Silly fork!"Zhao Hao said coldly, "Zhao Zhuo, you're too heavy hearted to take advantage, aren't you?People invest hundreds of millions of dollars to make a movie, and there are directors, camera operators, scriptwriters, actors and actresses who have put in so much time and effort, if they give it to people like you for free, who will make movies?Won't the film company pay for it?"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      Zhao Zhuo heard Zhao Hao choke himself, disdainfully said: "Less fucking give me this set, I just take advantage of not enough, I'm a person who likes not to pay, even if I want money I do not give money, what's wrong?No?Not only am I not paying him, I'm going to go online and yell at him for bad filming, bad acting, slow filming, what the fuck do you care?What a dog taking a mouse."

      Zhao Hao said angrily, "After taking advantage of the situation and cursing?You're so shameless, you're not afraid of retribution for saying such things!"

      Zhao Zhuo trailed off, "What retribution?I'm an orphan anyway. Who am I afraid of?Am I afraid of dead parents?"

      Zhao Hao was choked speechless all of a sudden.

      When a person was shameless to such an extent, it was useless to say anything.

      So he didn't bother to continue to fight with this kind of person.

      Ye Chen looked on the sidelines and sighed, some people, even if they came from a lowly background, were able to climb up step by step to become people, but some people would become hangers-on, the bottom of this society.

      Just like someone like Zhao Zhuo, he really didn't become a hanger-on for no reason.

      With no respect for others, nor for himself, and only thinking about making money and taking advantage in his head, this kind of person would often suffer big losses.

      It was estimated that after this meal, he would fight to the death and kneel down to lick Jiang Ming.

      And Jiang Ming would not hesitate to squeeze all the remaining value out of him.

      At that time, I'm afraid he would have no tears to cry.

      But it wasn't that he hadn't thought of giving him a hand.

      The point was that this person was not at all good or bad, and still didn't have the slightest bit of self-awareness.

      This made Ye Chen eagerly wait to see what would happen to Zhao Zhuan!


Just as everyone was enthusiastically enjoying the 200,000 meal, Ye Chen went to the front desk and said to the front desk attendant, "Hello, I'm a guest at table 03 in the lobby, please give me an invoice."

      The waiter hurriedly and respectfully asked, "Hello sir, may I ask if it's the table that spent 200,000?"

      "Right!"Ye Chen nodded his head.

      The waiter asked again, "Is your invoice for a company or an individual?"

      Ye Chen said, "Open someone."

      "Okay, sir are you convenient to leave your name?"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Leaf for leaf, star for star."

      The waiter hurriedly worked on the computer and then put the invoice into the invoice printer.

      With a zipping sound, a catering invoice with Ye Chen's name as a payable and an amount of 200,000 yuan was printed out.

      After Ye Chen got the invoice, checked it and confirmed that there were no problems with this invoice, he thanked the waiter and turned around to go back.

      At the same time, he smiled coldly in his heart, Jiang Ming, you definitely didn't expect that I would make the first move, right?

      He then returned to the table and continued to eat with everyone.

      Xiao Choran on the side asked him in a low voice, "Ye Chen, tell me the truth, are you holding back some bad intentions?"

      Ye Chen said, "No, I'm such a good person, what bad thoughts would I hold back?"

      Xiao Choran lowered her voice and said, "I always feel like you're counting on that Jiang Ming ...... for this meal."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "Good wife, you're right!"

      Xiao Choran giggled and nodded, "This kind of person is really quite annoying, I support you!"

      Ye Chen smiled heedlessly, "What a good wife for me!"

      Xiao Churan's pretty face blushed, shy inside.


      After three rounds of wine, Jiang Ming dizzily stood up and said, "I'm going to the bathroom, you continue to drink, everyone drink a little more, that Maotai, that Maotai must not be left over!And that champagne, this guy's twenty thousand a bottle!"

      At the sight of this, Zhao Zhuo hastily stood up and said obsequiously, "Brother Ming, let me help you to the bathroom."

      After saying that people have stood up, cheekily supporting Jiang Ming. 78 Chinese update fastest computer end:https:///

      Jiang Ming waved his hand and said with a smile, "I haven't drank much yet."

      Zhao Zhuo said bashfully, "Then I'll go with you!"

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.It's faster than that broken net in my dormitory!It feels like a huge advantage!"

      Jiang Ming despised him, knowing in his heart that this Zhao Zhuo was shameless and countless times more hangry than himself when it came to taking advantage of him.

      However, it was because he was so fond of taking advantage of him that he had the opportunity to screw him.

      So, he then said to Zhao Zhuo, "So, you first register all of these apps once to fill in your personal information, and then you will start lending from there, you directly press the highest amount, how much you can lend out how much you can lend out, bring it out and transfer this money to my card, then I'll help you operate the fund, and after a week I'll hit you with the proceeds and the principal!"

      Zhao Excellence hurriedly nodded his head and complimented, "Brother Ming you are really too mean, knowing a friend like you I am really three lifetimes fortunate, it seems that following you, I definitely have a solution to this matter of marriage!"

      Jiang Ming said, "Hurry up and prepare the money out first, I'm about to operate a new fund, if you don't hurry up and get the money out, you won't be able to catch this train, so don't blame me later."


I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.

      "Good."Jiang Ming nodded as he relieved himself and said, "You have to be quick about this, don't delay a good opportunity, simply I'll show you another bright path that will make you more money."

      When Zhao Zhuo shuddered with excitement upon hearing this, he accidentally peed on a hand, but he couldn't care less about that and hurriedly wiped it on his trouser leg, turning his face to ask Jiang Ming who was next to him, "Brother Ming, what bright path?Little brother for advice!"

      Jiang Ming said, "It's simple, if you can raise $600,000 for me, I can help you make $600,000 a week, and if you can find someone else to borrow an extra million!"

      "When you borrow a million dollars, you can promise someone $200,000 in interest and they will be very interested.That would net you $800,000 in interest differential, and you'd be cool as hell."

      "When the time comes, not to mention the 300,000 bride price, even a down payment for a three-bedroom apartment will be enough."

      Zhao Zhuo was excited as soon as he heard this.

      However, he didn't know, for a moment, where he should go to borrow so much money.

      After all, he was an orphan and had no relatives, who would be willing to lend him so much money?

      Jiang Ming saw that he was a little worried and knew that he must be thinking about it, so he deliberately gave him an idea and said, "Actually, you can go to your girlfriend and tell her that you have insider information that can make money, and as long as you invest a million dollars, you can earn 200,000 interest a week!"

      "Tell her to ask her mother, your future mother-in-law, if she's interested, and if your future mother-in-law is interested, she'll not only give you a million, but when she gets 200,000 in interest, she'll also think that your future son-in-law is especially great and capable."

      "In this way, not only did you earn an interest difference of 800,000, but you also gained the goodwill of your future mother-in-law, killing two birds with one stone!"

      Zhao Zhuo was immediately excited to hear this.

      He had been looked down upon by his future mother-in-law, and now he finally had a chance to raise his eyebrows!

      So he immediately said, "Brother Ming, don't worry, I'll call my girlfriend to make it clear when I go back tonight."

      Jiang Ming nodded and put on his pants, without even washing his hands, he said to Zhao Zhuo, "I'm going to the front desk, you can go back first."

      Zhao Zhuo also didn't wash his hands and hurriedly came after him, asking with concern, "What are you still doing at the front desk, Brother Ming?Hasn't the bill been paid in advance?"

      Jiang Ming impatiently said, "I have something to do, just go back, don't mind me."

      Zhao Excellence immediately nodded and said respectfully, "That's fine, Brother Ming, I'll go back first, to be honest, that champagne is really good, I haven't had enough of it, hehe."

      Jiang Ming grinned in his heart, thinking, a sling is a fucking sling, and a super sling that doesn't take advantage of enough.

      But he liked this kind of sling without intelligence, and this kind of sling was a really easy batch to cheat.

      He then left the bathroom, humming a little tune as he stepped forward to the front desk.

      After arriving at the front desk, he then pulled out his business card, handed it to the front desk attendant, and said with a pretentious face, "Hall table 03, the one that consumes 200,000, give me an invoice, the invoice is payable according to the company name on this business card of mine."

      The waiter hurriedly said, "Excuse me ah sir, the invoice for your table has just been issued by a gentleman."

      "What?!"Jiang Ming felt dizzy and asked off the top of his head, "Who drove it?"

      The waiter said, "It's opened by a gentleman named Ye Chen, I think he's with you?"


      When Jiang Ming heard this, his blood surged!

      If the invoice is written off by Ye Chen, then he won't be able to reimburse himself!

      Wouldn't that mean that not only did he not make any money for the meal, but he lost a hundred thousand dollars!

      Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and lowly roared, "It's that son of a bitch Ye Chen again!"


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