Secret Identity 961-970


Chapter 961

"That won't do!"

      Seeing Ye Chen concede, Jiang Ming instead bit him to death.

      He deliberately raised the volume a few points and said, "Everyone heard, you said it yourself, there are no meat carts, only meat men, in that case, let's have a contest in front of all the students."

      Ye Chen waved his hand and said something heartfelt: "Oh my Jiang Ming, it's better not to compete, we're all not in the same weight class, it's not fair to compete together like this."

      It really wasn't fair, BMW 760, abusing Mercedes e300l, no different than a wild wolf abusing a husky.

      Jiang Ming saw that Ye Chen said it wasn't a weight class and thought that Ye Chen was afraid, he immediately mocked loudly, "Ye Chen, weren't you quite bragging just now?Why are you wimping out just because we're having a contest?Can you act like a man in front of your wife?"

      Ye Chen pretended to be annoyed and said, "Oh my I say Jiang Ming, it's meaningless for you to talk like that, we've all grown up together since childhood, is there a need for you to be so aggressive?Yeah, you're driving a nice car, so what's there to be proud of?You really think you can beat me because your car is a little better than mine?"

      Jiang Ming thought that Ye Chen had fallen for the trap, but didn't think it was actually himself who had fallen for the trap, and hurriedly said, "The key to winning you depends on whether you dare to compete with me, if you're wimpy and not a man, then I can't do anything with you ah."

      Ye Chen immediately said in annoyance, "OK!Just compare, who's afraid of who."

      Jiang Ming immediately smiled and said, "Great!Then let's have a good contest, how about this, the two of us will compete to see who gets to the Hyatt Hotel first, and whoever gets there first wins, what do you think?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "It can be, but it has to be a bit of a jackpot, right?"

      "Come on!"Jiang Ming said confidently, "The jackpot is whatever you want it to be!"

      Ye Chen thought about it and said, "How about this, I heard from Little Fen today that the orphanage is quite short of funds, how about this, we, whoever we are, donate our cars to the orphanage and let the orphanage do what it wants with no regrets, what do you think?"

      Zhao Hao, who was a good brother back then, hurriedly pulled him out and said, "Ye Chen, don't fall into his trap!This man has no peace of mind at all!"

      Ye Chen laughed and said that it was fine on his lips, but in his heart he was saying, "My good brother, I actually want him to fall for my trick, because I'm the one who really didn't have good intentions."

      But this was naturally impossible to say.

      Jiang Ming laughed out loud at this point and said, "Ye Chen, is this BMW 520 your name?Aren't you the one who pushed the door backwards?This must be your wife's car, right?How can you take your wife's car out and be so generous?What if you lose and your wife doesn't want to donate the car to the orphanage?"

      Xiao Churan, who was on the side, was also very dissatisfied with Jiang Ming's arrogant attitude and spoke up, "Although the car is written in my name, don't worry, I guarantee with my personality that if my husband loses to you, then I will donate this car to the welfare institution.If you lose to my husband, then you will have to donate that car of yours to the orphanage, so many people are watching, do you promise?"

      Jiang Ming put his mind at ease when he heard this.

      I thought to myself, my Mercedes Benz e300l can't outrun your BMW 520?

      Since you want to humiliate yourself, get ready to say goodbye to your car!

      So, Jiang Ming opened his mouth and said, "Since you've said that, beautiful lady, then of course I have no problem with it, with so many little friends present to witness it, including Auntie Li, let's make a deal, whoever loses will donate this car to the orphanage."

      Auntie Li hurriedly said, "Oh my, you guys.What's this for?We've grown up together, what is it that we can't talk about, why do we have to be annoyed here?Take my word for it, don't make that bet again, let's just eat in peace, catch up and bond."


I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.The younger siblings will have a good life."

      Ye Chen smiled at this time and said to Auntie Li, "Auntie Li, you don't have to worry about this matter, Jiang Ming and I will deal with it in private."

      Aunt Li was actually mainly afraid that Ye Chen would suffer a loss, but looking at Ye Chen's confident look, she suddenly felt that this matter should not be as simple as she thought.

      In fact, this time when she went to Yanjing to see the doctor, Auntie Li had found something not quite right.

      The first thing that wasn't right was that the doctors in the hospital were all too polite to themselves, simply treating themselves as VIPs.

      When she was recuperating in the hospital, she happened to meet a Chinese celebrity who also visited the Concord Hospital, and the person who was treating that celebrity was her own attending doctor.

      But she found that the attending doctor's attitude towards that star was far less respectful than his own.

      She couldn't help but ponder, she was just an employee of an orphanage, and coming to Yanjing for the first time in her life, there was no way she had any connections or possible background, so why was the doctor so respectful to her?

      The second thing that didn't seem right was that when she went up to the operating table and was injected with total anesthesia by the anesthesiologist, but hadn't immediately passed out, she heard her chief surgeon, talking to his assistant.

      Confused, she heard the other person say that this patient was the young master's benefactor, so she must be cautious and cautious again.

      She hadn't been able to figure out what the young master was that the other was talking about.Or maybe I was just hallucinating at the time and misheard it.78 Chinese update fastest computer terminal:https:///

      However, whenever she thought of this fragment, she would always think of Ye Chen.

      Although she didn't know why, she always felt as if this child she had watched grow up was far from what she had imagined.

      What's more, the millions of medical expenses she had spent at the hospital were all because Ye Chen had found a way to solve the problem.

      What kind of methods did he have to solve this much money in a short period of time?

      This made her feel even more incredible.

      Seeing Ye Chen at this time, she found that Ye Chen had indeed changed a lot compared to before, and the biggest change was that he was much, much more confident than before!

      This also made Auntie Li incomparably happy inside, because in the past so many years, she too wanted Ye Chen to be more confident, but it had never succeeded, but now it seemed that he had managed to get over that hurdle himself.

      Thinking of this, she stopped interfering in the bet between Ye Chen and Jiang Ming.

      Jiang Ming looked at Ye Chen with a smug face at this time and said with a smile, "Ye Chen, to be fair, each of us will pull in a car full of five people, so that our little friends including Auntie Li can be a witness, so that no one will have to deny after losing!"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "How about this, Auntie Li, Xiaofen and Zhao Hao take my car."

      "OK!" laughed Jiang Ming, "Then we, the buddies who played well back then, will ride in my car together!"


The good little friends, immediately let out a cheer, but because the car can't seat so many people after all, so there are still a few little friends, can only take a taxi over.

      Ye Chen got into the BMW 760 that he bought for Xiao Churan, and his wife Xiao Churan sat on the passenger side.

      Auntie Li, Li Xiaofen, and Zhao Hao, were sitting in the back row.

      Ye Chen said to the people in the car, "Sit tight, later on the straight road in front of you, I can end the fight with one kick of the accelerator."

      After saying that, he looked specifically at Auntie Li and instructed, "Auntie Li, hold on to the handrail, I'll be able to earn a Mercedes Benz back for our welfare institution with a single kick of the throttle!Easily sell it for more than $300,000, and then buy some nice toys for the kids!"

      Auntie Li nodded and said with a smile, "Then I'll have to thank you for the children in our orphanage!"

      On the other side, Jiang Ming's car was also full of five people, all of whom were his sidekicks back then.

      Jiang Ming drove the car to Ye Chen's BMW, lowered the window and said with a smile, "Ye Chen, set off when you're ready, I'll let you run for three seconds first."

      Ye Chen humbly said, "Don't, don't, we're all friends, let's make three seconds more meaningless, together."

      "Haha!"The five people in the Mercedes laughed out loud, and Jiang Mingle said, "Ye Chen you're really interesting, so in that case, I'll count one, two, three?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Okay, you do it."

      Jiang Ming laughed and said, "Come, one, two, three, let's go you!"

      After saying that, Jiang Ming immediately stepped on the accelerator.

      Ye Chen deliberately let him go for a second, then stepped deeply on the accelerator, causing the BMW 760 to immediately fly off like an arrow.

      In just a second, Ye Chen had already left Jiang Ming far behind.

      The road out was straight all the way, and a slight increase in speed would have directly thrown Jiang Ming out of sight.

      Jiang Ming didn't even realize that it was Ye Chen's car that had just scampered past until someone beside him reminded, "Brother Ming, that Ye Chen kid overtook him!"

      "Where?"Jiang Ming's heart panicked, taking a look at the ton of eyes: "Fuck, how could he be so fast ......"

      A kid in the back seat exclaimed, "It seems that this Ye Chen does have some skills!"

      "Technology my ass!"Jiang Ming's cold sweat came down and he blurted out, "This is not good technology at all, this is strong power!The bastard is cunning me!"

      The man hurriedly asked, "What do you mean?!"

      Jiang Ming cursed in exasperation, "My car is already on floor gas and he's still so much faster than me, which proves that the horsepower of that car of his is much more powerful than the horsepower of my car, which has to be running at least 400 horsepower!"

      Speaking of which, Jiang Ming panicked and said, "This is finished, this is really finished, I've been counted out by Ye Chen ......"78 Chinese update fastest computer end:https:///

      The kid in the passenger seat asked, "What's going on Ming, can't you win?"

      "Win a chicken feather ......"Jiang Ming was already on the verge of tears, out of the blue, "The car is obviously not on the same level as the others, even if you run the wheels off the car, it's impossible to catch up with him, look, we can't see his shadow now, the Hyatt Hotel is only a total of two or three kilometers away, what am I going to chase him with!This time we're going to lose!"

      "Huh?!"A man in the back row took off, "Ming, if you really lose, will you have to donate this car to the orphanage?"

      "I'll donate an egg!"Jiang Ming gritted his teeth and cursed, "Do you have any idea how much effort I went through to buy this car?There's no way in hell I'd donate it to an orphanage!"

      "But you've already made a public bet with Ye Chen, so if you break your promise then, won't it look good?"

      Jiang Ming was also aware of the problem.


If you really go back on your word, won't you be ridiculed to death by these little friends?

      But to death, I'm not willing to give this new car directly to the orphanage!

      At this moment, he even thought of just driving away, not going to eat this meal, and not associating with these people in the orphanage ever again!

      It's just like that, he suddenly had a flash of light in his head.78 Chinese update fastest computer end:https:///

      Immediately afterwards, he didn't hesitate to change lanes to go to the right lane, eyeing the butt of a car in front of him!

      Jiang Ming had figured out that the best solution was to have some traffic accident himself, which would be the equivalent of this match being terminated due to force majeure, and then he wouldn't have lost!

      So, he then tried to find a random car to tailgate up.

      At this point, the kid on the passenger side was screaming in fear and shouted out, "Ming!Brother Ming!It's going to hit, it's going to hit!"

      Jiang Ming sneered and said to himself, "All I want is to crash!"

      However, when he got closer and closer to the front car, he realized that the front car was a black Porsche Cayenne.

      At this instant, he immediately slammed on the brakes!

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

      It just so happens that there is a Passat in the more right lane, he will directly hit the direction, rammed into the butt of the Volkswagen Passat!

      Bam! The Passat was slammed into the ground for a while before coming to a stop, and Jiang Ming's Mercedes face was battered beyond recognition.

      But the good news is that the airbag burst open, so no one was hurt.

      After the crash, Jiang Ming immediately parked the car, pushed open the door and walked off, then immediately opened his phone and took a video with WeChat.

      As he filmed the front of his car, he filmed the Passat that he had crashed in front of, and spoke, "Little friends please tell Ye Chen for me, I had an accident on my side and crashed a Passat, this match today will definitely not be able to continue, simply wait until my car is repaired and then come back to compete with him!"

      He then clicked send and sent the video to the orphanage's group.

      After sending the video, he thought to himself, I'm so witty!I can't believe you thought of solving the problem in this way!So smart!

      Otherwise, if you were to really drive the car to the Hyatt Hotel, then you would really get down on yourself.

      Even if you don't donate the car, you won't be able to mix in this circle in the orphanage in the future.

      Originally it was fine not to mix in this circle, he didn't have any real feelings with these people, nor did he have any feelings for Auntie Li.

      However, he met Li Xiaofen today and felt that his life had a new goal.

      He was preparing to find an opportunity to launch an offensive against Li Xiaofen recently, if he lost the match today and denied it, then it would definitely be a fool's dream to get his hands on Li Xiaofen.

      Just when he was proud of his cleverness, a middle-aged man walked in front of him, pointed at him and cursed, "Are you fucking blind?Who told you this car is a Passat, I'm a w12 top import phaeton!Landing over 2 million!Have you had your fucking brains kicked out of your ass?"

      "What the hell?!"Jiang Ming said in stunned silence, "Phaeton?!Not the Passat?"

      The man was so angry at this that he reached out and grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the front of the car, pointing at his own ass and cursing, "What the fuck are you looking at?Come repeat after me, phaeton, which translates into Chinese as phaeton!"78 Chinese First https://https://

      Jiang Ming's heart went wow cold!

      Is this the proverbial low-key VW Phaeton?What the fuck is the difference between that and a Passat?


Porsche is a luxury brand, but an ordinary Cayenne is a million dollars out of pocket.

      However, although Volkswagen Germany is a common brand, this Phaeton from Volkswagen is a very, very expensive car.

      The top-mounted Phaeton was over two million, not cheaper at all than the top-mounted Audi a8, or the top-mounted Mercedes S, or the top-mounted BMW 7 Series.

      Jiang Ming had just been shocked by the Porsche Cayenne logo, so he subconsciously wanted to pick a cheaper car to hit.

      The first time I saw the Phaeton, I only saw a Volkswagen logo hanging on the back of his buttocks at night, plus the car looks like a Passat, so I didn't think much about it and just hit it.

      However, I did not expect that it turned out to be a low-key and pitiful Phaeton ......

      The idea that the car is worth more than 2 million, he was depressed and wanted to die.

      Cars are things like this that pay attention to the parts to parts ratio, which means that if a car is taken apart for parts, the price will be two or three times the price of the car or even higher.

      The other two taillights, the trunk, and the crash beam have been damaged. The Phaeton is an imported car, and all the spare parts need to be imported, so it might take hundreds of thousands to repair it.

      And, their own Mercedes-Benz also hit quite miserable.

      Mercedes-Benz is one of the brands with the highest part-to-part ratio, and on this 500,000 Mercedes-Benz E-class, according to the 4s shop parts offer splitting up, at least a million can be broken up.

      The two automatic headlights alone will cost more than 60,000 yuan. 78 Chinese first https://https://

      In addition to the front hood, water tank, radiator, anti-collision beam are all out of the question, the airbag also burst open two, if the car is damaged in the insurance, at least will have to repair 200,000 or so.

      If the car is really a Passat, the combined damage to the two will never exceed 500,000.

      In that case, all the money will be paid by the insurance company, and you don't have to worry about anything.

      But I was blind and hit a Phaeton ......

      In that case, the damage to the two cars is estimated to be possibly close to a million!

      The insurance could only cover 500,000, then the rest of the money would all have to be figured out.

      He felt incomparably devastated and looked at the middle-aged man driving the Phaeton and said cryptically, "Brother, you're driving such a car out, aren't you screwing people?"

      "I'm a pit bull?!"The middle-aged man raised his hand and slapped him, cursing angrily, "You crashed my car, you're fully to blame, and you're calling me a trap?Do you believe I'm going to make a phone call right now and have you chopped up?"

      Jiang Ming covered his face and took a few steps back subconsciously, questioning out of his mouth, "You ......How can you hit someone?!"

      "I can't hit you?"The driver of the phaeton questioned coldly, "Do you know who I am?"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      "I don't know ......"Jiang Ming shook his head with a guilty conscience.

      The driver grabbed Jiang Ming's collar hard and pulled him closer, staring at him angrily, "Look carefully at me, my name is Ma Zhongliang, have you heard of my name?"

      When Jiang Ming heard this, he paled in fear.

      Of course he had heard of Ma Zhongliang's great name.

      There were four Heavenly Kings under Master Hong Fifth, all of whom were Master Hong Fifth's best men.


These four kings of heaven were also big names in each town in Jinling, and the most famous of them was Ma Zhongliang.

      Known as, Brother Liangzi in the Jianghu.

      Jiang Ming never dreamed that he would crash into Ma Zhongliang's phaeton in order to avoid a Porsche Cayenne.

      He was already regretting to death in his heart at this point, had he known that, he would have just hit that Porsche.

      No, if he had known that, he wouldn't have competed with Ye Chen to see whose car was faster!

      That's right!

      It's all because of that son of a bitch Ye Chen, who dared to plot against himself, his BMW 520, with its surprisingly strong horsepower, looked like a modified car.

      If he didn't do it, why would he do it?

      Thinking of this, Jiang Ming hated Ye Chen in his heart.

      Ma Zhongliang looked at this kid's scared face and snorted, "Go, show me your driving license, driver's license, and ID card!"

      Jiang Ming didn't dare to disobey, and hurriedly returned to the car, took out all of these documents, and then respectfully handed them over to Ma Zhongliang.

      After reading the documents, Ma Zhongliang directly pocketed all the documents into his own pocket.

      Then, he looked at Jiang Ming and said in a cold voice, "Jiang Ming, right?I've been traveling the world for so many years, I really don't want to be bothered with a little brat like you, this car I just bought back not even a month ago, and now that you hit it like this, even if you fix it for me, this car is an injured car, not my new car."

      At this point, Ma Zhongliang said sternly, "So, the solution I give you is simple, from now on, this Phaeton is yours."

      Jiang Ming was momentarily stunned upon hearing this.

      He couldn't understand why Ma Zhongliang said that?You're giving the Phaeton to yourself?No way, right?

      At this time, Ma Zhongliang said with a gloomy face, "This car is for you, you buy me a new car that is exactly the same and of the same configuration, and I'll leave this matter alone.You're also lucky that I'm in a much better temper now, or else I'd have to break your legs first just on the matter of you hitting my car!"

      After hearing Ma Zhongliang's words, Jiang Ming threw himself on his knees in despair.

      To make himself pay for a new car for him, this would be more than 2 million ah, where would he get so much money.

      And what use is he to give himself this car?Just repairing it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and selling it after repair will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which will cost him a million dollars just to get this car!

      And that's not even counting the damage to your own car!

      The insurance company could only cover half a million dollars, and the combined loss for himself was estimated to be over a million.

      Jiang Ming almost collapsed at this moment, because he bought this Mercedes Benz, or took out a loan to buy it, and he still had to pay back more than ten thousand yuan per month, and he had to pay enough for three years.

      All of his possessions were used to pay the down payment, and his monthly salary was only 20,000 out of pocket, so how could he afford the millions of losses?

      Thinking of this, Jiang Ming cried to Ma Zhongliang and said, "Brother Liangzi, I am to blame for today's incident, I admit it!But I really don't have much money and can't afford to buy such an expensive car to compensate you."

      "That I don't care."Ma Zhongliang cursed angrily, "You hit my car, you have to pay me satisfactory compensation, and you don't have money?No money to figure it out, I'll give you a week at most, if I can't see my heart new phaeton in a week, then I'll have you cut off."

      After saying that, Ma Zhongliang said, "I still have things to do, and this car of mine is now yours.You only have one week, by then if you can't solve this problem, I'll help cut you off; if you dare to run, I'll kill you!"


Jiang Ming was trembling in fear, and was now completely lost for words.

      Ma Zhongliang didn't bother to talk nonsense with him, and after returning to the Phaeton and taking out his personal belongings, he tossed the car keys directly to Jiang Ming.

      "This car also has a spare key, when you hand over the car to me, I will give you that key as well, don't worry, although I am a Daoist, but I am a person who never blackmails people, what should be mine, I want, not mine, I don't want anything, we Jianghu people act, just two words, exquisite!"

      "But don't blame me for being cruel if you don't talk to me!"

      After saying that, he reached for a taxi and sailed away.

      Jiang Ming's few buddies beside him all looked dumbfounded.

      Everyone inwardly couldn't help but sigh, this Ma Zhongliang was really the big brother of the road, acting in a decisive and crisp style, directly leaving the car worth over 2 million yuan here and turning around and leaving, this kind of paradigm was simply too handsome.

      However, at this moment, Jiang Ming kneeling on the ground has cried out.

      How could he possibly get the money to buy another new Phaeton?Even if we sold both the accident cars, it wouldn't be enough!

      But the other party was very big, if he didn't solve this problem, after a week, the other party might actually cut him down.

      Jiang Ming didn't know what to do at all, and now that both cars were in front of him, he wanted to die in his heart.

      A few of his little friends, who had always held him in high regard, came up to him at this time and asked with concern, "Brother Ming, what should we do now?"

      Jiang Ming grabbed his hair hard with both hands and collapsed, "How do I know what to do ah, how do I know that I can hit a phaeton while driving a car ah, I also don't know why someone would spend more than 2 million to buy a car that looks like a Passat ah!"

      He said, and then he hugged his head and cried.

      At this time, the orphanage's WeChat group had already exploded.

      Ever since Jiang Ming had sent that video, a whole bunch of people in the group had been asking him with concern if he was alright.How are the people?Are you hurt?

      After all, we all grew up together as little friends.Watching the fun was still fun, and after knowing that Jiang Ming had been in a traffic accident, everyone was very worried.

      But Ye Chen was very clear that this must be the other party's way of mediation.

      The BMW 760 that he drove was just one kick of the accelerator, and it had already left the opponent's Mercedes far behind, and everyone knew that Jiang Ming would definitely not win the race under such circumstances.

      Jiang Ming himself must also be clear.

      He must also be unwilling to donate that Mercedes-Benz to the welfare institution, which was why he chose to have a little traffic accident at this time, using it as an excuse to terminate the race.

      In fact, if he strictly followed the agreement, no matter what happened to his car in the middle, as long as he arrived later than Ye Chen, he would have lost.

      If you lose, you should naturally be willing to gamble and lose.

      However, Ye Chen was clear that since Jiang Ming had already used the method of having a traffic accident to find a step for himself, he couldn't be aggressive.

      The other party had been in an accident, if he was still aggressive, then in the eyes of these little friends, he was being unkind.

      On the BMW, Auntie Li said worriedly, "You guys should call Jiang Ming and ask him if he's okay, and people should never get hurt."

      Li Xiaofen trailed off and said, "Auntie Li, I think this Jiang Ming is deliberately trying to tailgate!It must be because he knows that his car can't compare to Brother Ye Chen and he's not willing to donate it to the orphanage in a willing gamble, that's why he did this!"

      Auntie Li hurriedly said, "Little Fen, don't be so presumptuous as to speculate about people's intentions, what if you misunderstand them, besides, traffic accidents are a big deal, and nothing is more important than human life and safety."


"Okay."Li Xiaofen nodded helplessly.

      So, Li Xiaofen made a call to the little fellow sitting on Jiang Ming's passenger seat.

      Once the other party got on the phone, Li Xiaofen asked, "Why did Jiang Ming say in the group that you guys were in a car accident?How's it going?Is everyone okay?Aunt Lee is especially worried!"

      The man said awkwardly, "That ......Brother Ming he hit a Hui ......"

      Before he finished speaking, Jiang Ming stood up all of a sudden, snatched the phone away, and said out of the blue, "Xiaofen ah, I'm fine, just rear-ended a Passat, I'm negotiating with the owner of the car to solve the problem, it will be done right away, after it's done I'll go over, you must not worry."

      When Li Xiaofen heard this, she mmmed and said, "Then we'll wait for you in front of the hotel, we've been here for half a day."

      Jiang Ming hurriedly said, "Oh my, then you tell Ye Chen for me, I'm really sorry that I couldn't finish the competition this time, let's say I'll ask him to compete again in a few days when I have time!"

      Li Xiaofeng said goodbye and hung up the phone.

      Over here, the little fellow who first received Li Xiaofeng's call couldn't help but ask Jiang Ming, "Brother Ming, are you still going to dinner tonight after such a big incident?"

      "Go, of course!"Jiang Ming took off, "We agreed to invite Aunt Li to dinner tonight, how can I not go?"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      In fact, what Jiang Ming was thinking was that now he had a shortfall of over a million, he must do everything he could to get more money.

      This meal could at least get half of the difference from it, and by then, he would order more dishes and try to make this meal go to 40-50,000, so that he could earn more than 20,000, 20,000 was already quite a lot, and he would think of a way to get the rest!

      Thinking of this, Jiang Ming immediately said to the few people around him, "Don't tell anyone about what just happened, do you understand?"

      "Understood!"Several people nodded hurriedly.

      Jiang Ming said with a dark face, "Look, my car's airbags have all exploded, so it looks like I won't be able to drive it.You guys help me push the car to the side of the road and park it here first, then we'll drive this Phaeton over, the Phaeton just got rear-ended, it should still be drivable."



      Jiang Ming drove on the Phaeton to the hotel, beside a few small partners were stunned by the Phaeton's luxurious interior, this touch that look.

      A kid sitting in the back exclaimed: "Fuck, it really is a phaeton ah, low-key and luxurious, this car is really cool to sit up, instantly feel as if the price is over 100 million!"

      Jiang Ming listened, his heart was even more uncomfortable, what the fuck is this called, really ......

      A few minutes later, Jiang Ming, who was in an extremely depressed mood, drove Ma Zhongliang's Phaeton to the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

      He didn't dare to drive the car to the entrance of the hotel, but parked in a secluded spot in the parking lot, which was why he walked over with the others.

      At this time, the small group of friends, including Ye Chen and the others, were all waiting at the entrance of the Hyatt Hotel.

      Seeing Jiang Ming come over, many of them were concerned and came forward to inquire about the car accident.

      Although Jiang Ming was bored, he still pretended to be indifferent and waved his hand, saying, "It's fine, it's fine, it's just a rear-end chase, the insurance will take care of it."

      Everyone just put their minds at ease.

      Ye Chen looked at Jiang Ming with interest and smiled, "Jiang Ming, your tail chase was too badly timed, it was only a total of two or three kilometers, it would have been a quick duel, how did you happen to tailgate?"


Jiang Ming looked at Ye Chen in exasperation and deliberately said, "You think I'm afraid of you, huh?If I hadn't chased my tail, I would have been able to win you!"

      Li Xiaofen pouted and said, "Just blow it!Just now, brother Yeh Chen threw you to the back of his head with one kick of the throttle, I think you would have lost if you weren't tailgating ah."

      "Kidding!"Jiang Ming deliberately made excuses, "The reason why Ye Chen was able to pass me at the start was because he forgot to set the car to sport mode."

      Saying that, he hurriedly changed the subject and said, "Oh my, it's pointless for me to talk about this with you, a woman who doesn't know anything about cars, let's just get in, I've already booked a place."

      Ye Chen then didn't bother with him anymore, and entered the Hyatt Hotel together with everyone else.78 Chinese First https://https://

      Hyatt Hotel, a comprehensive hotel with dining, entertainment and leisure, but the location was slightly remote, it was still far from the Shangri-La and the Splendid Club.

      As Jiang Ming led the crowd into the Hyatt Hotel, a waiter greeted him and looked at Jiang Ming and politely asked, "Hello sir, do you have a reservation?"

      Although Jiang Ming's heart was bitter, his face still pretended to be bullish and said, "My surname is Jiang, and the reservation is for table seat 03 in the lobby."

      After saying that, Jiang Ming said to the crowd, "Sorry guys, we booked a bit late, they only have seats available in the lobby today."

      Everyone expressed that it was understandable, after all, for most people, it was their first time coming to a five-star hotel to dine, and they were already very satisfied even in the lobby.

      After inquiring correctly, the waiter smiled and said, "Okay Mr. Jiang, your reservation is ready, please follow me, everyone."

      The waiter led everyone to the catering department, Jiang Ming spoke up at this time and couldn't help but say to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, you've definitely never been to this kind of high-end place on a regular basis, this time you're lucky to be able to follow me in and see what's going on, otherwise, with your hangnail-like appearance, you might not have the chance to enjoy it for the rest of your life."

      Hearing this, Ye Chen's heart couldn't help but smile.

      The top Shangri-La Hotel in Jinling was owned by himself, and the change in his own bank card could buy the entire Hyatt Regency, so he didn't even bother to refute a word to someone like Jiang Ming.

      So, Ye Chen smiled slightly and didn't bother to take care of such a hangdog like Jiang Ming.

      And seeing this kind of indifferent attitude of Ye Chen, Jiang Ming's heart was even more furious.

      This Ye Chen, he had never put himself in his eyes since he was a child!And now you don't give a damn about yourself!

      He was just a son-in-law on the doorstep, and I don't know where he got the nerve to despise himself so much!

      I must find a way to make him lose face today!

      At this time, Jiang Ming already had a good way to kill two birds with one stone in his heart.

      He was going to do everything he could to make Ye Chen lose face, and at the same time, make his little friends, worship him, and then, he would just play a hand to them and try to use their wives' books to help him solve the trouble of tailing Ma Zhongliang's phaeton car!

      The more Jiang Ming thought about it, the more he thought it was a good idea to kill two birds with one stone!

      Having made up his mind, Jiang Ming felt much relieved, and then he walked to the front with great vigor.

      When he arrived at the reserved table, Jiang Ming invited Auntie Li to sit at the main table.

      After Auntie Li was seated, Jiang Ming sat on her left hand, and Zheng Xiang and the others, who had been bowing and kneeling to Jiang Ming before, sat down in turn, flattering him from time to time.


Ye Chen and Xiao Choran also sat on Auntie Li's right hand seat at her request, as for the others, they also sat down at the table in turn.

      As soon as they sat down, Aunt Li looked at these children and spoke with great relief, "Children, thank you for remembering me in your hearts and coming over to see me!"

      Everyone hurriedly said, "Auntie Li, what are you talking about, we're deserving of this ah."

      Auntie Li asked, "How have you all been all these years?"

      Everyone smiled and said, "Let Auntie Li you miss, we are all quite well."

      After leaving the orphanage for many years, everyone had their own different trajectory of life, but in general, most people were ordinary people, and no matter how great their ideals and aspirations were in the past, they were all defeated by reality after walking into society, and ended up in the ordinary life.

      Everyone has changed a lot, many people talk about their lives, although pretending to be relaxed, but after listening to the silence, it is obvious that many people's lives are not very satisfactory.

      They had no background, no support, in this society, they could only rely on themselves to fight bit by bit, it was already good enough for them to become ordinary people, wanting to become superior to others was like dreaming.

      At this time, someone asked Jiang Ming, "Jiang Ming, I heard that you are now a director of a listed group in Jinling?"

      Jiang Ming smiled proudly and said, "Yes, I've been sitting in this director position for a little over half a year!"

      As soon as this was said, several people at the table exclaimed, "My God, a director position in a listed group must not earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year?You're too good, Jiang Ming, no wonder you can afford to drive a Mercedes!"

      Jiang Ming proudly said, "So-so, to be frank, I'm getting by with an annual salary of a few hundred thousand a year!"

      At this point, he said with a sigh, "However, the salary isn't considered anymore, it's just enough to feed and clothe, what we really rely on is the commission and bonus."

      Saying that, Jiang Ming added, "I won't lie to you all, right now I'm in charge of a big project of the company, and when that project is done, I'll be able to share a bonus of more than a million dollars, to say the least!"

      Upon hearing this, the crowd was even more surprised and hurriedly said, "Jiang Ming, no, Mr. Jiang, what kind of company is that, what kind of company is that, with such good benefits and even a bonus of over a million?!"

      Jiang Ming proudly said, "Say it to scare you guys, that is the famous Wang Group in Jinling, like what Xinhe Group, that is actually all Wang's properties, a project's profit, all have to be calculated in tens of millions of units, what I take, are considered less!"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      Ye Chen's eyebrows furrowed, Wang Clan, wouldn't that be the property of Wang Zhenggang's family?

      Is Jiang Ming working for the Wang family?

      This was a bit funny.

      At that moment, Jiang Ming saw that Ye Chen had been silent, so he deliberately said, "Ye Chen, what are you working on now?You're not going to keep relying on your wife for a soft meal after being a son-in-law at the door, are you?"

      As soon as this was said, several of his dogs couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

      Even if Ye Chen was magnanimous, he was provoked repeatedly by Jiang Ming and got tired of it, and said indifferently, "Yes, every day at home, washing clothes, cooking and cleaning up the house, life is so pleasant, how can you have free time to look for a job."

      What Ye Chen said was the truth, but in Jiang Ming's ears, it was as if he had heard a big joke.

      He laughed and ridiculed, "I said Ye Chen, we all know the roots, are you so desperate to save face here?I don't even believe how pleasant it would be to be the son-in-law at the door!"

      Saying that, he deliberately said, "By the way, we grew up together at any rate, I won't lie to you, I just happen to be hiring an assistant recently, why don't you come over and help me with Zheng Xiang?"


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