Secret Identity 981-990


Chapter 981

The invoice was the only proof of reimbursement.

      Because of this, Jiang Ming was furious after hearing that the invoice was taken away by Ye Chen.

      He was waiting for this invoice to be reimbursed by the company, and if Ye Chen didn't hand over the invoice, then not only did he not earn money for the meal, but he also lost 100,000 yuan, which is not adding insult to injury.

      Thinking of this, he rushed back to the table furiously, and when he saw Ye Chen, he opened his mouth and asked, "Ye Chen, did you go to the front desk and secretly invoice?Hurry up and bring me the invoice!"

      Ye Chen indifferently said, "This meal is the money we both spent, what's wrong with me issuing an invoice?After all, I have 100,000 here, you won't forget that, will you?"

      "You ......"Jiang Ming was choked speechless by him, and after a moment he could only say in exasperation, "What are you invoicing for if you don't work one and don't work the other?"

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "Don't you know that nowadays, ah many hotels, he deliberately doesn't invoice his guests, if he doesn't invoice, the state tax authorities won't know how much money he made, so that he won't have to pay taxes for the country."

      Saying that, Ye Chen looked around and said to everyone, "But, as law-abiding citizens of the country, it's our duty to pay taxes according to the law, and it's also our duty to supervise the hotels to pay taxes according to the law, don't you all think so!"

      Everyone nodded their heads.

      Li Xiaofen said, "The restaurants are the most chicken thieves nowadays, and if you don't invoice them, they don't have to pay taxes at all.They would have to be made to invoice according to the law before they would pay taxes to the treasury."

      Zhao Hao also agreed and said, "The restaurant industry is still very lucrative, so lucrative and still evading taxes, then it's really [my love novel] not justified."

      On the side of Zhao Zhuo hehe laughs: "You can also talk to the hotel ah, not invoice let him give you a discount part, or send you some drinks what, I usually go to a restaurant to eat, if he does not give me invoice, I will ask him to ask for a coke, anyway I can not lose ah."

      Ye Chen grinned, "Zhao Zhuo, Zhao Zhuo, or you're smart ah!I want to learn more from you!"

      Zhao Zhuo thought that Ye Chen was praising him and grinned, "Let me tell you, this is the wisdom of life."

      Jiang Ming looked at Ye Chen with a black face and said coldly, "Don't pull that useless bullshit, it's useless for you to ask for an invoice, give it to me!"

      "By virtue of what?"Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, "Is it useless for me to ask for an invoice?Let's all come out for a meal, are you still thinking of taking the invoice to the company for reimbursement?"

      Jiang Ming at once by Ye Chen said what was in his heart, the surface immediately some panic, hurriedly said: "You less fucking nonsense there, I think the same as you, open the invoice so that the hotel to pay taxes according to the law!"

      Ye Chen nodded, gave a thumbs up, and said, "I didn't think you'd be this kind of very responsible citizen, Jiang Ming!Not bad, I'll give you a little credit."

      Saying that, he pulled out the invoice from his pocket and said, "This invoice is made payable to me personally, which means this thing can't be reimbursed, but as long as the invoice is opened, the hotel will definitely pay taxes, so Jiang Ming you don't have to worry, the 200,000 they should pay tax on this meal won't be less than a penny."78 Chinese First https://https://

      Jiang Ming was furious and took off, "Who told you to open your personal heads up?!"

      The invoice opened personal heads, even if you get this invoice, you can't take it to reimbursement, think of here Jiang Ming's angry lungs are about to explode.

      Ye Chen said with a smile at this time: "You didn't say you can't invoice ah, besides, I just said, this meal you half and I half, who have the right to invoice, pay attention to a first come first served ah."

      Saying that, Ye Chen said with an airy face: "Let's say, we don't dilly-dally over who invoices, who didn't invoice this trivial matter, anyway, this meal is our invitation to eat, it's not that we are inviting everyone to eat back and find a company or find someone else to reimburse, this invoice I am now tearing it up in front of everyone, we both don't want anyone, this is always okay, right?"

      Before Jiang Ming could recover, Ye Chen immediately tore this invoice to shreds.

      Looking at this invoice being torn to shreds by Ye Chen, Jiang Ming felt his heart dripping blood.

      It's over, this is the end, the 100,000 yuan of this meal has been floated!


I was hoping to make $100,000, but instead I lost $100,000... what a meal!

      The first thing you need to do is to get your own copy of the book, and you'll be able to get your own copy of the book for free.

      Therefore, he hated to stab Ye Chen to death to relieve his hatred.

      Ye Chen intended to stimulate him again at this time, so he directly poured a glass of champagne, handed it to him, and said with a smile, "Come, brother Jiang Ming, I'll drink a toast to you."

      Jiang Ming was furious and said, "I don't want to drink with you!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Don't be so angry, after all, this wine was bought with your own money, it would be a waste if you don't drink it."

      When Jiang Ming heard this, he was even more furious and trembled.

      Ye Chen was right, this wine was indeed bought with his own money ah, he had spent 100,000 yuan on this meal!

      When have you ever spent so much money on a meal in your life?

      It's like going bankrupt with a meal!

      With tears in his eyes at the thought, Jiang Ming took the glass and drank it all in one sullen and angry gulp!

      It was all bought with his own money, and he had to drink more of it anyway he said, or else it would all be cheap.

      However, there was a bigger problem in front of him now, and that was how to get money.

      If Zhao Zuren listened to himself and went back at night to jerk all those lending apps, it was estimated that he could jerk 400,000 to 500,000, plus his own savings of over 100,000, raising 600,000 should not be a big problem.

      As for whether or not he can fool his future mother-in-law, this also has no bottom in his heart.

      It seems that he can only pray to the heavens, praying that this Zhao Zhuo, can be on his own a big trick!

      Ye Chen didn't bother to continue to take care of this person after letting Jiang Ming eat his heart out, estimating that the meal costing 100,000 yuan should make his flesh ache for a long time, and he definitely wouldn't dare to pretend with anyone in the future.

      Thinking back to the scene at the orphanage before, he couldn't help but ask Auntie Li, "Auntie Li, how is the situation at the orphanage now?"

      At the mention of this topic, Auntie Li sighed with sadness and said, "The situation is not good, mainly because there are more and more children now, our financial pressure is increasing."

      Saying that, she sighed and said: "Some time ago, our Jinling police successively solved many cases of child abduction and trafficking and rescued many children who were abducted and sold, many of them were placed in our orphanage because they couldn't find the children's biological parents for the time being, which all of a sudden increased a lot of pressure, but it can't be helped, rescuing these abducted children is also our duty andObligation, just these children's milk powder money are very expensive, the orphanage is now an employee first raised a few thousand dollars to support, is applying for funding ......"

      Ye Chen thought of those little children he saw at the orphanage this afternoon.

      These children, because they were abducted and sold by human traffickers, their situation was even more pitiful than ordinary orphans, so he planned to donate a sum of money to the orphanage first to cope with the problems of these children.78 Chinese First https://https://

      He then opened his mouth and said to Auntie Li, "Auntie Li, you should think more about the children in the orphanage, how about this, I personally donate one million first!"

      Everyone was dumbfounded when that was said!

      A million?That's astronomical for these little orphanage boys!

      This was, Ye Chen looked at the stunned Jiang Ming again and said, "Jiang Ming, you're doing so well now, you're driving a Mercedes and a Phaeton, don't forget that it was the orphanage that raised you in the first place, don't you donate some money to the orphanage now?"


As soon as Jiang Ming heard Ye Chen say that he was going to donate a million, he naturally didn't believe him ten thousand times and ridiculed, "Ye Chen, you're bragging without a draft ah, and you're also donating a million to the orphanage, saying that you want to die to save face and suffer but you still won't admit it, can you take a million?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "Since I've said it, I'll definitely honor it, I can't also be like you and find a place to get out of a car accident!"

      Jiang Ming knew that Ye Chen was deliberately ridiculing himself, and he hated it when he thought about the crash.

      Had he known that, he really wouldn't have played this trick, the worst thing he could do was to donate a car, it was better than now, right?

      Look at yourself now, what a loss!

      However, he still didn't believe that Ye Chen could donate a million.

      So he sneered, "Don't think I don't know what kind of a person you are now, a door-to-door son-in-law who has to rely on his wife for support, where can you take out so much money to rob a bank?"

      Zheng Xiang, who was on the side, also said helpfully, "Ye Chen, don't puff up your face and pretend to be fat, what's the point of pretending this, do as much as you can, don't make your family lose everything just to pretend, and then blame it on us in the end!"

      Ye Chen smiled calmly, "You don't care if I'm robbing a bank or what, I can still get a million out anyway, but you, if I can donate a million, how much will you donate?"

      Jiang Ming scoffed, "If you can donate a million to me, I can donate ten million, who can't brag, you're the only one with a long mouth aren't you?"

      The entire table was roaring with laughter.

      Because, everyone felt that Ye Chen was dying to save face and suffer.

      If you want to say that Ye Chen donated a hundred thousand eight hundred thousand, there are people who believe, after all, his wife is so rascally also lined with a BMW, so I'm sure the family should not bad this money.

      But to say donate a million, that's a bit unrealistic, even selling that BMW wouldn't be enough!

      Among these people, the only ones who could truly trust Ye Chen were Auntie Li, Li Xiaofen, and his wife, Xiao Churan.78 Chinese First https://https://

      Auntie Li and Li Xiaofen knew Ye Chen's character, if it was something he was unsure of, he would definitely not say anything.

      As for Xiao Churan, she had already seen it.

      Ye Chen could usually make more than two million back by giving a feng shui reading, and donating a million to the orphanage in one go would be a breeze.

      However, she did ask Ye Chen in a low voice, "Ye Chen, did you secretly read feng shui for someone else behind my back again?"

      Ye Chen nodded and said with a playful smile, "It's Auntie Han's son, Paul, didn't this dude get his law firm to our Jinling and invited me over to give a feng shui reading."

      Xiao Choran said awkwardly, "You cheat even an acquaintance?Does it fit?"

      "How can you call that a lie?"Ye Chen said seriously, "You love me, I love you!"

      Xiao Chu Ran was helpless and asked, "How much did you ask people for?"

      Ye Chen hehely smiled: "One million."

      Xiao Churan rubbed her temples: "Hello dark ah ......An acquaintance still needs this much ......"

      Actually, Xiao Churan didn't know that Paul had given Ye Chen a total of 10 million.

      But this 10 million was given in two installments.

      First, he gave a check for 1 million.

      Then a check for 9 million was made up.

      Ye Chen originally thought that even if all 10 million was donated to the welfare institution, it didn't really matter.


But the point is, he rashly took out 10 million, so many people watching, it is really not easy to explain.

      It was also not easy to explain to Xiao Churan, after all, the number was too big, or the figure of 1 million was more reasonable.

      So, Ye Chen looked at Jiang Ming and smiled faintly, "If I can really take out 1 million, are you really going to donate 10 million?"

      "Yes!"Jiang Ming said arrogantly, almost without thinking, "If a sling like you can come up with a million, then it's no problem for me to get a hundred million!"

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Hold on a moment, I'll take a video to witness it."

      Saying that, he smiled and said to everyone, "Please take out your mobile phones to take a video as a witness!"

      Upon hearing of such a good show, they all pulled out their phones and opened the video recording function.

      Ye Chen said calmly, "I, Ye Chen, voluntarily donate 1 million RMB to the Jinling Orphanage, as long as I donate this 1 million RMB, Jiang Ming, who is next to me, is willing to donate 10 million RMB, please bear witness here today, if any of the two of us go back on our word, we are willing to suffer the spitefulness and contempt of the entire Chinese people!"

      Jiang Ming sneered, "Fine, but you have to take out one million first, as soon as you take out this one million, I'll immediately donate ten million!"

      Beating Jiang Ming to death, Jiang Ming didn't even believe that Ye Chen could really take out 1 million.

      It was estimated that the 100,000 that he had just spent on dinner was all his private money that he had been saving for a few years.

      Ye Chen directly pulled out his worn-out wallet and found the two checks Paul had given him from inside.

      He kept an eye out this time and looked at the amount of the checks first to make sure he was holding the one million dollar one before pulling them out.

      After the checks were taken out, he handed them directly to Auntie Li and spoke, "Auntie Li, this cash check can be exchanged for one million cash at any time at the bank, please accept it."

      Jiang Ming left his mouth open and sneered unremittingly, "Just take a piece of broken paper out and say it's a cash check for one million, what kind of joke are you playing with me?"

      Ye Chen smiled and asked, "You don't believe it, do you?I don't believe you test it!"

      Jiang Ming sneered: "Of course I don't believe it, when I was young and playing Monopoly chess, the toy bills were millions of fucking dollars, or I would have taken a few from it to donate.Besides, I'm not a banker, so how do I know how to verify the authenticity of a check?"

      Ye Chen smiled helplessly and nodded, "Since you won't stop until you reach the Yellow River and won't shed a tear until you see the coffin, I'll fulfill you."

      Saying that, he pulled out his cell phone and made a call to Paul.

      When Paul answered the phone, he said very respectfully, "Master Ye."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Paul has a matter, sorry to trouble you."

      Paul hurriedly said, "Master Ye, please speak."

      Ye Chen said, "The one million cheque you gave me was lost by me and may not be redeemable, so could you please trouble me and transfer one million in cash directly to me?I'll return the check to you when I find that check."

      Paul smiled, "Yes, you can, you give me an account number and I can transfer it to you now, and if you can still find that check, you won't have to give it back to me!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Paul, you're really quite particular about what you do, I appreciate you."

      Paul smiled and said, "Master Ye, you're too polite, give me the account number, I'll call you right now."

      Ye Chen said, "You can directly check the donation account number of the Jinling Orphanage and then put the one million into the Jinling Orphanage's account."

      Paul was surprised and asked, "Master Ye, are you donating to the orphanage?"

      "Right."Ye Chen said indifferently, "I grew up in this orphanage."

      Paul immediately said, "So that's it!Master Ye don't worry, I'll transfer 2 million to the orphanage right now, I'll transfer 2 million over, and the remaining 1 million will be my little token of appreciation!"


Ye Chen didn't expect that when he said he was going to donate to the orphanage, Paul would follow suit and donate 1 million.

      I wanted to tell him that it was not necessary, but Paul had already hung up the phone over there.

      He had no choice but to put the phone away when he saw that it had been hung up, and at the same time, he felt more and more that this kid Paul was really a good person, and he should bring him along when he had the chance.

      After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen said to Auntie Li, "Auntie Li, my friend will soon put the money into our orphanage's account, you should speak to our orphanage's finance and pay attention to the arrival information, but the amount is not one million."

      Jiang Ming didn't wait for Ye Chen to finish his sentence, then he laughed and said, "Haha Ye Chen, you're admitting to this, you won't just ask your friend to donate 10,000, that would be really humiliating for you!Don't forget that everyone is still recording the likeness."

      Ye Chen smirked and said, "Can you stop being so anxious and wait for me to finish my sentence before you take a stand?"

      Jiang Ming waved his hand and said loudly, "You say it, let you say it, you say it loudly for all to hear!"

      Ye Chen didn't pay any more attention to him, it was looking at Auntie Li and said seriously, "Auntie Li, the amount is indeed not 1 million, but 2 million, because this friend of mine heard that I was going to donate to the orphanage, he also added 1 million."

      Everyone was shocked!

      What kind of friend is this?I heard that my friend was donating a million dollars, so I donated a million dollars as well?

      I'm afraid this man is either sick, or he's too rich to burn!

      Or maybe it's just Ye Chen bragging.

      Jiang Ming laughed shamefully, "Ye Chen, but more and more I admire your bragging skills, Mt. Tai is not going to change its color, that's the kind of person you are, you really are a man who does great things!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Don't rush to conclusions in everything.Otherwise, when the money arrives later, how can you step down?"

      Jiang Ming said in a cold voice, "Save it, this kind of bragging won't last long, if the money never arrives later, where will you put this face?"

      As soon as she finished saying this, Aunt Li received a phone call.

      As soon as she saw that it was a call from finance, she hurriedly said, "It's the finance of our orphanage who called me, it can't be that the money donated by Ye Chen has arrived, right?"

      "Cut!"Jiang Ming trailed off, "It's possible that it'll be here by then, but it'll be ten or twenty thousand at most, no more."

      Auntie Li got on the phone, directly turned on the speaker and asked, "Hey, Accountant Chen, why are you calling so late?"

      Accountant Chen's voice came from the other end of the phone, she said very excitedly, "Sister Li, I just received a text message, someone has made a donation of 2 million to the charity account of our orphanage!"

      Aunt Li exclaimed, "So soon?!"

      Accountant Chen hurriedly asked, "Auntie Li, do you know about the 2 million?Who is so generous?Donating this much money to us?"

      Auntie Li said excitedly, "It's Ye Chen!Ye Chen from our orphanage, do you remember?"

      "Ye Chen?!"Accountant Chen exclaimed in shock, "Is it really Ye Chen's donation?My God, Ye Chen is really making a name for himself now!"

      Auntie Li was also incomparably pleased and said, "Ye Chen this is because he heard that our orphanage has so many new children arrived recently and knows that we are having difficulties with funding, so he specially donated one million!"

      "And his friends donated a million dollars for his sake, for a total of two million!"

      The other party said excitedly, "Oh my, we can really relax this time, we can buy some good food for the kids, we can buy some new clothes for the kids when it gets cold, and then we can also replace all the playground equipment in our orphanage again, and those rides are years old!"

      All of the people present were stunned.


Jiang Ming, in particular, was even more confused.

      What the heck, two million really arrived?

      Isn't Ye Chen, the stinking hangman, a soft-serving door-to-door son-in-law, where did he get so much money!

      The others also realized that they had underestimated Ye Chen before, and really didn't expect that although Ye Chen was a door-to-door son-in-law, he had so much power.

      Not only could he casually donate a million scary things, his friend, who heard that he donated a million and had no relation to the welfare institution was even willing to donate an extra million, what kind of friend was this?So cool?

      At this time, Ye Chen stood up and looked at Jiang Ming who looked shocked and panicked, and said, "Jiang Ming, everyone's phones are probably still recording images, now that my 1 million has arrived, what about your 10 million, when will it arrive?"

      Jiang Ming was completely confused at this point, not to mention that he was asked to donate 10 million, he might not even be able to take out 100,000 right now.

      And more importantly, he still had a big hole waiting for him to fill, if he couldn't fill this big hole, he might be chopped into a million pieces.

      Thinking of this, Jiang Ming was also very clear that he could not win no matter what, and this face had been thrown out today, and he could not get it back even if he wanted to.

      So he said to Ye Chen with an old face and an open mind, "Ye Chen, since you are so rich, why don't you take it out and let me help you manage your money ah, I'll cover you to double it in a week!"

      Ye Chen smiled and asked, "What? 10 million won't be donated?"

      Jiang Ming said awkwardly, "You're joking, I don't have that much money even if I'm not badly mixed, today it's me who has eyes but doesn't know Tai Shan, please forgive me, and don't be so mean to me."

      The others spoke out and ridiculed, "Jiang Ming, this is too much for you, even people Ye Chen has donated 1 million, even people Ye Chen's friends have donated 1 million, it's time for you to honor your promise, right?Even if you don't have 10 million, it's still reasonable for you to donate even one million!"

      Jiang Ming's face was very ugly, but now that it was over, he didn't dare to pretend anymore even if he was beaten red in the face.

      After all, these people had taken the video, if he still pretended to be a pussy at this time, then the video would be spread, and he would really lose his face later.

      So he could only be open-minded and smacked himself a few times, saying guiltily, "I admit it, it's my damn fault, I pretended to be a pussy, I don't have so much money but puffed up my face, I'm sorry."

      When he said this, Jiang Ming was very depressed.

      He felt that Zhao Zhuo, who was prepared to manage the investment fund with him just now, and one or two other small partners, would definitely not play with him anymore when they saw that he was now defeated.

      In this way, he really doesn't know where to get the money to buy phaeton for Ma Zhongliang.

      Thinking of this, he had completely lost face to continue to stay here, hastily stood up and said in a panic, "Excuse me everyone, I still have something to do, I'll leave first ......"78 Chinese first https://https://

      After saying that, he got up and ran out.

      When the crowd saw the mess he was in as he ran away, they were disgusted, he was pretending to be so slippery just now, but now he was running like a dog!Not even a penny of money was donated, it was disgusting.

      Zhao Hao saw him run away and sighed, "Ye Chen, he shouldn't have been allowed to run away!He should be held down here and forced to donate the money!"

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently, "Wouldn't that make me an evil person?It's fine, let him go, evil people have their own grind."

      Zhao Zhuo, who loved to take advantage of the situation, saw Jiang Ming run away, his heart tightened, fearing that he would not be able to marry his wife, and hurriedly got up to chase after him.

      As soon as he left, Jiang Ming's former dog, Zheng Xiang, despised him and said, "I've sort of seen through this Jiang Ming, too much of a pretender!Damn, hit someone else's phaeton, all sad knees crying into a dog, here, but still have the nerve to say that phaeton is your own, what a piece of trash, later I must draw a line with this kind of idiot!"

      The crowd was shocked and rushed to follow up, "Hit someone else's phaeton?What the hell is going on?!"


Seeing that everyone was interested in the matter of hitting the phaeton, Zheng Xiang illustrated the whole series of events that Jiang Ming had just hit the car.

      As soon as the crowd heard this, they were so shocked that they could not speak.

      Everyone couldn't imagine that Jiang Ming's skin would be so thick, and it was obvious that he had crashed someone else's car, but he was still able to take someone else's car keys and boast that he had a Phaeton.

      This incident had overturned everyone's view and impression of Jiang Ming.

      However, Zhao Zhuo, who got up to chase after Jiang Ming, just happened to miss this exciting story.

      He chased Jiang Ming all the way out of the hotel, and when he saw Jiang Ming going to the parking lot, he hurriedly chased after him as well.

      Jiang Ming didn't know that Zhao Zuren had chased him all the way, but he angrily pulled open the door of Ma Zhongliang's Phaeton and sat in it.

      At this time, a silhouette suddenly appeared outside the car window.

      Jiang Ming was shocked, but at a serious look, it was Zhao Zhuo with a flattering smile.

      He lowered the car window, looked at Zhao Zhuo with cold eyes, and asked, "What do you want?"

      Zhao Zhuo said with a smile, "Brother Ming, when you came just now, you were still driving a Mercedes Benz, how come you suddenly became a Volkswagen?This is the Phaeton, right? What a luxurious interior!"

      Jiang Ming said, "Didn't I tell you guys?On the way here, there was a car accident tailgating, and that Mercedes couldn't drive, so I had the driver drive this phaeton over."

      Zhao Zhuo exclaimed with a thumbs up and a knee-licking look, "Brother Ming you are really amazing, compared to you, we little friends of the orphanage really have no place to go!"

      He said, and then praised, "Brother Ming, you really are a man of great deeds, able to bend and flex, unlike this idiot Ye Chen, who threw a million dollars to the orphanage for nothing in order to gamble!What a brain fart!"

      At this moment, Jiang Ming suddenly felt a bit magical.

      He thought that after he lost the bet with Ye Chen, he must have been defeated in front of all his little friends as well.

      But he didn't expect that this Zhao Zhuo was the only one who was still following his ass and kneeling behind him.

      It seemed that this buddy had an iron will to follow him to make money.

      Jiang Ming finally breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that he still had a last chance of survival, and it was with Zhao Zhuo's body!

      So Jiang Ming opened his mouth and said, "Do you still want me to help you with your fund?"

      Zhao Zhuo was anxiously nodding his head like pounding garlic and said, "That's for sure ah Ming, whether I can marry a daughter-in-law or not, it's all up to you."

      Jiang Ming nodded and said faintly, "Get in the car."

      Zhao Jie was surprised and asked, "Where to ah?"

      Jiang Ming said, "Don't you have your ID card with you?I'm now driving you to your dormitory, get all those loan apps out first, and I'll help you operate the fund tomorrow morning."

      Zhao Zhuo was thrilled beyond words when he heard this, and took off, "Brother Ming you're really too kind!"

      After saying that, he immediately went around to the passenger side and pulled the door open to sit in the car.

      Jiang Ming started the car, and under the guidance of Zhao Zhuo, drove the car to the dormitory in Zhuo's and their unit.

      Zhao Zhuo's work unit was a printing factory in the suburbs, and he worked very hard, working 6 days a week and earning a monthly salary of just a little over 3000.

      78 Chinese first https://https://

      After Jiang Ming came to Zhao Zhuo's dormitory, Zhao Zhuo invited him to sit down on the only chair, while quickly took out his ID card, and then opened those loan apps to upload information one by one to apply for loans.


He found that the interest rates on these loan apps were so high, some even went as high as seven out of thirteen, which is just a week, that if he wanted to borrow $70,000 from them, he would have to pay back $130,000 a week later!

      This interest alone is nearly double.

      Zhao Zhuo couldn't help but be a little worried and asked Jiang Ming, "Brother Ming, the interest rates of these loan apps are too high, they're on par with your financial management earnings, if I borrow money from here to manage my money, wouldn't it be like I'm all working for these apps?"

      Jiang Ming waved his hand without a care in the world and said with a smile, "Don't worry, these loan apps that I recommend to you are operated by my friends, you may seem like the interest rate is high, but actually I can do a full waiver of the interest with a greeting from them!"

      Said Jiang Ming, "The reason why the app still shows such a high interest rate is because they have to make sure that all users look the same from the surface, but the actual operation of this is much more complicated, you don't understand, just listen to my arrangements."

      Zhao Zhuo had been hanging around for half of his life and had never seen any money at all, nor had he grabbed any money-making opportunities, so he now simply saw Jiang Ming as his only straw.

      Therefore, he only wanted to capture him to the death and had no doubts about his words.

      So, Zhao Zhuo Zhuo, under Jiang Ming's supervision, loaned out a total of nearly 500,000 before and after from as many as a dozen loan apps.

      He didn't bother to calculate how high the interest rate needed to be for this 500,000.

      Because Jiang Ming told him, the 500,000 don't need him to pay any interest at all.

      After that, Zhao Zhuo Zhuo transferred the money from the loan, as well as all his savings, adding up to a total of 620,000, to Jiang Ming.


      Jiang Ming got 620,000 and was excited inside.

      However, this amount of money was not enough for him to solve his trouble.

      Because he had lost 100,000 yuan from today's meal, there was still a shortage of at least 500,000 to 600,000 yuan.

      So he immediately said to Zhao Zhuo, "Hurry up and give your girlfriend a call and tell her that you have financial channels here that can earn 20 a week, and ask her mother if she is willing to buy some money from you."

      Zhao Premier hurriedly nodded his head and then called his girlfriend.

      As soon as the call got through, Zhao Premier immediately said excitedly, "What are you doing, Xiaojuan?"

      His girlfriend on the other end of the phone made a strange humming sound as she spoke, "I ......I ......I'm home, ah ......What's up ......Huh?"

      Zhao Zhuo felt a little surprised when he heard that strange humming sound, so he subconsciously asked, "Little Juan'er, what is that sound over there?"

      Zhao Excellent's girlfriend opened her mouth and said, "Oh, I ......My back hurts, I'm uncomfortable, and I'm practicing twisting my own waist on the bed ......"

      Saying that, she let out a soft hum from her mouth, which was pain or enjoyment.

      Zhao Premier hurriedly asked with concern, "Little Juan'er, are you alright?If you hurt your back, you shouldn't practice twisting it, in case it gets worse."

      There was a creaking sound from the other end of the phone, as if the mattress was being vigorously pounded.

      Jiang Ming on the other side had an extremely shocked expression.

      Because he had heard that the other party's voice wasn't quite right, there was a 99% chance that this little Juan was having that kind of thing with another man!

      But this Zhao Zhuo, with his brain green like this, why doesn't he feel anything at all?

      Can't he see that?

      The man is too greedy for small gains, but he's not so unintelligent, is he?


At that moment, that little Juan on the other end of the phone, suddenly let out a very strange scream, a sound that made Jiang Ming feel his blood rushing straight down his body.

      This sound was all too familiar to him, wasn't this the sound a woman made when she was at her happiest?

      Zhao Zhuan was very distressed at this time, but he said, "Good baby, since you are so uncomfortable, you should stop practicing, if it gets worse, I will be heartbroken."

      That little Juan's voice with a few pressurized whispers, hurriedly asked him, "Zhao Premier, you ......Are you in trouble?If you don't have anything else to do, then ......Then .......I'll hang up first. I'm ......I'm at the most critical moment of practice here, I can't stop, ah ......If I stop, I'll give up my previous work ah ......"

      Zhao Excellence hurriedly and proudly said, "Xiaojuan, I'll tell you a good news, I have a good buddy who gave me a bright path, he can introduce me to a financial fund that will yield 20 in a week, do you want to ask your mom if she's interested?"

      That little Juan took off and cursed, "Zhao Zhuo, you're clueless, aren't you?What's the economic situation like now?The annualized return on balance is not even 3 anymore, and you have a friend who still has a 20 income channel for a week?What the fuck is this bullshit?"

      I'm not sure if this is the case, but I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do, and I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do.Volkswagen's most expensive car ah, more than two million ah, and people invited us to dinner today, a meal cost 100,000 yuan ah."

      That Xiaojuan scolded, "Just the kind of people like you can still know such rich people, and 100,000 yuan for a meal, you think I'm a child will believe you ah?"

      Zhao Excellence hurriedly said, "Little Juan, I'm telling the truth, I'm telling you that I'll soon be able to afford the bride price, I'll soon be able to make enough money so that you won't have to sell cigarettes and e-cigarette bombs every day in the circle of friends anymore!I will treat you well and feed you well in the future."

      As soon as the other party heard this, he became angry, "What?I'm hearing you say that. Are you looking down on me?What's wrong with my mother selling cigarettes and e-cigarettes?I can easily make 5000 yuan a month, occasionally meet generous customers, I will then be a good way to please, it is possible to collect more than 10,000 yuan a month, your monthly salary to hand not even 3000 yuan, and bragging to support me, let me live a good life?"

      Zhao Zhuo said emotionally: "Xiaojuan'er, I am not looking down on you, I think, you sell those are smuggled goods, is not a solution, in case one day you are arrested by the police, what should I do?

      That little Juan raged, "Don't you fucking curse me here, get the fuck out of here!"

      After saying that, she immediately hung up the phone.

      Zhao Zhuoyue looked at Jiang Ming with a somewhat embarrassed expression and said offhandedly, "I'm sorry ah Ming, my girlfriend might not trust you a bit, but she hasn't seen you this time, if she had, she would definitely believe you!Why don't we make some time tomorrow and I'll take you to meet her and you talk to her!"

      Jiang Ming immediately waved his hand and took off, "Don't, don't!Let's forget about the failure to negotiate this matter, she doesn't believe it, it only proves that she has no connection to this money, so let's not force it."

      In fact, Jiang Ming knew in his heart, just by listening to that little Juan on the phone, he knew that this woman was by no means a saver.

      She was able to answer her own boyfriend's phone calls while cheating on her with another man and scolding him like a fool, was she an ordinary person with such a fierce and fearless game?Thus, this bitch must be good!

      Let's not talk about anything else, but with that damn mouth of hers, she could probably take one for ten in any way!

      If she really met with her and let her know that Zhao Excellence had given her 620,000, then she would definitely try to get the money back.

      So, he cleared his throat, looked at Zhao Zuren with some embarrassment, and asked tentatively, "That Zuren ah, how long have you known your girlfriend?"


Zhao Zhuo said hurriedly, "I've known each other for three years and have been together for two."

      Jiang Ming asked again, "Then how did you two meet?"

      Zhao Zhuo said with a smile, "At that time, I wanted to enter a company and needed to beg for something, they asked me to take two soft Chinese."

      "I thought how expensive this soft Chinese is, one is several hundred, two is over a thousand, then I wanted to look around to see if there was anyone selling cheaper, and I went online and searched, hey, there really is one selling cheaper, that is, Xiaojuan!The smuggled soft Chinese she sells are only two hundred a piece!"

      After hearing this, Jiang Ming looked extremely embarrassed and asked him, "Excellence ah, let me ask you, which Chinese cigarette is made in China?"

      Zhao Zhuo said subconsciously, "Ah China."

      Jiang Ming nodded and said, "Why do you buy Chinese-made cigarettes in China and smuggle them in?"78 Chinese First https://https://

      Zhao Zhou frowned tightly and said, "Hey, Brother Ming, this is really a bit interesting, I can't quite figure it out, maybe Xiaojuan has some other channels?"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      Jiang Ming sighed and asked, "I'll ask you again, you bought two soft Chinese from this girlfriend of yours, or smuggled them, so did you end up begging for that thing to be done?"

      "No."Zhao Zhuo was incomparably distressed when he remembered this, "At that time, the cigarettes were given over, and then there was no further information, then I called to ask someone, and he blocked my phone, which I still remember, every first and fifteenth day, I have to buy two yuan of paper money to burn on the side of the road, curse that fool who cheated me of two cigarettes to die early."

      "You really are a god ......"Jiang Ming rubbed his temples, he finally knew why Zhao Excellence was so hangry.

      He then asked, "Excellence, you've been with your girlfriend for two years, have you two had sex yet?"

      Zhao Excellent blushed a bit and said shyly, "I want it to happen, but it hasn't happened yet, Xiao Juan told me that she wants to save her most precious first night for her wedding day, and I respect that decision."

      Jiang Ming scratched his hair and asked him, "Then you didn't hear anything wrong with the sound she made when she was on the phone just now?Under what circumstances would a woman make that kind of noise?I'm hearing you say that. Are you looking down on me?

      Jiang Ming originally wanted to point out Zhao Zhuo, he felt that, he had spoken to this point, there was no way this Zhao Zhuo could still not understand, right?

      However, he didn't expect that Zhao Zhuo said with a serious face after hearing his question, "A woman certainly makes such a sound when her waist is twisted and she needs to train her waist in bed, ah."

      Saying that, Zhao Premier said again in a heartbreaking manner, "It's a pity that my dorm is too far away from her house, otherwise I would have bought two packs of plasters and sent them over to her."

      Jiang Ming sneered, "Still buy a hairy plaster, just buy two boxes of Yukon, otherwise something might happen."

      "What?"Zhao Zhuo hastily asked, "What is Yuk Ting?Is it for your back?Does it work?Is it expensive?How much for a box?"

      "C'mon."Jiang Ming waved his hand and said, "You stay at home for now, I have to go, I'll do the fund thing for you as soon as possible, and if nothing else, you'll get your money in a week!"


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