Secret Identity 91-100


Chapter 91

Ye Chen had them all dragged up and said in a cold voice, "Today, I'll spare all five of you a dog's life, but everything that happened today, if any of you dare to leak it out, I'll kill his whole family, do you understand?"

      The five of them immediately nodded their heads madly.

      It was already a blessing in disguise to pick up a life alive at this time, how could they dare to disobey Ye Chen's wishes!

      Seeing that these five people were completely convinced by their own treatment, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said to Liu Lili's father and Liu Yuesheng, "You trap my brother, then you have to pay the price, tomorrow change the hotel to my brother, yourself and your daughter get out of the hotel, do you understand?"

      Liu Yuesheng nodded his head as if pounding garlic, "Understood, I'll immediately get out tomorrow!"

      Ye Chen also said to Zhao Dong's father, Zhao Haifeng, "Your son cuckolded my brother and beat him to death, you will pay my brother two million dollars in damages tomorrow, not a single point less, do you understand?"

      Zhao Haifeng also hurriedly said, "Mr. Ye, I'll make the payment to your brother tomorrow!"

      Ye Chen was only satisfied with this and said to Hongwu's men, "Alright, you guys throw all this trash out!"

      The group of people immediately racked the five people out.

      Only after they were racked away did Ye Chen say to Ah Biao, "Ah Biao, you did a good job this time."

      Ah Biao's face was pleased and he was busy saying, "Mr. Ye, this is what I should have done!"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I'll have someone transfer two million to your account as a reward for you."

      Ah Biao was immediately ecstatic and bowed, "Thank you, Mr. Ye!"

      Although he had made quite a bit of money following Hong Wu, Hong Wu really wasn't that generous and could give two million right off the bat.

      Ye Chen directly sent a text message to Richard Chen, asking him to help transfer money to Ah Biao, although he had a lot of money in his card, it was not convenient to operate right now.

      A minute later, the money was in Ah Biao's account.

      Ah Biao was excited and bowed to Ye Chen vigorously.

      Ye Chen also said to Hong Wu, "Hong Wu, you definitely don't look down on this two million."

      Hong Wu was busy saying, "Mr. Ye, it's my honor to share your worries."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "I will remember this favor and will give you a chance to soar in the future."

      As soon as Hong Wu heard this, he immediately knelt on the ground and poofed to Ye Chen.

      For Hongwu, what he wanted was not money, but a higher level.

      However, it was simply difficult for someone like him from the Dao to move up a level.

      Richard Chen was the one he had always wanted to suck up to, but Richard Chen had always despised him because he was from a low and dirty background.

      Now, with a word from Ye Chen, there was a good chance that he would be able to get Chen Zekai to promote himself, so that he would really be able to take his future to the next level!

      After discussing the merits, Ye Chen turned around and said to Wang Daokun, "Are you still satisfied with what happened today?"

      Wang Daokun was extremely shocked in his heart.

      He really couldn't understand why Ye Chen had become so powerful.

      Even the entire underground king of Jinling had to kneel in front of him!

      He was stunned for a long time before he came to his senses and said hastily, "Satisfied!Satisfaction!"

      Ye Chen said, "I'll help you except for the gas, the hotel, I also asked you to come over, the damages, I also asked you for two million, the future of the road, you have to rely on your own!"

      Wang Daokun immediately said, "Ye Chen, I will definitely be a cow for you in the future to repay your kindness!No matter what you ask me to do, I have no second thoughts!"


Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "You recover from your injuries first, and when you're well, run the hotel well first, if there's anything you need to do, I'll tell you then."

      Wang Daokun said evenly, "I'll do whatever you tell me at any time!"

      Ye Chen added, "Oh right, this matter today must not be spoken of to anyone, I don't want anyone to know my identity, understand?"

      Wang Daokun hurriedly nodded and said, "I understand, don't worry, I won't tell anyone even if I die!"

      Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, "I'll arrange two nurses to take care of you, you take care of your injuries, I'm leaving first."

      Back home, Ye Chen didn't tell his wife, Xiao Churan, about today's events.

      He didn't want his wife to know too much yet, for her, the less she knew, the safer she would be.

      The next day, when he went out to buy food, he suddenly received a phone call, picked it up and saw that it was from Song Wanting, the owner of Jiqing Hall and the daughter of the Song family.

      Ye Chen couldn't help but wonder in his heart, what could Song Wanting be looking for him for?

      After picking it up, Song Wanting's voice came out, "Mr. Ye, I'm really sorry for taking the liberty to interrupt, please forgive me."

      Ye Chen subconsciously asked, "Is there something wrong with the jade pot spring vase again after I mended it?"

      Song Wanting replied evenly, "That's not true, I'm calling for Mr. Ye because of something else."

      Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, "You say."

      Song Wanting said, "It's like this, I recently fell in love with something, but I'm a little unsure, Mr. Ye is very accomplished in antiques, so I would like to pay you to go over and help palm the eyes, I wonder if you are interested?"

      Ye Chen didn't really have any interest in appreciating antiques, but now he was also lacking some treasures that contained aura, so he continued to ask, "Can you tell me what it is?"

      Song Wanting replied, "It's an ancient jade, according to the seller, after wearing it, it has the effect of tranquilizing the mind and tending to good fortune and avoiding evil."

      Ye Chen's brain suddenly turned.

      The book that he had obtained by chance, the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, seemed to have recorded some content about spiritual objects.

      That kind of treasure that contained spiritual energy had excellent benefits for people, and he was curious to know if it was really possible to find such a treasure in the world, so he agreed and said, "Okay, I can accompany you over there."

      Song Wanting said, "Thank you Mr. Ye, then tomorrow morning at eight o'clock, I will pick you up."


      Hanging up the phone, Ye Chen also pondered secretly.

      Wealthy people were extremely revered for this kind of antiques that could regulate feng shui, calm the mind and tend to good luck and avoid misfortune, he could get in touch with them more in the future and see if there would be any chance.

      The next morning.

      Song Wanting drove to pick up Ye Chen on time.

      After Ye Chen got into the car, Song Wanting spoke up, "Mr. Ye, there are several other people from Jinling who are going to buy this ancient jade today, I'm afraid the competition will be very fierce."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said indifferently, "It doesn't matter if there are many people, the main thing is to see how the item is, if the item is good, there are not afraid of many people, I believe in Miss Song's strength, if you really want to get a treasure, other people should not be able to stop you."

      Song Wanting smiled slightly and said, "Mr. Ye is fallacious, as the saying goes, there are mountains outside the mountains and people outside the people, just in this acre of land in Jinling, there are hidden dragons and tigers, there are countless people stronger than me."

      Ye Chen pretended to be surprised and asked, "No way?Isn't the Song family the largest family in Jinling?"

      Song Wanting smiled and said, "That's just the surface ah, let's not talk about anything else, take the new chairman of the Emperor's Group, one Emperor's Group is on top of our entire Song family, this person's strength is truly unfathomable."

      Saying that, Song Wanting sighed again, "I actually quite want to befriend this big man, but it's a pity that this person is too mysterious and can't find any breakthrough."


What Song Wanting said was true.

      She did feel that the new chairman of the Emperor's Mansion Group was unfathomable.

      The fact that he could casually buy a group worth hundreds of billions of dollars and not show his face, it could be seen that people's industry was never just a mere Di Hao Group.

      In comparison, the Song family was indeed less interesting.

      However, she didn't know that the chairman of the Emperor Hero Group, whom she had always wanted to befriend, was now sitting beside her.

      Naturally, Ye Chen was also very low-key, casually saying a few words but never revealing any information.

      Song Wanting's car drove fast and steady.

      Soon, the car drove to a small courtyard located by the river.

      This small courtyard was secluded and elegant, unpretentious on the outside, but inside, it was full of Jiangnan style.

      Small bridges and flowing water, Soviet-style elegant gardens, pavilions and pavilions, row upon row.

      After parking the car, someone specially welcomed the two people to enter the door.

      Through the courtyard, into the lobby.

      In the Chinese-style decorated hall, there is a mahogany round table with several master chairs beside it.

      Seeing the two enter, a white-haired old man stood up and greeted Song Wanting, "Eldest Miss, you've come."

      Song Wanting looked a little embarrassed and nodded, "Old man Qi, why are you here."

      The old man smiled slightly and said, "Master heard that you were coming, so he asked me to come over to take care of you."

      Song Wanting nodded and introduced herself to Ye Chen, "Old Qi is our Song family's treasure connoisseur, sent by the family, he should be afraid of making mistakes."

      Ye Chen nodded his head, he was too young, it was understandable that the Song family was not worried.

      Qi Lao glanced at Ye Dust, his face was somewhat disdainful, and said, "Is this the treasure connoisseur invited by the Eldest Miss?Have you studied treasure hunting at such a young age?"

      A blue-faced middle-aged man next to him sneered right after and said, "Looking for such a hairy kid to palm his eyes?Is there no one left in the Song family?Do you want me to lend you some treasure hunters?Hahahaha."

      Song Wanting's face turned cold and spoke, "Li Tailai, this is Jinling, not your sea city, it's not your turn to talk too much here."

      Li Tailai shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, "The Song family's little girl has quite a temper."

      "Okay," a middle-aged man sitting directly to the east of the round table frowned, "They're all here to do business, not to quarrel, they're all here to cool off."

      "And this young man, sit with us as well."

      Song Wanting snorted before slowly sitting down.

      Ye Chen also took a seat with him, then Song Wanting leaned in to his ear and whispered, "The one called Li Tai from before is the richest man in Haicheng, the one next to him is called Guo Ming, he is a very powerful Feng Shui master, the one who spoke just now is Qin Gang, the head of the Qin family in Jinling, their family has recently"

      Only then did Ye Chen notice that there was an old man in a greenish-green tang dress sitting next to Li Tai Lai.

      The old man had a full head of silver hair, quite a bit of immortal bones, and exuded an atmosphere of being alive, and kept his eyes closed, not even opening them after the arrival of Ye Chen and his two men.

      At this point, Song Wanting shut up, and although Ye Chen was a little curious, he was not going to ask any more questions.

      After everyone was seated, sitting on the other side of the table, only then did a richly dressed fat man smiled and said, "Since we're done arguing, let's hurry up and take a look at the goods, you're all big families, there's no need to dwell on this kind of small stuff that's worth hundreds of millions of dollars for too long."

      Qin Gang snorted coldly and said, "As long as this thing can really regulate feng shui and meditate the mind like you said, a few hundred million I really don't care.


The fat man looked at him before placing an ancient wooden box on the table.

      Inside the box was a blood-bright red jade in an ancient style, and as soon as he took it out, the crowd felt a warm atmosphere filling the hall.

      Qin Gang's eyes lit up as he took it out.

      Song Wanting turned her head and asked Qi Lao, "Qi Lao, what do you think of this jade?"

      Qi Lao gazed at it for a moment and nodded, "There should be no problem, it's a blood silk jade from before the Tang Dynasty, and it looks like it has been contained for a long time by a monk who has attained the Way."

      Song Wanting nodded and turned her head to ask Ye Chen, "What does Mr. Ye think?"

      Ye Chen disdainfully left his mouth and spoke, "Fake."

      Qi Lao snorted coldly and scolded, "Young age, who gave you the guts to believe in your words in front of so many people!"

      The old man beside Li Tailai, Guo Ming, also opened his eyes, looked at Gu Yu, and asked, "Can I get started?"

      The fatty sneered disdainfully and said, "Master Guo, are you joking with me?Don't you understand?Ordinary jade can't even be passed over, but this piece of mine is blood silk jade from the Zhou dynasty, so if it falls and is touched, whose is it?"

      Guo Ming was stunned for a moment before saying, "I was abrupt."

      Saying that, he also leaned over to the ancient jade, looked at it carefully, and after a moment, closed his eyes for a long time before nodding, "Whether or not the jade is from the Zhou Dynasty, I don't know, but the saying about regulating feng shui and calming the mind should be true."

      As soon as this was said, the crowd's hearts were on fire.

      To them, it didn't really matter what history the jade had, what mattered was what purpose it served.

      Qi Lao smiled and said, "Guo Lao is also a man of vision, unlike those who are incapable and pretending to be something."

      When Song Wanting heard this, she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed in Ye Chen.

      It seemed that he was still too young, he might have some attainments in relic restoration, but there was still a big gap between him and these old people when it came to appraising antiques.

      Ye Chen only shook his head slightly at the sight of this, since these people were willing to fall for this, there was no need for him to stop them.

      When the fat man saw that the people had finished appraising, he covered the box and opened his mouth and smiled, "Since the things have been appraised, everyone, isn't it time to make a price?"

      Before the words fell out, Qin Gang was the first to speak, "I'll offer 100 million."

      "One hundred and thirty million."Li Tailai also interfaced.

      When the fat man saw that Song Wanting didn't make a sound, he asked, "Where's Ms. Song?"

      Qi Lao saw that Song Wanting was a bit hesitant, so he was busy whispering in her ear, "Miss, this is definitely a treasure, the appraised value should be around 300 million, if you can take it down for 200 million, it's a sure win."

      Song Wanting's heart was also somewhat shaken, she turned her head to look at Ye Chen, but saw that the other party looked calm and not sad or happy, she couldn't help but feel some hesitation in her heart.

      Qi Lao looked at Ye Chen with cold eyes, knowing that Song Wanting was influenced by Ye Chen to refrain from making a price, he spoke up, "Just now, this Mr. Ye said that this ancient jade is fake, I'd like to know where Mr. Ye came to his conclusion!Let us also see Mr. Ye's tactics!"

      If Ye Chen was going to talk nonsense later, Song Wanting would naturally know that Ye Chen's words were a lie, and only then would she feel at ease to bid.

      The others scowled.

      "What does he know about it? Don't come up here and embarrass yourself."

      "That's right, where's his turn to talk here?"

      "If you guys don't want to buy it, forget it, don't waste everyone's time."

      Hearing the mockery of the crowd, Ye Chen just stared at Qi Lao with interest and asked indifferently, "Are you sure you want me to talk?"


"Of course!You just say it!"

      Qi Lao sneered and said, "I also want to see how you Jiang Hu cheats usually cheat people."

      Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "I didn't really want to break up this scam of yours, but you've repeatedly asked for it, so I can't refuse."

      "Scam?Kid are you saying that we're all looking over our shoulders?"

      Guo Ming, who had been calm and celestial, suddenly sneered and said.

      Ye Chen looked at him and said with a sneer, "You in particular are the stupidest here"

      "Kid, you're looking for death!"Guo Mington was furious.

      Ye Chen didn't pay any attention to him and spoke, "The jade is real jade, counting you crooks as having a bit of conscience."

      Saying, he added, "But this jade isn't any blood silk jade from the Zhou Dynasty, nor has it been personally raised by any monk who has attained the Tao, it's nothing more than a piece of fine yellow jade from Hotan, the texture is good, but it has some value, but the market price is only half a million at most."

      "Bullshit.Can't you see that jade is red?"Qi Lao interface cursed.

      Ye Chen continued, "The red color is due to the erosion of the manganese ore containing high manganate subduction, you don't really think it's blood soaked from the corpse of some high priest, do you?"

      "What about that warm and fuzzy atmosphere we feel?"Qin Gang frowned and asked urgently.

      Ye Chen shook his head and said, "This thing is even less technical, produced in Africa's Gracilaria, the roots are ground into powder, dissolved in water, soak this piece of jade in water for about half a year, and it will naturally have this effect.In fact, it's not a warm atmosphere, it's a psychedelic effect just want to lift is also very simple, just burn that piece of jade with fire."

      "Kid!How dare you speak out of turn!"The fat man smacked the table and stood up at the words.

      Li Tailai turned black, looked at the fat man, and spoke, "Take the jade out and go through the fire, right?"

      The fatty was sweating profusely and said, "What's over the top but not over the top, this kid is obviously pretending to cheat people, don't listen to his bullshit!"

      Qin Gang tapped his fingers on the table and said, "Over the fire, if the effect is still there, I'll pay for it, but if the effect is gone, you know the consequences Our Qin family, although we've recently encountered something, it's not something we can let others ride on our heads!"

      Song Wanting also nodded, "If Mr. Ye is wrong, it doesn't matter if you overdo it, jade can't be burned, but if Mr. Ye is right, you have to give us an explanation today!"

      The fat man was sweating in a hurry.

      These three families, none of them were families that he could afford to offend.

      The reason why they did this game was solely because there was Qi Lao inside and out, wanting to screw Song Wanting for a sum of money and then just share the spoils with Qi Lao.

      Unexpectedly, a Ye Chen would come out halfway through the game, and he would reveal all the mysteries in one word!

      Actually, Ye Chen didn't understand jade before.

      The reason why he was able to see through the problems with this piece of jade at a glance was solely because of that Nine Xuantian Scriptures.

      I don't know why, but when he saw this piece of jade just now, those answers had already appeared in his brain.

      It seemed that this identification of antique jade was a skill in the Nine Xuantian Scriptures.

      Seeing that the fat man didn't say anything, Ye Chen suddenly sneered, "What?Feeling guilty?Whatever happened to conversation?"

      The fat man's face was blue and white, but he just wouldn't open his mouth about being willing to go overboard.


Ye Chen then said angrily, "Fatty, do you think it's enough not to speak?You know, this is Jinling!These people you've conned, which one of them isn't rich or noble?You'll be dead in Jinling if you hook your finger!I advise you, ah, to be sensible and hurry up and tell the truth, otherwise, no one can save you!"

      Song Wanting knew that Ye Chen was launching a psychological offensive and immediately cooperated with him, saying with a dark face, "Our Song family is considered a big family with some face in Jinling, if someone dares to deceive the Song family, our Song family will have to teach him a bit of a deep lesson, if we go soft and spread the word, the family's face will be affected!"

      The fat man was scared out of his wits!

      He knows how high your Song family is, and if he really pisses off Song Wanting, he might die in Jinling!

      So his entire body panicked and shouted at Qi Lao in desperation, "Qi Lao, save me!It's not just me!"

      Qi Lao's face changed dramatically and roared, "What are you talking nonsense about, you actually lied to our Song family and framed me, I want your life!"

      Saying that, Qi Lao pulled out a dagger from his pocket, and with a cold glint in his eyes, he immediately pounced on the fat man.

      The fatty's eyes snapped in anger and he cursed, "Damn, you're quicker to turn the other cheek than a book!You're the one who obviously told me that the Song Family's connoisseurship all depends on your mouth, and as long as you say okay, this thing will definitely sell, you're fucking hurting me!"

      Song Wanting looked at the two of them coldly, then said to Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye is laughing, thanks to you today, let's leave here first, our family will send someone to clean up these people."

      Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, "Good, let's go back then."

      Saying that, they got up and prepared to leave.

      When Qi Lao saw Song Wanting was leaving, he was shocked and couldn't care about killing the fatty to silence him, he kneeled on the ground and said, "Eldest Miss, spare my life, for the sake of my conscientiousness and so many years in the Song family, spare me this time."

      Before Song Wanting could speak, Li Tailai stood up and sneered, "You old thing is really looking for death, trying to make a game to trap me and your own master, and one trap is two or three hundred million dollars, do you think the Song family can spare you?"

      Qi Lao was white as a sheet and sat paralyzed on the ground.

      Li Tailai continued, "Even if the Song family spares you, I, Li Tailai, will never spare you!"

      Qi Lao collapsed and cried, his entire body had completely collapsed.

      When Song Wanting saw this, she shook her head slightly and said to Ye Chen, "I'm really sorry Mr. Ye, my Song family has made a mistake in employing people, you've seen the joke."

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "Treacherous villains can be found everywhere, Miss Song doesn't need to say that."

      At this time, Li Tailai of Hai Cheng came out with Guo Ming, and also Qin Gang of the Jinling Qin Family.

      Seeing Ye Chen, Li Tailai immediately went forward and cupped his fist at Ye Chen and said, "Master Ye, today you owe a lot to you, otherwise, someone Li will be cheated by this dog thief!"

      Next to him, Guo Ming also said with some shame, "Master Ye is truly a hero, the old man didn't even recognize what they were doing to the jade just now, ashamed and ashamed!"

      Qin Gang also arched his hand and said, "Mr. Ye, thanks to you today, otherwise the three of us would be robbing our heads off for a fake, not to mention the heavy losses, it would be laughed off if word got out!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said indifferently, "You all don't have to be polite, I was invited by Miss Song to come over and authenticate the things, so this is my part of the job."

      The people were polite before Ye Chen got into the car with Song Wanting.

      At this time, the courtyard behind them was silent.

      But Ye Chen could see that as soon as everyone left on the front foot, a few people in black suits quickly walked in on the back foot.

      It seemed that Qi Lao and that fatty, were in trouble!


In the car, Song Wanting's expression had been very cold.

      To her, a traitorous scum in the family was already annoying enough, but what was even more annoying was that this Uncle Qi wanted to set a trap for himself in front of so many outsiders.

      If she was fooled today, the money was given, and Uncle Qi escaped, if she found out later that she had been cheated, she would lose all her face and the entire Song family's as well!

      Fortunately, there was Ye Chen present, in time to point out the mystery, to avoid the loss of himself and his family.

      So, from the glove box in the car, she took out a bank card and handed it to Ye Chen, saying, "Mr. Ye, there is one million in this card, and the password is six eights, it's my little token of appreciation, please accept it with a smile."

      As she spoke, she couldn't help but sigh in her heart, Ye Chen, this person looked like he still had some real talent, I wonder why he chose to join a small family?If he came out on his own to engage in antique appraisal, he could also save up quite a bit of family business for a few years.

      Ye Chen looked at the card in her hand and was slightly hesitant.

      One million wasn't a small amount, but it was just a mere drop in the ocean for the Song family.

      Ye Chen originally despised this one million, after all, he still had 9.99 billion RMB in his card, and this one million was just a drop in the bucket.

      What was the point of accepting it?

      But on second thought, he wasn't a trillionaire, he was a superfluous son-in-law of the Xiao family.

      A superfluous son-in-law, if he saw a million instead of being interested, that would definitely make Song Wanting feel suspicious, so he just took the card over and said, "Thank you then, Miss Song."

      Song Wanting smiled slightly, "Mr. Ye is polite."

      After saying that, Song Wanting asked, "Where is Mr. Ye going next?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Send me to the market, I have to buy food to cook at home."

      Song Wanting was stunned, and couldn't help but say, "I've heard about Mr. Ye's matter, and in my heart, Mr. Ye has such skills, there's absolutely no need to have a superfluous son-in-law identity applied to him, why don't you come to my Jiqing Hall as the chief treasure connoisseur, and I'll give you a base salary of one million per year?"

      Ye Chen waved his hand and smiled, "I'm a person with bad teeth, and I'm used to eating soft food."

      Song Wanting was slightly startled and whirled around to sigh.

      It seemed that the rumors in the community were really good, this Ye Chen, was a superfluous son-in-law who was used to eating soft food.

      Previously, I thought that he was just a waste, and it was understandable that waste eating soft rice was helpless.

      But now it seems that he is not a trash, but rather a self depraved to be a trash.

      This really made her a little unacceptable.

      Whirlingly, the attitude in her heart towards Ye Chen had changed a bit.

      Ye Chen knew that she would somewhat despise herself in her heart, but it was best for him to make everyone guess wrong about himself, and he would be able to have the last laugh!

      Passing by the vegetable market, Ye Chen got off and said goodbye to Song Wanting, then bought some food to go home.

      And as soon as he entered the door, Ye Chen heard his father-in-law laughing wildly while shouting.

      "Hahaha come come come!Come and see the treasures I've found!"

      Xiao Churan had also finished her shift and was sitting on the sofa reading a document, when she couldn't help but stand up and said to Xiao Changkun who was all smiles, "Dad, you almost scared me to death."

      "Quickly look at this."Xiao Changkun didn't notice Xiao Choran's look in the slightest, happily holding a pair of palm-sized celadon cups, showing off, "This is the chicken bowl blue and white cup I found from the antique market, I heard that it was also pulled out from the coffin of Qiandi's old man, it's worth more than half a million!"

      "Over half a million?"Xiao Choran stood up all of a sudden and spoke out, "Dad, where did you get so much money?"


Ye Chen is helpless to the extreme, only in the morning to break the jade pot spring bottle, while he went out, this old man went to the antique street again?

      This was a typical case of forgetting the pain of a good wound.

      Xiao Changkun laughed and said mysteriously, "I mean, this cup is worth half a million.Guess how much I paid for it?"

      Xiao Chu Ran hesitated and tried, "Three hundred thousand?"

      "Nope!Guess again!"Xiao Changkun waved his hand.

      "Two hundred thousand?"

      "Not right yet!"

      Ye Chen, who was next to him, took a glance at the blue porcelain cup and instantly saw that it was a fake, thinking that it would be good if it was worth a hundred dollars.

      At this time, Xiao Changkun didn't sell out anymore and laughed, "Hahahaha, I bought it with three hundred yuan!Is it strong?"

      Xiao Changkun laughed out loud, unable to hold back the joy in his appearance.

      Xiao Choran stared in amazement, unable to believe it, "No way, this cup really only cost three hundred dollars?"

      When my mother-in-law, Ma Lan, heard the noise, she also came out of the kitchen and looked delighted, "Is this cup really that valuable?It can't be fake, can it?"

      Xiao Changkun patted his chest: "Don't worry, the people selling the cups don't know the market, and I even had someone look at it specifically for me and say this is the real thing!"

      "Yes?"Ma Lan carefully picked up the cup and looked left and right, smiling from ear to ear.

      Ye Chen stood at the side, but he just laughed in agreement and looked calm.

      He had already seen that the two cups were forgeries, but it was rare for his father-in-law to be so happy, so he still didn't poke holes in them.

      Xiao Changkun was incomparably excited, living like a cat that had stolen a meal, his eyebrows danced as he said, "The cups don't match yet, that boss said to bring the missing part over tomorrow, I'll have a look tomorrow!Try to get the whole set back!That'll multiply the value many times over!If you're lucky, you'll be able to pay off that six million dollar foreign debt!"

      Ye Chen's eyebrows furrowed, immediately stopped: "Dad, playing with antiques must not be greedy, buying these two cups is enough, say"

      Xiao Changkun glared at him and scolded, "What do you say again and again, but you kid is teaching me a lesson instead?"

      Ye Chen busily said, "No no, it's good that you like it."

      After saying that, he didn't bother to mind his own business.

      Anyway, even if the old father-in-law was cheated, it wasn't his own money.

      Xiao Churan also said, "Dad, what are you buying so much for, these two cups can't eat or drink, besides, the price difference is so big, the cups are real or fake, there is still to be identified."

      She didn't believe that pie fell from the sky, if three hundred dollars could buy half a million treasures, wouldn't everyone be able to get rich.

      Xiao Changkun was in the midst of his excitement, and seeing several people pouring cold water on himself, he despicably said, "You guys don't understand!It's an antique, and you rely on a discerning eye to pick up the pieces!"

      He said, as he admired the celadon cup, he said to Xiao Churan, "You don't have to worry about this, there are still several people who want to steal it from me today, and I may not be able to buy it tomorrow."

      Ma Lan was busy saying, "If it's really that valuable, you have to find a way to buy it!"

      Seeing that the two old men were busy admiring the chicken cylinder cup, Xiao Churan quietly pulled Ye Chen aside.

      "I don't think this is very reliable, it feels like a scam, Dad will definitely go there again tomorrow, you should take a trip to the Antique Street with Dad then, so that he doesn't get screwed."

      Ye Chen nodded, if Xiao Choran didn't say anything, he wouldn't bother, but since his wife had spoken, then he naturally couldn't just stand by and watch!


The next day was the weekend.

      Ye Chen was dragged by his father-in-law and drove to the Antique Street early in the morning.

      The old father-in-law was whole and refreshed, and as soon as he got out of the car, he waved to Ye Chen, "Come on, I'll show you what it means to pick up a leak."

      Saying that, he strode towards the Antique Street.

      Ye Chen had to quickly keep up, looking around as he walked.

      On the weekend, there were many more people on the Antique Street than usual.

      The antique jade shops on both sides were very densely opened themselves, and the vendors who came out to set up their stalls on weekends were also densely packed, and all of a sudden, the entire street was blocked.

      There were also quite a few vendors, who laid a plastic sheet on the ground, filled with all sorts of antique jades, welcoming customers on the spot.

      Ye Chen casually scanned the area, and there were hardly any genuine items, they were all black-hearted vendors coaxing amateurs as well as foreign tourists.

      Many of the tourists who had bought fakes were completely blinded, holding the imitations with smiles on their faces, thinking that they had taken advantage of a big advantage.

      "This is the place!"

      Xiao Changkun stopped and stood in front of a simple stall, his face unable to hide his excitement.

      Only a few visitors were standing next to the stall, picking out antiques, Xiao Changkun was afraid of falling behind and quickly squeezed into the crowd.

      Ye Chen swept a glance at the stall, this stall was nothing more than a piece of oil paper spread on the ground, placed a dozen pieces of mud-soaked antiques, what kind of blue and white horse, five emperors copper coins, copper wine cups, blood jade bracelets, yellowing calligraphy and painting.

      There was a wide variety of items, but Ye Chen just took a casual look at them and realized that they were all fakes.

      The owner of the stall was a skinny, dark-skinned man who wore a coarse blue cloth coat, his hair was oily and shaggy, and he looked like a simple, honest man, his entire person looked wooden as hell.

      "Look at this!"Xiao Changkun excitedly greeted Ye Chen, pointing to a colorful bottle with a large belly and small mouth, and lowered his voice: "This is the bottle that comes with my two cups!I'll buy it back to make a set and double the price!"

      Ye Chen took a look at the wine bottle, weighed it in his hand, and looked up to ask the boss.

      "How much is it?"

      The owner stared at the bulbous eyes and said, dumbly, "I, my dad said at least 20,000, not a penny less!"

      When Xiao Changkun heard this, he almost doubled over laughing and quickly said to Ye Chen, "This boss doesn't know how to buy goods, let's hurry up and buy them, so as not to be picked up by others."

      After saying that, he hurriedly pulled out his waist pack.

      At this moment, Ye Chen nimbly pressed his hand and smiled, "Dad, this is not worth 20,000, we won't buy it."

      "What?"Xiao Changkun was stunned, "Then how much do you think it's worth?"

      Ye Chen held out his palm and shook it in front of his boss, "This number."

      "Five thousand?"The boss asked with a glare.

      Ye Chen shook his head, "No, it's fifty dollars."

      As if looking at an alien, the boss stared at Ye Chen for several seconds and suddenly shouted, "Do you know how to read and write?This is an antique left by my grandfather, a genuine treasure, you city people are too bullying."

      Xiao Changkun was also anxious and pulled Ye Chen, "Don't talk nonsense, beware of messing up the business."

      Ye Chen laughed, picked up the bottle and turned it over, used his hand to pull the yellow mud stained on the bottom of the bottle, pointed to the middle of a slit and said, "Dad, look at what this is."

      The slit was extremely small, and if it wasn't for Ye Chen pointing it out, a normal person wouldn't have been able to see it, and it revealed a row of extremely small English letters.


      Xiao Changkun was stunned, his mouth so open that he could stuff an egg down, unable to react for half a day.

      Suddenly, he came back to his senses, his face flushed red as he pointed at the boss and screamed.

      "You, you trap people!!!"

      Ye Chen took the wine bottle and shook it at the simple boss, saying, "Manufacturers don't even dare to blatantly forge antiques, deliberately wrote this logo, you're quite smart, and you know how to take the mud to stop it, in a word, thirty dollars, sell or not?"


      The boss was stunned, and suddenly all the silly color on his face disappeared and he smacked his head accostingly.


"Two bosses, I went out in a hurry today, and I took the wrong bottle."

      "Taken the wrong one?"Ye Chen laughed and picked up another snuff bottle full of mud, picked the mud into the mouth of the bottle with his hand, shone it at the sunlight, and said in a fury, "This is not a mistake, it's made in Su City."

      Inside the snuff bottle, there was a row of small transparent letters.

      "Made by the Su City Arts and Crafts Factory."

      "I can't read, who knows what's written on this."The boss, seeing the reveal, even stopped doing business, and while accosting him, he wrapped a tarpaulin around it and tried to grease the soles of his feet.

      This time Xiao Changkun completely back to consciousness, angry, engaged in half a day he was played as a monkey.

      He grabbed the boss and roared.

      "You liar, return the money to me."

      "What money, I've never seen you before."The boss struggled hard and kept dropping fake copper coins and fake jade horses from the oil paper cloth he was carrying in his hand.

      The jade horse fell on the ground actually did not break, it seems to be made of hardened plastic.

      "If you don't refund the money, I'll call the police!"Xiao Changkun glared and shouted, his lungs so angry that they were about to explode.

      Between the two of them tugging, an object suddenly fell from the boss's arms.

      The moment the thing fell, Ye Chen suddenly frowned and stared at the ground.

      This thing was a white pebble the size of a fist, exactly like the kind of pebbles on the river bank, gray and shiny.

      But there was one difference, this pebble had a few words carved on it, Peace and Prosperity!

      The font is crude and indiscriminate, a look is artificially carved on.

      This kind of carved stone was everywhere in the scenic area, it wasn't worth anything, no wonder the boss didn't put it out just now.

      However, Ye Chen walked up with an arrow step and picked up the stone, his blood suddenly boiling all over his body.

      Just a moment ago, he felt a different kind of air emanating from this antique!

      It was said to be a breath, but it was actually more like an energy, a magnetic field that had a strong attraction to him.

      Ye Chen knew that this should all be the aura recorded in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures!

      Reiki, a long-lost mysterious energy, is not only capable of completely transforming a person's physical qualities, it can even cultivate and produce many effects that are often unimaginable!

      Ye Chen was delighted, and without moving a muscle, he weighed the pebble in his hand and asked, "Is this thing yours?"

      The owner was stunned and nodded subconsciously, "Yes."

      "How do you sell this stone?"

      Xiao Changkun was also surprised and asked, "Why did you buy this broken stone!Don't you know that this traitor is selling all fake goods!"

      "It's just a stone, it's good to buy one back to wash away bad luck."Ye Chen said with a smile.

      That boss took the opportunity to break away from Xiao Changkun's hand and accosted Ye Chen twice, "You really want to buy it?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Really buy!"

      The boss came to his senses and spoke eloquently, "Brother, you're a visionary!Don't look at this pebble, but it has an unusual history, it is the paperweight that was placed on the dragon case in the study of the Qiandi Emperor."

      Ye Chen didn't have time to listen to his long speech and impatiently interrupted.

      "Cut the crap with me, get to the point!"

      The owner laughed dryly, "Since you're a man of knowledge, then twenty thousand!"

      Ye Chen disdainfully said, "You're crazy for wanting money, right?Three hundred!If you don't sell, I'll call the police and arrest you."

      "Three hundred?"The boss sighed and laughed dryly, "Brother, you are the one who knows the goods, three hundred it is."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and squeezed the stone in his hand.

      Xiao Changkun was puzzled, not knowing what he was buying such a broken stone for, and was about to ask a question when a hanging two jangling voice suddenly came from the side.

      "Yo, this stone is not bad, this young master will take it!"


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