Super Son-in-law 431-440


Chapter 431

This time, Shen Xiyan was really overthinking it, the time Lin Hao was injured in Tianhai half a month ago, it wasn't because of her.Rather, it was the assassination of Lin Hao by the Lin Clan branch, except that Shen Xiyan now automatically blamed herself for Lin Hao's injury in the first place.It had to be said that Shen Xiyan was really a silly girl.

"Well right, so it's not easy for you to be a girl, Xi Yan.And with you not being able to fight against the Leng family at all on your own, you're waiting for Lin Hao to come back, didn't you say that Lin Hao will be back in two days?This way you don't do anything in these two days, just stay here, Qiu Ya that situation according to me she won't wake up in two or three, you don't do anything, just sleep here for two days, you promise mom, okay?"Wang Shufen was incomparably distressed and reached out to wipe away the tears on Shen Xiyan's face.

Wang Shufen looked at Shen Suyan in such a miserable state, her eyes also red, but she could not cry, she still had to persuade Shen Suyan.Shen Suyan is also really miserable, her father just died last year, and then now her own mother is in a coma, and she almost died completely last night.

And thinking of her previous bad treatment of Shen Suyan, Wang Shufen now hates to stab herself with a knife.

Shen Xiyan shed tears and shook her head at Wang Shufen, "Mom, do you know how badly Lin Hao was injured the last time he went back from Tianhai?There's a stab wound running through near his chest.Mom, do you know how powerful the Leng family is in Tianhai?I don't want to make Lin Hao pay for me anymore, I'm really afraid he'll die here..."

Wang Shufen opened her mouth to refute Shen Xiyan, but she herself grew up in Tianhai, and she and Leng Qiu Ya were even good girlfriends more than twenty years ago, and the Leng family at that time was a top second-rate family.The Leng family was many times more powerful than the current Shen family.Few people even dared to provoke the Leng family in Tianhai.Not to mention the current Leng Family, and there was the Gong Family.If Lin Hao were to go up against these two giants, she, Wang Shufen, wouldn't have the slightest hope for Lin Hao.

And just like what Shen Xiyan said, human lives might not really matter much in front of these big families.Didn't you see that even Leng Qiu Ya almost died last night, but not many people from the Leng family came over to visit?In the eyes of those great families, there is only profit from start to finish!The Wang family she was born into was only a small third-rate family in Tianhai City, but it was also profit-oriented.After all these years, she herself knew it well!

Shen Xiyan said to Wang Shufen, "Mom, you shouldn't call Lin Hao.I don't want him to get hurt again because of me, and his career is going very, very well.The Leng family won't let us mother and daughter go, since that's the case, so I've decided that when Lin Hao comes back, I'll divorce him..."

"What?You're divorcing Lam Ho?No way!Absolutely not!Ji-Yan, do you know how much Lin Hao loves you?Do you know how good he was to you?Don't be silly, you've met a good husband like Lin Hao in your life, do you know how many people outside envy you?You're still divorced?"After Wang Shufen heard Shen Xiyan's words, she stood up soaringly and refused without thinking.

Shen Siyan shook her head, "Mom, there's no other way, have you ever thought that if I don't follow the Leng family's words.Then they will do something to Lin Hao, Lin Hao is an orphan, and it's very, very hard for him to build up a company as big as the Kyushu Group by himself for so many years.I don't want him to lose everything he has because of me..."

"But... but..." wang Shufen opened her mouth to try to persuade Shen Xiyan, but in her knowledge of the Leng and Gong families in Tianhai City.She suddenly found that she couldn't say anything to refute Shen Xiyan.Because those two families were too strong.Let's say that the Wang family she was in was just a dog in front of Leng Feng, wasn't it?It's not even the slightest dare to offend. The first website

"Siyan ah, my good daughter, soooo... my poor daughter, how come your life is so bitter..." wang Shufen's nose was sore, and he couldn't hold back any longer, so he wailed, at this moment wang Shufen was also completely desperate.

Leng Qiu Ya, Shen Xi Yan's own mother, was shot, and those people in the Leng family actually dared to use guns, so if Lin Hao got into trouble with them, they would never keep Lin Hao in the way.Just think of how difficult it was for Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan, how good Lin Hao was to Shen Xiyan, how Lin Hao had paid silently for Shen Xiyan for so many years.When she thought about the fact that Lin Hao had chosen to forgive even her, and had been so good to her, Wang Shufen, she only felt endless bitterness and pain....

Wang Shufen is crying, but Shen Xiyan is crying again and laughing, a desperate laugh, her smile is a silent indictment of fate!!!!But she had no choice, she would never allow Lin Hao to suffer the slightest bit of harm because of her!That's her, Shen Xiyan. Definitely!No!Yup!Permission!

"Lin Hao, you used to pay for me, so this time I'll pay for you instead!The Leng family has promised me that they will help you grow your business!I'll be in the back, too, in a corner, watching you silently!"

The night is getting deeper and deeper, and Wang Shufen is sitting on the ground wailing without any image, but Shen Xiyan is laughing with tears in her eyes.......

Outside Shen Xiyan's room, Night One faintly listened to the cries of the two inside the house, and he frowned deeply .He walked down the hallway, and after a long moment of silence, he took out his phone and called Lin Hao over....


At this moment, inside the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, a quiet underground chamber.Lin Hao was interfacing with Lin Bancheng with a group of forces from the Heavenly Sea.On the wall inside the chamber, there was a large screen, and on that screen, there was presented one figure after another, bowing their allegiance to Lin Hao.These were all the forces that Lin had cultivated over the years in Tianhai City.

As soon as Lin Hao finished talking to one person, he saw Night One calling him.Lin Hao frowned.It was because Night One would never call him when he was usually fine.But now Night One had actually called.So Lin Hao directly turned off the projection on the wall and picked up the phone.

"What's wrong with Night One?Call me this late."Lin Hao frowned at Night One and asked.

Night One on the other side of the phone was stunned and didn't answer Lin Hao's words, but instead asked Lin Hao, "Big brother, what are you coming back to?How are things going over there with you?"

Lin Hao's frown deepened, "I'm almost done with this side, I'll be done with it tomorrow morning, I plan to go back to Tian Hai the day after tomorrow, what's wrong?Say!Wait, is something wrong with Shyam?Hmm?"

Night One on the other side of the phone was silent again, and it took a while before he said, "Big brother is fine, you deal with your side first, and we'll talk about it when you come back the day after tomorrow, right, tell me when you leave, I'll pick you up..."

Lin Hao listened to Night One's words, his heart instinctively felt something was wrong, this would be late at night.Night One was calling himself so late?Lin Hao's face darkened and he said into the phone, "Me!Let you talk!"

This time Night One was silent for even longer, a full minute before the voice of Night One was heard over the phone: "Brother, last night the Leng family from Tianhai went to Nanjiang wanting to bring Miss Shen back to Tianhai.I brought my brother to stop it, and then there was a chaotic battle in the villa, and in the midst of the chaos, Miss Shen's own mother, Leng Qiu Ya, was shot, and we came to Tianhai last night, and now Leng Qiu Ya is fine, but still in a coma.And Miss Shen, Miss Shen she..."

Lin Hao's face changed drastically, his face as dark as water, and he said with incomparable urgency, "What's wrong with Xi Yan?Tell me now!Say it you're down!"

"Miss Shen seems to have been coerced by the Leng family today, the Leng family seems to be forcing her to marry into the Gong family in Tianhai City, Miss Shen went to the Leng family this afternoon and came back in a very wrong mood..." said Night One truthfully.

Boom... When Yei Yi finished speaking, Lin Hao, who was in the secret room of the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, suddenly rose with a monstrous momentum and an extreme killing intent in his eyes, "The Leng Clan in Tianhai?The Gong family?Good, very good, while I'm not around, dare to go and persecute my Lin Hao's wife!Looking for death!" Remember the URL

Lin Hao paused and suddenly spoke in an endlessly icy tone and asked to Night One, "What happened last night, why are you only telling me now?What did I say to you before I left?Huh?You don't take my word for it, do you?Give me a reason!"

Night One: "I'm sorry brother, it's my fault.It's very important for you to go north this time.The matter on Miss Shen's side was not beyond our control, that's why I didn't report to you in the first place..."

"Holly!Steady your mind!"Just as the hostility on Lin Hao's body was getting stronger and stronger, Lin Hancheng, who was standing beside him, slammed his palm heavily on his shoulder.

Hoo... Lin Hao was sobered up by Lin Ban Cheng's drink.The rushing hostility on his body was also slowly pushed down.He turned to Lin Bancheng and said, "I'm sorry, Grandpa Lin... it was me who lost my temper."

Lin Bancheng nodded slowly, "Well, Hao'er you should know that the more you encounter big things in the future, the calmer you'll be!And the Skysea Leng family, the Gong family?What are you to us, Lin?Those first-class families in Tian Hai City can be destroyed after you return to Tian Hai this time!Since something happened on your side, let's speed things up now!"

"Mm... good" Lin Hao nodded heavily, yes, what was the Leng family and the Gong family in Tianhai City, in front of him, they were completely like turkeys and dogs.Existences that could be trampled to death by lifting a foot.

It was just that what Lin Hao didn't expect was that the Tianhai Leng family was really crazy to die ah, he had just left Tianhai a day or two before, they actually went to find Shen Xiyan, and they even brought someone with them, and even beat Leng Qiu Ya almost died!It really is a death wish!!!!

Lin Hao picked up his cell phone and said to Night One, "I'll deal with this side of things overnight, I'll head to Tian Hai first thing tomorrow morning!During this period, keep an eye on the Leng family in Tianhai, and never allow anyone from the Leng family to touch Xi'an again during this period!Get it?"

"Yes!"Night One hurriedly responded down, this time he was really going to absolutely carry out Lin Hao's orders.Because he had already heard the cold killing intent in Lin Hao's tone....

After hanging up the phone with Night One, Lin Hao dealt with Lin Ban Cheng and Mo Lao overnight to deal with the handover of the Tian Hai power....

It was just that this time Lin Hao always had a bad feeling in his heart, obviously when he was on the phone with Shen Siyan at noon, that silly girl Shen Siyan was still laughing and chatting with him.But he never would have thought that Shen Siyan had actually suffered so much pain behind his back!And yet he's still laughing in his face!

"Xi Yan, wait for me, I'll be at the Heavenly Sea first thing in the morning!You mustn't think blindly, the Leng family, the Gong family is just a family, these people are not even trash in front of your husband!"Lin Hao murmured in his heart as he thought about Shen Xiyan's matter and communicated with the heads of the various forces in Tianhai....

Just one by one, those in charge of the Lin Clan in the Heavenly Sea were too frightened to say a word when they saw how gloomy Lin Hao was....


Early the next morning, Lin Hao with a gloomy face and two large black circles under his eyes walked out of the underground chamber.After seeing him, the people within the Lin Clan automatically hid far away because at this moment Lin Hao's body was invisibly emitting a hostility outwards!And the hostility was so heavy that people really didn't dare to go near the slightest bit.

Lin Hao first went to say goodbye to his grandmother, the old man's heart was especially hard on Lin Hao, but when Lin Bancheng told Old Mrs. Lin that Shen Xiyan was in trouble, the fire in her heart soared out.

Old Mrs. Lin stared at Lin Hao and said, "Those two bullshit inferior Leng family, and so what Gong family!Hiro, go back and kill them for me!How dare you bully my daughter-in-law?Blind their eyes!You're going back!Don't let my grandson's daughter-in-law get hurt!Go ahead and do it, even if you kill the Heavenly Sea and bleed to death, Grandma will back you up!"Old Mrs. Lin's chest rose and fell violently in anger.

Lin Hao nodded and curtsied to Old Madam Lin, "Grandmother grandchildren are unfilial, I should have accompanied you for a few more days, but I really can't wait that long over at Xi Yan's side, that silly girl doesn't know my true identity, she only knows that I have a Kyushu Group in my hands, I'm afraid she'll do something stupid.That's why grandson has to rush back here, but grandmother don't worry, I'll definitely bring Xi Yan to accompany you this New Year's Eve!"Lin Hao looked at his grandmother who was getting older and older, but he had to go today.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the newest version of the newest product.I'm sure she'll be fine for another eight to ten years.I'm sure you'll be able to do it.Bring my granddaughter-in-law back to me intact next month!"

"Well...Grandma I'm off!"Lin Hao nodded heavily and once again bowed deeply to Old Lady Lin before turning around and leaving.

After Lin Hao left Old Lady Lin's western palace, the killing intent in his body could no longer be suppressed.With his hostility in the air, he now wanted to rush to the Heavenly Sea as fast as he could to back up Shen Shi Yan!

At this moment, Lin Hao was like a death god coming out of hell!With a monstrous hostility permeating his body, he slowly walked towards the outside of Lin's ancestral home, and behind him followed the four dead men sent by Mo Lao to protect him, those four dead men also remained silent, and under the pull of Lin Hao's Qi, their bodies were also permeated with an icy cold killing intent.

"Lin Hao!You think you're just going to walk away?Did you ask me?"Just as Lin Hao was almost at the entrance of the ancestral mansion, a gloomy-looking Lin Leng's jumped out and blocked Lin Hao's way, and as Lin Leng appeared outside the entrance, dozens of people instantly poured out.

"Roll... "Lin Hao exploded, his body instantly accelerated to its maximum, and in a flash, he rushed in front of Lin Leng, and with a loud bang, Lin Hao slammed his fist on Lin Leng's chest, and the sound of a bone cracking was heard in the ears of the crowd.

Lin Leng's body continued to explode back as he spat blood in a muffled grunt, but Lin Hao was even faster, violently accelerating to appear in front of Lin Leng again, and with a snap Lin Hao directly reached out and strangled Lin Leng's neck... A second to remember to read the book

Boom... In the next moment as a loud sound came out, Lin Leng's body was directly on top of the wall next to the gate as Lin Hao stared at Lin Leng coldly, "Want to die?"

"You... you... "Lin Leng's eyes were rounded and his mouth was spurting blood out, in fact, this time he wasn't even thinking of starting a war with Lin Hao, he was just bringing someone out to disgust Lin Hao at theThe branch was looking for a scene inside.But he hadn't expected that Lin Hao would just go for the death blow!This was completely out of his expectation.

"Get lost... "Lin Hao once again cursed lowly and casually threw Lin Leng's body to the side.Lin Leng was lying on the ground with endless gloom and hatred in his eyes....

"Kill..." shouted Lin Leng, leaping violently from the ground, pulling out a dagger from his waist and stabbing at Lin Hao's back heart.

Boom... only he was quicker to charge forward and fly out backwards, Lin Hao, in a rage, turned around and blatantly kicked Lin Leng, this time Lin Leng felt like he had been hit by a train, his entire body was thrown into the air, he was kicked directly by Lin Hao and flew out five or six meters away before he fell to the ground.This time Lin Leng didn't get up again, the whole person was lying on the ground motionless, not knowing if he was alive or dead....

Lin Hao continued to walk forward, and when he saw the dozens of people still blocking the outside of his ancestral home, his hostility became even heavier, and he shouted at the four dead men behind him, "Kill me..."

The four dead men nodded their heads without saying a word, then the four of them brazenly charged into the crowd of dozens across the street, striking a deadly move, and soon the square outside the gate was spurting blood, those four dead men were the most elite warriors cultivated by Mo Lao, and they were fearless, and after getting the order, they were completely immortal....

Outside the door, blood was flying. Although there were only four people on Lin Hao's side, these four dead men were suppressing the dozens of people on the opposite side who were constantly retreating.In the midst of the blood being thrown, Lin Hao's body was rising with monstrous hostility as he walked step by step towards the door....


" don't greet me when you come, but you want to leave like that?You already killed Lin Xi in Tian Hai, and Lin Leng was beaten to death by you, huh... do you want to leave just like that?"Suddenly Lin Yan's figure appeared at the gate, standing right in front of Lin Hao's inevitable path, looking at Lin Hao with a gloomy face.

Lin Hao had completely failed to give any face at all to him, the Lin Clan's head, the father, on this trip north!And Lin Hao had also beaten Lin Yu, but more importantly, the final result of this Lin Hao's trip north actually ended up getting the entire Heavenly Sea!

Lin Yan stood in front of Lin Hao staring at Lin Hao with a deadly stare, a kingly aura rising from his body as well.

The moment Lin Hao saw Lin Yan, without the slightest hesitation, he directly stripped the gun from his waist and pulled the trigger on Lin Yan's head....

Boom... Lin Yan blatantly shot at Lin Hao as fast as he could without saying a word.The color of his face changed dramatically, and in a moment Lin Yan fiercely turned his body to the side, and almost as soon as Lin Yan did this, Lin Hao's bullet grazed his cheek, and although it didn't hit Lin Yan, it still tore off a few of Lin Yan's hairs.

When Lin Yan came back to his senses again, he found that Lin Hao had thrown his gun, his entire body suddenly appeared in front of him, and with a loud boom, Lin Hao's fist slammed down on top of his chest....

Lin Yan exploded back, staring at Lin Hao with eyes that had become completely dark.The next moment Lin Yan faced Lin Hao head-on and charged up, battling Lin Hao brazenly.Just as Lin Hao had said, the last time he had been beaten by Lin Yan, that had been the first and last time!So this time when Lin Yan appeared again to block him, he would never hold back!In Lin Hao's heart, the father-son bond he had with Lin Yan, the moment Lin Yan had hit him with all his might the day before yesterday, trying to kill him, had been completely gone!

It had to be ironic, whether it was Lin Hao or Lin Yan, both father and son were the best existences Lin had had in a hundred years!Both of them had the aura of a king!But now the two who are clearly father and son have become enemies!And regardless, they started a war at the gate of the Lin's ancestral home...

Boom boom boom... Lin Yan and Lin Hao were both attacking madly, neither of them dodging a single move.And both of them made deadly moves between their strikes, not holding back in the slightest!

Boom... Another loud bang... The two of them simultaneously smashed a punch on each other's chests.In the next moment, both of their bodies couldn't help but thud and stare back out....

"Very well!You're an adversary who's actually grown to this extent?"A bit of blood flowed out of the corner of Lin Yan's mouth, and he burst out at Lin Hao, and his body moved and rushed towards Lin Hao again .Lin Hao half-kneeled on the ground and looked up abruptly, he was not as strong as Lin Yan and spat out more blood, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and also rose up abruptly to charge at Lin Yan... First URL

Bang... But this time Lin Hao and Lin Yan hadn't even met up when a bullet suddenly grazed Lin Yan's body again after a gunshot rang out, and Lin Hao and Lin Yan stopped abruptly.Lin Hao looked at his grandmother who had somehow appeared behind Lin Yan, the old man was holding a gun in his hand, pointing it at Lin Yan's back heart.

"Mom, are you going to kill me?"Lin Yan turned to look incredulously at Old Lady Lin.

"Let my grandson go!Or you'll kill me today!"Old Mrs. Lin stared at Lin Yan with a deadly stare.

Lin Yan looked deeply at Old Madam Lin and then at Lin Hao, whose face was pale and whose mouth was constantly spitting out blood, he nodded slowly, "Good, you can leave today!"

Lin Hao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and lifted his foot to walk away from Lin Yan, as he reached Lin Yan's side, Lin Hao paused, "Save your life, next time I will kill you!"

After Lin Hao finished speaking, he paid his respects to Old Lady Lin and left the Lin Clan's ancestral home completely... After leaving the Lin Clan's ancestral home, Lin Hao went straight to the airport, he didn't even check the injuries on his body.It was now 8 o'clock in the morning, and he had to get to Tian Hai before noon....

Lin Hao tried his best to get to the airport, and half an hour later he got on the private plane that Mo Lao had prepared for him, and the moment he got on it, the plane immediately took off and flew to Tian Hai....

"Xi Yan, I'm back, don't do anything stupid, I'll be there for you for everything.Don't think about anything, don't do anything, wait for me to return... "Lin Hao had endless worries in his heart and prayed that Shen Xiyan wouldn't go thinking blindly.

It's just that sometimes the more your heart expects something, then the more things will happen in the opposite direction, and just when Lin Hao was halfway through his flight, he received a text message from Shen Siyan.

"Lin Hao, I'm sorry, let's... divorce..."


Lin Hao's already pale face was even whiter when he saw this text message from Shen Xiyan.The thing he feared most in his heart had still happened.Lin Hao was dazed for a long, long time as he stared at this tweet from Shen Xiyan....

Lin Hao didn't have the option to text or call Shen Xiyan over to follow up in the first place.Because there was no point in doing that anymore, he leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes.In his mind, he began to frantically deduce the persecution that Shen Xiyan encountered.

The day before yesterday evening, the Tianhai Leng family went to Nanjiang, and in the scuffle Leng Qiu Ya was shot, and that too to protect Shen Xiyan.This was just now when Lin Hao boarded the plane, Night One had sent him a detailed report.

If things went according to the ordinary course of events, Shen Xiyan was abandoned by Leng Qiu Ya as a child, no matter what the reason was, but in the more than twenty years of Shen Xiyan's growth, Leng Qiu Ya, her own mother, was not present by her side.Nor had she ever accompanied Shen Xiyan.So if one were to extrapolate according to common sense, it would be absolutely impossible for Shen Xiyan to meet Leng Qiu Ya in a short period of time!After all, Leng Qiu Ya didn't appear for more than twenty years, she didn't appear when Shen Si Yan needed her the most, and now she suddenly appeared after Shen Si Yan had completely grown up and was very capable in every aspect, so that Shen Si Yan would never accept Leng Qiu Ya.

But last night Leng Qiu Ya in order to save Shen Suyan without hesitation to take a bullet for Shen Suyan, and Night One also specifically mentioned in the report that Leng Qiu Ya in the late night before last night in the rescue, in fact, has been unable to save, it was Shen Suyan awakened the trace of obsession in Leng Qiu Ya's soul, and Leng Qiu Ya only came through.

The biological mother took a bullet for her child at the most critical moment.So Lin Hao concluded that the current Shen Xiyan, her heart has already recognized Leng Qiu Ya, because when she was a child, no matter how much bitterness and resentment, at the moment when Leng Qiu Ya stood up and ignored life and death to block bullets for Shen Xiyan, Shen Xiyan's heart has already forgiven Leng Qiu Ya, completely forgiven Leng Qiu Ya.

And according to the report of Night One, Leng Qiu Ya has been living like a prisoner in the Leng family for more than twenty years.Leng Qiu Ya's elopement with Shen Congwen more than twenty years ago had brought great losses to the Gong Family Leng Family.Therefore, when the Leng Family learned that Leng Qiu Ya's child from back then was still alive, they tried very hard to have Shen Xi Yan marry into the Gong Family as a way to appease the Gong Family's anger....

The next moment after Lin Hao deduced what had happened in his head, he fiercely opened his eyes, his eyes were moist and a tear slid across the corner of his eye, and murmured, "Cai Yan, did you choose this for me?You're afraid the Leng and Gong families will attack me, right?You're silly, you're really silly, you know..."

A hint of emotion rose in Lin Hao's heart, Lin Hao's mind was extremely strong, and he had guessed the whole truth of the matter almost instantly and without any mistake at all.But the more he knew the truth, the harder Lin Hao's heart felt.It was hard to feel that Shen Xiyan had blocked almost everything in her to protect him....

Lin Hao secretly hated the fact that before he went to Yanjing, he had actually considered the possibility that the Tianhai Leng Family might know of Shen Siyan's existence.After all, the surprise he had prepared for Shen Siyan in Nanjiang City a few days ago was too influential.And that day, Leng Qiu Ya also went there, and after that morning, Leng Qiu Ya even lived directly in the house.The Leng family would know as soon as they checked.

So before Lin Hao left, he had specifically told Wang Shufen not to worry too much about the Leng family, he had considered and planned for everything.But he, Lin Hao, hadn't calculated that Leng Qiu Ya had actually taken a bullet for Shen Shi Yan, and had almost died! Remember the URL

Originally, Lin Hao had planned to slowly deal with Shen Xiyan's matter with the Leng family, but now things had become complicated.Shen Siyan had forgiven Leng Qiu Ya in her heart, and the Leng family was now pressing and urgent.Lin Hao concluded that when Shen Siyan went to the Leng family to meet Leng Changjiang yesterday, she must have reached something agreed upon with Leng Changjiang.


Lin Hao frowned deeply, he didn't explain too much before he left.Nor did he reveal too much, including Jiang Shao Ming and the others, because this time when he went to Yanjing, he really didn't have any chance of winning in his heart.Otherwise, he wouldn't have brought over a thousand combat sequences directly for Lin's ancestral home!Lin Hao went this time with the intention of preparing for a direct war.

In fact, before Lin Hao went to Yanjing, he himself hadn't expected that the end result would be that he would have full authority to take over all of Lin's underpinnings in Tianhai!These were things he hadn't expected, in fact, before he went to Yanjing, Mo Lao had told him that he would be allowed to take over all of Lin's holdings in Tianhai.It was just that at first, he didn't expect that all of what Mo Lao had said would actually be fulfilled.Although the process was also full of dangers....

But that was the way it was, when Lin Hao was about to return as king after he had truly gotten back what was his in Yanjing, he suddenly discovered that something had happened on Shen Siyan's side.Lin Hao's heart was very complicated because Shen Siyan's character was very strong and Shen Siyan was definitely in a state of emotional collapse right now.If he were to immediately exterminate the Leng family today, with the emotional hedge, something would probably happen to Shen Suyan.

Moreover, Shen Siyan had already recognized Leng Qiu Ya, and it would be troublesome for Lin Hao to suddenly exterminate the entire Leng family again now and directly annihilate the Leng family with an iron fist.Leng Qiu Ya Lin Hao had also investigated, and was as kind-hearted as Shen Siyan.And after the events of that year, what she did did really brought great trouble to the original Leng family, and even stalled the development of the Leng family for ten years at one point, and almost annihilated the Leng family back then under the attack of the Gong family.

All these years, Leng Qiu Ya still had a mentality of guilt towards the Leng Family, after all, if it wasn't for her back then, the Leng Family would probably have been truly promoted to a first-class family by now.

So the Leng family couldn't just be exterminated, but not without a lesson, Lin Hao rubbed his temples, thinking about how he should handle this matter.And there was one more trouble, if he ran directly to Shen Xiyan's face and revealed his true identity to Shen Xiyan.Then would Shen Xiyan accept it?Would he resent the fact that he'd been keeping it from her?The more Lin Hao thought about it, the more he got a headache, there were many things in reality that were not as simple to deal with as the mind thought.

Like his true identity, for example, how was this going to be accepted by Shen Xiyan in a short period of time?And Shen had just blocked all of her to make a choice, so should she be allowed to immediately reverse her decision?

Lin Hao was silent, this matter didn't have to be extreme anymore, he had returned to the Heavenly Sea now anyway.And his wife Shen Shiyan, his mother-in-law Leng Qiu Ya had suffered for so many years!He was required to give them a name.

Lin Hao didn't need to think about it, now that the Leng family suddenly acknowledged Shen Xiyan's identity, how would the people outside look at Shen Xiyan?A bastard that Leng Qiu Ya gave birth to after she ran away with a man?It would be, I guess, and Lin Hao guessed that Shen Xiyan was now starting to carry this curse on her.He would never allow his wife to suffer such a grievance.

When he was in Nanjiang City, he held a grand and grand marriage proposal ceremony for Shen Suyan.And he, Lin Hao, still owed Shen Suyan one thing... a real wedding!!!!He had married with Shen Siyan twice without a single wedding, and this time he was bound to give Shen Siyan a grand wedding.

Let all the people outside of Tianhai City no longer dare to look down on Shen Suyan in the slightest, and give Shen Suyan a world-renowned glory in Tianhai City, giving her a lifetime of peace and happiness.This was what Lin Hao had intended to do. One second to remember to read the book.

"Xi Yan, don't be afraid, everything you encountered in Tian Hai this time, I'll make them return it to you a thousand times over, so that you can truly become the princess of Tian Hai City!One month later I'll give you a grand wedding that will have the entire Heavenly Sea City in the spotlight!"Lin Hao mumbled, he already had a decision in mind.

Thinking of this Lin Hao picked up his phone and replied to Shen Xiyan with a message over, "Xiyan, I'll be in Tianhai soon, let's have lunch together..."


As Lin Hao's plane flew to Tian Hai City, the weather in Tian Hai City today was gloomy and dark, as if the heavens of Tian Hai City were also grieving for Lin Hao and Shen Shi Yan on this day.After Lin Hao sent a text message to Shen Xiyan, the sky of Tian Hai City began to drift down with cold and bitter rain with snowflakes in it.

Tianhai City deals with the border between the south and the north, so it usually doesn't snow in the winter, but this year's winter, somehow the weather in Tianhai City was exceptionally cold, sometimes a sea breeze could bring an icy cold piercing rain and snow.Today is also like that, and the rain and snow today is a little bit bigger and a little bit colder....

So with such bad weather in Tianhai City today, there weren't many pedestrians on the road at all, and occasionally one or two appeared, also with thick clothes wrapped around their bodies, holding umbrellas and struggling to move in the rain.

And right now in the best part of Tianhai city center, the Tianhai Group is standing in the snowstorm, but today's Tianhai Group is very strange, the huge Tianhai Group, and just annexed the Tian Yao Group, but there are no employees working inside.Even the entire 5,000 meter radius of the Tianhai Group was sealed off.A team of security personnel in black uniforms patrolled around the Tianhai Group, blocking anyone who wanted to enter the Tianhai Group.

And at the main entrance of the Tianhai Group, there were 100 people standing in two rows at the moment, all of them wearing black suits, and each of them had a large black umbrella in their hands, which was lowered down, making it impossible to see their faces.And none of these hundred people spoke up, just standing silently in the icy rain.They were waiting, waiting for the arrival of their young master....

And if one looked carefully, one would find that any one of these hundred people would be a resoundingly ruthless person who could be called out in the Heavenly Sea!There is no such thing as an ordinary being!These people were all blatantly the first-line members of the Lin Clan that had been cultivated for so many years in all walks of life in Tianhai City.

KATY, who was tall and wearing a black suit, with sexy black stockings on her long legs, was also standing among the team, and in front of KATY was a young man with glasses, whom Mo Lao had arranged to come over and give Lin Hao a hand job, Mo Tianji!

Mo Tianji was handsome and dashing, his eyes were deep, and his entire body had a great air of superiority, an hour ago he received a message from Mo Lao that the young master would be arriving in Tianhai soon, so he immediately disbanded all the employees working at Tianhai Group.Then he brought all the Lin Clan's holdings in Tianhai City and waited for Lin Hao's arrival here.

He had heard about Lin Hao's deeds in the Lin Clan's ancestral home, and when he heard that he was as strong as a peerless genius like Mo Tianji, he couldn't help but feel his blood boiling.He was looking forward to this upcoming young lord, and he was looking forward to being able to follow Lin Hao, advance along the way, and then one day, stand on top of the entire world!

It was just that Mo Tianji was leading so many people, but he didn't wait for Lin Hao's arrival....

At eleven o'clock in the morning, Lin Hao got off the plane, and Night One, who had come to meet him at the airport, gave him an umbrella behind him.The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take it. The first website

"Brother, Mo Lao has arranged for Mo Tianji to bring the heads of Lin's various forces in the Tianhai Group to greet you.So are we going to the Tianhai Group now, or are we going to meet Miss Shen first?"Night One asked respectfully to Lin Hao.


Lin Hao's figure paled and looked up at the extremely dark sky above him, he reached outside his umbrella and let the cold rain and snow beat down on his palms, feeling the bone-chilling chill on his hands before Lin Hao's consciousness cleared up a bit.

"Where's Ji Yan?"Lin Hao's face was pale and incomparably weak as he asked Night One.The injuries on his body weren't even dealt with, and he wasn't in the mood to deal with them right now.The current Lin Hao's face was pale, but his body was rising with monstrous hostility.

"At the First Hospital of Tianhai City..." replied Night One with a respectful bow.

"Mhm, we're going over there, I'll go see Xi Yan first..." nodded Lin Hao, but as he said that, Lin Hao suddenly muffled a snort and a trace of blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth.

Night One's face instantly changed, "Big brother!You?Let's go get you checked out first..."

Lin Hao strode towards the outside, then waved his hand, "No!Send me to see the pity face first!"Lin Hao said as he walked to the Rolls Royce parked in front of him.

Five minutes later in the car driving to the hospital, Lin Hao took out his cell phone and called Mo Lao, "Sorry Grandpa Mo, something happened at my wife's side, I have to go to her side first and then go to Tianhai Group later, please tell Tianji, no need to wait for me..."

Mo Tianji, when Mo Lao told Lin Hao yesterday that he had transferred Mo Tianji back from overseas to assist Lin Hao, Lin Hao felt a lot more at ease.Although Lin Hao had never met Mo Tianji, he knew from a very young age that Mo Lao was cultivating a group of children, and this Mo Tianji was the most genius of them all.

Finished all the higher courses in his teens, and was excellent in every aspect, possessing top-notch business acumen financial skills, fighting scrimmage, management ability of large groups, and so on.Once studied abroad in the world's top school, and was also among the best in that top school, and after graduation, he was directly promoted to an executive of a global 500 powerful company, managing tens of thousands of people.

Lin Hao also had to admit that all aspects of Mo Tianji's abilities were much, much stronger than the Jiang Shaoming he had personally brought along.For Mo Tianji, Lin Hao also wanted to meet him, but not now....

Ten minutes later, at the entrance of Tianhai Group, Mo Tianji hung up the phone call from Mo Lao.Seeing the gloomy weather in front of him, he slowly lowered his head. Remember the URL

"What's wrong, Mo?What's up, Mr Lin?Then let's go back first, this weather... "KATY had just heard Mo Tianji's voice on the phone and knew that Lin Hao had gone somewhere else to do his business first.And now the rain outside was getting heavier and heavier, so many people were getting drenched in the rain, these were all the top leaders of various industries in Tianhai City, and now they were just standing in the rain....

"No, we'll wait right here!We'll just wait here for the young master to arrive!"Mo Tianji slightly lowered his head, pressed down the umbrella in his hand, and after saying that, he was silent.Katy was in a way just an outsider, and she had spent some time with Lin Hao half a year ago and felt that Lin Hao was very easy to talk to, all she had just said so advisedly to Mo Tianji.

She just wasn't sure, but Mo Tianji and the hundred or so top crocodiles of Tianhai City standing at the door were aware of Lin Hao's terror.Lin Hao was the young master of the Yanjing Lin Clan, the future head of the Lin Clan!This identity was too terrifying, and only the higher the identity, the more one would be able to appreciate the terrifying underbelly of that gatekeeper in Yanjing....

So at this moment, except for KATY and Mo Tianji who dared to open their mouths to say a few words, the rest of them didn't even dare to open their mouths for a moment, just stood straight in the rain, waiting in silence....

And right now, if there were any outsiders present, they would be absolutely terrified to death by this scene in front of the Tianhai Group's entrance, but all the top figures of Tianhai City were gathered together, standing straight in the rain, waiting for a person to arrive....


At 11:30 a.m., downstairs of the First Hospital of Tianhai City, Lin Hao met with Shen Xiyan.Lin Hao's face was pale and there was still a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth, and Shen Xiyan's eyes were red and even swollen due to her crying over the past few days.

When they parted three days ago, both of them had smiles on their faces, and when they met again three days later, both of them were miserable, and Lin Hao felt very, very bad when he looked at Shen Caiyan crying like that.Shen Xi Yan looked at Lin Hao, quietly and sadly.

When she saw Lin Hao's face, she knew that Lin Hao was injured again, and there was still a trace of red dried blood in the corner of his mouth, even though Lin Hao had wiped it away.And Lin Hao's face was so so so pale.As if the wind could fall with a blow, Shen Xiyan never thought that when she saw Lin Hao again after three days apart, Lin Hao would become like this, and snap... a line of tears fell from Shen Xiyan's face....

The moment she saw Lin Hao, she realized that she didn't know what Lin Hao had gone through in Yanjing, but she was pretty sure that the man in front of her had gone to Yanjing to fight for his life.And when he was at his most difficult, she actually sent him a text message saying that she wanted a divorce.At this moment, there was only pain and endless agony in Shen Shi Yan's heart.This man in front of her, her husband, in the end what has he gone through ah, and she, in his most difficult time, not only did not help him, but also gave him the news that was so cruel and so cruel to him....

"Lin Hao... "Shen Xi Yan struggled to speak and called out to Lin Hao, but in the next moment she couldn't say anything anymore, she just looked at Lin Hao and shook her head in pain, she found herself in front of Lin Hao, in front of the man who loved her most.At this moment, she couldn't even say that she was sorry....

Lin Hao was silent in the face of Shen Xiyan's words.He had originally thought that after seeing Shen Siyan today, he would make all sorts of assurances to her and tell her not to be afraid of the Leng family or the Gong family.He could solve it all.But right now at the moment he saw Shen Suyan, he changed his mind.

The moment he actually saw Shen Shi Yan, he realized what this woman in front of him had all gone through, how much pain she was in, the body that seemed as if it would fall down in the next moment, the spirit that seemed as if it would completely collapse in the next moment, the body that was already without a soul, just like a walking corpse!!!!

At this moment, Lin Hao understood just how far Shen Xiyan had been forced by those people to come to file for divorce with him.For the past two days, this silly girl in front of him, when she was facing the Leng family and the Gong family, how desperate she must have been....

Originally, Lin Hao still had a hint of anger in his heart when he saw the word divorce sent to him by Shen Shiyan.But right now when he was at the moment he saw Shen Siyan, the fire in his heart had already dissipated, leaving him with only deep guilt.Because!Because!!!!He wasn't there for Shen Shen when she needed him the most!!!!

And this silly girl, in order not to give not to let herself worry, encountered such a big thing, and did not even come to say to herself!And not only she didn't say it, she also warned Wang Shufen that the night a few people don't come to say with themselves.And this silly girl was actually still smiling when she called herself!!!!Right now when Lin Hao was looking at Shen Shi Yan, all he felt was guilt, deep guilt!He felt guilty for putting her through so much, so much, all by herself as a girl....

A top second-rate family in Tianhai City, plus the pressure of a first-rate family, how did this silly girl she endure these two days? One second to remember to read the book

Lin Hao looked at Shen Xi Yan who was now in this snowstorm, as if she would fall down in the next second and collapse mentally.He was silent, and all the words in his heart couldn't be said at this moment.

At this moment, when faced with Shen Xiyan's shout, Lin Hao could only slightly nod his head, with no expression on his face....

Under the gloomy sky, in the icy blizzard, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan, a team of bitter lovers, were just looking at each other so foolishly.No one spoke for a while, but even if the two of them were just looking at each other so simply, they understood each other's full meaning at this moment.

After a long while, Shen Xiyan said to Lin Hao with tears streaming down her face, "Lin... Hao, I'm sorry, let's divorce..."

Lin Hao took a deep breath and nodded his head with red eyes, "Well, okay..."

Shen Xi Yan's tears increased even more after she heard Lin Hao nod his head yes, and they were like spring water flowing down like crazy.After meeting with Lin Hao today, she thought about too many scenarios, such as after she filed for divorce from Lin Hao, Lin Hao would be furious, Lin Hao would be hysterical, and even Lin Hao would scold her, Lin Hao would be crazy....

But everything she wanted, Lin Hao didn't do, that is, after meeting her, after looking at her for a long time, that is, after she proposed to her face, Lin Hao agreed with red eyes.

When she looked at Lin Hao's red eyes, the incomparable pain in his eyes, she understood everything in an instant.Right at this moment, she knew that Lin Hao had understood all of her full and complete thoughts....


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