Secret Identity 81-90


Chapter 81

Zhou Liang Yun was in shock!

      Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that the egg-repaired bottle would become an even more precious treasure!

      So he hurriedly stretched out his hand to point at Ye Chen: "Miss, this is the gentleman who repaired it"

      Song Wanting sized up Ye Chen and secretly wondered in her heart, he was too young to know this kind of lost relic restoration technique?

      Smiling slightly, Song Wanting asked politely, "I am Song Wanting of the Song family, how do you call me sir?Which relic master do you dare to study under?"

      The frightened father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, immediately became speechless in shock upon hearing Song Wanting's name!

      The Song family!

      The Song family is the top family in all of Jinling!Although not as strong as those super families in Yanjing, they were unparalleled giants in Jinling!

      I never thought I'd meet the Song family's eldest daughter here!

      Over here, Ye Chen didn't feel much about Song Wanting's identity, although the Song family was very strong, it was only a family with hundreds of billions of assets, compared to a family with trillions of assets like the Ye family, it was really a hundred thousand miles away.

      So he said indifferently, "My name is Ye Chen, but I don't have any mastery."

      Right after that, Ye Chen said, "My father-in-law broke your jade pot spring vase, I repaired it, and I'd like you to appraise the exact value and see if we still need to compensate."

      Song Wanting shook her head and laughed, "After your repair, the bottle has far exceeded its original value, it is reasonable to say that our Jiqing Hall should be the one who owes you."

      Ye Chen smiled faintly, "No need to be so polite, since this side has been dealt with, it's time for me and my father-in-law to go back."

      Song Wanting's big eyes turned slightly and said with a smile, "Sir, I wonder what your name and how to address you?Can you leave a contact information for future communication?"

      Saying that, Song Wanting pulled out her business card and handed it over, saying, "Sir, this is my business card, please take it."

      Ye Chen nodded, took the business card, and said indifferently, "My surname is Ye, but I don't have a business card."

      "It doesn't matter."Song Wanting said, "I wonder if Mr. Ye can conveniently leave a phone number?"

      Ye Chen felt that knowing more people was naturally not a bad thing, and this Song Wanting looked quite polite and humble, not like an arrogant and domineering person, she looked quite pleasant to the eye.

      So he exchanged his phone number with Song Wanting.

      Only then did Song Wanting say, "Mr. Ye, do you want me to send a car to take the two of you back?"

      Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "No need, I drove here."

      Song Wanting nodded and said, "Then I'll escort the two of you out."

      Afterwards, Song Wanting sent the two of them to the side of the BMW 530 and watched Ye Chen drive away, which then slowly walked back to the Jiqing Hall.

      As Ye Chen drove back, his father-in-law couldn't help but ask him, "Ye Chen ah, who did you learn the art of repairing relics from?"

      Naturally, Ye Chen couldn't say that he had found a magical Nine Xuantian Scriptures in the bottle he had broken, after all, this book was too magical, with so much content in it, he still needed to digest it slowly, and he couldn't tell anyone about such things.

      So he casually said, "Learned it from a sweeper at the orphanage in the past."

      The old father-in-law nodded and exclaimed, "What a blessing, if you didn't have this ability, I would have to go to jail."

      Said the old father-in-law, hastily instructing, "Right!Don't say anything about this to your mother or Choran, understand?"


Ye Chen nodded, "I know dad."

      Only then did the old father-in-law let out a sigh of relief, rubbed his face and said with great annoyance, "If I had known you had this craft, then I would still be running for shit, not to mention being tired, but also being slapped several times, damn it, bad luck!"

      Afterwards, he asked Ye Chen, "Can I still see the marks on my face?"

      Ye Chen said, "There's still a little red."

      The father-in-law gave a hmmm and said, "If your mother asks about it when we get home, she'll say I accidentally hit the pole."

      When he returned home, Ye Chen was so busy that he went to the market to buy food and cook.

      Called his wife Xiao Churan and asked her what she wanted to eat, and she replied that she wanted to touch the construction plan with Wang Dongxue in the evening, and Wang Dongxue was going to entertain her for a meal at the Emperor Group.

      Immediately after, Wang Dongxue also sent him a text message, saying, "Young Master, young grandmother's side is about to start construction, so it may be busy in the near future, please don't mind."

      Ye Chen which is unreasonable people, know that business is important, so he replied to her: "The company meals to be entertained, do not let her eat boxed lunches."

      Wang Dongxue immediately said, "Don't worry, I'll arrange for the company executive restaurant to make the best dinner to entertain the young lady."

      "Mm, well done."

      Since his wife didn't come home for dinner, Ye Chen wasn't that particular, so he bought some random ingredients and went home to cook a home-cooked meal for his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

      After the meal, the old couple went out to square dance, and Ye Chen was at home by himself, still recalling some of the mysteries in the Nine Mysteries Sutra in his head.

      At this time, he suddenly received a phone call, it was from Wang Daokun.

      Ye Chen didn't want to pick up his phone, this brat, he was really a bit haunted, he had kindly reminded him, and he turned against him, making people hold their fire a bit.

      But thinking about him was pitiful enough, so Ye Chen still answered the phone and asked him, "Something wrong?"

      On the other end of the phone, Wang Daokun sobbed vaguely, "Ye Chen, good brother, I'm sorry!I was wrong about you!"

      Ye Chen listened to him cry so hard that his heart was somewhat unbearable and asked him, "Do you know the truth of the matter?"

      Wang Daokun cried, "After you finished talking to me, the more I thought about it, then I found a villa in a villa area through her iPhone's location, and I ended up knocking on the door and going in to catch the rape, and was brutally beaten by the man, his driver, and his housekeeper, and then I was dragged to the hospital by 120."

      Speaking of which, Wang Daokun collapsed and cried, "Ye Chen, it's brother I was blind and wrong about you, don't ever be angry with me, you are my only good friend, if you also turn against me, I will really have nothing left in Jinling."

      Ye Chen sighed and said, "I don't blame you, which hospital are you in now?"

      "I'm at the People's Hospital."Wang Daokun said, "My leg was broken by him with a baseball bat, the doctor said I can't get out of bed for a while, the painting you gave me, I took it with me when I went out to catch the rapist, can you please help me mortgage this painting to the pawn shop, my money has been thrown into the hotel, and now I'm penniless and have no money for treatment"

      As soon as Ye Chen heard this, he immediately questioned, "Didn't those people who injured you pay their medical bills?"


      "Have you called the police yet?"

      "It's useless to report it, the police said I was trespassing and people beat me in self-defense."

      "Outrageous!"Ye Chen was on fire and said, "You wait, I'm coming over!"


People's Hospital.

      Wang Daokun is lying on a bed in the emergency department.

      He had injuries all over his body and his right leg was in a plaster cast, he looked very pitiful.

      Ye Chen's heart could not help but sympathize with him, a grown man, looking at the wrong woman, and as a result, not only was his heart broken, but his body was also beaten up like this.

      Wang Daokun saw him come in, and his swollen, egg-like eyes burst into tears.

      "Ye Chen,"[Book Interest Pavilion] Wang Daokun cried out uncontrollably as soon as he opened his mouth.

      Ye Chen walked forward and said indifferently, "Okay, it's just a slut, it's not worth being so sad."

      Wang Daokun cried out, "I've been chasing her for three years, and for her, I have no dignity at all these years, I have completely turned into a licking dog, I thought I was licking until the end to have everything, but I didn't expect to be licking until the end, nothing ah"

      Wang Daokun cried up and down, saying, "That bitch, not only wants to break up with me, but also wants me to cleanse my family!Most of the money I've earned in the past few years was spent on her, and the only 100,000 savings I had was invested in the hotel, and as a result, she didn't even want to return this money to me, I was really blind, how could I fall in love with such a snake-hearted woman."

      Ye Chen persuaded him, "Dao Kun, a man has to take and let go, if he falls down, just get back up again!Where's the picture I gave you?That painting will sell for at least two hundred thousand, enough for you to start a small business."

      Wang Daokun nodded and said, "The painting was in my arms, but fortunately you reminded me that I brought it with me, otherwise, it would have been taken away from her as well!"

      Ye Chen said, "It's good that the painting is still there, you lie down first to take the edge off, I'll go buy you some fruit and pay the hospital fees by the way."

      Wang Daokun was moved to tears: "Ye Chen, good brother, thank you so much don't worry, I will pay you back in the future!"

      Ye Chen faintly said, "Alright, we're all brothers, cut the crap."

      After saying that, he left the ward first.

      Just now, he came in a hurry and didn't care to buy anything, seeing Wang Daokun so pitiful, Ye Chen was also a bit overwhelmed, so he went to buy some fruits for him and swiped his card to pre-deposit 100,000 yuan for his hospital fee.

      When he returned to the hospital room, Ye Chen found that the door of the room was pushed open.

      When he reached it, he realized that Liu Lili was standing in front of Wang Daokun's hospital bed with her hands on that Zhao Dong.

      Wang Daokun saw the two of them coming in and loudly questioned, "What are you guys doing here?See my joke?"

      Liu Lili sneered, "Who cares to see you look like a bear!"

      After saying that, he spat on the ground and continued, "I'm here to ask you for that painting!Where have you been hiding?Hurry up and give it to me!"

      Wang Daokun said angrily, "Liu Lili, that painting was given to me by my brother, why do you have to leave?"

      "A gift for you?"Liu Li Li snorted coldly, "Get your mother to figure out why Ye Chen gave that painting?It's a gift for the opening of the hotel!And who owns the hotel?It's my dad's!"

      Wang Daokun didn't expect Liu Li Li to be so shameless, her voice trembled with rage, "Liu Li Li, don't go too far!You still have 100,000 dollars I invested in your hotel. You have to return that 100,000 dollars to me. As for the painting, it was given to me by my good brother, do you hear me?Send it to me!"


Liu Lili said despicably, "Cut the fucking crap with me, the hotel has nothing to do with you, I won't give you a penny, that painting is the hotel's, if you don't take it out, I'll immediately call the police and tell them you stole it from my hotel!"

      The side of Zhao Dong also sneered, "Kid, I advise you to be sensible, my Zhao Dong's network in Jinling is something you can't afford to provoke, if you don't hand over the painting, as long as I give the Public Security Bureau a greeting, you'll be arrested immediately!Two hundred thousand dollars in case value is enough to put you in jail for ten years!"

      Wang Daokun's tears kept flowing and questioned Liu Li Li, "All these years I gave my all to you and gave you everything I could, even if you didn't appreciate it, there's no need for you to be so down on yourself, right?"

      Liu Lili said disdainfully, "Compassion?Who the hell are you?I'm telling you, I never liked you, you're not worthy of my affection, you're a hangman!Only a man like Dong is worthy of my affection!"

      Zhao Dong also laughed on the sidelines, "I forgot to tell you, I'm very harmonious in bed with Lili!"

      Liu Li Li shyly said, "Oh my brother Dong, why are you saying this, people will be shy"

      "Shy?"Zhao Dong laughed, "Why don't we close the door and show and show this punk how you serve me in front of him?"

      "Oh, no, it's too humiliating!"

      Wang Daokun couldn't take it anymore, he picked up his pillow and slammed it over, cursing, "Dog and man, get out of here!"

      Zhao Dong grabbed the pillow and snorted, "I'm warning you, if you don't hand over the painting, I'll break your other leg and throw you in jail!"

      After listening to this outside, Ye Chen suddenly walked into the hospital room and shouted angrily, "Dare to touch my brother, seek death!"

      Zhao Dong turned back and looked at Ye Chen and questioned, "Who are you?"

      Liu Lili said, "This person is Ye Chen, the one who delivered the painting."

      Zhao Dong laughed, "Oh my, who did I think it was, but it's that loser who eats soft rice!His great name is known to everyone in Jinling!"

      Saying that, Zhao Dong looked at Ye Chen coldly and said, "I'll give you three seconds to get out, I can pretend you never came and leave you alone!"

      Ye Chen disdainfully said, "Let me get out?What are you?"

      Zhao Dong gritted his teeth and said, "Kid, how dare you pretend in front of me, Zhao Dong?"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "I don't care if you're Zhao Dong, or Zhao Xi, or stretched, you've upset me today, I'll give you a chance to kneel on the ground and kowtow three times to my brother so he can smash one of your legs, or else you'll die a very ugly death!"

      Hearing this, Zhao Dong similarly laughed a few times, then his expression gradually solidified as he said coldly, "Kid, what did you say?You want me to make Zhao Dong kneel down?You're tired of living, aren't you?"

      Liu Lili couldn't help but mock her even as she said, "Ye Chen, where are you a stupid fork?Pretending to be pushy with Dong, are you too old for life?"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Don't talk to me, stinking framer!"

      "You" Liu Lili was in a rage and said to Zhao Dong, "Brother Dong!How dare he yell at me!Get someone to kill him!I'll rip his mouth off!"

      Zhao Dong gritted his teeth and said, "Insensitive thing!I'm going to call someone to screw you over, just you wait!"

      When Ye Chen heard this, he suddenly laughed and said, "Fine, if you can't fix me, both you and this stinking liner will die!"


Zhao Dong immediately made a phone call and opened his mouth and said loudly, "Seventh Brother, I'm at the People's Hospital, bring some brothers over, I want to waste a kid!"

      Ye Chen didn't call, but directly sent a text message to Hongwu: "Come to the People's Hospital, someone is trying to kill me."

      Hong Wu immediately called back and asked out of the blue, "Mr. Ye, which unseeing dog smacking seed is it?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "Cut the crap, just come straight over."

      Fifth Master Hong immediately said, "Don't worry, Mr. Ye, I'm coming!"

      Zhao Dong saw that Ye Chen was also on the phone with someone and sneered, "What?You can call someone too?"

      Ye Chen sneered, "I told you, I'll make you die a miserable death!"

      As if he had heard a big joke, Zhao Dong sneered, "Who the fuck are you, in Jinling, the person who can make me die a miserable death hasn't even been fucking born yet!"

      Wang Daokun on the hospital bed struggled to sit up and said anxiously, "Ye Chen, you should leave quickly, don't mess with this guy, you can't afford to mess with him."

      Ye Chen walked up to him and pressed him back into the bed, saying indifferently, "Just lie down well."

      Wang Daokun said eagerly, "You don't know where this Zhao Dong comes from, his family is very powerful in Jinling"

      Ye Chen peeled an orange, stuffed it into his mouth, and said, "Someone I can't afford to mess with hasn't even been born yet!"

      Liu Lili haha laughed, "Oh my mother, you can really brag, do you know what Dong's family does?"

      Ye Chen said, "I don't know what his family does, I only know that he will be a disabled person for the rest of his life!"

      Afterwards, he said, "Oh yeah, you too!"

      Liu Lili's face immediately darkened, "Fine, if you're looking for death, then just wait!"

      Ye Chen then asked Wang Daokun, "Does Liu Lili's father, Liu Yuesheng, know about your beating?"

      "Know."Wang Daokun said, "I called him."

      Ye Chen nodded and asked, "What did he say?"

      Wang Daokun's expression was furious as he said, "He says he can't control the affairs of our young people!That means tell me not to look for him!"

      Ye Chen asked again, "Then the hundred thousand dollars you invested in the hotel, did you ask him for it?"

      "Take it!"Wang Daokun's expression was even more annoyed and he gritted his teeth, "This old thing went so far as to say that my hundred thousand dollars wasn't for investing in the hotel, but as a filial tribute to him as a future son-in-law, and that I wasn't qualified to ask for it back and he wouldn't give it back to me!"

      "Outrageous!"Ye Chen snorted coldly, "No wonder he has such a cheap daughter, he's a scum!"

      "What did you say, Yeh Chen?"Liu Lili was on fire and took off, "How dare you curse my father, I think you're tired of living, right?"

      After saying that, she hurriedly shook Zhao Dong's arm and begged, "Brother Dong, he dares to curse my father, hit him!"

      Zhao Dong was just a playboy, he wasn't very tall and his physical fitness was average, standing half a head shorter in front of Ye Chen, moreover, Ye Chen did all sorts of household chores at home every day, he went to bed early and woke up early, his physical fitness was excellent, if he fought with Ye Chen, he wouldn't be able to win Ye Chen.

      What's more, Ye Chen learned Wing Chun with his father when he was young, and after his parents died, he never missed practicing in the orphanage, and it was with the boxing skills he had practiced since he was young that he was able to avoid being bullied in the orphanage.

      Therefore, if they really got into a fight, not to mention one Zhao Dong, even five Zhao Dong might not be Ye Chen's opponent.

      Zhao Dong himself knew very well that if he started now, he wouldn't be able to gain any advantage at all, and would probably still get beaten up, so he touched Liu Lili's hand and comforted her, "Don't worry baby, Seventh Brother has already brought someone over, he'll be here soon!When Seventh Brother arrives, I want him dead!"


Ye Chen then sent a text message to Shangri-La's Richard Chen: "What's the origin of Jinling's Zhao Dong?"

      Richard Chen quickly replied: "The family business, mainly engaged in jade shareholders, pawn auction, the strength is just that, he messed with you?"

      "Mm."Ye Chen replied back to the message, "I've asked Hongwu to come over, besides, you do something for me."

      Richard Chen hurriedly said, "Young Master, please speak!"

      Ye Chen said, "I want you to bring Zhao Dong's father to the People's Hospital, as well as an old guy in Jinling who does artifact appraisals, named Liu Yuesheng."

      Chen Zekai immediately said, "Okay Young Master, I'll personally escort them over to see you!"

      Ye Chen said, "You don't have to show up, just send someone to do it, I don't want people to know we know each other yet."

      "Okay young master!So shall I have someone teach those two old things a lesson?"

      Ye Chen said, "Grab it and beat it first, then send it over with all five flowers."

      "Okay young master!Everything is at your disposal, I'm ordering this!"

      Putting away the phone, Ye Chen looked at Zhao Dong and Liu Lili and said coldly, "They say that a son doesn't teach his father's mistakes, so let your old man come over here later and tell me to my face exactly how they educated you two scum!"

      Zhao Dong said with a black face, "Kid, I advise you to stop in moderation, otherwise, when the person I call arrives, you really might not be alive!"

      Ye Chen grinned, "Tell the people you called to come quickly, I'm a bit impatient."

      Zhao Dong was about to open his mouth to insult Ye Chen when the door of the ward was kicked open and a guy with a face full of cross flesh rushed in with seven or eight men in a rage.

      As soon as Zhao Dong saw him, he immediately pointed at Ye Chen and said, "Seventh brother, that's the kid, help me kill him!"

      That Seventh Brother frowned and said coldly, "You're the one who messed with my brother?"

      Ye Chen smiled faintly and nodded, "What?You're going to stand up for him?"

      Seventh Brother looked at him with some suspicion, this kid was raw, never seen him before and didn't know what he was about, but why wasn't he afraid of himself at all?

      So, he probed, "Where do you hang out, kid?"

      Ye Chen said, "I mix family."

      Zhao Dong hurriedly added, "Seventh brother, this pusher is a door-to-door son-in-law who eats soft rice."

      After saying that, he whispered in his ear, "Seventh brother, this kid doesn't have much background, don't worry about fighting to the death, I'll carry it if something happens."

      "Soft rice eater?"Seventh Brother laughed sardonically and said, "Fine, I'll break his bird, I'll see what else he has to eat softly!"

      After saying that, without waiting for Ye Chen to reply, he immediately waved his hand at the brothers behind him, "Damn it, fuck him!"

      Zhao Dong looked at Ye Chen and sneered, "Surnamed Ye, what are your last words?"

      Ye Chen ignored him, looked at that Seventh Brother and said indifferently, "Kneel down and spare your dog's life."

      The seventh brother was stunned and pulled out his ears, frowning and asking, "What did you just say?Say that again, and I guarantee you won't live to see the night!"

      Just at this moment, a roar suddenly came from outside the door, "Xiao Qi, Mr. Ye told you to kneel down, are you fucking deaf?"

      Seventh Brother's expression was in awe, but Master Hong Fifth was here!


As soon as his voice fell, Master Hong Fifth brought Bill, and dozens of brothers, rushed in.

      As soon as he entered, he immediately greeted Bill, "Seal the door, no one is allowed to enter!".

      Bill immediately nodded, "Got it Fifth Master!"

      Seven looked at Master Hong Fifth in stunned silence, his brain completely disconnected.

      Master Hong Fifth!

      The Underground King of Jinling City!

      Seven is just one of the many local petty bosses, but Hung Five is the king of the local road!

      All the people on the road will worship Master Hung Ng's pier!

      Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that his coming to help Zhao Dong with a small matter would alert Master Hong Fifth!

      Zhao Dong didn't know Master Hong Fifth and frowned when he saw Seventh Brother's confused face and asked, "Seventh Brother, what's going on?Who is this old guy?"

      As soon as this was said, Seventh Brother shuddered in fear.

      He grabbed a handful of Zhao Dong's hair and fiercely smashed his face, directly breaking his nasal bone, watching him bleed from both nostrils, Seventh Brother gritted his teeth and cursed, "Zhao you want to die don't drag me down!This is Master Hong Fifth!"

      "Huh?!"Zhao Dongdong was scared out of his wits!

      Master Hung?

      Underground King of Jinling City?

      What's he doing here?

      Master Hong Fifth came over at this time with a black face and kicked Seventh Brother in the crotch, kicking him in excruciating pain, and all of a sudden he fell to his knees, his face pale to the extreme.

      Hong Fifth stared at him and said in a cold voice, "Even Mr. Ye dares to mess with you, you've lived enough, haven't you?"

      After saying that, Master Hong V immediately bowed at Ye Chen and said with shame, "Mr. Ye, I'm late, please chastise me!"

      Master Hong Fifth's respectful attitude towards Ye Chen horrified everyone at the scene.

      Zhao Dong realized what kind of person he had messed with, and was trembling with fear.

      Ye Chen nodded to Hong Fifth and pointed at Seventh Brother, asking, "Do you know this person?"

      Hong Wu said, "I know, just a junior, but he has eyes and no pearls to provoke Mr. Ye, what Mr. Ye wants to do, one word, Hong Wu immediately do it!"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "He's a very rude person, he's going to waste me when he enters the house, such a person is a hazard to stay in society, let's waste him, so he can't leave his wheelchair for the rest of his life."

      Seventh Brother was scared out of his wits!

      If I become an invalid who can't live without a wheelchair, how can I still be a gangster in the future?It's the end of a lifetime!

      He kneeled on the ground, crawled to Ye Chen with his knees and cried, "Mr. Ye, it's me who has eyes but can't see Tarzan, please spare me, I won't dare to offend you again!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "I gave you the chance, but you didn't take it."

      Seventh Brother thought of what Ye Chen had just said to himself: kneel down and spare your life.

      He thought at the time that Ye Chen was looking for death, but now he realized that it wasn't him who was looking for death, it was himself!

      In a panic, he immediately knocked his head to the floor and cried, "Mr. Ye, please give me another chance to spare this dog's life!"

      Ye Chen ignored him and instead looked at Hongwu, questioning, "What are you waiting for if you're not going to do anything yet?"

      With a wry expression, Hongwu hurriedly said, "Someone!Smash his kneecaps to pieces!"

      Immediately a few of the boys rushed up and pressed Seven down on the floor in a big font.


Bill pulled out an iron rod at this point and strode forward.

      Seven still wanted to beg for mercy, but Bill gathered the iron rod directly above his head and slammed it down with force.


      Seven's right kneecap is smashed to powder!

      This kind of crushing damage will never be cured in this lifetime!

      Seventh Brother howled in pain, but then Ye Chen said, "It's not enough, it's only ruined one of his legs, he can still get crutches, I want him to be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life!"

      Bill immediately nodded, lifted the steel rod, and slammed it into Seventh Brother's left knee again.

      Seventh Brother rolled over in pain, and his whole body was going into shock.

      Hong Fifth said to Bill, "Stuff something in his mouth, so as not to disturb Mr. Ye!"

      "Okay Fifth!"

      Immediately afterwards, Piao stuffed several pieces of gauze into Seventh Brother's mouth and left him curled up on the ground like a dead dog.

      Zhao Dong had gone pale with fear, and now he finally understood what kind of being he had angered!

      He didn't wait for Ye Chen to make a complaint, he took the initiative to kneel on the ground and kowtowed vigorously, "Ye Chen, Mr. Ye, I was wrong, I shouldn't have spoken out against you, please be generous!"

      Liu Lili was also scared silly, seeing Zhao Dong kneeling down to beg for forgiveness, she also quickly knelt down and kept kowtowing and apologizing.

      Ye Chen coldly said, "You pair of dogs, do you really think that if you beg me for forgiveness, I will let you go?You guys are really stupid and naive!"

      They were trembling with fear.

      At this time, a few black-clothed men came in with two middle-aged and elderly people who were tied up with five flowers.

      The two middle aged people had been beaten and were dying.

      They threw the two middle-aged and elderly people to the ground and bowed to Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, the person you want is here!"

      At a glance, Zhao Dong and Liu Lili were so frightened that they almost passed out on the spot!

      The two middle-aged and elderly people lying on the ground were Zhao Dong's father, Zhao Haifeng, and Liu Lili's father, Liu Yuesheng!

      Ye Chen had cool water poured over Zhao Haifeng and Liu Yuesheng's faces to sober them up, then questioned Liu Yuesheng, "Surnamed Liu, do you know about your daughter's watery nature and randomly cuckolding her fiancé?"

      Liu Yuesheng was frightened silly, he had taken a brutal beating before he came, knowing that this time his daughter had gotten into a tough fight, and to save himself, he shook his head vigorously, "I don't know, I don't know."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "I don't know right?I didn't know it was your father's negligence and negligence!Bill, smash his left knee!Just like that dead dog!"

      "All right!"Bill immediately said to the people around him, "Hold him down!"

      Liu Yuesheng cried out in fear, "No!Help!"

      Lili Liu was also scared and shouted out, "Daddy!"

      Bill didn't hesitate, and when his men held Liu Yuesheng's legs down, he immediately swung the steel rod and smashed it down.


      Liu Yuesheng only felt the pain of wanting to die, his knee had been completely shattered, and he was afraid that it would be impossible to recover in this life.

      At this time, Ye Chen asked again, "I'll ask you again, do you know about your daughter's watery nature and randomly cuckolding her fiancé?"

      Liu Yuesheng said as he cried, "I know, I know, I'm the one who failed to discipline her, I'll be sure to discipline her well in the future."

      Ye Chen snorted coldly, "If you knew about this, why didn't you stop it?If you know that your daughter makes mistakes but you don't discipline her, then you are a father of three and aiding and abetting!"

      Afterwards, he snapped at Bill, "Bill, cripple his other leg for me too!"


Liu Yuesheng didn't expect that admitting his mistake wouldn't work, Ye Chen still wasn't going to let himself go!

      He was so frightened that his entire body passed out at once.

      But Bill's steel rod woke him up again instantly with excruciating pain!


      Liu Yue had lived most of her life, when had she ever suffered such a crime?

      He cried with old tears and despair, "Mr. Ye, I really know I'm wrong, I will definitely discipline this unfilial daughter severely in the future and never let her do such hurtful things again."

      Ye Chen said disdainfully, "You're quite good at shirking responsibility!"

      A sentence that caused Liu Yuesheng to tremble instantly!

      Ye Chen pressed harshly, "Surnamed Liu I ask you!My brother invested $100,000 in your restaurant. Why don't you return it?Why do you say that the money was my brother's filial gift to you?"

      Liu Yuesheng turned pale and hurriedly said, "I was wrong, I was wrong!I was greedy, I was shameless, I really know I was wrong!"

      After saying that, he looked at the bed with an angry face Wang Daokun, out of his mouth begged: "Daokun, it is my devilish obsession, you can rest assured, this 100,000 yuan I will pay you back with interest, please intercede with Mr. Ye, I really can not afford to toss this old bone."

      Ye Chen looked at Wang Daokun and questioned, "Are you going to plead for him?"

      Wang Daokun shook his head firmly and got out, "No!I won't plead for any of them!"

      "Yes!"Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, "Count you as a man!"

      After saying that, he turned to the despairing Liu Yuesheng, "Not only did you fail to teach your son well, but you also disrespected the elderly and attempted to usurp my brother's entire savings over the past few years, what's the difference between this and open robbery?"

      Liu Yuesheng shuddered in fear and wailed, "Mr. Ye, I'm a bastard!I'm not human!I'll be damned!Please spare me, spare me, I beg you, I'll be a cow and a horse for you, I'll call you Grandpa, Grandpa Ye, please spare me!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "Spare you?It seems you're an ugly person, but you think beautifully!"

      Saying that, he said to Bill, "Cripple his right hand!I'll see if he still dares to rob someone else in the future!"

      Liu Yuesheng cried out in despair, "No, Mr. Ye, no."

      Bill simply slammed it.

      "Ah, my hand my hand."

      Ye Chen said to Bill, "Gag him and pull him aside!"


      Bill immediately gagged him as well, throwing him in with Seven.

      Liu Lili was already scared to death.

      The same goes for Zhao Dong.

      So was Zhao Dong's dad, Zhao Haifeng!

      He looked at Zhao Dong and slapped an angry slap, cursing, "Bastard!Who told you to fuck around!You're killing me!"

      Ye Chen sized up Zhao Haifeng with a smile and asked, "What?Your son is banging my brother's fiancée and cuckolding my brother, and you, the father, don't know?"

      Zhao Haifeng was so scared that he cried.

      He didn't know how to reply.

      Because Liu Yuesheng's forewarning was right there just now.

      If he said he knew, his right leg would be smashed .

      If you say you don't know, you'll break your left leg.


Seeing that he didn't dare to answer, Ye Chen said directly to Biao, "This old man seems to be very shrewd and thinks that he can avoid punishment by not opening his mouth, Biao, you can just cripple both his legs!"

      "Yes, Mr. Yeh!"

      Ye Chen looked at the extremely panicked Zhao Haifeng and said coldly, "Blame it on your son for causing you harm!"

      Then, with two howls of despair, both of Zhao Haifeng's legs were completely ruined!

      Seeing his father smashed into a cripple, Zhao Dong felt a loss of control beneath him, followed by a pale yellow foul-smelling liquid oozing from his crotch.

      It was so scary that he peed!

      Ye Chen smiled coldly, "Well, it seems that you really are a bastard who can't control that thing, all this today is caused by you not being able to control it, I don't think it's useful for you to keep it."

      After saying that, he instructed Bill, "Make him not even a man in the future!"

      Bill's look flashed with horror.

      Being the same man, his crotch was tight when he heard this order.

      Master Hong Fifth immediately roared lowly, "What are you waiting for?Don't hurry up and do Mr. Ye's bidding!"

      Bill immediately came back to his senses and said to the people around him, "Spread the bastard's legs!"

      Zhao Dong was so desperate that he cried out loudly, "Mr. Ye, Grandpa Ye, please spare me!Even if you cripple my arms and legs, don't let me become a man!"

      Ye Chen laughed, "Do you think it's a matter of choosing between crippling your arms and legs, and crippling that thing?You're wrong, it's a double choice, and you can't get away with either one!"

      Then, Bill lifted his foot and stomped down.

      Zhao Dong has completely become a eunuch!

      But that's not all!

      Bill had followed Ye Chen's request again and crippled his hands and feet!

      Zhao Dong who cuckolded others and even put them in the hospital and arrogantly became a complete loser in a double sense, but no one sympathized with him, he had it all coming to him today!

      Now, only Liu Li Li is still intact.

      At this time Liu Li Li has almost insanity, she crawled to the bed on her knees, pulling Wang Dao Kun's hand, crying: "husband, husband I'm sorry, I should not betray you, in fact, I really love you, just by that Zhao violated once, he photographed my fruit photo, I have no choice but to let him manipulate ah!".

      Zhao Dong cursed angrily, "Liu Lili you scratchy thing dare to accuse me!It's the same time you and your father went to my pawn shop and you saw that my family had the money to hit on me and offer to sleep with me!Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to get involved with you!"

      He said, crying to Ye Chen said: "Mr. Ye, you do not believe this framer, I have the chat records here, she took the initiative to add my WeChat to confess to me, said love at first sight for me, and also took the initiative to send me several fruit photos and close-ups to seduce me!The pictures are in my photo album, so you can take out my phone and have a look!"

      Liu Lili paled and scolded, "Surnamed Zhao, didn't you promise to delete the photos after I saw them?"

      Zhao Dong gritted his teeth and said, "You're a real snake and scorpion, you framer!It's a good thing I didn't listen to you and save the pictures, or else you would have killed me!"

      Liu Li Li hastily said to Wang Daokun again, "Honey, I was just confused ah!For the sake of our relationship for so many years, spare me!"

      Ye Chen asked Wang Daokun, "What do you think?"

      Wang Daokun looked at Liu Li Li, reached out and pushed her aside and said, "I don't know this woman."

      Liu Li Li broke down and cried!

      Ye Chen said, "In that case, break her legs and then disfigure her so that she can't hook up with men later!"

      Ye Chen had no sympathy for Liu Lili, a woman with a snaky heart!

      Bill immediately did as he was told and abolished Liu Li Li's legs and her face, even cutting off her hair with medical scissors!

      So far, all five of them had paid a terrible price!


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