Lost Young Master 121-125


Chapter 121

Wu Qiushui seemed to have thought of something, her eyes were filled with a haze, "Our Wu family was originally the mainstay of a first-class family, if not for that, it wouldn't have fallen from power and still managed to maintain a second-class status."

Ye Fan nodded, knowing that Wu Qiushui was right, but didn't interrupt, waiting for Wu Qiushui to continue.

Wu Qiushui seemed to recall, "Our Wu family is prosperous, but all of them have more women, and in order to maintain first-class, they have all been married, but all these years, other families have been acting in secret, planning to bring us down, just like the girls of our Wu family have joined forces, although many of the women of the Wu family have been married to other families, but it's only a surface phenomenon, they are all behind the scenes when theseWomen are tools, not only persecuting, but also stealing our family's Xin Secret all the time, before finally joining hands to set a trap for our Wu Family and bring down the Wu Family."

At this point, Wu Qiushui gave a direct snap to Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, I've been forced to do it.I kneeled down to heaven and my parents, but when the family was in decline, I didn't beg anyone else.But now I'm seeing the reality, it's that I really have no choice, I went back to the family yesterday and said, only to find out that those remaining old people are all undercover agents from other families, they were the ones who sold the family for glory in the first place, and that's why the family fell.I don't have a voice at home, I only plead that Ye Shao can help me, so that I can get the voice of the Wu family and help you better in the future.I don't beg to be able to bring the family back to the first-class, I only hope that I can uncover all the people who persecuted our Wu family in the first place by a thousand cuts!"

"Is it worth it for the family?"Ye Fan couldn't help but be moved, he had thought that Wu Qiushui was a selfish person, but he didn't expect it was all for the family.

Although Ye Fan was a member of the Ye family, Ye Fan had always been an orphan and had no concept of family, nor did he know why he had this feeling of family glory.But seeing Wu Qiushui like this, Ye Fan still had some sense of that feeling, a feeling of glory and shame.

"Worth it!"

Wu Qiushui replied resoundingly, even without the slightest momentum, but Ye Fan felt his heart surge and was moved.

Ye Fan took a deep breath and said, "Choose to follow me, as long as you do a good job, you'll have everything in the future.Don't say revenge, the first-class family can also go back, don't worry, get up."

"Thank you Ye Shao, thank you Ye Shao!" One second to remember to read the book

Wu Qiushui buckled again and again until his head was bleeding before he got up.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown at this, he knew that he didn't have that much personal charm to attract Wu Qiushui's trust, but the fact that Wu Qiushui could still trust him could only mean two problems.

The first was that the Wu family had encountered another problem that had to be solved.

The second was that Wu Qiushui was desperate and had no other choice but to trust Ye Fan.

Either way, it was something that Ye Fan did not want to see.Because now Ye Fan also had a task on his hands, the pressure was immense, and to add Wu Qiushui's matter, Ye Fan was really worried that he would be crushed.

But a man's word is a promise, a team of horses is hard to follow.Since he promised, Ye Fan had no choice but to decide to help Wu Qiushui properly.

The two of them looked at each other speechless, and Ye Fan finally couldn't look at each other anymore and waved his hand, "You should quickly go to the hospital and take a look, bandage your head, don't get infected."

"Good!"Wu Qiushui also knew that what he had just done was a bit topsy-turvy and his face was red, so he left quickly.

And as soon as Wu Qiushui left, Fish Water came back with two contracts.

Ye Fan was unaware of how the contracts were written, so he took pictures and sent them to Charles.Charles is worthy of being an elite steward, read the contract fast, just a few minutes to point out a few problems, and then Ye Fan according to the gourd and fish white told it.

Fish White also showed surprise, because this kind of look at the contract to pick the fault of the work, than his legal department people many times stronger.

Without much thought, fish white with the contract to amend, after an hour, no problems, Ye Fan is finally formal and fish white signed the contract.

When the contract was reached, Ye Fan called the bank manager Qian Duo Duo, and transferred 180 million to Fish Bai's account.

Fish Bai was very surprised by this, because money does not mean that there is money on the body, because many people's property is real estate, and liquidity can directly and easily take out 180 million, there are really few.

After being even more impressed with Ye Fan, Fish Bai wanted to fawn over him and say something nice.

But Ye Fan was the first to speak, "Fish Bai, I don't have much contact with the employees, but I also know that you are not right in style, they say that you are an old pervert, pay attention in the future, look at you, you are balding, you have to be moderate in the future, don't engage in some fancy things in the company, let me know once, then you don't do it."

"I know, I will work hard."Fish Bai nodded his head in a row.

Ye Fan couldn't help but smile, because Fish Bai's attitude towards work was so much more righteous than that of a woman, and also knew that Fish Bai was truly for the company.

"Okay, let's do that first, everything will operate as usual, don't talk to the following about the change of bosses yet, you guys should do whatever you want."Ye Fan thought about it and said.

Fishwater, however, was a bit puzzled, "Why?"

Ye Fan didn't have a good mood, "You tell me, it's still because you guys are in a stalemate.I heard Qiushui say that you guys have rivals in Wind Capital, so I'm going to go across the street to check it out first, if I'm exposed, then checking it out won't have that kind of effect.Knowing the other side's shortcomings, we can then strike strong and kill them with one strike."

"However, the other company has family support, so it's not that easy to move.But Ye Shao is so powerful, I don't think there's any problem.Then it will be hard for Ye to take a trip."Fish Water said he believed Ye Fan, but he was still sad.

Seeing this, Ye Fan's heart sank even more.Because Fish Water was at this level and could still be so sad, it meant that the other party really had strength.

Earlier, Wu Qiushui had also said that the other party was first class, and originally, Ye Fan thought that it had only just reached first class, but looking at the situation, it shouldn't be as simple as Ye Fan thought it would be.

No matter what, he had to face it, so Ye Fan didn't dwell on it, and after going downstairs, Ye Fan saw that Lan was still lying in front of Fan Pin's door, fainting.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, turning his head to the security guard, "Why put it here, I thought it was thrown out, are you guys trying to get the police to investigate?"

The security guard even waved his hand and looked helpless, "We threw it out, it'll be here in a few minutes, we checked the footage, no one sent it back, it was Lempin who crawled back in on his own."

"Oh?"Ye Fan's eyebrows were raised, and he couldn't help but become interested.

Taking a big step, Ye Fan walked in front of Lan Pin's body and was about to kick Lan Pin's stomach.Just as Ye Fan expected, Lan Pin didn't faint and tumbled to the other side before Ye Fan landed his foot.

"What, staying here isn't getting beaten up enough?"

Ye Fan showed a playful smile, although the security guards fought greatly before, but they all used their fists, mostly hitting their stomachs and bodies, from the appearance, there was no appearance of any injuries, only the two footprints on Lempin's stomach were left by Ye Fan before.

Now that he saw that Lan Pin could still move, he knew that Lan Pin was here to cause trouble.


Lan Pin opened his eyes and sneered, "Ye Fan is it, you're finished, and Fan Pin will be finished soon."

"Then tell me, how are we finished?"Ye Fan's eyebrows were raised, acting as if he was indifferent.

But Ye Fan's heart was shocked, Lan Pin's tactics Ye Fan knew clearly, that was extremely malicious.

Now that Lan Pin was lying on the ground, and still acting like he had a chest, he must have thought of some rancid idea.

Just at this moment, Ye Fan suddenly saw a bright light in front of his eyes, and then he saw someone taking pictures with a camera not far away, and the flash just now was the flash of the camera.

Ye Fan instantly dawned, knowing that it was someone who was taking pictures to record the scene just now, that is, to hold the evidence and make things difficult for him when the time came, thinking of this, Ye Fan's face couldn't help but change.

"Hahaha, it's too late to find out now, I'm just waiting for you to come out, now the iron evidence is like a mountain, I'll see how you can argue!"Lan Pin harrumphed.

Ye Fan's face was ugly: "Say, who sent you here?"

Lan Pin sneered, "I'm not afraid to tell you even now, I'm an undercover agent for Infinite Entertainment, and I've been trying to gather evidence for the scandal over here, and although Fish Water is an old pervert, he does a very good job of privacy, and he hasn't let me get a hold of him."

"That's why you keep sending women to Fishwater?"The anger on Ye Fan's face did not diminish. The first website m.kanshu8.net

"Yeah, too bad I didn't get the chance.Luckily you were sent to me to catch me out, and you've just taken so long, you should have finished signing the contract, now if I just bring you down, Vanity Entertainment is finished, hahaha!"Lan Pin was laughing extremely maniacally.

"Well, I recorded everything you just did, and the surveillance captured the footage, and the composite will be the full video, thank you for providing the evidence that allowed us to catch Wuji in the act!"

Ye Fan said, the difficult color on his face had faded into a Confucian faint smile.

"You swindled me?"Lan Pin's face changed, he stood up and questioned Ye Fan.

Ye Fan laughs: "Not cheat you, will you say it all, how about it, I'm not bad at acting, I don't know if I can be nominated for an Oscar, haha."

The recording just now as long as the editing, monitoring clips, to remove the words just mentioned Ye Fan, that is a copy of the perfect capture of Wuji's handle.This act of sending someone undercover in someone else's company, although every company had it, when it was discovered, it was spurned.

Lan Pin was first angry, but soon revealed a sneer, "Ye Fan, this video only affects me, it won't affect Wuji, as long as we send out the photos first and cause public opinion, it's useless no matter what evidence you have, you hit me but it's hard evidence!"

"Yeah? Then go ahead and send it, I don't know how to send out that kind of photo to create public opinion."

Ye Fan wasn't worried about this at all, from before, Ye Fan was curious about one thing.

That was that every time Ye Fan made a problem, even if he solved it with money, but when he went back to look for it, there was no trace of it at all.At first, Ye Fan thought that someone deliberately messed with him, but then Charles told Ye Fan that Ye Fan was going to inherit the Ye family in the future, so there couldn't be any black spots, and everything had to be perfect.

At least on the internet, there were no more black spots for Ye Fan, and any news about Ye Fan would be automatically intercepted.Ye Fan didn't know what kind of technology the Ye family used or how much money they spent, but only knew one thing, that the photos that Lan Pin sent to take were just a joke.

Lan Pin disbelievingly called the person who slipped away after taking the photo just now, but it showed that he couldn't get through.

Ye Fan smiled proudly and was surprised that the person Charles sent out was so efficient when he really left.

"No way, that's impossible!I don't believe it!"Lan Pin, who had thought he had the winning ticket, seemed like he suddenly lost his main focus, and was powerlessly paralyzed.

Ye Fan spat and sneered, "Cleverness backfired, if you don't showdown, at least you'll be able to stop talking about your responsibility, now that misfortune is coming out of your mouth, give you a choice."

"Choice, what choice?"Lan Pin was confused.

Ye Fan stretched out two fingers: "One is that you've failed in your mission now, and when you return to Infinite Entertainment, you'll definitely be thrown into the sea to feed the fish, but the other side is a family background.The second is to be my undercover agent, but you'll be my undercover agent, go get me the Xin Mi on the Wuji side, but if I find out you're disobedient, I'll make the recordings I just made public, and you'll still be thrown into the sea to feed the fish by the Wuji Entertainment people.You choose."

"I'll choose the second."

Without the slightest hesitation, Lan Pin picked the second one, at least she wanted to live.

"Okay, now then, remember, you're one of my dogs, and my orders are everything."The corner of Ye Fan's mouth hooked, "Now go to the hospital, heal your wounds and come back to continue to be Han Dong'er's agent, a sudden change is easy to be suspected by Infinite Entertainment, you just be honest, there is the slightest bit to make Han Dong'er dissatisfied, you just watch what you do."

"Yes, my master."Lan Pin said a humble sentence, then left ashenly.

Seeing Lan Pin like this, Ye Fan did not have the slightest discomfort in his heart, after all, Lan Pin this kind of undercover agent was already spiteful, before still daring to plot against Ye Fan, Ye Fan even more to keep torturing Lan Pin, his heart was only cool.

After settling the matter here, Ye Fan drove the Porsche to leave the Fan Pin Entertainment.

Before leaving, Ye Fan deliberately explained the security guards to save the surveillance video, although there is a recording, but the video is still the most critical.If this was leaked, it would definitely have no effect on Ye Fan, but it would definitely have an effect on Van Pin.

After several hours in the fish white office, Ye Fan was now tired and sleepy, back in the hotel was ready to take a shower and squint for a while.

What surprised Ye Fan was that there was no one in the room, and he didn't know where the two girls had gone.

Ye Fan did not care, perhaps the two shopping to decompress.

However, when Ye Fan opened the bathroom door, he was stunned instantly.

Only Li Qiuyu and Han Dong'er are soaking in a large bathtub, the only dissatisfaction of Ye Fan is that it is a bubble bath, Ye Fan did not see anything.

"Ah!Get out!"Li Qiu Yu instantly turned red, grabbed a bottle of shampoo and just threw it out.

Fortunately, Ye Fan reacted in time and directly closed the bathroom door, so it didn't hit.

"I said why wasn't it inside the room, so it was in the shower."Ye Fan smacked his lips, thinking back to the image he had just seen, the more he felt that he was losing out.

Because of the effect of the bubble bath, Ye Fan looked hard and only saw the collarbones of the two girls, but nothing else, and even almost got smashed.

Sigh, but some of the spirit of Ye Fan could not sleep, on the Internet to search Han Dong'er's information.

Before Li Qiuyu is very infatuated with Han Dong'er, Ye Fan also knows Han Dong'er is some real skills.But for Han Dong'er, Ye Fan is still unclear.But now Han Dong'er has become Ye Fan's artists, more or less need to understand some of it.

It would be incompetent not to know anything at all.


Open the phone to fill in the name of Han Dong'er, the first line is Han Dong'er's personal profile.

Han Dong'er, age eighteen, Cancer, had acting experience since childhood, and had so far dubbed the female lead in more than twenty animated films, although she was not very young, and was already a quasi-first-tier voice actress, and was the most promising genius to become the youngest first-tier voice actor.

"That good?"When Ye Fan looked at Han Dong'er's works below, there were even several that Ye Fan had seen as a child, and he couldn't help but be a little speechless.

When he was a kid playing with mud, Han Dong'er was already a little famous.

It's really people compared to people, there are too many excellent people.

But fate was also unfair, someone as good as Han Dong'er almost fell into the clutches of the devil and became a victim.

Ye Fan flipped through the information, and before a short while, Li Qiuyu and Han Dong'er came out.

Li Qiuyu face although flush - red, but more are caused by the bubble bath, while Han Dong'er's face is really red, head down, like an ostrich, hate to put the head inside the clothes.

And what made Ye Fan's blood run cold was that the two girls were even wearing just bathrobes.

"Turn around, no looking."Li Qiuyu pouted and ordered. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan just turned around, but in his heart he was muttering, now Li Qiuyu was getting bolder and bolder, he even dared to give orders to him.Previously, Li Qiuyu was a little bird and said whatever she wanted.

Soon, Han Dong'er dressed up and ran out of the room directly.

Only then did Ye Fan turn his head and directly embrace Li Qiuyu in his arms, squinting: "Qiuyu, I found that you've been quite naughty lately."

"This....Isn't this Winter's sister in, Winter's sister is too timid, I'm afraid you'll scare her."Li Qiuyu blushed up to her neck, and her voice was not as domineering as it was just now, but became obedient.

"I don't care, then I have to punish you too, or you really don't know how much you know!"Saying that, Ye Fan was about to do it.

After two simple pats, Ye Fan went downstairs first, while Li Qiuyu took off her bathrobe and changed her clothes.Ye Fan originally wanted to take a look, but he was pushed out the door by Li Qiuyu.

Han Dong'er didn't go far, just in the hall on the first floor.But Ye Fan upset, Han Dong'er side of a sultry man wearing glasses is now chatting with Han Dong'er.Ye Fan obviously saw Han Dong'er constantly ducking back, but the man could not stop approaching.

Ye Fan came directly behind Han Dong'er, hugged Han Dong'er's shoulders.

Han Dong'er thought she had hit someone, hurriedly turned her head to apologize, but after seeing Ye Fan, Han Dong'er's small face even a blush, the heart is not afraid of strangers.

Han Dong'er is a person who is afraid of life, but for some reason, she is not so afraid of Ye Fan.In the morning, when Ye Fan cruelly shot for her anger, she seems to feel that she has found her prince charming.

Always dubbing the animation, Han Dong'er imagined that a prince charming would appear in times of danger.

Previously, Ye Fan had appeared, and now Ye Fan had appeared as well.But Han Dong'er knew in her heart that Ye Fan and Li Qiuyu was the pair, just treat her as a sister or artist, right, not to mention, Han Dong'er sighed.

Ye Fan did not know what Han Dong'er was thinking, hugged Han Dong'er on the muffled man: "What for, looking for my girlfriend to pick up?"

"No no no."The sultry - slutty man waved his hands repeatedly, and actually wimped out when he saw Ye Fan appear, and quickly left in a hurry.

But Ye Fan clearly felt the body of Han Dong'er in his bosom shake, and this is why he thought that Han Dong'er was sexually afraid, and hurriedly let go of Han Dong'er, with an apology: "Sorry, just now to drive away that stuffy - slut man."

But Han Dong'er's face was extremely red, and now only the words of Ye Fan just now were in her mind.

Do you want to pick up my girlfriend?

Although Han Dong'er knew it was just Ye Fan's wording, Han Dong'er was very happy to be acknowledged by Ye Fan as a girlfriend instead of saying sister.

Perhaps, Ye Fan is my Prince Charming!

Han Dong'er heart muttered, but her face is getting more and more red.

Ye Fan thought that Han Dong'er is just bathing cold fever, the forehead attached to Han Dong'er's forehead, so much more useful to measure body temperature than with the hand, as long as the childhood Ye Fan fever, grandmother are so test.

Ye Fan, as soon as the fever was detected, Ye Fan felt warmth on his forehead and knew that Han Dong'er's body temperature was high, but how could it be getting higher and higher?

Letting go of Han Dong'er, Ye Fan only saw that Han Dong'er's face was already red and starting to turn a little purple, and then Han Dong'er's eyes rolled upwards, but she fainted.

Fortunately, Ye Fan's quick eyes and hands, only Han Dong'er to help, busy Han Dong'er carried back to the room.

Li Qiuyu at the moment also just dressed, saw Ye Fan holding Han Dong'er back, could not help but say anxiously: "What's wrong, Ye Shao?"

"I don't know, it's like she had a cold, a bit of a fever, and she passed out."Ye Fan said according to his own thoughts.

But Li Qiuyu saw Han Dong'er's eyelids move slightly, and then put her hand on Han Dong'er's forehead, but found that Han Dong'er did not have a fever at all.

Li Qiuyu is a person who has been here, where do not know what is going on, quickly let Ye Fan out, let Ye Fan do not disturb Han Dong'er rest.

Ye Fan nodded and left the room.

Looking at Han Dong'er on the bed, Li Qiuyu sighed, "Alright, get up, he's gone."

"Is he gone."Han Dong'er got up straight away and was relieved to see that Ye Fan was indeed gone, but then she blushed a little and lowered her head, not daring to look at Li Qiuyu.

Li Qiuyu sighed: "Don't hide it, this expression of yours is the same as mine at first, Ye Fan is a big bastard, treating others especially well every day, making people involuntarily hooked and unable to help themselves, that bad guy still doesn't know that he has charm, exuding charm everywhere, really."

"Sorry, Sister Qiu Yu, I'll take control of my own proportion."Han Dong'er lowered her head, not daring to say much.

Li Qiuyu shook her head: "It's fine, one more of you isn't too much, you'll be Little Five from now on, there are four more people counting me in front of you."

"So many?"Han Dong'er was surprised, "Sister Qiu Yu, you know he has so many women, why do you still like him?"

Li Qiuyu looked at Han Dong'er and said somewhat helplessly, "Then you knew there was one more person than I did at the time, and you didn't like that bad guy anymore?"

As the words fell, the two girls looked at each other speechless, seemingly truly inescapable.

Constantly exuding charisma Ye Fan still does not know that he is so awesome, after leaving the room, Ye Fan went to the pharmacy, ready to buy some fever reducer, and then buy a bowl of light porridge.

Ye Fan felt in his heart that he was the one who opened the bathroom door without permission and entered the cool air, which made the frail Han Dong'er feverish.

After returning to the room with the medicine and porridge, Ye Fan saw the two girls sitting on the bed facing each other, staring at each other with big eyes.

"What are you guys doing?"Ye Fan's eyebrows rose, still happy to see Han Dong'er awake.

Li Qiuyu, however, didn't answer, but smacked her lips, "What did you buy?"

"Winter doesn't have a fever, so I bought the fever-reducing medicine and porridge."Ye Fan replied truthfully.

Upon hearing that, Li Qiuyu turned her head to Han Dong'er, "You see."

The latter half of what Li Qiuyu wanted to say was, "You see, this bastard is just blindly exuding charm.


Without needing Li Qiuyu to say all of it, Han Dong'er nodded seriously, very much acknowledging Li Qiuyu's point just now.

A man like Ye Fan who didn't know he was attractive was the most terrifying.

Ye Fan but didn't know what the two girls were saying, just after putting down the things he bought, Ye Fan's phone rang.

When he opened the phone, it was a voice from Wu Qiushui's WeChat, after Ye Fan answered it, he asked, "What's wrong, did something happen?"

"Nothing happened, I suddenly remembered that there's a party at night, a gathering of all the families' second generation ancestors, if Ye Shao has nothing to do, come and play for a while, you can also familiarize yourself with the Wind Capital."Wu Qiushui said cautiously.

Ye Fan brightened up and said, "Good, I was just about to take a look, then come pick me up at night, I'll be at the hotel, waiting for your news."

After saying that, Ye Fan hung up the phone.

This time when he came to the Wind Capital, Ye Fan was thinking of finding a chance to mix into the upper class circles just fine, but he never expected that the opportunity would come so soon.

According to Ye Fan's standards, the circle of the second son of a first-class family was the first-class circle, and the big brother circle was the gathering of those patriarchs of first-class families.Now it was perfect to get acquainted first, and Ye Fan also wanted to see who were the ones who were against Wu Qiushui, and had a good idea of which ones could make friends and which ones were destined to be enemies.

It was getting late, and soon it was night. One second to remember to read the book

When Ye Fan came downstairs, he saw Wu Qiushui driving the BMW X5 and extended his hand to say hello.

Wu Qiushui looked behind Ye Fan and couldn't help but wonder, "Ye Shao, aren't Miss Li and Miss Han going?"

Ye Fan shook his head and said, "Winter is sick, I'm letting Qiu Yu take care of it."

What Ye Fan didn't know was that Han Dong'er wasn't actually sick.But getting better so quickly, it was easy to make Ye Fan suspicious, so Han Dong'er really pretended to be sick, and Li Qiuyu also cooperated by saying to take care of Han Dong'er.

Wu Qiushui nodded and said, "Then Ye Shao, let's go, you also know the location of this party, it's the Zunhuang bar you went to earlier."

"So that's it."It dawned on Ye Fan, then drove behind Wu Qiushui's car.

Unlike before, there were many luxury cars parked in front of the Zunhuang Bar this time, no less than twenty that reached millions, and there was even a Rolls Royce that was uniquely distinguished and overbearing.

"Damn, if it wasn't for the fact that Kaiyuan didn't sell Rolls Royce's, I would have bought it long ago.No, I should have bought a Bugatti Veyron."Ye Fan secretly cursed, it was all Ye Fan's car pretending to be something else, but now among these luxury cars, it was slightly ordinary.It was only a limited edition, that's why they didn't encounter the same car.

However, Wu Qiushui's car is a very common BMW X5, this is not, Wu Qiushui just got off the car, was a mockery: "Yo, this is not Wu Dashao, why only drive BMW X5 ah, this kind of car where worthy of your distinguished identity ah."

"Zhang Bao, I'm not ready for you to say it yet."Wu Qiushui glanced coldly at Zhang Bao.

Ye Fan followed Wu Qiushui's eyes and saw a small short man with a five short stature and a height of only one meter six, which should be Zhang Bao.

But what made Ye Fan somewhat laugh and cry was that Zhang Bao's side was actually a model who was more than one meter tall, and Ye Fan looked at the model in high heels, whose height faintly surpassed him.

From Ye Fan's side, it was like a mother with her son, that is, this son was also too ugly.

"What are you looking at?"Zhang Bao snorted when he saw that Ye Fan was holding a laugh.

What Zhang Bao cared about most was his height, so every time he looked for a woman, he always looked for a tall one to show that he was capable.Other people wouldn't sneak a laugh even if they were in Zhang Bao's way, but when Ye Fan laughed so blatantly, it suddenly made Zhang Bao unhappy.

Without saying anything, Ye Fan 'puffed' and laughed directly at the words he said.

"You said you look so frustrated, just find a similar line, and no one said you, you're really unbecoming like this.The ones with bad eyesight thought it was some beauty model who owed a monkey to come out for a stroll at night."Ye Fan laughed loudly, but he was merciless to Zhang Bao.

From the simple conversation between Wu Qiushui and Zhang Bao just now, he knew that Zhang Bao and Wu Qiushui didn't get along, so naturally, Ye Fan had to help Wu Qiushui.

As expected, after Ye Fan said so, Wu Qiushui's spirit was invigorated and his waist was straightened up.Wu Qiushui was certain in his heart that Ye Fan's previous words were true and really helped him.

Wu Qiushui trotted to Ye Fan and said, "Ye Shao, let's go in, this kind of monkey hurts his eyes if he sees too much, this way please."

Zhang Bao originally wanted to scold Ye Fan, but when he saw Wu Qiushui standing beside Ye Fan like a grandson, he knew that Ye Fan was a big deal.

There were many high class parties, Zhang Bao attended more than a dozen of them every month, basically one in two days, but after so many years, Zhang Bao had never seen such a person as Ye Fan before.He couldn't help but narrow his eyes, wanting to see through Ye Fan's identity.

But Ye Fan did not give the opportunity and followed Wu Qiushui and walked in.

Zhang Bao but the remaining light saw the Porsche that Ye Fan just saw, and suddenly the corners of his mouth turned up and said, "I thought it was some big young master, but it seems to be just a trash one, a million broken car on pretending."

The car that Zhang Bao drove was also a BMW X5, although the price was not as high as Ye Fan's Porsche, but Ye Fan was obviously a foreigner.Even if Ye Fan was top-notch in other cities, he was only second-rate here.It's normal to be downgraded when you change cities, that is, to be a head below the locals.

Looking at Wu Qiushui's previous appearance, Zhang Bao was even more certain that Ye Fan was second-rate top-tier in other cities, but not first-rate.

According to the proportions, now that Ye Fan was in Fengdu, his status was comparable to the top third-rate at best, and that was a fart to Zhang Bao!

Thinking of this, Zhang Bao walked into the bar with a big step, while the model's female companion beside her was walking slowly, afraid of walking faster than Zhang Bao .The model's female companion had once calculated that when Zhang Bao took a big step, she would only need to walk half a step away, while when Zhang Bao walked normally, she could basically be said to be scuffing the floor .

When she entered the bar, Zhang Bao saw Ye Fan, and when she saw the drinks on the other people's tables, Zhang Bao picked them up and was about to splash them on Ye Fan, giving him a run for his money.

But Ye Fan had expected it and he had been observing everyone, wanting to remember everyone here and meet them in the future.So when Zhang Bao came in menacingly, Ye Fan knew that things were bad, and when he saw Zhang Bao serving the wine, Ye Fan quickly flashed without even thinking about it.

Just in time, Ye Fan flashed the wine, but it was all spilled on Wu Qiushui's body.

When Wu Qiushui turned his head, he saw Ye Fan who jumped away, and Zhang Bao who was holding an empty wine glass.

Wu Qiushui suddenly understood what was going on, but instead of running to Zhang Bao, he asked Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, have you been splashed with wine?"

"Nope."Ye Fan could not have imagined that Wu Qiushui's concern for him had reached such a stage, and his heart was even more certain to help Wu Qiushui.

Wu Qiushui's kind of little brother was the real little brother, and everything was considered from Ye Fan's point of view.

Determined to help Wu Qiushui, Ye Fan saw the waiter carrying the red wine, pick up is splashed Zhang Bao!


"Kid, you're looking for death!"

After being splashed with red wine, Zhang Bao screamed in response and looked angrily at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan glanced at Zhang Bao obliquely and said indifferently, "I deserved it."

"You!"Zhang Bao was so angry that he almost didn't pass out.

When he regained his senses and wanted to teach Ye Fan a lesson, Ye Fan disappeared.At this moment, Ye Fan and Wu Qiushui had entered the bar's exclusive compartment.

"Why do we have a separate compartment for our party?"Ye Fan was somewhat puzzled.

Wu Qiushui explained, "We don't purposely have a private room for every party, but every young master or young lady will book a separate private room to facilitate changing dresses and talking about things."

Ye Fan nodded in a daze, some young master must be drinking and sexually aroused, dragging some ordinary women who came to play back to the private room to do something shameful.

Wu Qiushui continued again, "Young Master Ye, let's stay here first, someone will come and call us when we start later."

"Okay, no rush."Ye Fan spread out on the sofa and crossed his legs. First website m.kanshu8.net

After so many times of mixing circles, Ye Fan had concluded that if he wanted to really mix in, he should never take the initiative to go over there by himself to make a scene, that would be too unforgiving.Even if Ye Fan desperately wanted to enter the circle, he had to act calm and act as if he didn't care.

This kind of feeling of wanting to reject but still welcoming would be the only way to achieve great success.

As expected, someone knocked on the door in a short while, but to Ye Fan's disappointment, it was Zhang Bao who came.

When Zhang Bao saw Ye Fan, he sneered and said, "Kid, you really are hiding here, causing me to search for half a day, damn it!"

Zhang Bao said, and kicked out, aiming at precisely Ye Fan's life-root.

Ye Fan's eyes narrowed, and he also kicked out, because Zhang Bao was short and far away, so Ye Fan actually reached the back of his head and shot Zhang Bao out of the box with one kick.

"You wait for this young man!"After dropping a word, Zhang Bao left.

"This idiot."Ye Fan shook his head helplessly, there were such big idiots everywhere.

If you don't have any strength and still have to blindly fool around, won't you find someone else first before coming back?You have to be beaten before you go looking for someone, aren't you looking for abuse.

"Ye Shao, do you need me to call some people?"In the meantime, Wu Qiushui's eyebrows were still a little worried.

But Ye Fan waved his hand, "What's the point of looking for someone, doesn't that seem wimpy, Ben Shao is free to arrange, you just stay."

Normally, Ye Fan and took the initiative to look for someone, but on this occasion, it would be too degrading to actually look for someone.

If Ye Fan wanted to blend into the circle and be strong enough to enter the circle, then he would definitely not need to find someone himself.Otherwise, the other dudes would also think that Ye Fan was just like that and not worth mentioning.Ye Fan was about to have a different and refreshing one.

Soon, the party started.

Ye Fan and Wu Qiushui came to the hall, and at this moment the deafening sound of the DJ had disappeared, leaving only a handsome man in a white suit standing in the DJ booth, smiling elegantly, "Tonight, party to your heart's content, all consumption is borne by this young man!"

"Wang Shao is awesome!"

"Wang is domineering!"

"Wang Shao, I'm going to give you a monkey!"

Ye Fan's eyebrows raised, and without him asking, Wu Qiushui took the initiative to explain, "This person is called Wang Yuntian, he's a gentleman who's just ranked among the top-notch and is also the owner of Infinite Entertainment."

"Oh?Peerless Entertainment is his ah."Ye Fan's eyebrows raised, Infinity Entertainment was Fan Pin's sworn enemy, and even more so one of the culprits who had annexed the Wu family in the first place, looking at Wu Qiushui clenching his fists, one could tell how much hatred Wu Qiushui had for Wang Yuntian.

Wang Yuntian also didn't talk nonsense on stage, and after a few simple words, he left the stage.

What Ye Fan didn't expect was that Wang Yuntian didn't run to the pile of women, but instead came straight to Ye Fan's side.

After glancing at Ye Fan, Wang Yuntian bypassed Ye Fan and arrived in front of Wu Qiushui, smiling faintly, "Young Master Wu, I don't know if you're familiar with this scene, but five years ago, you were the one on stage, right?I was admiring your posture at that time, with a big hand, spending money like water, wantonly spending, really domineering.I gave it such a try today, it really was cool."

"Wang Yuntian, you fucking..."

Before Wu Qiushui finished speaking, he was pulled by Ye Fan.

After instructing Wu Qiushui to take it easy, Ye Fan turned his head to Wang Yuntian and spoke lightly, "Today's consumption is provided by Wang Shao, right?"

Wang Yuntian didn't know what kind of drug was in Ye Fan's gourd, but this question from Ye Fan was very demoralizing, and Wang Yuntian's first impression of Ye Fan was a person who was greedy for small bargains.

"That's right, that's what I said, today's consumption is all borne by Ben Shao, boy, just enjoy yourself.How about you follow me, eat and drink, and follow Wu Qiushui, that's the equivalent of walking away from the road."Wang Yuntian spoke without forgetting to mock Wu Qiushui.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "Then don't bother with Wang Shao's worries, I recorded what I just said, you'll bear all the consumption tonight, then I'll enjoy it."

Saying that, Ye Fan walked away with Wu Qiushui.

Looking at the back of the two of them, Wang Yuntian laughed disdainfully.Originally, he thought that if Wu Qiushui listened to Ye Fan so much, what kind of strength would Ye Fan still have.But now that he looked at it, he was just an ordinary person.

"Wu Qiushui, you're still a bit young to fight with this young man."

In Wang Yuntian's view, Wu Qiushui looking for Ye Fan was a dead horse.Without the initial worry in his heart, Wang Yuntian also turned his head and entered the dance floor, looking for the young girl to dance close to him.

On the other side, Wu Qiushui was a bit confused, "Ye Shao, why don't you let me do it?"

"Do it?Do it now what you can get, by brains.Don't worry, sooner or later, let him fall, it's not a short while."Ye Fan patted Wu Qiushui's shoulder, Wu Qiushui's anger, Ye Fan could feel and understand, at first his hatred was even bigger than the family's fall from grace, it was being green.

But he was powerless at that time, and if it wasn't for Charles' appearance, Ye Fan wouldn't have dared to imagine what he was like now.

The first thing that I want to do is to help you, and I want to help you, and I want to help you.

In fact, Ye Fan is not used to Wang Yuntian being so pretentious, not to mention that Wang Yuntian's Infinite Entertainment is still a stumbling block for Van Pin Entertainment.

Ye Fan's words seemed to carry a kind of magic, and Wu Qiushui couldn't tell if Ye Fan was being perfunctory or really wanted to help, but now, Wu Qiushui could only choose to believe in Ye Fan, so he nodded heavily and said, "Alright, I believe in Ye Shao."

After saying that, Wu Qiushui walked to the bar without saying a word and asked for a glass of strong alcoholic drink, and one glass went down.

Even if it is like a line of fire through the throat straight to the spleen, Wu Qiushui is not able to feel like, raised his hand and signaled the waiter to come back for another cup.

Ye Fan didn't say anything about this, Wu Qiushui is now borrowing alcohol to ease the sorrow, then he also let Wu Qiushui, there is pressure always have to find an outlet.

But Ye Fan still discouraged, "Qiushui, there's no need to drink too much, I'll let you vent it out later!"

"In a minute?"Hearing Ye Fan's words, Wu Qiushui brightened up and the haze under her eyes receded quite a bit.

Ye Fan nodded, looked towards the chaotic crowd, and faintly spoke, "It seems like it won't take a while, look, it's coming now!"


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