Secret identity 129-130


Chapter 129

The yellow-faced woman smacked Xiao Choran's face with a slap, immediately causing Xiao Choran to sober up a bit.

      She covered her face and looked at the fierce woman in front of her, subconsciously asking, "Who are you, what are you doing?"

      The yellow-faced woman gritted her teeth, "What am I going to do?I'm going to beat you to death, you stinking hag!"

      With that, she shouted to her bodyguard, "Where's the knife?Give me that!I'll cut this stinking hag's face off!"

      "Yes, my lady!"

      The bodyguard immediately pulled out a sharp knife, then said respectfully, "My lady, this kind of person, don't get your hands dirty, it's better for me to do it!"

      The yellow-faced woman raised her hand and slapped him, snatching the knife from his hand and cursing, "Cao Nima, talking too much to me at this time?"

      The bodyguard immediately knelt on the ground and said in fear, "My lady, I was wrong, I beg your forgiveness!"

      The yellow-faced woman stomped him away and said angrily, "Get the hell out of my way!"

      He said, holding a knife was about to come over and slash Xiao Churan's face.

      Xiao Churan was trembling with fear and wanted to break free, but her body was controlled by the bodyguard, so she couldn't move at all, and her body was so soft that she couldn't make any effort.

      Just at this critical moment, someone suddenly burst out, "Put the knife down!"

      The yellow-faced woman turned around and a young man rushed in with ten men in black!

      "Who are you, drafting? How dare you come into my business?Do you know who I am?"

      Ye Chen gritted his teeth and said, "I don't fucking care who you are!"

      After saying that, he immediately rushed over and kicked the woman out.

      Seeing Ye Chen, Xiao Choran collapsed and cried, shouting, "Honey, save me."

      Ye Chen lucked the Nine Xuantian Scriptures and gathered all the aura in his body on his fist, suddenly punching at the two bodyguards who tied up his wife.


      These two were instantly blown out of the room and smashed right into the wall, unconscious!

      Xiao Choran was no longer under control, but her legs were weak and she was directly about to fall to the ground.

      Ye Chen immediately rushed up and held her in his arms, seeing that she had a slap mark on her face, his heart was dripping blood!

      "Choran, don't worry!Hubby will avenge you!"

      Xiao Choran cried out in pain, hugging Ye Chen tightly and crying, "Hubby hubby you take me home."

      Ye Chen patted her back and reassured her, "Don't worry, hubby will take you home, no one can hurt you!"

      Saying that, he ferried out a true qi in his hand, causing Xiao Churan to fall deeply asleep.

      Ye Chen put Xiao Churan on the sofa beside him and said to Richard Chen, "Protect my wife for me!"

      Richard Chen nodded and said sternly, "Don't worry, Young Master, if there's any damage in my hands, I'll mention my head and see you!"

      Ye Chen turned to the yellow-faced woman that he had kicked flying, grabbed her off the ground and punched her in the face, "Did you hit my wife?"

      The yellow-faced woman, bloodied, cursed hoarsely, "How dare you hit me!Do you know who I am?I'll kill you!"

      With that, she shouted to the bodyguards around her, "Kill him for me!Kill him!Whoever kills him, I'll give him a million!"

      A few bodyguards were excited and immediately rushed up.

      Ye Chen's expressionless face said to Chen Zekai's men, "Kill me!Kill without mercy!"

      Several black-clothed men immediately pulled out dark pistols from their pockets and pulled the triggers on the bodyguards!

      These bodyguards had never dreamed that the gang of black-clad men who had come were armed with guns!

      And they're all extremely good shots!

      Every shot went straight into the skull of these bodyguards!

      In a split second, all of Yellow Face's bodyguards died horribly!

      Everyone's skulls have been blown off by bullets!

      The yellow-faced woman was dumbfounded by the sudden scene, "Who are you guys?"

      Ye Chen sneered, "I'm Xiao Choran's husband!"

      Next to the silly standing Zhou Tianhao frightened legs straight tremble: "you you are that door-to-door son-in-law you you how"

      Ye Chen smiled and asked him, "What?Are you wondering how a superfluous son-in-law of mine can have such a strong background?"

      Zhou Tianhao nodded his head repeatedly.


The yellow-faced woman next to him calmed down and took off, "Told you!I'm Fung Suet!It's the daughter of the Haicheng Feng family!Have you heard of the Feng family?Our master, the Ye family of Yanjing!If you mess with me, no matter how strong your background is, our Feng family will not spare you!The Ye family will never even spare you!"

      "Oh?"Ye Chen laughed coldly and said to that yellow-faced woman, "Listen carefully, I am the son of the Yanjing Ye family!I am your master!My name is!Yeh!Tatsu!!!"


      As soon as she said that, Feng Xue was struck by lightning!

      She stared at Ye Chen like she saw a ghost.

      "You you you are the young master of the Ye family?How is that possible!How could Young Master Ye be in a small place like Jinling!"

      Richard Chen suddenly came over at this time and shouted, "Feng Xue!How dare you talk back to me when you're dying?This is our young master Ye Chen of the Ye family!"

      That's when Feng Xue saw Richard Chen!

      Richard Chan!


      This is the Ye family's spokesman in Jinling!

      He's also the one Dad's been trying so hard to impress!

      What's he doing here?

      could it be that...?

      could it be that...?

      Is this young man really really the young master of the Ye family?!?

      The yellow-faced woman collapsed and knelt on the ground, kowtowing desperately, "Young Master I was wrong Young Master!Please forgive me, Master...I know I was wrong, Master!If I knew that was your wife, to death, I wouldn't dare to touch her a finger ah young master!"

      Zhou Tianhao also peed his pants in fright, he threw himself on his knees and said with tears in his voice, "Young Master, please spare me."

      Ye Chen's expression was cold: "Plotting against my wife, and you expect me to spare you?"

      Saying that, Ye Chen shouted to some black-clad men, "Shoot to break his crotch!"


      A black-clothed man raised his hand without hesitation and fired.

      In an instant, a burst of blood was whipped up in Zhou Tianhao's crotch!

      His roots, broken!

      Ye Chen added, "Break his spine, I want him to be paraplegic and only able to move above the neck for the rest of his life!"

      The two black-clothed men from the Practitioner's family immediately stepped forward and punched Zhou Tianhao in the location of his waistline.


      Zhou Tianhao felt a sharp pain!

      But the excruciating pain only lasted a second!

      Next second!

      Zhou Tianhao felt completely numb below his neck!


      Wouldn't that mean you'd have to live your whole life lying down?Not even the ability to roll over!Not even the ability to control his bowels!

      Life is worse than death, isn't it a living death?

      Zhou Tianhao's entire body was so desperate that he wanted to run himself to death, but he didn't even have the ability to run himself to death at this point!

      The black-clothed man looked at Ye Chen and asked, "Young Master, how do we deal with this yellow-faced woman?"

      Ye Chen said with a cold face, "Same!Let them two be a couple of living dead!"

      Feng Xue was frightened, grabbing her hair and screaming nonstop, yelling for mercy.

      But Ye Chen would not give her a chance.

      If she dared to touch her own backbone, there was only one way to die!


      It's so cheap to shoot them in the head!

      The best way to end up in life is to die!


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