Lost Young Master 131-135


 Chapter 131

"Way, what's the best way?"

Fish Water was a little surprised, this method of catching a mole had always been a problem for many companies.

Ye Fan snapped his fingers, followed by a middle-aged man walking in.

"Who is this?"Fish Bai looked at the suit-wearing Sven middle-aged man in front of him and was somewhat puzzled, but the deep eyes of the middle-aged man were deeply attracted to Fish Bai.

Ye Fan explained, "This is Wang Musheng, an expert in micro-expressions, I hired him at an hourly rate of 100,000."

Ye Fan originally planned to ask Charles to help, but thinking that the family wouldn't provide help, Ye Fan had no choice but to hire him himself.

"Micro-expression expert?Is it reliable?"There was a bit of distrust in Fish White's eyes.

But Wang Musheng was not angry in the slightest and only spoke lightly, "You're wearing white lace panties today."

"What?"Fishwhite was suddenly surprised.

"Fuck, was it really said?" First web site

Ye Fan was also surprised as Fish Bai didn't retort at the first opportunity.

Knowing that it was no longer possible to conceal it, Fishbaek nodded his head, followed by inquiring, "Mr. Wang, you can even tell this, this is not a micro-expression, this is a perspective ah!"

Wang Musheng smiled faintly, but didn't answer the reason why, just said to Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, I've caught the mole."

"Ah?"Ye Fan's surprise didn't stop.

Wang Musheng nodded his head and said, "Miss Chu Chiaochiao, the front desk on the first floor, is the mole, and according to my observation, she has no accomplices and has been working as a mole for less than two months."

At this statement, Fishbaek was surprised, "Chu Chiao Chiao has indeed just come to the company for less than two months."

"Who is Chu Chiao-chiao?"Ye Fan was a bit confused, not knowing who the two were talking about.

Fish Bai explained, "It's the one you just praised at the front desk, Ye Shao."

"So it's her."It suddenly dawned on Ye Fan, before he had slipped money to Chu Chiao-chiao in order to ask Han Dong'er's news, Chu Chiao-chiao answered everything truthfully, to say that being a mole was also well documented.

"Awesome awesome!"Ye Fan couldn't help but applaud for Wang Musheng, and right after that, he took out his phone and directly transferred WeChat to Wang Musheng.

Receiving the money, Wang Musheng's face still didn't fluctuate at all, only smiling faintly, "Ye Shao, since the transaction is complete, looking forward to the next cooperation, I'll leave first."

"Go slowly."Ye Fan waved his hand, originally he wanted to retain Wang Musheng for a meal or something.

But on second thought, he was worried that if Wang Musheng saw something in his heart again, he would have more to lose than to gain, so he simply didn't stay.

"What a divine man, no wonder he dares to ask for a hundred thousand an hour."Watching Wang Musheng leave, Fishbaek was somewhat amazed, even though his thoughts hadn't returned.

Ye Fan spared a glance at Fish Bai and played with his eyes, "Chief Fish, I didn't expect you to still have this elegance, white lace, tsk tsk..."

"Ye Shao, don't make fun of me."Fish Bai covered his old face, if there was a crack in the ground, he would have already drilled into it.

"Then if there's nothing else I'll leave first."Ye Fan got up and left, now he hadn't eaten yet, it was already afternoon and he was already hungry.

As for the matter of Chu Chiao, but Ye Fan was too lazy to deal with it, anyway, he caught someone, let Fish Bai handle it on his own, after all, after all these years of General Manager, the way to deal with it was definitely more proper than him.

The next few days, Ye Fan just and Li Qiuyu eat and drink, everywhere to have fun, time passes a few days, Wu Qiushui side no movement, Ye Fan is not anxious, if Wu Qiushui encountered things, will certainly find him to discuss.

As for the Van Pin Entertainment side, Ye Fan thought about it left and right, let Han Dong'er follow him back to Kaiyuan, and before leaving, Ye Fan also took the general staff of Van Pin Entertainment with him.

Ye Fan has no experience as an entertainment company, and now he has ready-made employees, so naturally it's perfect.

The company has a lot of people who are looking for a way to get the best out of the company, and it's a good idea for them to get the best out of the company.

Just like this, Ye Fan returned to Kaiyuan with two big beauties, Li Qiuyu and Han Dong'er.

Knowing that Ye Fan came back, Zhou Leya rushed to the Presidential Suite of Prosperity at the first time.

But just entered the door, Zhou Lelian Ya saw Han Dong'er.

Ye Fan secretly bad, just about to explain Han Dong'er's history, he saw Zhou Leya walked to Han Dong'er's body, a hug Han Dong'er Road: "Dong'er sister, already heard Qiu Yu sister about you, now look, is really a big beauty it."

"Sister Love Ya is only beautiful."Han Dong'er lowered her head and blushed.

Seeing that the two of them got along well, Ye Fan knew that it was Li Qiuyu who had secretly contacted the two of them before, and not surprisingly, Ye Fan gave Li Qiuyu a thumbs up.

There were no dogged scenes like the palace drama, Ye Fan was still very pleased.

And after Han Dong'er said so, Ye Fan then carefully look at Zhou Leya, indeed better than the previous two days, not only the face of the baby fat disappeared, the body is also more smooth with curves, temperament are improved a lot.

This is only five days time, if you hone two months, will definitely be a step up.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan slapped his thigh and said, "I've decided, Winter, you'll also join the training with Renya."

"Good!"Han Dong'er didn't refute, she knew that Ye Fan was doing it for her own good and had no reason to refuse.

After thinking about it, Ye Fan said again, "Qiu Yu, this side of the Jin Yuan Building will soon come to the fish and water, so you can go and be a boss."

"Me?A boss?I can't."Li Qiuyu was flattered and waved her hand repeatedly to refuse.

Ye Fan lightly smiled: "I say line is line, the fish and water side must have sent management talents, since you don't want to debut, you just follow and learn, and slowly you will also be trained out.Also, the company needs funds to run, and I don't feel comfortable letting someone else manage it, so you'll be in charge of the money, just keep a clear record of every account."

"Then....Okay."After Li Qiu Yu hesitated again and again, she had to agree.

Ye Fan was just impulsive, so he explained all the responsibilities, and was happy to have nothing to worry about.

After another three days passed, Ye Fan found it very boring.

At the moment, Li Qiuyu was busy getting the company's accounts, it was the early stage, although Li Qiuyu was not the main force, but also busy.And Han Dong'er and Zhou Leya were both in closed training, it was really quite difficult to see one another.For the time being, the three girls didn't need his attention.

Originally, with the three girls around, Ye Fan always felt like there was something to do, but now there was nothing to do, but instead it was very boring.

"Why don't we go back to the Golden Sands and take a look."Ye Fan's thoughts changed and he said to do it.

It had been almost a month since he left the Golden Sands, but Ye Fan missed Xiao Coco and Wang Kexin a little.

Driving the Porsche, Ye Fan just rushed straight back to the Golden Sands with nothing to fear.


Ye Fan went back on Monday morning, and called Xiao Coco when he arrived at Jinsha, but he learned that Xiao Coco was still sleeping.

After all, it was Xiao Coco who did the anchor work, all live at night and catching up on sleep in the morning, so Ye Fan couldn't bear to disturb Xiao Coco, so he decided to go to Wang Kexin first.

"Kexin should still be in class right now, why don't you go to school?"

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, Monday is a class, although Ye Fan is temporarily suspended, but there is still a schedule.

Wang Kexin, for the sake of the family, came all the way to give Ye Fan as a fiancée, but Ye Fan went to the field to do family mission, it is a great loss to her.Especially because Ye Fan in Kaiyuan and wind, a total of three beauties, is guilty, want to make up for Wang Kexin.

Without much thought, Ye Fan was ready to go directly to the school and give Wang Kexin a surprise.

"Ye Fan?"

As soon as he arrived at the school, Ye Fan was stopped and turned his head to see that it was his classmate, Wang Zhan.

He only knows that Wang Zhan is a coward and is bullied by Li Meng.

With a glance up and down at Wang Zhan, Ye Fan was impressed. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

"It's fellow student Wang Zhan, what, didn't you go to class?"Ye Fan greeted Wang Zhan with a smile and didn't bully Wang Zhan just because he was cowardly.

Wang Zhan picked up the plastic bag in his hand and said, "Li Meng said he didn't eat breakfast, so he let me go buy it."

"Li Meng is still such a jerk, but he can really eat and bought it for two."When Ye Fan glanced at the plastic bag, he saw that it was two burgers and twice the milk tea.

"This..."Wang Zhan was hesitant, but still said, "Ye Fan, I still need to tell you about this.Our classmates, we all know that you and Wang Kexin are the only pair, but after you've been gone for so long, Li Meng has been looking for Wang Kexin every day, and you see, this breakfast is the one with Wang Kexin's share."

"What!And that kid had the nerve to do it to my woman!"Ye Fan was furious, never would he have thought that Li Meng was so ignorant of the sky that he put his hand on his head.

"Give me the thing!"Ye Fan said, and snatched the plastic bag from Wang Zhan's hand and ran straight to the class.

Inside the class, all the students were chatting in a chaotic manner, but they all consciously avoided Li Meng.

Now that all the class thorns had left the school for various reasons, Li Meng was considered the leader of the class.

At the moment Li Meng as usual, will Wang Kexin front table classmate dragged aside, the student stared at Li Meng, but dare not say.

"What are you looking at, so many times still don't learn a lesson, in the future this seat is mine, quickly get out!"Li Meng grew five and three thick, and his eyes were even more like lanterns, after glaring at the former, the former was angry and packed up his things and moved to another position.

"Just a bitch, say it a few times and don't even know how to obey."Li Meng cursed again before turning his head towards Wang Kexin and smiling, "Kexin, you haven't eaten breakfast yet, after all, today's class is at eight in the morning.But don't worry, I've already asked Wang Zhan to buy it, so you'll be able to eat it after waiting a little longer."

"I don't need it."Wang Kexin faintly spoke, but she didn't lift her eyes once, just looked at the textbook.

Li Meng's eyebrows twitched inadvertently, nicely hiding the anger under his eyes, laughing again: "Kexin don't be angry ah, it's all because Wang Zhan that brat bought it too slowly, so you can't wait.Don't worry, I'll definitely teach that brat a lesson when he comes back later!"

Wang Kexin saw that Li Meng was going to bully Wang Zhan again and was about to open his mouth.

But before her mouth opened, she heard a seemingly sarcastic voice: "Breakfast is bought for you, are you trying to teach me a lesson?"

This familiar voice made Wang Kexin look up directly at the door, and there was her heartfelt fiancé, Ye Fan!

"You kid....Ye Fan?"Li Meng was about to curse angrily, but when he turned his head and saw that it was Ye Fan, he was also startled and swallowed back the curse words.

Ye Fan smilingly walked forward, threw the plastic bag directly on the table, and said indifferently: "Li Meng, I heard that you want to teach me a lesson?"

"No, I'm talking about Wang Zhan."Li Meng waved his hand repeatedly, angry to compensate, which still has the previous dominance.

Ye Fan sneered: "Wang Zhan came back late, that's why he met me at the school gate, I'm also to blame, Wang Zhan and I are considered accomplices, come, let me see how you teach someone a lesson."

"I don't dare, I don't dare."Li Meng shook his head repeatedly and retreated backwards, his chair flipped over and he fell to the ground in shock.

"Rubbish, you still want to touch my girlfriend with that bear look."Ye Fan spat disdainfully, not even thinking of taking care of Li Meng.

Originally, Ye Fan thought that Li Meng could have some backbone to practice against him, but now that he looked at it, he was a wimp, only bullying the weak and being obsequious when he met a powerful one.

"Get lost if you don't have the guts, don't let this young man see you in the future, or you'll suffer the consequences."Ye Fan said coldly.

I saw Li Meng clench his fists tightly as he climbed up from the ground, but only for an instant, and then he left without saying a word.This scene was just like the classmates that Li Meng had bullied just now, daring to be angry.

After glancing at the defeated Li Meng, Ye Fan pulled up a chair from the ground and sat down, frowning, "You didn't know to tell me if you were being harassed."

Upon hearing that, Wang Kexin only came back to her senses, her eyes actually filled with tears, "You still know to come back, I thought you didn't want me."

Seeing this, Ye Fan didn't dare to talk blindly anymore, so he had to get up and come to Wang Kexin's side, hugging Wang Kexin: "Be good, don't cry, I'm back, aren't I."

Ye Fan gently comforted Wang Kexin, but his heart was stirring up shock waves.

If it wasn't for the unexpected return this time, then Wang Kexin might not have really been bullied by Li Meng.

However, Wang Kexin was fine, just in school, no matter how strong a student was, he wouldn't be strong enough to get on top of Wang Kexin.Ye Fan was most worried about Xiao Ke, after all, Xiao Ke was in the company, the workplace is not so easy to talk to, there are more bad guys.

Especially since Xiao Coco was still a little famous, if she was chased to Sands by some local heroes, there was no telling what would happen.

The more Ye Fan thought about it, the more frightened he became.

But it was imperative to coax the Wang Kexin in front of him.

Wang Kexin was lying in Ye Fan's arms, not caring that it was in a class, and her years of ladylike qualities were nowhere to be seen in front of Ye Fan, and she directly wailed without caring about her image.

"That, classmate Wang, why don't you guys go out for a walk?We have an exam coming up."

All the students didn't dare to interrupt Wang Kexin's crying, after all, it was the first time everyone saw Wang Kexin crying, especially since Ye Fan was still here, these people didn't dare even more.

The one who dared to speak and interrupt was the professional teacher who had come to class.


It was now December, close to the holidays, and they all needed final assessments, otherwise, this teacher wouldn't have interrupted on this occasion.

Ye Fan glared at the teacher, but didn't say anything, so he took Wang Kexin out.

After all, it was the final exam, Ye Fan can't hold up other innocent students because of his own personal matters, even if he had a good relationship with the principal, one thing is another.

When he left the class, Ye Fan noticed that Wang Kexin wasn't even crying anymore.

"What? It's okay?"Ye Fan teased.

The atmosphere was so heavy now, not Ye Fan's favorite, so he thought to change a lighter tone.

Wang Kexin lowered her head and said, "Alright."

She actually didn't want to cry after crying for a while, but the first time she did something like this in public, she was still very shy, so she didn't dare to raise her head.

Thanks to the professional teacher, she escaped from the embarrassing situation.

Ye Fan rubbed Wang Kexin's hair: "I know I was wrong, I shouldn't have left you alone for so long, and now that Charles isn't here, you're a little girl in a strange city, you won't be able to adapt, right?So I've decided to let Charles take you back to your family." A second to remember to read the book at

This was Ye Fan's temporary thought, Ye Fan originally wanted to take Wang Kexin to Kaiyuan, but there were already three girls in Kaiyuan, it would be really too chaotic to let Wang Kexin go again.

And there is also a Xiao Coco, who has no one to rely on is what Ye Fan cares about the most now, and Ye Fan thinks that Xiao Coco's skills can also become a big star.

So he thought he would bring Xiao Coco back to Kaiyuan and train with Zhou Leya and Han Dong'er.

The four girls playing mahjong together were enough, Wang Kexin instead was a bit redundant.

But it's not that Ye Fan doesn't care about Wang Kexin, but Wang Kexin's family wants to be a big family, it's good to be carefree at home, at least don't have to suffer from a student's anger in this small place.

But when Wang Kexin heard Ye Fan's words, her face directly sank: "Ye Shao, is it that I have done something wrong, don't abandon me ah."

Ye Fan knew that Wang Kexin was wrong and hurriedly explained, "No, I'm not abandoning you.It's that I've been working on a family mission recently, and I need to cultivate a few stars to help me, but I know your family definitely won't allow it, and I don't feel comfortable with you staying in Jinsha, so just go back first, and after a few months, I'll finish the mission and come to your family to pick you up."

Ye Fan's explanation made Wang Kexin feel better, but his face was still not good: "Then why did you bring other women if you didn't bring me?"

"Other women?You mean Coco Xiao?She has no one to rely on but me, so I had to take her and nurture her."Ye Fan continued to explain.

But Wang Kexin snorted, "Of course I'm not talking about sister Coco when she's so bitter.I'm talking about other women, you have a woman's perfume on your body, or several kinds of it!"

"Huh?"Ye Fan was silly, he actually couldn't smell anything complicated, but Wang Kexin was actually able to accurately analyze more than one kind, women were really scary creatures, and he was blinded by Ye Fan's question at once.

"What, can't explain it?"Wang Kexin said in aggravation, "You agreed with me before that I could not mind you having other women, but you have to tell me, but you never told me, and you haven't even talked to me on the phone a few times in the past month, woohoo."

Ye Fan was at a loss for words, Wang Kexin was a good girl and was so generous that he didn't even care that he had other women.He, on the other hand, hadn't even talked on the phone a few times, and he felt that he had gone too far.

"I was wrong, I confess."It was also the first time that Ye Fan had encountered this situation, so he had no choice but to confess all of it, making the process with Zhou Leya, Li Qiuyu, and Han Dong'er all clear, and the number of times he kissed them all word for word.

"Is that all?"Wang Kexin inquired after hearing this.

Ye Fan was surprised, "These are already quite a few, do you want to have more?I can confess it all."

"That's more like it."Wang Kexin nodded, then directly raised her foot and stepped on Ye Fan's foot, and it was three times.

"One woman at a time, who told you not to tell me, huh?"Wang Kexin pouted, but didn't say anything more to complain.

Ye Fan was startled, but he wasn't angry.He was the one who had done something wrong to Wang Kexin, and Wang Kexin who had simply stepped on three feet was simply the lightest punishment for him, and he felt more and more that Wang Kexin was really too good.

"Kexin you're so good!"Ye Fan was moved and was about to hug Wang Kexin.

Just at this moment, a dissonance was heard.

"Classmate Wang, what a coincidence, I ran into you here, I was hoping to find you.Are you free later?I'd like to invite you to lunch."

When Ye Fan heard it was a man's voice, he couldn't help but look up and see a big, sunny boy in casual clothes walking over from the stairway.

In the meantime, Ye Fan hated boys like this very much.He went around hitting on little girls just because he had good looks, but he was just a scum.Although Ye Fan didn't know this person, he instinctively felt that this was a scum.Even if he wasn't, Ye Fan hated it.Since Wang Kexin was his fiancée, wouldn't other people moon Wang Kexin in front of him be cuckolding him?How could he put up with it!

Once he hugged Wang Kexin tightly in his arms, Ye Fan snorted, "Go away from where you came from, don't disturb me and Kexin."

"Kexin?Who allowed you to scream so intimately, and hands, let go or don't blame me for being rude to you!"The sunshine boy snorted coldly and was about to charge up.

Ye Fan didn't wimp out at all and glared at the other, "I won't let go, I'll see how rude you are!"

"Kid, did you make Wang's classmate cry?You made me do this!"Sunshine Boy came up with a glare.

"Wu Zihao, you stop right there!"Wang Kexin gave a low drink and stopped the sunshine boy for a moment.

Wu Zihao frowned, "Classmate Wang, he's bullying you, don't be afraid to talk to me, I'll help you."

"I don't need your help, you should leave."Wang Kexin said and hugged Ye Fan back, "Stay away from me from now on, we're not possible, this is what I told you, my fiancé Ye Fan."

"Fiancé?Yeh Fan?Are you Evan?"After Wu Zihao looked Ye Fan up and down, he snorted, "Before I heard you say how Ye Fan is, I originally thought that Ye Fan was a perfect and impeccable person.But with this fishing wire look of his, how can he match up to fellow student Wang?"

"Shit, you're looking for death!"

It's intolerable, how can Ye Fan endure such an insult, he rushed straight up and punched out at Wu Zihao!


Wu Zihao had never expected that Ye Fan would dare to take direct action.

After all, this was inside the school, if he did it, punishment would definitely be inevitable.

But he had underestimated Ye Fan, if it wasn't for coming back to find Wang Kexin, Ye Fan probably wouldn't have been able to set foot in this school anymore.

But Ye Fan still underestimated Wu Zihao's skills, Ye Fan only hit the first blow, then the returning Wu Zihao pulled away and put up a fight, with Ye Fan's eyes couldn't even see the slightest flaw.

The remaining light sweeps, Ye Fan saw Li Meng, who packed up his bag and came out of the classroom with a grim face.

Ye Fan suddenly shouted in a low voice, "Li Meng, stop!"

"Ye Shao, I'll be leaving soon, please don't trouble me."Li Meng thought that Ye Fan would still be looking for trouble, his face declined, and inside he extremely regretted that he had provoked Wang Kexin before.

Ye Fan coldly snorted, "I said, don't let me see you again, or you'll have good consequences.But since you're the first time, I'll give you a chance to make it up to me."

"Anything Ye Shao has commanded, I can do it will definitely be obliged!"When Li Meng heard that there was a chance, he couldn't help but brighten up and secretly said there was a play.

Ye Fan pointed at Wu Zihao and said, "You beat him up and beat him to death, I'll take care of anything that happens.But if you haven't beaten him, then don't blame me for being rude to you." First URL m.kanshu8.net

"Ye don't worry, I'll make sure he beats the shit out of him!"Where did Li Meng dare to refuse, thinking of Ye Fan's methods, Li Meng became even more full of fighting spirit, as if he had seen his father's enemy, he directly rushed to Wu Zihao's body and smashed down with one punch.

Don't look at Wu Zihao had some skills, but it wasn't unreasonable to kill the master with random punches.

Li Meng relied on his five big and three thick stature, without any defense, just punched after punched out, hitting where it counts, can not hear a bit.

It only took two minutes, and Wu Zihao was completely powerless to fight.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was the first time I'd ever seen it.One minute Wu Zihao was still using his hands to parry, the next minute he was completely dodging with his steps, but Rao couldn't withstand the number of times Li Meng hit him.

A rough calculation by Ye Fan, in two minutes, Li Meng swung more than fifty punches, it was like a storm, not only the number of punches, but also the painful ones.

Seeing this, Ye Fan couldn't help but smile at the corner of his mouth, Li Meng and Wu Zihao were both Wang Kexin's suitors, watching the two of them dog bite dog, Ye Fan was even more pleased.

"Li Meng, I'll spare you this time, don't get caught by me again in the future."Ye Fan said, and in return, he received Li Meng's grateful thanks, but Ye Fan hugged Wang Kexin's shoulders and strode away after he finished speaking.

After chatting with Wang Kexin for a while, it was finally time for the separation scene.

"Then I really have to go, you have to remember to miss me oh, remember to call me if anything happens."

Wang Kexin was in love.

Ye Fan nodded and lightly smiled, "Don't worry, don't worry, it won't be long before I pick you up."

When Wang Kexin heard that, the worry on her face was still somewhat reduced, and she followed Charles and left.

This time Charles came over was Ye Fan's arrangement, in fact, without Charles, Wang Kexin could also go back to the family.But in order to avoid the people of the family thought that Ye Fan withdrew from the marriage to be dissatisfied with Wang Kexin, and said Wang Kexin gossip.That's why Ye Fan asked Charles to send Wang Kexin back personally, to prove that Ye Fan really cares about Wang Kexin.

Just like this, after Charles instructed Ye Fan to complete the task properly, he left with Wang Kexin.

When he looked at the time, it was only three in the afternoon.

Ye Fan drove the Porsche and rushed to Ye's Live.

This company was still the same as before, only it had returned the name, and after Ye Fan had taken the place before, he had never come back.

Before calling, Ye Fan knew that Xiao Coco was live at night for a few hours in order to save money, and then slept until noon in the early morning and then came to the company in the afternoon.

As Xiao Coco's boss plus boyfriend, Ye Fan came over this time just to see Xiao Coco, and by the way, give Xiao Coco a surprise.

After entering the company, security guards and receptionists familiar with Ye Fan greeted him, and Ye Fan nodded one by one in response.

In order to achieve the best effect of the live broadcast, Xiao Coco's room is made of soundproof material. Outside the room, Ye Fan couldn't hear any noise and the door was closed, so he couldn't see inside.

Taking out his phone and opening the live streaming app, Ye Fan found that Xiao Coco did not open the live streaming, so he knew that Xiao Coco should be staying in the room.Thinking that he wouldn't disturb Xiao Coco's live broadcast, Ye Fan opened the door and entered.


When the door was opened without permission, Ye Fan heard Xiao Coco's scream, "Didn't I tell you not to come in without my consent?"

When Ye Fan raised his eyes, he saw that Xiao Coco was hurriedly taking clothes to block her beautiful body, and it dawned on Ye Fan that Xiao Coco was however changing her clothes.

Ye Fan knew very well that in order to achieve good results in the live broadcast, the anchorwoman put a lot of effort into dressing up every day.

But Ye Fan didn't expect it to be such a coincidence that he would happen to see such a fragrant scene, fortunately, before Zhou Leya and others always appeared in his bed, his immune system was much better, so he didn't directly spray nose blood.

"Nice body yo."Ye Fan playfully smiled.

Hearing the familiar voice, Xiao Coco's body could not help but shake, turning her head to see Ye Fan, her eyes filled with tears, "Ye Fan, you big bad guy, you still know how to come back!"

Seeing this, Ye Fan stepped forward and gently hugged Xiao Coco, patting Xiao Coco's back comfortingly, "It's my bad, I'm coming back to pick you up, aren't I."

"Pick me up?"Xiao Coco's delicate body shook.

Ye Fan nodded and explained, "Yes, I originally thought that going for a month would be enough, but I'm coming back to pick you up now that my mission has changed and it's not that simple."

"Did you encounter any difficulties?"Coco Xiao was a little worried.

"It's fine."

Seeing Xiao Coco's worried expression, Ye Fan's heart could not help but set off waves, Xiao Coco's face belonged to the type of a small family, and with a sad face it was even more endearing.

Adding to the fact that he hadn't seen it for so long, Ye Fan couldn't help but lower his head and kiss Xiao Coco's lips.

"Knock knock!"

Just at this moment, the door was knocking.

Ye Fan was fortunate that he didn't follow Xiao Coco's example of not locking the door so heartily, but came in and casually locked it, or else a person would come in and see the two of them in this scene wouldn't be a big loss.

Ye Fan hid Xiao Coco behind the curtains to make sure she wouldn't be seen, Ye Fan opened the door and directly flashed out, closing the door with a face of patience, "What is it?"


The fat man accosted and said, "Mr. Ye, didn't I hear that you were back, and as soon as I guessed that you would come to Xiao Coco's place first, I came to find you."

The fat man was none other than the boss, Xiao Qiang.

Ye Fan had only seen photos, never seen a real person, this was Charles who was specifically looking for someone to manage this company in order to not leak out his assets.

Xiao Qiang real person is also a lot fatter than the photo, it seems that this month, life within this company is good, after all, it is a live industry, there are ladies around, even if you do not do it, every day full of eyes, is also good.

Eat and drink enough to see a beautiful woman, it's strange not to get fat.

"Knowing that I'm at Xiao Coco's place, you still come to disturb, I won't let you off lightly if you don't tell me a good reason."Ye Fan was almost going to go further with Xiao Coco just now, so he was disturbed and was in a bad mood.

Xiao Qiang's eyes turned, so he smiled: "Isn't it the end of the year, the company is going to hold the annual meeting, the evening is the annual meeting, there will be all the ladies of our company to attend, which one of them is satisfied with Ye and I can help you get it, you see this compensates you, okay?"

"Well, well shit, get out of here!"Ye Fan was helpless, if there was no Xiao Coco, that would be good.But Xiao Coco is here and has to go see other young ladies, isn't that adding fuel to the fire.

Xiao Qiang was just looking for a reason, but now that he could take the opportunity to slip away, of course he had to seize the opportunity, and then he laughed, "I'm rolling away, I'm rolling away."

After saying that, Xiao Qiang ran away in a flash. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly and re-entered the room, locking the door again.

Xiao Coco was already dressed, looking up and down, and Ye Fan frowned slightly because what Xiao Coco was wearing wasn't any brand goods.

Before Ye Fan specifically explained that all the salary for Xiao Coco's live broadcast was given to Xiao Coco, and the company did not carry out pumping, so it was reasonable that Xiao Coco should have a lot of money, so why was she still wearing ordinary clothes.

And as far as the eye can see, the evening dress on Xiao Coco's body is still a little ill-fitting, a look is bought online.

"Coco, did the company deduct you again, why are you dressed like this."Ye Fan couldn't help but spit out.

Fortunately, Xiao Coco had a good face and a good figure, otherwise it would look even more incongruous.

"Doesn't it look good?"

Being told this, Xiao Coco was also a little lost, after all, this was the first time Ye Fan had expressed his displeasure with her clothes.

"I'm going to ask Xiao Qiang."Ye Fan said and was about to go out.

However, he was pulled by Xiao Coco: "Ye Shao, not to blame Xiao Qiang's, money I did not earn less, this month I have saved a hundred thousand, the past gifts were extracted by the platform half, by the company and then take half, to hand on more than twenty thousand points.But Xiao Qiang but all to me, even the platform extraction, also helped me to fill, good for me."

"Then why are you still..."Halfway through Ye Fan's words, he knew why this was so.

Xiao Coco had said before that she wanted to save money to pay him back, so it seemed that Xiao Coco was still keeping this matter in her heart to save money so much, right?

If it were any other girl, even if she was saving money, she wouldn't treat herself badly, so Rao would be considered a good girl.But Xiao Coco had saved almost all of it, which made Ye Fan even more touched, a girl like Xiao Coco was really rare to find in a hundred years.

"I heard that there is still an annual meeting at night, are you planning to wear this to it?Let's go, I'll take you to buy some nice clothes."

Ye Fan pulled Xiao Coco's small hand without saying a word and went straight out.

Once she got into the car, Xiao Coco turned her head to Ye Fan and said, "Ye Shao, don't bother, I think this is pretty good too."

"Good what good."After Ye Fan helplessly looked at Xiao Coco, he grabbed Xiao Coco's small hand and said, "You have to remember, you are my Ye Fan's woman, you are representing me outside, you are dressed like this, isn't that hitting my face, listen to me on this matter.I've said I don't have to pay me back, even if you insist on paying me back, you are not allowed to treat yourself badly, understand?"

"I know."When she was grabbed by Ye Fan's hand, Xiao Coco lowered her head with a flushed face, her small heart pounding from the excitement of Ye Fan's manly scent.

In a short while, the Porsche stopped at the entrance of the Hualong Mall.

Right after that, Ye Fan pulled Xiao Coco, who wanted to see the floor goods, and went straight to the top floor to buy luxury goods.

In the past, Ye Fan had no money, he could only choose stalls, but now that he had money, he naturally wanted to improve his quality of life.

Before, Ye Fan had made trouble in Hualong for buying mobile phones and clothes, but this time when he came to the top floor, apart from the new staff, all the old staff knew Ye Fan.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at a Chanel store, and the woman in the store will welcome you with a smile: "Ye Shao, take your girlfriend to buy clothes, what do you want to buy?I can recommend it for you."

Seeing this good attitude of the staff, Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, and the thought that he had planned to help Xiao Coco choose personally disappeared.

Originally, Ye Fan didn't know anything about women's clothing, limiting it to tasting good and bad looking, to say matching, these female staff were still good at it.

Why should it be these?

Ye Fan knew that luxury shops like Chanel didn't have many employees, after all, in Golden Sands, there weren't many people who could afford to buy luxury goods, and even fewer who could all show up to buy things at the same time.For example, this shop in front of him has only three female staff.

Now that the three female employees were all flattering to help Xiao Coco pick out clothes, Ye Fan was also happy to be free.

Xiao Coco where received such treatment, by the three female staff almost blinded, had to try on one after another.

Ye Fan cheerfully watched everything, but did not say much, just sat on the side of the sofa, waiting to see how Xiao Coco tried on the clothes, and then give a good or bad evaluation.

The female staff all had good taste, and in a moment's time, they had picked out five nice outfits and seven pairs of high heels.

"All good, wrap it all up."Ye Fan said with a smile.

"All of them?"Xiao Coco was a little surprised, she had planned to buy one set and that would be enough, so much all wrapped up, she didn't know how much it would cost, she took out her phone and looked, the balance was only 180,000, she didn't know how much would be left after spending it all.

"Ye Shao, the total is 500,000, your membership card is 350,000 after the discount, may I ask if it's a credit card or cash?"

"Three hundred and fifty thousand?"Xiao Coco was shocked that it was so expensive.I was expecting to have money left over, but her 180,000 was not enough.

Without waiting for her to take the money, Ye Fan handed out the gold card and said, "Swipe it."

Turning his head, Ye Fan didn't have a good look at Xiao Coco, "What, can I still let you spend money?You're at least a little-known anchor, and you're earning a million a year, isn't it normal to buy a few luxuries, look away."

"Well, the debt has increased again."Xiao Coco didn't say much, but she also included this money in the money she owed to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan shook his head and didn't say anything, anyway, he didn't need Xiao Coco to pay back the money, Xiao Coco had the heart to do so, so let's take it as Xiao Coco's personal pleasure.


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