Dish Best Served Cold 1011-1015


Chapter 1011


    "Even you, you're not eligible to be invited?"

    "My Yuan family is not even enough of a threshold to attend the wedding banquet?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "Who is this Mr. Chu, anyway?"

    "Could it be that it's the Earth Emperor of Jiangdong?"

    Hearing this, Yuan Hua had been completely shocked.

    All along, he had always been the kind of person who felt good about himself.

    Usually, his group of classmates and friends, other than the Shen family Shen Fei, the rest of them all saw him in the thousands and shouted good-naturedly for Brother Hua.

    This was the strength and majesty brought to him by his family background.

    But now, hearing these words from his own father, Yuan Hua only felt frustrated.

    So many years of pride, almost all of them were shattered by the name Mr. Chu.

    Some people, even if they had not seen his face, but his majestic name was already awe-inspiring.

    At that moment, Yuan Hua also couldn't help but wonder, who was this Mr. Chu?

    However, just as the people were discussing, a convoy appeared in front of the road.

    Clear black Mercedes-Benz S-class luxury cars, the first car is worth millions of Lamborghini sports car.

    Each car, are tied with begging and ribbons, the head car is topped with bright red flowers.

    Just like this, a full twelve million luxury cars, tearing the canopy, cutting through the clouds, greeting the heaven and the earth, rolling.

    At the same time as the wedding cars entered the city, the deafening sound of firecrackers resounded throughout the entire world.

    As the firecrackers rang out, the entire Yunzhou City undoubtedly boiled in a moment.

    "My God!"

    "Twelve million luxury cars, that's a lot of money, isn't it?"

    "Who's this broad married?"

    There were still more uninformed crowds of onlookers on the side of the road.

    They didn't know who was getting married, and most of them, even more, didn't know that Mr. Chu existed.

    However, there were still some knowledgeable people in the crowd that existed.

    For example, the Yuan family and their son.

    Yuan Hua jumped out of the car at that time and stood on tiptoe to look from afar, "Dad, this should be Mr. Chu's wedding convoy, right?"


    "It's better to come early than late."

    "Taking this opportunity, I'd like to see what this mysterious Mr. Chu looks like."

    Yuan Hua said with joy.

    Yuan Donghai was also excited and even leaned towards the fleet.

    Even Yuan Hua's girlfriend, Zhang Wenya, came down from the car, carrying a long skirt and stepping on fifteen centimeter high heels, looking curiously from afar.

    Just as everyone was preparing to have a look at the true face of today's protagonist, at the front, the head car with the saffron top, but it was driving slowly.

    "I'll go, Wen Fei, yes."

"Looks like you've put a lot of money into this wedding."

    "The roads are all closed."

    "The intersection ahead, there are traffic police there to open the road."

    "I've been in Yunzhou for so many years, but this is the first time I've seen such a big scene."

    The driver of the lead car was Chu Wenfei's childhood friend.

    It was also the first time this driver had seen such a battle, and he trembled in shock.

    In the back seat, Chu Wenfei was still hugging his bride, enjoying the warmth of his arms.

    After hearing the little hairdresser's words, Chu Wenfei and the woman in his arms, however, were all in shock.

    "What did you say?"

    "A road closure?"Chu Wenfei was slightly startled.

    "Really?"Unlike Chu Wenfei's surprise, the bride in his arms, Tian Xiu Xiu, was filled with joy.

    "Isn't that so, Xiu Xiu."

    "You quickly take off your veil and look, not only is the road closed, even the trees by the roadside are all tied with red ribbons."

    "This is fucking red for ten miles, huh?"

    "A princess getting married is nothing more than that."

    "Xiu Xiu, it seems like Wen Fei has put a lot of thought into his wedding with you this time."

    Chu Wenfei's hair lamented.

    And naturally, Tian Xiu Xiu could not hide her curiosity, when she immediately took off her veil and looked out through the car window.

    Sure enough, she saw the road in front of her, but it was actually open.

    Once the main road of the city was full of traffic, but it was empty.

    A large number of vehicles and crowds had been stopped on both sides of the road, and there were even traffic police on the scene to maintain the road.

    What was even more surprising to Tian Xiu Xiu was that the flowers and plants on the road were all in festive colors.

    Even on the public screens of skyscrapers in the distance, there were all kinds of beautiful and romantic poems flowing.

    In a split second, Tian Xiu Xiu was actually moved to tears.

    Her eyebrows and eyes were red, and she turned her head and directly threw herself into Chu Wenfei's arms.

    "Wenfei, these, are they all prepared by you for me?"

    Tian Xiu Xiu was moved to say.

    But actually, at this time, Chu Wenfei's inner tremor was not the least bit less than Tian Xiu Xiu's.

    Because, he damn well didn't know what was going on either.

    What road closure?

    What kind of traffic cop opens the road?

    What's "Ten Miles of Red Makeup"?

    He had no idea at all.

    "Could it be that my old man brought all this on himself just to have a surprise with me and Xiu Xiu?"

    Chu Wenfei's heart secretly speculated.

    However, Chu Wenfei had to wonder if his old man was capable of this.

    After all, the handiwork in front of him was not something that could be done with money.

    Just when Chu Wenfei was suspicious, Tian Xiu, who was touched, but hugged Chu Wenfei and kissed Chu Wenfei on the lips with a pretty blushing face.

    "Wenfei, thank you for surprising me."

    "But actually, you don't have to be so broke."

    "I don't care what the scene is, as long as you're true to me, that's enough."Although Tian Xiu Xiu said this on her lips, the joy in her heart was actually overflowing.

    There was no one who wasn't vain, no one who didn't desire glory.

    Especially women, who naturally wanted to be glorified like a princess on their wedding day.


    "Sooooo, it's the right thing to do."

    "I said that I would give you an unforgettable wedding."

    "I, Chu Wenfei, will keep my word, so naturally I won't break it."

    "What's more, this is just a small scene, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank."

    "Our Chu family, we lack everything, just not money."

    Being praised by his own woman like this, Chu Wenfei was also a bit floored.

    He didn't care if this handout wasn't a surprise from his own old man, just pretend to be right!

    Just like this, Chu Wenfei's wedding convoy, slowly moving forward, as far as the eye can see, is about to enter the Lake Shore Avenue.

    However, the traffic police at the intersection responsible for closing the road was a bit confused.

    "Old Yang, what's the situation?"

    "I thought Mr. Chu's motorcade was coming from the east?"

    "Why the fuck is this coming from the south?"

    "Could it be that it's a temporary change of course?"

    "Or is it that the convoy is not Mr. Chu's?"

    A few traffic cops on duty at the intersection were confused.

    They were instructed to block off Lake Shore Boulevard and then meet the wedding convoy coming from the east.

    But now, it was a change of heart, and they had to be confused.

    "There's no way it's not Mr. Chu's wedding convoy."

    "Look at these cars, the worst of them are million dollar luxury cars."

    "Where would a normal person be able to afford such a convoy?"

    "It's only Mr. Chu, who has such financial resources."A colleague beside him said.

    But traffic cop Old Yang shook his head.

    "Just to be on the safe side, it's better to stop and ask."

    "There are quite a few people getting married today, in case we welcome the wrong convoy, it will be a big embarrassment."

    Out of caution, traffic cop Lao Yang decided to stop the head car and ask about it.



    "Commander-in-Chief, Master Wei Qing is a famous strong man in Thailand."

    "From the South Asian boxing champion!"

    "That all over, it's a solid and genuine kung fu, never to be compared to some nameless rat."

    "Just one punch from Master Wei Qing, let alone a small sandbag, a bull here would be able to be blown up by Master Wei Qing's punch!"

    Being praised by Wu Yang like this, Lin Qinghe was undoubtedly also full of smiles and only felt light on his face.

    As he said this, Lin Qinghe raised his chin high and looked towards Ye Fan with eyes full of disdain.

    He had thought that he would see Ye Fan's shocked and chilled appearance.

    However, he was disappointed.

    He found that the young man, above his clear and beautiful face, was full of calm.It did not, therefore, ripple in the slightest.

    And, it seemed that he hadn't even looked over here from start to finish, just sitting there, his head bowed and sipping tea.

    "Pretentious brat!"

    "Not very old, but you can pretend?"

    "But there's a fart."

    "The Chief Instructor's position is already my brother Wei Qing's."

    Lin Qinghe smirked in his heart and quickly turned his gaze, away from Ye Fan, and continued to brag about Wei Qing.

    Hearing Wu Yang and the others' praise, the arrogance on Wei Qing's forehead was undoubtedly even more distinct.

    He turned around and looked at Wu Yang and the others, but he smiled proudly, "What's a cow?"

    "Muay Thai is the first of a hundred fists, and my fist can open a tablet, crack a stone, or destroy gold and jade without a word!"

    "And what about a bull in the area?"

    The low words quietly echoed.

    Suddenly, the entire room was filled with Wei Qing's sloshing words.

    Wu Yang and the others applauded and cheered at the sound!


    "Good point!"

    "I, Wuyang, have always thought that the Hundred Boxing Techniques are the most important of my Huaxia Boxing Techniques."

    "But now it seems that I, Wu Yang, was the one who was shallow."

    "So it turns out that Muay Thai is the first of the hundred fists."

    "After seeing it today, it really lives up to its name!"

    "To open a tablet and crack a stone and destroy gold and jade?"


    "Master Wei, you are truly a god too!"

    "This cup of wine, I, Wu Yang, toast you on behalf of the Jiangdong Military Region."

    "After today, you, Master Wei Qing, will be the Chief Instructor of my Jiangdong Military Region!"

    Wuyang laughed, naturally, Wuyang was heartily happy to have such a strong man under his command.

    In between laughing, Wu Yang even lifted his wine cup and was about to toast to Wei Qing.

    "Head of the Hundred Fists?"

    "Simply nonsense."

    However, just as Wu Yang, Lin Qinghe and the others were toasting Wei Qing with their wine glasses.

    Suddenly, a low drink, however, quietly came out.

    It was not loud, but it was undoubtedly very loud in this quiet room.

    In a split second, Wu Yang and the others were instantly shocked.

    All the people present turned their heads and looked towards the source of the sound.

    There was only a young man there, sitting quietly.

    He looked calm, and his clear and beautiful face was without joy or sorrow.

    He was still holding a cup of tea in his hand, and there was a dense fragrance of tea in front of him.

    After the words fell, he even lowered his head and gently took a sip on top of the tea cup.

    Throughout all of this, his gaze did not fall towards them.



    Seeing such a scene, Wu Yang and the others were undoubtedly instantly furious, their old faces were incomparably livid, as ugly as they wanted to be.

    It was just as well that this jerk was raving verbally, but the point was that he didn't even look at them.

    What did this mean?

    Could it be that in his eyes, they were not even qualified to make him look at them?

    Ye Fan's arrogance and hubris had undoubtedly shocked Wu Yang to the core!


    However, before Wu Yang could speak, Lin Qinghe, who was on the side, was the first to explode.

    He picked up the wine cup on the table and smashed it directly onto the floor with a bang.

    "What's going on ?"

    "Why hasn't this asshole gotten out of here yet?"

    "Didn't you hear what the Commander just said?"

    "Or are you both deaf?"

    "Get him out of here yet!"

    Lin Qinghe ignored Ye Fan and cursed at Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong instead.

    He was the second-in-command of the Jiangdong Military Region, and his rank was one level higher than Lu Tianhe and the others.

    Although he wasn't a direct leader, he was undoubtedly qualified to lecture Lu Tianhe and the others.

    But Fang Shaohong and the others were clearly not convinced by Lin Qinghe.

    Faced with Lin Qinghe's anger, Fang Shaohong frowned, "Commander Lin, it's best to speak with respect!"

    "I came to Jiangdong with Tianhe to supervise the construction of a special war team, not to be angry with you."

    "You~ You dare to contradict me?"Lin Qinghe was furious, his old face was ugly, and finally looked to the side at Wu Yang, "Commander Wu, see, which of these two are here to assist in the formation of a special war team, this is fucking two masters ah?"

    "And with a useless stunner."

    Lin Qinghe said angrily.

    Wu Yang was quite calm, and wasn't so disoriented as Lin Qinghe was.

    He suppressed the anger in his heart and looked somewhat unhappy as he looked at Ye Fan and asked coldly, "Young man, what did you mean by that just now?"

    Wu Yang's words were low, but anyone with discerning eyes could hear the monstrous anger that was suppressed beneath this Commander-in-Chief's seemingly calm tone.

    Especially Wu Yang's security guard, Little Liu, who had been following Wu Yang for many years, knew this Commander-in-Chief's temperament well.

    Little Liu knew very well that if this Ye Fan did not give Wu Yang a reasonable explanation, it would surely usher in Wu Yang's endless anger!

    So, in this situation, that guard, Little Liu, quickly moved to Ye Fan's side, pulled his sleeve, and gave him a non-stop wink at him.

    Showing Ye Fan to quickly bow his head and apologize, and forget about the big matter.You're a nobody, don't seek death ah.

    However, who would have thought that in the face of this guard Little Liu's kind advice, Ye Fan acted as if he had not heard of it.

    After taking a sip from his teacup and kissing it, he lifted his head and faintly returned, "Nothing, just literally."


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Brakes ah this is?"

    At that time, the guard, Little Liu, peed.

    He had never thought that the young man in front of him was so just.

    Nothing yet?

    Still literal?

    A brat, saying that in front of a military commander?

    What the hell does he want?

    You can't go against nature!

    "It's such a deathless thing."

    "Not worth pitying."Little Liu looked at Ye Fan and cursed in his heart.

    Lin Qinghe heard this, but gleefully laughed.


    "General Lu, is this the instructor you found for Commander Wu?"

    "Is this a strong man, this looks like just an idiot."

    Lin Qinghe laughed indiscriminately.

    But Ye Fan remained calm, facing the ridicule of the crowd, he faintly said back, "What?Is the man who is now truthful turned against you an idiot in your eyes?"

    "If you don't even dare to listen to the truth, you can only say that this Jiangdong Military District's 100,000 generals have been entrusted with wrongdoing."


    "The erector is arrogant!"

    "Someone, immediately expel this arrogant man from the military area.If there is resistance, execute him on the spot!!!"

    Hearing Ye Fan's great disrespectful words, Wu Yang and the others were undoubtedly instantly furious.Lin Qinghe even immediately ordered that Ye Fan be expelled from the military area.

    "Slow down."

    However, at this moment, Wei Qing, who had been silent, looked over with a pair of cloudy cold eyes.


"Master Wei Qing, please forgive me."

    "It's us who are illiterate and rammed into you."

    "You mustn't get angry, we'll expel this nameless young man, from the military area."

    "I, Wuyang, guarantee that similar things will never happen again."

    Wu Yang thought that Wei Qing was angry, and was suddenly filled with apologies, even smiling with him to appease him.

    However, to Wu Yang's surprise, Wei Qing didn't seem to have any intention of driving Ye Fan away, instead, he waved his hand and said in a deep voice, "There's no need to rush."

    "Let him speak!"

    "Exactly, I'd like to hear what this Mr. Chu, who has made the two generals hold him in such high esteem, has to say about it."

    "It's just a melon boy, what can he do with a high opinion?"

    "Master Wei Qing, we don't need to waste time on this person, I'll have him expelled."But Lin Qinghe snorted coldly and ordered people to expel Ye Fan again.

    "Hey?Words can't do that."

    "In the martial world, the strongest is the most important."

    "If we drive this Mr. Chu away just because of a few words from him.Let others know, and not to say that I, Wei Shi, am narrow-minded and intolerant?"

    Wei Qing said again.

    Few words, but it drew appreciation from the crowd, and Wu Yang's heart was undoubtedly more and more satisfied with Wei Qing.

    What is a master?

    This is the master!

    Broad-minded, with a tolerant heart.

    This master's demeanor alone was beyond the reach of incompetent juniors like Ye Fan!

    On the other hand, what was that Ye Fan, a bratty and untalented punk, other than arrogance and cockiness?

    Don't know the rules of etiquette.

    "That's it, and you want to be an instructor?"

    "I'm afraid it's not a mistake,"

    That guard on the side, Little Liu, snorted coldly in his heart.

    Compared to the two, Ye Fan's impression in the hearts of the crowd was undoubtedly even worse.


    "Since Master Wei Qing has said so, let's give him a chance for now."

    "Young man, speak up."

    "You just said that Grandmaster Wei Qing was talking nonsense, so tell me carefully, Grandmaster Wei Qing, where is it nonsense?Where's the gibberish?"

    Wu Yang and the others sat back in their seats once again, sipping their tea as they faintly asked to Ye Fan.

    Those eyes were filled with teasing and playfulness.

    After all, in the eyes of Wu Yang and the others, what Ye Fan had just said was nothing more than a trick to attract attention.

    They didn't think that Ye Fan could really say anything anymore.


    "Since you guys want to know, then I'll do as you wish!"Evan replied in a deep voice.


    "Fuck, how dare this jerk say that?"

    "And he's not afraid to humiliate himself?!"

    Hearing this, the guard, Little Liu, was immediately shocked.

    Wu Yang and the others were also a bit surprised.

    Lin Qinghe, however, sneered in his heart, "Self-defeating thing, let's see how you'll end up later."

    Lin Qinghe didn't think that Ye Fan could really say anything useful.

    Even if he did, I'm afraid it would be nonsense.

    Ignoring the questioning gazes of the crowd, Ye Fan lightly laughed and continued, "You ask me, where is he talking nonsense and where is he talking delusions?"

    "Actually, what I'm trying to say is that he's been babbling nonsense all along!"


    Ye Fan's words were astonishing.

    As soon as he spoke, he caused all of Wu Yang and the others to tremble, and the atmosphere in the room here all suddenly froze.

    "Mr. Chu, be careful what you say~"

    The corners of Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong's eyes also jumped.

    Obviously, the two of them did not expect that Ye Fan would mouth, such wild words?

    Even though the two of them were very uncomfortable with Lin Qinghe, they naturally didn't have much affection for Wei Qing who had been invited by Lin Qinghe.

    However, the other party was a guest after all!

    Also, that Wei Qing had been acting steady and polite.

    And as soon as Ye Fan came up, he said that people were talking nonsense all the way through.

    Isn't this a fucking slap on someone's face?

    It's not only a breach of etiquette, it's a disgrace to your image!

    However, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to Lu Tianhe and the others' persuasion.

    He lifted his teacup and took a sip, while continuing.

    "With that fist strength of his, he's just punching sandbags and fooling your group of rat-eyed people!"

    "As for opening the tablet and cracking the stone and destroying the gold and jade, it's even more of a joke."

    "To put it bluntly, this Grandmaster Wei Qing Wei is, at best, nothing more than a vapid and incompetent peasant!"

    Ye Fan's words were not shocking.

    A sentence of incompetent peasant, but even more like a thunderstorm, the faces of Wu Yang and the others, completely cold.

    However, before Wu Yang and the others could speak, Wei Qing, who had been posturing, finally couldn't sit still.

    He looked up abruptly, and his gloomy and cold voice, suddenly sounded, "Junior, you dare to insult me?Calling me an incompetent peasant?"

    Faced with Wei Qing's threat, Ye Fan was undaunted and continued to smile calmly, "I didn't just insult you, I insulted Muay Thai!"

    "You're a descendant of the Yellow Emperor and a native of China.You worship foreigners and pander to foreigners, and you have not only raised the aspirations of other countries and destroyed the prestige of your own country, but you also talk nonsense and have no shame in calling Muay Thai the first of a hundred fists, which is a travesty of the world!"

    "My Chinese civilization is five thousand years old, and my martial inheritance is even longer, and it is recognized as the world's holy land of martial arts."

    "Martial artists from all countries have no choice but to respect the martial arts of Huaxia!"

    "A thousand years ago, when the Chinese martial arts were flourishing, Muay Thai hadn't even been born yet?"

    "Compared to my Chinese martial art, that so-called Muay Thai, whether it's historical heritage or the power of the boxing technique, it's incomparable, and it's not even worthy of lifting a shoe!"


    The sound was like muffled thunder, echoing incessantly in the room.

    Ye Fan's words were like swords, his sentences were like swords.

    Every word, every sentence was like a slap fiercely inciting Wei Qing's face.

    Especially that last sentence, it was stone cold!

    Directly saying nothing about Wei Qing's lifelong practice of boxing.

    When they heard the end, it was Lu Tianhe and the others, who were all scared silly.

    "Mr. Chu, what are you playing at?"

    "Be careful what you say~"

    Fang Shaohong and Lu Tianhe were both about to pee.

    Ye Fan's words now were no longer a slap in the face, they were a complete kick to Wei Qing's face!

    Not giving the other party any face at all.

    However, it was not possible to blame Ye Fan.

    He had practiced the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book since he was a child, especially the Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi on which Ye Fan had made his name was condensed by the ancestors of the Chu family who had studied hundreds of boxing techniques and thousands of martial arts in the history of Huaxia!

    It could be said that it was the Chinese Martial Arts that had accomplished the Chu Clan and the Ye Fan of today.

    Now, someone has the audacity to openly belittle the Chinese martial arts, and even respects other countries' boxing methods as the first of a hundred?

    This undoubtedly touched a sensitive area of Ye Fan's heart!

    Today, if he didn't give Huaxia Martial Arts a proper name, he would be sorry for this skill.


    "You arrogant junior, how dare you dog?"

    "Grandmaster Wei Qing is a Muay Thai boxing master, who shakes South Asia and reigns supreme."

    "How can it be insulted by a junior like you?"

    "Still not quick enough to apologize to Master Wei Qing!"

    These words of Ye Fan undoubtedly frightened Lin Qinghe and the others as well.

    Nearly instantly, Lin Qinghe rose openly and cursed at Ye Fan with an iron face, asking Ye Fan to bow down and apologize to Wei Qing!



    Ye Fan smiled faintly at the sound of the news.

    "Even the South Asian Boxing Champion Horton, in front of me, is categorically not qualified to make me apologize."

    "Not to mention that he is just an incompetent peasant?"

    Ye Fan's contemptuous voice slowly rang out.

    The words were filled with contempt.


    However, as soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Wei Qing then exploded.

    The entire man, as if he was a mad dog whose tail had been stepped on, clapped his hands and scolded angrily, "Insolent!"

    "You arrogant little child, how dare you insult my master?"

    "You've got the nerve of a dog!"

    Finally, at this time, Wei Qing, after hearing that Ye Fan had insulted Boxing Champion Horton, he could no longer restrain his emotions.

    The entire man immediately rose up, and his deep angry voice echoed throughout the room.

    It must be known that Wei Qing's success today was all due to Champion Horton's teachings to him.

    Horton was not only a benefactor to him, but also a mentor to Wei Qing, and was the person that Wei Qing respected the most.

    How could he allow Ye Fan to insult him?

    In great anger, Wei Qing's gaze was as cold as a knife, and his mundane angry voice could not stop ringing.

    "Bastard, do you know who I, Master Huo, am?"

    "How dare you insult him, you ignorant rat?"

    "My master, Horton, studied martial arts at the age of eight and boxing at the age of ten."

    "At the age of twelve, he won the gold medal in the National Junior Boxing Championship, pulling out the top spot and becoming famous!"

    "At the age of fifteen, my master took lessons from the master of Muay Thai."

    "In only three years, his teacher was inferior to him!"

    "Back then, my master fought sixteen boxing matches in seven days and six nights without a single defeat, sweeping the Thai boxing world."

    "In the South Asian boxing world, respect him as the king!"

    "In the Thai martial arts world, serve it as a tiger!"

    "Such a martial titan, my mentor, and you, a yellow-tongued, fearless descendant, dare to insult him?"

    Wei Qing's words were eloquent and furious.

    Pride of spirit, ice cold eyes.

    With each sentence, he took a step forward.

    In the end, Wei Qing's kick was like a thunderbolt, and the green stone ground beneath his feet all cracked inch by inch.

    Cobweb-like cracks stretched out in all directions.

    It was monstrous, but it terrified everyone!

    Lin Qinghe was filled with fear, Wu Yang was even more trembling, and Lu Tianhe and the others were also pale with old faces.

    As for the guard, Little Liu, he was even more filled with admiration.

    It only felt that this Wei Qing, was truly a rare and superior person!

    Not only was his boxing skill outstanding, but he also respected his teachers and had a good character.

    Just now, when Ye Fan insulted him, Wei Qing was not as furious as he is now, which shows what kind of status the Champion Horton has in his heart?

    However, facing Wei Qing's wrath, Ye Fan was not afraid, his clear and elegant face was always calm as usual, even with an inexplicable smile on the corner of his mouth.

    Because, he discovered that this Wei Qing, was worthy of being a disciple of Boxing King Horton.

    This pretending technique was all exactly the same.

    In particular, those words just now were not even one sentence different from what Boxing King Horton had said to him when he was pretending to be in Jiang Hai, in the Sheng Tian Restaurant.

    Ye Fan reckoned that it should be that Horton had been putting those words on his lips for years, and this long time, even these disciples of his had memorized them.


    "What are you laughing at, you arrogant erector, and you've got the fucking nerve to laugh?"

    Wei Qing's entire body almost exploded with anger.

    He had thought that he would see Ye Fan's terrified and frightened face after saying this.

    However, what he didn't expect was that this bastard Ye Fan, who didn't know that a guilty apology was just fine, was even licking his face and laughing there.

    Where the hell did he get the face to laugh?

    However, in response to Wei Qing's anger, Ye Fan not only didn't have any restraint, but also calmly and comfortably lifted his teacup, took a sip, and indifferently said, "Didn't laugh at anything."

    "It's just that I suddenly remembered that there was also a person who acted like you in front of me at first."

    "The words are all the same."

    "But alas, that man's grave is probably three feet high now."

    "Oh, right."

    "I remember that guy, it seems like he also called himself the Muay Thai Champion."

    "The name seems to be, also, Horton."


    "Fuck me, I'll fuck it up!"

    "Braking bar this?"

    Ye Fan's words were like a boulder entering the sea, but they created huge waves in the hearts of everyone.

    The old faces of Lin Qinghe and the others immediately turned green.

    The guard, Xiao Liu, couldn't hold back, and even more directly cursed out.

    I thought to myself, I'm afraid this brat is not an idiot who only knows how to pretend to be a hero.

    Insulting Wei Qing was just fine, but now you're directly saying that his mentor is dead, and the grass is three feet high on his grave?

    It's playing with fire!

    He really wasn't afraid, to be killed by Wei Qing's punch?

    "Vertical, you're looking for death!"

    Sure enough, the moment Ye Fan said this, that Wei Qing's eyes, straight away, turned red.

    Blood red!

    Boxing Champion Horton, was the person Wei Qing respected the most in this life.

    In his heart, it was a near faith-like existence.

    His greatest goal was to become someone like his mentor Horton.

    But now, the existence he respected the most was insulted by Ye Fan like this.

    "How can I spare you?"

    Under great anger, Wei Qing's tiger body shook, and the table and chairs in front of him were directly shaken away.


    The long table crumbled, and the wine mixed with the plates and shattered.

    Then, Wei Qing's veins rose, and his fists stepped forward several steps in a row.Monstrous power swept from his waist without stopping, as if his entire body was like a bow full of power.

    Ten thousand kinds of power, condensed on the fists and palms.

    In a split second, there was a gust of wind in the room, blowing up Wei Qing's grey robes, all hunting and ringing.

    "Junior, didn't you say that I, the great Thai Fist, am not even worthy of giving you shoes?"

    "Then today, I'll give you a taste of my Muay Thai Fist's awesome power!"


    The gale roared and exploded with rage.

    Wei Qing's majestic fist swept the four directions, smashing straight towards the direction where Ye Fan was, furiously.

    Where had Wu Yang and the others ever seen such might?

    After seeing Wei Qing's monstrous fist power, the entire man became pale with fear and took several steps back, fearing that he would get close and be scourged.

    "It's over!"

    "That jerk is dead."

    "And deserved to die?"

    "Non self-inflicted death!"

    "Is it bad to be alive?"The guard, Little Liu, shook his head repeatedly and said under his breath.

    However, in the face of Wei Qing's compelling presence, Ye Fan was oblivious.

    He was still sitting there, holding a cup of tea, peacefully and comfortably sipping tea.

    That calm and indifferent appearance, just like a calm lake, but did not stir up any waves.

    The breeze from the house slowly sweeps through, blowing the tips of Ye Fan's hair on his forehead.

    Beneath the tip of his hair was Ye Fan's calm smile.

    Only when that fist strength reached his eyes did Ye Fan shake his head and smile.

    "Just, since you insist on seeking death, then I, Ye Fan, will do as you wish."

    "Just as well, let you see what is meant by, the head of a hundred fists!!!"

    The smile fell, and Ye Fan's brows and eyes, were steeply cold.

    Then, the crowd only saw that the young man here, looked astonished.

    Jade like palm, quietly extended.

    And then, curled into a fist and slammed down.


    A loud bang, as if, stone cold!


There was a loud boom.

    The crowd could just see a figure, as if it was a cannonball, flying straight out.

    With a bang, it smashed directly onto the high wall behind it.

    Hundreds of pounds of body, along the hard concrete wall, slid down to the ground just like this.

    A puff sound.

    Wei Qing's body trembled, and a mouthful of blood was then vomited on the ground.


    "My hand, my hand~"

    Wei Qing was lying on the ground, like a dog, holding his hand and moaning incessantly.

    At this time, the bone of his right hand, had been broken.

    The five fingers were hanging down like noodles.

    The white bones of Samson were exposed, and the red blood stained his entire arm.

    Dead silence!

    A dead silence.

    The entire room, for a moment, was silent.

    Only the cold wind sweeping through the place, and Wei Qing's painful moans, echoed.


    "This...How is this possible?"

    Lin Qinghe stayed where he was, a pair of old eyes staring at him.

    Those eyes, even closer to jumping out!

    He simply had trouble believing the scene before him.

    One punch!

    Just one punch!

    That the so-called Champ's student, Instructor Tiger Teeth, was just crippled?

    "Is this.... this strong?"

    Wu Yang was also muddled there, his entire body dumbfounded.

    Before, he had thought that this young man in front of him was just Lu Tianhe and the others pushing him out to make up the numbers.

    But now it seemed that the truth was a fierce blow to his old face!

    As for the guard, Little Liu, who had just been verbally abusive to Ye Fan, seeing such a scene, he was even already scared out of his wits.

    He thought that Wei Qing was bullish.

    But he didn't expect that Ye Fan, was even more bullish than him.


    "Knight...Awesome, huh?"

    "Tianhe, it looks like we've got the right person~"


    After a long tremor, Fang Shaohong laughed at the sight of the situation.

    Before this, Fang Shaohong hadn't seen Ye Fan skill.

    Before that, he had only been listening to what Lu Tianhe said.

    After seeing it today, it was indeed worthy of the name.

    While the crowd was trembling, Ye Fan was still calm.

    Throughout, he was sitting there, even though he had just thrown a punch, Ye Fan was also sitting.

    He didn't even stand up.

    Soon, Ye Fan withdrew his fist, picked up the teapot from the table, and poured himself a cup.

    After pouring the play, he held the teacup while looking at Wei Qing at his feet with a teasing gaze, "Master Wei Qing, how is it?"

    "Earlier I said that the first of a hundred fists, Muay Thai, is not even worthy of giving me a shoe."

    "Now is that convincing to you?"


    Ye Fan's voice was like muffled thunder, and his low words, which quietly exploded in the room, were deafening!

    Wei Qing had blood all over his hands and was lying on the ground.

    At this time, how wretched was he?

    A miserable appearance, where there was still the slightest hint of pride from before.

    Trembling all over, he was terrified in the face of Ye Fan's drink.

    After seeing Ye Fan's majesty, Wei Qing's guts had undoubtedly broken long ago.

    Lying on the ground, he couldn't stop begging for mercy: "Obey, I obey."

    "I'll ask you again, I've ruined your arm, ruined your reputation, and made you beg for mercy in fear, can you obey?"

    Ye Fan was condescending, sitting proudly.

    A pair of profound eyes, just like this, looked down on Wei Qing at his feet, just like a monarch, looking down on ants.

    A muddled voice, like rolling thunder, asked again in a stern voice.

    "Obey.Great Master's divine might, his fist skills are monstrous, it is I, Wei Qing, who have eyes but no knowledge of death, who have offended the real person ah."Wei Qing even cried and roared, his entire body was scared to the point of nearly pissing his pants.

    In the battle just now, the might of Ye Fan had undoubtedly caused Wei Qing's soul to nearly fly away.

    To this day, he still couldn't forget the split second that he had just fought against Ye Fan.

    The fear that his life was on the line made Wei Qing nearly desperate!

    Wei Qing knew very well that if Ye Fan hadn't withdrawn his hand at the last moment, otherwise, it wouldn't have been an arm, but his entire life that had just been crippled by that punch.

    It wasn't until that moment that Wei Qing understood that what was sitting in front of him at this moment was not some weak young man with no hands, but an insurmountable ten thousand high mountain.

    "I finally ask you, I said that you are talking nonsense, that you are an incompetent peer, that the Chinese martial arts are unmatched, are you convinced?"

    "I am convinced, I Wei Qing am convinced.After today, I no longer dare to call Muay Thai the number one of the hundred fists.I only beg Master, spare my life~"

    Wei Qing kneeled down and begged for mercy, snatching the ground with his head, his miserable cries echoing throughout the room.

    The entire person, it seemed, only had the instinct to survive left, where there was still half of a fist master's presence.

    At this point, only then did Ye Fan Fang smiled in satisfaction.

    Holding up the teacup, while tilting his head back, he drank it all!

    After finishing his drink, Ye Fan turned around abruptly and got up to leave.

    "Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu, you stay~"

    Seeing that Ye Fan was leaving, Wuyang, who was disdainful of Ye Fan just now, naturally could no longer stand and hurriedly chased after him.

    "Mr. Chu, please excuse me for being so slow just now."

    "As an apology, tonight, I, Wu Yang, will be the host.Take Mr. Chu, to the most luxurious hotel in Jiangdong, and personally host a banquet to apologize for my Jiangdong Military District's rudeness just now.At the same time, also for Mr. Chu, to catch the dust so as to welcome the trusted Chief Instructor of our Jiangdong Military Region."

    "I wonder if Mr. Chu, could you be so kind?"

    Wu Yang ran over and stopped in front of Ye Fan, saying with a smile on his face.

    "It's not necessary."

    "I'm just a nobody, humble and incompetent, but I can't afford to be so favored by the Commander?Nor is it worthy of this post of Chief Military Instructor."

    "I still have things to do, so I'll take my leave."

    Hearing Ye Fan's words full of ridicule, Wu Yang's old face reddened.

    He only felt ashamed in his heart, almost ashamed of himself.

    He wasn't an idiot, he could hear that Ye Fan was still angry at their previous laziness and contempt for him.

    But Wuyang didn't blame Ye Fan!

    After all, the fault was all his.

    In shame, Wu Yang, in order to retain talents like Ye Fan, had to bow down and apologize to Ye Fan, saying bitterly, "Mr. Chu, a thousand faults, it's all my fault."

    "It's me, Wuyang, who is shallow and also has eyes and doesn't know real people."

    "But please, Mr. Chu, be generous, don't be so generous with me."

    "And please Mr. Chu, for the sake of General Lu and the others, forgive us this time."

    "I, Jiangdong Military Region, truly invite you, to be the Chief Instructor of the Military Region!"

    Wu Yang was miserable and begging.

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong, both of them, also spoke out to persuade each other as much as they could.

    "Mr. Chu, since Commander Wu has already apologized, let's stay."

    "The International Special Forces Competition a few months later is a matter of national honor."

    "The military district needs you, and Warsaw needs you even more?"

    However, in the face of the crowd begging each other, Ye Fan seemed as if he hadn't heard.

    He only coldly replied back, "Some things, once missed, then they can never be recovered."

    After saying that, Ye Fan sailed away.

    Only Wuyang and the others behind him were left behind, filled with remorse.

    "General Lu, why don't you guys go persuade him again?"At this time, the guard, Little Liu, suddenly made a suggestion.

    However, as soon as his voice trailed off, Lu Tianhe smacked him in the face.

    "Bastard, you were the one who scolded Mr. Chu the most just now."

    "Forcing Mr. Chu away, you also have a share of responsibility!"

    "Waiting to be disciplined you!"


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