Super Son-in-law 471-475


Chapter 471

"What? is that possible?"The combat sequence that had just talked to Shen Yutong was horrified to the extreme in his heart and stammered with his mouth wide open.

"Impossible, the medicine we mixed for big brother, he won't wake up until noon tomorrow ah? brother is in this state to force himself to wake up ah?"The other combat sequence said.

Shen Yutong, upon seeing Lin Hao, who was standing up to force himself to wake up even though he wasn't completely awake at the moment, trembled all over, and a tear slid down in the corner of his eye... How much obsession should there be? How much love should Lin Hao have in his heart for Shen Xiyan, and that's why he would forcefully interrupt the repair of his body's functions and forcefully wake up....

Inside the restoration room, Lin Hao was still desperately trying to open his eyes, puff puff puff... In the next moment, those wounds on his body suddenly burst out in a puff of blood mist, it was the newly healed wounds being torn apart again, this was Lin Hao deliberately using his own momentum to shake the wounds open, because only then could he forcefully wake up with the help of the severe pain.

"Ah..." screamed Shen Yutong as she saw the mist of blood spraying out of Lin Hao's body before she finally understood how heavy Lin Hao's wounds were.

Buzz... The next moment Lin Hao suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes had a monstrous killing machine, his face was incomparably pale because he had forcefully awakened, er serviced love zero land whisk but at this moment he was awake.

"Siyan..." murmured Lin Hao, and then he stumbled, somewhat unsteadily almost falling down among the medicinal pools again, but he was forcibly stabilized by himself.Lin Hao lifted his feet out of the medicine pool, and put on his clothes, the white shirt, and even a trace of blood stained, but Lin Hao did not care at all.It was directly draped over his body.

Lin Hao walked out of the restoration room, walked up to Shen Yutong, frowned and asked, "What you just said, I heard, thank you, thank you for daring to come...", Lin Hao gave a sincere thank you to Shen Yutong.

Shen Yutong looked at Lin Hao with tears streaming down her face, incomparably distressed, and wanted to reach out to wipe away the blood from the corners of Lin Hao's mouth, but she suddenly remembered the difference between her and Lin Hao's identities.

Shen Yutong tried not to think too much and hurriedly said to Lin Hao, "Right Lin Hao, it was Gong Jun who told me to look for you, he said that only you can save Xi Yan, Lin Hao now the people from the Gong family and the Leng family are afraid that they have already gone to catch Xi Yan, what should we do now ah, what should we do?"

Lin Hao took a deep breath, a monstrous murderous intent in his eyes, and his mouth slowly spat out two words, "Kill!" Remember the URL

At this moment Lin Hao he couldn't even suppress the killing intent in his body, this time it was his miscalculation, he never expected the Gong family and the Leng family to be so fast!They're actually going to let Shen Siyan marry into the Gong family tomorrow, and those people are going to make a move on Shen Siyan tonight!Shen Xiyan's side had Night One leading many combat sequences for protection, so safety could be assured.It wasn't as dangerous as Shen Yutong said.It was just that Night One's people were all hiding in the dark according to his pre-consciousness orders, and Shen Yutong's people didn't know about it.

But the Gong family, daring to force Shen Xieyan like this, this had deeply crossed the bottom line in Lin Hao's heart, tonight the Gong family would surely bleed to death!Lin Hao was going to make tomorrow's Tianhai City free of the Gong Family, and he was going to wipe them out completely overnight!

Lin Hao put on his clothes and after talking to Shen Yutong, he went out.Shen Yutong was deeply shocked by Lin Hao's two words just now, and quickly grabbed Lin Hao's arm and asked anxiously, "Lin Hao, don't do anything stupid, the Gong family is a first-class family in Tianhai City, far from being able to compare with the Shen family in Nanjiang City, nor is it able to compare with your Jiuzhou Group, let's go to save Xi'an first, let's go to save Xi'an first, okay?"

Lin Hao looked deeply at Shen Yutong, but he didn't speak or explain to Shen Yutong.Instead, he continued to walk outside.The ten most powerful combat sequences in this secret base packed up their equipment and followed behind Lin Hao in a solemn manner.They were the top combat sequences!One can withstand an ordinary five or six!Every single one of them is a Special Forces King top assassin!

Ever since Lin Hao's accident in Tianhai half a month ago, the level of security around him had been raised to the highest by Night One, and ten of his most elite brothers had been sent to secretly protect Lin Hao at all times.

Lin Hao didn't explain to Shen Yutong, but Shen Yutong, who didn't know the real situation, was anxious, she was really afraid that Lin Hao would do something stupid after an impulse, then everything would be over.So she hurriedly continued to advise Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, calm down, you must calm down, if you kill the Gong family tonight, then everything that Xi Yan did, all the grievances that Xi Yan suffered all these days, will be all for nothing ah, you must calm down..."


"Lin Hao you listen to me, let's go save Xi Yan first, Xi Yan told you about the divorce yesterday, she didn't mean it, she truly loves you, she truly loves you ah, don't believe her words ah... you don't..." as Shen Yutong was saying, she suddenly realized that unknowingly, she had followed Lin Hao to the front door, and the next reason she stopped was because she saw a man standing outside the door at the moment, a handsome and dashing, tall, deep-eyed man wearing a black suit....

And the reason why Shen Yutong stopped talking was because she knew this man, or rather she didn't know this man, but had seen him on the online news, and this man was the most popular man in the entire Tianhai City in the past two days!The CEO of the Tianhai Group, Mo Tianji!!!!

Why is Mo Tianji here?What's his relationship with Lin Hao?Shen Yutong looked at Mo Tianji in confusion, then turned her head to look at Lin Hao, and the next scene that followed almost scared her to death.

She saw that Mo Tianji, who was standing in front of her, who was now a powerful and powerful figure in the Heavenly Sea, now bowed his head to Lin Hao with a respectful and fanatical face, "Mo Tianji pays his respects to Young Master!"

Boom... Shen Yutong felt like her head was completely inadequate, Mo Tianji had actually called Lin Hao a young master just now?Who the hell is Lin Hao?At this moment her mind had been turned upside down!

She, Shen Yutong, was also a figure in the topmost circles in Tianhai City, and in these two days, she naturally knew of Mo Tianji's terror, and she had also faintly received news that there was a taboo-like terror standing behind Mo Tianji!

She also knew that there was an absolutely terrifying existence that was going to descend on Tian Hai City in the last few days, and that the Tian Hai Group's recent series of actions, and even the recent series of changes in Tian Hai City, had a lot to do with that upcoming man!And the rumored entire Tian Hai Group, as well as the Tian Yao Group that was annexed by the Tian Hai Group in just two days, was the one that existed!

But she would never dare to imagine that the existence that had recently made the entire topmost circle of the Heavenly Sea, tremble with fear, would be Lin Hao!!!!

"Sky, meet the young master!"When Mo Tianji saw that Lin Hao was a bit dazed, he had to bow deeply to Lin Hao again!He had been guarding the vicinity since Lin Hao had fallen unconscious yesterday, and in his heart what was the Tian Hai Group, what was the Tian Yao Group.None of it was as important as Lin Hao's body!As long as Lin Hao is alive, those things can be retrieved at any time. If you want them, you'll take them, and if you don't, no one else dares to touch them!

This time Lin Hao had only slowed down, he was now awake, but there was still some sleep medication left in his body, causing his eyelids to still be a little dizzy.In the next moment, Lin Hao frowned a little and directly took out a dagger and stabbed himself in the arm.The intense pain kept Lin Hao's consciousness at its most lucid state.

In the next moment, Lin Hao nodded to Mo Tianji, "Mm, hard work..." One Second Remember to Read Books

"It is the honor of a lifetime for Tianji to follow and work for the young master, not to mention the hardship.So what are we going to do next, young master?"Mo Tianji looked at Lin Hao fervently, he, Mo Tianji, was also a hot-blooded man in his bones!

"You arrange it, before midnight tonight, I will have the Gong family completely annihilated!What you do is up to you. I just want to get the results of my work!You still have four and a half hours left..." said Lin Hao coldly to Mo Tianji.

Mo Tianji smiled confidently and said, "As you wish..."

Under the night, as in today's Hai Hai City, two of the most powerful and terrifying existences, decided the future of a first-class family in a few words, three words indeed!Two languages!

And now Shen Yutong, who was standing beside Lin Hao, was completely shocked and stupid, standing there with her mouth open....


In fact, she, Shen Yutong, had already guessed that Lin Hao was definitely not as simple as it seemed. After all, she had experienced a total of two life and death experiences with Lin Hao, especially the one in the Tianhai Sea more than half a month ago. The person who was chasing Lin Hao was definitely not an ordinary killer, and the five people who bravely died for Lin Hao on the highway were all proof that Lin Hao was not an ordinary person.

And a few days ago when Shen Yutong went to Nanjiang, at the ceremony where the president of the Kyushu Group took office, she actually felt something was wrong in her heart at that time, Admittedly the Kyushu Group was powerful, but that was only for Nanjiang City, and she, Shen Yutong, had been fighting all these years in the Heavenly Sea, and in the Heavenly Sea she had seen too many companies whose scale was not inferior to the Kyushu Group, but none of those bosses had ever been able to have the air of domination that Lin Hao had, nor were there so many brothers who had bravely died for them!

Until this moment, when the president of the Tianhai Group, Mo Tianji, respectfully and fervently worshipped before Lin Hao, Shen Yutong finally understood.She finally knew how terrifying Lin Hao's true identity should be.

And at this moment she likewise figured out why there was endless fear in Gong Jun's voice when he called her just now, and it turned out that the fear was not for the Gong family, but for Lin Hao!

At this moment she also understood why, no matter how much she tried to persuade her just now, Lin Hao didn't even move to explain it to her, instead going out to kill people!Yes, because he, Lin Hao, had that power, that monstrous power!!!!

Five minutes later, inside a car heading to the Gong family's base camp, Shen Yutong incomparably complex, incomparably shocked, looking at Lin Hao sitting beside her, this moment she knew, with Lin Hao in, Shen Xiyan will never encounter any trouble in her life, even if she does, but no matter how big the trouble is, in front of Lin Hao, it can also vanish with a snap of her fingers!

"Lin... Lin Hao...," Shen Yutong incomparably complicatedly called out to Lin Hao.She was now not worried about Shen Xieyan at all, but should be worried about the Gong family and the Leng family, but of course she wouldn't say anything nice for the Leng family and the Gong family.

"Eh?What's going on?"Lin Hao turned to look at Shen Yutong.

"Can you spare Gong Jun of the Gong family?He has no knowledge of this at all, he only came back to Tian Hai City last night and he was the one who called me just now to ask me to come find you... Gong Jun is very nice, can you leave him alone?"Shen Yutong gave Gong Jun an opening to plead for mercy.

"Gong Jun?"Lin Hao frowned, instinctively feeling that the name was somewhat familiar, he thought about it and finally remembered, when he had given Chen Shanshan's birthday party in Tianhai City half a year ago, Gong Jun had appeared once and had given Chen Shanshan a very delicate necklace.

"Young Master, Gong Jun is a member of the Gong Family, but he is not considered a member of the Gong Family, he was born from a branch of the Gong Family, he has been ostracized by young master Gong Wei since he was a child, and even left the Gong Family early after he grew up, all these years he has been out on his own, he is a talent, all these years Gong Haiyang has been trying to pull him back, but he has not agreed to it...... "Mo Tianji, who was sitting in the front row, turned to Lin Hao and explained. The first website

Lin Hao nodded his head and said to Shen Yutong, "Yes, but after tonight, the Gong Family must be destroyed in ashes!"

Shen Yutong shuddered as she listened to Lin Hao's words and nodded quickly, "Well, I'll plead for Gong Jun alone, it's not enough for the rest of the Gong family to die!And Lin Hao don't let them die too easily!Especially the one who followed Gong Haiyang to the Leng family banquet this morning and insulted Xi Yan!"

Shen Yutong said and searched out this morning's news on her phone and showed it to Lin Hao.

Boom... the killing machine on Lin Hao's body was released in the next moment, and it was as if the temperature in the entire car had dropped by several degrees... and the cell phone that was held in Lin Hao's hand was directly crushed by the screen...

...Dyeing, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love...

At eight o'clock in the evening, in the hall of the Gong family, Gong Haiyang was sitting on the throne with a smile on his face, and next to him sat Gong Zhaoshao with an excited face, and in the hall, besides the two of them, there were Gong Zhaoshao's parents, and some of the servants of the Gong family, Gong Zhaoshao was smiling happily, while Gong Zhaoshao's parents were in the villa with a group of servants to set up the scene for tomorrow's wedding....

Gongzhao's face was a disgusting red and white acne, her face was also pitted and disgusting, and Gongzhao was also born with a rabbit's mouth, and even though she had surgery, she hadn't gotten it completely right.And height is only 168, how can I describe it, an ugly word is no longer enough to describe Miyazhao, but also to add the word disgusting!

It's just that the uglier and more disgusting Gong Zhao is, the happier he, Gong Hai Yang, is, just because Leng Qiu Ya's daughter is about to marry such an ugly pervert, Gong Hai Yang's heart is now somewhat pressed to see Leng Qiu Ya's face after knowing that his daughter is married to such an ugly man....

"Uncle Big Uncle, will that Shen Xiyan really marry me as his wife tomorrow?You're not lying to me, she's so pretty, how could she be interested in me?Is she interested in my money?"Gongzhao smiled somewhat retardedly and said to Gong Haiyang.

Gong Haiyang raised his hand to silence Gongzhao's head, but just extended it or quickly put it back, because Gongzhao's greasy hair all over the head, it was really a little too disgusting.

But Gong Haiyang is still very happy smile to Gong Zhaizhao said: "Oh, uncle how would lie to the photo it, you tomorrow, do your new official son, Shen Xiyan will definitely marry you, news you did not read?Leng Changjiang has already agreed to it, so ah don't worry... hehe..."

"Oye, thank you uncle, thank you uncle, I thought I would never be able to marry a good wife in my life...thank you uncle" Gongzhao jumped up all happy.

Gong Haiyang was wanting to continue to say something when suddenly Gong Jun appeared at the door, face incomparably pale face full of cold sweat walked inside, Gong Jun came in, began to breathe heavily, he just got off the bus, is all the way running in.Gong Haiyang's villa in the deepest part of the Palace family, the car can not enter, he can only run inside.

Gong Haiyang saw Gong Jun, who was full of cold sweat and with a pale face, and he couldn't help but put a smile on his face and frown deeply, tomorrow was supposed to be a day of great joy for his Gong family, a day when the resentment he had accumulated in his heart for many years could also dissipate, but Gong Jun suddenly ran in with such a dead face, he instinctively felt very unhappy.

But after all, Gong Jun was the most outstanding contemporary descendant of the Gong Family, and was also a representative within the branch, and those old men of the branch were all very optimistic about Gong Jun.So even though he was the head of the Gong Family, he couldn't be too harsh on Gong Jun.So the next moment Gong Haiyang squeezed out another smile on his face, smiling at Gong Jun and asking, "Jun'er why are you in such a hurry?Come come quickly drink some water, and we'll talk about what's wrong when you've slowed down, you can rest for a while..."

Gong Jun gasped for air and subconsciously waved his hand at Gong Haiyang.As he was about to speak, he saw the disgusted-looking Gong Zhao standing beside Gong Haiyang, and then he saw the red ribbon hanging inside the villa with the word of joy or something....


Instantly Gong Jun's heart completely fell to the bottom, he incomparably despaired and said to Gong Haiyang, "Uncle, I just called you so many times, why didn't you answer?I called Gong Wei too, didn't he tell you?"

Gong Haiyang heart again more than a hint of discomfort, what do you mean you call me, I have to answer?You're a junior of a branch. Who do you think you are?But no matter how much Gong Haiyang thought about Gong Jun in his heart, he still didn't dare to show it on his face, but he was still smiling....

At this time, Gong Haiyang's son, the young master of the Gong family, Gong Wei, also walked in from outside.As soon as Gong Wei came in, he sneered at Gong Jun, "Oh, Brother Gong Jun are you questioning my father?Tomorrow is Miyazaki's wedding, and my father is so busy, do I have to be a busy man with a cell phone, calling you back?Heh..."

Gong Haiyang's heart was secretly happy, with his status, naturally he couldn't scold Gong Jun, but his own son could well, he had been upset after Gong Jun's rise in the branch over the years.On the one hand, he was jealous of Gong Jun's excellence, and on the other hand, he was angry at his own son's incompetence... But no matter what, Gong Wei was his own son, and no matter how excellent Gong Jun was, it had nothing to do with him....

Gong Haiyang superficially glared at Gong Wei and pretended to scold him, "What are you talking about!How can you talk to your brother!Go stand aside!"

Then Gong Haiyang smiled and said to Gong Jun, "Jun'er ah, you're in such a hurry, tell me, what's going on ah?Is something wrong?If you need uncle's help, just say so, don't hide it, what you can do uncle will definitely do it for you..."

Gong Jun, who was about to speak, was looking at the gesture of Gong Hai Yang Gong Wei, the father and son who had just acted in front of him.There was no interest in it anymore, perhaps it was good that this was the end of the Gong family.He hated to directly kill Gong Haiyang!

He Gong Jun is able to not care about the death or life of Gong Hai Yang Gong Jun Gong Zhao, these people they are their own death, can't blame others.But there were still many of his own family members inside the Gong family branch, people he cared about ah.He couldn't ignore them.

So Gong Jun is still holding the last shred of hope to Gong Hai Yang said, "Uncle, give up, it's still too late to turn back, give up and let Shen Xi Yan marry into the Gong family, give up, okay?"

The smile on Gong Haiyang's face narrowed at the news and his face instantly darkened, he narrowed his eyes at Gong Jun and said, "Gong Jun, do you know what you're talking about?"Gong Haiyang's voice had darkened.

Gong Jun nodded his head and looked at Gong Hai Yang as if he was looking at a dead man and said, "Heh... uncle, maybe it's too late for you to give up now, it's too late, ay..." Remember the

"Miyoshi!How the hell do you talk to my dad?Do you still have any respect?"Gong Wei was suddenly furious and shouted at Gong Jun.

"Brother Gong Jun, what the hell do you mean?You're not happy to see me with a beautiful wife?Have I messed with you already?"Gong Zhao's look towards Gong Jun had carried a hint of threat, in the past, with his identity as a trash, he naturally wouldn't dare to provoke Gong Jun, but now with Gong Hai Yang and Gong Wei backing him up, he had swelled up.

It was just that this time, Gong Wei and Gong Zhao were the wrong choice, because Gong Haiyang suddenly stood up with an incomparably heavy face.He was naturally upset with Gong Jun in his heart.But he also acknowledged Gong Jun's talent and ability!Gong Jun was suddenly so desperate to talk to him, he, as the head of the Gong family, wasn't really a fool, so he naturally sensed that something was wrong.

And right now in Gong Haiyang's eyes, Gong Jun was already sitting on the ground with a desperate face, cold sweat coming out of his body, his face pale to the extreme, this state of being was obviously scared, frightened!And what could have frightened Miyoshi to such an extent?So Gong Haiyang finally got serious at this moment....

"Gongzhao, if you don't want to be here, get the hell out of here!"When Gong Wei saw his father's stony face, he quickly snapped at Gong Zhao.

"You shut up!"Gong Haiyang fiercely turned to Gong Wei and shouted at him, frightening Gong Wei to the point where he dared not speak and looked at Gong Haiyang with a confused face, but Gong Haiyang was already ignoring him.

Gong Haiyang's face was incomparably heavy as he walked up to Gong Jun and asked in a deep voice, "Gong Jun, what happened?You're so scared?What the hell is too late?What's the problem with Shen's sorrow?"Gong Haiyang frowned deeply.

"Oh... hahaha... "Gong Jun suddenly laughed at this moment, only his laughter was filled with endless despair, along with monstrous fear, he looked at Gong Haiyang like he was looking at a dead man!The same said, "Shen Xiyan huh?Naturally she's fine, but do you know who her husband is?O uncle, do you know whose woman Shen Xiyan really is?"Gong Zhao said as he shook his head in utter despair at Gong Haiyang.

"Whose woman?Can't even my Gong Family's power be touched?Even within this great city of Heavenly Sea, how many women are there that my Gong Family cannot touch?"Gong Haiyang had a hint of pride and replied.

"Oh, then what if I say that Shen Xiyan is the woman behind the Tianhai Group?"Gong Jun stared at Gong Haiyang in utter fear and said....

"What?How is that possible?Isn't that bastard's husband Dye Yi Serving Sai Dye Land's love interest the same Lin Ho?That Lin Hao...wait, Lin...Lin...that man's last name is Lin!!!"Gong Haiyang said to himself, only for him to be shocked backwards by his own thoughts....

Gong Haiyang looked at Gong Jun with his last shred of hope, while Gong Jun nodded affirmatively to him in utter despair....

Boom... Gong Haiyang suddenly sat on the ground with his buttocks, his face even whiter than Gong Jun's, and at this moment, a great fear rose in his heart...


At the same time, in the direction of the main entrance of the Gu family villa, there was an asphalt road, both sides of the road are tall trees, and right now in this forest, the Gu family's security personnel are in a fierce battle with the Gong family's hundreds of people, only after all, this is Tianhai City, both sides did not dare to use too big heat weapons, but even so, the forest is also a mess, from time to time can be heard in extreme pain screams, desperate cries, as well as the sound of collapsing trees, and even the sound of explosions ... ...

Gu Nansheng's originally calm face, at this moment also added a haze and heaviness.The men and horses he had gathered were blocked by the Bai family's men and horses, and the Bai family completely blocked the road leading to Lu Yi Dye Ai Wu Pa Fei Di to the Gu family's base camp, so Gu Nan Sheng's reinforcements could not arrive at all.

"Gong Haiyang Leng Changjiang, if I don't die tonight, it will be you who will die the next day!"Gu Nansheng's heavy face had an icy cold killing intent that flashed by... In the end, he had gotten the news too late, and the Gong family and the Leng family had also completely torn some of the boundaries of their code of conduct, catching him by surprise, but even so, he had held out for more than half an hour, only now his men and horses were on the verge of not being able to hold on anymore .The Gong family had almost advanced near the gate....

Inside the underground chamber of the villa, Yue Gu was also in a hurry, the cold sweat on her face was constantly dropping, and the four bodyguards kept pointing their guns at the entrance of the underground chamber as if they were enemies.

The moment Yue Gu saw the four bodyguards start pointing their guns at the entrance, she was scared, because if the enemy really rushed in, then it would mean that Gu Nan Sheng who was sitting up there at the moment had been killed.

"Dad, don't ever be alright, don't ever be alright, before it was all my daughter's fault, it was all my daughter's ignorance, in the future, my daughter will be good and obedient to you, this time my daughter will absolutely not leave, just stay by your side, I will never be capricious again, Dad, you must be alright ah... "Gu Yue's anxious tears were about to fall.

Beside her, Shen Shiyan was still in a deep, drowsy sleep, and Wang Shufen on the other side also had a pale face.It was just that she was a country woman, how had she ever seen such a big battle, so she just kept her mouth shut and didn't say a word, afraid that her own opening would disturb Yue Gu, so she just silently prayed... prayed that nothing would ever happen....

In a quiet corner on the wooded side of the Gu villa, Night One's form stood there, quietly watching the battlefield in front of him....

"Instructor, the thousand combat sequences are all in position..." suddenly a combat sequence in black combat uniform came behind Night One and said solemnly to Night One.

Night One raised his hand and was about to make a decision when suddenly his cell phone vibrated, Night One flashed a hint of joy and quickly took out his cell phone because it was Lin Hao calling him....

Lin Hao, who was on his way to the Gong family's base camp at the moment, took his cell phone in the car and dialed Night One's number: "Night One, all the people and horses who go to the Gu family tonight, whether they are from the Gong family or the Leng family, remember!Leave no one behind!But don't let the Gu family know that you did it, hide your identity... I only give you ten minutes!" One second to remember to read the book

"Yes, big brother, make sure you complete the mission, it won't take ten minutes to clean up this trash, five minutes is enough..." said Night One with an icy voice.

"Mm... "Lin Hao nodded and hung up the phone.Then he looked up at Mo Tianji, who was sitting in the front row, and said, "Tianji, speed it up over there!None of the Gong family, except for the Gong Ming lineage, would be left...!Give me a purge of all the Gong family members outside the Gong villa!"Lin Hao's voice carried a monstrous murderous intent!

"Yes, Young Master!"Murky nodded, and then on the laptop in his lap, he tapped rapidly....


At night, on the road leading from Tianhai City to the Gong Family's main camp, three shiny black Rolls-Royces were speeding towards the Gong Family's main camp with an endlessly solemn intent....

And the moment Lin Hao gave the order announcing the death penalty for the Gong Family, suddenly blood burst out everywhere in Tianhai City where the Gong Family existed....

At the gate of the Gu villa, Night One, after receiving Lin Hao's order, suddenly the thousand combat sequences behind him, rushed out like a black lightning bolt, rushing towards the Gong family....

Puff puff puff puff puff... Everywhere that Night One's subordinates passed, the Palace Family's men and horses were without a single enemy, and a puff of blood mist sprayed out in the woods, but right now they had retreated behind the villa's gate, and right now they were all deeply shocked as they saw the scene in front of them.

One had to know that the people the Gong Family had sent over tonight had strong battle qualities, but right now, in front of the group of masked black-clothed men that had appeared, they were completely like hyenas, unable to even resist, and in just ten seconds, as much as half of the Gong Family's men and horses had already been killed....

"What?How is that possible?"Gu Nansheng, who was standing in the villa, watching the surveillance footage, stood up violently, with a strong look of shock on his face....

Gu Nansheng stared at the battle outside the villa's gates with a deadly stare, in just a minute, the people the Gong family had sent over tonight had all been annihilated, not a single one left!Gu Nan Sheng watched as cold sweat ran down his face.His heart was horrified to the extreme.

And the next moment as he was staring at the surveillance image with a deadly stare, a person with a mask suddenly appeared in that image, and that person looked deeply at him and nodded at him, and then that person gave an order, and suddenly thousands of combat sequences disappeared like an ebbing tide....

"What icy eyes!He...who was he?No this person I've seen at the Leng family banquet today, this look...this look... "Gu Nansheng instinctively felt that Night One's eyes looked familiar, but for a moment he couldn't think of it at all.Only the shock in his heart increased even more, in the Heavenly Sea, who on earth was so powerful that he could mobilize thousands of men and horses in a short period of time, and each one of them was not inferior to the captain of the guards beside him, who on earth was he?

Who is this person who is secretly helping him?Gu Nansheng frowned deeply at this moment....


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