Secret Identity 1141-1150


Chapter 1141

At this point in time.


      It was late at night, and Ye Chen and his wife were sleeping in their respective beds.

      At this time, Ye Chen's phone suddenly buzzed and vibrated twice.

      Worried that the phone had disturbed his wife's sleep, he hurriedly picked it up and then found that he had received two WeChats.

      It was already past 12 o'clock at night, he didn't know who would send a WeChat to him at this time, but he guessed that the one who could send a WeChat at this time must have something important.

      So he immediately unlocked his phone and found that the WeChat was from Hongwu.

      "Master Ye, something happened at Changbai Mountain, I'm at your doorstep with Wei Liang, I wonder if you have time to come out for a meeting?"

      Ye Chen's eyebrows furrowed.

      Something had even happened at Changbai Mountain, so that proved that the Wu family had hit on the Wei family's father and son again.

      So he lightly got up and went downstairs to the villa door.

      Hong Wu and Wei Liang, were standing at the door waiting respectfully.

      When Ye Chen saw how tense the two of them were, he asked, "What's happened?"

      Hong Wu spoke up, "More than half an hour ago, the Wu family sent people to Changbai Mountain, this time they came with a lot of people, 16 of them."

      Ye Chen nodded and asked, "Then what, just say the result."

      Hong Wu said respectfully, "They intended to snatch Wei family's father and son, the two sides had a gun battle, Wei Liang's men and I killed 15 of them, and one escaped."

      Ye Chen nodded and asked, "Did you lose any of your men?"

      Wei Liang said, "Master Ye, I lost three of my men and one of Master Five's men, adding up to a total of four."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "Not bad, overall it's a victory."

      Hong Wu nodded and said, "I feel that the Wu family will definitely not let up after two defeats, they may soon want to go all out against Changbai Mountain, Wei Liang and I have already started to raise our men and horses to head to Changbai Mountain in the near future, but I'm worried that the Wu family will send their imperial experts next time."

      Ye Chen frowned, "Imperial experts?"

      "Right!"Hong Wu said, "Rumor has it that there are eight heavenly kings under the Wu family's old man, all of whom are martial artists and incomparably strong!"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      Saying that, Hong Wu said, "Master Ye, it's still fine for our people to deal with ordinary people, but if we deal with martial arts experts, it might be a mantis, a dozen or so men don't matter, but I'm afraid of delaying you, Master Ye, if we let them save the Wei family and their son, Hong Wu can't take the blame!"

      Ye Chen knew that the big families all had captive super experts.

      In his own impression, the Ye family had many experts when he was small.Fastest Updated.

      The strength of these experts was far beyond normal people's perception.

      For a super family with assets of trillions of dollars, only the true top experts could protect them.

      So, Ye Chen asked him, "Hongwu, what do you have in mind?"

      Hong Wu even spoke up, "Master Ye, with all due respect, I have always felt that there is no need to let Wei Yongzheng and his son continue to live, your enemies are now using them as chips and are trying their best to win them over, rather than that, it would be better to kill the father and son and put an end to the aftermath forever!"


Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "If everything was solved by killing people, then the Wu family would have died out long ago, some people deserve to die and should be killed as soon as possible, such as the Beggar's gang; but some people would be meaningless to kill."

      Ye Chen said, smiled, and then said, "Think about Kobayashi Ichiro at your dog farm, you could actually have killed him a long time ago, but why should I keep him alive?It's because I think it's interesting for this person to be alive, there are more possibilities when he's alive, if he dies, a lot of things will lose a lot of fun, the same goes for the Wu family, the same goes for the Wei family."

      In Ye Chen's heart, all things in the world were complementary and mutually reinforcing.Updated fastest.

      Self kept Kobayashi Ichiro alive so that he could paired him with his brother Kobayashi Jiro.

      The reason why I kept the lives of Wei's father and son alive was so that they could paired up with Wei Liang.

      If Kobayashi Ichiro really died, he lost one of his best leverage if he wanted to check Kobayashi Jiro or even Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in the future.

      If Wei Liang's heart turned against his bones in the future, then he could use the Wei family's father and son to counterbalance him.

      This was the ancient art of emperors.

      A truly wise ruler would never truly trust a traitorous official, but he would never completely favor a loyal official either.

      However, the court must not be without a traitorous minister, for a traitorous minister is the key to checking and balancing a loyal minister.

      If a loyal official, without the checks and balances of a traitorous minister, then he would become increasingly arrogant and blind, and would gradually become a traitorous minister.

      That was why Ye Chen needed, different people with different people to check and balance each other.

      After all, the Ye family was a top big family, and the children of the Ye family had studied the Four Books and Five Classics, familiarized themselves with ancient history, and studied the arts of emperors since they were young, and these means were almost brought from their bones.

      Therefore, Ye Chen shook and said, "Killing Wei Yongzheng and his sons is the same as me being afraid of the Wu family, it's a sign of weakness, and I never show weakness."

      Saying that, he faintly said, "If I'm right, the Wu Family has probably already sent the Eight Heavenly Kings, and it's even possible that they are already on their way to Changbai Mountain."

      "Ah?!"Hong Wu and Wei Liang were both stunned.

      Wei Liang said in surprise, "They shouldn't be so fast, after all, they just lost fifteen men, they should need to retreat back for a period of rest and recuperation before making a comeback."

      "No!"Ye Chen said with certainty, "If Wu Donghai could mobilize martial artists, then he should have sent them long ago, so I guess the one who can really send martial artists would be the Wu family's old man!"

      "The older generation of entrepreneurs are still very powerful, Master Wu started from scratch, his ability, drive, and courage must be greatly superior to normal people, if he's in charge of everything behind the scenes, his means must be much higher than Wu Donghai!He will definitely launch a fatal attack when everyone else thought it was the least likely time to launch an attack."

      Saying that, he smiled calmly, "And the most unlikely time to launch an attack is just after failure, everyone thought he would definitely retreat back to recuperate, but he preferred to take the other party by surprise."

      Hong Wu exclaimed in alarm, "Master Ye, what do we do now?Should we send someone over there immediately overnight?"

      Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently, "If the other party is sending out martial artists, how many can go is not enough, it's just a death sentence."

      Hong Wu was shocked, "Master Ye, what should we do then?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "You don't have to worry about this matter, I have my own arrangements, after all, it's still quite a long distance to fly all the way from Suhang to Changbai Mountain, and there's still enough time to make preparations!"

      When Wei Liang heard Ye Chen say that, a trace of joy flashed in his eyes, and a heavy stone in his heart was considered to have fallen to the ground.

      So, he said gratefully, "It seems that Master Ye already has a plan in his chest!Wei Liang here, thank you Master Ye!"

      The one who was most afraid of Wei's father and son coming back was Wei Liang.

      He didn't want his hard-earned Wei's pharmaceuticals to be given away in the blink of an eye!


Ye Chen saw that Wei Liang was a bit nervous, so he smiled casually and changed the subject to ask, "By the way, how is your Wei's pharmaceutical side doing these days?"

      Wei Liang looked straight and reported, "Master Ye, the overall development of the pharmaceutical company has been quite stable lately, but it has encountered some obstacles in the development of new markets."

      "What kind of hindrances?"

      Ye Chen wondered, according to Wei's pharmaceutical strength, it should be said that it had few rivals in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

      However, new drug development, as long as a good prescription was found, it should not be a big problem.

      But if the prescription was bad, it would be meaningless for the pharmaceutical company to be as strong as it was.

      Wei Liang even replied, "Recently, Wei's Pharmaceutical invested heavily to develop a new Chinese patent medicine, its main effect is to expel evil and eliminate dampness, cool the blood and clear the heart Stomach Dispersion, targeting stomach symptoms such as stomach pain, stomach acid and dryness, all of which have good curative effects."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Stomach disease is also a disease that modern people are prone to, as far as I know, there shouldn't be too many stomach medicines made in China, besides Sanjiu Stomach Tai which is still somewhat famous, I haven't heard of any other famous patent medicine for stomach, in this case, you shouldn't be too much of a hindrance, right?"

      The company has been in the process of developing a new product for the market for a long time, and the company has been able to find a suitable solution to the problem, but I didn't expect it to be pre-empted by a foreign company.It was optimized on."

      Ye Chen frowned, "A foreign company?Plagiarize our ancient Chinese medicine formula?Don't all those companies focus on Western medicine?"

      Wei Liang shook his head and said, "It's not Western medicine, it's Kobayashi Pharmaceutical who got an ancient formula from our country and then developed a kind of Stomach Dispersion based on the ancient formula, the efficacy of this Stomach Dispersion is really stronger than our stomach medicine, so now the Stomach Dispersion market has been taken over by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, it's very unfavorable for us."

      He paused for a moment, then said with some frustration, "Not to mention anything else, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's level of developing our ancient Chinese medicine formula is truly superb, since the time of Kobayashi Masanao, they have been profiting from Chinese formula medicine all over the world, after all these years, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's foundation is too deep."

      "Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals?"When Ye Chen heard this, he frowned and asked, "Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical was so wounded before, but it's still so competitive now?"

      Wei Liang nodded and said with a sigh, "After all, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Asia, as long as they don't break any bones, they still have a strong competitive edge, and they have the best hardware labs as well as R&D team in Asia, that's why they were able to optimize a stomach dispersal based on the ancient formula."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, he didn't expect that Kobayashi Jiro really had two brushes, the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical had been screwed by himself for more than 10 billion, but he was able to turn around so quickly.

      At this time, Wei Liang also sighed, "This essence left behind by our ancestors, we ourselves failed to make good use of it, and in the end, we let foreigners plagiarize it away, it's really a pity."

      Ye Chen asked, "How much of an impact does Kobayashi Pharmaceutical have on you now?"

      Wei Liang said: "The single stomach medicine, the impact is very big, long-term view, Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical is now actively research and development of new drugs, I estimate that the future will step by step encroach on our development space, now Wei's pharmaceutical revenue has been greatly affected, before the investment in stomach medicine almost all the money floated, and then have to continue to research and development of new drugs, if the success of the said okay., and if it fails, it will be further into the mud."

      Saying that, Wei Liang said, "During this period of time, the World University Student Scatter Combat Tournament is about to start, and it will be held in our Jinling, this tournament is sponsored by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and the publicity is very big."

      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Then will Jiro Kobayashi come?"

      Wei Liang said, "I'm not sure about that yet, but it's said that the guest of honor for this final round is the top management of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, it's still unclear who it is, it could be Kobayashi Jiro."

      Ye Chen nodded lightly.


In fact, there were countless magical ancient medical prescriptions recorded in the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, and there were dozens of types of stomach medicine alone, and taking out any one of them would help Wei Liang completely crush Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

      However, pharmaceuticals were a very profitable industry, so he definitely couldn't help Wei Liang for free.

      So, he said to Wei Liang, "Wei Liang, I do have a few good recipes in my hand, produced, they are definitely best-selling miracle medicines, if I take a share in the recipe, how many shares are you willing to let me have?"

      Wei Liang said almost without hesitation: "Master Ye, Wei Liang can have today, all thanks to your achievements, the entire Wei's pharmaceutical is your master Ye, pharmaceutical your word, Wei Liang immediately surrendered!"

      Wei Liang's heart was also very clear.

      Without Ye Chen, he couldn't inherit Wei's Pharmaceuticals.

      Without Ye Chen, he wouldn't be able to hold onto Wei's Pharmaceuticals in case Wei's father and son returned.

      Therefore, he was willing to be completely dependent on Ye Chen, and even if he gave up Wei's Pharmaceutical, he must not give Wei's father and son a chance to turn over a new leaf.

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Let's say, if I give you a recipe that can be stronger than Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's Stomach Scatter, then you give me 80% of the shares of Wei's Pharmaceutical, and I will have a constant stream of good recipes for you, ensuring that Wei's Pharmaceutical will grow into a hundred billion dollar company in the future, and at that time, your personal assets, will exceed twenty billion."

      Wei's Pharmaceutical's current assets were around two to three billion, but they still had some debt, plus the recent poor management and overall decline again.

      If Ye Chen really could make Wei's Pharmaceuticals grow into a hundred billion dollar group in the future, Wei Liang would be able to multiply his assets even if it was only 10%.

      So for him, there was no reason for him to refuse.

      And he had already heard that Master Ye had refined a handful of magic pills, and if he came up with the recipe, it would surely sell well too!Fastest Update

      So, Wei Liang agreed without hesitation and said excitedly, "Thank you, Master Ye!Wei Liang has absolutely no second thoughts!"

      Ye Chen wasn't trying to take advantage of Wei Liang, it was just that the top prescriptions were so valuable!

      Like the male miracle drug Viagra, its parent company, has made hundreds of billions of dollars in profits because of this one drug.

      So, if you give it to him for nothing, you are simply brain-dead retarded.

      Win-win cooperation is the best solution.

      So, Ye Chen said to Wei Liang, "In that case, you can go back first, I'll have my lawyer go sign the contract with you tomorrow, and I'll also give you the prescription then."

      The fifth Hong on the side hurriedly asked, "Master Ye, what about the Wu family's side?"

      Ye Chen smiled calmly, "I have my own decisions, you don't have to worry!"


There were two solutions in front of Ye Chen at this moment.

      The first was to immediately find Tang Sihai himself and have Tang Sihai send experts from the Yanjing Ye family to Changbai Mountain to intercept him, the Ye family had many experts and should have no trouble dealing with the mere eight Heavenly Kings.

      Secondly, it was to immediately depart for Changbai Mountain himself and snipe the Eight Heavenly Kings at the foot of Changbai Mountain himself.

      After pondering for a few seconds, Ye Chen decided that it was better to take care of things on his own and personally go to Changbai Mountain to take care of the Eight Great Heavenly Kings.

      It had been some days since Ye Chen had obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, and his constant comprehension had caused him to increase in strength.

      At the same time, his body had been tempered by the aura, and was even more different from normal at this time.

      Not to mention that he had refined so many rejuvenation pills himself and relied on them to raise his body to a higher realm again.

      With Ye Chen's current strength, not to mention the Eight Heavenly Kings, even if they doubled, they wouldn't be Ye Chen's opponent.debut

      However, if you want to go to Changbai Mountain, you have to go as soon as possible.

      Because the Wu family's eight kings had probably already left.

      Suhang was a few hundred kilometers further south from Jinling, so that gave Ye Chen a little window of time.

      If he was efficient, it would be possible for him to get there before the Eight Heavenly Kings arrived at Changbai Mountain.

      So he immediately called Richard Chen and asked off the top of his head, "Can you arrange a plane for me, I want to leave for Changbai Mountain immediately."

      Richard Chen hurriedly said, "No problem, Young Master, there is our business jet at the Jinling Airport, and it is the Ye family's specially customized, fastest civilian business jet in the world, much faster than ordinary planes."

      Saying that, Richard Chen said, "The Ye family has always believed that timing is more important than anything else, so the Ye family's plane is faster than all the family's private planes!"

      "Great!"Ye Chen said with satisfaction, "You have the plane waiting at the airport ready for takeoff right now, and at the same time have your Shangri-La helicopter pick me up at Thompson right now, I want to head to the airport immediately."

      "No problem!"

      Chen Zekai said, and then hurriedly asked, "Young Master, do you need help on this trip to Changbai Mountain?If [PEN] is needed, I'll call the family."

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "Helpers won't be needed, do me another favor, prepare a helicopter to wait for me at the Changbai Mountain Airport, after getting off the plane, I want to use the fastest time to get to a village at the foot of the Changbai Mountain."

      "No problem!"Richard Chen immediately said, "I'll make arrangements, if there are no helicopters at Changbai Mountain, I'll immediately transfer over from somewhere else, and will definitely solve the problem before you arrive at Changbai Mountain, Young Master."


      When Ye Chen hung up the phone in satisfaction, Hongwu immediately said, "Master Ye, Hongwu is willing to travel with you!"

      Wei Liang at the side also arched his hand and said, "Master Ye, Wei Liang is also willing to go with you.

      Ye Chen thought about it briefly and said to the two of them, "Since you want to go, then come with me."

      These two were both deadly loyal and loyal to Ye Chen, and neither of them were willing to let Ye Chen travel to Changbai Mountain alone at a time like this.

      Ye Chen was also very clear that if he wanted the two of them to be even more die-hard towards him, he had to let them see his true strength.

      Especially Wei Liang, Ye Chen had to make sure that this person had absolutely no second thoughts about himself before he could feel confident in giving him the ultimate prescription from the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.

      So this time when we go to Changbai Mountain, we might as well let him follow and see his master's true strength!


      Soon, Richard Chen's helicopter flew to Thomson.

      Ye Chen and his three men boarded the helicopter and immediately went to the Jinling airport.


At this time, the Ye family's private plane deployed at the Jinling Airport was ready to take off at the end of the runway.

      As soon as Ye Chen boarded the plane, the plane would immediately take off.

      And this plane could send Ye Chen to Changbai Mountain in two hours.

      In comparison, that private plane of the Wu family would take at least three hours.

      And the Wu family didn't have the Ye family's kind of, nationwide or even global ability to mobilize resources simultaneously.

      It was believed that after the Eight Heavenly Kings arrived at Changbai Mountain, there couldn't be a helicopter waiting for them there, and the most the Wu family could do was to prepare an off-road vehicle to carry them to the foot of the mountain.

      According to Hong Wu, from the Changbai Mountain airport to the small village where the Wei family's father and son lived, the off-road vehicle would take at least two hours to drive without snow.

      If it snowed and the road conditions were bad, it would take more than three hours to get there.

      But a helicopter would be much faster, flying in a straight line and taking forty minutes.

      So Ye Chen still had plenty of time and could definitely arrive before the Eight Heavenly Kings.

      The helicopter stopped directly at the end of the airport runway, next to the Ye family's business jet.

      As soon as Ye Chen got off the helicopter, the cabin door of the business jet opened.

      What he did not expect was that it was Richard Chen who opened the door!

      Ye Chen looked at him in surprise and asked, "Why are you here?"

      Chen Zekai hurriedly said, "Young Master, I really don't trust you to go alone, in case you don't want me to follow, so I have no choice but to do this, please don't blame me."

      Ye Chen nodded gently, "You are already here, I can't drive you down, let's go, let the plane take off as soon as possible."

      Hong Wu already knew that Ye Chen was the young master of Chen Zekai, so he was not surprised by this, however, he knew very little about the Ye family, so every time he met Ye Chen, he would respectfully call Ye Chen as Master Ye, not Young Master Ye.

      Of course this was also related to Ye Chen's reluctance to reveal his identity, if he called him Young Master Ye, some people might be able to associate him with the Yanjing Ye family.

      But Wei Liang, who was on the side, was dumbfounded by the name Young Master.

      Chen Zekai was a smart man, and when he saw that the young master had brought Wei Liang, he knew that Wei Liang was already the young master's henchman.

      Moreover, since the young master was preparing to take him to Changbai Mountain, he must have been prepared to show his skills in front of him, so that there was no need to deliberately conceal his identity.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful doxology to read.

      Wei Liang was horrified at this moment, he knew who Chen Zekai was, so when Chen Zekai called the young master, he immediately guessed Ye Chen's identity.

      At this moment, he was shocked.

      Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that his benefactor, Grandmaster Ye, was not only a grandmaster with a mastery skill, but also the young master of the Ye family, the top family in Yanjing!

      It's already admirable to have superior strength, but I didn't think the family was even more illustrious!

      No wonder people say Master Ye is the real dragon on earth!

      With such power and background, it certainly deserves the four words True Dragon on Earth!

      Thinking of this, he immediately knelt down on one knee and said to Ye Chen with utmost respect, "Master Ye, you are the incomparably honorable young master of the Ye family, yet you are willing to fight injustice for me, fight for my dead mother, and fight for my family's property, great kindness Wei Liang will never forget!"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "Wei Liang, if you have a sense of gratitude and want to follow me to the death, I will definitely send you a splash of riches!"

      Saying that, he looked towards Hong Wu and smiled, "Hong Wu, the same goes for you."

      Hong Wu also immediately fell to his knees and said with utmost respect, "Young Master, the moment you saved me from the Wu family bodyguards back then, this life of Hong Wu was yours!"


The Ye family's official plane, slicing through the darkness, streaked towards the Changbai Mountains at an extremely high speed!

      The speed of this plane was indeed much faster than normal, even Ye Chen was not all that impressed, no wonder the Ye family was able to stand on top of the top families in Huaxia, from this detail of the plane alone, one could tell a thing or two.

      Arranging such a plane in an important city in the country ensured that the family could arrive one step ahead of others in the event of an emergency, and as long as they got a head start, they had the possibility of winning.

      Richard Chen told Ye Chen, "Young Master actually has a faster plane in the Ye family, but there is one and only one of these planes, and it's being stored at the Yanjing airport by the old master."

      "Oh?"Ye Chen curiously asked, "What's a faster plane than this?"

      "Right!"Richard Chen nodded and said, "I don't know if you've heard of the Concorde airliner.Many years ago, the French developed a supersonic airliner, a plane that can fly at twice the speed of sound and cruise at 2,150 kilometers per hour."

      Ye Chen was surprised and said, "I've heard of Concorde Technology, but hasn't this plane been retired long ago?"

      Richard Chen said, "The retirement was just a withdrawal from the public's attention, and that was because the plane, which flew too fast, was too expensive to fly, and the noise of the flight breaking through the sound barrier was too loud for ordinary people to consume.However, after it was retired, four of them, which were in the best condition, were bought by the world's top big families, and after they were bought, these planes have been receiving the best care and maintenance."

      Ye Chen couldn't help but marvel.

      I didn't expect that his grandfather still had such a large amount of money to buy a Concorde airliner specifically.

      But this could also show the extraordinary boldness of the older generation of entrepreneurs.

      Don't look at the fact that a Concorde might be extremely expensive, but with it, the old man could be two or three times faster than others at the most crucial moment.

      A normal business jet's flight speed per hour was at most eight or nine hundred kilometers, but a Concorde, could reach 2.5 times its speed!

      If there was a billion dollar order waiting to be signed in the U.S., and whoever could get it the fastest would be the only one to get it, then the Ye family must be the only one to get it.

      It takes eleven or twelve hours to fly someone else's plane, but this one only takes about five hours, which means he'll have signed the contract before anyone else gets there.


      Two hours later, the plane that Ye Chen was on had landed at Changbai Mountain Airport.

      At this time, on the side of the runway, a helicopter, was already waiting here.

      After Ye Chen got off the plane, he asked Chen Zekai, "Ask the airport for me if the Wu family's private jet has landed here."

      Chen Zekai hurriedly made a call with his cell phone, and a moment later, he said to Ye Chen with incomparable respect, "Young Master, you are really predictable, the airport tower has just received an application for an exclusive private jet, they will land here in an hour."

      Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, "An hour's time advantage is enough, let's go, let's go to the foot of Changbai Mountain to see the scenery!"

      He then stepped into the waiting helicopter.

      Chen Zekai, Hong Wu, and Wei Liang also boarded the aircraft.

      The helicopter immediately climbed up and headed towards the foot of the Changbai Mountain, flying fast.

      The time was four o'clock in the morning, and since it was winter, there was no sign that the sky was going to light up at this time.

      However, a delicate moon in the sky still clearly outlined the outline of the earth.

      The helicopter flew out of the airport and flew over the city, and right in front of it was the majestic Changbai Mountain.

      Under the moonlight, the outline of the mountain is particularly clear, and because the entire mountain range is white, it looks very beautiful under the moonlight.Fastest Update

      Forty minutes later, the helicopter landed a kilometer outside the village.


Hong Wu had been to Changbai Mountain once before, so he was somewhat familiar with the terrain here, he pointed to a snow covered mountain road next to the plane and said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, this is the only road into the mountain, if the Eight Heavenly Kings of the Wu Family don't take a helicopter, then this is the only way they can come over."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "In that case, we'll wait here for the rabbits.

      Hong Wu hurriedly said, "Young Master, should we call all of us here to help?"

      Ye Chen faintly spat out two words, "No need."

      Chen Zekai was somewhat worried about the young master's safety and couldn't help but say, "I also know about the Wu Family's Eight Heavenly Kings, and their strength is indeed not bad.You alone may not be a match for them, so it's prudent that we call some more people over to help!"

      Ye Chen waved his hand and said coldly, "Only the four of us are present and only the four of us know about today's incident, and if anyone besides us knows about it, they will be put to death!"

      The other three were all pale.

      They could hear the powerful pressure as well as the intense dominance from Ye Chen's words.

      It seemed that Ye Chen was going to leave all eight Heavenly Kings here today!


      At this time, the eight Heavenly Kings had just landed at the Changbai Mountain Airport.

      After the plane landed, the eight people came out of the plane and then went straight out of the airport through the normal passenger corridor.

      They weren't like Ye Chen, who didn't even go through the passenger passageway, but went straight from the runway in a helicopter.

      The main reason why they didn't have such treatment was because, the Wu family didn't have much influence here at all.

      The Wu family was a Jiangnan family, and although it was the so-called number one family in Jiangnan, it was still far from the true top family.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful doxology reading.

      Their strength mainly covered the southern part of the Yangtze River, and past the north of the Yangtze River, they had begun to decline.

      And the further north they went, the weaker their strength became, not to mention the Changbai Mountains so far to the north.

      However, although a top family like the Ye family was a Yanjing family, their strategy for development in the country, just like the United States' strategy for global development, had to achieve four words, comprehensive domination.

      The United States is global domination, and the Ye family, is national domination.

      For the Ye family, anywhere in the country is his home turf.Fastest Updated.

      If the Ye family wanted to, they could take out the Wu family at Suhang, at their home base, at any time.

      This was the manifestation of a top family's strength!

      At this time, the Eight Heavenly Kings, led by Fan Lin Yuan, saw two off-road vehicles, parked at the entrance of the airport after leaving the airport.

      These two SUVs were the temporary drivers arranged by the Wu family.

      The Wu family did not have any power here, and the 16 people they sent yesterday were renting 5 SUVs before they went to rescue the Wei family's father and son.

      And this time, the Wu family rented two more off-road vehicles from the Internet at a high price and let the Eight Heavenly Kings drive over personally.

      After picking up the cars, the Eight Heavenly Kings took two off-road vehicles and headed towards the mountain range.

      On the road, the head of the Eight Heavenly Kings, Fan Linyuan, sat in the passenger car, picked up the radio and said coldly: "Brothers, we still have to drive for more than two hours, everyone on the road to save your energy, when we arrive at the place, give me a big kill!Anyone who dares to stand in our way, kill without mercy!"


On the mountain road that stretched for dozens of kilometers, two off-road vehicles drove right next to each other.

      These two vehicles were also the only two vehicles on these dozens of kilometers of mountain road.

      It wasn't easy to drive in the snow, because as far as one could see, all the places the headlights could hit were white.

      The two men, father and son, were offended by him, so why did they send him to this shitty place?Now it's causing us to have to come here, it's really bad luck."

      The man driving the car said helplessly, "I asked around before I came here, and this kid surnamed Ye is a devil.Not only does he like to send people here to dig ginseng, but he also likes to send people to dig coal in the black coal kiln, and I heard that he even got the owner of a listed company to carry cement to a construction site before."

      "What's that?"Fan Linyuan said indifferently: "Have you forgotten how the Beggars died?A dozen people were welded to the car and sunk in the river, and their bodies have not been recovered to this day, do you know what fate awaits them?"

      The driver laughed, "What fate is there when people are dead?"

      Fan Linyuan said: "The river is full of fishes, shrimps and crabs, a car welded iron cage, sunk in the bottom of the river, there are more than a dozen corpses, these people sooner or later will be those fishes, shrimps and crabs eaten into bones, big fish eat meat, small fish eat skin, you all in the fish therapy shop to do small fish massage, right?That kind of fish will eat even the skin scraps clean, and it won't be long before they won't have even a trace of meat left on their bones."

      "I'll go!"A man in the back row took off, "No wonder the family is so intent on getting him killed, this kid is so evil!"

      Fan Lin Yuan said indifferently, "We should not take it lightly either, we must retreat from today's battle with our whole body."

      The driver spoke up and asked, "Senior brother, do you think there will be experts on Changbai Mountain?"

      "It shouldn't."Fan Lin Yuan said, "The people sent by Wu Donghai just came a few hours ago, and according to the only one who survived, the other party didn't have a close encounter with them, it was all gunfire.So I'm guessing that the other party shouldn't have any experts, just gun-toting bodyguards."

      "That's good."The driver smiled and said, "We are brothers, we have been practicing across the board since we were young, we can't say we are top experts, but we are by no means injured by ordinary bullets, it seems that tonight is just a dog slaughter battle, we can easily win and return to Suhang in triumph."

      Another man said, "If only that Ye Chen was here, we could be sure to kill him and go back to collect our reward from Master Wu!"

      Fan Lin Yuan smiled, "That Ye Chen should not be here, the Wu family investigated before, before we left, he was still in Jinling."

      Saying that, Fan Linyuan lamented, "It would be really good if he was here, mentioning his head to go back and return to Master Wu, Master Wu would have to give us a few hundred million less."

      The driver now said, "Right senior brother, since this Ye Chen is so evil, is that strange illness that the second son of the Wu family had some time ago, is it related to him?"

      Fan Lin Yuan shook his head, "It's hard to say, but it's not impossible."The first mobile phone to remember one second provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Saying that, he lamented, "That strange illness of the second gongzi is really unheard of, it's really bizarre that it hasn't been cured or alleviated in any way for such a long time."


      At this time, Ye Chen, who was on the mountain slope, was standing in the snow with his hands negative.

      Behind him, Chen Zekai, Hong Wu, and Wei Liang, had been shivering in the snow, their faces white and lips purple.

      Richard Chen rubbed his hands as he cursed his mother, "This damned Eight Heavenly Kings, they're too slow to come!I think it's going to be light in an hour!"

      Hong Wu looked at Ye Chen and asked with concern, "Young Master, aren't you cold in such little clothes?"

      Ye Chen shook his head slightly, the current him was already fearless of the cold.

      Not to mention standing here for an hour or two, even if he were to stand here for a month, he would definitely not get frostbite.


Wei Liang also froze his nose for a while to suck, when the four of them just arrived here, Ye Chen let the helicopter go first because he was worried about exposing his target, otherwise, he could still sit inside the helicopter for a while, at least he could block the bitter cold wind of this Changbai Mountain.

      After waiting for about ten more minutes, Ye Chen suddenly saw four pillars of light emitted from two cars on the winding mountain road.

      Richard Chen also saw the light and said nervously, "Young Master, it should be them coming!"

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "I'm falling asleep after waiting for them for so long."

      Hong Wu hurriedly pulled out a pistol from his waist and gritted his teeth, "Damn it, I'd like to see how awesome these Eight Heavenly Kings are today!"

      Ye Chen faintly said, "Hongwu, put the gun away, it's useless to them."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Hong Wu's entire body was startled, but after a moment, he figured it out again.

      He had seen some of the skills of the mystical world before, including Ye Chen, who was able to directly call for heavenly thunder, and it wouldn't be surprising if a martial artist with profound cultivation could block bullets.

      Zekai Chen asked at this time, "Young Master, what should we do later?If there's anything we can help with, just tell us."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "You guys don't need to help anything, just follow behind me and watch."

      Hong Wu was busy saying, "Young Master, simply you can just invoke a few heavenly thunderbolts later and split these eight Heavenly Kings directly into ashes, just like that Yu Jinghai."

      Ye Chen smiled, "I'm already feeling tired of always using thunder to strike people, since the people here today are martial artists, let's simply use force to cut through them.

      Richard Chen had never seen Ye Chen, the scene where he struck Yu Jinghai with thunder, but he had heard of it, slightly heard of it.

      However, he had always felt that it should be a coincidence, as he had never seen anyone who was able to call for heavenly thunder in his memory.

      Although the Ye family had known many mystics, they had never heard of anyone who had such a commanding ability.

      At this moment, seeing those two cars constantly circling up the winding mountain road and getting closer and closer, Ye Chen took the initiative to step forward to the center of the mountain road and to follow the direction of the descent.

      The remaining three people looked at each other and hurriedly followed.

      Fan Lin Yuan sat in the car was already drowsy, but the driving junior took a look at the navigation and said to him, "Senior brother we are almost there."

      Fan Linyuan hurriedly asked, "How much further?"

      They said, "The navigation shows less than five kilometres to go."Fastest update.

      Fan Lin Yuan stretched his back and cursed, "It's finally time, let's all cheer up, even if the enemy is weak, we can't take it lightly."

      One of his disciples immediately pulled out his walkie-talkie and spoke, "Everyone, cheer up, we're almost there!"

      The man in the back of the car replied over the intercom, "Roger, we've started warming up."

      The vehicle continued on, and the moment it rounded a bend, the driver suddenly saw a man standing in the middle of the road directly in front of where the light hit!

      The driver beside Fan Lin Yuan exclaimed in alarm, "Fuck, is that a person or a ghost?!"


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