Secret Identity 1151-1160


Chapter 1151

No wonder this driver was scared.

      You know they haven't even seen a single ghost on these miles of mountain road.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Suddenly seeing a person standing in the middle of the road in the middle of the night was really frightening.

      Fan Linyuan was also jaw-droppingly shocked, dumbfounded at the young man getting closer and closer to the middle of the road, and said offhandedly, "This ......This really is a person!"

      The man outside the car, in the middle of the road, looked very young and smiling, he was wearing thin clothes, his hands behind his back, his face relaxed and indifferent, incompatible with the freezing cold and snow-covered Long White Mountain around him.

      This person was Ye Chen!

      At this time, Richard Chen and the others were hiding in the shadows 10 meters behind Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen explained them, watch the show can be, but can not show up.

      The driver looked at Ye Chen at this time and said nervously, "Senior brother, standing someone here so late at night, it's very strange at a glance, it's not likely that it's specifically targeted at us, should we just drive over?"

      Fan Lin Yuan pondered a bit and immediately said, "This person dares to wait here alone for the eight of us, he must not be an idle person, there might be some trap waiting for us, we'd better stop and walk over to see what's going on!"

      At this time, Ye Chen was holding the Order of Stunning Thunder in his hand, his heart was calm.

      He dared to block the middle of the road, he wasn't afraid of the Eight Heavenly Kings driving over.

      This thunderstorm order can attract heavenly thunder at any time, if the eight heavenly kings do not get out of the car themselves face to face gong, head-on cutting, then he simply two heavenly thunder, split their car off the cliff, end the fight.

      Fortunately, Fan Lin Yuan did not take the enemy lightly, and the two cars slowly stopped at a distance of more than 10 meters from Ye Chen.

      After that, the eight Heavenly Kings all got off the car.

      Fan Linyuan strode at the front, sizing up Ye Chen through the car lights and said in a cold voice, "Kid, who are you?Just got in the way of my eight Heavenly Kings!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "My surname is Ye, Ye Chen, and the most famous door-to-door son-in-law in Jinling City is me."

      Fan Lin Yuan's heart was horrified!

      When we were talking about this Ye Chen in the car just now, we were still thinking that it would be good if Ye Chen was here, so we could kill him once and for all as well.

      But never in their wildest dreams did they think that he would actually appear here!

      And that seemed a little unreasonable.

      When he set out on his own, he was still in Jinling, so why did he arrive here even earlier than he did.

      It was unscientific no matter how you thought about it.

      However, he quickly put this question out of his mind, looked at Ye Chen, and asked in a cold voice, "Surnamed Ye, did you know we would be here?"

      "That's right."Ye Chen smiled calmly and spoke, "I thought the Eight Heavenly Kings were some great characters, but I didn't expect it to be eight old gentlemen, you eight combined should be 400 years old, right?"

      The eight of Fan Lin Yuan's senior brothers were indeed not young anymore, the youngest was already over 50 years old, so the eight of them together were properly over 400 years old.

      At this time, seeing that he and his brothers and sisters were so despised by Ye Chen, Fan Lin Yuan was very dissatisfied and said coldly: "Today, we didn't want to take your life, but we also wanted to keep you alive until another day when the eight of my brothers and sisters go to Jinling and personally take your head!I didn't expect that you'd go to heaven and barge in without a door!That's good, so we don't have to make another trip to Jinling ourselves."

      Ye Chen smiled, "To take my head?It's up to you to decide if you have the skills!"

      "Cut the crap!"Fan Lin Yuan snorted coldly and said, "Ye Chen, my Eight Heavenly Kings are not just a name for nothing, even though I have been traversing the rivers and lakes for dozens of years, I will let my youngest brother fight on behalf of the eight of us today!He is known as Iron Fist Li Yan Wang, and if you die under him, you will not lose anything in this life!"first issue

      After hearing this, Ye Chen smiled contemptuously and ridiculed, "Iron Fist Li Yan Wang?Very well, for him to die today at the hands of my earthly True Dragon Ye Chen is also a fate he has cultivated in several lifetimes!"

      At this time, a sturdy middle-aged man among the Eight Heavenly Kings burst out and walked to the front, pointing at Ye Chen and shouting angrily, "Mao-headed kid, you're also worthy of taking my life?Watch me hammer your dog's head off with my fist!"


Saying that, his feet were like raw wind and he quickly raced towards Ye Chen!

      That fist, bigger than a bowl, was now raised in front of him!

      He has been practicing boxing for decades, and his life's martial arts skills and efforts are concentrated in one pair of fists, which can smash even a stone tablet more than 10 cm thick.

      Ye Chen, however, had seen through his cultivation at a glance.

      It was just a reckless man with a harder fist!

      It's no different than an ant trying to shake a tree!

      So he didn't dodge or flinch, he just stood in front of Iron Fist Li Yan Wang with a chillingly faint smile.

      Iron Fist Li Yan Wang couldn't believe that this brat despised himself so much, he had rushed in front of him, ready to hammer his dog's head off with one punch, but he wasn't even afraid at all!

      That's self-deprecation!

      If that's the case, I'll give you a taste of what it'll cost you to despise your Grandpa Li!

      He had then rushed in front of Ye Chen and smashed his iron fist straight into his skull!

      Fan Lin Yuan was smiling at this time and said indifferently, "Eighth disciple is really lucky this time, picking up such a strange feat for nothing!I'm sure Master Wu will reward him heavily!"

      The other disciples all looked envious.

      In their opinion, the eighth junior brother had such a chance solely because of the big senior brother's success, and this kid surnamed Ye was so stupid, if he were himself, he could have killed him in one blow!

      Chen Zekai, Hong Wu and Wei Liang, who were hiding in the shadows, were now in cold sweat for Ye Chen.

      They didn't understand why Ye Chen didn't hide.

      But Ye Chen was the only one who knew that with the catty of this Li Yan King opposite him, there was absolutely no need for him to hide!

      With that thought, Yama Li's fist has brushed his face!

      Next thing you know, that fist is already close to your eyes!

      At the moment when Iron Fist Li Yan Wang thought that Ye Chen would die, Ye Chen suddenly pulled out a hand from behind his back, and his seemingly weak fist just gently met his iron fist.

      In the next moment, Iron Fist Li Yan Wang felt as if his fist had been hit by a hard armor-piercing shell!

      All I felt was a sharp pain, followed by the sound of bones cracking!

      Ye Chen's light punch not only directly unloaded all the strength of Iron Fist Li Yan Wang's fist, with incomparably powerful force, but also shook the opponent's right fist, right hand, right arm, to powder!first issue

      Iron Fist Li Yan Wang instantly let out a miserable howl before his entire body had flown backwards and plopped down into the snow!

      His seven senior brothers were now staring at him in stunned silence, only to see that his entire right arm had blurred flesh and blood, like a mass of rotten flesh that had been blasted by a 10,000-ton boulder.

      He was the Iron Fist Li Yan Wang!

      His fists could smash through even a hard, stubborn rock!Anyone's body was like a tofu under his fist, unbeatable.

      But why did his iron fist instead become tofu in front of Ye Chen's fist?

      Smashed to pieces by Ye Chen with a single punch!

      Which one of these two is the Iron Fist, anyway!


Seeing his younger brother's instant defeat, Fan Lin Yuan's entire body was struck by lightning!

      Although he was a bit stronger than his eighth junior brother, his fists were also much inferior to his eighth junior brother's iron fists.

      After all, he, the eighth junior brother, had gathered all his thoughts on his iron fist for decades, and had never met an opponent under the universal sky.

      But who would have thought that a young man in his 20s would smash his fist and his arm with a single punch ......

      How powerful, even pervertedly powerful, was this!

      Fan Lin Yuan was horrified!

      It seemed that this Ye Chen was truly no ordinary person!

      And today, the eight of us have to fight a great battle!

      Richard Chen and others were also shocked to see it!

      The three of them had never dreamed that Ye Chen's strength would be so strong that he would be such a pervert!

      The other party was also a respectable figure, even if Ye Chen fought him for a dozen rounds before defeating him, it was still plausible.

      But Ye Chen was so unreasonable that he smashed Iron Fist's fist with one direct move!

      It's pretty obvious. You're Iron Fist, so I'm going to smash Iron Fist!

      Iron Fist Li Yan Wang was even more horrified when he was smashed over on the ground.

      He didn't expect that the most confident and powerful part of himself would be vulnerable in front of others.

      Seeing that his right arm had rotted into pulp, he knew in his heart that half of his power had been wasted.

      Decades of hard work had been discounted by fifty percent as soon as he came up, and Iron Fist Li Yan Wang's heart was in agony as he crawled towards Fan Lin Yuan with one arm and cried, "Big Brother, you must avenge me!"

      Fan Linyuan darkened his face and nodded gloomily.

      "Don't worry, eighth junior brother, your senior brothers will definitely avenge this for you!"

      Saying that, he said to the other six, "Brothers, this kid is really not bad!Since that's the case, we don't need to talk to him about the morality of the world, let's all go together!"

      When Ye Chen heard this, he laughed, "Just now I was saying that the Eight Heavenly Kings are not just a name that's not wasted, and that they've crossed dozens of rivers and lakes and don't win with many, but I didn't expect it to be just a fart remark!Had I known that, you eight old dogs might as well go together and give grandpa me a good fight too!"

      Fan Lin Yuan felt incomparably hot on his face and said in exasperation: "Surnamed Ye, don't you play any provocative tricks on me here?You can hurt my eighth junior brother, but definitely not the seven of my brothers, today I, Fan Lin Yuan, will ask you to leave this dog's life in Changbai Mountain!"

      Saying that, he then said coldly, "But don't worry, I will only leave your corpse at Changbai Mountain, and I will bring your head to Suhang to return to the Wu family's old man!If Master Wu took pity on you, he might give your head to your wife!"

      Ye Chen heard this and said coldly, "Fan Lin Yuan is it?Don't worry, today the eight of you will sleep here forever!But I won't take your head away, because an old hanger-on like you isn't worthy of me taking the head of a dog on your head!"

      "You've got a big mouth!"Fan Lin Yuan shouted angrily, "The eight of my brothers and sisters have never tasted defeat since the day they started, and have countless unjust souls on their hands, so I don't care if there's one more of you!"

      Ye Chen laughed and said indifferently, "Today, I will take revenge for the many unjust souls under your command!"

      Fan Linyuan clenched his teeth and coldly shouted, "Brothers, follow me and kill this brat, we will use his head to sacrifice the right arm of the eighth disciple!"

      As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the other six swarmed in with him!

      Ye Chen stood on the spot, his left hand behind him and his right hand in front of him, all the aura in his body was condensed in his right hand without revealing any traces at this moment.

      At this time, deep inside, he was already faintly excited, and the hot blood in his body had begun to boil.

      Ever since he had obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, Ye Chen had never encountered a truly powerful top expert.


Still in the occult, although he was somewhat accomplished, he couldn't actually carry himself a single move of the Thunderstruck Order.

      As for a hangman like Zhen Nan Shuang Sha, he was at most a roving bandit, not much of an expert at all.

      But these Eight Heavenly Kings were indeed still a bit interesting.

      Just a moment ago, Iron Fist Li Yan Wang's punch could really hammer his dog's head off if it hit Yu Jinghai.

      The Zhennan Twin Fiends would probably not be able to carry a single round in front of him.

      But even so, Iron Fist Li Yan King was still too weak in front of Ye Chen.

      Now that seven people were together, there was a little fighting power!

      At this point, Fan Lin Yuan was in the lead!

      His seven junior brothers, on the other hand, followed behind him.

      The seven of them had already set up a formation, ready to take Ye Chen's life.

      When Fan Lin Yuan arrived in front of Ye Chen, his body's strength came out from his dantian and gathered his hands, then he made a leap and charged towards Ye Chen with both palms!

      This Fan Lin Yuan is the best at palming!

      One of the best times in my life, I killed a crazy adult male elephant with one slap!

      This palm technique seemed to be soft, but it could contain incomparable strength, and was many times more advanced than fist.

      Whether it was in the world of martial artists or in martial arts novels, the palm technique was truly a top-notch mastery!

      Guo Jing has the Eighteen Palms of the Subjugating Dragon, Yang Chi has the Eclipsing Soul Palm, and the Free and Easy School has the Six Yang Palm of Tianshan.The fastest update mobile phone one second to remember to provide you with a wonderful\ fiction reading.

      In addition to this, there are the Xuanxuan Divine Palm, the Rulai Divine Palm, the Cold Ice Mian Palm, and the Bone Transforming Mian Palm.

      In martial arts novels, there are so many great techniques regarding palm, it is evident that the palm [PENCIL] method is the most profound and inscrutable lineage among martial artists!

      Fan Lin Yuan's palm technique was superb and very powerful, even if you looked at the entire Jiangnan, you couldn't find a single expert who could compete with Fan Lin Yuan.

      Plus, he had six junior brothers behind him, and was already prepared to kill Ye Chen with a single blow this time!

      However, who expected that Ye Chen was still at ease, unable to say anything.

      He stood here quietly without moving a muscle and leisurely said, "I appreciate your fearless spirit, but fierceness is one thing and strength is another!"

      Fan Lin Yuan's power is now at ten percent!It's like a cannonball that's already been fired, and the momentum is unstoppable!

      He could now conclude that even if Ye Chen was a martial arts expert, this palm strike would be enough to kill him half of his life!

      So he shouted coldly, "Boy!You want to die!Watch me ruin your entire meridians with a slap!"

      Just when Fan Lin Yuan's palm was less than half a meter away from him, Ye Chen's eyes narrowed and he casually took a step forward, saying lightly, "Fan Lin Yuan, you're good at palmistry, right?Then I'll let you try my palm technique!"

      Saying that, he turned his right hand into a fist into a palm with a full aura and wasted no time in meeting Fan Lin Yuan!

      Fan Lin Yuan's palm contained the momentum of a thousand armies and was unstoppable.

      However, when Ye Chen's soft palm ushered in, he suddenly felt as if he had hit Mount Tai with his palm!

      What he didn't know was that Ye Chen's palm was wrapped with an aura he had never heard of!

      Spiritual energy is the most refined, pure, virile, and even strongest force in the world!


How could Fan Linyuan know how much weight Ye Chen had!

      Seeing that the first half of Ye Chen was still immobile as a mountain, and the second half, just a soft palm strike, he thought that this brat was negligent and would definitely be hit hard by his own strike.

      However, the moment he really went palm to palm with Ye Chen, Fan Lin Yuan realized that his palm, not only didn't make Ye Chen retreat in the slightest, but rebounded back with a great force that instantly pulverized his right arm, too!

      He hadn't expected to end up like his eighth junior brother!

      Seeing that his right arm was already bloody, and he couldn't care less about the injury, because his own entire body had been bounced off by this tremendous force, falling backwards several meters!

      Fan Lin Yuan backed up rapidly as he used his legs to constantly try to stop in the snow.

      But the power of Ye Chen's slap was too great, so great that he couldn't support his legs at all and could only allow himself to keep retreating!

      The six disciples were shocked at what they saw!

      They were well aware of Big Brother's strength, and if they were to let him slap with ten percent of his power, even a top expert would have to be stern to be able to handle it.

      It was even likely that they would be in a mess because of Big Brother's palm strike.

      But who would have thought that Ye Chen, who was not slow and single-handed, would strike Big Brother, like a cannonball retreating repeatedly.

      One of them hurriedly blurted out, "Quick!Unload for Big Brother!"

      Only then did the other five come to their senses, and the six hurriedly stood in two rows behind Fan Linyuan, doing their best to lend him strength from behind!

      However, I didn't expect that the speed with which he backed up was comparable to a ten thousandth of a mile!first issue

      At this time, what his body was carrying was the aura of Ye Chen's palm strike!

      All of them had been shaken to the point of severe pain in their arms, and the seven came together to unload, but they all flew backwards a few meters like cannonballs and crashed to the ground!

      What was even more tragic was that three of them had actually smashed directly onto the body of their eighth disciple, Iron Fist Li Yan Wang!Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful dusk novels to read.

      The tremendous force directly smashed Iron Fist Li Yan Wang, spitting blood from his mouth!

      Ye Chen's aura was so powerful that Fan Lin Yuan bore the brunt of it at the front, and his entire body smashed heavily into the snow, like rotten mud, unable to move!

      "This ......How is this possible?!"

      Fan Lin Yuan stared incredulously at Ye Chen, his face aflame with horror!

      You know, he's a martial arts master from a reclusive clan, invincible throughout Jiangnan!

      If it wasn't for his friendship with the Wu family's old man, and the other party's heavy offer, with his great strength, why would he be willing to stick to this small pond in Jiangnan?

      He asked himself, he had seen too many opponents in his life, but he had never felt as powerless as he did now!

      Just a moment ago, he hadn't even been able to see exactly how the kid had made his move, and the man had been severely injured!

      To a martial artist, nothing was more important than the arm, especially the right arm.

      If the right arm is useless, the person is useless.

      What kind of expert are we talking about?It didn't exist.

      After all, Yang was only a character in martial arts, and in reality, he had never seen a one-armed expert.

      It was because, with one arm, the body was out of balance all the time, not to mention competing with others, even running would have an obvious weight imbalance, and a person's center of gravity, if he couldn't be right in the middle of his body, then how could he become an expert?


Ye Chen retreated seven people with a single palm, leaving the hearts of the eight Heavenly Kings in horror!

      What kind of power is able to achieve such unimaginable levels?

      Even the top experts in this world couldn't be this powerful!

      After all, the Eight Heavenly Kings weren't vegetarians, and if they, the brothers and sisters, worked together, they would have the effect of 1+1 over 2.

      But even so, the combined total of the Eight Great Heavenly Kings was only a punch or a palm from Ye Chen.

      Fan Lin Yuan climbed up with difficulty and spoke out, "Who the hell are you?Where do you study?Who is the teacher?"

      Ye Chen sneered, "I don't have a master, I follow myself, what, you're not convinced?"

      Fan Lin Yuan swallowed his saliva and couldn't hide his nervousness as he said, "Suit!I'll take it!I really do!Master Ye, you are the top expert in this world, I'm sure you must know that it's not easy for martial artists to cultivate, and I beg you to spare our dog's life for the sake of our brothers and sisters who know their mistakes."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Let me spare your life so soon?Why don't you guys just play by the rules?"

      Fan Lin Yuan said with difficulty, "I know that I am not as skilled as others, I don't want to struggle unnecessarily, I just ask Master Ye to give me a hand!"

      Ye Chen asked rhetorically, "You came here to kill me, but now you can't, so you beg me to be more generous, is the world so beautiful?That I am less capable than you, and will you agree if I plead with you, begging you not to kill me?"

      Fan Lin Yuan's expression was unsightly, he knew that Ye Chen could not let himself off so easily.

      So, he immediately knelt down and said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye!If you are willing to give me a high hand, the eight of my brothers and sisters, in this life, will regard you as one and listen to your orders alone!"

      Ye Chen smiled with a playful expression and looked at him and asked, "What?Now you're going down?Then how do you go back to Lord Wu's for a return order?"

      Fan Lin Yuan earnestly said, "As the saying goes, a good bird chooses a tree to perch on, and Lin Yuan knows in his heart that Master Ye has great supernatural powers, and is willing to give up the dark and follow Master Ye for the rest of his life!"

      Ye Chen nodded with an indifferent expression, he slowly stepped towards Fan Lin Yuan and the others, no one knew, what he was thinking about at this moment.

      Fan Lin Yuan saw him getting closer and closer, and nervously said to the few junior brothers, "Quick!Kneel to Master Ye!"

      Thus, the eight Heavenly Kings climbed up and kowtowed to Ye Chen.

      Even the Iron Fist Li Yan King, who had his right arm crippled, knelt down and kowtowed to the ground.

      Fan Lin Yuan, on the other hand, now retracted his left hand into his sleeve and held a dagger in his hand without revealing anything.

      This dagger's body was no more than a single dagger long, and reasonably speaking, it didn't have much killing power, especially for experts.

      However, this dagger of Fan Lin Yuan's had an unusual origin, not only did he quench the blade with a highly poisonous substance, but he also applied a small amount of, radioactive powder on the blade.

      This trace amount of radioactive powder, if not in contact, the radiation to a person is not great, but once this radioactive powder, the wound enters the flesh, then the flesh will not heal for a long time.first issue

      It was also the ultimate killing move that Fan Lin Yuan had been hiding for many years of his vanguard.

      Other than his fellow disciples, everyone else who had seen this dagger had already died!

      Ye Chen crippled his right arm, this revenge was not common.

      Therefore, it was impossible for him to bow down to Ye Chen!

      The reason for this is that he is young, and I guess he has no experience in the world, so I'm going to soften and stabilize him first, and then use the opportunity to sneak attack with my dirty tricks.Fastest Update

      Get a hit!


Although Ye Chen was young, Jue was not a flabbergasted young man.

      Fan Lin Yuan thought that he had coaxed him, but he was actually on guard against these eight people in front of him from start to finish.

      Because, to Ye Chen, he was not at all prepared to take in these eight people for himself.

      As for the reason, it was just a simple matter of not looking up to these people.

      With their strength like this, even if they really respected themselves, what could they do for themselves?

      It's nothing more than eight dogs with sharp teeth!

      For such a dog, he, Ye Chen, did not care.

      However, he still wore, a playful smile and walked up to the Eight Heavenly Kings.

      "You really want to worship me?"

      Fan Linyuan led the way, and the eight of them shouted in unison, "I am willing to bow down and worship Master Ye for the rest of my life!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and asked with a light smile, "If I don't let you worship, what will you do?"

      "This ......"

      Fan Lin Yuan and the others were dumbfounded, never dreaming that Ye Chen would give such an answer.

      "Not allowed to worship?So pretentious?"

      Fan Lin Yuan thought to himself, already ready to attack Ye Chen.

      So he kneeled forward and crawled all the way to Ye Chen's feet, worshipping at his feet with his head in his hands, choking on his mouth, "Master Ye, I have never served anyone in my life, and you are the only one that I admire from the bottom of my heart!Please be merciful and give Fan someone, and Fan's younger brothers, a chance to saddle up for you!Although our brothers and sisters are a hundred and eighty thousand miles behind you in strength, but in this common world, we can be considered among the experts, please don't be displeased, Master Ye."

      Ye Chen sneered, "Saddling up for me is not a test of strength, but of character, and those with poor character will never have any chance with me."

      Saying that, he looked towards Fan Lin Yuan and said coldly, "Look at you, you are born with thievish eyebrows and rat eyes, your teeth protruding outwards, your mouth and tongue are long, and your cheekbones are fleshless and sharp, at a glance, you are the most typical villainous face, accepting someone like you as my little brother, I don't want to fucking lose face ah?"

      Fan Lin Yuan didn't expect that he had kneeled down and kowtowed to Ye Chen, but this guy was mocking himself and being sarcastic, it was abominable!

      With that thought, when he saw Ye Chen's arrogant demeanor and his hands behind his back, he knew that his chance to kill in one blow had come!

      So he suddenly attacked Ye Chen, and his left hand revealed a black sharp dagger, running directly towards Ye Chen's legs.

      Ye Chen looked at him with a sneer on his face, and without any dodge, he stood there motionless and said, "Come, I'll stand here motionless and let you stab me!"

      Fan Lin Yuan didn't think that Ye Chen had already recognized him, let alone that this kid was so light-hearted that he wouldn't even dodge!

      If this blade is coated with poisonous or radioactive powder, you'll die if it sticks to your skin!

      It seems that this kid is inexperienced after all... What a shame to die!

      So with a sardonic smile, he said coldly, "Son of a bitch, crippling my right arm and calling my face a villain's face, I'll make you pay with your life today!"

      Saying that, the blade was already stabbing at Ye Chen!

      But something bizarre soon happened!

      He never dreamed that when his blade was less than a millimeter away from Ye Chen's leg, it was as if it had hit an invisible wall, and even though he used all his strength, he couldn't make the blade move forward even a fraction!Fastest Update

      "This ......What's going on here?!"


Fan Lin Yuan couldn't understand, Ye Chen obviously didn't reach out to stop himself, so why was he biasedly unable to stab him?

      What is the invisible force that stops you?!

      The martial artist he had trained to the utmost, but they had no idea what true prowess was!How could he know that there was a power in the world that could be transmitted without passing through the physical body, and that power was aura!

      It was like Yu Jinghai, although he was a master of mysticism and knew how to control parasites in Miao, he didn't know that there was another supernatural ability that could summon heavenly thunder.

      Therefore, it was never power that defeated a person, but arrogance!

      Fan Lin Yuan's arrogance in thinking that he had found Ye Chen's destiny and that he would be able to kill him in one blow was his arrogance!

      And now, he was going to pay for his arrogance!

      With only a sneer, Ye Chen lightly lifted his foot, and then he stepped on his left arm.

      Then, when Ye Chen's toe pushed slightly, Fan Lin Yuan's left arm was crushed right from the elbow, and his upper arm and small arm, only his clothes were connected.

      He howled in pain and hurriedly had to pull back, and with a little force, he tore his clothes to shreds!

      Then looking again, one was horrified to find that one's small arm and left hand were on the other side of Ye Chen's foot!

      Ye Chen looked at him and sneered, "Surnamed Fan, I really wasn't wrong, you're a person who was born with the face of a villain, keeping goods like you will only bring harm to the world!"

      Fan Linyuan was trembling with fear, his legs couldn't stop retreating backwards, but he knew in his heart that with his current situation, he had long since been unable to retreat.

      Retreat, where to retreat?You can't run, you can't drive, and you can't fly.

      Maybe if we let our own brothers defend us for a while, we might win a chance to escape!

      So he shouted, "All disciples, listen up!If we don't work together to kill this traitor, we'll all die here!I hope that all of you, brothers and sisters, will do your best and kill your way out!"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful doxology reading.

      The other seven looked like they were in awe when they heard this!

      They were also very clear that today's battle would be a battle of life and death.

      So the crowd climbed up and recklessly rushed towards Ye Chen.

      And at this time, Fan Lin Yuan continued to retreat, then turned around and fled!

      Ye Chen just happened to kick one person, whirled around to see Fan Lin Yuan trying to escape, grabbed one person in front of him with one hand and threw him hard in Fan Lin Yuan's direction!

      The one thrown out by Ye Chen was Fan Lin Yuan's third junior brother!

      He's been practicing Iron Head for years, his bald head is as hard as iron!

      At this time, his entire head was heading towards Fan Lin Yuan's back, and like a loaded cannonball, he instantly rushed out.

      Immediately afterwards, his iron head smashed on top of Fan Lin Yuan's back!

      With a mere crack, Fan Lin Yuan's spine was broken in two by the impact of the Third Brother's head!

      The moment Fan Linyuan fell to the ground, the lower half of his body was completely unconscious, and he used what was left of his left upper arm to turn over with great difficulty to look at the seven-vegetable Third Senior Brother, and exclaimed in astonishment and rage, "Third Senior Brother, you actually attacked me from behind!"

      Third Senior Brother hurriedly wailed, "Big Brother, I didn't try to sneak up on you, I was thrown over by that kid!"

      Saying that, he suddenly came back to his senses and asked out of anger, "Big Brother, didn't you tell us to go all out and kill our way out?Then why did you turn your back on us?Could it be that you're running away?!"


Fan Lin Yuan was dumbfounded by the third junior brother's question.

      It was true that he had to escape, but he did not expect to escape from such a situation.

      Not only had he not escaped, but he had been so severely injured!

      He looked at his third senior brother in agony and said out of his mouth, "Where was I trying to escape, I was just trying to kill a comeback for that surnamed Ye!"

      Third Senior Brother was no fool, he looked at Fan Lin Yuan angrily and roared, "Do you think I'm a fool?You don't have a fucking pair of hands, what are you going to kill back to the surname Ye with?!"

      Fan Lin Yuan was furious and scolded, "How are you talking to Big Brother?Do you want to rebel?"

      The third junior brother rushed up and bit his ear, cursing, "This big brother actually wants us to die for you and escape for ourselves, I'll be done with you from now on!"

      Fan Lin Yuan was bitten and screaming.

      But at this point, what kind of expert was that or what kind of expert was he?

      With both hands ruined and his lower limbs paralyzed, he was now a standard invalid.

      So at this time he was bitten by his third junior brother's ear, the pain was tearing his heart out but he was completely helpless.

      He could only roar hysterically, "Third, you bastard, hurry up and cut me loose, do you think I'm trying to run?I still want to leave a seed for the eight of us brothers and sisters, don't I?"

      The third junior brother asked angrily, "It's not right to leave seeds behind even if you're a loser with crippled arms!Can't I stay?"

      Fan Lin Yuan was bitten and screamed, cursing, "You bastard, who are you still talking about keeping now, do you think you can get away with keeping you?"

      Third Senior Brother raged, "How do you know I won't be able to escape?"

      At this moment, Ye Chen's cold voice came over, "You should listen to your big senior brother, your big senior brother is right, you can't run away from any of you."

      Only then did the third junior brother subconsciously let go of his mouth and looked up at Ye Chen.

      At this time, Ye Chen had already arrived in front of the two of them.

      And the other six people of the Eight Heavenly Kings all fell to the ground howling!

      It turned out that in that period of time when they were pinching each other, Ye Chen had already disabled the rest of their brothers and sisters one by one.

      Fan Lin Yuan was frightened and cried, "Master Ye, I'm already an invalid, please have mercy on me and spare my dog's life."

      Ye Chen laughed, "You just attacked me with the intention of taking my life, really now you are asking me to spare your life, am I so easy to bully?"

      Fan Lin Yuan wailed and said, "Master Ye, you are a true master, a true master would definitely not be ordinary with trash like me, if you see that I've reached this point, please hold your hand high and let me go!"first issue

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Fan Lin Yuan, ever since the moment your brothers and sisters boarded the plane coming to the Changbai Mountain, your destination in this lifetime has been determined."

      Saying that, he pointed at the snow-covered Changbai Mountain Range around him and said with a smile, "Don't you think that the Changbai Mountain is a feng shui treasure?Don't you think it's a blessing to be able to die here, to sleep here?"

      "No!I don't think so!"Fan Linyuan's eyes and nose were streaming with tears, "Master Ye, I haven't lived enough, I really don't want to die!If killing a molecule like me would dirty your noble hands, then please spare me!"

      Ye Chen laughed, "Of course I won't kill you with my own hands, because you don't deserve it."

      After saying that, Ye Chen looked around and sneered, "All eight of you are not worthy of me killing you with my own hands!"

      The eight Heavenly Kings were all horrified.

      Each of them asked themselves a question in their hearts: there was only one of them, but Ye Chen wasn't going to kill them himself, so what was Ye Chen going to do to them?

      In other words, how exactly did Ye Chen want them to die?

      Ye Chen stood in the center of the eight of them, raised his hand and shouted with his arms raised, "The Changbai Mountain is a divine and holy mountain, snowy and holy all year round, you eight filthy people, to die here is a blessing that you have cultivated in your eight lifetimes!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "And I, for one, am going to give you a holy funeral today!Let your filthy corpses sleep in the white, white snow!"

      Each of the eight Heavenly Kings were shivering in fear, they still didn't understand, still couldn't figure out how Ye Chen would kill them.

      Ye Chen then looked at everyone with compassion and said with a smile, "You are after all brothers and sisters, even if you did evil, you did it together, when you die you can die together, and you will have a companion on the way to the Yellow Springs!"


After saying that, he waved at the eight of you and smiled, "Your big brother is already unable to move, so it'll be hard for the rest of you to move closer to him, if you want to die together, then you can simply huddle together before you die, you can also disperse farther away if you don't want to die together, I'll give you a last minute to prepare."

      As soon as the Eight Heavenly Kings heard this, they despaired in their hearts, but at the same time, they really didn't want to, and they were alone on the Yellow Spring Road.Fastest Update

      So the earliest crippled Iron Fist, Li Yan Wang, struggled to his feet, dragging his heavily injured body, and slowly came to sit down in front of Fan Lin Yuan.

      The moment he sat down, he cried bitterly and said, "Big brother should have known that today you and I brothers eight, it would have been better not to enter the world ......"

      The others also crawled over with difficulty at this time.

      The eight of them hugged tightly into a ball, and the others had already forgiven Fan Lin Yuan for planning to escape on his own just now.

      Because apart from that moment just now, this big brother of theirs, had indeed taken care of them for so many years as well.

      What's more, today, the eight of the division brothers were all going to die here, what preconceptions were still left to let go of in the final moment?

      Seeing the eight of you hugging together, Ye Chen nodded and smiled, saying coldly, "Today, let the eight of you brothers, before that, see a true miracle!"

      Saying that, he held the Order of Striking Thunder with one hand to the sky!

      The thunderstruck order was stunned with a pale blue light throughout its body!

      At this moment, only Ye Chen could be heard shouting between this heaven and earth, "Thunder!Come!!!"

      A thunderclap came, and the night sky, which had been so clear, was suddenly filled with dark clouds!

      The thunder that only comes in summer actually rumbled loudly in this sub-zero night!

      Fan Linyuan and the others were trembling with fear!

      What kind of magical powers are these?You can draw thunder from one hand?

      Immediately afterwards, one to the sky, a giant flash of whip-like lightning, cracked down!

      Fan Lin Yuan shouted with all his might, "This person can actually summon Heavenly Lightning!This man is a god!This man is a god!"

      The words, the huge lightning bolt boomed, cloaked in the thick, year-round snow above the trail!

      Immediately afterwards, tons of snow began to rumble down from the top of the slope!

      It's an avalanche!

      Moreover, this avalanche was headed straight for Ye Chen and the Eight Heavenly Kings!

      The Eight Heavenly Kings were so frightened that they almost fainted, and Chen Zaiji, Hongwu, and Wei Liang, as well as the others, shouted, "Master Ye!Danger!"

      Ye Chen smiled calmly and said in a loud voice, "Listen carefully, I am the True Dragon Ye Chen on earth!Today, I use the purest things of heaven and earth to turn your bodies into filthy ones!In your next life, reincarnate as a good person!"

      As soon as the words fell, ten thousand tons of snow crashed down, instantly wrapping him, as well as the Eight Heavenly Kings and the two SUVs in it!

      With ten thousand tons of snow rushing to the valley in one breath, Chen Zhaichai and the other three looked horrified, and only after the avalanche was over did they look in the direction where Ye Chen had originally been.

      Where was there any mountain road?The rest is just a heavy snowpack!

      And the two SUVs, and everyone else, had completely disappeared!

      At this time, the dark clouds that had been dense because of Ye Chen had dispersed and the sky was white with a fish belly!

      It's dawn!

      The three of them shouted in panic, "Master Ye!Master Yeh!"

      At the break of dawn in the sky, the golden morning light in the east spread over the land, and the three of them suddenly saw, among the crumbling snow pile, a man with a golden light all over his body walking out!

      The man's figure was sturdy, his steps light, and his look as firm as God!

      It's Ye Chen, Master Ye!


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