Secret Identity 1131-1140


Chapter 1131

When Wu Donghai saw this video, his entire nose was crooked from anger.

      He did not expect that the process of the Xiao family's dry war at the hospital would be filmed.

      What he didn't expect even more was that this video was exposed after he announced his investment in the Xiao Group.

      This was clearly a deliberate attempt to disgust himself, just to wait until he openly invested in the Xiao Clan and then hit himself in the face!

      It's the steak that's the worst!

      This platform simply has a vendetta against itself!

      Last time, the phase of Liu Guang and his son was spread by this platform.

      There was no use in trying to go for PR myself, because this software had already been bought by the big Yanjing family.

      Last time, that damned brother-in-law of his, Xue Nanshan and his beggar's gang's total annihilation process, was also pushed by this software to everyone's knowledge.

      This time, this great human drama of the Xiao family was also pushed by this software.

      Isn't this a clear sign that they are against themselves?

      The point is that you've never provoked them before, so why should they catch you?

      The Wu family is now pitiful, the reputation of the Wu family has been ruined beyond repair, and as a result, they still don't let the Wu family, let alone themselves ......

      As it turned out, after this video started to be promoted, the whole country was scolding the Wu family.

      Because the Wu family had already done things to ruin their reputation, and now they are investing in the Xiao family, such a shameless family of hangers-on, it really is shameless to the family.

      Wu Dongfeng found his brother Wu Donghai and opened his mouth, "Brother, this family you found is really dirty, he has disgraced our Wu family, if I were to follow my words, we'd better kick them out and announce before it's too late that we have nothing to do with them."first post.

      Wu Donghai gently shook his head and said, "There's no point.Now that the wood is already in the right place, even if the Wu Family immediately announces the withdrawal of funds now, it is unlikely that there will be any improvement, after all, everyone is just looking at the jokes of the Xiao Family, a jumping clown, but our Wu Family, a big family, is the real target of ridicule by the entire country."

      Saying that, Wu Donghai sighed and added, "You also know that the matter of the Beggar's Gang has too much influence on our Wu Family, in comparison, this scandal of the Xiao Family is not even a mosquito bite, since the netizens want to scold, let them scold."

      Wu Dongfeng said with an angry expression, "I am of the opinion that this kind of hanging is really meaningless, it would be better to let them get out before it's too late."

      Wu Donghai asked him, "Even if we dump the Xiao family, will the Wu family's reputation be restored?Don't you forget that there are still many of us who need to unite, if we give up on the Xiao family at this time because of such a small matter, how will the others dare to work with us?What we need to do now is to stand firmly with the Xiao family, even if it's just for show, we need to let people know that our Wu family won't give up on our comrades, only then will people unite with us and deal with Ye Chen in unison."

      Wu Dongfeng finally understood his brother's good intentions and asked, "Big brother, what happened to the people we sent to Changbai Mountain last time?"

      Wu Donghai said in a cold voice, "They'll strike tonight and will definitely take back the Wei family's father and son, as well as kill all the people Ye Chen left over there!"



Late at night, at the foot of the Changbai Mountains.

      Wrapped in a thick deerskin jacket, Wei Changming dragged his elderly father, Wei Yongzheng, out of the deep mountains.

      Recently, the temperature in the Changbai Mountains had dropped very much, with the lowest nighttime lows reaching around -30 degrees.

      Normally, the two of them would be dead reluctant to go out, but because of a clear request, they had to go into the mountain to pick ginseng.

      Only if they could collect enough ginseng could they exchange it for food and medicine as well as kerosene and firewood for heating.

      After all, in such a cold day, the energy consumption for daily heating is very high, and it is difficult to pick up enough firewood just by collecting firewood, so they must rely on matching a certain amount of kerosene.The first thing you need to remember is that you can read a great \fiction on your mobile phone.

      The father and son ran into the mountain for a day and only picked up six or seven ginseng, which is only enough for them to get tomorrow's rations.

      Wei Yongzheng was tired and hungry, freezing his lips to purple.

      Although Wei Changming was in better health than him, he also felt the tremendous physical strain.

      Now that snow had begun to accumulate in the Changbai Mountains, it was very difficult to walk in the deep mountains, and it was very taxing on their physical strength, but the less ginseng they picked, the less they had to pick, which meant that each time they had to go deeper into the mountains than the last time.

      It was now midnight before they could return, and in a few days, they might have to live in the mountains at night.

      Wei Yongzheng reached out and grabbed a handful of snow, stuffed it into his mouth and cut it open, opening his cracked lips and said, "Son if this continues, I'm afraid I won't make it through this winter, after I die, you alone must be strong and say everything to survive, find a way to leave a post for our Wei family, there's a chance that I can kill my way back to Jinling and take back our Wei pharmaceuticals, that would be great."

      Wei Changming breathed heavily and consoled, "Dad, don't say that, although the conditions in Changbai Mountain are quite hard, but I feel that your body is a bit stronger than before after you came to Changbai Mountain."

      Said he could not help but sigh: "You used to just toss your body too poorly, the vitality was exhausted by you long ago, and also never exercise, walking are rarely, the body is worse than one day, now in Changbai Mountain every day into the mountain to pick ginseng, every day exercise so much, I see you this body hardened a lot, persevere I think you can definitely still live for a long time!"

      Wei Yong was sitting on his butt in the thick snow, he couldn't help but lament, "You're right, I really feel like my body is much stronger than before, I used to pant a lot when I walked a few steps, but now I can go into the mountains to pick ginseng for a day."

      At this point, he sighed and sobbed, "I blame my youth for not knowing how to cherish ah, I overspent my body early, you must take a lesson from now on ah, never follow my old path."

      Wei Changming also simply sat down beside him, using the strong flashlight in his hand to shine everywhere, the surrounding snow and trees, depressed and said: "I do want to follow your old path, but there is no chance ah, you see this broken deep forest, even the mother bear is hibernating, where can I find women to overspend body?"

      Wei Yongzheng couldn't help but smile.

      When it comes to women, this son of his can't really compare to himself.

      When he was young, that really was everywhere, and the women he had played with were probably more than he had ever seen.

      Thinking about it this way, this life hadn't been lived in vain.

      When Wei Changming thought of women, he couldn't help but sigh, "Speaking of women, that Xiao Weiwei of the Jinling Xiao family is quite nostalgic for me, I don't know if there's still a chance to go back in this life, I can go back, I must find her and fight three hundred rounds."

      Wei Yongzheng patted him on the shoulder, encouraging him and said, "I believe that we, father and son, will have the day to turn over a new leaf!"


Wei father and son, were dreaming of turning over a new leaf, when suddenly a harsh cold wind from the Changbai Mountains whipped up, blowing the two shivering.

      Wei Yongzheng exclaimed, "Damn, the wind in this hellhole is too harsh, a gust of wind blows me cold all over, let's hurry up and leave."

      "Good!"Wei Changming also felt a cold, piercing cold, quickly cringed, got up and patted the snow on his buttocks, and reached out to pull his father.

      It had to be said that father and son had grown much more affectionate than before during the time that they had been relying on each other in the Changbai Mountains.

      In the past, although Wei Yongzheng favored this eldest son, in fact, for a selfish person like him, it was difficult to really dig out his heart to be good to someone.

      So he was actually just average towards Wei Changming, better than Wei Liang.

      Wei Changming, has always been a dude, who thinks about spending every day playing with women, and is not very close to his father.

      This was also mainly because Wei Changming had often heard his mother instill in him when he was young that his father was a man who didn't care about his family and was out there raising women everywhere.

      This had made Wei Changming discontent with the old man since he was a child.

      However, at Changbai Mountain, father and son had to work together for survival, which also made them let go of their preconceptions about each other and become more and more dependent on each other.

      Everyone knows that they cannot lose each other in this environment.

      If they lost each other, the one remaining must not have the courage or the ability to continue living.

      From the foot of the mountain, father and son walked towards the light where the stars were in the distance.

      Where there was light was the village where they lived, and it was three or four miles from the foot of the mountain.

      As father and son were walking, Wei Changming said, "Dad, the village's hunter Li hunted a roe deer from the mountains yesterday, I heard that the meat of that roe deer is delicious, should we go to his house later to check it out?Find a chance to Shun him two pounds of roe meat!"first issue

      "Shun his flesh?"Wei Yongzheng sighed, "That guy surnamed Li is stingy, last time he hunted a big wild boar weighing over 500 pounds, I asked him for a cut of pig intestine and he wouldn't even give it to me, making me pay him."

      Saying that, Wei Yongzheng cursed, "Do you know what this Li hunter's name is?"

      Wei Changming shook his head: "Where do I go to know what his name is, just know that his surname is Li."

      Wei Yongzheng spat on the ground and said in a despicable manner, "Fuck, a hunter who can't read and write, name him Li Wenhao, I even asked him, still Wenhao?Will you write your own name?Guess what he said?"

      Wei Changming asked curiously, "What did you say?"

      Wei Yongzheng grinned, "He said he would just write a Li Wen, and he can't even write the word Haor."

      Wei Changming laughed and said, "Had I known, I would have taught him how to write a Haowen, taught him, and let him take two pounds of meat as tuition."

      Wei Yongzheng said, "And ask him for meat, because he won't give you even if he wants pork rinds."

      Wei Changming said, "I see it's cold now, and it's several dozen degrees below zero outside, the roe deer he fought have already let him slaughter, the meat is hanging in the courtyard frozen, stay over the fence later, steal him a bunch of back to taste the freshness, but also to supplement the nutrition."

      Once Wei Yongzheng heard this, he hurriedly said, "Then you quickly hide one of the ginseng you dug up today in your bosom, don't give it all to them, tomorrow we'll take this ginseng and cook the roe deer meat, it's sure to be a great complement."

      "OK, watch me!"

      With that, Wei Changming took out a ginseng and stuffed it into his underpants.

      The frozen ginseng went into his underwear, freezing him owlishly.

      Wei Yongzheng said with a disgusted face, "How can you stuff it in where?How the fuck else are we supposed to eat this?"

      Wei Changming said, "It's fine, just wash it a few more times, if you don't stuff it in your pants, you won't be able to hide it at all, they'll search you, it's not like you don't know."

      "Alright!"Wei Yongzheng said helplessly, "Then turn back and make sure to wash it a few more times ah, it's best to take boiling water to blanch it."

      Wei Changming waved his hand: "Oh dad you don't understand, if you take hot water to blanch this ginseng thing, then all the nutrients go into the water."


Wei Yongzheng could only nod his head, not sighing, "If only we could get two pounds of wine, take wine soaked ginseng, into the mountains with a cold drink, that guy, certainly beautiful!"

      Wei Changming said, "Widow Li seems to know how to make wine, I'll nag her about it some other day, maybe she has hidden wine at home."

      Father and son chatted while walking in the cold wind, and after more than half an hour, they arrived at the village entrance.

      They did not immediately return to their shabby mansion, but instead went to the village's Li hunting house in the dark.

      Although the foothills of the Changbai Mountains were poor, but everyone lived off the mountain, so there was no shortage of anything.

      In the past, the entire village used to go into the mountains to hunt.

      But now most of the young people have gone out to make a living, so there aren't many people hunting anymore.

      Li hunter is the only professional hunter in the entire village.

      If anyone in the village wanted to eat game anymore, they would take money or something else, but less into the prey for some meat back.

      Wei Changming had been gluttonous for his game for a long time, because he was poor every day, and it was not easy to eat his stomach, so how could he have anything extra to trade for meat.

      He was so hungry today, plus the fact that Orion Li had just hunted a roe deer yesterday, that he had to get some meat back to taste it.

      When he arrived at the outside wall of the house, Wei Changming pulled the wall and took a look inside, and sure enough, there was a piece of roe deer meat hanging in the yard.

      He then whispered to his father, Wei Yongzheng, "Get down and let me step on your shoulder to go up."

      Wei Yongzheng was really greedy too, so he quickly squatted down the corner, let Wei Changming step on it, and tumbled into the yard himself.

      Wei Changming quickly got his hands on it and stole a roe leg, hanging it from his waist as he climbed out.

      As soon as he climbed out, he said excitedly to his father, "This leg is more than ten pounds, enough for us to eat for a week."

      "Good, good!"Wei Yong Zheng was clapping his hands straight in excitement.

      It had been a few days since we had eaten meat, and this time there was so much, it was really going to be a good time.

      Father and son were about to walk back in excitement.

      Suddenly a dozen of masked men dressed in black rushed out from the shadows.

      What was even more frightening was that these dozen of men were all holding weapons, seven or eight were holding knives, and five or six were holding pistols.The first

      Father and son were scared and blinded, Wei Changming cried out, "Big brothers, we're just stealing some meat to eat, we don't need such a big battle, right?"

      Wei Yongzheng was also terrified and quickly said to him, "What are you waiting for?Hurry up and give the meat back."

      Wei Changming hurriedly threw the roe leg at his waist on the ground and begged for mercy, "Gentlemen, please also hold up your hands."

      The dozen people surrounded the father and son, and one of them took off, "Are you Wei Yongzheng and Wei Changming?"

      Wei Yong Zheng nodded his head blankly and asked, "What are the big brothers doing?"

      The man said coldly, "We were sent by the Suhang Wu family to free you and your father and son from leaving, the car is waiting at the village entrance, come with us now and we'll take you back to Jinling!"

      The father and son were stunned at this, and then they were shedding tears.

      These two looked at each other and cried together as they hugged each other.

      Never expected that they would still have the day to survive!

      Father and son then knelt down on the ground and cried as they made a bow, "Thank you all big brothers, thank you all for your great kindness, we, father and son, will never forget this life!"


The last time someone came to save the Wei family's father and son, they were taken care of before they even got close to the mansion of the Wei family.

      So Wei family's father and son didn't know either.

      Right now, the Su Hang Wu family was even thinking of rescuing them back.

      They were so excited that they immediately had to follow each other back to Jinling by car.

      As they headed to the village entrance, Wei Yong Zheng couldn't help but ask the man in black beside him, "This big brother, we don't have any friendship with the Suhang Wu family, so why would the Wu family want to save us?"

      The man said in a cold voice, "Our family, Mr. Wu, has a common enemy with you."

      "A common enemy?"Wei Yongzheng asked in alarm, "Who is it?"

      The man gritted his teeth and spat out two words, "Ye Chen!"

      Wei Yongzheng and Wei Changmington were in awe.

      So it was that bastard Ye Chen who had provoked the Suhang Wu family!

      That's the best family in Gangnam!

      Having provoked them, it seems that this Ye Chen is not far from death!

      But it was also fortunate that Ye Chen had messed with the Wu family, so the Wu family would save himself and his son from this shitty place in the Changbai Mountain.

      Thinking of this father and son were incomparably excited inside.

      The group arrived at the entrance of the village, where several off-road vehicles were already parked, with their engines still running, waiting for a quick evacuation.

      When a group of people were about to get into the car, they suddenly heard a thumping sound from the snow.

      Immediately afterwards, a black-clothed man beside Wei's father and son was shot and fell to the ground.

      Then, gunshots rang out!

      The people sent by the Wu family immediately started pulling out their pistols to fight with each other.

      There were gunshots and howls everywhere for a while!

      Since this place was located at the foot of the Changbai Mountains, far away from the city, it was almost pitch black at night here.

      When the sound of gunfire was loud, the surrounding area was full of tongues of fire one after another, which looked especially horrifying!Fastest Update

      When has this peaceful village ever had such a big battle?

      The villagers, under the gunfire, are afraid to go out in their homes, and the village dogs are barking.

      And this Shura in the village, people keep getting shot and falling down!

      Wu Donghai's men shouted, "Retreat, everyone, get in your cars, we're ambushed!"

      As soon as the words were out of my mouth, the bullets in the shadows were unleashed on the number of SUVs!

      The gun battle continues with each side suffering damage.

      But the Wu family was at a greater disadvantage, as they were in the open and the other side was in the dark.

      The Wei family's father and son were lying in the snow, watching more and more Wu family members fall around them, and they were panicking.

      Based on this situation, it looked like this group couldn't carry it for long.

      A few minutes later, almost all of the people sent by the Wu family were killed, except for one driver, who fled in a car in a panic, while the others all remained at the foot of the Changbai Mountain.


The Wu family had lost fifteen men, and Hongwu and Wei Liang's men, combined, had lost four men!

      Fortunately, Ye Chen had warned Hong Fifth and Wei Liang the previous day to strengthen their defenses, so both sides sent more men and horses to the Changbai Mountain, otherwise, today would not have been a match for these dozen people.

      The already frightened Wei family father and son were arrested from the snow.

      The one who had arrested them was Master Hong Fifth's little brother and the person in charge of the Changbai Mountain side, Zhao De Biao.

      With a black face, Zhao Debiao looked at the frightened father and son and said coldly, "Do you really think you can escape?"

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos of the children and their families.

      Zhao Debiao coldly snapped: "Less fucking play garlic with me, what's in your heart, I know no better, I tell you, as long as I Zhao Debiao is alive, you and your son will not be able to leave Changbai Mountain!"

      Wei Yongzheng nodded hurriedly and said respectfully, "Brother Debiao, it's also true that we didn't want to leave the Changbai Mountains, during this period of time, our father and son have developed a strong affection for the mountain, and I'm already ready to retire here."

      Wei Changming at the side also nodded hurriedly, "Yes, big brother De Biao, my father is right, we both have fallen in love with this land."

      Zhao Debiao rushed straight up and punched and kicked the father and son, cursing angrily, "Damn, because of you two dogs, I lost four brothers, and you're still fucking playing gibberish with me here, do you believe I'll just break your legs and make you crawl into the mountains to pick ginseng in the future?!"

      The father and son were brutally beaten, almost to the point of dying, before they were carried back and thrown into the cold, broken mansion.


      Here, Wu Donghai was still waiting for news of the victory at Changbai Mountain.

      A cigar in his hand had been smoked for most of the time, and he kept calculating the time in his heart, before this cigar was finished, things should be able to be resolved perfectly.

      The Eight Heavenly Kings didn't listen to his orders?

      It doesn't matter, I can still get others on board.

      If I can't find the Eight Heavenly Kings, I can get the other 16 to go on.

      Just thinking about the phone suddenly rang.

      Wu Donghai hurriedly answered the phone, out of the blue asked: "How is it?Have you rescued their father and son?"

      A wailing voice came from across the room, "Boss Wu, we were ambushed, everyone died, and I'm the only one who made it out alive!"

      "What?!"Wu Donghai thudded inside and harshly questioned, "What's going on?You went to sixteen people and you couldn't get back two losers?"

      The man cried, "The other side's people are not less than us at all, and they seem to have known we were coming has been ambushed here, we picked up their father and son and were about to drive back, right after that we were ambushed by them ......"

      Said the man, "Mr. Wu, this hellhole of Changbai Mountain is vast and sparsely populated, and in this place, there may not be a single visitor from the mountains for 10 days and 8 days, so the target for people like us to come is too big, we may not even be close to their village before they are already defending us, this kind of thing, we really have to let a super expert like the Eight Heavenly Kings to do it ah.Otherwise, I'm afraid the number of people we have here won't be enough, because I don't even know how many men they have here!"Fastest Update


      Wu Donghai instantly slammed the cigar he was holding onto the ground, sparks flying everywhere.

      Sixteen people had gone, fifteen had died, and all the pensions given to these people would be at least tens of millions of dollars, which was money thrown away for nothing.

      Had I known that, I might as well have put up with him for a while.

      At this moment, his younger brother Wu Dongfeng suddenly rushed in and said excitedly, "Brother, Dad is awake!"

      When Wu Donghai heard this, he was both happy and miserable.

      The joy is that the dad finally woke up, the pain is that, if I knew dad could wake up now, why did I send 15 people to die?

      He woke up and told him now that the Eight Heavenly Kings might be able to leave Changbai Mountain tomorrow.

      Thinking of this, he let out a long sigh, then got up and said, "Let's go, go see dad!"


Master Wu was also an unearthly hero back then.

      When he was mentioned in Jiangnan, everyone knew about him.

      The first thing you need to know is that you can't afford to lose your job, and you can't afford to lose your job.

      But after all, people are no match for age and years. Ever since Master Wu retired due to ill health, the Wu family has been on a downward spiral.

      But no one expected that the entire Wu family would fall so quickly during this time.

      This made Master Wu's entire being tortured.

      First, it started with his second grandson, a good young man, a proud son of the heavens, but all of a sudden, he got that unspeakable strange disease.

      Then his eldest son and his eldest grandson are humiliated and disgraced in Jinling.

      Even a pair of clown-like father and son in Jinling dared to record a video on the Internet to ridicule, defame and insult the Wu family.First post.

      From that time on, successive blows had left him deteriorating.But he didn't expect that it was just the beginning of a nightmare.

      The most unacceptable thing to him was that the reputation of the Wu family had suffered a catastrophe some time ago.

      As a top family, the Wu family was even entangled in an ambiguous relationship with the infamous Beggar's Gang, and it was even reported that they secretly supported the Beggar's Gang and the Beggar's Gang, with the fact that they were related to each other.In one fell swoop, the Wu family's reputation hit rock bottom, and that time was extremely damaging to Master Wu, and that was also the time he collapsed from a stroke and didn't wake up for days.

      Today, he finally woke up, but his physical and mental state is not as good as before, and his whole body shows a kind of sick and tired state.

      The brothers Wu Donghai, as well as their children and grandchildren, rushed to the family ward.

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.

      Wu Donghai looked at his father at this time, his heart could not help but feel ashamed.He couldn't help but whisper, "Dad, how are you feeling."

      Master Wu looked at Wu Donghai, his eyes filled with anger.

      He took a few violent breaths, then slurred his words and cursed, "You ......You defeatist contraption!Look at the woman you married. Look at your fucking brother-in-law!He has ruined our Wu family!"

      Wu Donghai was ashamed and said, "Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't expect things to be like this ......"

      "Right ......Right ......Sorry?!"Master Wu stammered out these words, gritting his teeth and saying, "Half of my life's work is ruined in your hands ......You ......You say to me right ......Sorry has ......What's the use!"

      Said Master Wu, who kept coughing violently because he was too emotional.

      "Cough ......Ah ......Cough cough ......"

      Wu Donghai rushed forward to help the old man soothe his chest.

      Master Wu struggled and pushed him, saying coldly, "I have been in business for dozens of years and have met countless enemies in the mall, but I never expected to lose in the end at the hands of my own son ......"

      With tears in his eyes, Wu Donghai was also incomparably ashamed and remorseful inside.

      He loved his wife, Xue Yaqin, all his life, but never thought that Xue Yaqin would give him such a "big gift".


If her brother hadn't already been killed, I would have wanted to tear her brother into pieces!

      But there was no point in regretting, otherwise, the Wu family wouldn't have reached this point.first issue.

      Master Wu looked at him and coldly questioned, "Where is the woman surnamed Xue now?"

      Wu Donghai hurriedly said, "Dad, Yaqin has been locking herself in her room this whole time and washing her face with tears every day."

      "With tears?!"Master Wu gritted his teeth, "What's the use of keeping a woman like that if you still don't kick her out of the house?Do you want to wait until the entire Wu family has been defeated by her before you wake up?"

      Wu Donghai's heart thudded, and he was busy explaining, "Dad, Yaqin can't be blamed for this, it's that brother of hers who's unconscious, she's just as much a victim as I am."


      No one expected that the frail Old Master Wu would give Wu Donghai a direct slap.

      Old Master Wu was shaking with anger and said coldly, "A man is a man, when he breaks, he breaks!If you break it, you'll be in chaos!Why I have been able to build the Wu family to its heyday step by step is not only because I am more resolute than anyone else when it comes to moving forward, but precisely because I am more determined than anyone else when it comes to moving backward!But you're lucky, not only do you not have the courage and boldness of a gecko with a severed tail and a brave wrist, but you're dragging your stump and suffering, you know, if you cocoon yourself, it's not just you who will be harmed, it's the entire Wu family!"

      Wu Donghai said in embarrassment, "Dad, Ya Qin has been with me for so many years, how can I kick her out of the house at this time?If word gets out, what will people think of me, of the Wu family?How will I ever behave?"

      Master Wu looked at him with contempt and snorted, "You think your reputation won't be damaged if you don't kick her out?Won't the Wu family's reputation be tarnished?The whole world knows that Xue Nanshan is your wife's brother, the whole world knows that he is your brother-in-law, the whole world knows that you are behind his beggar's gang, and now that he is dead and you still keep that woman, the world will only scold you for being obsessed with Wu Donghai!"

      Wu Donghai was scolded to the point where his entire body was invigorated.

      Before this, he really hadn't thought of this level.

      If we were to say that the coups were a thousand miles away, he was a hundred and eighty thousand miles worse than Old Master Wu.

      So there were many things that he might not be able to realize in his lifetime if Old Master Wu didn't name them.

      By the time he thought of this, his entire body was cold sweating.

      It was only at this time that he realized what kind of bad influence he would bring to the entire family by continuing to leave his wife at home.

      So he gritted his teeth and said to Master Wu, "Don't worry, father, I will definitely handle this matter."

      Master Wu slowly closed his eyes and let out a long sigh before opening his eyes after a long time, "Tell me, what has happened recently?"

      Wu Donghai hurriedly told Old Master Wu everything that had happened during this period of time.

      After hearing that, Old Master Wu's face turned incomparably livid.

      He looked at Wu Donghai and asked in a cold voice, "The district of a pair of fathers and sons who were picking ginseng in the Changbai Mountains has allowed you to bury over twenty people twice?!"

      Wu Donghai panicked and explained, "Dad, actually the second time, I wanted to invite the Eight Heavenly Kings to take action, but they told me that they would only listen to your orders, but you didn't wake up at that time, so I had no choice but to send someone over first."

      Old Master Wu slapped him again, Wu Donghai covered his face but didn't dare to say a word.

      After slapping this slap, only then did Master Wu coldly say, "The father and son at the foot of Changbai Mountain are a pair of living people, what is the difference between snatching them back today, and snatching them back next week, as well as next month?"

      "Don't we get them back today and they'll be dead next week?If they died so easily, the opponent wouldn't have sent so many people to guard them in that feckless place in the Changbai Mountains."

      "If that's the case, what exactly is your undisputed thing in such a hurry?"


Wu Donghai covered his reddened face in shame.

      Only at this time did he finally understand where he was wrong.

      His own strategy was right, to unite everything and make his enemy's enemies his allies.

      Whether it was the Wei family's father and son in Changbai Mountain, the Xiao family, or anyone else, they were all objects that he could unite with.

      But one's mistake was that one shouldn't be too hasty, and one shouldn't mess up one's army.

      The enemy is there, he won't disappear just because you go a step too late .

      allies were there too, much less that he died because he went late.

      Why are you in such a hurry?Two failed attempts to send people to Changbai Mountain, more than 20 lives were lost there, all completely in vain.

      If you calm yourself down and wait until now, until dad wakes up.

      Then Dad would send the Eight Heavenly Kings, he would definitely win in one strike.

      Thinking of this, he was ashamed and said to Master Wu, "Dad, I was wrong ......You are right in your criticism!I will correct it later!"

      Master Wu snorted, "You've missed the best opportunity.Now you've personally taken a very simple thing and made it very difficult."

      Said Master Wu, "The first time is the easiest time to attack, if you were a little more prepared that time and not so gullible, you could also win once and reach your goal."

      "However, because of your light-heartedness, [PEN] not only did you lose several men, but you also made the other side be more vigilant towards you, thus making this matter more difficult."(first post)

      "Now, because of your second gullibility and impertinence.The opponent will certainly be better prepared.This way.Even the Eight Heavenly Kings may not be able to absolutely win!"

      Wu Donghai hurriedly said, "Don't worry dad, with the strength of the Eight Heavenly Kings, as long as they make a move, the other party will definitely not be able to resist."

      Old Master Wu said in a cold voice, "Who gave you such confidence, you've made the same kind of mistake I just said, don't be so gullible."

      As soon as his voice trailed off, Old Master Wu said, "The strength of the Eight Heavenly Kings may seem strong.But in the real world of martial artists, they aren't the strongest, they aren't even ranked medium."

      Wu Donghai looked aghast, "Dad, how is this possible?The Eight Heavenly Kings are so powerful, they've never met an enemy as far as I can remember, so how can they still not be ranked medium?"

      Master Wu said coldly, "You're not much better than a frog in a well, the real top martial artists are under the handful of super big families in Huaxia, they are so strong that you can't believe it, in front of the real top experts, the eight heavenly kings get up, they may not be able to block the other eight moves."

      Wu Donghai hurriedly said, "Dad, that brat from Jinling is just a hangman who reads feng shui for people, and has fooled the local, a few somewhat capable people, and a dog from the road following him, so he dares to go around getting his way, so I think he definitely can't find the kind of super experts you're talking about, so the Eight Heavenly Kings will definitely be able to solve the problem if they show up."

      Master Wu asked him back, "Has everything been investigated?If there is any detail that you haven't noticed, it's very likely that the Eight Heavenly Kings will be in danger, the Eight Heavenly Kings are the trump card of our family, and we absolutely cannot let them take any risks unless we have to.

      Wu Donghai said firmly, "Don't worry, there will definitely be no problem if the Eight Great Heavenly Kings make a move."


"Good."Only then did Master Wu nodded and said, "Then I'll have the Eight Heavenly Kings go to Changbai Mountain overnight and have the private jet ready."

      Wu Donghai was surprised and asked, "Dad, there's no need to be in such a hurry, right?"

      Master Wu said seriously, "To do things is to attack them by surprise, you just sent 15 lives away tonight, they will definitely think that there won't be a comeback for some time, so let's send the Eight Heavenly Kings over there tonight and try to have the Eight Heavenly Kings appear in front of them tomorrow morning, that way, we can kill them by surprise!"

      Wu Donghai nodded his head with an educated face.

      He felt ashamed of himself at this point in his heart, because his little bit of skill was really far, far inferior to the old master.

      The old man is the one who can really plan in a coup and win a thousand miles away.

      After that, Wu Donghai immediately called and arranged for the private jet to be ready for takeoff, taking off directly from Soviet Airlines an hour later, all the way to Changbai Mountain.

      Master Wu also called the head of the Eight Heavenly Kings to his sickbed.

      This person was over 60 years old this year, but because he had been practicing ancient martial arts for years, he looked like he was just around 40 years old.

      Master Wu had befriended him when he was young, and the other had assisted him for many years, and Master Wu had treated him as a guest and treated him with respect.

      It can be said that the two are both master and servant, but also friends, or brothers, the other very important, as well as respect each other.

      After Master Wu finished his instructions, the other party cupped his fist at him slightly and said in a cold voice, "Please rest assured, Master, this time I will bring people over, I will definitely bring those two back to Suhang, and at the same time, I will also kill every single person that the other party left behind at the foot of Changbai Mountain!"

      "Yes!"Master Wu, feeling that he had finally regained some of his vitality, smiled lightly and said, "Then I'll be waiting in Suhang to take care of all of you!"

      Saying that, Master Wu instructed Wu Donghai sternly, "Donghai, you immediately go to Shaoxing, buy their local oldest and best quality daughter red, buy as much as you can, and come back to give the Li Tianwang a reception!"

      The head of the Eight Heavenly Kings, Fan Lin Yuan, cupped his fist and said, "After all these years, the old man still remembers what I love most, I am grateful."

      Master Wu hurriedly said, "Sir, there is no need to be polite with me, you are the guardian of my Wu family, a heavy weapon in the hands of the Wu family, Wu will definitely not break his promise back then, and honor you all as sirs for the rest of his life!"

      Soon, the plane arranged by Wu Donghai was ready to take off at Suhang Airport.

      Fan Lin Yuan brought the other few of the eight Heavenly Kings with him to Suhang Airport in a Toyota Corsair.

      The others were all Fan Lin Yuan's disciples, back when the eight of them went down the mountain to make their way and met Wu Donghai's father, Wu Donghai's father gave them an excellent life and a generous reward, and they willingly followed Wu Donghai's father's side.

      At this time, the eight kings were all dressed in green shirts and hand-stitched thousand-soled cloth shoes, looking like they were going on vacation to a warm place.first appearance

      But in reality, they were going to the Changbai Mountain where it was tens of degrees below zero.

      But these eight people had profound internal skills and extraordinary strength, and the cold had long since lost all threat to them, so even if they wore so little, there was no problem in going up to the Changbai Mountain.

      On the way, Fan Linyuan kept his eyes closed, and when he was about to arrive at the airport, he opened his eyes and said to his fellow disciples, "Let's go to Changbai Mountain first, we only want to succeed, not to fail, we not only want to live and save Wei's father and son, we also want to kill all the opponents, when we get on the plane later, you all do your best to prepare for the battle, this time we are going to make a killing in Changbai Mountain!"


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