Secret Identity 1111-1120


Chapter 1111

Ma Lan's entire anger had been about to explode.

      She really didn't expect that she had only told Ye Chen in the morning that she must beware of the old lady, but instead of taking it seriously, he had bought so many new leeks.

      This is good, it's all cheap for this old lady.Fastest Updated.

      If it was the same as before, Ma Lan would have already gone to scold Ye Chen, but now she didn't have the guts.

      At this time, Xiao Churan asked Ye Chen in her room, "What's husband eating tonight?"

      Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Don't you usually not care about this?Why do you care what you went to eat today?"

      Xiao Choran smiled and said, "I was thinking of going to the vegetable garden to pick what you said I would cook in the evening, how about it?May I?"

      Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile, "Then let's simply go together, just like we did in the morning."

      Xiao Churan's pretty face instantly turned red as she thought of the first kiss taken away by Ye Chen in the morning.

      She gave Ye Chen a blank look and said shyly, "Picking is fine, but you're not allowed to take advantage of me anymore!"The mobile phone One Second Remember provides you with wonderful dusk novels to read.

      Ye Chen pretended to be puzzled and asked, "What are you talking about, wife?How come I don't understand what taking advantage of the situation is not."

      Xiao Choran snorted, "Anyway, you keep a distance of more than half a meter from me!"

      After saying that, he turned around and went down the stairs first.

      Ye Chen hurriedly followed as well.

      When they arrived at the vegetable garden, Xiao Choran saw the leeks on the ground at a glance and asked in surprise, "Where did this leek come from?I don't see it yet in the morning."

      Ye Chen smiled, "I just had a friend bring it to me."

      Xiao Choran smiled and said, "Then let's eat fried shrimp with leeks tonight, is that okay?"

      Ye Chen hurriedly said, "The leeks haven't grown yet, so you can't eat them yet."

      "Huh?"Xiao Choran was surprised and asked, "I think they look pretty good, why can't I eat them?"

      Ye Chen said, "You don't understand, right now this leek looks good, but it's not ready to be eaten yet, so wait a little longer."

      Xiao Choran nodded and said, "Alright then, let's have a roasted eggplant tonight, shall we?And I'd like to eat a moo shu pork."

      "Good."Ye Chen smiled and said, "The whole vegetable garden's is fine except for the leeks, which are still inedible."

      The young couple picked some vegetables and returned to the kitchen to cook together, Xiao Churan also liked this feeling, and it was quite nice to be busy in the kitchen with Ye Chen.

      The Xiao family was even busier at this time.

      Because there were a lot of people and Old Mrs. Xiao had cut more leeks, so all five families were busy at this time.

      Old Mrs. Xiao was busy making noodles, Xiao Changqian was busy chopping meat stuffing, Qian Hongyan was busy scrambling eggs, and Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei were busy washing leeks.

      It was Xiao Changqian who was a little depressed, complaining as he made the mincemeat, "Why don't you just buy someone's mincemeat that has been minced, and have to buy the whole piece of meat back to chop the mincemeat?Both my arms are sore and aching right now."

      Qian Hongyan said off the cuff, "Mom said the stuffing strung out by the machine doesn't smell as good as the stuffing that people chop by hand."

      "Net bullshit."Xiao Changqian said with disdain, "Isn't it all the same meat, what's the difference if it's hand chopped by a human?"

      At that moment, I heard the old lady scolding behind her, "You know nothing!Ask anyone older, who doesn't know that the only thing that smells good is hand minced meat?"


Xiao Changqian had no choice but to say, "Fine, fine, mom you're right, can't we all just listen to you?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao glared at him and said, "Use some force and chop the meat up a bit!"

      "I know it ......"Xiao Chang Qian answered with an angry reply.

      When the evening came, the meat filling was ready, the eggs were scrambled, and a large handful of ocean daffodils were washed cleanly and placed on the case.

      The old lady herself came out to mix the stuffing, first with an egg and leek, with seasoning a piece of leek egg's, then with meat and leek together with a leek pork's.

      The rest of the Xiao family, one by one, had already started to drool, after all, the family had been quite turbulent lately, and it had been a long time since they had eaten such homemade dumplings with such a sense of life.

      The old lady personally led everyone to wrap the dumplings, and to be honest, everyone wrapped the dumplings, east to west, all kinds of everything, and there was really some New Year's atmosphere.

      Old Mrs. Xiao, who had always been bad-tempered, felt the warmth of family life at this moment.

      She finally had a kind side, patiently teaching her grandchildren how to wrap the dumplings better and more solidly.

      Xiao Changqian was also incomparably saddened deep inside, he also liked the feeling of happiness and harmony now.

      Especially since his missing wife had returned, the two of them had returned to the harmonious and loving living condition.

      Plus, with his children by his side and living in such a nice villa, immediately, the Xiao Clan would also be revitalized.

      Life was simply perfect to the extreme at this moment.

      If he were to use four words to describe the feeling at this moment, it would be: what more could a husband want.

      It felt like life had reached the high court.

      Old Mrs. Xiao led everyone to wrap many dumplings, Qian Hongyan moved the induction stove in the kitchen to the living room, and everyone simply watched TV in the living room while they made dumplings and prepared to cook them.

      Although that TV was a little smaller, it still looked pretty good, Xiao Hailong found a comedy movie of Stephen Chow's Nine-Pin Sesame Official, and the family watched it with great relish.

      Qian Hongyan watched the TV while attending to the dumplings in the pot, and soon, all the dumplings in the pot floated up, and the fragrance was overflowing for a while, making people's appetite happy when they smelled it.debut

      Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly urged, "Hong Yan ah, hurry up and give me a bowl."

      Xiao Chang Qian hehely smiled, "Hurry up and serve all the dumplings, then cook the next batch, I'll go get some vinegar and eat the dumplings!"

      Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei also hurriedly came around.

      After Qian Hongyan fished out the dumplings, Xiao Changqian also came with the Chen vinegar.

      So, the five members of the Xiao family ate the dumplings that they had wrapped with their own hands happily.

      Xiao Changqian was the quickest to do it, not caring that the dumpling was still hot, he directly put one into his mouth and mumbled, "Oh my mother, this is the filling of the dumpling that is chopped by himself, it is fragrant."

      Old Mrs. Xiao also hurriedly ate one and exclaimed, "Oh my, this leek is so tender hey!"

      As Qian Hongyan ate, she asked, "Saying where did Ye Chen get such good leeks from?You can't usually get such good leeks even if you go to the market!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao ate another one and lamented, "This little brat Ye Chen is still somewhat capable, I was wrong about him in the past, had I known that he had this kind of cheating ability, leaving him in the Xiao Clan, he might have been of great use."

      Xiao Hailong hurriedly said, "Grandmother, why does the Xiao Clan want this kind of waste?Trash like Ye Chen who makes money by scamming people is going to explode sooner or later, and there's no telling how many people will be lining up to cut him down then!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao hmmmed and waved her hand, "Okay, don't talk about those, hurry up and eat, there are more dumplings today, everyone should eat at least two bowls!"



The Xiao family had wrapped two kinds of stuffed dumplings, and they had wrapped a large pile of them, and with the amount of that dumpling they had wrapped, ten adults could eat them all.

      However, the five members of the Xiao family ate all of these dumplings.

      After finishing the dumplings, one by one, the Xiao family could not stand up straight anymore.

      Seeing that there were still so many twenty to thirty dumplings left on the plate on the table, Old Mrs. Xiao said to a few people, "Which one of you make an effort to eat all these dumplings, don't waste them!"

      Xiao Changqian touched his rounded stomach and said with difficulty, "Mom ah, I really can't eat any more, I can't eat any of them."

      Qian Hongyan also shook her head repeatedly and said, "Mom, I can't eat any more either, I'm too full."

      Xiao Weiwei didn't even have the strength to speak and sat paralyzed on the sofa and waved her hand.

      Xiao Hailong said, "Grandmother, why don't you put it in the refrigerator first and take oil to fry it tomorrow morning before eating it."

      A bad smile suddenly wiped across Old Mrs. Xiao's face as she said to Qian Hongyan, "Hongyan, you can put these dumplings in a plastic bag and send them to Ye Chen's family."

      Qian Hongyan asked in surprise, "Mom, why do you need to send good dumplings to their family?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao smiled, "Anyway, it's their leeks for them to try!Piss them off!"

      Xiao Hailong said, "Grandma, do you want to add some laxatives to it?"

      Xiao Changqian asked, "This dumpling is all wrapped and cooked, where do you add the laxative?"Fastest Update

      Xiao Hailong said, "You can grind the laxatives into a powder, then drink the water and hit it into the dumplings with a syringe!"

      "Gee, that's a good idea!"Xiao Weiwei danced around and said, "Brother, that's a wonderful idea!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said, "It just so happens that I see that there is a first aid kit in the storage room of this villa with all kinds of medicine in it and a syringe!"

      Xiao Hailong immediately clapped his arms and said, "Alright, grandmother, I'll take care of this matter, tonight, I'll allow Ye Chen and his family to pull their guts out!"

      Saying that, he immediately got up and went to the storage room, and quickly brought out a plastic box with a red cross logo printed on it from inside.

      The former owner of this villa was very well prepared in terms of groceries, and this medicine box was very well prepared for everything from colds and fevers, to stomach and intestinal conditioning, to chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

      Xiao Hailong immediately found a bottle of fruit guide tablets from inside, with a sinister smile: "I have a period of time constipation on this, the effect is particularly good, take two packets of permission to pull the intestines."

      Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said, "Then just put one in each dumpling for them!"

      "OK!"Xiao Hailong smiled and said, "Let them have a good time tonight."

      Xiao Hailong then began to grind the fruit guide tablets into powder and then beat them into the dumplings with a syringe mixed with water.

      But more than 20 dumplings were only half processed when Xiao Hailong felt an incomparable cramping pain in his abdomen, causing him to cover his stomach with an ouch.

      Qian Hongyan hurriedly asked him, "What's wrong with you, son?"

      Xiao Hailong said in pain, "My stomach hurts ah mom, especially painful, it's like twisting my intestines together ......Oops, it hurts to death ......"

      After saying that, Xiao Hailong felt a strange burst of energy in his abdomen like a trapped, crazed rat, fleeing madly to his lower part.

      Before he had even regained consciousness, he instantly let out a foul-smelling fart!

      The large luxurious living room was filled with an incomparably disgusting fishy odor.

      Old Mrs. Xiao coughed a few times from the fumes and cursed, "Hailong!Do you have a conscience when you fart so badly in front of your family?"

      Xiao Weiwei was also incomparably disgusted as she covered her mouth and nose and said in exasperation, "Brother, your fart is too stinky!"


Xiao Hailong was in pain at this time and said, "I don't know what's going on ah, it's just that I feel pain in my stomach ......"

      As soon as the words were said, Xiao Hailong instantly felt an even more intense energy, several times stronger than just now, charging downwards at a crazy speed.

      Immediately afterwards, a poof sound was heard, and an even more intense stench instantly spread throughout the living room.

      Xiao Changqian took a look under Xiao Hailong's buttocks and found brownish-black slime oozing out and exclaimed in alarm, "Fuck Hailong, why did you shit your pants!"

      "Huh?!"The crowd was looking.

      This look doesn't matter!

      There was really something disgusting oozing from under Xiao Hailong's ass.

      Old Mrs. Xiao was furious and cursed, "Bastard stuff, this sofa is imported from Italy!"

      Xiao Hailong was also scared silly, out of his mouth: "I ......I ......I don't know what happened ah, just a special stomach pain, special special pain, and then I want to fart, I don't know how to ......"first published

      Xiao Weiwei was surprised and asked, "Did you inhale the crushed end of the laxative into your nose when you crushed it, brother?"

      "No."Xiao Hailong's expression was extremely ugly.

      Old Mrs. Xiao was about to scold him, but suddenly she also covered her stomach, and with an ouch, she blurted out, "What's going on?This stomach of mine also hurts like hell, oops, oops, no no no ......"

      As the old lady said that, she reached out to cover her stomach, and fell head over heels due to a sudden spasm.

      "Mom!"When Xiao Changqian saw the old lady planted, he hurriedly got up to help her, and as a result, he felt as if he had been stabbed several times in the stomach, and the pain was unbearable!

      Right after that, he also felt that surging sensation of wind in his stomach, followed by a wet heat inside his pants!

      It's broken!

      You've shit your pants!

      This ......

      What the hell is going on here?!

      Old Mrs. Xiao was now lying on the ground, rolling around in pain, her mouth chanting, "ouch ouch ouch, it hurts to death this old woman, it's killing me, it's killing me."

      After saying that, the old lady vomited out everything she had eaten in her stomach.

      Immediately after, it also felt out of control of the abdomen, all of a sudden also pulled the pants ......

      Old Mrs. Xiao couldn't control the gushing out while crying out to her father and mother: "Quickly call an ambulance, quickly call an ambulance ah ......"

      Xiao Weiwei was about to pull out her cell phone, resulting in excruciating pain in her stomach, and collapsed on the couch with an ouch, unable to move.

      Although Qian Hongyan had the latest attack, she soon began to vomit and have diarrhea.

      The entire living room was unbearable, stinking even worse than a dry toilet on the side of the road, stinking to high heaven!

      Xiao Hailong's bottom was all covered in excrement, and he wanted to struggle for a clean place to sit, but he couldn't make any effort anyway, so he could only ask with a bitter face, his uncomfortable eyebrows all knitted together, "Grandma, did you make this dumpling unclean!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said weakly, "No way, the leeks are fresh, the meat is fresh, and the eggs are fresh, so how can there be a problem?"

      Xiao Weiwei's lips were purple, and she trembled and said, "Grandma, I feel like a knife in my stomach right now, I shouldn't die here ......"

      Xiao Chang Qian gritted his teeth and said, "I'll call 120, you must hold on!"


At this time, the Xiao family had no idea what was causing them to vomit up and down in such pain.

      Oceanic Narcissus' Narcissus Alkali was a very powerful and violent poison.

      If it was purified Narcissus alkaloids, then it would only take a tiny amount of that amount to potentially kill someone.

      However, the amount of this alkaloid in the body of Narcissus itself is still relatively tiny, so eating too much can cause very strong signs of food poisoning, but generally speaking, as long as you don't eat too much of it, it won't kill you.

      It's unlikely to kill you, but the pain is by no means unbearable to the average person.

      It will not only cause vomiting and diarrhea, but also fever and convulsions and neurological disorders.

      It can also cause shock, which can then be life-threatening if eaten gamely.first issue

      Everyone in the Xiao family had eaten a lot today, and it was indeed already a bit dangerous.

      Even Ye Chen didn't expect that the Xiao family could play with their lives and eat so much.

      It was often reported on the news that people mistook foreign daffodils for leeks and were poisoned and hospitalized after eating them.

      It was really easy to confuse such things.

      By the time 120 arrived, three of the five members of the Xiao family had already fainted.

      The only ones left were Xiao Changkun and Xiao Weiwei who were barely conscious.

      But at this time, although they were still faintly conscious, they couldn't control their bodies anymore, so every one of them had their crotches full of excrement.

      The inside of the living room had stunk so badly that no one could get in at all, and a couple of 120 EMTs had just come in and immediately wiggled out to throw up.

      With five mouths full of people throwing up and throwing up, the smell was truly devastating.

      However, there is no way to save people, they still endured the disgusting smell, the five mouths of incontinent Xiao family, from the villa to save.

      The paramedics rushed the Xiao family to the ambulance and brought them to the Jinling People's Hospital with one brain.

      After a stomach lavage and infusion, the Xiao family finally got some relief and temporarily woke up, and were placed in the emergency ward to continue the infusion.

      Old Mrs. Xiao and Qian Hongyan's hospital beds were next to each other, while Xiao Changqian and the others were at the far end.

      At this time, everyone looked as if they were sickly and could not lift any spirits at all.

      A doctor wearing a mask walked in and opened his mouth to ask, "What did your family eat at night?Our initial suspicion is that you should be suffering from food poisoning, so you need to think about what you've been eating.We can also narrow down the scope a bit, if we can't find you guys because of what you were poisoned by, then we won't be able to administer the right medicine."

      Old Mrs. Xiao couldn't help but mutter, "Our family didn't eat anything else at night, we just had a meal of dumplings."

      "Mom, there's definitely something wrong with the dumplings, otherwise we wouldn't all have food poisoning."

      Qian Hongyan couldn't help but complain to Old Mrs. Xiao, if she had known it was like this, why would she follow the dumplings, wouldn't she be asking for trouble?The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      The old lady Xiao also thought it was a problem with the dumpling at this time, but every part of it seemed to be fine, so reasonably speaking, it shouldn't be food poisoning ah ......

      When she thought of this, Old Mrs. Xiao said, "The dumplings are our home-wrapped, there is no problem of spoilage, what exactly is the problem?"

      Xiao Hailong on the side said bitterly, "Grandmother, I've heard that many unscrupulous merchants use inferior pork to buy as good, is there something wrong with the pork?"


"Pork?You'd have to ask your mother where she got it."Fastest Updated.

      Old Mrs. Xiao frowned at Qian Hongyan and inquired, "Did you go to the black mall to buy the water-infused pork?"

      Qian Hongyan hurriedly shook her head, "Impossible, the pork was cut from half a fan of pigs by the vendor I watched with my own eyes ah, absolutely no problem."

      When Xiao Weiwei heard this, she had the strength to say, "What about that side?Is the dumpling wrapped in the wrong noodles?"

      Qian Hongyan shook her head again, "The noodles are fine too, I've already eaten them."

      There was no problem with the noodles and no problem with the pork, could it be that the problem was with the leeks?

      Thinking of this, Qian Hongyan couldn't help but open her mouth and say, "There must be something wrong with the leeks, there might be pesticide residue."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Old Mrs. Xiao frowned, "Freshly cut fresh leeks can't be a problem, and Hailong has also washed them all, even if there are pesticide residues."

      Xiao Hailong said, "I washed them seriously, running through them one by one."

      One Xiao family member at a time, replayed it several times, no one could say anything, and could only stare dryly.

      That doctor said helplessly, "If you can't figure out what it is on your own, then you can only be made to suffer for a while longer, we over here put your blood and secretions into the testing department, and if the test results come out, we will know what kind of poisoning you are."

      Old Mrs. Xiao nodded her head in weakness and said, "Then you guys should hurry up with the lab tests!"

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

      The doctor said: "Your test report came out, all five of you are daffodil poisoning, and the dose of poisoning is quite large, what happened?Do you grow a lot of daffodils at home?"

      Hearing this, Old Mrs. Xiao was stunned and frowned, asking, "Yang Daffodil poisoning?What's that?"

      The medical staff said indifferently, "The ocean daffodil is a plant that is often used as a flower ornamental, and when it is not in bloom, it looks like a leek, and many people mistakenly eat it every year."

      Saying that, the medic also took out his mobile phone, searched out the picture of the ocean daffodil and handed it to old lady Xiao.

      "Here, this is it."

      When Old Mrs. Xiao saw the picture of the Oceanic Narcissus, her face turned green and trembled as she said, "This ......Isn't this the new leek that Ye Chen's family planted today?This thing is even an ocean daffodil!!!"

      At this point, Old Mrs. Xiao could not wait to turn her back to the sky and curse, "Ye Chen, you have a poisonous heart!How can there be a devil like you under heaven!"

      The doctor was surprised and asked, "What's the situation?Has someone poisoned you?If someone throws poison at you, you should call the police!"

      Xiao Hailong immediately cursed in anger, "Grandma call the police!Call the police now!Call the police to arrest that son of a bitch Ye Chen!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was also furious, and immediately took out her own cell phone, trembling, so she pressed 110 and dialed.

      After the call was connected, the operator immediately asked, "Hello receiving center, what problem do you need to call the police?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao immediately said, "Comrade police, all five members of our family have been poisoned, and they have been poisoned, you must help us do justice and arrest that poisoned son of a bitch!"

      As soon as the operator heard this, he tensed up and asked off the cuff, "What's the situation?Can you tell us more about it?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said, "There's a son of a bitch named Ye Chen, who lives in Villa A05 in Thomson, and this son of a bitch is growing foreign daffodils at home to pass off as leeks!"

      "I cut his foreign daffodils this afternoon and came home to make dumplings, after eating them our family was poisoned and is now lying in the hospital, you must do justice for us ah!"


The operator was surprised and asked, "You were the one who went into someone else's yard and cut the daffodils that they grew, right?"

      "Yes!"Old Mrs. Xiao blurted out, "He planted that daffodil in front of the fence, I thought it was a leek so I cut a few handfuls and ate them at home, then I got poisoned, do you think he committed a crime?"

      The operator said helplessly, "Excuse me madam, there is no provision in our law that prohibits any citizen from planting daffodils in their own yard, so it is perfectly fine for others to plant daffodils in their homes, but the point is, why would you go to someone else's yard and cut daffodils as leeks to eat?You're already suspected of trespassing as well as stealing other people's property."

      "What the hell?!"Old Mrs. Xiao questioned in exasperation, "I'm now lying poisoned in the hospital, and it's turned into me being suspected of a crime?"

      The operator asked seriously, "If someone comes to your house, steals your car, and then dies in a car accident, can he also sue you for having a problem with your car?"

      "This ......"Old Mrs. Xiao was suddenly speechless.

      She realized that it was fine for Ye Chen to grow foreign daffodils at home, the problem was that she couldn't go to someone's house to steal the other party's foreign daffodils.

      It seemed that this Ye Chen had already had this premeditated plan, deliberately planting daffodils that looked like leeks in the yard and then deliberately luring himself to cut them, and he didn't have to bear any responsibility!

      Thinking of this, Old Mrs. Xiao was so hateful!

      Wasn't this a clear sign that he had been ruthlessly calculated by Ye Chen?

      And with my own family of 5 going to the hospital, I had to suffer this dumb loss and had no way of bothering him at all!

      He's a real son of a bitch!

      The doctor also listened, probably how it is, the heart of this family of five is also full of disdain.

      I didn't expect to go to someone's home to secretly cut people's daffodils, as leeks to eat this poisoning into the hospital, really humiliating.

      So, she then said indifferently, "Let me tell you about your current situation, because I have already lavaged your stomachs, so your big problem is gone, but the daffodil alkali works in the blood, so we need to give you an infusion next to neutralize the toxins in your blood."

      As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao heard this, she hurriedly said, "Fine, fine, you quickly give us medicine, you need to use the best medicine, don't take the second best to perfume us."

      The medical staff glanced at Old Mrs. Xiao and the others and said indifferently, "Don't worry, our hospital is a regular hospital, the use of medicine is rigorous, there will be no sub-standard things."

      Old Mrs. Xiao was relieved, "That's good, that's good ......"

      However, at that moment, a medical staff came in and sent a list to that doctor.

      That doctor took the test report and immediately frowned, opening his mouth to ask, "Which one of you is Qian Hongyan?"

      Hearing this, the Xiao family was stunned for a moment, and then Qian Hongyan spoke in confusion, "I am, what's wrong?"first issue

      The doctor looked at Qian Hongyan and said earnestly: "Yes, because we need to use drugs to synthesize the daffodil in your body, so about the use of drugs and side effects, I want to explain to you in detail, because you are an elderly pregnant woman, pregnant women have strict control over the dose of drugs, otherwise it will have a teratogenic effect on the child in your belly, so we can only give you.Very small doses of the drug, so that you'll recover more slowly than others."

      What the hell?

      Older pregnant women?


A stone stirred up a thousand waves.

      In an instant, everyone in the Xiao family was confused.

      Qian Hongyan was pregnant?

      What the fuck is this?

      Of the four members of the Xiao family, the most shocked was none other than her husband, Xiao Chang Qian!

      He knew very well in his heart that he had only been with Qian Hongyan only two days ago, before that, the two had been separated for a long time, and during that time Qian Hongyan had been in the black coal kiln, and he had not seen her at all.

      Moreover, Xiao Chang Qian still remembered one detail in his heart.

      When Qian Hongyan was setting a trap for Ma Lan, Qian Hongyan happened to be on her period, and she was complaining to herself that her aunt didn't come sooner or later, but had to come when she was ready to do it.

      This proves that at the time of her disappearance, she wasn't pregnant.

      And it turns out she's pregnant now?!

      What does this prove?This proves that her pregnancy happened during the time she was missing.

      That means this shameless woman was sleeping with another man in a black coal mine!

      As someone who had been there, Old Mrs. Xiao also immediately smacked something wrong with it.The fastest update.

      Qian Hongyan herself was struck by lightning and went limp for an instant, as if her bones had been taken out of her body, turning into a puddle of mud.

      Her mouth was wide open, her face was filled with fear in her ashes, and she subconsciously took off, "What pregnancy, I'm an old man, how can I be pregnant, you're a medical professional, what are you talking blindly about, you're slandering and spreading rumors!"

      As soon as the doctor heard this, he said with some indignation, "Ms. Qian, what do you mean, how can I start a rumor?This blood test report in my hand clearly states that the progesterone in your body is very high, and based on the values, you've been pregnant for about two months, and the fetus is almost formed."

      Qian Hongyan knew very well in her heart that this kind of thing could not be admitted to death, otherwise, how would her own husband look at her, how would her own mother-in-law look at her, and how would her own children look at her?

      So Qian Hongyan decided to bite the bullet and not let go.

      So she looked at that doctor and said with a glare of anger, "You're farting, it's impossible for someone my age to get pregnant, you're definitely misdiagnosing."

      That doctor said with a black face, "Normally, it's true that it's not easy to get pregnant at your age, but if you have sex for a long time and frequently, the chances of getting pregnant are not small, and it's also common in our hospital's gynecology and obstetrics department for a woman of your advanced age to get pregnant, and we still have people who are over 50 years old who get pregnant and give birth naturally."

      How dare Qian Hongyan let the medical staff continue, and cursed, "You shut up, you quack, if you say any more, I'll call the police to arrest you, I'll say it again, I'm not pregnant, much less could I be pregnant."

      The doctor was furious and took the report out and said word for word, "Do you think your mouth can speak over our test report?It's clearly stated in the test report, you!Qian Hongyan!Pregnant already!It's for your own good that I kindly reminded you that you can't take large doses of medication, how can you be so kind as to treat it as a donkey's liver and lungs?"

      Xiao Changqian struggled to get up, snatched the list from the doctor's hands, and fixed his eyes on it, shaking with anger!

      Old Mrs. Xiao saw that Xiao Changqian's expression was extremely ugly and asked out of the blue, "Son!Is that true?!This bitch is really pregnant?!"


Hearing Old Lady Xiao's question, Xiao Chang Qian looked at the contents on the list and nodded with a black face and gritted teeth.

      When Old Madam Xiao saw him nodding, she immediately felt an incomparable pain in her heart and stretched out her hand to cover her heart, ouching and crying out.

      Both Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei's were very embarrassed, they didn't know what they should say at this time.

      After all, it was their own mother, and the sons and daughters could not speak at this time.

      Xiao Chang Qian gritted his teeth at this time, his eyes were bloodshot, and he looked at Qian Hongyan as if he was choosing someone to eat, and he cursed angrily, "Bitch!Did you fucking sleep with another man in a black coal mine?Who did you sleep with?!"Fastest Update

      Qian Hongyan had collapsed at this point.

      She had already made an appointment with the obstetrician and gynecologist to come over on Monday for an abortion, and as long as the operation had been completed, no one would know about her pregnancy.

      But Qian Hongyan never dreamed that she would be sent to the hospital for a meal of dumplings, and then have her blood checked by a doctor in the hospital's emergency department.

      The blood indicators of her own pregnancy were already very obvious, and they would definitely be found out by a blood test.

      Had I known that, I would have killed myself and never eaten the old lady's dumplings!

      However, now that the matter had been revealed, she could only find a way to make amends for herself.

      So she cried, "Chang Qian, listen to my explanation, Chang Qian!I've got a hard time with that!"

      "Explain your mother!Bitterness you mother!"

      Xiao Chang Qian became hysterical and roared, cursing, "You shameless bitch, you dare to cuckold me, sleep with another man, and you're fucking pregnant with another man's wild seed, I'll fucking kill you!"

      At the same time as he spoke, Xiao Chang Qian rushed directly in front of Qian Hongyan, grabbed her by the hair, and smacked Qian Hongyan's face.

      The sound of the slap was clearly audible.

      The painful Qian Hongyan howled in pain.

      "Xiao Chang Qian, listen to my explanation!I've been forced to do all of this!"

      "Explain, what else is there to explain!You're fucking dead!Cuckold me, I want you dead!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was also angry and almost carried over, her eyes filled with rage and her hands were trembling madly.

      Misfortune for the family, misfortune for the family!

      "Qian Hongyan, you slut, as a woman, how could you do such shameless things, tarnishing our Xiao family's reputation and bringing shame to our Xiao family!Bitch like you should be immersed in a pigsty and go to hell!"

      The old lady cursed and cursed, splitting the most vicious words in the world towards Qian Hongyan.

      Along with that, there was also a severe beating from Xiao Chang Qian!

      Although Xiao Chang Qian's body was still very weak at this time, being cuckolded, something that all men could not endure, still triggered the latent anger energy in his body, causing him to explode at once.

      Qian Hongyan was beaten to the point of screaming, but before she could open her mouth to beg for mercy, Old Lady Xiao swung a broomstick from the sick room and rushed up to hit Qian Hongyan.The first

      The old lady has been proud all her life and hates to see people insulting the family culture.


Moreover, the old lady is old and her thinking is not only feudal but also old-fashioned, and in her opinion, a shameless, ungrateful bitch like Qian Hongyan should be killed as an example to others!

      Seeing Xiao Changqian and Old Madam Xiao, they beat Qian Hongyan poisonously together.

      The female doctor was frightened silly when she saw this scene and shouted at the side with a strong voice, "You have to stop!If I don't stop, I'm calling the police!"

      Seeing that the two did not move at all and continued to beat Qian Hongyan, the female doctor could only turn her head to look at Xiao Weiwei and Xiao Hailong at the side and said offhandedly, "You two take charge, you can't just watch your mother take a beating, can you?"

      These two had been watching indifferently, and there was even a bit of anger in their eyes.

      Under normal circumstances it would definitely be impossible to watch mom get beaten up, and even if there was a conflict at home, the two as children would definitely have to step in and reconcile.

      But this time the situation was too special.

      Their mother had been away for so long, and when she came back she was pregnant with someone else's child, something they also felt very ashamed of.

      Most children nowadays are selfish and only care about themselves in most cases.

      It was often reported on TV that some older parents were pregnant and wanted to give birth to their children, but their children who had become older were dead set against it.

      Xiao Weiwei and Xiao Hailong are such selfish children, and when Qian Hongyan makes them feel ashamed, they don't care what kind of pain Qian Hongyan has or what kind of torture she has endured.

      They only knew that they were a mother who didn't keep her word and felt that it made them feel humiliated.

      Qian Hongyan was now brutally beaten, her entire body screaming, enduring the poisonous hands of Old Madam Xiao and Xiao Changqian, looking at her son and daughter, not to mention how painful her heart was.

      Seeing her son and daughter's cold eyes towards her, Qian Hongyan's heart, at this moment, almost collapsed.

      She didn't know from where she got the strength to suddenly push away the two people who were fighting around her and roared, "You've had enough!Even if I slept with someone, so what?You think I want to?It's Ye Chen's fault, isn't it?What can I do, a woman, in a place like the Black Coal Kiln, where I don't get enough food, warmth or sleep every day, and I have to do heavy physical work and get beaten up?"

      At this point, Qian Hongyan's entire body was extremely emotional and hysterical, saying, "If I hadn't agreed to sleep with that overseer, if I hadn't agreed to sleep with him, I might not be alive now, I might have died in that black coal kiln long ago!But think about it, why did I end up like this?Still not for the family?"first issue

      After saying that, she looked at Xiao Changqian and angrily scolded, "Xiao Changqian, you heartless thing, when you set up the game for Ma Lan, wasn't I trying to get more money for the family?Didn't I do it so that my family would have the opportunity to live in a large villa in Thompson?And the result?I've sacrificed so much for this family, and now you want to do this to me. Are you still human?What right do you have to point at me, if you're capable of going after Ye Chen!"

      Anger, humiliation, panic, and all sorts of thoughts came to her mind, Qian Hongyan couldn't help but explode and shake things out.

      She felt that she was clearly the victim, why should she be treated unfairly in this way.

      On what basis?

      However, Old Lady Xiao and Xiao Chang Qian did not listen to Qian Hongyan's explanation at all.

      To them, no matter what purpose Qian Hongyan had, or what persecution she had encountered, the humiliation she had brought to the Xiao family was unforgivable!

      Xiao Chang Qian's entire body almost collapsed into a frenzy of exasperation at the thought that he was wearing a cuckold on his head, and possibly even more than one.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Old Mrs. Xiao, on the other hand, felt that Qian Hongyan had thrown herself into the face of the Xiao family, and living was a sin, so how could she listen to her explanation.

      So, Old Mrs. Xiao roared, "You bitch is still shouting at us here?Do you know that the most important thing for a woman is chastity!"

      Xiao Changqian also picked up the story, staring at the eyes and shouting furiously, "Qian Hongyan, you should have died in that black coal kiln in the first place!At least I can keep my chastity till I die!How can you live in this world now that you're carrying a bastard?I think you should just jump off this building and die!"


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