Secret Identity 1101-1110


Chapter 1101

At seven o'clock in the morning, Xiao Churan slowly woke up, this sleep she slept much more comfortably than before, the whole night did not dream, nor did she wake up even once, it seemed like the whole time she was in deep sleep, so the whole person felt full of energy.

      When she got up and didn't see Ye Chen, Xiao Churan wasn't surprised because Ye Chen got up earlier than herself every day.

      Because she knew that Ye Chen was going to take herself to picking today, Xiao Churan was in an exceptionally good mood and was looking forward to it in her heart.

      After washing up, Xiao Churan changed into a workout outfit, which was why she walked downstairs.

      She had thought that Ye Chen was making breakfast and could leave for the countryside after breakfast, but she did not expect that Ye Chen was waiting for her in the living room.

      As soon as Ye Chen saw Xiao Churan come downstairs, he immediately welcomed her and smiled, "Wife, let's go, let's go picking!"

      Xiao Chu Ran was surprised and asked, "Huh?You're leaving already?Haven't eaten breakfast yet ......"

      Ye Chen laughed, "What else is there to eat for breakfast, come back and eat."

      Saying that, he reached out and grabbed Xiao Churan's hand and pulled her out the door.

      Xiao Churan was pulled by Ye Chen's small hand, feeling her heart pounding, while somewhat blushing with shame, while somewhat surprised, couldn't help but ask: "Ye Chen, driving to the countryside to pick, finished and then come back, how come it will take more than half a day ah, we don't eat something then, to that hungry how to do?"

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "You'll know if you go with me, I've arranged it all."

      Xiao Churan asked curiously, "Did you arrange for a farmhouse there?"

      Ye Chen pulled Xiao Churan to the door and said with a smile, "Come, you should close your eyes first."

      Xiao Churan was even more surprised, "Ye Chen, is it too early to let me close my eyes ah?"

      Ye Chen laughed, "What early, not early, you'll know later."

      Xiao Churan could only smile helplessly, closed her eyes and said softly, "Alright, seeing as you're going to take me to the picking, I'll listen to you all."

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "Then you can't peek!"

      Xiao Chu Ran said seriously, "Don't worry, I won't peek!And I'm a man who loves surprises!"

      "That's good!"

      Ye Chen held Xiao Churan's white warm small hand, carefully led him out the door, all the way to the courtyard, the easternmost part of the courtyard at this time, has the entire planted more than an acre of melons and fruits and vegetables.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual product, and you'll see that it's not just the product that you're looking for, but also the product that you're looking for.

      Ye Chen led Xiao Churan out and came to the front of the vegetable garden before he smiled and said to her, "Wife, you can open your eyes now."

      Xiao Churan asked in surprise, "Aren't you going to get into the car?You made me open my eyes before I even got in the car."

      "Right."Ye Chen smiled and said, "If I tell you to open your eyes, you'll open them."

      Xiao Choran smiled, "Then I'll open them!"

      Saying that, she gently opened her eyes.

      The moment she opened her eyes, the rising sun in the east cast its brilliant morning light, casting it into her bright eyes, causing her to be a little shaky for a moment and fail to see clearly.

      Immediately afterwards, her vision gradually returned.

      It was then that she was surprised to discover that she was looking at an impeccably perfect vegetable and fruit garden!

      She amazed!

      Immediately afterwards, they covered their mouths with their hands!



She then looked at Ye Chen beside her, full of shock and incredulity.

      "This ......I ......I'm not dreaming Ye Chen!Why do we have such a vegetable and fruit garden at home?!"

      Ye Chen spoiled her and smiled, "Silly wife, of course you're not dreaming, don't you like picking?From now on, you can come here every day to pick, I have people find the best vegetable and fruit plants that we can find in Jinling, and from now on, this vegetable field, I will also take care of it with care, making sure that it will have fruitful fruits for you to pick and taste 4 seasons a year!"

      Xiao Choran's eyes reddened at once with emotion!

      Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that her husband had such a big surprise in store for her!

      When she was a little girl, she wished to grow some fruits and vegetables in the yard, even if it was just a tomato plant or a pepper plant, she would be immensely satisfied.

      However, Old Mrs. Xiao never gave her this opportunity.

      Unexpectedly, her husband had, all of a sudden, overnight, gifted himself with such a large and nice vegetable garden!

      In particular, this profound commitment from Ye Chen moved Xiao Choran's heart even more!

      Although Ye Chen had done a lot for himself in the past, there wasn't a single thing that made him feel so moved.

      This feeling was like when you only expected your husband to give you a flower, but instead he gave you an entire sea of flowers.

      As if they suddenly have the whole world.

      Don't look at these in front of her, just fruits and vegetables, no romantic roses, at this time these fruits and vegetables in Xiao Choran's eyes, more than the world's most beautiful roses to make her heart.

      Even at this moment, she felt that she was even more excited now than she was when she met Ye Chen at the Shangri-La Sky Garden to make up for the grand wedding.

      At this time, Ye Chen beside her had already handed over a beautiful small bamboo basket to Xiao Churan and said with a smile, "Wife, aren't you going to pick them?What are you waiting for, all the vegetables and fruits in here can be organically cultivated, no pesticides, you can feel free to pick!"

      Xiao Churan's heart was so moved, she looked at Ye Chen and subconsciously jumped into his arms, hugging his waist, and said with emotion, "Hubby thank you, thank you for doing all this for me, I feel like I'm the happiest person in the world right now."

      Ye Chen touched her cheeks and said lovingly, "Fool, are you my wife?Saying thank you to me, I'm happy as long as you're happy."

      Saying that, Ye Chen's eyes looked at Xiao Churan who was close to his eyes and suddenly felt an impulse.

      Thus, his brain was hot, and he immediately lowered his head and gently kissed Xiao Churan's lips.

      At this moment, Xiao Churan suddenly felt blank in her head.Fastest Update

      This was still Xiao Choran's first kiss, but I didn't expect it to be taken away by Ye Chen all of a sudden!

      However, she wasn't angry at all in her heart.

      She looked up at the handsome and gentle Ye Chen and suddenly had an unprecedented feeling of happiness in her heart.

      So it turned out that it felt so good to be a happy little woman in her husband's arms!

      Although she felt very happy in her heart, she was still inevitably a little shy.

      So after that gentle kiss from Ye Chen, Xiao Churan panicked and pushed Ye Chen away, she nervously tidied the hair by her ears and fidgeted, "That, I'm going to pick ......"

      Ye Chen hugged her gently and said, "Honey, I'll accompany you ah!"

      Xiao Choran then blushed and handed the basket back to him, saying shyly, "Then you follow me, I'll pick it and you carry it for me!"

      "All right!"Ye Chen immediately eagerly agreed, pulling his wife's hand and went into the vegetable garden.

      At this time on the 3rd floor terrace, Ma Lan looked at the two people in the yard and muttered, "Early in the morning there, tired of spreading dog food, don't you know that I've lost my front teeth?"

      With that in mind, she shouted in exasperation, "Hey, you two pick faster, I'm still waiting to take pictures of the vegetable garden to send to my friends!"



This morning, Xiao Choran felt like she was the happiest woman in the world.

      However, at the same time, there is another woman who feels that she is the most unlucky woman in the world.

      This woman was Qian Hongyan who saw a doctor at the People's Hospital.

      She was initially registered in the gynecology department and had to wait in line for a long time before it was finally her turn.

      After going in, the doctor wanted to give her a routine checkup, but when she saw the actual situation, even the knowledgeable doctor was not surprised and said out of the blue, "What's going on with you?How did you get into this mess, and don't you pay any attention to personal hygiene at all?"

      Although the one who did the examination of herself was also a female doctor, the doctor's words still made Qian Hongyan feel ashamed and wanted to pick up a crack in the ground and drill in.

      She could only cover her face branch [apex fiction] fidgeting and said: "Doctor do not hide it from you, the main reason is that our family that he does not love clean ......"

      The doctor grumbled, "He's not clean, so you have to ask him to pay attention to good personal hygiene ah!Look at the scourge given to you, it's a serious problem, I tell you!"

      Qian Hongyan panicked and asked, "Doctor, what the hell is going on with me?"

      The doctor said with a dark face, "From the routine examination there is erythema, infection, and erosion, I guess there is more than one problem on your body."

      Saying that, the doctor added, "So, I'll give you a lab order, you go check your blood and secretions and see what the lab results say."

      Qian Hongyan was terrified, and hurriedly asked nervously, "Doctor, I'm not going to get that whatever AIDS, am I?"

      The doctor said, "AIDS is not something that can be seen with the naked eye, it can only be confirmed through a blood test."

      Saying that, the doctor urged, "Go and get it early, and we can come up with a solution sooner if the results come out."

      Qian Hongyan had to hastily get up and take the doctor's prescribed lab sheet to pay for the test.

      After drawing blood and extracting secretions, Qian Hongyan sat on the bench apprehensively and waited.

      Because she was very scared, she could no longer care about the itching of her body and only wanted to find out what kind of disease she had as soon as possible.

      The first thing that came out was the results of the secretion test, which showed that she had severe erosion and inflammation.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Qian Hongyan panicked and immediately took the test results to the doctor.

      The doctor didn't feel surprised after reading it and said indifferently, "Inflammation and erosion can be seen with the naked eye, but I didn't expect that it has already reached a severe degree, you must be treated as soon as possible, otherwise, it is very likely to cause serious problems."

      Said the doctor then asked: "There is no blood test results?The most important thing is that!"

      Qian Hongyan was busy saying, "The results of the blood test have not come out yet, I'm not scared in my heart, so I quickly brought this over to you to take a look."

      The doctor nodded and said, "Go and wait for the blood results, after the results come out you will be able to see a lot of issues more thoroughly."

      Qian Hongyan could only get out of the doctor's office and go to the place where the blood tests were done to wait for her results.first published

      Twenty minutes later, her results came out.

      There were a total of four results that came out this time.

      After Qian Hongyan got her hands on them, she started reading them from the first one.

      This first report scared her half to death!

      Toxoplasma gonorrhoeae. Positive!

      Toxoplasma gonorrhoeae?Isn't that just gonorrhea? ......

      Shit, that damn dog overseer gave me gonorrhea?

      Qian Hongyan was now incomparably fearful and shivered as she flipped open the second report.

      The second report, it read: syphilis spiral agglutination test, positive!



Seeing this Qian Hongyan's entire body was dizzy!

      Not only gonorrhea, but syphilis as well?

      That fucking overseer is a drug king!

      Isn't this going to get you killed?

      Qian Hongyan felt her legs go weak and could barely stand, so she sat on the floor in a panic against the corner, wiping her tears as she trembled and opened the third report.

      The third report read: AIDS antibody hiv, measurement value 0.11, and the back also wrote a reference value <1 is negative.

      Qian Hongyan finally let out a sigh of relief.

      Fortunately, she didn't have AIDS, otherwise that would have really killed her!

      Finally finding a bit of solace, she opened one last report.

      This report read: human chorionic gonadotropin: 5324.2!

      Looking at the indicators on the back, it scared the beads out of her on the spot and she almost fainted.

      This ......Isn't this an indicator of pregnancy?

      And then look at the back of the note ah, yourself this indicator, corresponding to 4 to 8 weeks of pregnancy.

      The time coincides with the day you went to the black kiln. ......

      It's over, it's really over ......

      At this time, Qian Hongyan could not wait to run her head into the wall and die.

      She never dreamed that she would be able to rely on the light of the Wu family to escape from the black coal kiln that had caused her so much despair.

      But she didn't expect that just after escaping, she would discover so many illnesses one after another!

      Inflammation, celiac disease, gonorrhea, syphilis ......

      It's okay to have all these diseases, but why did you get pregnant?

      I'm 51 years old this year, and I'm old, and my son Xiao Hailong is already 28 years old, so I'm pregnant at this time.

      I'll be scolded to death later.

      Thinking of this, Qian Hongyan panicked and took the results to the doctor.

      As soon as she entered the doctor's office, she locked the door, threw herself on her knees in front of the doctor, and cried, "Doctor, you really must save me, you must save my life!"

      The doctor was also shocked and took off asking, "What's going on? is hiv positive?"

      The doctor's greatest fear was that she would be diagnosed with AIDS, after all, the disease was just too insoluble.

      At this time Qian Hongyan hurriedly shook her head and said, "hiv is negative, but I don't just have gonorrhea, I also have syphilis, and more importantly, I'm even pregnant ......"

      The doctor was relieved at this time and faintly said, "Gonorrhea, syphilis is troublesome to treat, but there is still a chance to cure it, as long as you actively cooperate with the treatment."Updated fastest.

      As for this matter of pregnancy, you don't need to be too surprised or worried, it's actually not uncommon for women your age to become pregnant, some of them even give birth to children."

      As soon as the words fell, this doctor said, "I don't recommend you to have this child, after all, you still have gonorrhea and syphilis, this syphilis is very powerful, it can be transmitted from mother to child, so I recommend you, it's better to abort the child, and then actively cooperate with the treatment to eradicate all these gynecological diseases as well as sexually transmitted diseases."First Published.

      Qian Hongyan thought to herself, Even if you put a knife to my neck, I couldn't give birth to this child!

      If their husbands, their mothers-in-law, their sons, their daughters, knew that they were pregnant after being rescued from the black coal mine after spending so much time in it, what face would they have to live with them?


Qian Hongyan, who came back to her senses, her first thought was to get rid of the baby as soon as possible.

      So she asked the doctor, "Doctor, what is the earliest time to make an appointment for an abortion?"

      The doctor spoke up, "If you want to have the surgery, it'll have to be an appointment until next week, the earliest would be next Monday."

      As soon as Qian Hongyan heard that she had to wait until Monday, she immediately panicked and asked anxiously, "Why do you have to wait until Monday, if it's a matter of money, I can pay double, ten times the price."

      The situation was so serious now, one more day of delay was one more risk of being discovered, there was no way she could not be anxious.

      The doctor shook his head, "It's not the money, it's the fact that we only go out on weekends for two days, no surgery, so if you want to abort the baby, you'll have to wait until Monday anyway."

      "Okay ......Let's do it on Monday."

      Qian Hongyan's face turned pale again, and although she was panicking, she could only accept yes.

      After all, she couldn't do it to her stomach herself!

      Abortion is no small matter, and at your age, it could be fatal ......first post

      That doctor also said, "In this way, I'll give you some oral medication as well as coated medication that you can bring back to control it first, and then after the abortion surgery, we'll target your STD for systematic treatment."

      Qian Hongyan nodded repeatedly and said off the top of her head, "Then thank you very much doctor!"

      The doctor waved his hand, and said: "you go back to your husband had better let your husband also go to check, gonorrhea and syphilis are generally transmitted through sexual intercourse between men and women, if you have recently with your husband in the same room, it may be that he infected you, or you have infected him, and these two diseases are particularly contagious, so it is recommended that he check, if you twoIf all of them are there, then it would be better to heal together and encourage each other."

      Qian Hongyan's heart thumped when she heard this.

      Qian Hongyan's heart was very clear, this disease could not have been transmitted to her by her husband, it must have been transmitted to her by that overseer.

      However, the day before yesterday, when she and her husband were at the Wu house, all of a sudden didn't hold back the sound of the waves still, the two of them didn't do any measures at that time, and the doctor now said that this disease was very contagious, so wouldn't that mean that there was a high possibility that her husband was also infected by himself?

      Thinking about this, she was panicking.

      It seemed that the best solution was to cure herself before her husband became ill.

      That way, when the time comes, if her husband finds out that he is sick, he won't be able to put the blame on himself.

      At this thought, Qian Hongyan hurriedly asked the doctor, "Doctor, if I am actively treated for this disease, how long will it take to heal?"

      "This ......"The doctor thought about it and said with some difficulty, "I won't hide it from you, both of these diseases are actually very difficult to heal, and the treatment cycle is quite long.I estimate that it will take at least about two months."

      "So long ah ......"Qian Hongyan's heart sank to the bottom even more.

      The doctor comforted her at this time, "But not necessarily, everyone's constitution is different, and some people get better especially fast."

      Saying that, the doctor added, "You'd better not think about it too much now, let's first make an appointment for the surgery, and come over next Monday to have the surgery done, and after the surgery in active treatment."

      Qian Hongyan nodded, she knew there was nothing to be done now, so she made an appointment with the doctor to have the surgery done on Monday afternoon, and as soon as she finished the appointment, she received a call from her husband and opened her mouth to ask, "You disappeared this early in the morning, where did you go?"

      Qian Hongyan hurriedly said, "I came out to do some business, and this is going back."


Xiao Chang Qian said, "Mom said for you to buy some meat at the market when you come back and cook for lunch."

      Qian Hongyan was a little upset, but still said honestly, "Okay, I'll buy food later and then return."

      ......Fastest Updated.

      Ye Chen took his wife and picked in the orchard at home for half a morning.

      Xiao Choran was happy like an 18-year-old girl, not only picking, but also very seriously loosening the soil and watering the plants.

      Ma Lan is still waiting to take pictures to send to friends, watching them go in and not come out, anxiously circled.

      It was only after they had picked a big basket of stuff and entered the house that she rushed downstairs, took out her mobile phone and took various selfies in the orchard.

      After taking a whole bunch of pictures with the sun, she immediately ran back to her room, applied the aloe vera cream for after-sun healing, and took her phone, carefully selected nine pictures from it, and sent it to her friends.

      The accompanying text read: "Look at our vegetable garden, it's grown so well under my careful cultivation!"

      As soon as this friend circle was sent out, it immediately triggered countless people to comment, who didn't expect that Ma Lan could get such a big and spectacular piece of vegetable garden in her own yard, this look was a great deal of effort to get it done.

      The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to go back to my home, but I didn't think I would be able to do that.And then took pictures and deliberately lied to us ah?"

      "Yoo-hoo!"As soon as Ma Lan saw this comment, she immediately became angry.

      I'm taking pictures of my own villa, and you dare to question me?Just you wait, I'm going to take a picture of the overlook from the 3rd floor balcony looking into the villa courtyard!

      Thinking of this, Ma Lan immediately walked up to the terrace of her 3rd floor master bedroom, turned on her phone's shooting function, and prepared to take pictures of the courtyard.

      But then, she suddenly saw, in the screen of her phone, a strange figure!

      There was a shadow now out beyond the yard fence, reaching out and stealing vegetables from his vegetable patch.

      As soon as the eye could see, the hand had picked a large eggplant, followed by a large cucumber and a large tomato.

      Ma Lan immediately roared, "Hey!What are you doing?Stealing my mother's food, are you?"

      The figure heard her yell, and after pulling his hand back, twisted his head and ran away.

      Ma Lan fixed her eyes, wow, isn't it that damned old lady Xiao who stole the vegetables?

      She then became furious and cursed loudly, "Why are you so shameless, you dead old woman?How dare you come to my house and steal vegetables!Believe it or not, I'll call the police and arrest you right now!"

      When she heard her scolding herself, she turned her head to look at her, and instead of being afraid, she spat at her.

      This made Ma Lan furious and immediately ran downstairs.Seeing that Ye Chen and his daughter were washing vegetables in the kitchen, she impatiently took off, "You two are still in the mood to wash vegetables here, our vegetable patch was stolen by someone!"

      "Who is it?"Xiao Chu Ran subconsciously asked.

      Ma Lan angrily said, "That old immortal grandmother of yours is chanting!Who else is so nasty besides her?"


As soon as she heard that it was grandmother who stole the vegetables from the family garden, she sighed helplessly and said, "Mom, since it was grandmother who picked them, then you can let her pick them if she wants, it's nothing more than some vegetables."

      I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," she said.What did your grandmother ever give us?Have you forgotten what she did to our family?I can't stand it when you bashfully come to our house to steal food at this time!"Fastest Update

      Xiao Choran shook her head helplessly, "Don't think about it so much, grandmother is also looking at our food too good, so she wants to pick some for a meal, let's not be so stingy."

      Ma Lan said, "You're so angry," she said, "You just know how to turn your elbows out all day long."

      After saying that, she turned around and went upstairs.

      However, the more Ma Lan thought about it, the more she felt that this matter was a great loss, such a good vegetable, not even a leaf should be allowed to be taken away by Old Mrs. Xiao!My daughter doesn't even care!If this condoned the old lady to steal once, she would come and steal twice, three times, and a hundred times.

      So Ma Lan hurriedly came out of the room again, went to the kitchen door, greeted Ye Chen and said, "Ye Chen, say something, I have something to tell you."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and came to the door.

      Ma Lan hurriedly whispered, "Ye Chen, Mom kindly reminds you ah, you prepare such a good vegetable garden for Choran, you must be careful of burglary, I have lived with the old lady for so many years, I can't understand what kind of person she is, if you don't care about her, she will be able to steal all the light for you tomorrow."

      In fact, Ye Chen had been in the Xiao family for more than three years, and he knew every single person in the Xiao family very well.

      He knew very well what kind of personality each person in the Xiao family was respectively.debut

      The entire Xiao family, in his opinion, except for his wife Xiao Choran, who was a naturally good person, only one Xiao Changkun had room for salvation, and the others were all trash if they had one.

      This included Ma Lan, as well as Old Mrs. Xiao.

      So, he also knew very well that if he did not respond, Old Madam Xiao would indeed steal the first time, and the second, just like Ma Lan said.

      Thus, he had a plan in mind.

      Then, Ye Chen asked Ma Lan, "Do you know what the old lady's favorite dish is?"

      Mashi thought about it and said, "To say it's a favorite, it would be leeks!The old lady has never cooked in her life, but if we're talking about dumplings wrapped with leek and egg, she'll definitely cook and mix the filling herself, and her favorite food is leeks!"

      "Good."Ye Chen nodded, like leeks ah, that's just right.

      Then, he walked to a place where no one was around and gave Wang Zhenggang a call.

      As soon as the call came through, Wang Zhenggang asked him, "Master Ye, is your wife still satisfied with the vegetable garden you made last night?"

      "Quite satisfied."Ye Chen said, "I called to find you to ask you to do another thing for me."

      Wang Zhenggang hurriedly said, "Master Ye is at your disposal."

      Ye Chen said, "You go and find me dozens of pots of the best ocean daffodils, and they have to be the ones with no flowers and bright green and green leaves."

      Wang Zhenggang thought about it and said, "Master Ye, this ocean daffodil is poisonous, if you want a few, it's probably fine, but if you want so many, I'm afraid it's not safe."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "I know it's poisonous, but you don't have to worry about it, just prepare it for me and bring it to me by this afternoon."

      As soon as Wang Zhenggang heard this, he immediately agreed, "Okay Master Ye, I'll go do it."


      Old Mrs. Xiao stole a basket of vegetables from Ye Chen's house, and when she returned, it was just as well as Qian Hongyan came.

      Thus.She then asked Qian Hongyan, "Did you buy the meat that I asked you to buy?"

      Qian Hongyan nodded, "Not only did we buy meat, we also bought a lot of vegetables."


Now Qian Hongyan was very guilty, so she was also ready to please and please the old lady as well as her husband, it just so happened that she had sold the coffee machine and had some money in her hand, so she specially bought some ribs and pork and was going to come back to cook a sumptuous meat dish for her family.

      As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao heard that Qian Hongyan had also bought vegetables, she was dissatisfied and said, "What are you wasting that money on vegetables for?"

      Qian Hongyan was surprised and asked, "Mom, we can't just eat meat and no vegetables, we need to take vitamins."Updated the fastest.

      Old Mrs. Xiao took her to the kitchen, pointed to the basket of food she had just stolen, and said, "See?These good vegetables are all stolen from Ye Chen's house, and Ye Chen's house has made a big vegetable garden, so you can reach outside the fence and pick them, so our family will never have to spend money on vegetables again."

      Qian Hongyan just remembered, when she left in the morning, she saw that Ye Chen's house was under construction in a frenzy.

      At that time, she saw it herself, and although she was a little surprised, she didn't take it to heart.

      She carefully looked at Old Mrs. Xiao's basket of vegetables and couldn't help but exclaim, "Mom, you really don't say, these vegetables look very good, even better than those organic vegetables I bought."The mobile phone One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Old Mrs. Xiao nodded and picked up a bright green cucumber, "Look at the growth of this cucumber, it's big and long, look at the little yellow flowers in front of it, it's so fresh and clean, it's like it's just been washed!"

      Saying that, Old Mrs. Xiao took the cucumber and washed and rubbed it under the faucet, then with a little bit of force, the cucumber made a crisp click and broke off neatly.

      A rich fragrance instantly hit her nose, and Old Mrs. Xiao couldn't help but exclaim, "How come this cucumber smells so good to people!"

      Said she couldn't help but put it in her mouth and gabbed a bite.

      This bite of Old Mrs. Xiao was full of relief.

      Old Mrs. Xiao chewed the cucumber in her mouth vaguely and said, "This is truly the best cucumber I have ever eaten in my life!"

      As soon as Xiao Changqian reached the kitchen door at this time, he smelled the scent of cucumber and said offhandedly, "Oh my, what a strong scent of cucumber, give me half of it to eat."

      The old lady handed him half, Xiao Changqian took a bite and immediately gave a thumbs up to Qian Hongyan: "Wife, where did you buy this cucumber?It's delicious!"

      Qian Hongyan hurriedly said, "This isn't something I bought, this is something Mom stole back, oh no, Mom picked it back."

      "Picked it back?"Xiao Chang Qian was surprised and looked at the old lady and asked, "Mom, where did you pick the cucumber?"


      Xiao Changqian frowned: "This Ye Chen is not good in the head, ah?Why are you still growing vegetables in your yard?"

      "Whatever?"Old Mrs. Xiao said cheerfully, "Anyway, we don't need to spend money on vegetables anymore, we'll go to Yechen's house every day to steal them, and we'll be able to pick the best and freshest vegetables when we go out!"

      Xiao Changqian chuckled, "Then this is really good!Not only is it healthy but it saves money!"

      For this lunch, Qian Hongyan used the vegetables that the old lady had stolen from Ye Chen's house to make several delicious meals.

      It was also because the vegetables were so good that the entire Xiao family ate them with such praise.

      Xiao Hailong usually disliked vegetables the most, but today he took the initiative to eat a lot of them.

      Because today's vegetables were really too delicious!

      Seeing that all the vegetables on the table had been eaten, Old Mrs. Xiao couldn't help but sigh, "I really didn't expect that all these vegetables that Ye Chen's family got were so good.This way, when the afternoon comes, I'll go to their house and pick some back."

      Xiao Hailong hurriedly asked, "Grandmother, if Ye Chen finds out that we stole his vegetables, he won't come to trouble us, right?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, "Let him bother me, if he dares to touch me, I'll blackmail him!"

      Xiao Changqian smiled and said, "Still, Mom, you have a way!"


After lunch, Wang Zhenggang arranged another truck and sent over a truckload of ocean daffodils.

      All of the ocean daffodils he sent over were of very lush and verdant growth of high quality varieties, and according to Ye Chen's request, every single one of them was without blossoms.

      The daffodil was a plant that looked very much like a leek, and even more so when it didn't bloom.

      People in the city itself are not so clear on the plant distinction, plus most people have eaten leeks and seen cut leeks, but never seen leeks growing in the ground, so it is easy to confuse leeks and daffodils.

      The leek is the people's favorite vegetable, whether it is fried or soup, or to make pies and dumplings, is a good and essential ingredient.

      But daffodils, it is not to be eaten.

      Why can't you eat it?Because daffodils contain daffodil.

      And daffodil alkali itself was a toxic alkaloid.

      When Ye Chen heard Ma Lan say that Old Lady Xiao liked to eat leeks, he immediately thought of the plant of colchicine.

      He knew that after Old Mrs. Xiao had succeeded in stealing the vegetable once, she would definitely come back to steal it again, and would definitely do so often.

      So he asked Wang Zhenggang to arrange workers to plant all these daffodils against the corner of the wall.

      In this way, Mrs. Xiao could grab a big handful of them from outside the iron fence, and it would be easy enough to steal them.

      If she stole these foreign daffodils and ate them as leeks, then she would definitely end up in a terrible situation.

      Although it wouldn't kill her, going to the hospital for a few days would probably be unavoidable.

      Ye Chen's idea was to first let her family eat daffodils to stay in the hospital, and while they were in the hospital, he would have all the fences turned into walls, and then he would make a glass house for his vegetable garden, so that he wouldn't be afraid of someone stealing it anymore.

      When the truck came over to unload, Mrs. Shaw, who was next door, happened to see it from her terrace on the third floor.

      When she saw the workers carrying down cluster after cluster of slender green leafy plants from the truck, she immediately felt a bright light!

      It's leeks!

      And such fresh leeks!

      She couldn't help but think of that delicious lunch, because with the vegetables stolen from Ye Chen's house, this home-cooked meal was delicious and even felt especially green and healthy.

      Now that she saw so many fresh leeks coming from Ye Chen's house, Old Lady Xiao was naturally overjoyed because she loved leeks the most!

      And she's been displaced all this time, suffered so many changes, and spent several days in a detention center, and hasn't eaten dumplings stuffed with leek and eggs in a long time!

      At this point seeing so many fresh good leeks coming to Ye Chen's house, the first thought in her head was to hurry over with a knife and cut two handfuls, make a dumpling with leek and egg filling, and have a good time at night!


      At around 4 pm, Old Mrs. Xiao woke up after a nap, and the first thing she did was to come to the terrace to see how Ye Chen's leeks were doing.

      Seeing that Ye Chen had planted all the leeks on the side of the iron fence, old Mrs. Xiao was so happy.

      Isn't this just convenient for herself?

      So, she immediately went downstairs.

      At this time, Xiao Chang Qian's family of four was sitting in the living room watching TV.

      Xiao Hailong had brought up the TV from an empty room downstairs, and although it wasn't as big as the one sold, it was already quite good.Updated fastest.

      Old Mrs. Xiao then said to Qian Hongyan, "Hongyan, go out and buy a carton of eggs and a bag of noodles."


Qian Hongyan hurriedly asked complimentingly, "Mom, what do you need eggs and noodles for?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said, "Wrap leek and egg stuffed dumplings for dinner!"

      Xiao Hailong said in surprise, "Grandma, wrapping dumplings for dinner?"

      "Right!"Old Mrs. Xiao smiled and said, "Do you like the leek and eggs?"

      Xiao Hailong smiled and said, "Oh love it so much!It's been a long time since I've had dumplings with leek and egg, and I'm drooling a little when you say that!"

      Xiao Changqian also laughed and said, "Mom, why did you think of eating dumplings with leek and egg today?But you haven't cooked dumplings for a long time."

      Old Mrs. Xiao said, "I'm happy today, the leek and egg stuffed dumplings in the evening tube enough!"

      "Great!"Xiao Changqian lamented, "I haven't had dumplings for a few days, so I'm relieving my cravings today!"

      Qian Hongyan opened her mouth and asked, "Mom, besides noodles and eggs, don't I want to buy some leeks back?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao smiled proudly, "Ye Chen's family got a lot of particularly fresh leeks this afternoon, I'll go out and cut it back two handfuls later!"

      Xiao Changqian was busy, "Mom, that'll have to be cut a little more, and it's okay to wrap some dumplings with leeks and pork along the way."

      Vivian Shaw said, "And you can even brand a leek pie!"

      "Okay, okay!"Old Mrs. Xiao nodded and smiled, "Then I'll cut back a little more!"

      By 5:00 p.m., Old Mrs. Xiao went out with a kitchen knife.

      She put the kitchen knife in the basket and ran all the way to the outside of Ye Chen's fence.

      Old Mrs. Xiao looked around, saw no one in the yard, quickly took the knife out, reached into the fence and cut a large handful of leeks.

      After this handful of cuts, she followed with two large handfuls of cuts.The mobile phone one second to remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

      So she cut six handfuls in a row, and the leeks she cut down couldn't fit in the bamboo basket.

      When she saw that she had succeeded, Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly ran back.

      The sun was setting, so Ma Lan leaned on her crutches and went out to the terrace to get some sunshine.

      After all, the doctor has explained to her that if she wants her legs to get better, she needs to get more sunshine to synthesize vitamin d. When she comes to the terrace, she just sees Xiao Xiao again.

      When she came to the terrace, she just happened to see old Mrs. Xiao stealing food away again, and she cursed in a rage: "You old immortal thing, you just stole so many vegetables from my house in the morning, and you still dare to come in the afternoon, do you still want to be shameless?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao turned her head and looked at her jumping and scolding the street, "What?You're my mother-in-law's daughter-in-law, I'm eating your order, and you're whining to my mother?"

      Ma Lan cursed, "Who the hell is your daughter-in-law, you shameless old thing, next time you dare to come to my house and steal food, I'll smash your legs off!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao pooh-poohed and scolded, "I don't know when my own broken leg will heal yet, and you still dare to scream at me?Do you believe I'll break your legs next time?"

      Mashiro was furious when he heard this!

      Her leg, which was broken by Old Mrs. Xiao in the detention center, was a revenge she always remembered.

      Seeing that Old Mrs. Xiao had come to steal food again and scolded herself with the broken leg, Ma Lan gritted her teeth and scolded, "Go ahead and steal!Old thing!With a mouth like that, sooner or later you'll be eaten to death!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, "I'm telling you Ma Lan, I have a long life, and I won't die even if you die eight hundred times!We'll see who dies first if you don't believe me!"


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