Secret Identity 1091-1100


Chapter 1091

Ye Chen didn't really take the Xiao family's gang seriously.

      After all, this gang was nothing more than jumping clowns in his eyes.

      And he was sure that this group of people would not dare to come to trouble him.

      Plus, Qian Hongyan must hate Ma Lan to the bone, so he reckoned that the Xiao family's future points of fire should be on his mother-in-law.

      This was actually a good thing, as evil people had their own way of grinding.

      Then his mind was all focused on building a vegetable garden for his wife.

      Wang Zhenggang was already in full swing at this point, and was going around to the vegetable planting base, begging for good vegetables and fruits.

      In one afternoon, he had already collected many healthy and green organic species.

      Ye Chen wanted his wife to be able to see the vegetable garden below when she woke up tomorrow morning, so he asked Wang Zhenggang to bring someone and bring plants full of vegetables and fruits over for construction late at night.

      Right now, Old Lady Xiao was looking at the luxurious kitchen in the villa, at a loss for words.

      The villa has everything, including roads, appliances and furniture, but not a drop of oil or grain of rice in the kitchen.

      Without anything, there is no way to cook.

      We all left Wu's house in the morning and took a bus all the way from Suhang to here.

      It's now six o'clock in the afternoon, and it's time for dinner, and everyone is starving.

      However, a very embarrassing problem was placed in front of the five members of the Xiao family.

      No money to eat.

      The four, Old Mrs. Xiao, Xiao Weiwei, Xiao Changqian, and Xiao Hailong, were already poor before the guards' house.

      After living in the caretaker's house for so many days, naturally there wasn't a single penny of income, so basically there was just no money at all.

      Before Qian Hongyan went to the Black Coal Kiln, she was also made penniless by Ye Chen, and when she was rescued from the Black Coal Kiln, she was also penniless except for the soot she brought with her.

      Although the Wu family's Wu Donghai promised to invest 80 [penpal] million in the Xiao group.

      But this money hasn't arrived yet.

      That means that now everyone doesn't even have money for dinner.

      Xiao Hailong suggested, "Grandmother, why don't we give Wu Donghai a call and ask him to transfer us 10,000,000 on WeChat first, at least let us have a meal to live on ah!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao waved her hand and said sternly, "Bastard, isn't this an obvious attempt to make Wu Donghai look down on us?More than a hundred million dollars for a villa for us to live in, and we don't even have money for a meal, do you have the nerve to open this mouth?"

      Xiao Hailong said with resentment, "What then?We can't starve!"

      "Yeah mom ......"Xiao Chang Qian said awkwardly, "You want to say starving for one or two meals is fine, who can stand this constant hunger?The company's investment matter is very troublesome, not to mention our account is also blocked by the bank, even if Wu Donghai's money to the company's account, but also with the bank to settle, but also wait for the bank to finish after unsealing, these three or five days simply can't come down, we can't keep starving to wait for this money, right?".

      Old Mrs. Shaw asked him, "Don't you have a friend or something to borrow $10,000 up front to top it off?"


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      Xiao Chang Qian said awkwardly, "I borrowed money before I entered the detention center, I borrowed everything I could, and many people blackmailed me."

      Old Mrs. Xiao looked at Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei again, "Hailong and Weiwei, what about you two?Don't you have a friend to lend you some money?"

      "Grandmother, you don't know anything."Xiao Hailong said depressingly, "The news of our Xiao family's bankruptcy and collapse has long been spread in my circle of friends, no matter who I talk to on WeChat now, the other party won't pay attention to me, and even if they do, once I open my mouth to borrow money, they'll play dead."

      Xiao Weiwei was also full of depression and said, "Grandmother, I can't borrow any more money, if I could have borrowed money, I wouldn't have used Dabao sod honey in the first place.

      Old Mrs. Xiao said, "Why don't you send a WeChat to Xiao Yiqian and ask him to sponsor a little more or less, you two have at least been a dewy couple for a while, he will always give you this amount of money, right?"

      Xiao Weiwei sighed and said, "Xiao Yiqian has already blackmailed me ......"

      Xiao Chang Qian looked at Old Mrs. Xiao, "Mom, don't you have a friend or something?"

      "Me?"Old Mrs. Xiao's expression was not too natural as she snorted, "If I had a way to borrow money, I wouldn't talk nonsense with you."

      Xiao Hailong then suddenly had a flash of wisdom and said off the cuff, "Grandmother, why don't we dump something from inside this villa and hang it on the idle fish and sell it?Don't say anything else, on that big LCD TV in the living room, the new one I estimate fifty to sixty thousand dollars, he's not even using this brand new one much, twenty thousand dollars can always sell, right?"

      Xiao Changqian said, "People Wu Donghai is lending us the villa to live in, is it too appropriate for us to sell their things?"

      "What's wrong with it."Xiao Hailong said, "It'll live for 10 years, too, so what kind of TV will last 10 years?Can't we just tell him then that the TV is broken and we eliminated it?"

      "Besides, when we wait for his $80 million to hit the company's books, will we have the money?Won't you just buy an identical one to hang when the time comes?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao brightened up and said off the top of her head, "You guys don't say, this method of Hailong is really good!"

      When Xiao Hailong heard this, he said with a smile, "How about grandmother, I'm still a great brain at a critical moment, right?"

      "Not bad not bad!"Old Mrs. Xiao nodded and said, "Then find out how much this TV sells for new, and then put it up for sale on Idle Fish first!"

      Xiao Hailong immediately came to the living room with that super large LCD TV, picked up the back and looked at the model, then put it on the Internet and searched, saying in surprise, "Oh my, I go, this TV is worth 100,000!"

      The whole family was shocked at the amount.

      100,000 for a TV, that's too fucking extravagant, right?

      Xiao Hailong also hurriedly opened the second-hand website, and found that on the second-hand website, 90% new this TV can sell for more than 60,000, so he said: "I see they 90% new are sold for more than 60,000, we have no problem selling this 100 percent new for 75,000."

      Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly said, "Selling what 75,000, selling 75,000 may not be someone who wants it right away!You can directly hang 60,000, and it's expected to sell soon, our priority now is to eat quickly."

      Only then did Xiao Hailong suddenly come to his senses and said, "Still, grandmother, you've thought about it thoroughly, I'll take a picture and then hang 60,000."

      Saying that, he immediately opened his phone's photo function, pointed it at the TV, took a few photos, and then posted them on the second-hand website.

      At this moment, in the Suhang Wu family.

      Wu Donghai asked his assistant, "What is the situation of the Xiao family now?Have they started a barrage with Ye Chen?"

      The assistant made a phone call, then said, "Mr. Wu, the person we've been monitoring said that they didn't have any conflict with Ye Chen, so they choked a few words with Ye Chen his mother-in-law, then went back to the villa, and are now on the website to sell the TV set that came with the villa."

      Wu Donghai thought he had misheard and asked off the top of his head, "What the hell?"


Wu Donghai knew that the Xiao family was living a downward spiral, but he didn't know that they were living such a nasty life.

      He had kindly provided them with a place to live in order to treat them like a thorn stuck under Ye Chen's nose.

      But what they didn't expect was that the first thing they would move in and live in was to sell off the villa's household appliances.

      He cursed with a cold grunt of anger, "This family is really a pile of stinking shit, rotten mud!"

      The assistant also felt that it was too low for these people to do anything, so he asked, "Mr. Wu, should we go and kick them out now?If we don't get rid of them, this villa will be empty after a while!"

      Wu Donghai sighed, it was true that he didn't despise this family, but the people were already living next door to Ye Chen's house, so if he drove them away now, wouldn't that be like showing weakness to Ye Chen?

      So he waved his hand and spoke, "Don't rush for now, observe for a while."

      The assistant nodded, "Then I'll have someone continue to monitor them."

      At this moment, the Xiao family did not know that all their actions were under Wu Donghai's nose.

      After Xiao Hailong posted the TV on the second-hand website, someone immediately contacted him.

      Because the price he sold it at was really cheap, brand new and only 60,000, which was equivalent to a direct discount of 60%.

      After inquiring some information, the other party immediately photographed his merchandise on the second-hand website and said that he would pick it up at his doorstep.

      Xiao Hailong was naturally very happy to immediately report his address to the other party, and drove over for the convenience.

      At this time, the Xiao family was already hungry, waiting for the money to go out for a full meal after the sale of the TV.

      Soon, a middle-aged couple approached, and after checking the TV and booting it up to confirm there were no problems, they immediately decided to buy it.

      However, since they were visitors and not respectable people, the car could only be parked in front of the villa area.Fastest Updated.

      The couple then asked Xiao Hailong to take down the TV and help them deliver it to the front door of the Thompson's First Class neighborhood.

      Naturally, Xiao Hailong had no problem with it, but the TV was too big for even him and that middle-aged man to lift, so Xiao Changqian joined in.

      Father and son and that middle-aged man carried the huge TV together and headed out of the villa area.

      Qian Hongyan, on the other hand, assisted the old lady to walk behind, the old lady was a bit breathless because she was too hungry, so she needed to be assisted.

      Ma Lan just happened to see this scene, so she leaned on her crutches by the side of the road and asked with a smile, "Yo, your family just moved in and you're opening up to sell TVs?I told you guys long ago not to puff yourselves up with no money, how can you afford to live in a villa in Thomson?"

      Xiao Changqian scolded in exasperation, "You know what? I'm too small for this TV, so get a bigger one!"

      "Bah!"Ma Lan gave a despicable snort, "What a braggart, I don't know anything about your family?The Shaw Group went bankrupt and your wife donated all the money to Project Hope, what money does your family still have?If they were really rich, they wouldn't have been poor and reduced to the streets before to run to us to take them in."

      Xiao Chang Qian was furious as soon as he heard Ma Lan say that his wife had donated money to the Hope Project, he naturally knew what was going on.

      So he gritted his teeth and looked at Ma Lan, "I'm warning you to speak, be careful, I'll settle that score with you sooner or later!"

      "Come on!"Ma Lan said disdainfully, "If you're a bandwagoner you'll find me now, it just so happens that my son-in-law is home, so you two can have a nice chat?"

      Upon hearing this, Xiao Chang Qian softened, he didn't dare to go and scream at Ye Chen, so he bit his teeth and scolded, "Just you wait, you'll suffer later!"

      After saying that, she greeted Xiao Hailong and said, "Hailong, move quickly and send the TV quickly."

      Qian Hongyan glared at Ma Lan on her way out, and although she was filled with hatred, she didn't say a word.


It was hard to help others load the TV into the car, and received the 60,000 yuan for selling the TV.

      Xiao Hailong said excitedly, "Our family has to go for a good meal!How about a seafood fondue?"

      Xiao Changqian hurriedly said, "Yes!I'm going to shish-kebab a few abalone for fun!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao said at this time, "Hailong, first, transfer the money from the sale of the TV to me with WeChat."

      As soon as Xiao Hailong heard this, he hurriedly said, "Grandmother, this money can be put with me, you don't have to worry about it."

      Old Lady Xiao had gone through so much, and now she only had one thought, that all the money had to be placed with her, or else she would have no sense of security at all.

      So she yelled at Xiao Hailong, "When did it become your turn to be in charge of my family?Who fought for the Townsend Villa, you forget?"Fastest Update

      When Xiao Hailong heard this, his expression became a bit ugly.

      Xiao Chang Qian knew very well in his heart that it was now time for the old lady to be in charge again, and no one was allowed to disobey her.

      So he shouted at Xiao Hailong, "You brat, when did you learn to be obstinate with your grandmother?You transfer the money to your grandmother!"

      Xiao Hailong was helpless and used WeChat to transfer all the money to the old lady.

      After the old lady received the money, this eased up a bit and spoke, "Alright, just as you wish, go eat seafood hotpot!"


      Inside the seafood hotpot restaurant.

      The Xiao family wanted a private room, and the family went in to guard a small hot pot per person.

      Because it's been a hard time too much, five people have no oil inside their stomachs, so everyone ordered a table of seafood, not a single vegetable.

      The box was already hot, and ordered 6 hot pots, a time of heat, hot and humid.

      But the Xiao family all ate very happily, especially Xiao Chang Qian and Xiao Hailong, the father and son, who were all sweating profusely.

      Qian Hongyan also didn't eat less, because she had suffered a lot in the black coal kiln as well, not to mention eating seafood, and hadn't even eaten a single shrimp for so long.

      Just as she was enjoying the food, she also felt hot and dry all over.

      She subconsciously took off her jacket, but then felt her butt sitting on the chair, already a little sweaty, sticky and uncomfortable.

      Just at this time, she suddenly felt that the private part was suddenly a bit scratchy and unbearable.

      But that position is too intimate, she can not scratch to scratch, so she can only rub back and forth on the chair constantly.

      But this rubbing doesn't matter, it only feels like the more she rubs, the more itchy and uncomfortable it gets!

      She thought she was eating hot pot for dinner, but her heart suddenly thudded and remembered one thing.

      That damned overseer at the Black Coal Kiln, when he forced himself to stay with him night after night some time ago, not only never bathed, but never took any measures ......Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      That period of time is not long, not short, always so unhygienic, more or less hidden ......

      When she thought of this, she could not help but ask herself: she this is not ......

      Get sick, right ......


When she thought that she might be sick, Qian Hongyan felt that the itchy feeling was much stronger.

      She panicked in her heart and thought to herself, what if she really got sick?Now that I'm reunited with my husband, it's not at all easy to hide it if he does get sick, what if he finds out?

      What's worse, when the two were at the Wu house yesterday, the sound of the waves still remained a bit, when the husband Xiao Changqian didn't prepare any measures, what to do in case of infecting him?

      Wouldn't that tell him that he had been with someone else at the Black Coal Kiln?

      As soon as she thought of this, Qian Hongyan decided to go to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning to check it out, and if she didn't get sick, then all the luck.

      If she did get sick, no matter what, she had to find a way to cure it quickly.

      But the problem was again, if you went to the hospital, you had to register, you had to check, you had to prescribe medicine, you had to treat.

      I'm penniless, and I don't even have the money to register at the hospital.

      The old lady did have 60,000 yuan.

      But how can I get some of this money from her?

      Qian Hongyan knew very well in her heart that the old lady had a very strong opinion of herself now.

      The reason for this was that when the old lady asked her husband for money, she was very angry when she and her husband perfunctory with her and the last money was lost to Ye Chen.

      So in this situation, asking the old lady to borrow money is definitely not possible.

      What can be done then?

      If she was really sick, she couldn't leave it untreated.

      Thinking about it, she got worried all of a sudden.

      How could she get some money?

      She instantly thought of this matter of selling the TV and instantly got a bit of inspiration.

      This villa was so big, and there were so many furniture and appliances in it, wouldn't it be fine to find one or two not-so-impressive ones yourself and take them out to sell?This way the old lady wouldn't know either.

      Only when she thought of this did Qian Hongyan put her mind at ease and decided to go back tonight to see what she could secretly sell, and after selling the money tomorrow, she would go straight to the hospital to register and take a look.

      However, Qian Hongyan did not expect that the itchy feeling, instead of any relief, would get worse.

      She sat on the chair and rubbed back and forth for a long time, the more she rubbed, the greater the magnitude, but always felt uncomfortable to scratch the itch.

      When Xiao Changqian saw that she was always rubbing back and forth, he couldn't help but ask: "Wife, what's going on with you?Physically unwell?"

      Qian Hongyan panicked and hurriedly said, "It's nothing ah, there's nothing uncomfortable."

      Xiao Chang Qian nodded and didn't ask any further questions, but after a moment, he ambled to her ear and whispered, "Honey, did you commit a hemorrhoid?"

      When Qian Hongyan heard this, she subconsciously waved her hand and said, "No, don't talk nonsense."

      Xiao Chang Qian laughed, "You're an old married couple, I still don't know you?Haven't you done this a lot before?Buy a box of ointment on the way home later, just go back and wipe it."

      Qian Hongyan said in a panic, "What are you talking nonsense about, there's no such thing."

      The more unnatural Qian Hongyan's expression was, the more it looked like a desire to cover up to Xiao Changqian.

      If you have any inflammation, ulcers, pimples or hemorrhoids, don't touch the seafood.You've just eaten so much, you'll have to be careful!"

      When Qian Hongyan heard this, she was so shocked that even the chopsticks in her hand banged on the floor.

      She also knew that seafood was a hair product, and inflammatory wounds or hemorrhoids were afraid of hair products, so what about gynecological or venereal diseases?

      At this point, Qian Hongyan immediately pulled out her cell phone and searched for a line when no one else was looking: can you eat seafood with an STD?

      After searching, the results that came out shocked her!


Because, as all doctors clearly warn, STDs should never touch seafood!That would not only aggravate the symptoms, it could lead to erosion!

      Qian Hongyan was trembling with fear!

      I couldn't help but eat so much seafood just now, then wouldn't it be bad luck tonight ......

      At this time, Xiao Weiwei added a sea cucumber and handed it to Qian Hongyan's bowl, saying, "Mom, you suffered a while ago, eat more sea cucumber to make up for it."

      When Qian Hongyan saw the sea cucumber, she got hairy all over!

      Immediately afterwards, it felt as if that strange itch had gotten a little more severe.

      She hurriedly returned the sea cucumber to Xiao Weiwei, her heart already panicking unbearably.

      At this time, the heat from the six small hot pots boiling up had already made the compartment into a bathhouse, and Qian Hongyan felt that her body was sweating all over, and the scratching was still getting worse.

      She hurriedly stood up and took off, "I'm full and went out for some air, you guys can continue to eat."

      Xiao Hailong said, "Mom, there are still so many abalone and oysters here."

      Qian Hongyan said irritably, "Oh my, I'm full, no more!"

      After saying that, she busily got up and left the door.

      Before leaving that stifling hot box, Qian Hongyan felt a little better.

      But she also knew that she had just eaten so much seafood that it hadn't started to get strong for a while.

      But it's not like I haven't eaten seafood before when I committed hemorrhoids, so I probably know that a seafood attack will occur about three hours after eating it.

      According to this, tonight they can have to suffer ......

      She was so depressed, yesterday with her husband still sound, their hearts are still thinking about her husband is really a lot worse than the overseer, when so comparatively think about it, she did not hate the overseer so much, after all, he had also brought a lot of happiness.The mobile phone one second to remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      But I didn't expect that it had only been a day, and things had turned out like this.

      If he really got sick, wouldn't that be the end of him?

      A depressed Qian Hongyan didn't dare return to that stuffy box.

      She waited while the rest of the family finished eating out and followed the family back.

      By this time, the seafood seemed to have begun to take effect, and the itching sensation was intensifying, making it extra difficult for her to walk.

      By the time she returned to the villa in Thomson, Qian Hongyan was already itching to death.

      The first thing she did when she got back to the villa was to search around to see if there was anything inconspicuous that she could take out and sell.

      After looking around, she found an imported Delong coffee machine in the kitchen that seemed to be quite high-end.

      Old Mrs. Xiao never drank coffee, she drank tea, so she definitely wouldn't pay attention to this coffee machine, even if she stole it and sold it herself.

      So she went online and looked up the model number of that coffee machine.

      This check didn't matter, and found that that coffee machine, surprisingly, was a top imported high-end coffee machine, don't look at this thing is not a little big, but it was worth more than 50,000!

      So she followed her own son's modus operandi and went to a second-hand website to look at the machine and found that the used one would sell for at least $30,000.

      In order to be able to find a seller sooner and get money to go to the doctor sooner, she went directly to the local second-hand website and marked up a price of 25,000 yuan.

      She then waited more than 10 minutes with her cell phone, enduring the itching, before a man contacted her and simply said, "I'll take the thing, can I pick it up tomorrow morning?"

      Qian Hongyan hurriedly replied, "No problem, I'll see you in front of Thompson's at 9am tomorrow!"

      At this time, Wu Donghai, who was far away in Suhang, was studying how to stop the endless decline in stocks, when his assistant stepped in and said softly, "Mr. Wu, that Qian Hongyan of the Xiao family just put the villa's coffee machine up for sale on a second-hand website."

      When Wu Donghai heard this, he took off his mouth and cursed, "Me you mother ......This family is fucking bandits, right?!"


Since tonight was the first night that the Xiao family had stayed at Thompson's, the ritual within everyone was very strong.

      Old Mrs. Xiao gathered everyone into the living room and sat on the luxurious European-style sofa, and it was as if the old lady had found the same aura she had when she dominated the Xiao Group again.

      She was smiling, but this smile was not without authority.

      After sizing up the crowd, only then did she nonchalantly say, "Today is a big victory for us in one stage, although the Xiao Clan is not on shore yet, our family is now on shore, and that alone is worth celebrating."

      Everyone nodded repeatedly, except for Qian Hongyan, whose expression was a bit ugly, everyone else was excited.

      Qian Hongyan was now feeling the effects of the seafood starting to show, and the itchiness was making her sit up and take notice.The fastest update

      Old Mrs. Xiao looked at her and said with a bit of disgust in her look, "Hongyan, you're so old, what are you always caddying back and forth like a maggot?"

      Qian Hongyan's expression was ugly.

      The old lady really spoke in a very damaging way, like a maggot caddis?Is that how you describe your daughter-in-law?

      However, she didn't dare to disobey the old lady in any way, so she could only apologize and say, "I'm sorry ah mom, my stomach isn't feeling too well ......"

      Old Mrs. Xiao gave her a glance and said, "I think you ah, you have suffered too much in the black coal kiln, just now when you ate seafood hot pot, you ate so much as if you had been hungry for three years, how could that stomach of yours stand it?"

      Qian Hongyan was even more depressed, but could only nod her head honestly and say, "Mom, you're right."

      Old Mrs. Xiao didn't bother to pay any more attention to her and continued, "Now that our family has landed, the next step is to have the Xiao Group landed as well, and after General Manager Wu puts the money into the company's account, the Xiao Group will resume normal operations."

      Saying that, she looked towards Xiao Chang Qian and said, "Chang Qian, when the group resumes operations, you will be the commercial manager, specifically responsible for negotiating cooperation for the Xiao Group."

      Xiao Chang Qian nodded, "Okay, Mom, I know, I will do my best!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao nodded slightly in satisfaction, and looked to the side at Xiao Hailong: "Hailong, you will be the director of the Xiao Group from now on, you must put away that hangdog look of yours, and never let anyone see the joke, especially not Xiao Choran, understand?"

      Xiao Hailong was busy saying, "Grandma I know!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao looked at Xiao Weiwei again, "Weiwei ah, you are young and beautiful, when you were with Wang Yunfei, you only know how to play every day, in the future you will have to work for the group, I think ah, let you be the public relations manager of the Xiao Group, specializing in marketing and customer PR."debut

      Xiao Weiwei nodded her head nicely, "Okay Grandma, Weiwei will listen to you."

      "Mm."Old Mrs. Xiao said with satisfaction, "One by one, you all have to give me your twelve minutes, it's not easy for our Xiao family to have this opportunity today, we must not miss this good opportunity for development, do you all understand?"


      Everyone replied with an impassioned attitude.

      Xiao Chang Qian hurriedly said, "Mom, can you arrange a job for Hong Yan as well?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao snorted and said, "Hongyan just stay at home and do her chores, there's always one person at home to run life."

      After saying that, she didn't wait for Qian Hongyan to state her position, she stood up and said, "Alright, that's it, I'm going upstairs to sleep, you guys should also rest early."

      Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei, already couldn't wait to go back to their rooms and enjoy themselves, after all, this house had a very high style and standard of decoration, much better than the rooms they had stayed in before.

      So the two of them also got up after the old lady left and returned to their respective rooms.

      Xiao Chang Qian looked at his wife and suddenly had the idea of being with her again, so he hurriedly said, "Wife, let's also go back to our rooms and rest."


Qian Hongyan felt more and more itchy and distracted, but there was no other way to deal with it at this time of night.

      Even if she went to the hospital, she didn't have the money and would have to wait until tomorrow to sell the coffee machine.

      She had no choice but to get up and go back to her room on the second floor with Xiao Chang Qian.

      As soon as he entered the huge and luxurious master bedroom on the second floor, Xiao Changqian was a little impatient and muttered, "Wife, I still want to be with you tonight ......"

      Qian Hongyan was shocked to hear this, and as she broke free, she spoke, "Forget about it today, get some rest early if you're tired."

      Xiao Changqian pleaded, "Don't, wife."

      Qian Hongyan was already feeling incomparably uncomfortable at this point, which still had that kind of mind, and took off, "Saying no is no, today we both sleep in one blanket!"

      Although Xiao Chang Qian was very depressed, but seeing his wife in such an agitated mood, he could not force her to agree.

      As the two of them lay on the bed, Xiao Chang Qian was still trying to convince Qian Hongyan, but Qian Hongyan's attitude was very resolute, so helplessly, Xiao Chang Qian fell asleep.

      However, Qian Hongyan, who was lying next to him, couldn't sleep even after tossing and turning.

      That itch that scratched her heart and liver made her body incomparably uncomfortable, and her heart grew more and more panicked, feeling as if she really had that aspect of the disease.first post.

      While she thinks about going to the hospital tomorrow and checking it out carefully, she also worries that her husband might be infected as well.


      Ye Chen kept thinking about preparing a vegetable garden for his wife that could be picked.

      Xiao Churan was still looking forward to tomorrow's picking trip until she went to bed.

      She had thought that her husband would take her to some vegetable and melon base in the suburbs.

      But she had never dreamed that her husband, the spoiled wife fiend Ye Chen, was already going to present her a unique vegetable garden in the courtyard tonight!

      At 12 pm, Wang Zhenggang sent him a WeChat, saying that he had brought someone over.

      The Xiao Churan lying beside Ye Chen was already asleep, her breath was very even, and she seemed to be sleeping very soundly.

      However, to make sure she wouldn't wake up, Ye Chen quietly gathered a little bit of aura in his fingertips and gently dabbed it on her forehead.

      This would ensure that his wife would sleep until tomorrow morning.

      After all, it was to prepare a surprise for his wife, and if she fell asleep and suddenly heard movement and woke up to lie down on the window to take a look, then the surprise would be exposed early.

      It was only afterwards that Ye Chen rolled over and got out of bed and went downstairs to the courtyard.

      A few minutes later, Wang Zhenggang personally brought a few light trucks to the entrance of the villa.

      The trucks were filled with all sorts of vegetable and melon plants, and each of them was fruitful and growing very happily.

      As soon as Wang Zhenggang saw Ye Chen, he said respectfully, "Master Ye, I've gotten the best vegetable and fruit plants we can find in Jinling!"

      "Any variety, any plant on here, is the best of the best that has been carefully selected and picked out of countless sheds!I'm sure this vegetable garden I got for you will not be able to find another one in all of Jinling or even the whole country!"

      Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said with a smile, "You've worked hard, I'll keep this matter in mind."


When Wang Zhenggang heard this, he said with great excitement, "It's an honor for someone Wang to serve Master Ye!"

      After saying that, Wang Zhenggang hurriedly said, "Master Ye, the various plants I've got here add up to more than two hundred plants, if all of them are transplanted and cultivated properly, it's estimated that it will take quite a long time, or else we should hurry up and let the workers work first, I estimate that it will take at least until five or six o'clock tomorrow morning."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Good, then let's hurry up and get the workers working."

      Wang Zhenggang hurriedly waved his hand to one of his men beside him and took off, "Order the workers to work quickly, be sure to work carefully and carefully, make sure that all the plants are not damaged in any way, especially the melons and fruits, there should never be any drop, if you do a good job, I will reward you heavily, and each of you will be given 10,000 red envelopes.If you don't do a good job and make Master Ye dissatisfied, don't blame me for being rude!"

      The assistant nodded hurriedly, then came to the workers and said off the cuff, "Everyone must do a good job, our CEO Wang said, as long as everyone completes the task on time and on quantity, each person will be given 10,000 yuan red envelopes!"

      All the workers were extremely excited when this was said.

      They usually couldn't earn 10,000 yuan a month, and 5,000 yuan would be great even if they worked hard.

      But now as long as they do a good job tonight, each of them can earn two months' wages, which is like pie in the sky for them.

      So the group of workers all worked feverishly.

      Ye Chen simply didn't sleep anymore, watching the workers with his own eyes, carefully planting all kinds of plants in the villa's courtyard.

      The courtyard of the villa of Thomson One was extremely large, divided into a front yard and a back yard, covering an area of at least four to five acres of land.

      Ye Chen simply had people stick to the wall and planned about an acre of space, then planted all the vegetables and fruits neatly according to type, if his wife Xiao Choran really liked it, he could have people prepare to make a sun room to cover the vegetable garden and then get constant temperature and humidity equipment in it.

      This way, even if it snows in winter, there will always be fresh vegetables and fruits inside.

      Xiao Choran would then be able to personally pick them every day and wouldn't know how happy she would be.

      Although it was a little bit of effort, but it was better than anything if it could make his wife happy.

      Although Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were separated, when they heard the commotion, they both rushed up to the terrace in unison, while looking down from the terrace of their respective rooms, they saw such a feverishly spectacular scene below.

      Xiao Changkun didn't know what Ye Chen was up to and hurriedly ran down and asked him, "Ye Chen ah, what are you up to?What's with all the fruits and vegetables?Are you trying to farm at home?"

      Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile, "That's right, I heard that Choran especially likes to pick, so I'm going to take out a part of the yard to make a vegetable garden, so Choran can pick here every day in the future."

      Xiao Changkun gave him a thumbs up, "This matter of Churan liking to pick, I, a father, had forgotten about it, but I didn't expect you to know."

      Saying that, he couldn't help but sigh, "It seems that it's a good fortune for Choran to be married to you, where would a normal man be willing to put so much effort into his wife."

      At this time, Ma Lan on the third floor balcony coldly snorted, "Xiao Changkun, being a man is better than you!Every man loves his wife more than you!Only a scumbag like you would want to separate and divorce your wife after she's suffered so much for you!"first issue

      Xiao Changkun raised his head with a black face and shouted: "Surnamed Ma, you don't fart there.You're not sure what kind of character you have?If it weren't for Ye Chen, this family would have been ruined by you long ago!If I don't divorce you, my life will be ruined!"

      Lan Ma broke into a curse, "Fart your mother!I'm telling you Xiao Changkun, as long as I, Ma Lan, am still alive, you won't be able to get a divorce!"

      After saying that, Ma Lan snorted coldly and turned around to go back to her room.

      Xiao Changkun was furious, but had no way to attack, so he could only say to Ye Chen with an annoyed face, "See?This is a shrew ah."

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently, I know better than you whether she's a shrew or not.

      But naturally, this is something that cannot be said.

      So he asked Xiao Changkun, "Have you met with Aunt Han in the past few days?"

      Xiao Changkun waved his hand in shock, "You can keep your voice down, what if that shrew hears you and finds out that your Aunt Han has returned to China?"



Ye Chen smiled faintly, it seemed that father-in-law Xiao Changkun was now worried that Ma Lan knew about Han Meiqing's return to the country.

      However, I'm afraid that this kind of thing could be hidden for a while, but not for a lifetime.

      Exactly how long it could be hidden would depend on the fate of the old father-in-law.


      The old lady next door, Mrs. Xiao, feeling light, got up from her bed and walked to the terrace when she heard the movement outside.

      A quick glance revealed that Ye Chen's house was brightly lit, and a closer look revealed that there were a whole bunch of workers planting vegetables for them!

      What the hell is this?

      Shouldn't growing vegetables start with planting seeds?

      Ye Chen this is equivalent to, moving the entire vegetable patch to his own yard.

      Earthy old hat is earthy old hat, a good villa, having to make a pile of fruits and vegetables, is simply reckless!first issue

      If it were me, I would have planted some high-grade flowers, that would have shown off the villa!

      But looking at it this way, the quality of the batch of vegetables and fruits they got was pretty good, it should be all those organic food, the kind that sells for the old expensive.

      Thinking of this, Old Mrs. Xiao planned to find a time tomorrow to have Qian Hongyan go over and steal some vegetables back .

      At this time, Qian Hongyan was tossing and turning on the bed, unable to sleep.

      The itchy feeling was getting more and more unbearable and had become a bit too much for her to hold on to.

      When the itch was really too much to bear, she went to the bathroom to take a shower again.

      But this time, Qian Hongyan discovered to her horror that her body had begun to develop red spots, looking particularly horrifying.

      She panicked deep inside, only hoping that it would be morning soon so that she could go to the hospital as soon as possible.

      This night was extremely torturous for Qian Hongyan.

      In the first half of the night, she was just lying in bed tossing and turning, but in the second half of the night, she basically couldn't even lie down.

      She also didn't understand why this kind of illness came as soon as she said it would, and it came so quickly.

      After taking her phone and looking it up for half a day, she found that everyone said that with an STD, the most important thing to avoid is eating, especially not seafood and spicy.

      Seeing this, she regretted her intestines.

      In the evening dinner seafood hot pot, she wanted a spicy pot bottom.

      This time, she really didn't want to eat these two things again in this life.

      Qian Hongyan was worried that she would be too late to take the coffee machine away in front of her family, so she quietly woke up at 5:00 in the morning, slipped into the kitchen, and left the house with the coffee machine in her arms.

      When you pass Ye Chen's house, the vegetable garden that Ye Chen prepared for his wife is almost done.

      Through the fence of the yard, Qian Hongyan was surprised to find that Ye Chen's house had a large vegetable garden overnight, but she couldn't care less about that because her attention was not on anyone else at all right now.

      She waited for more than an hour at the entrance of Thompson's before the coffee machine buyer rushed over, and the first thing Qian Hongyan did after she sold the coffee machine and got the money was to immediately take a taxi and go to the People's Hospital in a feverish hurry!

      Ye Chenxiao Choran Source.


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