Lost Young Master 291-295


Chapter 291 

It really wasn't that Ye Fan came here looking for trouble, but just wanted these people to sleep in a different place, and if they stayed here for a few more hours, their bones would probably stink.

Along with Ye Fan's beat, the Tiantian brothers were the first to wake up, but the six vajra were sleeping on the table again after cursing angrily.

"Look at you guys that point, this point dog urine into the stomach is not useful."Ye Fan some hate iron, from here can see the difference between the Tiantian brothers and the six vajra, it really is not a single star.

Ye Fan was another one of them, directly kicking over the stool, the six big jin just leisurely woke up, but what made Ye Fan laugh and cry was that Tiger sat on the floor and even fell asleep again.

Ye Fan can't help but cover his face, all feel humiliated.

Fortunately, the Tiantian brothers were the ones who didn't care about these small details and didn't joke, which made Ye Fan less embarrassed.

As soon as the crowd poured out, Ye Fan took the room with them, and by this time, the weak Ye Fan was finally unable to resist.Drunkenness after one night actually only brought a slight feeling of weakness, but after using the Power Pill, this aftermath was so great that Ye Fan felt like his consciousness was going to disappear.

Weakly paralyzed in bed, Ye Fan passed out and didn't even take a shower.

"Ye Shao, wake up, wake up."

In his sleep, Ye Fan heard Muzhu's voice, so he frowned and woke up, looking at the time it was only eight o'clock in the morning, Ye Fan was a little impatient, "What's up, it's only what time.The aftermath of this is so big, and you still dare to come over and disturb my clear dreams." One second to remember to read the book

Muzhu took out his phone and said to Ye Fan, "Look at the time, you've been sleeping all day and night, the written exam is all done."


Ye Fan sat up with a start, and after carefully confirming the time, he discovered that he had not slept from early morning to morning, but all day and night.

And as soon as the spirit came, Ye Fan only felt his stomach ache and his hunger was starting to get the best of him.

Mu Zhu seemed to have anticipated this and pointed to the food on the table, "You eat something now, wash up and get ready, the grades will be distributed for class distribution later, it's not appropriate for me to appear here, I'll leave first."

After saying that, Muzhu left on his own.

Ye Fan didn't expect Wood Bamboo to be so considerate, inevitably a little touched, when he got up, he quickly wolfed down and ate the nutritious porridge prepared by Wood Bamboo.

It's not to say that Muzhu is also quite considerate, knowing that Ye Fan hadn't eaten anything all day, his stomach couldn't bear it, so he specially prepared the porridge, and the temperature of the porridge was just right, not hot but also not cold.

A look at Muzhu is to dry the porridge for a while before waking him up.With such a nice person on the stand, Ye Fan didn't even know what to say.

After eating breakfast and washing up, Ye Fan stretched a lazy waist, and is a good man again.

After walking out of the room, Ye Fan went straight to the room of the Six Vajra to wake up everyone, and then he met up with the Tiantian brothers to watch the list.

When they arrived at the place where the list was released, it was still the penthouse of the written exam, so there was nothing to see.

Tiger covered his stomach and said, "I'm so hungry, what's there to see in the results, I might as well go have an early dinner."

The other Vajra also nodded their heads in succession, echoing Tiger's thoughts.

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly and explained, "I just heard from Muzhu, it's the distribution of grades and class division, it should be inconvenient for people to manage, so it's divided into different classes, we have to see which class it is, in case it's not a class, we still have to go to Muzhu to negotiate, it's not good to be late."

"Still have to divide the classes?"Ah Hu was a little surprised, but then he scratched his head and said, "If I'm divided into classes according to my grades, then I must be the best class."

Ye Fan wanted to hit someone when he heard this, but what Ah Hu said was indeed true.

Ah Hu got a perfect score on his martial arts assessment, he also knew all the answers on the written test, and he had already asked Muzhu to make sure that they were writing the essay, and the critique also definitely gave a perfect score, so it was not too much to say that he was going to the best class.

Even if there was no Lan Luo, Ye Fan felt that Tiger would definitely be the first among the freshmen.Although even with Lan Luo, Ah Hu was tied for first.

But Ye Fan didn't regret it, giving Luo Lan the question before was a clumsy attempt, but it was also Ye Fan's way of compensating Luo Lan for all the hard work and effort she had put in over the years.

However, without waiting for Ye Fan to open his mouth, an obnoxious voice came from not far away.

"Yo, this master can brag so much, and the servants are also so good at bragging, they are really a master and servant, tsk tsk."

Without turning his head, Ye Fan knew that the visitor was Li Zhuangzhuang.

"What kind of dog is this barking?"Ye Fan pretended to be loud, but didn't look at Li Zhuangzhuang at all.

Li Zhuangzhuang was in a rage: "Ye Fan, you kid don't be crazy, you'll have a hard time when the results come down, don't forget our previous bet, if you don't all get full marks in the written test, you'll be good and eat shit upside down for me."

"Yo, so it's you the dog, er, no, it's you the pig that's barking, causing me to search for so long."Only then did Ye Fan look at Li Zhuangzhuang and playfully said, "But I've even got my camera ready, just waiting to see you eat shit upside down."

Both of them spoke loudly, attracting a crowd of people to come and watch, wanting to find out what was going on.

The people who knew the inside story also began to explain the two's bet with the crowd, understanding all the onlookers could not help but to stand on Li Zhuangzhuang's side, after all, all seven people got a perfect score, it was simply a fantasy.

Ah Hu, however, couldn't get angry, and stood out with a turn of his eyes: "Since we all have different ideas, let's open the game and see."

This suddenly aroused Ye Fan's interest, but Ye Fan was pulling Ah Hu said, "Don't open the game, we lose a lot, don't lose the wife and the army."

Once this was said, the crowd of onlookers became even more excited and collectively shouted, "Open the market, we must open the market!"

Ye Fan laughed coldly in his heart, knowing that these people had taken the bait.He deliberately said what he just said to relax everyone's vigilance, if Ye Fan was that chesty, these people were not fools, some of them would definitely see something fishy.

And if they opened the game and won everyone, it would definitely cause public anger, and it would be hard to get along in the Wood Spirit Villa in the future.

But these people who wanted to see them make a fool of themselves and want to take advantage of them, how could Ye Fan let them go?

Deliberately saying words like that, and then having the crowd baking the atmosphere, sure enough, that fool in Ye Fan's heart jumped out.

I saw Li Zhuangzhuang sneered and stood out, "Everyone can open the plate if they want to, Ye Fan you look at that wimp of yours, wasn't he still very godly just now?"

Ye Fan clenched his fist tightly, his eyes staring at Li Zhuangzhuang, "If you want to open it, open it, who's afraid of you!"

This aggrieved look was a wimp to anyone, and hissing was nothing more than a final struggle.

As it turned out, Li Zhuangzhuang had fallen for the trap!


"Just open it, let everyone enjoy the fun."Li Zhuangzhuang bought a pen and paper from a supermarket on the side and figured out the rules: "I'm sure you all know that I'm sure to win, so you guys squeezing me is a sure win, so let's keep this odds moderate.If you bet on me to win, one hundred to one, each person maximum pressure ten thousand.Bet on Ye Fan to win, one hundred to one, no cap per person."

Li Zhuangzhuang wasn't a fool, most of the people who could come to Wood Spirit Villa were rich, and if no cap was set up, these people wouldn't have won him, the banker, badly.

There were only close to two hundred freshmen waiting to be released on the scene, so even if everyone pressed him and each person lost a hundred, he would only end up losing around twenty thousand, still within the acceptable range.

Spending a low price to earn everyone's yell, he made a steady profit from this deal.

As expected, as soon as Li Zhuangzhuang opened the market, everyone placed bets on him to win, and who could not take the hundred given for free?

So the cohesiveness of the group converged even more, and they all shouted Lee Zhuangzhuang's name in support of him.

"See, each person thinks you're going to win, and you're just going to eat shit!"Li Zhuangzhuang looked proudly at Ye Fan.

This odds setting was even more humiliating to Ye Fan, one hundred to one and one hundred to one, sandwiched together was ten thousand times the difference, already humiliating Ye Fan to a great extent.

Ye Fan clenched his fist and hissed through clenched teeth, "Good, Li Zhuangzhuang, count you out, I'll press myself for 10,000!"

"This?"Ahu wanted to open his mouth to question Ye Fan, he could also see that Ye Fan was acting to try to trap Li Zhuangzhuang, but 10,000 won and it was only a million in the end, isn't that a bit too little. The first website m.kanshu8.net

However, before Ah Hu could question it, a person came out of the crowd, none other than Muzhu.

When they saw Wood Bamboo, everyone bowed to show their respect, after all, Wood Bamboo was the Young Villa Master, and everyone here dared to disrespect him.

When Mu Zhu saw the paper in Li Zhuangzhuang's hand, he revealed an interested expression and said, "This opening offer is a bit interesting, I'll press some too."

Seeing the situation, where Ah Hu still didn't know why Ye Fan only pressed 10,000, his feelings were calling for a prop.

Ye Fan this temporary thought of the plan is also very perfect, he does not open the offer is afraid of causing public anger, and the opening of not much pressure is also to ensure that the real, so that people think he is not faking it.

But the money still has to be earned, so naturally we had to call in Muzhu.After all, as a young banker, no one has dared to call the shots with Muzhu, and outsiders can't guess that Ye Fan and Muzhu actually have a PY deal.

So when he saw that Wood Bamboo was going to place a bet, Li Zhuangzhuang didn't feel anything unusual at all, but rather felt exceptionally happy to have the honor of speaking with the young villains.

"Young Villa Master, my name is Li Zhuang Zhuang, if you want to press, the limit can be uncapped."Li Zhuangzhuang said this also to spend money to get through to people.

Ye Fan also had to show an expression of praise as he looked at it, indeed, according to common sense it was definitely Li Zhuang Zhuang who had a higher chance of winning, Li Zhuang Zhuang so uncapped to Muzhu was just to show goodwill with Muzhu.And a newcomer was able to befriend Muzhu just by spending money, anyone else would have been willing to do so, that's why Ye Fan was so praiseworthy.

Only the matter in front of him was definitely not judged by common sense, the main thing was that Muzhu was not someone else, he was still the one who graded the exam papers, he knew better than to give full marks to Ye Fan and others, so this bet no matter how Li Zhuangzhuang showed his goodwill, he was firmly pressed by Ye Fan and others.

"Li Zhuangzhuang right, the Li family really does produce talents."Muzhu praised first, then took out a gold card and said, "The Li family has always been good friends with my Wood Spirit Villa, so naturally, this young vassal will not pit the Li family against each other, I'll bet a small hand, one hundred million, what do you think?"

One hundred million, if pressed into Li Zhuangzhuang's hands, it would be just a million compensation, completely within Li Zhuangzhuang's affordability, after all, Li Zhuangzhuang's cars were three million Bentley's.In other words, Muzhu was only asking for half a car's worth of money, and it was already asking for very little.

Li Zhuang Zhu's heart was relieved, and couldn't help but look up to Muzhu, Muzhu really was the young master and would do things.

Thinking about it, Li Zhuangzhuang revealed a smile and said: "Young Villa Master Wood is too loving, the Li family is still in the light of Wood Spirit Villa, I won't accept this card, you pressed one hundred million, I will transfer one million to you later, I don't know if it's convenient to add a WeChat?"

"Well?A million?Isn't it ten billion if I press one hundred million odds?"Muzhu acted surprised.

"You're looking at it wrong, that's a squeeze Ye Fan won, the squeeze on me is one hundred to one."Li Zhuangzhuang's mouth twitched, never would have thought that Muzhu was actually the lion's share of ten billion.

Mu Zhu pointed at the paper, "Yes, I'm the one who pressed Ye Fan to win."

"What?You pressured him to win, that's no good, he's bound to lose this one."Li Zhuangzhuang waved his hand, he didn't dare to earn one hundred million from Mu Zhu, don't look at the hundred million, but it would be bad to offend Mu Zhu, there would be no good days in the future again in the Wood Spirit Villa.

Mu Zhu patted Li Zhuangzhuang's shoulder: "Zhuangzhuang ah, I'm not trying to win, I've said it all, the Li family is good friends with our Wood Spirit Villa, so this one hundred million....Ahem, I remember that your family's head is about to celebrate his sixtieth birthday, you understand what it means, right?"

"Understood, then it's on top of Ye Fan, thank you first, Young Master Wood Villa."Li Zhuangzhuang was delighted, in his opinion, it was the birthday gift from Mu Zhu to the family master, how could he refuse it.

And a birthday gift of 100 million yuan, it really gave the Li family card face.

Li Zhuangzhuang's surprise, at the same time, Muzhu heart also happy ah, the surface without the slightest flaw on a bet of 100 million, seemingly given to the Li family, but actually the lion's mouth to 10 billion ah, this time but earn a lot.

Muzhu couldn't help but secretly give Ye Fan a thumbs up, so profitable to think of him, it really is right to choose to follow Young Master Ye Island.

Ye Fan also looked odd and cryptic, I really didn't expect that Wood Bamboo was also so good at acting, and also deceived Li Zhuangzhuang.And faked it as a birthday gift... this was a birthday wish?Are you sure this isn't going to make the old man of the Li family directly angry with the King of Hell?

The Li family is an ordinary reclusive family, this kind of ordinary reclusive family, the assets are usually at the level of ten billion to one hundred billion, if this ten billion is earned by Muzhu, wouldn't it be like pulling out the Li family's skin alive?

Calculating the Li family doesn't skin, Li Zhuangzhuang's skin is probably going to be skinned as well.

However, what Ye Fan didn't even dream of was that Tian Tian brothers also stood out, Tian Yi patted Ye Fan's shoulder and said: "Brother Ye, we can't lose our momentum even if we lose, brother support you."

After saying that, Tianyi stepped forward and said, "I'll also press one hundred million and bet on our brother Ye to win!"


"Oh, there's really a fool to give away money!"For this kind of silly gift of money from Tianyi, Li Zhuangzhuang naturally took it.

Ye Fan is also looking at the face of a muddle, obviously Ye Fan had never told Tian Yi the inside story, but Tian Yi was willing to help him.As the old saying goes, a good man has a good reward, and that's what it says about people like Tianyi.

"Fuck, good brother Tianyi, meaningful enough, I'll add one hundred million too!"

Ye Fan rushed up and took out a gold card, in the outside world, Ye Fan is on top.

But Ye Fan knows no longer on no chance, originally Ye Fan also wanted a long and slow torture Li Zhuangzhuang, but first the wood bamboo bet 100 million, after the sky a bet 100 million, two people can add up to 20 billion.

The first time I saw this, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at it.It would be foolish not to earn any money, besides, it would be cool to earn the enemy's money.

"Good good good!"Li Zhuangzhuang revealed a sneer, "Ye Fan, I originally thought of you as an opponent, but it seems I was wrong, you're just a fool, you know you're losing and still want to take a gamble, then I'll make you lose completely, I'll take this game!"

As soon as the voices fell, three white-robed old men walked in outside the loft.

These three people Ye Fan also knew, two of them were the ones who were guarding the martial arts assessment at the bottom of the mountain, and the one leading them was Li Zhuangzhuang's grandfather.

At this moment, Elder Li's face was filled with haze, as if it was about to condense out of water. A second to remember to read the book

Ye Fan knew that Elder Li had seen the results, otherwise it wouldn't have happened.

Elder Li strode to Li Zhuangzhuang's body and said, "Zhuangzhuang, the previous bet between you and Ye Fan is over, you give him an apology and this matter is over."

"Let's just leave it at that and apologize to Ye Fan, on what grounds?"Li Zhuangzhuang was out of breath and somewhat confused, "Grandpa, what are you afraid of, it's a sure thing that he'll eat shit upside down, and his grandson has done a great job!"

"What else have you done, you bastard?"Elder Li felt that things weren't good when he saw that Mu Zhu was on the side.

Li Zhuangzhuang said proudly, "Grandpa, just now this brat Ye Fan was infuriated by me, and after I opened the market, he pressed 100 million to bet that he himself could score perfect on the written test."

"One hundred million?You even dare to take this plate, you quickly give it to me..."

Before Elder Li finished his sentence, Li Zhuangzhuang added, "And not only is Ye Fan a fool, this big bald head has also pressed 100 million, this wave, we've earned ah for nothing!"

"Earn your mother's head for nothing!"Elder Li blushed red and made a move to violently beat Li Zhuangzhuang.

However, he was stopped by Muzhu at a critical moment: "Elder Li, it's time to release the list now."

"This..."Elder Li still wanted to say something, but thinking that Mu Zhu was the Young Villa Master, he also didn't dare to resist, and after an angry glance at Li Zhuangzhuang, he walked to the main stage and began to announce the results.

"There are a total of 205 people in this year's entrance assessment, a total of 48 people passed the assessment, divided into the Heavenly Wood class and Earth Wood class, eighty points are the limit, those who exceed eighty points enter the Heavenly Wood class, those who are less than eighty points enter the Earth Wood class."

"Wu Yushi, martial arts assessment 52.5, 9 points in the written test, total score 61.5, enter the earth wood class."

"Tianyi, martial arts assessment 70 points out of 70, 0 points on the written test, total score 70 points, enter the Earthwood class."


The names were read for a while, and those whose names were read were very happy, but those who weren't read were increasingly apprehensive.Now there were only eight people left who hadn't been announced, and Li Zhuangzhuang hadn't been announced either, but he wasn't anxious at all, he had 56.8 points in the martial arts assessment, and as long as he got 4 points in the written test, it was enough to choose all Cs in the blind mung choice, and he was able to enter easily.

As it turned out, the forty-first one called out to Li Zhuangzhuang.

"Li Zhuangzhuang, martial arts assessment 56.8 points, written test 24 points, total score 80.8 points, enter Tianmu class!"

"Fuck, I'm actually in the Tianmu class."Li Zhuangzhuang was a little surprised, but right after that was to turn his head and mock, "Ye Fan, you kid hasn't been read for so long, did you not even reach the passing line ah, now there are only seven remaining seats, hahaha!"

Ye Fan gave Li Zhuangzhuang a glance and coldly snorted, "Fury, it's been a long time since I entered the Wood Spirit Villa, so you'd better quickly think about how you're going to eat shit later."


Elder Li gave a low cry and calmed the commotion before continuing to read, "Ye Fan, 56.8 points in the martial arts assessment, 30 out of 30 points in the written test, 86.8 points overall, enter the Tianmu class!"


As soon as this was said, the entire audience couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air, not expecting that Ye Fan had actually gotten a perfect score.

They all knew how difficult the written test was, especially there was an essay question at the end, to get a perfect score for such a high difficulty, it was like a land immortal, a Jedi scientist!

"Bark, you keep barking instead."Ye Fan swept a proud glance at Li Zhuangzhuang.

"Ye Fan, don't be smug, you just happened to be blindfolded, I don't believe that the other six silly guys have such good luck!"

Li Zhuangzhuang's face was now black as carbon instead of his earlier complacency.

"Then we'll just have to wait and see."Ye Fan glanced at Li Zhuangzhuang and said no more, facts speak louder than words!

"Panther, 65.6 points on the martial arts assessment, 30 points out of 30 on the written test, 95.6 points overall, enter the Tianmu class!"

"Wolf, 65.6 points on the martial arts assessment, 30 points out of 30 on the written test, 95.6 points total, enter the Tianmu class!"


The scores of the Six Vajra were exactly the same, and just as Ye Fan had expected, with each additional full score that Elder Li recited, Li Zhuang Zhuang's face grew darker and darker.

It wasn't until he read until Tiger that Elder Li stopped speaking.

"En?Why don't you read it?"Ye Fan surprised out.

On the other hand, Li Zhuangzhuang but suddenly burst out laughing: "I knew you guys couldn't all get full marks, read to Tiger not read is not simple, that is, Tiger didn't get full marks chanting, you kid is not just proud of it, you just wait to eat shit!"

Without waiting for Ye Fan to open his mouth again, Elder Li said, "This next student will be handed over to Young Villa Master Muzhu to announce the results."

"F*ck, there's still special treatment, is it through the back door?"

"What's this guy's status, PY deal?"

Elder Li's words caused the students to float in thought.

It wasn't until Mu Zhu walked onto the main stage that the attic was completely quiet.

Muzhu picked up the report card and said, "This student is in a special situation, so let me grandly introduce him to you, he is the only student who has received a perfect score since Old Villa Master.His martial arts assessment scored 70 perfect points, and his written test scored 30 perfect points, totaling one hundred percent, and who could this student be?"

After scanning the week, Muzhu smiled lightly and said, "I'm not going to sell it, there are only a handful of people who have passed the sixteen hurdles in the martial arts assessment, I'm sure you've guessed that, and yes, that's Ah Hu, let's congratulate Ah Hu!"

As soon as the words came out, Li Zhuangzhuang was directly petrified on the spot....


"Fuck, a perfect score?"

"Civil and military?"

"Is this still a person?"

The onlookers burst into flames and collectively locked their eyes on Ah Hu.

Ah Hu enjoyed the attention of the crowd but did not go on the main stage, but came straight to Li Zhuang Zhuang's body: "Kid, didn't you just call me stupid and big, and now you're still not screaming nonsense?"

Saying that, Ah Hu turned his head to Ye Fan, "Our six vajra did not humiliate our mission and did not drag Ye Shao's leg."

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction and also stepped forward, "Li Zhuangzhuang, you're shouting, you won't have a chance if you don't shout now for a while.You can think about it now, do you want to perform an upside-down shit-eating first, or settle the bill for us first?"

"No, that's not true, that's not possible!"Li Zhuang Zhuang suddenly shouted out, this is too fake, how could all seven of them be full marks ah.

Turning his head towards the main stage to beg for help Elder Li, but Elder Li had already looked away.

Li Zhuangzhuang only felt as if he had been abandoned and was very helpless.Regardless of whether it was upside down and eating shit or compensating for that huge sum of thirty billion, which one was completely unbearable for him ah! First web site m.kanshu8.net

"What?Now you're wimpy and silent?You knew it was coming, so why did you start?"Ye Fan sneered, "Tiger, since he doesn't take the initiative to eat, you help him!"

"All right!"

Ah Hu smiled sardonicly and stepped forward, dragging Li Zhuangzhuang straight to the toilet.

Li Zhuangzhuang was no match for Ah Hu at all, and hurriedly called out for help, "Grandpa, save me, don't bring shame to the Li family!"

"Insolent!"Elder Li also couldn't sit still, he didn't expect that Ye Fan actually dared to actually take direct action on such an occasion, but before taking two steps, he was stopped by Muzhu: "Ah Elder Li, I also took a small part in the bet just now, do you think we should settle the account first ah."

"Young Master, negotiate the money afterwards, it's important for me to go and save my grandson first, I can't let the Li family suffer such a great humiliation."Elder Li said and was about to leave.

But Muzhu's face was cold and indifferent: "You owe me money and still want to pay it later, are you not putting me, the young villa master, in your eyes?"

"How dare I, young villains, tell me how much, I'll transfer it to you now."Elder Li took out his phone.

Muzhu laughed: "That's right, I don't have much money, I pressed 100 million Ye Fan to win, the odds are 1 to 100, so just give me 10 billion, my principal will be free."

"What?A hundred to one?Ten billion?"Elder Li stared at it with his beard raised.

But then he thought about the fact that just now Li Zhuangzhuang had also said that Ye Fan and his brother had crushed a total of 200 million yuan, so in that case, these three people alone would have to pay out 30 billion yuan?

$30 billion is not just $300!

With a turn of the eye, Elder Li made his choice in a flash of light, only to see Elder Li stroke his beard and speak faintly with a large hand behind his back, "Young Master, you should go to Li Zhuangzhuang for this money, but beforehand, declare that Li Zhuangzhuang and my Li family have separated from each other, there is no longer any connection, if you want to kill or cut, you go to him."

Mu Zhu was slightly stunned at the news, just as Elder Li said, as long as you don't want Li Zhuang Zhuang, Li Zhuang Zhuang eating shit will not let the Li family disgrace, compensation also don't need to find the Li family, Elder Li is really worthy of being an old fox, actually so witty.

Ye Fan but do not know what happened here, anyway, no elder Li blocked, Ah Hu has brought Li Zhuang Zhuang to the toilet, and Ye Fan and a group of onlookers also followed to see the fun.

Unfortunately, the toilets were small, still flushed and very clean, not giving Li Zhuangzhuang a chance to perform at all.And those who had snuck around for a week in advance and knew the terrain well, watching the fun was not too big a deal so they suggested, "I know that one of the Wood Spirit Villa's is a pig farm, there is probably excrement there that hasn't been cleaned up in time."

"Bull!"Ye Fan gave a thumbs up praise, and then the crowd followed to the pig farm.

The pig farm was in a more remote place, and the gate was closed, as soon as Ye Fan opened the gate, there was a nasal stench, and Ye Fan couldn't help but dry heave.

"Where did you guys come from?"There was a question coming out from inside the pig farm.

Ye Fan fixed his eyes to see the person wearing a gas mask inside, no wonder it stinks so badly, feeling that this place is cleaning up the pigsties, and is getting all the feces and dirty things out.

Ye Fan immediately saw a man-high vat behind that person, the vat was very long in diameter and seemed to require four people to ring the entire vat.

"Right, Tiger, he may not be able to eat shit upside down, so throw him into this vat for me!"Ye Fan thought of this cruel plan without much thought.

"Fuck, playing this big?"The crowd of onlookers were also alarmed.

While everyone was spared, only Li Zhuangzhuang screamed, "Quickly let go of me, or my grandfather will not let you go, and our Li family will not let you go either, and will definitely cut you into pieces!"

"How dare you make threats now, what a death sentence, Tiger, why don't you do it?"Ye Fan snorted coldly.

Ah Hu rushed into the pig farm with bated breath after inhaling a mouthful of fresh breath outside the door, the smell was so great that it was all spicy to the eyes.

Without a single unnecessary movement, Ah Hu raised his hand and that was to stick Li Zhuang Zhuang inside the vat full of pig manure in the manner of an upside-down onion.

"Fuck, that's fucking disgusting, mouth area!"

The cool feeling in Ye Fan's heart was quite sufficient, but the image in front of him was too spicy, and physically Ye Fan only felt incomparably nauseous.

But the wager was just that, Ye Fan was merely eager to help Li Zhuangzhuang with one hand, and it was free, Ye Fan all felt so kind.

To be reasonable, this one hand of forceful operation really helped everyone save a lot of time and less process of Li Zhuangzhuang resisting the ink.

"I can't take it anymore, I'm going to take a shower!"Ah Hu, a brown man, couldn't even endure the smell inside, it was strange that Li Zhuangzhuang, the young master, could endure it.

With an incomparably soothing mood, Ye Fan sat outside on the lawn with everyone else, waiting for Li Zhuang Zhuang to come out covered in shit.

But after waiting for a full five minutes, there was no sign of Li Zhuang Zhuang, so Tianyi couldn't help but pat Ye Fan's shoulder: "Brother Ye, do you think Li Zhuang Zhuang could have drowned in pig shit?"

"It's....It's quite possible."Ye Fan also felt reasonable upon hearing it, but then he asked Tian Yi back, "Are you asking me this because you want to go and get him out?"

"The smell is so strong in there, ghosts will go in."Tianyi waved his hand incessantly.

Ye Fan couldn't help but smile, "Isn't that right, let's just wait here, if Li Zhuangzhuang really drowned in shit, that's a treatment only for emperors?"


Although Ye Fan had forgotten, he had learned in books that there was an emperor in ancient times who was drowned in shit.

So no matter how you think about it, Li Zhuangzhuang's operation is not a loss.

Of course, Ye Fan would not imitate it.

Who let him win the bet?

"Forget it, let's not wait for him, at least he's an expert who can pass the thirteen levels of assessment and still drown in shit, I think this brat is just afraid to come out for fear of humiliation, or to avoid betting."

After another five minutes of waiting, Ye Fan finally couldn't stand it any longer, so he waved his big hand and said, "Let's go, go back and collect the debt from Elder Li."

"Yes, it's important to collect the debt, it's ten billion."Tianyi also followed Ye Fan with a hehe smile.

The crowd returned back to the loft, but Ye Fan didn't see Elder Li's figure, he only saw Muzhu sitting on the chair with a gloomy face, and couldn't help but walk up and say, "Young Villa Master, what's wrong with you?"

"What else can I do, this old guy even said that Li Zhuangzhuang has broken off relations with the Li family and refused to take the money."Muzhu sighed and couldn't think of anything good to do.

Ye Fanton snorted, "The district's Li family owes me money and still wants to deny it?" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Saying that, he took out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed Charles' number, he didn't have much experience, it was also his first time being involved in this kind of thing, but he just felt that Charles could solve it.

As expected, after Ye Fan's brief narration, Charles first laughed and immediately afterwards said that the matter could be left to him.

The first thing you need to know is how to get the money back.

I don't know what method Charles was using, but in just half an hour, Elder Li crawled into the attic, and rushed straight over when he saw Ye Fan.Ye Fan was so frightened that he was about to hide behind Muzhu, but he saw Elder Li come directly to a gliding knee, kneeling in front of Ye Fan with unmistakable precision.

Before Ye Fan could react, Elder Li cried out, "Little old man has eyes but doesn't know that you are that honorable young master, please be generous and don't get along with our Li family ah!"

Saying that, Elder Li is just repeatedly kowtowing, just a little bit has knocked his forehead, but there is no sign of stopping, hitting the floor are thudding loudly.

Fuck, was Charles directly intimidating the Li family?Look at how scared the old man was.

Ye Fan was muttering in his heart, but his heart was still very cool.

Wasn't this Elder Li still able to pretend before, and now wasn't he still kowtowing to him like a grandson.

After enjoying the kneeling ceremony for a while, only then did Ye Fan waved his small hand and faintly opened his mouth, "Alright, seeing as you don't know me, I won't bother with you in general, except that the money for this bet..."

"Here it is, here it is."Elder Li was overjoyed to hear that he was forgiven, and was busy handing out a gold card, followed by two more to Muzhu and Tianyi respectively.

Seeing this, the entire audience was silent.

Who would have thought that an elder with supreme power in the outer gate would be like a grandson in front of Ye Fan, this was too fake.

The crowd was so surprised that they didn't know what to say, but the eyes that they looked at Ye Fan had completely changed.Without all the previous emotions, there was just a uniform respect.

That's right, there was respect.

Elder Li had said that Ye Fan's identity was noble, even if they couldn't guess Ye Fan's identity, they, the juniors, knew that Ye Fan was definitely not a human being, and not just a noble one, but a super noble one, after all, Elder Li and Muzhu had been able to before.

This scene really confirms the saying, men will be silent when they look at Ye Fan, women will cry when they look at Ye Fan, at the moment the people present are completely shocked by Ye Fan's identity to the point of no return.

Ye Fan enjoyed the gazes of the crowd, for a moment he actually felt like he had become the protagonist, only after a long time did he faintly speak, "Okay, let's just forget about this matter, get lost."

Ye Fan waved his hand like he was chasing a fly.

What everyone didn't expect was that Elder Li not only didn't get angry, but he would actually fall to the ground and roll out of the attic in a circle.


Mu Zhu got up and clapped his hands twice, focusing everyone's attention.

"The release of the class division is over, the official introduction is set for the 10th, you still have eight days to prepare your respective luggage and what you need, every week there are six days you need to practice, you can only take a day off on Sunday, do you understand?"Muzhu spoke about the rules.

It soon dawned on Ye Fan that this was similar to school, only with weekends off.

"Dismissed if you understand the rules, those who didn't make it, don't be discouraged, and try to come over again next year to fight!"After Muzhu finished speaking, everyone responded in unison and dismissed in place.

Ye Fan was about to leave as well, but was stopped by Muzhu, and also stopped by the Tiantian brothers.

"Is there anything else?"Ye Fan was a bit puzzled.

Mu Zhu shook the gold card in his hand and smiled, "Ye Shao, brother has earned 10 billion by your favor, it would be too unreasonable not to invite everyone out to have a good time."

Ye Fan nodded and said, "Indeed, this 10 billion for nothing, how comfortable.Then you book a place and set a time, I'll bring the six vajra over then."

Tianyi also replied, "Then thank you for your hospitality, young vassal, we Tiantian brothers will be on time for the appointment."

With that, Ye Fan returned to his room and hurriedly just took a shower, even though he didn't go into the pigsty just now, his body was covered in the smell, which was really a bit unpleasant.

After taking a shower, Ye Fan received a text message from Muzhu, the time was 8pm, and the location was a private club in Mudou.

"Fuck, this little old brother has something."Ye Fan smiled hehehe, there were so many places to go out to play, but Muzhu picked the private clubhouse.

The private club's full name was the Fire Fox Private Club, and listening to this slutty name, Ye Fan started to think about it.

Originally, Ye Fan had planned to bring Luo Lan with him and ask her in passing why she didn't get a perfect score, but now it seemed that he couldn't bring Luo Lan either.After all, private clubs were men's paradise!

Licking his lips, Ye Fan inevitably felt a little hot, as if there was a fire burning in his heart.

"Damn it, why tell so early, isn't it good to tell later, how can I spend this afternoon in peace."Ye Fan cursed and went to open the door, he heard heavy footsteps outside the door, he didn't have to think about it to know that it was the Tiantian brothers.

Only those strong men who were over 1.9 meters and weighed over 200 could make such terrifying footsteps.

"What is it?"Opening the door, Ye Fan looked at Tian Yi, who hadn't had time to knock yet, and asked.

The visitor was not only Tianyi, but all of the Tianyi brothers.

After the crowd swarmed in, they first fell into silence, and only after being encouraged by a group of people did Tianyi scratch his head and ask, "Brother Ye, what is a private club ah?"


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