Secret Identity 1021-1030


Chapter 1021

Ye Chen really didn't expect that the Wu family was involved in this matter to some extent.

      This hated beggar's gang was actually started by Wu Donghai's brother-in-law, and it was expected that there was no less support from the Wu family behind it.

      Originally, I was still waiting for the Wu family to come to me, not prepared to take the initiative to attack the Wu family.

      However, this time, he would have to take the first shot at Wu Donghai's brother-in-law!

      So, he immediately said to Liu Zhaochen, "I'm giving you a chance to atone for your sins, you must grasp it, otherwise, I'll make you end up like your brother!"

      When Liu Zhaochen heard this, he said with excitement, "Big brother, if you have anything to tell me, I will die!"

      Ye Chen said, "You should call that beggar gang elder who is specifically meeting you right now, tell him that your car is in trouble, and ask him to personally come here to pick up the people."

      Liu Zhaochen immediately nodded and said, "Okay big brother, I'll call now, it's not too far from Suhang City, I'm sure they'll come over soon."

      Ye Chen mmmed and turned to Richard Chen behind him and said, "Old Chen, I don't care what method you use, within an hour, I want to see Wu Donghai's brother-in-law here!"

      Richard Chen immediately said, "Young Master, don't worry, I'll arrange this!"

      Liu Zhaochen's heart, and said: "right big brother, that Xue Nanshan his wife itself is one of the elders of the beggar's gang, is responsible for finance!And it's his female military advisor!"

      "Yes?"Ye Chen frowned and asked, "Both of them do this kind of unconscionable business?"78 Chinese First https://https://

      "Right!"Liu Zhaochen said, "They're a great couple, earning at least 100 million a year, and reportedly made over 200 million last year!"

      Ye Chen said to Richard Chen, "You verify this matter with Old Chen, and if it's true, bring him both here!"

      Richard Chen nodded and immediately made a phone call.

      The Ye family had eyes all over the country, so if they wanted to, there was no clue they couldn't find.

      Suhang was one of the largest cities in the south, and the Ye family had placed hidden forces here beyond imagination.

      Soon, Richard Chen received the news and said to Ye Chen, "That kid was right, Xue Nanshan's wife is indeed one of the elders of the Beggar's Gang as well."

      "Good."Ye Chen nodded and said in a cold voice, "Then bring them all here!"

      Richard Chen immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and commanded, "One group to order!Go to Suhang at speed, meet up with our family's local eyes, and by any means, bring Xue Nanshan and his wife here within an hour!"

      A firm voice immediately came over the intercom, "Yes, sir!One group left immediately!".

      Immediately one of the hovering helicopters climbed up and headed towards Suhang city city.

      Ye Chen asked him again, "Can you ask the Ye family's eyes in Suhang to help me investigate how many core members of the Beggar's Gang are still in Suhang, and bring them all over here in one piece."78 Chinese updated fastest computer end:https:///

      Richard Chen said, "Okay young master, I'll order now to get all I can find!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said coldly, "Today, I'm going to take the place of heaven and eradicate this beggar gang completely!"

      Liu Zhaochen also pulled out his cell phone at this point and called the beggar elder who was meeting him under Ye Chen's supervision.


As soon as the other party heard him say that the car had broken down, they immediately scolded him and said that he was unreliable in his work.

      Liu Zhaochen could only say in a low voice, "Elder Liu, the car I got itself is quite old, I'm really sorry, but I'm only a few dozen kilometers from Suhang now, it's not that far, so I'll trouble you to come over and pick it up."

      Only then did the other party cursed and said, "If I didn't see that you're sending more goods this time, I'd fucking ignore this."

      After saying that, the other party said, "Send your location to WeChat, I'll be right over."


      At this moment, the Beggar's Gang leader, Xue Nanshan, and his wife, Li Kaili, had just walked out of the Wu family's villa with their daughter.

      Today at noon, it was the birthday of Xue Nanshan's sister, Wu Donghai's wife, Xue Yaqin.

      In the past, Xue Yaqin's birthday was always celebrated in a big way, but this year, considering her son Wu Qi's special circumstances, she was going to choose to be at home and simply prepare a luncheon.

      This banquet didn't invite any guests either, other than her own family, she only invited her younger brother and siblings, as well as her younger niece from her brother's family.

      After such a long time, Wu Qi was still unchanged, and he had to add extra meals every hour.

      So during this banquet, Wu Qi disappeared in the middle for about 20 minutes, everyone knew that he was going for an extra meal, but no one at the table was ashamed to say it.

      After the birthday banquet was over, the three members of Xue Nanshan's family, they were ready to go home.

      His sister, Xue Yaqin, escorted them to the villa's parking lot.

      Seeing that there was no one else around, Xue Nanshan asked his sister, "Sister, is Xiao Qi's situation still not better?"

      "No."Xue Yaqin said with a sorrowful face, "I've asked many more high-ranking people to come and look at this period of time, but there's nothing they can do."

      Xue Nanshan couldn't help but sigh and said, "Sister ah, I think my brother-in-law also has problems with this mood and emotion lately."

      Xue Yaqin said depressingly, "Last time your brother-in-law took Xiao Xin to Jinling, he suffered a big loss at the hands of the Ye family and was also humiliated by a nobody from Jinling, can't you see that Xiao Xin's arm is still in a plaster cast, it was in Jinling that he was injured."

      Xue Nanshan said angrily, "What kind of kid is so deadly?Sister, do you want me to bring some beggar brothers to kill that kid?Now that the Beggar's Gang is strong again, just the registered gang members, there are more than 10,000 people, I am preparing to annex the Beggar's Gangs in the surrounding provinces, one by one, to him, by then, my Beggar's Gang may number more than 50,000 people!"

      Xue Yaqin said, "Your brother-in-law is already planning the matter over there in Jinling, so you don't need to bother."

      Saying that, she looked towards her sibling, Li Kaili, and said to her brother, "You can take care of Kaili during this time, the two months of pregnancy is the most dangerous time, don't let anything happen to the fetus."

      Xue Nanshan immediately said, "Sister, don't worry, I will take good care of her."

      Xue Yaqin also said to her younger sister-in-law Li Kaili: "Kaili, you are just pregnant, don't interfere in the Beggars' affairs for the time being, have a good time at home to settle the fetus, and go for an ultrasound in another two months to see if it is a boy or a girl."

      Li Kaili hurriedly nodded her head and said respectfully, "Okay sister, I know, don't worry."

      Xue Yaqin couldn't help but sigh and lamented, "Our Xue family, the biggest problem is that the people are not thriving enough, my parents left early, only two children were born to me and Nanshan, only Nanshan this son, you and Nanshan now also only have a daughter Tong Tong, said everything must be quickly born a son out, and having one can't be enough, while young, at least two sons .To continue the fragrance for the Xue family."

      Li Kaili was busy, "Sister, don't worry, I will definitely carry on the Xue family's legacy for the Xue family!"


Wu Donghai's wife, Xue Yaqin, is a standard-bearing foster brother demon.

      With her identity and her family background, it was impossible for her to enter the Wu family.

      But Wu Donghai married her into the Wu family in the first place because Wu Donghai was true to her.

      After marrying into the Wu family, Xue Yaqin began to try to help her brother, Xue Nanshan, in any way she could.

      When Xue Nanshan was young, he took a lot of money from Xue Yaqin to do business, but he basically lost all of it.

      Xue Yaqin had no other choice, so Xue Yaqin went to beg her husband, hoping that he would give a little bit of the Wu family's business to her younger brother, which is also considered to pull his own brother.

      Although Wu Donghai didn't look down on Xue Nanshan, he helped him a few times for his wife's sake.

      But Xue Nanshan this person is very ungrateful, his own inability to do so, even so, when others take him to make money, but he has to make some tricks from it, and finally make Wu Donghai to him is also bored, simply also lazy to take him.

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the development of the new product for a long time.

      After all, Xue Nanshan is the brother-in-law of Wu Donghai, and the entire Wu family's influence in the south is very strong, so with this relationship, he came out to fish the partial door, everyone should also give face.

      After a few years, Xue Nanshan will explore the beggars' business.

      Say is "beggars", in fact is from martial arts novels borrowed a name, they are not what is righteous for the people, they are a group of fake beggars, everywhere, posing as beggars, trickster.

      And, between beggars and beggar gangs, there are often all kinds of conflicts.78 Chinese first https://https://

      For example, the most densely populated bus station, train station, commercial street, which can be the beggar's favorite prime location, if you can be here on a stand, a day down absolutely earn a lot.

      But, a city of beggars, true or false add up to thousands of thousands of people, naturally impossible to gather in these golden spots.

      Therefore, the daily struggle with other beggars between the strong, pulling gangs and grabbing territory, has become the most important thing in their begging.

      Because of this big tree with the Wu family, Xue Nanshan, in the beggar's business, developed very quickly.

      Which beggar gang would immediately be trampled to extinction if they dared to confront him, and if he couldn't be trampled to extinction, he would beg his sister to beg his brother-in-law, namely Wu Donghai, to help out.

      After all, Wu Donghai was also the heir to a top big family, so he naturally didn't look down on this kind of grey business and certainly didn't want to get involved.

      But he can't help it if his wife is blowing pillow breeze in his ears every day, pampering himself at every turn, or brushing his temper and acting aggrieved, then there's nothing he can do about it.


In the end, it was only when he couldn't do it anymore that he came out to help Xue Nanshan a few times.

      When others found out that even the heir of a top family like Wu Donghai would come out to help Xue Nanshan, the other Beggars naturally didn't dare to offend Xue Nanshan anymore.

      As a result, Xue Nanshan foxed his way into the hands of the entire beggar's power in Zhe Province.

      Now he is already south of the Yangtze River, the famous "beggar's gang" chief.

      Xue Nanshan is also very proud of this, because this kind of thing is too fast money, and do not use the brain, we spread out, each person to find a place, to the ground a lie, and then a white paper, write a miserable copy, is completely lying down to make money.

      In a short period of time, he had already saved up over a billion dollars of his family fortune.

      Xue Yaqin saw her brother have such a great achievement, naturally also pleased, for her kind of supporting brother devil, brother bear it, is the continuation of the entire family bloodline.

      The Xue family's parents left early and have no relatives, the more downbeat they are, the less prosperous they are, the more she hopes that the Xue family will be able to spread their branches and leaves as soon as possible, so that they can prosper and gradually become a famous big family in the south of the Yangtze River, so that they can be considered as having completed their mission to their own family.


      After sending off her brother's family, only then did Xue Yaqin turned around and returned to the villa.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book, and then you'll see that it's not just about the same thing.Now that everyone outside knows he's my Wu Donghai's brother-in-law, he does this kind of dirty business, and everyone outside thinks I'm the one who ordered it!My Wu family is a hundred billion dollar family by all accounts, how can it be involved with this kind of dirty business?"

      As soon as Xue Yaqin heard this, she was immediately aggrieved and her eyes turned red, choking up, "Honey, it's not like you don't know about Nan Shan's situation, you said that he wants ability and no ability, he wants education and no education, and he has no brains, what else can he do but to fish for a partial door?I'm the only brother I have, and if he doesn't have a good life, then I really can't die in peace!"

      Wu Donghai was most helpless to see his wife grieving, he also knew that this was just his wife's trick, but after all, out of true love, once he saw her grieving, even if she was pretending to be grieving, Wu Donghai would feel distressed in his heart.

      What about the women and children thing?It's really not revealing to tell these things."78 Chinese First https://https://

      Xue Yaqin tearfully came to Wu Donghai's side, sat next to him, grabbed his arm with both hands, and pitifully choked out, "Honey, what is this brother of mine like, you are not unclear, how can he have the ability to fight with others ah?Besides, our entire Xue family, with only one male like him left, we can't let him go out and fight, if anything happens to him, won't our Xue family be cut off?"

      Wu Donghai said helplessly, "Didn't I tell you?If he dares to fight and kill, I'll be behind him ah, with me here, who do you think would dare to touch him in Jiangnan?"

      Xue Yaqin wiped her tears and said, "That's not what I said, husband, there are a lot of kids now, completely flabbergasted ah, he doesn't care what your status or background is, he might just pick up a knife and say cut people, what if they hurt Nan Shan, even if we kill them all afterwards, what can we do to solve the problem?"

      She said, she grabbed Wu Donghai's hand and said with red eyes, "Hubby, I can only have one brother, Nan Shan, you just see that I have followed you for so many years and have given you two sons, more understanding for him."

      Wu Donghai let out a long sigh and said helplessly, "These things that Nan Shan has done are too detrimental to the yin virtue, some other day when you have time, let him go to the temple to burn more incense!"


Xue Nanshan was driving his Rolls Royce, with his two-month pregnant wife in the passenger seat and his 6-year-old daughter in the back seat.

      The family of three drove back to their own villa, all the way smoothly.

      The Rolls-Royce drove into the garage to stop, Xue Nanshan pushed open the car door to get off, followed by his side Li Kaili also pushed open the car door.

      The daughter of the two of them was now asleep in the back seat.

      Li Kaili then said to Xue Nanshan, "Hubby, hold your daughter and put a shirt on her, don't catch cold."

      Xue Nanshan nodded, and after getting out of the car, he reached out and pulled open the door of the backseat.

      Just at this moment, a few men dressed in black suddenly emerged from the side, each of these men held a gun in their hands, and as soon as they appeared, they directly pointed the gun at the couple's foreheads, one of them said in a cold voice, "Xue Nanshan, our young master wants to see you, you and your wife, come with us!"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      Xue Nanshan was shocked by the battle in front of him.

      He really didn't expect that there were people who dared to provoke him in Suhang.

      He was not only the head of the Beggar's Gang, he was also a relative of the Wu family, the brother-in-law of Wu Donghai, in Suhang, who had to give himself some face?

      Don't tell me to target himself, even if he saw himself, one by one he would have to nod and kneel down like a dog.

      So he angrily questioned, "What are those unsightly things for?Do you know who my brother-in-law is?"

      One of the black-clothed men said disdainfully, "Isn't your brother-in-law Wu Donghai?"

      Xue Nanshan reprimanded, "Knowing that my brother-in-law is Wu Donghai, and still daring to mess with me, you guys are fucking tired of living, aren't you?Do you believe that one word from my brother-in-law will bring you to your doom?"

      The black-clothed man sneered, "Xue Nanshan, you take your brother-in-law too seriously, a mere Wu Donghai is no different from a dog in the eyes of our young master, the reason why he still keeps this Wu Donghai alive is to let him bounce around for two more days and make fun of him!"

      "You ......"Xue Nanshan was a bit panicked at this point.

      He really didn't expect that the other party wouldn't take his brother-in-law into consideration in the slightest, in Suhang, no one had the guts to do that.

      But these black-clothed men knew that they were Wu Donghai's brother-in-law, and they still had to come with a knife to abduct him, it seemed that they had come from a bad place!

      So, he nervously asked, "Who the hell are you guys?And who is your young master?Have I ever messed with your young master?"

      The man in black said, "Who is our young master?You'll know naturally if you come with me."

      After saying that, he pointed his gun at Li Kaili and coldly said: "And you, one of the nine elders of the Beggar's Gang, right?Come with us too!"

      At that moment, several black-clothed men held guns against them and took them out of the garage.

      At the same time, a helicopter had slowly landed in the courtyard of Xue Nanshan's villa.

      When Xue Nanshan saw that the other party had come in a helicopter to kidnap him, he felt even more panicked.

      This formation, at a glance, it was clear that the visitor was not good.

      At that moment, he noticed that there was a man in black, holding his sleeping daughter, who also came out.


He panicked and said, "What are you doing?My daughter is innocent!Leave her out of it!"

      The black-clothed man sneered, "How many infants and toddlers have been abducted by you in your Beggars Clan, aren't they innocent anymore?Is your Xue Nanshan's child a human being, but someone else's child isn't?"

      Xue Nanshan's entire being was startled!

      Before he and his wife could regain consciousness, they had been forced onto the helicopter by men in black.

      Along with them, their daughters were also taken on board the helicopter.

      One of the black-clothed men directly pulled out a syringe and gave Xue Nanshan's daughter a sedative injection.

      This shot of sedative would allow Xue Nanshan's daughter to sleep for at least another 10 hours.

      After that, the plane quickly climbed up and flew towards the bridge where Ye Chen was.


      At this moment, above the bridge.

      Liu Zhaochen's family of six had been almost scared out of their wits.

      Jiang Ming's entire body had also been so frightened that he had fainted a few times and woke up again.

      The elder of the Beggar's Gang, who specialized in buying and selling people, was already on his way over here, and Zekai Chen's men had already placed a net of heavenly nets on the place where they went up to the bridge, and this person would immediately be controlled as soon as he appeared.

      Liu Zhaochen was kneeling in front of Ye Chen at this time, his head full of blood from kowtowing before had already formed a scab, making his entire person look very horrible.

      However, his expression was one of terror as he looked at Ye Chen and begged, "Brother, if that Beggar Clan elder comes over later, please just let our family go!We will definitely mend our ways and never do such a depraved thing again!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "If you really could have long remembered, you would have long remembered when you made pirated CDs and had your right hand cut off.Someone else worked hard to invest in a movie, ready to put it in cinemas to make box office and recoup costs, but as a result, a fool like you directly stole the fruits of other people's labor, and a trashy, brazen fool like you who makes pirated trash should have his whole family buried in the ground!I didn't think you'd be just as guilty of being a pirate, but you're even hitting on children!"

      The first time I was in the room, I was in the middle of the night, and I was in the middle of the night, and I was in the middle of the night.You see I've lost my right hand at a young age, and I've had a rough couple of years."

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Your right hand is just the price you pay for being a pirate, and now you have to pay the price for abducting and stealing children!"

      Liu Zhaochen cried, "Brother, why don't you cripple my leg, cripple my leg, I will be a good person in my life!"

      Ye Chen laughed, "You're quite good at negotiating with others, it's not impossible to waste your leg, but you stole a total of 10 children, each child, I waste your leg, do you have 10 legs for me to waste?"

      Liu Zhaochen was suddenly confused.

      He saw Ye Chen's face full of solemn intent, as if ready to take his own life today, the bottom of a panic and said: "Brother, although I do not have ten legs, but there are seven of us!Seven of you, that's fourteen legs ah ......"

      Ye Chen laughed and said, "You're quite good at arithmetic, but this kind of thing can't be canceled out by the seven of you, because all seven of you are going to face the exact same result."

      As I was saying, a heavy forklift, directly forking a Mercedes-Benz S-class sedan, drove over from the bridge!78 Chinese First https://https://

      The voice of Richard Chen came over the intercom: "Young Master that beggar elder has been brought over, in that Mercedes S sedan, that car is bulletproof, he is dead reluctant to get out of the car, so I simply had him forked up!"


As the forklift got closer and closer, Ye Chen asked the people around him to make a clearing and waved at the forklift driver, "Here, put him here!"

      The forklift driver immediately forked the bulletproof Mercedes-Benz S-class, all the way to Ye Chen.

      At this time, Richard Chen said, "Don't worry, don't put him down now, or else he'll hurt the young master if he suddenly gas the door, first remove all four of his wheels, then put him down."

      So, several workers from the construction site, immediately with their equipment, went up and removed all four of his wheels.78 Chinese First https://https://

      At this time there was a fat man sitting in the car, and the fat man, with a face full of fear, shouted in the car, "Who the hell are you, and what do you want?"

      Ye Chen didn't pay any attention to him.

      After all four of his wheels were removed, the forklift put this car in place.

      Ye Chen pulled out his phone, turned on the video recording function, looked at the fat man in the window of the car and said coldly, "The elder of the beggar gang, right?You are responsible for buying minors for the Beggars' Association, right?I'm giving you a chance to walk down on your own right now, and if you don't take it, you'll suffer the consequences."

      The fat man looked at him in trepidation and asked off the top of his head, "Who the hell are you?I've never seen you before, and it's not like we have a grudge against each other!"

      Ye Chen lifted Liu Zhaochen up, pointed at him, and asked the fat man, "Do you recognize this person?Did you make a deal with him to take over ten orphans from him?"

      The fat man's face suddenly turned pale.

      Whirling, he looked angrily at Liu Zhaochen and cursed, "Surnamed Liu, you fucking dare to sell me!"

      Liu Zhaochen was now also full of anger with nowhere to vent, staring at him and hysterically cursing, "You bastard, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to go on this path!You've fucking ruined our family!"

      Ye Chen looked at the fat man again and asked in a cold voice, "I'll ask you one last time, you're not coming down, right?"

      That fat man was deadly afraid to come down, at least he could find a bit of security in the car.

      Ye Chen saw that he was indifferent, and said to Chen Zhaichai, "Do these construction vehicles that came have any welding equipment?"

      Richard Chen immediately asked over the intercom, "Who has a welding machine in their car?"

      A voice immediately came over the intercom, "Chen, I have a set of welding equipment in my car, and an inverter, just for mobile welding!"

      Chen Zhaichai took off, "Bring it over quickly!"

      A moment later, a truck drove over, and after the driver jumped down from the truck, he immediately lifted down a set of welding equipment from the truck's rear cargo hopper.

      Ye Chen pointed at the Mercedes-Benz S-class and said, "Since this fat man likes to stay inside, weld all the doors to death, find some steel bars, and weld all the windows too!"

      So many construction vehicles had come, and inside they pulled all kinds of construction site materials, the most of which were cement loess and slag, followed by rebar and other steel plates and steels.

      As soon as Ye Chen ordered to weld this car to death, that worker immediately greeted over several workers to help, followed by many people carrying all kinds of rebar and steel plates quickly ran over.

      The fat man in the car was frightened out of his wits at the sight of this battle, he hissed and questioned, "What are you guys doing?I have no quarrel with you, so why are you doing this to me?"

      Ye Chen sneered, "You kidnap and sell children, everyone will be punished!In such a depraved business, you have to be prepared enough!"

      And with that, he shouted, "Give me welding!"

      A few workers immediately got busy and welded all the doors of this Mercedes to death first, and then used various steel plates to weld all the windows of this Mercedes into a cage.

      The fat man was getting more and more frightened inside, and his entire body had almost collapsed.

      He had subconsciously felt something, but at this moment, deep inside he was still deceiving himself and others, still unbelievable.


Ye Chen's cell phone had been recording images for him, and naturally recorded the entire scene of him being welded to death in the car.

      The fat man looked at Ye Chen and tried his best to threaten loudly, "I'm warning you, release me quickly, our boss's brother-in-law, but the Wu family's Wu Donghai!You must have heard of Wu Donghai's name, you can't afford to mess with him anyhow, if you dare to do anything against me today, my boss and his brother-in-law, Wu Donghai, will definitely not spare you!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Your boss?Your boss is already on his way here, so I'll tell you what, I'll have him watch you on your way later!"

      As I was saying, a helicopter had flown over in the sky!

      A few minutes later the plane slowly landed, several men in black escorted, and Xue Nanshan and his wife, Li Kaili, stepped down from the helicopter.

      At the sight of the battle in front of him, Xue Nanshan was frightened and his soul was in a state of shock!

      He'd been out for so long, and he'd never seen such a frightening battle!

      Dozens of engineering vehicles will directly block the entire bridge, several helicopters are parked on the bridge, there are dozens of armed men in black.

      If you don't know, you'll think it's the troops doing some kind of drill.

      He couldn't help but wonder in his heart, who the hell are these people?Who have you offended?Those beggar gangs that usually rob business with themselves, who has such great ability?

      Those few black-clothed men brought him in front of Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen stared at him and asked in a cold voice, "Are you Xue Nanshan?"

      Xue Nanshan's heart tightened and asked subconsciously, "Who are you?What do you want me to come over for?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Me?I'm the one who wants you dead!"

      When Xue Nanshan heard this, his face turned cold and he became angry, "Want my life?Do you know who my brother-in-law is?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "I know, isn't it Wu Donghai?Do you think Wu Donghai can save you at a time like this?If this old dog Wu Donghai rushes over here today, I'll let the entire Wu family die today!"

      "You ......"Xue Nanshan was shocked, he couldn't understand why this young man in front of him had the courage to say such arrogant things.

      Who was Wu Donghai?Wu Donghai was an existence that no one in all of Jiangnan could match or dare to provoke!

      He is the King of Jiangnan!

      But this young man in front of him didn't even care about Wu Donghai at all, what gave him such a great deal of confidence?

      At this point, the fat man, who had been completely welded to death in the Mercedes, opened a window slot from the car and shouted to the outside, "You have to save me, boss!"

      Xue Nanshan's entire body was shaken and turned his head to look, only to find that the welded Mercedes Benz was sitting in one of the nine elders of his own beggar gang.

      He hurriedly took off to catch up, "Old Liu, how come you are here?"

      The elder of the beggar gang in the Mercedes-Benz cried out, "Boss, I'm here to pick up the goods, I did not expect to interface with me that the kid surnamed Liu, he actually trapped me, is he and others to do joint game to harm me, boss you must save me ah!"

      Xue Nanshan was scared silly, this battle was clearly a game of life!

      If the other party dared to kill his own elder, then he must dare to kill himself ......

      He was so nervous and scared that he asked Ye Chen shivering, "This brother, what misunderstanding do you and I have?Or what exactly do you want?Just ask, if I can give you anything, I'll give it to you!All we ask is that you let us off the hook!"

      Ye Chen coldly said, "Your Beggar's Gang is net doing some depraved things, what I want today, is a heavenly way!A justice!"


Xue Nanshan said in horror, "Brother, my brother-in-law Wu Donghai is considered a respectable figure in Jiangnan no matter what, if you kill me, he definitely won't let you off either, rather than avenge your wrongdoing like this, why can't we turn a dry fight into jade?"

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, "I'm sorry, you don't deserve to be with me if you want to turn a dry fight into jade!Not even Wu Donghai is worthy!Wu Donghai, who you regard as a god in your eyes, is nothing more than a piece of shit in my eyes!"

      He said, "Surnamed Xue, don't worry, let's do this one at a time, I'll send your brother on his way first, then we'll have a nice chat!"

      Then, Ye Chen looked at the fat man in the Mercedes Benz and said in a cold voice: "You abducted children, devoid of conscience, aiding and abetting the tiger, everyone deserves to be punished, today I'll do justice to heaven and make you pay for what you've done!Don't you like your Mercedes?Don't you like to stay in there and not come down?Well, let this car be your coffin and let your boss send you on your way!"

      Saying that, he looked at Xue Nanshan and said coldly, "Come, sing me a song loudly, an Italian masterpiece!Goodbye friend!!!"

      Subconsciously, Xue Nanshan shuddered, "I ......I won't ......"

      Ye Chen cursed, "Are you fucking bluffing me?Who wouldn't sing such a classic song?"

      Xue Nanshan does sing this song and often sings it in the KTV, but how could he be willing to open his mouth to sing it at a time like this?

      This young man in front of me welded one of his generals to death in a Mercedes, and said that he would let this car be his coffin, so that meant that he would die in the car.

      You can't save your brother yourself, and you can't sing goodbye to your friends loudly when he dies, right?

      Ye Chen saw that he was even silent and immediately shouted, "Sniper break his right leg for me!"

      As soon as the words were out of my mouth, there was a gunshot!

      Immediately afterwards, Xue Nanshan threw himself on his knees.

      His right knee had turned into a pulpy mess, and he wailed in pain.

      Ye Chen continued, "I'll count to 123, and within three seconds, if this person doesn't sing to me, I'll break his other leg as well!"



      Xue Nanshan was so frightened that he cried and howled, "Don't shoot, don't shoot, brother, I'm singing, I'm singing!"

      Saying that, he endured the excruciating pain from his right knee, and with a trembling voice, he choked and sang, "Ah goodbye friend, ah goodbye friend, ah goodbye friend, goodbye, goodbye ......"

      Ye Chen looked at the fat man in the Mercedes Benz and asked him with a smile, "Did you hear that?Your big brother is singing to see you off, so you can go on your way in peace!"

      The fat man collapsed in pain and slapped the window of the car and shouted, "I don't want to die, please spare my life, I really don't want to die ......"

      Ye Chen no longer paid attention to him, but shouted, "Use a heavy helicopter to hoist this Mercedes Benz up!"

      Chen Zekai immediately ordered down.

      In the car, the big fat man had gone completely crazy, he frantically slapped the window and cried out, begging, "Big Brother, Master, please let me go, I'm still young, I don't want to die, I have an 80-year-old mother on top and a three-year-old child under me, if I die, they'll all be finished!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "Before doing this business, you should have thought that you would end up in this situation!"

      The heavy helicopter tied the Mercedes with cables and then slowly hoisted it into the air.


Ye Chen said coldly, "Throw him into the river for me!"

      The helicopter immediately flew into the river beside the bridge, then the plane suddenly disconnected its ropes, and the Mercedes crashed into the river at a very high speed.

      The Mercedes itself was bulletproof grade, with a heavy body, and with a welded circle of steel plates, it weighed even more.

      So the moment it plunged into the river at high speed, it immediately smashed into a spectacular spray of water!

      The splash even formed a small rainbow in the sunlight!

      Immediately after that, the Mercedes sank into the river bottom and disappeared with almost no delay!

      Everyone present knew that the fat man was bound to die.

      Because that car had been completely welded to death, even if it was a Great Luo Gold Immortal, it would be impossible for him to escape!

      Jiang Ming, Liu Zhaochen's family, and Xue Nanshan's couple collapsed in horror as they watched the Mercedes sink to the bottom of the river.

      No one expected that Ye Chen would be so decisive in killing people.

      Jiang Ming also clearly realized at this moment that this orphan who had grown up with him since childhood seemed to really be able to kill himself today.

      He crawled to Ye Chen's feet, crying, "Ye Chen, please let me go, I'm not like them, I've never done such a despicable thing before, I was just momentarily confused, momentarily blinded, I beg you to give me another chance, you grew up with me, you know I'm not that kind of unforgivable person!......"

      Ye Chen looked at him in disgust and said coldly, "Jiang Ming, there's one thing you should understand, some mistakes can be forgiven, but some mistakes are absolutely unforgivable, even if it's the first time!"

      After saying that, he used his cell phone lens, aimed at Xue Nanshan and his wife, and said in a cold voice, "Come, I'll give you husband and wife a chance to repent to the whole country, look at my cell phone lens and tell me the dirty deeds you've done over the years, and if you behave well, I might be able to make you suffer less."78 Chinese First https://https://

      Xue Nanshan's wife Li Kaili was already scared to death, but at this moment, she suddenly threw herself on her knees and cried out, begging for mercy, "This big brother, please spare my life, I'm just Xue Nanshan's wife, I have no idea what he has done in his daily life, I'm really innocent ah!"

      Saying that, she pointed at her flat belly and said, "I won't lie to you, I'm already two months pregnant, please let us mother and father go and give us a chance to live."

      When Xue Nanshan heard this, he subconsciously scolded, "Li Kaili, how dare you try to betray me at this time!"

      Li Kaili exploded, "Xue Nanshan, I'm carrying your seed in my belly!Didn't I want to leave a legacy for your family?If we both die here today, your Xue family's incense will be broken!"

      In fact, what Kelly Lee wanted was simply to live.

      She hadn't lived enough, and she didn't want to die!

      If she had to choose between dying with her husband and living as a widow herself, she would definitely choose the latter.

      At first, Xue Nanshan also thought that she was going to leave herself alone to live.

      But when he heard her say that, his heart flickered.

      My wife was right, if both herself and her wife died, even if this young man in front of her spared her daughter, her own family's incense would have been broken!

      Daughters, in the eyes of the Xue family, cannot carry on the incense!


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