Secret Identity 1031-1040


Chapter 1031

A son must be born to carry on the Xue family name.

      This was also why Xue Nanshan and her sister, both very desperately wanted Li Kaili to have a son.

      So, at this moment, Xue Nanshan realized that if he had to die here today, he would have to let Li Kaili and that child in her belly live no matter what he said.

      What if, then, it was a boy?The Xue family will have an afterlife.

      Otherwise, if Li Kaili died here today, the entire Xue family would be finished!

      When he thought of this, he immediately said to Ye Chen, "Brother, you have any grudge, any grievance against me.My wife is innocent, and the child in my wife's belly is also innocent, please let her go!"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      Ye Chen said coldly, "You have tainted so many children, haven't you ever thought that those children are the most innocent?"

      Xue Nanshan cried, "Even if I've lost my conscience, it has nothing to do with my wife and children, please let them go!You can't kill a pregnant woman in front of all these people, can you?"

      Ye Chen laughed and said, "Yo didn't expect ah, you're still coming with me with a handful of moral kidnappings?"

      After saying that, Ye Chen nodded and said, "But you're right, killing a pregnant woman is really not my style, so I'm going to spare your wife's life."

      As the words fell, Li Kaili on the side was so excited that she kowtowed repeatedly, crying and laughing, "Big brother, thank you big brother, thank you for not killing her!"

      Ye Chen waved his hand: "Don't worry, I can't kill you, but the child in your belly is yours and this scum's, so I can't let you go yet, later I will arrange for someone to take you directly to the maternity hospital to abort the child, the child is aborted, I will hand you over to the public security organs, let the court go according to what you have done, the sentence sentence sentenced, the jail jail, the shooting.Shoot it!"

      When Xue Nanshan heard this, he shouted in excitement, "How can you let our Xue family be extinct!The incense of our Xue family is in my wife's belly!"

      Ye Chen laughed, "Sorry, scum like you, and one who specializes in destroying families, is not worthy of continuing the incense, I can spare your daughter's life, but the embryo in your wife's belly, don't be delusional!"

      Ye Chen then looked at Li Kaili and said coldly, "You choose for yourself now, do you stay and die with your husband, or abort the child in exchange for your own dog's life?"

      Kelly Lee came off completely unthinking, "Brother, I want to live, I don't want to die, the baby can be aborted, anytime!"

      In fact, at this moment, Li Kaili's heart was already thinking clearly.

      First of all, she can't die no matter what, because she is still young and hasn't lived enough, if she has to follow her husband to martyrdom, then she is ten thousand times unwilling to do so.

      Secondly, the child in the belly is only two months, to be frank is a fertilized egg, whether or not he does not matter, as long as they can live more important than anything else.

      So, of course she would choose to abort the baby!

      When Xue Nanshan, who was beside him, heard this, his entire body had almost gone berserk, and he stared at Li Kaili with a pair of man-eating eyes, gritting his teeth and cursing, "You, this stinking bitch, want to abandon me at a critical moment and survive alone?!"

      Kelly Lee looked at him a little nervously and said seriously, "Honey, do you want me to die with you too?We have a daughter!Even if I go to jail for more than ten years, our daughter still has a mother. If I die here today, our daughter will be an orphan."


Xue Nanshan cursed angrily, "You're going to abort my Xue Nanshan's son in order to stay alive!And now you want to use your daughter as a shield? You think I'll fall for that!You bitch, how come I didn't know you were this kind of dog who is greedy and afraid of death, who betrays her husband to live alone at critical moments!"

      Li Kaili did not expect that her husband would scold herself at this time.

      Admittedly, she did want to live, but what she said was not unreasonable, in this situation, whether she chose to die or live, it was impossible to keep the child in her belly, in that case, wouldn't it be much better for a couple to live one than for both to die?

      So, she asked Xue Nanshan: "We are husband and wife, just now when you pleaded for me, you asked this big brother to let me go, but after you heard that the child can not stay, you want me to die with you?Is the only reason I'm alive is to give you Xue Nanshan a child?"

      Xue Nanshan got out of his mouth, "I'm pleading with you solely because of the child in your belly, if there was no child in your belly, why would I die and you live?Why can't it be you and me?No matter what, it will be the two of us who will die together, and we'll have a companion on our way to the Yellow Springs!"

      Li Kaili looked at him in shock and said angrily, "Good you Xue Nanshan, how come I hadn't seen that you were something like this!With you husband and wife, you even want to drag me to your funeral at a critical moment!"

      After saying that, she immediately looked at Ye Chen, "Brother, I'll do whatever you tell me, I can go and abort the baby right now, as long as you spare my dog's life!"

      Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said, "Yes, since you're so conscious, I'll spare your life, so arrange to take you to the hospital now!"

      Li Kaili was so excited that she kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Ye Chen more than ten times in one breath.

      Right at this moment, Xue Nanshan beside her was already hysterical!

      He took advantage of Li Kaili's lack of attention and suddenly rushed up to her, grabbed her by the neck in a death grip and pushed her to the ground, gritting his teeth as he looked at her, "You unfaithful dog woman, die!"

      Seeing that Li Kaili had been strangled by her to the point of rolling her eyes, Zhai Chen hurriedly asked him, "Young Master, should we take action, if we don't, this woman will die."

      Ye Chen faintly said, "Old Chen, remember what I just said, I won't kill a pregnant woman!"

      Richard Chan had a sudden realization!

      The young master did say that he wouldn't kill a pregnant woman.

      However, if this Xue Nanshan himself had killed his pregnant wife, then there would be no one else to blame.

      As expected, within a minute, Li Kaili's entire body had stopped beating and breathing.

      After strangling her to death, Xue Nanshan was still not relieved of his hatred and gnashed his teeth, cursing, "This bitch, didn't you want to live alone?Go ahead and wait for me!It's fucking worth it for me to pull a cushion when I'm dying!"

      Ye Chen sneered, this Li Kaili, who was the dog-headed military advisor of the entire Beggar's Gang, don't look at her as a woman, but the evil he had done was probably not less than the others at all.

      Therefore, if he really let her live, Ye Chen would feel disgusted in his heart.

      But it couldn't be helped, people always had to have principles, and these dogs had no principles, that's why they did so many depraved things, but not themselves, at least they couldn't kill a pregnant woman with their own hands.

      Well now, Xue Nanshan had helped himself out of this problem, he at least wouldn't feel disgusted because Li Kaili was still alive in this world!


After Li Kaili's death, Liu Zhaochen's family, as well as Jiang Ming and the others, had been scared out of their wits.

      In a short period of time, two people had already died in front of them, and each of them had died in such a miserable state.

      That beggar gang elder who drove a Mercedes S-class was originally the envy of everyone, rich and powerful, and drove a luxury car.

      However, just a few minutes ago, his luxury Mercedes Benz became his steel coffin.

      And in front of them, Li Kaili's tragic death was even more impactful to their hearts.

      Ye Chen then coldly asked Richard Chen, "Where are the other core members of the Beggar's Gang?"

      Richard Chen said, "Young Master don't worry I've already informed all our forces in Suhang, they're already walking around now, this group of people will all be brought over one by one soon!"

      "Yes!"Ye Chen nodded his head and sneered, "All the core members of the Beggar's Gang will not be left behind today!"


      The Ye family's various people hidden in Suhang all began to move and sent the members of the Beggar's Gang, who had been kidnapped from various places, one by one to this bridge.

      Two of the nine elders of the Beggar's Gang were already dead, and the remaining seven were also brought one after another.

      The two deputy masters of the Beggar's Gang were also brought to the scene at this time.

      After a group of Beggars gathered, one by one, they were frightened by the scene and wanted to collapse.

      Later on, none of this group of people dared to believe that someone dared to exterminate the entire Beggar's Gang in Su Hang.

      Behind the Beggar's Gang, but the Wu family Wu Donghai was backing it up.

      Why did this group of people in front of them not even care about Wu Donghai?

      Ye Chen stood in front of this group of people at this time and said to Chen Zhaichai who was beside him, "Have someone bring over steel bars and tie up all of these people's hands with steel bars to death!"

      One gang master, two deputy gang masters, seven elders, and nine people kneeled in a row.

      The leader was the gang leader who had just killed his wife, Xue Nanshan!

      Ye Chen's phone, which hadn't stopped recording, now pointed the view frame at Xue Nanshan and said with a smile, "Come, introduce yourself, what's your name?To do what?"

      Xue Nanshan looked at him with cold eyes and gritted his teeth, "Don't fucking pretend with me here, I know I definitely won't survive today, you can kill if you want, but my brother-in-law will definitely take revenge for me, he'll break you into pieces then!"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, saying disdainfully, "What I don't believe in the most, is how much guts a person can have!"

      He said, he looked at everyone kneeling in front of him, including Liu Zhaochen's family as well as Jiang Ming, and said sternly, "I can responsibly tell you that today is the anniversary of your death, none of you will live past today, but there are many kinds of death, some deaths may be very painful, some may be very painful, whether you want pain or pleasure depends on yourPerformance."

      Then, Ye Chen looked at Xue Nanshan and smiled, "Didn't you, Xue Nanshan, act like a man just now?That would be the equivalent of choosing a painful death!I'll give you what you want!"

      A flash of fear appeared in Xue Nanshan's eyes.

      He didn't know what kind of method Ye Chen would have to torture himself.

      At this time, Ye Chen said to Richard Chen, "Take off all the clothes on this man's body, then use a knife to make a thin cut on his body, the more cuts the better, the wound should not be too deep, but blood must come out, in that case use a helicopter to hang him up and put him in the river water, let the fish in the water gnaw the wounds all over his body, if there is enough timeIt can gnaw him into a white bone!"


Chen Zekai was all pale after hearing the whole thing, not expecting the young master's methods to be so cruel.

      But then thinking about the fact that these people had done completely unconscionable things, this kind of death was already fair to them.

      If such scum were placed in ancient times, then it would have been a death by death.

      So he no longer had any hesitation and immediately said to the two black-clothed men beside him, "You two go on, and remember to cut the wounds more densely!"

      The two of them were themselves top killers who had killed countless people, so they were already used to this kind of thing, so they immediately pulled out their knives from their pockets and walked towards Xue Nanshan with a blank expression.

      Xue Nanshan, who was very ballsy just a moment ago, was now trembling with fear and cried out loudly, "Big brother I was wrong, big brother I was really wrong, I'll say whatever you tell me to say, I won't pretend with you anymore, please don't torture me!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "What?You haven't started cutting yet?And you're scared?Where was the courage?You're wimping out so quickly, are you doing justice to Liang Jingru?"78 Chinese first https://https://

      Xue Nanshan was terrified and said, "Brother, you can hit me twice, you can even kill me now, I beg you not to torture me, I'll say whatever you want me to say, I will cooperate to the end ......"

      Ye Chen said, "I'm sorry, I just gave you a chance, but it's too late now."

      After saying that, Ye Chen said, "But mending the sheep is still somewhat useful in the end, don't worry, I won't let the fish eat you into bones, I also want you to look into the camera later and leave two words for your brother-in-law."

      As soon as his words fell, Ye Chen ordered the two black-clothed men, "Take care of his two legs first!"

      They immediately pulled out their knives and cut off Xue Nanshan's trouser legs directly, then cut countless bloody paths on his calves and thighs, causing his entire body to scream miserably in pain.

      The people beside him were even more horrified.

      The helicopter then took off with Xue Nanshan, whose legs were covered with bloody wounds, and then hung him up and released him into the river water.

      Even through this high bridge, one could hear the howls of misery emitted from Xue Nanshan's head exposed to the water!

      Ten minutes later, Ye Chen said, "Okay, bring him up!"

      The helicopter slowly hoisted him back up.

      As he neared the bridge, his two legs, already gnawed by the fish in the river, had been exposed to the bone in several places.

      The 10 minutes that had just passed was the most painful and difficult 10 minutes in Xue Nanshan's life.

      It was the first time I've ever been to a school, and I've never been to a school where I've never had a chance to go to school," he says.

      It felt like a thousand bites of flesh on his own leg, and each bite hurt so much that he wanted to die!

      There was only one thought in his head now, and no matter what, he couldn't be thrown in the water again!

      So whatever Ye Chen asked him to do next, he wouldn't dare to disobey again!

      The man in black made Xue Nanshan, who was in pain to the point of collapse, kneel again beside the others, before Ye Chen looked at him and asked, "How do you feel?"

      Xue Nanshan cried bitterly, "Please kill me, I really don't want to live ......"

      Ye Chen snapped coldly, "I'm giving you another chance now, answer whatever I ask you, if you answer well, I'll give you a pain, if you don't answer well, then I'm sorry."

      Xue Nanshan nodded his head as if he was pounding garlic and cried, "Brother, go ahead and ask, I will answer truthfully to whatever question you ask!"


Ye Chen pointed his phone at him and asked, "What's your name?What career?"

      Xue Nanshan said with trepidation, "My name is Xue Nanshan, I am the master of the Beggar's Gang."

      Ye Chen asked again, "What is the main business of your Beggars' Gang?"

      Xue Nanshan answered truthfully, "The main livelihood of the Beggar's Gang is to impersonate beggars and beg in various places around the world."

      Ye Chen asked, "One of you wears gold and silver, why are you posing as beggars and begging?"

      Xue Nanshan said, "Because it's the fastest way to get money, we can make a high income by sending people out to various crowded places to lie around and sell misery."

      Ye Chen asked, "Then why are you guys abducting and selling so many children?"

      Xue Nanshan said, "Because when begging, if you have children with you when you beg, you can double or even multiply the alms you get ......"

      Ye Chen continued to ask, "Then why do you want to make a good child disabled?"

      Xue Nanshan shivered and said, "Disabled children are more able to arouse sympathy from others, according to our experience, bringing disabled children to beg is the easiest way to make money, the worse the disabled child is, the more money we make."

      Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, "Then how many children have you hurt so far?"

      Xue Nanshan said nervously, "I haven't counted this either, but the triple digits should be there."

      Ye Chen continued to ask, "Who is behind you doing something like this, and who is your backer?"

      Xue Nanshan said, "My patrons are my sister and brother-in-law."

      Ye Chen asked, "What are your sister's and brother-in-law's names and what do they do respectively?"

      Xue Nanshan said honestly, "My sister's name is Xue Yaqin, she doesn't have a job, she's a full-time housewife, my brother-in-law's name is Wu Donghai, he's the heir of the Suhang Wu family."

      Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, "In other words, the reason why you dared to do such a despicable thing is entirely because you have Wu Donghai behind you, isn't it?"

      Xue Nanshan hesitated for a moment, but still nodded obediently and said, "Yes, the Beggar's Gang was able to develop to this day thanks to my brother-in-law's help, he was the one who stepped in to back me up, that's why no one dared to confront me."

      Ye Chen asked again, "Does he know what you do for a living, does he know that you have poisoned so many minors?"

      Xue Nanshan nodded, "He knows, he knows it all, my sister also knows it all ......"

      Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction.

      With this video, if it was released, the Wu family's reputation and reputation would be significantly affected.

      They would definitely be angrily condemned by countless netizens across the country.

      At that time, there was no way that the Wu Family would be able to come down with the PR.

      What Ye Chen wanted was for the Wu family to suffer a painful death!78 Chinese update fastest computer end:https:///

      For this matter, the Wu family is the culprit behind it!

      If the Wu family hadn't aided and abetted this Xue Nanshan all the way, setting up and growing the Beggars Gang, then he wouldn't have had the opportunity to poison so many children!


So the Wu family, is absolutely complicit.

      Ye Chen believes that when this video gets out, Wu Donghai will be very, very uncomfortable.78 Chinese update fastest computer end:https:///

      Isn't he trying to antagonize himself?

      Isn't he secretly looking for his enemies to join forces against him?

      I'm sorry, but I'm tired of waiting, so I'll start with your brother-in-law!

      So, Ye Chen immediately said to Richard Chen, "Stuff all of these beggars into that Iveco, and then take the steel they have and weld it together with the car body!"


      At a command from Richard Chen, many black-clad men quickly rushed up, grabbing one of each two and taking them all into the, already chipped-topped Iveco.

      The children in the Iveco, however, had been taken to the helicopter and continued to sleep unconscious.

      Let the gang cry ghostly, and the men in black showed no mercy to them.

      Immediately afterwards, the welding machine was started again, and the gang's wrists were already wrapped with steel bars, this time directly on their wrists, and welded together with the car.

      The welding triggered a fierce high temperature hot, the gang of ghosts and wolves howling.

      The entire scene was like purgatory on earth.

      Ye Chen at this time and looked at Liu Zhaochen's family of five, cold voice: "You family, net do some sneaky deeds, repeatedly, dirty, beastly!Everyone should be killed!Today I'll take the place of God and send your family on their way!"

      After saying that, he ignored the hissing pleas of the Liu family and directly let the men in black, take them into the Iveco as well, welding them securely with the others.

      At the scene, there was still Jiang Ming who was already going crazy.

      Jiang Ming's eyes when he looked at Ye Chen were already so empty that he lost his soul.

      His entire body kept shivering and mumbled, "Ye Chen, we grew up together, I beg you to forgive me, I'm not some evil person, I'm not guilty to death ......Please look, on the basis of growing up together for so many years, spare my dog's life ......"

      Ye Chen looked down and saw that his crotch was already covered in filth, and it looked like he had already been incontinent for a long time.

      His face was as frosty as frost, and he said coldly, "Jiang Ming, you were born to know what you can do and what you absolutely can't do, 100,000 volt high voltage line, whoever touches it will die, it won't read you as a first offender and net you, not to mention that you yourself grew up in an orphanage, child abduction is a high voltage line that no one can touch, and least of allIt's orphans like us who touch!If you don't understand this, what's the point of living?"

      Jiang Ming collapsed and grabbed his hair, tearing off a large tufts of hair with great force, he then raised his head and looked at Ye Chen with blood red eyes, "Ye Chen, before I die, I still have one more question I hope you can answer, can you grant me this wish?"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Seeing as we grew up together, I'll grant you this wish, I'll answer whatever question you have, but after I answer you, you'll have to take this answer with me and report to the netherworld!"

      Jiang Ming suddenly shivered, stared at Ye Chen and asked, "Ye Chen ......Who the hell are you ......Who the hell are you to have such great power ......"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, he had already calculated that Jiang Ming would definitely ask himself this question.

      So, he squatted down, looked into Jiang Ming's eyes and said word by word, "Jiang Ming, what I'm going to tell you next, even my wife doesn't know, this may be the last answer you'll get before you die, so I hope you'll listen carefully."

      Jiang Ming swallowed hard and nodded with difficulty, with a hint of reluctance in his eyes, "Don't worry, I will listen carefully to every word you say, so that I can come to seek revenge on you in my next life!"

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, "Then listen up!I'm from the Yanjing Ye family ......Young Master!"



      Jiang Ming had lived for more than 20 years, and the words that Ye Chen said were the most shocking and unbelievable words he had ever heard in his life.

      His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Ye Chen's face and muttered, "Impossible, how is this possible?I know you, I've known you since you were a child, your name is Ye Chen, you're an orphan!You were brought back to the orphanage by Auntie Li when you were eight years old, you're just like me, you're this society, a stinking hangnail with no family and no father, how can you be the young master of the Ye family?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "I know, it's hard for you to believe this, but it's really true, otherwise how do you think I could just casually mobilize so many people to chase you?Look at these helicopters, look at these loaded black-clad men, if I wasn't the young master of the Ye family, you should have succeeded this time."

      "But ......But ......"Jiang Ming asked incredulously, "If you're the young master of the Yanjing Ye family, then why did you grow up in an orphanage?Why didn't they take you away?Why should a young master like you in a golden nest live with a stinking hangdog like us who has nothing to lose as a child?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Back then, they didn't know my whereabouts, my father took great pains to hide my identity before he died, the Ye family has been looking for me though, but they never thought I would grow up in a welfare institution."

      Jiang Ming immediately followed up with a question, "So they found you now?When was that?And why is that?"

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years, which will be launched in the near future.of the company to mix up a director for a dry run."

      Jiang Ming took off, "You know you're the young master of the Ye family, so why don't you go and approach them if you're having such a miserable time?If you take the initiative to find them, you won't have to live that despised life anymore, so why not go?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "That's the difference between the two of us, I come from an extraordinary background, but I am willing to be humble; you come from a humble background, but you are not willing to be humble and ordinary, if you are like me and willing to be humble, how could you have made today's mortal mistake?"

      "I don't get it!"Jiang Ming shook his head desperately, having lost his mind somewhat and said, "I don't understand!I really don't get it!Is it because you saw money when you were a kid that you can get by without it when you grow up?"

      "Maybe."Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "It's true that when I was young, I was living a life that you probably couldn't imagine even now, but so what?I'm not living a happy life, and neither are my parents."

      Jiang Ming asked incredulously, "Then you are willing to be poor?You obviously experienced a life of money when you were a kid, but don't you miss that life when you have nothing?"

      Ye Chen sighed lightly and added, "Jiang Ming, you take money too seriously.You can take money very seriously, but you can't take money too seriously, there are some things that will never be able to be compared to money, such as your ideals, your love, your principles, and your conscience, once you put yourself in the wrong position, you will do the wrong things, some things can still be changed when they are wrong, and some things can never be changed when they are wrong."

      It was only at this moment that Jiang Ming finally realized how humble he really was.

      Because the Ye Chen in front of him, the Ye Chen who had grown up with him in the orphanage since he was a child, was actually the young master of the Yanjing Ye family!

      It was also at this moment that he realized how big the gap between himself and Ye Chen was.

      He finally knew the difference between the two.78 Chinese Update fastest computer end:https:///

      It's the difference between a bird and a swan!

      It's the difference between a pheasant and a phoenix!

      It's the difference between a crucian carp and a real dragon on earth!

      As the saying goes, a swallow sparrow knows the aspirations of a great swan, and that saying was really perfect to put on himself and Ye Chen right now.

      Also at this moment, Jiang Ming finally completely conceded defeat.

      He knew that he had not only lost in this life, but also in his next life.

      It was no longer possible for himself to seek revenge like Ye Chen, and Ye Chen killing himself would be as easy as crushing an ant.

      Like Liu Zhaochen's family, like those members of the Beggar's Gang, he was just a small fish and shrimp that Ye Chen, the true dragon on earth, blew to death with a yawn.

      Jiang Ming's face was instantly covered with despair.

      Just a moment ago, he was thinking about finding revenge on Ye Chen in his next life, or in the next life.

      But at this moment he truly understood that even if he were to come back for another lifetime, I'm afraid he wouldn't have the qualifications to seek revenge on Ye Chen.


The most painful thing in the human world was realizing that one would never be able to catch up to one's enemy for several lifetimes.

      At this moment, Jiang Ming had been a million miles away!

      He looked at Ye Chen with tears streaming down his face and choked, "Ye Chen, I'm convinced, I'm really convinced, please kill me, I'm tired of this world, I'm tired of myself ......Please let me out of this ......"

      Ye Chen nodded and looked at him seriously, "Jiang Ming, out of all the people who are going to die today, your crime is the lightest; but also out of all the people who are going to die today, every single one of them committed a capital crime, which of course includes you, I hope you can get a good birth in your next life!"

      Jiang Ming smiled miserably and said, "In the next life ......Just now, after listening to you finish your story, I suddenly had a feeling that people like me might be born with a bitter fate, and give me another lifetime, I might still be an orphan, I might still be a stinky hangnail in the eyes of others ......"

      Ye Chen nodded with a flat expression and said, "In that case, then I hope you can be a good person in your next life."

      Jiang Ming seriously nodded his head and smiled miserably, "Let you say it, I'm starting to hate myself, I hope I can be a good person in my next life."

      After saying that, his entire body was much calmer, he had just been so scared that he was incontinent, but at this time, he was calmly able to hold on and stand up on his own.

      He stood in front of Ye Chen and said seriously, "Okay Ye Chen, send me on my way, send all those children back safely, tell Auntie Li that I was wrong, tell all my little friends that I was wrong, I regret it, I used my life to atone for my sins ......"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Since you really know that you were wrong, I'll give you a happy ending."

      Saying that, Ye Chen said to Richard Chen, "Weld all those people to death in the Iveco, then let the helicopter lift the car into the heart of the river!"

      "Good young master!"

      The helicopter took off again.

      In the Iveco, the core members of the Beggar's Gang, as well as the family of Liu Zhao Chen, kept uttering their last desperate cries.

      Everyone was struggling very hard, but not only were they welded to death, the car was also welded to death, it was impossible for them to escape.

      Next the helicopter simply took the Iveco, which was filled with sin, and threw it into the river.

      The Iveco bubbled a quick burst of foam on the surface of the river before sinking completely to the bottom!

      Ye Cheng then turned his head to look at Jiang Ming and said indifferently, "I promise to give you a painful death, I won't let you die as painful as they did."

      Jiang Ming smiled miserably and nodded his head, "Thank you, Ye Chen."

      Ye Chen nodded slightly and said to a man in black beside him, "Bring him to the bridge and give him a clean slate."

      The black-clothed man nodded, "Okay young master!"

      Before the black-clothed man could get started, Jiang Ming hobbled himself towards the bridge.

      He climbed onto the guardrail, turned to Ye Chen and said, "Ye Chen, give me a good thrashing!"

      Ye Chen looked towards the man in black and gave a slight nod of his head.

      Then, the man in black pulled out a black pistol from his waist and aimed it at Jiang Ming's forehead.


      A bloody blossom bursts from the back of Jiang Ming's head!

      Immediately afterwards, his body fell backwards, off the bridge, into the river, and was instantly swallowed by the rolling water ......


When Jiang Ming died, Ye Chen's heart was suddenly a little sad.

      He was sad not because he felt sympathy for Jiang Ming, but because he felt that it was indeed sad that a person had lived in a way that he himself hated the most.

      Jiang Ming was in the prime of his youth, if it wasn't for going astray, he had the chance to change his fate, perhaps in a few years, he could also marry a rich and beautiful woman and become a ceo and take the pinnacle of his life.

      But that's the way life is, some pits fall in, but can still get up, some pits fall in, people can no longer get out.

      Looking at the rolling river, a person secretly God hurt for a moment, then said to Richard Chen, "Okay, you help me bring the child back, send it to the hospital to let the doctor check if there is any major hindrance, and then notify the orphanage to come over to collect people."

      Richard Chen nodded and asked, "Young Master, what about the rest of the Beggars?"

      Ye Chen sighed, "There are tens of thousands of wicked people in the Beggar's Gang, killing them is inexhaustible, I only hope that the death of these Beggar's Gang heads will make the people below wake up a bit and not do such heartless things in the future."

      Saying that, he added, "Right, let all those who were at the scene today, don't talk nonsense when you go back."

      Chen Zhai Kai immediately said, "Young Master, don't worry, I understand!"

      Ye Chen said, "Okay, go back!"

      Chen Zekai hurriedly ordered over the intercom, "One group, send all the children to Jinling People's Hospital, and two groups, escort the young master back to Jinling!"

      A few minutes later.

      Ye Chen had gotten on the helicopter going back, but the plane wasn't flying at a high altitude, so the cell phone signal wasn't affected much.

      So, Ye Chen processed the video he had taken in Steep Sound, mainly changing his voice so that people wouldn't recognize it, and then he uploaded the processed video to the internet.

      It was a somewhat long, very shocking, and bloody video for a while, and it immediately exploded on the internet as soon as it was released.

      Originally the matter of the 10 children lost from the Jinling Orphanage today had become the object of national netizens' attention, and the online fever had surpassed all other news, topping all other charts!

      Almost the entire country, at this point, is holding their phones and watching this shocking video!

      Now this video let this thing to a perfect end, the bad guys were punished, the children were all rescued, once inspired the people of the country that righteousness of the blood.

      Especially in the beggar's gang core members are all welded in the Iveco sinking in the river of that paragraph, let countless netizens see the blood boiling, clap hands.

      The whole country wanted to know, who did this?Who exactly took this video again.

      However, Ye Chen disposed of all other information and didn't even leave a backstory for the netizens.

      At the same time, as it was learned that the Wu family Wu Donghai was the backer of the Beggar's Gang's leader Xue Nanshan, the entire internet verbally abused the Wu family.

      Hundreds of millions of people scolded the Wu family online, while demanding that the police investigate thoroughly.

      The reputation of the Wu family was decimated.

      Just as this video went viral across the net, and countless people forwarded, commented, praised and shouted at it, the entire Beggars' Gang completely blew up!

      They didn't expect that none of their own gang leaders, two vice leaders, and the nine elders would be spared!

      This made the middle leaders of the Beggar's Gang, who had a little bit of status inside, almost all of them started, desperate to flee in the night.

      The Wu family didn't know all of this at this time, Wu Qi had just added a meal and made the whole Wu family jump.

      The old man of the Wu family had suffered a considerable amount of irritation last time, and had only just recovered this time.


At this time, Wu Donghai and his wife, Xue Yaqin, were calming down and had just eaten an extra meal Wu Qi.

      Wu Xin, as the eldest son and grandson, was carrying the maid's prepared dinner to his grandfather's room.

      When he just pushed the door open, he saw the old man lying on top of the carpet twitching non-stop, and foaming at the mouth, his face pale!

      Wu Xin was shocked, rushed forward to check, found that the old man seems to have a stroke, and then look at his hand, even shivering holding a mobile phone, that mobile phone is put on a video, the video of how so like his brother-in-law?

      He subconsciously picked up his phone and took a look, just in time to see his brother-in-law go crazy, choking his aunt and directly strangling her to death ......

      Wu Xin's entire body shuddered, and the phone was thrown out.

      When he was shocked at the content of the video, the old man beside him had already carried his back to the gas.

      Wu Xin was so shocked that he rushed out the door, yelling for the maid and the doctor.

      The doctor quickly arrived and began to give first aid to the old man.

      Soon, Wu Donghai and his wife also rushed over on the news.

      "What's going on?!Why did the old man suddenly have a stroke?!"

      As soon as Wu Donghai arrived, he immediately questioned the Wu family's expert doctor.

      The doctor immediately said, "Chairman Wu, the Master should be under some kind of stimulus, and a sudden and huge one at that, similar to the last time!"

      "What's going on?!"

      Wu Donghai was extremely confused, what was the situation?Why would you suddenly have a stimulating stroke?

      At this time, the side of Wu Xin in the corner after watching all the video circulated on the network, pale and powerless came to Wu Donghai and Xue Yaqin, panic, said: "Dad, Mom, Uncle killed the aunt, and then someone put Uncle and he beggar all the core members of the gang, along with a gang of human traffickers, more than a dozen people are all welded in an Iveco, sinking the river ......"


      What's the first reaction of both couples when they hear this?

      Where is there such a thing in this day and age?

      Weld a dozen people in a car and sink the river?How arrogant does that have to be?

      It's not just a matter of time, it's a matter of time before you get to the point where you can't afford to do anything about it. 78 Chinese updated fastest computer end:https:///

      And the entire Beggars' Association, with over 10,000 men, who is capable of killing all the core members of the entire Beggars' Association?

      Xue Yaqin touched her son's forehead and couldn't help but say, "Son, you have a fever, don't you?That's your uncle and aunt, how can you make them up like that?"

      Wu Xin hurriedly said, "Oh my, what I said is true, it's all over the internet now, and before my little uncle died, he faced the camera and admitted that our Wu family is his backer, he just relied on our Wu family, that's why he did so many hurtful things, and now the whole internet is scolding our Wu family ah!"

      "What?!"The couple was only horrified by this.

      Wu Donghai immediately grabbed the phone from his hand and took off, "Which video quickly let me see."

      Wu Xin immediately found the video and clicked play!

      At this time, Wu Donghai was sweating nervously, staring at the phone screen, he knew that the hurtful things his brother-in-law had done, if he really let the Wu family take the blame for him, then the reputation of the Wu family would be all over!

      Xue Yaqin also brought her heart to her throat, she still, to this day, can't believe that her brother and siblings, are all dead!


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