Secret Identity 1011-1020


Chapter 1011

At this moment, in that set of Iveco, the seven adults in the car were still completely unaware that a heavenly net had come over them.

      In addition to these seven adults, there were ten sleeping children in the car who had been given sleeping pills since the early hours of the morning and were still not awake.

      On the passenger side, there was a young man without a right hand, and this young man was Liu Zhaochen.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and see how they are doing.

      His brother was surprised and asked, "Are kids so expensive now?Didn't we say it was only tens of thousands of dollars a piece before?"

      Liu Zhaochen said, "Didn't we crack down a while ago, there's a strange shortage of children in the Beggars of Zhejiang Province now, so the price has gone up."

      His brother said with a smiling face, "Then we've got it this time!"

      Liu Zhaochen nodded and said cheerfully, "When this deal is done, our family will find a place for a vacation."

      Iveco spacious car, Liu Zhaochen's mother said with a smile on her face, "Oh my, this wave of earning finished, I can really want to go abroad for a turn, next door to Lao Zhao's daughter-in-law, some time ago, went to Thailand, go to the day to night friends circle on the screen, back with me after all kinds of offense, this time when we get the money, we also go!"

      Liu Zhaochen laughed, "What's so fun about Thailand, Thailand is all about poor people going to places, with a tour group two or three thousand dollars to play down, we're going to go to a more upscale place."

      "An upscale place?"The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for in a place like this.

      Liu Zhaochen blurted out, "Of course it's going to the Maldives, that's where the really rich people go on vacation!"

      Liu Zhao Chen's sister applauded happily, "Maldives?Great, I've been wanting to go to the Maldives for a long time!"

      She said, "I'm going to the Maldives to stay in one of those overwater villas, luxurious as hell!It must be especially fun to live there!"

      Liu Zhaochen smiled, "Sister, as soon as we get the money, we'll buy the tickets right away!"

      A family of six, all began to envision in their hearts the upcoming trip to the Maldives.78 Chinese update fastest computer end:https:///

      Willow looked back at the man sitting a few rows back.

      This man was also the seventh adult in the car besides the six members of Liu Zhaochen's family.

      Liu Zhaochen looked at the seventh man and smiled, "Hey, Jiang Ming, you get to split 400,000 this time, have you thought about what you're going to do after you get this money?"

      Jiang Ming ignored him because Jiang Ming himself was in a very depressed mood at the moment.

      Last night, after he returned home from Zhao Zhuo's company quarters, there were a few gruff boys, carrying knives to his door.

      Those goofy boys knocked on his door and put the knife on his neck, warning him that he must send the compensation to Ma Zhongliang's phaeton as soon as possible, otherwise, they would just cut him to death.

      Jiang Ming was scared out of his wits.

      He asked a friend who was a used car dealer to evaluate his car and the phaeton, and found that he still had a shortfall of over a million dollars even if he used all the insurance costs.

      And his Mercedes, because it had already been in an accident, would only fetch about 300,000 if he sold it.

      Even if he sells the Mercedes Benz as well, there is still a funding gap of more than 900,000.

      Zhao Zhuo has solved 620,000 for him, and he is still 300,000 short.


The first thing you need to do is to find a way to get the money you need.

      The police have been cracking down on human trafficking for too long, and the family of six has been unable to eat.

      Liu Zhaochen also told him that he is now looking around for suitable children so that he can sell them to the south, the price is high right now, if he finds the resources, he can make a lot of money.

      As soon as Jiang Ming thought that the orphanage had a lot of infants and toddlers lately, he immediately got a crooked idea.

      He told this information to Liu Zhaochen, proposing that both parties cooperate to steal a group of children from the orphanage and sell them.

      Liu Zhaochen was worried about where to find the children, and as soon as she heard that the orphanage was full of them, she was ecstatic, and then she got the wrong idea.

      Jiang Ming knows the orphanage like the back of his hand, and knows that because it is in disrepair, coupled with insufficient funding, insufficient staff, and security facilities that can't keep up, there are many loopholes from which one can find a breakthrough if they are familiar with the process.

      So he immediately took the lead and formulated a more thorough plan.

      As soon as Liu Zhaochen saw that it was highly feasible, he immediately brought in a family of six.

      Jiang Ming was very unhappy that all six members of Liu Zhaochen's family were involved because he knew that the reason why the other party had called so many people to come was because they wanted to share more money.

      If it was just himself and Liu Zhaochen doing this, by the time the ten children were sold for over a million, the two of them could each share 60 or 700 thousand.

      As a result, Liu Zhaochen brought in another five members of his family, and all of a sudden, he spread his share thin.

      This shameless Liu Zhaochen, had the impudence to want to split it evenly by head, so that a total of seven shares, to their hands up to 200,000.

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

      Having lost 300,000 of his earnings in one fell swoop, Jiang Ming was naturally very depressed.

      But he didn't have any good solutions, because if the other party wanted to leave him alone, he would be finished.

      Helplessly, he had no choice but to take the dumb loss.

      At this time, Liu Zhaochen looked at the map and looked at the time and said, "It's almost time to Suhang, and when we get there, our next home will come over to pick up the goods, and then we can get the money and head back, and we should be able to get back before dark."

      Liu Zhaochen's sister said excitedly, "Oh my, I just want to hurry to the Maldives now!"

      With that, she pulled out her phone and said, "I'm going to go to Steep Sound and look up videos and tips on the Maldives to see which island is a better place to go and have a good time!"

      Immediately, she turned on Steep Sound, not realizing that the first opening screen video she turned on would be the news about this orphanage losing a child!

      This news video had only been posted for a mere two or three hours, but there were over five million likes and over 300,000 comments.

      She was shocked as she opened the comments and was shocked.

      It was because the comments were all full of demands to shoot the trafficker, kill the trafficker's entire family and so on and so forth!

      She subconsciously said, "Oh no, this has made the headlines!It seems like the whole country is watching!Are we making it a little big?"

      "Fear nothing!"Liu Zhaochen said without a care in the world, "There is no substantial difference between stealing one and stealing ten, and besides, I was careful on this journey, there were no clues left behind, no one could find us, much less suspect us!"

      Said he, proudly, "Don't you worry!When we're not found after a while, the netizens' attention is immediately drawn to other news, and after a while, we're forgotten!"


A number of helicopters converged on the outskirts of Jinling, flying in hot pursuit of the province, closing the distance to the target a little.

      The other side of that Iveco in the national highway can only stop and go, often encounter traffic lights, or traffic jams, the overall speed is not up.

      The reason why Liu Zhaochen chose a national highway instead of a highway is mainly because highways are closed roads, in case of being targeted by the police, they can't fly.

      But the national highway is different, the national highway is open road, and connected to a variety of rural roads, the police want to set up a blockade of their own are very difficult.

      And if anything goes wrong, you can abandon your car and flee at any time, and the countryside, residential areas and even factory sites are all good places to hide!

      It left enough opportunity for Ye Chen to chase after it.

      The helicopter was in the sky without pausing or any detours or congestion, flying at a speed of over 200 kilometers per hour.

      After flying continuously for more than an hour, Ye Chen's position was only a hundred kilometers away from the target.

      Richard Chen said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, their current average speed is only forty to fifty kilometers per hour, and we expect to catch up with them in another thirty minutes."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "Can you contact the Ye family's local power and ask them to help us seal off the road beforehand, I want to give them a jar to catch a turtle in."

      Richard Chen immediately looked at the real-time location sent by Hongwu and said, "There's a river crossing bridge on the national highway in front of us, I'll have someone seal it off and prevent other vehicles from getting on after they pass, then wait until they're almost across the river and bet the other end as well so they can't escape with their wings!"

      Ye Chen said with satisfaction, "That's a good idea, let's do as you say!"


      Soon, two convoys of trucks hauling full of debris set off from two separate building sites on both sides of the river.

      The construction sites they were at were both developments of a real estate development company under the Ye family.

      These two convoys were also arranged by Richard Chen.

      Each convoy consisted of more than 20 construction trucks loaded with debris.

      Any truck, when fully loaded, also weighed 40 to 50 tons.

      A heavy tank was only this weight.

      No vehicle could hit such a vehicle that was casually swung across the road.

      What's more, there were more than 20 vehicles at each end, so even a tank wouldn't be able to run over them.

      As Liu Zhaochen's brother drove up and prepared to go on the bridge, Liu Zhaochen said smilingly, "After crossing this cross-river bridge, we'll soon be in Suhang!"

      "Yes!"Willow Shine's sister said happily, "If we get the money today, we can go to the Maldives tomorrow!I just researched it and the Maldives is a visa-on-arrival, so there's no need to get a visa in advance, so we can just buy tickets and fly over tomorrow."

      As Liu Zhaochen's brother drove, he was surprised and said, "Why are there suddenly so many more big cars?"

      When everyone looked out the window, they saw that the sides were full of heavy trucks loaded with scraps.

      Liu Zhaochen casually said, "It should be delivering materials to which construction site, regardless of him, let's quickly overtake it."

      The Iveco quickly accelerated and overtook the engineering convoy.

      Right after that, the engineering convoy behind it began several large vehicles in parallel, blocking the road directly behind it so that other vehicles behind it could not cross.

      When the Iveco got onto the bridge, the engineering convoy, which was moving in tandem, had also driven onto the bridge.

      However, as soon as the engineering convoy got onto the bridge, they immediately turned off their engines en masse and stopped, blocking the entire entrance to the bridge, making it impossible for other vehicles to pass.


Behind the driver's opinion so, immediately get off to see what is happening, emotions are a bit angry.

      At this time, a man came down on the engineering convoy, holding a loud speaker and shouted to the back, "We just received notification from the higher-ups, this bridge has become a dangerous bridge, there is a risk of collapse at any time, and now we need to hurry up and repair it, for the safety of everyone's life, please detour, thank you for your cooperation."

      These drivers originally wanted to curse their mother, but as soon as they heard this, they immediately dispelled their thoughts of cursing and their displeasure vanished.

      With so many construction vehicles parked here, they didn't doubt what the other party said.

      Therefore, they were now very lucky that they had been following the construction vehicles, and if they had been in front of the convoy, wouldn't they have also driven onto this dangerous bridge?

      So everyone turned back in place and went around the other way.

      Willow's brother drove to the center of the bridge and momentarily looked back through the rearview mirror, wondering, "How come there's not a single car back there?"

      Willow took a look back, maybe it's blocked by those big cars, the big cars run slow."

      "It's possible."Liu Zhaochen's brother said, and stopped taking it seriously and continued driving.

      When he was about to cross the bridge, there were suddenly several large cars in front of him, pouring in from both sides, directly blocking the front road completely!

      Willow's brother was so shocked that he hurriedly slammed on the brakes and took off, "Shit, are these crazy people driving big cars?"

      The other people in the car, because they didn't have time to react, fell to the east and west for a while.

      When the car stopped, Liu Zhaochen was surprised to find that the road in front of the car has been completely blocked by several cars, and even a car behind.

      In other words, he took the Iveco, completely blocked on the bridge.

      The first thing you need to know is that you are not going to be able to get a good deal of money for your own money, and that you are not going to be able to get a good deal of money for your own money.78 Chinese Update:https:///

      So he pushed the door down and yelled at the big car parked in front of him, "Hey!What the hell are you people doing?Get out of the way now!"

      One of the big cars jumped down with a burly man and said in a cold voice, "This bridge is closed, from now on, no vehicles or people are allowed to pass through!"

      Liu Zhaochen said in exasperation, "The cars in front of us have passed, just we haven't crossed yet, if you want to close it, you can also wait until we have crossed it before you close it ah."

      He didn't know that the reason for closing the bridge was to seal it for him!

      The burly man snapped loudly, "Cut the fucking crap with me, I said no vehicles or people are allowed to pass by, if you're not afraid of death, you can try it!"

      Said the back one came down more than 30 people wearing helmets, all of them were very tough and looked fierce.

      Liu Zhaochen's group, there were only seven people in total, his mother and his sister were both unarmed women, while his father was an old man and he was a disabled man, how could he be a match for these 30+ people in this situation.

      So, he bit his teeth and said, "Fine, then we can always turn around and go back another way, right?"

      With that, he got back in the car and said to his brother next to him, "Let's turn around!"

      "Yes!"Liu Zhaochen's brother immediately turned the car around and drove straight back.

      But what he didn't expect was that, after turning around and driving back, before he drove a few steps away, he saw a large group of heavy trucks driving head-on across the street.

      These trucks were right next to each other.There was not even an empty space for a bicycle to pass through, and they were coming at us in a menacing manner.

      Liu Zhaochen's brother hurriedly stopped the car and said in surprise, "What the hell is going on?Why does it feel as if these big cars are deliberately trying to pin us down, are we exposed?"

      "No way!"Ryu Zhaochen cut off, "Even if we're exposed, it should be the police who stop us, not the big trucks at the construction site!"

      His brother was very worried and said, "Shining morning, I think there's something obviously wrong with this!"


By now, Liu Zhaochen also felt that something was indeed very wrong.

      Otherwise, how could there be so many big cars, plainly surrounded by this car of his?

      And looking at their frame, they simply didn't want to let themselves escape, that's why they were using a flush formation.

      This before and after a car blocked, under the bridge is a rolling river, if it really is heading straight to their own words, then they did not even escape.

      Thinking of this, he could not help but tense up, opening his mouth: "Are these people running to these children?They shouldn't be, they're just a bunch of orphans, aren't they?"

      "Right."Liu Zhaochen's brother couldn't help but say, "Besides, the police aren't even here, so why are these people here?"

      Seeing the two end of the convoy getting closer and closer, Liu Zhaochen's brother could only stop the car for the time being.

      The carload of people were panicking, including Jiang Ming.

      Jiang Ming felt a panic in his heart at this time, no one knew the situation of the orphanage better than he did, if these children were lost, at most the police would have to come out and look for them, it was impossible for the private sector to have such a strong force to find them.

      However, there was only one exception that made him feel very nervous.

      That exception was the Ye Chen who had gotten himself into trouble yesterday.

      Stymatically, he felt as if this matter was inseparable from Ye Chen, and thinking back to Ye Chen, who always looked inscrutable, he couldn't help but wonder, "Did these people, were they sent by Ye Chen?"78 Chinese First https://https://

      As this Iveco came to a halt, numerous large cars began to wrap him securely in them, and the seven adults in the car couldn't help but be terrified.

      Liu Zhaochen pulled out a knife from his bosom and said nervously, "If anyone does anything against us, we'll fight him!"

      His sister said in utter horror, "There are only seven of us, and they have dozens of drivers alone, so sparring is no match for them!"

      Willow Zhaochen had visibly panicked and said nervously, "You guys close all the curtains on the back windows, if they try to come in, I'll fight them!"

      In order for them to be able to transport the small children more safely, the windows in the back few rows had been hung with thick curtains, and from the outside looking in, they couldn't see the inside at all, much less the unconscious children inside.

      Several people, including Jiang Ming, hurriedly hurried to pull the curtains tightly.

      Liu Zhaochen spoke to his two brothers, as well as Jiang Ming, "You all quickly pull out your knives!Now the car is definitely not going to be able to be returned, we can only rely on ourselves."

      When we did it early this morning, Liu Zhaochen gave each of them a knife, I thought it was just for courage, but I didn't expect it to be used now.

      Jiang Ming was very panicked, he and Liu Zhaochen are very different, Liu Zhaochen has been licking blood from the tip of the knife for years, otherwise he wouldn't have his whole right hand chopped off.

      But Jiang Ming is just a liar to be frank, in Zhou Huaxin's company every day to deceive those eager to manage money, eager to make money old lady, really want him to take a knife to fight with others, he simply does not have the guts.

      At this moment, he shivered and took the knife out, and asked nervously, "Zhaochen, did you offend someone?"

      Liu Zhaochen said in exasperation, "I was going to ask if you had offended anyone!"

      At this time, Liu Zhaochen's brother said nervously, "Look at these big cars, they're only surrounding us, but no one has come down to say a word, completely confused as to what they're doing!"

      Willow Zhaochen thought to herself, opened the passenger window a crack and shouted to the outside, "Who the hell are you guys?To do what?"

      Outside the car, no one responded.

      Willow Zhaochen heart nervous incomparably, so many cars around themselves, this group of people did not even have a sentence, more people feel weird and terrifying.


Just at this moment, the sound of a helicopter whistling suddenly came from outside.

      Because the noise of the helicopter was too loud and the sound was too recognizable, the entire car of people became even more panicked.

      Jiang Ming panicked and asked, "What's going on?What's with the helicopter?Who the hell are these guys?"

      Liu Zhaochen's father opened the curtain a crack and looked up into the sky, and immediately saw several helicopters, coming in formation.

      He was scared to death and said, "There are several helicopters in the sky.Even if the police arrested someone, they wouldn't use a helicopter, so we're not offending some big shot, are we?"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      As we were saying that, we heard the sound of that helicopter, and it was already overhead!

      Ye Chen was currently sitting on one of the helicopters, looking down at the bridge.

      The entire bridge had been broken off by a large car, and right in the middle of the bridge, more than a dozen large cars, surrounded that Iveco to death.

      Human traffickers and children were in this car.

      Richard Chen said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, many of my men are special forces down here, they have all the means to take out all of these people!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Don't be in a hurry to kill people yet, leave them alive."

      "Good!"Richard Chen said, "Then I'll let them take control of these bastards first now!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Do it immediately!"

      Richard Chen immediately gave the order and one of the helicopters descended, hovering over the top of that Iveco.

      Immediately afterwards four ropes were thrown out on either side of the helicopter, and immediately four former Special Forces soldiers, dressed in black, descended from the ropes.

      Very professionally, they dangled from each of the four corners of the Iveco's roof, and then they took out their portable cutters and began cutting through the roof's metal as fast as they could.

      This white Iveco itself was not a special vehicle, and that layer of tin on the roof was very easy to cut through.

      In the blink of an eye, the entire roof of the car was cut off!

      The people inside the car had been scared blind, they were watching the roof from the inside, gradually being cut away, there was no good way to do it.

      At this time, the helicopter hovering above them began to slowly ascend, the 4 ex-special forces each using special suction cups, the entire roof of the car 4 corners firmly sucked.

      As the helicopter ascended, the Iveco was uncovered right off the top!

      At this time, not only Ye Chen, who was in the helicopter, had a clear view of what was going on in the car, but also Jiang Ming, who was in the car, and Liu Zhaochen's family, saw the spectacular sight of several helicopters hovering in the sky at the same time.

      Except for the one that cut through the roof of their car, the remaining helicopters were flanked by ex-special forces armed with automatic rifles, who, like Marines in Operation Red Sea, locked their targets on the seven people in the car, ensuring that they would immediately kill anyone who dared to harm the children.

      For a top family like the Ye family, which had a fortune of over a trillion dollars, the strength they used to protect themselves was far beyond the average person's perceived level.

      Special forces, automatic rifles, helicopters this was all just fluff, and with the Ye family's influence, even calling in armored vehicles wouldn't be a big deal!

      That's the strength of a real top family!

      Today, using such a big battle to deal with a few human traffickers, it could be described as a flak cannon hitting a mosquito.

      But Ye Chen didn't feel wasteful at all, this kind of scum would have to be destroyed once and for all by the most powerful means!


At this time, Ye Chen directly turned on the PA system on the helicopter and said loudly, "Listen up inside the vehicle, you are now surrounded, drop all resistance and surrender immediately, otherwise, shoot to kill!"

      Ye Chen's cry scared the seven people in the Iveco to death.

      Liu Zhaochen collapsed, because he felt that even if he had killed someone and set fire to the car, he wouldn't have used such a big battle to arrest himself, right?

      His family was also scared to death right now, just now they were thinking that the family would go to the Maldives for a vacation after getting the money, but they didn't expect to be covered by such a heavenly net now.

      Jiang Ming panicked even more.

      He was already dying of regret at this moment!

      Not only regret, but more so, panic.

      But then he suddenly came back to his senses, feeling that the voice he had just shouted in the helicopter, why did it sound so familiar?

      But he didn't hear it for a moment, and the voice was Ye Chen's voice.

      So he panicked and asked Liu Zhaochen, "What do we do now?These guys have guns, and now even the roof has been slashed off, what if they shoot us?"

      Liu Zhaochen's sister wailed in fear, "Brother, we're not going to die here today, are we?My sister hasn't lived enough, my sister is still young, and my sister is still unmarried!"

      "What are you yelling for?!I'm not married either!"Liu Zhaochen's heart was scared and confused, listening to his sister crying on the side, he was even more irritated.

      Ye Chen was overlooking the seven people in the helicopter, and when he found that they hadn't made any moves, he became annoyed and said in a cold voice, "I'll give you three seconds to get off, or else you'll have to pay the price!"

      As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he immediately started timing.


      Iveco, Liu Zhaochen's mother cried: "Zhaochen, let's get off quickly,, otherwise I'm really afraid that these people to us ah!"

      Liu Zhaochen's heart was hesitant.

      If you don't get off, you might be able to kidnap a few children and use their lives to threaten the other party to let you go.

      But if you get off the car, wouldn't it be like being at the mercy of others?


      Liu Zhaochen's sister said in a panic, "Zhaochen, you have to say something!"


      Ye Chen finished the count of three and saw that none of the seven had made a move, and immediately said to Richard Chen, "Inform the snipers and take out the driver!"

      "Good young master!"

      Richard Chen immediately came through the intercom and ordered in a cold voice, "Snipers immediately look for the right opportunity to take out the driver first and try to kill him with a single shot!"

      Immediately on the intercom system the snipers received a reply.

      "Sniper 1 has an obstructed line of sight."

      "Sniper 2 has an obstructed line of sight."

      "Sniper 3 has unobstructed line of sight. Target is locked.80 probability of killing!"

      "Sniper 4 has an unobstructed line of sight. Target is locked!Hit probability 95!"

      Richard Chen immediately ordered, "Sniper 4 on my command, fire!"

      At that moment, the former Special Forces soldier hanging outside the door of a helicopter on the right, immediately pulled the trigger.

      A bang.

      The sniper rifle burst out a tongue of fire, followed by the bullet shooting out of the muzzle at a fast speed.

      In the next moment, big brother Ryu Zhaochen, who was sitting in the driver's seat of the Iveco, so nervous that he didn't know what to do, was suddenly shot in the head!

      No one expected that a man who was intact one second would have his head explode in a mist of blood the next ......


Willow's family has broken down screaming in terror!

      They really didn't expect the man who shouted to immediately authorize the shooting three seconds later!

      The one who died was the eldest son of the Liu family, and the one Liu Zhaochen's parents loved the most was also the eldest son, and as they watched their eldest son being taken from their lives in an instant, they wailed like mad.

      Liu Zhaochen was sprayed with red and white stuff all over his face because he was closest to his brother.

      He was also scared to death at this point.

      When doing this business, he had never thought it would kill him!

      At that moment, Ye Chen went through the PA system again and coldly said, "I'll give you three more seconds, if you don't get off and surrender, then I'll have the snipers randomly snipe the second person!"

      As soon as this was said, all six of them lost the courage to resist and scrambled to get out of the car.

      After getting off the car, the six people raised their hands above their heads, each of their faces filled with the deepest fear.

      This was the first time they had ever witnessed such a bloody and direct death.

      Everyone's heart trembled!

      Even, Liu Zhaochen's mother, sister, and Jiang Ming, were so scared that they peed their pants.

      Ye Chen continued to shout, "All six of you kneel down at the rear of the car with your hands on your heads, and anyone who dares to make any other move, kill them on the spot!"

      How dare these six people disobey, panicking to the rear of the car and hugging their heads and kneeling down.

      At this time, the large vehicle at the rear of the car slowly moved back a few dozen meters, leaving a huge open space.

      Then, the helicopter that Ye Chen was riding in began to slow down, landing on this open area.

      The ex-special forces on the other helicopters moved even faster, and they had already descended to the bridge by roping down.

      Dozens of loaded former special forces soldiers had now surrounded the six men, guns all pointed at them.

      Several more ex-Special Forces had gotten into that Iveco and quickly checked the health of the ten children on board.

      Then, they reported over the intercom system, "Young Master, all 10 children are in a coma, but I checked their body indicators as well as their vital characteristics, and none of them are in any danger."

      Ye Chen was suddenly relieved, since the children were all fine, the remaining task was what to do with the traffickers!

      He wasn't just going to make these traffickers pay for their lives, he was going to find their downstream buyers and kill them all together!

      At this time, the helicopter that Ye Chen was riding in had slowly stopped on the bridge.

      Ye Chen pushed open the cabin door and took a step and jumped down.

      Six people, including Jiang Ming, were all kneeling on the ground, looking at Ye Chen who came down from the helicopter in shock.

      But the distance was still a bit far, and Jiang Ming did not recognize Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen also didn't see Jiang Ming, he thought this was Liu Zhaochen's family.

      But when he got a little closer, he saw among the 6 people, Jiang Ming who was filled with fear!

      Ye Chen's heart was incomparably angry!

      He really didn't think that Jiang Ming would be involved in this!

      Even if this kid was no more pretentious, he was one of the orphans from the orphanage, and Ye Chen was never expected that it was this Jiang Ming, who grew up in the orphanage, who would collude with others to steal 10 kids from the orphanage!

      Jiang Ming could now also see the man walking over!78 Chinese First https://https://

      When he recognized the man walking towards him as Ye Chen, his entire worldview was instantly turned upside down!

      How could it be ......

      How could it be Ye Chen?


Jiang Ming felt that any person in the world would not be too surprised if he walked down from this helicopter, but the only person who walked down from this was Ye Chen, making him unable to accept it no matter what.

      However, this tall, handsome, and cold-faced man in front of him was indeed the orphan who had grown up in the orphanage with him since he was a child, Ye Chen!

      He couldn't imagine what Ye Chen was capable of?It was able to mobilize such a powerful force to chase after itself!

      Not to mention, just these few helicopters, and these dozens of like special soldiers, loaded experts, were definitely not a strength that ordinary people could possess.

      Even the richest man in Jinling couldn't possibly be so capable!

      Deep inside his heart, he couldn't help but ask himself: what was the origin of this Ye Chen?

      He's an orphan, isn't he?A son-in-law with a soft job!Why is it possible to mobilize such great strength?

      Ye Chen had now stepped in front of these six people.

      However, he didn't look at the other five, but stared at Jiang Ming with incomparably cold eyes and coldly questioned, "Jiang Ming!You've got a lot of nerve!"

      Jiang Ming trembled violently in fear and hurriedly begged, "Ye Chen!It's a misunderstanding, Ye Chen!"

      "A misunderstanding?!"Ye Chen stormed, "You joined forces with human traffickers to abduct 10 orphans from inside the orphanage, and then told me it was a misunderstanding?"

      Jiang Mington cried out and said with a snotty nose and tears, "Ye Chen, I was also forced to ah, in order not to lose the bet with you, I accidentally hit someone else's phaeton, if I don't pay someone else a new car, they will want my life, I was also forced to ah Ye Chen!"

      Ye Chen stepped forward and kicked him in the chest, kicking him far away, shouting harshly, "You yourself are from an orphan's background, you know what kind of pain orphans have to go through since they were young, raised in an orphanage, it's just as well not to do anything for the orphanage, but for money, stealing the children of the orphanage, you deserve to die!"

      Jiang Ming was in severe pain, but still struggled to get up and cried, "Ye Chen I was wrong, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been momentarily blinded by lard, please, for the sake of us growing up together, forgive me this time!"

      "Spare you?"Ye Chen snorted coldly and said, "Where did you get the strength to ask me to spare you when you did such a despicable thing?"

      Jiang Ming hurriedly pointed to the Iveco and said, "You can look at those siblings without any injuries, and they all took sleeping pills, now take them back, they have no idea what happened in between, if you spare me this time, I'll work for the orphanage for the rest of my life, I'm willing to pay for my sins with my whole life!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Save your strength Jiang Ming, out of these seven people today, you deserve to die the most!"

      As soon as Liu Zhaochen heard this, he hurriedly took off wailing, "This big brother you're right, this matter is all planned by this organization surnamed Jiang, we're all being used by him ah!Please spare us!"78 Chinese First https://https://

      Ye Chen saw his right arm, which was held aloft, break in unison from the wrist, and knew that this person was the infamous Liu Zhaochen.

      So, he grinned and asked, "You're Liu Zhaochen, right?!"

      Willow Zhaochen trembled violently in fear at the sound of this!

      How did he know his name?

      Ye Chen saw his face full of fear, playfully smiled, cold: "Liu Zhaochen, you kid can ah, I heard that you used to do some stolen chickens and dogs, and it was a family of six people together to steal chickens and dogs, I did not expect you to be cut off a hand, but you still do not remember?I've heard that you've been peddling children before, but I didn't think you'd have the guts to just steal them this time!"


As soon as Liu Zhaochen heard this, he knew that the other party had already checked out all his details.

      So he kowtowed in fear, "Big brother, big brother this is all a misunderstanding ah big brother!I've offended people before, so there's a lot of bad publicity out there, and I've never done anything to peddle children, that's just people talking nonsense!"

      Ye Chen laughed and asked him, "Do you think I look like a fool?"

      I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, so I'm going to be able to do that."

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Don't worry, I'll settle the accounts with each and every one of you bit by bit."

      Saying that, Ye Chen questioned, "I'm asking you, who are you going to sell this batch of children to?"

      How could Liu Zhaochen dare to conceal anything at this time and hurriedly said, "Big brother, this batch of children is going to be sold to the Suhang Beggars!"

      Ye Chen asked again, "Who is your counterpart?"

      Liu Zhaochen blurted out, "It's one of the elders of the Beggar's Gang!"The fastest 78 Chinese update on the computer:https:///

      Ye Chen frowned, "There are still elders in the Beggar's Gang?"

      Liu Zhaochen nodded repeatedly, hastily said: "this beggar's gang, is exactly modeled on the martial arts novels of the beggar's gang was established, because they are disguised as beggars everywhere to cheat money, so they directly used the name of the beggar's gang, the biggest leader of the beggar's gang, is their gang leader, in the gang leader and below two deputy leader, nine elders, dozens of halls scattered throughout the province, as well as tens of thousands of men!......"

      Ye Chen didn't expect this beggar's gang, which was like a social tumor, to have such a huge organizational structure!

      There are tens of thousands of beggars in one province alone!

      Liu Zhaochen wanted to make a meritorious performance in front of Ye Chen and strive for leniency, so he poured out all the information he knew in one breath.78 Chinese First https://https://

      "Big brother, the nine elders of the Beggar's Gang are all multi-millionaire tycoons, the gang has long since stopped personally participating in begging, they live in luxury villas, drive luxury cars, and even sit up in offices."

      "The nine elders have their own duties, some specialize in recruiting new members, specializing in management, finances, training, and others specialize in enforcing family laws, this elder I met up with specializes in purchasing children for begging ......"

      Ye Chen asked again, "Then who is the leader of the Beggar's Gang?"

      Liu Zhaochen said, "The leader of the Beggar's Gang is named Xue Nanshan, you don't look at him as just the leader of a Beggar's Gang, but his fortune is at least a billion dollars, his business is spread across various grey industries, he has long since become a big shot in the underground world of Suhang."

      Saying that, he added, "Right, Xue Nanshan is very well-connected, his own sister is the wife of the Wu family's owner, Wu Donghai!"

      Ye Chen frowned, "So, this Xue Nanshan is Wu Donghai's brother-in-law?"

      "Yes, yes, yes!"Liu Zhaochen nodded repeatedly and said, "Kiss brother-in-law!"

      Ye Chen nodded with a cold smile and said to himself, "Interesting!Really interesting!"


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