Lost Young Master 281-285


Chapter 281 

"I've told you I'm like a minute early, why don't you believe me?"Ye Fan was somewhat speechless.

Little Fatty freaked out, "Believe you?How do you expect me to believe that even if you were a minute early, what did you mean when you shouted ten minutes earlier?"

"What do you mean?"Ye Fan was flabbergasted and couldn't pretend anymore, "So what if I cheated you?If you're able to do it, come back for another challenge, you still have a chance anyway, don't you?Or are you running out of energy too?If you don't have the strength, then you won't blame me."

Ye Fan smiled heedlessly, looking like he had succeeded in his wicked plan.

That's right, he did it on purpose, who let this little fatty deliberately ridicule him and deserved to be cheated.

"You you you you!"The little fatty was so angry that he couldn't catch his breath, and with the intense consumption he had just suffered, he passed out without coming up with a breath.

By the time Little Fatty woke up, it was already the end of the first round of assessment.

At this moment, Ye Fan and the six vajra had gone up to the Wood Spirit Villa.

Wood Spirit Villa was behind a scenic area, this scenic area had also become the best bunker, as the saying goes, small hidden in the mountains, big hidden in the city, Wood Spirit Villa this wave of operation is still very showy.

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And walking here was actually equivalent to walking to the mountainside position, and after another 108 steps, Ye Fan and the others finally arrived at the Wood Spirit Mountain Resort.

The mountain where the Wood Spirit Villa was located was named Wood Spirit Mountain, the total height was 65 meters, although it wasn't high, but it wasn't short either, and it was assumed that Wood Spirit Mountain was named by the Wood Spirit Villa itself.

After all, this kind of clan are somewhat privileged to exist, and the name of the place was also registered, so what the locals said it was, it was actually what it was.

Reaching the gate, Ye Fan looked down and realized that there were actually two more paths that built the whole thing on the side of Wood Spirit Mountain, both five meters wide around the mountain.

"Damn, so the car can drive up!"Ye Fan thought that going up and down the mountain have to climb the stairs, this if go out to bring something back are inconvenient, unexpectedly there is a driveway.

But a driveway is always good and convenient, so Ye Fan didn't think too much about it.

Unlike the clan inside the novel, the entrance to the mountain was not two stone lions, nor were they various carvings, but two ancient looking uncles, Ye Fan couldn't say what the name was, but it looked like it was worth a lot of money, and the age was long, this thing actually best reflected that the clan had signs of age.

The longer the years of the clan's construction, it also precisely proved that the clan was powerful, after all, a clan that wasn't powerful couldn't exist for such a long time.

At the moment, the gate of the mountain was wide open, unlike the scale at the foot of the mountain, the gate of the mountain was bigger, but the sign was no good.

Just now, Ye Fan also sent a text message to Muzhu to inquire, those two fairy-like white-clothed old men were the elders of the outer gate, and although the mountain gate was crowded, there wasn't a single elder, just a group of young boys and girls who looked about the same age as Ye Fan.

It didn't take much thinking to know that they were newcomers who had only come in from the last year or the previous year.

It was just like a school, every time the welcome activity was held, it was always the seniors who welcomed the newcomers, there was no way the headmaster director would come to pick them up.

"Welcome seven of you to Wood Spirit Villa, I'm your last year's senior sister, Li Xiaoxiao."A woman in white robes slowly stepped forward.

It was just as Ye Fan had thought, the same rules as the school, but instead of a senior sister, she was a senior sister.

It was worthy of being a clan, and the name calling was so retro.

Ye Fan was also not polite, and went forward also smiling, "Meet Senior Sister Li, I am Ye Fan, this is the Six Vajra."

Ye Fan incidentally introduced the Six Vajra as well.

Even though he had entered the same sect, it wasn't like Ye Fan would raise the price of the Six Great Vajra, no matter what, the Six Great Vajra was still his bodyguard in the end.

Coming to the sect was merely a way to increase strength, and when the time came, his worth would just be doubled.

This was also Ye Fan's principle, otherwise in the future all the people who came to hire became powerful, do they all have to be called brother and sister?

Play is play is play, little brother is still little brother, don't mess up the hierarchy.

"The Six Dwarfs?What is this called?"Li Xiaoxiao puffed out a laugh.

Ye Fan couldn't help but exclaim, was it true that all women who practiced martial arts were beautiful?

From the very beginning, Mu Zi Ling, to later Luo Lan, and now Li Xiaoxiao, they could all be one of the top beauties, and there was one thing that the women around Ye Fan said they didn't have, and that was temperament!

It wasn't that the women that Ye Fan knew didn't have temperament, but they were all very common.

And martial arts practitioners all had a heroic temperament, similar to the pressure, which would make people unconsciously take a higher look and create a feeling of incomparability in their hearts.

Especially after becoming a martial artist there was even a unique feeling, like the icy coldness of Mu Zi Ling's body.

Although Luo Lan didn't form independence, it was fast.

According to what Mu Zi Ling said, after becoming a martial artist, one had to practice different techniques, and the techniques would also affect the temperament.

For a brawny man like Ah Hu, there was no doubt that the fierce and evil aura would be even more severe in the future.After all, Ah Hu was a real man who even dared to fuck a man.

Before Ye Fan could speak, Ah Hu stepped forward and explained, "Sister Li, the six of us are actually Ye Shao's personal bodyguards."

"Bodyguards are that powerful too?Could it be that Junior Brother Ye's family is a family that cultivates martial arts."Li Xiaoxiao was surprised, not expecting Ye Fan's family to be so powerful.

Ye Fan also didn't expect Ah Hu to explain himself and found his own way to the stage.It was worthy of being the Gao family that came out to see the world, and it really put its identity in the right place ah.

Ye Fan was a little surprised, but was still very satisfied with Ah Hu's performance.

"I'm just a nobody, there's no family, I just have a little money and hired bodyguards."Ye Fan opened his mouth to explain.

His identity wasn't convenient to reveal yet, and the only family that mentioned the surname Ye was Ye Island.In order to avoid creating unnecessary trouble, so Ye Fan didn't intend to rely on the family's fame and prestige to yell at the Wood Spirit Villa in the first place.

After all, it was pointless, and Ye Fan was only here to learn body protection skills anyway.And informing Muzhu was actually a last resort, the situation was also a bit of a crisis, and Muz Ling originally needed to find Muzhu's father to introduce him, so being known by Muzhu's identity was also a matter of course, there was no way to hide, Muzhu could be said to be a member of his own family.

Hearing Ye Fan's words, the corner of Li Xiaoxiao's mouth visibly twitched, but she still smiled and spoke, "Brother Ye is really joking, it's quite an expense to hire such a powerful bodyguard."

But before Ye Fan could open his mouth, a youth came up under the mountain gate and sneered, "He came in a broken van, he has fart money!"


Li Xiaoxiao felt that those who could hire such a good bodyguard as the Six King Kong were definitely not something that could be taken for a small amount of money.Ordinary bodyguards were paid more than five thousand, and personal bodyguards were even more expensive, and when they came to a high level bodyguard like the Wood Spirit Villa, that would be in the millions by all accounts, so how could there be a small amount of money.

Although Li Xiaoxiao is from a family, and doesn't look down on the usual rich second generation or whatever, after all, the hidden family itself is richer than the obvious entrepreneurs or whatever, but all in all, it's the younger siblings, in case these people have learned something, it's also good to make a friend.

But when she heard the person who came up from the mountain gate speak, Li Xiaoxiao's expression went cold, and she lost her previous enthusiasm.

Ye Fan also heard the voices, but he didn't offend anyone, after all, this was all coming to the mountain of Wood Spirit Villa.

Thinking, Ye Fan turned his head to look, and it suddenly dawned on him that the person who came was none other than the little fatty who had just mocked him and teased him for only passing the thirteenth level.

"Zhuang Zhuang, how did you do on the test?"Li Xiaoxiao stepped forward and looked concerned towards Little Fatty.

Little Fatty was furious at the news and pointed at Ye Fan, "I was all set to pass the fourteenth level, but it was this bastard who tricked and framed me, causing me to only pass the thirteenth level, sister, you can take revenge for me!"

Sister?Was this little fatty the younger brother of Li Xiaoxiao?

Pizzazz?Zhuang Zhuang?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart and understood that this little fatty should be called Li Zhuangzhuang, Ye Fan remembered hearing the little fatty calling out to be a member of the Li family just before the assessment at the bottom of the mountain. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

In order to verify what was in his mind, Ye Fan snorted: "Li Zhuangzhuang, you can't spill blood ah, I didn't harm you, I showed you the time is testing you.Didn't you see the assessor didn't care about me, it's within the rules, you're on the set that's your brain is not enough....Tsk, tsk, understand the natural understanding."

Ye Fan didn't finish his sentence, but smashed his tongue, deeply sorry ah.

He also wanted to say that Li Zhuangzhuang was stupid and not smart enough, but after all, Li Xiaoxiao was the senior sister here, and he didn't want to make random enemies when Ye Fan didn't have a clear picture of the pattern here.

But if the other party is unforgiving and won't let go, then don't blame Ye Fan for being rude.

Ye Fan however had one last weapon, not the Finger Leaf Island, that one was too big.Ye Fan had a killer weapon in the Wood Spirit Villa, and that was the Wood Bamboo.

After all, Ye Fan was Wood Ling's disciple, the old villa master's disciple, and Wood Bamboo would even call Ye Shao respectfully when he saw Ye Fan, not to mention the district's outer disciple.

"Sister, look at him calling me stupid!"Li Zhuangzhuang was itching with anger.

Li Xiaoxiang didn't expect Ye Fan to be so outrageous, and dared to talk about her brother in front of her, but she was also furious.Adding to the fact that Li Zhuangzhuang had just said that Ye Fan came in a van, she despised this turtle even more.

Adding the two together, Li Zhaoxiao snorted, "Ye Fan is it, I remember you, I advise you, don't ever get into Wood Spirit Villa, or you won't have any good luck!"

After saying that, Li Xiaoxiao left with Li Zhuangzhuang.

After walking far away, Ye Fan also heard Li Zhuangzhuang's complaint: "Sister, why don't you make a move to teach him a lesson?"

Ye Fan was also more sympathetic to this complaint, indeed, Li Zhuangzhuang was right, why didn't he do anything?

Is Li Xiaoxiao deep in the city and knows how to hide it?Or was Li Xiaoxiao really capable of being unkind to him after they entered the clan?

Ye Fan thought about it and couldn't figure it out, and at this moment, a figure jumped down from the tree.

Ye Fan just looked at the tree for half a day, but he didn't even notice that there was someone in the tree, and this person was none other than Wood Bamboo.

"Muzhu, why are you here?"Ye Fan was a little surprised.

The corners of Mu Zhu's mouth hooked up, and he smiled again with the smile that killed thousands of girls and said, "I'm here to see if Ye Shao is confused, I'm here to solve the problem."

Ye Fan's eyebrows raised slightly and said, "Since you've seen it all, then you can tell me."

Muzhu nodded, then explained, "First, our Wood Spirit Villa does not allow private fights, private fights, right or wrong, will be expelled from the mountain; second, Li Xiaoxiao's is just a half-step martial artist, hasn't become a martial artist yet, you're surrounded by six vajra, she can't take advantage of it, but will be humiliated, if you guys are poor, she would have already finished you off quickly; third, sheSensing my existence, just now I saw that Li Qishao wanted to make a move, I moved, I don't know whether Li Qishao sensed my Qi Qi or got the news that I would hide in the tree in advance, if it's the former, then Li Qishao's strength will soon be able to become a real martial artist, becoming a martial artist will be more difficult to do."

"How is it difficult to do?"Ye Fan was somewhat puzzled.

Muzhu said, "Naturally, I can't help you out, after all, there are no rules for martial artists in the Wood Spirit Villa, it is possible to fight privately, if she looks for an opportunity to conspire against you I can't arrive in time.And don't look at the Wood Spirit Villa every year to recruit people, but to become a martial artist is very little, every year, although they will appear, but is a kitten two or three, two hundred people each year assessment, come into the Wood Spirit Villa is only about forty people, and the chances of becoming a martial artist is one in ten, an average of four per year.Things are precious, and for the sake of our Wood Spirit Villa's legacy, it's also not easy to dispose of martial artists, after all, this is our most solid backing, it's not something that money can measure."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan nodded his head in a daze, indeed, it would be difficult to do anything to Li Xiaoxiao who had become a martial artist according to what Muzhu had said.

After all, a martial artist was worth a thousand gold, and moving a martial artist was equivalent to moving the foundation of the Wood Spirit Villa ah.

"But it's not at all impossible, Li Xiaoxiao is just a foreign name, or a hidden family, and will definitely leave Wood Spirit Villa when the time comes, although becoming a disciple of Wood Spirit Villa, as long as you become a martial artist you are obligated to stay here for twenty years as compensation, but as long as Li Xiaoxiao decides to leave, and after becoming a martial artist decides to only serve for twenty years, then it will be possible to deal with Li Xiaoxiao."Muzhu faintly spoke up.

Ye Fan also understood the reasoning behind it, after all, it was cultivated by the Wood Spirit Villa, if he directly left, although it could promote the friendship between the Li family and the Wood Spirit Villa, but did the Wood Spirit Villa need such a large clan?

Moreover, one more martial artist from another family was one more threat to the Wood Spirit Villa, and since it was within the jurisdiction, it was bound to move some tricks, at least not to let Li Xiaoxiao leave so intact.

Whether it was for the sake of Wood Spirit Villa, or to prevent Li Xiaoxiao from making a move against Ye Fan, it was all the same.

After Ye Fan understood everything, he couldn't help but sigh, I didn't think that these hidden ones would actually still have so many Ergodic existence, as expected, the ones left behind in the long history are not provincial!


"Okay, nothing is happening now anyway, so let's leave it at that, I don't want to expose my identity if there's something cell phone contact."When Ye Fan saw that someone seemed to be coming down the mountain, he hurriedly pushed Muzhu.

Muzhu also knew that Ye Fan's identity couldn't be exposed, so he also whooshed and scampered back up the tree, thinking that he was on some reconnaissance mission or another assessment of the new students.

After all, many people met one set of people and one set of people behind their backs.

From the tree, Muzhu could see the newcomers complaining as well as hear the old disciples complaining, which could be considered as observing the daily routine of the disciples.

Ye Fan casually thought about it and came up with the idea that hiding in the tree had a lot of value to refer to.

In the past, Ye Fan wouldn't have thought of such a troublesome thing and couldn't have thought of it, but I have to say that he had slowly grown in the course of the days and months.

After shaking out the thoughts in his head, Ye Fan brought the Six Vajra into the Wood Spirit Villa.

After entering the sect, another senior brother came up to welcome the newcomer, and it was unknown whether this senior brother had been warned by Li Xiaoxiao or was silent himself, but anyway, this senior brother didn't say much and brought Ye Fan and the Six Vajra to the place where the written test was held.

Ye Fan originally wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Wood Spirit Villa, but before they could see the scenery, they arrived at the written examination area.

This written test area was in the first attic of the entry sect, in other words, if they didn't pass the written test, they wouldn't be able to take another half step into the Wood Spirit Villa. One second to remember to read the book

It had to be said that this approach was still rather cruel, but it was also a way to stir up even more disobedience in people's hearts.

But there were only a few people who didn't think so, and that was Ye Fan's group.

After Ye Fan entered the attic with the six vajra, although he couldn't go anywhere else, it was still fine to walk around inside the attic.

The attic was not big, but the decoration was still the look of an ancient building, it was all made of wood and was very old.But when you touched the wooden pillars, the paint on them was freshly painted not long ago, and they were still greasy and shiny, with no hint of peeling off.

And what surprised Ye Fan the most was that in this attic, it was clearly air conditioned, but there was always a cool breeze blowing, and a closer look was the wooden frame design of the ceiling, there were vents that created an overhead breeze.

"En, this is a good design, when we get back to Ye....When I get back home, I'm going to make one like this too, this is just living, it's so cozy!"Evan was thinking beautifully.

But Ye Fan has never been smooth, and just as he was lamenting, a discordant sound interrupted his beautiful yearning again.

"Just you drive a broken van but also delude yourself to live in such a place, really daydreaming.I don't blame you for not having much insight, I also have time to tell you about it now.This is also a wood material, but it is more expensive than the cement tiles, you see this support with the wooden column, this column is ten meters high, and knock to listen to the echo, you know it is solid wood, not broken wood combinations.Such a large solid wood even the worst wood is thousands, the better ones are hundreds of thousands, even millions, you see there are ten wooden pillars in this building, also millions.The most important thing is that there is still a price without a market, which means that a big family like the Wood Spirit Villa that has its own mountain can get up an attic of this size, you?Just don't think about it, it's laughable!"

Listening to the other party's mocking justification, Ye Fan was actually somewhat unable to refute, after all, such a large tree was now not allowed to be cut down.Can't explode his identity, said Ye Island above there, can let him just get a bunch of it, it's more than enough.

And turning his head to look, Ye Fan is somewhat speechless, to find fault with the really is no one else, is Li Zhuangzhuang.

Seeing this big fat face of Li Zhuangzhuang, Ye Fan truly regretted, just now Mo not embarrassed Li Zhuangzhuang, let Li Zhuangzhuang directly through the fourteenth level, the score is enough to directly enter the Wood Spirit Villa.It was better than having to look at Li Zhuangzhuang's big face now, it was really obnoxious.

Now Ye Fan is a little too lazy to take care of Li Zhuang Zhuang, this guy is just annoying, and still can't fight to death, no matter how hard he has been hit, he can always come back to life, and come out to continue to be a demon.

Fortunately, the written test came quickly, and every hour was a round.

Ye Fan waited for less than two minutes, and then a new round of assessment began.

When he arrived at his position, Ye Fan realized that something had gone terribly wrong, he didn't have a pen with him!

"Grasping the grass, did you bring a pen?"Ye Fan hurriedly turned back to ask the Six Great Vajra, but saw the Six Great Vajra shaking their heads blankly.

The reaction of the Six Vajra was also understandable, after all, the Six Vajra had left the school for an unknown number of years, where would they have touched a pen.Even if these two days in order to practice answers to write, but would not think about the exam with a pen.

But Ye Fan is different, he is a college student, or a sophomore, at least he knows that you need to take a pen for the exam.Could it be that it's because he's been wandering around for the last half year and didn't go to school to take a proper exam, so he's forgotten even the most basic of bringing a pen for the exam?

Ye Fan was a bit cryptic and didn't know what to do for a while.

After all, the Six Vajra's martial arts assessment was already past the passing line of marks, and now he could pass directly without taking the written test, but Ye Fan couldn't ah, his martial arts assessment was only fifty-six points in conversion, and he could only be considered passing if he got sixty points, so he had to take the written test, and he had to answer at least four multiple-choice questions right before he was considered passing.

"Damn, day dog."Ye Fan was somewhat speechless and hurriedly raised his hand, "That, can I participate in the next round of the written test ah?"

"Next round?"The old man in the white robe was the assessor here, and at a glance, he was only dressed as an outer gate elder.

Ye Fan scratched his head and said, "I'm really sorry, I forgot to bring a pen, I'll go out and buy one back, do you think it's a good idea?"

The white-robed elder's eyes glazed over and he hated the iron: "The exam is the battlefield for you, the pen is your gun, do warriors go into battle without a gun?"

"Uh...I was wrong!"Ye Fan was really powerless to argue, this matter was also really wrong of him, never expected that he would forget the most crucial step.

"But the question paper hasn't been handed out either, do you see if you want to replace someone else to take the test first?"Ye Fan had no choice but to scalp him.

The white-robed elder snorted, clearly not wanting to agree, yet at this moment, the nosy Li Zhuangzhuang spoke again, "I think give him a chance to go buy a pen."

Ye Fan was shocked at the words, never would he have thought that the words came from Li Zhuang Zhuang's mouth, had Li Zhuang Zhuang washed his hands of the situation?

But then Ye Fan understood, only to hear Li Zhuangzhuang say, "There are no pens to buy on the mountain either, if he wants to buy one, he can go down to the mountain to buy one, it will take fifty minutes for a round trip, only ten minutes left for his exam, these fifty minutes can be considered as his punishment, grandpa, do you think this is okay?"

The white-robed elder nodded and said, "I see okay, very reasonable, truly worthy of being my grandson!"

Ye Fan was speechless, damn, these two dog smashing seeds, actually still grandparents, playing a mess, can really want to calculate!


Ye Fan had never thought that there would be such a brazen person in this world.

And not just one, but a pair.

This pair of grandparents could be considered to be furious with Ye Fan.

If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Fan knew the answer to the question in advance, then a mere ten minutes would definitely not be enough to complete the assessment.

It would be fine to say that Li Zhuangzhuang was young and small-minded, but this white-robed old man was an Outer Gate Elder, so how could he still be so shady?

This is far beyond Ye Fan's expectation, is this what the Wood Spirit Villa is like?

What's the difference between that and the old guys at school who pretend to be something they're not?

But it was too late to be indignant, the written test had already started at the moment, and as long as Ye Fan was delayed here because of the strife, not to mention that he would run out of time to answer the questions, he would be used by the white-robed old man to take advantage of the opportunity to drive him out of the examination room.

"Damn it, I remember you guys!"

Ye Fan clenched his fist, but still ran out of the attic to buy a pen, anyway, Li Zhuangzhuang was destined to get into Wood Spirit Villa, so there was no hurry, Ye Fan would have plenty of time to have fun with this pair of grandparents in the future. One second to remember to read the book

That's right, that guy Li Xiaoxiao couldn't be left alone either.

If there was no Li Xiaoxiao to mess things up, normally just now that senior brother would have said about the rules of the exam, and naturally he would have mentioned about bringing paper and pencil, and the current awkward situation wouldn't have happened.

But as soon as he ran out of the examination room, Ye Fan saw people who had just come up from the mountain, and not just one, but a group of people, obviously new students who had just finished their martial arts assessment.

Ye Fan looked up and down, and quickly noticed that these people had brought pens, and reached out his hand to stop the crowd.

"What for?"The person leading the group was a sturdy bald head, his brows furrowed when he was stopped by Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was embarrassed and apologized slightly, "This brother, I'm really sorry, I came out in a hurry and forgot to bring my pen, can you see if you can lend me a pen and I'll return it to you later?"

"Borrow you?So what do I use?"The bald young man frowned, his speech buzzing.

"No, you just came up here you don't know, the exams are held in batches, and our batch has already started the exams.You guys have to wait until we're done with the exams even if you're exams."Ye Fan even explained.

He could see that the bald youth wasn't the kind of person who would play tricks with his heart, how to say this, it was intuition.

The bald youth's eyes were transparent and did not contain a single impurity, he was not a playboy at a glance.

"So that's how it is, then okay, I'll lend you my pen then."The bald youth understood Ye Fan's explanation and was about to lend Ye Fan the pen.

Ye Fan was about to receive the pen as he looked pleasantly surprised.

However, at this time, the bald youth wearing glasses behind the bald youth was the one who stopped him and said, "Big brother, you can't lend him ah, this is all this kid's one-sided words.This kid I can remember, just now in the following when a big fight, all to exploit the gap in the disgraceful behavior, how can easily believe?I think this kid is just swindling you.Mother can say before we left, keep your true heart, don't trust others easily, in case it's a trap it's not good."

Ye Fan was furious, but he was also somewhat speechless, indeed, this bald young man wearing glasses was right, very reasonable, and Ye Fan was somewhat unable to refute it.

Before Ye Fan could come up with a solution, the bald youth wearing glasses said again, "Moreover, the exam started, how can he still be allowed to come out and read the test paper and come out to check the information to penetrate the question?This is clearly a lie."

As soon as this was said, the bald youth also recoiled, "Yeah, I'll tell you what's wrong, kid, you dare to lie to us, do you really think we seven brothers are idiots?"

"Uh..."Ye Fan was a bit speechless, but explained, "As soon as we started the exam, I noticed that I didn't have a pen with me, so I asked the invigilator if I could participate in the next round.But..."

Ye Fan then proceeded to tell what happened with Li Zhuangzhuang and the incident where Li Zhuangzhuang was in a mess with the white-robed elder.

Hearing Ye Fan's words, the seven big bald heads all revealed shock and anger.

"How can there be such a sinister generation!"The bald brother was suddenly furious.

Old II, who wore glasses, also shot his head in anger, "This is too shameless!"

Saying that, the old II II who wore glasses handed the pen to Ye Fan, "Brother, I was wrong to blame you, and to show my apologies, take my pen and go to the exam, don't delay, or else those two bastards will have their way!"

The reaction of the bald brother was expected by Ye Fan, but the old II II who wore glasses was even the same, which was something Ye Fan had not expected at all.

The bald brother said, "Brothers, take out your pens, didn't this brother say that there are six more without pens, just take them over and use them."

"How is that a good idea."

Ye Fan scratched his head, he would have wanted to borrow his own, the martial arts scores of all six were already enough to pass the test, even if he didn't write the test, he could have.

After all, this is not to go down to buy a pen but to borrow a pen, all at once to borrow the seven brothers' pens, Ye Fan is not good enough to open this mouth, grams but did not expect the bald brother to take the initiative on collecting the seven brothers' pens, suddenly made Ye Fan touched.

"Brothers, I, Ye Fan, will accept this favor, I will repay you whether or not you are able to take the exam to the Wood Spirit Villa."Ye Fan took the pen and hurriedly ran back to the exam attic.

"Back so soon?"As soon as he entered the attic, the white-robed elder revealed his surprise.

After all, it had only been a mere ten minutes since Ye Fan had come and gone.

"Young master is well-connected and capable, use you to care?"Ye Fan sat down with a cold snort.

This time he didn't believe that the white-robed elder dared to find faults, he had just said that he was given time to go out and buy a pen, now it would be really too much to find faults, Ye Fan could totally go to Muzhu's place to complain about the white-robed elder with this article.

The white-robed elder also knew that he couldn't make things difficult for Ye Fan at the moment, so he stopped talking and gave Ye Fan the test papers.

Ye Fan distributed the pen to the six vajra and then started pounding on the answers.

This test paper was just imported, but with a simple glance, Ye Fan knew that this was the test paper given to him by Muzhu, and with a sudden joy in his heart, he hurriedly began to write the answer.

This writing was really like clouds and flowing water, Ye Fan had never found the exam to be so unrestrained.

It really was the answer in my hand, I have it under the world.

In front of this test paper, Ye Fan is the sky.

Last night's late-night memorization of the answers is indeed useful, Ye Fan finished writing all the answers except the essay in just five minutes.

It was only when he started to write the essay that he realized there was simply not enough time.

There was only one hour for the exam, but the essay alone was two thousand words, and even if you copied the essay, one hour was barely enough time.

No wonder Muzhu dared to purposely open up this section of the written exam, emotionally because it was impossible to complete the entire exam paper except for those with standard answers!


Fortunately, Ye Fan was the one who had the standard answers and was able to complete all the other parts of the answers in just five minutes.

But having delayed the ten minutes that he had just borrowed the pen, all that was left for Ye Fan now was forty-five minutes.

Converted into seconds, Ye Fan basically just about needed a word a second, which was still very difficult.

But after all, it was a night of hard work, how could Ye Fan's efforts be in vain, just at the last minute of the exam, Ye Fan finally finished the essay!


When Ye Fan put down his pen, he only felt relaxed and especially comfortable.

This kind of unhurried feeling of racing against time was simply unimaginable if not actually experienced.

With only a minute left, Ye Fan went back to check the answers again, not to look at the questions, but to scan the answers to see if there were any that had been missed.

After all, as long as it was written down, Ye Fan could be sure that it was the correct answer, it had been rehearsed countless times, and it was impossible to make a mistake.

Although not backwards, but also can silently memorize the entire answer. The first website m.kanshu8.net

After making sure there were no problems, Ye Fan put down the exam paper, and it was just at that moment that the bell for the end of the exam rang, and everything was just right.

"The exam is over, the candidates put down their pens and are ready to collect the papers."The white-robed elder said, and then began to collect the papers.

When he arrived in front of Ye Fan, the white-robed elder was a little surprised, "You even wrote the essay?"

"How about that, admiration?"Ye Fan smiled proudly, after all, such a great difficulty, ordinary people could not do it.

In addition to the essay questions can answer all the minority, which involves questions seemingly related to cultivation, but more like math questions physics questions chemistry questions, as well as history questions geography questions as well as biology questions, intricate and complex, just to master these knowledge points are a minority, and in an hour to finish the answer is even more impossible.

Ye Fan was looking forward to the white-robed elder's shock, and Li Zhuangzhuang popped out, "Silly fork, there's still time to write an essay, do you not know any of the questions in front of you, so you start to mask the answers ah?"

The white robed elder nodded his head: "Sun'er is right, but this set of questions was prepared by the Zhuang Master himself, and its difficulty is so high that it can't be finished in an hour, but you still have time to write an essay, and you still want to get full marks?Just delusional and daydreaming!"

The white-robed elder said he went forward to collect the questions again, and then he received Tiger's test paper, but he even wrote the essay as well.The unbelieving white-robed elder went forward to collect the test papers again, and all six vajra even wrote the essays.

"You people are really whimsical!"The white-robed elder shook his head helplessly.

Li Zhuangzhuang, on the other hand, laughed, "Ye Fan, it's true that he's a near-vermillionaire, a bunch of big idiots!"

"Shit!"Ye Fan squinted his eyes to hold back his anger, he knew that it was definitely against the rules to do it here, and he couldn't beat the white-robed elders, instead he would let the white-robed elders pretend to be selfish and take the opportunity to beat them up.

With a turn of his eyes, Ye Fan spoke up, "Li Zhuangzhuang, aren't you spouting a lot of nonsense, then do you dare to bet with me!"

"Bet?What's the bet?"Li Zhuangzhuang was a little confused.

Ye Fan smiled and pointed at the test paper, "Just bet on this set of questions, didn't you say we can't."

It dawned on Li Zhuangzhuang, without waiting for Ye Fan to say the rules, Li Zhuangzhuang hurriedly said, "Betting is fine, but betting on all of you, if all of you can score a perfect score, I'll fucking eat shit upside down and call you daddy!"

"Call me Dad?Spare me, I don't want you as my son."Ye Fanton looked disgusted.

Li Zhuangzhuang snorted, "Don't be poor here, just tell me if you dare."

"Why not?Then, as you say, bet upside down and eat shit!"Ye Fan's chest, this set of questions is impossible to go wrong, besides, even if it's not a perfect score, he can still go to the wood bamboo and adjust it to a perfect score.

Ye Fan had heard that the person in charge of marking the exam paper was Muzhu, and after all, he was the one who proposed the written requirement, so the hard work should be borne by Muzhu.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working hard to develop the new product.Just don't want to owe more to Muzhu.

But now it's different, as long as he can see Li Zhuangzhuang eat shit upside down, Ye Fan doesn't care about owing an extra favor.

"Fine, this bet is established, and whoever tries to deny it then, don't blame me Old Man for being polite!"The white-robed elder stepped forward and became a witness to the bet.

Ye Fan sneered disdainfully, just in case the white-robed elder didn't take the bait.

Now he didn't dare to do anything to the white-robed elder, before that Wood Bamboo also said that martial artists were important to the Wood Spirit Villa, and the white-robed elder was still here at such an old age, he obviously chose not to leave the Wood Spirit Villa, and Ye Fan was even more helpless to do anything about it.But to be able to see the white-robed elder's grandson, Li Zhuangzhuang, standing upside down and eating shit, that was also considered humiliating to the white-robed elder.

Point blank, that was what was most infuriating.

In exchange for larger stakes, perhaps it would still be a bad debt at that time, but eating shit upside down was still a practicable practice.

Li Zhuangzhuang also had a disdainful sneer, he was also winning.Even if Ye Fan was blindfolded correctly, but with the addition of the six vajra, the chance of all seven people being blindfolded correctly was almost zero, so Li Zhuangzhuang wasn't worried in the slightest, and even started to imagine Ye Fan's face when the time came to eat shit upside down.

"Go, go back and deliver the pen."Ye Fan got up with a big wave of his hand, and Li Zhuangzhuang's side of things, Ye Fan was considered to have put it aside for the time being, after all, the upside-down shit-eating show was already booked.

It was still imperative to return the pen for the seven bald brothers, otherwise it would be bad to delay the next round of assessment starting later.

"Wait, those who have completed the assessment cannot go through the front door, all of them will enter the Wood Hall through the side door."The white-robed elder called out to the crowd as soon as he finished collecting the exam papers.

Ye Fan frowned, "What else is there?"

The white-robed elder coldly snorted, "This is the rule, if you know the topic after the test, and the next round of personnel penetrate the question, you can't guarantee the fairness of the test."

This is very reasonable, Ye Fan was also thinking before, what if there are penetration questions after the test, did not think that the Wood Spirit Villa has all arranged countermeasures, but his pen is borrowed from the bald ah, if you can not let the bald people to participate in the assessment, this is not a breach of contract.

Thinking, Ye Fan is going to take out his phone to send a text message to Muzhu, let Muzhu come over to help send the pen, but a touch of the pocket but no phone, this time Ye Fan just remembered just before the exam, the phone has been put away.

Ye Fan suddenly fell silent, racking his brain to think of a way, if not to take the last chance to send the pen out, then can really be sorry bald seven brothers!


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