Lost Young Master 266-270


Chapter 266


Ye Fan was unable to speak as he was strangled in the throat, and could just not stop the shock.

I never thought that Luo Lan was still his fiancée, but Ye Fan really wanted to defend himself, he didn't even know about these things, and even if he did, he would have explained it long ago.

It wasn't his fault anyway, it was all Chen Fangling who helped him find it, and he didn't feel like marrying anyone, so why was there talk of a concubine.Don't say before, let's just say that just now Ye Fan's mind was also thinking, as long as he marries a bunch of them, then they're all wives, not divided into wives and concubines, just rank one, two, three, four, five will be enough.

But now Ye Fan was truly indefensible, he didn't even have a chance to speak, and he was really dumb and bitter.

Luo Lan sneered, "It's really a waste of time to step on iron shoes and find no place.I didn't expect to meet you on the eve of the assessment, as long as I strangle you and bury you, and no one can find the evidence, then I'll be free!"


Ye Fan stared at him, he had never thought that Luo Lan was such a woman that she dared to kill him, her fiancé.

Before Ye Fan thought too much, but the pressure on his neck was light, and Luo Lan let go of him.

"I'll give you five minutes, you better explain yourself properly, or you'll be waiting to be buried in the ground by me!"Luo Lan snorted coldly. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net


With a light neck, Ye Fanton coughed violently and breathed in the fresh air.

He also saw that Luo Lan didn't really want to do anything, but was forced to do it, and if he considered it from Luo Lan's point of view, there was nothing wrong with Luo Lan doing it, after all, who wanted to share a husband with someone else.

It was too late to think too much about it, so Ye Fan hurriedly explained, "Listen to me, this is the family's arrangement, not mine.I'm just responsible for seeing if it's a good match, and I also have someone in mind, if you don't want to get married, then I can go to your family and propose that we dissolve our baby marriage.I'm not going to lie, I have a few others, but I've never wanted to have concubines, and since I was chosen, I will tell them all the truth and respect their choice."

"The same is true on your side, I see that your cultivation is also good, you can go to Wood Spirit Villa after the dissolution of your marriage and cultivate with great devotion, if you really learn something and become a powerful martial artist, then my family can also recruit you as a protégé, I'm sure you also know that our Ye Island's War God Hall, as long as you are strong enough, you can also become a member of the War God, the treatment is generous, and your family alsoIt won't bother you, that's the best solution.Take a look, if you can accept it, then so be it."

Ye Fan said so much in one breath, mainly because he was limited by Luo Lan's five minutes, he could only think of a way to keep himself safe first.

As expected by Ye Fan, this really was the best way, hearing Ye Fan's words, Luo Lan also began to think seriously, indeed Ye Fan had considered it very well and respected Luo Lan's thoughts.

But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that Luo Lan snorted, "What, am I not good looking?Still not good enough?And you dissolve the marriage so easily?"

"Uh..."Ye Fan is somewhat speechless, didn't your old man say that he didn't want to get married, how come this time is still prickly.

A woman's heart, what a needle in the haystack!

Ye Fan at this moment finally understood this truth, no matter what he said, he would always be picked on.

After thinking about it, Ye Fan said, "The solution is just this one is also the best for you, think it over carefully, there is no rush in time, anyway, with your skills and this test question, you will definitely be able to get into the Wood Spirit Villa, I'll go in by the back door, no surprises, and there will be plenty of time to communicate then as well.That's all for now, I'm going back to rest and prepare for tomorrow's assessment."

Saying that, Ye Fan was about to leave, he just wanted to leave this place of righteousness quickly now, otherwise who knows if Luo Lan would have a brain twitch and suddenly turn against him.

In fact, Ye Fan really didn't have half a fanciful thought about Luo Lan.

Not to mention whether Luo Lan is good-looking, whether his skills are high, whether his origin is excellent, simply saying that he has been around a lot of women, if not for the women willing to give much to move him, he would not easily accept new people.

Even if he was 13 Lang for one night, he had enough women now, and his body wouldn't allow him to accept more.

Especially since Luo Lan had just choked him and threatened his life, so no matter what, Ye Fan would definitely not accept Luo Lan anymore.


However, at this moment, Luo Lan suddenly called out to Ye Fan to stop.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, what else did Luo Lan want, did she really have to bury him alive before she would stop?

But Luo Lan scratched his head, "Sorry, I was a little excited, I also know that you are not a bad person, not the kind of fancy person I thought before, so I will think about this matter, just like you said, there will be many opportunities to meet in the future as long as you are at Wood Spirit Villa, let's discuss it then, I hope you can get into Wood Spirit Villa."

After saying that, Luo Lan ran away with her head down.

Ye Fan was stunned for a moment before he slowed down, indeed Luo Lan was still the same Luo Lan from before, with a righteous mind, just talking but not thinking.

Getting up and patting the dust, Ye Fan was also ready to leave the Lashio gym.

Only when he looked down and saw his clothes, Ye Fan couldn't help but frown.Luo Lan had overexerted himself just now, and at the moment his clothes had shattered in many places.

Don't look at the fact that it was made by an Italian master and the raw materials used were of the highest quality, but to a strong person of Luo Lan's level, it was no different from rags.

"Forget it, let's go buy a set of clothes first."

Ye Fan shook his head, went out and scanned to get a shared bicycle and rode to the city.

Although Ye Fan also had clothes at home, this lesson taught him that for the strong, it didn't matter what kind of fabric it was, it could be easily torn.The ones at his home were also suits, not suitable for use at the assessment.After all, the assessment in martial arts was weight-bearing, and it wouldn't be worth it if a suit was damaged as a result.Even if Ye Fan didn't care about money, this kind of intentional waste was bad, which was why he decided to go to the street to buy a suit.

And riding a shared bicycle is also not a taxi, simply for the sake of exercise, and exercise starts from a little bit.

How can one go a thousand miles without building up a step?

This truth was not something that Ye Fan had understood since he was a child, but rather something that Luo Lan had told him.

Thinking of Luo Lan, Ye Fan couldn't help but think of how hard Luo Lan had worked all these years.Luo Lan wasn't naturally suited for cultivation, and all of them had cultivated hard in order to not be a concubine.It was only after accumulating all these years that she had barely reached the last step of the sixteen hurdles and was only half a step away from becoming a martial artist.

It was because of this that it stimulated Ye Fan, otherwise Ye Fan wouldn't have taken every opportunity to train so seriously.


After riding for half an hour, Ye Fan finally arrived in the city.

It has to be said, now Ye Fan's physique is much better than before, even though he rode for half an hour, but Ye Fan did not shed a drop of sweat.In other words, seven days ago, Ye Fan would have been sweating profusely.

"Lion City?En, this is the one."

Looking at a three-story building, Ye Fan decisively chose this place.

Now Ye Fan did not pursue branded goods anymore, no matter how expensive the brand was, it was not as expensive as handmade customization anyway, and this Lion City was one of the larger shopping malls in Eastwood.

Entering the mall, the first floor was divided into two areas, half of which was a partition for selling dried fruits and half of which was a supermarket.

Going up to the second floor was to buy men's clothing, while the third floor was to sell women's clothing.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available on the market, and then you'll be able to see what they are.

When Ye Fan arrived at the jacket area, there were twenty shopkeepers to manage, while there were as many as ten on the jacket selling side.

Because it is an affordable mall, also does not distinguish between shops, so enter which area also did not say welcome to the, are to choose their own clothes, after choosing to go to the settlement area to pay. One second to remember to read the book

For this kind of mall, Ye Fan is still more heartfelt, and here will not be snubbed, after all, we are all ordinary people, and there is no difference in treatment.

Today was the day before May Day, not yet or May Day holiday, but some companies and schools were already on holiday, and the traffic was also quite large, almost like a crowded state.To put it simply, every square meter will have a little five people exist, can be said to be very crowded, but also just shows that this place is good, well done, buy things here Ye Fan also feel at ease.

Anyway, they were all a few dozen pieces of clothing, the most expensive was three hundred brace.Just right for Ye Fan to buy to participate in the assessment, as disposable clothes to wear, wear bad also do not feel bad.

And after strolling in the jacket area for a while, Ye Fan saw a black and white camouflage jacket, this jacket looks heroic, the price is also very pleasant, only 198 yuan.

It's not too good to feel the material, but it's not bad either, very conventional clothing, or a windbreaker style, very good.

The only thing is that the clothes on display are a little too big, needing to be 1.8 meters to be just right, and Ye Fan tried them on and found that the shoulder width was too big for him to hold up at all.

Not to be outdone, Ye Fan found the shop assistant, "Auntie, is there a size one size smaller?"

Because it was an affordable mall, the shopkeepers here were all in their forties and fifties, and they didn't need to back up the facade.

The lady shopkeeper turned her head and looked at Ye Fan, so she casually spoke, "No."


Ye Fan wasn't annoyed, since there wasn't any then there was nothing he could do.

But just as Ye Fan was about to go to get another shirt to try on, the lady shop assistant came over again and said, "Don't try it on, there's nothing you can wear."

"What do you mean?"Evan couldn't help but frown, a no could be out of size, how come a change of clothes was still out of size.

"You're too short, nothing fits you."The lady shop assistant faintly spoke.

"I'll go!"

Ye Fan ton annoyed, what kind of bullshit is this, even if there is no suitable, can not talk like this, but also too short, this is not a personal attack it.

And really no size also even, but Ye Fan very understand this kind of shop, display clothes are placed underneath a bunch of different sizes, it is convenient for customers to find, obviously there is a bunch of clothes underneath.

Auntie shopkeeper so do not want to let him try on, the method is also very obvious, is because after trying on some customers will put clothes randomly, which gives them shopkeepers increased labor, who do not want to take a break.

In the past, Ye Fan would have endured the anger, after all, he was a small citizen, and could not afford to offend this kind of mall, but now Ye Fan is different, but he is the young master of Ye Island is worth many billions, not to mention offending an aunt, even buying the mall is a small matter easily.

"Do you fucking know how to talk, how do you live at such an age, go out and not get killed ah!"

Auntie said that to him, naturally, Ye Fan is not willing to show weakness, is just a trouble, see who will be more trouble!

Ye Fan's voice was very loud, and it attracted a large crowd of people to watch.

These people who came to buy clothes were also grandmothers and grandmothers, and their favorite thing to do was to eat melons and watch the show, where there was excitement.

Some good grandparents then inquired, "What's going on and there's a row?"

An informed aunt said, "It's nothing, just this young man came to buy clothes, and that shopkeeper said there was nothing suitable."

"Isn't that normal?It's normal to break the code now that there are so many people."The eldest showed a matter-of-fact expression.

Informed Auntie: "Which is so simple ah, this young man's hands on the clothes held a little larger, you do not see the following there are so many hoarding it, there must be a smaller size ah, this clerk but said the young man grew short."

"Yoo-hoo, now the clerk is so bullish it, but also with sarcasm?"The eldest son raised his eyebrows and looked at Ye Fan, "The young man isn't short, he's almost as tall as me, I'm 177, how come the young man is about 178, where is he short?"

"Isn't that right, this clerk just also said I'm short, I think it's just that I'm too lazy to get the stockpile below.Isn't it just how many people are now, this clerk just tries to save trouble and doesn't move."

Another man also said angrily.

This statement, many people who felt the same way have conformed, saying that the auntie shopkeeper has no professionalism.

Auntie clerk face very red, can still be acerbic: "say what say, you is short, how, love to buy, not buy out, money, then you go to find custom ah, no money installed what installed, to buy clothes here are not poor pussies it, there are clothes sold to you on the good, quickly buy, do not buy on the go.Gather a crowd here and make trouble, don't blame me for calling security to blow you all out!"

The words, onlookers of the grandparents are embarrassed, indeed, they have money will not come here to buy things, but this is too hurtful, but also looking for security to blow them out.

See big mother clerk so mean, Ye Fan is a batch of gas: "you fucking sell things, pretend you mother than it, a month salary can two thousand on it, but also here to taunt, you are a thing, we love to buy, just to buy a happy, have you any hanging matter, let you pick goods out, you hurry, what words!"

The first thing you need to do is to buy a pair of shoes for your feet.

Auntie shopkeeper looked at Ye Fan, is more than a sneer: "I earn how much and you have anything to do with it, you a poor bastard, than not as good as these people it, they are trying to save money for their children to buy cheap clothes, what are you, so young others are buying brands, you to buy such inferior goods, you look at your point of influence!"


The lady clerk's mouth wouldn't stop, and she sneered again: "Look at how many young ones there are in the whole mall, look at your tattered body, you don't even change when it's broken, I'm looking at you can't even afford the clothes, finding you goods is a waste of time, I see you're the one who provokes trouble, if you're capable of waiting, I'll call security over!"


It was true that Ye Fan was in tatters, but it was also because he was torn by Luo Lan, otherwise the clothes he was wearing were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not to mention the fact that he was in tatters, it was only now that Ye Fan reacted to the fact that no wonder the auntie shopkeeper didn't give him an exchange, she was looking down on him.

When Ye Fan came to this mall, he thought it was quite an approachable mall, but he didn't expect that everywhere there would be this kind of dog's eyes to look down on people's stuff.

Outside the sign is not all said it, sincere treatment of every customer, can come in, but found that it is completely different.

In the past, Ye Fan went to a big shop, even if taunting, the speech is not so bad, this lady speech can be really dog coin.

Ye Fan has never stopped being so nasty, so old and still talking like this, old shameless thing.

"What's happening?"

Just then, a middle-aged man in a suit walked over and frowned inquiringly. The first website m.kanshu8.net

The sharp sourness on the lady clerk's face turned flattering as she said, "Manager, this kid is causing trouble and is about to go get security to blow him out."

"Troublemaker?"The manager's eyebrows were raised, there have been no troublemakers for many years, and I didn't think there were any troublemakers in this kind of affordable mall, all of which are clearly priced clothes, dozens to hundreds of clothes, what's there to make trouble about?

Ye Fan chuckled, "It really knows how to bite, worthy of a dog than, it can bite really fast."

After glaring at the lady clerk, Ye Fan scanned the onlookers and said, "The manager is it, you can ask everyone present to see if I'm the one causing trouble or if this dog thing is biting randomly."

Before the manager could say anything, the crowd of onlookers spoke up in seven different languages, and the manager quickly understood the general meaning.

"What's the matter with you, customers buy clothes, why don't you give the pick of the goods, and maliciously seriously injure the customers!"The manager glared at the lady store clerk, his eyes filled with anger.

This kind of affordable mall is most focused on customer traffic, not winning with quality, but winning with quantity by relying solely on word of mouth to attract traffic.If the matter is big, the reputation of the mall becomes bad, thus reducing the traffic.

The mall layoffs are one thing, it's easier to brush off him as a manager, which is something he won't allow.

Don't look at the clothes here are cheap, but the number of clothes sold is high, and his annual dividends are millions, so if such a good job is lost, it would be really hard to say.

The auntie clerk looked a bit ugly: "He did come to cause trouble, look at his tattered clothes, he also said he was buying clothes, he probably doesn't have a dollar in his pocket."

Ye Fan laughed in anger, "Yes, I don't have any money in my pocket."

As soon as this was said, the auntie shop assistant got excited: "Manager look, he's just here to cause trouble, he doesn't have money to buy anything."

"Shit, shut up, can't you hear me out."Ye Fan shouted angrily, then opened his phone, "Carefully show grandpa how much money this is!"

After lighting up the paypal balance, the auntie clerk just stared at it when she saw it and lost her voice, "That's impossible!"

"Boy, show us too."

The crowd of onlookers suggested, they were watching the fun, just in case things weren't too loud.

The auntie clerk was so surprised, it must be that Ye Fan had a large balance.

Ye Fan is also happy to show these people, now that it has been characterized as a troublemaker, he is about to make a big deal out of it, if he doesn't get rid of this dog's eyes this year, he won't be surnamed Ye!

Ye Fan had the money to buy the mall, but was it necessary, it was completely unnecessary.

He was just going to use the least amount of effort to run it with the greatest efficiency.Ye Fan was angry, but he wasn't as stupid as he was back then, money could solve everything, but not spending money was naturally better.This is the ability to virtually cultivate yourself.

Still, as the saying goes, what's the point of not building up a step!

All Ye Fan wanted was to grow himself from bit by bit.


The crowd of onlookers were sucking in a breath of cold air when they saw Ye Fan's balance.

The manager was also curious to take a look, after all, it was a matter of how to handle this matter, but after seeing the balance, the manager didn't even want to think about it, backhandedly slapped the aunt clerk's face.

Ye Fan's Alipay balance was six hundred and fifty-three million seven thousand five hundred and thirty-four yuan.

This much money was enough to buy down two Lion City malls.

What else could the manager hesitate about, even if it wasn't the auntie clerk's fault, he would have to deal with the auntie clerk seriously, after all, he would do anything willingly in order to get close to the big boat that was Ye Fan.

This slap down, crisp and loud, nice!

Ye Fan's heart was also so relaxed and smooth, this slap, wonderful!

"How dare you hit me!"Auntie clerk a face of incredulity, followed by a face of anger to rush forward.

The manager grunted: "Our mall's purpose is to serve every guest, so that guests have a sense of home, you open mouth is money money money, but also insult guests, you so completely contrary to the purpose of the mall, I do not punish you how to give an explanation, and now you are fired.As for slapping you just now, it's my personal annoyance, if you're capable of doing so, go to the police, I'll see if someone will control you, don't forget, the weight of our Lion City, you weigh yourself well!"

The lady shopkeeper seemed to have thought of the consequences, and the hand that was raised was suspended in mid-air, and finally with great difficulty she withdrew it, turning it into a clenched fist, but she could not utter a word.

"Aren't you crazy, you're going back to being crazy?"

Just because the auntie clerk didn't dare to do anything, didn't mean that Ye Fan let it go.

Now what kind of status is Ye Fan, even a patriarch of a reclusive family needs to treat him with courtesy when he sees him, a mere shop clerk still mocks him so much, what a great skill.

Some people might say, how can an insect shake an elephant, why be angry with such a person, isn't this not self-defeating.Ye Fan used to think the same, but now, Ye Fan's thoughts had changed.

Grylls weren't scary, and they couldn't shake the elephant.

But now the lady shopkeeper was not a mole, but an annoying mosquito.

A mosquito and a mole are about the same size, you may pass an ant by the roadside, you will not care, but if the mosquito has been flying in front of you, you will definitely slap the mosquito, after all, the mosquito is such a creature, you do not move him, he will also bite you, make you covered with a big bag.

What's more, the auntie clerk had already disgusted Ye Fan, it was the equivalent of biting Ye Fan, how would Ye Fan let go of this obnoxious mosquito!

It's a sure shot!


Under the gaze of the manager and a group of grandparents, Ye Fan left the Lion City.

Ye Fan was now in a good mood, his clothes were changed, and the damned clerk was fired.


The hungry Ye Fan continued to ride along the road and found a small shop selling cold skin and walked in.

It's summertime now, the feeling of eating a bowl of refreshing cold skin, not to mention how beautiful it is.

In the past, when Ye Fan didn't have money, his favorite thing to eat in summer was cold skin, not only was it delicious, but it was also very cheap, and the little shop in front of him was very cheap, a bowl of cold skin was only ten yuan.

Although Ye Fan has eaten the cheapest only five dollars, but this is the city, to have a small storefront here, a year's storefront costs are quite a lot, selling ten dollars is indeed very cheap.

But whenever he ate cold skin Ye Fan could always think of that familiar figure, a wonderful figure, five years older than Ye Fan.

When Ye Fan was in the fifth grade, that person was dropped out of school to sell cold skin, until Ye Fan's sophomore year of high school, as long as it was summer, Ye Fan would go to that person to buy cold skin, because Ye Fan is a regular customer, so each time to two large portions, she knows, is in the adolescent Ye Fan can eat very well.

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For Ye Fan, it was someone very close to him.

Before Rich returned home, he also went to the cool skin shop, but the shop had already closed, he wanted to repay her is no longer a chance.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan had entered the shop, looking at the simple menu, Ye Fan used to say, "A large bowl of cold skin, more gluten, less sugar, more vinegar, and a bottle of chilled mineral water."


A familiar voice came from the busy back kitchen.

Evan was startled, the voice was so familiar, but this wasn't home, it was Moodoo, could it really be her?

Evan didn't even believe it could be such a coincidence, but he wanted to believe it was true because he, so badly, wanted to see her.

The wait was always long, like going to school and waiting for the end of class, it was almost like a second, it was very unbearable.

But having said that, it was actually only a three minute wait for the oven to come out, it wasn't considered busy here, counting Evan there were actually only three tables.Now that it was past dinner time, there weren't that many people eating anymore.

"Your cold skin and water."Myriad's figure appeared, and after placing the cool skin and water on Ye Fan's table, she turned around and left.

But Ye Fan was fixed, yes, this person was the woman he was thinking of!


Returning to his senses, Evan directly grabbed forward, but because he was in a hurry, he grabbed onto the woman's ass at once.

"Ah!What are you doing!"

After the woman shouted, she hurriedly turned around and backed away.

Ye Fan was busy explaining, "Sister Meng Meng, it's me, I'm Xiao Fan!"

"Fanny?"The woman was stunned and fixed her eyes, the panic on her face gradually becoming confusion and eventually turning into surprise, "Fanny?It's really you, I never thought I'd meet you here!"

Ye Fan saw that the woman recognized him, which was a sigh of relief, it would be bad if he was misunderstood as a pervert.But carefully counted it's been three or four years since we've seen each other, and the woman can recall so quickly, the woman is also quite impressed with him.

"Xiaofan, this count down are almost four years have not seen, you had said it was you ah, I'll give you more to do ah, this point can you eat it, look at you thin, you will sit down, and so I'll give you another bowl to do."

The woman said to get up and go to the back kitchen, see such an enthusiastic woman, Ye Fan even waved his hand: "No, no, no, a bowl is enough, Meng Meng sister quickly sit down."

The woman called He Mengmeng, she dressed the same as a few years ago, still not powder, like to wear plain white shirt with jeans, although plain, but can not stop the charm of He Mengmeng, and a few years ago, He Mengmeng is even more beautiful, more of a female mature charm, count, now He Mengmeng are twenty-five years old, do not know whether He Mengmeng now have children.

In the past, He Mengmeng left, that is, because there is a doll's marriage, so to the age of marriage to go to the field to get married, did not expect this field is Mudou.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan couldn't help but ask, "Sister Meng Meng, do you have a child?"

"Ugh..."Ye Fan's words made He Mengmeng's face gloomy.

Ye Fan's heart was bad, and he knew it was the wrong question to ask, but before he could speak, He Mengmeng spoke up, "I came to Mudou back then to look for my fiancé, but my fiancé had pneumonia and died soon, and his family wanted me to go over and get married just to flush the good news, but actually it was just to figure out the name of the couple.The fiancé's disease is contagious, in fact, the whole time, I have never seen his real face, always wear a mask, and just after the wedding, he passed away.Not to be afraid of Van's digestion, I was rested."

"Recused?Meng Meng, you are so hardworking, what's the point of Hugh?You tell me where their house is and I'll fix them for you!"The first time I saw him, I was so angry that I didn't even know he had pneumonia, and he kept his promise to get married.

He Mengmeng waved his hands repeatedly, "It's not like that, they see I'm young and don't want to get me involved, they want me to find another family to get married, so they rested me, and they didn't take back the 300,000 bride price they gave me.But after all, I'm married, and I don't want to go back, and I don't have any relatives on the home side, so I'll stay in Mudou and open a small shop, and then if my ex-husband's old man gets sick, I'll be able to take care of one or two."

"So that's how it is."Only when he heard He Mengmeng's words did it dawn on Ye Fan.

It turned out that it wasn't the people over there who were sick, but rather He Mengmeng herself who willingly stayed here.

"Sister Mengmeng, then how's business on your side?"Ye Fan changed the topic and asked again, although we hadn't seen each other for several years, but there was not the slightest hint of a difference, instead, there was more concern, more like a family chatting about their family.

He Mengmeng sat across from Ye Fan and lightly smiled, "It's still improvised."

Although He Mengmeng didn't say anything too specific, Ye Fan clearly saw the helplessness in He Mengmeng's tone.After all, this shop was run by He Mengmeng, and although He Mengmeng made delicious cold skin, there were always countless problems with a woman running a shop, especially since He Mengmeng was also very good-looking, and must have often come to some drunken gentlemen.

Once there were often troublemakers on the old home side, when Ye Fan was young and energetic, there were no shortage of fisticuffs with those jittery chatty gentlemen.

Only, Ye Fan did not know what had happened to He Mengmeng over the years....


With a lot of emotions, Ye Fan also couldn't find a topic to open up, so he bowed his head and ate the cold skin, and I must say that the taste is still the same old taste when you don't eat it for a few years, but it actually has more of a taste of home after so many years of not eating it.

"How about it, is there any regression in sister's craft?"He Mengmeng saw that Ye Fan did not say anything, so she lightly laughed.

"How is there a regression, it's still so delicious, whoever marries you is a blessing from a past life."Ye Fan said subconsciously, this kind of picking on shaking girls seemed to have become his instinct.

But the words fell, Ye Fan secretly bad, He Mengmeng just said that her ex-husband died, and now he was rested, he really which pot can not mention which pot.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan hurried to remedy the situation: "Sister Meng Meng, you are also back to being single now, you are still young, and there are shops with careers, find someone else to marry."

"Old, how can you be young, I'm still divorced, I don't think anyone will want me anymore."He Mengmeng touched his face with a bitter smile.

Ye Fan hurriedly said, "How can no one want Miss Meng Meng who is so beautiful, even if no one wants her, there's still my old brother."

"Forget it, you're still in college, it's good that you can be self-sufficient in food and drink in the future, your grandmother is so good to you, after earning money first don't marry your daughter-in-law, first raise your grandmother well, she pulled you up, it's not easy."He Mengmeng said.

Ye Fan just remembered that he had to tell He Mengmeng about this great news before he was adopted back by the family.

After all, He Mengmeng had treated him so well in the past, and now that he was rich, it was only right to repay He Mengmeng. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

However, without waiting for Ye Fan to open his mouth, two youngsters with green and flowery hair walked in the door, yelling, "Two bowls of cold skin, hurry up and order!"

He Mengmeng got up to make coolies, and in no time at all, two bowls were ready.Ye Fan was sitting at the diagonal opposite corner of the two youngsters, just in time to see the two youngsters eyes staring back and forth at He Mengmeng's buttocks.

But the distance was too short, and the two little youths were still a little dissatisfied, and one of them yelled again, "Give us another bottle of water."

"A bottle?"

Ye Fan coldly snorted, how could two people drink a bottle, seeing as if they wanted to repeatedly watch He Mengmeng walk away from them a few more times.

The two youngsters looked at Ye Fan at the sound of the voice, eyes narrowed shot out like a knife, fiercely cut in Ye Fan's face, as if to warn Ye Fan not to meddle.

Seeing the situation, where Ye Fan is still not clear why He Mengmeng said to improvise things, indeed, business is good, but always come to this kind of people to eat cold skin, anyone's heart is slowly sour.

After He Mengmeng placed a bottle of water on the young man's table, the young man smiled again and said, "Another bottle!"

He Mengmeng's anger appeared on her face, but it seemed that she had already experienced it many times, so she took a deep breath or held it back and went to get water again.And this time, as soon as the water was put down, the quick-eyed young man touched He Mengmeng's tender little hand.He Mengmeng seemed to have anticipated the general, and hurriedly pulled his hand back, avoiding backwards, "Please show some respect!"

"Show respect?"

After the two youngsters looked at each other, they burst out laughing, "What the hell is that, touching you is not a disadvantage, your ex-husband didn't even touch you before he died, and I haven't heard any gossip about you over the years, you're not lonely, it's your good fortune that the two of you are touching you!"

"Blessed your mother, I'll go to your house and touch your mother, are you also blessed to have an extra father!"Ye Fan stood up with a bang and was about to run towards the two youngsters.

Whether it was tolerable or not, Ye Fan dared to fight even when he met a group of people back then, let alone now.

He wasn't afraid of these troublemakers!

He Mengmeng's face changed dramatically, and hurriedly went forward to pull Ye Fan, "Little Fan, it's nothing important, you should eat quickly and leave first after you finish eating."

"Go?You want to leave after yelling at our brother?"The little youth snorted coldly, followed by another youth who got up and blocked the shop door, smiling fiercely, "I'll see who can stand and walk out today, the one who dares to curse our brother and sister hasn't even been born yet!"

Ye Fan was furious, his scolding wasn't too much, and these two people just divided the work in an orderly manner, it was obvious that it was already arranged, even if Ye Fan didn't appear today, these two youngsters would probably have nothing to look for.

The drunkard's intention was not to drink, talking about these two people in front of him!

If Ye Fan didn't show up today, the two little youths might have to harass him a few more times, Ye Fan didn't dare to think about it, he was just glad that he was in time this time, clenching his fist, Ye Fan was going to rush up and just open the way for these two little youths to verify the results of his seven days of cultivation!

He Mengmeng, on the other hand, stopped Ye Fan with a panicked face, just now facing the two youngsters He Mengmeng only had anger, even the domineering momentum of the Heroine, but on Ye Fan's side, he turned into a pitiful little bunny, almost begging, "Little Fan, you quickly go, don't cause trouble, or your grandmother should worry about you, listen to your sister, quickly go."

Turning her head, He Mengmeng then said to the young man, "Please don't embarrass my brother, can we eat cold skin for free from now on...."

He Mengmeng couldn't think of anything good to do, and could only throw out this relatively, the most practical benefits, after all, the opposite side but two people, as the saying goes, two fists can't beat four feet, He Mengmeng self-consciousness is not considered to be a battle force, if just by virtue of Ye Fan this small arms and legs, I'm afraid there is no good fruit to eat.

"Eat cold skin for free?"As if the young man had heard a big joke, the two looked at each other and then laughed, then took out a large handful of banknotes from his pocket, although the denomination was small, but together, it was a few hundred.

"My brother and I are not short of money for a bowl of cold skin, trying to bribe us, how is this enough?"

The young man sardonic smile, their brother or two or the first time to see He Mengmeng such a pitiful little expression, suddenly accelerated hormone secretion all over the body, all the more want to have a good taste of He Mengmeng, how could be district cool skin this fly to blinded eyes it.

He Mengmeng shivered, but still blocked in front of Ye Fan, half a step without retreating: "Then what do you want?"

Hearing this, the two youngsters burst out laughing, and He Mengmeng was still hooked.

"How is it?Let us think about it."The young man started to conceive in a pensive manner, but it was only the blink of an eye that he couldn't help but speak out his true purpose: "Boss lady, we're no good, your brother scolded us, we're adults, so we're not going to treat children like children, as long as you let your brother crawl over my crotch and learn how to bark, you'll sleep with our brother for a few more nights."

"Oh yeah, and the coolies will be free from now on, too."The other youth added.

The two youngsters smiled at each other and said, "That's all, simple, promise us, I won't get along with your brother!"


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