Dish Best Served Cold 1051-1055


Chapter 1051


    "Ten minutes?"

    "I say brother what are you making a scene?"

    "Ten minutes and you want to hit a pair of coffins?"

    "Do you really think the coffin is that easy to beat?"

    "Or do you think carpentry is a house of cards, that you can just paste mud into the ground and build a coffin?"

    "You na, if you're in a hurry to get on the road, just go to the river, find a piece of land, take this lift, and dig a hole to bury yourself in."

    "But I reckon ah, even if you dig a hole, your ten minutes won't be enough."

    In the shop, the carpenter was still there watching the TV, and when he heard that from the man in front of him, he got anxious then.

    They carpenters, they do fine craft work.

    Ten minutes for him to make a coffin, that is not only an insult to the coffin as an object, but also an insult to their carpentry profession.

    In annoyance, the shop owner immediately waved his hand, instructing the man in front of him to get lost.Don't give him a hard time here.


    As soon as this shopkeeper's voice fell, there was only a boom.

    The man in front of him, slapped his palm on the long table in front of him.

    With a loud splash, wood chips flew, and the half-human tall square table turned into annihilation powder and shattered all over the floor.


    The shopkeeper was confused then.

    His eyes were huge, and his entire body was nearly scared out of its wits.

    That table, however, was made out of iron birch wood.

    What is iron birch wood?

    As the name implies, it is wood that is as hard as iron.

    The hardness of this iron birch wood was comparable to a stubborn stone.

    In order to beat this table, he had spent countless years and years of energy and used many steel saws.

    However, who would have thought that such a strong wood would only be as good as tofu under this person's hands.

    The shopkeeper didn't dare to imagine what the consequences would be if this slap was on him.

    "Ten minutes, fight or no fight?"

    The man's condescending, low words, as if they contained no emotion, rang out again.

    The shopkeeper's entire person has long been scared out of his wits.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products.Fight, I...I'll fight."

    There was no other way, even though he knew it was an impossible task, the shopkeeper still accepted it with a hard scalp.

    In order to build it in the fastest time possible, this shopkeeper sourced local materials.

    Bringing down all of his own bed boards as materials, always minimizing the amount of work that needed to be done by hand.

    In this way, under the fear of death, the shopkeeper really put together a "coffin" within 10 minutes.

    However, this is not so much a coffin, but more of a cabinet with three sides sealed.

    It was made from a few boards and nailed up with steel nails.

    After all, time was running out, and it was already the shopkeeper's limit to do this.

    "First...Sir, you see this...Is this okay?"

    The shopkeeper asked in fear.

    He actually had no idea in his own mind, because the coffin in front of him could be said to be the worst piece of work in his life.

    But unexpectedly, the man nodded his head.


    "As long as it can hold a person."

    The man returned a cold sentence, then carried the coffin and left.

    Finally sending this plague god away, the shopkeeper finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    However, before he could finish this breath, who would have thought that the man who had just walked to the door would stop again.

    The shopkeeper's heart was in his throat.

    There was only one thought in his mind.

    Could it be that he wanted to kill people to silence them?

    After all, the other party's behaviour was too suspicious, beating a coffin in such a hurry and pretending to be a man, and so cold-blooded and violent.

    It was designated as a vicious gangster.

    It's not impossible that he would kill someone for fear of calling the police himself.

    In horror and fear, the shopkeeper quickly cried, "I...I won't say anything."

    "No...Don't kill me, I...I really won't say anything to the outside world."

    As the shopkeeper cried for mercy, the man had turned around, his clear and beautiful face all chilly.

    He looked down at the shopkeeper in front of him, and his cold voice, quietly sounded.

    "After three days, come to Mu Fan Group's headquarters to get the money."

    "At that time, report my name as "Ye Fan"."

    The faint words quietly echoed in the room.

    When the shopkeeper looked up again, the man, however, had already left.

    After escaping from death, the shopkeeper immediately spread out on the floor, gasping for breath, and on his forehead, cold sweat was coming out.

    It was horrible.


    "Who was that man just now, anyway?"

    "Why, in front of him, does it feel like you're facing death?"

    The shopkeeper wailed for a while.

    Only after a long time did the shopkeeper regain his composure.

    He hesitated and finally picked up his phone and called the police.

    "Hello, 110?"

    "I suspect that a murderer is trying to kill someone."


    "What? You're asking me who he is?"

    "I don't know him."

    "Oh, I remember."

    "He said his name was Ye Fan."

    "It's from the Mufan Group."


    After calling the police, the shop owner whirled around and closed his business.

    It would probably take him a long time to recover from today's scare.

    However, the shopkeeper was unaware of how his call had set off the storm.

    A few minutes later.

    A villa ago, Wu Weitao had just gotten into his car and was about to head to Haiyuan Pavilion to express his celebration to Lu Mingfeng and the others.

    At this time, a phone call, came in.

    "Hello, this is Wu Weitao."


    "What did you say?"

    "Mr. Chu is back?"

    "How the fuck is that possible?"

    "He's dead, isn't he?"

    Wu Weitao's appearance changed abruptly then.

    An old face, at a speed visible to the naked eye, quickly went white.

    Wu Weitao and Ye Fan had known each other for a long time. Ye Fan was so young that he was able to rebuke Yunzhou and dominate Jiangdong, what did he rely on?

    If it wasn't Ye Fan's ruthless and decisive tactics!

    In the Taishan Martial Arts Association, Ye Fan killed Wu He Rong with a single punch and shook Jiangdong.

    After that, he even swept through the twelve cities of Jiangdong with a thunderbolt and threw the richest man in Jiangdong, Zhao Wuji, into the Yellow River.

    He broke the Meng family, made the Jianghai Chen family bow down, and made the Jiangdong crowd respect him as a god.

    Ye Fan's ruthless methods made almost everyone chill at the sight of him.

    It was a man of Jairus.

    Wu Weitao already didn't dare to imagine what kind of bloodstorm would be whipped up in Jiangdong next if this Ye Fan really came back alive.

    "Old Han, are you sure about this news?"With so much at stake, Wu Weitao asked again.

    "Wu City, we're still investigating the specifics."

    "However, someone did report the situation."

    "It says that a person calling himself Ye Fan has asked him to make a coffin.He was told to go to Mu Fan Group in three days to get the money."

    "But whether or not this person is really Mr. Chu remains to be seen."

    "However, to be on the safe side, it's better for Wu Shi not to attend today's Haiyuan Pavilion banquet."

    "Otherwise, even you are afraid that it will be dangerous."

    "We've been dealing with Mr. Chu for quite some time, you should understand his tactics, right?"

    On the other end of the phone, there was a gloomy reminder from the subordinate.

    Wu Weitao didn't say anything, but the tinge of regret and fear in his heart was gradually spreading.


Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, there is a gathering of luxury cars.

    On the Cloud Mist Lake, there was a vast expanse of smoke.

    A hundred meters in radius, it was already under martial law.

    Hundreds of security guards were all guarding here.

    The fierce and vicious look, but it made the crowd chill.

    The onlookers on all sides naturally didn't dare to move forward.

    They all gathered hundreds of meters away from Haiyuan Pavilion and looked on tiptoe.

    "But sister, don't you think that this Ye Fan's death was a little too sudden?"

    "It's a good thing that the news of his fall suddenly came out."

    "But that country bumpkin is so good, and he's the esteem of Jiangdong, is it really that easy for such a character to fall?"

    The two siblings, Qiu Mu Qi, were chatting idly while they waited.

    In fact, as early as half a month ago, there were people in Yunzhou City who heard the news of Ye Fan's fall.

    At that time, Qiu Mu Qi also heard it, but no one believed it, they all thought it was a rumor.

    After all, who would believe something that was unfounded.

    Therefore, from the very beginning, Autumn Mukki was a bit skeptical about Ye Fan's fall.

    "There are unpredictable events in the heavens, and there are people who die unexpectedly."

    "People die unexpectedly every day, how normal it is, there's nothing to be suspicious about."

    "What's more, now that Mu Fan Group has been wiped out, Jiang Dong will usher in a new master, all these signs, don't they all indicate that that Ye Fan is dead."Qiu Mu Ying, however, said casually, not feeling the least bit suspicious.

    "But Fourth Sister, what you're saying is just a side extrapolation."

    "As far as I know, so far, there is no direct evidence to prove that Ye Fan is really dead."

    "Anyway, his body has still not been found,"

    Qiu Muqi said in a deep voice.

    He hadn't been dealing with Ye Fan for long, but the previous several encounters with this seemingly unknown teenager had left an extremely deep impression on him.

    Whether it was the downfall of the Red Flag Group or the wretched escape of his good friend Wang Shengtian, this door-to-door son-in-law from a poor background had always given Qiu Muqi a mysterious and inexplicable feeling.

    Since his childhood, Ye Fan was definitely the most terrifying opponent and enemy he had ever encountered.

    Qiu Mukki had to wonder if this kind of character really fell that easily?

    "Brother, you're just thinking too much."

    "That wimp is a wife-protector, if he's not dead, how could he not show up that day when Qiu Mu Orange was kicked out of the Genting Mountain villa by the Fenghua Group?"

    "And even if that wimp is really still alive, what can you do?"

    "The Mufan Group has collapsed!"

    "All of his roots are also no longer there."

    "Even if that Ye Fan doesn't die, he's powerless!"

    "What's more, does he fucking dare come back?"

    "As far as I know, the two family members in charge of the Fenghua Group are one Lu Mingfeng and one Xu Shaohua.Either one of these two has a monstrous background!"

    "And what about Evan?"

    "Saying that he's the esteem of Jiangdong, then bracing for death is just a bullying leader."

    "Even if I lend him ten guts, he will definitely not dare to return to Jiangdong, let alone deal with the Fenghua Group!"

    Qiu Muying's cold laughter echoed unceasingly in this world.

    However, her words had just fallen.


    Suddenly, the originally silent heavens and earth were filled with a gale.

    The cold wind, with an endless chill, swept across the heavens and rivers in a moment.

    Suddenly, the sand flew away, and the clouds and lakes were filled with huge waves.

    Three thousand tree leaves, rustling.

    "My God!"

    "What's wrong?"

    "What happened?"

    This sudden change in weather caused the crowd to tremble.

    While the people present were confused, it was someone who looked far into the sky and suddenly shouted.


    "What's that?"

    The terrified screams instantly attracted the attention of the crowd.

    In a split second, Qiu Muqi and the others all followed the sound.

    They saw that at the end of the Heavenly River, there was a thin figure, walking alone.

    He carried the heavens and the earth on his back, and he carried his coffin on his shoulders.

    His feet stepped on the earth, and even more so, he brought forth startling reverberations.

    The fiery red sun wheel behind him became the most dazzling background for the man in front of him.

    "This...This is..."

    At that moment, the entire arena was horrified.

    Everyone, shocked silently.

    In particular, the siblings Qiu Mu Qi and Qiu Mu Ying, the moment they saw the young man in front of them, a pair of eyes, almost jumped out.

    In their hearts, even more so, waves of shock were set off!

    It's... it's him!It's him!

    The man, back.



    Haiyuan Pavilion, the supreme private room.

    The crowd had already taken their seats.

    Sitting high above, Lu Mingfeng was full of pride.

    He then got up and lifted the red wine in front of him, his arrogant gaze sweeping the four directions.

    "Today, I, Lu Mingfeng, am hosting a banquet here to invite all of you big and powerful men."

    "I'm glad that everyone has traveled thousands of miles to come and give me, Lu."

    "This cup of wine, I'll toast everyone first."

    As his words trailed off, Lu Mingfeng drank it all.

    He then asked the waiter to fill it up and raised his glass again.

    "Half a year ago, Mr. Chu set down the Sea and Sky Feast, right here, and ascended to the top of the Jiangdong power."

    "I know that many of you here must still have fantasies about Mr. Chu."

    "Still hoping for a miracle to happen and for Mr. Chu to return as king?"

    "But alas, he's dead."

    "The era that belonged to Mr. Chu is over."

    "From now on, there will be no more Mr. Chu in the world, and no more Mu Fan Group."

    "Jiangdong, the sky has changed!"

    "In the future, there will be only one voice in this 18 cities of Jiangdong."

    "That is the voice of me, Lu Mingfeng."

    "Effective immediately, I am the Lord of Jiangdong!"

    In a proud voice, Lu Mingfeng raised his glass.

    The full of heroic and proud intention, all mixed into the cup of turbid wine.

    Then he raised his head and drank it all!

    After this, the leading bigwig of Southern Spring City, Bald Liu, was the first to agree and rose to applaud.

    "Well said!"

    "Mr. Lu is the Lord of my Jiangdong, he deserves his name."

    "What the hell Mr. Chu, he's just a brat."

    "I, Jiangdong, have been suffering from him for a long time."

    "I, the Liu Family of Nanquan, would like to serve Mr. Lu as my Lord!"

    Bald Liu said respectfully, bowing and cupping his fists to Lu Mingfeng.

    "Bald Liu, you're a beast who sees the wind!"

    "Mr. Chu has treated you well, and you're the first to back down?"

    "Are you seriously not afraid that Mr. Chu will come back alive?"

    Seeing that Bald Liu directly fell towards Lu Mingfeng, Li Er, Lei Laosan and the others who had planned to unite the Jiangdong forces to fight against the Fenghua Group, but they were immediately furious and cursed harshly.

    "Second Master, don't use Mr. Chu to pressure me."

    "Mr. Chu is already dead."

    "The era that belonged to him is over."

    "A good bird chooses a tree to perch on."

    "Now, Young Master Lu is the co-owner of Jiangdong!"


Bald Liu looked at Li Er, but he was smiling coldly.


    Li Er and the others were about to get furious, but then, in the room, another person stood up.

    "I, the Du Family, would like to serve Young Master Lu as well!"

    "Old Lu, you..."Li Er and Lei Lao San and the others were once again startled.

    Before coming here, Li Er and the three of them had already talked to various parties, hoping that they could unite to counteract the Fenghua Group.

    But they did not expect that two of them would directly fall out of line at this start.

    However, this was only the beginning.

    As the Du Family's master rose to his feet, the third and fourth people, also rose to their feet.

    "My Tian family~"


    "My Zhu family~"


    In the end, almost all the people in the room rose up.They all lifted their wine cups and toasted to Lu Mingfei who was sitting high above them.

    Voices of respect and words of reverence, but they echoed through this world.


    "All would like to serve Mr. Lu!"

    "From now on, only Mr. Lu will be at the head of the horse!"

    Looking at the scene in front of them, Li Er, Lei Laosan and the others were all confused.

    They didn't expect that the crowd that had vowed last night to promise to guard Mr. Chu's majesty with the three of them would all fall out of line now.


    "Very well."

    "We were really blind to believe you bunch of bastards."

    "When Mr. Chu annihilated Zhao Wuji, he should have slaughtered you bunch of bastards piece by piece."

    Li Er's eyes were red, and Lei Lao San was also full of eventfulness, feeling only a sense of anger at being betrayed.

    In the end, Li Er turned to look at Lu Mingfeng again.

    "Lu Mingfeng, don't be complacent."

    "It is the entire power of Jiangdong that has bowed to you."

    "My Yunzhou Li Family, Jingzhou Lei Family, and Jianghai Chen Family will never yield to you either!"

    "Even if we, the three forces, die, we will have to break a few of your teeth."

    Li Er roared harshly.

    Lei third also rebuked with anger.

    However, facing the anger of the two of them, Lu Mingfeng smiled faintly.

    He didn't say anything, but merely lifted the wine cup in front of him and gently took a sip.

    There was wantonness and playfulness on top of his cold, gloomy face.

    "Oh, is that really so?"

    "Liji, you're just as stupid as you are, but are you so confident that others are just as stupid as you are?"

    Lu Mingfeng smiled faintly.

    When Li Er heard it, he frowned, "Eh?"

    "What do you mean?"

    Just when Li Er was in awe, beside him, the Chen Ao who had been silent, but in the next moment, he suddenly stood up.

    He lifted the wine cup, and with the most respectful tone and the most humble posture, he saluted forward.

    "I, the Jianghai Chen family, would like to serve Mr. Lu, as the honor of Jiangdong!"


    At that moment, it was as if thunder struck down.

    Li Er and Lei Laosan were all muddled in place.

    Their eyes were staring at each other with dead eyes, and their entire bodies were almost horrified.

    It was almost impossible for Li Er and the others to believe the scene before them at all.

    They had never thought that Chen Ao had also, betrayed Mr. Chu and bowed down to Lu Mingfeng.

    "Chen Ao you...You..."

    "How could you?"

    "How kind has Mr. Chu been to you?"

    "If it weren't for Mr. Chu, would your Chen family be here today?"

    "If it wasn't for Mr. Chu, your daughter Chen Nan would have died long ago."

    "Mr. Chu has recreated a kindness to you, an unearthly zephyr, the land of Jiangdong, anyone can betray to him, only you can't."

    "You beast~"

    "How could you betray Mr. Chu?"



    "Why, exactly?"

    Li Er's eyes were red and he roared harshly at Chen Ao.

    Lei Lao San was similarly cornered and his entire body was trembling.

    This also shows how much Chen Ao's downfall had touched the two of them.

    All along, Li Er and the three of them were the henchmen to Ye Fan.

    When the richest man in Jiangdong was eliminated by Ye Fan, all the hundred billion industry was divided between Ye Fan and Chen Ao three.

    And when Ye Fan is no longer there, he also let the three of them to jointly manage Jiangdong on his behalf.

    The three of them are the ones who suffered the most from Mr. Chu's favors.

    Once Li Er and the others thought that even if everyone in Jiangdong had betrayed, the three of them would not betray Mr. Chu.

    But to their surprise, reality had hit them hard in the face!

    However, Chen Ao was silent in the face of Li Er and the others' berating.

    To their words, ignoring them.

    He only held the wine and toasted to Lu Mingfeng in front of him.

    At this time, Lu Mingfeng was full of pride and looked down at Li Er and the others in front of him with a victorious gaze: "How about Li Er, Lei San?"

    "Now, are you guys going to tough it out?"

    "I guarantee that as long as you bow down to me today, I, Lu Mingfeng, will never make things difficult for you."

    "Even, the two cities of Yunzhou and Jingzhou are still yours."

    "As the saying goes, he who knows the times is a good man."

    "Mr. Chen has moved with the times, so do the two of you still want to be pedantic and stupid?"

    "Shut the fuck up, you!"

    "What treacherous means did you use to force Chen Ao to fall in line with you."

    "I will never believe that Chen Ao will betray Mr. Chu."Li Er cursed angrily, his entire body almost resembling madness.

    In the entire Jiangdong, apart from Ye Fan, it was the Jianghai Chen family that had the most power.

    Now that Chen Ao had fallen out of power, it could be said that it was a great trend, and naturally, Li Er and the others found it hard to accept.


    "That I'm persecuting?"

    "Second Master Li, you're really using a villain's heart to measure a gentleman's belly."

    "I, Lu Mingfeng, walk straight and sit upright."

    "If others follow me, it is willingly."

    "As the saying goes, the peach and the plum is the way it is."

    "If you don't believe me, you can ask Mr. Chen."

    "By the way, you must be curious as to why I was able to trample down the Mu Fan Group in such a short period of time."

    "In this, Mr. Chen has contributed a lot of credit."

    "Also, you must be surprised that so many people have submitted to me at today's banquet."

    "It's also thanks to the fact that Mr. Chen helped me persuade the crowd."

    "Otherwise, do you think it would be possible for me, an outsider, to unify the Jiangdong business community in such a short time without the support of local forces?"

    "Oh, right, there's one more thing I forgot to tell you."

    "Haven't you noticed that the young master and Wei, neither of them are with me?"

    "I sent them to Jingzhou."

    "I heard that Mr. Chu's relatives are in Jingzhou."

    "I'm thinking of inviting them over for a visit.Then send them to find Mr. Chu."


    Lu Mingfeng laughed indiscriminately, his smug laughter reverberating through the heavens and earth without end.

    Li Er and the others heard the words, but they were in the shape of madness, burning with rage.

    "Bastard, you beast!"

    "Not even women and children are spared, how can a despicable and vicious person like you be worthy of being the Lord of Jiangdong, and how can you be worthy of ruling over Jiangdong."

    "I, the Yunzhou Li Family, am the first to disobey!"Li Er roared through gritted teeth.

    "I, the Jingzhou Lei Family, will not be obeyed either!"Lei laosan also roared harshly.

    However, just when the crowd thought that the only two people in the room were Li Er and his two friends who dared to disobey Lu Mingfeng.

    In the corner, there were two more figures that stood out.

    "The Haoshu Wang Family, also disobeyed!"

    "I, Wang Jiexi, only respect Mr. Chu as my master."


    "And I, the Yunzhou Xia Family, will never bow down either!"

    Amidst the low roar, Xia Xue and Xia Laozi also stepped forward with determination.

    With their weak strength, they bloomed with that faint light in this dim world.

    But did it work?

    It was useless.

    The moment Chen Ao bowed down, the momentum was set!

    This little bit of resistance doesn't turn much of a tide.


However, the resistance of the Yunzhou Xia Family had caught Lu Mingfeng's attention.

    "Oh, the Yunzhou Xia Family?"

    "I was just about to look for you guys, but I didn't expect that you guys would take the initiative to come forward."

    At this moment, Lu Mingfeng's playful gaze fell upon the Xia family.

    "You are the Xia family's head family member, Master Xia, right?"

    "This, I believe, is your designated heir, the future head of the Xia family, Xia Xue, right?"

    "I must say, these twins really look exactly the same."

    Lu Mingfeng smiled faintly, but the teasing words made the crowd puzzled for a moment.

    Master Xia was equally curious, their Xia family had no dealings with the Fenghua Group, and the Xia family was not one of the top families in Yunzhou, so why was this Lu Mingfeng suddenly so interested in their Xia family.

    Xia Xue's pretty face was pale and she was a little terrified.

    After all, she, a young girl, had never seen such a formation before.

    Now, facing Lu Mingfeng's gaze, Xia Xue only felt an extremely strong sense of oppression, causing her to nearly suffocate.

    However, Xia Xue still clenched her teeth and insisted, "You don't need to scare us."

    "Mr. Chu is so gracious to our Xia Family, and Mr. Chu is compassionate and righteous, our Xia Family will never betray Mr. Chu, much less bow down to a bad guy like you."

    "I believe that Mr. Chu will definitely return."

    "When Mr. Chu returns, all of you will be punished, and you will all regret it~"

    Xia Xue didn't know where she got the courage to roar at Lu Mingfeng.

    Until now, Xia Xue still believed that Ye Fan didn't die that easily.

    He was so powerful that when Liang Bo and Fan Zhongxiang and the others led hundreds of people to beat up Ye Fan, they were unable to do anything about it.

    In Xia Xue's heart, Ye Fan was the most powerful person she had ever seen, and she would never believe that Ye Fan had fallen just like that.

    When Lu Mingfeng heard this, he laughed.

    "Do you think, right now, you guys still have the qualifications to say that?"

    Amidst the sound of light laughter, the restaurant's door was immediately pushed open.

    The crowd only saw a girl who looked exactly like Xia Xue, wearing a sexy OL suit, a pair of silver high heels, and high-grade stockings outlining her slender jade legs seductively intoxicating.

    All over her body, she exuded a mature and charming charm.


    "Summer Moon?"

    The moment they saw the woman in front of them, Xia Xue and Old Master Xia were dumbstruck.

    They had never thought that Xia Yue would appear here.

    One had to know that ever since the Haitian Feast, Xia Yue had had all her family duties revoked by Old Master Xia because she had offended Mr. Chu.

    The formerly unstoppable Princess Xia's head of the family was later even sent to the township below to manage some of the Xia family's unimportant industries, completely marginalizing them.

    Xia Xue, on the other hand, because of her closeness to Mr. Chu, was valued by the family and was directly designated as the next family heir.

    It could be said that all the glory and power that used to belong to her sister Xia Yue was all replaced by Xia Xue.

    However, they did not expect that Xia Yue, who was supposed to be managing the Xia family's industry in the township, would appear in Haiyuan Pavilion, the most central center of power and influence in Jiangdong.

    However, Xia Yue did not pay attention to the doubts of Master Xia and the others.

    After she entered the door, she directly addressed Lu Mingfeng with a respectful voice, "Xia Family Head Xia Yue, would like to honor Mr. Lu!"

    "In the future, I, the Yunzhou Xia Family, will be led only by Mister!"


    "The head of the summer house?"

    Master Xia glared at that time and spoke harshly.

    "Xia Yue, you rebellious daughter, what are you talking nonsense about?"

    "I'm still alive, old man, and the Xia family is not yet your turn to be the head!"

    "What's more, even if I die another day, the head of the Xia family will be inherited by Xia Xue."

    "What qualifications do you have to represent the Xia family, you rebellious daughter!"

    "Shut up!"Xia Yue suddenly turned around and rebuked, her cold, angry voice exploding immediately.

    "The one who has no qualifications to represent the Xia family is you, Xia Donglin!"

    "It was you who made the wrong decision, misjudged the wrong person, and stood on the wrong team, causing the Xia family to fall into such a difficult and dangerous situation."

    "The family board of directors has decided to revoke your status as chairman as well as the head of the Xia family."

    "Let you retire early!"

    "As for a place to retire to, I've already picked it out for you."

    "Just go to our Xia family's few pieces of old houses in the township."

    Xia Yue smiled gloomily, and her pretty face with heavy makeup was all smug.


    "Donghai and the others were fostered by me, how could they be in cahoots with you and betray me?"

    "Even less likely, revoke my position and let me retire early!"

    Master Xia cursed furiously, his old face all eventful.

    "Is that so, grandfather?"

    "Are you that confident?"

    Between Xia Yue's sneers, she tossed a piece of paper to Master Xia's agreement.

    "Take a look, this is the unanimous resolution of the family board."

    "The official seal, signature, it's all on there."

    "Whether or not it's a forgery, grandpa, you should know better than anyone, right?"


    In the room, Xia Yue was smiling proudly.

    Master Xia, however, snatched the paper document and read it word for word.


    "After the family board of directors unanimously decided, read Xia Donglin is old, now remove Xia Donglin and Xia Xue in the family, all positions, early retirement, sent back home to retire.Xia Xue as a granddaughter, it is reasonable to accompany the care, together to the country home."


    Looking at the notice on it and the signatures of the family's top executives, Master Xia's entire body trembled.

    "This...How is this possible?"

    "Donghai and the others, how...How could they overhead me, how could they betray me?"

    "How dare they?"

    Master Xia's face was so eventful that he couldn't stop shaking his head, not daring to accept the facts before him.

    When Master Xia lost his temper, Lu Mingfeng took Xia Yue into his arms.

    Xia Yue woke up, not only did she not resist, but also stretched her seductive body in Lu Mingfeng's arms in a shy manner.

    The beautiful woman in his arms, Lu Mingfeng smiled as his hands roamed over Xia Yue's slender jade legs, gently scrubbing the high-grade stockings on Xia Yue's legs.

    This enchanting and charming Xia family head was now in his hands, as if it was a high-grade plaything.

    This was the charm of power and status!

    When you stand at the top, wealth and beauty will be at your fingertips.

    "How about it, old man?"

    "Even the head of your Xia family is now nothing more than a plaything of my hand."

    "You old immortal, you still want to disobey me?"

    Lu Mingfeng smiled proudly and continued.

    "It's just easy to get confused when you're old."

    "It's time for you to delegate."

    "Besides, Yue'er is both talented and good at judging the situation, being the head of this Xia family is much better than you, an old immortal."

    "Listen to your granddaughter, go back to your hometown and wait to die."


    Lu Mingfeng was laughing, and above his proud face was all the attitude of a victor.

    The girl in his arms, however, was equally full of wantonness and unrestrained joy.



    "You guys~"

    At this moment, Old Master Xia's old face was red and his body was trembling with anger.

    In the end, he puffed out a mouthful of blood and actually spat it out in a rush.



    Xia Xue was terrified and cried out in tears.

    Hastily ran over to the front to assist.

    At the same time, she turned her head to look at Xia Yue and shouted harshly.

    "Sister, how cruel you are~"

    "That's our grandfather, the grandfather of the bloodline."

    "You went so far as to sell your own body for your own selfish desires, working in cahoots with an outsider, and now you're not even letting go of your grandfather."

    "Do you know that you are seeking the skin of a tiger to quench your thirst."

    "You don't really think that you can be like Miss Qiu, and be among the top of Jiangdong and become the Empress of Jiangdong, do you?"

    "Miss Autumn and Mr. Chu, it was a love of suffering, a love of supporting and clinging to each other, and that's how we reached today step by step."

    "It's because of having shared the joys and sorrows with Mr. Chu that Miss Qiu is able to sit as the Empress of Jiangdong."

    "And what about you?"

    "That Lu Mingfeng is just treating you like a plaything underneath him."

    "When he's had enough of playing with you, he'll kick you away."

    "You won't end well if you're so self-benign."

    "Sister, how about a cliffhanger?"

    "It's not too late for you to turn back."

    "You're returning control of the Xia family to Grandpa."

    "This is grandpa's business with one voice, and for you to just take it away from grandpa like this is like taking his life."

    "In your heart, don't you have any guilt?"

    Xia Xue's tears streaming down her face, her voice full of misery and anger, echoed in the room for a long time.

    When Xia Yue heard it, she laughed, as if she had heard the world's best joke.


    "I treated him like a grandfather, why did he ever treat me like his granddaughter?"

    "I'm the eldest daughter of the Xia Clan."

    "For all these years, I've given so much for the Xia family."

    "But what about him?"

    "With one word, I was stripped of all my status and rights."

    "And sent me to a poor countryside, leaving me to fend for myself."

    "Instead, you were made the heir of the Xia family, a man with no ability or wrist."

    "With what?"

    "You deserve it too?"

    Xia Yue's face was cold, and that cold laughter was filled with resentment and jealousy.

    However, after venting, Xia Yue soon calmed down as well.

    She looked at Xia Xue, whose pretty face was filled with tears, and slowly said.

    "Sister, do you know?"

    "Just because you sucked up to Mr. Chu, just because you made Mr. Chu like you, everyone in the Xia family praised you."

    "Saying that you're the future of the Xia family, the Xia family's lucky star."

    "Grandfather made you an heir, and father made you sit as a group director."

    "The uncles and clansmen all flattered you."

    "Even the wine banquet banquet only brought you to attend, while I only deserve to curl up in the corner, like a stray dog abandoned by the [Yuyou Reading] people as a spectator beside me."

    "I'm really jealous of you."

    "Jealous that you got Mr. Chu's favor, jealous that you're proud like a princess."

    "But, by what, by what?"

    "We have the same face, the same looks, and even the same educational background."

    "Why should you be gloriously attractive for everyone to like, while I have to go to the poor countryside to fend for myself like a lost dog!"

    "I'm not convinced~"

    "I'm not happy!"

    "I stop thinking about coming back all the time."

    "But fortunately, I met Master Lu."

    "Maybe he doesn't like me, or maybe he just sees me as a letdown of all things."

    "But, I don't regret it."

    "Really, sister, I don't regret it at all."

    "Because, it was Master Lu, who let me stand tall and bask in the glory."

    "I used to be in deep darkness, but it was Young Master Lu who brought me light."

    "Following Young Master Lu, I'm willing to do so!"

    "As for Xia Donglin, he is only your grandfather alone, not mine."

    "What does his death or life have to do with me?"

    Xia Yue shook her head and said slowly.

    I only felt extraordinarily free in my heart.

    It was as if all the suppression and resentment in her heart over these half a year had been vented out at this moment.

    The entire mood of the person was also bright and clear!

    Even looking forward to the future.

    The dusky days were finally over.

    What awaited her next, Xia Yue, would be endless glory and light.

    And Xia Xue's entire body had been stunned.

    She had never expected that her sister, who she had spent time with and grown up with, would become such a stranger.

    "Someone, throw them out."

    With the Xia family falling into Xia Yue's hands, Master Xia and Xia Xue were naturally no longer of any use to them.

    Lu Mingfeng didn't bother to waste time on them and directly had them thrown out like dogs.

    "Second Master, now, the only ones who still disobey me in the entire Jiangdong are the three of you left."

    "You know, I'm a very easy-going person, I don't like to see blood."

    "But, if you provoke me, I don't mind, I'll make you three families remove your names from Jiangdong!"

    "I can exterminate the Mu Fan Group and the Ye Family of Jingzhou, so naturally I can crush you even more."

    Lu Mingfeng's words grew icy cold, and the killing intent on his handsome face had become increasingly thicker.

    "Jie Xi, hurry up and apologize to Young Master Lu."

    "I say what wrong medicine did you take this time?"

    "Li Er and Lei Laosan are Mr. Chu's henchmen, it's reasonable to miss him."

    "Rather you, what are you blindly joining in the fun."

    "Last time I remember the battle of Dongchang Lake, Mr. Chu almost had your Wang family exterminated, right."

    "You're fucking still on Ye Fan's side now, I really can't understand you?"

    Bald Liu was now rushing at Wang Jiexi to anxiously advise him.

    He had thought that today only the Li and Lei families would disobey Lu Mingfeng, but he had never expected that this Haoshu's Wang family would be right to join in on the fun.

    However, in response to this, Wang Jiexi said in a deep voice, "Mr. Chu has shown a kindness to my Wang Family."

    "When Mr. Chu went to the Sun Country, I had already sworn that my Haoshu Wang Family would be loyal to Mr. Chu for the rest of my life!"

    "How can I, Wang Jiexi, break a promise?"

    "You~" Bald Liu gritted his teeth in anger when he heard this, "Stupid!"

    "There's literally no medicine for you~"

    Bald Liu saw that Wang Jiexi was determined to have a hard anal head-on with Lu Mingfeng, so he didn't bother to persuade him.

    Lu Mingfeng's patience, however, was also now, completely gone.

    "Good, very good~"

    "That temperament, that loyalty, it's really touching,"

    "Since the three of you, are so sentimental about that Ye Fan's kindness, then this young master, will now send you down to find him."

    Lu Mingfeng snapped with a stern voice.


    "Give me the three of them. Kill them with a stick."

    "After they die, throw their corpses into the Yellow River to feed the fish."

    "Also, immediately contact Shao Hua and ask him to bring his men to trample down the Li family in Yunzhou, the Lei family in Jingzhou, and the Wang family in Haoshu."

    "After today, I'll have these three families, removed from Jiangdong!"


    The gale was fierce, wrapped around Lu Mingfeng's cold, angry voice, sweeping the heavens and earth.

    Everyone heard the words, but they all changed color!


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