Dish Best Served Cold 1056-1060


Chapter 1056


    Three removed?

    After all, has it come to this?

    Even though, many people present had already anticipated the end of Li Er and the others, when this scene actually happened, the crowd still felt tremors.

    I thought that this Lu Mingfeng's ruthlessness was not inferior to Ye Fan in the slightest.

    Sure enough, the moment Lu Mingfeng's words fell, there were four or five big men with sticks outside the restaurant, and they walked right in.

    Without saying a word, they headed towards Li Er and the others and surrounded them.

    However, it seemed as if Li Er and the others had anticipated these tactics of Lu Mingfeng, and not only did they not panic in the slightest, they even smiled faintly.

    "Lu Mingfeng, do you seriously think that I, Li Er, am so easy to deal with?"

    "You didn't really think we'd come to your Hongmen Banquet unprepared, did you?"

    "I told you we'd have to crush a few of your teeth even if we die!"

    Between Li Er's sardonic smiles, he whirled around and shouted externally, "Zheng Lao, please!"

    Yes, long before arriving, Li Er had already arranged for manpower outside the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    The leader of the group was the fighting master, Zheng He, who had met Ye Fan a few times before and was Li Xueqi's martial arts teacher!

    The crowd was terrified at the sight of this.

    They all got up and retreated!

    They knew that there was going to be a fierce armed fight next.

    These lofty and powerful bigwigs were afraid that they would be miserable and retreated towards the corner.

    However, ten seconds ~ twenty seconds~.

    A minute passed, and no one appeared outside the restaurant.

    Not even the sound of footsteps, not even the sound of footsteps.


    "What's the situation?"

    "Could it be that the Second Master's men are stuck in a traffic jam?"

    The crowd was astonished.

    Li Er also frowned, hesitated for a moment, and once again shouted at the door, "Master Zheng He, please still show yourself!"


    "Master Cheng?"


    However, Li Er's voice was almost rotten from shouting, and the Master Zheng He he was waiting for still hadn't appeared.


    "Second Master, don't waste your energy, he won't come."

    At this time, Lu Mingfeng's wanton laughter, however, came quietly.

    Li Er's eyes were red and he shouted angrily, "Bastard, what have you done?"

    Lu Mingfeng ignored him and just slapped his palm.


    The next moment, there was only a loud bang.

    The door of the restaurant was instantly kicked open.

    Immediately afterwards, a figure flew in as if it was a cannonball.

    Finally, it smashed directly in front of Li Er.

    "This...This is?"

    "Zheng...Master Zheng?"

    Looking at the blood-stained corpse beneath his feet, Li Er's entire body had been confused.

    His face was horrified, his pupils crumpled.

    The old face was even more pitiable.

    He had never expected that his greatest reliance, before he even appeared on the scene, had already become a corpse.

    "Young Master Lu, you are frightened."

    "The trouble outside has been resolved."

    "As per your orders, no one is alive!"

    While Li Er was dumbfounded, a strapping middle-aged man, dressed in grey robes with a cold and stern appearance, appeared here at some unknown time.

    If you look carefully, you will find that the features of the man in front of you are seven times similar to Wei Wuyou.

    Yes, the man in front of him was Wei Wuyou's son, the son of a martial arts master, Wei Fu!

    "Very good."

    "Worthy of being the son of a clan master, it really is a horse's chance of success!"

    "When your father returns from Jingzhou, in the evening, Young Master and I will personally give you and your son a banquet to thank him."

    Lu Mingfeng smiled arrogantly, and his cheerful laughter was full of pride contained within.

    The reason why this trip to Jiangdong went so smoothly, apart from Chen Ao's cooperation, the main reason was actually Wei Wuyou and his son.

    These two, were all strong martial daoists, their martial strength was out of this world!

    If you master them, you master the power!

    Across the void, the mountains and rivers are untrustworthy, only power can be trusted, only power is eternal.

    As long as one mastered power, then one mastered everything.

    Their father and son were like two of the sharpest sharp knives, piercing through Ye Fan's painstakingly managed Jiangdong, inch by inch.

    After expressing his gratitude to Wei Fu, Lu Mingfeng's gaze, once again, looked at Li Er and the others.

    "Just you guys, you also want to fight with this young master?"

    "But it's just asking for death!"

    Lu Mingfeng shook his head and smiled.

    Then, he raised his arm and stroked at the sky.

    As if, giving Li Er and the others, a direct death sentence.

    "Son of a bitch, go die!"

    However, at this moment, Li Er and Lei Lao San were all pulling out guns from their bosoms.

    They roared, the guns in their hands immediately aimed at Lu Mingfeng.


    There were several explosions in succession, tongues of fire spewing out, and hot bullets immediately pierced through the long skies and flew towards Lu Mingfeng's head.

    The crowd was shocked at what they saw.

    Even Lu Mingfeng's face then changed drastically, paling steeply.

    "Young Master, be careful!"

    At the last moment, it was still Wei Fu who was quick-eyed and took several steps on the ground.

    In a flash of lightning, Wei Fu rushed over and directly pushed Lu Mingfeng out.

    Boom boom boom~.

    There were several explosions, and the bullets whistled past Lu Mingfeng's body, finally hitting the high wall behind him.

    The restaurant trembled, debris flew, and the reinforced concrete walls immediately created several eventful gullies.

    After hitting nothing, Li Er and the others had to continue firing.But at this moment, Wei Fu turned back and kicked at the two wine glasses in front of him.


    Two booms in succession.

    The guns in the hands of Li Er and Lei Lao San were then struck on the ground by Wei Fu.

    The palms of their hands that held the guns were also suddenly pierced by glass, blurring flesh and blood.


    "Hit me hard."

    "Hit me dead on!"

    "Kill them for me~"

    After escaping from death, Lu Mingfeng was in shock, his handsome face no longer had the calm and indifference it had before, as if he was a mad dog that had been stepped on by the tail, roaring harshly.

    At this time, Li Er and the others, as the guns in their hands were knocked out, just like a tiger without fangs, naturally became fish meat on the chopping board of others, to be slaughtered.

    Immediately afterwards, those four or five big men rushed up, and first one of them kicked Li Er, Lei Laosan, and Wang Jiexi on the ground.

    First, one man kicked Li Er, Lei Laosan, and Wang Jiexi on the ground, and then, the iron rods in their hands kept smashing at their bodies.

    In just a short while, the three of them were covered in blood, and their screams of pain were incessant.

    Bald Liu and the others were pale and no longer dared to look.

    Chen Ao clutched his palm, his heart was intolerant.

    Finally, he turned around and was just about to plead for their mercy.

    Lu Mingfeng, however, directly said, "Whoever pleads for mercy, he is guilty along with them!"

    "But~" what else did Chen Ao want to say.


    "Chen Ao, don't forget the agreement between us."

    "If you want your wife and daughter to live, you better not disobey me."

    "Otherwise, what will happen to the Li and Lei families will be the final end of your Chen Ao family!"

    Lu Mingfeng's sensible words, however, blocked Chen Ao right back.

    He closed his eyes and no longer looked or spoke.

    In the room, only Lu Mingfeng Vladimir was laughing.


    "This is what happens when you disobey me!"

    "From now on, I, Lu Mingfeng, will be the supreme ruler of Jiangdong."

    "Who dares to disobey?"

    Lu Mingfeng stood arrogantly with a negative hand, full of pride and icy cold eyes.

    How eventful was the face of Vladimir?

    However, at this moment, a faint voice, however, sounded as if from the nine depths, quietly sounded.

    "You want to be the Honorable of Jiangdong?"

    "Did you ask me?"


The words were icy cold, with bone-chilling majesty!

    Almost instantly, the people here were like falling ice.

    "Sh...What man?"

    "Who is it?"

    This sudden voice made everyone startled.

    Chen Ao, Li Er and the others were even more jumpy.

    "This voice~"

    "Could it be..."

    "Could it be?"

    At that moment, a crazy thought, only like a tidal wave, came out from the depths of Chen Ao's heart.

    "It can't be him."

    "Nan Nan saw him buried in the sea of fire with her own eyes."

    "It must be my overthinking."

    "It must be~"

    The moment that thought appeared, Chen Ao ruthlessly pressed it down.

    He clenched his hands and shook his head incessantly, his heart shouting lowly over and over again.


    Finally, a bang.

    The building trembled and the rubble flew away.

    In everyone's shocked and violent gaze, they only saw that the high wall behind them was instantly shattered.

    As if an eventful mouth of a demon, a black hole the size of a person appeared above the originally solid wall.

    And at the place of the black hole, a man's thin figure, just like that, stood there.

    The dim shadows blocked his face, making it impossible to see his forehead face.

    However, those morbidly cold eyes, just like that, were like demons from the Nine Hells, gazing at the crowd through hell.

    Not needing a single word.

    Just standing there, it was close to making the crowd, their souls, fly away!

    "Holy shit~"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    In the room, Bald Liu and the others had already peed.

    One must know that this was the top floor of the Haiyuan Pavilion ah.

    From the ground, it was at least twenty to thirty meters high.

    In other words, this person in front of him, at tens of meters above the ground, had directly broken through the wall!

    "This...Is this still fucking human?"

    "It's a monster, right?"

    The hall was horrified.

    Although these people are big shots of a city, they are all mortals born under a red flag and growing up in the sunshine, how could they have ever seen such a horrifying scene?

    Now when they saw someone standing in the air, tens of meters in the air and directly breaking through the wall, they only felt their worldview collapse.


    "Who are you?"

    "How dare you trespass into the Sea Source Pavilion and make a fool of yourself here?"

    Lu Mingfeng's face was equally unsightly.

    Even for him, it was undoubtedly the first time he had seen such a horrifying sight.

    Appearing out of thin air a few tens of meters in the air, like a ghost, he was void across the sky.

    This tactic was difficult for even the noble Martial Dao Master, Wei Wuyou, to achieve.

    But now, appearing here, Lu Mingfeng naturally trembled with fear.

    However, even though he was terrified, he still endured his fear and rebuked him with a hard scalp.

    However, in the face of Lu Mingfeng's rebuke, that person did not speak.

    Instead, raising his head, with one step, he stepped into the Hong Luck Restaurant!

    And the moment he stepped into the restaurant, the moment his face was reflected in the eyes of the crowd, the whole place, elegantly silent.

    Everyone stayed where they were, as if time and space were standing still at this moment.

    The entire world, dead silence!


    Outside, a cold, gloomy wind was blowing.

    Through this black hole, it swept through the entire hall.

    At that moment, everyone shuddered.

    Bald Liu and the others were even more as if they had seen a ghost, staring at the man in front of them with dead eyes, incredulous.

    "Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    Yes, the skinny young man in front of him was none other than Ye Fan!

    When the King returns, all rebels shall die!

    "You're...Are you really Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    "But...But that's...How is this possible?"Chen Ao's body trembled tremendously, not knowing whether it was because of shock or fear, this majestic and all-powerful King of Jiangdong, whose body was unconsciously swinging.

    Even he was like this, not to mention others.

    "No, it's impossible?"

    "You're dead, you're dead."

    "How can you still be alive?"

    Xia Blood's eyebrows were red and he was shouting hysterically.

    Bald Liu and the others, however, were so scared that they couldn't even say anything.

    Just with their mouths open and their arms pointing in the direction of Ye Fan, the whole person was like a rooster being strangled, only out of breath, not in.

    In his heart, there was even only endless fear!

    Chen Ao and the others couldn't believe that Ye Fan, who disappeared for more than a month and was rumored to have fallen on the Japanese seashore and died in the Pacific Ocean, had returned alive.

    At this time, only one thought was left in everyone's mind.

    That is, is he a human, or a ghost?

    While the hall was trembling, Li Er and the others, who were covered in blood, undoubtedly saw Ye Fan's figure as well.

    At that moment, it was only like a person who was walking at night, seeing a long lost light.

    It was also like someone who had fallen into the water and grasped the last straw to save his life.

    As the saying goes, when the bitterness is over, the sweetness is over, and when a withered tree meets spring, this is the moment.

    There were no words to describe the emotions of Li Er and the others.

    It was as if a warrior in a desperate and trapped situation had finally, at the last moment, waited for his king to return!

    The moment they saw Ye Fan, Li Er, Lei Lao San and the others, they burst into tears.

    "Mr. Chu ah~"

    "The penis will know that you're not dead, you're alive."

    "You're so awesome, you can't die so easily."


    "Mr. Chu, Lao Er waited for you so hard~"

    "Do you know that during your absence, Jiangdong was all in chaos."

    "All chaos~"

    Li Er's words were poignant and filled with tears.

    A forty year old man, who was now crying like a fury in front of Ye Fan.

    Lei Laosan and Wang Jiexi were a little better, although not as disoriented as Li Er, they were undoubtedly teary-eyed.

    They had thought that they were afraid that they would really lose their lives this time.

    But now, the king they were waiting for, had returned!

    They couldn't die.

    It was as if all the hard work had paid off at this moment.

    Lei Lao San and the others, who were agitated, endured the pain and gritted their teeth to climb up, while kneeling at Ye Fan's feet.

    "Mr. Chu, it was us who were incompetent, failing to guard the Mu Fan Group, failing to protect Miss Qiu, and failing to guard this Jiangdong for you."

    "It's us, who failed to meet your expectations, Mr. Chu."

    "Please chastise Mr. Chu!!!"

    Lei laosan was covered in blood, and even though he was battered and bruised, his voice was still loud and thunderous.

    With Lei Laosan leading the way, Li Er and Wang Jiexi both kneeled their heads in unison.

    "It is we who are incompetent and have failed Mr. Chu's trust and expectations."

    "Please Mr. Chu, chastise!"


    "Please chastise Mr. Chu!"



    The sound was like muffled thunder, but it trembled the entire room and everyone's heartstrings.

    The faces of Bald Liu and the others had gone completely white.

    The fear that had once been dominated by Mr. Jiang Dong Chu had undoubtedly returned completely.

    Who said that Ye Fan was dead?

    Evans is still alive!

    In a split second, the hearts of the crowd were already bottomless.

    You looked at me, I looked at you, but they were looking at each other!

    Now, they were simply not sure, what to do anymore.

    Should they continue to honor Ye Fan, or embrace a new master?

    As for Chen Ao, his face was even uglier, a flash of blue and white.

    He stood there with his head down, silent, not even having the courage to look directly at Ye Fan.

    "You are Mr. Chu?"

    "That bratty brat?"


Suddenly, a cold and gloomy voice quietly sounded in the room.

    Under the hall, Lu Mingfeng's face was gloomy, and his pair of cold eyes, full of caution and scruples, looked at the man in front of him.

    Lu Mingfeng had never thought that Ye Fan really wasn't dead.

    Moreover, he was now even directly and arrogantly stepping into the Haiyuan Pavilion, completely disrupting all of Lu Mingfeng's plans.

    "You're really lucky."

    "Surprisingly, you actually came back alive."

    "Someone who can still be alive under the Chu Clan attack."

    "I guess, you're the only one."

    After a brief moment of panic, Lu Mingfeng soon calmed down as well.

    Lu Mingfeng still knew something about what had happened to Ye Fan.

    Their Lu family, being one of the four great families in Yanjing, had some dealings with the Chu family.

    This time, they were instructed by the Chu family to enter Jiangdong.

    "That so-called Lord of Jiangdong, Ye Fan, has died under the siege of our Chu Family."

    "Now that there are no dragons in Jiangdong, you can take over and take charge of Jiangdong!"

    This was the Chu family's advice to Lu Mingfeng before they left.

    Before that, Lu Mingfeng was convinced of it.

    But he never expected that the Chu family, had miscalculated.

    Ye Fan wasn't dead!

    He came back alive.

    "But so what?"

    "Now that the big picture has been decided, the Mu Fan Group that you founded has also been trampled to extinction by me, Lu Mingfeng."

    "The powerful big men of the four directions have also all surrendered to me."

    "Now that Jiangdong has been pacified, the big picture has been decided."

    "I, Lu Mingfeng, have become the sky of Jiangdong!"

    "Even if you Ye Fan come back, what can you do?"

    "Could it be that you still want to go against the world?"

    Lu Mingfeng smiled coldly, promptly proud and arrogant above his handsome face.

    "Yes, I know that you, Mr. Chu, are powerful."

    "Taishan Martial Battle, you made a difference."

    "On Dongchang Lake, you became famous in one battle!"

    "But if you can fight one man and ten men, what about a thousand and a hundred?"

    "Ye Fan, Ye Fan, no matter how strong you are personally, you're still just a person after all."

    "And behind me, there is a great family, a family."

    "My magnificent Lu family is one of the four great families of the world."

    "In the entire Huaxia, in terms of family background, who can match me?"

    "And you?"

    "Just a countryside lowly, after poverty."

    "You're alone, do you still want to fight against my Lu family's gentry?"

    Yes, this was what Lu Mingfeng relied on.

    He knew that Ye Fan was powerful, and only Ye Fan could destroy gold and jade.

    However, he wasn't afraid!

    This is because his origin and background is his greatest source of support.

    Since he was a child, Lu Mingfeng had made many misfortunes and provoked countless people.

    But without exception, when those people found out that Lu Mingfeng was the crown prince of the Lu family, not only did they stop investigating Lu Mingfeng's faults, they even came to his door to ask for forgiveness in person.

    This was power, this was background!

    Let your strength be strong, let your means be supreme.

    But in front of power, no matter how strong you are, you will only be able to bow to it.

    That was why, after seeing Ye Fan's empty and horizontal means, Lu Mingfeng was still so calm and fearless.

    Because, he knew that Ye Fan wouldn't dare to touch him!

    No one in the world would dare touch him!


    There was silence!

    No one spoke, saying that everyone was silent and terrified, only Lu Mingfeng was the only one who was lightly smiling, even sitting at the table with a breeze, drinking lightly from a cup of tea.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything either, his thin figure, just standing there like that.


    "Mr. Chu, why aren't you talking?"

    "Just now, weren't you still mighty and overbearing and pushy?"

    The smile on Lu Mingfeng's face was even greater when he saw this.

    Ye Fan's silence had undoubtedly fueled his arrogance.

    He only thought that Ye Fan was afraid.

    Thinking about it, the Lu family was powerful, it was a red gentry with deep reserves, and among the family, they had been officials for generations, and they all held a certain amount of power to speak in the central hub of Huaxia.

    This kind of family, Wu Weitao didn't even have the qualifications to visit them.

    It was by virtue of such a powerful background that any outsider, facing Lu Mingfeng, would have to fear three points.

    Even Xu Lei, who was also the head of a powerful family, did not dare to touch him at all.

    Because of this, Lu Mingfeng naturally wouldn't take Ye Fan, a country bumpkin, into his eyes even more.

    In the midst of his complacency, Lu Mingfeng continued to shake his head and laugh.


    "It seems that Mr. Chu is a smart man."

    "Knows who can be messed with and who can't be messed with."

    "Tell you what, come over here and pour me three glasses of wine, then bow down to me on your knees."

    "And swear that you will never enter the land of Edo again in this life."

    "In this way, I can let you go in peace and leave in peace, and not pursue the offense you committed against this young master today."

    Lu Mingfeng said indifferently, looking at Ye Fan with all the contempt and disdain in his eyes.

    Hearing this, Li Er and the others clenched their palms.

    They only felt that this Lu Mingfeng was simply arrogant and arrogant to the core!

    However, Li Er and the others didn't speak, their bloodied faces just looked at Ye Fan quietly like this, waiting for his decision.

    After all, Lu Mingfeng was right, the power of their Lu Family was in no way something that could be countered by anyone.

    If Ye Fan was willing to bow down, Li Er and the others would have nothing to say.

    Not only Li Er, everyone in the hall was waiting for Ye Fan's choice.

    However, who would have thought that in the next moment, Ye Fan would have laughed.

    That laugh was mortified and carried three parts of ridicule.


    "What are you laughing at?"

    "Bastard, you're dying, and you have the fucking nerve to laugh!"

    Lu Mingfeng was annoyed at the situation.

    Because Ye Fan's smile made him extremely unhappy.

    "What am I smiling about?"

    "I'm laughing at your whimsy, laughing at your lack of knowledge of life and death."

    "I don't even care about the Chu family, let alone your humble Lu family."

    Ye Fan laughed coldly.

    And in the midst of Ye Fan's laughter, the temperature of the entire room, also dropped straight down abruptly.

    "Lu Mingfeng, Lu Mingfeng, you think too highly of yourself and think too little of me."

    "You have no idea what kind of existence is standing in front of you!"

    "What's more, you don't know that the ones you're so proud of are worthless in my eyes!"

    The words were resounding, only as if they were all falling to the ground.

    Moral words, with endless might, but sweeping the four directions.

    With each sentence that Ye Fan said, he took a step forward towards Lu Mingfeng's direction, and the might on his body then intensified by one point.

    In the end, Ye Fan's angry voice, all powerful, suddenly exploded.

    "Let me bend to toast?Make me beg for mercy on my knees?"

    "A Gryphon's body and you're worthy?"

    "Insolent!You ungrateful thing, who gave you the courage to speak out against Young Master Lu as well, looking for death?"Hearing Ye Fan's words, before Lu Mingfeng could react, Wei Fu, who was on the side, exploded and cursed at Ye Fan in a majestic rage.


    However, Wei Fu's words had just fallen.

    In the next moment, only a cold shout was heard.


    Right after that, Ye Fan kicked out with a direct kick!


    Ribs cracked and blood flew everywhere.

    Wei Fu, who was imposing just now, was like a dead dog, so he was kicked up by Ye Fan, and his hundred-pound body smashed directly on the high wall behind him.

    With a bang, Wei Fu's head smashed directly open.

    Blood mixed with brain matter, bursting out in all directions.

    The broken body, grazing the wall, fell helplessly.

    The son of a clan master, under Ye Fan, but he didn't even have time to scream before he was already dead!

    Dead silence!

    Deadly silence.

    The entire crowd was silent, only Ye Fan's low, deep drink echoed to the four corners of the room!




    Inside Haiyuan Pavilion, everyone stared at the man in front of them with dead eyes, like looking at a ghost.

    Because of the fear, Bald Liu and the others didn't even dare to breathe.

    Just dumbfounded there, in their hearts, there were waves of panic, sweeping wildly!

    One kick!

    Just one kick!

    Wei Fu, who was not afraid of gunshots or bullets just now, was just blown up.

    Yes, just exploded!

    The entire head, all of them directly exploded.

    The red blood mixed with the brains, staining the white wall behind them.

    The stark contrast of colors, however, impacted everyone's eyeballs and shook everyone's hearts.


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    Looking at the scene in front of them, Bald Liu and the others had been scared to death and their eyes were drawn straight.

    It was too cruel!

    Ye Fan's fierceness undoubtedly shook everyone here.

    Especially Bald Liu, those who led the betrayal of Ye Fan, were even more terrified and horrified in their hearts.

    After all, the fact that Ye Fan was able to blow up Wei Fu with one kick undoubtedly meant that he was able to kick them.

    Before this, Bald Liu and the others were still flustered.

    They felt that this Ye Fan, didn't dare to offend the Lu family, let alone fight hard against Lu Mingfeng.

    However, now it seemed that they were wrong.

    And it was a big mistake!

    The fact in front of him undoubtedly slapped everyone's face hard.

    Who said that Ye Fan didn't dare to fight hard against the Lu family?

    Who said that Ye Fan would be afraid of the Yanjing gentry?

    Wei Fu's downfall was undoubtedly Ye Fan's most powerful comeback against Lu Mingfeng!


    "You~ You~"

    "You actually killed him?"

    "You've got the nerve of a dog!"

    "Son of a bitch, I declare, you're finished!"

    "How dare you touch my Lu Mingfeng's people, my Yanjing Lu Family will make sure that you will not have a good death."

    At this time, Lu Mingfeng was undoubtedly trembling to the core as well.

    He had never thought that Ye Fan would dare to disobey him?

    And to do it to his people?

    This was undoubtedly the greatest provocation to Lu Mingfeng!

    Under anger, Lu Mingfeng, his eyes red, roared hysterically at Ye Fan.

    However, faced with Lu Mingfeng's anger, Ye Fan did not move, instead, he laughed coldly.

    "Let me die a horrible death?"Evan asked back, "Do you think, right now, you're still qualified to say that?"

    In between sneers, Ye Fan was already walking in front of Lu Mingfeng.

    He was expressionless and condescending as he looked down on Lu Mingfeng in such a cold manner.

    Like a generation of monarchs, looking down on a mole cricket!

    "You...What do you want?"

    "You despicable hillbilly, a bumbling leader of humble origins, do you dare to lay a hand on me?"

    Lu Mingfeng was colorful and shouted at Ye Fan.


    Ye Fan was silent, only raising his hand and slapping Lu Mingfeng's face.

    The force of Ye Fan's slap was so great.

    Lu Mingfeng's entire body directly flew up and knocked over countless tables and chairs before it heaved to the bottom.

    His mouth was full of blood, his face had been distorted by Ye Fan, and he had lost several front teeth.

    The scene in front of them, however, shook the crowd again.

    They didn't expect that Ye Fan really did it to Lu Mingfeng?

    However, wasn't he worried about Lu Mingfeng's background?

    Wasn't he afraid of retaliation from the Yanjing gentry?

    The crowd was speechless in fear, and even Li Er and the others, a touch of worry began to emerge in their hearts.

    Before, when they dared to point their guns at Ye Fan, it was with the idea of destroying everything with jade.

    But now, Mr. Chu had also taken action against Lu Mingfeng, they had to worry about Ye Fan's safety in the future.

    While the crowd was terrified, Lu Mingfeng covered his face and crawled up from the ground.

    With red eyes, he looked at Ye Fan again.

    "You...You dare to hit me?"

    "You've got the nerve of a dog!"


    With another slap, Ye Fan once again befuddled it.

    This time, the left side of Lu Mingfeng's face was also crooked by Ye Fan, spitting blood mixed with his teeth all over the floor.

    However, even so, Lu Mingfeng still had no fear of Ye Fan and was instead laughing eventfully.


    "Okay, fine."

    "Son of a bitch, you've got balls."

    "In all these years, you're the first person who dared to lay hands on me."

    "But I, Lu Mingfeng, guarantee that you will soon regret your actions for the rest of your life because of today's actions!"

    Lu Mingfeng, his mouth full of blood, laughed wantonly.

    "I don't think you've returned home to Jingzhou yet."

    "I forgot to tell you, last night, I already sent Wei over to the Jingzhou Ye family villa to pay a visit to your parents and relatives on your behalf, Mr. Chu."

    "Aren't you curious as to how your relatives, how they ended up now?"

    Lu Mingfeng's gloomy voice slowly sounded, and his words were all threatening to Ye Fan.

    Seeing that Ye Fan's forward steps suddenly stopped, the smile on Lu Mingfeng's face was undoubtedly even more intense.


    "Scared, aren't you?"

    "Bastard, if you don't want to see the corpses of your parents and relatives, kneel down and beg for death for this young master right now!"

    Lu Mingfeng gritted his teeth and roared low.

    "Despicable villain~"

    "How is it a great man to threaten Mr. Chu with his family?"

    "Simply shameless!"

    Behind him, there were curses from Li Er and the others.

    But Lu Mingfeng didn't care, and the smile on his lips became even greater instead.

    "From ancient times, a king has been defeated!"

    "As long as I can help me achieve my goal, that's what a great man does."

    However, just as Lu Mingfeng was laughing proudly, Ye Fan shook his head and slowly said.


    "Is his name Wei Lao?"

    "Just as well, I want to ask you, aren't you curious as to what has happened to the old man, Wei, whom you have cited as being relied upon?"

    Ye Fan laughed softly, and in his words, he shouted some banter.

    Lu Mingfeng's eyebrows furrowed, "What do you mean?"

    "Could it be that you're going to tell me that you've already taken care of Wei Lao?"

    "You expect me to believe that?"

    "Wei Lao is a strong clan master, able to destroy gold and jade, open monuments and crack stones, and has an exceptional cultivation."

    "How can you, a lowly and despicable gangster, be an enemy of Old Man Wei?"

    "Today, it's also because Wei Lao is not here."

    "Otherwise, this young master would have already let you, cross your body here!"

    Lu Mingfeng, a proud man with icy eyes, endured the pain and drank at Ye Fan with a vow.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he laughed.


    "It sounds like it's powerful."

    "But I just don't know, is the Wei Lao that Young Master Lu is talking about him?"

    As the words fell, Ye Fan's sleeve robe immediately waved.

    Immediately afterwards, an air force suddenly struck out.

    Then, under the wrapping of Ye Fan's strength, a black shadow flew in through the window.

    It smashed down in front of Lu Mingfeng with a loud bang.

    "This...This is~"

    "The coffin!"

    After that shadow landed on the ground, everyone present, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air and wailed in dismay.

    Yes, in the hall, a huge coffin, just like this, lay in front of Lu Mingfeng.

    Ye Fan shook open the lid of the coffin with a kick, and then the corpse inside was revealed.

    It was, indeed, the powerful Ancestor who had been pierced through the throat by Yu Yun's sword in the land of Jingzhou, Wei Wuyou!


    The instant he saw the corpse, Lu Mingfeng was like five thunderbolts.

    The entire person, directly, was struck in place.


    "How is this possible?"


"No...No way."

    "This...It's never possible~"

    "Wei Lao is a martial arts master, a strong protector invited by the Shao Hua family!"

    "How could you die?"

    "No way, that's never possible!"

    In the hall, looking at the already cold corpse in the coffin, Lu Mingfeng was undoubtedly completely panicked.

    At this time, he was undoubtedly unable to remain calm anymore.

    Apart from his own background, Wei Wu-Ya was their greatest source of support this time when he entered Jiangdong.

    But now, Wei Wu-Ya was dead!

    Lu Mingfeng was naturally terrified.


    "What did you do?"

    "What the hell did you do?"

    "How dare you kill Wei Lao?"

    Lu Mingfeng's entire body was nearly insane, questioning Ye Fan loudly with his red eyes.

    However, Ye Fan did not move at all, and his clear and beautiful face was filled with chill.

    The cold voice, as if coming out from the abyss, made the crowd here, shudder!

    "I don't just dare to kill him, I dare to kill you!"


    The wind was cold.

    The moment the words fell, Ye Fan's face became steeply cold.

    Chilling intent surged throughout his body, and boundless killing intent raged.


    "What do you want?"

    At this moment, Lu Mingfeng was undoubtedly completely panicked.

    For the first time, he realized that his life-preserving talisman, had failed!

    His proud identity as a descendant of the Lu family has been difficult to shelter him.

    For the first time in so many years, his life was nakedly exposed to Ye Fan's "butcher's knife"!

    In the end, Lu Mingfeng, who was in fear, stumbled over his feet and immediately fell to the ground.

    Like this, he watched, in despair, as Ye Fan's footsteps, towards him, gradually approached!

    However, just as Ye Fan was about to strike, suddenly, a figure, but a figure rushed forward and hugged Ye Fan.

    "Mr. Chu, don't~"

    "This Lu family is rich and energetic, it's not something we can provoke ah."

    "If you really kill him today, you will definitely cause a monstrous disaster to you, to Jiangdong, in the future!"

    "Moreover, not only the Lu family, his good friend, Xu Shaohua, also comes from a great family in Yanjing, a general tiger's son."

    "If Lu Mingfeng dies, then Xu Shaohua will surely avenge him as well."

    "The two great gentry families will take action at the same time, and then, Mr. Chu, you are afraid that you will really be in big trouble!"

    "So, please, Mr. Chu, take the bigger picture into account and don't try to be a hero."

    Li Er blocked in front of Ye Fan and begged in a bitter and miserable voice.

    Lei Laosan and Wang Jiexi both staggered and came over, also advising Ye Fan.

    "Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "This Lu Mingfeng has already learned his lesson, so there's no need to kill him."

    "It's better to focus on the overall situation of Jiangdong!"

    Lei Lao San and the two of them all advised in a bitter voice.

    In Li Er's and their opinion, once Ye Fan really got rid of Lu Mingfeng, this was bound to cause the thunderous wrath of the Lu Family.

    As far as they knew, this Lu Mingfeng was the crown prince of the Lu family and had an honorable status among the Lu family.

    If he died, the Lu family would definitely do whatever it took to make Ye Fan pay for his life!

    At that time, Ye Fan, who had just returned to Jiangdong, would most likely face desperate circumstances once again.

    Moreover, by that time, not only Ye Fan but also the entire Jiangdong power would have to bear the wrath of the Lu family!

    This was naturally not what Li Er and the others wished to see.

    In the end, under the obstruction of Li Er and the others, Ye Fan stopped after all.

    He lowered his head and looked down at Lu Mingfeng, who was in a mess like a dog at his feet, and coldly said, "For the sake of Li Er and the others, this time, I'll spare your life ."

    "Before I change my mind, get out of here."

    "Get out of Yunzhou, get out of Jiangdong ."

    The faint words had no emotions contained in them .

    Calm, just like a spring of water, ancient well.

    This was Ye Fan, even scolding people was so calm .

    The breezy appearance was as if he was just chatting with someone about family life.

    However, the chill beneath that calm words was a chill for everyone.

    This time, Lu Mingfeng naturally didn't dare to say a harsh word anymore.

    From the moment he saw Wei Wuyou's corpse, Lu Mingfeng's guts had been broken.

    He couldn't care less about his manners and dignity, crawling and fleeing from the restaurant immediately.


    Li Er and the others only let out a long sigh of relief at the sight of this.

    The stone hanging in their hearts immediately fell to the ground.

    "Scared the hell out of me."

    "Mr. Chu, fortunately you let him go."

    "Otherwise, our Jiangdong, we'd be in for a big disaster in the future."

    "But seriously, before this, I really thought that you were going to kill him ah~"

    Li Er was in shock and said evenly.

    That tone of voice, surprisingly, gave one the feeling of having survived a robbery.

    This also showed how anxious Li Er, Lei Lao San and the others were just now.

    But what Li Er said was the truth.

    A few minutes ago, their hearts were in their throats, afraid that Ye Fan would be impulsive and really slaughter Lu Mingfeng!

    After all, according to Ye Fan's temperament, he would do such a thing.

    But fortunately, Ye Fan hung back from the precipice and closed his hand in time.

    As long as Lu Mingfeng and the others didn't die, then there was still room for everything to be turned around.

    Jiangdong was still Mr. Chu's Jiangdong as well.

    However, in the face of Li Er's words, Ye Fan did not speak.

    Instead, he sat back on the sofa and picked up the teapot to pour himself a cup of tea.

    In a split second, the fragrance of tea overflowed, dense heat slowly rose, but it reflected Ye Fan's cold face.

    "They messed up my Jiangdong, destroyed my foundation, injured my wife, and even plotted to kill my mother."

    "Do you seriously think that I, Ye Fan, will really let him off so easily?"

    Ye Fan was holding a teacup and smiling coldly.

    The chill in his brows and eyes was still thick!

    Li Er and the others were stunned at the news: "Then...That Mr. Chu you just...?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "If I don't let him go, how can I find Xu Shaohua's hiding place."

    "The two of them, I won't let any of them go."


    Hearing this, Li Er and the others, trembled.

    A pair of old eyes, instantly widened!

    "So...So, Mr. Chu, you're going to kill them all, all...Kill them all?"

    Li Er's entire body was already nearly pockmarked, losing his voice in fear.

    He had thought that Ye Fan had spared Lu Mingfeng before because he had listened to his own advice, was afraid of the Lu family's energy, and was afraid of making things worse before he had stopped.

    But now, it seemed that he was, most likely, thinking wrong!

    Perhaps, Ye Fan had never intended, from start to finish, to let them go.

    In the room, Li Er's terrified voice was still echoing.

    However, Ye Fan didn't reply, smiling imploringly.

    Just lifted the cup of tea, tilted his head up, and drank the cup of strong tea, in one go!


    Outside, the river of heaven stood across the sky, and the wind swept through the clouds.

    The gloomy cold through the wind, down the doors and windows, but swept past.

    The bodies of the people here all shuddered unconsciously.


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