Dish Best Served Cold 1061-1065


Chapter 1061

With Lu Mingfeng's departure, the heavens and earth here had undoubtedly returned to calm once again.

    The bodies of Wei Wuyou and his son were still lying there, red blood slowly falling down the walls.

    The ticking sound echoed, but it was so eerie and terrifying.

    Silence, a long, long silence.

    Ye Fan no longer spoke, just sitting on the sofa, drinking tea.

    However, while drinking alone, Ye Fan also greeted Li Er and Lei Laosan, allowing them to sit down and drink tea with him.

    As for the others, Ye Fan also ignored them.

    Just left them out to the side.

    Not saying to spare them or punish them.

    But the more they did, the more it undoubtedly made Bald Liu and the others terrified.

    After all, it was the unknown that was the most frightening.

    This kind of delusionless waiting was undoubtedly a great torment for Bald Liu and the others.

    It was as if a carving knife was slicing through their bodies bit by bit.

    Fear, panic, despair~

    All kinds of emotions were only like the devil's palm, fiercely strangling everyone's heart.

    In the end, there were already people in the crowd who couldn't stand this torment.

    With a bang, they directly knelt on the ground and worshipped Ye Fan, in fear, and begged in tears, "Chu...Mr. Chu, spare your life."

    "We, we really didn't mean to betray you."

    "It's all because of that bald-headed Liu, it's bald-headed Liu who encouraged us and threatened us."

    "He's the one who said that if we don't submit to Lu Mingfeng, what will happen to the Mu Fan Group will be our final outcome."

    "So Mr. Chu, we can't be blamed~"

    "We just want to live."

    "We really didn't, intentionally betray you~"

    As one person walked out, it was as if a boulder fell into the sea, creating a huge wave.

    In a split second, the crowd who had just bowed down to Lu Mingfeng were like a pile of wall grass, all kneeling at Ye Fan's feet and worshipping in fear and misery.

    "Yes, Mr. Chu."

    "It's all because of that bald-headed Liu, who compelled us."

    "If it wasn't for him, we, the people, would never have betrayed Mr. Chu."


    "Yes, it's all that Bald Liu~"

    "It was all instigated by Bald Liu!"

    All the people present threw the pot to Bald Liu.

    Bald Liu's entire body was silly at that time, his old face pale, his heart terrified and angry.

    "You...You guys~"

    "What a bunch of sons of bitches crossing the river."

    "Yes, I tried to talk you out of it, but did I make you?"

    "It's still you guys who are greedy and afraid of death, fearing Young Master Lu's revenge and willing to surrender yourselves."

    "Now that something's happened, it's all damn blame on me?"

    "Bunch of sons of bitches who see the wind, I, Bald Liu, am really blind, I should have advised Young Master Lu to just slaughter you all in the first place!"

    Bald Liu was close to vomiting blood, he had never thought that this group of people had dumped the whole pot on him alone, and cursed with a black face.

    "Mr. Chu, look, this Bald Liu has admitted it himself."

    "He's the one who betrayed to you, and encouraged all the Jiangdong crowd to submit to Lu Mingfeng."

    "This Bald Liu, his heart is punishable!"

    "Please, Mr. Chu, clear the portal!"

    The head of the Ma family, Ma Fei, begged to Ye Fan in a deep voice.

    The others, who saw the situation, also all paid lip service to Bald Liu and begged for Ye Fan.

    "Please, Mr. Chu, clear the portal!"


    "Please, Mr. Chu, clear the portal~"


    "You...You guys?"

    Seeing his former best friend, now all of them are now verbally attacking him.

    Bald Liu's entire person, undoubtedly cooled down halfway.

    He knew that this time, he was finished, completely finished!

    Thinking that before, he had thought that after helping Lu Mingfeng to reach the summit of Jiangdong, he, Bald Liu, as the founding minister, would definitely gain endless wealth and power.

    But now, his illusions were completely shattered.

    "You what you?"

    "You're a Jiangdong sinner and you still have the nerve to speak?"

    "Hurry up and kneel down to Mr. Chu and beg for death!"

    Ma Fei, the head of the Ma family, walked over, but he kicked Bald Liu on the ground.

    The others, seeing this, also surrounded Bald Liu, wanting to use this to show their loyalty to Ye Fan.

    Just like this, Bald Liu was forced by the crowd to kneel down to Ye Fan.

    Until this time, Bald Liu was undoubtedly completely panicked.

    "Mr. Chu, spare your life~"

    "I was wrong, I know I was wrong."

    "I was also momentarily blinded by profit."

    "I'm willing to be punished, willing to hand over all my Liu family's properties, I only beg Mr. Chu, spare my life~"

    Bald Liu knelt down and begged for mercy, weeping in fear.

    Faced with Bald Liu's plea for mercy, Ye Fan did not move.

    He just slowly raised his head, looked at the man at his feet, and smiled coldly, "Do you think, right now, you still have the value of living?"

    Ye Fan's words were eerie and bone-chilling.

    After Bald Liu heard it, he was immediately shocked.

    A pair of old eyes stared huge!

    "Mr. Chu, no~"

    Before dying, Bald Liu shouted in despair.

    But in the next moment, his entire body, but already flew out of the window.

    Dozens of meters down, only to hear a bang, blood splattered all over the ground.

    At that moment, the bodies of Ma Fei and the others shivered unconsciously.

    The trepidation and fear of Ye Fan in their hearts became even more intense.

    The fear of being dominated by the young man in front of them, made the crowd present, but they almost went crazy.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, was still calm.

    There was no joy or sadness on his clear and beautiful face.

    On the contrary, he was sitting there calmly, drinking tea.

    It was as if the one who just crushed to death was just a mole cricket.

    That kind of domineering spirit that treats life like a blade of grass, makes everyone sweat!

    Sometimes, Ma Fei and the others were really curious.

    Was this man in front of him really just a teenager in his early twenties?

    Is it really just a junior junior not long into the world?

    His kind of calmness in the midst of turmoil, even an old man who had been through all the ups and downs of the world would be hard to match, right?

    With the death of Bald Liu, the crowd in the room naturally didn't dare to speak even more.

    They didn't even dare to breathe.

    They were afraid that they would attract Ye Fan's attention and then step into Bald Liu's shoes.

    Ma Fei and the others just knelt in front of Ye Fan, terrified, waiting for what Ye Fan would do to them.

    At this time, the only ones still standing in the Haiyuan Pavilion were Chen Ao and Xia Yue.

    However, in the next moment, Xia Yue's feet softened, and her entire body was then spread out on the place.

    She, a weak woman, had never seen such a scene before?

    Previously, she dared to flaunt her power to Xia Xue and the others, and it was solely due to Lu Mingfeng's protection.

    But now, Lu Mingfeng had been run away, Xia Yue had no one to lean on, plus having witnessed Ye Fan's fierce methods with her own eyes, her entire soul had long since scattered.

    Her brain was blank, she could barely even think anymore, and in her heart, all that was left was fear.

    So far, the only person present, Chen Ao, was still standing there, silent.

    Ye Fan turned his back to him and drank tea.

    After a long silence, Ye Fan's deep voice, only then sounded.

    "Chen Ao, don't you have anything to say to me?"

    The faint words contained no emotions.

    There was only an endless moroseness, and coldness!


Li Er and Lei Lao San and others, also looked at Chen Ao.

    Honestly, till now, Li Er and Lei Lao San both of them have not figured out why Chen Ao betrayed Mr. Chu?

    Did Mr. Chu treat him badly?

    The richest place in Jiangdong, let him control.

    The land of Jiangdong, besides Ye Fan, is also when Chen Ao has the most authority.

    Not only that, even Chen Ao's daughter, Mr. Chu also loves and cares for her very much.

    It is said that this time, Mr. Chu risked his life to send Chen Nan out in the danger of the Sun Kingdom.

    Whether it is Chen Ao or his daughter, Mr. Chu is very kind to him.

    It is reasonable to say that in the land of Jiangdong, anyone could have condemned Mr. Chu, except for Chen Ao!

    But now...

    After all, the two friends who have worked together for many years, Li Er and Lei Lao San, are waiting for Chen Ao's explanation.

    They would rather believe that Chen Ao has something unspeakable to say than to believe that he really turned his back on Mr. Chu for the sake of glory and riches.

    However, in the face of Ye Fan's question, it was as if Chen Ao had not heard.

    Just stood there like that, silent.

    "Chen Ao, what are you doing?"

    "Mr. Chu is asking you something, didn't you fucking hear me?"

    "Do you insist on seeking death?"

    "If you have something to say, you should speak to Mr. Chu!"

    When Li Er saw the situation, he roared harshly, his heart was burning.

    It is reasonable to say that with Mr. Chu's character, people like Chen Ao who betrayed him would be dead for sure.

    After all, what anyone hates the most is the betrayal of the person they trust the most.

    Just like Chen Ao, Ye Fan took her as his henchman, but he took revenge.

    Ye Fan didn't kill him directly, but let him explain, which undoubtedly meant that Ye Fan, was giving him the chance to live!

    However, that Chen Ao didn't know how to cherish and even ignored Ye Fan's words.

    What is this if this is not looking for death?

    Silence, still silence!

    Even in the face of his former old friend's advice, Chen Ao still did not speak.

    When Ye Fan saw the situation, the teacup that he had been holding, suddenly put it down.

    He turned his back to Chen Ao, didn't look at him, just shook his head and smiled.

    "Ah Chen Ao, ah Chen Ao, it seems that you have forgotten your identity."

    "Or rather, you are forgetting my identity."

    "In that case, this Dragon Lord, will remind you once again."

    Between sneers, Ye Fan turned around and threw the Dragon God Jade in front of Chen Ao.

    "I ask you, this Dragon God Jade, do you still remember it?"

    Ye Fan's angry voice, Chen Ao's body immediately trembled while nodding his head.

    "I'll ask you again, the star fire prairie heaven and earth change, Chuxiao dragon chanting my heaven and earth Fan."

    "This word, do you still remember?"

    The words were majestic, carrying a majestic majesty and anger.

    This heaven and earth was filled with the echoes of Ye Fan's anger, only like thunder.

    Faced with Ye Fan's successive angry shouts, Chen Ao's old face was pale, not knowing whether it was because of guilt or fear.

    He lowered his head, his atmosphere hardly dared to breathe, just whispered, "I remember."

    Of course Chen Ao remembered this.

    Back then, when he first met Ye Fan on the Sheng Tian Building, it was through these that he recognized Ye Fan, the one who had recreated grace for him again, the Lord of the Dragon God!

    "If you remember, then why have you rebelled against me?"

    Ye Fan's furious voice drank again, and his clear face was already filled with rage and mortification.

    "Back then, you were in a desperate situation, who helped you assist you?"

    "Once upon a time, who supported you in your waning days?"

    "I'll give you power, wealth, and status."

    "Let you rebuke the rivers and seas, and let you be crowned king of Jiangdong!"

    "But what about you?"

    "The Mufan Group is in danger of annihilation, and you're pushing it!"

    "My wife is in deep danger and you turn a blind eye!"

    "My loved ones are suffering a catastrophe and you don't care!"

    "You have reneged on your promise, you have reneged on Edo, you have reneged on me!"

    "Such behavior, all kinds of acts, is enough for me to kill your whole family and exterminate your nine clans."

    "Chen Ao, I finally ask you, do you know the crime?"

    Ye Fan's words were like swords.

    Morbidly angry words, only like thunder, exploded in all directions.

    With each sentence, Ye Fan stepped on the earth and took a step forward, and his momentum then soared several points.

    Especially with the last drink, it was even more powerful and exploded.

    The teacups behind him all shattered under Ye Fan's monstrous might!

    The restaurant trembled and tea splashed everywhere.

    The crowd was even more terrified and horrified!

    The feeling was like a few leaves of a boat in the middle of a stormy sea, faltering under the wrath of Ye Fan!

    Finally, under Ye Fan's successive questioning, Chen Ao's old face reddened with shame.

    Finally thumping, facing Ye Fan, he directly kneeled down.

    "I know the crime!"

    "It is I, Chen Ao, who is weak and incompetent."

    "I deserve to die, I am a servant in vain!"

    "It's me, Chen Ao, I'm sorry to you."

    "But one man's job is another man's job, I, Chen Ao, am willing to die.But Nan Nan she is still young, she is still a child, her life has just begun."

    "Sinful Chen Ao, I implore Mr. Chu, for the sake of Nannan's young age and her deep love for you, spare Nannan's life!"

    Chen Ao's old eyes are red, but to Ye Fan, kneeling and begging.

    His words were so sad, he was already in tears!

    However, as soon as Chen Ao said this, Lei Laosan ran over and kicked Chen Ao in the face.

    "Willing you to be paralyzed!"

    "Chen Ao, why the fuck don't you tell me, what's your pain?"

    "You and I have been friends for ten years, and I have the impression that you are by no means a villain who sells his master for glory."

    "What's the hardship?"

    "Why on earth did you betray Mr. Chu?"


    "You motherfucker, do you really want to beg for death?"

    Lei Lao San was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

    He and Chen Ao had been friends for many years and had fought each other for many years.

    They were already friends who sympathized with each other.

    Of course, he didn't want to see, a long time old friend, die like this.

    He didn't believe even more that the person he took as a friend was a villain who sold his master for glory!

    However, in the face of Lei's roar, Chen Ao was shaking his head and smiling, his face full of desolation.

    "There's no need to explain."

    "Even if, I really have a bitter reason, so what can I do?"

    "Even if I had ten thousand reasons, betrayal is betrayal."

    "I'm the one who's sorry, Mr. Chu."

    "I brought this on myself."

    "I don't blame anyone."

    "I deserve to die."

    "But Mr. Chu, before I die, I only want to advise you."

    "Whether it's Lu Mingfeng or Xu Shaohua, we really can't afford to mess with Jiangdong!"

    "The strength of their backgrounds really isn't something we can fight against."

    "Endure the wind and waves for a while, take a step back from the sea."

    "Chen Ao hopes that Mr. Chu, don't get carried away."

    "Otherwise, it will surely bring misfortune to Jiangdong, and even more to you, Mr. Chu, yourself, and your family, to kill yourself."

    "The words of a dying man are good, Mr. Chu, the above are all from the heart of Chen Ao, and please Mr. Chu to listen."

    Chen Ao kneeled and served again on the ground, to Ye Fan miserably advised.


And when Ye Fan heard that, he laughed.

    "So, in your eyes, you also think that I, Ye Fan, am inferior to those two second generations?"

    "Think I, Ye Fan, can't fight the Lu and Xu families?"

    "Mr. Chu, I know you're willing to admit it, but it is what it is."Chen Ao then returned.

    "To put it bluntly, if the family background is also considered as the overall strength of the individual, then Mr. Chu, you, are indeed inferior to them."

    Chen Ao said in a deep voice.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he immediately frowned, "You dare to defy me?"

    "I'm just being honest."Chen Ao was not humble and continued to speak.

    "The Lu family is a red gentry family, which has been an official for generations, and their clansmen are all over the political world of Huaxia."

    "What's more, it is located at the very center of the power of Huaxia!"

    "When Lu Mingfeng first came to Jiangdong, the Lord of Jiangdong Province all came to visit."

    "I'm afraid you don't even have this face, Mr. Chu, right?"

    Chen Ao looked at Ye Fan, paused, and continued.

    "And, it's only the Lu family."

    "Xu Shaohua's background, compared to the Lu family, is only stronger, not weaker!"

    "A double general with a heavy hand, all-powerful in the Jiangdong military world."

    "A single generalship is beyond your reach, Mr. Chu?"

    "What's more, what about a double of the Xu family?"

    "And what about you, Mr. Chu?"

    "To put it nicely, we are the lord of the giants of Jiangdong.However, in the eyes of the world, we are nothing more than a bunch of rabble with no proper identity."

    "This so-called Esteem of Jiangdong of yours is also all self-appointed by us merchants."

    "Just like what Lu Mingfeng said, in the eyes of the true giants, you, Mr. Chu, are just a bumbling leader!"

    "What are you fighting the Lu family with other than a passion?With what to fight the Xu family?"

    "By Liji?By Lei San?Or by us cheap traders?"

    Chen Ao ridiculed and laughed, and his words were thick with disdain and contempt.

    When Li Er and the others heard it, the whole of them were nearly scared of peeing and hurriedly spoke out to stop.

    "Chen Ao, what are you doing?You're crazy, how dare you talk like that to Mr. Chu, do you really want to die?"

    "Why don't you apologize to Mr. Chu yet?"

    Li Er and the others anxiously advised.

    They didn't expect that this Chen Ao would have so much guts.

    It was already a guilty body, but now he dared to speak to Ye Fan in Ye Fan's tone of voice, and even contradicted and offended Ye Fan.

    Was he really not afraid that Ye Fan would slaughter him in a fit of rage?

    "Liji, you don't have to persuade me."

    "There are things I've been wanting to say for a long time."

    "Before, I was worried that I would anger him, but now, I'm not afraid."

    "I'm already a dying man anyway, what do I have to fear?"

    "I just want to say all the words in my heart before I die."

    To the persuasion of Li Er and the others, Chen Ao did not pay any attention to it, and still said it in a deep voice, without any fear or humility, as if he was determined to die.

    "Chen Ao you~"

    Li Er and the others would have to persuade again.

    Ye Fan, however, quietly raised his head and whispered, "Let him speak."

    "I'd like to hear what else you have to say."

    In the room, Ye Fan's cold voice echoed.

    But everyone with discerning eyes could feel the eerie coldness in Ye Fan's words.

    Naturally, Li Er and the others didn't dare to disobey and persuade, but they all winked at Chen Ao, asking him to stop in moderation and not to anger Ye Fan.

    However, Chen Ao turned a deaf ear and continued, "Mr. Chu, between you and me, although there was contact between us many years ago."

    "However, our real contact was only a year."

    "You know, this year, what is my biggest impression of you?"

    "Is it ambition?Is it youthfulness?"

    "No, it's neither."

    "It's ignorance and arrogance. It's pretending to be something you're not!"

    "At first, after the Mount Tai martial battle, the Lord of King City took the initiative to invite a banquet, and you arrogantly refused."

    "Before Mount Genting, Wu Weitao paid three visits to the family, and you ignored it."

    "Now, you are even threatening not to fear the powerful families that rebuke the military and political world."

    "Mr. Chu, don't you think, you're overly arrogant?"

    "Mr. Chu, don't forget that we honor you, and you are the honor of Jiangdong."

    "Otherwise, you are just a poor countryman from a poor background, just a superfluous son-in-law who has joined the Qiu family."

    "You have no background, no heritage, what do you have to counteract the powerful family with a monstrous background and rich heritage except for your brute strength?"

    Chen Ao spoke bitterly, faithful and full of sincerity.

    He was not saying this to belittle Ye Fan, nor was he looking down on Ye Fan.

    On the contrary, the fact that Ye Fan was able to rely on his meager body to get to today's achievement step by step made Chen Ao admire him.

    However, there was someone outside the human world.

    Those skills of Ye Fan might be able to be a king in Jiangdong.

    But, out of Jiangdong, what does he have count?

    He went to Japan and almost died there.

    Even his own wife couldn't shelter and was swept away.

    So, in Chen Ao's opinion, compared to the real giants, Ye Fan is far too poor.

    Just like the Cloud Mist Lake downstairs of Haiyuan Pavilion, it might be the number one lake in Jiangdong.

    But if you look at Huaxia, and even the world, this small Yunwu Lake, how insignificant, as small as dust.

    In the room, Chen Ao's words are still echoing.

    But Li Er and the others, but all of them were silent.

    These words of Chen Ao, although they were unpleasant to hear, they were indeed the truth.

    Lu Mingfeng and the others were indeed not something that Ye Fan, could provoke.

    However, in the face of these words of Chen Ao, Ye Fan smiled lightly and faintly returned, "You say quite a lot."

    "But Chen Ao, where do you know that what you said is nothing more than a single sword cut in my eyes."

    "A sword to cut through?"Hearing this, Chen Ao laughed at once.

    "After all, it's a juvenile spirit."

    "Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu, don't you think, your words, a little naive and ridiculous?"

    "Yes, you are strong."

    "I can defeat ten with one, and one with a hundred.However, you alone can't fight against the entire Huaxia?"

    "The Lu family and the Xu family are all-powerful in both military and political circles."

    "It can be said that what they represent behind them is the entire Huaxia."

    "As powerful as you are, could it be that you still dare to fight against a kingdom with your tiny ants?"

    Chen Ao didn't expect that it was already at this time, but Ye Fan was still pretending to be strong here.

    Is it interesting?

    Who are you pretending to be?

    It would only add to the joke and make people look down on it.

    At this point, the disappointment in Chen Ao's heart towards Ye Fan undoubtedly grew stronger and stronger.

    "What do you dare not?"

    "If one person wants to provoke me, I'll kill one."

    "If a hundred men provoke me, I will kill a hundred!"

    "If a nation provokes me, I will trample it down."

    "If the people of the world provoke me, I will kill them all!"

    "I, Chu Tianfan, have never been afraid of anyone throughout my life?"

    Ye Fan's furious words were thunderous and his drink echoed the heavens and earth.

    In a split second, this hall was filled with all of Ye Fan's slings and arrows!


Ye Fan this was by no means arrogant, much less cocky.

    Rather, it was confidence!

    The Empire of the Sun, he stepped down.

    He also dared to kill the people of the Chu family.

    Just two families, what is there to fear?

    In the Haiyuan Pavilion, Ye Fan's angry voice echoed.

    However, when Chen Ao and the others heard it, they didn't think highly of Ye Fan as a result, but instead, they even shook their heads, becoming more and more disappointed with Ye Fan.

    "I originally thought that after this calamity, Mr. Chu, you would be able to learn to restrain yourself, learn to be steady, and learn to bide your time."

    "Now it seems that I was wrong, greatly mistaken."

    "After all, it's just youthful willpower."

    "When I was your age, I was as young as this."

    "Thought I had the power to cut through everything."

    "But what's the use?"

    "After all, it was just wishful thinking on my part."

    "But fortunately I was insignificant at the time, and even if I made a mistake, the price I paid was small."

    "But you're different, Mr. Chu, since you're the Lord of Jiangdong, you should be responsible for Jiangdong."

    "Do you, want to make my Jiangdong forces, all pay for your ignorant arrogance?"

    "To have your parents and relatives, too, suffer because of you?"

    "But I know you won't listen to me if I say anything else now."

    "Do it."

    "Anyway, after I die, everything in Jiangdong will have nothing to do with me."

    "Just that, when Mr. Chu is at the end of his rope one day, don't blame Chen Ao for not advising you?"

    Chen Ao had completely given up.

    He couldn't wake up a person who was pretending to sleep after all.

    He only wanted to die now, and what happened after that would be done once and for all.

    Sure enough, after Chen Ao's words fell, Ye Fan's icy cold gaze also fell over.

    That ice-cold face was only like the executioner before the execution, raising his butcher's knife to the prisoners under him.

    "Mr. Chu, don't~"

    "Faithful words against the ears."

    "Those words of Chen Ao are also for your consideration, Mr. Chu."

    "Although he said ugly things, but they are all the facts in front of him, aren't they?"

    "As for the matter of Chen Ao's betrayal, it hasn't been investigated yet."

    "We implore Mr. Chu to keep him alive for the time being until the investigation is clear."

    Seeing that Ye Fan was about to do something, Li Er and Lei Lao San ran out to persuade each other.

    Wang Jiexi also advised in a bitter voice, hoping that Ye Fan would think twice before acting.

    However, when Ye Fan heard that, he burst out laughing.

    That laugh was loud and clear, with a bit of anger and self-deprecation.


    "So, even you guys think that I, Ye Fan, am inferior to the Lu family and the Xu family?"

    "Think that I, Evan, am arrogant and unaware of it?"

    "Good, very good."

    "If that's the case, then this time, I'll show you the true majesty of me, Ye Fan!"

    In the midst of his anger, Ye Fan also got up and left.

    Before leaving, Ye Fan was condescending and looked down at the man at his feet, "Chen Ao, today, I will not kill you!"

    "I'll let you see with your own eyes, will it be that I, Ye Fan, who's impoverished in the future, or that so-called Yanjing gentry, bowing down and begging for mercy!?"

    The silence, the long silence!

    Even after Ye Fan left for a long time, the entire restaurant was still silent.

    No one who was present dared to speak.

    In the end, it was Li Er and Lei Laosan, who smiled bitterly.

    "This time, I'm afraid it's a big deal."

    Ye Fan's words just now had undoubtedly made it clear that he was going to go head-to-head with the Lu and Xu families, hard anal.

    They were thinking of dissuading Mr. Chu and making Ye Fan retreat with knowledge of the difficulties.

    But who would have thought that it would have the opposite effect.

    Instead, it aroused Mr. Chu's winning spirit.

    "Hey, Old Three, what should we do now?"

    "Are we, really, going to sit back and watch Mr. Chu and make a mess of things?"Li Er was full of worry.

    What they were most afraid of now was that Ye Fan was really going to kill Lu Mingfeng and the others.

    Lei laosan similarly shook his head and sighed, "What else can we do?"

    "You know Mr. Chu's temperament, we don't have the luxury of intervening in what he decides."

    "As things stand, we can only take one step at a time."

    In between the words, Mr. Lei, perhaps thirsty, lifted his cup to drink tea, this time finding that the water in the cup had gone cold.

    "Third Master, I'll get you some water."

    At this time, Ma Fei, the head of the Ma family, who was on the side, but came up with a flattering smile, the respectful appearance could be described as extraordinarily attentive.

    "Third Master, between us, we've been friends for many years, right?"

    "Look, could you put in a few good words for us in front of Mr. Chu?"

    "This time, we were also confused, and only did such a wrong thing ah."

    Ma Fei said in a bitter voice, his posture low, and his words were all about begging.

    "Yes, Third Master, Second Master, and General Manager Wang, in the future, your position in Jiangdong will definitely be unmatched."

    "Chen Ao has been crippled, and now the only ones who can speak in front of Mr. Chu are you three."

    "The lives of us, we can all rest on you three."

    The others also begged.

    Although Bald Liu was already dead, Ye Fan didn't say what to do with them.

    That fear of the unknown still made Ma Fei and the others sit still.

    They definitely wouldn't dare to go to Ye Fan to plead with him.

    Now that Ye Fan was in a rage, Ma Fei and the others were naturally afraid that Ye Fan would slaughter them again in anger.

    But Li Er San was different, they stood for success.

    In the future, Mr. Chu will only use them more heavily.

    As for Chen Ao, after this incident, it's still unknown whether he will be alive or not, so naturally they can't count on it.


    "Now you know what it's like to be afraid?"

    "When you betrayed Mr. Chu, did you ever think about today?"

    Lei laosan sneered.

    Li Er also cursed angrily, "A bunch of wallflowers who see the wind."

    "If I were Mr. Chu, I'd slaughter you all piece by piece."

    "And now you still have the nerve to ask us to plead for mercy?"

    "Dream on you guys!"

    "One by one, all of you, go back to your homes and wait to die!"

    Li Er was so angry that he kicked Ma Fei on the ground.

    Just now, himself and Lei Laosan and the others were almost killed by Lu Mingfeng.

    Did anyone of them, other than Chen Ao, ever plead for them for half a sentence?

    Now that the tide is turning, Li Er-San naturally doesn't care if they live or die.

    Thus, this heroic feast came to a complete end with the return of Mr. Chu.

    However, Li Er and the others were very clear that this crisis was far from over.

    It had even only just begun!

    No one knew how this crisis was going to develop in the future.

    Soon, all the people here also left Yunzhou with fear and trepidation.

    As for Li Er and the others, they stayed and gave Ye Fan the aftermath.

    As for Wei Wuyou and his son's corpses, Li Er had people dig a pit and bury them directly.

    As for Bald Liu's corpse, Li Er instead had it shipped back to the Liu family.

    "He drank too much wine and lost his footing and fell down the stairs, he died."

    This was the cause of death that Li Er and the others, gave to the people of the Liu family.

    The Liu family naturally didn't believe it.


    "My father dripped with alcohol, so how could he get drunk and lose his mind?"

    "You must be the ones who killed my father."

    "It must be you guys."

    "We, the Liu family, will not let up, I will definitely seek justice for my father!"

    Before the Liu family villa, Bald Liu's son roared harshly.

    But Li Er sneered, "Want justice?"

    "Yes, go find Mr. Chu."

    "I'm sure Mr. Chu will give you Liu family justice."

    "Oh, right, you don't know yet, Mr. Chu, is back."


Li Er said faintly, and there was a bit of coldness in his words.

    That bald Liu's son shuddered when he heard it.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu is back?"

    "This.... how is this possible?"

    "Isn't Mr. Chu dead?"

    "The sky has changed in Jiangdong!"

    "The Mufan Group has all been wiped out?"

    "Mr. Chu, how could he return?"

    The Liu family's crowd, all their faces were pale.

    "Believe it or not, it's up to you."

    "I've known Bald Liu for many years, and now sending his corpse here is already the most benevolent thing I can do."

    "As for you guys, if you lose your lives again for messing with Mr. Chu, I'm afraid there won't even be anyone left to collect your corpses."

    Li Er shook his head and said, while he too left in the car.

    Only leaving behind him, a hall full of trepidation and trembling.

    The moment they learned of Ye Fan's return, the Liu family had understood why their master, had lost his life and died.

    The end of a betrayer was never a good death.

    "Er...Second Uncle, what should we do?"

    "Mr. Chu is back, our Liu family, is it going to be the end?"

    Bald Liu's son's face was pale white, and he looked at his second uncle with fear in his eyes.

    Now that the head of the family had lost his life, the largest generation in the Liu family was this brother of Bald Liu, his second uncle.

    "Little Yang, don't be anxious yet."

    "Let's wait and see what happens first."

    "The Mufan Group has already been wiped out, and even if Mr. Chu really isn't dead and comes back alive, he may not really have the power to come back to Heaven."

    "Your father should have told you about the powerful background of the Fenghua Group."

    "So, it's too early to say anything."

    "Who will be the one who laughs at the end, it's not certain yet?"

    "That Ye Fan, to put it nicely, is Mr. Chu, the Lord of Jiangdong.But to put it bluntly, he's just a bumbling head."

    "I don't believe it, he's just a bumbling head, but he still dares to compete head-on with the two big giants of Yanjing?"

    In the villa of the Liu family, a middle-aged man's brow was gloomy, his palm then clenched.

    But Bald Liu's son, Liu Yang, was drumming in his heart, hesitating.

    "But Second Uncle, what if the one laughing at the end is Mr. Chu?"

    "I think it's better for us to go to Mr. Chu's negative brambles first."

    "In that case, we might be able to preserve our Liu family's industry."

    Mr. Chu's name was like thunder in the land of Jiangdong.

    Although Liu Yang was a junior, he had already been on his own.

    Therefore, he had naturally heard all about Mr. Chu's deeds during this year.

    In the martial battle at Mount Tai, Mr. Chu was able to turn the tide.

    With one punch and one kick, he shook the entire Jiangdong!

    In the battle of Dongchang Lake, Mr. Chu is even more powerful, treading on water and in the air, like a god.

    The power of the richest man in Jiangdong, Chiu Wuji, was destroyed by him!

    The Meng family of Liaocheng was even driven out of Jiangdong by Mr. Chu, and the young master of the Meng family committed suicide by hanging himself.

    The reason why Mr. Chu has today's fame in Jiangdong is entirely due to Mr. Chu's wicker path and his own hands.

    It could be said that along the way, anyone who disobeyed Mr. Chu was gone.

    Anyone who was Mr. Chu's enemy almost didn't deserve a good death!

    Even if Bald Liu betrayed Ye Fan, it was because he dared to defect to the Fenghua Group after he was sure that Ye Fan had fallen.

    Otherwise, even if I lent Bald Liu ten guts, he wouldn't dare to be Ye Fan's enemy!

    So now, after learning of Ye Fan's return, Liu Yang's first thought was not to avenge his father's death, but to go and take the blame for Ye Fan.

    However, his second uncle shook his head and said, "Little Yang, you're thinking too simply."

    "From the moment your father decided to defect to the Fenghua Group, our Liu family, there was no way back."

    "Even if you are now kneeling at Mr. Chu's feet and begging him, he won't let us go."

    "So, wait at ease, right?"

    "One mountain can't have two tigers."

    "The Fenghua Group will not sit idly by and watch Ye Fan regain control of Jiangdong."

    The man's words were low, but in this world, they slowly rang out.



    On the other hand, the land of Yunzhou.

    After Lu Mingfeng left Haiyuan Pavilion, he fled back to the hotel like crazy.

    As for the Cloud Peak Mountain Villa, he naturally didn't dare to go back.

    He was afraid that Ye Fan would kill him again and slaughter him.

    "Shao Hua, where are you?"

    "Something's happened."

    "Come here quickly."

    "I'm at the Yuchang Hotel!"

    After booking the room, Lu Mingfeng was covered in blood and couldn't be bothered to take a shower, so he even contacted Xu Shaohua.

    Soon, Xu Shaohua arrived.

    "Mingfeng, how did you get it?"

    "What's going on here?"

    "Didn't you go to the Sea Source Pavilion to host a banquet, why did you get into this mess?"

    Seeing this appearance of Lu Mingfeng, Xu Shaohua was shocked and asked for a moment.

    I saw that at this time, Lu Mingfeng's face was covered in bruises, and he had lost a few of his front teeth.

    Completely looking like a lost dog, where was the image and demeanor of a noble prince!

    "It's Ye Fan!"

    "Our information was wrong, he's not dead, he came back alive."


    Hearing this, Xu Shaohua trembled, and a pair of pupils, suddenly tightened.

    "You're saying that Mr. Jiang Dong Chu, has returned alive?"

    "How the fuck is that possible?"


    After the brief conversation, Xu Shaohua, who had always been light-hearted, his face was also immediately much heavier.

    "I didn't expect that even Wei Lao would be broken under his command."

    "It seems that we're still not prepared enough."

    "However, at least for now, it seems that that Ye Fan doesn't dare to touch us."

    "So Mingfeng, you don't need to worry too much."

    "After all, the retaliation of our two families, but he can't afford it."

    Lu Mingfeng had already informed Xu Shaohua of everything that had happened in the Sea Origin Pavilion.

    But apart from being surprised, Xu Shaohua didn't have much to worry about.

    Like Lu Mingfeng, Xu Shaohua didn't think that Ye Fan had the guts to do anything to kill them.

    "But Shao Hua, I'm not willing!"

    "In all these years, no one has dared to touch a hair on my head."

    "Not even my parents have ever beaten me."

    "That despicable pariah, he dares to beat me."

    "I'll make him die, make him die!"

    "Shao Hua, you have to help me."

    "Your Xu family reigns over the military world, and you must have many strong military men serving under you."

    "You help me think of something, I want that Ye Fan to die!"

    "Let him pay dearly for the insult he has inflicted on me today!"

    Lu Mingfeng's eyes were red, and his words were filled with endless resentment and murderous intent.

    Their Lu Family's power was not inferior to the Xu Family though.

    However, their Lu Family's energy was more in terms of power, and something like killing was undoubtedly more convenient for the Xu Family.

    After all, there were strong people in the military district.

    Someone as powerful as Wei Wuyou, only the Xu family could hire them.



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