Dish Best Served Cold 1066-1070


Chapter 1066

Xu Shaohua was in a tangle.

    "Mingfeng, it's not that I don't want to help you."

    "It's mainly that I can't do anything about it."

    "You know, the strongest force I can mobilize is just Wei Lao."

    "But now, even Wei Lao has folded under Ye Fan, and even if I were to mobilize strong people from my family again, it would just be a death sentence."

    "Moreover, now that Wei Lao has lost his life, I still don't know how I'm going to explain to the family."

    Wei Wuyou and the Xu family were not a strict superior-subordinate relationship.

    Strictly speaking, it should be a friend relationship.

    Even his own father treated Wei Wu-Ya with courtesy in his daily life.

    The reason why Wei Wu-Ya willingly stayed in the Xu family as a bodyguard for so many years was to thank the Xu family for their kindness and guidance.

    After all, Wei Wu-Ya's achievements today were largely due to the Xu family's help.

    This was also why, a hallowed martial arts master, he had condescended to work as a bodyguard for a family.

    But now, Wei Wuyou was dead.

    This was undoubtedly a huge loss for the Xu family.

    Xu Shaohua had almost imagined his father's furious appearance.

    "Since that's the case, it's all the more reason to kill Ye Fan so that we can avenge Wei's death."

    "That way, when your father chastises you in the future, you'll have a reason to justify yourself."

    Lu Mingfeng continued to advise.

    After hearing this, Xu Shaohua also nodded his head, "You have a point, but the fact that this Ye Fan can kill Old Man Wei means that he is also a strong martial artist."

    "How easy would it be for us to kill him?"

    Lu Mingfeng chanted for a moment while he said, "It might be difficult to deal with him with just manpower, but we can use weapons."

    "No matter how strong he is, Ye Fan is still a flesh mortal."

    "I don't believe it, could he still be able to carry a gun without dying?"

    Hearing this, Xu Shaohua's eyebrows lit up, then, a wisp of a grim smile, but it quietly rose.

    That night, Xu Shaohua called his grandfather, hoping to secretly mobilize a special squad from within the family to protect him.

    Naturally, Old Master Xu readily agreed to this.

    Xu Shaohua was the only sapling of the Xu family's generation, and since his childhood, Master Xu had always spoiled him.

    Now that Xu Shaohua was begging the old master in the name of protecting himself, how could the old master not agree?

    Just like that, a heavily armed five-man squad descended on Jiangdong in the night!

    "Young Master, subordinate Yang Yun, by order of the old master, has come to Jiangdong to protect you."

    After seeing Xu Shaohua, the leading team of burly men paid respectful homage.

    Xu Shaohua nodded, "Mm, hard work."

    "However, next, I have a mission for you."

    "What mission?"The strapping man was curious.

    "Help me kill a man!"


    Yun Yang was shocked when he heard.

    "Young Master, our mission is only to protect you, but as for the rest, I'm afraid..."

    "What?How dare you disobey me?"Xu Shaohua immediately frowned and snapped.

    "Subordinates don't dare."Yun Yang bowed his head at once.

    "Hmph, it's good to know."Xu Shaohua snorted coldly and continued, "Don't worry, I won't make it difficult for you."

    "This man I asked you to kill, he was the one who first provoked us."

    "If he doesn't die, then it could be us who dies."

    "You should know Wei Lao, he has already lost his life to him to protect me."

    "All that I'm doing nowadays is also for self-preservation."

    Xu Shaohua was soft and hard, and couldn't stop persuading Yang Yun and the others.

    When Yun Yang heard that Wei Lao was dead, he became even more frightened.

    "Young Master, you said that Wei Lao is dead?"

    "This.... how is this possible?"

    "Wei Lao has the strength and courage of a thousand men."

    "Even the five of us together are no match for Wei Lao in one move."

    "Wei Lao is such a powerful man, but he's dead?"

    Yun Yang's heart was shocked.

    For Old Man Wei, Yun Yang naturally knew him.

    This old man, although he was ancient, was strong and powerful.

    Even if he was an army soldier king, he was only a younger brother in front of Old Man Wei.

    Back then, it was said that thirty strong men had besieged Old Man Wei, and they hadn't been able to shake him in the slightest.

    This kind of tough man had always been an idol and role model in Yun Yang's heart.

    But I never expected that Wei Lao would die in the bullet-pointed land of Yunzhou.

    "Now you should know, what kind of existence we are facing, right?"

    "The only way to deal with him is to take the initiative and have a chance of survival."

    "Otherwise, we'll only have to wait for death!"

    "Aren't you supposed to protect me?"

    "Getting rid of him is protecting me."

    Xu Shaohua said in a deep voice.

    Yun Yang and the others fell silent, and after a long time, Yun Yang struggled to say, "Young Master, the five of us together are no match for Wei Lao."

    "We can't even resist Old Man Wei, so how can we kill him?"

    Xu Shaohua laughed lightly at the sound, "You can't kill him with your bare hands, but what about by weapons?"

    "But young master, we are carrying limited equipment this time, only some gun bullets."

    "Wei Lao's strength will already be able to do without fearing bullets."

    "So, the only equipment we have is afraid that it will be difficult to threaten him."

    Yun Yang was worried.

    Xu Shaohua shook his head, "You don't need to worry about the equipment, I've already prepared it for you."

    Between words, Xu Shaohua waved his hand, and immediately someone sent up a few boxes.

    The boxes opened, revealing the modern weapons inside.

    "This...This is..."


    Seeing what was in the box, Yun Yang and the others, were shocked.

    The RPG, commonly known as a rocket launcher.

    It was a portable anti-tank weapon that fired rockets, mainly used to hit tanks, armored vehicles and destroy fortifications at close range.

    The RPG and the AK-47 are ranked as the king of infantry weapons in the 20th century, this weapon, not only can pose a considerable threat to transport vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles and other land vehicles, for the expensive aircraft, such as helicopters, low-flying attack aircraft can also bring a strong killing power.

    When the United States of America lost two Black Hawk helicopters one after the other in the Mogadishu street battle due to RPG.

    Yun Yang and the others did not expect that Xu Shaohua was going to let them take on someone with such a highly lethal weapon.

    "This thing, you guys should be familiar with it."

    "Even Wei Lao, I'm afraid it can't carry a few cannons."

    "Now, are you guys confident that you can complete this mission?"

    The Xu family had a hand in the military world, and secretly getting some weapons wasn't something that was impossible for the Prince of the Xu family to do.

    At this time, Xu Shaohua was full of pride and smiled faintly.

    But Yun Yang still hesitated, "Young Master, this thing is extremely lethal.If it's used in the city, I'm worried that it will cause panic and riots."

    "At that time, once things get too big, I'm just afraid that..."

    "Don't worry, you guys just carry out the mission.Leave the aftermath to me."Xu Shaohua said coldly.


"As long as you complete your mission, I will bear all the consequences, and it has nothing to do with you."

    In the room, Xu Shaohua's deep words echoed.

    In front of him, the five burly men, however, were silent for a long time.

    Finally, Yun Yang planted his head and nodded, "I guarantee to complete the mission!"

    "Good, very good!"


    Seeing Yang Yun and the others nodding their heads in agreement, Xu Shaohua and Lu Mingfeng, also smiled at each other.

    "In that case, you guys go ahead and prepare."

    "By night, Young Master Lu will tell you all the information about the target."

    With a wave of Xu Shaohua's hand, he let Yang Yun and the others retreat first.

    After all, they had come a long way, so they were always allowed to rest first.

    Just like this, a day passed quickly.

    In the evening, the fiery red sun wheel gradually set, staining half of the sky in the distance.

    Darkness swept in immediately afterwards.

    At this time, in the Yuchang Hotel, Lu Mingfeng was setting down a banquet to trumpet for Yang Yun and the others.

    "Brother Yang Yun, I've sent you all the messages about that Ye Fan."

    "Including his current location."

    "Shao Hua and I have decided that it's not too late, so we'll immediately start the beheading operation tonight."

    "Before that, I, Lu Mingfeng, will personally host a banquet to trample on a few of you."

    "Since you still have an operation tonight, we'll drink tea in lieu of wine to Brother Yang Yun, and toast to the success of your horse!"

    As Lu Mingfeng laughed, Xu Shaohua also sat at the side, holding a cup of tea for them to trample on.

    Yang Yun's cup of tea, however, was not drunk.


    "Don't Brother Yang Yun like tea?"

    Lu Mingfeng saw the situation and asked curiously.

    Yun Yang, however, shook his head and said, "This cup of tea, cook it first."

    "Later, we five brothers, after we slay that Ye Fan, then we will drink this cup to celebrate


    Lu Mingfeng exclaimed as soon as he heard this.



    "In the old days, Guan Yun Chang killed Hua Xiong with warm wine, only Brother Yang cooked tea to kill Ye Fan!"

    "With such boldness, why worry about great things?"

    "This cup of tea, whether you drink it or not, I'll drink it first anyway."

    Lu Mingfei laughed, a hearty laugh that echoed endlessly through the heavens and earth.

    And in the midst of Lu Mingfei and Xu Shaohua's laughter, Yang Yun led his brothers, fully armed, and soon concealed into the night.

    Before leaving, Yun Yang once again said in a domineering manner, "The two young masters wait a moment, we'll return when we go!"

    When Lu Mingfeng heard this, he laughed and scolded.


    "What a pretentious person."

    "Shao Hua, one of your Xu family's men is more pretentious than the other."

    Lu Mingfeng harrumphed.

    Xu Shaohua, however, shook his head and laughed, "It's not called pretending, it's just telling the truth."

    In Xu Shaohua's and his men's opinion, tonight's operation was too easy.

    After all, what Yang Yun and the others were carrying were modern and highly lethal weapons and equipment that could hit tanks and planes.

    Using these weapons, killing a fleshly mortal was still a matter of hand-to-hand combat.

    There was no suspense at all!

    "Well, let's not talk about it yet, you wait here until they come back."

    "I still have a date with a girl friend, so I'll go over first."

    Xu Shaohua waved his hand, while he also left the room.

    "You guy, when did you get the hang of this?"

    "Before, you were a willow sitting character, why is this since you've arrived in Jiangdong, you've started to let yourself go?"

    Behind him, there was the sound of Lu Mingfeng's laughter and scolding.

    In Lu Mingfeng's impression, Xu Shaohua had always seemed to have little interest in women.

    Last time at Genting Mountain, it was the first time he had seen Xu Shaohua admire a girl so much.

    But unfortunately, at the crucial moment, Xu Lei's appearance had spoiled Xu Shaohua's good fortune.

    Originally, Lu Mingfeng had planned that when he returned to Yanjing in the future, he would find a way to help his brother get his hands on that Qiu Mu Orange.

    However, plans couldn't catch up with changes.

    Now Ye Fan's appearance, however, made them, no longer have the energy to worry about other things.

    The first priority was to kill that bastard Ye Fan first!

    "Mr. Chu, you had it coming!"

    "Since I was a child, no one who has messed with me, Lu Mingfeng, has had a good ending."

    "That includes you too!"

    In the room, Lu Mingfeng's eyebrows were cold and his palms were clenched.

    Morbid words, however, carried an endless murderous intent.



    At this time, Genting Mountain Villa.

    Although it was evening, the decorators were still working on it, and according to the requirements, they not only had to fix the doors and windows that were broken before, but also replace all the furniture inside, with new ones.

    Lu Mingfeng had a cleanliness fetish, whether it was women or items, he didn't like to use what others had used.

    Therefore, after driving Qiu Mu Orange out of the Genting Mountain villa on that day, Lu Mingfeng asked Wu Weitao to find someone to decorate this villa completely new inside and out.

    "Everyone, work harder and be sharper with the work on your hands."

    "This is a job handed out by the municipal party committee leaders, it can't be done carelessly."

    In the courtyard, the leading foreman cheered up his men.

    And at this time, outside the villa door, there was suddenly a thin figure, walking towards here.

    It was an extremely young man, plainly dressed, with no joy or sorrow on his clear face, stepping with low and slow steps just like this, appearing in the sight of everyone.


    "Where's this melon boy from?"

    "Go go go go and play while you're at it."

    "This place is not for you?"

    Seeing someone intruding in the construction site, the foreman was furious and scolded him without good temper.

    It was already annoying to work overtime for many days, but then he saw another one coming in to cause trouble, so naturally he would not give him any good face.

    However, in the face of this foreman's anger, the man only coldly returned, "Get lost."


    "What did you say?"

    "Stinker, with a big mouth?"

    "And let us roll?"

    "Who the hell are you."

    "How dare you take potshots at us?"

    "I think you're itching for a beating!"

    The foreman was clearly angry and walked up towards the oncoming man and kicked him in the face.


    Only to hear a loud bang, the foreman who was flaunting his power just a moment ago, the entire man flew straight out.

    He rolled along the ground several times, and finally held his leg and moaned incessantly.

    Looking at that look, it was obvious that his leg was broken.

    "Daring to attack our foreman, you're looking for death?"

    The rest of them became even angrier at the sight of the man.

    Amidst the curses, someone picked up a shovel and slapped it towards the man.

    The man was expressionless and just kicked it.

    There was another bang.

    The shovel directly broke, and as for the man, even more like a ball, he was kicked ten meters away by it and directly fainted to death.

    "Sub-O, this...So strong?"

    At this point, all of the construction workers were undoubtedly confused by the opponent's ruthless tactics.

    In fear, naturally no one dared to come forward anymore.

    "I repeat, get out."

    The deep voice sounded once again.

    The ice-cold tone of his voice chilled everyone present.

    "You...What do you want?"

    "I...I'm warning you, this project can...But Wu City let it be done."

    "If you dare touch us, then...That would be disrespecting Wu City."

    "When the time comes, Wu City will be shocked and angry, and the consequences...The consequences are not something you can bear."

    The rest of the people, looking at the men who were getting closer and closer to the front of their eyes, were suddenly warned in a lustful manner.


At this point, they would have to rely on Wu City's name to press him.

    Hopefully, he would converse a bit after hearing Wu City's name.

    However, who would have thought that the man in front of them would suddenly laugh.

    That laugh was morbid with a strong coldness.

    "Wu City?"

    "Wu Wei Tao?"

    "Very well."

    "Now, if you call him, I'd really like to see what consequences he can give me."

    The man laughed coldly, his icy words, quietly ringing out.


    Hearing these words, the corners of the group of people in front of them twitched.

    For a moment, no one dared to speak up instead.

    After all, no one had expected that the answer that was waiting would be this kind of reply.

    Originally, they had thought that the man in front of them would be a bit more restrained after uttering Wu City's name.

    But now, it seemed that, instead of being restrained, the other party became even more arrogant and asked them to call Wu Weitao directly?

    The man in front of him replied, directly confusing the crowd.

    "Boy, you think we're trying to scare you?Is that a joke to you?"

    "I'm warning you, we're not lying to you, but Wu Shi personally called our foreman for this renovation project at Genting Mountain Villa."

    "Our foreman, that's Wu Shi's old classmate."

    "While we haven't called Wu Shi yet, is it too late for you to apologize and pay compensation at this point?"

    After a brief moment of confusion, it was someone in the group who said again.

    "No need for nonsense, just fight."The man coldly returned.

    "Okay, brat, you want to play, right?"

    "We'll play with you!"

    "Head, call Wu City."

    Seeing how tough they were, they simply asked the foreman to call Wu Weitao directly.

    Soon, the call was connected.

    "Wu City, it's me.Niu Chaoyang, your old classmate."

    "This side of the villa, something's happened."

    "There's a punk kid causing trouble, and he injured me."

    "Also, he was arrogant and spoke out against you, and said he didn't even care about you."

    The foreman, Niu Chaoyang, complained to Wu Weitao.


    "And this?"

    "He's got a lot of nerve!"

    "Where are the others?"

    "Still on site?"

    "Give him the phone!"

    "I have to meet him personally."

    In the one-room villa, Wu Weitao was being frazzled by the matter of Ye Fan's return.

    The mood was already angry, but now that this had happened again, it naturally added fuel to the fire.

    He was holding a fire in his heart with no place to vent it?

    That's right, they're coming at us with guns blazing!


    "Wu Shi, I'm giving him the phone."

    Niu Chaoyang respectfully returned.

    And then, he turned his head to look at the skinny young man standing with his hands in front of him.

    "Bastard, do you dare to answer Wu Shi's call?"

    The smirk on Niu's face became even more intense when he saw that the other party did not respond.

    "What? You don't dare?"

    "Just now the bull was bragging so loudly that it shook the heavens, but now at this critical moment, why are you wimping out?"

    "Why are you being a shrinking bitch?"

    Niu Chaoyang endured the pain and was helped by his men to stand up, but he was extremely mocking the man in front of him.

    The others were also looking at the young man in the darkness in front of them as if watching a joke.

    "What do you dare not?"Finally, the man sneered and proudly returned.

    The crowd was shocked at the words.


    "How dare this jerk take it?"


    "Let's see how he goes down later."

    "I'm afraid I'm going to have to cry?"

    Niu sunrise smirked and whirled around to have the phone handed to him.


    "Who are you?"

    "How dare you!"

    "It's just as well to injure my classmate, but you still dare to speak out against me and not put me, Wu Wentao, in my sights?"

    "Simply lawless!"

    "If you don't want to suffer jail time for the rest of your life, pay up and apologize right now."

    "Otherwise, I'll make sure you regret it for the rest of your life!"

    In the middle of the phone call, came Wu Weitao's gloomy angry words.

    At the time of saying this, Wu Weitao had just finished taking a shower, and her wife had called a basin of foot-washing water and was washing his feet.

    However, no one responded on this end of the phone.

    Wu Weitao was undoubtedly even angrier, and his tone increased by a few points.


    "Why don't you say something?"

    "Deaf or dumb?"


    Silence, still silence.

    Just when Wu Weitao's patience was at its limit, full of anger about to explode, but on the other end of the phone, Ye Fan's cold, gloomy voice rang out.

    "Wu Weitao, you're really a great authority!"

    "Are you drifting, or do you think I can't hold a knife?"


    The instant he heard this, Wu Weitao felt as if he had been struck by five thunderbolts.

    At that time, his entire body was directly confused!

    Scuffling and leaping out of his seat!

    Even the sink at his feet was overturned and the footwash splashed all over his wife's face.

    "Wei Tao, what happened to you?"

    Wu Weitao's wife was terrified and looked at her man with a grudge.

    However, the little bit of fright she had suffered was undoubtedly a far cry from the trepidation in Wu Weitao's heart!

    At this point, Wu Weitao was truly pissed!

    An old face was white and terrified, just as if he had seen the devil.

    "You...You...You're, Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    Wu Weitao had been dealing with Ye Fan for so long, how could he not hear Ye Fan's voice?

    The instant Ye Fan opened his mouth, Wu Weitao had almost recognized that the person who was speaking in his ear was Ye Fan.

    Wu Weitao had undoubtedly been completely confused.

    What the hell did he just do?

    Did he just fucking yell at Ye Fan?

    Wu Weitao was undoubtedly on the verge of tears!

    Originally, he was worried that Ye Fan would find trouble with him because of the Genting Mountain Villa.

    He was previously thinking about whether he should apologize to Ye Fan on his doorstep.

    Now well, the grudge from before hadn't been resolved, and this had damn well gotten Ye Fan into trouble again!

    "It's rare, but you remember me."On the other end of the phone, came Ye Fan's cold laughter.

    Wu Weitao was undoubtedly even more terrified, smiling with an amends, "Mr. Chu, misunderstanding...Misunderstanding, this...It's all a misunderstanding."

    "Misunderstanding?"Ye Fan sneered.

    "If this is also a misunderstanding, then before, the seizure of my Genting Mountain villa was also a misunderstanding?"

    "My wife Mu Orange is in danger and you ignored it, is that also a misunderstanding?"

    "The Mufan Group is being sniped at, and you're down on your luck, but it's also a misunderstanding?"

    "Wu Weitao, between you and me, there is no enmity."

    "And I have no intention of making an enemy of you."

    "But nay, you have repeatedly provoked me, offended me, and insulted me."

    "I, Ye Fan, am not a broad-minded person, nor am I someone who repays grudges with virtue."

    "The grudges between you and me, we will settle them slowly later."

    Ye Fan's countenance was calm, and his words were cold, but there was endless coldness contained within them.

    Wu Weitao, on the other end of the phone, with a terrified face and cold sweat on his forehead, explained in a bitter voice, "Chu...Mr. Chu, please listen to my explanation~"

    "Mr. Chu..."


"Mr. Chu?"

    "Mr. Chu, this is really a misunderstanding~"

    In the villa, Wu Weitao was full of bitterness and shouted with a terrified face.

    But the phone, had already hung up.

    When he heard the beeping sound coming from the phone, Wu Weitao's entire heart, immediately cold.

    Just when Wu Weitao's heart was desperate, the phone that he had just hung up called again.

    When Wu Weitao took a look, he was delighted.

    Hurry up to answer, and then with the most humble posture, the most respectful voice, couldn't stop saying, "Mr. Chu, you listen to my explanation ah?"

    "What you said before was all a misunderstanding, huh?"

    Wu Weitao thought it was Ye Fan who had called the phone again, and quickly seized the opportunity to continue apologizing and explaining.


    "What misunderstanding?"

    "Wu-shi, what are you talking about?"

    "I'm a cow sunrise."

    "What now?"

    "That punk isn't going to leave yet, Wu Shi you should quickly send someone to arrest him, right?"

    On the other end of the phone, there was a confused voice from Niu Chaoyang.

    Obviously, after that phone call just now, Ye Fan didn't have the intention to leave.

    Having no choice, Niu Chaoyang could only call again for help.

    "I'll catch you Malakai!"

    "Niu Chaoyang, today I, Wu Weitao, am going to be trapped to death by you."

    "Don't fucking harm me if you're looking for death?"

    "Get out!"

    "Get the hell out of here!"

    "Otherwise, you would have been killed by Mr. Chu, and I wouldn't have been able to collect your bodies."

    After hearing that it was Niu Chaoyang's voice, Wu Weitao directly exploded, cursing in anger.

    "But Wu Shi, this...The decoration here isn't finished yet?"

    "And pretending to be your sister!"

    "Pretend if you want to die."

    "Sub-O, how do I know an idiot like you?"

    Wu Weitao was almost furious.

    The thought of kicking Wu Weitao to death was on his mind.

    This idiot, isn't it enough to have messed with Mr. Chu?

    Also, if it wasn't for Niu Chaoyang calling him to arch fire just now, how could he have messed with Ye Fan again.

    Now it seems that all the old and new grudges have been accumulated together.

    Wu Weitao was now really worried that Ye Fan would really come to deal with him.

    After hanging up the phone, Wu Weitao was in a state of shock and his face was ugly as hell.

    "Weitao, what happened?"

    "Why are you so frightened?"

    "Did something happen at work?"

    A beautiful woman next to her, worriedly asked.

    She had been following Wu Weitao for so many years, and this was the first time, seeing him so terrified.

    Wu Weitao sighed, "This time, I'm afraid that I've offended Mr. Chu, to death."

    "I'm also to blame, I shouldn't have been involved in this kind of thing."

    Wu Weitao was overcome with remorse.

    Originally, he didn't have to participate in this kind of thing at all, keeping a neutral attitude, helping no one, provoking no one, and keeping a clear conscience.

    However, Wu Weitao had previously thought that Ye Fan was already dead anyway, and the Mu Fan Group was already a toothless tiger, no need to be afraid.

    Therefore, with the intention of bringing closer relations with the Lu and Xu families, he helped them drive Qiu Mu Orange out of the Genting Mountain villa.

    Originally, it wasn't a big deal, and no lives were lost.

    However, Wu Weitao's calculations were not enough, and Ye Fan didn't die and came back.

    This was a complete offense to Ye Fan!

    After all, Ye Fan's nickname of Wife Protection Fiend was famous in Jiangdong.

    The Jiangdong crowd, who didn't know how much Ye Fan loved his wife.

    After the Taishan martial battle back then, just to rush back to cook for his wife, Ye Fan turned down the invitation from the King City Lord.

    This time, Wu Weitao was considered to have hit the gun.

    "Mr. Chu?"

    "Just that so-called Lord of Edo?"

    "It's just a gang leader, if you want to handle him, it's not even a matter of minutes, it should be because he's afraid of you, how come you're afraid of him instead?"The woman was confused.

    "What do you know about women's opinions?"Wu Weitao snapped, frightening the woman into shutting her mouth immediately.

    "You don't seriously think that Ye Fan is just a no-background, bumbling leader, do you?"

    "You must know that the head of the Yanjing Mo family was respectful to Ye Fan."

    "This Ye Fan is designated to be not as simple as it seems."

    "Although, I don't know what this Ye Fan really relies on, but it's certain that he is definitely an existence that we can't afford to provoke."

    Wu Weitao's old face was gloomy, and deep in his heart, he was filled with intense worry.

    "Then.. what now?"

    Hearing Wu Weitao say this, the woman's heart was also a little bottomless.

    Wu Weitao shook his head, "I'm afraid there's nothing more to be done."

    "We can only, do our best and listen to the fate of God."

    Wu Weitao said in a low voice, and then he started looking for Li Er's phone number to call him.

    Now his relationship with Ye Fan had dropped to the freezing point.

    If this situation wanted to change, he could only find a third person to act as a lobbyist and plead for him.

    And this candidate, naturally, was Li Er who was the most suitable.

    "Yo, it's rare that Wu Shi has time to pay attention to a commoner like me in his day-to-day life?"

    From the phone, came Li Er's slightly sarcastic voice.

    In fact, Li Er had already guessed in his heart about the intention of Wu Weitao's phone call.

    "Mr. Li, don't make fun of me."

    "I don't care about anyone, and I would never dare to ignore Mr. Li."

    "General Manager Li is a great popular person in front of Mr. Chu, and I, Wu Weitao, will have to count on General Manager Li to give me a few nice words in front of Mr. Chu in the future?"

    Wu Weitao said politely, his posture very low.

    After all, there was a need for someone, so Wu Weitao naturally had to be polite.

    "Don't, I won't get involved in your grudge against Mr. Chu."

    "You dug the hole yourself, or should I fill it myself?"

    Li Er directly refused.

    You know, Wu Weitao had provoked Mr. Chu's wife before.

    Everyone knows that Miss Qiu is Mr. Chu's antagonist!

    Wu Weitao provoked her, which is the same as touching Mr. Chu's backbone.

    Li Er didn't want to go wade through this lying down for Wu Weitao.

    "Mr. Li, are you really going to sit this one out?"

    "You should be aware that if my relationship with Mr. Chu falls apart, perhaps I'll encounter some unknown trouble, but then, you're bound to be no better off, right?"

    Wu Weitao's words also went cold.

    When Li Er heard it, he laughed.

    "Wu Shi, you don't say such threatening words to me, you go and say it to Mr. Chu."

    "However, as a friend, I still have to advise you, Mr. Chu is someone who is soft and not hard."

    "If you threaten him like you threatened me, the consequences are just too much for you to bear."

    "Just last night, Lu Mingfeng also threatened Mr. Chu."

    "The weight of their Lu family should be far greater than you."

    "But do you know what Mr. Chu said?"

    "How so?"Wu Weitao immediately followed up with a question.

    Li Er paused for a moment before saying, "What Mr. Chu means is that he wants Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, both of them, to cross the bodies of Jiangdong!"



"What did you say?"

    "Mr. Chu is going to do something to Lu Mingfeng and the others?"

    "How is that possible?"

    "Is Mr. Chu out of his mind?"

    "Or does he not know the power of the Lu and Xu families?"

    The moment he heard this, Wu Weitao's entire body ceased to be calm.

    Scuffling up from the sofa, his eyes stared at it with dead eyes, his heart was both shocked and frightened.

    It wasn't that he was fussing, nor was it that he was worrying over nothing.

    Rather, Wu Weitao was well aware of the powerful backgrounds of both Lu Mingfei and Xu Shaohua.

    Moreover, both of them were the crown princes of these two giants, and were likely to become the next family heirs.

    If the two of them died here, then, not only Ye Fan alone would suffer, but he, the Lord of Yunzhou, would definitely be subjected to major disciplinary actions as well.

    Even the entire Jiangdong community would be in great turmoil!

    It could be said that this was a major event that affected the whole body.

    Wu Weitao was naturally terrified and frightened.

    "Li Er, no matter what, you have to stop this crazy and dangerous idea of Mr. Chu."

    "You should know, once Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua really fall here, what kind of situation will happen in Jiangdong next, right?"

    "At the very least, you're not going to be able to keep your status as the leading big man of Yunzhou City."

    "There's also Lei Laosan of Jingzhou, Wang Jiexi of Haoshu, all of you who are in the same boat as Mr. Chu, none of you will escape."

    Wu Weitao was full of gravity and gave Li Er a stern word.

    Li Er likewise returned, "Wu Shi, don't just talk about us either, when the time comes, you won't be able to keep that hat on your own head, I'm afraid!"

    "So, our interests are aligned in this matter.I can't talk to Mr. Chu anymore, so I can only rely on you to stop this crazy idea of Mr. Chu's."Wu Weitao said solemnly.

    Li Er also said back in a deep voice, "I will try my best to do the work on Mr. Chu's side.But on Lu Mingfeng's and his side, Wu Shi you have to keep an eye on them as well."

    "Don't let them do anything to provoke Mr. Chu again."

    "Otherwise, no one will be able to save them!"

    "And, if possible, let them leave Jiangdong as soon as possible."

    "Here, it doesn't belong to them in the first place."

    "As long as they return to Yanjing, naturally nothing will happen."


    This phone call went on for a long time.

    Eventually, Li Er and Wu Weitao reached a consensus.

    Li Er was in charge of dissuading Ye Fan, while Wu Weitao was in charge of doing the work of Lu Mingfeng and his two men.

    Due to the urgency of the matter, Wu Weitao immediately contacted Lu Mingfeng after hanging up the phone with Li Er.

    "Young Master Lu, I've heard about the matter of the Haiyuan Pavilion."

    "Are you alright?"

    "If the injury is serious, I can immediately send a car to send you back to Yanjing for treatment."

    "Jiangdong is no better than Yanjing, the medical conditions are very backward."

    "Your golden body and jade body, it's better to return to Yanjing as soon as possible to receive the best treatment."

    Wu Weitao also fought hard to persuade them to return to Yanjing, and all kinds of far-fetched reasons were brought out.

    It definitely wouldn't do to directly drive them away.

    Wu Weitao had already offended Ye Fan, but he couldn't offend Lu Mingfeng again.

    As for saying that Ye Fan was going to kill them and tell them to flee quickly, this kind of words could not be said even more.

    These young people were a proud and arrogant bunch, and the more they said that, the more they were afraid that they wouldn't leave.

    With no other choice, Wu Weitao could only make all sorts of side remarks to get them to return to Jiangdong.

    "Well, thanks for your concern."

    "When things are done here, I will return to Yanjing to receive treatment."

    "It's just tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so I guess I'll go back."

    Lu Mingfeng slowly returned.

    He had planned all of this out, and once the operation was successful tonight, he would return to Yanjing tomorrow or the day after if nothing unexpected happened.

    Just like Wu Weitao had said, this place in Jiangdong was no better than Yanjing, and for the injuries that Ye Fan had caused him, he would naturally return to Yanjing to receive the best treatment.

    "That's good that's good."

    "Give me a word when you leave, I'll personally go see Young Master Lu off."

    Hearing that Lu Mingfeng would be leaving soon, Wu Weitao let out a long sigh of relief.

    As soon as they left, then the biggest worry in his heart would naturally be gone.

    While Wu Weitao was long relieved here, Li Er's side wasn't idle either.

    However, Li Er didn't call Ye Fan directly, but rather made contact with Ye Fan's mother.

    In the beginning on Haiyuan Pavilion, Li Er and the others had already said everything they needed to say, so Li Er knew that even if he called Ye Fan again to discourage him, Ye Fan would not listen.

    In this situation, it was natural to launch a relatives offensive.

    Li Er felt that perhaps the persuasion of his relatives would make Ye Fan hang on the cliff.

    As expected, Ye Ximei agreed to dissuade Ye Fan after learning the pros and cons of the matter.

    "Auntie, Jiang Dong, please!"During the phone call, Li Er was even speaking.

    But wasn't it, the life and death of Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua naturally affected the entire Jiangdong.

    The backgrounds of the two of him were so powerful that it was desperate!

    At this time, Ye Ximei and Xu Lei, who were worried about Ye Fan, also happened to rush back to Yunzhou.

    After learning that Ye Fan had already returned to the Cloud Peak Mountain villa, the two of them also looked for it.

    "Mom, Lei'er, what are you two doing here?"

    Seeing his mother, Evan rushed out to greet her.

    "Lei'er was worried about you and had to come over to see."Ye Xi Mei said.

    As soon as Xu Lei heard this, her pretty face turned three shades of red at that time: "Aunt Mei Mei, what are you talking nonsense?If Mu Orange knew, it would cause a misunderstanding."

    "Misunderstandings about what?"

    "You're my goddaughter, and you're Fanny's sister."

    "Isn't it only right that a sister should worry about her brother?"

    "Look at your little blush, is there something on your mind?"

    Ye Xie Mei's words, but it made Xu Lei's pretty face blush even more.

    Looking at the warm scene in front of her, Ye Fan's ice-cold state of mind over the past few days also suddenly melted.

    The look on the clear face also softened a bit.

    "Alright mom, don't tease Lei'er."

    "Come on in, you guys."

    "You haven't eaten yet, have you?"

    "I'll do it for you."

    Ye Fan smiled and greeted his mother and the others coming in.

    Although the previous Genting Mountain Villa was being renovated, the inside was basically just replacing some furniture, which had already been replaced.

    Only the bluestone in the courtyard hadn't been paved yet.

    Therefore, there was no problem for Ye Fan and his mother and son to come in and live.

    "Brother Xiaofan, I'll come and help you too."

    In front of Ye Fan, Xu Lei naturally didn't have any luxury master's frame and was lively and casual, just like a clear and charming girl next door.

    "Do you know how to cook?"

    "Don't be like Mu Orange, always giving me a hard time?"

    Having learned a lesson from Qiu Mu Orange's previous lesson of cooking for himself, Ye Fan once remained suspicious of this rich family's daughter's cooking skills.

    "Hmph, little brother Fan looks down on people!"

    "During all those years of looking for you in Jiangdong, I was the only one cooking a lot of the time, okay?"

    Xu Lei was dissatisfied and complained angrily at Ye Fan.


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