Dish Best Served Cold 1071-1075


Chapter 1071

Although Xu Lei comes from a rich and noble family, she doesn't have the bad habits of a spoilt brat from a family.

    Since she was a child, she learned to be independent when she went to school alone.

    Later on, her parents' accident and the family's change of fortune made Xu Lei learn to be strong.

    If a woman doesn't even know how to cook and do housework, how can she be independent and strong?

    Therefore, even though Xu Lei was in a position to hire a nanny, she wouldn't do so.

    What's more, the Xu Lei who once fantasized about marrying Ye Fan in the future.

    She knew that her little brother Fan was a frugal person and would definitely not waste money on hiring a nanny in the future.

    Therefore, washing and cooking these things, she would naturally have to learn to do even more.

    That way, she would be able to take better care of her Little Brother Fan in the future.

    To Xu Lei, it was an extremely warm and happy thing to have her lover like her cooking.

    But unfortunately, these fantasies Xu Lei once had were just fantasies after all.

    The woman who cooked for brother Xiaofan was not her!

    However, Xu Lei had already figured out that even if she couldn't become Little Brother Fan's woman, like now, it would still be a good thing to be with her silently all the time.

    "Go, peel the potatoes and cut them into shreds."

    In the kitchen, Xu Lei gave orders to Ye Fan.

    As soon as Ye Fan heard it, he directly stared at her then!

    "Sub-Oh, you dead girl, I haven't made you yet, but you made me instead?"

    "It looks like you're going to cook it yourself."

    "Good, I'll give you that chance."

    "I'd like to see how the former goddess of Jiangdong, now the master of a great family, is at cooking."

    Ye Fan smiled helplessly, so he was willing to be a second tier and give Xu Lei a hand.

    Just like this, in the room, the fragrance of rice was overflowing.

    Xu Lei was very skilled at stir-frying a few home-cooked dishes.

    "I'll go, Lei'er, can I?"

    "I didn't expect that you, a thousand-year-old lady, would actually know how to cook?"

    "There aren't many women who can cook in this society now, with female boxing running rampant."

    "At least, Mu Orange wouldn't be able to cook."

    At the dinner table, Ye Fan tasted Xu Lei's cooking and couldn't help but secretly praise her.

    "That's right, this Miss is a representative of the new era of women who can go up to the hall and down to the kitchen."

    Hearing Ye Fan's praise, Xu Lei was undoubtedly extremely happy.

    The joy was as if her dish had won an international award.

    Especially after hearing that Qiu Mu Orange couldn't cook, the pride and joy in Xu Lei's heart undoubtedly intensified.


    "Fanny, who said Mu Orange can't cook?"

    "During the time you've been away, Mu Orange's cooking has improved a lot."

    "On the day of my birthday banquet, the table full of dishes were all cooked by Mu Orange alone."

    "She didn't even let me help, and she didn't even let me tell you that she wanted to surprise you."

    "You guy, you're content with being married to such a good wife as Mu Orange, aren't you?"

    Next to him, but Ye Xi Mei was fighting for Qiu Mu Orange.

    Ye Fan listened, no doubt unexpectedly.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the following list of the most popular products that you can find in the market.

    In the past, Qiu Mu Orange also thought of learning to cook, but was berated by Suzy.

    She said that cooking hurt her skin and would speed up the aging process of women and so on.

    In short, they told her to stay away from the kitchen, and said that cooking was not a job a woman should do.

    Later, when she got busy with work, things like learning how to cook were left unanswered.

    Now, Ye Fan did not expect that during the time that he went to the Japanese country, that girl Mu Orange had started cooking.

    Naturally, Ye Fan was touched in his heart, thinking that he would call Qiu Mu Orange after dinner later and give her a call to report her safety.

    That woman, at this time, must be in Yanjing sleepless and worried about him.

    This dinner, Ye Fan ate very warmly.

    Since the day of the robbery, Ye Fan had been wandering outside for several months.

    Now back to Jiangdong again, with relatives together to eat the first meal, but really let Ye Fan feel a sense of belonging, a warmth.

    For so many years, he had worked so hard to cultivate, so hard to become stronger, for what?

    Isn't it just to, to go and guard this warmth.

    To guard, one's loved ones and loved ones, a lifetime of peace and freedom from harm?

    This dinner made the hostility and killing intent in Ye Fan's heart fade away a lot.

    Seeing that the time was ripe, Ye Xie Mei also began to mention things about the situation in Jiangdong.

    "Little Fan, I heard that you are going to make a move on those two giants of the Fenghua Group?"

    "Well?"Ye Fan frowned, "Was it Li Er, or Lei Laosan who told you that?"

    "These two old things, let's see how I'm going to take care of them when I get back!"

    These things in Jiangdong, whether it was Qiu Mu Orange or his own mother, Ye Xi Mei, Ye Fan never gave them a chance to talk about it.

    He didn't want them to be troubled by these things.

    This is Ye Fan, no matter how much pressure he faces outside, he will bear it alone.

    A man, naturally, must stand up to the sky!

    For his wife and family, he shielded them from all the storms and held up a world.

    Therefore, business matters, Ye Fan never let Qiu Mu Orange and the others know.

    Now those old things, Li Er, had gone behind his back to disturb his mother, which was undoubtedly a violation of Ye Fan's taboo!

    "Don't blame them, I was the one who forced them to ask."

    "But Little Fan, mommy would advise you to be merciful."

    "Since that Lu Mingfeng has already learned his lesson and knows to be afraid, you don't need to cut off all of them."

    "Perhaps, you don't fear the Lu family or the Xu family."

    "But Xiaofan, you also have to consider Mu Orange, consider me and Xiaolei with, and consider all the people who follow you in the entire Jiangdong."

    "These days you're not here, the situation in Jiangdong is stormy, and many people who care about you have been implicated."

    "Now that it's hard to breathe with pride, do you really want to intensify the conflict again."

    "Let everyone follow you and be in danger again."

    "Let Mu Orange, Xiaolei and the others, be concerned for you again!"

    "This time, it was a false alarm and you made it back alive."

    "But what about next time?"

    "You do understand that a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall, don't you?"

    "All this time, Mu Orange has cried her tears dry for you, and Regina has stayed up day and night worrying about you."

    "So, Little Fan, mommy wants you, to stop."

    "Lu Mingfeng and the others have already learned their lesson, there's no need for you, to cut them off."

    In the room, Ye Xie Mei advised in a long-winded manner.

    Xu Lei also said softly, "Yes, brother Xiaofan.The Lu and Xu families have deep roots in Huaxia and hold terrifying energy."

    "If you really kill both Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, Jiangdong will definitely plunge into a stormy situation again."


In the room, Xu Lei and Ye Xi Mei couldn't help but persuade.

    Looking at his mother and their worried appearance, Ye Fan's heart was undoubtedly somewhat moved as well.

    Perhaps, he should really listen to the persuasion of Li Er and the others and spare the lives of Lu Mingfeng and the others.

    Even though Ye Fan, didn't fear the Lu and Xu families.

    But his mother and the others were right, even if he was confident, even if it was really Ye Fan who had the last laugh, Jiangdong would inevitably suffer from turmoil when the time came.

    Moreover, it will make Mu Orange and the others worry about themselves.

    In the end, Ye Fan nodded under the persuasion of Xu Lei and the others.

    "Mom, I know."

    "As long as Lu Mingfeng and the others promise me that they won't set foot in Jiangdong again in the future, I will spare their lives and let them leave in peace."

    "That's best."Seeing that his son had finally decided to take a step back, Ye Xi Mei let out a long sigh of relief this time, and the stone that was weighing on his heart finally landed on the ground.

    Before this, when Li Er had told Ye Xie Mei these things, Ye Xie Mei was undoubtedly worried badly.

    Their Ye family was just a small family in the township and could not provide any help to Ye Fan at all.

    It could be said that once Ye Fan really put an end to things, it would be Ye Fan alone to face the wrath of the two great families.

    Ye Fan didn't want to be like Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, who had a powerful family background to rely on.

    Of course, if Ye Fan hadn't been removed from the Chu family, he didn't really need to fear anyone as the Chu family's Heavenly Eldest Son alone.

    However, the Chu family had already swept their mother and son out of the house.

    This background of Ye Fan's wouldn't provide any shelter to Ye Fan, instead, there was the possibility of incurring death.

    So, no matter what, Ye Xie Mei naturally had to persuade his son down.

    But fortunately, the process was smooth.

    Ye Xie Mei knew Ye Fan too well, she knew that her son, extremely valued family and friendship.

    He could tolerate his own suffering, but he could never tolerate the suffering of the one he loved.

    Therefore, as long as she took the safety of Qiu Mu Orange and the others to persuade Ye Fan, her son would naturally soften and bypass Lu Mingfeng and the others.

    After getting Ye Fan's promise, Ye Xie Mei also found the time to go out and call Li Er to tell him about this matter.


    "Mr. Chu has regressed?"

    "That's great!"

    "Thank you so much, thank you Mrs. Yeh~"

    "You are a great mother, and the mother of our Edo congregation."

    "You are the one who prevented a catastrophe~"

    "You are the benefactor of our Edo crowd!"

    Li Er was undoubtedly also happy after learning this news.

    The actual actuality is that you'll be able to have a lot more than just a few of these.

    But I didn't expect that it really worked.

    As expected, a son who knows his mother is like a mother.

    "Mr. Li, it's not that exaggerated, right?"

    "How is it that I, a woman, have become the benefactor of all of Jiangdong?"

    Ye Xie Mei said with a sweat, she didn't expect that a decision made by her son would make Li Er so excited.

    "No, it's not an exaggeration at all."

    "You really, are stopping a catastrophe that is sweeping through Jiangdong ah."

    Li Er was so excited that he said it repeatedly.

    After a long time, Fang hung up the phone and spun around to contact Wu Weitao, telling him the news of Ye Fan's regression, again.

    And, Li Er once again instructed that Lu Mingfeng and the others should never provoke Ye Fan again, and that they should finally leave Jiangdong as soon as possible.

    After all, Li Er was also afraid that Mr. Chu would change his mind one day.

    Ye Fan was naturally unaware of the actions of Li Er and the others.

    After such a long time, it was rare to have a leisurely and quiet period of time.

    Ye Fan also sat in the living room to watch TV with his mother and Xu Lei and the others.

    Just now, Ye Fan made a call to Qiu Mu Orange, but it didn't connect.

    Ye Fan reckoned that she might be busy again, so he didn't call again and waited for Qiu Mu Orange to call him back.

    "Little Fan, Little Lei, eat some fruit."

    At this time, Ye Xie Mei cut a fruit plate from the kitchen and brought it up for Ye Fan and the others.

    However, perhaps seeing the exciting part, Xu Lei and Ye Fan couldn't even care about eating, they were both sitting on the sofa gawking at the plot of the TV show.

    This is a suspense film, perhaps because of fear, Xu Lei hugged the pillow and shrank on the sofa, and finally even unconsciously leaned close to Ye Fan, but the petite body was still shaking.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he smiled helplessly.

    Sometimes, Ye Fan really felt that women were really a very interesting creature.

    Just like the current Xu Lei, who was clearly scared, but still stared without turning her eyes away.

    This masochistic tendency was really unbearable.


    However, just as Ye Fan was joking about Xu Lei.

    Suddenly, Ye Fan seemed to have sensed something and looked back abruptly.

    In the next moment, Ye Fan's face changed dramatically.

    "Not good!"

    "Mom, get out of the way~"

    Ye Fan shouted in alarm.


    Immediately after that, a huge boom was heard.

    The sound shook the heavens and earth, deafening.

    It was as if thunder was rolling, rocks were crumbling, and the entire Cloudcliff Mountain was trembling.

    Half of Yunzhou City had almost heard the loud boom.

    When the people nearby looked up and looked again, they found that the top of the Cloud Peak Mountain was already a sea of fire.

    "My God!"

    "What's wrong?"

    "Did something happen?"

    "Did the gas explode?"

    Underneath Genting Mountain, there was already a commotion.

    A large number of people were watching, filled with fear, looking away from the rushing sea of fire.

    But not far from the explosion, a man's cold laughter was heard.

    "Mission accomplished!"

    "Call it a day, let's go."

    The lead man threw the cigarette in his mouth on the ground while stomping it out.

    He then began disassembling his equipment and prepared to return to drinking.

    "Captain, no more confirmation?"Behind him, there was a question from his men.

    Yun Yang shook his head, "No need to confirm."

    "That Mr. Chu, even if he was cast in copper and iron, he would have to turn into water under that cannon fire just now."

    Yun Yang said proudly.

    He had been in the military for many years, and he was all too familiar with the power of this kind of rocket artillery.

    Just one of them was enough to pierce through the hard outer armor of the armored car.

    And they had just now, but they had shot out ten of them.

    And all ten of them hit!

    The villa had been razed to the ground, and the entire Genting Mountain had been slashed by several meters alive.

    In this situation, if that Mr. Chu didn't die, he, Yang Yun, would eat shit live.

    "Haha, also."

    The other team members also nodded their heads in deep thought after hearing this.

    And then, the five-member team began to pack up their equipment and prepare to leave against the night before the fire trucks came up.

    However, just as Yun Yang and the others were preparing to evacuate.


    Suddenly, a gust of wind swept past.

    And then, Yun Yang and the others saw that in the midst of the rushing sea of fire in front of them, a skinny young figure was standing there just like that.

    He was standing with his hands in the negative, and he was full of cold smiles.

    There was a sea of clouds swirling in front of him, and behind him was a blazing fire raging in the sky.

    At the intersection of light and darkness, he was standing like that.

    It was as if a demon from the abyss was standing at the entrance of hell, gazing at them just like that.



    At that moment, Yun Yang and the others were undoubtedly completely scared to death.

    Like ghosts, they looked at the figure standing in front of them where light and darkness intertwined, and there was an endless fear that swept wildly through their hearts.

    "You...Who are you?"

    In the midst of great fear, Yun Yang asked in fear.

    In the midst of the sea of fire, the man did not speak.

    He only lifted his feet and slowly walked towards them.

    What was even more bizarre to Yun Yang was that his feet were off the ground, and each step he took was in the void.

    It was truly as if an evil ghost from the abyss had appeared on earth.

    "You...Who are you, who exactly are you, a human or a ghost?"

    Yun Yang and the others were close to peeing in fear.

    Their legs were weak and they were swinging all over the place.

    They wanted to run, but the occurrence was already so frightening that they couldn't walk at all.

    Finally, as the figure approached, the cold voice of Samson rang out under the night.

    "Shouldn't I be asking you this?"

    "Say, who, who told you to kill me?"

    Ye Fan's condescending, serene gaze, as if it contained no emotion, looked down on Yun Yang and the others like this, as if he was looking down on five mole crickets.


    Hearing this, it was as if thunder struck down.

    Yun Yang and the others, a pair of eyebrows, stared huge!

    They were even closer to forgetting to breathe because of the tremors and fears.

    "You...Are you Ye Fan?"

    "This...How is this possible?"

    "Are you a man or a ghost?"

    Yun Yang had been completely confused.

    It only felt like his worldview had collapsed.

    From those words just now, Yang Yun had naturally guessed that the person in front of him was the Ye Fan they had just blown up.

    However, under the rocket baptism, how could he still be alive?

    That's impossible!

    Yun Yang simply found it hard to believe that someone could survive an attack of this magnitude.

    Moreover, he had emerged from the sea of fire unscathed!

    However, where did Yun Yang and the others know that Ye Fan had been able to escape safely from the missile attack at first, let alone a few rockets?

    However, Ye Fan was clearly not in the mood to bullshit with him.

    He walked over and strangled his neck with his hand, and just like that, he slowly lifted him up from the ground.

    "I'll ask you again, who ordered you here?"

    A cold voice, suppressing an endless amount of mortification and anger.

    It gave everyone in this room the creeps after hearing it.


    However, how could Yun Yang, who was being lifted up by the neck, speak when he couldn't even breathe?

    He struggled in agony, whimpering and groaning under his breath.

    Soon, there was no more movement.

    Ye Fan didn't move and loosely threw him to the ground.

    And then, his icy gaze looked at the others again.

    "Say, who sent you guys here?"

    A faint tone, calm as if the water was still flowing from a peaceful lake.

    But those who were familiar with Ye Fan knew that the more calm he acted, the more intense the anger in his heart.

    Behind him, the demonic firelight was still swaying in the wind.

    Ye Fan's cold face, under the firelight, was frightening and gruesome.

    Under such incomparable oppression, those remaining naturally no longer dared to disobey and said in fear, "Yes...It's Young Master."

    "Young Master?"Ye Fan frowned, "But Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua?"

    This time, the remaining ones didn't say anything, just nodded their heads tremblingly.


    Between the rivers of heaven, there was a flash of blue.

    Then, Ye Fan turned around and left.

    Behind him, there were only five, cold corpses left.

    The one who killed, the one who killed horizontally!

    From the moment they made their move on Genting Mountain Villa, today's outcome was already set.

    "Rei'er, you send Mom away first."

    "Find a hotel and stay there first."

    After finishing off those people from Yang Yun, Ye Fan walked forward and said to Xu Lei.

    Within the gloomy words, there was endless anger suppressed.

    No one could understand the anger in Ye Fan's heart at this time.

    What he hated the most was the person who threatened the lives of his loved ones.

    Just now, if he hadn't reacted in time, his mother, as well as Little Lei, would have really been killed.

    "Little Fan, what are you doing?"

    "Don't be impulsive."

    "In this, there might be some kind of misunderstanding."

    After escaping from death, Ye Xie Mei was in a state of shock.

    However, after hearing her own son's words, Ye Xie Mei panicked a bit.

    She knew her son too well, and she knew that Ye Fan was completely furious!

    When people were angry, they would always do something impulsive and out of the ordinary.

    Ye Xie Mei had to worry.

    However, this time, for his mother's words, Ye Fan didn't listen anymore.

    Instead, he looked at Xu Lei, "Lei'er, why don't you go?"

    "Take my mother away."

    Ye Fan's words were cold and carried an unquestionable authority.

    Xu Lei saw the situation and didn't say anything else.

    Instead, she followed Ye Fan's words and took Ye Xie Mei away.

    "Little Lei, what are you doing?"

    "Aren't you going to help me persuade your little brother Fanny?"

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid we'll really be in trouble!"

    Ye Xi Mei said anxiously.

    However, Xu Lei shook her head, "Aunt Mei Mei, don't you understand brother Fan's temperament?"

    "What he's decided, do you think we, like, can change that?"

    Xu Lei said in a low voice, and Ye Xie Mei was silent for a moment.

    Then, Xu Lei left the place with Ye Xie Mei.

    Here, at the summit of Genting Mountain, calm was once again restored, only the blazing fire behind it was still burning brightly.

    Ye Fan picked up the phone and quickly got through to Li Er's phone.

    "Mr. Chu, are you looking for me?"Li Er smiled heedlessly, obviously in a good mood, and asked Ye Fan respectfully.

    However, in the next moment, an eerie voice came out quietly from within the phone.

    "Within twenty minutes, find the hiding place of Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, then, tell me."

    The words were icy cold, and even though they were thousands of meters apart, Li Er could still so vividly feel the, endless killing intent beneath the words.

    Li Er's body trembled, when a stirred.

    "Chu...Mr. Chu, you...What do you want?"

    "You're not, like, really going to do anything to them, are you?"

    "But you just now, didn't you already decide to let them go, how come this is suddenly..."

    Li Er was already confused at that time, and had a sudden sense of the importance of the matter, and asked.

    "I let him go, but did he ever let me go?"

    Ye Fan's cold voice frightened Li Er to the point where his feet went soft and he just spread out on the ground.

    "This matter, you just do as you're told."

    "Excessive nonsense, better not say anything."


    After saying that, the phone hung up directly.

    At the summit of the cloud top mountain, the cold wind was biting, and Ye Fan was expressionless, standing there as quietly as that.

    Only, beneath the calm surface, who knew that anger was rising in his heart!

    "Lu Mingfeng, Xu Shaohua, you're asking for death."

    "Want to play?I'll play with you!"

    Evan clutched his palm, his words were icy cold, but the wind shattered them!


Li Family Manor.

    Ye Fan's phone had just hung up, and there was still a dull beeping sound from the phone.

    In the room, Li Er was speechless for a long time.

    Until now, Li Er hadn't even returned to his senses.

    With his hands behind his back, he was pacing back and forth in the room, his face as ugly as he wanted it to be.

    "How did this happen?"

    "Didn't Mr. Chu just decide to spare their lives, but why, why did he change his mind so quickly?"

    "Could it be that those two fools, Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, have secretly sent someone to deal with Mr. Chu again?"

    Tears like locked eyebrows, her heart was extremely troubled.

    The original great mood, because of this one phone call from Ye Fan, undoubtedly sank to the bottom in an instant.

    Thinking of this, Li Er immediately made a call to Wu Weitao.

    "Mr. Li, I'm about to call you here?"

    "I'd like to meet you for dinner."

    "How about, are you free tomorrow?"

    Having been spared an afterthought, Wu Weitao was naturally in a good mood.

    "You're still in the mood to eat?"

    "Something big is happening!"

    "Just now, Mr. Chu called me and asked me to investigate the whereabouts of both Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua."

    "From the looks of it, Mr. Chu is preparing to do it."Li Er's deep words came out quietly from the phone.


    Wu Weitao shuddered at that time at the news, and the teacup in his hand did not hold steady and shattered directly on the floor with a crack.

    "Mr. Li, what did you say?"

    "Mr. Chu is going to do it?"

    "You...You're mistaken, aren't you?"

    "Didn't you just say that Mr. Chu had already stopped, and that the matter was over."

    "How is this again..."

    "What the hell happened?"

    Wu Weitao was so shocked that he asked anxiously.

    "You're still asking me?"

    "I advise you to call and ask Lu Mingfeng and the others, right?"

    "If I'm right, it must be that Lu Mingfeng and his two thieves will never die and have appointed someone to plot against Mr. Chu again."

    "Otherwise, Mr. Chu would never be so angry!"

    Li Er suppressed his anger, if it wasn't for Wu Weitao's identity, he would have fucking scolded him.

    Earlier, Li Er had instructed Wu Weitao to keep an eye on Lu Mingfeng and the others, not to let them provoke Mr. Chu again.

    But what was the result?

    The thing he feared the most had indeed still happened.

    "Mr. Li, don't be angry yet."

    "There might be some misunderstanding about this matter."

    "What do you think about this?"

    "You first stabilize Mr. Chu and never tell him where Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua are."

    "Give me some time, I'll investigate properly."Wu Weitao said evenly.

    Li Er, however, sneered, "Wu Shi, I'm sorry, I don't want to die."

    "I've said all that I need to say, in twenty minutes, Mr. Chu will arrive at the hotel where Lu Mingfeng and the others are."

    "If you really want to stop the tragedy from happening, there's only one way."

    "That's to make a phone call and quickly tell them to roll up and leave!"

    "Leave Jiangdong and go as far away as you can."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid that this Jiangdong land will really need two more lonely souls."

    The low voice was like a pot of cold water being poured down.

    Wu Weitao's body unconsciously shivered.

    Just when Wu Weitao still wanted to say something, but Li Er had already hung up the phone.

    "Damn it!"

    "What the hell happened?"

    In the room, Wu Weitao's heart was burning with anxiety.

    At this time, another phone call came in, Wu Weitao didn't even look at the direct answer, he thought it was from Li Er.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't.

    Rather, it was a subordinate reporting to him.

    "Wu City, over at Cloud Peak Mountain Villa, something has happened."

    "For some unknown reason, there was a sudden continuous explosion on Genting Mountain."

    "The entire villa, has been razed to the ground."

    "On Genting Mountain, it's in ruins!"

    "The relevant rescuers have rushed over now, and the exact casualties are still unclear."

    On the phone, the subordinate's report was still echoing.

    But Wu Weitao was already confused.

    He understood, he understood everything.

    So this was the reason for Mr. Chu's sudden change of heart.

    "This time, I'm afraid something really big is going to happen~"

    Wu Weitao's old face paled and he sighed in disbelief.

    "Quick, find me Lu Mingfeng's phone."

    Wu Weitao shouted anxiously.



    On the other side, the Yu Chang Hotel.

    Still in the same room, Lu Mingfeng was still waiting there.

    The table full of food was already cold.

    The tea, which was originally steaming hot, was now also cold.

    "Young Master, the tea is cold."

    "I'll go warm it up."

    Lu Mingfeng didn't say anything, allowing the waiter to change the pot of tea.

    Half an hour later, the tea was once again devoid of temperature.

    "Young Master, the tea is cold."

    "I'll heat it up again, shall I?"

    The underling, respectfully, said.

    "I'm hot you Malheur!"

    However, this time, Lu Mingfeng was completely blown up.

    Picking up the teapot, he smashed it directly onto the ground with a bang.

    "That group of trash, what the hell did they do?"

    "Why no news yet!"

    "Also warming wine to slay Hua Xiong, and cooking tea to kill Ye Fan."

    "I'm going to fuck it up, right?"

    "I've heated nine pots of tea and pissed eight bubbles."

    "Where's the man?"

    "Where's the Evan they killed?"

    "Why the fuck hasn't there been any news yet!"

    "Could it be that the group of losers have been slaughtered?"

    Lu Mingfeng cursed furiously.

    All of his previous patience had undoubtedly smoothed out in the long wait as well.

    It was reasonable to say that Yang Yun and the others would drive over and then find a good spot to fire a few shots back.

    It would only take more than an hour to go back and forth to support death.

    But now, it was damn near four hours!

    He just fucking slept!

    But there's still no news from the people we sent out?

    "Young...Young Master, don't be anxious."

    "Maybe Captain Yang and the others, something is delaying them."

    "Delayed my ass, what else could they be up to?"Lu Mingfeng cursed.

    After venting, Lu Mingfeng said in a deep voice, "We can't count on them, you go outside and scout out the news to see if there are any changes happening with regards to the Villa of Genting Mountain."

    Genting Mountain was located in the eastern suburbs of Yunzhou City, while the current location they were in was the western suburbs of Yunzhou.

    The two places were far apart, and there were a large number of buildings blocking them, so they naturally couldn't hear any movement from the Genting Mountain side.

    Soon, the men came to pay their respects in panic, "Young Master, it's a success."

    "I just found out the news, Genting Mountain has been leveled, and the Genting Mountain Villa has even been razed to the ground, and is now in ruins."

    Lu Mingfeng was delighted when he heard it.

    "Is this true?"

    "A thousand times true!That's where the fire department is headed now?"


    "It's good that it worked!"

    Lu Mingfeng was so excited that he only felt that his great revenge had been avenged, and his heart was free.

    "Ye Fan, how is it?"

    "The one laughing at the end, isn't it me, Lu Mingfeng?"

    "Fight me, a redneck, and you're worthy?"

    Lu Mingfeng laughed wantonly, and the cold, gloomy words were all smooth.


"Let's go and find Shao Hua."

    "I have to tell Shao Hua the good news."


    Lu Mingfeng had been unable to hide his excitement, and after learning this news, he couldn't wait to inform Xu Shaohua.

    "By the way, where is Shao Hua?"

    "Where's this jerk running off to, and why haven't we seen him all night?"

    Speaking of Xu Shaohua, Lu Mingfeng just remembered that he hadn't seen Xu Shaohua since he had sent Yang Yun and the others away.

    "Back to Young Master Lu, Young Master Xu, he is accompanying the girl?"

    Behind him, came the respectful words of his men.

    Lu Mingfeng laughed as he heard them.

    "This guy is really letting his hair down."

    "Let's go, let's take a look as well."

    Lu Mingfeng was really curious as to who was the girl that had made Xu Shaohua so obsessed that he couldn't even care about him as a brother.

    Having solved a big problem in his heart, Lu Mingfeng was naturally in a good mood.

    He also smiled and went to look for Xu Shaohua.

    At this time, Xu Shaohua was at the café on the sixth floor of the hotel.

    The environment was elegant, and the sound of melodious music slowly flowed through the room.

    When Xu Shaohua went over, he found a middle-aged man sitting opposite Xu Shaohua.

    The man had a flattering smile on his face and was laughing with Xu Shaohua.

    And in front of him, Xu Shaohua acted extremely polite in a rare manner, not putting on the airs of a noble young master.


    "Shao Hua, didn't you say you were going to pick up a girl?"

    "Where's the girl?"

    "Why is this just an old man here?"

    Lu Mingfeng stepped forward and sat down directly next to Xu Shaohua.

    '"Mingfeng, don't talk nonsense, be polite."'

    "This is Mu Orange's father."

    "But I've invited a distinguished guest tonight."

    Xu Shaohua introduced.

    Lu Mingfeng's entire body was shocked when he heard it.

    "Mu Orange's father?"

    "You...Are you saying that he's Mr. Chu's father-in-law?"

    "Fuck, okay you Shao Hua, in order to pursue someone's girl, you even made a move on their old father?"

    Lu Mingfeng was surprised.

    Nearly instantly, many things were clear to him.

    He now finally understood what Xu Shaohua was busy with these past few days.

    Lu Mingfeng had thought that it was Xu Shaohua who had a new target.

    But now it seemed that he was the one who thought too much.

    All along, Xu Shaohua's target had been Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Mingfeng, if you keep talking nonsense, I'll kick you, huh?"

    "I told you, he's Mu Orange's father, be polite."Xu Shaohua glared at Lu Mingfeng.

    Lu Mingfeng immediately smiled along with him, "Yes yes yes, he might be your father-in-law in the future, of course I have to be more polite."

    "Waiter, have a glass of wine, I have to toast to Shao Hua's future father-in-law."


    "Don't, don't, don't, I can't afford the wine that Young Master Lu has offered."Qiu Lei was terrified and got up repeatedly in return.

    "How can't you afford it?The mere identity of Shao Hua's father-in-law is enough to bear my cup of wine!"

    Lu Mingfeng one bite of a father-in-law, but tried hard to help his brother set it up.

    "Mingfeng, you see you're talking nonsense again, I haven't even started with Mu Orange yet?And with the last time we met and hating the unpleasantness, it's not certain if Mu Orange will accept me."Xu Shaohua shook his head and said.

    When Qiu Lei heard it, he quickly said, "She dares not accept?"

    "Young Master Xu, don't worry, I know my daughter best, she doesn't dare to disobey us."

    "Besides, Young Master Xu is such a good man, to see my daughter, it's a blessing that my Mu Orange has cultivated in her eight lifetimes."

    "Don't say that Ye Fan is dead, even if he doesn't die, I have to let Mu Orange divorce him and then live with Young Master Xu."

    The news of Ye Fan's return hadn't spread out yet, so there weren't many people who knew about the Jiangdong land today.

    Qiu Lei and his wife, naturally, didn't know either.


    "I love it when Uncle Autumn says that!"

    "My brother Shao Hua, but he's a one in a million talent."

    "Family looks, I'm sure it's all needless to say."

    "What's more, Shao Hua he's also devoted."

    "Ever since that day when he saw Order Thousand Gold on Mount Genting, Shao Hua's soul has been seduced away by Miss Qiu."

    "Before the heroic feast, I invited him to go, but he didn't even go because he was missing Miss Qiu ah."

    Lu Mingfeng laughed and gilded Xu Shaohua's face from the side.

    "By the way, where's Miss Qiu?"

    "Still in Yanjing?"

    Last time at Genting Mountain Villa, Xu Lei took Autumn Mu Orange away, Lu Mingfeng naturally remembered.

    It was just that he didn't know if Qiu Mu Orange was back now.

    "It's on its way, it'll be here soon."

    "Isn't that his mother has already gone to the airport to pick her up?"

    Qiu Lei quickly said.

    In the middle of their conversation, outside the hotel, a taxi stopped.

    The car door opened, and two women appeared under the hotel.

    One of them was born with a stunningly beautiful appearance, with three thousand green silk simply spread out, but even so, it still gave people a breathtaking beauty.

    The other person, on the other hand, was slightly older.

    Even though he was wearing heavy makeup, it was still hard to hide the wrinkles on his face.

    The face was exquisite, but how one looked at it, it had a bit of a mercenary look to it.

    "Mom, didn't you say that my dad is in the hospital?"

    "Why did you come to the hotel if you didn't take me to the hospital?"After Qiu Mu Orange got off the bus, she saw the building in front of her and became confused.

    Yes, that young and beautiful woman was Qiu Mu Orange who was supposed to be taking care of Qing Tan in Yanjing.

    Just a few hours ago, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly received a call from her own mother, saying that Qiu Lei had been in a car accident and was critically ill, wishing to see her daughter one last time before she died.

    Even if there was a big gap before, after all, blood is thicker than water.

    What's more, it's the parents who raised her.

    Even if Qiu Mu Orange was desperate, there was no way that she would not even satisfy her father's dying wish.

    Therefore, after learning of this, Qiu Mu Orange immediately took a plane back to Yunzhou.

    As for Ye Fan's side, Qiu Mu Orange didn't tell.

    It wasn't that she wanted to hide it from Ye Fan, but mainly, the grudge between her parents and Ye Fan was too deep, and Autumn Mu Orange didn't want to annoy Ye Fan anymore because of her parents' matter.

    However, what puzzled Autumn Mu Orange was that she didn't know why her mother didn't take her to the hospital, instead she went outside the hotel.

    "Mu Orange, why are you asking so many questions."

    "Don't you want to see your father?"

    "I'll just take you there, what do you care where you go?"

    "Can your mother still hurt you?"

    Qiu Mu Orange's mother, Han Li, didn't have to say anything, but after getting off the car, she pulled Qiu Mu Orange into the hotel.

    "His father, you guys get ready, I'll be right there with Mu Orange."

    After entering, Han Li made a call to Qiu Lei.

    Soon, Han Li, mother and daughter, arrived at the café on the sixth floor of the hotel.

    "Mu Orange, you're here?"

    "It's been a long journey, come in and sit down."

    The first to come over was Xu Shaohua.

    After seeing Qiu Mu Orange, Xu Shaohua couldn't hide his excitement and joy, and said with a sudden concern.


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