Dish Best Served Cold 1076-1080


Chapter 1076


    "Why you?"

    "Mom, Dad, what's going on here?"

    The moment she saw Xu Shaohua, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face immediately went cold.

    She suddenly had a bad feeling that she had been cheated by her own parents.

    Ignoring Xu Shaohua at all, Qiu Mu Orange immediately questioned to her parents.

    "Mu Orange, you ninny, what's going on?"

    "People Young Master Xu is talking to you, look at you, so rude."

    "Why don't you hurry up and thank someone for Young Master Xu's hospitality?"

    Han Li, however, winked at Qiu Mu Orange, telling her to watch her words and not to make the atmosphere so awkward.

    But where did Qiu Mu Orange care about that.

    All that was left in her heart was an anger at being deceived by her parents!


    "Mom and Dad, what the hell are you doing?"

    "Did you trick me into coming here just so I could meet him?"

    "But don't you know that the Mufan Group was destroyed by him."

    "Your daughter, too, was almost killed by them."

    "Because of them, Qing Tan is still lying in the hospital now."

    "I really don't understand, don't you have any brains or position when you do things?"

    "I'll say it again, I'm already married."

    "In my life, I am only married to Ye Fan, and only to Ye Fan alone."

    "Anyone else, by no means!"

    Qiu Mu Orange's eyes were red, she was simply mad at her own parents.

    Although, Xu Shaohua and the others hadn't said anything yet, but Qiu Mu Orange knew her parents too well.

    They must have tricked themselves into coming here just to set themselves up with Xu Shaohua.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange really couldn't figure it out, because of this kind of thing, she didn't know how many times she had already quarreled with them, and Ye Fan had even fallen out with them directly, yet they didn't even learn a lesson at all.

    In the past, Ye Fan was useless and stayed at home as a son-in-law, they disliked Ye Fan and wanted to find a good family for him, at least it was understandable.

    But what about now?

    Ye Fan has become the pride of Jiangdong, with the Mu Fan Group holding hundreds of billions of dollars in assets.

    Why are they still not satisfied, and why are they doing these moths behind the scenes?

    "Shut up!"

    "You dead ninny, now you've learned to talk back to us?"

    "It's true that it's still a case of close to the vermin."

    "I knew you couldn't learn anything good from following a bumbling leader like Ye Fan."

    "Look at you now, you have no manners and are treacherous."

    "How dare you yell at us in public now?"

    "We're your parents, where would you be without us?"

    Han Li scolded angrily at Autumn Mu Orange.

    "Yes, we were lying to you."

    "But who are we doing this for?"

    "It's not for you yet!"

    "No matter how powerful Ye Fan he is, he's just a bumbling leader."

    "He was quite glamorous before, and he even helped you establish Mu Fan Group and hold hundreds of billions of assets.But you know in your own heart how he got all this power and wealth!"

    "It hasn't gotten here by breaking the law and discipline."

    "So, even if your Mu Fan Group doesn't fall into Young Master Xu's hands, it'll fall into the hands of the government sooner or later."

    "By then, you won't just be as simple as breaking some money, you'll be afraid of ending up in jail yourself."

    "What's more, Ye Fan he's already dead."

    "It's not like you're sorry for him if you're looking for your next family now."

    Han Li couldn't stop advising from the side.

    But after Qiu Mu Orange heard that, she shook her head and said, "Mom, don't you feel guilty for saying this?"

    "You said that Ye Fan is a gangster and that Ye Fan's money is ill-gotten money."

    "But the house you're living in now, the jewelry you're wearing, the food and clothing you've been wearing all this time, is there a single thing that wasn't bought with Ye Fan's money?"

    "When you spent it, why didn't you say it was coming from the wrong place."

    "And now you're saying this instead, and you don't have any guilt in your heart?No shame?"

    In the beginning, Ye Fan and his wife had a falling out with Han Li and moved out of the Liu Yuan community in anger.

    For a long time, Han Li and her husband had no contact with Mr. and Mrs. Ye Fan.

    But later, the Mufan Group was established, and Mr. Chu's name became famous in the east.

    The couple, Han Li, naturally rushed to join their daughter.

    After all, they are their own parents, so of course, Qiu Mu Orange won't really ignore them.

    Therefore, she gives the couple a monthly allowance to support them and even buys them a large property in the city center.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange didn't tell Ye Fan about any of these things.

    Firstly, Ye Fan was busy all day and rarely came home, so Autumn Mu Orange didn't have the chance to talk even if she wanted to.

    Secondly, she was afraid of upsetting Ye Fan.

    After all, Ye Fan and his parents were at serious odds.

    In the past three years, he had been scolded and abused by his parents.

    It could be imagined that Ye Fan's feelings towards his own parents must be bad.

    Therefore, Qiu Mu Orange had been secretly sponsoring her own parents, and she had been late in telling Ye Fan.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange was obviously overthinking.

    Even if Ye Fan knew, he wouldn't say anything.

    No matter how bad Han Li and the others were, they were still Qiu Mu Orange's parents, and it was Qiu Mu Orange's obligation to support them, as long as she didn't let Ye Fan see them.

    But what Qiu Mu Orange didn't expect was that what he did didn't make his parents change their attitude towards Ye Fan, but on the contrary, in their hearts, they still looked down on Ye Fan all the time.

    This kind of white-eyed wolf behavior made Qiu Mu Orange only feel disdainful!

    "Okay, okay, why do you two mothers fight when you meet?"

    "All less talk."

    At this point, seeing that the atmosphere wasn't right, Qiu Lei quickly interjected.

    "Mu Orange, don't blame your mother either."

    "He's doing it for your own good."

    "You should know Shao Hua's background, right?"

    "People are Yanjing gentry.Father is a major general in the army."

    "His grandfather even holds the rank of general, but he carried a gun with the founding marshal back then?"

    "This is placed in ancient times, that's royalty and nobility with a deep background."

    "How much better than that country-born Ye Fan, who only had a body of brute strength, I don't know."

    "Nowadays, people's Young Master Xu is deeply in love with you and doesn't mind that you've been married, and he even gave me and your mother a hundred million dollar mansion right off the bat.What a blessing it is for you to win Young Master Xu's favor."

    "You mustn't be ungrateful~"

    Qiu Lei continued to launch an offensive against Qiu Mu Orange.

    However, for these words, Qiu Mu Orange no longer wanted to hear them.

    Since she was a child, she didn't know how many times she had heard them, and her ears had become calloused.

    They were always like this, in the name of being good to themselves, but they did things that hurt them.

    "But Dad, Mom, in your eyes, is there only family background and only money interests?Have you not considered the feelings and wishes of your own daughter?"

    Autumn Mu Orange's eyebrows were red and she roared miserably at her parents.

    After saying that, she no longer lingered and turned around to leave.

    However, Lu Mingfeng blocked her.

    "Miss Autumn, want to leave?"

    "What do you take Shao Hua for?"

    "A monkey's game?"

    "You can come and go as you please?"


Lu Mingfeng smiled coldly, but there was a bit of a threatening implication in his low words.

    "Get out of the way!"

    However, where did Qiu Mu Orange pay attention to Lu Mingfeng's threat and still said forcefully.

    Lu Mingfeng shook his head, "I told you, this is not a place where you can come and go as you wish."

    In the middle of the conversation, behind Lu Mingfeng, a few more of his men surrounded him, blocking Qiu Mu Orange's way.

    "What the hell are you guys doing?"

    Autumn Mu Orange's pretty face had paled at the sight of this.

    "Miss Autumn, you don't have to be nervous."

    "As I said, I don't mean any harm."

    "It's just that my brother Shao Hua waited for you here all night and bought your parents a villa worth hundreds of millions of dollars."

    "Now that I've been waiting for you for a thousand years, it's hard to get you here, Miss Autumn, and you're leaving without even saying a few words about it?"

    "Do you think, yourself, it's appropriate?"

    "Is it fair to my brother for all this pain?"

    Lu Mingfeng sat back on the sofa and crossed his legs, smiling faintly as he sipped his coffee.

    "So, Miss Autumn, since you're here, you're safe."

    "Since you're here tonight, you should keep my brother company."

    "When we wait until tomorrow, we won't stop you if you stay or go."

    "But if you're going to toast the two of us brothers, we're not vegetarians?"

    The words were low and carried an inexplicable chill.

    Suddenly, the temperature of the entire hotel was a few points colder.

    Xu Shaohua didn't say anything and only watched coldly from the side.

    Apparently, he had also acquiesced to Lu Mingfeng's words.

    "Young Master Lu, Young Master Xu, don't be angry."

    "Mu Orange was just joking, you guys mustn't take it seriously."

    "Young Master Xu is both talented and beautiful, it's my lady's honor to chat with Young Master Xu."

    Han Li and Qiu Lei, seeing that the atmosphere was a bit delicate, hurriedly smiled along with their flattering faces.

    After pacifying Xu Shaohua and Lu Mingfeng, the two of them, Han Li and her husband, hurriedly advised Qiu Mu Orange.

    "Mu Orange, it's sort of like mom begging you, okay?"

    "You're just going to have to stop being capricious!"

    "The Lu and Xu families are both world-renowned giants that we can't afford to provoke."

    "And, as you can see, if you provoke them, you won't be able to leave even if you want to."

    "Take a word of advice from Mom, just try to get in touch with Young Master Xu."

    "Maybe, after tonight, you'll fall in love with Young Master Xu?"Han Li advised bitterly.

    "Yes Mu Orange."

    "You're a woman who's already married, what else can you look for when you marry again?"

    "If Young Master Xu doesn't dislike you, it's already a blessing you've cultivated in your eight lifetimes."

    "You're good, you don't know how to be grateful, but instead you're not happy with people anymore?"

    "I really don't understand you, you can even look at that wimp Ye Fan and still not look at Young Master Xu?"

    "Compared to Ye Fan, other young master Xu slipped him a hundred thousand miles."

    "If you can really marry Young Master Xu and become a noble wife in the future, you'll just have to wait to enjoy your happiness, right?"

    Qiu Lei also launched an offensive against Qiu Mu Orange.

    "That's enough!"

    "I told you, I am only the wife of one person in my life, Ye Fan."

    "Anyone else, by no means!"

    Qiu Mu Orange gave a low growl and pushed her parents away, turning her head and walking out.

    "Since Miss Qiu doesn't know how to behave, don't blame us for being merciless?"

    "The woman my brother has a crush on, you'll have to accompany her tonight or not!"

    When Lu Mingfeng saw this, his eyes immediately chilled down.

    He sneered, while waving his hand, those four or five big men went up towards Qiu Mu Orange.

    From the looks of it, they were preparing to forcefully bring Qiu Mu-Orange over.

    "You guys dare?"

    "My husband, Ye Fan, is in Jiangdong, if you dare to touch me, Ye Fan will definitely not be the one to forgive you!"

    Although Qiu Mu Orange was terrified, she still shouted harshly.

    Now, she could only take Ye Fan's prestige and press them.

    Lu Mingfeng laughed at the sound of this.

    The laughter was loud and clear, as if hearing the best joke in the world.

    "Ye Fan?"

    "He's the one you lean on, I guess."

    "If you had mentioned his name before, I might have been a bit more scrupulous."

    "But now, unfortunately, I can tell you that Ye Fan he, is already dead!"

    "Tonight, Shao Hua and I will send a squad of mercenaries to directly raze the Genting Mountain Villa to the ground with rocket launchers."

    "As for that Ye Fan, I'm afraid he would have already been burned to ashes in that blazing fire!"

    "Using a dead man to pressure me, I can only say that you, have made a wrong plan."

    In the hall, Lu Mingfeng laughed in a sardonic voice.

    The words were filled with endless pride and wantonness.

    It was as if a victor was looking down on a defeated army.

    When Qiu Mu Orange heard it, she was struck by lightning at that time, and her entire body, stayed in place.


    "No way, you guys are lying to me."

    "A few days ago, Ye Fan just came to see me in Yanjing."

    "He's not dead, he's still alive."

    "You guys are lying."

    Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and said, her pretty face full of fear.

    "If you don't believe me, take a look online."

    "The news of the Genting Mountain fire is still hanging around at the top of the hot search list?"

    Lu Mingfeng smiled faintly.

    Anxiously, Autumn Mu Orange immediately took out his phone.

    Sure enough, when he tapped in a news item, he saw the inextinguishable flames on Genting Mountain.

    "A sudden explosion at the ten billion villa, fire raging in the sky, three corpses have now been found, the rescue workers on the scene are still trying their best to save them~"

    In the video, the resonant voice of the reporter was heard.

    At that moment, Qiu Mu Orange only felt a buzz in her head.

    With a snap, the phone even fell to the ground.

    "Miss Autumn, how is it?"

    "What else do you lean on now?"

    "I advise you, it's better to be good, so that you can also suffer less."

    Lu Mingfeng smiled proudly as Xu Shaohua sat beside him, also with a cold, gloomy smile on his lips as he quietly sipped his coffee.


    Just as Lu Mingfeng was informed to the extreme, suddenly, a low buzz came, but Lu Mingfeng's phone, but it rang.

    When Lu Mingfeng looked down, he found that it was Wu Weitao's phone, and answered it.

    He reckoned that Wu Weitao should be asking him about the Genting Mountain Villa.

    "Hello, Wu Shi?Genting Mountain..."

    Lu Mingfeng smiled proudly, but before he could finish, he was directly interrupted by Wu Weitao.


    "If you don't want to die, run away!"

    "Leave Yunzhou, leave Jiangdong, and flee as far away as you can."


    "Otherwise, it will all be too late~"

    From the phone, came Lu Mingfeng's anxious and gloomy angry voice .

    When Lu Mingfeng heard it, the smile on his face , suddenly stagnated, and his entire body, immediately flinched in place.

    "Wu Shi, you .What are you talking about?"

    "What happened?"

    "Ye Fan is dead, why should we run away?"

    Lu Mingfeng asked in confusion.

    "Oh, yeah?"

    However, Lu Mingfeng's words had just fallen.


    A gust of wind swept past, and the doors and windows in front, burst open.

    The cold, gloomy wind outside, down the window, madly pouring.

    That low wind sound, just like, the devil's low roar!

    In the midst of the storm, under the dark night, there was only a thin figure, just like that, standing across the storm.

    A gaze that was like a gaze from the abyss, looking down on, this world!



    That instant, it was only like thunder struck down.

    Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua were instantly confused.

    A pair of old eyes stared at the skinny figure outside like a ghost, their entire bodies frightened, near soul-deep!

    "You... you are...You're, Ye...Ye Fan?"

    Yes, it was Ye Fan who appeared outside at this time.

    The clear and beautiful face was filled with Mori.

    The cold wind blew the tips of his hair on his forehead.

    In that interplay of light and darkness, Ye Fan's face was as if the fatalistic Shura, just like that, was standing horizontally here.

    Morbid eyes, ghostly eyes fell on Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua's bodies.

    At that moment, Lu Mingfeng only felt like he was being held by a long knife around his neck, causing people to shudder.

    Not only Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, but Qiu Lei and his wife were also muddled there.

    Obviously, they also didn't expect that Ye Fan was really still alive?

    But before that, wasn't it rumored in Jiangdong that Ye Fan died in an accident?

    When did he, like, come back?


    The only person present was Qiu Mu Orange, who was filled with joy after seeing Ye Fan appear.

    Her eyebrows and eyes were red, she cried out and ran over and directly jumped into Ye Fan's embrace.

    All the fear and trembling from before was undoubtedly gone the moment she was held in Ye Fan's arms.

    This man is her eternal leaning and harbor.

    With him there, she would not be afraid of any storm.


    "You bastard, why didn't you tell me when something happened?"

    "I thought, I was going to lose you again~"

    Autumn Mu Orange sobbed, gurgling tears raging out, and her entire body had become a tearful person.

    It was pear-shaped, but it made the listener pity and the smeller mourn.

    Looking at the bawling beauty in his arms, Ye Fan only felt warmth in his heart.

    In this world, the happiest thing is to have a beautiful woman who cares for you even though she is thousands of miles away from you.

    With a wife like this, what more could a husband want?

    "Silly girl, don't cry."

    "You're already ugly, and it's even worse when you cry."

    "Besides, I'm fine right here, aren't I?"

    "It's not like you don't know that your man belongs to the "little strong" genus. He's so stubborn, he can't die no matter how hard you shoot him."

    "In the future, if anyone else says that I'm dead, don't believe it."

    "You're still alive, so how can I be willing to leave?"

    Ye Fan said sympathetically, gently caressing the pretty face of the beauty in his arms, helping her wipe her tears.

    However, Ye Fan's words instantly hit the softest place in Qiu Mu Orange's heart, and in a moment, she was already in tears.

    Only, this time, the tears were tears of emotion, tears of joy.

    Even after many years, when Qiu Mu Orange recalled her past with Ye Fan, she still clearly remembered Ye Fan's promise and words to her today.

    "You're still alive, so how could I be willing to leave?"


    This sentence was like a carving knife that was deeply etched into the depths of Qiu Mu Orange's soul, making her remember it for many years.

    Yes, sometimes what hit the soul directly wasn't a diamond ring worth millions or a luxuriously decorated mansion, but rather a warm embrace and an occasional word of love.

    Just like today's Ye Fan, a few simple words of comfort will make the dim heart of Qiu Mu Orange glow once again.

    The dependence on the man in front of her was even stronger in the heart of let's Autumn Mu Orange.

    "Alright, Mu-Orange."

    "You watch by the side first."

    "After I've dealt with some trouble, I'll bring you home."

    When Autumn Mu Orange stopped crying, Ye Fan naturally got down to business.

    This time, Ye Fan came to the Sheng Tian Hotel, and it was for Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua in the first place.

    As for Qiu Mu Orange's appearance here, it was a surprise to Ye Fan.

    However, it instead strengthened the killing intent in Ye Fan's heart.

    He didn't expect that Lu Mingfeng and the others, who were just fine with plotting to kill themselves, were now not even going to let go of a weak woman like Mu Orange.

    Ye Fan simply didn't dare to imagine what kind of harm Mu Orange would suffer if he came a little later.


    In response to Ye Fan's words, Autumn Mu Orange naturally did not disobey.

    Nowadays, after so many setbacks and hardships, but in front of Ye Fan, the Autumn Mu Orange was no longer as strong and strong as before.

    Instead, she was like a well-behaved little daughter-in-law who was obedient to Ye Fan and followed her husband and wife.

    With a lightly nodding forehead, she then also stood to the side.

    At this time, Qiu Lei and his wife had undoubtedly regained consciousness from the fear they had just experienced.

    They looked at Ye Fan and then said, "I didn't expect that this brat of yours was really lucky to be alive?"

    "But since you're here today, why don't we just end some things here?"

    "It's been more than three years, Ye Fan, our Mu Orange has taken care of you for almost four years, and it's considered to be benevolent."

    "Now, a better home is in front of Mu Orange, if you really want what's best for her, I hope you can let go."

    "So, you divorce."

    "You didn't deserve Mu Orange from the start, no matter if you're a wimp or the Lord of Jiangdong."

    "My family, Mu Orange, deserves better."

    Han Li pinched her waist and spoke to Ye Fan in a commanding tone.

    "Get out of my way!"

    "I don't have time to waste on you guys."

    However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to them and gave a cold shout.

    Sound exploded and in a split second the wind swept.

    The two of them, Qiu Lei and his wife, were directly shocked and fell to the ground.

    Ye Fan's killing intent and chilling intent, but the Qiu Lei couple was terrified to the point where their faces were pale.

    The entire people were like walking on thin ice as if they were in an abyss!


    "Don't you dare yell at us!"

    Han Li and her husband were both shocked and confused.

    They had never thought that Ye Fan would be so disrespectful to them.

    No matter what, they were also Qiu Mu Orange's parents and were his elders.

    However, who would have thought that Ye Fan would face them without any respect and just tell them to get lost.

    "Mu Orange, look at this good man you married?"

    "How dare you yell at us in front of outsiders!"

    "This is treason."

    "I've decided that you must divorce."

    "Tomorrow at the civil office~"

    Han Li didn't dare to yell at Ye Fan anymore and had to take out her anger on Autumn Mu Orange.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange didn't pay any attention to them either.

    Directly turning her head elsewhere, she didn't even look at the Han Li couple.

    Now that the couple had become clown-like, who would care?

    After drinking away Han Li and his wife, Ye Fan's gaze finally landed on Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua.


    "How can you not die when that rocket launcher can even blow up a tank and shoot down a plane?"

    "By no means~"

    Lu Mingfeng was filled with fear and couldn't stop shaking his head and saying.

    Up until now, Lu Mingfeng still found it hard to believe that Ye Fan was still alive and actually resisted the gunfire without dying?


Ye Fan didn't say anything, just looked down at him.

    Like a king, he was looking down on a mole cricket.

    No one knew what was going through Ye Fan's mind beneath his expressionless face.

    In his ears, there was still Lu Mingfeng's almost frantic shouting.

    However, faced with Lu Mingfeng's disorientation, Ye Fan was unmoved.

    Only after a long time did Fang coldly return, "I said that you have no idea what kind of existence is standing in front of you at this moment."

    "I, Ye Fan, can resist missiles without dying, so how can I be afraid of guns?"

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice, his words low and cold.

    In between the words, a cold wind blew in from outside the window with a bone-chilling chill.

    After Lu Mingfeng heard this, he suddenly laughed.


    "What a man who is not afraid of guns."

    "What a Ye Fan, what a Mr. Chu, what an honorable man of Jiangdong."

    "It's us who underestimated you."

    "It's us who carelessly underestimated the enemy."

    "You've won."

    "Congratulations, Ye Fan.You won this Jiangdong fight, and you're the one laughing at the end."

    Lu Mingfeng laughed, his entire body appearing a little crazy.

    The disoriented appearance, however, made Xu Shaohua on the side worried to death.

    "Mingfeng, what's wrong with you?"

    "Calm down."

    "Victory and defeat are commonplace. We lost this time, we'll get it back next time."

    "There's no need for you to take it too personally."

    Xu Shaohua walked over and advised.

    Up to now, all the reliance around them had undoubtedly all been destroyed by Ye Fan.

    From this point of view, the two of them had already failed this time to enter Jiangdong.

    The one who laughed at the end was indeed Ye Fan.

    "Shao Hua, I'm fine."

    "I'm just lamenting."

    "After all these years, it's the first time we've suffered a setback."

    "So, this is what it feels like to fail?"

    "That's really upsetting."

    "But Mr. Chu, even if we lose, even if you're the one laughing at the end, but what can you do to us?"

    "I dare to round up your relatives, I dare to raze your Genting Mountain villa, and I dare to play with your woman."

    "Do you dare?"

    "No, you wouldn't dare!"

    "My father is the head of the Lu family, my uncles are powerful, and my grandfather is the founding minister.Our Lu family reigns supreme in China, with deep roots and connections that sweep across all sectors."

    "The Lord of Jiangdong Province hosted a banquet for me."

    "The owner of Yunzhou City honored me as if I were a guest."

    "The major giants of Jiangdong even fear me like a ghost."

    "Ever since I was a child, everyone has respected me."

    "No one dares to pick on me for any fault!"


    "It's because of my powerful family background!"

    "Because they know clearly that by messing with me, they are messing with the Lu Family."

    "In this world, no one can afford to take revenge from my Lu Family."

    "Including you, Ye Fan!"

    "Even if I slept with your wife and slaughtered your parents today, you still wouldn't dare to do anything to me.I would still be able to leave Yunzhou and Jiangdong in peace."

    In the hall, Lu Mingfeng's eventful laughter was only like thunder rolling, but it echoed in the ears of everyone.

    After Qiu Mu Orange heard it, her pretty face had paled.

    Even though, Lu Mingfeng's words were unpleasant to hear.

    But Qiu Mu Orange also had to admit that these, too, were indeed the truth.

    Previously, when she was in Yanjing, Qiu Mu Orange had already learned about the Lu family's powerful heritage from Xu Lei.

    She knew very well that this kind of giants family would never be able to be contested by Ye Fan, a respectable man from Jiangdong.

    Or rather, there weren't many people in the entire Huaxia who could contend with the Lu Family!

    Qiu Mu Orange had little doubt that if the Lu family was really determined to deal with Ye Fan, they would probably be able to find any reason to make Ye Fan end up in jail.

    A family like the Lu family could completely overstep the rules, and even more so, use the rules to kill people without a trace!

    Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Orange's heart undoubtedly became even more worried.

    She was afraid that Ye Fan would do something stupid on impulse.

    By then, I'm afraid that things would really go too far!

    She could only pray now that Ye Fan would take care of things proportionately.

    On top of Qiu Mu Orange's trepidation, the two of them, Qiu Lei and his wife, were also quite frightened.

    Previously, they only knew that Xu Shaohua and Lu Mingfeng came from a prestigious family in Yanjing.

    However, they didn't expect the other party's background to be so hardened to such an extent.

    A red gentry family?After the founding minister?

    God, how strong must the Lu family's energy be in Warsaw.

    "To be friends with someone of Lu Mingfeng's background, I'm afraid that Young Master Xu's background is not much less than the Lu family."

    "Mu Orange, this silly ninny, is really confused!"

    "If she had just followed the young master of the Xu family, she wouldn't have been able to fly up the branch and become a phoenix in the future?"

    Han Li's heart was angry and furious.

    However, in addition to her anger, Han Li turned to the thought that Ye Fan, the fool who offended someone like Lu Mingfeng, would be afraid that he would die in the future.

    "That's good, when he dies under the Lu family's revenge, then there will be no more obstacles between Mu Orange and Young Master Xu."

    Thinking of this, Han Li's face was suddenly filled with an inexplicable smile.

    At this time, Lu Mingfeng's eventful laughter was still echoing, and Ye Fan didn't speak, just listened silently.

    His face was expressionless, like an ice rock, standing there coldly.

    The dim light was like water spilling down on Ye Fan's body, but it left a shadow on the ground.


    "Mr. Chu, why aren't you talking?"

    "I know that you should be angry in your heart right now."

    "Obviously, you could kill me with a raised hand.Yet, you don't dare to touch me in the slightest?"

    "Even if you knew it was me who ravaged the Villa at Genting Mountain, what could you do?"

    "You can't do anything but rage?"

    "But Ye Fan, I, Lu Mingfeng, can tell you that we're not done yet?"

    "Don't think that, if you can survive the sea of fire, you can live the rest of your life in peace."

    "I, Lu Mingfeng, promise that when I return to Yanjing, I will use my family's power in the future to take revenge on you, on the Ye family, and on the entire Jiangdong!"

    "As long as I, Lu Mingfeng, don't die for a day, I'll let you go without peace!"

    "I'm going to make you, your woman, your parents and relatives, live and die!"


    Lu Mingfeng was laughing unbridledly, his face was eventful and vicious, his words were arrogant to the extreme, and now he was even casting the most vicious curse on Ye Fan.

    He knew that Ye Fan would not dare to kill him.

    If he dared, Ye Fan would not have let him go on the Sea Source Pavilion before.

    It was with such reliance that Lu Mingfeng was so unscrupulous.

    However, just when Lu Mingfeng was proud and rampant.

    Suddenly, only a piercing sound was heard.

    In the middle of the hall, everyone could only see a green mane, but it was under Ye Fan's hand, gathering and forming.

    Then, it suddenly shot out!


    The blade of air was like a knife, in the dark night.

    Ye Fan, one finger to seal the throat!

    A line of sweet red blood then spurted out from between Lu Mingfeng's neck.

    In that instant, all of Lu Mingfeng's recklessness and arrogance disappeared.

    There was only endless fear and remorse, incessantly enlarging within his pupils.



From between the necks, the blood gurgled down.

    The life died like a tide.

    Is this what death feels like?

    At that moment, Lu Mingfeng stared at him, he looked at Ye Fan as if he wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth, all that came out of his mouth was blood, he couldn't make any sound at all.

    The dying Lu Mingfeng was filled with remorse.

    The protective talisman he had been using all this time had finally failed.

    Before this, how could he have never thought that Ye Fan would actually dare to kill him?

    If he had known earlier, Lu Mingfeng would have never dared to provoke Ye Fan in the slightest, even if he was dead.

    He regretted that he had come to Jiangdong to wade through this muddy water.

    What's more, he regretted that he hadn't listened to Wu Weitao's persuasion and left Jiangdong.

    However, in this world, there were thousands of herbs, but there was no regret only.

    Just like this, with endless remorse and regret, Lu Mingfeng's corpse fell heavily into a pool of blood.

    It was as if a candle flame had gone out, the person died and the lamp went out!

    Dead silence, dead silence!

    As Lu Mingfeng's corpse fell, the entire hall was suddenly silent.

    Only the chilling wind behind him, as if the devil's low roar, swept through this heaven and earth.

    Qiu Mu Orange was flabbergasted in place, her stunningly beautiful face, already in a state of panic.

    She couldn't sit still anymore, and the moment Ye Fan extinguished Lu Mingfeng with a single finger, Qiu Mu Orange stood up from her seat in shock.

    Even Qiu Mu Orange was like that, not to mention the two of them, Qiu Lei and his wife.

    They were so scared that they peed right then and there, their entire souls were nearly gone.

    Apparently, they also didn't expect that this Ye Fan, who had such a big dog's guts, would actually dare to kill Lu Mingfeng.


    Just as the crowd was trembling, the door of the restaurant was pushed open once again.

    Li Er and Lei Laosan, however, ran in hotly.

    "Mr. Chu, think twice before you act~"

    Before running to Ye Fan's side, Li Er shouted anxiously.

    After reporting the whereabouts of Lu Mingfeng to Ye Fan, Li Er shouted for Lei Lao San to come immediately, just to do his best to stop Ye Fan.

    However, after they ran into the hall and saw the corpse at Ye Fan's feet, Li Er and Lei Lao San were both struck in place like thunder, and their entire bodies were confused at that time.

    A pair of old eyes, staring huge!

    Deep in their hearts, they were filled with endless fear and grief.

    They did not expect that it would be too late after all.

    Lu Mingfeng was dead, and everything, it was irreversible!


    "Mingfeng, wake up, wake up Mingfeng~"

    After a long tremor, Xu Shaohua, who had been calmly drinking coffee behind him, undoubtedly panicked.

    He ran over like a madman and kept calling out to Lu Mingfeng.

    However, no one responded.

    Only that, cold corpse underneath him remained.

    "Son of a bitch, did you kill him?"

    "How dare you kill him?"

    "How dare you kill him, you despicable hillbilly, lowly gangster?"

    "Do you know that Mingfeng is the crown prince of the Lu family, the eldest grandson of the Lu family whom Old Lu loves the most."

    "You despicable bastard, how dare you kill him?"

    "Are you seriously not afraid of, the revenge of the Lu family?"

    Lu Mingfeng was Xu Shaohua's best friend for many years, and seeing his best brother die in front of him like this, Xu Shaohua naturally found it hard to remain calm.

    His eyes were red and filled with malevolence, he couldn't stop yelling at Ye Fan.

    However, facing Xu Shaohua's threat, Ye Fan was unafraid.

    He stood with a negative hand, his eyes full of cold smiles.

    There was no joy or sorrow on his clear face, only a majestic majesty that swept the four directions!


    "If I feared retribution, I would not be here tonight."

    "I have already said that everything you are proud of is worthless in my eyes."

    "What Yanjing giants, what hundred year old families, what is it in front of me?"

    "The power is in my hands!"

    "Allowing you to have great power, allowing you to have supreme majesty, it's just a matter of cutting through with a sword!"

    Rampant emptiness, mountains, rivers, and earth are all untrustworthy, only power can be trusted, only power is eternal.

    This world is a world where the strong are the most important!

    Power and wealth are nothing more than vanity in front of power.

    In the past, Ye Fan was not strong enough, so he joined the Qiu family and endured humiliation, just so he could survive the Chu family's pursuit.

    But now, the former fledgling has the power to shake the ninth heaven!

    The current Ye Fan, naturally, did not need to hold back, nor did he need to scrape a living.

    What is a shackle, just cut it!

    What's a thorn? Just step through it!

    A country of the Sun, all of them were trampled under Ye Fan's feet.What was a district's mundane world's dominant Lu family?

    Even if it was the Chinese War God Ye Qingtian, if he provoked him, Ye Fan would still be executed.

    Lu Mingfeng, Xu Shaohua and the others wanted to rely on their background and family backgrounds to make Ye Fan bow down in fear.

    It could only be said that they had the wrong plan from the start.


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Still power in your hands?And cut through it with a sword?"

    "You're a redneck, a bumbling head of a bum, with a fart of power!"

    "Simply an idiot!"

    "The decision to let Mu Orange divorce you was the right one."

    "An arrogant and arrogant fool like you, Mu Orange is bound to be killed by you if she follows you."

    "Now that you've killed the young master of the Lu family, wait for your death~"

    Hearing such arrogant words from Ye Fan, Han Li, however, couldn't listen anymore and cursed directly with a black face.

    However, as soon as her words fell, Ye Fan smacked her.

    Blood spat out, front teeth cracked, and Han Li's entire body was directly smacked out like a dead dog by Ye Fan.

    At the side Li Er's eyes twitched at the sight of this.

    In his heart, he secretly said that Mr. Chu could be really ruthless.

    So impatient, he even smacks his mother-in-law!

    "But that frakking bitch deserves it."

    "Mr. Chu's majesty in his lifetime, how can a slut like you bully him?"

    Li Er secretly said to Han Li, not feeling pity in the slightest, but rather felt that Mr. Chu had struck lightly.

    If it had been Li Er himself, he probably would have just slapped the idiot bitch to death.

    "My patience is limited."

    "If you provoke me again, even if you're Mu Orange's parents, I'll still behead you!"

    Martial arts training is all about mindfulness.

    A hero's nature is to love, to hate, to live and to kill as he pleases.

    Ye Fan shouted coldly, but scared Qiu Lei and the others directly spread on the ground, pale and terrified, like watching a ghost, looking at Ye Fan, not daring to breathe.

    After shocking Qiu Lei and his wife, Ye Fan's eerie gaze, but once again fell on Xu Shaohua's body.

    "You...What do you want?"

    In that instant, Xu Shaohua's body was in awe, and a fear of death suddenly strangled Xu Shaohua's heart deeply.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, just stepped towards Xu Shaohua's direction, slowly approaching.

    Xu Shaohua was already terrified as he retreated backwards.

    "Someone come, someone come quickly~"

    "Kill him, kill him now."

    "Shoot him indiscriminately!"

    "Shoot this madman at random~"


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