Lost Young Master 261-265


Chapter 261

After bidding farewell to the wood bamboo, Ye Fan was in a bit of a bad mood.

It wasn't that he was angry at Muzhu, but rather he had a deep sense of incompetence about himself.

This feeling was like when Ye Fan had no money before, but if you didn't have money, you became rich after being found by your family.But martial arts was different, even if you found a famous master, it was useless, you still needed to progress yourself step by step.

It really wasn't that Ye Fan hadn't thought of anything, it was reasonable to say that if he could pass on his skills, Ye Island wouldn't be so troublesome to let Ye Fan train, and he would probably have become a top expert long ago.

But Charles has never mentioned this aspect, it is obvious that he can't pass on his power, and needs to work hard.That's why Charles hadn't said anything about martial arts, just in case it would undermine Ye Fan's self-confidence.

"Forget it, don't want to."

Ye Fan shook his head and dismissed the distracting thoughts inside, it was useless to think about it now, he might as well try his best while Muzhu went back to think of ideas.

As the saying goes, a drop of water can penetrate a stone, and Ye Fan also believed in thick and thin.

After opening his phone and searching for a while, Ye Fan chose a gym, and if he had time to think blindly, he might as well go for an actual workout.

The gym wasn't far from Ye Fan's hotel, but it wasn't close either, a full five kilometers. First URL m.kanshu8.net

In the past, Ye Fan would have taken a taxi, and it would be a great time saver to arrive in ten minutes.But now that he said he was going to exercise, Ye Fan decided to run over.

The only thing that Ye Fan was glad about was that he wasn't a fatty, otherwise running would have been weight training.

But even so, Ye Fan ran and stopped for nearly an hour before arriving at this gym.

The appearance of the gym was very atmospheric, an independent three-story building, with two big words written on the building: arashi movement.

Equipped with a running logo, it looked quite decent.

As soon as he entered Elysium Motion, Ye Fan was stopped by the security guard.

Ye Fan frowned, "What are you doing?"

He is now in a bad mood, and the security guard's blocking of him can't help but make him angry.

This is not to buy clothes to buy a car to buy a house, how there will be ignorant of the security guard to stop the road, is it still think he is hanging silk it, can not see his hands set with diamonds Rolex watch it?

The security guard faintly spoke, "Please present your gym card."

"I'll show your grandmother's leg, it's my first time here and I haven't got a card yet, where's my gym card!"Ye Fan was a little dissatisfied, the service attitude here was so bad, and it was clearly about mandatory consumption.

Although it was necessary to get a card to go to the gym, but it was usually done after visiting first and only after feeling okay, how could it be this way, even before going in to visit, you have to get a card first, this is really a strange gym.

The security guard showed a disdainful expression and sneered, "Then get out of here, I haven't seen many like you, get out of here!"

"Are you fucking eating shit in the morning, spewing shit all over the place, how am I doing?"Ye Fan looked at the security guard with anger, if he hadn't brought out the six vajra, he would have had someone beat up the security guard in front of him.

He didn't mess with the security guard either, so why did the other party look down on him like that.

"Still need me to say it through?"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them to make the most of their opportunities," he said.How about that, no talking?By me?"

The security guard looked at Ye Fan coldly, his eyes full of disdain.

The reason is because the security guard said, there will be this kind of tumor, obviously can't afford to give up money, running around the outside of the gym, after running, also shamelessly go to the gym inside a free bath.

After all, the bathroom does not need to swipe the card to enter, some drill the hole to go in the big wash special wash to take advantage of the small.

It is precisely these people who take advantage of the small advantage, only to let Ye Fan, who really want to fitness, bear the name of unnecessary abuse.

Only those people Ye Fan could not catch, but the security guard in front of him was really scolding him, a yard is a yard, for the security guard's behavior, Ye Fan is still unforgivable.

"What's the noise?What happened?"

Just then, a middle-aged man in a suit walked over, with a badge that read Manager Wu Chunlong.

"Brother Long, it's like this, this kid is also here to take a shower, I stopped him."When he saw Wu Chunlong, the security guard revealed a flattering smile.

Wu Chunlong nodded approvingly, "Good, next time you encounter a free bath, just blast it out, our Lashi Mobile is not a charity organization, not giving free baths to others, this month you get a hundred raise as a bonus, work well in the future."

"Thank you, Brother Long."The security guard was filled with joy, but Ye Fan could clearly see the calm and complacency under the security guard's eyes, it was obvious that it wasn't the first time the security guard had gotten a bonus from this.

No wonder the security guard had just blasted him out and was deliberately so loud, he dared to attract Wu Chunlong's attention and then take the opportunity to get the bonus!

Originally, Ye Fan wasn't that angry, thinking that the security guard was upright and everything was for Arashi.But now it seems that the security guard is to get the bonus, as long as there is no fitness card all out to blow, anyway, some people leave also on the account, it becomes the security guard's one word.

This kind of playfulness if not the security guard has talent, then it is a thousand times hammered out.

But how many potential customers will this cost Lashio?

Of course, Ye Fan doesn't care about the loss of Mashiro, but because of the use of security and abused by security, Ye Fan really can't swallow this breath.

In addition it is true that the security guard's problem, nor is it the service problem of Mashiro itself, and Ye Fan is to apply for a fitness card, this gym is also not bad, a variety of ideas mixed, Ye Fan raised his hand: "You are the manager, give me a moment, I still have something to say!".

Thinking that Ye Fan was the kind of person the security guard said was scuffing the shower, Wu Chunlong glanced at Ye Fan and prepared to oust him.But with just one glance, Wu Chunlong's expression changed from anger to shock and finally to flattery.

It wasn't because of anything else, it was because the hand that Ye Fan raised was precisely the left hand, the exposed watch shone with a radiant light, even those who didn't know anything about watches, when they saw this dazzling light, they couldn't leave the realization at all, and even more so, they understood that the watch was worth a lot.

"Sir, what do you need?"Wu Chunlong looked flattered.

The security guard secretly said badly at the sight, if Wu Chunlong spoke to Ye Fan, then his deliberate and indiscriminate ousting of Ye Fan would be exposed.

As soon as his eyes turned, the security guard hurriedly stopped him, "Brother Long, I think he's just some sophomoric words, leave this matter to me, I won't bother you, I'll personally blow him out!"



Ye Fan originally wanted to forcefully open his mouth to leave Wu Chunlong behind, but unexpectedly, Wu Chunlong backhandedly slapped the security guard just after the security guard's words, which shocked Ye Fan.

But this slap was really crisp, and the anger in Ye Fan's heart instantly turned into a sense of relief, incomparably smooth!

Although, he didn't know why Wu Chun-Long had hit the security guard....

But cool is done, what's the point of thinking so much.

And without waiting for Ye Fan to ask a question, the security guard was startled and said, "Brother Long, what are you hitting me for?"

"Don't you know what you're being beaten for?Normally I wouldn't talk about you, how you're smart enough to do confusing things."Wu Chunlong snorted.

"What's wrong with me?"The security guard was stubborn, and his eyes showed even more anger.

Wu Chunlong sneered, "Don't forget, I'm a security guard by birth, and I've gotten into the manager position, so that little trick of yours is what I'm playing with, do you still need me to say it explicitly?"

The security guard did not speak, Wu Chunlong was again: "Usually you just chuck people out for a little performance, get some bonus, I've turned a blind eye.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to ensure that its products and services are of the highest quality.You're really naive to think that every time I give you a bonus, it's just to make you take the blame, after all, you get the bonus, I can also prove that I didn't know about it, it's all about you cutting first, I also pretend that I can't see the truth of the matter, and the client won't blame me on my head." Remember the website .kanshu8.net

"You know all that?So what do you mean by all this now that I'm already an outcast?"The security guard had lost his previous anger and instead became a bit frightened, and since Wu Chunlong was having such an important showdown with him, it was clear that he was no longer of use.

"Do you know who used this trick of yours in the first place?It was the last manager, he used to drive away some people, to get bonuses for performance, but the most offended the wrong big man, if not for my sharp eyes to leave customers, now do you think my little security guard can mix to the manager's position?"Wu Chunlong sneered.

As soon as this statement was made, even if the security guard's head was bad, he knew the meaning of Wu Chunlong's words, which was that Ye Fan was a big brother.

But just now, Wu Chunlong still had that expression, how come he suddenly changed after seeing Ye Fan, he obviously didn't know him before, how come he knew Ye Fan's honorable status in an instant?

Seeing the security guard's confusion, Wu Chunlong sneered, "Even if you die, I'll let you die with a clearer understanding, have you seen this gentleman's watch, it's a Rolex boutique, the most expensive model newly released in 19 years, the market price is 4 million, but if you get it, even if you have an acquaintance, you'll need a full 4.5 million to take it down."

"How is this possible?Isn't this a plastic watch."The security guard swallowed his saliva and looked at Ye Fan again, having changed from his previous disdain to just panic.

A watch was over four million big shot, how could it be an existence he could mess with.

At this moment, the security guard only knew why Wu Chunlong slapped him.


The security guard's legs weakened, and he directly knelt in front of Ye Fan, begging, "Sir, it's me who offended you, please be generous and spare my life, I'm old and young, and I didn't mean to deceive you, I know I was wrong, please spare my dog's life."

After the security guard said that, he started to kowtow with a thud, even though blood was coming out of his head, it was as if he didn't know anything, he was kowtowing madly just to pray for Ye Fan's forgiveness.

Ye Fan did not expect things to turn out like this, he originally wanted to demonstrate his strength and then make a small report to the manager to get rid of the security guard, but he did not expect the manager to directly make peace with the situation, directly point out the security guard's little tricks, and also scared the security guard to kneel here and kowtow, I have to say that Wu Chunlong really has a lot of tricks.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual product.

Ye Fan doesn't hate such people, don't look at Wu Chunlong also plays tricks, but one of the smartest things about Wu Chunlong is that he knows when to play and with whom to play.

And now like this, not only does not involve Ye Fan's interests, but also let Ye Fan's heart is smooth, to reach a win-win situation, and why not?

This reasoning is actually very simple, just like going to the mall to buy clothes, one hundred dollars for a piece of clothing, Ye Fan also knows that the merchant must have made money, but it is not clear, because the profit made by the merchant is within the acceptable range, that is, the hard work.

But if the opinion clothes a hundred dollars, but sold to ten thousand, deliberately pitted against Ye Fan, this will make Ye Fan unhappy with this kind of black merchants.

And right now, Wu Chunlong was a normal merchant, playing tricks that were comfortable to see and reasonable to exist.

"Hurry up and get lost!"

Ye Fan grunted coldly, stretching out his leg is a kick directly on the security guard's back, the security guard suddenly a dog eat shit on the ground.

But the security guard not only didn't resist in the slightest, but thanked him a thousand times before roundly rolling out.

This was the trick Wu Chunlong had just played.

If Wu Chunlong hadn't pointed out Ye Fan's identity so clearly, perhaps the security guard wouldn't have done anything even if he knew the truth now.But Wu Chunlong had already scared the security guard out of his wits by taking the initiative to make peace with the situation.

"You're good."Ye Fan looked at Wu Chunlong with approval and nodded his head in satisfaction.

For this kind of people who would come to trouble, Ye Fan liked them very much.

Even if these people's methods were dishonorable, so what?At least it didn't involve Ye Fan's interests, and Ye Fan was cool with it, so that was enough.

And correspondingly giving Wu Chunlong some sweetness, Ye Fan was more than willing to do so.

This was the positive conspiracy that made Ye Fan completely irresistible.

Knowing that it was Wu Chunlong's tactics, but Ye Fan was willing to jump into the pit.

"Thank you sir for the compliment, please sir, move over and I'll introduce you to this gym."Wu Chunlong's heart was happy, he really had gambled right.

It was a great risk to do so, yet it was the shortest and fastest way to reap what he wanted.

Just like that, the two of them laughed and had a wave of commercial huffing and puffing, and also started to go inside the gym to start the official tour.

Wu Chunlong led the way in the front, introducing the various facilities as well as tutorials, while Ye Fan listened in the back.This kind of visit is the normal steps of the fitness center card application that Ye Fan understands.

It took 20 minutes, and after Wu Chunlong's meticulous and detailed explanation, Ye Fan has already understood the general situation of the gym.

Generally speaking, it was a top-notch gym, not only was the facility complete, but it also had personal trainers, which was a perfect match for someone like Ye Fan who wanted to enhance his strength for a short period of time.

So Ye Fan didn't get any ink, and took out his golden card and threw it to Wu Chunlong.

"Get me a membership card of the highest standard!"


"Here's your card."

Wu Chunlong respectfully handed over the membership card and the gold card to Ye Fan's hand.

Looking at the black fitness card, Ye Fan knew that this was an extraordinary item.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to ask, Wu Chunlong explained, "This Elysian Motion black card allows you to enjoy all the privileges of Elysian Motion, not only can you think about all the items, but also has a personal one-on-one instruction with a dedicated fitness instructor."

"One-on-one?It's not bad."What Ye Fan came here to want more than just training was a trainer, after all, they were all professional fitness trainers who could definitely help him choose the best fitness methods.

Now Ye Fan just wanted a quick fix to increase his body's endurance, if he were to train on his own, he would only choose treadmills or something else, as for the rest, he either doesn't know how to train.

I heard that improper training would most likely cause excessive wear and tear on the body's functions, which was something that Ye Fan didn't want to see.

"Then Mr. Ye wait a moment, I'll bring the fitness trainer over, you can have black tea first."

After Wu Chunlong said that, he directly left.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, was drinking tea in the office of the manager of Elysium Action, as expected, as long as there was money, he could enjoy privileges no matter where he was. One second to remember to read the book

It was estimated that other people, who might have been working out here for a year, would have never seen the manager, and even being invited in for tea was even harder.

Not long after, the door knocked, then Wu Chunlong walked in, and Ye Fan saw the person behind Wu Chunlong could not help but tightly frown.

But before Ye Fan was dissatisfied, the person who came in behind Wu Chunlong walked right up to Ye Fan and poured the black tea in front of Ye Fan directly into the trash can.

"This sweetened black tea is not suitable for drinking before training, it adds too many amino acids and is not good for muscle training, don't touch the sweetened black tea in the future."

The cold voice entered Ye Fan's ears, and Ye Fan was startled.

It was only immediately after that that Ye Fan began to re-examine the woman in front of him, yes, it was a woman.

The reason why Ye Fan was dissatisfied earlier is because the fitness coach is a woman, most likely Wu Chunlong deliberately arranged, after all, which men do not like women, but Ye Fan is want to train, more want to find is a tall muscular man, slender woman a look is a vase, which knows what fitness.

But just a word, Ye Fan can not ignore the woman's professionalism.

After reexamining, Ye Fan couldn't help but be shocked.

The woman in front of him was thin, but she was not as thin as the average woman, but had streamlined muscles that were not visible until they were not very large, but they looked exceptionally strong.

It's not the kind of greasy strength of muscle men, but similar to Bruce Lee's kind, it's lean and strong.A look at the explosive sense is very good, especially the woman's front bump and back, but a look at the tight ass is formed by squat training, not only round and round, but also very solid.

The more he looked, the more Evan showed his admiration.

"This is not bad."Ye Fan finally spoke up and patted the woman in front of him.

As long as it wasn't a vase, but one with true talent, Ye Fan was very impressed.

It wasn't that he looked down on the vase, but it was all about the occasion.If you were looking for a support deck, it's actually quite good to find a vase as an ornament, but now that Ye Fan is training, it's naturally impossible to want a vase.

The reason why Ye Fan feel girls are vase, not for everyone, but the woman in front of her is the look of the vase, if not carefully look at the body, just look at the looks, this delicate little face, big eyes with cherry - peach small mouth, completely not inferior to a line of stars, but also a valiant posture, is the general girls are not temperament.

I can't imagine why such a good-looking woman would need to work so hard.

Ye Fan is not spiteful, but envious and jealous, after all, better than him is still working hard, his heart is even more inferior.

When Wu Chunlong saw that there was a show, he said proudly, "Mr. Ye, this coach is called Luo Lan, who came here the day before yesterday, all the coaches are not her rivals, and has already sat down as the number one coach here, but the price that coach Luo Lan wants is higher, so no one has been able to afford to order, only Mr. Ye can afford to order when he is so generous."

Huh?That good?The first coach?

Ye Fan's heart was shocked, it was really human and Heroine.

"Alright, let's start training now, my time is limited, I can only train for seven days, hopefully within seven days you will have significant results."Luo Lan faintly spoke.

"Seven days?What's going on?"Ye Fan frowned.

He had originally changed his mind about Luo Lan, but Luo Lan's attitude was really a bit bad, too direct, and he didn't know how to speak tactfully, so it was rather unsatisfactory, even if it was a good word, it was still hard to accept.

Wu Chunlong said awkwardly, "It's like this, Mr. Ye.Coach Luo Lan came here for other things, originally came here to work out by the way of kicking the gym, and we saw that Coach Luo Lan is very strong, so we thought of hiring him as a coach for a few days, just as a sitting room."

"That's fine, I'll only train for seven days anyway."Ye Fan pinched his fingers, he was also seven days away from preparing for the introductory assessment.

"You also seven days, but seven days is useless, you won't even be able to train your abs."Luo Lan frowned, "I originally received money to tell you some exercise methods, these methods you train hard and stick to them for a year and a half, it will also strengthen your physique more than three times, if it's seven days even, I can't have any good training to help you speed up, you'd better hire someone else, I'll refund you this tuition."

Ye Fan's eyebrows raised, Luo Lan was really direct in her words.

Only Ye Fan wasn't annoyed, but explained, "I need to take an exam in seven days, if I pass I'll have more profound training, if I don't I'll stick to your method, after all, triple is also very strong.When I say seven days, it's just that I can train for seven days here, can't I train without being here?"

"I see, that's a coincidence, I'm also taking an exam in seven days, if I fail maybe I'll come back and continue teaching you, but there's no if, I'll succeed!"

Ye Fan was slightly startled, he saw the essence that erupted from Luo Lan's eyes, shining like a star, making people not dare to look directly but would be deeply attracted by it, perhaps this was the glory of dreams.

Seeing this fighting spirit of Luo Lan, Ye Fan also appreciated Luo Lan more and more.

What he wanted was this kind of forward momentum, and he couldn't help but have a lot of confidence in the examination in seven days.

And just like that, the seven-day training had officially begun!

Ye Fan also completely didn't expect that the seemingly less friendly Luo Lan would make so much cruel training, even though Ye Fan had already guessed that it would be tiring, he didn't expect that this training would be far more difficult and terrifying than he had imagined....


The most important thing to bear is that Luo Lan has to train with a real person every day, and every day, he is beaten all over the body.

The most important thing to remember is that you can't be afraid of the fact that you can't do anything.

At one point, Ye Fan thought that Luo Lan thought he was simply a rich kid who relied on his family's money to go out and be dashing, and that's why he hit him so hard, but after seven days, Ye Fan found out that this wasn't the case, because Ye Fan's physique was indeed much better than it was seven days ago.

Most importantly, normal daily training would lead to back pain, which was also the norm, especially since improper training would lead to huge muscle deformities, but Ye Fan did not.

Just because Lan Luo's strikes and massage to revitalize blood were similar, both of them were striking acupuncture points as well as muscle mass, so every day training, Ye Fan felt very energetic.

It had to be said that Lan Luo's training was indeed very effective.

After seven days, Ye Fan was able to hold on to the third level of the sixteen hurdles, and even with gritting his teeth Ye Fan felt that he could reach the fourth hurdle.

Although there was still a big gap between the nine levels, but this remarkable improvement also really made Ye Fan's physique much stronger, and at the moment it was already more than twice as strong as seven days ago.

Only that Roland still spoke as ruthlessly and cruelly as before.

The reason why Ye Fan was able to improve so much in a week was because there was no training after the previous one, so the initial training was the reason why he was able to strengthen his physique so fast, and the later the training, the worse the effect was actually, the highest this training method could be was to strengthen his physique to three times as much. The first website m.kanshu8.net

So, fitness training was still a perseverance thing, not something that could be achieved overnight.

Only by the time Evan understood, it was already time to part.


Ye Fan screamed and flew out, hitting the ground heavily, luckily it was covered with tatami mats, otherwise Ye Fan would probably have thrown out internal injuries from this.

"Well, today's training is over, we'll meet again if we have the chance!"After that, Luo Lan was leaving.

Today was the last item on the seventh day of training, and it was finally time to part.

"Wait!"Evan called out to Luo Lan, who was struggling to get up from the ground.

"What else?"Luo Lan stopped walking.

Ye Fan scratched his head and said, "It's nothing, this is for you, take it as my gift to you.These seven days, quite thankful for you."

Ye Fan took out a document from his bag, this document was a copy given to him by Muzhu, it was none other than the title of the introductory examination of the Wood Spirit Villa.

Although this set of questions was for the exam, it was also useful to Roland.

Many of the questions on this set of questions were related to cultivation, and even if Roland wasn't going to assess the Wood Spirit Villa, the knowledge inside this set of questions would be very helpful to those who cultivated, after all, the answers that accompanied the questions were written in great detail above.

In fact, Muzhu did this to give Ye Fan a deeper insight into the topic.

Although he had given money to Luo Lan these days, but for Ye Fan, district money was not enough to help Luo Lan, and the help Luo Lan had given him these days was far from being compensated with money.

With his health doubled, Ye Fan had gotten out of subhealth, and might be able to live for a few more years as a result.This great help made Ye Fan repay Luo Lan with nothing.

After all, Luo Lan is now a fitness instructor, and if Ye Fan sends something, he will send fitness equipment, or at most flowers, but what the hell is this document.

In curiosity, Luo Lan opened the file.

But when she saw the first title, Lan Luo was completely shocked.

The first topic of the document was the role of acupuncture points for cultivation, equipped with answers below.Seeing the questions and answers, Luo Lan was completely unable to help himself.

Indeed, for fitness enthusiasts, exercise was very important, yet far from thinking about cultivation, after all, that was something that only existed in fantasy novels.

It was only Luo Lan, as Ye Fan's fitness instructor, that Ye Fan was willing to reveal this information to Luo Lan.

"Luo Lan, a lot of this document looks unrealistic, but it is really effective, with your talent, you might even cultivate to become a martial artist, work hard in the future, if you become a martial artist, I'm willing to hire you as a protégé for me at a big price oh."Ye Fan smiled, if it were anyone else, Ye Fan wouldn't have said this.But after a few days of contact, Ye Fan felt more and more that Luo Lan had an upright heart and was by no means a villain.

In particular, Luo Lan's true strength was simply exaggerated.In terms of explaining the sixteen hurdles, Luo Lan had been able to hold on to the sixteenth hurdle, and was only one step away from being able to officially enter the ranks of martial artists, and was quite a bit stronger than Ah Hu.

This was also the reason why Ye Fan was willing to be trained by Luo Lan, after all, the strength of others was right there.

If Luo Lan was a genius, he would probably be able to enter a martial artist in the short term after reading these topics and going back to thinking.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan was a little happy, after all, Luo Lan was his coach, and seeing that his coaches were strong martial artists, he had light on his face.

"It seems that you like it, so take your time reading it, I'm going to take a shower first."

Tired and sweaty, Ye Fan wanted to take a shower, but when Ye Fan returned from his shower, Lan Luo was still focused on reading the document, not moving an inch, not even moving her body, like a statue.

Ye Fan was a little speechless, as expected people are different.When he got the title, Ye Fan was also very new and wanted to learn about it, but he couldn't understand it at all, it was very obscure and difficult to understand, and just the first acupuncture point was completely difficult for Ye Fan.

The title is not to ask how many acupuncture points are in the body, but to give a picture, the picture is marked acupuncture points, just no name, up first to fill in the name of the acupuncture points, this thing is simply one wrong step at a time.And after filling out the picture there were also several special acupuncture points that had to be marked.

Just one question alone, Ye Fan was completely defeated, but Lan Luo had been looking at it for a full hour and still hadn't finished it, even relishing it, this was the difference in talent.

"Forget it, you can read it first, I can go home, ouch my old back!"Every day after the last item was finished, Ye Fan would go to push-up weight bearing alone, just to assess and see which level he was at now and how long he could last.

So the most tiring part of every day was the waist.

However, just as Ye Fan finished changing into his casual clothes and was about to leave the gym, a shadow approached from his rear in a hurry and locked Ye Fan with a small tackle in no time!


"Ouch, Ouch!Luo Lan help me!"Ye Fan shouted loudly.

But Luo Lan didn't respond, and Ye Fan couldn't help but look back and see that the shadow that was holding him down was Luo Lan.

"Luo Lan?What are you doing?"Ye Fan completely didn't expect that it was Luo Lan who had attacked him.

Lan Luo frowned, "Ye Fan, where did you get this from?"

"It doesn't matter where it came from, what matters is why you locked me up, huh?Wouldn't you just ask, I'm not running."Ye Fan was both angry and amused.

That was indeed the case, Luo Lan asked him questions and he couldn't not answer them, so why bother.

Fortunately, Ye Fan was in better shape now, if it had been a week ago, Ye Fan would probably have broken his bones just from this little escapade.After all, Lan Luo didn't do it lightly, and the feeling that just gave Ye Fan was like a black bear slapping him, it was especially sore.

"Huh?Sorry sorry."Luo Lan hurriedly let go of Ye Fan at the news, her face actually showed a hint of redness.

But in Ye Fan's opinion, it wasn't shyness, it was simply embarrassment, Luo Lan looked like a goddess, but if you knew anything about her, you would know that she was a heroine, big brother.

Shy?It doesn't exist, Roland will never be shy in his life. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Luo Lan said awkwardly, "I was just in a hurry."

"Impatience, what's there to be impatient about?"Ye Fan was extremely speechless as he took the document in Luo Lan's hand, but he froze at the first glance.

"What do you think of the Wood Spirit Villa?"

What a problem this is!

Ye Fan was extremely confused, he didn't expect there to be such a question, Ye Fan had read the first few before, and this back question was completely unread, he didn't expect Wood Spirit Villa to have such a question, and the standard answer was also very funny.

The answer was written: the Wood Spirit Villa Sai Gao, the Wood Spirit Villa is bullish, the number one mountain village in the world, a hundred times more bullish than the Thunder Spirit Villa, the Fire Spirit Villa and the Wind Spirit Villa.

Isn't this just a bare-bones marketing idea, and it's not so bad as to suppress other mountain villa.

"How did you learn about the Wood Spirit Mountain Villa?And where did this document come from, I've heard that this year's Wood Spirit Villa is different from previous years, there is a written test section, I'm still a little unsure, I can't believe you got the test questions in advance, say it, what is your relationship with Wood Spirit Villa?"Luo Lan frowned and asked.

Only now did it dawn on Ye Fan, no wonder Luo Lan and his were taking the exam on the same day, emotionally they were both going to take the Wood Spirit Villa.

There was a dark side to the transmutation question, and it was seen by the other assessors, wouldn't it be embarrassing....

"That, listen to my sophistry....No, you listen to my explanation."Ye Fan scratched his head in embarrassment never imagining that things had turned out like this.

"Go ahead, I want to hear what you have to explain."Luo Lan snorted coldly.

Ye Fan also knew that Luo Lan had a righteous mind and hated this kind of cheating collusion the most.

So after thinking for a while, Ye Fan didn't think of anything good to say, so he asked, "By the way, why do you know about the Wood Spirit Villa, this is a hidden matter, could it be that you are also from a family?How else could you know."

"I'm from the Luo family of Luo Yun Mountain, but I've severed ties now."Lan Luo faintly spoke as if what she was saying was not her business.

Ye Fan, however, saw the gloom in Luo Lan's eyes and felt that there was a play, and if he continued to ask, he would definitely be able to change the subject.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan opened his mouth and pressed on, "I've heard of the Luo family, it's also a hidden family, just like the Wang family in Hundred Flowers City, it's best at martial arts.With your skills, you're about to become a martial artist, why do you still want to cut ties, could it be that you're also looking good and want to send you to become a star?"

Ye Fan but knew that the most hated thing about the women of the hidden family was being a star, when Wang Kexin was almost forced to be a star too.

Lan Luo nodded, "I can't believe you know all this, indeed, the family forced me to be a star, I refused, that's why I ran away from home."

"But why ah?You're so skilled, even if you don't become a star, you'll be a good help to the family, huh?"Ye Fan couldn't understand why he had to be forced to become a star.

Luo Lan sighed: "This is also something that can't be helped, I have been set to be a child marriage since I was young, listening to you, you are also from a hidden family, you should know that this kind of marriage is the word of the parents, I won't like someone I haven't even met, so the family forced me to be a star, and I didn't want to, so I broke off my relationship and ran out, hoping to enter the Wood Spirit Villa, with the Wood SpiritThe mountain village is sheltered, and it will also be able to eat and drink in the future."

Ye Fan nodded and said, "So that's how it is, no wonder."

When he heard that Luo Lan was from a hidden family, he actually wondered why Luo Lan would come out to earn money as a coach, but it turned out that he was disconnected from the family and had no money to sustain his life.

"Let's say, I'll help to the end when I'm the good guy, don't you say that the family is better than you getting married, then I can go back and help you say goodbye, then you can be in the family even without getting married, my prestige is still available."Ye Fan smiled heedlessly.

Of course, he couldn't come out personally, after all, he couldn't say anything about his identity, but Charles could come out.

The Luo family wasn't even as good as the Wang family, the last-rate hidden family, and it would definitely be very handy for Charles to make an appearance and speak.

Lan Luo sighed, "Actually it's not that I don't want to get married, it's just that that guy's bastard seems to have other fiancées, I'm going to be a concubine, I don't want to be a concubine, if it's not that I can't afford that family, I really want to unload that son of a bitch's dog legs!"

"And this?"The actual actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day.

The first thing you need to do is to find a way to make sure that you're going to be able to get a good deal of money for your money.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan stood up and said, "Lan Luo, don't worry about this matter, I'm sure I can help you, it's just that my identity is special, so I hope you don't advertise it everywhere."

Seeing Luo Lan nodded, only then did Ye Fan speak up, "Don't be surprised to hear that, I'm actually from Ye Island, the young master of Ye Island, Ye Fan!Ye Island must be known to you, top family, now I believe I can help you, just don't advertise my identity, I'm not good enough to expose it."

"So you are Ye Fan, I thought you had the same name!"Luo Lan said, suddenly just reached out, just directly strangle Ye Fan's neck, buckled on the ground.

Ye Fan was strangled by the neck can't say, some suffocation, red neck almost to roll his eyes.

He didn't understand, why would Luo Lan know his identity and still do it?

Luo Lan sneered, "Help me, indeed you can help me!Do you know what I've suffered for so many years for, trying to cultivate just to not be someone else's concubine, the one our family can't afford is Ye Island, and that so-called someone else is none other than you, Ye Island Young Master Ye Fan!"


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