Lost Young Master 256-260


Chapter 256

"Sir, please swipe your card."Wu Zhenghuang respectfully handed the POS to Ye Fan.

When Ye Fan nodded, he swiped his gold card.

This POS machine seemed to be special and directly deducted a billion dollars.

Ye Fan had no problem with this, but instead it was more hassle-free.

Seeing that the transaction was complete, Wu Zhenghuang handed a black card to Ye Fan, becoming more and more respectful, "Ye Shao, do you need me to personally take you to see the jade?"

"Fine, then you lead the way."Ye Fan received the black card and agreed briskly, with the manager personally leading the way, he would definitely be able to look at all the jades.

Moreover, Wu Zhenghuang's introduction was quite detailed, so there was no chance that Ye Fan would really be able to discover any treasures.

Only that Ye Fan was more cautious now, and not the budding newcomer he was, the first thing he did after leaving the room was to go back to the hall to find the six vajra.

"Manager, wait a moment."After saying a word to Wu Zhenghuang, Ye Fan walked into the crowd and found the Six Vajra.

However, unlike when he came out, the current Six Vajra each had a bitter face. The first website m.kanshu8.net

"What's wrong?"Ye Fan frowned and asked.

It was the first time he had seen such a lost expression from the six big men, and he was surprised.

How could these six muscular strong men, who did nothing but play every day, be so sad and upset.

When Ah Hu turned back and saw Ye Fan, he said even more bitterly, "Ye Shao, we lost money."

"How much did you lose?"

Ye Fan was a little unconcerned, giving a guess on the size of the betting stone, this was already a game of luck, it was normal to lose, this was also expected by Ye Fan.

Ah Hu stretched out a finger and didn't say anything.

"Ten thousand?It's not that sad."Ye Fan was somewhat speechless.

Look at this point of the Six Vajra, every time they went on a mission, they made over a million dollars, so why did they lose their fighting spirit for a mere ten thousand dollars.

"It's one million."Tiger bitterly said."

Upon hearing that, Ye Fan couldn't help but stare at him.A million?You guys are really something!"

Ye Fan just went to do the card, a total total of not even half an hour, how did he lose so much.

"Green more and more at the place, the four corners open windows are out of green, a look is a piece of intact jade, even if the quality of jade is not the finest, can be considered the most ordinary jade, can be so large a piece, but also worth more than a million, who would have thought that there are stones in the middle of the jade, this is too unscientific!"

Tiger sighed, as did the rest of the crowd of onlookers.

Unlike the Six Vajra's new arrival, but their group was playing here every day, and this time it was clear that they were going to make a profit, who would have thought there would be a stone in the middle of the jade.

"And this matter?"Wu Zhenghuang was also very surprised when he walked in.

Normal gambling stones if the windows were open on all sides, unless it was a scattered piece of jade, it must be a large jade stone, such a large jade stone was carved into the finished product, the value must not be expensive, he had never heard of a stone being wrapped around an entire jade stone, this was very unscientific.

Ye Fan's eyes turned and said, "Isn't the value of the jade stone still depends on the price given by the person who bought it, I paid one million and one hundred thousand for this jade stone, I think it's worth the price."

As soon as Ye Fan said this, the others brightened up.

Right, there was still this hand.

Since someone was bidding above a million, then the value of the stone guessing the size, it was definitely still the big bet that won.

In the audience, everyone had bet on big, and now Ye Fan's words were suddenly profoundly popular, and everyone shouted Ye Fan's name.

Only the opening dealer was a bit embarrassed: "This, it doesn't fit the rules."

The bankers were all set up by the jade shop itself, so the banker was looking at Wu Zhenghuang when he spoke.

After looking at the betting situation, Wu Zhenghuang spoke up, "Alright, let's go by Ye Shao's opinion this time.But it's not a bad rule, this kind of cheating is not advocated, but such a large jade stone, if properly handled, the outer outline made into a large jade cup, the other parts made into accessories, find a master carver, the price of a million is also barely able to reach.Especially if there is a stone in the middle of this, which is a miracle in itself, if you like hunting, this jade is more collectible."

Wu Zhenghuang spoke in great detail, and the others were convinced after hearing it.

Of course, the reason why Wu Zhenghuang dared to do so was because the entire game was only 300,000 in total, except for the six vajra who bet a total of one million.And the odds were only ten to one, because the jade just looked like it was going to ship.

If this jade was sold to Ye Fan, all in all, the jade shop didn't lose too much and it was considered a favor to Ye Fan.

This kind of spending a small amount of money and getting on the line with a big brother was Wu Zhenghuang's real goal.

But Ye Fan didn't think so much about it, since it was best to save money.

Especially when he saw the Six King Kong's face turning from sadness to happiness after winning a little money, Ye Fan felt happy.

But when he saw that the six vajra were going to go in the spirit of the next piece of jade, Ye Fan paled and said, "No more betting on it."

Small bets are pleasant, he didn't want the six vajra to become addicted to it and become like his grandmother's son, that would be bad.

Becoming a gambling dog would be too hard to quit.

Especially now that Ye Fan had business to attend to, he had to go look at the jade, he might even find a jade medallion, which would be great.

When the Six Vajra saw Ye Fan's bad face, they also knew that they had crossed the line, after all, they were the bodyguards, and it was a bit too much to ignore the master, but instead, they were here to have fun.

And thus, the six vajra honestly followed behind Ye Fan's back.

It was only when Wu Zhenghuang saw the situation that he spoke up, "Ye Shao, do you need to unwrap this piece of jade right now, after we finish looking at the jade, it's almost finished polishing here, after all, it's the cup kind, it's still easy."

"Okay, then let the master here get it."Ye Fan nodded his head, not caring about these small details.

Just thinking about using a jade cup for drinking water in the future, that would be cool.

After looking at the jade that was more than thirty centimeters in length, width and height, Ye Fan suddenly had an idea and said, "Right, I want a large tea jar, the vintage kind, and the lid of the cup should also be made.There's no need to carve the outside of the cup, just write the four words "strive hard" on it."

If the jade cups drink water, some of them are loaded.

But if it was replaced with a big tea jar, this kind of grounded cup look, it would be very friendly, and it was earthy, elegant and easy to blend in perfectly.

The more Ye Fan felt that he was a genius, and that such ideas could be thought of.

It was just that Wu Zhenghuang was a bit speechless, such an idea could actually come to anyone's mind, that is, to make a large tea jar out of such high-grade goods as jade, it was estimated that only a rich person like Ye Fan could be so lavish.

Wu Zhenghuang didn't dare to think too much for fear that he couldn't help but spit, so he spoke up, "Ye Shao, this way please."

Going to visit the more advanced exhibition hall, Ye Fan was still more interested, for the jade medal, or to send a gift to Wang Kefeng, or to immediately go to Wood Spirit Villa and send a meeting gift to the owner, the jade was a better choice.

With that, Ye Fan and the six vajra followed Wu Zhenghuang and headed to Exhibit B.


"That's it?"

When he arrived at the B exhibit area, Ye Fan was speechless.

Because the stuff was really not good, this was when Ye Fan would remember that Exhibit B actually only needed to top up 100,000 to get in, in other words, this was the 100,000 level jade exhibit area.

The jade itself is very high value, so 100,000 level is completely small items, not as valuable as the jade just now.

Ye Fan, who lacked interest, didn't look around much, and after searching for a circle with no jade, he said to Wu Zhenghuang, "Let's go to the next exhibition area."

Exhibit C was at least a million level jade, so it should be quite a bit better than here.

Wu Zhenghuang nodded as if he was expecting it, and brought Ye Fan to the C exhibition area.

As expected by Ye Fan, the jade in Exhibition Area C was obviously better than that in Exhibition Area B.

Not only was there a large variety of jade here, there was also an ample amount of it, and the shapes were also carved differently, making Ye Fan somewhat overwhelmed.

"Ye Shao, Exhibit C is the exhibit area with the most exhibits, the million level is from one million to nine million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, most of the jade prices are in this category, so it's very informative, you can take your time to look."Wu Zhenghuang explained. One Second Remember to Read the Book

After hearing Wu Zhenghuang's explanation, Ye Fan revealed a sudden color.

Although jade was a luxury item, there was an upper and lower limit.

There weren't many jades that were too cheap and not very selective, that is, small objects like earrings and necklaces and rings, while there wouldn't be many jades that were too expensive, after all, jade is expensive in terms of raw materials, and good jade was already scarce compared to the price, so how could it be common.So even an amateur knew that the price of ordinary jade was in the million range.

This made Ye Fan begin to suspect that the objects in exhibition area D were perhaps even less than those in exhibition area B. As for exhibition area E, it was even less.

No wonder there was no billion-dollar exhibition area, otherwise it was very likely that the jade shop did not have such expensive jade.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan began to visit Exhibit C.

As Wu Zhenghuang said, there was a rich variety of jade here, and Ye Fan was left to look and right to touch, yet in the end, he didn't choose an object of his choice.

There were jade plates, jade pendants hanging from the waist, jade vases, jade teapots, in short, many types of jade, and even storage boxes and the like.

It's just that all of these had no distinctive features, they were all carved with dragons and phoenixes on the outside of the jade, there was no heartbeat.

Since they were going to give gifts to others, such common ones were definitely out of reach.

So without much thought, Ye Fan suggested, "Let's go, let's go to Exhibit D."

"Ah?So soon?"Wu Zhenghuang didn't expect Ye Fan's vision to be so high, but after ten minutes of looking around roughly, he was lacking interest.

Of course, Ye Fan wasn't lacking in interest, if it was before, he would have wanted everything, but he wasn't in his own home, and he didn't have a place to put them after buying them, so he didn't consider buying something for himself.

As for the six vajra, this group of brown men are not suitable for these jades, and it's not worth it to break them by dropping them.

Seeing that Ye Fan was going to D exhibition area, Wu Zhenghuang no longer asked questions to lead the way.

And as soon as he arrived at Exhibit D, Ye Fan brightened up and said, "This thing is not bad."

In front of him was something that looked like a rolling pin, but was like a spoon with a bit of a curved head.

It was the first time that Wu Zhenghuang saw that Ye Fan was interested in an object, so he hurriedly explained, "Ye Shao's eyes are really good, this is a Hetian Jade Ruyi with a rolling cloud pattern on it, this jade is not only expensive, but also very collectible, it has been authenticated that it is an object from the Qing Dynasty."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan nodded his head slightly, no wonder it was placed in the ten million exhibition area, the feeling was still an antique.

But why is this spoon that looks like a rolling pin called a jade ruyi?

Ye Fan had heard of Jade Ruyi before, but didn't expect it to look like this, so he inquired, "Why is this thing called Jade Ruyi ah?"

It may seem uneducated, but if you don't know how to ask, you'll understand later.

You can also look it up online, but it's still more intuitive to consult with someone who really knows jade.

Wu Zhenghuang also did not expect Ye Fan would ask such a question, a little appalled, but still explained: "Jade Ruyi from the court, in the Eastern Han Dynasty, there is an old saying in ancient times, the hand can not reach, scratching can be as intended.That's why it's called Ruyi, which is actually the ancient itch to scratch.But no one uses this as an itchy scratch anymore, it's more about a wishful auspiciousness and happiness coming."

"Er..."Ye Fan was a bit speechless, never would have thought that jade wishful thinking was an itchy tickle.

It was very graphic to think of ancient people scratching their backs with such an expensive item.

"Okay, I'll take this one, are there any other jade ruyi."

Ye Fan directly clapped his hands and decided that he wanted this jade ruyi.

Seeing how generous Ye Fan was, Wu Zhenghuang almost got wet.

"That, Ye Shao, this level of jade is not something you can just stock up on, so this is the only one we have, if you need it, we can find a way to help you find it, how many more do you need?"Wu Zhenghuang inquired.

Hearing that there was only one, Ye Fan was a little disappointed, but he wasn't prepared to ask for more, but waved his hand and said, "No, I don't like ordering, so let's say I'll look at something else."

After buying the itchy scratch, Ye Fan began to look around.

Don't look at the few things in Exhibit D, but they were all fine products, and every one of them was very resistant to beating.

After looking around for a while, Ye Fan chose a jade gourd for drinking and a banana fan inlaid with jade stones.

"Okay, let's take these three pieces in total, and then show me the E exhibit area."

Spending forty million, Ye Fan bought these three pieces of jade.

He had already thought about giving the banana fan to Wang Kefeng, after all, this one was the largest, it appeared to be a brand name, and it was expensive, so it was not bad as a return gift.

As for the jade ruyi, naturally it was to be given to the Wood Spirit Villa's owner as a meeting gift, it had a good meaning and could be used as an itchy scratch, so I guess the Wood Spirit Villa's owner could use it.

And the last selection of jade gourd, it looks like it has fairy spirit, usually the martial arts teenagers in TV series carry wine gourd with them, this jade wine gourd is also really good.

If Ye Fan didn't have a large tea jar, he probably wouldn't have given it out.And this selection was either for someone else, or for the young villa owner, Muzhu.

A beautiful man like Wood Bamboo paired with a jade gourd was indeed a perfect match.

For Wood Bamboo, Ye Fan doesn't hate it, and it's still Young Villa Master, so it's natural to get along well in the future.So giving out this jade gourd could be considered a meeting gift, and in the future, in Wood Spirit Villa, he could also rely on Wood Bamboo.

After all, no matter what, Muzhu was still a true martial artist ah!


"Let's go, go back and see my big tea jar."

Arriving at Exhibit E, Ye Fan just took a look at it and suggested leaving.

Just as Ye Fan had expected, there were very few things in Exhibit E, only three.They were a jade phoenix, a jade frame mirror, and a jade longsword.

None of the three items were things that Ye Fan liked too much, so Ye Fan didn't want to look at them.Although he bought things this time when he came to the exhibition area, they were all gifts for others, but he didn't get any jade medals, even though it was expected, Ye Fan was still a little disappointed.

But he didn't give up completely, he was still somewhat looking forward to the auction.

And just because the jade shop here didn't have any, it didn't mean that the jade shops in the other three regions didn't have jade medals, there was still a good chance.

Earlier, Wu Zhenghuang had also said that there were four jade shops in Mudou One, in the Eastwood, Westwood, Southwood, and Northwood regions, and now he was only at one shop in the Eastwood region.

Wu Zhenghuang nodded and reconsidered Ye Fan's suggestion, after all, Ye Fan had already bought three pieces of jade this time, and he, the manager, could also get the draw, which was also just full, so there was nothing to be ungrateful about.

With Ye Fan and the six vajra, Wu Zhenghuang returned to the hall.

The hall was the same as it was earlier, surrounded by a large number of people gambling stones.Ye Fan didn't take the initiative to go over there, and neither did the Six Vajra. The first website m.kanshu8.net

When I came to the carver's side, the big tea jar was already made.

Seeing the big tea jar with striving and struggling written on it, it was really full of positive energy.But when placed on a jade, it instantly turned into poisonous chicken soup.

What else is there to strive for when you're using jade as a cup to drink from?

It was estimated that if you went out with this large tea jar, you would be beaten up.

But Ye Fan was still full of joy and rather liked the shape of this cup.

The carver said, "Ye Shao, after making the teacup, there were a few small jade pieces left, so I took the liberty of making a ring, a total of six jade wrenches, and the stone in the middle of this, I didn't touch it either, except..."

"Only what?"Ye Fan's eyebrows raised, the extra material made into six wrenches, which was quite good as a small gift for the six vajra.

What else could go wrong with the stone?Shouldn't you just throw it away?Is the stone in the middle of the jade not a stone?

The sculptor took out the stone, "But this stone has a strange shape, it looks like an ancient token, and the material on this is not stone, but a layer of encrusted paste, as if there is something else inside, and I didn't dare to open it without permission."


Ye Fan was shaken, he wouldn't be able to hear the word token, as long as he heard it was his body trembling.

Rushing to take the stone, this shape was indeed just like the carver said, it was the shape of a token.

The texture to the touch wasn't rough either, but had a greasy feel to it, was there really a token in it?

Ye Fan's heartbeat couldn't help but speed up, but he still took a deep breath and controlled his facial expression, only slightly surprised, "This stone is a bit interesting, it does feel different, maybe there will really be treasures inside, then I'll be earning ah."

Ah Hu had followed Ye Fan for so long, and was also very good at cooperating, hurriedly said, "How can Ye Shao make a mistake, I guess it won't be an ordinary stone, after all, it is the middle of jade, unheard of.Why don't you take it back and study it, what do you think, Ye Shao?"

"So very good."Ye Fan nodded in satisfaction and looked at Tiger with an approving gaze.

It was worthy of being his sidekick, and it was deep in his heart.After all, if it was opened here, if the jade medallion really came out, it would make a big deal out of things, and if he went home and studied it, pretending that he wasn't sure about what was inside now, he could then also just find a way to say that there was a more valuable, but not too valuable, thing that came out of it, so that he could also cover his tracks.

Ye Fan wanted to take the stone himself, but he still endured, "Tiger, you guys share the jade wrench, take the stone with you, let's go home."

With that, Ye Fan held up the large tea jar and looked like he was loving it.

As expected, everyone didn't care about the stone, instead they were more interested in the teacup in Ye Fan's hand.

After all, this teacup's shape was extremely rare to appear on jade.

Ye Fan also went along to see the gambling stone, but unfortunately, this time the gambling stone was just very ordinary, and also had the construction of a stone in jade.

Lacking interest, Ye Fan left the jade shop with the six vajra, then returned to the hotel after a casual stroll right after.

As soon as he arrived at the hotel, Ye Fan went straight to the Old Tree Super Love Pangen Suite, and when he got back inside, Ye Fan hurriedly said, "Tiger, hurry up and give me the stone, you didn't bump it on the way, did you?"

"Please don't worry Ye, I know it's important, I've been putting it on the inside and it didn't knock a single time, you see."Saying that, Tiger took out the stone, and it was really intact.

Looking at the big stone, Ye Fan didn't know how to open the stone.

With the principle that he would rather admit his mistake than let it go, Ye Fan called Charles.

"Charles, do you know that there are still jade cards that will be in the stone?"Evan inquired directly into it.

"What?Another jade medallion?"

From the phone, Evan could hear Charles bounce up.

"Today, I went to the jade shop and bought a piece of jade in passing, the complete jade actually had a stone in the middle, after opening it, only to find that it wasn't a stone, but a layer of encrustation, and this rock-like thing is the shape of a token, I reckon it's most likely that the jade medallion was hidden by someone with a heart."Ye Fan spoke out his thoughts, and he knew everything about Charles.

"Wait young master, I have some impressions, I'll ask the master, there are books detailing the jade medal over there."

After saying that, Charles hung up the phone.

After waiting for a while, Charles turned on the phone again, but it was neither disappointment nor excitement, but extreme urgency: "Young Master you must not touch that stone, first cover it with some kind of jade, oops, there is also no jade that can hold this thing, you'd better go outside and dig a hole, bury the stone first, wait for me to go over."

"A jade?Yes, the jade that held the stone before was made into a big tea jar by me, it also has a lid, so it's just right to snap it on, but this is what I use to drink water, and from what you say it's pretty dangerous, if it's in my big tea jar, does it mean my big tea jar won't work?"Ye Fan was a little worried, after all, such a good big tea jar wasn't something that could be made just by thinking about it.

The raw material is so large although not rare, but as long as it is found, it is bound to be made into jade, no complete jade will be dry left placed, next time you want to find it, it will be more troublesome.

The phone was speechless for a while before Charles' voice was heard, "Young Master, worthy of your reputation, you actually used jade to make a large tea jar!"


"Young Master you pretend first, I'll get you a better one later, it's an emergency, you do as I say first."Charis said urgently.

Hearing Charis' words, Evan didn't hesitate, so he filled the stone with a large tea jar and covered the lid of the cup.

The lids of the large tea jars were all a bit larger than the mouth of the cup, so they pressed down easily, and there was also a concave part on the bottom side of the lid that fit perfectly and tightly into the mouth of the cup.

It was only after Evan had done all this that Charles said he would be right there, and hung up the phone with confidence.

Ye Island was a place with a pleasant climate, it should be in the southern location, so it only took half an hour for Charles to arrive at Mudou this time, and not only Charles came, but also Ye Fan's dad, Ye Yunlong, and mom, Chen Fangling, came.

"Dad, Mom, what are you guys doing here?"

Ye Fan was extraordinarily surprised, he didn't expect to see his parents again after so long, it was such a wonderful feeling.

Because of the fear of hacking, Ye Fan hadn't had a video call with his parents for such a long time, and this was the last time he had seen his parents since he had left Ye Island.

If you counted carefully, it seemed like four months had already passed.

"Surprised or not, surprise or not."Chen Fangling smiled wistfully, but without losing her elegance and generosity, looking somewhat demure and maternal aura. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan nodded his head vigorously, "Very surprising, very surprising!"

"I haven't seen you for a few months, your eldest son has become handsome, much better than your old man, he hasn't grown up all these years."Chen Fangling said and gushed into Ye Fan's arms.

Not to mention, since meeting his parents, after Ye Fan's taste had improved, the grizzly air had slowly decreased, and the change in temperament made Ye Fan's appearance seem to have changed slightly.

As the saying goes, a phase is born from the heart, and now Ye Fan is slowly developing into a beautiful man.

Although he still can't reach the level of little fresh meat, but when put outward, he definitely belongs to the industry of little handsome men.

After all, Chen Fangling is an evil level beauty, more than Ye Fan's girlfriends are advanced by more than one level.

The most important thing was that now Chen Fangling was in her forties, but looking at you up there was still the appearance of an eighteen-year-old girl, which was the most terrifying.

This kind of either relies on plastic surgery, or simply natural beauty.Unlike those touting frozen age with techniques yet, it was simply the appearance of an eighteen year old, with no wrinkles at all, and extremely bright, very agile eyes.

Being held in Chen Fangling's arms, Ye Fan only felt inexhaustible motherly love, and it was only then that Ye Fan understood that what was in front of him was not a young girl, but his mother.

His mother's embrace was very warm, and the corners of Ye Fan's eyes couldn't help but get wet - moist.

"Okay, so grown up, and you still look like this!"

Ye Yunlong snorted, frightened that Ye Fan was about to break away from his mother's embrace, but he was hugged even tighter by Chen Fangling.

"What? You can't hug me and you're jealous of your son?You honestly give your mother to stay at one side, and don't squeak when I don't let you talk."After Chen Fangling gave Ye Yunlong a sanitary eye, Ye Yunlong really didn't squeak.

Ye Fan didn't expect that a big man of Ye Yunlong's level would actually obey Chen Fangling like the rumors.

But for this kind of love, Ye Fan was still very envious.

After all, all these girls around him were obedient to him, but instead, it made Ye Fan not feel like a couple, it felt as if all these girls gathered here because of Ye Island's prestige or seeing Ye Fan's money.

Of course, this was just Ye Fan's personal thoughts, it was possible that he had misinterpreted these girls as well.

No one looked up to him before he could, and since he had money, Ye Fan had only started to have women's luck.

That's it, after Ye Fan and Chen Fangling got bored for a while, Ye Fan saw numerous black lines in the corners of Ye Yunlong's eyes before he reluctantly left Chen Fangling's bosom and said, "Mom, let's get down to business."

"All listen to your son."Chen Fangling chuckled, before turning her head to Ye Yunlong, "Alright, start your show."

Without uttering a word, Ye Yunlong got up and ran to the large tea jar.

Seeing that Ye Yunlong was about to open the big tea jar, Ye Fanling tensed up and said, "Dad, watch out!"

Ye Yunlong smiled indifferently and opened the large tea jar as if he hadn't heard.

"Mom, talk to Dad!"

Evan was a little nervous, although he didn't know what exactly the danger was, but Charles had warned him so nervously earlier, there must be something very dangerous in it, and if it was really dangerous, Evan wouldn't be able to regret it.

He could not easily be found by his loved ones, if they died because of him, he did not know what he would do in the future.

Chen Fangling patted Ye Fan's shoulder comfortingly and said, "Son, don't worry, no one but your father can touch this rock."

"What's going on here?"Hearing Chen Fangling's words, Ye Fan was relieved, and inevitably became a little curious.

Chen Fangling explained, "The reason this stone is in the middle of the jade is actually placed by our Chen family back then, and it is the Snake Jade Plaque that is stored inside.The snake jade medallion is different from other jade medallions, there is a very strong yin energy in it, which is just right to reconcile with the yang energy in the dragon jade medallion."

"I'll tell you another secret, the reason why my mother is so young is because I am the shell of the Snake Jade Plaque.Just like the rabbit jade medallion is a possession stream, so is the snake jade medallion, but the snake jade medallion is a mode of molting, and the reason why your father and I got married is because we dragons and snakes can achieve yin and yang reconciliation.That's why mom was able to be so young all these years, and only after your father takes out the snake source and places it inside my body will the Snake Jade Plaque be complete."

Chen Fangling's words made Ye Fan a little cloudy, but simply put, they would be able to obtain the Serpent Jade Plaque and there would be no harm to their parents.

Even through the Snake Jade Plaque, Chen Fangling could even obtain benefits, and Ye Yunlong was able to reconcile his yin and yang with it, and even more so, he was able to circulate positively and obtain benefits in squared times.

After it dawned on him, Ye Fan was also completely at ease and did not pay attention to his father being busy over there.

The snake source was harmful to others because of yin energy, but Ye Yunlong had dragon energy, which was pure yang energy, so he wouldn't be afraid of those yin energy.Ye Fan was not so worried, so he went back to his mother's embrace.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yunlong who was busy at the side was so angry that his teeth were itching.

The old man was busy here and the kid was enjoying his blessing at the back.

The more I thought about it, the angrier Ye Yunlong became, but after receiving Chen Fangling's hygienic eye, Ye Yunlong continued to work hard on the snake source.

In his heart, Ye Fan could not help but mutter, "Perhaps, being afraid of his wife is not a good thing, now a group of girls giving for nothing, it seems to look better."

For Ye Yunlong and Chen Fangling's love, Ye Fan envied it, but really didn't dare to compliment it.


Ye Yunlong and Chen Fangling didn't stay for long, and after finishing the snake source, they quickly left.

Ye Fan had wanted to let his parents take more time, but the snake source needed to be injected into Chen Fangling's body, which was a rather dangerous thing, and it was completely impossible to solve it here, and Ye Yunlong was only temporarily suppressing the snake source, so he had to hurry back to Ye Island.

The reason for coming here was also because the snake source would explode if there was a collision, leaking the Yin Qi.

As for getting on the plane as well, although Ye Fan didn't know the principle, but since his parents were able to make it here and see one side, Ye Fan was more than satisfied.

Now that Ye Island already had seven jade plates, there were only five left to find.

Today was really a beautiful day, not only finding the jade medallion, but also seeing his parents, it was really a big profit.

In particular, this snake jade medallion still happened to be obtained by helping the six vajra to free themselves.

It was really coincidental to think about it.

And according to Chen Fangling's words, the more difficult jade medals to find are actually the Rabbit jade medal, the Monkey jade medal and the Snake jade medal, and now that these three have been found, the rest of the jade medals are just ordinary jade medal shapes, as long as the tokens are found, then you can take your seat.

It can be said that the most difficult level has been passed, and the remaining jade tokens will be very easy to find. One second to remember to read the book

Previously Ye Island had not taken the initiative to look for jade medals also because it was worried about moving too much, besides it also needed to rely on luck to find the three jade medals of the Rabbit Monkey Snake, but now only five ordinary jade medals were left.

Before leaving, Chen Fangling had said that Ye Dao would also intensify its efforts to find the jade medals, so the burden on Ye Fan's body was also loosened, and the day to return to Ye Dao was just around the corner.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan beautifully went to sleep.

The next afternoon, Ye Fan only woke up.

So many days Ye Fan had actually been rather uncomfortable, and the main reason was that the pressure was building up more and more as he wanted to return to Ye Island.

He also didn't expect that in just four months away from Ye Island, he would be able to find five jade plaques, it really was a particularly lucky thing.

And now that the burden was getting lighter and lighter, Ye Fan's pressure was much less and his sleep was much more restful.

But originally, Ye Fan planned to sleep through the night, only to be woken up.

When he opened the door, Ye Fan saw Muzhu.

"It's Muzhu, is there good news?"Seeing the beautiful man outside the door, Ye Fan's wake-up call had subsided quite a bit.

Wood Bamboo could take the initiative to come, he must have finished communicating with Wood Spirit Villa's owner, Mu Zi Yan, and was now here to inform the result.

As expected, Muzhu spoke up, "Ye Shao, father and I have communicated, and he has decided that you can enter the Wood Spirit Villa, and you are greatly welcomed, but there is just one thing that needs to trouble you."

"What kind of trouble?"Ye Fan frowned slightly, he hadn't thought of any trouble before.

But seeing that Wood Bamboo's expression wasn't too ugly, he figured it wasn't a difficult matter, and Ye Fan was thus able to feel at ease and wait for Wood Bamboo's reply.

Wood Bamboo opened his mouth to explain, "The thing is like this, every year, Wood Spirit Villa would search for some extremely talented people from all over the country, over time, in fact, many people who know the inside story also know that Wood Spirit Villa needs fresh blood, so it gradually evolved to today, Wood Spirit Villa will no longer take the initiative to search for people with good talent, instead, every year on the first of May, they will start holding a nine-day introductory assessment!The only way to join the Wood Spirit Villa is to pass all the exams."

"You mean, I still have to take the exam?"Ye Fan didn't shy away from reading novels, this often happened in them, before entering the clan you need to assess, and only those who reach the conditions can be accepted into the clan.

The reasoning was clear to Ye Fan, but he didn't have this kind of innate condition, he was just an ordinary person now, any one with talent could easily KO him, talk about entering the Wood Spirit Villa.

If the Six Vajra could get in, it was still very possible.But Ye Fan was autonomous, he didn't have that kind of strength.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the results of the written test, and then you'll see the results of the test.And I'm perfectly capable of giving you a full score on the written test first, and you can definitely get a full score on the written test, as for the martial test, as long as you can complete half of the remaining seventy percent of the assessment, you can actually easily enter the Wood Spirit Villa."

"Blackout?"Ye Fan instantly understood what Muzhu was thinking, which was to let him pivot ahead of time, and indeed, no matter where it was, as long as one had the strength, one could want the dark side.

But even so, Ye Fan still had a sad face.

"What's wrong, Ye Shao?Is there anything else you don't like about it?"Muzhu was a little puzzled, the conditions he offered were already very lenient, basically entering the Wood Spirit Villa was a sure thing, why was Ye Fan still sad-faced.

Ye Fan covered his face, "I'm not going to lie, I'm afraid that I won't get a single point in terms of the martial arts assessment.Previously, Mu Zi Ling, which is my master, tested me and there were sixteen small levels, but I didn't even pass the most basic first level."

It was a shame to say it, but Ye Fan also had to say it, after all, this mattered whether or not he could enter the Wood Spirit Villa in his assessment, it was better to make the bottom line clear, and now although there were only less than ten days to May 1st, he could find a way to change the questions, right?

Muzhu's face also completely fell, not expecting Ye Fan to be so useless.

"Ye Shao, you're not joking, didn't you say that you're Old Villa Master's disciple, with Old Villa Master's temperament, it's impossible for him not to train you at all ah, how could you not even pass the first level.Our assessment is actually the Old Villa Master's method, the sixteen levels of weight bearing, if a martial artist takes part in the assessment, he will directly make an exception and accept it.You should at least hold on to the ninth level to be a solid entry into the villa ah, how could this be."Muzhu was anxiously scratching his ears, but there was nothing he could do.

Ye Fan was also extremely speechless, but not at Wood Bamboo, but at his own uselessness.

Muzhu had already helped a lot, in other words, as long as he revealed the questions of the written test, it would be easy to get thirty points for the total score, while the martial arts assessment side only needed to get thirty points, which was actually equivalent to completing half of the martial arts assessment.

But obviously, now Ye Fan's ability, it was estimated that he wouldn't be able to get a single point on the martial arts assessment side, getting a zero duck egg would be more like it.

"Ye Shao, you wait for me, I'll go back and communicate with father."Mu Zhu couldn't think of anything good to do after thinking for a while, who let Ye Fan be so incompetent.


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