Lost Young Master 251-255


Chapter 251

"Live on or not?Hehe."The beautiful man smiled coldly and stopped talking, he didn't even turn his head back once, making it clear that he didn't want to take care of Ye Fan.

"Shit."Ye Fan was quite good-tempered to explain, but he got this kind of attitude, and became greatly annoyed, "Get out of here, I don't want to beat you up, this room is ours, it's useless even if you get the manager."

Now, the beautiful man finally turned his head to look at Ye Fan, and the remaining light swept to the six vajra who was about to fight, but he did not have the slightest bit of nervousness, but narrowed his eyes and said: "Very good, you are good, you dare to call me out like this, I have not done anything for a long time, now let the people of Mudou forget my name do.I'll take you today, six little guys who haven't even started as martial artists, then you know what strength is king!"

The triplets laughed, and even made their way out of the way without the slightest tension, giving the beautiful man enough room to do it.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, not to mention anything else, just the word martial artist made Ye Fan's head spin.

He had learned from Mu Zi Ling that a true martial artist needed a force of 500 jin, so don't look at the number of people in the Six Vajra, but when it came to a real fight, it wouldn't be a martial artist's opponent.And it was obvious that the beautiful man was a martial artist, otherwise it would not have been possible to tell at a glance that the Six Vajra was not a martial artist.

That would be difficult to do!

Ye Fan did not expect to encounter a hard stubble when he first arrived.

However, at this moment, the lady at the front desk who had just left returned, followed by an obese middle-aged man.

Seeing the beautiful man shaking his fist, the obese middle-aged man was so frightened that he hurried forward and said anxiously, "Young Master Mu, if you have something to say, why are you making a fuss, my little shop can't afford to be tossed around by you." The first website m.kanshu8.net

"Fatty Zhao, you still have the nerve to say that?You're not the one who's causing all this trouble?"Young Master Mu's eyes were slightly cold and he gave the manager a slanted stare.

Manager Zhao was covered in cold sweat and accosted the manager, "Young Master Mu is joking, a thousand mistakes are all my fault, this little girl was just hired by me and doesn't know the rules yet, it's my problem, don't worry, I'll arrange a room for you without delay."

Saying that, he turned his head to look at Ye Fan and said with an apologetic face, "Sorry, a few people.The presidential suite was booked earlier by Young Master Mu, see if it's okay if you guys want a different room, I'll give you a 20% discount."

"Let?By what right Jean?"Ye Fan snorted coldly.

It was good that Young Master Mu was a martial artist, but Ye Fan didn't want to put up with that, especially since he was also surnamed Mu, making Ye Fan think of Mu Zi Ling.

When he came here, Ye Fan purposely checked that there were actually no surnames in Mudou, and wood itself was a relatively rare surname.And there was only one place with the surname of Mu, and that was the Wood Spirit Villa.

Ye Fan was about to go to the Wood Spirit Villa, if he was suppressed by the kid in front of him, then going to the Wood Spirit Villa would also be a sufferer, it would be better to fight hard, even if he lost, at least he didn't lose his dignity.No matter what, Ye Fan could still get help from Charles to back him up and take revenge back on the young master in front of him.

So no matter what, Ye Fan can't wimp out.

Moreover, it's not his fault, it's just that Young Master Mu is bullying others.

What Ye Fan was most afraid of was this kind of gentleman.

"I still say the same thing, hurry up and get out, the room is ours!"Ye Fan snorted coldly.

The words fell, and the six vajra all took a step forward, their powerful might instantly erupting, oppressing the crowd.

"This gentleman, don't be impulsive."Manager Zhao was so anxious that he couldn't even care about wiping the sweat from his head, only begging Ye Fan.

Young Master Mu, on the other hand, sneered, "I've been told to get lost three times, I'll have to see if you guys are capable of this.Even if you leave now, it won't be possible, and if I don't let you get out today, I won't be surnamed Mu!"

Saying that, Young Master Wood rushed out and went straight to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan's body was so weak that he was no match for Young Master Wood, and he retreated to give way to the Six Vajra.

However, what Ye Fan didn't expect was that Young Master Wood was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Ye Fan and ran to grab at Ye Fan's chest, apparently to kill him in one blow!

"Not good!"

The Six Vajra changed color incessantly, but it was already too late to rush forward.

Ye Fan was also filled with regret, he didn't expect Young Master Mu to be so powerful, Huma was already a martial artist.

And definitely not an in and out martial artist yet, but one that had been around for a while, otherwise it couldn't have been so powerful.Looking at Young Master Mu's nimble hand without any unnecessary movements, you could tell that he was an old martial artist.

The most important thing was that this movement that came straight to the chest was obviously something that had been done many times before, looking at the fact that Young Master Mu had often fought here, otherwise he wouldn't be so skilled.


It was too late for Ye Fan to think of more, Young Master Mu's claw still fell, and with a loud bang, Ye Fan closed his eyes, with only a few big words in his heart: "My life is over!"

"This....How is this possible!"

Yet Young Master Wood made a startled sound, and Evan couldn't help but open his eyes.

"I'm fine?I can't believe I'm okay?"Ye Fan was pleasantly surprised to find that he didn't even move a single step back, but on the other hand, Young Master Mu flew out backwards, in a mess.

"Fuck, Young Master Ye is awesome, he learned the Golden Bell Jar and Iron Cloth behind our backs?"Ah Hu was also even marveling.

He was able to see it clearly, just now Ye Fan was motionless, and when Young Master Mu's claw fell, Ye Fan's chest glowed green, then Young Master Mu's claw was flicked off and fell several meters backwards onto the ground.

"Could it be that I dreamed of acquiring the Ultimate Technique?"Ye Fan was also very happy, but just thinking about it, Ye Fan shook off this unrealistic thought.

He also thought of the problem and quickly went to touch his chest, so he touched the jade medallion that Mu Zi Ling gave him.

Without thinking too much, Ye Fan reacted and reckoned that the jade medallion given to him by Mu Zi Ling was not only a referral, the jade medallion itself was an awesome protective treasure that could resist damage.

But there was no telling how many times this thing could resist.

So with a turn of his eyes, Ye Fan raised the jade tag and said, "Little Woody, you're not my opponent, hurry up and restrain yourself, my master is Mu Zi Ling, hurry back to the Wood Spirit Villa to report, and tell him that Ben Shao is here to enter the Wood Spirit Villa for a period of time!"

Ye Fan wasn't a fool, even if the jade medallion could resist a few more times, it wasn't cost effective to waste it here for nothing.

And since Young Master Mu's surname was Mu, he must be from the Wood Spirit Villa.

This jade medallion was a personal possession of Mu Zi Ling, and seeing the jade medallion was like seeing a person, as long as the young master Mu in front of him had some status, he must have known about it.

As expected, seeing the jade medallion, Young Master Mu Zi Ling turned pale, but what Ye Fan didn't expect was that Mu Zi Ling directly knelt down!


"Meet the Old Villa Master!"

Old Master?

What the hell is this?

Ye Fan was a bit confused, it was just a jade plaque for introduction, how did it become the old Villa Master, Ye Fan was a bit afraid to think, but also probably guessed that Mu Ziling was the former Villa Master of Wood Spirit Mountain.

But if you think about it, it seems very reasonable.

After all, Wood Ziling was the tenth war god of Ye Island, if he was just an ordinary Wood Spirit Villa disciple, then wouldn't the great power of Wood Spirit Villa come out and be able to exterminate Ye Island.

So it was logical that Mu Ziling was the villa master.

"Get up."

Ye Fan faintly spoke, revealing an unfathomably superior expression.

Now that Young Master Mu was kneeling, he wasn't angry anymore, not only was his dignity preserved, but he had also stepped on the ranking martial artist, Ye Fan's heart was not to mention how refreshing it was. Remember the website .kanshu8.net.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were Old Villa Master's disciple just now.I'm the son of the current Villa Master Mu Zi Yan, or Young Villa Master Mu Zhu.By the way, my father and Old Villa Master are still brother and sister, I wonder how Old Villa Master's health is now?How's it going?"Wood Bamboo was not as wild as it was just now, but became refined and easygoing.

Muzhu?A sow?

Mu Zi Yan is really a naming ghost genius.

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, but on the surface, he still smiled and said, "My master is fine now, but he had some minor trouble and couldn't get out in Ye Island for the time being, otherwise he wouldn't have let me come here to study."

"Old Zhuang Master is so talented that he took the Zhuang Master's position at the age of ten, only to be favored by Ye Island and go to Ye Island at the age of fifteen.But Ye Island is also a sacred place in our martial school's heart, to be able to go to Ye Island and become a war god, Old Villa Master is also winning glory for our Wood Ling Villa ah."Mu Zhu looked envious and adoring at the mention of Mu Ziling.

Seemingly finding herself a bit forgetful, Mu Zhu's face blushed slightly, "Sorry, I said a bit too much.Since you were picked by the old villains, you must be a natural talent, I wonder what your status is in Ye Island?I haven't asked you for your name yet."

To the family, Ye Fan did not avoid the family in the slightest, so he spoke, "My name is Ye Fan, I am the young master of Ye Island.However, my talent is extremely poor, I barely reached the passing line, and I will have to ask all of you in the Wood Spirit Villa to bear with me in the future."

"Ye Island Young Master?"

Muzhu was dripping with cold sweat, obviously not terribly frightened.

When he came back to his senses, he hurriedly bowed, "Kid has eyes but no pearls, he rammed into the young master, please atone for your sins!"

"Nothing nothing nothing."Ye Fan waved his hand somewhat speechlessly, he didn't expect Ye Island to be so useful, had he known that he should have revealed his identity at the beginning, he wouldn't have just been frightened and said a ghost like "my life is resting".

"I don't know if the young master has a letter of introduction, I'll show it to my father, and when he confirms it, you can go to the Wood Spirit Villa.Although you can go right now, but the rules are still rules, it is better to go through the procedure, I see that you are not in a hurry this moment, I'll let you stay in this hotel room."Muzhu said briskly.

"Introductory letter ah..."Ye Fan didn't know if the letter from Mu Ziling to him counted, but after all, it was Mu Ziling's handwriting, it couldn't be faked, so I guess Mu Zi Yan should be able to see it.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan took out the envelope from his luggage and handed it to Mu Zhu, urging, "Don't damage the letter paper, or else you're the only one who will ask."

"Don't worry, then I won't disturb the young master's rest."

Muzhu nodded heavily, then with a wave of his big hand, he left directly with the triplets.

"Young Master Ye, do you think he could be a liar?"Ah Hu was a little worried.

Ye Fan was a little speechless, "If you were a martial artist, would you be a liar?With his skills, it's not too easy to finish us off."

As soon as this was said, Ah Hu was silent.

Ye Fan patted Ah Hu's shoulder and said, "Alright, don't think too much, when you go to the Wood Spirit Villa, you must cultivate hard and become martial artists as soon as possible, and then you won't have to look at other people's faces when you go out, so cheer up."

"Yes!"The six vajra nodded heavily.

With a satisfied smile, Ye Fan walked to the front desk and prepared to continue the check-in procedure.

It was only at this time that Manager Zhao showed his head from behind the front desk and said with a flattering face, "Ye Shao is amazing, it's the first time I've seen Young Master Mu so out of control, you're amazing.Ya Ya, hurry over to check in for the gentlemen, and remember to get a 50% discount.It's fortunate that Young Master Wood didn't smash anything because of Ye's timely action, otherwise the damage fee would be much more than this fee."

Manager Zhao summoned the lady at the front desk after an unnoticeable flattery.

YaYa looked at Ye Fan adoringly, but after seeing the six vajra behind Ye Fan, she whispered with pity in her eyes, "What a good man, it's a pity to have Long Yang's goodness."


Being so close, Ye Fan naturally heard it.

But Ye Fan didn't want to explain, this thing was fine if it wasn't explained, the more it was explained, the more confusing it would be.After all, an explanation is a cover-up, a cover-up is the truth, there's no need to spend so much time on it, anyway, Ye Fan is the clear one.

After getting his room card, Ye Fan arrived at the presidential suite on the top floor.

What made Ye Fan laugh and cry was the room number, the room number used here was not the regular room number, but various names were used to name the room.

And as the most distinguished presidential suite, the name was even more wonderful, written in big words, "Old Tree Super Love Pan Root"!

Nima, what kind of name is that.

It wasn't such a spoof, but it was also more than the kind of common room number on the second floor.Ye Fan vaguely remembered that the common room's door said, "Old tree is a bit coiled".

Other hotels were themed rooms, and Ye Fan did not expect this hotel to be a themed hotel at all.

"You gentlemen rest well oh."YaYa personally brought Ye Fan and the others up, and showed an ambiguous smile before leaving.

"I'm not..."As soon as Ye Fan was about to explain, Ya Ya made a no sound gesture and bounced away with a knowing expression, leaving only Ye Fan and the Six Vajra.

"I'm really not as good as Dragon Sun!"Ye Fan said weakly, but Ya Ya was already far away.

Helplessly, Ye Fan opened the room and couldn't help but think of his women.

This kind of very special theme room, how nice it would be if it was women around him.

No wonder Muzhu had just brought three girls with him, eh?Three girls?

Not worthy of being a martial artist, the body was also first class, but it could be so firm and straight.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan is also even more encouraged to become a martial artist, not for the sake of fighting and protecting his body to pick up girls, but also necessarily to become a martial artist ah.

A man's body is good, she is good and I am good!

"Eat and sleep, this is a pretty good life."Ah Hu said and opened the door, followed by the six vajra walking in.

But without waiting for Ye Fan to enter, the other five vajra stopped Ah Hu and struggled to push Ah Hu out of the room.


Seeing the Big Five pushing Ah Hu, who was still pushing in with a soothing face, Ye Fan was somewhat puzzled, "Why don't you go in?"

Saying that, he looked inside the room, and although he only glanced at it, Ye Fan's cold sweat flowed out.

No wonder YaYa had just given him such an ambiguous look, it really wasn't an ordinary room.

In order to fit the theme of the room, there were also vines inside the house, and although they were intricate, they were messy and orderly, surprisingly there was some artistic beauty.

But what Ye Fan can't accept is that the room only has a large round bed, the vines on the bed only four, but four bed legs, completely like buckling the hands and feet specifically left out of the place, which if locked in the bed, can be really a binding game, on top of how people want to dish it out.

"Fuck, hurry up and change the room for Tiger!"Ye Fan panicked, really afraid that Ah Hu will lock him in the middle of the night, that would really be a strong lock man.

Ye Fan also does not want to late in the day, but also follow the other five vajra push Ah Hu.

In the end, under the Ah Hu powerless to resist, Ye Fan and the five King Kong checked into the presidential suite, fortunately the suite, which has other rooms, so that the five King Kong check in, and Ah Hu only had to live in the presidential suite next to the room, really not to Ah Hu difference treatment, this is entirely for personal safety considerations, but also helplessness.

After dealing with Ah Hu, Ye Fan lay down on the big round bed, and I have to say that looking is one feeling, and lying on it is another feeling.

And Ye Fan found that the vines in the house is not really vines, but decorations, are plastic products, looks like the real only, and the four corner of the bed is not vines, but also not just decorative, but the real goods bundle special handcuffs. A second to remember to read the book

"Fortunately, I didn't let Tiger in."Ye Fan patted his chest after fear, his little heart really didn't resist such a scare.

After taking a shower and laying on the bed for a beautiful sleep, Ye Fan didn't get up until the sun set.

"Shu Tan, everyone get up and go out!"

After Ye Fan shouted, he started to pack the bed.

The reason why they didn't go out during the day was because Mudou was too hot, it was nearly forty degrees, and being outside was just smoke and charcoal baking, which was also a bad thing in the southern cities, and in the summer it was impossible to get out of the room.

It was only in the evening that it was better, but the temperature was also nearly 30 degrees, but it was better than the sun in the daytime.

Since Mudou was not a heavy industry and all of them were high income earners, the pace of life was obviously not fast, and compared to Hundred Flowers City, life was quite slow.

However, Mudou also had a nickname, the Nocturnal City.

It's not that it's nighttime here, but Muddu is close to the equator, so it's like spring in all seasons, and the temperature is never lower than twenty degrees.

People go out to have fun after evening, so Mokdu is the most crowded at night, which gives it the title of the nocturnal city.

There was no difference between the city center and the suburbs, there were four districts in total, namely Eastwood, Southwood, Westwood, and Northwood, and the current location of Ye Fan was the district center of Eastwood.

It was a large place that looked like a pedestrian street, the flow of people was huge, the road was full of pedestrians, but not from work, but out to buy things, to sneak around and play, and Ye Fan and the six big ones were just a small few in the crowd.

"Hey, this shop is a bit interesting, let's go, go in and have a look."

After walking for a while, Ye Fan settled in front of a shop.

The shop only had a big "jade" on it, other than that, there was nothing different, even a little inconspicuous, not many people went into the shop, in a place with such a large flow of people only two or three kittens went in, this shop was not yellow, which in itself was a little incredible.

After all, the next "two yuan shop" next to the flow of people are ridiculously large, just Ye Fan wanted to go in, hard to squeeze in.

The main reason why this shop attracted Ye Fan was not easy to get into, but more importantly, it was related to jade.

Ye Fan still hasn't forgotten that he still needs to find jade medals, now he is only half of the task, now Ye Island already has rat jade medals, tiger jade medals, rabbit jade medals, dragon jade medals, monkey jade medals and pig jade medals, Ye Fan only needs to find the other six jade medals, then it can be considered as completing the task back to Ye Island ahead of time.

So when he saw jade-related shops, Ye Fan was all interested.

With a big wave of his hand, Ye Fan entered the shop with the six vajra.

The door of the shop was open instead of having a glass door like other shops, and as soon as he entered, Ye Fan noticed that it was somewhat dark, not bright.The only thing that was particularly bright would be the green glow of the safe exit.

After walking for about ten meters, Ye Fan heard a clamor.

Ye Fan couldn't help but feel happy, in fact, in the pedestrian street this kind of inch of land, can have ten meters of open space itself is unscientific, and what Ye Fan did not expect is that there was a door inside the open space that was not transparent to light.

Ye Fan pushed open the door, and a cold air puffed in.

"Kid, quickly close the door, later the cool air will all....Running in..."The security guard at the door was just about to reprimand Ye Fan, when he saw the six villains behind Ye Fan and was so scared that he couldn't even speak properly.

"What did you just say?"Ye Fan's eyebrows were slightly raised, and it was true that he hadn't heard what the security guard was saying, the place was a bit noisy and particularly noisy.

The last place that Ye Fan found noisy was the underground gambling hall where Wang Jiabao was previously.

"It's fine, I didn't say anything, please come in everyone."The security guard even gave up his position and personally went to the back to bring the door with him.

With a nod, Ye Fan ran over to the loudest place with the six vajra.

In a jade shop with such loud noises, it must be a place with treasures.

And only after Ye Fan got closer did he understand why it was so noisy, and the familiarity of the underground gambling hall.

Just because there was a large group of people in front of him, and in the middle of the crowd were two masters, who were knocking on a stone with their tools, and the end of the stone had a hint of greenery.

"This one shipped long ago, it's definitely a big one, I bet it's worth over a million!"

"You don't even look at the quality, just this Burmese jade, even if it's bigger it can't be that expensive, I'm betting not more than a million!"

"Value over a million is big, not more than a million is small, press more to win more, press less to win less, everyone press fast!"

"Da Da Da!"

"Little tiny!"


Looking at a group of suits pulling their necks and shouting, Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, normal gambling is to buy rough stones themselves, and then open out jade to make money, open out jade to lose money, whether they win or lose is related to their own vision of buying stones.But in front of these people gambling stone gambling a new realm, not only gambling stone, but also incidentally gambling money, can really be all gambling genius!


"Ye, we also want to play a few games."Tiger watched as everyone was betting, and was a little out of control.

"Small bets, just have some fun."With a nod, Ye Fan agreed to play with the six vajra.

After all, this is different from gambling, this thing is purely based on luck, there is also nothing to follow the experience, not a high technology can win, also can not draw a cheat, all to see whether the stone in front of the eyes will be green or not.

Even if the real gambling stone everyone, also did not necessarily can see the stone in the end value is not worth money.

Even if the real gambling stone everyone, also just a little trace, can distinguish which like high-grade goods, but really can put out green, is also impractical.

Otherwise there would have been no such industry chain as gambling stones.

The reason why gambling stones have been hot is because of its uncertainty, which is uncontrollable by human beings, and even X-rays can't penetrate the ingredients inside, which is also the most difficult and impartial place.

However, Ye Fan did not participate in gambling stones, because he has always believed in one thing, luck is conservative, for example, every day luck fixed a hundred, all wasted on gambling stones, may not go out and will fall.

This was a very metaphysical thing, and Ye Fan also believed in it very strongly.

After all, this world even had martial artists, what else was there that didn't? Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

This is Schrödinger's cat, where everything is possible until it is scientifically certified.

If you believe in it, you have it, if you don't, you don't, and Ye Fan was precisely the one who believed in this.

However, Ye Fan did not choose to gamble on the stone, but had decided to waste all of his luck today.

After all, Ye Fan chose to enter this place because it was a jade shop, and there might be jade cards, even if the chances were just one in ten thousand or less, there was still hope.

"Sir, is there anything I can help you with?"

Seeing Ye Fan arrive at the counter, a woman dressed in a black professional outfit and dressed very competently spoke up and asked.

Ye Fan gave a good-natured smile and said, "It's like this, I need to purchase a few pieces of jade to keep for my collection, can you show me all the exhibits here?"

It was actually more convenient to just say the request.

But fear not ten thousand, just in case, Ye Fan is still worried that someone has already discovered his identity and has been secretly following him, it is possible that the other party suspects but is not sure, if Ye Fan's search for the jade medallion is discovered by other interested people, then it will be more difficult to find the jade medallion in the future.

So Ye Fan treats it as normal shopping, and if he finds a jade medallion, he buys a few other objects to disturb the others' sight.

In fact, Ye Fan was just suspicious, but he didn't find anyone following him.But Charles's men had been secretly following him, both for record keeping and to protect Ye Fan's privacy and safety, but Ye Fan still hadn't caught these people once in such a long time.

Even his own people couldn't be found, let alone having other people secretly following him, it was simply hard to find.

Of course, it was possible that Ye Fan was just being over-intentional, but with the attitude that it was better to be trustworthy than not trustworthy, Ye Fan still decided to be as cautious as possible when looking for the jade medallion in the future.

It didn't matter about anything else, even if he was discovered to be Ye Island Young Master, after all, as long as he went to the Wood Spirit Villa to cultivate, when he returned from his studies, he would definitely have the means to defend himself and wouldn't have to be afraid of these sneaky people laying hands on him.

Ye Fan had already made up his mind that he wouldn't leave the Wood Spirit Villa unless something big happened if he hadn't completed his studies.

"That's all the exhibits?"

Ye Fan followed the female clerk to the exhibition hall, but the exhibition hall only a pitifully small number of exhibits, carefully counted, it was only thirty pieces.

Just this little bit of jade, how can you have the nerve to open a shop?

"Is so sir, the shop is taking a membership system, need to apply for membership in order to see different levels of jade, in front of it is just for normal guests to watch the exhibits.This is also to prevent some figure touching the wrong people, rest assured, our shop's membership cards are automatically presented after recharging to a certain amount, will not charge any membership fees, to ensure that you can buy with confidence and use comfort."The female clerk explained with a smile, and then took out a price list.

Looking at the female clerk's actions, it was so skillful, as if she had already done it a thousand or eight hundred times, Ye Fan knew that those who really bought things seemed to be charging for membership.

But seeing the price list, Ye Fan was soothed.

Jade is not like other things, each finished jade light is tens of thousands, easily millions, definitely considered a luxury.

So top-up membership is also considered to determine whether the customer has a consumption level, so that according to the price into different levels of display, is also done to see is to afford to buy, such a win-win situation.

Especially the membership card here is the most distinctive place is that, how much is how much, not a gift fee, and no discount, but even can be refunded.

It is to apply for a membership card, if there is money left over that you don't want to buy anything, you can return the membership card and take out the money inside, this is very humane.

With a simple thought, Ye Fan figured it out.

It was like an auction house, if you entered a large auction house, apart from looking at your identity, it was whether you had money or not.Entrance was usually by paying a deposit, or as Ye Fan had done in Fangzhou before, you had to be a luxury car to enter and exit, just as to make sure that you were rich to enter.

This membership card was the same thing as a different kind of membership card, topping up the fee, that is, manifesting the financial power.

It was for this reason that Ye Fan began to carefully look at the price list.

Topping up with ten thousand yuan: bronze membership, privileged access to Exhibit A.

$100,000 top-up: silver members with privileged access to Exhibits A and B.

Up to $1,000,000: Gold members with privileged access to Exhibits A, B and C.

$10 million top-up: platinum members with privileged access to Exhibits A, B, C and D.

100 million: Diamond members, with privileged access to exhibition areas A, B, C, D and E.

Charge a billion dollars: supreme members with privileged access to Exhibit A, B, C, D, and E.

"Well?"When he saw the last row, Ye Fan inevitably let out a soft giggle, somewhat confused, "How come Diamond Members and Supreme Members are treated the same?"

If this is true, then who would apply for a Supreme Membership?

The female shop assistant explained: "Sir, you should be here for the first time so you are not sure.Actually it's like this, there are a total of four major jade shops in Mudou, sitting in Eastwood, Southwood, Westwood and Northwood respectively, the four major jade shops will hold a jade auction once a month, only the supreme members of each house are eligible to participate."

"An auction?"

Hearing these three words, Ye Fan's eyes lit up with gold!


Every time he went to the auction, Ye Fan would always find a jade medallion, as if it had become a given.

Although this was very unscientific, it was true.

So just hearing the three words auction, Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "Come, come, get me a supreme membership card!"


The female shop assistant was suddenly wide-eyed and extraordinarily surprised.

Although Ye Fan was dressed in unusual clothes, she had never thought that Ye Fan would be so rich that he would just apply for a supreme membership card without even thinking about it!

"Sir, are you sure it's the Supreme Membership Card?"The female shop assistant confirmed again and again.

Ye Fan nodded and said, "That's right, you heard it right, it's the Supreme Member Card."

Saying that, Ye Fan took out his wallet from his bosom and pulled out a gold card from it.

This - ICBC VIP gold card was worthy of being a symbol of identity, everywhere was very ranked, the female clerk saw the gold card and suddenly believed Ye Fan's words. A second to remember to read the book

After all, this - ICBC's VIP Gold Card is a special bank card that requires a one-time recharge of one hundred million before it can be processed.

One hundred million can be credited in one go, to say that Ye Fan has no money, the devil doesn't believe it.

Especially when Ye Fan took his wallet, he deliberately chose to use his left hand.Nowadays, Ye Fan's left hand is not empty, but it carries the 4.5 million diamond-set Rolex watch that Wang Kaifeng gave him earlier.

Looking at the sparkling, even somewhat dazzling light on it, no matter who couldn't move their eyes.

Ye Fan couldn't help but remember that he promised to buy a watch for Wang Kefeng but never bought it, and now that he was in a jade shop, then it would be a good idea to buy a piece of jade for Wang Kefeng in passing, not only could he hide his eyes, but he could also give Wang Kefeng as a gift, it was simply a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

"Sir, please move over for the card, the supreme membership card is not something I can decide on, I need the manager to personally appear, please wait for a moment."The female clerk said, and brought Ye Fan to the VIP lounge, making a pot of good tea before turning to leave.


Drinking tea, Ye Fan plopped down on the VIP lounge sofa, the sofa was soft and big, very comfortable, and when he fell into it Ye Fan didn't want to get up.

"It's good to be rich."

Ye Fan once again sighed, indeed, as long as there was money, whatever could be done.Now just exhibiting money, even without spending, he was already drinking tea and enjoying it in the VIP lounge, and also the manager personally received it, this kind of treatment is the privilege of rich people ah.

If it wasn't for Charles finding him at first, he would probably still be working hard at the moment.

But fortunately, everything was over and everything was good now.

Without waiting much longer, Ye Fan heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming from outside.

But when they reached the front door of the house, they stopped abruptly, and then Ye Fan heard a rustling sound for about twenty seconds before the noise stopped, and then there was a knock on the door.

"Knock, knock, knock!"

There was a clear, strong but not particularly forceful knock on the door.

"Please come in."Ye Fan faintly opened his mouth, his mouth showing some playfulness.

Without much thought Ye Fan knew that the person hurrying outside was the manager without fail, after all, it wasn't the first time Ye Fan had encountered such a person.Of course, only a manager would pay this kind of attention to customers.

The door lightly opened, a middle-aged man of about forty years old walked in, a man in a suit, sideburns have sideburns, but the body is standing upright, although thin, but there is a kind of firm and strong momentum, obviously seen the world.

Indeed, to be able to give customers the supreme gold card, can be the existence of dealing with billionaires, without some real skills is also impossible.

The middle-aged man's badge had several large characters written distinctly on it: manager Wu Zhenghuang.

"Hello, I'm the manager here, Wu Zhenghuang, sorry for making sir wait for so long."Wu Zhenghuang opened his mouth to apologize, his eyes also contained sincerity and apology, which made Ye Fan very comfortable.

This was what a service person could look like, very attentive.

Ye Fan waved his hand more comfortably, "It's fine, I didn't wait long, let's start the card now."

"Okay, okay."

Wu Zhenghuang nodded repeatedly, followed by a wave of his hand, and the female clerk just now would take out a POS machine and the agreement from within a piece of furniture.

"This one is?"Evan couldn't help but frown when he saw the agreement, he didn't know the law, it would be a disaster if he got screwed.

"You open it first."Wu Zhenghuang revealed a smile and gestured for Ye Fan to open the agreement.

Ye Fan then opened the agreement, but he was stunned on the spot.

Because the agreement above didn't write anything, just wrote the supreme membership card can consume places, as well as the confidentiality of the auction has been the most important point, that is, cash.

Before also said the supreme membership card can withdraw cash, but did not say rules, this above written clearly, said must be stored for more than three months, before you can take out to save the balance.

It instantly dawned on Ye Fan that this was clearly to prevent some people who had nothing to lose.

After all, some people have money, come to top up and then immediately take it out, such a large amount of consumption if it happens often will lead to problems on the account, just like making false accounts of the flowing water.

So store three months is also to better exclude some people who are not really buying jade.

After all, the difference between the supreme member and the diamond member is whether or not to participate in the auction, want to come here jade to reach 100 million yuan or very little, if any, are dependent on the operation of the auction, jade shop will earn money to the supreme member.

A minimum of three months storage, but also to allow customers to participate in three auctions, so that there will be more opportunities to stimulate the supreme member spending.

And one billion dollars in the bank, there will be a lot of interest as well.

In this way, it was just that on the surface the Supreme Member was free and could withdraw cash, but in fact the jade shop still made a profit ah.

Only these thoughts are fleeting in Ye Fan's mind, in fact, Ye Fan does not care about such a small amount of money, anyway, if you can find the jade medallion, it does not matter if you spend all one billion.

Moreover, Ye Fan mainly wanted to participate in the auction, so he was going to keep the 1 billion here, after all, the auction was once a month.

Ye Fan was cultivating in the Wood Spirit Villa, and there was no telling how much time he would need.It was definitely more than three months anyway, it wasn't that Ye Fan wasn't confident, it was that he hadn't even passed the second level of the sixteen difficult hurdles, if he wanted to defend himself, he would at least need to become a martial artist, then he would need to overcome the sixteen difficult hurdles, Ye Fan couldn't even imagine how long it would take.

So without much consideration, Ye Fan just signed and sealed the agreement, because these were the contents of the agreement.

And Ye Fan is not afraid of being cheated, if the jade shop dares to engage in a yin and yang contract, Ye Fan will just tell Charles, and then it will be very easy to completely annex the jade shop by means of destruction.

The almighty Charles was Ye Fan's biggest card, just like Nobita's Doraemon.


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