Lost Young Master 246-250


Chapter 246

"Hmph, this Wang Ke Feng, but what a bastard, when he comes, let's see how I'll teach him a lesson, Ye Shao don't worry, I definitely won't condone it!"The red-robed elder vowed his assurance to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan, however, looked at Wang Kefeng with a strange face.

Wang Ke Feng snapped the black fat woman's phone in his hand and roared at the black fat woman, "Finished making the call?You're fucking fury, take a good look, I'm the one who is Wang Kefeng!"

"Uh, what's this about?Aren't you the one Ye Shao brought?"The red-robed elder was suddenly confused.

Wang Ke Feng took a deep breath and came to the red-robed elder, "Hello Elder, I'm Wang Ke Feng, I'm Ke Xin's own brother, how could I harm Ke Xin.I also heard the voice on the phone just now, it was Wang Kejian's voice.In ten years, there will be only three candidates for the next family election, namely me, Wang Kejian and Wang Kezhen.In my opinion, Wang Kejian is deliberately doing this just to run for family head, to trap my sister and then harm me!"

Sighing, Wang Kefeng clenched his fist and said, "It's fine if I don't run for this clan leader, I didn't think it would cause so much harm to my sister, please elder allow us siblings to leave the Wang family, I decided to follow my brother-in-law in the future, at least I can live my life peacefully in Ye Island, I won't be hurt by such a hidden arrow!"

Ye Fan also stepped forward and said, "Grand Elder, this is my brother-in-law, I was able to find Wang Jiabao this time and was also introduced by my brother-in-law, if you can't deal with this matter fairly, I think it's better to let my brother-in-law and Kexin go back to Ye Island together, this place is too seductive and there are too many bad people, if we don't purge and clean it up, an old good guy like my brother-in-law will be played to death sooner or later."

The red-robed elder's face was condensed, "I will handle it properly and definitely give a good explanation to Ke Feng."

The red-robed elder with a heavy face was actually smiling on the inside, originally thinking that things were difficult to handle.

But now that Ye Fan had called Wang Ke Feng's brother-in-law, this relative had definitely climbed up, so the Wang family was not inherently dangerous, as long as they purged Wang Ke Jian. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Moreover, Wang Ke Feng himself is a candidate for clan head, if he can become the next clan head, relying on this relationship between Wang Ke Feng and Ye Fan, who else would dare to touch the Wang family.

Although I don't know how capable Wang Ke Feng is, but just based on Wang Ke Feng being able to befriend Ye Fan, becoming the clan head is also deserving of the name.

After all, the impact on the family was too great, and the benefits were the most numerous.

"Grand Elder, this child Ke Feng is simple-minded and righteous, and he also seems to be very wise in the little tactics he just used, in my opinion, we definitely can't let a good child like Ke Feng leave the family, this is a great loss to the family, I think we should purge Wang Ke Jian, and as for Wang Ke Zhen, he will be a deputy clan head, and this next clan head position, let's pass it on to Ke Feng.One is to make up for the debt owed to him, and the other is that he does deserve it!"

The Second Elder spoke up at the side.

"Second Elder's high opinion!"

"I also agree."

As soon as this was said, the third and fourth elders also agreed.

They were all old foxes who had lived for an unknown number of years, and the pros and cons were naturally straightforward to see, and they could also directly guess what the elder was thinking, so they also supported the second elder.

The red-robed elder's heart was happy, their cooperation was exactly what gave him a step, he naturally didn't even think about coming down the steps directly.

"Since Old-Two, Old-Third and Old-Third are all very agreeable, then it's already a majority vote, let's do things according to what the Second Elder said, after Wang Kejian comes over later and inquires about the network of connections behind him, then we'll purge them all together and compensate all these properties to Ke Feng and Ke Xin, the dowry of the girl married off by my Wang Family Fort is naturally indispensable."Saying that, the red-robed elder looked towards Wang Kefeng and said, "Kefeng, what do you think of this matter?"

Wang Ke Feng was delighted, but the surface was also heavy, "Now is not the time to discuss this, the people who did this to my sister, I want them to taste the evil consequences.And the position of clan chief, I indeed can't afford it, brother-in-law, what do you think should be done about this?"

That was it, the problem was still pushed to Ye Fan.

Actually, Wang Ke Feng also knew that he wasn't really important.Why else wouldn't the elder even know his name before?

It was all in Ye Fan's face that the elders were so polite, so the key to the problem was still Ye Fan's attitude.

But Ye Fan didn't know the way of this, he was just happy to hear that Wang Ke Feng could be the clan leader, so he nodded his head and said, "I think the elders are pretty good, brother-in-law, just stay here and be a good clan leader of the Wang family, I think you will definitely be able to do it, if there is anything, or if you encounter any trouble, just talk to your brother-in-law, it will definitely be done properly for you, just feel free to be this clan leader!"

Ye Fan was speaking from the heart, he would be doubly nice to anyone who was nice to him.

What's more, Wang Ke Feng was his brother-in-law, which was a very good relationship in itself.

Even before, Wang Ke Feng had bought him a four-million-dollar Rolex, which made Wang Ke Feng bleed a lot.If he raided Wang Kejian's property this time, Wang Kaifeng would be able to return the blood.

And disposing of Wang Kejian and avenging Wang Kexin's death can be considered a win-win situation.

So, how could Ye Fan disagree?

The red-robed elders also saw that just now Wang Ke Feng was only probing to ask Ye Fan, but did not think that Ye Fan would be so supportive, and this distinct attitude, just shows that Wang Ke Feng and Ye Fan's relationship to be good, this clan headship, it seems that it must be passed to Wang Ke Feng, after several elders eye exchange, finally nodded to Wang Ke Feng, and directly shot the matter.

Wang Ke Feng's heart was also overjoyed and clenched his fist tightly.

Wang Ke Feng felt that he had made the right bet, not only did he not lose, but he had also gained.

And just when all was happy, the door slammed open, and before anyone could come in, a cheap voice came in.

"Damn it, which scum dared to come to my Wang family to cause trouble and bully my good sister, don't you all want to live!"

As the voice trailed off, a man dressed like a small white man walked in.

This voice was the same as the phone, and without much thought, Ye Fan knew that it was Wang Kejian.

Indeed, it was also exactly Wang Kejian.

Only Wang Ke Feng directly rushed out and said, "Wang Ke Jian, you still use my name to send people to abuse my sister, I'll kill you!"

Saying that, Wang Ke Feng smashed a punch on Wang Kejian's stomach.Wang Kejian fell to the ground in pain, and without waiting for Wang Kejian to get up, Wang Kaifeng just kicked out and stepped on Wang Kejian's stomach, launching a series of fierce attacks!


Only Wang Kefeng's energy did not add up, and after kicking a few feet, he was exhausted and gasping for air.

Wang Kejian had just been protecting his head and curled up, so his injuries were not serious, and when he saw Wang Ke Feng strike, he alluded to a chance to reach out and get Wang Ke Feng down.

However, as soon as Wang Kejian reached out, his hand was stepped on, and he suddenly let out a scream.

"Ah!My hand!"

Ye Fan looked at Wang Kejian coldly, his foot even more increased the intensity: "Wang Kejian is it, is it you who let people bully and mistreat Ke Xin, do not give food to Ke Xin?You bastard, if I don't kill you today, this young man won't be surnamed Ye!"

Looking back at Wang Kexin, who was pale and emaciated, with tears hanging from the corners of her eyes, Ye Fan was furious, thinking of the scene where the fat black woman had just beaten and scolded Wang Kexin.

Ye Fan clenched his fists and couldn't stop trembling, this wasn't the fear and nervousness before hitting someone, but the anger to control his body.

Of course, Ye Fan wasn't going to control it either!

Raising his foot, Ye Fan was like a football kick to Wang Kejian's jaw.

Immediately after shortening down, it was a rain of heavy punches, punch after punch to Wang Kejian's bitchy face. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"You're the loser!Useless stuff!Even you dare to bully my woman, I'll kill you!"

Ye Fan's eyes were bloodshot, and with each punch, Wang Kejian would either fly out a tooth or spurt out a mouthful of blood.


A full hundred punches were thrown before Ye Fan was able to stop.

It wasn't that Ye Fan was soft, it was that Wang Ke Feng went into shock!


After Ye Fan got up and took a deep breath, he kicked Wang Kejian's crotch again and heard that chicken and egg fight before he stopped.

Originally, Ye Fan was going to continue the fight after taking a break, but the Fifth Elder had already invited a doctor, so Ye Fan didn't have the heart to take care of Wang Kejian.

"Do you fucking think you can hide with such a big lump?"

Ye Fan glanced at the black fat woman and kicked down the black fat woman before coming to Wang Kexin's side and picked up Wang Kexin in a princess hug and left the dance practice room with the doctor.

In fact, it was possible to treat without leaving here, but Ye Fan didn't want Wang Kexin to open her eyes or the practice dance room, even if Ye Fan hadn't practiced dance, he knew that this room would probably become Wang Kexin's demon.After all, here, Wang Kexin had encountered inhumane treatment.

After the red-robed elder looked at Wang Kejian and the fat black woman, he coldly snorted, "Fifth, interrogate the group of relations behind Wang Kejian and uproot them."

After saying that, the red-robed elder and the others kept up with Ye Fan, after all, Wang Kexin was still unconscious and didn't know how the situation was, it would be bad if there was another accident.So until Wang Kexin woke up and was sure that there was no danger, they wouldn't leave Wang Kexin by half a step.

Fortunately, the results of this examination were very good.

Wang Kexin was only suffering from low blood sugar, no other problems.And the bruises on her body were just external injuries, which could be completely recovered with the application of ointment.If it was an injury, it would be the treatment Wang Kexin was receiving these days, and I'm afraid it would become a shadow mark for the rest of her life.

Ye Fan wouldn't be able to take care of girls, especially girls like this, so Ye Fan was going to take Wang Kexin back to Ye Island.

Ye Fan was not sure if the technology of Ye Island was advanced, but Xu Fallow was the heir to the Rabbit Jade Brand, which could treat trauma, and perhaps as far as mental injuries and illnesses, so that Wang Kexin could forget this unpleasant memory, and perhaps there was a chance.

As such, Ye Fan stayed in the Wang Castle for a few days and then left.

Before leaving, the red-robed elders and the other five elders were all happy to see him off, and that expression was truly happy.

It was because within these few days, Ye Fan had drunk an unknown number of bottles of Hundred Flowers Brew, and the five elders were living a devastated life as they were being trained daily by Mu Zi Ling, a martial idiot.

It was hard to send away the two plague gods, and the five elders were almost happy to be beating drums.

It was only because of their identities that they were pretending to be sad.

But after Ye Fan's car drove out, he hadn't even walked a few miles before he really heard the sound of the gongs and firecrackers of Wang's castle.

"These old guys!"

Ye Fan shook his head somewhat speechlessly, but he was still very happy inside, these people were quite good to him.For this group of good people, Ye Fan would still remember them in his heart, and he would have to repay them sooner or later in the future.

After leaving the royal castle and returning to Hundred Flowers City, Ye Fan saw Charles.

"What are you doing here?"Ye Fan looked surprised, not expecting Charles to come looking for him.

Charles revealed a faint smile, "I heard about the matter of Wang's Castle, but I'm sorry, Young Master's status is inconvenient and he can't return to Ye Island yet, one of the purposes of my visit is also to pick up Miss Wang Kexin and return."

"So that's it."Although Ye Fan was disappointed, he had already guessed it.

Anyway, he was more relieved that Wang Kexin could return to Ye Island.

Only Charles had something in his words, and Ye Fan was not stupid, so he naturally heard the way out, so he inquired, "Charles, do you have any other purpose?"

"The second purpose is to bring Mushi Ling back to be punished."Saying this, Charles's face was slightly gloomy as he looked at Mu Zi Ling.

Mu Zi Ling was trembling in fear, but didn't dare to speak.

Ye Fan was busy blocking in front of Mu Zi Ling, looking puzzled, "Why ah, my master is quite good, what punishment to go back to be punished?What crime is she guilty of?"

Charles explained, "Using force outside without permission and also taking the initiative to provoke the other families have all caused serious damage to Ye Island's reputation.In the long run, it will result in our Ye Island's reputation of bullying the small with the big, causing discontent and united resistance from other families, so we must kill the chicken as a warning to the monkey."

"Kill the chicken to warn the monkey?You want to kill my master? She's my master!"Ye Fan tensed up, there was indeed nothing wrong with what Charles said, but Ye Fan didn't want Mu Zi Ling to be punished like this.

Charles waved his hand, "It's not my decision, it's your lordship's decision.The death penalty can be forgiven, and the living crime is hard to escape, at least we have to give an explanation to the other families, so we have to let Mu Zi Ling stay in the abyss of Ye Island for three years."

"Abyss?What's that place?"Ye Fan sounded horrified, after all, just staying in a place for three years without any other punishment, it must be that the place itself was full of crisis.

Turning his head to look at Mu Zi Ling, Ye Fan was even more convinced, as Mu Zi Ling's face was already as pale as paper.

"Is there no other way?"After a long silence, Ye Fan wanted to fight for Mu Zi Ling again, but Charles was faintly shaking his head, clearly there was no way he could turn it around.

After all, it was done to other families, if it was child's play, it would be counterproductive.

Just like that, Ye Fan watched Charles take away Mu Zi Ling and Wang Kexin, and Ye Fan was again like he had just arrived in Hundred Flowers City, with six vajra after him.

The only thing that was extra was a letter in his hand.

It was given to him by Woody Plume before he left....


"Beloved disciple Ye Fanqi."

Looking at the few words on the envelope, Ye Fan was a bit confused.

He wasn't a cultural person, and he didn't know if what was written on it was right, but in short, it probably meant that only he could open it, and no one else but him could open it.

But isn't this just nonsense, since it was all said to him, others wouldn't dare to open it without permission.

After all, they were all wrapped in envelopes, so they must have said something that they only wanted Ye Fan to know.

Just like this, Ye Fan returned to the presidential suite and solemnly opened the envelope.

It seemed that Mu Zi Ling left in a hurry, the envelope was not even glued on top of the envelope, just folded the envelope opening.

Ye Fan is also happy with this, so open the envelope opening, will not damage the envelope.

At any rate, it was the first letter that Mu Ziling gave him, and the first letter that he received in his life, so naturally he should keep it well.

After carefully opening the envelope, Ye Fan took out a piece of letter paper, and when he pulled out the letter paper, what he didn't expect was that there was a jade plaque underneath the letter paper, with only one word "wood" written on it. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Obviously it is a jade tablet, why is the character "wood" engraved on it, could it be that it is the surname of Mu Ziling?

Ye Fan didn't think much about it, anyway, with his brain, he couldn't figure it out, so he opened the letter paper, and it would definitely write everything clearly on it.

As it turned out, the letter paper actually wrote on it, the original text was as follows.

"Ye Fan, as your master, I didn't actually teach you any techniques or means to protect yourself, I'm very ashamed of that.And this time back, the short term is three years, and you shouldn't waste these three years, if you have time, go to the Wood Spirit Villa, it's my old home and a sect, where you can receive systematic training.Only the Wood Spirit Villa is reluctant to let outsiders in, and the jade tag I gave you is the knocking brick, it has my scent on it, once you enter the Villa, just give the jade tag to the Villa Master, and you can receive systematic training.Good luck to your apprentice, Master Muziling stay, May 20, 2020 13:48:52."

"Eh?Is it Valentine's Day?"Ye Fan didn't pay attention to the letter, the only thing that caught Ye Fan's attention was the final date, but he didn't expect it to be Valentine's Day before he knew it.

Although it was not a legal Valentine's Day, but the meaning of 520 was Valentine's Day for the youngster.

The only thing is that now Ye Fan is not around a lover, the most important thing is, just now was Charles took a lover.

When he thought of this, Ye Fan was a little bitter and put away the letter paper.

The general meaning was that he also understood that the days that Mu Zi Ling was away, he had found a cultivation sect for him.

The jade plaque was the door knocker, the identity verification, and the introduction letter was the same effect as the introduction letter.

After stringing up the jade tag, Ye Fan just stayed around his neck.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are not worrying about what you are doing, and that you are not worrying about what you are doing.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan was beautiful.

In fact, for Ye Fan, before Mu Zi Ling was his master, it was even more his guard, and most importantly a beautiful woman, for a beautiful woman, Ye Fan has no resistance.

In particular, this kind of intimate object is the most desirable thing for Ye Fan.

As such, Ye Fan took the jade medallion and left with the Six Vajra without staying much in Hundred Flowers City.

Until he left, he never met Wang Kolan and Wang Keling, who he had only met once.

Because those two were the air travelers, flying the route from Hundred Flowers City to Fangzhou, but as for the Wood Spirit Villa where Ye Fan was headed, it wasn't that route.

According to what was written in the letter, the Wood Spirit Villa was located in Mudou.

Like Fengdu, Mudou was also a municipality directly under the central government, located in the southernmost part of the country, already close to the equator, and it was said that next to Mudou was a pristine forest, so the air quality there was very good.It is said that Mudou is next to a virgin forest, so the air quality there is very good. And because it is a virgin forest, Mudou also produces many precious medicinal herbs, such as Ganoderma lucidum, Polygonum multiflorum and so on.

Mudun, a municipality underdeveloped in heavy industry, has become a municipality directly under the central government by virtue of its medicinal herbs, and is also known as a place for rich people all over the country.

It was now three o'clock in the afternoon, a group of people came out of the airport of Mudou, attracting the attention of many people, because this group of people are not ordinary people.

Six brawny men over 1.9 meters tall, led by a handsome young man in a suit, without much thought, everyone thought that the handsome young man at the head was the standard rich second generation, and the group of big men behind him were the bodyguards of the handsome young man.

One young man needed six big man bodyguards, such a bizarre combination was also hard to see.

Although Mudou was rich, it was still rare to think of a handsome young man being so rich, not to mention how expensive the handsome young man's clothes were, simply that pair of AJs was over 100,000 yuan, not to mention the six big men behind him.

Every big man was wearing a suit and standing straight.The height of more than one meter nine, itself is hard to see, especially all muscle men also appeared six at once, a look is from the bodyguard company specially hired, and to reach such a level of bodyguards, the appearance fee can be quite a lot.

The main thing was the suits on the big men, with such height and uncommonly strong muscles, the suits must have been custom-made, and the price of customization must have been extraordinary.

How rich must the handsome young man heading the bodyguards be if he could get them all to wear custom suits.

The first one is a young man, who has been in the business for a long time, and he's not only rich, but also handsome.

Usually the locals in Mundu are rich, so they don't pay much attention to their appearance, except for the expensive clothes.Even though the handsome youths were so handsome, even if they were replaced by an ordinary one, they were all handsome when they came to Moodoo.

Of course, the last thing that Mokdu lacked was beautiful women, and there were so many beautiful women in Mokdu that the locals were rich, so they would go for plastic surgery.And when foreign women can come to Fengdu, they are usually kept by rich men in Fengdu, so naturally they find pretty little girls.

So this led to a bizarre scene forming on the street, where there was a baboon or gorilla by the side of every pretty girl.

"Damn, all the good cabbages have been caught by the pigs!"When the handsome young man saw this, he couldn't help but take off and curse out.

The words were not about the individual, but about all of them.


However, the men only dared to be angry, after all, behind the handsome young man were six brawny men.

And unlike the men's anger, the women present were all shy, the handsome man demeaned the men, but at the same time, he praised them all.

"Ye Shao, we're new here, it's better not to cause trouble, let's go first."The man standing behind the handsome young man reminded.

"Tiger, what are you guys afraid of, especially you, you're all about to become martial artists, you're just short of completing all the tests at the final critical gate, you're strong enough to let me loose here."

The handsome young man spoke up.

Listening to this familiar conversation, those with understanding naturally guessed the identity.

The bizarre combination in front of him was none other than Ye Fan and the Six Vajra who had just left Hundred Flowers City and rushed to Mudou.

"Forget it, let's find a hotel to stay in first."Seeing Ah Hu's embarrassed face, Ye Fan was a bit speechless but still compromised.

Now he didn't think of Ah Hu as a bodyguard anymore, more like a close subordinate, so he still listened to Ah Hu's opinions.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the woman's body, not to mention whether the woman will be willing or not, and whether the body can take it or not. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Thank you Ye Shao, in fact, the food on the plane just now was not good, so we didn't eat it, we are all hungry, now it's best to find a hotel to have a full meal, otherwise our brothers are starving and have no energy, and we can't help Ye Shao town ah."

Tiger said and rubbed his stomach, which was already gurgling.

Ye Fan was somewhat tolerant, no matter how Ye Fan made it in normal days, Ah Hu wouldn't say anything, after all, the more powerful he made it, the more extra money Ah Hu made, it was all win-win, but now Ah Hu even took the initiative to remind, so it wasn't that he was wimpy or afraid of the Mudou people, but simply because he was hungry and couldn't use his strength.

"Let's go, let's go, you can give your opinion, you should have found the hotel, so hurry up and lead the way."Ye Fan kicked Ah Hu's buttocks.

Ah Hu laughed heedlessly, so he hurried to lead the way.

But Ye Fan had a vicious chill, he had forgotten that Ah Hu liked men, and a kick just now might have made Ah Hu feel good.The more he thought about it, the more he lost his appetite, keeping a certain distance before following.

Tiger's hotel is not far from the airport, no need to take a taxi, and the luggage and so on are six King Kong to take, Ye Fan is also happy to leisurely, walk a few steps as a relaxation.

As for why Ye Fan wasn't hungry, it was because he was eating on the plane.Don't look at Tiger saying that it was unpalatable, but Ye Fan didn't feel that way.

Before not being found by Charles before, in order to pursue Bai Tingting, to buy gifts for Bai Tingting, Ye Fan's regular are frugal, once the most powerful time is to eat half a month of steamed bread, only with the old Godmother to eat.And just now in the airplane meal there is the old godmother, so the old godmother with rice, Ye Fan ate very tasty, completely do not even need anything else.

And one portion wasn't enough, so Ye Fan ate two more.After all, since he was rich, Ye Fan hadn't eaten Old Godmother since then, and now he was very satisfied to eat it this way.It was like eating spicy strips when he was a kid and not eating them when he grew up, but occasionally, he would still find them delicious.

The few people in Ah Hu walked in a hurry, were hungry.Ye Fan followed behind slowly and slowly, just as a digestive and slippery food after eating.

"Shu Tan!"

Ye Fan roared with satisfaction, I must say that the air in Mudou was indeed excellent.

In the past, when Ye Fan was in a small city, even though the air was good and there was no haze, it was just very normal and didn't feel much.

It wasn't until Ye Fan came to Hundred Flowers City that he knew the air would smell.The air in Hundred Flowers City was faintly aromatic, giving people a sweet feeling after smelling it.But Mudou was different from Hundred Flowers City, the air was a smell of nectar, although faint, it was refreshing and refreshing after smelling it.

This kind of faint smell, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to stand it, after all, some people are also allergic to pollen.So compared to the Hundred Flowers City, the Moodoo side is more suitable for wellness.

Especially since Mudou still produced precious medicinal herbs and was close to the primeval forest, the people living here were already more pristine and it was a very suitable place for retirement.

However, what made Ye Fan extremely speechless was that Tiger said that he had found a place, but it wasn't a hotel, but a small restaurant.

"Ye Shao, I'm sorry, we're really hungry."Ah Hu smiled hehehe and yelled as he sat in his seat, "Let's do it, brothers!"

And then began to eat like crazy.

Ye Fan is extremely speechless, Tiger is very well prepared, just off the plane is to open the ordering software, pre-booked a table of food, to the restaurant directly on the meal, even ordering waiting time are saved.

Looking at the six King Kong crazy eating, although Ye Fan is speechless, but also began to eat a piece.

The dishes that Tiger ordered were all very local, with very little meat, and were basically medicinal meals, which tasted a little bland, but were very refreshing and had a good effect on the body.

After the meal, everyone was very satisfied.

After finishing the meal, the six vajra followed Ye Fan and continued to skulk around again to consume food.

After walking not too far, Ye Fan discovered a very unique hotel.

This hotel was five stories high, although it was not as high-spec as a five-star hotel, but the exteriors were very desirable, full of green plants crawling all over the hotel building, it looked primitive, but the green vines were staggered and artistic, with the vines blooming flowers of various colors, it was full of vitality.

In particular, the hotel building was not a conventional building either, but a similar European-style building, very distinctive, designed in the shape of a cylinder, with vines, like an old tree with roots, so that even Ye Fan could not help but see the brightness.

What made Ye Fan feel most amused was that the name of the hotel was called Old Tree Pangan.

"Old Tree Coiled Root, not bad, let's stay here."Ye Fan was a bit cryptic, and felt some shame for saying the name of this hotel, but it was more of a sense of excitement, it really was a city that would play.

"The people of Mudou are so elegant, this hotel, I love it."Tiger hehehehehe, even licked his lips, scaring the other Big Five, including Ye Fan, all trembled and had a bad chill.

Two men old tree roots?What about the plate?

Ye Fan didn't dare to continue thinking about it, so he took the lead and walked into the hotel.


To Ye Fan's surprise, the inside of the hotel wasn't that smell of disinfectant, nor was it the faint fragrance of the outside, but a slightly thicker woody smell.

That's right, it was the smell of wood, that is, the smell of wood paneling, but there was also a slight aroma, mixed with a little ambiguous meaning, so that people could not help but feel a little bit intrigued, really worthy of the old tree pancake hotel, there really was something ah!

All around a large number of, the hotel interior is relatively simple, especially in terms of color, but also only green.The only difference, is light green and dark green, different green with, looks also extremely artistic, especially green is eye color, see more on the eyes is also very.There is a more green and healthy small fresh feeling, Ye Fan can not help but nod secretly, extremely satisfied.

When he arrived at the front desk, Ye Fan inquired, "Is there a presidential suite here?"

It wasn't a five-star hotel after all, and Ye Fan was still a little worried that there wouldn't be a large room with that kind of suite.

"There is."The lady at the front desk was pretty and spoke very softly.

"Alright then, give us the presidential suite."Ye Fan said he was going to scan the code to pay the deposit.

The lady at the front desk didn't respond, but got up and looked at Ye Fan, and then at the six vajra behind him, and then hesitated and said, "Sir, this is not quite right, we only have one presidential suite left, a group of big men living in one piece, or you guys can book more rooms, don't worry, other than the presidential suite, the other rooms are also very cheap, seven single rooms togetherAbout the same price as the Presidential Suite, or else, seven single rooms?"

"Well?"Ye Fan instantly dawned, so it was the front desk who thought they were gay, but Ye Fan was not angry, after all, there really was a tiger who liked men.

Ye Fan really don't know whether to say the front desk lady is a sharp eye, or she has seen too much experience. One second to remember to read the book

But in the end, Ye Fan still spoke up, "Let's have a presidential suite."

Ye Fan considered a lot, he was new to the city, he still didn't know the culture here in Mudou, if he lived by himself, Ye Fan was really a bit uneasy.It would be better to book a presidential suite like in Hundred Flowers City, it would be enough for everyone, anyway, he had lived that way before, psychologically, Ye Fan could accept it.

The most important thing is, Ye Fan is really used to living in the presidential suite, after all, why not choose a good money, have to single room, that's how uncomfortable ah.

And Ye Fan came to Mudou mainly to find the Wood Spirit Villa and worship.If there was no accommodation in Wood Spirit Villa, and he had to live outside, even more so for an unknown length of time, then he would definitely have to choose the presidential suite.

"Alright then, since the gentleman is sure about it, let's give you the presidential suite."The lady at the front desk no longer excused herself and looked at Ye Fan with a little disappointment in her eyes.

What kind of look was this?

Ye Fan was speechless, could it be that the lady at the front desk thought he was a gay brother?

Ye Fan was about to open his mouth to explain when a slightly cold voice sounded.

"Who allowed you to give someone else a room, this presidential suite is mine right!"

Ye Fan frowned slightly and turned his head to look at the location of the sound coming from behind him, and saw four people walking into the hotel at an unknown time, and were slowly making their way towards the front desk location.

The four people were one man and three women, three of the girls were flower girls, and since they were in Moodoo, a southern city, or nearing summer, they were all wearing rather revealing tank tops and skimpy shorts, revealing large areas of white blossom skin.The girls were especially tall, each of them more than one meter tall, standard model body, looks are also superior, although not as good as Shangguan Yue Wang Kexin and so on so dumpy, that is not a big difference, absolutely all of them are school flower goddesses.

And most importantly, the three girls were still triplets, except for the fact that the clothes on their bodies were black, white and yellow with a difference, the rest were simply identical.

It was like the Lord of the Shadow Stream or the Multiple Shadow Splitting - Body, making Ye Fan look a little dazzled.

However, what caught Ye Fan's attention the most was the man in the middle, and the cold voice just now should have been spoken by this man.

The local men in Mudou were short and unpleasant looking, but the man in front of him was over 1.8 meters tall, a bit taller than Ye Fan, and similar in age to Ye Fan, in his early twenties.The most noticeable thing to Ye Fan is the man's skin, more white - fair than the triplets, can even be said to be crystal clear, looks are also evil level, some British style, like a vampire duke, definitely attract the majority of girls of the small fresh meat.

Paired with mid-length wool curls as dark as the night, as well as golden wire glasses, there was even a sense of gentleman, Ye Fan even felt that if he was not a man, but a woman, he would definitely be attracted to the man in front of him.

No wonder he could bring triplets to a room with just one man, he really had real skills.

Of course, the look on Tiger's face when he looked at the man was also lustful, and when Ye Fan looked at Tiger's eyes, he wrote two words, "Just him!"

Indeed, in the eyes of a fierce man like Ah Hu, the man in front of him was a small accepting appearance ah.

But Ye Fan knew that the man in front of him was not what Ah Hu saw, the man's eyes were even more empty than his peers, a little too empty, even able to reach the bottom of the heart as pure as pure, so that Ye Fan's first encounter would make people like him feel unable to do anything.And that was the most dangerous part, to be able to disguise it so well, he was definitely not a commoner.

If it weren't for the man taking the triplets to a room, but rather meeting them on the main road, Ye Fan would only think that he was a good young man, but taking the triplets to a room, the purity in his eyes was definitely a disguise.

These were all thoughts of Ye Fan's mind, but in reality it was merely a passing moment.

And the man is still walking to the front desk, passing by Ye Fan, without even looking at Ye Fan, "Look at your face, you are new here, then I'll tell you again, here, always keep a presidential suite for me, understand?I'll spare you this time, I don't want a next time."

The lady at the front desk was blinded by the man's reprimand and frowned when she returned to her senses, "Who are you?I've never heard of this rule in our hotel."

The man also frowned, a little impatient, "If you don't understand what I'm saying, then call your manager out and don't waste time with me here."

"I got it."The lady at the front desk didn't want to bother with a fight, so she went to find the manager.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, was a bit obsessed.

It was true that beautiful men frowned all so good looking.

Ye Fan is face control anyway, for the beautiful man's face value is somewhat irresistible, but reason is reason, law is law, now on a presidential suite, Ye Fan still did not want to let out, so he stood up and said: "Little old brother, everything is a first come, first served, we came first, this presidential suite, I'm afraid you can't live on."


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