Lost Young Master 241-245


Chapter 241

"What are you laughing at, just drive your car."

Ye Fan glanced at Tiger, who was embarrassed by Tiger's mockery.

But Ye Fan was helpless, as long as Mu Zi Ling stretched out just one finger, Ye Fan was afraid that he would be like being easily pressed to death like an ant, after all, Mu Zi Ling was able to lift even two thousand pounds easily, in other words, a ton.

Ye Fan didn't want to take tons of damage.

Only after restraining Mu Ziling's hands, feet and head, did Ye Fan feel relieved.

It was just that Ye Fan wasn't sure if Mu Zi Ling would agree, after all, Mu Zi Ling wasn't an idiot and wouldn't be able to not see Ye Fan's intentional embarrassment.

However, to Ye Fan's surprise, Mu Zi Ling nodded her head and agreed without even thinking about it.And on Mu Zi Ling's face, there was a rare smile.

Seeing that it was an ice-cold smile, Ye Fan was startled, still smiling after all this time, it was either a fool, or confident in his strength.

Obviously, Mu Ziling was definitely the latter.

Ye Fan suddenly beat a retreat, shrinking backwards, "Master, I'm joking, don't take it seriously, where is your disciple's opponent, let's forget about it." Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"You're so motivated, happy for my teacher.Come, come, you attack me, I won't dodge."Mu Zi Ling beckoned.

Just by beckoning, Ye Fan felt as if he couldn't control his body to rush towards Mu Zi Ling.

Only then did Ye Fan react to the fact that Mu Zi Ling also had a move to take things through the air, not using her hands at all.

Could it still hurt people through the air?

Ye Fan's heart was shocked and frightened, this woman was definitely not something he could bully.

"I was wrong master, I was wrong, don't hit my face okay?"Evan was on the verge of tears.

"Alright then."When Mu Zi Ling sighed lightly, Ye Fan felt the gravitational force in his body disappear.

Seeing the loneliness in Mu Zi Ling's eyes, Ye Fan didn't open his mouth to ask about the situation because he wouldn't be stupid enough to be beaten up by Mu Zi Ling, and Ye Fan probably wouldn't dare to ask about it until there was a better relationship everywhere.

Like this, there was no more storm on the way, and finally arrived at the Wang family.

It was already eleven o'clock in the morning when we arrived at the Wang family, and it was time for dinner.

Like other city families, the Wang family was a single family built on the outskirts of the city.

It was just that the Wang family was a hidden family, so unlike other city families that would be seen right next to the highway, it was in the deep mountains.

When he got off the car, Ye Fan saw a big sign: "Wang Family Castle."

As expected, the big families weren't villa yards, but thousands of mouths, and although not as huge as Ye Island, they were still quite a bit bigger than the mundane families.

This place was very where to find, if not for Wang Ke Feng's map, Ye Fan would never be able to find it.

And Ye Fan was originally going to contact Wang Kexin, but Wang Kexin's phone can't be dialed, fortunately, Wang Kaifeng told Ye Fan, at this time Wang Kexin is not a serious problem, otherwise Ye Fan would have rushed up.

But even if Wang Kexin wasn't in any serious trouble, the contact numbers were outlawed, it wasn't a small thing, it was a complete restriction of freedom.

"Brother-in-law, this way."As soon as Ye Fan and the others got off the bus, they saw Wang Kefeng running not far away waving his hand.

"I'm sorry, brother-in-law, the Wang Castle doesn't allow foreign vehicles to enter, they must be registered before they'll be released, it's also a safety consideration."Wang Ke Feng explained with an apologetic face.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "No harm, it's not in the way, let's go, let's go find Kexin now."

"So it's time for dinner, how about we eat first, and after that, I'll take you to meet Kexin, what do you think?"Wang Kefeng inquired.

Ye Fanton frowned, "I don't think so, I was originally here to find Kexin, can't I see her now?"

"I'm afraid it's a bit difficult, but Kexin is studying dance right now and needs to get to a point before she can rest."Wang Kefeng explained.

It suddenly dawned on Ye Fan that Wang Kexin now seemed to be just like the three Xiao Coco girls who had started closed training in order to become stars.

But in the past, Wang Kexin had said that the Hidden Family would only choose to make a person a star after giving up on them.Had the Wang family now given up on Wang Kexin, and had Wang Kexin been reduced to a tool to make money?

Ye Fan burst into a rage and waved his big hand, "Damn it, big brother-in-law, you lead the way, I'm going to take Kexin away now, I'll see who dares to stop Ben young!"

Saying that, Ye Fan walked directly into the Wang Family Fort.

The Wang Family Fort was similar to the pattern of a village, but it was all two-story villas as far as the eye could see.

Wang Kefeng saw that he couldn't stop Ye Fan, so he had to lead the way.

"Brother-in-law, you can think about it ah, with your family strength you can definitely get back Kexin from the clan leader, but it's hard to say if you're robbing it so forcefully, after all, you're just taking these few people with you, I think it's a bit suspenseful ah."Although Wang Kefeng said so verbally, he was already leading the way.

Ye Fan smiled because Wang Ke Feng still had a backbone, and for Wang Ke Feng to be like this, Wang Ke Feng could be considered a qualified brother.

In order not to let Wang Ke Feng worry, Ye Fan pointed at Mu Zi Ling, "This is my master, don't say that your Wang family is proficient in martial arts, even if you really come with a few experts, real swords and real guns, my master is fine."

Although Ye Fan didn't know if Mu Zi Ling could block bullets, he reckoned that Mu Zi Ling could.

Ye Fan already blindly worshipped Mu Zi Ling.

And since Mu Zi Ling was sent by his family, he was still the tenth ranked War God, meaning that he was the top ten strongest person on the entire Ye Island.

Ye Island was a population of two million people, to be ranked in the top ten, what did this represent?

It's the one in a million!

Mu Zi Ling seemed to be helping to reassure Ye Fan as she said, "The bullets are still defensible."

"Look, my master has spoken, so don't worry."

Ye Fan said with a smile.

In fact, it was all Ye Fan's speculation before, and now that he really spoke from Mu Zi Ling's mouth that it could protect against bullets, this feeling was even more extraordinarily solid.

Ye Island, as expected, was indeed full of talent, worthy of being at the peak of a hidden family!

Wang Ke Feng stared, "And it's bullet-proof?That's really powerful, but I've heard that we also have a few elders who can defend against bullets in our Wang family's fortress, so I hope this matter doesn't cause the whole family's chickens and dogs to fly, or else it'll be harder for the elders to take action."

"You guys have that too?"Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, he hadn't previously reached the point where the Wang family was so powerful.

It was fortunate that he hadn't gone to the Martial Hall to find someone, or else Ye Fan would probably have backed off at the moment.

But when he heard that there were several elders on the other side, Ye Fan was still a little worried, "Master, how sure do you think it is?"

However, when Ye Fan turned his head to look at Mu Zi Ling, he saw that what filled Mu Zi Ling's eyes was not fear, but full of surprise.

Immediately after that, a situation that Ye Fan did not expect at all happened.

Only to see Mu Zi Ling take a deep breath, followed by a voice that exploded louder than a radio horn, "A few elders of the Wang Family Fort, can you dare to come out and fight me!"


"Fuck, what are you doing, Master?"

Ye Fan rushed to pull Mu Ziling.

He never expected that before the people from the Wang Family Fort had even appeared, Mu Zi Ling would take the initiative to invite a fight.

Something was wrong with this script!

Should I say that Mu Zi Ling is arrogant, or is it that he is saving to do something.

"Young master rest assured, and go save the young grandmother, leave this place to me, soldiers to stop, water to cover up, it's been a long time since I found an opponent who can use my fists, but my fists are itchy!"

As soon as Mu Zi Ling said this, it instantly dawned on Ye Fan.

Earlier, Ye Fan felt that something was wrong, just now in the car, when Ye Fan wanted to make a move, Mu Zi Ling was just very happy, and when Ye Fan was not ready to sell, Mu Zi Ling fell lonely.

It turned out that Woody Plume wasn't for any other reason, it simply just liked fighting.

"No hurry, let's advance and retreat together, if you win we'll also rob people, if we can't we'll retreat together.Anyway, we haven't revealed who we're here for yet, and it won't be a threat to Ke Xin."Ye Fan said, busy pushing Wang Kefeng, "You go first, otherwise your clan leader will definitely criticize if he sees you." First URL m.kanshu8.net

"Brother-in-law, this..."Wang Ke Feng was in a state of hesitation, not enough now would be criticized, but if he left, it would seem like no friendship.

He had all spent over four million on Rolexes for Ye Fan, and now leaving would be a loss, and he still wanted to climb up the relationship with Ye Fan.

With a little thought, Wang Kaifeng firmly said, "Brother-in-law, I'm also with you guys, at worst, I'll just be kicked out of the family, and I'll have to rely on brother-in-law to take care of me in the future."

Wang Kefeng wasn't stupid, a simple thought would tell him the pros and cons.

Ye Fan was from Ye Island, and although he was now bringing a few people with him, in the end, Ye Fan could still easily settle the Wang family if he used Ye Island's power.

It would be better to be a treetop on this small tree of the Wang family than to be a grass under Ye Island's open protection, at least blocking the wind and rain and not having to worry about anything.

Indeed, Wang Kaifeng had made a correct decision.

Although I don't know these activities in Wang Kaifeng's heart, but in the end, standing on Ye Fan's side, Ye Fan was still greatly moved, and couldn't help but pat Wang Kaifeng's shoulder: "Worthy of being my big brother-in-law, good job, you will have a share of all the food and drink in the future!"

Ye Fan didn't have much of a mind, and didn't care if others had other plans or not, he would be doubly nice to them anyway.

"What little child is making a fuss here!"

Right at this moment, a strong and powerful voice came from the depths of the Wang Family Castle, from far and near.

By the time the voice had fallen, five figures had landed in front of the crowd.

The person at the head was a crane haired little dot, and so were the four people behind him.

Although none of them were tall, their aura was one meter and eighteen, and the burst of pressure caused Ye Fan to unconsciously take a few steps backwards.

This kind of pressure was different from the invisible pressure of a big brother in the past, but substantial, making Ye Fan even a little unable to breathe, and his heart was pounding non-stop.


Mu Zi Ling snorted coldly, and the air was lowered by several degrees as the field of energy opened up.

Ye Fan could vaguely see the light blue energy emanating from Mu Zi Ling's body, but instead of spreading around, it was fan-shaped rushing towards the five little puny ones.

Ye Fan only felt the pressure on his body disappear instantly, apparently being deflected by Muziling's pressure.

It was possible to defeat five with one?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, somewhat shocked by Mu Zi Ling's strength.

Just from the appearance, Mu Zi Ling was a young girl in her early twenties, while the five people on the other side looked like they were just very powerful.

Ye Fan had felt that it was going to be cold, he didn't expect that Mu Zi Ling was so strong, no wonder she dared to scream, there was some real skill.

The person who headed the opposite side had narrowed eyes, "Inner strength expert?No wonder you dared to come and shout, but you underestimate our Wang Castle, Old Fifth, you go against it!"

"You can all go together!"Mu Zi Ling faintly opened his mouth, and a cold air actually came out of his mouth.

It is now May, already half of spring, soon summer.To be able to emerge cold at this time, it was enough to see that what Mu Zi Ling was cultivating was definitely ice cold and the like, and it wasn't just a little coming and going, but it was cultivated to a certain level.

Ye Fan didn't know what internal strength represented, but from calling out experts on the other side, internal strength, it was definitely a tougher realm than external strength.

At the very least, the outer stamina was able to withstand a thousand pounds, so what kind of existence was the inner stamina?

Ye Fan also came to be interested, seeing that Mu Zi Ling was so shouting, it was obvious that she was very strong, so she did not panic and started to watch the fun.

However, the person who was the head of the opposite side was the one who had veins on his forehead: "Yellow-mouthed little child, how can you make a fuss, Old Fifth, don't hurry up and teach her a lesson!"


Standing at the end of the end wearing a blue robe, Little Dot stood out and dashed straight towards Mu Zi Ling with a low cry.

Ye Fan suddenly said badly, this speed was too fast, almost in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Mu Zi Ling's body.

Ye Fan wanted to open his mouth to warn Mu Zi Ling, but it was already too late.

Ye Fan who didn't want to see the tragic face couldn't help but close his eyes.

It was at this moment, a loud bang was heard, even without looking, Ye Fan knew that it was Old Five and Mu Ziling collided with each other.

However, to Ye Fan's surprise, Mu Ziling did not even scream, but instead, a muffled hum came from Old Five.

Ye Fan couldn't help but open his eyes and was shocked by the scene in front of him.

Only to see that Mu Zi Ling hadn't even retreated half a step, but instead Old Five had flown out backwards, smashing a small hole in the concrete, his face flushed red as if he was holding back blood from spurting out.

"What face do you want, if this mouthful doesn't spurt out, I'm afraid you'll have to stay in bed for five more months."Mu Zi Ling coldly spoke.

"Spurt it out, Old Five."The person who was the leader couldn't bear to close his eyes, obviously seeing the winner of the duel.

What he just didn't expect was that it ended so miserably.

Old Five couldn't even go a single round under Mu Zi Ling, and Mu Zi Ling was only a young girl in her early twenties ah!


Old Five spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face receding a bit and somewhat white.


The person leading the group waved his hand, and Old Five retreated back to stand at the end of the line.

"I told you long ago, let's go together, don't waste time."Mu Zi Ling spoke coldly again and waved provocatively at the person who was leading the group.

"Don't go too far, Old Fifth is only at the early stage of Inner Strength, we can all be at the late stage of Inner Strength, spare you from being at the peak of Inner Strength, you may not be able to win against us."The person leading the group coldly snorted, "We have never met you before, if we are not life and death enemies, why would we tear our faces apart, don't be too angry young man, I advise you to restrain yourself, my Wang Jiabao is still very good at hospitality, sit down and have some tea, what do you think?"


Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke, "Since you are confident of defeating me, let's go together, I can hear that there are a few elders in the Wang Family Castle who are strong, after finishing you, there is still preparation for them, you should not waste time."

"Insolent!"The one leading the group had angry eyes, "Go on, teach the current youth a lesson!"


The three other than Old Five followed the leader and rushed out in unison.

Ye Fan's eyes narrowed, he didn't really care about winning or losing, after all, Mu Zi Ling was so confident, it was bound to be because Mu Zi Ling would win.

Even at this moment, Mu Zi Ling still had the remaining power to emit pressure to protect him, obviously he hadn't tried his best, so Ye Fan didn't panic at all.

He was just a little curious as to why the person leading him was so angry.

Just now, constantly provoking and even injuring Old Five, the person in charge wasn't even angry, the last sentence Mu Zi Ling had already said somewhat restrained, why would the person in charge still be angry?

It was too late for Ye Fan to think much, the battle had already started.

The leader was in red robes, the three people behind him were in yellow, blue and purple, and the four of them were in a mouth shape, as if it was some kind of formation, rushing towards Mu Zi Ling at the same time. Remember the website .kanshu8.net.

Seeing that the red robe was about to make a move, but Mu Ziling came later.

Seeing Mu Zi Ling's finger cupping, he opened his mouth and spewed out a mouthful of cold air, then with a wave of his small hand, the cold air solidified the moisture in the air and became countless needles of ice, swishing and flying towards the four people on the opposite side.

"Transforming needles with air, good tactics!"The red robe's eyes narrowed, and drawing a soft sword from his waist, he danced several sword flowers in mid-air, deflecting the attack of the ice needles.

The missed ice needles were also blocked by the yellow shield erected by the yellow robe behind it.

This round of attack, Woody Plume didn't harm the opponent.

"What to do, it doesn't look like it's going to work, Ye Shao, let's go back to the car, the timing is not right, let's run."Tiger stood behind Ye Fan and reminded him.

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly and slapped Ah Hu's head, "Are you not stupid, they are fighting, but not half of it has spread to our side, don't you know what this means?"

"Huh?What does it mean?"Ah Hu was somewhat puzzled.

Ye Fan sighed and said somewhat speechlessly, "Of course it's because my master still has spare energy to protect us, being able to fight with two minds, obviously my master hasn't used his full strength ah.And look at my master, how happy he is smiling!"

Yes, Woody Plume, who had always been unsmiling, finally smiled during the battle.

Like a flower blooming at the beginning of March, this smile instantly made everything revive and spring.

Ye Fan didn't even think that it would be like early spring after the freeze.

Although the contact time with Mu Zi Ling was not long, but Ye Fan found it difficult to reach Mu Zi Ling's heart, because Mu Zi Ling would unconsciously protect herself well, always cold and icy, although very style, but this made Ye Fan did not understand.

Mu Zi Ling was not an idle person, he was his bodyguard and part-time master, such an important person, of course he wanted to know about it as soon as possible, otherwise how could he feel comfortable giving his back to a stranger to protect.

Even if it was sent by Ye Island, Ye Fan still didn't feel at ease.

Only now, Ye Fan finally understood that Mu Zi Ling was a martial arts idiot, and only fighting could make Mu Zi Ling happy and joyful.

No wonder Mu Zi Ling was so powerful at such a young age, he must have dedicated the entire first half of his life to martial arts.

"Master, cheer up, you will win!"

Ye Fan knew that the biggest encouragement to Mu Zi Ling at this moment was to cheer, and could not stand at a distance, must be standing behind Mu Zi Ling, so that Mu Zi Ling share the remaining strength to protect them, which was invariably to increase Mu Zi Ling's pressure.

But Ye Fan felt that Mu Zi Ling liked this kind of weight training.

Because just now when Ah Hu suggested to go back to the car, Ye Fan clearly saw a cold light in Mu Zi Ling's eyes.

For a martial arts idiot like Mu Zi Ling, going back to the car is a lack of trust in her strength, that's why Ye Fan chose to stand here, unless Mu Zi Ling falls, Ye Fan won't move the slightest bit.

It was also a sign of trust in Mu Zi Ling to give her total disregard for her own safety this way.In this way, Ye Fan felt that he could speed up the process of understanding Woody Plume's true face.

As it turned out, after Ye Fan stopped the crowd from leaving, Mu Zi Ling's face blossomed with unprecedented joy, while the battle fire in her eyes became even more passionate.

"Five Qi Chao Yuan - Cold Light Chop!"Mu Zi Ling gave a low cry, and a large amount of ice mist emerged from his body.

Ye Fan only felt that the temperature of the air was lowered by a few points, then what surprised him even more was that the ice mist in front of Mu Zi Ling turned into a giant blade and slashed right at the four red-robed people.

"Not good, everyone, defend quickly!"The red robe shouted with an extremely serious expression, the soft sword in his hand turning crimson, and the light of flames even faintly appearing on it.

The three behind them also sent out different types of weapons in unison, working together to resist this cold light slash.

"Puff puff puff!"

Four spurts of blood sounded in unison, and then the four of them flew out and smashed on the ground, and a layer of ice crystals even appeared on their bodies, as if they had transformed into ice sculptures.


The four of them shook off the ice crystals, but their faces were already pale, and it was clear that they were no longer able to fight.

"We've lost."The red robe gritted his teeth and finally spoke out the result.

"Niu-bai Niu-bai, worthy of being my master!"

Ye Fan ton greeted, it really wasn't that he was bragging about Woody Plume, indeed the fight was really wonderful.

Although Ye Fan couldn't understand it, he also knew that being able to use these fancy moves must not be simple, it was like making a movie, all special effects.

However, Ye Fan was just envious, and had no thought of learning at all.After all, he wasn't even a rookie right now, not even an outer strength.To become an expert like Mu Zi Ling, it was probably impossible in this lifetime.

"Dare I ask what sect or school your Excellency is from?"The red robe was worthy of being the leader and was the first to stand up.

Only now the red robe's eyes were long gone from the previous arrogance and were filled with respect.A strong person of Mu Zi Ling's level deserved their respect.

Before Mu Zi Ling could speak, Ye Fan proudly said, "My master is the tenth war god of the Ye Island War God Hall, how about it, scared."

Anyway, the Wang Family Castle was likewise a reclusive family, and knowing the existence of Ye Island, Ye Fan could blurt out the bottom line without any worries.Especially since Ye Fan claimed to be an apprentice, these people wouldn't suspect that Ye Fan would be the young master of Ye Island, so it was a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

"Ye Island's War God Temple?"Hearing these five words, not to mention the red robe, the others were also trembling, Ye Island was an unattainable existence for them, and the War God Hall was the gathering place of Ye Island's highest battle power.

No wonder Mu Ziling was so outstanding at such a young age, he was the tenth Battle God of Ye Island!


To say that just now the red robe was still thinking of finding revenge after checking out the details, but hearing the War God Temple turned completely respectful.

Mu Zi Ling took out a token from his waist and said, "War God Temple No. 10 Mu Zi Ling!"

Seeing the token, the red robe and the others were even more respectful and almost licked their knees.

The tokens of the War God Hall could not be faked, and even if they were, they would have been dealt with secretly long ago, so they were even more sure of Mu Ziling's identity.

"I can't believe your Excellency is so young, what a hero!"

"Not bad, we old bones are sort of convinced."

"Your Excellency must have left the island this time in order to challenge the world's heroes and train yourself.It's not a bad time to have a small gathering at a cold house, there's definitely a need to taste a hundred and twenty years of fine Hundred Flowers Brew."


The five of them were on their seven tongues, just about kneeling in front of Mu Zi Ling to lick his shoes.

Ye Fan was also secretly surprised, never thought that Ye Island's reputation was so big that it could make these people not want dignity. One second to remember to read the book

"Alright, you guys should retire, you can drink the Hundred Flowers Brew later, my master still has to challenge the elders."Ye Fan stopped the five people on behalf of Mu Ziling.

Mu Zi Ling was not good at communicating, it was still Ye Fan who was more skilled in this kind of situation.

"Little yellow-mouthed child, even if you are your Excellency's disciple, you still have to address us as senior, how can you be allowed to be rude here."The red robe glared at Ye Fan but didn't do anything, apparently still yielding to Mu Zi Ling's silver power.

"This is our Ye Island Young Master."Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke up.



The red robe lost its voice and cried out before kneeling in front of Ye Fan in fear, tears flowing out of his eyes, "Young Master Ye, forgive us for being blind and unaware of your great presence.It's also true, who else could have invited the War God as a teacher but such an outstanding talent like Young Master, Young Master has a promising future."

"Er..."Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, never would have thought that the red robe was really good at doing things, saying anything to anyone, it was really a set of words, leaving no flaw.

"Forget it, you get up, I'm also inappropriate, but why are your elders so slow to come?"Ye Fan was somewhat dissatisfied, indeed, according to the sounds that Mu Zi Ling just shouted, if the elders would have already appeared.

"That, back to Ye Shao's words, not before the five of us are the elders of the Wang Family Fort."The red bag said with a blush on his old face.

It suddenly dawned on Ye Fan, no wonder Red Robe was so angry just now, feeling that the five of us in Red Robe were the elders, yet he was ignored like this, it was strange not to be angry.

Although he didn't expect another person to appear, Ye Fan was still sure of the strength of the red-robed five.Because these people were all top experts, otherwise they wouldn't have scared Ye Fan's heart just by the pressure alone.

It could only be said that Mu Zi Ling was just a bit more skilled.

With the presence of the elders, the storm of things soon faded and Ye Fan and his group followed the red-robed elders to the villa of the red-robed elders to taste the hundred and twenty year old Hundred Blossom Brew.

The Hundred Flowers Brew was a local specialty of the Hundred Flowers City, brewing with hundreds of flowers, this wine had a low degree of alcohol, but it had an exotic fragrance, and after drinking it, it would refresh the mind, and it also had good effects on the body.

Ye Fan didn't remember what the effect was, so he just drank it.

Ye Fan is really greedy, very fond of wine, in fact, this one hundred and twenty years old wine, I think it should be a long treasured treasure of the red robe elder.If it wasn't for bringing out the name of Ye Island, I'm afraid the red-robed elder wouldn't even take it out.

After three rounds of wine, the red-robed elder inquired, "Why exactly have you all come here?"

Ye Fan also thought of the formal, so he spoke up, "I'm here to pick up my fiancée, which my mother has arranged for me."

"Oh?There is also this matter, this is a fortunate event for my royal castle, I wonder which girl had such luck to be chosen by your mother?"The red-robed elder's face suddenly showed joy.

Originally drinking he was worried whether or not someone had provoked Ye Island, but he didn't expect that he had come to propose marriage, which was only good for the Wang Family Castle without any harm.

It was really a supreme honor to be able to climb up with Ye Dao, even if he was a concubine, it was definitely considered a great joy.

Only what he didn't expect was that when he finished speaking, Ye Fan's face turned gloomy.

I only heard Ye Fan coldly snort, "What good news, I was traveling in Fangzhou a few days ago, and as a result, I received a call from Wang Kexin, saying that your Wang Family Castle was going to cultivate Wang Kexin into a star and become a tool to make money, that's why I had to rush over so quickly!"


The red-robed elder was so frightened that he stood up.

In the red-robed elder's opinion, becoming a star was a good adjective, but in the ancient times, this was a lower third class job ah, simply a sellout.

What kind of status was Ye Island, how could Ye Island's chosen fiancée be allowed to be an art seller.

And climbing up with Ye Island, someone within the Wang family must know about this, and even so, to send Wang Kexin to sell her art, wouldn't this show that it was not easy to get along with Ye Island.


The red-robed elders slapped the table in anger: "What a jerk, these juniors do not do the right thing, corrupting the family is a top two, fifth, you go to me to find out who is the mastermind, fourth, you go to personally invite Wang Kexin, this is the future Mrs. Ye Island, but give me a good deal, screwed up for you to test!"


Old Four and Old Five also knew the pros and cons and were also righteous.

Only before the two of them left, Ye Fan's eyes turned, as if he thought of something, he paid his respects and said, "How can I trouble the two of you to go personally, since it's not your main messenger, I'll go to find it myself, I heard that Kexin is learning to dance, I'll go to pick her up, I might be able to give her a surprise."

From the chat just now, Ye Fan also knew that the biggest of the Wang Family Castle was not the patriarch, but the five in front of him, as if the most powerful of the company was not the president, there was a board of directors above the president, and the Elder's Court was the board's responsibility.These five from the ancient establishment of the five of the elder cabinet, the right to speak is very large, usually the clan chief is the elder cabinet deliberate election.

And the five elders didn't know about it, so it was obvious that someone from below had done the tampering.

Ye Fan is not an unreasonable person, the five elders have taken out a good hundred years of wine to entertain him, he would not tear his face.If he was wronged, he would be able to personally go out and find the source.

He still wanted to personally fix the people who had messed with him!

"How about this, let's go with you, it'll be easier then."The red-robed elders didn't even notice Ye Fan at first, if the people below did the same, it would be a great disrespect to Ye Fan.In order to avoid others underestimating Ye Fan, they followed and could prevent a lot of unnecessary trouble from being dropped.

"Alright then."Ye Fan took a deep look at the red-robed elder, don't look at the red-robed elder as very irritable, but he was a thoughtful person.

And so, under the leadership of Wang Kefeng, Ye Fan and the others arrived at Wang Kexin's dance practice room.

However, as soon as they arrived at the door of the dance practice room, Ye Fan heard the sound of beating and screams coming from inside.

And it was none other than Wang Kexin who was emitting the screams!


Hearing this sound, Ye Fan's face changed dramatically.

Although the others hadn't heard Wang Kexin's voice, this expression of Ye Fan's, needless to say, knew that it must have been Wang Kexin's scream ah.


The red-robed elder was suddenly furious, if this broke Wang Kexin, the Wang Family Castle probably couldn't even bear the wrath of Ye Island.Now the red-robed elder only hoped that Wang Kexin wasn't injured and things could still have some room to ease up.


Without waiting for the red-robed elders to enter, Ye Fan kicked open the door of the dance practice room, and then the scene in front of him made Ye Fan's eyes glaze over.

I saw Wang Kexin is pressing the leg, but obviously can no longer press down, to a normal pressure leg limit, but a black fat black fat woman is holding a ruler to hit Wang Kexin's thighs, cursing: "waste, this point action are not good, or say you were abandoned by your fiancé, really a waste, quickly give me down, selling art means can not learn, orSay you're a loser!"

"I'm grass-you're paralyzed!"Ye Fan was truly angry, he had never wanted to be this angry now.

Ye Fan rushed up and just kicked the fat black woman, then rushed to help Wang Kexin, trembling, "Kexin, are you okay?"

"Ye....Ye Shao."Wang Kexin raised her head, and after seeing Ye Fan, tears flowed down like a dike, unable to stop. One second to remember to read the book

Looking at the haggard-looking Wang Kexin, Ye Fan couldn't say anything about his heartache.

But before he could say anything, Wang Kexin fainted.

"What's wrong with you, Kexin!"Ye Fan was so frightened that he quickly shook Wang Kexin, but there was no reaction at all.

Mu Zi Ling also went forward to take her pulse, but the nervousness on her face slowly disappeared, explaining, "Miss Kexin is fine, just a little low blood sugar, it should be because of the low food intake."

Eating little?

Seeing how stern the fat black woman was, she wanted to not let Wang Kexin eat at all.

Although Ye Fan doesn't know the hardship of training, but watching the TV, those trainees don't eat in order to train and keep a good figure.

Other people have dreams of becoming stars and are strict with themselves, which is none of Ye Fan's business, but Wang Kexin said before that she didn't want to become a star at all, so this kind of high-intensity training is abusive to Wang Kexin ah!

"Fifth, go get the best doctor you can!"

The red-robed elder looked nervous, his face was also very gloomy, he knew that it was impossible to pass this level so easily.

He is not as good as Ye Fan, and even less of a star, when he entered the door, he saw the black fat woman with a ruler to beat and scold Wang Kexin, this is just like abuse ah, and also do not give food, directly to the starvation faint.

Not to mention whether the body is bruised or not, on the above points combined, also constitutes a major crime.

After all, Wang Kexin is the Ye family's designated fiancée.

Now being so abused, but also caught in the present, but also by Ye Fan, the young master, Wang Kexin's future husband saw, what to say is already too late ah.

Not to mention Wang Kexin's current honorable status, even if she wasn't Ye Fan's fiancée, she was still a son of the Wang family, so how could she be abused like this.

Although the red-robed elders were not Wang Kexin's direct line, but they were all from the same family, and had blood relations themselves, and he was also angry when he saw his own back being beaten like this.

"Old Three and Four, arrest this woman for me!"The red-robed elder snorted coldly, his eyes full of killing intent.

It wasn't that the red robed elder was bragging, the Wang family were all handsome men and women, and had never seen such an ugly black fatty before, seeing that he was a foreign dance teacher.

And since he was a foreigner and dared to attack the Wang family, the red-robed elder would not let it go, even if Ye Fan wanted to kill it later, the red-robed elder wouldn't blink an eye, because he had wanted to do so for a long time.

"What are you doing, what are you guys doing, you dare to barge in and hit me, do you know who I am!"The fat black woman's face showed panic, but she was still lustful.

"Who do you belong to?"Ye Fan's eyes narrowed as he stepped forward, he would like to know who was in charge of this, don't look at the Wang family, Ye Fan will definitely set off the whole thing, he won't spare a single woman who dares to touch him!

"Want to know?If you want to know let these two dwarfs let me go, what kind of broken aesthetic is it to learn from someone else at such a young age and dye your hair white, it's just hilarious!"The black fat woman let out a sneer even though her hands were bound by the third and fourth elders.

Ye Fan was instantly choked up as well, indeed, the five elders were all crane haired and looked as if a child had dyed their hair.

But that definitely poked the third and fourth elders in the heart.


After only two brushes, the fat black woman let out a pig-killing scream.

The third and fourth elders would not show mercy, they were both scolded on the head, no one else could endure it.

"Now, can you say who assigned you?Otherwise you probably won't have a chance to open your mouth later!"Ye Fan looked at the black fat woman with cold eyes.

The black fat woman was so scared that she didn't dare to scream, only now did she really know fear, her eyes were filled with terror, she endured the pain and shouted incessantly, "It's Wang Kefeng, I'm Wang Kefeng's man, you can't kill me!"

"Wang Ke Feng?Which asshole is this!"The red-robed elder snorted coldly, not expecting that there would really be a mole.

But when he heard the name, Ye Fan was stunned, he never thought that the mastermind behind it would be Wang Kaifeng, his respectable and adorable elder brother-in-law.

However, when he turned his head to look at Wang Kaifeng angrily, he saw Wang Kaifeng's face in a circle of confusion.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to open his mouth, Wang Kefeng took the initiative to stand up in front of the fat black woman and said, "You said that the main ambassador is Wang Kefeng?"

"That's right, it's Wang Ke Feng, now you know you're afraid, it's already too late, kneel before me and plead for mercy!"The fat black woman revealed a sardonic smile.

Wang Kaifeng puffed out a laugh, and then took out his cell phone, "Well, then you should call Wang Kaifeng, I'd like to see which bastard it is."

"I've lost my arm and you want me to call?You take my phone out, it's in your right pocket, you have the guts to dial it for me, I'll call my Maple over, you'll all be useless!"The black fat woman sneered.

Wang Ke Feng naturally did as he was told, went to take out the black fat woman's phone, found the so-called Wang Ke Feng from her address book, and then dialed over and put it on speakerphone.

The call was just two rings, and then it was answered.

"Good sister, why did you ring to call your brother?"A bitchy voice came from over the phone.

The fat black woman burst into tears, "Brother Maple, I'm in the dance studio, there's a gang of people breaking in, come and save me."

"What? Someone actually touched you, I'm going to see which bastards it is, just wait, I'm coming!"The caller hung up after an angry shout from the other end of the line.


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