Lost Young Master 236-240


Chapter 236

On the way back, Wang Kaifeng left, saying that he was going back to inform Wang Kexin of the news of Ye Fan's arrival.

Ye Fan then returned to the five-star hotel alone.

When he returned to the private room, the scene had been cleared and Lin Mu Mu and the others had eaten their meals.

"Finished eating so quickly ah, why don't you continue eating?"Ye Fan laughed and walked in.

Lin Mu Mu's face was a little bad and said, "Knowingly."

Ye Fan smiled and didn't say anything.

He was indeed asking knowingly, the main reason why Lin Mu Mu and the others had eaten so much before was that they had used some magical means to lose the food in their stomachs, not knowing whether it would just disappear or speed up the dissolution, anyway, it was simply nothing that they had eaten so much before.

If Ye Fan hadn't found out about this through Xu Qingfeng, I'm afraid Lin Mu Mu and the others would still be eating now.

Ah Hu was also considered a dedicated caretaker to see if anyone had secretly played tricks.

After all, if they didn't, these people would be able to eat all night as long as they didn't get tired of it. First URL m.kanshu8.net

Although Ye Fan didn't lack money, but one dish was thousands of dollars, to be wasted by these people for nothing, it also made him feel a little intolerant.

Ye Fan didn't say anything and sat on the sofa to wait, after waiting for about an hour, Xu Qingfeng came out with a happy face, Charles also had the same expression.

Seeing the situation, Ye Fan could not help but ask, "Charles, how is it going?"

Charles bowed slightly to Ye Fan, "I've bothered young master to wait for so long, I'm almost done talking with Xu Qingfeng, and have purchased two jade medals at a satisfactory price, except that the rabbit jade medal is a companion existence, so Xu Fallow is required to return with us.And Xu Qingfeng wasn't too worried, so he thought of settling all of his people in our Ye Island, and for the sake of the jade medals, I also took the liberty to do so and agreed to this matter."


Ye Fan frowned, it was originally good to find the jade medal, and it was two jade medals, this definitely counted as a great joy.

But Ye Fan did not run to find the jade medal at first, but to find a bodyguard, and now it was hard to find an expert like Xu Qingfeng who could beat a cow to death, but now he was told to bring it back to Ye Island, and also bring back the nurse who returned Xu's blood, how could Ye Fan bear this.

But Ye Fan also knew that Xu Qingfeng's entire martial arts dojo was going to Ye Island, definitely because he was forced by a tight life, so if he could go to enjoy his happiness, he would naturally go to enjoy his happiness.

For others to pursue happiness, Ye Fan didn't want to stop them, but then he would be looking for someone else again, and it wouldn't necessarily be better than Xu Qingfeng, the martial arts school.

"Charles, this is someone I found, shouldn't the family give some indication."Ye Fan's eyes turned, and he looked at Charles with a "you know" look in his eyes.

Charles shook his head and smiled helplessly, "Young Master, don't worry, but this time, you have obtained two jade medals, you deserve the credit, there must be a reward, say it, what do you want, I will ask the Master if he allows it."

"I want one like you, one with very powerful martial arts skills.One that can teach me martial arts as well as protect me, I don't want my safety to be in trouble and have an impact on the family then."

Ye Fan smiled heedlessly, actually just seeing the existence of a superior person, he wanted to cultivate.

Not to mention, from a small beginning, Ye Fan had a martial arts dream, had often thought of being able to fly over walls, fly leaves to hurt people, even flying with an imperial sword and so on.

Only these were things that Ye Fan didn't even dare to think about before.

However, ever since seeing the confrontation between Xu Qingfeng and Charles, Ye Fan completely believed in it, after all, these happened right in front of his eyes, it was so real that he had to believe in it.

"That's a pretty reasonable request, I'll ask my lord, I should be able to match one out for you, after all, it's time for you to learn martial arts."Charles nodded.

Ye Fan was startled for a moment, he had thought it was a very difficult request, but never would he have thought that Charles would just nod his head and agree.And the obvious implication of Charles' words was that Ye Fan would need to learn martial arts sooner or later, only now it was earlier.

However, when Ye Fan asked Charles about martial arts techniques and such, Charles didn't explain.

"Young Master, it's all up to the Master, if the Master thinks you're suitable to start learning martial arts now, he'll bring in a professional and he'll tell you everything.If the master disagrees, it means that you are not yet at the point where you are ready to understand martial arts, and it is not convenient for you to know this."Charles faintly spoke.

Ye Fan nodded, he was actually more able to understand Charles, after all, in the end, the one in charge of Ye Island was still his father, and Charles was just the steward of Ye Island.

And although a steward has ideas, but can't make decisions, this is a plot to usurp power, so everything depends on Ye Fan's father's one.

If Ye Fan's father nodded, then without much thought, this matter is certain to succeed.

So Ye Fan was in no hurry.

"Okay, then you bring them back, but I need to confirm the news as soon as possible, within three days, you think it's feasible?"Ye Fan inquired.

After all, he could afford to stall, but Wang Kexin couldn't afford to stall.

Most of all, the longer he dragged it out, the greater the likelihood of Wang Kexin's danger occurring.

Even if Wang Kefeng could block some of it in the family, he felt that it was impossible to drag it out forever.

And Ye Fan also didn't want Wang Kexin to be hurt half the time, so he also wanted Charles to come back quickly.

After thinking about it, Charles nodded and said, "Young Master, I just heard something from Xu Qingfeng as well, and I know what you came to Hundred Blossoms City for, so I will also inform Master as soon as possible about this matter.I'll call Old Master as soon as I can, and if a decision is made soon, then the earliest this martial arts expert can report tomorrow morning.On the other hand, it's up to Young Master to continue to think of a solution on his own, then, there's no time to lose, I'll be leaving first, Young Master, take care of yourself!"


Evan knew that Charles was very quick to do things, so he didn't press the issue much, knowing that he could always trust Charles.

It was like when he first knew that he was green and driven out into the street with no one to turn to, it was Charles who found her and reached out for help.

This was something that Evan would never forget.

A night without a word, Ye Fan because he was so tired, but also went to bed very early.

That's why only at six in the morning, Ye Fan woke up, listening to the snoring sounds from the other rooms from the six villains, Ye Fan quietly went out to prepare for breakfast, after all, the hotels all provide breakfast.

However, as soon as Ye Fan opened the door, he saw a tall woman dressed in black and with a very cold appearance and temperament standing just outside the door.

Ye Fan was suddenly frightened, "Who are you?"


Evan had to be nosy, it was considered a secret that he was staying here, and no one else knew about it but Charles.

But if someone was interested in investigating, it would still be easy to find out, after all, this was just a hotel, as long as you knew the hotel owner, it wouldn't be easy to get almost news.

Or maybe there was a stalker, squatting just to block him, it was all possible.

Although Ye Fan thought he hadn't messed with anyone, but in fact, when he came to Hundred Flowers City, in just a day's time, Ye Fan had strife with many people, so it would be understandable if someone harmed him.

Moreover, he had come to find Wang Kexin, and it was also possible that someone from the Wang family had received the news and had come to persecute him in advance.

Therefore, without knowing the truth, Ye Fan's first reaction was simple: he would quickly close the door of the room to prevent the woman from entering.

Since the woman hadn't broken into the room, she was definitely afraid of causing a - commotion, so as long as she didn't go out, she was definitely fine.

Don't look at the other party as just a woman, but with Ye Fan's eyes, it was by no means an ordinary person.

After all, this woman's temperament was too cold, and she looked like an ordinary person.

But Ye Fan was an ordinary person, before closing the door, this woman very quickly pulled out an umbrella, the long handle directly blocked the door position, jamming the door that was about to close, no matter how much strength Ye Fan used, he couldn't close the door, instead, the door was easily opened by the cold woman as she held the door open. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

It seemed as if Ye Fan was air, yet Ye Fan had used his full strength, but he couldn't affect it in the slightest.

"Who are you?"

Seeing that there was no way out, Ye Fan was busy retreating backwards, banging on various doors as he did so.

Without knowing the other party's details, Ye Fan didn't think that he could take care of the cold woman alone, or calling up the big men was the most prudent approach.

Six big men, at any rate, were all over one meter and nine meters tall, and even if the Cold Lady was strong, she was afraid that she would not be able to defeat four kicks with two fists, and was surrounded by six big men.

"Bang bang!"

Ye Fan's violent knock on the door suddenly woke up the Six Great Vajra.

Don't look at the six vajra snoring, but don't forget, they were the Gao family's bodyguards, and were themselves very alert, being knocked on the door by Ye Fan like that, they directly just rolled over and were about to rush out of the room, but before opening the door of their respective rooms, they were shocked back inside the house by the cold woman's several palms that were slapped out.


Although Ye Fan didn't see how injured the Six Vajra were, but the screams that were emitted and the sounds that seemed to spew blood, he knew that the Cold Lady was not light in her strikes.

But in Ye Fan's eyes, these were a few light slaps from the Cold Lady, as if she hadn't used any force at all.

Just like yesterday's Charles against Xu Qingfeng, it was as light as nothing, but the damage was unimaginable.

Martial arts expert!

The thought arose in Ye Fan's mind that it was absolutely impossible for an ordinary person to be like this after all.

And the things that couldn't be - understood, Ye Fan blamed it all on being martial arts.

"You're a member of the Wang family!?"

Ye Fan's eyes narrowed, trying to calm himself down a bit.

This was the top floor, and there was no way for Ye Fan to run out, retreating to the corner he had no more way to retreat.

He just wanted to stall as long as possible to buy him some more time.Even if he didn't know what the use of time was, but who wouldn't want to live a little longer?

And it was not unreasonable for Ye Fan to guess the Wang family, at least the Wang family was a reclusive family, and still advocated martial arts, only the Wang family was capable of cultivating such experts.

As for the others, Ye Fan couldn't imagine.

Even if the martial arts school really had such an expert, but Ye Fan had never offended anyone from any other martial arts school, so it was probably only the Wang family.

"You're done making a scene?"The cold woman spoke indifferently and did not answer Ye Fan's question.

Ye Fan didn't want to admit it, but he could only nod his head, he had no other choice but to do so.

The cold woman took out a pamphlet, then took out a pen and actually started to write something, without doing anything to Ye Fan at all, which made Ye Fan a little confused.

Ye Fan saw that the car cold woman's attention was not on himself, so he wanted to slip away from the side, but he was blindly stopped by the cold woman's voice: "Don't move, you can't run away."

"Yes, I won't move, I'm sure I won't move."Ye Fan's back was already oozing with sweat, he couldn't skin up at all now, and this feeling of powerlessness made him not even have a hope of survival.

Only after a long time did the cold woman put down the pen in her hand and looked at the pamphlet, "Ye Fan, 70 points for reflexes, 80 points for resilience, 10 points for force, 40 points for speed, 100 points for desire to survive, 60 points for overall score, barely reaching the passing line."


Ye Fan was somewhat dazed, not knowing what the cold woman was talking about.

"You're not here to kill me?"Ye Fan was a little puzzled, but he knew that the cold woman wasn't here to kill, or else she would have already done it instead of writing a rating here like this.

The cold woman nodded slightly and said, "I'm the tenth War God Mu Zi Ling of the War God Temple under the Lord of Ye Island's seat, and your future personal bodyguard and martial arts teacher."

"From Ye Island, ah."Ye Fanton was relieved, although he didn't understand what Mu Zi Ling said about the War God Temple, but as long as it was Ye Island coming, then it should be that Charles' proposal was agreed by Ye Yuntian yesterday.

Originally, I thought it was a killer, but I didn't expect it to be a partner, which made Ye Fan have a feeling of desperation.

Because of the relaxed nerves, Ye Fan's legs went weak, his eyes went black, and he directly fainted.

By the time Ye Fan woke up again, it was already two o'clock in the afternoon.

"Fuck, that scared me to death!"

When Ye Fan opened his eyes, he saw a cold face facing him, full of fury.

This person was none other than Mu Zi Ling.

Although it had been accepted that Mu Zi Ling was the one sent by the family, but what was this air of being a stranger?

Ye Fan was a bit dissatisfied, after all, he was the future son of Ye Island, how could he be intimidated like this by a subordinate.And a mere subordinate, even if it was some kind of 10th War God, just a subordinate, why should he give him, the master, a face.

Ye Fan suddenly frowned, "Mu Zi Ling, do you know what my status is, and you're fuming at me!?"

"Today's young lord, the future Ye Island Lord."Mu Zi Ling's face remained unchanged.

"If you know, why are you still pouting at me?"Ye Fan was even more dissatisfied, if Mu Zi Ling didn't know his identity it was just a matter of time, but now he knew so clearly, why would he still be like that.

Could it be that they are seeing him as weak and deliberately bullying him?

What Ye Fan couldn't stand the most was being underestimated, even if he couldn't do it now, he would be able to do it later.

Therefore, Ye Fan's first impression of Mu Zi Ling was not good.


"This is the Ice Brake Technique that I've cultivated, I'm the one who can't practice it, and I still can't control it to hide my breath completely, I'm sorry, young master."Mu Zi Ling slightly owed.


Ye Fan was speechless, he thought that Mu Zi Ling was bullying him, but he never thought that it was the problem with his technique that made him so.

"Forget it then, Ben Shao isn't so easily angered."Ye Fan coughed dryly, relieving the embarrassment on his face.

It turned out that it wasn't Mu Zi Ling's problem, but rather Ye Fan had misjudged Mu Zi Ling.

"By the way, when you talk about merit, is there really a way to cultivate in this world?That kind of flying sword or something fairy?"

Ye Fan changed the subject, firstly to ease the awkwardness, and secondly because he was really very interested in this aspect.

Ye Fan also said before, since childhood, like this kind of stuff, than become a scientist as an astronaut, Ye Fan is quite an immortal.

But Ye Fan is very open distinction, has always thought that the immortals are the stuff of novels in TV dramas, can never become reality, however, until the encounter Xu Qingfeng, Charles, as well as in front of the eyes of the Wooden Plume.

Ye Fan really believed in the existence of immortals. One second to remember to read the book

Because just now, Mu Ziling was just a light palm and knocked over the Six Vajra, this tactic is completely inconsistent with the interaction of forces, already beyond physical cognition.

Ye Fan felt that just now, Woody must have used some kind of internal power or something, in order to overthrow the Six Vajra.

And what Ye Fan, wanted to learn, was precisely this aspect.

Only Mu Zi Ling's answer made Ye Fan a little dissatisfied.

Only Mu Zi Ling shook her head slightly and said, "Island Master advised that these things are not something you can know, what you need is a gradual process in order to prevent you will be imagining things.So only when you enter the next step, I will tell you what the next step is."Mu Zi Ling said.

This made it especially hard for Ye Fan, if he really said it, Ye Fan would also have a general understanding, but not telling it clearly and instead making Ye Fan curious, but not being able to know, was just very painful.

But since it was her father's instruction, I'm sure Mu Zi Ling had no way to refuse, so Ye Fan didn't take a chance, so he said again, "Then tell me what I can know now, I also want to become a martial artist, fly around and so on."

Mu Zi Ling sighed and said, "The martial dao is long and not overnight, I'd better tell you about the martial dao first."

"Good."Ye Fan was suddenly happy, he just wanted to know this stuff.

Mu Zi Ling nodded, "Martial Dao is divided into many kinds, according to the legends, there are demon dao, human dao, beast dao and so on, among them there are also changes, but what has been passed down now, you know that ordinary martial dao is simply being able to obtain abilities beyond normal people.For example, if you are going to cultivate to become a martial artist next, it is only the first step of a martial artist, called the Outer Strength Martial Artist.A martial artist at this level is able to defeat ten with one, and possesses a physique that exceeds that of normal people."

"That's it?"Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, it seemed like Mu Zi Ling was talking a lot, but nothing of practical significance existed.

If it was hard to jump out as useful, it would be that martial artists were more powerful than normal people, and if Ye Fan finished his first step, he would be able to defeat ten with one.


Just as Ye Fan was about to ask further questions, his stomach rang.

Indeed, having not eaten for so long, it was strange that Ye Fan wasn't hungry.

Awkwardly scratching his head, Ye Fan said, "Let's go, go out and have a bite to eat while we talk."

"Okay, young master."After Mu Zi Ling replied, she stood at Ye Fan's side and switched to bodyguard mode, and a strong fury swept out.

It scared Ye Fan so much that he almost wet his pants and couldn't move his legs.

"That, Zi Ling ah, you quickly put away your fury, making you a bodyguard is not to scare others, but to protect me.Just make your move at a critical moment, you don't need to keep emitting this fury."

How could Ye Fan say it because he was afraid of wetting his pants.

When Mu Zi Ling nodded, she put away the fury and didn't complain.

After glancing at Mu Ziling, Ye Fan was a bit helpless, but he still took out a blue and white skirt from his suitcase, "This skirt is new, I was going to give it to my fiancée as a meet and greet gift, but it's really inappropriate for you to wear leather pants, so you should wear this."

It wasn't that Ye Fan didn't like dressing up in leather pants and leather clothes, everyone's aesthetics were different, maybe Mu Zi Ling liked leather pants and leather clothes.

But leather jacket and leather pants really didn't suit Mu Zi Ling.

Originally Mu Ziling's body is full of fury, even if convergence, is also a bit cold, with a leather jacket and leather pants a look is a spy look, everywhere will attract attention, especially Mu Ziling's body is very hot, bumpy front and back, certainly everywhere will be the focus of existence.

Ye Fan didn't want to be stared at for no reason, so he wanted Mu Ziling to change into a dress, while Ye Fan left the room and came outside, waiting for Mu Ziling to change.

Same as just now? Mu Zi Ling didn't complain or comment at all, she received the dress and started to wear it.

Although Ye Fan was speechless, he also discovered one thing.That was that Woody Plume wasn't cold, but rather, he was usually short on words, which was why he was scared at the first meeting again.

Perhaps Mu Zi Ling just wanted to express her identity after approaching, or to test her body quality for scoring, in short, there was no malicious intent, and it was all because Ye Fan had overthought it and gotten it wrong.

Not long after, Mu Zi Ling walked out wearing a blue and white gradient color dress.

"Wow Sai!"Ye Fan suddenly stared in disbelief.

Just now, because of Mu Ziling's coldness, Ye Fan didn't notice Mu Ziling's beauty.

But now it is completely noticed, because the change of dress Mu Ziling is like a princess, people want to embrace, not only that, Mu Ziling's posture is also superior.

In fact, even compared to Wang Kexin, it is not inferior in any way, even more distinctive because of the extra hint of temperament.

In particular, Mu Ziling is extremely tall, with a height of more than 170, a pair of thighs not only white - fair but also slender, simply leg play year, the average man is absolutely unable to resist this charm.

Although Mu Ziling does not apply powder, but still dumping the country, Ye Fan was suddenly stunned.

After being stupefied for a while, Ye Fan was only able to return to normal because of Mu Zi Ling's words.

"How is it?Doesn't it look good?"Mu Zi Ling's face blushed slightly when she asked this, as expected, as long as she was a girl, she would care about whether it was good looking or not.

Naturally, Ye Fan nodded incessantly, "Good-looking, beyond expectation, it seems as if this dress was made for you!"

In Ye Fan's existing vocabulary, it was: iceberg beauty!


Ye Fan was more eager to learn, so after a few simple bites downstairs in the hotel, he returned to the presidential suite.

"Master, what step do we start cultivating from?Do you need to wash the scriptures and marrow or something first, that's how it's played out in the novels I read."

Ye Fan had no shame at all to call master to Mu Zi Ling.

After eating just now, Ye Fan found out that Mu Zi Ling was really a very strong existence, especially a move to take things through the air was an eye-opener for Ye Fan.

The thing is like this, during the meal, the cutlery was on Ye Fan's side, Ye Fan was going to play a trick on Mu Zi Ling, but he didn't expect that Mu Zi Ling would move his hand, and the cutlery flew to Mu Zi Ling by itself, as if Mu Zi Ling had a suction stone in his hand.

If it wasn't for the fact that the cutlery was wooden, Ye Fan would still be suspicious at this moment.

And just this hand operation of taking things through the air was completely convincing to Ye Fan.

To think that in the future he himself would be able to retrieve objects through the air, such a cool and pulling maneuver would definitely attract a large number of girls.

"No, no, no, how could I be that kind of person, I learned spaced retrieval merely to make life easier, like getting up in the morning to put on clothes and stretch out my hand clothes to come, yes, that's right."

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, forcibly consoling himself that he wasn't the kind of person who practiced only to pick up girls. One second to remember to read the book

In fact, Ye Fan does not know what others think, he grew up seeing those martial arts fantasy, the first thought is not to become a top expert, but to become the kind of Chu Liuxiang, the existence of a hundred flowers to pass, that is truly unrestrained pleasure.

However, these were all Ye Fan's smooth thoughts, and before Ye Fan could think too much, he was completely struck by Mu Zi Ling's words.

Mu Zi Ling coldly said, "Cleansing the meridians is the first step to enter the outer strength, however your current body doesn't support that kind of operation yet, you won't be able to withstand it.So what you need to do now is to exercise your body and strengthen your physique first."

"Ah?Isn't there one of those little pills, or I'll just directly pass on my power, and I'll just be a bull."Ye Fan remembered how it was written in novels, eating a magic pill, swish a few levels and become a rare genius in a hundred years, how come he still needed to exercise his body.

Mu Zi Ling looked up and down at Ye Fan before helplessly saying, "Eating pills is not something that can be taken by any body, and the same goes for passing on power, your body can't even handle it, so how can you talk about finding shortcuts.You're also not a great genius, you just barely reached the passing line, the test I did on you earlier was also a test to see if you're suitable for cultivation, if you weren't the young master of Ye Island, I wouldn't even bother to teach you, you really don't have much talent, an ordinary person, the streets are full of them."

"Er..."Ye Fan was instantly hit in the face and couldn't utter a word for half a day.

He thought he was an unearthly genius, but he didn't expect that he was just a passerby, so this kind of blow was not to mention how big it was.

In the end, Ye Fan gave in to reality, at least Mu Zi Ling was still willing to teach him, although it was because of his identity, but it was not bad.At least to be able to let him start cultivating, he believed that the textbook was correct, a drop of water could penetrate a stone, it relied on perseverance and hard work, with his diligence and hard work, sooner or later, he would become a great power.

And Ye Fan's goal wasn't to become a great power, after all, Ye Island had experts, he didn't have to rely on himself to fight the world, all he needed was to be able to protect himself, and the other thing was that spacing out the sky was enough.

Ye Fan was never one to be over-ambitious.


"Fuck!It's too damn exhausting, Master, are you sure this is entry-level training?"

Evan clenched his teeth, his forehead was taut with veins, his eyes were bloodshot, and his sweat was more like a sweat steam.

"Don't talk, take a deep breath, just hold on for another eight minutes."Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke, her eyes not looking at Ye Fan, only staring at the timer on her phone.

"Eight minutes!?"Ye Fan was simply going to die when he heard this number.

Mu Zi Ling's first lesson was weight training, having Ye Fan carry a heavy object on his back for ten minutes to support the ground, the support was very simple, it was a push-up position, but instead of floating up and down, just support the ground with both elbows.Ye Fan had thought that since it was the first lesson, or entry level training, it must be very easy.

Indeed, just as Ye Fan thought, Mu Ziling asked him to bear weight for five minutes to support the ground.

Although Mu Ziling didn't like him, but Ye Fan still thought he was a genius, and as simple as weighted bracing, five minutes wouldn't be too small for him, so he directly took the initiative to double it to ten minutes, wanting to impress Mu Ziling.

But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that the introductory level weight training was a hundred pounds!

Since the hotel didn't have anything heavy, Mu Zi Ling went to buy a hundred pound bag of rice and then placed it on Ye Fan's back right after he braced himself on the ground.

The moment it was put on, Ye Fan felt his waist was going to break, because Mu Zi Ling didn't take it lightly, but threw it straight on Ye Fan's body, almost killing him.

Ye Fan just felt like a second, it felt like he was holding on for a long time, but he didn't expect that only two minutes had passed.

Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke, "Entry level is five minutes, normal level is ten minutes, difficult level is twenty minutes, and hell level is forty minutes."

"So that's how it is!"Ye Fan came to his senses, he had thought that there were many steps to cultivation and that the introductory level was so difficult, the later was even more unimaginable.I can't imagine that the hell level is only forty minutes, then this is too easy.

"Don't look at me now that I can't, I'm telling you, just give me ten days and half a month and I'll be able to last for forty minutes and successfully complete all the difficult levels."Ye Fan said proudly, and suddenly felt the rice on his body wasn't so heavy.

"Is that so?"Mu Zi Ling didn't praise, but frowned, "It takes you so long to complete the novice period, as expected, you're not suitable for cultivation."

"What?Rookie period?"Ye Fan picked up on the point right away and didn't have time to get angry, so he wanted to know what the novice phase was.

"The Initiation to Hell that I just mentioned is a fixed training level for each period, and before you cultivate to the point where you become a martial artist with Outer Strength, there's actually a Novice, Rookie, Elite, and Veteran period!Judging by the weight you bear, one hundred pounds is the novice stage, two hundred pounds is the rookie stage, three hundred pounds is the elite stage, and four hundred pounds is the veteran stage."

Mu Zi Ling's words were like the whispers of a demon, pressuring Ye Fan to breathe.

Ye Fan was extremely speechless, now it was just the first step of the rookie phase, not even a rookie, really a fighter among trash.

Mu Zi Ling's words actually spoke more clearly, a total of sixteen small stages, the last stage is to resist four hundred pounds of weight to hold the ground for forty minutes.

According to the words, holding on to this, I'm afraid that this is the last step of the test, as long as the sixteen small stages are completed, then Ye Fan will be able to step forward into a martial artist.

It sounded simple, but thinking of four hundred pounds, Ye Fan wanted to die on the spot, after all, it was too hard!

A martial artist, as it turns out, is not as easy as the novels make it out to be, it's simply difficult!


"You guys don't sneak around, come on, practice with me together, I guess you're not even as good as rookies."

Ye Fan was finally unable to stand it after six minutes of a hundred pounds, his arms were really too sore, the more they got the more sore they got, it was simply not something anyone could bear.

When he got up and moved his body, Ye Fan saw that the Six Vajra were holding back their laughter, and could not help but speak out in shame.

The Six Vajra's face changed slightly, because this cultivation was indeed a bit unusually difficult.

However, soon Ye Fan couldn't laugh anymore, because the six vajra themselves were more than one meter nine brawny man, weight bearing ability was far more terrifying than normal people, coming up with three hundred pounds to start, clenching their teeth were holding on for forty minutes, and the strongest of them, Ah Hu, even more weight bearing four hundred pounds, holding on for twenty minutes, already at the difficulty level of the veteran stage.

Just one last step away from being able to complete all of the martial artist's previous difficulties.

"Fuck, you bunch of perverts!"

Ye Fan was extremely speechless, he didn't expect the six vajra to be so strong, but it was reasonable to think that if they weren't very powerful, how could they become professional fighters.

If you eat this job, you need to have this strength.

"Qualifications are quite superior, but not suitable for my cultivation method, otherwise I can also take you as a disciple."Mu Zi Ling faintly opened his mouth, with a hint of praise in his eyes. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Ah Hu Ton showed a happy color, no disrespect at all.

Earlier, Mu Zi Ling had beaten them to vomit blood with a casual wave of his hand, and they were all extremely respectful of Mu Zi Ling, after all, the strongest were worthy of respect as long as they were strong enough, regardless of gender.

Although Ye Fan knew that Mu Zi Ling was powerful, but how powerful Mu Zi Ling was, Ye Fan was still unclear, so he pointed at the rice bag on the ground and said, "How much can you bear again?"

"Stepping into a martial artist, even at the initial stage of the most elementary Outer Strength, you need to bear a thousand pounds, it's a threshold and a minimum standard."Mu Zi Ling faintly opened her mouth and headed to the rice bag.

Just now, Ye Fan used one rice bag, and the six vajra used a total of nineteen rice bags, each of which was a hundred pounds, adding up to a total of two thousand pounds.

Ye Fan felt that these rice bags were enough, although he knew that Mu Zi Ling could not be the beginning of the outer strength, because at least Mu Zi Ling was the tenth God of War, certainly extraordinary, but two thousand pounds is too exaggerated, also bother to believe that Mu Zi Ling will definitely make a fool of himself.And Ye Fan just wanted to see Woody Plume make a fool of herself.

However, soon Ye Fan was dumbfounded, because the appearance of Mu Ziling picking up the rice bag with one hand is like holding a ball of cotton so easy.

And when Mu Ziling picked up a rice bag with his left hand, Mu Ziling used his right hand to catch one.

Originally, Ye Fan thought that Mu Zi Ling would also lie down on the ground and let the six vajra go to get the rice bag on Mu Zi Ling's back, Ye Fan just got hit by the rice bag and also wanted to take the opportunity to take revenge, but he didn't expect that Mu Zi Ling himself could pick it up so easily.

And a stack of bags, the rice bag is even unbiased and square, this kind of control is really accurate to the minute.

Most importantly, after all twenty rice bags were stacked up, they were even all held up with one hand in Mu Ziling's right hand, obviously still not using the full strength of the model.


Ye Fan let out an exclamation of shock, unable to believe that such a lovely little girl could be so powerful.

The Six Vajra even clapped their hands swollen, and didn't dare to stop.Apart from admiration, there was endless envy in his eyes.

Muziling, she really was too strong!

No, Mu Zi Ling was so strong, what was he in such a hurry to cultivate now, he had originally asked Mu Zi Ling to come over, but it was actually to rescue Wang Kexin.

Ye Fan came to his senses, then waved his hand, "Prepare to go to the Wang family tomorrow!"

Tiger muttered quietly, but Ye Fan didn't hear him, so he couldn't help but ask, "What did you say?"

Tiger was stirred, but Ran didn't wait for Tiger to explain, and then Mu Zi Ling spoke up, "He said you were thinking of going to the Wang family to avoid training, I think so too."

"Er....Ah Hu, you're overdoing it, Ben Shao is eating and drinking to feed you, and you're still chewing your tongue!"Ye Fanton followed Ah Hu.

Ah Hu awkwardly didn't dodge, and Ye Fan's fist landed on his body like a hairy rain, it didn't hurt.

Only Ah Hu was a little curious and looked towards Mu Zi Ling, asking, "How did you hear me speak, I'm obviously not very loud?"

"A martial artist, not only is the force high, all the senses are far beyond normal people, not something you can imagine."Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke.

This was actually a warning to everyone present, whoever chewed behind her back, she would hear it.

Tiger didn't want to die yet, so naturally, he didn't dare to try to kill himself, and the others would be even more afraid.

Although Ye Fan dared, there was no need.After all, he still needed to rely on Mu Ziling to protect him, he had nothing to say what Mu Ziling was doing, not to mention Mu Ziling's martial arts skills, even if there was no force, simply Mu Ziling's appearance made Ye Fan unable to stop.

Mu Ziling is like a beautiful woman from a painting, and also the cold and lonely attribute, even more usually completely invisible type, Ye Fan can't appreciate it enough.

Thus, the cultivation came to an end for the time being, Ye Fan washed up and slept, and the next morning, everyone was full of energy and ready to go to the Wang family.

Sitting in a Land Rover, Ye Fan did not drive, but let Tiger drive.

After insisting on carrying the rice bag for a few minutes yesterday, his back ached and even his legs cramped, as if the sudden overexertion had caused a muscle strain.

"Hey, it hurts, don't you hurt, master?"Ye Fan said and leaned towards Mu Zi Ling.

Both Ye Fan and Mu Zi Ling were sitting in the back seat, Ye Fan purposely said that he wanted Mu Zi Ling to massage him.

Ye Fan had only enjoyed Shangguan Yue's massage, others hadn't tried it yet, he would have earned it if he could try Mu Zi Ling's massage.

He used to watch TV dramas, in which the injury healing all have some kind of true qi, just a push of the back can heal the internal injuries, very magical, also don't know if Mu Zi Ling will.

However, Mu Zi Ling pushed Ye Fan away and said coldly, "This is the consequence of not exercising your body normally."

Ye Fan was furious, Mu Zi Ling was a bit over the top, never forgetting to dislike him whenever he was.

In the past, even when Ye Fan was a poor slinger, no one repeatedly dislike him, not to mention that Mu Zi Ling was still his subordinate.

The only thing is that it's a little rude to go straight to work, but with a twinkle in his eye, Ye Fan played with the taste: "Master, since you're so powerful, let's spar.You don't have to defend me with your fists and feet, I'll even if you win, right, you can't headbutt me either, what do you think?"

Ah Hu puffed out laughing, Ye Fan is really shameless enough, wanting to bully a woman, but also deliberately find so many things to say.

Still not a man anymore!


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