Lost Young Master 231-235


Chapter 231

"I also didn't expect to meet my brother-in-law here, so how about this, I'll buy one for you as well.My brother-in-law is so unconcerned with details, so I must not know much about watches, but I do know a little bit about them, and I can give you some advice."Wang Ke Feng's nature was also cheerful, and he directly agreed to Ye Fan's request.

Ye Fan nodded his head and was about to leave with Wang Ke Feng.

However, at this moment, Lin Mu Mu pulled Ye Fan.

"What is it?"Ye Fan is a little unhappy, now he and brother-in-law out, do not want to bring other people.

Moreover, Lin Mumu is so fond of money, going will not understand the watch, just like Lou Lou entering the Grand View Garden, it will make Ye Fan's face shameless.

Lin Mumu swallowed the final prawn before he spoke, "Ye Shao, what if you this goes and never comes back, we can't afford to pay, why don't you leave some money first, or settle the bill, also let us eat at ease ah."

Ye Fan was slightly startled and quickly reacted.

Lin Mu Mu was still a child character, but actually worried that Ye Fan would run away at such a time, Ye Fan was also a little speechless.

Then he felt a gold card from his bosom and threw it to Ah Hu, instructing, "This is the membership card I got here, there is 100 million in it, it should be enough for them to eat, but Ah Hu you pay attention, if they use Xu Qingfeng's method to suddenly make their stomachs stuff news, they won't eat, they are wasting food.Ah Hu, you keep this card, the rest of the money will be used as food expenses in the future."

"Okay, Ye Shao."Ah Hu nodded solemnly, one hundred million was not a small amount, Ye Fan actually gave it directly to him for safekeeping, that represented trust in him, how could he dare to relax his mind. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

The heart moved Ye Fan reuse at the same time, is also called up the other five King Kong, together with supervision of this group of eating for two hours and non-stop chopsticks a group of "rice bucket".

Seeing money to pay the bill, Lin Mumu happily went back to continue eating, not embarrassed in the least, not caring at all about Ye Fan's helpless eyes.

"Let's go, big brother-in-law."Ye Fan shook his head helplessly and snatched out the door.

"Okay, here goes."Wang Ke Feng hesitated for a moment before following up.

Not because he was confused Ye Fan, but because he was sedated.

He was sure his ears and hearing were fine, but Ye Fan reached out just to give a hundred million, and just to pay for the meal.

How much food should these people have eaten?

Looking at the blue lobster and wild yellow fish on the table, Wang Kefeng understood that every dish was thousands of dollars, and the expensive ones were over a hundred thousand, what was more exaggerated was not the dishes, but the speed at which these people were eating, it was simply exaggerated terribly, sitting on empty plates that had fallen all over the place, roughly there were over a hundred.

Ye Fan invited his men to eat so well, and one hundred million said to give, this is also too awesome.

Wang Kefeng's heart was even more certain that Ye Fan was from Ye Island, and his status was definitely not low.

After all, he was looking gluttonous for the food at this table.And his current worth was only a few hundred million, after all, the Wang family had a lot of people, a few hundred million each, which was a lot of money in total.

But even so, Wang Ke Feng's most expensive meal hadn't cost more than two million, thus showing how awesome Ye Fan was.

This made Wang Kefeng even more determined to hug Ye Fan's sturdy, solid and powerful thigh!

"Is this your car?"

After leaving the hotel and coming to the underground parking lot, Wang Kaifeng was blinded, thinking that Ye Fan would drive a multi-million luxury car, but Ye Fan was only driving a million Land Rover, or just reached a million.

Wang Kaifeng, even if he is only worth a few hundred million, is still driving a three million Bentley.

This makes Wang Kaifeng a little startled, after all, to the men spend money to eat, can come up with 100 million, how to drive is so saving?

"I'm sorry ha, I bought this car in the afternoon, it's just for walking, we have a lot of people, the car is small and can't let go, I'm also ready to change it for a better one, but I couldn't make it in time in the afternoon, so I didn't pick it carefully."Ye Fan awkwardly smiled, he could also see that Wang Ke Feng has no heart, that is, he is really particularly concerned about the external decoration.

Throwing out a hundred million just now was actually to deter Wang Kaifeng, but his Land Rover was indeed a bit too much to hold up in front of Wang Kaifeng's Bentley.

Ye Fan even more blamed that idiot car sales lady in the afternoon, if it wasn't for that idiot, he wouldn't have been able to just pick and choose, but to consult the most expensive car.

At his current position, cars no longer looked at cost performance, but needed to look at the price, and as long as it was expensive, more expensive than others, it was a symbol of strength and would be respected by others.

After all, strangers meeting at first glance would be like Wang Kefeng, who could only observe from the outside to see whether the person in front of him was worth paying, and in what way he should speak.

Ye Fan actually also asked himself, if it wasn't because he hadn't been taking the initiative appearance, perhaps he wouldn't have been despised.In the afternoon, although he was going to buy a car and also wore handmade custom clothes, but it was too noble for ordinary people to see, but the watch was different, an expensive watch was like a sports car, as long as it was lit up and had a logo, it would be known.

If Ye Fan had been wearing a watch in the afternoon, he wouldn't have been so despised.

This also deepened Ye Fan's belief in wanting to buy a watch.

"It's fine, brother-in-law, you're new here, it's just too late to change cars, but it's late now, and you can't buy any cars, so why don't you go look at the watch now, and I'll go with you to buy a car when I have the chance, but I know several car dealership owners, and they'll all take out top quality goods for us to choose from, and you can change cars then."Wang Kefeng also saw Ye Fan's embarrassment, so he quickly consoled and pulled away from the topic.

Ye Fan nodded his head and thought highly of Wang Kefeng.

Wang Kefeng, a man of the world, could be said to be very good and would not be embarrassed.

Even if Wang Kefeng wasn't Wang Kexin's brother, Ye Fan still felt that Wang Kefeng was a person who was relatable.

Only in the past, Ye Fan would have hated such a person very much.Just because Wang Kefeng is very good, not only is he handsome, more than one meter tall, a tendon meat, and the details of his clothes are okay, but also very rich, this is a standard rich handsome, and speaks comfortably, this is now defined as a high match warm man.

Someone like Wang Kefeng can be a star if he debuts.

Ye Fan was a poor slinger before, hating precisely, jealous and sour.

But this was also before, now Ye Fan is also the heir of a big family, different identity, so it's not sour, especially Wang Ke Feng is still his brother-in-law, there is nothing to quarrel about.

The two of them drove separately, and Ye Fan's Land Rover followed behind the Bentley, and on the way, they chatted through the voice chat above WeChat, and after a while, they finally arrived at the watch store.


"A Rolex?"

When he got out of the car, Ye Fan saw the name of the watch store, it was a name written in the language of several countries, although some couldn't understand it, but he could still understand the words of their countries, it was Rolex.

"That's right, this is a Rolex store, it's considered the best watch store in Hundred Flowers City, as for the other brands of watches, although there are also stores, but they are not so complete, they may not be able to meet your requirements, we have to come here if we want stock."

Wang Kefeng explained.

Ye Fan couldn't help but nod his head in satisfaction, indeed, where to buy a watch, as long as you pay a deposit, you can also get a watch within a few days, but for someone like Ye Fan who didn't know anything about watches, he still had to see the real thing and personally wear it to be able to judge a thing or two.

Especially if you also want to give a meeting gift, if it's not a physical object, but an order, it's a bit awkward.

It had to be said that Wang Ke Feng really handled things in a comprehensive manner.

"Hello two gentlemen, welcome to Rolex."

When she saw the Bentley and the Land Rover, the sales lady greeted them with a smile on her face, her attitude as respectful as it needed to be.

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, and even more so to Wang Ke Feng's words, savoring them several times. A second to remember to read the book

Because although the sales lady said the two gentlemen good, but the focus is still on the side of Wang Ke Feng, and even introduced into the store, is also on the side of Wang Ke Feng.

Not only because Wang Kaifeng looks handsome, but also because Wang Kaifeng is wearing a Rolex watch, in the car, Ye Fan asked, is 600,000 Rolex, which is one of the classic models.

Especially the outside of the Bentley and Land Rover comparison, you can see who is richer.

If tasting these details, indeed the sales lady chose to be on the side of Wang Kefeng is the right choice.

No wonder it's said that details determine success or failure, although it's said that Ye Fan is rich, but without showing it, it won't be valued.

With ordinary people, it was still possible to crush them, but comparing them to the same level, it was a bit of a letdown, and that was the key to appearance and details.


Ye Fan patted Wang Ke Feng's shoulder and suddenly let out a sigh.

Wang Ke Feng was shocked, but still managed to control it well, and without thinking too much about it, he knew what Ye Fan was talking about and smiled, "Brother-in-law, none of this is actually something I'm willing to learn, it's all just something I've seen after experiencing more, and the most important thing is that in the past, when Ke Xin was small, she picked on me in various ways, and that's why she made me look like this."

At this point, Wang Kefeng suddenly flinched, followed by some doubts: "This is not right, I remember that Kexin went to find you, so why did not change you, that little ninny but very drill, everything is extra serious, or virgin - female constellation, typical perfection complex, but also very compulsive, according to reason, you are her fiancé, should be even more to change you."

"No."Ye Fan shook his head.

Although Wang Kexin was a bit of a bull by the horns, but by and large, she was still a sensible and generous daughter of a thousand, how could she be the way Wang Kefeng said she was.

"Ah, I see, I guess it's you who's holding Kexin.This little nee-chan, in front of her father, no matter how disgraced her father is, she never dares to say a word and praises him for his excellence, if Kexin also always praises you and indulges you, then you are completely holding her heart.I can't believe this little nee-chan has such a side, why doesn't she treat me better as a brother, really."Saying that, Wang Ke Feng revealed her discontented grievance.

As soon as this was said, Ye Fan was stunned.

Could not imagine that Wang Kexin actually for him, silently all endured OCD and so on, although Ye Fan is not a virgin - female constellation, but also know the horror of the virgin - female constellation, very obsessed with perfection.

Can formerly Ye Fan and Wang Kexin do everything together is a muddle through look, even worse than now.

But Wang Kexin at that time, surprisingly all endure, also did not say anything, Ye Fan's heart is like a spice bottle spilled general, mixed flavors.

There was emotion, heartache and love....

When he saw that Ye Fan's expression was not right, Wang Kefeng patted Ye Fan's shoulder and said, "Don't think so much, be nice to Kexin in the future, or else my sandbagged fist will not let you go."

"Don't worry, big brother-in-law."Ye Fan was emotionally confused by Wang Kefeng's half-joking words, so he was not so sad.

In the past, Ye Fan had always had a sense of distance towards Wang Kefeng, and Ye Fan couldn't explain it, it was because Wang Kefeng was too good for Ye Fan to feel worthy, but now it seemed that Wang Kefeng had already done so much for him, so how could he talk about being worthy of being worthy.

At the moment, what Ye Fan needed to do was to rescue Wang Kexin as soon as possible and get out of the Wang family's sea of misery.

But Ye Fan was not in a hurry to ask what exactly was wrong with the Wang family, anyway, it was not too late to come out to buy something now, so he would just finish buying something before asking Wang Kefeng.

After all, Xu Qingfeng and Charles over at the hotel haven't finished dealing with things yet, and when they are done, with a vote of experts in town, Ye Fan is also confident that he will be able to fish out Wang Kefeng, otherwise with his strength alone, even if he goes to the Wang family, it will be useless.

From the fact that Wang Kefeng didn't even know Ye Fan's identity, Ye Fan knew that the vast majority of the Wang family probably didn't know about Ye Island or the Ye family, and I'm afraid it would backfire if he went to reveal his identity at that time.

Especially since Ye Fan couldn't show his face outside, that was to prevent people who had an interest from missing, so Ye Fan was not prepared to rely on Ye Island's prestige to handle things in the first place, otherwise Ye Fan would easily become a hostage and threaten Ye Island if he was discovered by Ye Island's rival forces.

In the past, Ye Fan was a small fighter and didn't know that there were still some strange people in the world, but today, both Xu Qingfeng and Charles deeply taught Ye Fan a lesson that there was someone outside the world, and there was no chance that a passerby would jump out and be a great expert.

Relying on ordinary bodyguards like before doesn't seem to allow Ye Fan to do whatever he wants.

It seems like there's a long road ahead, it's a long way to go.

With a sigh, Ye Fan and Wang Ke Feng entered the Rolex store.

"Sir, what a coincidence that you are here today, this Rolex is a new product that just arrived here today, the price is also very fair, the price is 8888 yuan, very auspicious, meaning hair hair hair hair, also specially designed for the country and the brand new concept, there is also the integration of ancient style, this skeletonized mechanical hour hand, also specially used ink color, just to fit the feng shui painting elements, bring up absolutely veryThe high-end atmosphere of the upper class, but also very artistic value.It's limited to 888 pieces nationwide, and our store only strives for this one, so buying it is earning it!"

The sales lady took out one item and began to gush out recommendations.

Seeing this scene, Ye Fan couldn't help but think of the afternoon car sales lady, the difference in service attitude was a bit too big!

Surely, when you go out with a real young master, the treatment is different!


"The whole thing is fine."

After listening to the salesgirl's introduction for five minutes, Ye Fan finally held out a sentence.

Ye Fan found that the sales lady had spoken for five minutes without repeating her words, more dedicated than the sales shopping inside the TV.

The first thing you need to do is to look around and see Wang Kefeng beside you, but Wang Kefeng is indifferent, apparently having seen it all.

Is this what rich people should look like when they buy things?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, he used to buy things, he was always mocked, Ye Fan originally thought that it was all like this, but he didn't expect that there was such a kneeling salesgirl.

It really is still the old saying, the man depends on the clothes and the horse depends on the saddle, Ye Fan originally thought that he had dressed up to look rich enough, but didn't think that there was such a big difference.

Temperament that thing, Ye Fan can't learn for a while, but this outfit still have to engage in.

Italian handmade clothes, AJ's shoes also have, and now all that is missing is a watch.

After thinking about it, Ye Fan suddenly walked towards the counter, "I've already decided!" One second to remember to read the book

"Which one did brother-in-law have his eye on?When brother-in-law's buy one for you as a meeting gift."

Wang Kefeng said with a smile, although he wasn't as rich as Ye Fan, he could still afford a watch.

Ye Fan waved his hand even with an awkward smile, "There's no need to bother brother-in-law, I'll just do it myself.Honestly, I don't know much about this stuff, but the expensive one will always be the most noticeable, and I just want the most expensive one."

"The most expensive one?"

Wang Kefeng choked, he originally wanted to give Ye Fan a meeting gift, but when he heard the most expensive, he was half a day unable to say a word, he came to this Rolex a few times, it can be said that the most expensive watch he also knows, but is he can not afford to buy.

Of course, buy can also buy, is to bleed, this is Wang Kefeng do not want.

It's not that Wang Kaifeng is stingy, it's that he can't even afford to buy it for himself.

The sales lady saw that Wang Ke Feng's expression was not right and also came out to relieve himself, "This gentleman, I think this Green Water Ghost is not bad, the pricing is only 76,000, it's also a relatively common Rolex watch, wearing it is also quite in line with your temperament."

As soon as Ye Fan heard this, he was not happy.

"I want the most expensive one, not this one, you bring out the most expensive one and take a look."Ye Fan was a little dissatisfied, he still had 1.9 billion in cash, just a watch, he still didn't pay much attention to the price.

Anyway, he had never heard of any watch that could sell for hundreds of millions, and besides, even if it was hundreds of millions, Ye Fan could afford to buy it, he just wanted a face, and bringing it out with a brand name would be enough.

Seeing Ye Fan's appearance like this, Wang Kefeng also roughly understood Ye Fan's thoughts, and was relieved.

After all, Ye Fan is so rich, to the men to eat out 100 million as food costs, the so-called most expensive Rolex, in Ye Fan is indeed only a feather in the cap.

But this is very exaggerated for Wang Kaifeng, because Wang Kaifeng's car is only a three million Bentley, but the most expensive watch is even more expensive than the Bentley.

But after thinking for a while, Wang Kaifeng still bit his teeth and said, "Go and bring out the most expensive Full Star watch, I'll buy it!"

"Do you really want that?"The sales lady was a little surprised, but Wang Ke Feng was already a familiar customer here, and wasn't afraid of being a robber.

When Ye Fan saw that Wang Ke Feng's expression was not right, he inquired, "This Full Sky Star sounds quite vulgar, is there anything special about it?You tell us about it."

"This Full Star is not a common one on the market, but one of the most expensive Rolex, the Greenwich Type II Series 116769TBR-74779B, which is expensive for two reasons, one is that it's particularly complicated in function, and the other is that it's set with diamonds.Many people choose this one and don't understand the movement function, mostly because of the latter, and the case of this watch is 18k white gold with diamonds.It's said to be a watch, but it's actually more like a work of art, and it's also our town's newest model from '19."

The sales lady said as if she was talking about a watch, and then she solemnly brought out a watch.


Ye Fan was suddenly surprised, originally the sales lady spoke, Ye Fan still did not have a sense of picture, because he did not understand the watch, even if he said the flower, Ye Fan still did not understand.

After all, in Ye Fan's view, the watch is used to see the time, what can be different.

But when he saw the watch, Ye Fan knew the value of the watch.

Because the appearance of this watch is set full of diamonds, looks like broken diamonds, Ye Fan does not know whether it is real or not, but Rolex such an expensive price, should be a real diamond.

And the entire watch was filled with diamonds, just looking at the shining light, Ye Fan felt that it was very dazzling and noble.

"I'll take this one!"

Ye Fan suddenly decided to take this watch, after all, even if one didn't know anything about watches, seeing so many diamonds, there was no way he wouldn't be able to see where the price was.

And Ye Fan also thought of what the sales lady had just said, the bracelet of this watch, the metal other than the diamonds, was made of white gold.Even without looking at the function and brand of the watch, the price of these costs alone was astronomical, no wonder it was the most expensive watch among Rolexes.

"Brother-in-law, I'll do it myself."

Ye Fan patted Wang Ke Feng, who looked a bit ugly, and understood why Wang Ke Feng was so upset.

This watch was not cheap at a glance.

Ye Fan had seen a short video a while ago, a small diamond was one hundred and fifty thousand, and with so many diamonds, it must be in the millions.

Wang Kefeng's car is only three million Bentley, and look at Wang Kefeng's car as a treasure, must have also put money down.And if this watch were to cost Wang Ke Feng any more money, I'm afraid that Wang Ke Feng would be hemorrhaging money.

"This is no good, I've said I bought it for you as a meeting gift."Wang Ke Feng's face was a little too hangry, but Ye Fan's heart was still a little tingly when he said that he would pay for it.

After all, he was indeed a bit reluctant to part with such an expensive watch.

But thinking of being able to have a good relationship with Ye Fan in the future, and he was still a brother-in-law, he also bit his teeth and said, "Forget it, it's better for me to pay, it's just a watch, it's nothing, and brother-in-law can still afford it, so don't give brother-in-law any face."

"Alright then."

Ye Fan didn't insist any longer, but he had already planned inside, the meeting gift he was going to give to his brother-in-law wouldn't just be the most expensive watch here, but the most expensive watch of all the brands.

If Wang Ke Feng was so good to him, he would naturally be good to Wang Ke Feng as well.

And this was also the first big brother-in-law that Ye Fan had met, so naturally he had the intention of treating him well.

However, just when Ye Fan was about to pick up the watch to wear it and try out the right size, a big fat man in his early twenties snatched it away with a cold snort.

Immediately afterwards, he cursed, "Chen Dandan, are you an idiot?How dare you take out such an expensive watch?Do you know you need my permission!"


"Manager, listen to me..."Chen Dandan's body trembled and was about to explain.

Before she could finish, the manager yelled at her, "You what you, what are you explaining, this watch is the treasure of the town, you wouldn't take this out even if you wanted to earn a commission, are you crazy thinking about money?"

"But the manager, they said they were going to buy the watch,"Chen Dandan explained.

The manager looked Ye Fan and Wang Kefeng up and down, and then he snorted, "Wearing clothes that cost ten thousand dollars and still thinking of buying this watch?What an idiot's dream, you guys like this, just buy a few hundred thousand."

Seeing the watch in Wang Ke Feng's hand, the manager said again, "600,000 Rolex, you're good, you know your own appearance, what can be worthy of your position."

To Wang Kefeng, the manager's attitude slightly improved, however turning to Ye Fan, the manager snorted, "What kind of shabby clothes are you wearing, the brand has never even seen, just you also want to buy a watch?It's just about right to buy a seventy-thousand-dollar green water ghost, so don't puff up your face."


Wang Ke Feng was at least a regular customer here, but he had never seen this manager before, but no matter who it was, it was the first time he had seen a service staff lecturing a customer so arrogantly, especially with Ye Fan by his side, he couldn't lose face, after all, he was the one who had brought Ye Fan here.

But without waiting for Wang Kefeng to speak, he was shocked by the crunching sound.

The first time I saw it, I was surprised to see Ye Fan smacking the manager's face. The first website m.kanshu8.net

"Frak, are you fucking on gunpowder?What the fuck does it matter to you what I buy, with you telling me what to do here?What are you!"

Ye Fan's face was gloomy, and he kicked out another kick, knocking the manager down, followed by ten kicks in a row before he was relieved.

He was brought out by Wang Kaifeng this time, yet he was being mocked or pointed at by a service staff again, which was too much of a slap in the face.

Ye Fan originally wanted to give Wang Ke Feng a refined and elegant image of a refined and easy-going man, but he was all pointed out by this dogby manager for his shortcomings, how could he take it.

A beating was light, if it wasn't for the fact that the six villains weren't around, Ye Fan would have wanted Tiger and the manager to wrestle, and in making a video, disgusting this dogby manager to death.

"How dare you hit me?Kid, do you know who I am?You're wasted, you wait here, I'll find our boss!"After the experience, he ran straight away.

Ye Fan was furious, and thought that the manager had some backbone, but he didn't think that he would directly run away to find the manager.

Chen Dandan wanted to stop talking, but finally he still bit his teeth and spoke, "Two gentlemen, this is our shop's mistake, this is the new manager, the boss just came back from abroad as a young nephew, he speaks rather directly, the words that caused insult to you, I sincerely apologize to you, please leave now, if you find our boss, it will be hard for you to leave."

Ye Fan waved his hand, "No go, I'm going to see who he can find!"

Chen Dandan was good for him, he also knew it and appreciated Chen Dandan more, after all, it was indeed rare to see such a friendly service staff.

But just now, the fat manager even had to find someone to get him, he couldn't take it anymore, wasn't it just a tough fight?The thing that Ye Fan wasn't afraid of the most was being tough.

Since he wanted to clash and touch, let's see who would clash and bleed!

Wang Ke Feng also spoke up, "Brother-in-law, I'm also to blame for this matter, just let it go, although I'm not the Wang family's mouthpiece, I still have a place, I'll see who dares not give face to our Wang family!"

Wang Kefeng was also angry, this silly manager was really giving face and shame, and went looking for a fight.

As the young master of the Wang family, he was living a gilded life where everyone respected him, and this was the first time he had encountered this kind of provocation.If he didn't settle this matter, he wouldn't even be able to hold his head up in front of Ye Fan in the future.

"Hundred Flowers City, but surnamed Wang!"Wang Kefeng's face was gloomy, and daring to disrespect the Wang family was a death sentence.

But the waiting time was not idle, so Ye Fan picked up the watch on the ground.

Having just kicked the manager down, the watch fell to the ground.

Although the watch wasn't his yet, but he was a little distressed, after all, this was the one he was going to buy, and if he dropped a few diamonds, he would lose a lot.

The only thing that surprised Ye Fan was that the quality of this watch was really good, even if it fell on the ground, the mirror of the watch did not have the slightest damage, the diamonds were still so bright, there was no problem at all, this kind of anti-fall quality was also a top existence.

Ye Fan picked up the watch, and also loved it even more.

Don't look at Ye Fan now rich, but such a valuable thing broken will also be distressed.

In addition to being gorgeous, Ye Fan paid more attention to practicality, and it was also very good to be so resistant to falling.

With a watch on, Ye Fan was even more full of joy.

It is true that people rely on their clothes and horses rely on their saddles, after bringing this watch, Ye Fan all felt that his own compelling style are raised a lot, instantly high-end.

"Brother-in-law, this is out really my mistake, this watch you still look satisfied?"Wang Ke Feng inquired.

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, "Not bad, it does look very branded."

"Then let's buy this watch."

Wang Ke Feng said and took out a gold card, not an ordinary gold card, but the ICBC's VIP gold card.

Worthy of being the young master of the Wang family, he was indeed rich.

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, but this card was a card that required a one-time deposit of 100 million, even if the Wang family was rich, everyone wouldn't have hundreds of millions of dollars in deposits, it seemed that Wang Ke Feng's position in the Wang family was considered solid.

Originally, Ye Fan still planned to pay for it himself, if Wang Ke Feng only had tens of millions more to buy this watch, Ye Fan also didn't want Wang Ke Feng to hemorrhage money, but now it seems that it's considered within the range of Wang Ke Feng's acceptance, Ye Fan won't worry.

"Invoice it, we'll take this watch."Wang Ke Xin handed the gold card to Dandan Chen.

This kind of Rolex watch shop are high extravagance, to buy watches are rich people, Chen Dandan is also considered knowledgeable, this kind of ICBC gold card is naturally also seen a few times.

Chen Dandan was slightly surprised, but quickly relieved, after all, Wang Kefeng drove a car or three million Bentley, there are hundreds of millions of assets is also very reasonable.

"Sir, I'll handle the formalities for you right away, but please leave as soon as possible, our boss is still a bit hard to mess with, try not to offend, it's for your own good ah."

Chen Dandan took the golden card, or a good-natured reminder.

Now it was Ye Fan's turn to be surprised, it was obvious that Dandan Chen had seen the value of the golden card and the identity it represented, but Rao still discouraged them from leaving, thus showing how amazingly powerful the owner of this shop was!


"Don't worry, we have our own rules."

Although Ye Fan guessed that the boss wasn't an ordinary person, he wasn't afraid in the slightest.

And it was also true that since he could open a Rolex store, these watches would be worth over a hundred million in total, so it was strange that he could be an ordinary person.

Only one thing that Ye Fan was still curious about now, since Wang Kefeng was so rich and a little distressed about this watch, how much should this watch be worth?

Thinking about it, Ye Fan inquired, "Miss Chen, how much is this watch?"

"Including taxes and discounts, the total amount needed to be paid is four and a half million yuan."

Dandan Chen calculated the price almost instantly.

"Fuck, so expensive!"

Although Ye Fan guessed that the watch was expensive, he didn't expect it to be this expensive.After all, Wang Ke Feng's car was only three million, but this watch needed four and a half million, so no wonder Wang Ke Feng was distressed.But spare a thought, Wang Ke Feng still bought it for him as a meeting gift, which made him a little touched.

Wang Ke Feng, this brother-in-law, Ye Fan really recognized. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

"Sir, the paperwork is done for you, do you need to wrap it up?"Chen Dandan handed the card back to Wang Kaifeng.

Wang Kaifeng looked at Ye Fan and spoke, "No need to wrap it, my brother-in-law wears it if he likes it."

Dandan Chen nodded, but before he could speak, the door was kicked open again with a slam.

Then a big fat man walked in, it was none other than the manager from earlier.

However, the manager did not mock, but gave up his position to a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man wore a suit, and his temperament was still relatively elegant and easygoing, in stark contrast to the fat manager.

When the middle-aged man walked in, he looked at the Rolex in Ye Fan's hand and revealed his surprise, "This watch sold out so quickly?"

Chen Dandan nodded, "Yes boss, this gentleman bought it if he liked it, he just paid for it."

The middle-aged man was a little surprised, then he walked up to Ye Fan, saw the suit on Ye Fan, and was even more surprised: "This suit is the work of the Italian Lauren master, right, it really is a hero, it really looks like it matches."

Ye Fan was somewhat blinded he thought that coming to the boss was going to be confrontational, but he didn't expect the boss to be so refined and easygoing.

"I am the owner of this shop, Cao Xuanmao, I still have some things to deal with, if this gentleman doesn't mind, wait for me for a while, I will invite the two gentlemen for tea, what do you think?"

Cao Xuan Mao revealed a genial smile, then turned his head to the fat manager, "Nephew, who are the troublemakers you're talking about?Is it already running away ah."

The manager pointed at Ye Fan: "Uncle, it's the two of them who are causing trouble, you can make decisions for me ah, just now it was this kid who beat me up, where does a turtle like him deserve this kind of watch, it's just a puffed up face, how can you get along with them ah!"


Cao Xuan Mao's face turned pale, when a slap smacked him over, saying, "What do you know, quickly apologize to these two gentlemen, especially this gentleman, he beat you to give you face, and you mocked him for not being able to afford it, even if I can't afford it, this gentleman can afford it!"

The manager covered his face in pain, a face of aggravation: "The clothes he wears are not branded, where is the clothes made by Master Lauren, uncle you are blinded."

Cao Xuan Mao coldly snorted, "The cost of this gentleman's clothes fabric is tens of thousands of dollars, and the shot is Master Lauren unmistakable, this logo logo must be this gentleman's name."

"But Master Lauren is famous for being iron-faced and selfless, as long as it is designed by Master Lauren it is all named after Master Lauren ah!"The manager looked puzzled.

Cao Xuan Mao sneered, "You know nothing, that's for ordinary people like us.Master Lauren has designed clothes for other people, used other people's logos, just because that big brother's status is high enough, even Master Lauren has given up his dignity and doesn't dare to call out with it, that big brother you've also seen, that's the last time you and I attended an event, the organizer of that event, you should understand this!"

"How is that possible!"The manager's body trembled, then went over to look at Ye Fan's clothes, opened Ye Fan's clothes, and saw an extremely small logo on the inside of Ye Fan's suit.

This logo was Master Lauren's unique logo, and now, the manager was completely convinced.


The manager was so frightened that he knelt directly on the floor and trembled, "This gentleman, no, this lord, I'm just clumsy and ignorant, you mustn't get on my nerves!"


Ye Fan was even more blinded, how come it's just one piece of clothing, these people are like this.

Didn't they still call for action just now?Why are you suddenly wimping out now.

And his clothes are just a hundred thousand out ah, was Charles ordered, it is reasonable to say that his watch cost four and a half million, if this can threaten the other side, it is still excusable.

But the manager didn't even seem to care about the watch, but was scared into this state for a piece of clothing, what was going on?

Unaware of the truth, Ye Fan didn't ask directly, but the other party knelt down anyway, so Ye Fan wasn't angry.

"Let's forget about it today, I'll come back and visit again when there's work to do someday."Ye Fan faintly opened his mouth, so he looked like a superior person, and then left with Wang Kefeng.

Cao Xuanmao and the manager watched Ye Fan and Wang Kaifeng leave until they were so far away that the two of them couldn't be seen in the rear car mirror.

It was only then that Ye Fan couldn't help but inquire, "Brother-in-law, why are they scared like that when they see a dress?"

"Huh?You don't know, do you?"Wang Ke Feng was surprised and paused for a long time before inquiring, "Are you sure you bought your clothes?"

"It was bought for me by my housekeeper, told me one hundred thousand a set, these people are not surprised to see my watch, why are they so surprised at my clothes, what's the matter, is this dress of mine still a treasure?"

Ye Fan responded with a somewhat blinded response.

He this clothes a total of ten sets of clothes, wearing more than a month, and no one found the problem of clothes ah.

Even more so being despised is almost the same, Ye Fan is even planning to buy the clothes on Wang Kaifeng's body, look a lot more domineering.

But no matter how Ye Fan looked at it, he didn't understand that Wang Kaifeng was even more envious of his clothes.

Wang Kefeng explained, "That's no wonder, although I don't know your family's influence, but I also guessed that you should be from Ye Island.Master Lauren is an Italian master, one of the top twenty, he designs clothes with his logo, I also have clothes designed by him, but I want to have my own name, but can not take down, and still go Wang family relations also can not, while you Ye Island is easy to take down clothes, just now I guess Cao Xuanmao guessed that the power behind you is extraordinary, before being frightened of it!"

"So that's how it is."

Ye Fan didn't expect that a piece of clothing would cause such a big commotion.

I never thought he would have a day of invisible pretending!


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