Lost Young Master 226-230


Chapter 226

If that's not serious, what is?

Is it only serious if you beat Tiger to death?

Ye Fan used to think that someone who could kill a bull with one punch was a joke, until he saw Xu Qingfeng, he didn't know that such a person really existed in the world, it was really scary.

"That, young master, do you think I'm qualified?"Xu Qingfeng put away his serious color and showed the old traitor's expression again, very much a yardstick.

Ye Fan said furiously, "You've broken his bones, who told you to use such force."

"How can I hold back my hand for someone who steals my job with me, he's ruined so that my apprentice can join your team with me ah!"Xu Qingfeng was unconvinced.

Ye Fan was also speechless, after all, the strongest was the best, losing would be eliminated, and Xu Qingfeng's words were not unreasonable.

But Ah Hu was the one he brought out, he didn't want Ah Hu to be useless just like that, so he inquired, "Is there a hospital around here, I'll take him to see a doctor, and we'll talk about your business later."

"A hospital?There's no need for that, why don't you give me the medical expenses and let our people treat him, it's definitely better than the hospital."Xu Qingfeng spoke up, his expression even more filled with excitement as he discovered the business opportunity.

Ye Fan was a little speechless, but after looking at Lin Mu Mu and seeing Lin Mu Mu nodding, Ye Fan had no choice but to agree. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan still had a bit of trust in Lin Mu Mu.

Xu Qingfeng had taken the initiative to carry Ah Hu because he could earn money, which was something that Ye Fan did not expect at all.

Explosive power was explosive power, but to be able to carry a Tiger that was over one meter tall and weighed over two hundred and eighty, it was enough to see that Xu Qingfeng's strength was far from just like that, it was obviously even more powerful, just like what Lin Mumu had said.

Ye Fan was very worried about Ah Hu and afraid that Xu Qingfeng would do something, so he also brought the five vajra to follow him in.

When he entered the abandoned building, Ye Fan was shocked, because inside the building, it was even more shabby than he had imagined.

And a scream on the ground, Ye Fan counted, a total of sixteen people, but each body with injuries on the ground.

The only activity is a young girl, the girl now walked to a wounded man, and then very skillfully unbuttoned the man's shirt, followed by a slap, the man suddenly a mouthful of blood sprayed out.

The maiden then shoved a pill into the man's mouth, and then the man stopped screaming right after that.

"Could it be that she is the doctor?"

Ye Fan was a little surprised opening his mouth, he couldn't believe what was happening in front of him.

And this was the first time he had seen this kind of healing technique, it was like reading a novel, it was very puzzling.

Many of the methods were unreasonable, but it was able to make these injured people stop screaming, and it seemed that the treatment was still fast.

"That's right, this girl is my daughter, if you like her, young master, I'll let her marry you, but the fortune is a bit expensive, if you give me 100 million I'll marry her to you."Xu Qingfeng smiled heedlessly.

Ye Fan was speechless, "Didn't you just say that your child is still drinking milk powder, big liar."

Xu Qingfeng's old face turned red and he didn't speak.

The young girl came over and gave Xu Qingfeng a glance, then she looked at Tiger's hand.

Ye Fan didn't know exactly how the young girl saw the injury, anyway, the young girl turned Ah Hu's hand up and down several times, then slapped it out, followed by Ah Hu spitting out a mouthful of blood, then the young girl put a pill in Ah Hu's mouth.

A miracle happened, Tiger didn't even cry out in pain anymore, and the cold sweat on his forehead faded away, and his hand recovered as fast as the eye could see.


Ye Fan couldn't help but be surprised, this was too amazing.

When he turned his head, Ye Fan took out his cell phone, "That, Curator Xu, I agreed to your request just now, I'll give you 100 million, marry her to me, even if you don't marry me, stay by my side."

"Are you sure you'll give me a hundred million?"Xu Qingfeng was even more surprised than Ye Fan, and he didn't expect Ye Fan to be so rich.

Ye Fan frowned, "Are you joking?Still don't think it's enough, if 100 million isn't enough, I'll give you 500 million!"

For this kind of power that could heal others with an outstretched hand, Ye Fan was very eager to have it.

If a young girl is around, wouldn't it mean that in the future, as long as Ye Fan is sick, just let the young girl pat two times, at least it's a universal medicine ah, the guarantee of life.

Although Ye Fan felt that the maiden was a bit outrageously strong for this treatment, but it was reasonable to exist, and Ye Fan didn't delve into it, he wanted to take the maiden immediately.

Even if he couldn't use it now, sending the maiden back to her parents would be a great achievement.

Such a powerful technique, if Ye Island were to carry it forward, it would definitely cultivate many medical powers and make a major contribution to Ye Island as well.

Even Ye Fan felt that this contribution was not inferior in any way to finding a jade medallion.

After all, medical care was the most important part of human development.

But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that Xu Qingfeng didn't say anything, the young girl happily handed out a business card, "Hello, my name is Xu Fallow, take me if Young Master appreciates me, but I have a condition."

"What condition?"Ye Fan felt that as long as Xu Fellows didn't go overboard, Ye Fan could agree to it, even if the maiden wanted one billion, or even two billion.

Xu Fallow smiled sweetly and said, "Can this bride price money not be given to this old guy, can all of it be given directly to me, or else this old guy will split it in half, and I'll have too much less.How about this, you give me 500 million, I'll do whatever you want me to do, I'll be your person from now on!"


Not to mention Ye Fan, even the six vajra behind Ye Fan were blinded.

Had Xu Falling fallen into the money eye?

Or rather, whether it was Xu Falling, Xu Qingfeng, or Lin Mumu, all of them were very fond of money, and were already beyond the common sense thirst.

Although it was true that 500 million was a lot of money, and any ordinary person would have agreed to it, but it was a little too scary to agree to it so quickly, Ye Fan even felt that it was a fairy jump, and when Ye Fan paid the money, these people would bury them alive.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan was a little worried and sent a text message to Charles, asking Charles to come over personally.

Actually no matter what, whether it was a fairy jump or not, he needed Charles.

Because the group of capable people in front of him was completely out of Ye Fan's control.

After sending the text message, Charles assured that he would be there in three hours, so Ye Fan put down his phone at ease.

"That, are you guys hungry, why don't you have a meal first."

Ye Fan suggested, in fact he was just worried that there was nothing to do before Charles arrived and he couldn't hold off for three hours, so he might as well treat these people to a meal.

Because these people loved money, Ye Fan then continued, "I'm staying in a five-star hotel, how about not taking you guys to my hotel to eat?"

As expected, these people bounced up and down at the mention of high consumption places and even agreed.

Ye Fan was even more speechless at this....


"Wow, is this a five-star hotel."After Xu Falling into the hotel, it was like Lou Lou entering the Grand View Garden, looking at everything felt particularly new, left to look, right to touch.

And it wasn't just Xu Fallow, Lin Mu Mu was also so left to look and right to touch, seeing something happy and even turning two heels, making Ye Fan extraordinarily speechless and humiliated.

Even if he hadn't come to a five-star hotel before, he hadn't been so disoriented.Or rather, Ye Fan was also because he was restrained in the past, and when he came to a five-star hotel, he was fearful, which was not as self-indulgent and liberating of nature as Xu Falling and Lin Mu Mu.

The only thing that surprised Ye Fan was that Xu Qingfeng did not fluctuate in the slightest, just faintly spoke, "Well, don't make a scene, public places are not shy."

Ye Fan was somewhat surprised to see Xu Qingfeng, this sentence always seemed a bit strange coming out of Xu Qingfeng's mouth.

Don't look at Xu Qingfeng's immortal appearance, but Ye Fan knew how obsessed with money Xu Qingfeng's bones were, and how Xu Qingfeng was able to control such a high-end place, how could he think that there was a problem.

Maybe I was wrong about it.

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, because from the time he entered the five-star hotel, on the way to the compartment, Xu Qingfeng had always been calm and unruffled, as if he had already seen the big scene.

Until he entered the compartment, Ye Fan knew that he was wrong, and it was a big mistake.

Where Xu Qingfeng was unperturbed, simply frightened, just like the original Ye Fan, who was so reserved because it was his first time here. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

As soon as he entered the box, Xu Qingfeng couldn't help but start looking around, touching everything a few times, looking even a bit like an idiot - man, even more exaggerated than Xu Fellows and Lin Mumu.

Ye Fan saw the situation, and even suspected that this group of people were possessed by poor ghosts, even if it was their first time here, they weren't so happy, a little overjoyed.

But Ye Fan didn't stop it, he also didn't forget the purpose of coming here to eat, as long as he could delay these people, when Charles arrived, everything would be fine.

Not to mention the other people, Xu Qingfeng's superb strength, Xu Falling's amazing medical skills, and Lin Mu Mu's amazing talent, these three people should not be underestimated.

Ye Fan didn't know how Ye Island was, but even though Ye Island was full of experts and elites, these three were definitely great powers that could occupy a seat.

Ye Fan had already planned, he asked Charles for help, of course he couldn't ask the family for help for nothing, there was still an interchange of interests.He just wanted Xu Qingfeng and the others to take orders with him, went to the Wang family to snatch back Wang Kexin, and then handed the three of them over to Charles, which could be considered as a contribution to Ye Island.

The only thing that worried Ye Fan was that three hours was not good to pass, after all, it was just a meal, even if he let the back kitchen deliberately drag for an hour, there were still two hours that were not good to pass, after all, you can't eat for two hours just to eat, unless you drink.

But the thought of drinking would break the film, and not knowing the depth of these people's alcohol consumption, Ye Fan was really worried that he would get drunk first.

However, Ye Fan was still nosy, because from the time the food was served, these people kept eating as if they had never eaten before.

In Lin Mumu's words, it was, "A bite of such an expensive thing is dozens or hundreds of pieces, one more bite will earn you a bite, only a fool would eat just enough, as long as it doesn't hold me up, I'll be able to go to my death!"

And Lin Mumu and his brothers and sisters and others were all like that, eating desperately.

So Ye Fan didn't even eat much, he just watched these people eat.

These people were all very thin, but one could eat more than the other, and even Xu Falling, who Ye Fan felt was the least useful, ate for an hour before he was willing to stop.

Xu Fallout kept eating, more powerful than the online eating broadcast king, Xu Fallout alone ate six plates of food.

Each plate of food was over five thousand, and Xu Fallout alone ate fifty to sixty thousand in.

Satisfied patting her stomach, Xu Fallout waved a big hand, "Brothers refuel, eat more and earn more, whoever eats less, don't blame me for being rude after going back, say again, what is our purpose!?"

What?There's a purpose?

Ye Fan deeply suspected that these people were in the marketing business, and they were also making enough of a corporate culture.

However, Ye Fan still wanted to hear about the purpose of their Martial Arts Pavilion, after all, it was a martial arts practitioner, there must still be something, which made Ye Fan very interested.

Immediately, Ye Fan heard a group of people put down their chopsticks in unison and shouted at the top of their voices.

"Rich bastards don't make money!"

Upon hearing this, Ye Fan was momentarily speechless, was this the purpose of the Martial Court?

Is this a mandatory lesson for martial arts practitioners?

If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Fan knew that these people had real talent, Ye Fan even felt that these people were just rivers and lakes cheats, cheating on food and drinks.

But this is also good, as long as they can keep serving high priced food, these people can keep on eating, Ye Fan will save his mind, and he doesn't have to think about how to delay to retain them.

But the thing that Ye Fan didn't expect was that even though Charles appeared, he still didn't stop these guys in front of him.

"Young Master?Are you sure these are experts?"There was also a fluctuation on Charles's trembling face.

Evan clearly saw the corners of Charles's eyes draw in.

"Indeed."Ye Fan didn't know how to explain, so his eyes darted to Ah Hu.

Ah Hu was in a stir, "Ye Shao, please spare the little one, I have just the right hand, it's quite difficult, why don't you try someone else?"

Ye Fan was also a little heartbroken for Tiger, after all, only those who experienced this kind of pain would know, so he waved his hand and said, "Forget it, I'll think of something else."

"Why don't I try it myself."Charles spoke faintly.

"It's not appropriate for you, that Xu Qingfeng's mighty punch is probably enough to kill a cow."Ye Fan was busy blocking Charles.

Charles was the great steward of Ye Island, if he was killed like this, he wouldn't even know how to explain to his parents.

Charles waved his hand and said indifferently, "It's okay, I haven't exercised my legs for a long time, it's just time to see what kind of strength the young people are nowadays."

Saying that, Charles got up on his own and walked towards Xu Qingfeng.

Xu Qingfeng seemed to have sensed something and stood up as well, looking dignified.

"Senior, may I ask what your name is, from which sect or school?"

Charles's face paled, "Don't you know to give your name first at a young age, no big or small.Let's see the real thing under your hands and see if you're as good as the young master says you are."

"Then junior will not be stingy!"

Xu Qingfeng didn't get angry, instead, he looked condensed.

Only when Xu Qingfeng took a deep breath, his stomach, which was a bit round from eating just now, contracted at a speed visible to the naked eye, returning to its pre-eating appearance.

Ye Fan was suddenly amazed, just this move alone was amazing!


Ye Fan was still surprised why Xu Qingfeng could eat so well, but there was a unique secret technique that could make things in his stomach disappear.

This scene was just like a fantasy novel, very magical.

Ye Fan didn't know what to say anymore, and couldn't help but look at Charles, a little worried.

After all, Xu Qingfeng was so powerful, he was not a human being, he still didn't want Charles to get hurt.

For Charles, Ye Fan had a deep affection for him, not just the relationship between the butler and the young master, but also that of a mentor and friend.

"Watch out!"

When Ye Fan saw Xu Qingfeng move first, he couldn't help but scream.

Xu Qingfeng was very fast, still nearly five meters away from Charles, yet he had already touched Charles' facade in the blink of an eye.

The point was that Xu Qingfeng's fist had been saving up for a long time, and this punch would either kill or cripple Charles.

And Xu Qingfeng did not show any mercy, when he faced Tiger, Xu Qingfeng's fist seemed to be dominating, but it was not fluctuating, but the punch that hit Charles, but the hand full of veins. A second to remember to read the book

Ye Fan only felt like he was watching a movie, although it didn't seem fast, it seemed very fast, and Ye Fan couldn't even tell if it was fast or slow.If it was slow, but he could see everything clearly.


Before it even hit Charles' body, the fist sliced through the air and smashed out a sonic boom.

This punch, even if it was a lion, it would be a blood hate on the spot.

Ye Fan was a little afraid to look on, he regretted very much inside, he should have known that he wouldn't let Charles come, if Charles died under this punch, then he would probably feel guilty for the rest of his life!

And what angered Evan the most was that he didn't use his full strength to face Tiger, so why should he use his full strength to face an old man like Charles?Just because Charles is a foreigner, you despise Charles?

There were many more thoughts, but Evan didn't have time to think of more, and the punch still hit Charles' voice.

"Boom Boom!"

Three sonic booms rang throughout the arena.

Facing Tiger at first was just two sound explosions, but this time it was three.

"How is this possible!"

Evan was so alarmed that he thought Charles must be sorry.

But that wasn't the case, and he saw everything that happened before his eyes very clearly.

Just as Xu Qingfeng landed his fist, Charles retreated instead of advancing, and what seemed like a slight punch struck out, but the first sound explosion was made.

Right after Xu Qingfeng flew backwards was the second sound blast.

As for the third sonic boom, it was the sonic boom of Xu Qingfeng falling to the ground and smashing a large human-shaped hole in the ground.


Xu Qingfeng didn't finish half of his sentence before "poof" spurted out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.


Naive learning did not learn well, Ye Fan could only say a word of lying to represent the mood at the moment.

He felt that Charles would be defeated, but it was so simple, like swatting a fly, just a light wave of his hand, as strong as Xu Qingfeng, he was also defeated in one move.

"Young Master, now you can let the medical expert you said show off his medical skills."Charles walked up to Ye Fan's side and faintly spoke.

Ye Fan quickly jumped away, afraid that if Charles touched him, he would also be seriously injured on the spot.

And Charles's words were simply the words of the devil.

Beating down the martial arts expert in Ye Fan's mind, and then having the medical expert in Ye Fan's mind do it, it was really a chain of events.

No need for Ye Fan to say anything, Xu Falling had already rushed out.

In the same old way, first, he punched at the place where Xu Qingfeng was struck, knocking Xu Qingfeng out of a mouthful of blood again, and then he stuffed small pills into Xu Qingfeng's mouth.

A shocking scene happened, and Xu Qingfeng woke up.

In about a minute's time, Xu Qingfeng was alive and well again, as if he hadn't been injured.If it wasn't for the large pit on the ground and the blood on Xu Qingfeng's chest, Ye Fan even felt that Xu Qingfeng was uninjured.

Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, Xu Falling's medical skills were like demon magic, no matter what it was, it was too exaggerated to be able to treat it through a small pill with a punch.

"Butler Charles, how do you see this medical skill?"Ye Fan was proud of the fact that Xu Qingfeng hit his face, but Xu Falling's medical skills were still very strong and stable.

"This is..."Charles opened his mouth and stammered again.

Ye Fan had seen Charles stammer a few times, but each time it was because of the jade tag, could it be that this time it was also related to the jade tag?

"Is it a jade sign?"Ye Fanton revealed surprise, if it was a jade medallion, then it would be a great bargain to pick up.

Charles took a hard deep breath and then nodded his head violently, "That's right, it is rumored that the rabbit jade medal has the effect of bringing back the dead, this involves a Xin secret, the jade medal is actually not a thing on earth, but a special jade medal created by a meteorite outside the sky, and each jade medal as long as it is developed a second time, in addition to obtaining the mausoleum of Qin Shihuang, but also able to obtain special abilities.Right now like this, I can't even explain if it's not a rabbit jade medallion."

Charles's figure flickered and arrived in front of Xu Falling.

"What are you doing?"Xu Qingfengton blocked Xu Fallout with a flash, although he feared Charles, he still blocked it.

Ye Fan are a little touched, worthy of being Xu Fallen's father, still seems to know how to protect his daughter somewhat.

Charles was silent, his left hand extended then clenched hard, followed by his right fist swinging out, not hitting Xu Qingfeng, but hitting his own left hand.


With a piercing sound, Evan could see Charles' left hand, broken!

"Charles, what are you doing?"Evan was momentarily blinded, Charles' behavior was too much for Evan to comprehend.

Charles clenched his teeth and said, "Little girl, treat me!"

"Hurry up, hurry up!"Ye Fan was busy urging, Charles' contribution to Ye Island was terrifying, how would he account for it if he were to waste away here.

Xu Luoliang hesitated, but didn't do anything.

Xu Qingfeng pondered for a moment before sighing, "Fallout, treat him, it seems like it can't be hidden."

"Alright!"Xu Falling looked a little bad, but instead of punching out or feeding the pills, he reached out his jade hand and held Charles' hand, followed by a strong grip.

Then Ye Fan saw the recovery of Charles' arm at a speed visible to the naked eye, and in just ten seconds, it completely recovered.

"It really is the Rabbit Jade Brand!"Charles shouted out in excitement, the fact that Charles, who was injured and not even moving a muscle, would be excited at this moment, showed the importance of the jade medallion.

Seeing that Charles was fine, Ye Fan stepped forward and said, "Charles, what the hell is going on, why don't you need to punch and take medicine to recover."

Charles looked at Xu Fall and spoke, "Young Master, it's better to let them explain, I just heard rumors, some of them might be undesirable."

Ye Fan's line of sight turned to Xu Fall, but Xu Fall didn't open her mouth.


Instead, Xu Qingfeng spoke up, "We are descendants of Xu Fu from the time of Qin Shihuang, and at that time, in order to find medicine to find Penglai Immortal Island, Xu Fu brought the Rabbit Jade Plaque and Monkey Jade Plaque given by Qin Shihuang, and after Xu Fu discovered the effects of the Rabbit Jade Plaque, he recovered his manhood, and again with the Monkey Jade Plaque, he gained a strong constitution and cultivation, so he spread his branches in the island.And these two jade medals have been passed down ever since."

Sighing, Xu Qingfeng said again, "Except that the Rabbit Jade Plaque is extremely special and exists in companionship, and when Xu Fu gave birth to a son, the Rabbit Jade Plaque automatically entered the second son's body and melted into one!And the second son possessed the effects of the rabbit jade medallion, after that every generation will have the ability to possess the rabbit jade medallion, in order to avoid trouble, we went incognito, unexpectedly we met someone in my generation who is familiar with the rabbit jade medallion, hey..."

Charles shook his head helplessly and said, "If it wasn't for your ancestor being too flamboyant, he wouldn't have let the Xu family perish and fall to this level."

Ye Fan heard the story from this, it should be that the ancestors of the Xu family originally relied on the jade medallion to rise in popularity, but they were missed by bad people, causing their family to fall apart, and the last person managed to escape, so that they would be passed down to this day.

But what confused Ye Fan was, why was Xu Qingfeng willing to tell these secrets?

By all rights, this was all an important matter that needed to be hidden, especially if you encountered an expert like Charles.

But with a simple thought, Ye Fan understood that since Charles had decided that it was a jade medallion, he would definitely not let the Xu family go, so he might as well just admit it.

The only thing that disappointed Ye Fan was that the rabbit jade medallion was a companion jade medallion, which was a bit too mythical.

However, after seeing Charles's swing, Ye Fan was actually relieved, there should be a lot more in this world that he hadn't come across.

The reason why the family didn't tell him, then it proved that he was incapable. First URL m.kanshu8.net

Originally, Ye Fan sometimes wondered why Ye Island was so powerful and why he needed to become stronger.Now it seemed that there were just a lot of unknown forces, and it was these unknown forces that really threatened Ye Fan, right?

Ye Fan secretly clenched his fist, determined to speed up his efforts, otherwise if he encountered unknown forces again in the future, then he would be a burden to his family.

Sitting on the chair stunned, Xu Qingfeng and Xu Luoliang had already been taken out by Charles to talk about things next door.

Ye Fan didn't take the initiative to go over there, since Charles didn't ask for his opinion, he obviously couldn't let him know about things, he didn't pursue it, after all, he also knew that he couldn't do it, and it wasn't necessarily good to know some things, it was better to prepare according to the original plan, save Wang Kexin first, and after that, go collect the jade plaques honestly.

Now Ye Island already has four jade medals, just now Xu Qingfeng said Xu family has two, respectively rabbit jade medal and monkey jade medal, so Ye Fan now the task is lightened quite a bit, only six left to find.

Ye Fan was happy when he found two jade plaques. If it wasn't for coincidence, he would never have found them in his life.

And Ye Fan could not have imagined that the rabbit jade medal was still a companion.

No wonder Charles said that the jade medallion was hard to find, it seemed to be very difficult indeed.

"Hey, there's a long way to go!"

Ye Fan sighed, not daring to think about it, these things were too big for him to think about.


However, at this time, the door was kicked open, followed by a young man in a suit drunkenly walked in, drinking: "Which pen knocked on the floor, disturbing the master's elegance, do not know a moment of spring is worth a thousand gold, master waste you!".

"Fury, get away."Ye Fan glared at the youth, and then Ah Hu took heart and racked the youth out.

Ye Fan looked at the human-shaped pit on the ground, and also knew that it must have been the shock that hit the bottom, if not for the thick floor of this five-star hotel, without cutting corners, it would probably have smashed through the ground.

The first thing you need to do is to get your own personalized copy of the book.

But the ones downstairs even came up directly to revile, which made Ye Fan unable to bear it.

Especially since Ye Fan was distracted at the moment and had a headache from being pressured by many things, how could he not be angry when a fury suddenly came to make trouble?

"Mother, let go of the young master, do you know who the young master is, open your dog eyes and see clearly, the young master is the second young master of the Wang family, Wang Kefeng!"

"The second young master of the Wang family?Wang Ke Feng?"Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, to be able to call himself Young Master, it must be this family, maybe it was still Wang Kexin's brother or something.

"How about it, now you know you're scared?Then hurry up and kneel on the ground and apologize to the young master, I'm in a good mood today, so I won't bother with you!"Wang Kefeng smiled proudly, looking like he was winning.

"It's just the Wang family, tie it up."Ye Fan faintly spoke.

Don't say Wang Kefeng, even if the Wang family's master came, Ye Fan wouldn't give face, he wouldn't forgive him if he scolded him like that.Moreover, the Wang family was trying to drive Wang Kexin away from the arts, which was an insult to Wang Kexin, which was also not giving face to Ye Fan's fiancé.

So, there was no need for Ye Fan to give the Wang family the slightest bit of face.

From the moment Ye Fan decided to look for the martial arts school, he had decided that the worst-case scenario was to save Wang Kexin.And the Wang Kefeng in front of him was the appetizer, and also just as a hostage of the Wang family.

"Well, it's good to know that it's wrong, so why don't you hurry up....Hm?Tied up?How dare you kidnap me?"Wang Ke Feng was halfway through his speech before he reacted, but instead of letting him go, Ye Fan wanted to tie him up.

This time, Wang Ke Feng panicked.

Wang Kefeng wasn't an idiot, he spoke out his name and the other party dared to do something, either he wasn't a local or he wasn't afraid of the Wang family, or he wasn't afraid of him.

Wang Kefeng's color changed and said, "Do you know the Wang family?"

"Naturally, I know that Wang Kexin is my fiancée."Ye Fan spoke indifferently, this was something he wasn't too proud to conceal.


Wang Kefeng was blinded, he had wanted to side-step and see if Ye Fan was a local or not, but he was actually Kexin's fiancé, which was a bit of a coincidence.

Wang Kefeng was busy saying, "You are Kexin's fiancée, then hurry up and release me, I'm Kexin's only real brother, the same father and mother!"


Now it was Ye Fan's turn to be confused, he didn't expect it to be such a coincidence that the first person to encounter the Wang family was actually Wang Kexin's own brother.

Ye Fan's face changed several times, finally settling on a smile before he came to Wang Kefeng's side and personally untied Wang Kefeng, "Oh my, so it's brother-in-law, it's a pleasure to meet you!"


"Are you Evan?You're Evan, right?"

Wang Kefeng suddenly thought of something like, and was suddenly alarmed.

Then he took out his phone and flipped out a photo of none other than Ye Fan and Wang Kexin.

"My sister said that you will definitely stay in a five-star hotel when you come to Hundred Flowers City, so I waited at this one, after all, this is the only five-star hotel, I didn't expect to meet you so coincidentally."

Ye Fan smiled awkwardly at the words, "That's right, it's really a coincidence."

What's a coincidence, if it wasn't for Charles and Xu Qingfeng fighting just now, it wouldn't have attracted Wang Ke Feng.

But after seeing the photo, Ye Fan also completely believed Wang Ke Feng's words.

Ye Fan didn't know Wang Ke Feng very well, but he knew Wang Ke Xin very well, and by virtue of Wang Ke Xin's behavior, he also felt that he wouldn't make a claim with strangers that he would come to Hundred Flowers City, much less give a photo.

Because those who knew him knew that they absolutely couldn't put his photos on the internet, and if Wang Kexin didn't believe in Wang Kaifeng, he would never give them all to Wang Kaifeng.

And because of this, Ye Fan let out a cheerful laugh, this time it was serious: "Big brother-in-law, it's really an honor to meet you!" First web site m.kanshu8.net

Immediately afterwards, Ye Fan went forward and hugged Wang Kefeng's shoulders, with a look like he hated to see each other.

Since he was Wang Kexin's own brother, he was definitely on the same team as Wang Kexin, and was also friend not foe to Ye Fan.

Wang Kefeng was slightly startled and said, "Ye Shao, I didn't expect you to be such a person, originally looking at your picture I thought you were the type that wasn't easy to approach."

Wang Ke Feng was very clear about Ye Fan's power, and to be able to have Wang Kexin marry him, at least it proved that it was not a small family, but also a hidden family.

Although Wang Ke Feng wanted to find out Ye Fan's identity, Wang Kexin didn't want to say anything, obviously not wanting him to know, so he didn't pry, which was also a sign of respect for Wang Kexin.

Just by touching the fabric of Ye Fan's clothes, Wang Ke Feng knew that Ye Fan's family was indeed very rich.

Wang Kefeng thought that the Wang family was already a very awesome family, but his clothes were just a mere 10,000 yuan out of custom-made clothing, which was already very good, but it must still be a bit small compared to Ye Fan's.

He was very concerned about all these external accessories, and just by touching them, he knew that they were from Italian fabrics.

Usually, Italian masters would definitely bring their names with them, which meant that they were the master's prized work and also showed their status.

But the logo on top of Ye Fan's clothes was surprisingly unseen, and upon closer inspection, it was the artistic font formed by the word Ye Fan.

To be able to make the Italian master so, Ye Fan must be even more terrifying than he imagined.

The reasoning was also simple, although there were designers who would listen to their customers, but top masters would never, and the clothes on Ye Fan's body, whether it was the design or the concept, were consistent with the masters he was familiar with.

Even if Wang Kefeng could be wrong again, it was definitely a top master's shot.After all, such an expensive fabric wouldn't find a small designer, and there are only a total of twenty true top masters, and these twenty are all top of the line, and to be able to condescendingly write Ye Fan's name as a logo, there are only two possibilities.

One was that Ye Fan had paid a very large amount of money, and the other was that Ye Fan's family was even in awe of the masters.

Either way, it was a representation of Ye Fan's high status.

Like Wang Kefeng, change into good clothes, are bound to pay extra attention, each clothes although just wear a day to change, but the change is also the same as never worn, very neat.But Ye Fan's clothes are sprinkled with wine and some oil stains, a look is not properly noticed.

For such expensive clothes are so casual, a look at Ye Fan is a real landlord, or even a divine hero, to be so spoiled.

Wang Ke Feng would only be so reckless when wearing a few hundred ordinary brands, but Ye Fan is so casual for tens of thousands of pieces of clothing, if the positive ratio is calculated, that is Ye Fan's value and the family behind it is ten or a hundred times his.

And although Wang Ke Feng didn't investigate, Ye Fan's surname was Ye, and there was only one family that could be surnamed Ye among the hidden families, and that was Ye Island.

Thinking of Ye Island, Wang Kaifeng couldn't help but shiver, that was a real biggie.

So, Ye Fan, the prospective brother-in-law, being able to not put up a fight, was already giving Wang Ke Feng enough face, and Wang Ke Feng could say that he was flattered.

"Don't call Ye Shao, just call your brother-in-law."Ye Fan smiled and patted Wang Kefeng's shoulder.

Wang Ke Feng was so upbeat, Ye Fan was also very happy, just in case Wang Ke Feng was also a stubborn person, so spontaneous, it was also just what Ye Fan wanted.

Wang Kefeng was also not polite, he was eager to be on such a big boat.

"Brother-in-law, then I'm not going to be polite ah, your outfit is not bad, the beauty of it is that it's missing one thing."Wang Kefeng frowned slightly.

"Missing one thing?"Ye Fan was a little baffled.

Although his clothes were dirty, they were already very good, so what could they be worse?

You can't spend a million dollars for a piece of clothing, even if Ye Fan doesn't feel bad about the money, but it's similar to the 100,000 clothes on his body, the only thing that can be worse is the diamonds on it.

Wang Ke Feng stretched out his left hand and pointed at his left wrist, "Brother-in-law, I don't know if you forgot to wear it today, but this watch is a symbol of a man's dignity, if it's missing, it's easy to be belittled, especially in a circle like ours, they're all competing to compare this thing."

"A watch?"Ye Fan was slightly startled, but soon brightened up and said, "Yes, it seems like that's really what you're saying, I did forget to buy a watch, thank you for reminding me, how about this, let's meet abruptly, or let's go buy a watch together, when I give you a meeting gift, what do you think?"

Ye Fan previously knew a saying, now time has changed, the car is no longer the most important.It's a popular saying: poor people play with cars, rich people play with watches.

Before no one reminded him, Ye Fan really did not pay attention to these things, but now that Wang Kefeng mentioned it, Ye Fan also feels that he should buy a watch.

In the future, the number of big family scenes he would face would definitely increase gradually, after all, he was going to inherit Ye Island, so the dressing aspect still needed attention, and a man besides a handsome suit and a luxury sports car, what was more important was the watch on his wrist, which was a symbol of a man's dignity.

Especially now that Ye Fan also saw that Charles and Xu Qingfeng can't seem to finish talking about things for a while, and it's boring to bring it now, so why not take this opportunity to send a meeting gift to Wang Kaifeng?

After all, this was the first big brother-in-law that Ye Fan had met!


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