Lost Young Master 221-225


Chapter 221

"Sir, please take care of yourself."

The stewardess turned pale and dodged somewhat, trying to get away from these fat hands.

However, these hands gripped tightly, and even tugged hard to pull the air hostess into her arms.

If you want to get rid of them, you need to get rid of them, and then you need to get rid of them.

The reason why Ye Fan was meddling, for no other reason, was that the air hostess had a slight resemblance to Wang Kexin in her temperament and even appearance, which made him think of Wang Kexin who was oppressed in the Wang family at the moment, similar to witnessing the emotions of a person.

Anyway, Ye Fan didn't want the stewardess to be defiled by this fatty right now.

The hands were touched and dirty, they could be washed.But if the body was hugged and the face was kissed, then it would probably cause irreversible mental trauma to the flight attendant.

"Let go of me!"

Ye Fan saw that it was too late and hurriedly drank to stop.

Although a stern shout didn't play a critical role, it had a substantial effect, at least the fat man was frightened for a bit, and also gave the stewardess a chance to breathe - breath. The first website m.kanshu8.net

But what Ye Fan did not expect was that the stewardess raised her hand as she approached the fat man and aimed an elbow strike at his chin.

With a bang, the fat man's chin cracked, and then blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth.

"Wang Kolan, are you crazy!"

Another flight attendant rushed over from the other cabin and grabbed Wang Ke Lan.

Wang Kolan scratched his head and threw out his tongue, "Sorry Sister Ling, I didn't control it for a moment, I'll be sure to pay attention next time."

Sister Ling held her forehead and said, "How dare you have a next time?Tell me, how many times is this the third time just this month, even if you're a member of the Wang family, you can't be so unruly, I'm afraid the captain will definitely report it this time, you're finished ah."

"If it's in the newspaper, it's in the newspaper, anyway, it's this dead fatty who laid his hands on me, and he's not blaming me, it's reasonable to say it anywhere, I don't believe it's going to be finished."Wang Ke Lan pouted to, taking no notice of Sister Ling's words.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the product and make sure that it is in the right place.Forget it, you go down first, I'll handle this side."

"Alright then."Wang Ke Lan pursed her lips, somewhat dissatisfied, but still listened to what Sister Ling said, and just left in big strides.

Before reaching Ye Fan's side, Wang Ke Lan patted Ye Fan's shoulder and said, "Little brother, thank you."

"You're welcome, I didn't do anything."Ye Fan even waved his hand like he was sending away Wang Ke Lan like a plague.

Just now when Wang Ke Lan patted him on the shoulder, he thought he was going to have an over-the-shoulder fall.

Ye Fan was unexpected that such a beautiful little girl still had such a violent gene, it was really terrifying.

He was also considered to be redundant, he reckoned that if he didn't do anything, Wang Kolan could easily KO the fatty.Just now, Ling had said that Wang Ke Lan had beaten three times this month alone, so obviously she already had experience in dealing with such harassing customers.Maybe being grabbed by the hand instead of directly resisting was also a preparation for an elbow strike.

Wait, Ye Fan was suddenly stunned, thinking of the most important sentence of Ling's.

Wang Kolan was a member of the Wang family, and the names Wang Kolan and Wang Kexin both sounded so similar, could it be that it was the same Wang family that Ye Fan was going to?

Are the Wang family all martial arts experts?

Ye Fan wasn't concerned about Wang Ke Lan's identity, but rather worried that the Wang family were all experts, after all, Wang Ke Lan, a little girl, was so powerful, not to mention the Wang family's professionally trained thugs.If that was the case, I'm afraid that if Ye Fan came to the door single-handedly, he would all be crippled.

"No, this matter can't be rushed, we still need to find some experts."

Ye Fan returned to his seat and began to contemplate, he had thought that even if he went to the Wang family with the six vajra, he wouldn't be wimpy at all, but now that he looked at the situation, it didn't seem that simple.

It seemed that going to Wang Kexin would also require a long term plan.

If we go straight to Mang, we might not have saved Wang Kexin, but instead be captured by the Wang family.

Even if the Ye family came out at that time, Charles rushed to solve things, but also relied on the family, what Ye Fan wanted was his own growth, so he couldn't rely on the family, everything had to be meticulously planned, so that if he succeeded, there would still be successful experience, thus being able to progress.

But on the plane, Ye Fan couldn't think of anything good to do.

By the time Ye Fan came back to his senses, the fat man was already honestly immobile, apparently being tidied up and submissive by Sister Ling.

Ye Fan was a little surprised, according to common sense, the fatty was beaten up must be even more trouble, how could he be so quiet, and even Wang Kolan is so listened to Sister Ling, then Sister Ling is obviously not an ordinary person.

As soon as his eyes turned, Ye Fan pressed the service bell on the plane and called for Sister Ling.

When Sister Ling saw that it was Ye Fan, she smiled professionally and said, "Thank you for helping out just now, may I ask what you need?"

"I have a few things to ask you, but it's not very convenient with all the people here, so do you think you could move to talk?"Evan inquired.

"Sorry sir, there's no privacy on the plane."Ling saw that Ye Fan's expression was serious, so she said again, "First class here is already considered the least crowded place, so why don't we talk here."

Ye Fan swept a glance at the first class cabin, and there were only eight people in it, counting Fatty and Fatty's friends.And apart from Fatty and Fatty's friend, the other six were exactly the six.

"You guys take them both to the economy class for a while, I have something to consult with this flight attendant."Ye Fan spoke indifferently, but there was an unquestionable tone in his voice.

Sister Ling was slightly startled, because the natural superiority that Ye Fan emitted from his body made even her a little overwhelmed and her legs weak.This aura she had only seen on the family master, but what status was the family master.And the one in front of her was nothing more than a teenager, especially the words of command, which seemed overbearing but at the same time, were useless.

Everyone else was a passenger, so how could they listen to Ye Fan's orders.

But what Ling never expected was that as soon as Ye Fan's voice fell, there was a unified voice from the other seats, "Yes, Ye Shao!"

The next thing Ling saw was a unified group of six strong men over one meter and nine inches apart from Fatty and Fatty's friend standing up and racking Fatty and Fatty's friend and heading straight to the economy class without giving Fatty a chance to speak.

"Are they all your men?"Sister Ling frowned slightly, although Ye Fan was overbearing like this, it was also breaking the rules, after all, what was the difference between taking another guest without permission and kidnapping, both were restricting personal freedom.

Ye Fan faintly spoke, "Just don't want others to hear, can we talk now?"


"Say, what's on your mind?"Sister Ling's expression was also serious.

Seeing this, Ye Fan laughed, really Sister Ling was not an ordinary flight attendant, if it were anyone else, she would have been frightened by this scene long ago, it was too late to go to the captain to inform him that there was a kidnapping, how could she stay here safely.

"Are you a member of the Wang family?"Ye Fan inquired.

"The Wang family, you know the Wang family?"Ling was slightly surprised, but quickly relieved, "Since you can equip a bodyguard with a first class cabin, you're not an ordinary family, it's normal to know about the Wang family, and yes, I'm Wang Keling."

"It's good that you dare to admit it, my name is Ye Fan, I'm Wang Kexin's fiancé."Ye Fan also bare his identity.

"Wang Kexin's fiancé?Wang Kexin of our family?"Wang Keling's eyebrows furrowed slightly, looking at Ye Fan's expression, more than a little suspicious.

"Ben family?You mean there's still a separation."Ye Fan caught the gist of it.

Wang Keling didn't hide it either: "Kolan and I are separated."

"So that's it."Ye Fan instantly came to a sudden realization, no wonder the Wang family would become airborne.

According to what Wang Keleen had said, the worst of the Wang family without marriage value would be sent out as stars, but even being a star was a very high status in the eyes of ordinary people, so how could they become tiny air travelers. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

Now Ye Fan did understand that the worst person to be a star that Wang Kexin had said before should be referring to the present family.And the branch of the Wang family should be the unheralded part of the Wang family, which is the branch, just ordinary people, just a little bit more privilege compared to ordinary people, maybe even a little bit more.

But this wasn't really useful to Ye Fan, Ye Fan still asked what he wanted to know the most.

"Are there many experts in your Wang Family?Does everyone know martial arts?"Ye Fan went straight to the point.

He just asked and actually didn't expect that Wang Keling would answer.

So there was a surprise, Wang Keling refused to answer the question and said coldly, "Who the hell are you?Investigating our Wang family, is it an ill-advised attempt at our Wang family?"

Ye Fan secretly said badly, knowing that he probably couldn't ask anything now.

He realized at this moment that people used to answer all questions because of his identity, but when faced with someone like Wang Keling who didn't know his identity, he couldn't ask half a word.

Even if Ye Fan said that he was Wang Ke Xin's fiancé, but Wang Ke Ling who was a part of the family wouldn't have the means to confirm whether things were true or not.

Shaking his head helplessly, Ye Fan just waved his hand and said, "Forget it, go away, don't ask."

Anyway, even if he didn't ask Wang Keling, Ye Fan would still have a way to find someone else to ask.No matter how bad it was, going to a private detective to investigate would be fine.Even if you can't find out the strength of this family, you can at least investigate the strength of the branch family, and in this way, you can also deduce how strong this family is.

Making up his mind, Ye Fan closed his eyes and waited for the plane to land.

Wang Keling saw that Ye Fan was so calm and didn't directly question too much, her heart was actually similar to Ye Fan's thoughts, that is, looking for a chance to investigate Ye Fan, after all, as long as Ye Fan chose to do something against the Ben family, then sooner or later, the traces would be revealed.

The only way to split up the family and promote to this family was to make a huge contribution, if Ye Fan was also a family young master and was going to brutalize this family, then she would be able to promote to this family with this.

After taking a deep look at Ye Fan, Wang Keling didn't want to startle the snakes at the moment, so she just left.

Soon, the plane arrived at Hundred Flowers City, so Ye Fan got off the plane with the six villains and headed straight to the presidential suite of a five-star hotel.

As long as there was a five-star hotel, Ye Fan would go for it, after all, the environment or the service was very good, and just now on the plane, Ye Fan also knew that the Wang family's force was extraordinary, so he didn't dare to just let the six Donkey Kong stay too far away, so he had to arrange for the six Donkey Kong in the presidential suite.

Fortunately, the presidential suite had several rooms and there was plenty of space.

After ensuring his safety, Ye Fan went straight out to find more experts.

Although the Six Vajra were very reliable, they were still not enough for Ye Fan.After all, this was against the Wang family that had home field advantage, and it was definitely not to be taken lightly.

But after checking a lot of security companies with his phone, Ye Fan was blinded, and also for all the security companies that were involved with the Wang family, not that Ye Fan was suspicious, but that was the way it was in the name, such as Wang's security, Wang's security, Wang's bodyguard center.

These names made Ye Fan not want to go at all, because even if he spent money to find people, if these people knew that they wanted to deal with the Wang family, these people would definitely turn against the water, very unreliable.

When Ah Hu saw that Ye Fan was despondent, he couldn't help but ask, "Ye Shao, what's wrong?"

"I need to deal with a very strong opponent now, just relying on you guys isn't enough, I wanted to go to the security company to find someone, but for some reason, none of them can be used for me, eh."Ye Fan still had nothing to hide from Ah Hu.

Tiger clapped his hands and said, "So it's because of this thing, this is simple."

"Simple?"Ye Fan frowned slightly, but didn't say much, since Ah Hu said simple, then there must be something to say.

Tiger explained, "For example, before I was in the Gao family, I wasn't working in a security company, ordinary security personnel are all about maintaining order, even the bodyguards are not very strong, they are all a retired veteran, actually no different from ordinary people, just stronger and know some military body punches, but compared to us, they are still not quite as good."

"And where do you come from?"Ye Fan was suddenly interested.

Tiger continued, "We all come from martial arts schools, and although most of them are very frustrated, it's also because we're not from childhood, and those of us who have been practicing martial arts since childhood and have solid basic skills, it won't be a problem for one to fight three people.That's why I suggest that you, Ye Shao, go to a martial arts school to find someone."

"Martial arts school?Great idea!"Ye Fan's eyes were sparkling, indeed, a martial arts school was a very good idea, after all, martial arts schools had their own heritage, different martial arts schools also had different backgrounds, and definitely wouldn't be afraid of the Wang family just because they were awesome here.

Especially some old martial arts schools that had opened martial arts schools all over the country, it was possible that this kind of heritage was actually quite a bit more powerful than even the Wang family.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan was ready to take the Six Vajra to the martial arts school.

But before he left, Ye Fan discovered the most important thing, which was that they didn't have a car.

That's right, being new to this place, in Hundred Flowers City, they didn't have a car that was their own.

It would be fine if they stayed in Hundred Flowers City for a day or two, but how could they not have a car when Ye Fan wasn't even sure how long they would be staying.Especially if they still had to bring the six vajra with them, one car might not be enough, they would need two cars.

Ye Fan does not like that kind of van, now so rich to buy a van is too advantageous level, so Ye Fan stopped the car, with the six big King Kong first to buy a car.


Very soon, Ye Fan brought the six villains to the car dealership.

This was a large comprehensive car dealership that mixed this kind of car models, saying that it was selling cars, it was more like an exhibition hall, it was very large and looked like a small gymnasium to the eye, it was very compelling.

Ye Fan did not have time to marvel at it, so he was ready to buy the car first.

Now the priority is to buy the car and go to the martial arts museum, now it is already two in the afternoon, if we delay too much time in buying the car, the matter of going to the martial arts museum may be ruined.

The first thing you need to do is to look up the martial arts school in Hundred Flowers City with your phone on the way here.

If you counted the different factions such as Intercepted Fist Do, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Sanshou and so on, all the martial arts schools together exceeded twenty, if it wasn't for the fact that Hundred Flowers City was known for its flowers, Ye Fan would have thought it was a martial arts town.

Especially Ye Fan checked or regular big martial arts schools, as for the small martial arts schools, there are even more, Ye Fan would not go to the small martial arts schools to find people, after all, martial arts schools make big, they all have sitters, small martial arts schools are still difficult to have sitters.

Martial arts museums usually close at six o'clock, Ye Fan doesn't know about other places, at least Hundred Flowers City is like this, so after buying a car, Ye Fan will have to go to a few more martial arts museums to see, he doesn't want to waste time on a boring car purchase.

The first time he bought a car, Ye Fan was delighted, the second time he bought a car Ye Fan was a bit tasteless, and as for the third time today, Ye Fan was already a bit impatient.

But spare him the impatience, the annoying will still exist, will appear. One second to remember to read the book

"Buying a car is it, the van over there suits you guys."The car sales lady looked at Ye Fan, and after looking up and down, she didn't see what brand of goods it was, so I guess it was a miscellaneous brand, and she didn't feel good.

The car sales lady can't just not see that the clothes Ye Fan is wearing are wearing handmade custom-made, foreign masters personally designed, and the logo is the evolution of Ye Fan's name, a brand that is not even available in the market.

But the value is very high, not Ye Fan bragging, the cost of his clothes is as high as 50,000, the fabric is very close to the body not to mention, and very three-dimensional, but also very breathable.Ye Fan won't describe it, anyway, for Ye Fan, it's just very comfortable to wear, very comfortable.

Ye Fan is not interested in what the car sales lady thinks, nor does he want to explain his outfit, he just wants to buy a car, the shortest time to buy a car and then go to the martial arts school.

Don't look at Ye Fan here, but Ye Fan's heart had all flown to the martial arts school.

"Tiger, which car do you fancy, choose two and we'll leave."Ye Fan opened his mouth somewhat impatiently, not paying any attention to the car sales lady.

In Ye Fan's opinion, the car sales lady was a mosquito, and she was just buzzing in his ears.

In normal times, Ye Fan had some patience and could still make a few noises, but now he was completely out of that mind and was only thinking of heading to the martial arts school immediately.

Ah Hu was suddenly excited, he was very fond of cars, but had never had the money to buy one.

And after meeting Ye Fan, although he had a lot of money, but if he spent it all at once it would be a bit unbearable, at the moment Ye Fan let pick the car, where would he be reserved, and then he waved his hand and said: "Brothers, go, go choose the car!"

"Hooray!"The other Big Five Vajra were also very excited and rushed over to the expensive car.

Seeing the six vajra's momentum, the car sales lady turned pale and shouted, "Security, come security, someone is causing a disturbance!"

In the car sales lady's opinion, these six giant men over one meter tall were here to cause trouble, and probably robbery.

Otherwise I have never seen anyone buying a car come to such a large group of people, and still go straight to the luxury car, how to look at it is not normal.

If there were rich people, the car sales lady would be able to see, but the six big villains are all bandits on their bodies, not a little expensive, they are still wearing the most ordinary clothes, although it is not a street stall, but it is a few hundred dollars of small brands, and those luxury cars are millions of dollars, those who can afford that kind of luxury car are wearing thousands of anima, how can they wear a few hundred dollars of small brands.

The security guard rushed in on the news, but when he saw the six big ones, he was also scared to death and froze in place.

The security guard was just a normal person of one meter eighteen, quite tall compared to an ordinary person, but when faced with Six King Kong, he was like Chicken Little, completely disproportionate.

When he saw the Six King Kong, the security guard trembled in fear and ran away without thinking much about it, not daring to stop him.

The car sales lady was confused at the sight, this was the first time she had encountered such a situation, and she didn't know what to do.

However, at this moment, a low voice came out.

"How dare you make a faux pas here!"

The car sales lady was like grasping a straw, hurriedly followed the voice to find out, and saw a teenager around eighteen years old.

The car sales lady showed a sudden disappointment, because the teenager was too young, he looked like he didn't even have any hair, although he had some temperament, he still looked extremely young, not even as young as the temperament on Ye Fan.

"Little old brother, go away, I'll figure out what to do here, I'm already ready to call the police."The car sales lady even waved her hand, telling the teenager not to come over.

But the teenager was as healthy as flying, and rushed in front of Ah Hu in three steps and two steps.

A tiger dodged too late and was suddenly hit by a punch, but A tiger is not a soft man, the impromptu reaction is also very good, first arms held, blocking the momentum of the punch, then a sweeping kick to the teenager.

The teenager grunted coldly and rolled back, but it was a backflip, it looked very natural and smooth, it looked like he was a practitioner.

Ye Fan's tightly furrowed brows also re-stretched, revealing his surprise.

He had been very dissatisfied with the uninformed car sales lady went to the security guard, but attracted the teenager, but is deeply pleased with Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was looking for a master, although the teenager in front of him was very young, but so young, he was able to fight with Ah Hu instead of being killed by a second move, then the teenager's master must be very powerful, which made Ye Fan couldn't help but have a love for talent.

"Ah Hu, pay attention, don't hurt him!The others surround him, don't let him escape."Ye Fan didn't want Ah Hu to injure the teenager, if this was used to make a grudge, it would be difficult to invite the teenager's master, and surrounding the teenager was also Ye Fan's worry that the teenager was flexible and couldn't fight and escape.

After the order, Ye Fan began to watch the battle and take a closer look at the teenager's path.

Although Ye Fan does not know any martial arts, but for some simple moves still some judgment, after all, different factions have the best moves, and these moves, previously Ye Fan has seen on television.

The young man was like a swallow, very flexible, hit it and retreat, not in love with the battle, that is, constantly moving around, looking for Ah Hu's flaw.

The more he looked, the more surprised Ye Fan was, because this was no longer a common martial art, but more like a young warrior inside a martial arts novel, like having light skills, making Ye Fan unable to help but be appalled!

Young man, what school do you come from?


The young man seemed to know how to lighten up, constantly loitering around Ah Hu, whenever Ah Hu punched him, the young man would always avoid it in time.

The juvenile was like a fierce tiger charging forward and retreating like flowing water, very natural and smooth.

It even made Ye Fan feel like a male lead in a movie, very awesome.

"Everyone go together, catch him!"Ye Fan hurriedly shouted.

The teenager was so awesome, Ye Fan was very fond of him, so he wanted to get the teenager no matter what, and most importantly, the master behind the teenager must be even more awesome.

Ye Fan didn't believe that such a young man could be self-taught, there must be even more powerful masters, and if luck was on his side, it would be even better if the teenager still had a few older brothers.

As the saying goes, two fists can't defeat four kicks, and the six Vajra surged past at the same time, not to mention the teenager alone, even if a different fighting champion came, there was nothing he could do.

The six vajra themselves are all over one meter tall brawny men, each is a muscle devil, light pressure can also crush the opponent.

As it turned out, the six vajra attacked at the same time, and the teenager's face changed dramatically, but he couldn't escape the encirclement and was captured alive by the six vajra in a short while.

"Tie me up first, I'll ask him for words later."Ye Fan faintly opened his mouth, then walked towards the counter. One second to remember to read the book

The noise here was tremendous, not to mention the car sales lady, even the cashier lady was terrified and trembled when she saw Ye Fan walk in.

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head and said, "Do I look like a bad guy?How could it be so troublesome if it wasn't for that frakking pen just now blindly barking."

Take out the phone Ye Fan just scanned the code, "Hurry up and do the paperwork for me, three Range Rovers, want 2020 Sheng Shi Edition."

Range Rover, 2020 models, 3.0L6 Sheng Shi Edition, a price is 1,225,000, three units counting fractional handling fees and the like, Ye Fan did not bother to calculate, directly transferred to four million.

"Paypal to the account, four million dollars!"

Along with Ye Fan's payment, there was the familiar sound of Paypal's payment collection prompt.

As soon as this sound rang out, there was silence in the room.

The cashier lady was shocked, "Sir, you really bought a car?"

"Are you stupid, I'm paying for the car, don't I buy you?"The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to get it," he said.Don't be ridiculous.I'm custom-made in this dress, a hundred thousand to start, not counting the AJs on my feet, after the eyes to rub highlights, today if I didn't have time to argue with you, I would have thrown you into the river to feed the fish, what do you count, and dare to waste my precious time!"

After speaking, Ye Fan waved his hand and drove off directly in the Land Rover.

Only the car sales lady was left speechless and embarrassed.

And just at this time, hearing the commotion, the manager also came out, saw the scene of chaos, and asked the cashier lady.

The cashier lady will narrate the course of events once, the manager suddenly kicked the car sales lady, complaining that the car sales lady offended the big customers.

At the moment, Ye Fan have left, can not see this scene, the manager can only regret regret, did not make such a local hero friends, not by all the anger vented on the car sales Miss, and finally comfortable, and mercilessly dismissed the car sales Miss.

A total of three Land Rover, Ye Fan alone one, six diamond divided the remaining two.

Ye Fan left the dealership, drove to a secluded deep alley, before stopping the car.

The six vajra escorted the teenager out of the car.

At this moment, the teenager also understood that he had misunderstood Ye Fan and the others, and was somewhat embarrassed, "Big brothers, I didn't expect that it wasn't you guys who were causing trouble, it was that big sister who was blindly provoking trouble, I'm to blame for not seeing the truth, I sincerely apologize to you guys, you let me go."

"Let you go?"Ye Fan glanced at the teenager and laughed furiously, "Why are you so naive, you directly attacked us, if it wasn't for our strong bodies and large numbers, you might have really finished beating us and sent us to the bureau for tea."

"This...."The young man looked embarrassed, indeed, what Ye Fan said was very reasonable.

If it wasn't for Ye Fan's powerful men, I'm afraid he really would have sent these people to the bureau.

"Then what do you big brothers want to do, I'm quite poor, and I don't have any money, nothing."The young man looked torn.

Ye Fan didn't help his forehead: "You still don't have anything?It's enough that you're so strong, I actually want to hire a force to help me do a job, you're so powerful you should be the proud disciple of which martial arts school, just help me introduce your master and talk about a business, in terms of money, I'll give a satisfactory figure."

"What?Are you going to pay to hire me and my martial arts school?"The teenager was first surprised, then showed surprise.

"What's wrong?"Ye Fan was a little startled, not knowing why the teenager was so excited, according to common sense, none of them should be like this, after all, the martial arts school origin, all of them had righteousness in them, and all of them were disdainful of money.

The teenager said excitedly, "Do you know why I'm at the car dealership?Just because I don't have a job or an income, I wanted to see when there's a robbery and I'll come on board to save the day, and then the dirtbags there will be able to match me and hire me as a bodyguard."

"Huh?"Ye Fan did not expect the teenager to think like this.

In fact, according to the teenager's strength, it was completely possible to go to some family town scene, after all, so young to challenge Ah Hu, its strength felt not weak, the future is unlimited.

In particular, the teenager's body technique was incomparably powerful, making Ye Fan all a bit jaw-dropping.

The youngster nodded, "Young Master, if you want to hire, I'm willing to introduce you, but can you give me priority?I see you're also quite rich, so why don't you hire me first, I don't want much, just give me five thousand a month to cover food and accommodation."


This sentence made Ye Fan completely speechless, I can't imagine that such a powerful existence would want five thousand to cover food and lodging, how could they ask for so little.

But thinking carefully, it dawned on Ye Fan.

Because not to mention the teenagers, let's say Ah Hu and these people, at that time in the Gao family, it was only ten thousand a month, and it was estimated that it was only a few thousand at the beginning.

Now that Ye Fan still had nearly two billion in cash on him, if the juvenile was even doubling the price, Ye Fan would be able to hire quite a few.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan nodded and said, "Alright then, take me to your martial arts school, I will give you priority in hiring you."

"Thank you, young master."The young man jumped up in excitement and took out a business card from his bosom and handed it to Ye Fan.

What Ye Fan didn't say was that he actually wanted to directly hire an entire martial arts school, or if one martial arts school wasn't enough, he wanted to find two martial arts schools, after all, the Wang family wasn't that easy to deal with, everything had to be steady.

Receiving the business card, it had the name of the martial arts school and the teenager's name and a cell phone number on the front.

Martial Arts Pavilion; Lin Mu Mu; 138....


Turning over the business card, the back of the business card wrote the project, and after seeing the project, Ye Fan was blinded.

The Martial Court's purpose: the customer is God, the mission will be achieved.In addition to killing and setting fires, any business is accepted, if the amount of money is sufficient, killing and setting fires is also acceptable.

This sentence was not something that Ye Fan had made up, but was the original, the words written on the business card.

The first thing you need to know is that you can't find any other way to get rid of the problem.

As long as money could solve things, it wasn't a matter.

"Let's go, lead the way ahead, Ah Hu will drive Lin Mu Mu."After Ye Fan instructed, he got into the Land Rover.

The crowd set out on their journey once again, aiming for the Martial Pavilion.

When they arrived at the Martial Pavilion, Ye Fan was stunned, it wasn't Ye Fan's problem, but the impact the Martial Pavilion had on Ye Fan was too great.

Ye Fan thought that the Martial Dao Pavilion that cultivated a genius like Lin Mu Mu must be an extraordinary existence, but it was a little too extraordinary.

The Martial Dao Pavilion wasn't set up in the city center like other martial schools, but in the suburbs. The debut website m.kanshu8.net

Just now in the car, Ye Fan even uneasily checked the martial arts cabinet, but did not find the address, but also did not suspect Lin Mu Mu.

Because Lin Mumu's business card is definitely not forged, unless Lin Mumu has a premeditated plan to deceive Ye Fan, but is it necessary?They don't know each other and have no previous grudges.

In fact, the Martial Arts Pavilion was nothing in the suburbs, but the point was that it was in an abandoned building, and there were many signs of "demolition" on the outside of the building that clearly stated that dangerous buildings were off limits.

"Are you sure this is the right place?"Ye Fan was a little worried, he was really afraid that if he went in, he wouldn't be able to get out, this kind of building collapses when it says it's going to collapse, no one can say for sure.

Lin Mumu saw Ye Fan's worries, so he took the initiative and said, "Let's say, all the big brothers wait for me here, I'll go call the curator to come out."

"Okay."Ye Fan nodded, he really didn't want to go in.

Lin Mumu tumbled over the fence and jumped over the fence into the abandoned building, not long after, he came out with a middle-aged man with white sideburns.

To Ye Fan's surprise, the middle-aged man looked very decent, not at all like someone who lost his dignity for money.

However, Ye Fan wasn't sure, because Lin Mu Mu was also all righteous, but he was breaking his back for five thousand dollars, so Ye Fan also couldn't understand a bit.

"Mumu, is this what you call a rich man?"The middle-aged man glanced up and down at Ye Fan, but didn't see any doors, but when he saw the three Land Rovers listening behind Ye Fan, he exclaimed, "Fuck, Land Rover, or the newest 2020 model, these three will be nearly four million!"

When he turned his head, the middle-aged man patted Mumu's shoulder in satisfaction, "Mumu ah, you've done a good job this time, you can go back now."

"Master, what do you mean?"Lin Mu Mu frowned.

The middle-aged man chuckled, "What do you mean, of course it's up to my master to do it for you.You're still young, you don't know the dangers of society, and your skills aren't up to par, according to my master, you still need to hone your skills for a few more years."

Ye Fan suddenly looked speechless, because the middle-aged man was also too shady, even his own disciple, as expected he was not a good thing, not the same as it looked.Where is this decent, just an old scoundrel ah!

The middle-aged man then handed a business card to Ye Fan, "Young Master, hello, my humble name is Xu Qingfeng, I am more suited to serve you than my apprentice, do you see what services you need?I'm not asking for much, twenty thousand a month, just food and shelter included."

"Twenty thousand?"

Ye Fan was surprised, could it be that Xu Qingfeng was four times stronger than Lin Mu Mu?

But it really wasn't possible, because Xu Qingfeng was the curator, or Lin Mu Mu's master, if he had the strength.

"Does Young Master find it expensive?I can counter-offer you up to fifteen thousand, it can't go any lower, if it goes any lower, I won't even have the money for the child's milk powder."Xu Qingfeng revealed a miserable expression.

Ye Fan was even more speechless, this girl, she really knows how to pretend.

But with such a little money, Ye Fan really didn't care.

"You can have it, twenty thousand is fine, but I want to try your skills."

Ye Fan faintly opened his mouth, just talking without practicing fake tricks, he also wanted to see Xu Qingfeng's methods.

Ye Fan then waved his hand, and Ah Hu went out of the battle.


Xu Qingfeng nodded, the roguishness in his eyes disappearing in an instant, followed by determination.

Ye Fan knew that Xu Qingfeng was not playing around, so he quickly made his way out of the way to give Ah Hu and Xu Qingfeng enough space.

Lin Mu Mu was a little unsure, "Young Master, why don't you send one more person, I feel like one person doesn't seem to be enough."

"What?"Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, but it soon dawned on him, after all, Ah Hu was evenly matched against Lin Mu Mu, let alone Xu Qingfeng, who was the master, and was definitely even more superior.

But it was all over now, because Xu Qingfeng had already rushed out.

Tiger put up a full frame, he wasn't good at attacking, because of too much muscle, he actually didn't act that flexible, if the game, Tiger was the type of heavy tank.

The only drawback was his flexibility.

The few times he had done it, Tiger could also see that Tiger's best attack was not an active attack, but a defensive one followed by a heavy punch and a counterattack the moment the opponent hit him.

Although this was a disadvantage, it was an easy task for Ah Hu who had a high defense, it was just a hairy damage.

But this time, Ye Fan was worried for Ah Hu, because Ah Hu's opponent, however, was Lin Mu Mu's master.

In the lightning, Xu Qingfeng arrived in front of Ah Hu's body, his speed was even a few points stronger than Lin Mu Mu, and vaguely, Ye Fan seemed to see an afterimage.

But it was fleeting, and Ye Fan even felt that he was seeing an illusion.But no matter what, the punch was still punched out by Xu Qingfeng.


With a loud bang, Tiger flew out upside down, but the second sound was not the sound of Tiger landing or Xu Qingfeng striking, but the sound of a sonic boom coming from Tiger who flew out upside down.

Listening carefully, Ye Fan even heard the sound of bones breaking.

Xu Qingfeng's strength was truly not to be underestimated, and just the might of a single punch had broken Ah Hu's bones.

"Fuck, stop stop stop!"

Ye Fan was so frightened that he ran over and helped Tiger up, ready to check his injuries, but Tiger's hand was like a soft as a bony snake, he didn't resist at all, but he broke the bone of his hand.

Nima, this was too brutal.

No matter what, Ye Fan did not expect Xu Qingfeng to be so strong.

But what made Ye Fan even more unexpected was Lin Mu Mu's faint words.

"That's it, my master isn't serious yet..."


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