Lost Young Master 216-220


Chapter 216

I saw two drunken, red-faced mental boys barge in, slightly drunkenly scanning the entire room before scratching their heads and saying, "Oops, wrong door, haha."

Saying that, the two of them were going out.

And because the door was kicked in, the singing stopped abruptly, and the joyful atmosphere just now was also low again.This made Jiang Yanglu extremely dissatisfied and lowly cursed, "Damn, bad luck!"

Now was the time for him to perform, just to be able to perform well in front of Shangguan Yue and prove that he was better than Ye Fan.

As long as the song defeated Ye Fan, Jiang Yanglu would not only be able to beat Ye Fan's face and gain Shangguan Yue's favor, but he would also be able to use this opportunity to show the incompetence of the second class and win even more glory for the first class, gaining the approval of the whole class.

The position of class president was not just about reputation, there were other practical benefits as well.

Even though the two spirit lads drank too much wine, their ears were still smart, and Jiang Yanglu's low curses reached the ears of the two spirit lads.Both of the two spirit lads who had already walked out, suddenly turned back and kicked open the door again, snarling, "Which fury said the words, come out to me!"

"What? Just come out, what else can you do!"Jiang Yanlu did not pander in the slightest and directly stood out.

He also had to come out at this moment, after all, the whole class was watching, and if he wimped out at this moment, it would have a great impact on his reputation.And in his opinion, as long as he took the lead, the other students would also support him.

After all, there were only two people on the opposite side, and it wasn't enough evidence. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Kid, do you know who I am, just tell me bleeping bleeping bleeping bleeping, come on, take it or leave it!"One of the spiritual guys with dyed white hair took a big step forward and rushed towards Jiang Yanglu.

Jiang Yanglu's face changed, never thought that these people really dared to fight, but even if they couldn't fight, the momentum can't be wimped out, picking up the wine bottle on the table and smashing it directly over.

The other male students saw this, where they could still hold back and got up.

Twelve boys struck at the same time, and in three strikes, the mental boy with dyed white and pink hair was beaten to death.

"Why don't we go back."

While the whole class was cheering, Shangguan Yue came to Ye Fan's side worriedly.

After what happened to Avi in the morning, Shangguan Yue was actually worried that the spirit boy just now was also a gangster, and it would be bad if he brought a group of people here to cause trouble.

She didn't come out equipped with bodyguards, so it would be worse if she was bullied.The point was that Ye Fan was also here, she didn't want Ye Fan to get hurt.

Ye Fan nodded his head and said, "Let's go then, after all, it's a gangster, if we kill a comeback, these little arms and legs are really not enough."

Ye Fan went out and made preparations, having the six villains squatting outside the KTV all the time, but even so, Ye Fan was still worried about Shangguan Yue's condition.

The doctor had said not to let Shangguan Yue be stimulated, and if it was because of the scuffle, then it would be a bit more than worth it.

Besides, there was really nothing to do here, just a bunch of people singing, and no other entertainment, Ye Fan also felt a bit bored.

Hearing Ye Fan's words, the whole class of girls fell into contemplation.

In their opinion, Ye Fan was right, they had just won the fight because there were only two people on the other side, if a whole bunch of people came on the other side, then they really wouldn't be able to eat their way out.

Jiang Yanglu also saw the grudging looks coming from the girls, and suddenly his face turned blue and red, he also knew that he was indeed impulsive just now.

But he had spent so much money on this party, if he just left, he would get nothing.

Moreover, Jiang Yanlu wasn't afraid of these spirit boys.

After giving a cold snort, Jiang Yanglu sneered, "Who cares what kind of thugs, I don't believe they still dare to bring people to make trouble, if they dare to come, I'll let my uncle arrest them all."

Once this was said, the students only remembered that Jiang Yanglu was no ordinary student, in Jiang Yanglu's uncle was a deputy director of Fangzhou, there really was trouble, but also could be settled.

With this shot in the arm, the students returned to their seats and began to play at ease.

And Jiang Yanglu was proudly looking at Ye Fan, slightly provocative: "Everyone play at ease, I'm here for everything, do not be afraid of them these evil forces.Our first class can't be wimpy, don't follow the example of the second class's class leader like this, it's easy to be laughed at."

Saying that, he also King Shangguan Yue said, "Shangguan student, don't worry about playing here.If someone wants to leave, let him go, I'll protect you."

The words fell, and the whole class burst into laughter, looking at Ye Fan's expression with a few more times of disdain, including the girls who had previously shown their affection to Ye Fan and avoided him.

Seeing that the effect was good, Jiang Yanlu fell into a fantasy of Shangguan Yue slapping Ye Fan furiously, mocking Ye Fan for not being a man, and then throwing herself at him.

But the truth was just the opposite, only to see Shangguan Yue get up and slap Jiang Yanglu's face, snorting, "Next time you dare to talk about my husband, I don't mind taking your skin off!"

To Shangguan Yue, Ye Fan was her backbone, and she forbade others to insult Ye Fan in any way.

Ye Fan couldn't help but wan and looked at Jiang Yanglu again, only to feel that Jiang Yanglu was just a clown.

Jiang Yanglu was blindsided by the slap, and just when he wanted to fight back, the door was kicked open again, and the sound was even louder than before, even as the door creaked and was about to shatter.

"Damn it, you're the ones who did it to my little brother!"

A tattooed big man with a bare upper body walked in, with a group of mental boys behind him.

It didn't surprise Ye Fan that White Hair and Pink Hair were in the group, but what did surprise Ye Fan was that the tattooed big man who bore the brunt of it was none other than Avi!

Ye Fan was all a bit speechless, A Wei was really awesome to meet here.

The most important thing was that A Wei's wounds had actually recovered so quickly, except for the bandages on his head, all the wounds on his body had already scabbed over, and he just looked a bit hideous and horrible.

"And slow down, and slow down."

After Wei came in, a man in a suit walked in, it was the manager of Megaman KTV, he said with a bitter face, "Master Wei, look at this matter and just let it go, the protection money we turn in every month has never been worse than once."

"Count it off!Isn't it normal to give full protection money."A Wei glared at the manager, but did not make a move, but straight at the white and pink hair: "Are you blind, can't you see my brother was beaten up, I'm not making trouble, I'm here to take revenge.Understand?Get the hell out of here if you understand!"

The manager was too scared to squeak, apparently succumbing to Avi's silverware.

And A Wei's words are reasonable, A Wei is only here to take revenge.If you don't let A Wei take revenge, not to mention whether the manager is capable of it or not, the point is that the manager doesn't have the guts either.

However, right at this moment, one person on this side of Class I stepped forward!


The one who stepped forward was none other than Jiang Yanglu.

Jiang Yanglu saw A Wei's vicious expression and trembled in fear, but thinking of the classmates behind him, in order to always stand as class president, Jiang Yanglu walked over with a hard scalp and said, "This matter is just a misunderstanding, how about we forget about this matter, in the future, well water does not offend river water, both sides of the road, each side of the road, what do you think?"

"I don't see shit, you're nothing."Wei sneered.

The manager, seeing an opportunity, stepped forward at the right time and reminded, "Master Wei, this kid is Wu Dalong's nephew."

"Wu Dalong?That deputy director?"A Wei was slightly surprised, and after looking deeply at Jiang Yanglu, he waved his hand and said, "I'm still giving face to Director Wu."

Jiang Yanglu's apprehensive mood relaxed, not expecting that Wu Dalong was really quite good at it.He drifted up again, proudly looking at Shangguan Yue, now Shangguan Yue should regret it, what's the use of choosing that rich one Ye Fan, he still has to rely on his connections at critical moments.Unconsciously, he thought of Shangguan Yue's throwing his arms around him again.

"Alright, you can go aside."Avi stepped forward and pushed Jiang Yanglu away with one hand.

Jiang Yanglu was blinded and puzzled, "What do you mean?"

A Wei sneered, "I see that you're Director Wu's nephew, I'll spare you once, you should leave quickly, I won't let the others go."

As soon as this was said, Jiang Yanglu was stunned in place. A second to remember to read the book

I didn't expect to give face, but it was so given.

Jiang Yanglu was in an awkward place, he wanted to speak again at the moment, but when he saw the group of people behind A Wei, he knew that the whole class couldn't be beaten, and if he didn't speak, the class leader's reputation wouldn't be preserved.

After some consideration, Jiang Yanglu still made up his mind that the class monitor would not be needed, and that he should protect his own safety.

After thinking it through, Jiang Yanglu pushed it aside.

All the students couldn't help but chill at the sight of him.


Ye Fan couldn't help but snort out, Jiang Yanglu's wimpy appearance like a grandson was really displeasing to Ye Fan.

At any rate, he was the class president of a class, and also spoke out of turn, but now he actually disregarded the safety of the other students in order to save himself, and this was worthy of a class president?

But Ye Fan's voice drew Avi's attention, and before much thought was given to it, Avi raged, "Damn, it's you kid!"

He was just beaten up by Ye Fan in the morning, and Ah Wei still didn't know where to go to take revenge, but I never thought that Ye Fan would appear on such an occasion, and God had given him the chance.

When the other students saw Ye Fan speak, they thought that Ye Fan knew A Wei and were very happy.But this angry statement from A Wei made the students' hearts cold, where is Ye Fan a savior, he is totally pulling hatred.

But A Wei didn't rush to do anything, but instead swept around, and eventually his eyes fixed on Shangguan Yue's body, his eyes suddenly revealed greed.

A Wei licked his lips and said, "As expected you guys are a piece of cake, can't help but let me get my revenge and fuck this chick of yours, it seems like the heavens aren't bad to me!"

Immediately afterwards, Ah Da waved his hand and said, "Guys, later on, when I have a good time, you all have a part to play.There are quite a few other girls too, a little less posture, but they're all student girls, so they should be good to play with, so let's get high tonight!"

As soon as this was said, each of the spirit boys behind Avi was suddenly silver-eyed and had begun to scan every girl present, like a cheetah picking its prey, their eyes filled with possessiveness.

On the other hand, the students of the first class were already looking like dirt, thinking of a bad ending.What's more, they were blaming Jiang Yanglu in their hearts, if it wasn't for Jiang Yanglu's action just now, they wouldn't have gotten into these things.

Or if they had listened to Ye Fan's persuasion and left just now, they wouldn't have been killed by these thugs.

Especially at this moment, Jiang Yanglu was still hiding behind like a grandson, he was really very unmanly, or to be precise, a wimp.

"Mom, you kid behave yourself, just be at ease and be a wimp, don't give me shame!"A Wei glanced at Jiang Yanglu, scaring him so much that Jiang Yanglu quickly threw his phone on the ground.

Although Jiang Yanglu had retreated, he also wanted to call his uncle, and when the time came, he could still say that he was retreating to make progress, but now this little action was also completely seen by A Wei, he really had no other choice, and also looked like a loser, so he stood aside, like a loser.

"Yeah, there's nothing wrong with just being a wimp honestly, hahaha!"When A Wei saw Jiang Yanglu's wimpy appearance, he laughed even more recklessly.

When he turned his head, A Wei looked greedily at Shangguan Yue's body, sweeping up and down, Jie Jie said with a strange smile, "Little girl, you won't get away this time!"

"Look at you paralyzed!"Ye Fan was suddenly furious, even if he was looked at that way by A Wei, he felt that A Wei had insulted Shangguan Yue, not to mention that Shangguan Yue couldn't be stimulated right now.

Without much thought, Ye Fan copied the bottle and threw it at A Wei, and came with a bang to explode his head.

A Wei's head was like a burst watermelon, bursting with red juice.

It was just a bottle, not enough to beat down Avi.

Avi screamed in pain, and after touching the donated blood on his head, he burst into rage and said, "Damn it, give it to me, chop this kid into mincemeat!"

Once this statement was made, not to mention Ye Fan, even the other students were scared out of their wits.

Originally thought it was just a beating, but A Wei actually wanted to kill, and it didn't matter if Ye Fan was killed, the rest of them were also worried about being killed and were even more scared out of their wits, but not indifferent, they also wanted to fight back desperately.

However, before the spirit guys could do anything, the door was kicked open and then six big men over one meter nine meters rushed into the private room.

Don't look at the spirit guys there are more than a dozen people, but they are also hollowed out by alcohol, even if they have the skills, some kung fu, are all three feet of the cat kung fu, dealing with students is okay, for adults did not fold.

And these six big men weren't ordinary people, they were the same six vajra that Ye Fan had brought earlier.

The Gao family spent a lot of money to train their thugs, and they didn't need to think much about it to know that they were more awesome than these spirit boys, not to mention that they themselves had a height advantage.

So, before the dozen or so spirit guys could react, the six vajra took a baseball bat and thunderbolt was a beating, directly wiping out the spirit guys.

Only Wei was left stunned in place who hadn't reacted yet.

The appearance of the six big kings made the students excited.When Jiang Yanlu saw this, his eyes turned and he said proudly, "Classmates, I was just retreating to advance, these are the helpers I found."

Upon hearing this, all the students revealed a look of shame at Jiang Yanglu, somewhat regretting having doubted Jiang Yanglu's good intentions.

Jiang Yanglu was so proud of himself that he was about to take out the money and secretly stuff it into the Six Vajra to accompany the act.

But the Six Vajra was the first to kneel in front of Ye Fan and said, "Ye Shao, we're late, please punish us!"

Seeing this, all the students instantly dawned on the truth of the matter .

On the other hand, Jiang Yanglu was also completely disheveled....


Jiang Yanglu couldn't have imagined that after messing around for half a day, these people were actually Ye Fan's men, which was embarrassing.

He was bragging just now, but the fact in front of him was like a slap, mercilessly slapping Jiang Yanlu's face.

"Oh, that's it?"

"This too Pepe as our squad leader?"

"Jiang Yanglu is a big liar!"

"Not only is he a liar, but he's also a wimp!"

The students complained, and even if they didn't strike at Jiang Yanlu, it was like a punch to the face.

On the other hand, the attitude of the students towards Ye Fan was completely different.

"Wowse, Ye Fan is so handsome!"

"As expected of a second class leader, he's so much better than that Gao Xingyu!" One second to remember to read the book

"It's so reliable, that's the kind of man I want."

Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, Shangguan Yue waved her hand, "Insolent, don't get ideas about my husband, he's mine!"

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly, but these boasts were still very useful to him, and the fact that so many people were bragging made Ye Fan a bit floored as well.

"Old rules, take these people down and deal with them."Ye Fan said to the six vajra.

Ah Hu scratched his head and said, "Ye Shao, I'm afraid I can't physically eat with so many people."

"If you can't eat it, eat it slowly, perform well and double the bonus."Ye Fan's tone couldn't be denied.

And hearing the prize money doubled, Ah Hu also came to his senses.After all, one time was nearly a million, and doubling it was two million, he simply couldn't refuse.

"Don't worry, Ye Shao, let me handle this matter!"Ah Hu beamed with joy.

Ye Fan glanced at the trembling Ah Wei and said again, "Especially Ah Wei, one time is far from enough, it's better to do it ten times eight times, let him also experience what those women he bullied before felt, next time I forgive him he won't dare!"

A Wei's face changed dramatically, at this moment could he still not understand what Ye Fan meant?

Where this was a beating, it was a wrestling exercise that made the back door bloom.

Seeing the eyebrows Ah Hu cast over, Ah Wei was so scared that he just rolled his eyes and fainted.

A Wei made trouble, the students had no intention of playing, the most important thing was that it was still Jiang Yanglu's treat, if Jiang Yanglu fell off, they would have to pay out of their own pockets.

So while Jiang Yanglu was still in the room, all the students scattered and left the room.

Naturally, Ye Fan also took Shangguan Yue along with the people left the KTV and drove the BMW I8 and brought it back home.

In the next few days, Ye Fan didn't have anything to do, so he took Shangguan Yue to walk around and play everywhere.

After a few days, when Ye Fan saw that Shangguan Yue's mood was stable, he took Shangguan Yue to the hospital to find a psychiatrist for a follow-up visit, as long as he was sure that Shangguan Yue was fine, Ye Fan was able to take care of one thing.

This morning, Ye Fan brought Shangguan Yue to the hospital, because it was a temporary arrangement and there was no appointment, so he just had to go through the process and register for a queue.

Ye Fan didn't want to be a nuisance, so he just honestly registered his number in the queue.

To be honest, Ye Fan had never been to a hospital before, how could he know the process was so complicated, but he also took it as fun and enjoyed every process.

Finally after an hour of busy work, Ye Fan finally got the number plate.

There were quite a few people coming to see the doctor, and just now Ye Fan asked the nurse that it would take until the afternoon for Ye Fan's turn, Ye Fan was going to take Guan Yue to have lunch first, and then come back when he finished eating, and there was plenty of time.

Because there was no need to take blood tests, the meal was also unaffected.

But as soon as he returned to the place where Yue Guan was waiting, Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, because beside Yue Guan was sitting next to a balding middle-aged man in a black suit with a large belly.

The balding middle-aged man was speaking spitefully, while Shangguan Yue was frowning and looked very reluctant.

Without saying a word, Ye Fan went over and kicked the balding middle-aged man with a flying kick, directly knocking him to the ground.

Ye Fan didn't have any nonsense to say, he wouldn't let go of this kind of man who harassed his woman, especially if it was this kind of dirty uncle.

"Stop, don't fight."Shangguan Yue hurriedly pulled Ye Fan.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, "Don't fight?He's harassing you, how can I stand it."

"He didn't harass me."Shangguan Yue blinked her eyes, looking surprised.

Ye Fan was suddenly confused and said, "He didn't harass you?Then why were you so disgusted to avoid him?"

"This uncle is a director and also came to see a patient, and when he saw that I looked good, he thought of inviting me to just act, but I didn't want to act, so I was refusing."Shangguan Yue explained.

"What, a director?"Ye Fan's newly recovered face was cold again, although he had never seen a director, but he also knew that directors are not good things, all have subliminal rules or something, come to find Shangguan Yue, not still gluttonous Shangguan Yue's body.

But nothing happened now, Ye Fan is not going to fight again, after all, it's in the hospital, it's no longer good to scare other patients with a casual hand.

"Pay attention next time, don't just invite."Ye Fan snorted coldly and brought Shangguan Yue to walk out.

"Ouch!"A scream from the balding uncle suddenly attracted many passersby, who could not help but watch.

The balding uncle held his leg and screamed, "Ouch, my leg, it hurts, what's wrong with young people nowadays, how can they just hit people!"

Ye Fan frowned and was about to do something, but was stopped by Shangguan Yue.

"Why are you stopping me?"Ye Fan frowned, he is not stupid, just now he obviously kicked the bald uncle's arm, but at the moment the uncle is holding his legs, this is obviously pretend.

With this bear look or the director, in Ye Fan's opinion, it was a porcelain touch.

"The more the merrier, I think it's better to forget it."Shangguan Yue consoled, it wasn't that she was a saintly mother, the second was that this was a hospital, not any other place.There were many patients who were perhaps just as afraid of being irritated as she was, and it would be a big taboo if it irritated the patient and caused a seizure.

"Let me handle this matter."Shangguan Yue patted Ye Fan's shoulder and walked towards the balding uncle.

Ye Fan nodded his head and also wanted to see how Shangguan Yue handled it.

In fact, from the time he met Shangguan Yue, Ye Fan had never seen Shangguan Yue take action.And as a little witch, how could she be so easily irritated, she was not really a little witch.

In Ye Fan's opinion, Shangguan Yue was more like a little sister next door, a little flower in a greenhouse, not at all as cold-blooded and cruel as the rumors.

Taking this opportunity, Ye Fan also wanted to see how exactly Shangguan Yue became famous.

Only Shangguan Yue walked up to the balding uncle and lowered himself, "Uncle, may I ask which leg is hurting you?"

"My right leg hurts."The balding uncle was holding the right leg, and right now it was just by saying right leg, the performance was so strong that there was hardly any flaw.

Especially the sweat oozing from his forehead made the crowd of onlookers feel even more real.

If it wasn't for the fact that it was Ye Fan who just did it, I'm afraid Ye Fan would have believed that the balding uncle was real, and that the uncle's acting was really strong, would he become a director!


"Right leg pain?And how exactly does that hurt?"Shangguan Yue faintly spoke, not panicking in the slightest as she continued to ask.

"It hurts, the pain of not being able to stand up, I feel like my leg is ruined."The balding uncle didn't know what Shangguan Yue meant, but he still quickly said a thought, otherwise, he would be seen to be broken.

And there was no flaw in his statement, anyway, just saying that he couldn't stand up, he didn't believe that Shangguan Yue dared to do anything.

"Ah, the pain of not being able to stand up ah, how does that uncle want us to compensate, we will definitely compensate properly, just say a number."Shangguan Yue said again.

Hearing the money given, the balding uncle brightened up, but he still didn't get on board, but snorted, "I don't want compensation, what do you take me for, what I want is an apology, a sincere apology, you really think money is great, I'm poor, but I also have ambition, I won't give in for a little money, I want you to kneel down and apologize to me!"

The balding uncle's words were met with a sudden applause from the crowd.

Most of the people were poor, and they just wanted to see this kind of positive energy that didn't give in for money.

Ye Fan secretly bad, bald uncle is really a master, just now if you say money, that is and porcelain touching no mistake, or low-level porcelain touching, but now also do not want money, so that in the eyes of passers-by, it is not porcelain touching, because not for the name and not for profit, is to take offense, it is very clear, is bald uncle really hammered leg like.

Ye Fan was about to make a move, but Shangguan Yue indicated with her eyes that Ye Fan should not be anxious.

Seeing that Shangguan Yue was so calm, Ye Fan nodded his head and loosened his clenched fist, anyway, now he was here, he wasn't afraid of the balding uncle misbehaving with Shangguan Yue. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Shangguan Yue took out a card from her bag, "I understand that you want me to kneel down and apologize, but my knee is worth a thousand gold, so I'll give you a thousand gold, I'll discount you a hundred million according to the market price, so that's enough."

Saying that, Shangguan Yue handed the card to the balding uncle.

Everyone was shocked at this statement, as no one would have thought that Shangguan Yue was so rich.

"Of course, if you don't want the card, WeChat transfer is fine."Shangguan Yue said and took out her phone, only to see that the WeChat balance was as high as 500 million.

Ye Fan couldn't help but wander, after all, being the daughter of the Shangguan family, it was reasonable for her account to have so much money.

And now the problem is thrown to the balding uncle, either to collect the money, but this will also be seen as a porcelain touch, but if you don't collect the money, then you will also be treated as an idiot.

No matter who it was, 100 million was no small amount.

To put up with it for 100 million for the sake of 100 million, anyone else would have chosen to ask for the money, after all, it was too good to be true.

The balding uncle was also in deep thought as a result, after all, 100 million was not a small amount for him either.

However, at this moment, what no one had expected was that Shangguan Yue's 12cm high heels stepped directly onto the balding uncle's right leg.

These 12cm heels, if they stepped on the leg, they would definitely be crippled on the spot.

Some of the onlookers at the scene suddenly shouted, "Uncle, watch out!"

The balding uncle was deep in thought, and upon being reminded, he jumped up in a jolt, avoiding a kick from Shangguan Yue.

"So close, so close, thank you, little brother."The balding uncle patted his chest after fear and said, "I've thought about it, I'll ask for money, after all, you're also a little girl, I don't want to embarrass you, so you can just transfer money to me."

But when the words fell out, the bald uncle sensed that the atmosphere was wrong, and Ye Fan also ran straight out and kicked over the bald uncle.

"Damn, everyone see it, this is a porcelain touch!"

Actually, no need for Ye Fan to say it, everyone saw it too.

Because just now, the bald uncle jumped straight up, if he really couldn't stand up, how could he dodge it, and his movements were excessively flexible, it didn't look like he had been injured at all.

The passersby at the scene suddenly praised Yue Shangguan for his resourcefulness and being able to expose the balding uncle so easily.

But Ye Fan knew that it wasn't simple, if he had stepped on it directly, the balding uncle would have been able to endure his instinctive reaction and would have received a kick from Shangguan Yue.

But Shangguan Yue used one hundred million to put the balding uncle in a difficult situation, and then launched a surprise attack, so that the balding uncle was caught off guard and did not have the time to react, with such a chain reaction, only then did he succeed in getting the balding uncle trapped.

It was only at this moment that Ye Fan felt that Shangguan Yue was really smart and a true little witch, it was also really amazing that she could come up with such a solution.

The next thing was simple, no matter how Ye Fan fought, the crowd wouldn't say anything, or even join together.

After all, the balding uncle was just a liar who had just cheated them out of their sympathy, and they didn't want to spare this kind of porcelain touching liar lightly.

For a while, after Ye Fan got tired, he left the hospital with Shangguan Yue to go eat.

"Really!"Ye Fan gave a thumbs up to Shangguan Yue, because Shangguan Yue's performance was really too amazing, it completely impressed Ye Fan.

But just like that Shangguan Yue was also irritated by him, so that meant one thing, that Shangguan Yue really put him first in his heart.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan felt even more guilty about Shangguan Yue.

Shangguan Yue seemed to have seen what was in Ye Fan's heart and also sighed, "I'm also to blame, if I hadn't mentioned that person, it wouldn't have made you angry, I won't mention that person again, and you won't yell at me in the future either, okay, I'm really afraid that you won't want me."

"I was wrong, I won't, I won't even yell at you in the future, I'll definitely spoil you to the heavens and become a little princess!"Ye Fan hugged Shangguan Yue tightly and kissed him deeply.

A little girl like Shangguan Yue was similar to Ye Jiaqi, but her heart was actually simpler and turned for him.

Everything was because Ye Fan was overthinking.

In fact, the main thing was still Ye Fan's heartfelt lack of confidence, after all, he was not a rich man since childhood, but was found by his family, in essence, Ye Fan still felt that he was a poor hangman, a poor orphan.

Everything in front of him seemed like a bubble, and he was very afraid that it would suddenly disappear.

So everything the family asked of him, he tried to do the best he could, just to make the family happy so he could have a better life.

Only Ye Fan suddenly realized that he was the one who was over-intentional.

Because he was born with a golden key in his mouth from birth, even if he lost it, his genes were excellent genes from his parents and also later on his parents came to find it, so it was like a dream that shattered all those years of his hanging life before.

At this moment, he was back to being like a rich man again.

Just a simple thought, Ye Fan was not so inferior, so he took the shy-faced Shangguan Yue to dinner.

Because the two of them had solved their misunderstanding, their relationship was once again sublimated, and just eating, they fed each other countless times, making the passersby both envious and jealous.


However, Ye Fan's words never seemed to count, every time he said to spoil a woman, the woman would leave at this time, as if it was like a spell.

In the afternoon, after going for a recheck, Shangguan Yue didn't have any problems, which also made Ye Fan's mind at ease.

Half a month passed and Shangguan Yue finally regained her original appearance, the only difference was that Shangguan Yue was even more dependent on Ye Fan, and was like glue and shadow to Ye Fan.

However, just on this night, Ye Fan suddenly received a call from Wang Kexin.

"Kexin, how are you doing lately?"Ye Fan was concerned.

"No, I'm not okay, I'm about to be sent to be a star by my family, I don't want to, Ye Shao when can you come, take me away."Wang Kexin cried out.

However, the voice was not loud, and seemed to deliberately lower the volume.

In the meantime, Ye Fan's brows knitted.

Earlier, Wang Kexin had told him that as long as it was not a marriage, he was going to be a star.

Ye Fan had been busy in Fangzhou and had really forgotten to go to Wang Kexin, but now on this side of Fangzhou, there was no need for him to carry it all the time, and it was just as well to pick up Wang Kexin. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Kexin, don't worry, I'm leaving for your family, you stall the family for a few days, wait for me, I'll be right back."

Ye Fan said comfortingly, and had already started to operate the computer to order plane tickets.

Ye Fan knew that Wang Kexin's home was in Hundred Flowers City.

The distance from Fangzhou wasn't too far, and it would take three hours by plane to reach Hundred Flowers City.

"What's wrong?Did something happen?"Shangguan Yue hugged Ye Fan from behind and also saw that Ye Fan had booked the ticket.

Ye Fan touched Shangguan Yue's hair and sighed, "It seems I can't go to my appointment to accompany you properly again, something happened on the side of Kexin, the family forced Kexin to be a star, that is, to give up on her, I'm going to pick her back."

"Kexin sister ah, then you quickly go, you also do not say miss appointment, this half month you really good company me, I feel like a princess, this half month I have dreamed enough, now is also time to wake up, I have a few other sisters up there, always have to share you with them, you just go, Kexin sister over there things are more urgent!"Shangguan Yue had already known that Ye Fan had several other women before and had accepted it at the beginning.

But the more sensible Shangguan Yue was, the more Ye Fan felt indebted to Shangguan Yue, hugging Shangguan Yue tightly, Ye Fan said seriously, "Don't worry, once everything is over, I'll take everyone to Ye Island to get married, never separate, and accompany you every day."

"Alright, alright, I know.You focus on your career now, you have to be strong yourself, this is the man that my Shangguan Yue sees, just....Just come back to see me when you have time."Shangguan Yue patted Ye Fan's back, but her voice was getting smaller and smaller, and tears were falling down without a fight.

"There's no rush now, the latest flight is in three hours, so there's still enough time."Ye Fan was a little distracted, he didn't like sad separations, and he wanted to be happy even if he left.

And this half month, the relationship between the two had already broken through the last step.

Shangguan Yue's face was instantly shy: "Nasty, you still want to do bad things at this time, you pull the curtains, I don't like too bright."


Ye Fan got out of the bed to draw the curtains, then he transformed into a big bad wolf and pounced on Shangguan Yue....


With a sound that cut through the sky, the plane that Ye Fan boarded had rushed into the sky.

Reminiscing about the beauty of Shangguan Yue, he was now embarking on a flight to Hundred Blossoms City.

It was worthy of being a flight to Hundred Flowers City, the entire plane was particularly fragrant.

It wasn't the first time Ye Fan had been on a plane, normal planes didn't smell of perfume, they were all ordinary air, without the slightest odor, whether it was fragrant or smelly.

But this flight was a strange perfume, but it was light, not so pungent, not very strong, just light, making people feel very good.

Evan couldn't help but take a few deep puffs and look satisfied.

In a short while, the radio sounded, explaining the real reason for the aroma in the plane.

It wasn't actually the plane's specialness, but rather because of the specialness of the Hundred Blossoms City.

The Hundred Flowers City was called Hundred Flowers City because there were more than a hundred kinds of valuable flowers in the city, other flowers were countless, and Hundred Flowers City had four seasons, so the whole city was fragrant.

It was rumored that most homes in Hundred Flowers City were wooden houses, which were very intentional.

Ye Fan even felt that Hundred Flowers City was inhabited by a group of ancient people, and he couldn't help but envy Wang Kexin.

Wang Kexin's reclusive family had chosen to live in such an antique city, which could be considered very correct.However, Ye Fan also had a suspicion that it was possible that the existence of the Wang family was the reason why Hundred Flowers City had developed into what it was now.

I heard that the Wang family is in the incense industry, not only incense, but also spices and perfumes and so on, as long as the products related to incense, all are related to the Wang family.

There were also rumors that flower cakes came from Hundred Flowers City, and Ye Fan even thought that it was invented by the ancestors of the Wang family.

The aroma on the plane was because the plane was a single line, flying only from Fangzhou to Hundred Flowers City, and it was a Hundred Flowers City plane, so it had been stained for a long time, and that was why it had the current fragrance and was a major feature.

"It's worthy of being Hundred Flowers City."Ye Fan exclaimed.

"Sir is right, Hundred Blossoms City is also proud of this."The flight attendant wearing a cheongsam left after handing Ye Fan a glass of Coke that he had ordered.

Ye Fan took a deep look at the cheongsam-robed flight attendant.

Unlike the flight attendants on the other cars, the attitude of the flight attendant on this flight was exceptionally kind, and there was a complacency in mentioning Hundred Flowers City, this was the girl cultivated by Hundred Flowers City, are so natural and generous.

Seeing the flight attendant, Ye Fan thought of Wang Kexin, especially thinking of the situation Wang Kexin is now in, the good mood was suddenly ruined, and could not help but clench his fists.

"Sir, please take care of yourself."

Just at this moment, Ye Fan heard a familiar voice.

No need to think much, there was still a familiar voice on the plane, it must be the flight attendant from earlier.

Ye Fan hurriedly turned his head to look, after all, this flight attendant gave Ye Fan a good impression, he wanted to see what was going on, and didn't mind mind minding his own business.

Turning his head, Ye Fan saw a large fat hand tightly grasping the small hand of the flight attendant, and even sniffed the fragrance, "Not worthy of the Hundred Flowers City, so fragrant, hahaha!"

Along with his laughter, the companions around him also laughed out loud.

It suddenly dawned on Ye Fan, no wonder there was trouble on the plane, he had an accomplice.

But when it came to accomplices, Ye Fan naturally also had them, and on this trip, in order to prevent any untoward encounters, Ye Fan had brought all of his six vajra with him.

On the one hand, to protect the safety, on the other hand, also brought the six vajra reunion built up.

But unexpectedly, before even getting off the plane, it was of great use right now!


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