Lost Young Master 211-215


Chapter 211

"Tiger, what are you doing!?"Bai Fei was so shocked and angry that he retreated backwards, but how was he a match for Tiger, who took him down with just a few strikes.

The remaining five vajra, on the other hand, unanimously took out their phones and started videotaping.

Although Ye Fan didn't know how to videotape, he also felt that the Big Five Vajra's angles were tricky and could take care of all aspects of Bai Fei's brother's perspective.

See Ye Fan some speechless, one of them hehehe smiled: "Ye Shao, in order to earn more extra money, our brothers these days diligently practiced the camera, and even went to the studio to invite a professional teacher, although now did not change equipment, or mobile phones, but can also send a blockbuster feel, definitely more than the island's action movies to the exciting, wrestling more realistic, immersive in general!!"

Ye Fan's mind couldn't help but appear images, and then he vomited out the food he had just eaten, waving his hands incessantly, "Okay, okay, just send it to me after recording, I'm leaving first."

This is the middle of nowhere, and no one is coming back, so Ye Fan didn't need to keep a lookout, and left in his BMW.

No matter how many times, Ye Fan's heart resisted this feeling, two men playing a wrestling game, Ye Fan can't imagine, the thought of it makes him want to vomit.

When driving back home, it was already nine o'clock at night, Ye Fan simply showered and went to bed.

Early the next morning, Ye Fan was woken up by Shangguan Yue.

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But physiologically, Ye Fan couldn't afford it at all.Ye Fan, who possessed the ability to get up, had become increasingly irritable lately, and even if he was woken up by a beautiful woman, Ye Fan was still angry.

"What are you doing?"

Ye Fan put the blanket over his body and curled up inside the blanket, wrapping himself up like a caterpillar.

When Shangguan Yue squealed, she opened the window, and a cool breeze blew into the house, blowing Ye Fan even more into not wanting to get out of the blanket.

"Get up quickly, I have something to ask you."Shangguan Yue's eyebrows furrowed.

"What can't I wait until I wake up and say ah, in other words, aren't you going to class today, why are you disturbing my sleep in nothing."Ye Fan complained with dissatisfaction.

It was hard not to have to go to school, Ye Fan was just like sleeping well at home, waking up and eating a full meal then going back to sleep.

This was the life that Ye Fan really wanted.

Although Ye Fan also knew that he couldn't live his life like this, but for Ye Fan, it was nice to experience this kind of life for a few days, but since dropping out of school, Ye Fan hadn't calmed down, and still something happened every day.

Ye Fan even felt like he had a bad luck physique, as long as it was related to him, no matter what it was, something would go wrong.

"Then you can sleep after I ask you."

Seeing that Ye Fan really didn't want to get up, Shangguan Yue was no longer reluctant, so she asked, "Do you know what happened to Bai Fei?"

"White Flight?What's going on?"Ye Fan closed his eyes tightly.

He just wanted to go to sleep quickly and didn't even have the strength to open his eyes.

Shangguan Yue sighed, "At least Bai Fei is my childhood playmate, if you make a move on him, I hope you tell me truthfully, last night, Bai Fei didn't come home all night, there is still no whereabouts, and no one answered the phone call."

"Such a big man, where do you go to play might have no battery and no attention, what do you care about him, is he important or me?Interrupting my early morning dreams is for that jerk, you think he's important you go out and find him, what are you wasting your time with me, I'm trying to sleep, don't make a sound and disturb me!"

Ye Fan said impatiently.

It was true that Bai Fei had something to do with him, but Ye Fan didn't feel like he had a problem.

If it wasn't for Bai Fei finding someone to block him, he wouldn't have ended up in such a miserable situation.

Yesterday, Ye Fan had seen the footage, and Bai Fei was wrestled by Ah Hu and made miserable, even unbearable, but to Ye Fan, it was Bai Fei who had brought this on himself.

Especially now that Shangguan Yue was so concerned about Bai Fei, it made Ye Fan feel even worse and jealous.

Now Shangguan Yue was his fiancée, but everything was considered from other people's point of view, and things always happened that were misunderstood, so Ye Fan's fondness for Shangguan Yue also retreated a little.

But Ye Fan didn't feel bad about what he did, he could do whatever he wanted to do.And he has not wronged Shangguan Yue, although Shangguan Yue is now his fiancée, but he has never slept with him intimately, not even once.

Ye Fan was still someone who had a bottom line, he wouldn't casually occupy someone else's body and defile them.

Seeing Ye Fan getting angry, Shangguan Yue also kept quiet, this was the first time Shangguan Yue saw Ye Fan really angry.

Without Shangguan Yue making noise, Ye Fan rolled over and went back to sleep, and when he woke up again, it was already three in the afternoon.

Only after stretching out a lazy waist comfortably did Ye Fan sit up.

This sleep was really comfortable, if there was no disturbance from Shangguan Yue earlier, Ye Fan might have been even more comfortable.

I don't know how Shangguan Yue is doing now.

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, he just got up, the fire came and went quickly, and at the moment he was no longer angry.Instead, he was starting to feel that his words were a bit heavy, so he thought of going to find Shangguan Yue.

But as soon as he was about to turn around and get out of bed, he was surprised to see Shangguan Yue, standing at the end of his bed, silently crying.

"How long have you been standing here?"Ye Fan's heart was a little apprehensive, he had a bad feeling, maybe Shangguan Yue had been standing for a long time, or rather, from the time he didn't let Shangguan Yue speak, Shangguan Yue was standing so quietly.

Because the tears at the corners of Shangguan Yue's eyes had dried up several times, these were the accumulation of time.

Seeing that Shangguan Yue didn't speak, Ye Fan became even more nervous and was busy getting out of the bed to help Shangguan Yue.

But Shangguan Yue suddenly let out a loud cry, followed by a tilt of her head and passed out.

Putting Shangguan Yue on the bed, Ye Fan then saw that Shangguan Yue's fists were clenched so tightly that his nails had even cut through his palms, and he was bleeding.

Only then did Ye Fan know that he had spoken too much, but if it was anyone else, they couldn't just wait.

Ye Fan shook his head and in time, he didn't have time to think about it, so he invited a doctor to help Shangguan Yue see the doctor.

Not long after, the doctor finished confirming the diagnosis: "Don't worry, it's nothing serious, it's just a sad past and too tense, just have a good night's sleep.Remember, you can't let her break period and get stimulated again."

After saying that, the doctor left.

After the doctor left, Ye Fan returned to the bedside and guarded Shangguan Yue, because he didn't know when Shangguan Yue would wake up, and if the doctor didn't allow Shangguan Yue to be stimulated, then he would have to stay by her side.

After all, he was the one who spoke too much and stimulated Shangguan Yue.

And at this moment, Ye Fan only knew that Shangguan Yue regarded him so highly, which was something that Ye Fan did not expect at all.Because Ye Fan had not done anything for Shangguan Yue at all, appearing in this situation now was far beyond his expectation.

"Hey, how should I coax her?"

Evan was in deep thought.


"Evan, how long have you been here?"

Shangguan Yue woke up leisurely and found that Ye Fan was right beside her, but it was already dark outside, at least for several hours, Shangguan Yue was inevitably a little touched that Ye Fan would actually stay with her.

Ye Fan smiled faintly, "The doctor said you can't be stimulated, so don't go out alone for a while, I'll keep you company."

"Good!"When Shangguan Yue nodded, she lay down again, but it wasn't her alone, but she pulled Ye Fan to sleep with her.

The next day, Ye Fan took leave for Shangguan Yue and took her out to play and relax.

The amusement park was fun, but it wasn't Ye Fan's first choice of place.

After all, all the amusement rides were rather exciting and not suitable for Shangguan Yue at the moment.After thinking for a long time, Ye Fan came up with a superb idea, which was to climb up the mountain to the temple, burn incense and pray for good luck.

Although the idea was wonderful, the reality was harsh.

This morning, Ye Fan and Shangguan Yue set out early to go to Fangzhou's more famous Yellow Dragon Mountain.

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Because of this, there are many people who want to go to Huangyongsi Temple to burn incense and worship Buddha, but Huangyongsi Temple is only one mountain road, although the road is still rugged, and I heard that after a few accidents, private cars are not allowed to go up the mountain.

Either hike up the mountain, or do Huanglong Temple special bus up the mountain.

Ye Fan was prepared to hike up the mountain, but just now also said, the idea is only good, after walking for a while, Ye Fan can not stand the sun, not to mention the side of Shangguan Yue.

At least a thousand gold lady, when have you ever walked so much, very early in the morning already dripping with sweat, but Ye Fan did not squeak, Shangguan Yue also did not take the initiative to talk, so she willingly followed Ye Fan to walk.

When Ye Fan discovered Shangguan Yue's situation, Shangguan Yue was about to faint.

"Come up here!"

Evan crouched down, somewhat helpless.

"Where to?"Shangguan Yue was a bit confused.

"Of course, get on my back, I'll carry you, let's find a bus stop in front and we'll wait for the bus."Mouth Ye Fan did not say, but Ye Fan's heart still ached for Shangguan Yue.

After things dawned on Shangguan Yue, she blushed shyly.

"Don't mind me being heavy oh."Shangguan Yue was a little worried, giving Ye Fan a precautionary shot in advance.

Ye Fan was a little sweaty and helplessly said, "Okay, come up, I won't say heavy."

"I've already come up, let's go."Shangguan also laughed, "Ye Fan, you're not intentionally teasing me."

"Tease?What am I teasing you for, I think you're teasing me, come up here."Ye Fan turned his head to see that there was already Shangguan Yue on his back, but Ye Fan didn't feel it at all.

Shangguan Yue was really very light, and Ye Fan couldn't feel any pressure at all.

As such, Ye Fan sighed while carrying Shangguan Yue on his back, and soon arrived at the bus stop, only to wait for ten minutes for the bus to arrive.

If it was Ye Fan's BMW i8, it would only take ten minutes to make a round trip.

The reason why the bus is so slow, mainly because there are many pedestrians here, as well as the rugged terrain, so the special line will become a sightseeing bus mode, and not deliberately drive fast, so as to ensure safety, but also to let the passengers can see the scenery along the way.

The Huanglong Mountains have not been mined, so the area is all kept in its original scenery and is very pleasant.

After getting into the car, there was only one empty seat left, so Ye Fan naturally gave it to Shangguan Yue.

The current Shangguan Yue was wearing a white lace dress with white, slightly transparent boutique stockings on her legs.

Due to the fact that Shangguan Yue had just sweated a lot, the clothes were a bit transparent, faintly revealing a hint of underwear, which was the main reason why Ye Fan let go of the position, that was, he didn't want Shangguan Yue to be seen with her body.

"Why don't you hold me and sit."Shangguan Yue was slightly shy, she also didn't want Ye Fan to stand, Ye Fan had just carried her all the way.

Ye Fan was a bit flustered, but he still waved his hand, "No, you can sit, I'm not tired."

Ye Fan also wanted to do it, and it was very nice to hug a beautiful woman and enjoy the envious and jealous gazes of others, but Ye Fan was still afraid of getting a reaction and getting embarrassed again then.

But in Shangguan Yue's opinion, Ye Fan was still too tired, and she had just been carried on her back and had actually slowed down, so she insisted on not sitting down and wanted Ye Fan to sit.

The two of them humbled each other like this, and one stop passed by.

And after the bus stopped, an old lady trembled and got on the bus, and when she saw this, Ye Fan did not push her way.

Seeing the old lady, Ye Fan thought of his grandmother, so he suggested, "Why don't you let the old lady sit down."

Shangguan Yue nodded her head and looked at Ye Fan with even more admiration and pride, her man was not only strong, but also knew how to respect the old and love the young, he was truly a model for my generation.

As for Bai Fei, he had already been left behind by Shangguan Yue.

But just as the old lady walked in to sit down, a tattooed man strode in with his arms wide open.Obviously, the tattooed big man had seen the only seat as well .

"Good luck, there's room in the back of the car too, but I'm exhausted."The tattooed big man wiped a handful of sweat on his body, so he wiped it right on the old lady's body, then with a wave of his hand, he pushed the old lady to the side, "Old lady, get out of the way, what's in the way."

The old lady stumbled as she was pushed, fortunately Ye Fan was quick-eyed, otherwise the old lady would have fallen to a broken horse.

When the old lady regained consciousness, she saw the tattooed big man already sitting in his seat, his feet still stirring on the backrest of the seat in front of him, with a face of Ça'yi peace.The old lady looked a little bad, but after being glared at by the tattooed big man, the old lady trembled and didn't dare to squeak.

"What kind of rascal are you playing here, this seat is let by us to the old grandmother, you get up quickly!"Shangguan Yue snapped in anger.

She and Ye Fan had been humble for half a day, and it was hard to think of a good solution, but now she was being interfered by the tattooed big man, and also pushed the old lady, how could Shangguan Yue not be angry.

Originally Shangguan Yue was a jealous person, but now he just didn't have any men around, otherwise Shangguan Yue didn't even want to talk nonsense with the tattooed big man, so he just let someone beat the tattooed big man up.

The tattooed big man sneered, "Playing hooligan?How did I act like a hooligan, I got on the train and saw there was a seat here, I came over to sit down, how did it become you guys let the seat, it's really funny.Did you guys let me be the bad guy by looking at my ferocious looks, isn't it not right to judge people by their appearance like that?"


"You!"Shangguan Yue's face turned red, but she couldn't say half a word, although Shangguan Yue was known as a little witch in Fangzhou, but also in the upper class circles, after all, everyone feared her, she never said one thing, which one would refute her.Even if she refuted her, she told her men to deal with it directly.

Being disliked like this, this was the second time for Shangguan Yue.

The first time was when Ye Fan got up before, that time made her faint, it showed how bad she was at fighting.

Ye Fan was a little worried and was about to go forward, after all, Shangguan Yue could not be stimulated, this was what the doctor ordered.

But just at this time, Shangguan Yue's eyes turned and suddenly snorted, "You are just playing a hooligan, everyone on the bus saw and knew that it was us who gave up the seat to the grandmother, it was you who came over and pushed the grandmother away and stole the seat, you still dare to argue?"

"Oh, I'd like to know who saw it, then, and what did they see?Anyone who sees it, come out for a single chat!"

The tattooed big man looked fierce and narrowed his eyes to scan the circle.

Shangguan Yue laughed at once, like such a low end way of intimidation, it was strange that it could scare everyone.

"Don't worry, don't be afraid, everyone come out and talk."Shangguan Yue proudly said, as long as someone came out, this matter would be solved, after all, the tattooed man had already committed a public outrage by his actions and dared to threaten everyone, he really didn't know how to live.

However, just when Shangguan Yue was looking forward to it, not only did no one on the car stand up, they just praised Shangguan Yue for knowing how to respect the old and the young, but these kind-eyed grandparents turned their heads, pretending that they couldn't see what was happening over here in general, acting like they were afraid of causing trouble. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

Shangguan Yue was dumbfounded, what was wrong with this world.Before looking at the little videos online, weren't we all up to besiege the evil forces, how come they are all silent now?


The tattooed man let out a wild laugh, but to Shangguan Yue's ears, it was so harsh and sarcastic.

"See, I'm just a Five Good Young Man, don't wrong a good man ah."The tattooed man glanced proudly at Shangguan Yue, but he couldn't say half a word after this glance.

A girl as pure and touching as Shangguan Yue, with white skin, was many times stronger than the ones he had played with before, especially the sweat-soaked lace dress that showed through a bit of underwear, this hazy temptation was even more irresistible to the tattooed big man.

"Yo, little girl body strip good ah, let brother are a bit too much to bear it.Come, come, I'll give my seat to this old lady, and you accompany your brother for a quickie."The tattooed big man licked his tongue, a silver filth in his eyes, and started scanning Shangguan Yue up and down.

Not only that, the tattooed big man stretched out his unicorn arm and was about to grab Shangguan Yue's holy maiden peak.

Shangguan Yue's face changed drastically, her small face swishing pale, she had never seen such a brazen person who dared to do it directly without caring about the public.

However, the other passengers were the same as just now, all with an expression like they had nothing to do with me, obviously scrupulous of this tattooed big man.

What disappointed Shangguan Yue the most was the old lady from just now, who not only remained silent, but also spat out, "How dare you meddle in this world, eh."

From the old lady's point of view, she was old enough to stand as a workout, and it wouldn't bother her.But if she had an altercation with the tattooed big man and then made a big fuss, there was no telling what would happen, more trouble is better than less, which was why she hadn't opened her mouth.

That's why she not only didn't sympathize with Shangguan Yue, instead she blamed Shangguan Yue for meddling in her affairs and even involving her in it.

She was no match for the tattooed man, even if it was too late for her to avoid it, how could she dare to go over and take a seat.

At the news, Shangguan Yue's face grew cold, never would have thought that people's hearts would be like this nowadays, it was really chilling.But what worried Shangguan Yue more was still the clutches of the tattooed big man, how to escape was the key.

"Damn it, how dare you touch my woman!"

Ye Fan had been silent just now just looking for weapons, he just aimed at the tattooed big man, he knew that the tattooed big man was not good.And stole their seats, this alone made Ye Fan very angry, not to mention that he dared to irritate Shangguan Yue.

The doctor had told him not to irritate Shangguan Yue, but the tattooed man was tantamount to killing her, so how could Ye Fan endure this?

After searching for a while, Ye Fan found the small hammer he was now holding in his hand, the hammer was not big, it was a safety hammer equipped by the bus, but it was still enough to deal with people with bare hands.

In the past, before Ye Fan didn't have money, he was also good at fighting, although not that great, but he also knew those positions could beat people down in one go.

With the hammer, Ye Fan covered the tattooed big man's head and smashed it down, precisely at the temple.

This was the most vulnerable spot of the human body, if it was smashed down, it was either death or injury!

But the tattooed man was clearly a practiced fighter and reacted in time, grabbing Ye Fan's wrist at once.

"Kid, just now I saw you sneaking around, and you still want to sneak up on me, dreaming!"The big tattooed man sneered and was about to snatch the hammer from Ye Fan's hand.

In the eyes of the other passengers, this scene was a mantis, completely looking for death, and they couldn't help but all sneer.

However, in Shangguan Yue's eyes, it was completely different.Although Ye Fan wasn't wearing battle armor and stepping on the seven-colored auspicious clouds, the Ye Fan at the moment was a hero in Shangguan Yue's eyes!

Not bad for my man!

Only now Ye Fan's situation is very dangerous, and his weapons are about to be taken away.

The tattooed man also saw that Shangguan Yue and Ye Fan are one and the same, in order to play with Shangguan Yue completely, the tattooed man was not in a hurry to take care of Ye Fan, but language suppression: "Kid, even you want to save a beauty, you little punk, just stay calm, today let alone you, even if the king of heaven Laozi came, it's useless, in this area of the Yellow Dragon Temple, no one dares to stop me, A Wei anyThings!"

As soon as A Wei said this, the passengers who didn't help just now even sucked in cold air, glad that they didn't help.

Even if A Wei is not a murderous criminal, he is a notorious hoodlum, which can be seen from the driver's indifference in the beginning.

A Wei didn't even put in a coin, and the driver didn't stop him.Originally, Shangguan Yue thought it was because he didn't want to cause trouble, but now it seemed that he should have already gotten used to A Wei's misdeeds.

Although she didn't know how strong A Wei was, at the moment, Shangguan Yue could understand that their situation wasn't very good, or even, very dangerous.

Yet Ye Fan didn't show the slightest bit of cowardice, but instead, because of A Wei's words, it aroused even more ferocity.

In these few months, Ye Fan hadn't met any bad guys, even the perverts had met several, and now the scene was a small one.The only danger was that there was no little brother beside Ye Fan, and Yu Yao himself was just doing it himself.

But the Avi in front of him was so complacent and even relaxed his guard, but it greatly gave Ye Fan the opportunity.

Without even thinking about it, Ye Fan kicked out at A Wei's crotch!


Ye Fan's move could be described as quick and accurate, and he did not show the slightest mercy.

He knew that being gentle to others was being cruel to himself.


Avi was bragging and showing off his status, not at all defensive, nor did he think that Ye Fan would dare to strike.After all, in the past, those who heard his name were on their knees begging for mercy and offering women with their hands, so where would be the resistance?

So, Ye Fan's strike succeeded, along with a sound of eggshells breaking, A Wei suddenly intuitive chicken and egg, "ow" scream, on his knees, hands covering the crotch trembling unceasingly, cold sweat down the brain constantly left, but the pain is no longer able to make a little sound.

Ye Fan grasped the right moment, and that was a crazy kick.

Snatching the small hammer, Ye Fan hammered furiously at A Wei.

If it was a small fight, Ye Fan would only calmly pretend and look down on the other party, so he acted like a big brother and made the other party apologize, but the way A Wei did this, he even almost irritated Shangguan Yue and had to move his hands on him, which made Ye Fan completely too generous.

Ye Fan had never been like this before now, trying to hammer a person down.

During these months, although Ye Fan didn't feel growth, unconsciously, Ye Fan also really grew up and learned some bad habits, which was to take a death blow when he caught an opportunity, not giving the other party the slightest chance to turn the tables, if there was any chance, it was a deadly danger. One second to remember to read the book

So Ye Fan's action was even more violent, beating Ah Wei's head and blood, Ah Wei was dizzy and woke up from the pain, woke up and was beaten by Ye Fan, completely not giving Ah Wei a chance to live.

Shangguan Yue was standing on the side watching with great relief, but at that moment, the old lady came over and grabbed Shangguan Yue's arm.

"What is it?"Shangguan Yue's tone was icy cold, completely losing the enthusiasm she had just now.

This was also Shangguan Yue's nature, and she had no sympathy for these passersby who were watching the fun.

Originally, Shangguan Yue was just giving up her seat to the old lady because she was modest with Ye Fan.

But now Shangguan Yue felt it was so ridiculous, even if such an old lady fell on the road, even if she wasn't a porcelain taker, Shangguan Yue wouldn't do anything about it anymore, just because, it wasn't worth it.

Yes, such a person was completely unworthy of the slightest sympathy from Shangguan Yue.

But what Shangguan Yue didn't expect was that the old lady actually said, "Young lady, you advise the young man to stop fighting."

Shangguan Yue couldn't help but frown, "No more fighting?Didn't you just feel aggrieved.And it's none of your business if I fight or not?"

"What's the grievance, the more the merrier.Little girls, you are still young and ignorant.This A Wei is a well-known scoundrel in this area, but you have no way to live if you offend him.Let A Wei go now, maybe A Wei will be kind enough to let you stay with him for a while, and this matter will be over."


The old lady hadn't finished her sentence, she was smacked away by a slap, and it was Ye Fan who struck out.

The old lady said the first half of the sentence is quite in the middle of listening, but the second half of the sentence that is a human being to say it.

After living for so long, still shamelessly say such words, simply not human!

Seeing Ye Fan do it, the other passengers not only talked about it with seven mouths, pointing at Ye Fan and Shangguan Yue, saying that the two of them couldn't help but cause trouble and also beat up the old lady, what a scum of society.

Ye Fan was laughing in anger, these people really have a problem, they are only period strong and afraid of the weak.

"You guys shut up for Ben Shao, just now A Wei made a move, why didn't you stop it, why didn't you say something, now here with me pointing fingers, who used to your stinky habits!"

Ye Fan a low drink, not only did not wake up the crowd, but also made these passengers more angry.

In particular, the old lady who had just been hit by the fly, got up from the ground and also cursed: "Stinky brat, your mother did not educate you how to behave, do you know how to respect the elderly, but also dare to hit me, what a bastard - seed!"


This sentence mongrel - seed, completely made Ye Fan furious.

In fact, in Ye Fan's opinion, A Wei is just an ordinary ground snake, and a beating would be enough, but the group of passengers in front of him are really brainless, a bunch of stupid pigs who go with the flow and don't distinguish between right and wrong, only bullying and fearing.

Said to be stupid pigs, are insulted pig.

But Ye Fan didn't hit anyone, these people whether he can beat them or not is one thing, the point is that beating these people also does not long memory.

Ye Fan thought about it and said, "Xiao Yue, call your home, give me a thorough check on these people, and publish all the scandals they've had in the past on the internet."

That's right, for such people, Ye Fan didn't want to deal with them himself, didn't these people like to talk about others, then publish the scandals of these people to the internet so that more people would talk about them.

Ye Fan is not a saint, but Ye Fan also knows that it's useless to beat these people, or make them lose their jobs, or disappear forever, only if they also taste the bitterness of being talked about, these people will remember.

The only thing is that if the above-mentioned official's power were to publish a scandal about these people, these people probably wouldn't need to hang around Fangzhou at all.If the scandalous event is exposed for a long time, these people will probably be discussed wherever they go.

Ye Fan was to be so desperate, and this was also Ye Fan's creed.

People respect him one foot, he respects others one foot.But if others dared to harm him, even if it was a mosquito matter, Ye Fan would return the favor ten times a hundred times.

"What makes you guys, who do you think you are!"These passengers sneered, thinking that Ye Fan was crazy.

Ye Fan directly lit up his phone, on the screen was precisely the news of Shangguan Yue, especially the four words Shangguan family, deeply engraved in the eyes of all the passengers.

Some of them had never heard of the Shangguan family, but they all knew about the Shangguan family's industry, all of them were the leading industry in Fangzhou, that background was needless to say, these people suddenly changed their faces and begged for forgiveness.

"I I I, I was wrong, it's a misunderstanding ah!"

"Young Master, let me go!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just have a bad mouth, please don't really go investigating me, I really know I'm wrong!"

Hearing the passengers apologize, however, Ye Fan smirked, now knowing that it was too late to beg for mercy!

Only, Ye Fan was most concerned about the old lady just now, but the old lady was indifferent and even somewhat proud.

It suddenly dawned on Ye Fan that the old lady should be old and not afraid to say, what a shameless person, invincible in the world.

But on second thought, Ye Fan laughed, "Little Yue, this old lady you don't expose her scandal, she is so old, I guess the old lovers are buried, you go investigate his children, and then investigate her grandchildren."

This statement, the old lady was shocked, she was busy begging for forgiveness, "brat, no, young master, young gentleman, please don't investigate my daughter, it's all my fault, I apologize to you, my daughter has just found the man of her dreams, if my son-in-law finds out that my daughter has cheated, divorced, had an abortion, or cheated on her legs before, then it's over!"

"Begging me for this attitude?"Ye Fan coldly said.

The old lady's body trembled, so she knelt directly in front of Ye Fan, she really didn't dare to offend Ye Fan for the sake of her daughter.

But Ye Fan most he smiled and said, "Okay, then I won't investigate your daughter."

Turning his head, Ye Fan smiled at Shangguan Yue, "Xiao Yue ah, you can just go to the Internet and release the news, her daughter has cheated, divorced, aborted, cheated on her legs, remember these four key points, don't leave any of them behind to publicize out."

"You don't keep your word, didn't you say you wouldn't investigate my daughter?"The old lady was suddenly angry.

Ye Fan nodded, "Don't worry, I'm not as untrustworthy as you are.I'm not going to investigate, but those were your own words just now, I said I wouldn't investigate, but I didn't say I wouldn't release information ah, I'm not spreading rumors either, those are your own words."

Taking out the phone, Ye Fan said proudly again, "By the way, I have the habit of making video recordings, the scene just now, what a coincidence, all recorded.I guess making it into a video, your son-in-law will definitely leave your baby daughter, hahaha!"


What happened on the bus made Ye Fan very upset, and he was no longer in the mood to go to the Yellow Dragon Temple, so he took Shangguan Yue home with him.

But as soon as he arrived home, Shangguan Yue received an invitation, it was a monthly class reunion.

Ye Fan originally wanted to refuse Shangguan Yue to go out, after all, being irritated would be more than enough.

But after thinking about it, Ye Fan still didn't have the heart to say it, after all, it was a regular gathering, and if he didn't go, it would seem a bit unkind.

"Then I'll go with you."Ye Fan finally finalized his mind and planned to accompany Shangguan Yue.

Naturally, Shangguan Yue was very happy, after all, Ye Fan had already compensated Lin Mengqi for so long before, and she also envied the feeling of having Ye Fan accompanying her, so she went back to her house to dress up and didn't leave until six in the evening.

The party is very simple, there is no food link, is singing, hi singing, about the location but Ye Fan has never heard of a big rich KTV club.

Although the name was very domineering, but the consumption was very ordinary, and the regular consumption only needed thousands of dollars to be taken down.

Having been to clubs with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, this thousand dollar consumption level KTV, in Ye Fan's opinion, was a small price to pay.

But on the way, Ye Fan had heard that this KTV was already relatively good this time around. First URL m.kanshu8.net

Although it was a party for the whole class, but it was not paid by everyone, but by the class cadres to treat the guests, in the past, the class cadres would just treat a few hundred yuan karaoke, this time the thousand yuan level, it was already very good.

Ye Fan thought of himself, if he was still an ordinary student, a thousand yuan consumption was indeed very high, so he didn't care.It was someone else spending money anyway, so Ye Fan had nothing to be picky about.

After parking in the basement, Shangguan Yue led Ye Fan to the main entrance of the KTV, and the next thing Ye Fan saw was a man in a white suit, slightly slutty.

The man was very maturely dressed, but in fact could not hide his youthfulness, after all, he was just a student who had not yet left the school.

Seeing Ye Fan, the man's eyebrows wrinkled unnaturally, but he soon loosened them and turned to a bright smile, "I didn't expect that Shangguan student could come even on leave, you really give me face as a class president, hahaha!"

Ye Fan judged on the spot that this man had love for Shangguan Yue, but he was fine with it, anyway, Shangguan Yue didn't like this so-called class president.

Shangguan Yue nodded indifferently and turned her head to Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, this is our class president Jiang Yanglu, let's not bother him to pick up the other students here, let's go in."

Ye Fan glanced at Jiang Yanglu with some disdain in his heart.

It's not just singing a song, just say private room is not on the line, but also deliberately stand at the door to pick up, and really think of himself as the master?

Ye Fan previously the most despised is this kind of pretend, seemingly enthusiastic, but in fact is to treat the other students as an unseen hillbilly, otherwise, Jiang Yanglu here one by one to pick up, and in detail to say the route is why?

Only these little tricks, but Ye Fan did not care about them, nodded his head and strode into the KTV, while Shangguan Yue was like a little daughter-in-law, pacing behind Ye Fan step by step.Ye Fan clearly saw that Jiang Yanglu was so angry that his forehead was covered in veins, but yet he still had to maintain a polite smile, this expression was not to mention how funny.

Ye Fan was also considered a celebrity in the school, always generous, was blown away by the second class, and was also the class president of the second class before that, so many students usually knew Ye Fan.

When they saw Ye Fan and Shangguan Yue coming in, many male students cast their eyes in a different way, envy and jealousy and hatred layered on top of each other, if Ye Fan wasn't used to this kind of eyes, he might not be able to bear this kind of pressure now.

Shangguan Yue was holding Ye Fan's arm, as if she was cheering him up.But in the eyes of the other students, this was a provocation.

The goddess of their first class was being picked up by someone from the second class, how could they endure it.

Especially the black evening dress worn by Shangguan Yue today, perfectly matched with the black suit on Ye Fan, it was like a golden boy and jade girl, making these classmates envious and jealous.

It didn't take long for the people to slowly arrive, and instead of mingling with the boys, the girls were all around Ye Fan.

As expected, the girls are now smart and realistic, knowing that Ye Fan is rich, they can't wait to please the relationship.

Except that there was indeed no one here who was better looking than Shangguan Yue, not even half as good as Shangguan Yue's existence, and Ye Fan was also lacking in interest, so he sat paralyzed on the sofa with his legs crossed, watching Shangguan Yue play with the girls, while he, on the other hand, was quietly drinking.

"Today, it's an honor to have me, the class president, ask everyone to sing, I won't say anything more, today everyone let go and play, food and drink are all covered by me!"Jiang Yanglu picked up the mike and said briefly.

It was only two sentences, which made the students boil, obviously the usual Jiang Yanglu is a man of many words, now two sentences finished, it is inevitable that everyone will buy it.

After the applause stopped, Jiang Yanglu did not put down the microphone in his hands, but continued: "In order to ensure that everyone can have fun, I propose that everyone take turns to sing a song, and I would like to hear whether or not the former class president of the second class, Ye Fan, is also better at singing than the class president of my class."

The words fell, the boys in class one boiled, they were just watching the fun, and such a suppression to class two, especially suppressing the Ye Fan who snatched away their goddess, these male students were extraordinarily happy.

Ye Fan is a bit helpless, unexpectedly still dug by Jiang Yanglu.

The first time I heard it, I couldn't help but listen to it a second time, because of the taste of aged wine.

Of course, this wasn't Ye Fan boasting, it was what others had said before when he was still a poor student.And the main credit for catching up with Bai Tingting in the first place was also due to singing.

So in terms of singing, Ye Fan was still really confident.

To be on the safe side, Jiang Yanglu chose a popular song, which had once been a hit on a certain short video platform, and many students would sing it, not only was the melody simple, but it was also easy for everyone to relate to it.

Although Jiang Yanglu was a bit of a trickster, but Ye Fan also had to admit that Jiang Yanglu was indeed quite witty.

Very quickly, the song reached the chorus part, which was commonly known as the high mocking part, and suddenly the whole class chorused, and some of the high notes that couldn't go up were also carried over perfectly by the students, which was very suitable for the atmosphere at the moment.

Even Ye Fan even had the idea of wanting a chorus, yet just as everyone was singing happily, the door was kicked open!


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