Lost Young Master 206-210


Chapter 206

Although Gao Xingyu was defeated, but Ye Fan was still a man who kept his promise, so he transferred money to all the big men.

But with so much money to spend, Ye Fan's heart was a bit uncomfortable, after all, it would be too easy to let Gao Xingyu go after beating him down.

Seeing Ye Fan locking his eyebrows, Ah Hu suddenly suggested, "This young master, are you troubled ah, tell us, we'll give you ideas."

"But you guys are from the Gao family, right."Ye Fan frowned.

Ah Hu chuckled, "We've all taken your money, the Gao family can't go back, go back and pack your things, we'll run away at night."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan suddenly understood Ah Hu's meaning.

Ah Hu's implication was that since they were all ready to run away, they would make as much money as they could.

And since Ye Fan had paid, it wasn't bad to pay more, so he explained, "It's like this, I think it's too easy to let go of Gao Xingyu like this, any way you guys have, as long as you can implement it and make Ben Shao happy, Ben Shao will give you extra money!"

Hearing the increase in money, the eyes of a few big men fiercely emerged with golden light.

With a long-expected expression, Ah Hu jumped right out and said, "Young Master, I have a solution that will make you very satisfied." Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Go ahead."Ye Fan smiled helplessly, he knew that Ah Hu had many ideas, otherwise he wouldn't have deliberately proposed just now.

Ah Hu chuckled, "Young Master, you also know that I like men.I have been peeping at Gao Xingyu for a long time, can formerly have the scruples of the Gao family, but now is nothing, as long as young master is willing to pay money, I will explode him on the spot, and also let you take pictures to hold Gao Xingyu's grip, and become a stain on Gao Xingyu's life."

"Fuck!"When Ye Fan heard Ah Hu's plan, his body trembled violently, and he subconsciously backed away.

A few other big men did the same, and gave a thumbs up, "Ah Hu, you're awesome, I'm not going to earn this money, you earn it, this is the glory that belongs to you, you deserve it!"

Ye Fan was a little nauseous just thinking about the images, so he said in a deep voice, "Tiger, I'll give you two million, and the other brothers each have one million.Tiger is the main attack, the others are responsible for taking pictures and videos from different angles, I'll pay you guys after it's done, I'll go outside for some air."

Ye Fan was not going to video himself, otherwise he was really afraid of getting a needle's eye, they had a saying back home that when you saw something unclean, it was easy to get a needle's eye, which would make your eyes very painful.

When he was little, Ye Fan would get needle eyes even when he watched others kissing, let alone seeing two men playing wrestling.

After walking fifty meters away, Ye Fan heard the screams coming from Gao Xingyu, Ye Fan was so scared that he quickly covered his ears, not to mention, he also began to sympathize with Gao Xingyu, but only for a moment.

Because if it wasn't for these big men being greedy for money just now, it would be him, Ye Fan, who is now issuing the screams.

Thinking of suffering that kind of humiliation, Ye Fan had no sympathy for Gao Xingyu, he just felt that the wicked have their own wickedness to grind, the heavens have their eyes!

To Ye Fan's surprise, it took a full twenty minutes for it to end.

Hearing no sound, Ye Fan walked over and saw Gao Xingyu, who was passed out on the ground, and vomited all of a sudden, because it was so disgusting.

Turning his head to his side, besides Tiger, the rest of the big men were also pale and filthy on the ground, obviously not throwing up.

"Brothers, you've worked hard, you're good, otherwise you guys can just follow me from now on, I'm relieved to have you guys following."Ye Fan suggested.

These people were indeed good, their only weakness was just greed for money.

But when it came to money, that was Ye Fan's only strength ah, it just complemented each other.

And to think that in the future, if someone messed with him, he'd let Tiger explode his injuries and the others videotape, that feeling, not to mention how refreshing.

In Ye Fan's opinion, there won't be anyone who isn't afraid of a pure man like Ah Hu.A wrestler of Ah Hu's level, that's an ungodly existence.

Just looking at Gao Xingyu who was foaming at the mouth, even if he fainted and trembled from time to time, Ye Fan couldn't help but shiver and subconsciously left the five meter distance around Ah Hu's body.

"Following you?I agree."Ah Hu agreed without even thinking about it.

After all, Ye Fan was generous and everyone could see it in his eyes, let's just say that the reward for these two times was four million, which was already enough for Ah Hu to live for the rest of his life.Even if it was only once a year for a mission like this, Ah Hu felt that it was worth it and a steady profit.

Although the others didn't take as much as Ah Hu, but it was at least two million, so they were all very happy and soon decided to follow Ye Fan's side together.

Ye Fan looked at the six of them and nodded his head in satisfaction, "Good, from now on, you will be my six vajra, responsible for protecting my safety, got it?"

"Know!"These people nodded their heads and their voices were loud.

Ye Fan was pleased, "Good, that's the kind of momentum I want.In the future, your annual salary will be one million, and on missions depending on my mood to give you another calculation, I want you to know that following me is eating and drinking."

Ye Fan knew that these people's shortcoming was money, and taking out a million annual salary would be astronomical for these uneducated people.

As Ye Fan expected, the six vajra suddenly kneeled down, there was no one, who would have trouble with money.

Looking at the six huge guys in front of him who were over one meter and nine meters tall, Ye Fan only felt an increasing safety factor, only when he saw Ah Hu, Ye Fan was a little unnatural.

Ah Hu was a double-edged sword, very good when used well, but a great threat to oneself when used poorly.

But for the time being, there was nothing that Ye Fan could do about it, because Ah Hu was too big, so big that Ye Fan simply couldn't refuse it.

As before, after Ye Fan built his microchip group, he let the big men go home to pack up their things first, while he returned to his class and honorably announced that he was leaving his post and withdrawing from school.

This news surprised the students, after all, Ye Fan was so generous, so good and so protective, if Ye Fan left, everyone wouldn't have such a happy college time.

Looking at the students' retention, Ye Fan's heart was pleased, as expected, these students are not wolf pups, and they know who treats them well.But Ye Fan really couldn't delay, or else he really wanted to finish the semester before leaving.

Thinking that the jade medallion was still eight pieces short, Ye Fan couldn't take any more breaks.

With the previous few experiences, Ye Fan had already thought of going to the jade shops and antique shops across the country to search for the jade medals, and even if he couldn't find them, he would be able to exercise everywhere and increase his knowledge, which would be very helpful for him to take over the family in the future.

Just couldn't stop at the class, after all, here, it was too comfortable, like an ivory tower, comfortable but also completely imprisoned him inside, forever stagnant, this was what Ye Fan didn't want to see.

So no matter how much his classmates tried to hold him back, Ye Fan still unloaded and dropped out of the school!


Leaving the campus, Ye Fan was a bit reluctant, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Lin Mengqi followed behind Ye Fan, somewhat worried: "What happened after Gao Xingyu and you went out?He didn't even come back by the end of the school day."

Ye Fan wanted to vomit when he thought of Gao Xingyu, so he waved his hand and said, "Don't worry, I've solved it, and he won't appear again in the future."

Yes, Ye Fan had completely solved it, Gao Xingyu would not only not be near Lin Mengqi, but he might not even appear among the schools in the future.

After all, there were five videos from different perspectives in Ye Fan's phone, perfectly recording the entire process of what Gao Xingyu had just done, and as long as Gao Xingyu still had to face, he couldn't appear.

Only to Ye Fan's surprise, the next morning, Ye Fan's WeChat group blew up, it was the six vajra's WeChat group.

Although they had run away from the Gao family, there were still people they knew who stayed in the Gao family to work, so they knew that Gao Xingyu had gone crazy.

Ye Fan was somewhat speechless and sent a message in the group, "Okay, crazy is crazy, be stimulated like that, in my place I am also prone to crazy, don't chat, big morning to provoke people to clear their dreams."

Ah Hu sent a smiley face and said, "Ye Shao, you don't know, we ran away because we betrayed Gao Xingyu, but Gao Xingyu is crazy, and there is no proof against him, I'm sure the Gao family didn't find out about our betrayal, so we can still stay in the Gao family, we don't have to run away in fear.Even if we go abroad with Ye Shao in the future, it can be a resignation with the Gao family, so there's no crisis of being hunted down."

Seeing Ah Hu's explanation, Ye Fan nodded his head knowingly. One second to remember to read the book

Indeed, without having to be hunted down, the Six King Kong could also live a more natural life and be able to work well as a bodyguard, so it was good to think so, at least there was no potential threat.

Thinking of all this, Ye Fan also let the six vajra hot chat in the group, and he had no choice but to mute his phone, and after not disturbing, he continued to sleep with his head covered.

It wasn't until the afternoon that Ye Fan got up.

Actually, Ye Fan went to bed early last night, but just wanted to keep sleeping.After all, he hadn't slept this long since school.Even though he didn't and enough sleep, his body couldn't slow down, but starting today without going to school, Ye Fan could finally sleep well until he woke up naturally.

"Whew, so comfortable!"

The sun had turned red in the west before Evan woke up with his back stretched out.

He slept well, not only because he didn't have to go to school, but more importantly because no one disturbed him, including his cell phone.

But Ye Fan woke up or used to look at the phone, they opened the phone, only to see fifty-three missed calls.

Ye Fan just suddenly sleep mute, so many phone calls, there must be something urgent, who could it be?

Ye Fan hurriedly opened his phone, only to see that the caller ID was none other than Shangguan Yue.

Without thinking too much, Ye Fan even called back.

There were only two rings and then the call was connected, but it wasn't Shangguan Yue's voice, but a man's voice.

"Ye Fan is it, you have thirty minutes, come to Hongfeng Garden!"The man's voice was a bit cold, more of a mocking banter, making Ye Fan very uncomfortable.

But when it came to Hongfeng Garden, Ye Fan had to think of another girl, that was Bai Rou.

When she invited the whole class for dinner, Bai Rou gave up the luxury box because her classmates didn't come, and gave Ye Fan a business card as a gesture of thanks.

Ye Fan remembered that the contact address on Bai Ru's business card was Hongfeng Garden.

The reason why Ye Fan can remember so clearly is because Hongfeng Garden is one of the best villa communities in Fangzhou, and it is not difficult to leave an impression.

After dressing out and driving the BMW i8, Ye Fan sped off to Hongfeng Garden, and on the way, dialed Bai Rou's phone number.

"Hello, who's there?"Bai Ru's voice was cold and clear, completely different from the shyness when she met with Ye Fan earlier, completely imperial sister-like.

Ye Fan was shocked, but it was still Shangguan Yue's business that mattered, so he said, "Miss Bai Rou, I don't know if you came to remember me, I'm Ye Fan, I met you once before at the hotel."

"Ye Fan?Some impression, it's that rich little handsome guy right, what, you haven't been in touch for over a month, why do you suddenly think of talking to your sister?"Bai Rou's tone of voice became very gentle again as before, but the teasing - teasing in her tone made Ye Fan somewhat unable to stop.

Ye Fan still had a hood over the year up female.

Out of the matter of Shangguan Yue, Ye Fan could only hold back the flames in his heart and try to remain calm, "It's like this, it seems that a friend of mine has met with an accident, I hope you can help."

"Oh?What is it?"Bai Rou sounded slightly surprised.

Ye Fan stated, "It's like this, I went to bed today, and when I first woke up, I saw over fifty missed calls on my phone, I thought there must be something urgent, so I called back, and it turned out to be a strange man who answered the phone and told me to arrive at Hongfeng Garden within thirty minutes."

"So that's it, no wonder you called me, don't worry, I'm at Hongfeng Garden, I can help with anything, can you send me the specific address?"Shirou inquired.

"I'll send it to you by text message."Ye Fan took out his phone and sent a text message.

In a short while, a scream came from the other end of the phone, "Isn't this my house..."

"Your home?"Ye Fan was blinded, he remembered it was a man's voice, how could it be Bai Ru's house?

"What's the name of the friend you're talking about?"Bai Ru pursued, "I'll check at home to see if there's this person, and don't worry, since this happened at my house, I won't tolerate it!"

"Shangguan Yue."Ye Fan briefly uttered Shangguan Yue's name.

"Shangguan Yue?"Bai Ru fell silent as she exclaimed in shock, only replying after a long time, "You said your friend is Shangguan Yue?Shangguan Yue of the Shangguan family?What is your relationship with her?Could it be that you're Shangguan Yue's fiancé?"

Hearing Bai Rou's words, Ye Fan was also silent.

It was unthinkable that Bai Rou knew in such detail, and Bai Rou had also said that the address was her house, so did this matter mean that it had something to do with Bai Rou?

Ye Fan didn't dare to confirm it, but still asked after him, "How do you know so clearly?Could it be that Shangguan Yue was trapped by you and your family together?"

The reason why Ye Fan dared to ask was that he had the bottom line.

As long as Bai Rou dared to admit it, it would be pointless to ask for Bai Rou's help now, it would be better to call Charles for help.

Originally, Ye Fan's plan was to ask for Bai Ru's help, after all, Charles had already said that the family tried not to provide help, if he relied on Charles for everything, he wouldn't have grown, but now the situation was urgent, if it was really the last resort, Ye Fan would still seek Charles.

But what Ye Fan never expected was that Bai Rou's answer caught Ye Fan off guard!


"Right now little sister Yue is playing in our house, and she's not trapped, what are you talking about?Is it because you suspect your sister?"Bai Ru's tone was somewhat dissatisfied.

Ye Fan was a little caught off guard, he had thought of many versions, but they all revolved around the premise of Shangguan Yue being kidnapped, but never thought that it was Shangguan Yue who was not kidnapped.

The unbelieving Ye Fan asked again, "Then why did the man on the phone say that he wanted me to arrive within thirty minutes?"

"Because today is my grandmother's birthday ah, if your fiancé doesn't come, and Shangguan Yue lacks a male companion, it must be my indiscreet brother who is taking advantage of it, and the birthday party is in half an hour."Bai Ru replied matter-of-factly.


Ye Fan had a dry cough, never expecting the truth of the matter to be like this.

If it was really what Bai Ru had said, Ye Fan thought it had some credibility.

As a member of the top family Shangguan Yue, being able to be celebrated by Bai Ru's grandmother for her birthday, Ye Fan naturally associated it with the Bai family, as only the Bai family could have such a great face to invite someone from the Shangguan family.

After all, the Shangguan family and the Bai family were both top families.

If that was the truth, then wouldn't the younger brother that Bai Ru was talking about be the Bai Fei who had been scheming against Shangguan Yue? First web site m.kanshu8.net

After all, Bai Fei had been unrequitedly in love with Shangguan Yue all these years.

"Is the brother you're talking about Bai Fei?"Ye Fan directly asked the question in his heart.

Bai Ru replied, "Yes, it's Bai Fei, I can't believe that you even know this, it seems like you guys haven't missed much contact."

"Okay, then I know."

With a nod, Ye Fan just hung up the phone and accelerated his driving speed.

Now that he knew Bai Fei's intentions, it should be that Bai Fei wanted to be Shangguan Yue's male companion.The reason why Ye Fan let Ye Fan rush over was not because of Bai Fei's good intentions, but because Shangguan Yue couldn't find an excuse to refute.After all, Bai Fei had told the address and Ye Fan had rushed there, but Ye Fan couldn't go on stage without a suit.

This was the only way to make Shangguan Yue completely give up, thus choosing Bai Fei as her male companion.

Bai Fei's wishful calculations were really loud!

The only thing that Ye Fan was somewhat confused about was why Shangguan Yue's phone was in Bai Fei's hands.

Out of rigor, Ye Fan didn't fully believe Bai Rou's words and chose to call Charles instead.

"Young Master, is there anything I can do for you?"Charles inquired.

This inquiry made Evan feel a little difficult, after all, it seemed as if there was difficulty every time Evan called, although in fact it was true, but Evan was still a little embarrassed and felt embarrassed.

In his heart, he was determined not to trouble Charles again, and this was the last time.

Only after letting his heart accept it, did Ye Fan speak, "It's like this, help me check if today is Bai Fei's grandmother's birthday."

Evan knew that Charles was supernatural and could find out anything.

Within a minute, Charles replied, "Yes young master, I see that your car is heading towards Hongfeng Garden, are you also as for the birthday party?Do you need me to prepare a suit and a gift for you?"

"........"Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, originally these were all words that Ye Fan was going to say, they were all pre-empted by Charles asking, but there was really no way to refuse, so Ye Fan nodded and said, "Okay, help me prepare it, and send it to Hongfeng Garden as soon as possible, please."

"It's fine, young master don't have a burden on your heart, you are you behaving well listening, I have also seen your growth, you are already much stronger than the first time we met before, as long as you continue to work hard, sooner or later you will reach the master's requirements and return to the family."

Hearing Charles' comforting words, Ye Fan felt even more helpless, so he hung up the phone.

Ye Fan's helplessness wasn't that he didn't like Charles, but because Charles was too good, and it seemed as if all of Ye Fan's thoughts were predicted by Charles, and he spoke to Ye Fan's heart every time.

Perhaps it was this ability that allowed Charles to remain as Ye Island's chief steward, and indeed deserved it.

Although Ye Fan didn't know what his father wished for him to be like, Ye Fan had the goal that he would aim for Charles in the future, and to be able to become like Charles, perhaps he would be a human being.

Shaking off the distracting thoughts within his head, Evan just continued driving.

The most important thing right now was still the matter at hand, just now by calling and confirming with Charles that it was indeed Old Lady White's birthday, it was also clear that Shi Ru hadn't lied to him.

Since Bai Ru didn't lie to him, there was only one question left: why didn't Shangguan Yue answer the phone herself, but instead Bai Fei answered the phone?

Could it be that it was because Shangguan Yue was already frustrated with him that she didn't answer the phone and let Bai Fei answer it instead.

After all, it was indeed Ye Fan's problem that he didn't answer even after making more than fifty phone calls.

But soon Ye Fan overturned that, after all, Bai Fei also said that he was going to let him arrive within half an hour, if it was what Shangguan Yue meant, then he still hadn't given up on him and wasn't disappointed in him, if so, he still wouldn't have Bai Fei pick up the phone.

Especially since the indifferent tone of Bai Fei's call was mixed with banter and playfulness, it made Ye Fan rack his brains to think about it.

"Forget it, I don't want to!"

After thinking about it for a while, Ye Fan didn't think of the truth of the matter, so he simply didn't want to, because he had already arrived at Hongfeng Garden and arrived at the Bai Family, now he just needed to find Shangguan Yue and ask, he would also know the truth of everything.

It was worthy of the birthday of the old lady of the Bai family, as soon as he got out of the car, Ye Fan saw a large number of expensive sports cars all parked in the compound in front of the Bai family villa, as for some of the hundreds of thousands of cars, they were not even qualified to enter the Bai family villa, only parked outside the community.

Around the lake, Ye Fan saw quite a few elites of Fangzhou, and even a few that always appeared on TV.However, they were not as domineering and calm as they were in the TV, and were like a grandson in front of the Bai family, being obedient.

Ye Fan shook his head somewhat helplessly, as expected, it was the same everywhere.

As long as they were facing a top family, all of them would act like a grandson.

Just as Ye Fan was thinking, someone suddenly slapped Ye Fan's shoulder from behind, and suddenly Ye Fan bounced up, and instinctively cursed, "Fuck, which faggot scared me!"

Turning his head, Ye Fan was dumbfounded, because the person who had just shot him was none other than Bai Rou!

It wasn't outside now, but in the Bai family, all the guests who came knew Bai Ru's identity and were all climbing up the conversation, where was an existence like Ye Fan who came up and directly scolded people.

The crowd was shocked and at the same time, they could not help but praise Ye Fan for his courage, he was really a newborn calf not afraid of tiger.

Ye Fan knew things were bad when he saw the anger on Bai Rou's face, and didn't know what to say for a while, so he just stared at Bai Rou dumbly, waiting for her judgment!


"Brother Ye Fan, you're here."

What Ye Fan didn't expect was that Bai Ru responded politely, not at all angry about what had just happened.

Where Ye Fan didn't know that it was Bai Ru who gave him a step down, he scratched his head and said, "Sorry, Sister Ru, I didn't know it was you, I thought it was someone else's prank."

"It's okay, come in."Bai Ru directly took Ye Fan's arm and went inside the villa.

People standing in the courtyard were suddenly shocked, because the Bai family had a rule that people who weren't insiders were absolutely not allowed to go inside the villa, and for that reason, the banquet was held in the courtyard, not inside the villa, so everyone was standing outside.

But Ye Fan, such an unknown kid, was able to go in directly, and without much thought, they knew that Ye Fan was not an existence to be messed with, especially since Ye Fan's surname was Ye, and he was not yet a member of the Bai family, yet he was treated so nicely by Bai Ru, the famous witch, and it was obvious that Ye Fan had real skills and a huge background.

While the crowd was talking about Ye Fan, the current Ye Fan let out a pig-killing scream.

Don't look at Bai Ru laughingly bringing him into the villa, but Bai Ru's hand holding Ye Fan's waist was fiercely pinching the soft flesh of Ye Fan's waist, making Ye Fan a pain and a pleasure.

"Sister Ru, I was wrong, don't pinch me."Ye Fan is helpless to the girls, after all, it was him who cursed first, and now being pinched is also self-inflicted.

Now he could only resist verbally, hoping that Bai Ru would let him go. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Bai Ru, what are you doing, let Ye Shao go!"

Right at this moment, a stern drink sounded.

Bai Rou's body trembled, but she actually let Ye Fan go, and Ye Fan couldn't help but wonder who had such great ability?

Turning his head, he saw a man in a white suit running over, and it was none other than Bai Mufeng!

"Fuck, why are you boys here?"

Ye Fan was a bit surprised, but Bai Mu Feng was from Kaiyuan, and Kaiyuan was thousands of kilometers away from Fangzhou.

"Ye Shao, I'm here for my aunt's birthday, by the way, my grandfather is also here."Bai Mufeng replied truthfully.


It took Ye Fan a moment to react to the fact that Auntie meant Grandpa's sister.And in that case, Bai Qin and Old Lady Bai were still brother and sister?

No wonder Bai Mufeng was here, he was related to the Bai family in Fangzhou.

But why would Bai Ru listen to Bai Mu Feng?

This was a bit incomprehensible to Ye Fan.

Bai Mufeng seemed to sense Ye Fan's surprise, so he spoke up, "Bai Ru, you go somewhere else to serve the guests first, I'll show Ye Shao around."

"Good."Bai Rou nodded her head and left directly.

Seeing this, Ye Fan was even more surprised and couldn't help but inquire, "Bai Mu Feng, you're good, I don't think Bai Ru is very easy to mess with, how come she's obeying you?"

Bai Mufeng said proudly, "Of course it's because I'm charming."


Ye Fan directly slapped Bai Mufeng's head, somewhat unhappy, "You kid don't fix these fancy things with me, quickly tell me what's going on."

Bai Mufeng accosted and smiled, quickly put away his narcissism and answered truthfully, "Actually, it's like this, I was picked up by my grandfather, wasn't I. I'm actually the only one in our Bai family, so when I came here, my aunt was very happy to see me and treated me very well.And Fangzhou's side of the Bai family's Master Bai has died, or my aunt is in control of the Bai family, auntie treats me well, other Bai family members naturally treat me well, even Bai Ru is no exception."

Although Bai Mufeng's explanation was a bit tedious, Ye Fan still understood what was going on.

To put it simply, as long as Bai Mufeng was around, Ye Fan was actually the king of heaven in the Bai family, and that was probably what it meant.

Without any worries, Ye Fan thought of the main matter and couldn't help but ask, "By the way, do you know where Shangguan Yue is?"

"Shangguan Yue?"Bai Mufeng pondered for a moment, and suddenly it dawned on him, "Ah, it's that pretty little girl from the Shangguan family, Ye Shao, I advise you to give up."

"What's wrong?"Ye Fan frowned.

Bai Mu Feng smiled, "When I was just at the White House, I also fell in love with Shangguan Yue, but Shangguan Yue didn't even pay any attention to me, didn't even talk to me, didn't give me a chance, I heard that there seems to be a fiancé, I remember it was also called Ye Fan, do you think it's a coincidence....Eh?Are you?"

Ye Fan nodded and didn't open his mouth.

"Fuck, Ye Shao is awesome, he has a fiancée everywhere, no one else."Bai Mu Feng said with heartfelt admiration, "But if that's the case, Ye Shao has to hurry up, I just saw that kid Bai Fei go to find Shangguan Yue, I heard that Bai Fei has always adored Shangguan Yue, they can't be given the chance to be alone together."

"Then what's the waste of words, hurry up and take me there ah."Ye Fan shoved Bai Mufeng and followed him to Shangguan Yue's room.

Within a short while, Bai Mufeng stopped at the door of a room and said, "This is it."

Ye Fan nodded slightly and was about to knock on the door, but at that moment, he heard Bai Fei's voice coming from inside the room.

Not caring about anything else, Ye Fan directly pushed the door in and saw Bai Fei sitting on the sofa chatting with Shangguan Yue.

Seeing Ye Fan, Shangguan Yue revealed a surprised look and said, "Ye Fan, you've come."

"I'm here."Ye Fan's face was slightly cold, the lonely man and woman living alone in a single room made Ye Fan feel very uncomfortable.

Bai Fei sneered, "What's the use of coming here, and not preparing a suit, nor a gift for my grandmother, little sister Yue, you'd better let me be your male companion tonight, Ye Fan like this, it's really not up to the stage."

Without waiting for Ye Fan to open his mouth, Bai Mu Feng rushed out and slammed his palm on Bai Fei's face, snorting, "What kind of a thing are you, you dare to say anything wrong about Ye Shao."

"You!"Bai Fei covered his face and was about to strike.

"What? You're the only one who wants to fight me?"Bai Mufeng sneered, Bai Fei was like a deflated ball and didn't squeak.

Ye Fan couldn't help but reveal his admiration, Bai Mufeng was really deep in his heart, it seemed that he had taught Bai Mufeng a few times before and had made Bai Mufeng completely grow up and would come to matter.

"Ye Shao, sister-in-law, you guys chat first, we're going out."Bai Mufeng smiled and pulled Bai Fei out of the room.

Only the two of them remained in the room, but neither of them opened their mouths.

Eventually, it was Shangguan Yue who was the first to speak up, "Why did you come?And how did you get mixed up with Bai Mufeng."

"Bai Mufeng is my little brother, and as for the reason I'm here, isn't it because you've made so many phone calls to me."Ye Fan replied truthfully.

Shangguan Yue was a bit dissatisfied, "But you didn't pick up after all the calls I made, and your phone is dead, it's charging over there.And how did you know I was here, did Bai Mufeng tell you?"

Seeing the phone placed in the corner, it suddenly dawned on Ye Fan.

Just now, when Bai Fei answered the phone, it should be Shangguan Yue just happened to go out, and Bai Fei picked it up when he saw the caller ID was Ye Fan, deliberately taunting Ye Fan.

Thinking of this, there was no barrier in Ye Fan's heart, after all, he was angry because Bai Fei answered the phone.

Now it seems that it should be a misunderstanding.

Ye Fan then smiled and replied, "That's right, it was Bai Mu Feng who told me."


They chatted in the room for a while, and before long, it was time for the party to begin.

The people sent by Charles also promptly sent suits and gifts so that Ye Fan wouldn't be in an awkward situation.

Wearing a black suit with a white evening gown, the two of them were like a pair of golden children, shocking the audience when they appeared.

Of course, it wasn't Ye Fan's credit alone, it was mainly Shangguan Yue who was wearing a white evening gown that was really fairy-like and very eye-catching.

Especially Shangguan Yue's identity, even more so, these people can't say anything nonsense, only envy.

In front of these people, however, there was a resentful gaze, none other than Bai Fei.

"Sister, all of these originally belonged to me, and Shangguan Yue also belongs to me!"Bai Fei complained to Bai Rou who was beside him.

Bai Ru looked at Bai Fei and sighed, "Silly brother, didn't Shangguan Yue say a long time ago that she wouldn't our family marriage, she already has a fiancé, this life is Ye Fan's person.And haven't you learned a lesson from what just happened, Bai Mu Feng is all Ye Fan's little brother, you can imagine how outstanding Ye Fan is, the power behind him is definitely not something you can provoke, just stop your mind and get another girl."

"Okay, sis."Bai Fei nodded his head and left without the slightest rebuttal.

But Bai Rou saw the resentment in Bai Fei's eyes, and it increased rather than decreased! One second to remember to read the book

"It seems that Little Fei won't turn back until he hits the south wall, I just hope he doesn't crash to death."

Bai Ru sighed but didn't advise Bai Fei, after all, she knew Bai Fei's nature, as long as Bai Fei decided to do something, it would never change.

On the other side, Ye Fan was a little surprised because from the beginning to the end, no one came out to cause trouble.

Ye Fan had thought that Bai Fei would come out to cause trouble and had purposely had Bai Mu Feng around, but it didn't come in handy at all.

Until he left the Bai family, Ye Fan was a bit baffled, by all means, Bai Fei wouldn't miss such a good opportunity to hit him in the face, but why didn't he show up?

Because Old Mrs. Bai was celebrating her birthday, the Shangguan family also came to others, so Yue Shangguan and the Shangguan family went home, only Ye Fan drove home by himself.

Driving the car, Ye Fan had also been wondering.

"Forget it, nothing is better, go home and sleep."

Ye Fan threw his head away and didn't think much about it, he had always encountered all kinds of things recently, making him all a bit sensitive -sensitive.

After leaving Hongfeng Garden, Ye Fan drove on the national highway.

Hongfeng Garden was in the suburbs, after all, only the suburbs could have a large construction area.

But although Ye Fan's home was in the suburbs, it was on the opposite side of the country, and only by taking the national highway was the nearest, which was what Bai Mufeng had just told him.

Once on the national highway, Ye Fan raced along.

Worthy of a sports car, only high-speed to reflect the fun of sports cars.

Just not driving far, Ye Fan saw a sign that indicated no passing.

Unfortunately, Ye Fan had no choice but to turn around and go down the high road from the small road, but this road was a bit rough and very difficult to follow, and not far away, Ye Fan saw a few cars following him from the rearview mirror, no matter how he steered, these cars were following Ye Fan.

"Damn, it really is playing dirty!"

It dawned on Ye Fan that no wonder he didn't do it in the Bai family, it was probably because Bai Fei was worried that Bai Mu Feng's presence would prevent him from fully flexing his muscles, and it was now very easy to do it in the middle of nowhere.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan hurriedly took out his phone and sent a WeChat to the Six Vajra, but no one replied.

"Damn, it's not going to be useful at a critical moment!"Ye Fan complained.

In desperation Ye Fan had no choice but to turn on location sharing and leave a speedy message, hoping that the six villains would see the news and hurry here.

After putting down his phone, Ye Fan had no other choice but to keep driving and maneuvering.

Ye Fan carefully counted, behind the car is a total of three, although do not know how many people inside the car, but three cars, even if only the driver is also three people, Ye Fan does not feel that can be one against three.

But the sports car that Ye Fan drove had a low chassis, in this rugged road, simply can not drive fast, and the other three are off-road vehicles, just a little while, Ye Fan was completely surrounded by three cars.

Even if he did not feel bad about the car to crash open a road, but his car is far from off-road vehicles to resist collision, the other side may not be broken, his car will be scrapped first.In desperation, Ye Fan had no choice but to turn off the engine and get out of the car.

"Kid, you can run again if you can!"Bai Fei walked out from the passenger side of an SUV with a little smugness and cruelty on his lips.

Ye Fan secretly thought badly, Bai Fei coming out of the passenger side was proof that three cars and three driver's seats would be at least three more people.But even thinking that way was the best idea.

When the personnel came down, Ye Fan carefully counted that there were as many as six people, but Ye Fan did not have the anger he had just now, his expression could even be said to be very complicated, and he even found it somewhat amusing.

"Bai Fei, are you sure you want to do it here?Aren't you afraid of an accident?"Ye Fan looked complicated.

Bai Fei ton sneered, "Kid, for you and me to steal Little Yue's sister, you should have expected today's outcome.Don't worry, there won't be any accidents, killing you and dumping your body in the wild, no one will think that it was me who did it, these three cars are all owned by the Gao family, and these six people are also from the Gao family, even if others go looking for them through the CCTV footage, they will only find the Gao family."

"I'm not worried about whether you'll find out, I'm worried about your safety ah."Ye Fan was a little speechless.

Don't look at Bai Fei playing a clever trick to find the Gao family, but things really turned out to be a bit clumsy, because the six people from the Gao family in front of him were Ye Fan!

No wonder no one replied to the group message just now, they were all chasing him.

"My safety?You're worried enough, in the middle of nowhere, you'd better collect yourself and stop acting aloof."Bai Fei smiled sardonicly, "Brothers, give it to me, waste this brat!"

"Ruined?So simple?"Ye Fan's heart was already not panicking after seeing the six vajra, so he began to ridicule.

Bai Fei snorted coldly and narrowed his eyes, "Don't worry, it's not just as simple as scrapping you, there's a Tiger in here who likes men, I won't kill you, I'll just let Tiger wrestle with you and record a video."

These words sounded so familiar to Ye Fan, they were exactly the same as what Gao Xing Yu of the Gao family had said, and what was the end of Gao Xing Yu?

That's right, it was crazy.

For those who wanted to persecute him, Ye Fan never let go, looking at Bai Fei, Ye Fan faintly spoke, "Ah Hu, just do what young master Bai Fei said, wrestling video."

"Oh, speak as if it's your men, do you know who invited them, Ah Hu, give it to me!"The last thing Bai Fei liked was Ye Fan's calm pretence, and he took a big hand.

But what Bai Fei didn't expect was that Tiger obeyed and pounced forward, but the target wasn't Ye Fan....


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